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/aus/ - Australia

Fuck off we're full
September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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IRC channel: irc.rizon.net #/aus/

File: 65ecfc8ff4506de⋯.jpg (59.34 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, a4d7ba2c12c3944adde522bb45….jpg)


Where did all you new cunts come from and how did you hear about our board?


File: d908a0d1ee24162⋯.png (122.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1502320783438.png)


i found 8ch about 2 years ago fleeing 4chan

>people complain about 8chans lack of community but i love it compared to the normie shitfest of 4chan

/aus/ is on the front page usually so i found it pretty quick

I've had a /aus/ bookmark ever since


I found this board in 2015, heard about it cause of the Adelaide nudes thing. Not sure what'd bring people here now


found it two weeks ago after I graduated highschool


I came to 8chan after 4U9525 which was that plane crash in france that /bane/ linked to the plane scene from tdkr

Then I found /aus/ in the top 20 when that was a thing


File: f2ffe6c06f5bf84⋯.jpg (108.45 KB, 838x508, 419:254, 2373681-kangaroo_kangaroo_….jpg)

was there a burst in posts? i didn't notice


im from plebbit, gaygamegate was my ticket out



im from poland and i found the board by the belt on top at 8ch


I came here for the cp



same except i'm not from poland


>>normie shitfest of 4chan

…but compare that to the teenager larping shit that happens here. I'm here because there's less moot.

8chan has its fucked-up problems that make its promise of infinite discussion topics impossible. For example, spastic BO's getting away with being spastic (/a/…) because 8channers in general are phoneposters that want easy interactions, rather telling BO to fuck off and jumping to better-run boards.




Oh no. Did you get banned for being a retard? You poor thing.



I got banned for not ending a sentence with a full-stop

…in a post that disputed some call for some formula show being AOTS. Really fucking obvious the BO was triggered.

Did a look at the /a/bans.html, and half the page was "Rule 11 violations" of people disagreeing with a thread's OP. Waddya reckon, >>166081?



Can we universally agree that an aesthetic feature of minimalist shitposting is the lack of fullstop at the end? K*wis seem to violate this rule, being the pretentious humourless fernfags that they are


File: 8fbb2263024e31a⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Oh_2aeb5f_2512409.jpg)


/a/ has some sort of bot that bans shit grammar/punctuation.

i got banned for posting "thanks"



It's not a bot, as you never see posts that don't disagree with the OP/BO being nuked. Occam's Razor concludes: /a/'s B.O is a severe Autist.

..and it happens a lot on 8chan, unfortunately. Popular boards that don't have a spastic B.O are rare.



What's the BO's opinion? I've never seen them posting.



The guy here does modpost occasionally, but keeps a low profile because (a) the Po-po are known to check the board every time some MSM Feminist screams CYBERRAPE, and the cops have have Internet traffic analysis now thanks to Brandis, and (b) he hasn't really been much of a narcissist faggot. What is known is he's a Radelaide drugcuck degenerate.



The Edgy One Nation faux-shilling was about the last thing he'd tried to force here.



>What is known is he's a Radelaide drugcuck degenerate.

He stopped modding the board and let his hotpocket do it since he quit heroin and got a gf and a job.



Should have shilled for Liberal Democrats instead or KAP



are you talking about metadata retention or something else? VPN's are pretty easy and normie friendly these days.



You're 15 years out of the loop if you think VPNs/Tor/OpenBSD/etc. are any protection. It's not hard to sort out which user is making the VPN connection out of thousands when you have the timestamps. This is what got half the members of LulzSec.

VPNs work for phoneposting-level downloaders who the cops don't give a shit about. Hey, are you using a /normal/ webbrowser there, laddie?



Obviously fucking ASIO or the AFP are going to find people if they want but modding a chinese basket weaving forum sounds a lot like

>phoneposting-level downloaders who the cops don't give a shit about.

When you're talking about

> Po-po are known to check the board every time some MSM Feminist screams CYBERRAPE

you're talking about normie tier state police.

I mean for fucks sake:

>This is what got half the members of LulzSec.

Lulzsec were doing serious and high profile stuff, even if people post dodgy stuff on this board, so what? how does that allow the BO to be prosecuted? he hasn't done anything.

You're basically alleging that the resources typically used to prevent terrorist attacks or keep tabs on serious political dissidents would be diverted to 'set up' someone modding a low traffic imageboard on what would be complete bullshit charges because some skank is mad a third party posted her pics there.

Get fucked.

I'm so fucking tired of people like you pushing this kind of schizo paranoid bullshit.




lulzsec collapsed because they trusted that nitwit transexual laurelai, not just VPN logging



>I'm so fucking tired of people like you pushing this kind of schizo paranoid bullshit.

You're just a fucking 21 year-old who has a VPN and suddenly believes he's Master Of The Ether.

While you were using the VPN to download wins, those "normie tier" state police were routinely been using ASIO's metatracking facilities (it just takes a warrant) to bust normie-tier dropkicks: https://ebizprd.police.nsw.gov.au/media/67562.html

>how does that allow the BO to be prosecuted

Oh, that's a relief. The expert here says that an Australian operating a websight on an overseas server where its users do illegal things have nothing to worry about!

…oh wait. 25 years ago, Proff/Assange got busted for that, and cases like every month since.



Lazy administrating best administrating

On high traffic boards, active administration can sometimes be a good thing depending on the context (trimming all the garbage/nonsense shitposting and thus changing the noise to signal ratio, 8ch /pol/ being a good example when compared to 4chan /pol/). But on quieter boards active moderation is usually fairly cancerous and kills communities more often than not.

No one likes a power tripper.




are you here often these days without telling us?



mate popping every now and again isn't a bad idea, maybe not to ban everything but to just have a chat




yeah, we're all mates here right?



best buddies 4 lyf



when are we going to Dans



get your p's already cunt



I have my Ps, fuck I've got Green Ps, when will you



so are we going to dan's or what?



ok let's go now



BO's shout



So I got to Dans and waited 10 minutes, where the fuck where you BO



i think we were all let down a bit mate


How would /aus/ feel about a revived auschan? Did anyone use to post on it?




I looked into it for a bit. Too much effort for too little return, it'd only serve to fragment an already small community.

If this place ever grows massively in popularity, then maybe it can be reconsidered. Until then, it's pointless.



I'm not around as often as I'd like, the hotpocketeer has things under control. I'm too busy these days playing Mr. Normie in a relationship, paying the bills and contemplating other normie things like marriage.

I miss heroin.



>for too little return

It's as if you dont give a fuck about us mate, we put all this time and effort in to making your board what it is and you cant even be fucked popping in and saying g'day.

Bet you don't even know all the NEETs these days.

For shame BO, for shame.

But really, this board would probably be in the top 20 most active on 8 and a bit more mod interaction would be good, even if it was just checking in at reports everyday.



>I miss heroin.

You actually miss the NEETlyf. Come back to us.



>I miss heroin.

what's better, heroin or having a gf?


File: db59bb0b90d60bd⋯.jpg (167.57 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 0zvoi3M-ogKR9PaWv5wbBu6nnf….jpg)


I found 8chan after GG happened.

>found out that 8chan let you make your own board

>looked through some of the boards on the list

>noticed /aus/

>been lurking and posting since.


File: 401c96c2637ec3f⋯.gif (749.26 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 401c96c2637ec3f60bfe863aef….gif)



What made you want to keep going to /aus/?

Wouldn't it's content not be interesting to you guys?



There was a porn starlet who got bullied to death by SJWs about a week ago after she wouldn't do a scene with a guy who also did gay porn. I thought that was pretty shit, so I read both of Vox Day's books about SJWs and then found my way here.



Congrats with the gf stuff

Does she know your shameful NEET past?



She knows everything, she's a former NEET too. We've both gone through a long phase in our lives that we're not proud of and now we're both climbing out of it together to become semi-functional normies.

>tfw gf has DSP and is a more successful NEET than some of you


File: 922136722bb0cda⋯.png (549.07 KB, 680x510, 4:3, cheering speedwagons.png)


I'm glad for you BO, I hope you guys make it



Pretty sure he was referring to reviving Auschan.

Fair enough. I remember back in the day when we investigated who owned the domain and shit got weird real fast. Maybe the BO can regale us with such tales if he returns to this thread.

We've recently broken back into the top 25 boards. The surge in activity is great. I reckon the constant NEET threads has played a part. They're practically the lifeblood of this board.



overheard a couple blackl fellas talking about it out the front of centerlink



And yet you still post aus/pol/ threads on 4chan, good job.


i'm from ~2015 as well. around the time of the first exodus (the moot-sjw one)


Aussies are bros because they can banter any American under the table.



Auschan was a CP trading imageboard being run by LEOs.

it was never meant for normal discussion, it was for trading CP back when it was a lot easier to hide stuff in public.



their beer is also shit


File: 56aae76afd9e4c3⋯.png (455.16 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 56aae76afd9e4c32fed30cf9da….png)

I have family in aus and nz so I wanted to see how they shitpost. Also I wanted to ask if anyone had a good meat pie recipe, mine are not turning out so good



>>their beer is also shit

xxxx is a big let down lately and vb, trying to invent my own brew recipe that will hopefully not give the taste of vomit and sewage water.


I'm a chan lurker, mostly to associate with those who share my political views (conservative).

Great to have an Aussie board.


File: c7304bc00c0392b⋯.jpg (161.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1501314754317.jpg)


nah xxxx is the best ya fuckin noonga, see how me cousin is havin a bit of the 'ol dream time in the stuff? loads a fun. fuckin deadly cunt.



Boags is bretty good



I think he meant yank beer.

Coopers sparkling is best.



Fair enough

I really haven't tried that many beers, I've tried Boags, Carlton Dry, Peroni and Sapparo and Boags is the best



Out of those, I agree.



Also Peroni is fucking shit, how does anyone drink it



I haven't tried that, or Sapparo.



Sapparo is alright, its basically a beer, no frills and really the only difference is it's a bit more weeaboo

But Peroni is shit


File: a33db6942115aea⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1440x816, 30:17, 26233732_1681104901910685_….png)

I heard about this from a friend who I've known for nearly a decade. I came over here from 4chan because I got banned for spamming stupid links on a Doom thread on /vr/.

Pic is what I just bought in the Melbourne CBD today.


File: 27f97fda217e8e8⋯.gif (2 MB, 356x400, 89:100, absolutely.gif)


>Melbourne CBD



Settle down cunt



File: e883599f0d96be3⋯.png (69.21 KB, 1793x576, 1793:576, auschan fate.png)



>spamming stupid links on a Doom thread on /vr/

you know your life is just fucking pathetic when you're banned from /vr/ for posting 'stupid links'. they must have been beyond stupid.


I came with the wind



i came on your mum ya cunt


File: df1550588e4f322⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 447x287, 447:287, 219734294389450b.jpg)


>implying I haven't been on cripplechan since the beginning

>implying i can't read the boards page

>implying /aus/ wasn't there


File: e4ac7603086c633⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 400x383, 400:383, this-guy-gets-it.jpg)







Must have been there for 24 hours, cunt, becuz only shit that's there now is today's date shit



Saw it a year ago scrolling down the board list, bookmarked it, and only visit once every 4 months.



Actually two years ago


File: 6ffad4c1c1954a4⋯.png (123.37 KB, 480x478, 240:239, mystery of the 3am dangler.png)

scarnon cunce i've been here before but it was a very long time ago

i left because the neet threads were too depressing and there wasn't fuck all else going on here except for a couple of half baked shitpost threads


I found /aus/ from /pol/. I enjoyed Australians from backpacking.

You are all such friendly people, even when you are cunts.

Not abboriginies however they are like turbo gypsies and good for nothing except the ovens


File: f49f64ab8b66cc9⋯.jpg (126.8 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1520114309635.jpg)

I need to flee internetically.

My countrymen are cancer.

I hate them so much, they're the most normalfag board after /tv/. Some of their normal messages are still burned in my head, revolting mind and stomach and reminding me of everything that is wrong.

They're apes that will not be fine when stuff happens, yet won't revolt against their system. It's a land of cuckolds whose only value seem to be in life is to roast the next cuckold they can find. They only know how to flee, like the beaners they are.

Why oh why does the first world has so much sense of camaraderie, while the land of savages can only repeat like the monkeys they are, what the true west is saying.

And not even the good stuff of the west, just the worst, cause that's what they can do.

They don't even do quality posting, they can't. They can only imitate and intimidate in manners a monkey would do.



>turbo gypsies

they only seem fast because you can't see them well at night

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