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File: 3ec3883b2791fa3⋯.jpg (4.8 KB, 236x285, 236:285, feels man.jpg)


>24 yo virgin

>go to brothel to lose my virginity

>book a random girl I saw on their website

>pay girl $150

>she barely speaks English but calls me "handsome" and "husband" and says she likes me

>believe her

>she sucks my dick for about 5 minutes and then asks me to lick her pussy

>do it not realising I probably just swallowed the dried cum of 10 men

>she gets Condom and tells me to fuck her

>do it for 10 mins and feel bored the whole time

>eventually cum in Condom and it didnt even feel good

>she throws the condom in a bin at the side of her bed

>lie down and cuddle with her and she keeps asking me to stay for 2 hrs because "she likes me"

>think she means its free so I agree

>she then gets up and goes to my pants with my wallet in it and signals for me to give her money

>feel pressured so I just give her another $150

>after about half an hour of me cuddling her and her chatting on her iPhone I try to fuck her again with my limp dick but cant get hard

>tells me to stop because its too soft

>lie back down feeling like an idiot

>cuddle with her and watch her chat on her phone for rest of the time

>tells me times up after 1 and a half hours

>too shy to say I paid for 2 hrs so I just leave

>feel like I wasted $300


First time is always going to be trash. Don't worry about it. Take some time to recover, give it another go. Try to see a native English speaker next time. At least she'll be able to comfort you properly and pass on some whore-wisdom.

The important thing is that you've lost your virginity, you don't have that hanging over your head any more. You're building confidence for the day you have sex with someone you're not paying. It feels so much better sticking your dick inside a bitch that actually wants to fuck you.

And for fucks sake, don't eat a prozzy's cunt. You don't know what her price is to go bareback. They all have a price, they're already selling their bodies for money. You might get away with it a few times, but the odds are not in your favour.



$150 for 10 minutes of sex is a huge ripoff dude. You can go on 3 dates with a girl IRL, never spending more than $40 on each date, and potentially fuck her for $120 or less. Look up Leykis 101 on YouTube.


>You're building confidence for the day you have sex with someone you're not paying.

All men pay for sex. Stop spending money on your gf and see if she keeps fucking you.


>DMing cute girl, seem to get along well

>Planning to meet her IRL and fuck

>Tell her I have a small dick

>She stops talking to me



Let it be a surprise.


Good day maayte!

dont worry about those filthy animals, you lost a lot of kudos from me kid when you decided to lick that 2bit sluts vagina!!

dont you dare do that again son otherwise Il give ya backside a right good slapping - and if you enjoy it, you are a fuckboi son and I will put you in a brothel and you can serve grizzly bears!!

facking kids of today - pussys.


I hope you get yourself checked for throat cancer.



calm down son - All men pay for sex?

Nah just you as clearly she has you by the balls little man! you tell that slut to visit the job centre and find a job at KFC or Mc D'z ….

whats mine is mine and .. whats hers is mine - live by that motto son, never steer you wrong.



You're either a shitposter from /cuteboys/ or a foreigner pretending to be British. No Anglo I know uses the term "Mc D'z".

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