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File: 1e46127acab2952⋯.png (54.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, boozebrudda.png)


I personally had a great time, the triple m Aussie 100 was fuckin awesome, but with all the gay shit that happened like statues being defaced and fucking abbos walkin bout screaming all fuckin day it was kind of ruined, what about you guys?

pic related, cuz I reckon booze brothers are fuckin national icon.



I went for a bike ride and had a wank. Finished it off with a barbeque



Sounds good. I hope it was nice.


I woke up at 3pm, had a yiros with my dad, then played a japanese video game


I walked outside, ran a bit and it was hot, I had no money but even then all the shops near me are closed.


Went to see the Invasion Day protest in Melbourne. They've got some strange ideas, that bunch. They accused ordinary Australians and our government of supporting genocide and oppressing Aborigines, yet there they were making their merry way through the streets utterly unopposed, with a police vanguard and pre-placed barriers to ease their march. That lack of self-awareness makes me wonder if those didgeridoos don't double as bongs most days.


I went to Palm Beach. It is overrated as fuck. $18 for 3 hours of parking.

Should have just gone to Cronulla.



>booze brothers are fuckin national icon

Never heard of them here in QLD. I was drunk by myself on Australia Day just like every other day.


Had a great time m8. Sank a carton of vitamin B and watched some kino kiwi films.


Me and my mates started stirring up the Abos. I had gotten into one punch up and won (I think. can’t remember too well). Went home and beat the shit out of my mates in MKX.


File: d86a0d1b4dc99b7⋯.jpg (386.82 KB, 1024x824, 128:103, PERCIVAL ALBERT (PERCY) TR….jpg)

where would you find a dozen colonial outfits by next year? asking for reasons


File: 19ab90dc4472e32⋯.mp4 (2.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dudes_Punchin_....-mbdzoui….mp4)


File: feb51b36dd2f9e1⋯.jpg (197.95 KB, 895x861, 895:861, 20190120.jpg)


Triple J Unearth has crap music but it's crap AUSSIE music.

How's Aust Day 2019 going to be like?


File: 0dc01bec2a3fdee⋯.jpg (143.96 KB, 1024x1707, 1024:1707, s2.jpg)

Gonna play Mortal Kombat


File: 17ae499d1732fb3⋯.png (385.51 KB, 1005x562, 1005:562, 1499188085815.png)

Tuned into a Christian radio station and they brought on a conga line of Abos one after the other to bitch about "muh invasion day" and how Captain Cook was a racist genocidal colonizer

Fuck up cunts, this is our land now niggers


File: 74ebb43e5410dde⋯.png (388.51 KB, 748x1673, 748:1673, time-travelling-thread.png)


>How did Australia day go for you?

What's this past tense bullshit?

How is this thread from the future?

>mfw no one notices this thread is from the future

>some dates are from the past

>none of the posts are in date order

>i am twelve and what is this shit.jpg




>"punched a few cones"




racist cunt



Nobody tell him.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Tell him what, mate?



nice VPN

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