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File: 6c86d5afdf097bd⋯.gif (9.51 KB, 432x403, 432:403, victoria.gif)


alright Victoria you're up!

niggers have been running rampant, and vic cops have proven inept, so now we have to pick up the slack.

time to gather info on African invaders and see what kind of memes we can brew before the issue spreads to other states.



>criminal backgrounds

gather all you can and report here so anons can spread info to god knows who

we got your back Victoria …time to get some niggers lynched



Sounds like a lot of effort to not much purpose.



shut up cunt

it could be fun leaking info to rebel outlaw groups and generally stirring the pot of niggers

do you just hate fun?



we need info first

if its cronulla 2.0 you want we need locations mate


more importantly we need information on who imported all these niggers in the first place. I'd never even seen a nigger IRL before 2004.



piss off yank this is our problem, quit trying to divert our attention.

what matters is they're here now and we gotta do something about em.


File: e603cb51f5fea8f⋯.png (660.88 KB, 817x1853, 817:1853, africa israel immig.png)

File: e904bd8fe954682⋯.png (79.04 KB, 539x606, 539:606, well.png)

File: e12afd3fe98a6b9⋯.png (591.69 KB, 1173x1162, 1173:1162, oz jew multi.png)

File: 52a6598e1682a12⋯.png (50.24 KB, 660x801, 220:267, ANTHONY KELLY.png)


what did cronulla achieve, aside from providing cucks a kebabocaust card and some 'documentaries'?

i don't remember any leb exodus after that, and a mass violence event only works on scaring off jews and international students.





I think it will lead to another "Cronulla" but it'll be a lot more serious and long-lasting. Due to the police being incompetent fuckwits, I seriously think this situation will lead to vigilante squads being formed. And if you think they'll be broken up by the police then you're kidding yourself, if they're not going to police africans after being told by the public to do their fucking jobs, then they're not going to stop vigilantes when they're being told by the public to fuck off. What makes it such a public spectacle is that africans attack everybody; pojeets, whites, asians, there simply isn't a solution that can be solved by voting, and the government has only themselves to blame. Where it leads to after that I can only imagine.


Your entire government for the past half century and you the voter for allowing this shit to continue.


Wherever africans are, there's your location. It's not a hierarchical structure like the Viet and Chinese triads that import meth by the tonne, It's a mass-chronic chimpening that happens wherever africans are. This could've all been avoided simply by not bringing them into the country, but our government thinks it's the greatest idea to laugh at seppas while emulating their worst political failings and then acting like arrogant, entitled pricks who can do no wrong when it all blows up in their fat fucking faces even though anybody who doesn't have their head crammed up their own arse could see these problems were fundamentally stupid to begin with.

I wouldn't bother looking too much through media to find criminal organisations as Australian news media is a thousand-fold more useless than whatever Americans think of their news.



>I think it will lead to another "Cronulla" but it'll be a lot more serious and long-lasting. Due to the police being incompetent fuckwits, I seriously think this situation will lead to vigilante squads being formed. And if you think they'll be broken up by the police then you're kidding yourself, if they're not going to police africans after being told by the public to do their fucking jobs, then they're not going to stop vigilantes when they're being told by the public to fuck off. What makes it such a public spectacle is that africans attack everybody; pojeets, whites, asians, there simply isn't a solution that can be solved by voting, and the government has only themselves to blame. Where it leads to after that I can only imagine.

You'll see the police and leftists going after vigilantes in a big way - they're gonna be easier to find and prosecute than nogs are and any vigilante actions will be followed by howls of "racism!" and leftist instigated protests which nog participates will turn into riots.

All in all not a bad thing, the spectacle of african crime escalating and going unpunished while vigilantes are prosecuted will be awful optics for the state and radicalize a ton of people.








File: e8f3157718f787d⋯.png (561.62 KB, 638x1401, 638:1401, we want to bring back old.png)


> I seriously think this situation will lead to vigilante squads being formed.



How many nogs have these guys killed so far? None?



File: 42a8fb659a21f2f⋯.jpg (116.03 KB, 774x1200, 129:200, DR92_ItVoAAQ7Pb.jpg)

File: a389eaab1846c9d⋯.png (1.28 MB, 664x1388, 166:347, getting real tired.png)

File: 9c11c8ff754ac7e⋯.png (1017.44 KB, 657x1218, 219:406, nig kicks cop melb.png)

File: 4c032d9c8170af8⋯.png (615.69 KB, 660x1152, 55:96, melbourne stoned ape theor….png)

File: 9f863232db567de⋯.png (61.43 KB, 656x659, 656:659, apex mts ambush melb cops.png)

>sudanese/muslim 'leaders' on tv

>start disparaging australian attitudes to sudanese/muslim unique problems

>"dey gud boys, dey do bad dings coz dey no get no support"

>australian authorities actually start puckering up

the entire fucking reason they're here is because they CAN'T solve their problems, so much so that they abandoned an entire fucking continent to run away from these problems only to bring them here

who the fuck are they to lecture anyone?


would a criminal even go to the cops to file a report about being bashed?


what do we know about what separates mts from apex?



the gang aspect is exaggerated, the right wing media puffed it up and lefties try to use it to attack the story on a technicality.

What's happening is a ton of africans are acting like africans, some of them might put up some graffiti tag but they aren't all in some gang, they're just trashing everything and mugging and assaulting people because that's what africans do.



That doesn't sound like fun.



> if they're not going to police africans after being told by the public to do their fucking jobs, then they're not going to stop vigilantes when they're being told by the public to fuck off.


Of course they fucking are. Australian cops are useless, there are probably more officers assigned to this thread than Apex and the Leb bikie gangs combined. When you're a good white person who has a job, getting sent to prison for a week because you defended yourself against a noble refugee will destroy your career/reputation/life. If you're a Centrelink lifer, not only will the courts and police bend over backwards to ensure you're not inconvenienced, you don't give a shit about the fact that you have a month of house arrest or whatever.



File: 1f49af316bfb32d⋯.jpg (19.24 KB, 463x307, 463:307, vic-home-to-the-apes.jpg)

Can we all agree that it would be easier to nuke all of Vic, problem would be solved, the rest of the aus can move on.



>time to gather info on African invaders and see what kind of memes we can brew

>see what kind of memes we can brew

>what kind of memes


This is why our country is already dead and doesn't know it.

The Rhodesians couldn't hold them off with a professionally-trained military and superior technology.

And you plan to fight them with little in-joke pictures that'll be flagged for removal within 10 minutes of being shared.

The men of this country are castrated and spineless.

Enjoy watching your women get raped and your home burnt to the ground before you're hacked up with a machete.



>Enjoy watching your women


Aren't you Australian too?


File: 9714df019f62e28⋯.gif (612.95 KB, 498x498, 1:1, 1514979259442.gif)


>your women

>your home

i smell a nigger


File: ccc3cbff1ab3518⋯.jpg (110.11 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, my-Phallus-hurts.jpg)


>>This is why our country is already dead and doesn't know it

don't i know it, foreign scum have been sucking this land dry for sometime now and by that i mean jobs, buying up homes and political interest.

>>The men of this country are castrated and spineless

I agree to disagree with you on this, the men of his country would indeed "fight back" the foreign scum however at a cost of gaining any hope for future prospects in an already hard arse country. More specific, a mark against your name now days means you would have hard time finding work and so forth.

>>Enjoy watching your women get raped and your home burnt to the ground before you're hacked up with a machete.

Why would us Aussies enjoy our women getting raped and our homes "burnt to the ground" whilst being hacked up with a machete?. Perhaps you are a foreign invader yourself?




Wow, you really pwnt me guise!!!1!

Sure, I'm a nigger. Ooga booga.

I'm moving rural as soon as things here (Perth) start to resemble Melbourne now.

I admit it's only prolonging the inevitable but neither of you cunts have any feasible lasting solutions either.

All you have is your endless skepticism.

Again, enjoy your societal AIDS.



this >>186269 applies to you too




You have offered no solutions either besides whining here. Memes are important to win the propaganda war and to redpill more people.



we are using the tools at our disposal to keep our jobs and to keep us out of handcuffs whilst still getting the job done, it wont be easy getting a handle on these new tools but we will fucking manage

keep running you fucking coward



do cunts really have to spell it out for you? are you that fucking dense?


you're a worthless sack of shit who pooh-pooh's any suggested course of action while actively advocating people do something (run away to the country like little bitches) which you admit is ineffective.

you can:

-play the "shift the overton window" game online (if you're too scared to get out from behind your computer)

-join a community/networking type group and start building up the community/support infrastructure we'll need

-join a more hardcore activist group

the options are there and if you were serious (which you're not) you'd already have found your way into one of the various groups which exist all over the country.

WA is a bit of a black spot but there are clearly guys there, for example:




this all seems suss

won't, at this rate, australia naturally turn against them?

if we intervene and give them more victim points, won't it backfire?


File: 3c95bc69f3e8d12⋯.jpg (94.13 KB, 634x954, 317:477, cunt.jpg)

This cunt again

'All these Aussies outraged about gangs like they aren't descended from convicts'



in reality the situation is good.

Apex have started attacking the police.

Either the police will wipe out apex


Apex will wipe out the police, then the public will wipe out apex.

I would say the tipping point will be the first police officer killed by an apex member, after that Apex members will begin to 'disappear'.

If the system thinks they can use Apex against the public they haven't counted on the fact Africans in general cant be counted on to keep their promises, its not a hierarchy and promises mean nothing.






yeah exactly

the Apex/nigger situation is a godsend compared to chinks and pajeets



Wrong, cunt. They've been importing floppies into shitloads of rural areas. I did a drive through SA and saw niggers wandering around the most remote locations. Some of them get placed in towns that are dying off because of lack of work. The only reason they're out there is so they're harder to get rid of and spread their fucking diversity.



Niggers do all the trolley collection at the supermarket in my town. they came from nowhere.



Most of the ones in my area had criminal backgrounds and this was the only work they could get. They fucking came here and the first thing they do is find their way into prison. Over this shit. Can't trust anyone. Can't go anywhere. Shit is falling apart.


File: 786a963fd6b7dfa⋯.webm (9.21 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 3d anime.webm)

>Police are investigating a “racial attack” caught on video in Brisbane’s south, which the South Sudanese-Australian victim has blamed on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.


http://www. smh .com.au/queensland/police-investigate-racial-attack-blamed-on-turnbull-dutton-20180112-p4yyfh.html

Maori sounding white bogan approached black man in his yard in Brisbane, yells about people like him carrying knives at the civic then reels off some names of biker gangs. Any Brisbane anons want to give us a better picture of the issue there?



Look at his teeth, the bigger picture is the outer suburbs are shit and this is a druggie confronting a nigger



It's a Kiwi druggie too.



not only are Australians so lazy that foreigners are taking their jobs, aussie meth heads are so fucking lazy that this kiwi meth head had to step in to set this nigger straight.



>Memes are important to win the propaganda war and to redpill more people

do you know how retarded that sounds?



I'm doing something. I'm the guy postings those Antipodean Resistance posters around the Uni campuses. The redpilling there is massive. Any day now, the Race War will Initiate, and to everyone's surprise it'll come from the Universities. It's totally working.

But what I need right now is some WASP kids to cover their bases, as I'm too old to go near High and Primary schools without some cuck teacher calling the cops.



reminds me of attack of the mumbling junkie


I used to have a huge amount of these niggers and their girls on snapchat but I deleted it. I'll try and get it back to post their IDs. It's a really good resource, you can see where and when they are partying, at courtrooms, doing criminal shit etc. They often post videos of themselves driving stolen cars, I know they're stolen because they post pics of the numberplates sometimes, often young girls cars with pink personalised plates, not to mention that they wear gardening gloves as they're driving….. fucking niggers



Could have been more neutral to religion to be honest. I mean christian/pagan conflict issues (don't care about muzzies here).



>not only are Australians so lazy that foreigners are taking their jobs

>implying they aren't exceedingly underpayed and lack leverage in the work place to gain any say against their boss




So they'll post this but they won't post the coon on the train telling every "white dog to fuck off cause we'll fuck ya up."



What a piece of fucking shit, I hate junkie scum.


File: 5951cfacae4473b⋯.png (54.35 KB, 775x389, 775:389, queensland springwood home….png)

File: 0199c4d1134e9ad⋯.png (289.12 KB, 757x731, 757:731, brunswick street fortitude….png)

File: b97a7faed944d37⋯.png (56.06 KB, 751x426, 751:426, bumming niggers bristbane.png)

File: e05f716ce5e33d7⋯.png (257.55 KB, 731x714, 43:42, bus nigger spit.png)

File: 694d3d8144ec8c4⋯.png (58.68 KB, 770x432, 385:216, fgm african.png)

>qld police news page keeps searchable archive

>vic police news page wipes after 7days



File: 92669216f0a91e1⋯.png (56.61 KB, 770x390, 77:39, violent burglary south bri….png)

File: 94a32b67f84a215⋯.png (46.09 KB, 748x310, 374:155, violent robbery banyo 2015.png)

File: 5fda82c720335de⋯.png (329.35 KB, 767x802, 767:802, thuringowa central2015 wei….png)

File: b3a33b00cb7bc52⋯.png (60.71 KB, 775x440, 155:88, armed robbery yeronga 2015….png)

File: ffe65c417677367⋯.png (56.34 KB, 767x440, 767:440, armed robbery mount cotton….png)

is this cherry picking


File: de8df22a93b0916⋯.jpg (10.37 KB, 212x237, 212:237, ancestors.jpg)


>the men of this country are castrated and spineless

well post up all the pictures from your recent niggercide tuff guy.

memes are how we convert normies, they're not actually used in physical combat. It's pretty obvious any race related violence will get you a long time in the big boys house. Indiscriminate killing of niggers in the current climate will just result in damaging our cause.

So it makes sense to a lot of anons to try and win the battle of minds and ideas before it's taken to the streets.

Are you seriously on /pol/ diminishing the effectiveness of memes?

you must be a nigger or a jew


File: 09c64405bac2e50⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 330x220, 3:2, lifefuckinsucksass0.jpg)


I personally blame our current and past governments for allowing asshole foreigners into our country, most of them would shit on us if they could *are* and also refuse to work or integrate with the Australian people, most of them are useless and unproductive part of this society and need to return to their luxurious point of origin but oh wait, to do so they need to kill a few Aussies in the process *are* and cause massive damage to our infrastructure before a *light* decision is made. Meanwhile you miss a job active appointment and you face: *jail time *payment cut *shunned from the community *possibly make headlines ACA and homelessness, fuck this country to hell………..


File: 3e95bac6c99e755⋯.png (930.73 KB, 776x636, 194:159, Racist murder, South Afric….png)



>criminal backgrounds

46 Prospect Hill Cres

Dandenong North VIC

Den for Ice dealers, Apex, Niggers and other Untermenschen.

(Pic is South Africa)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>African Crime Gangs on the Rise in Australia: the only moral option?

>RedPill Shark

>Published on Jan 30, 2018



That pic isn't real apparently, a staged photo by a leaf special effects artist. https://www.snopes.com/photos/politics/syriamurder.asp



> Trusting the Media



Lovelyporridge addresses the same issues and doesn't choke on his words



The Melbourne subreddit has been taken over by hardcore SJW's. Literally any mention of the country of Sudan or the APE-X gang is met with bans.

They started moving all crime threads to a separate Melbourne crime subreddit which nobody goes to and is pretty inactive. Then they just started wholesale banning everyone. I'm pretty sure that they've sold out to their ALP overlords.



The Australia subreddit is also far-left trash. Post anything anti-white and you go straight to the front page with 5000 upvotes.



Are you sure? Unis seem like commie cesspools to me.


Any politician which doesn't address the nigger problem is a waste of time. Sure Asians and Muslims are fucking things up too but there's only a few thousand niggers int eh state of Victoria and they commit almost all crime in the state. They have only been here a decade tops and are already causing more problems in people's immediate lives than Chinks, Muzzies and other shit combined.

Force politicians to talk about niggers.



he's trolling you fucking moron


File: 029c3c0653f6bd1⋯.jpg (642.98 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20180412-130016.jpg)


Bumping with some compulsory reading for any Aussie lurkers. The Jewish role in Australian multiculturalism.



File: 8f47493c9a814fc⋯.jpg (34.34 KB, 500x437, 500:437, 9f572b0f29784d52fe61997397….jpg)

File: b23a7fe68dd42c7⋯.png (620.19 KB, 650x1250, 13:25, 50yo african rapes impregn….png)

File: 5a82b4560765846⋯.png (160.16 KB, 590x837, 590:837, denial.png)


Africans Commit 128x More Violent Robberies, 68x More House Invasions

"The African “refugee” invaders living in Melbourne Australia are responsible for 128 times more violent robberies and 68 times more house invasions than natives, an Australian newspaper has finally admitted, confirming that the city is fast collapsing into a Third World crime nightmare."

“We can’t pretend - as many politicians keep doing - that importing refugee groups from tribal war-torn Third World areas and from cultures very different to ours does not put Australians here in danger. It is just not fair to those who then become victims of crime,” a report in the Herald Sun, written by well-known correspondent Andrew Bolt, states.

“Then there is this: the now-notorious reluctance of police and many media outlets to describe perpetrators, especially in violent robberies and home invasions, causes many Victorians to lose faith in both.”

source New Observer Online

more -→ http://newobserveronline.com/melbourne-australia-africans-commit-128x-more-violent-robberies-68x-more-house-invasions/




File: 950d2bae5e06b19⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 744x412, 186:103, indipewdsdsd.webm)


feels bad man, reading his essays on jewish subversion of our once great nation,



I can still remember a time when the following joke was an accurate description of Victorian coppers:

>"Knock knock"

>"Who's there"

>*BANG* *BANG* Victoria Police.

If we had a return to those good old days, the nigger menace would end pretty fuckin' quick.


File: 2c3d796631f2265⋯.png (532.29 KB, 480x640, 3:4, youngtown.png)

your nigger problem will never be as bad as it is here



here we go, half a dozen live and hand out here 3 Moussa Crt Truganina VIC 3029


another one 11 Kitson Street, Ringwood VIC

these guys go to the local mosque but sell weed from the house



actually they are quite correct

Wars are won with the hearts and minds of people

People have been turned into goldfish with 2 second attention spans

Memes have a way of carrying a message visually that quickly enter the subconcsious

Fuck we are already in a meme war with QAnon and it is working



and no not a leaf fag

just got me a vpn on

I've seen two rival african gangs chase each other across a freeway with fucking metal rods and chains

At the Milo rally they were rioting at the houso apartments (male and female) shouting out how they'll breed us out


File: aadb6e03517fa37⋯.jpg (77.7 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 46F78F3700000578-5142947-T….jpg)

File: 9e40769d8c598a8⋯.jpg (72.63 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 46F78EE700000578-5142947-i….jpg)

File: 28348e19bde67f6⋯.jpg (66.47 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 46F781EB00000578-5142947-i….jpg)

File: 3dfb8b10d91b1ce⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 46F77F7600000578-5142947-i….jpg)

File: 980baf4f11418f2⋯.jpg (135.31 KB, 634x951, 2:3, 46EF1F0C00000578-5142947-i….jpg)


can you imagine what australia would be like with 16% abbo population? see: papua new guinea documentaries


>At the Milo rally they were rioting at the houso apartments (male and female) shouting out how they'll breed us out

we need that shit on tape. why anyone goes to these rallies/protests without recording everything is useless to me

looking at the protest images, it's just so fucking weird

'we are union'? african immigrants? what were these people told? who organized them? wait a sec

>socialist alliance

these fucking faggots again



Correct. They're trying to frame it as a gang problem by saying Apex this and Apex that. In reality, Africans are being Africans and some of them happen to be in gangs. We don't have a gang problem in these areas. What we have is an African problem. And the only we to get rid of African problems is to get rid of Africans.



yeah there are no gangs. apex doesnt exist. its just random niggers attacking people for no reason. peter dutton needs to become PM and send them all back to africa


File: 7749ded8d2c1f1f⋯.png (73.54 KB, 2350x744, 1175:372, unique offenders by coutnr….png)

File: 146caccf50065cf⋯.png (34.39 KB, 612x610, 306:305, unique offenders by coutnr….png)

File: 0fcfb6267a01279⋯.jpg (80.35 KB, 960x720, 4:3, YOUTHS.jpg)

File: d0435e93d32d4f6⋯.png (415.56 KB, 577x664, 577:664, wild pack of niggers strik….png)



>call them gangs and youths

that's literally what the official report suggests


File: 33bfca18b194210⋯.jpg (108.52 KB, 634x849, 634:849, 4EF13D1900000578-6041073-_….jpg)

copypaste from /pol/thread




















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