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File: 9607faafd77a2f8⋯.png (121.26 KB, 399x388, 399:388, sadness intensifies.png)


Please help me, any info and advice would be appreciated. My life is falling apart really badly here in the US, my health is failing but worse of all I feel like I'm just gonna go completely mad if I continue to live here. The only thing I have left of value is that my parents gave me Australian citizenship so I could move there. But I have very little money, at best I could have $5000 if I sell every single thing I own but a plane ticket to Sydney costs $1000.

Will the Australian government give me any help if I just move there completely unprepared and have no one to turn to? I have no job skills aside from manual labor work and I have no relatives who will help me back in Australia so I don't even know for sure where to go since we left Sydney decades ago. Does Australia have a welfare system that will help me since I have citizenship?


yeah bro cenno will help you out just live in a van


come back home m8 cenno will help you



What city would be the best place for me to go to as soon as I get there? Since I have no one to help me I would have to find a cheap motel or something.



You can find a room for rent in the Sydney cbd for $150+ (check the gumtree website)

I did a quick check and it looks like you can get Newstart Allowance as you're a citizen you shouldn't have any waiting period (except the normal period of 2-4 weeks while the application gets processed). Newstart Allowance should get you about $550 a fortnight, Rent Assistance another $130

Hope that helps are you still here?



Yes I am. So I would have to find a place to stay for a month first while my application gets processed? Is Sydney really the best option? I hate the cold weather and was thinking of going to Perth instead.



> Is Sydney really the best option?

Idk, what do you want? The quickest work you could find would be in the city. You should be able to find a room pretty quick, otherwise you could stay in a hostel.



Well it's not just that, I grew up in Campbelltown which back then was already a shithole, and I really, really don't want to relive bad childhood memories there again and would rather start fresh somewhere else.


Also what would I have to keep in mind about finances and other government stuff like driver's license, bank accounts, handling money? And does Australia have a credit record system I need to keep in mind as well to build up my credit score?




Perth should be fine then I have no idea about the finances stuff. Should be pretty basic just sign up.



isn't perth a hellhole? everyone i've met here in vic that has lived there says they're glad they're out and they're never going back



I have no idea I haven't been, looks a bit hotter than Sydney though from checking the climate on the wikis. I didn't check the humidity though. Perth should be much less diverse than Sydney and Melb though (I realized you just said Vic, but still)



im in perth OP

email me if you want




Yes it's a hellhole, from a Perthfag. At least Perth is whiter than Melbourne or Sydney though.



>Yes it's a hellhole

Meaning what? Shitty people like bogans and meth heads? I don't know what 'hellhole' means



It's isolated as fuck and everyone knows each other, there's a 6 degrees of separation thing, which means if you get a bad reputation it quickly spreads to everybody and then you're basically fucked.

And yes there is a lot of bogan methhead white trash here. They try to break into my house regularly looking for drugs.



Is it better in the mining towns? Its where I want to go if I get a B.S. and there is work there in 5 years.



I don't know, I've never been there. But I know there are lots of Abbos anywhere rural.



Do your best, mate.



nice necro, mate



hostels are $20 a night

do some construction work until you get going


Contact the nearest Australian embassy or consulate.



if your brown you're automatically a refugee and get the dsp

i wish i was joking


File: 07d2c42b4f588f0⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, rs_1024x759-140404142059-1….jpg)


Looks like it's time for some blackface.



I know, I tried to apply for DSP. You can't get it unless you're an Abo or some brown shit. Even literal cripples are rejected for DSP most of the time. And it's only 400 a week for fuck's sake.



>only 400 a week

That's pretty good, actually. That's how much I get from my shitty minimum wage part time job. Getting paid that without lifting a finger would be the good life.



>it's only 400 a week

isn't it $900 a fortnight? so $450?

if you're not actually crippled you can supplement it with cash in hand work so you can pull $750+ a week easy



$926.20 fortnight




Plus rent assistance of up to $137.20.




Damn, I didn't know about the rent assistance. Now I really want DSP!



When you spend $50 a day on fast food like I do, $400 a week runs out pretty quickly.

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