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Fuck off we're full
Its been four years! Happy anniversary!
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File: c6f4518ea960a2f⋯.jpg (8.1 KB, 315x160, 63:32, download.jpg)


…By running the worlds largest darknet Child Porn website for over 12 months.

But not just running it,but posting much content.




It wasnt the AFP it was the Queensland police.

Does not surprise me.



IT was good child porn thou


There's International co-operation with CP Stings, and whenever Aussie Cops need fresh bait, they can call up the FBI to send over OC that's known not to be in circulation that were recovered from busted guys and girls harddrives.

Step #1: Be the Newbie who appears with FUCKEN SAVEDS

Step #2: Be welcomed into THE INNER CIRCLE

Step #3: LOL V&


Step 4: Politician666 needs to virtue signal "RAWR UR ALL PEDOS!!!!!!111!@!!!"



and email protection ruined my joke and my dubs. Oh well



Doesn't surprise me that Queensland cops did this shit.

I wonder how many normie cops got turned to the dark side during this.

And why is it NOT been reported in Aussie media?I would love to hear what Waleed or Kochie have to say about this!


ASIOneet you sick fuck


> My daughter should not be used as a bait. If they are using her images, then she should be paid or compensated for their use.

"I should be getting paid for this" is a fucking weird response



She does have a point thou(but i think the girl should get the $$ not her)

Vicky Freeman makes a living out of suing people who get caught viewing her famous vids.

And lets face it,these coppers not only viewed her daughters vids,they posted them for more people to see.

How can having a badge make distributing child porn legal?



Sounds like a female response.


> “They have turned the AFP into a political battleground, with conflict between those of us who don’t support the gender focus and those who do”, he said. “Why can’t they just pick the best person for the job and allow us to get on with our work?”

> Ironically, female staff have not benefited from the changes.

> They are seen as second-class workers, who are seen as having gained their positions through a gender-biased process.

> For women who actually got into the force on merit, this is doubly damaging.

> They are as good as any man but have to suffer from a workplace perception of favouritism.

> The AFP also has a bizarre focus on questions of sexual identity.

> Its Diversity and Inclusion Strategy wants “LGBTI members to reflect 10 per cent of the total AFP workforce by the end of 2020”.

> This is a significant over-representation, given that only 2-3 per cent of Australians are gay or transgender.

> It also raises an important measurement issue.


Is it just a way to give part of the white majority some privileged minority status? Plus ignore other actual minorities?



Is this real?



classical aussie trolls



Fuck off kraut

Unlike you german kunts we dont like pedo's here,and especially pedo cops using their badges as an excuse.


this must be bullshit as there is no way that police could get away with running child porn sites.



They got away with mass murder. Why wouldn't they get away with distributing 1s and 0s?



>Vicky Freeman makes a living out of suing people who get caught viewing her famous vids.

Lives in QLD too.



>wants “LGBTI members to reflect 10 per cent of the total AFP workforce by the end of 2020”

Expect few homosexual pedophiles to be arrested or their sites shutdown anytime soon.



What happens if they can't find enough gay cops to fill out the 10% ?

Will sodomy become mandatory for the boys in blue ?

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