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Fuck off we're full
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File: 331dfa439540fb7⋯.jpg (64.04 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, its not going to happen.jpg)


Anon, stop trying to make "cunt" happen

It's not going to happen






shut up xmas thot roastie cunt


I reject your thinly veiled attempt to make 'dude' a prefix and 'lmao' a suffix happen, cunt



girlfriends cunt smells like Swiss cheese,

Should i be concerned?



im gonna poo


OP is a cunt


File: 316bcd22ca075f9⋯.jpg (11.58 KB, 296x394, 148:197, NAVhpYp.jpg)


Actually, I agree.

Back in the 1970s-80s, the word was "Westie" throughout NSW QLD, and non-city Victoria… but then a TV show produced by a Melburnian Investment Banker had a character who said the Melbourne-Kew area word "Bogan" all the fucking time. After 5 years, people who didn't interact with their communities much used "bogan" like they thought /everyone/ knew it. 20 years later, it's fucking used on slack-social websights like Reddit, along with Steve Irwen worship, VB beer, "straya", etc.

Likewise, "cunt" is another affluent-area Victorian thing that social media products use instead of their actual local area lingo. My area of Newcastle used "tard" when I was growing up. Western Australia mostly uses "cheeky". Using "Cunt" is a red-flag you're a programmed tard.



>Western Australia mostly uses "cheeky"

I never heard this growing up in WA, I thought it was a Britbong meme. Other than that I think your appraisal of Australian colloquialisms is on the mark.



Instead of tard, we used "sped".


>>192194 Ill fuck all your moms cunt meet me @65 Treave Street CLOVERDALE WA


File: 4b0deded5712b09⋯.png (157.24 KB, 852x426, 2:1, Novocastria.png)


>the glorious port-city of Novocastria

>using anything other than "oi" all the time



Fuck off you cunt.

Nothing wrong with using the word in an appropriate context.



>cunt is spread by social media

Must have started in Frankston then cunt, we have been using it since before the internet.


File: ce82ced4a18d5ee⋯.gif (144.18 KB, 896x512, 7:4, 20180000.gif)

File: 0c407ce4221bea8⋯.jpg (84.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181223.jpg)


You CVNT do anything, right? LMAO!



your house looks like shit, good luck growing grass





yeah, this. me thinks anon >>192385 is full of it

Does have a good pic though


Great, looks like the shitposters from /ausneets/ have fucked this board up too



you cant even say jew there now



what the fuck? why?



Cause it upsets the BO



>allows non-neets

>allows foreigners

>forbids discussion of jews

They should just make a Facebook page instead.



either that or reddit



I'm moving over to /ozneet


File: cf60a9c0ffc273a⋯.png (517.77 KB, 594x768, 99:128, cunt ad.png)




>you cant even say jew there now


>Cause it upsets the BO

wew, it's almost as if a board that has in the rules 'don't call it asio/honeypot/datamining was an asio honeypot



shut up or i'll punch you in the doof

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