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File: 22d12e67c52b0d4⋯.jpeg (19.31 KB, 384x384, 1:1, images (17).jpeg)


Look after yourself bros. Gf 2019 is around the corner.




File: 4ef2e723b0e566a⋯.jpg (24.87 KB, 274x277, 274:277, brad-pitt-workout-fightclu….jpg)


I won't dignify this rude query with anything other than the selfie I just took with the boys. As you can see, I haven't fully given up the cigarettes yet. I'm trying my best.


(I'm the individual on the left if you didn't recognize me from the previous photos)



What are you guys up to?


Anyone itt




I'm just going to sleep now, watching some ASMR roleplays again. Have a W.






I wish you guys had gfs


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


have you watched this ASMR



Stop posting homoerotic images. The whole movie is just an allegory for being gay.



>Brad Pitt

Wew, why do you let Angelina turn your kid into a tranny and make you adopt niggers


>tfw haven't achieved gf2017, gf2018 looks to be a lost cause and gf2019 doesn't look to great either


ded thread why


I'm here



I wish you had a gf spergneet



Thank you, I wish I did, but at the same time I don't. On one hand I wish I had one because well I guess that's human biology for you, on the other hand I see the crazy shit that some women do, such as Tahlia with Cheesey and I have second thoughts, Still the problem of me having near zero experience with women doesn't help, I've never had even a platonic relationship with a woman, and I'm socially awkward around men unless I've had something to drink, and even more so with women


File: eeb5c67c04e90b8⋯.png (423.03 KB, 638x479, 638:479, ClipboardImage.png)




I am half asleep, I thought you ate your dog.


Sweet dreams beloved NEET



tfw virgin?



golan heights is rightful syrian clay



So is life if you think about it.



I'm not a gook


Yes, I'm KHV





Greater Israel is the only way to achieve peace in the Middle East.



>I'm not a gook

They normally skewer, not batter.




File: 9284b14556daa87⋯.jpg (92.13 KB, 762x464, 381:232, varg-vikernes.jpg)


>Greater Israel



lost my libido bro



no israel would also do that


In my nap I had a dream, which is fairly rare these days,

I was in some third world shit hole with barefoot kids and roads half bitumenised. I can't remember what this family did or even who they were but they somehow pulled a gun on me and I think the guy holding the gun tripped and I picked it out of his hand.

So I shot the three adults, two men and a woman. It was really 'un-dramatic', it was a small pistol with fuck all recoil and nearly no blood splatter and the whole thing was very 'real'. They weren't good shots I missed once.

The next bit was a very strange feel, I left that area but then wanted to go back and try and find the kids, I think I was going to kill them as they saw who I was. Very strange feeling. Plus there was a lot of anxiety as I was walking past the scene and cops had just arrived.

Dreams are weird, I think I just had an out of body experience as brazilNEET.



That makes it easier to stop >>148266



No, those tribes have been killing each other long before Israel was there. They need someone to pull them in to line.,


Thinking of having some goon


File: b000fd7ad2b9bab⋯.jpg (211.53 KB, 1000x584, 125:73, 034.-Christmas-Trees-in-Ca….jpg)

Good night friends.



Greater Syria then?



Fuck palestine. If the rest of us have to live under ZOG then so do they.


I fapped bros


It's time for the goon NEETs


After yesterday's violent cockroach attack I had the worst nightmare possible.

I dreamed it was somewhere in the 2030s and humanity started being attacked by something. We didn't know what it was, it could be an alien invasion, AIs that reached a singularity and then decided to wipe out humanity, just the jews at it again or even divine punishment. Everyone had a theory, nobody agreed on anything. But we were being attacked.

I believed it was an alien invasion so that's how i'll describe it.

We were being attacked by some sort of thing we referred to as "Ron". Short for "Ronald". "Ron" would suddenly appear in populated areas, you'd never see it coming, but "Ron" would stick out easily. This "Ron" I speak of was some sort of remote controlled shapeshifter whose default form was a young white man with short curly blonde hair in a suit, we gave it a stereotypical name.

It seems like Ron had some limitations, Ron definitely appeared out of nowhere, but it had some sort of preparation period after it did appear, and you'd never witness it coming. For all you knew, it somehow sneaked to the middle of a crowd of people while you blinked and while you stared at it the others sneaked in too. When you were being attacked by Ron it wasn't just one, we'd call them by the plural Rons. This was what made them uncanny, you'd see 1 of these Rons and that could be perfectly plausible, but suddenly you saw another, another and you were instantly surrounded by the exact same person, and they would all be aimlessly staring to the distance with that 1000-yard stare. If someone was alone and got attacked by Rons, they would be convinced they're insane, but Rons always attack populated areas in the day.

Ron also disappears soon after appearing, which was probably why it couldn't be prepared off sight before attacking. Whoever was attacking us was dying to give the Rons they put out as much time as possible to do their deed. If many of them got destroyed or killed while being prepared in the middle of their targets that were well capable of reacting, then the attacker was fine with that, though. The worst thing about Ron was that it was easily defeated by an armed force, but armed forces couldn't be everywhere, if you repelled their attack they would still kill many of your guys, you'd not find the one controlling them and they'd attack again later. Many people would survive Ron attacks and despite their extreme trauma describe very well how Rons were, which led to widespread knowledge on their behavior. Until later in the dream I was never attacked by a Ron, but I knew very well how they were like from PSAs and discussion boards.

Because Ron was a shapeshifter that was nearly human it led to paranoia because "maybe there are Rons of different appearences among us". One characteristic Ron had was that its internal organs were silvery and it didn't bleed. Which at first led to people poking each other with needles to check if they're human, but nobody ever caught any Ron, until the first few prisons got attacked. When prisons started being attacked military scientists had the idea of using prisoners as guinea pigs for Ron attacks. The experiment was simple, prison guards would all be replaced by heavily armed soldiers, and the prison would function as usual. As a heavily populated area, the prison would naturally attract a Ron attack, and from then on the soldiers would try different things on the Rons before they disappeared. One thing that was at some point discovered was that Ron did bleed, but only if you expected it to. It was a measure for blending in. If you gave Ron a very light wound, then it would bleed a little, if you cut it in half, it wouldn't bleed at all. It means poking people with needles didn't detect Rons. They tried to hide this knowledge to prevent public hysteria, but it leaked, and soon people were cutting each other's bellies open to see whether the organs were silver. Ron was certainly among us, a different form of Ron that could last indefinitely and had human appearence, but it was among us.


Goon night all


In the 2030s there was a new sort of weapon perfect for urban combat and dealing with Ron attacks. It was a wheelchair with a cannon and a machine gun. It could move very fast, it was very agile and you could lift its seat up to 5 meters high. It could also store things inside the lifted seat. Generally a first time user would think driving around in a military wheelchair that's 2 meters high is ridiculous and they'd maybe lift the seat 20 centimeters to store ammunition there, but everyone who had been attacked by a Ron was begging to run around with the thing fully extended and absolutely loaded with cannon shells. Because 2030s society had made the transition to "wheelchair-friendly", it was only logical that a wheelchair weapon would be built, it was capable of supplying the need of an indoors tank. I was a soldier who used this weapon, I was stationed in a hospital. I'd hang out in front of the hospital with the cannon loaded looking around to see if I spotted a Ron so that I could be aware of a Ron attack as soon as possible and attack them in their vulnerable preparatory state.

One day the hospital got attacked by Rons. Someone screamed and I instantly drove my wheelchair tank into the hospital, there was a Ron in a waiting line staring into the wall. Everyone in the waiting line was staring ahead, to the attendant woman, but the Ron was staring to the side and into a wall. Everyone panicked and started running around, but the first Ron was standing still where the line was staring at the wall. I shot it with an AP shell and its high caliber split the Ron in 2. Ron doesn't bleed or feel pain, but it seems like it dies the same way a human does except none of its organs are vital, so I presumed that split in half it would die, and I was right. Because none of a Ron's organs were vital and it didn't bleed, the only way to kill a Ron was to cause it so much violence it simply died, which was generally done with AP shells, canister shots, explosive shells, explosives or just a load of bullets.


After I killed the first Ron, I started driving around to find more. Behind a corner was a Ron, I saw just its arm. Because Rons had a stereotypical outfit, nobody would wear it, I saw an arm wearing a tuxedo poking from behind a corner. I drove around the corner and as expected a Ron was staring into nothingness. I killed that one with my machine gun. I looked out of the window and there were multiple Rons in an open park inside the hospital where patients would get sunlight and spend some time outside. That was when the next phase of a Ron attack began.

After Rons were "loaded" enough, they would start walking around aimlessly. More and more would appear and those would start loading too, but this was when the first Rons that appeared could already move. Even their choice of movement was uncanny, some Rons would walk back and forth along hallways, others would walk back and forth across hallways. There were Rons that would simply wander around wherever they are and Rons who would walk right against a wall, as if the wall wasn't there and they were trying to walk through it. I killed a few, and the next phase of the attack began.

In this phase the Rons who survived until they loaded to this point would stop walking and start running, they'd run straight at people. Because Rons have no regard for themselves although their habilities were human level they weren't afraid to use them. A person wouldn't run at fullspeed into another like a retard, but Rons did, and it hurt a lot. That was when they started hurting people, and if you got unlucky after a Ron body slammed into you another that is darting for a different person would step on your head.

This was usually when more Rons stopped appearing, but by then you were already surrounded by a great host of them. At this point, the huge mess Rons were causing as usual called in for reinforcements. It seems like Rons always appear around their targets, so you can't just evacuate people, because after you evacuated them the Rons would just appear among the people you evacuated anyway and you accomplished nothing but move the attack. Escape was never an option, in a Ron attack you could only hope to survive.

It seems like in this situation the natural reaction of people was to form a very tightly packed crowd so that Rons couldn't appear among them due to lack of space, and if the people attacked were specially intelligent they would after doing this surround themselves with objects so the ones at the edges wouldn't be attacked. That rarely happened, usually people would compete to be in the middle of the mass and constantly try to push each other to the corner where they would be in danger of being ran into by a Ron.

Usually during this phase, which was also commonly when a response team was already in the area, the Rons would get more and more intelligent until a new phase happened. Rons would stop running straight at a person to bodyslam them, and they'd have apparently human intellect and start applying real tactics. They didn't speak although it was presumed they could, they didn't have anything you'd call a personality which still left them uncanny, but they would start fighting people with punches and kicks and they would work in teams to do it. They would beat everyone they could get close to to death.

When they had enough of it, the very last phase would happen. Some Rons would start shapeshifting into different appearances, some Rons would go invisible, and they'd all start disappearing one by one. Rons would shapeshift into the most common of people, from old ladies to children, and they'd do such scary things as join the crowds. It was hard to tell who was a Ron at this point. Rons were still to an extent emotionless, not fully so, but enough. It was hard to tell if someone was just resolute, scared out of their mind to the point they were so shaken they were immobile or a Ron, but it was possible. The last phase was the most deadly one because you didn't know who was a Ron and who wasn't, and it could be that the Ron was just invisible and you'd suddenly start being punched out of nowhere. A lot of the soldiers would accidentally kill people or they'd be indifferent to the slaughter of actual humans only minding their own survival, a lot of them would get killed by invisible Rons, and to sum it up it was all a huge mess.

Somewhere around the end of the Ron attack I woke up.



Great story


Terrible story, try again



File: 07db51544509117⋯.jpg (21.35 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 1460348662001.jpg)

Jesus christ I'm too lazy to even go to sleep


File: c40e0971a2edcd9⋯.png (232.94 KB, 547x381, 547:381, sanakan1.png)


>AIs that reached a singularity and then decided to wipe out humanity

I don't think I've ever hoped for anything more than I hope for that to happen.


File: 81cbe4e227de485⋯.webm (2.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1536839031570.webm)

new tendie tip idea


is that blame!?


crabe king?


Watched some shit movies about niggers while getting gooned, but now it's time for bed. Night Night NEETs



>Watched some shit movies about niggers while getting gooned

You either die young or live long enough to become the boomer.


File: 30409180eb12d63⋯.png (247.06 KB, 615x348, 205:116, 452675474.png)


Blame! it is.


Morning boys, warm day today. I redownloaded Sims 4 for the 3rd time. I realized I've been playing it wrong this entire time. You have to be the biggest asshole on the face of the planet in order to have fun, instead of trying to mimic how you would live your own life in autistic detail.


>new tendie tip idea

I felt like slapping it out her hand and punching her in her titty.




Well that's how most people live their real life.



Morning m8


File: 39385494657c0f7⋯.png (104.63 KB, 259x195, 259:195, ClipboardImage.png)




Morning boys!


You have just signed your own death warrant.


wakey wakey hands off snakey


Morning neets, 36 minutes without binge drinking. Going good so far.


Are there any decent porn mods for sims 4?


Don't just wish wistfully for stuff. Get a copy of keras and start building a self-improving AI. Be the change you want to see in the world.


File: 17eaca36d8915a5⋯.jpg (248.3 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, cuck.jpg)

>local circus clown settles down

>moves into some household without permission

>attempts to murder the man living there for a harem

>instead one of the girls kills themselves in a fire

>cucks the last one from the man that was already living there

I'm going to fight him when I wake up, to establish my dominance and right to the land.


>Are there any decent porn mods for sims 4?

Not that I know of, didn't try to install any mods yet.



eww, what?


File: eb93a57e5ddc995⋯.jpg (228.96 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, image-20160819-12298-tqj2f….jpg)

Good morning friends.


File: 47c0a212ba14137⋯.jpg (260.63 KB, 962x643, 962:643, 309318B300000578-3416399-i….jpg)


File: bdd0ee6a3aa3dd4⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 480x539, 480:539, a26b23045aa3cdab343df3af66….jpg)



Good morning my friend.

I have never seen one of those flowers in person.








Morning gang.

tfw you just realised you could copy another NEET's good morning reply links instead of doing your own




I've seen them a couple of times but it was very long ago and I didn't really get why I was being shown them.



That takes the fun out of it.


File: 038e797b6cb4982⋯.png (364.86 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 038e797b6cb49828388eba22a7….png)




File: e19a5ff4721277d⋯.png (40.42 KB, 1916x1056, 479:264, 2018-09-13_18:15:49_1916x1….png)

New genocidal character is going well.


I'm usually too lazy for even that.



We will set out to find some one day. A quest.



They don't grow near us, that sounds like a worthy quest.



Where to download this game, I don't think you are playing the dos version.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Time to peruse the merchandise.



Do not handle the goods please.



Too early for Negro Sex Music.



an even easier way is this.


Good morning NEET and all the NEETs he replied to.






You guys' dreams are nuts man, I never have such a coherent narrative. This morning I dreamt that I was skulking around in the middle of the night in some house that was a combination of a bunch of other houses I had been inside, and some instagram hoe spotted me and took a picture and put it on her account with some normalfag "wtf eggplant crylaughing 100 100 eggplant" style emoji commentary. So nect thing I know is I'm pretending to be some indian called Prajeet Stinkoor on her page and spamming "penes vagene bobs" comments, but then I woke up laughing in the middle of the night at that name




Available for windows, mac and linux. Requires a CPU with good single thread performance and copious amounts of terminal autism.


File: cd741c1137510e5⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out091200.png)

File: 47ebc829067b352⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out091211.png)












Good morning freeters and NEETs! I hope you've been washing your karen. Remember to wash behind the ears.



Good morning Karen.



brazilNEET has crazy good dream recall, I wouldn't say it is the norm.

I dreamed that I woke up and there was a dark figure at the foot of my bed. I gave it a kick and it fell onto me and turned into stuffed animals. I was sure I was awake and hallucinating so I went to the bathroom to piss and when I came back there was a bunch of trash on my bed. then I got mad and started throwing it off and layed back down. Then I actually woke up and had to piss again. Was very weird.


Got it, thanks. This might take me a while to learn.


morning karen



I ran out of the store because I didn't want to pay for it.



Hey baby



You browse it you arouse it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

To the wagery NEETs, take care of each other today.

Thank you for last night, I was very much >tfw compressed by the end of the council meeting.



Have a good day mate. See you when you get back.

I woke up sore from the council meeting but it was a good kind of sore.


gunt gape



fupa fissure


backyardigan cardigan


unemployed mob


the ignored effigy and the writings on the wall


dead foreign NEETs


abbo nipple fuck


File: f2e913ff78e3569⋯.png (4.96 KB, 763x78, 763:78, 2018-09-13_21:11:03_1920x1….png)

*teleports behind you

*unsheathes +<<+copper two-handed sword+>>+


24 degrees today in Shitbourne, no clue what I'm going to do today


I'm feeling pretty stressed, NEETs.

I'll spend this afternoon working on an assignment but I'll really need something to relieve the tension tonight. The original plan was to start drinking at 5PM but last night I had an okay sleep without any booze so I think I'll try that again. Maybe a relaxing workout session is in order. Any suggestions?


I liked that Ron story. Are your dreams usually so linear and lucid?



Yes, almost all my dreams are very complex. But dreaming at all partially depends on how exactly one sleeps which varies a lot for me, so I don't always dream.



How's the relationship with your parents at the moment?



A nice walk and then a workout session are much better ideas than booze. Maybe some sober socialising too? Even if it is just with family.



Well they only talk to me to ask me to solve something they can't solve or be a bother and I avoid them as much as I can.



go for workout and a walk after mate


File: a5baf86c191f99e⋯.jpg (54.58 KB, 330x357, 110:119, 1239231215803.jpg)

>that good feeling after doing your dick exercises






Poor sod has convinced himself wanking is exercise.


File: 123cf8cc8b95e1a⋯.png (461.33 KB, 1051x903, 1051:903, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 116a78184d25c21⋯.png (397.08 KB, 701x497, 701:497, ClipboardImage.png)


Make sure that penis is clean.



A clean Penis is a happy Penis




LOL, I wonder how he got caught.


they slipped in some zappos with my mesh coils



what's a zappo?


File: 7f6adbf93f34447⋯.jpg (112.65 KB, 1280x448, 20:7, zappo.jpg)



oh ok. i thought it was something cool like drugs or stun guns



It's clearly stated in the article how he got caught, downy.


File: 60c2f6c609ed049⋯.png (4.66 KB, 695x50, 139:10, princess panties.png)

File: dd3971e57ff3e7c⋯.png (3.22 KB, 1172x297, 1172:297, 2018-09-14_01:39:22_1920x1….png)

Jackpot, boys.



File: bd74dd00a7c52b7⋯.jpg (94.26 KB, 1100x1200, 11:12, Blank _977a0fa73fe2ab01025….jpg)

So, on the recommendation of /ausneets/, I stepped into the gym with the intention of getting a nice endorphin rush and the satisfaction of a job well done. This was to replace the buzz from alcohol and cigarettes that I had planned to enjoy this evening. Little did I know I would step out of the gym fiending for the spirits harder than ever.

I was finished with my workout, actually, when it happened. I had taken my mouthguard so that I could hold my jaw muscles tense during my lifts and that was enough to propel me to a new PB. I walked out of the weights room to take a drink and that's when I saw her: the qt physics student I'd met during a generic science course earlier in the year. She was attractive and weird and unselfconscious and funny. At the time I felt we'd got along well, though I was reeling from a previous rejection and didn't want to ask out another classmate within a few weeks lest I get a reputation as a desperate creep.

That thought didn't cross my mind today. Instead, I went up and introduced myself again. She remembered me and we started talking. The combination of post-workout glow and confidence gave me the spontaneous idea of asking her out. Seconds later, the words were coming out of my mouth:

>Hey, I need to leave now or I'll be late, but I'd like to run into you again, intentionally this time. How about drinks tonight?

Do you want to know how I remember the exact wording? It's burned into my memory because immediately after I finished speaking, she got an uncomfortable look on her face and the whole vibe changed from fun to awkward and strained. 'Oh, I'm going out with some friends tonight, sorry'. After some excruciating smalltalk I removed myself.

How could I do this again? Why would I ever think this would be a good idea when I've tried it dozens of times in the past and it always produces the same result?




Fuck sorry to hear about that man


File: 3419cd2995a7390⋯.jpg (49.99 KB, 570x340, 57:34, aidsjak.jpg)

>hurr hurr I'd like to run into you again

What an asperger. What a fucking idiot aspergian piece of shit. I didn't even have the sense to do it semi-privately so of course it was overheard by a group of people walking past. He has really done it again. The fucking idiot must have some kind of learning disability because the lesson never seems to stick. Watch him do the exact same thing again in a month and feel shocked when the inevitable happens.



you are head and shoulders above every sperg who has never approached a woman because they are too scared




No one said gf2018 would be easy




Mate, >>148357 hit the nail on the hammer, you're streets ahead of myself or other guys on the gen who don't approach women




At least you tried. It doesn't sound as bad as you think it is.

Dan is not the answer. You need to deal with it like a man.


File: 0380e55e9165b1a⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 900x900, 1:1, download (21).jpg)


Don't listen to this NEET, women can be a difficult kind, I myself understand this, there's still quite a lot of time before closing time that you could come in for an appointment with me



The pick up line wasn't too bad, at least to me. Seemed pretty alright. Plus you were just asking her out for a drink not to fuck her mom before her eyes so it shouldn't have been that awkward for her. You'll make it though NEET, we all will.


fat stinky boong


large breasted older aboriginal woman


Oh and about the mutant cockroach from yesterday.

I found cockroach vomit on a corner of my table, and something gnawed on my earbuds. They're earbuds so they always have earwax residue, I think it was the cockroach that tried to eat the earwax but also bit off some silicon from the buds.

It's definitely a diseased cockroach. The piece of shit bit my finger, ate my earbuds and vomited on the table.

Send help.



Soul crushing. For some of us, rape is the only way.



>The piece of shit bit my finger

What the fuck? I've never heard of cockroaches biting people before. I had a massive roach infestation once and the only saving grace I thought I had was "at least they don't bite haha". They were fucking huge too almost the size of mice. Then actual mice came to eat the roaches, then fat fuckin' rats came to eat the mice, and then a spawn of Hell sized python started slithering around and almost ate my doggo. Decided it was time to get the fuck out and not even bother moving the shitty old furniture out. Just left everything the way it was. Still have no regrets. Also the vines growing upside the house did us no favors either.



your earbuds are now covered in Cockroach eggs, I would burn them.


Watching a couple of Jewtubers streaming the hurricane. It's pretty comfy viewing.




what to get for tea tonight? preferably something not too unhealthy



Chinese sounds good. Chicken chop suey.


I wish weber had a gf



I commend your effort, m8.

What you said wasn't that bad.

Putting her on the spot for tonight instead of giving her some wiggle room might have worked better.


Neet King are you still keen to play fortnite tonight



Don't hold your breath waiting, friend.


File: 31c1bc498c98bcf⋯.jpeg (13.53 KB, 316x466, 158:233, images (11).jpeg)

My skins getting saggy and I still have another 40kg to lose



Put that out of your mind. That can be corrected when the time comes if needed.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'm cooking an oven pie and fetching a small bag of chips before it's ready to come out.


File: b68f1492bec73ea⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 250x213, 250:213, 1512107061403.jpg)

>tfw asked if I can work weekends as well in the future



It's not legal for them to employ you seven days a week for weeks on end.



I usually only work 4 days a week anyway



Just don't burn yourself out trying to escape some other problem. Otherwise you'll have two problems.



But then I can afford to drown both of them in alcohol



You've got to commend him for both concocting and executing that plan so well. It shows that no matter what your dreams are there is a path towards them if you put in the time and the effort.



Now you have three problems.



What brand and flavour of both?



It's a Four and Twenty Pepper Steak pie.

The chips will come from the local chicken shop that does good ones.


Dear SurveillanceNEET,

I am thankful the bed bugs did not bite. But my feet were cold last night and you didn't tuck me, that is disappointing..



You expect too much, schizophrenianeet



He was pretty accurate on my name amazingly, which was surprising. I do not disclose that information online.



How many times must we tell you of our close watch on you, NEET?



Beyond the guess of my name, all further information presented was vague.


File: 086ce29477a0142⋯.png (5.23 KB, 348x145, 12:5, 086ce29477a0142bc0e867ee43….png)



second choice



I hope it all works out for you.



It's the brand NK trusts.


File: e863d7e6a5e4417⋯.png (5.27 KB, 348x145, 12:5, 086ce29477a0142bc0e867ee43….png)


File: afcb3b9936830a7⋯.png (4.19 KB, 348x145, 12:5, afcb3b9936830a7c75a178a946….png)



File: 15cf33308ffc14e⋯.png (41.49 KB, 240x340, 12:17, 15cf33308ffc14e3f8a4f39921….png)


She does.


Dans calling me like a phone


File: ab755e41b8764bc⋯.jpg (700.25 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, 4eb5d82f1694657cb94bf9f632….jpg)


File: ce9c1bf9db43a54⋯.jpg (58.26 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 428649e2b133a40e66ae697842….jpg)


File: 2f24234fb723069⋯.png (55.38 KB, 212x246, 106:123, 2f24234fb723069856e2629465….png)


Have you been in for your appointment yet?


File: 00e63ce610af016⋯.png (7.22 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 00e63ce610af0167ea29085f3c….png)


File: 59b093c1fbd14a8⋯.jpg (112.61 KB, 1008x600, 42:25, a7a965cb096c949898c66b542d….jpg)


Cruisey and the severely fertile missus



the nigger of neetsexus


File: c3d3f9e565fe199⋯.webm (1.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, yow_weed.webm)

Fuck yes NEETS the wagery is over

Time for DAN



File: 5002969c602faef⋯.png (1.66 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, Image-7.png)



Very nice. I like the look of those chips. Those are just the sort of fat chips I like.



Nice presentation, those chippies need some dipping sauce tbh



a true classic



You should do something more fulfilling instead.






like what cunt


File: eb061634f359567⋯.jpg (168.1 KB, 1024x1011, 1024:1011, eb061634f35956750ca8de0654….jpg)

All meals should be served with a cup of goon!


File: 456743e24cd0b58⋯.jpg (615.27 KB, 1224x1632, 3:4, IMG_0914.JPG)

Good afternoon/evening NEETerenos, a week of full time waging completed. Stopped by Dans on the way home and have a pizza and triple dippers from pizzhut on the way.



Something involving friends or family.



Well done mate.



Just need a certain asian qt now…



Shes coming over tomorrow night.



Sounds like she's using you for sex.


Fuck yes NEETs I'm feeling so positive tonight

Finally a friday night that actually means something.

Wagie party at my place


File: 03ecdbbcb6abd33⋯.png (21.98 KB, 1344x182, 96:13, _ausneets_-_NEET_General_1….png)



You earned it.



Where's the gf mate?



I don't think it's just that, I really like her and she likes me, we are thinking about getting our own place eventually.



I was joking matey.


How incompetent do you have to be to get fired from a job?



She's at her parents place tonight, she's coming over tomorrow night.



Government: There is no limit to incompetence.

Private: Not much.



Depends on the job and the boss



It depends on whether it relates to misconduct that is more immediate or whether it relates to performance. Also depends on if it is contract work or a full-time/part-time position.



Thats worrying news. I might try to get a government job.



what did you do?



It all depends as the others have said.

I'm sure you're not incompetent.



You would be surprised


Junior accountant



>Junior accountant

You did the Junior Accountant, or you are a junior accountant?



I remember that feeling, enjoy ur weekend m8





File: 3f0a7840a289800⋯.jpg (51.27 KB, 700x1244, 175:311, d33bc6412530bacc3c4493c09b….jpg)

Become refreshed!



Sorry I miss read your question I am a junior accountant. What I did is in general fuck up things its hard to explain but my manager is getting annoyed.



Tell him to have a wank


File: 4a0daf0bcb9f290⋯.jpg (60.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CsFd88uWYAANkFL.jpg)









Dan loves NEETs and wagies unconditionally.



As long as they don't try to get sober


Visiting the gun club tonight. Haven't been since mid June. Should only be mildly awkward.


File: c9124d280c19a57⋯.png (39.29 KB, 300x250, 6:5, LhhcNP2BRp-2.png)




Have a nice time mate.



Thanks mate. I shall try to.


5am and there's stale cum under my foreskin, time to rest.

Hopefully I dream about sniffing an elf again, that dream gave me enough will to live for an absurd amount of time, something like 3 minutes.




Where's harmonicaNEET?


File: dccfb27a9384eb9⋯.jpg (102.84 KB, 963x1200, 321:400, 1524951443794.jpg)



Grab your waifu and do-si-do



I'm visiting the goon club tonight, if you catch my drift.


File: 352e1cf3dd71976⋯.png (777.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, McBoong Meal.png)


I've made my choice. I got the sugar-free coke because it's healthier…



A fine selection there.



I wish Weber was an irl m8. I would tickle his big belly and we'd both laugh.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



chuck it down the sink and fill the cup with goon



If it's any consolation, you made me belly laugh just then.



A fine feast to kick off the Friday night NEETparty.



You can tell those chips aren't any brand of frozen-cooked-in-oven kind. I hope you didn't use cutlery to eat that meal though. That would be very unna-Australian.



>she's coming over tomorrow night

all over


File: 9d18a8c5fd5fc2e⋯.jpg (19.5 KB, 329x357, 47:51, feelsgood.jpg)

Got 7 cans of pabst from Dan. Walked outta there in my tight hi-vis shirt and my dirty trackies smiling like I'd won the lottery

Lifes so fucking good I can taste it in my spit



Living the dream neeto, hope your good mood stays for many days to come



Have you had Pabst before?



Cheeky, I really wish she was here tonight though.



You need another gf for such nights



I went into Dan's in my overalls since I don't have a uniform yet, I got quite a few looks.


>tfw too cold for beer


Someone post a link to the discord



No newneets allowed



What? You've been with her for like a month, no?



Warm up with a goon



I prefer my grapes unjuiced


File: 94b5b5576c67774⋯.png (652.35 KB, 844x689, 844:689, 1496936662613.png)

Drove home like a fucking mad man, windows down, music up, speeding through the plebs

You NEETs are right about the party, I'm getting on it too





what a tripper



I hope you didn't commit any traffic crimes



sounds like a manic episode.




These grapes are also fermented



>the whole vibe changed from fun to awkward and strained.

I am sorry NEET

It was a good pick up line though.



Brazil is like an 80's horror movie.



1985 to be exact



You are now a man, my son.



Yeah a month and a bit now.



Enjoy your evening, don't get too wasted.



The other one who speaks on your behalf did.

You should let him out more often, he may be abrupt and says things without thinking but he is very charismatic and has an allure that makes me want to know more.



Seems a bit too soon to be discussing moving in together, no? Is she an Australian citizen?



I haven't seen that one in a long time,




That isn't very convincing.


Had an entire Domino's Pizza then a bit of chicken that mummybot cooked, might have some goon soon



don't throw it all up



She was born in Australia, maybe it's too early, I dunno, we get on really well together, she finishes uni in a few months, I have my own place here that she can move into but my parents own it and I would really like to get out on my own without their help.



is she a gook?



She is half gook half anglo



You're a jolly old fella.



The other guy would believe me.




The other guy doesn't like your poor quality humour.


File: d728dcd074557c4⋯.png (124.87 KB, 495x379, 495:379, Screenshot_2018-09-14 meme….png)

>2L of beer



absolutely degenerate




Have a beer



Still another litre to go my friend.



Pace yourself, don't waste a drop and enjoy the experience.


File: d67d7f8735ae6ce⋯.jpg (600.45 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_0916.JPG)




I could really go for a cone tbh



Having one myself



Are you an aboriginal?



Lucky cunt.


File: e10dc7af25eba82⋯.webm (4.75 MB, 400x224, 25:14, Slenderman_Dancing_on_the….webm)




Her Majesty would NOT approve








I still prefer the tuner box skele




If he was a meal would he be a snack for an executive?


File: 1b6c41a9897863d⋯.jpg (99.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9acdcae560766e51afad4808ba….jpg)



very artistic



why are there multiple videos of people like this doing that dance?




Are they skeles?


Anyone itt



I wish you would help me get an Asian gf



all the neets are out with their mates and girlfriends



No can do, it's all down to fate/luck


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It doesn't come much better than this lads.



These mesh coils are tremendous

Definitely would recommend shirey



>tfw waiting for NK update



He might be depressed atm



He said he was checking in with his psychologist and I trust Dr Dan, medicine man will be able to help him.



I purchase some quad coils for my vape on monday, still haven't gotten them, I've seen the mesh ones, I will have to give them a go when these ones have burnt out.


Which suburb of Melbourne should I move to friends





File: 91baede2e3482f6⋯.jpeg (20.04 KB, 511x288, 511:288, images (18).jpeg)




It's all happening now, get in on it.




Some nice poojeetas there tbh



poojetas are pretty exotic compared to gooks tbh



>tfw no sex tape still



The closest we'll ever get to a neet sex tape is that one neet who posted pictures of him fucking a hooker



Move to St. Kilda, get that abo hooker gf



What about my erotic fiction with the pooj


File: 147128683206701⋯.jpg (79.24 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 15871445_10210856675747966….jpg)

File: aa3c348cec117bc⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 19731790_10212570707477688….jpg)


Really want to go back to Tassie tbh



Could that be the sex tape I am thinking of, was it a poojeta prositi?


File: 555f5e20cd76293⋯.png (97.5 KB, 405x180, 9:4, ClipboardImage.png)

I've closed up in the Eastern states, but you NEETs out west still have a few hours to get some last minute goon supplies



She was some kind of brown. A very large woman


>>148555 (checked)

The Boongka made me laugh



May be that the mystic sex tape. The only problem was I remember it being described as very hot. Could that simply be a reference to the heat she was generating in the room?


carn dees



Executives produce a lot of heat.



>that 'ass' thread



not keen on their meme bald beard player tbh



I think that the absolute is a bit too high shelf for First Australians


Sounds like a boong hooker



Evening Jean



Hey hotstuff how about ya take off those jeans for us aye






are you a pajeet?


Well done BO, keep up the good work.



What happened?


Still have a tab of LSZ left from a few months ago.



Cleaning up the cancer is rigorous job.


>tfw not in the eye of a hurricane



feels good, man





Oh shit what did I miss?



Feels supremely boring



Hire a prositute and ask her to show you a hurricane.



It is, keep at it



Nothing at all, just BO doing a good job



Some frenchman posted a grill




are you a girl?

do you think you could come to my house, and undress while making that heart sign and then kill me please?



That was a proxy, he'll be back soon most likely. He's /ausNEETs/ John.



Oh dear


Oh fuck not this spamming nigger again?



At least John created entertaining content before he began the gradual slide into spamming inappropriate porn



Not the infamous 3DPD menace!?



What's a NEET lower than John than, as he's putting his name to shame?



how tf do you play this? i got eaten by a wolf after 5 days trying to figure out how to dig a hole in the snow. 2 days of real time or 3 or 4 hours of playtime


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

look me in the EYE and tell me you love me



Is he going to kill himself while driving?




That's the place I was with that family I went there with. It didn't seem that bad tbh


Unusually quite for a Friday night.



I hope NK's alright…



Maybe the cops finally caught him raping someone.



Astra has rape technology that would help him escape. Like he is able to open the boot in such a way while driving that the person in there just rolls out. So it allows him to get away while the pigs slam on the brakes.



A truly heinous remark


BO been on a banning spree


There isn't a single decent AFL stream



Those evacuation warnings seemed pretty reasonable if you don't want to die.





Some aren't complete cucks. You wanna rot in some shelter or are you man-enough to look the devil in the EYE?



Wasn't it downgraded anyway? I'd probably just batten down the hatches and risk being blown away and turned into a pretzel.



Things like getting electrocuted by a fallen powerline or crushed by a tree is just too manly for me. I would just rot in the shelter.



Apparently it's a cat.2 atm


You should hit-up BO for a mod account



big aboriginal poo


>tfw thoroughly dan'd




I remember reading about some guy in cyclone tracy getting killed because part of a shattered window went through his skull


File: adc832a22d9399d⋯.jpg (175.67 KB, 638x900, 319:450, 137505.jpg)

I am off to bed.

Goodnight valued NEET.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The official song of NEETs.


Sorry boys, that rejection took its toll. I won't drink that much though.



Nah playing rapenight instead



Don't worry m8, just put it down to experience and lessons learned.




Good tune for the NEET party thats currently happening


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What if I haven't learned anything? I wanted to say thanks earlier but I was a bit too upset if I'm honest. I haven't felt so bad in ages. I'm glad I have you cunts. I will write a proper thank you tomorrow when I'm not so drunk. For now please know I appreciate you guys.



Sorry, I haven't posted tonight, I've had a headache. Sweet dreams blessed NEET


File: 7aca573ceeafdd1⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2018-09-14 19.39.41.jpg)


Stopped by the old Dan, got the jacks for a friend for giving me some weed the other week but he's out of state so I'll be partying alone


File: 67bbbb814eb211d⋯.png (8.11 KB, 1277x44, 1277:44, Screenshot_2018-09-14 Live….png)

The goon is taking over



I haven't posted either mate.

I hope your headache gets better.



live footage from the neet compound


File: 5d8ac9c02f990d9⋯.png (42.33 KB, 716x698, 358:349, Screenshot_2018-09-14 Bann….png)



We have a pathetic cucked excuse for a BO. He needs to permanently migrate to Reddit.



He doesn't ban cunts, only you.





Dun buy any of them credits lad.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw boomer Saturday is fast approaching



I need to get the lawnmower out tomorrow. Maybe I should attach some kind of drink holder to it so I can drink while mowing



I hadn't eaten anything all day, just had tea and I'm feeling a little better.

Also, don't think I had anything to drink all day either. That's pretty normal too, I have a coffee in the morning then maybe a drink if I get a meal deal for lunch.

I need to start drinking water.



That'd be a good idea, I mowed the lawn a few weeks ago, doesn't grow much in the colder weather so I'm good for the rest of the month.



>I need to start drinking water.

Definitely. I always have my water canteen handy.


Tonight's NEET movie pick is "Clear and present danger"



Drinking plenty of water is a really great habit. I got into it when I worked outside for a couple of summers and have kept it up since. It just feels so much better than not drinking much or drinking shitty beverages all day


File: 050f12fac3d2b78⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 2704x1797, 2704:1797, 6a00d8341c61d153ef011571f4….jpg)

File: 33be5516b8a516a⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 30900069_937605359762129_2….jpg)

File: 93cda03e25a20de⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 410x363, 410:363, at5.jpg)

File: f67bd8416dafe22⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 580x833, 580:833, lawnmower-man.jpg)


No it isn't, it's Lawnmower Man.



90s era Harrison Ford was always good value.




I need to get on top of it and make it a habit


File: 047165454e65efb⋯.jpg (11.64 KB, 235x153, 235:153, bb1df7e38ad5aade7b39bf8368….jpg)

File: c4c90869db1f913⋯.jpg (69.79 KB, 922x515, 922:515, df2edd52bc4d1c19f9f3abd085….jpg)

File: e1eb7eae7c202cd⋯.jpg (164.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: ed5bd74878001d3⋯.jpg (242.69 KB, 650x487, 650:487, wood_finish_mower.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Actually, I might wash the bike tomorrow and lubricate the chain in preparation for my ride on Sunday.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What the fuck


It is indeed


File: 8d4e260afcdab48⋯.png (79.78 KB, 250x244, 125:122, 1531155310302.png)


Some fine looking mowers there.


File: f4c272b87b58bef⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 20766420_1496915527043903_….jpg)

File: da9bfae05dae913⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 426x427, 426:427, 39373943_337033337035414_3….jpg)



How do you get that perfect strip? I really would like it to be that tidy.



Lines like that usually come from a reel mower which is a bit out of the price range of your average boomer. You can buy lawn striping kits that will give you that fancy line work though


File: f8cb20f659f5053⋯.jpg (138.39 KB, 827x883, 827:883, Dhlihd3WsAAne77.jpg)


Yup, some good looking lawns.



Couldn't you just jack up the height level on a normal mower to give you alternating lines?



That makes more sense than what I was thinking.


File: d17822574f51caf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.16 KB, 900x599, 900:599, 33879_1d7eb5f_900x2999.jpg)

This is how a real man mows his lawn



File: 9b45effcc61e87e⋯.png (11.3 KB, 447x378, 149:126, 1503296707001.png)



it even looks like an iron bar



Someone make a Danned shop


Surprised the yank flag hasn't arced up about how NK hasn't been banned but he did.

It's because we like the gen rapist



NK hasn't been banned because we respect the traditional owners of this land and their elders, past and present



there is nothing wrong with aboriginal porn


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Truly kino



Varg is a lunatic



He is, but is always good to see what he is up to of late



I wonder if he watches aboriginal porn


Back from the club.

Enjoying a longneck of Cooper's stout.



The shooting club? How did it go?



Pick up any grills?




It was like I hadn't been away, more or less.

A few other people who had been absent for a while happened to show up too. Bit spooky how that sort of thing happens.

A few people filled me in on the gossip around the place.

Scores were a bit down, but that was to be expected.



The three girls present were 17, 16 and probably 12, so no.


File: ab5d7bccbfe963e⋯.png (29.05 KB, 970x620, 97:62, 234214234.png)

>tfw had to put my last drink back in the fridge

I'm done.



Have it for breakfast tomorrow.



>coopers stout

The thinking man's choice



>not melbourne bitter




File: c3dba1162ba6a0b⋯.jpg (418.46 KB, 679x1024, 679:1024, 531117242.jpg)


It's not over till it's over neet



Trips this week are supposed to be used for getting Cheesy a GF (new or old).


I've only just noticed that Coopers don't use an apostrophe in their name, even though the founder was Thomas Cooper – meaning there should be an apostrophe for the possessive case.

This is going to irritate me a great deal now.


File: d403fbfaa5ef9eb⋯.png (39.07 KB, 647x493, 647:493, ClipboardImage.png)


Emailed them.


I saw Willie Mason and holy shit is that guy huge.


File: e99b519b05bd88b⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 1181x1179, 1181:1179, e99b519b05bd88bd9dad12585a….jpg)


Finish the job. It's what Dan would do.


I can hear bikies and teen druggos in the street


File: 5a3950992f93dc5⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 650x366, 325:183, ec36667a8f03c70864470a64ad….jpg)


Trips and he gets an hour in the aboriginal gangbang tent



Expose your penis to them


So how are the NEETs? Anyone still up?



I apologize I probably should have checked first. There clearly are NEETs up. How has the night been for you NEETs? Any one here Dan'd?


Hey NEETs, had work today and during lunch eating with the staff one of the janitors, a 40yo Thai guy who while nice isn't too bright, asked on of our one of staff whos a early 30s Pajeet With a bong accent if this newly hired nigger was her daughter, I wewed very hard



Because it was founded by him and afew other family members so the founders were Coopers



>Any one here Dan'd

m8, the whole board. Every post in every thread is Dan approved.


>tfw danned



Absolutely brilliant. Dan truly is a man of the people.


File: 0b590c2dff81a9d⋯.jpg (171.75 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, Big-Dan.jpg)





does anyone here go to that Dans


>TFW falling asleep on the train.

I hope I don't miss my stop.


goon wank goon wank



Are you the real pakiNEET?



the one and only



Did you ever attempt suicide?



Will you wank to hardcore aboriginal porn tonight?



i fucked up the attempt and got rushed to the er





Ah I was not expecting that answer. How did your family react?



they were devastated obviously, got sent to the psych wasrd after and put on suicide watch for a bit, im back home now but they have a camera up in my fucking room and im not allowed to go anwhere outside without someone accompanying me, next time im probably going to use a sawed off shotgun so i dont fuck it up



Is your family rich? Also how do you plan to get a saw off shotgun if you are being watched constantly? Also has the attempted suicide affected how difficulty of getting an arranged marriage?



where have you been, I thought you were goone forever



i come from a family of doctors so we are fairly well off, will sneak out one day

marriage isnt really my concern now ive given up all hope and now im just looking for a chance so i can killmyself





fuck man, i feel like them waatching you is only going to make it worse

btw remember no matter your issue you talk about here in safety



Am I safe to talk about my goon/aborignal porn addiction?



That would still make it Coopers'.




It's an ale made by the Coopers not an ale of Cooper's



Also half decent, but cooper's stout is always nice


Good stuff NEET


NK would love that


My ideal system of government tbh


File: 62a8542ee4bfa83⋯.jpg (148.33 KB, 1300x728, 25:14, Suzumoto1.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



Thoroughly underwhelming gook tonight, good night


friday night neet antics


neet gen chrissy holiday to bali when



dont do it inshallahhh




I'd rather avoid that place, never heard good of it, I have heard a good thing about Joondalup, there's a nice lake there and Dan's


File: 4c2fdb3bfcdf12b⋯.png (1.11 MB, 933x700, 933:700, ClipboardImage.png)

NK, is it actually this nice looking of a lake


Made a new decent video for you neets, rendering it now



Good place to dump the used up bodies


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here you go neets



he didnt wipe!



I wiped my ass after the video, trick is to really spread your ass cheeks when you shit to minimize the mess


File: 015c781ab6736b5⋯.jpg (62.58 KB, 480x480, 1:1, client-small-dan-murphys.jpg)


I saw that first choice catalogue on your floor, you boong. Expect the wrath of my iron bar on your next visit!


File: 72934687acdf3b4⋯.jpg (189.55 KB, 537x720, 179:240, 1401903428247.jpg)


You oppress me for too long unna with your inflated prices

dis black mans land dog!



but dan has lower prices you boong


File: 2f5a5fc81f78ab3⋯.png (6.19 KB, 816x140, 204:35, dans-header-banner.png)


I take special care of my native customers, but when they misbehave I am swift with my iron bar



what is dan murphys



A rape club



A temple of goon



a good friend



An Irish liquor merchant who takes our neetbux and give us goon


File: ff42b1880114e50⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20171211_105730.jpg)


An enemy


File: c072ccdb9227f69⋯.png (195.82 KB, 321x314, 321:314, ClipboardImage.png)


The things I'd to do to her…


File: 440a37e7bff8cd3⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, ff42b1880114e504ff64c73d47….jpg)


File: afd5cb9f1f4a8f7⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, Drink you bitch.jpg)


It's a fucking conspiracy I tell ya

Better go bribe that fucking new PM scomo


I had 3 really shit dreams.

One dream was that somehow I got a pair of cats, a white female cat, and a black male cat. I spent most of the dream petting the white cat and I don't know where the black cat went to. For some reason I brought the white cat to the sun and started screaming at it "WHY DON'T YOU GET TANNED!?". The cat liked me a lot.

I also dreamed I had irish heritage and I learned of an ancient irish whistle language whose last speakers of died, but I saved the language by summoning the irish spirts of my ancestors by killing a lot of people in London. After enough killing they came to congratulate me and my deeds for the irish people and I asked them to teach me the irish whistle language.

I then dreamed I was a new actor who had just made a name for himself. I was playing the part of a superhero before he became the superhero in some capeshit movie, it was the backstory arc. Basically he was a nerd in highschool and I was supposed to be bullied.

So we had a scene where my character would be put up against a locker and beaten by a pack of bullies, but instead of pretending they're doing it like they were supposed to they did beat me. Then it was the birthday of someone in the staff and there was a birthday party, the older actors mocked my habit of cracking my back.

There was this game where we made a line for girls and a line for boys in front of 2 candy machines, they'd distribute the candy and then we were supposed to do something. I don't know what we were supposed to do, because nobody was willing to tell me. I don't even like candy, so I didn't want to be in the line, I just shyly walked into it when someone made the suggestion.

And then I woke up.


I have had my goon, I have watched my movies, my work for tonight is done. Night Night NEETs


File: 507daf1edc7bf04⋯.jpg (798.88 KB, 2229x1328, 2229:1328, 140920198.jpg)

Drunk high and kida depressed.

it should be a new low for the beetneet, but im happy. I just down about not having my ex. I know she wasnt right for me, i keep replaying the amazing, wonderous better than any drug moment in my head, its hard to let go.

I smoked with some freinds, but i wanted to and i was feeling good. I havent seen them in a while and i really enoy hanging with the boys. Couple of cheeky lines too.


Big poo


File: 347a7887382442e⋯.jpg (5.37 KB, 218x160, 109:80, 12467583543674.jpg)

>tfw missed a party night

God damn it, I just shut my eyes for a second and I miss all the fun



What about Coopers' Brewery then, Mr Smarty Pants? They don't use an apostrophe there either.



You could really use her ears as handles, and repeatedly slam your cock into the back of her throat.


Morning all.

Up and at 'em!



Go to sleep.




Good morning NEETs.



Wouldn't Coopers' be the possessive of a group of Cooper's, which could be the case depending on it's founding history?




Good morning / Goon morning



High quality aboriginal film.



Good morning.


Doggo and I took a risky walk. Forecasts of rain but we managed to avoid it. Very cold and windy out though.

But the routine must not be broken.


Morning neets



>missed the neet party

You don't know the half of it. Has anyone seen Karen? I need to give her her clothes back.



Good morning.


File: 7241320df49cc76⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1322x744, 661:372, 7241320df49cc76c86b2faa8f3….png)

NK do you visit us because you get a feed from HJ on the way back?



I'm amazed Coles (LiquorLand) marketing department chose this toothless mong to be the face of their brand.


File: 172cc4b4d991884⋯.webm (2.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 172cc4b4d991884a27fb5cfaa….webm)


Unlike our man Dan.



Absolute class.



We're truly blessed to have Dan.



Putting ugly normal-looking people in ads has been in fashion for a few years now.


>go downstairs to get some spaghetti

>mummybot and sister talking and laughing watching movie

>go back upstairs to clean after eating

>40 minutes later

>mummybot starts screaming

>saying how much she's done and how she's moving out

One of these days I'm just going to go downstairs when everyone is having a good time and start screaming about nonsensical bullshit.



>start smashing plates around repeating the same thing for an hour


File: 012e91789c9b8bf⋯.jpg (223.68 KB, 2000x1270, 200:127, shark.jpg)

How are you coping with the bad weather, NEETs?



Your to pedantic, a bout these things.



>>saying how much she's done and how she's moving out



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wish I had a GF called Erika





no comma





Fuck, sorry man.


File: da2114571245986⋯.jpg (761.36 KB, 2918x2189, 2918:2189, hdihu7u.jpg)



>Fragmented sentence


File: cdc674a656f1080⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Morning, friend.



>saying she's moving out

Encourage her to.

Party time.



Nice work ol' rapey.

The washing machine is right next to your room?; And it still takes you 6 months to wash your sheets?



I did not know that.

Good morning.



Good morning my friend. Three (you)s thank (you) very much.



(You) are very welcome, were you the one up 5 something?

I fell asleep on the couch and misso woke me up to tell me to go to bed at 4:30


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>And it still takes you 6 months to wash your sheets?

Maybe he alternates between the bed and the goon cave?



Yes I was up at 5 something. I didn't really get enough sleep but there wasn't much point trying to get back to sleep once I woke up.




The goon cave has become the emu cave



File: 91c4d7b6b1ef0c2⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out091214.png)



Good morning Karen


It's odd how last night it was such a nice soft warm breezy evening then 4 in the morning today it's cold wind and violent rain. Good thing I didn't try anything silly like sleeping with the window open.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here come the waterworks.



Hey baby



Yeah, the weather this morning is pretty wild. Hopefully it'll clear up soon.



>And it still takes you 6 months to wash your sheets?

Thinking about this makes me want to go wash my sheets, so I'll do that


File: 869ea229e06932c⋯.jpg (145.45 KB, 786x590, 393:295, il4vxhxd7bkv8ejwgccl51bded….jpg)

Time to ring the bells.



The NEET tree village



File: 9fe623fc1abb967⋯.png (5.66 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, skippyburger.png)

Last nights meme food


manic depressive weather



Did you sleep well after putting all of that in your stomach


And why are those fried meatballs still half pink





Yeah i did


Bush tomato makes it red





>Yeah i did

Iron stomach NEET

>Bush tomato makes it red

I see, carry on mate. Pre-minced meat is dodgy, who knows what's in that pink slime, so I was worried you were setting yourself up for food poisoning


Last night when I ate that pie an chips, one of the first pieces of pie I put in my mouth was extremely hot, so I swallowed it without chewing much and the pastry scraped my throat and burned on the way down. This morning my throat is quite sore.

Purchased some medicine from Dan.



Incidently, Dan, the staff at your Munno Para store aren't happy with the new point-of-sale software. Took them ages to find one of my six packs and ring it up.



Hobo neet eats what ever he can get. Adelaide is a dope city



Your throat would have been sore anyway considering the type of NEET who hangs around Dans at night



I visited Dan just now. I dare not frequent such establishments after dark.


File: e67fe639b446d70⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, IMG_20180905_200344.jpg)

Anyone in melb seen this before


File: b0a02d9486023ee⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1920x2079, 640:693, dankonbini.png)


There's one way to ensure your safety if you ever had to do so.



That's all that guy does. Steal board memes.



Take Karen as bait?



Yeah kinda he seemed a bit of a culture vulture



He started out painting murals of instagram thots on walls, then got famous for that Hillary Clinton rendition, then ran out of ideas and started copying memes.


File: 1b3de2a3e04952d⋯.jpg (153.93 KB, 840x730, 84:73, shadow.jpg)


No because if you see it you're already dead


In the shadows i creep 666



333 - only half evil.



What if Possum and Cruisey are both 333 and they finally come together?




What's going to happen during this auspicious hour?



I also have this question, but its about the impact of two half aboriginals coming together.





File: 56795185629c087⋯.jpg (902.42 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, gdaycuntwhereisthebuffet.jpg)



Dress up as Karen

>t. 30 year old boomer neckbeard CEO cosplaying as Karen

I thought about googling for an image to illustrate this concept, then thought better of it.


File: 3b6d84dda7b1b69⋯.jpg (18.28 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Hey mate, you are the buff….jpg)



Some things are better left undisturbed.



The cirnofag is pretty much that.


File: 12d21a98069ccb0⋯.jpg (110.56 KB, 962x1282, 481:641, karen.jpg)



The first night my parents took their little maltese shitzu girl puppy dog to their house on the coast, she emerged from the bushes at dusk with a possum in her mouth. The possum was almost as big as her and she didn't want to hand it over. The possum didn't wake up again.



Surely this is a war crime of some sort?



That possum should have gone to the gym more.



With all his squats, I doubt I'd be able to get my mouth around him these days.

that was supposed to be lewd but not as lewd as that came out


File: 0483897d82624b4⋯.jpg (70.58 KB, 620x350, 62:35, Sad-Puppy.jpg)


>tfw you're little maltese shitzu girl puppy dog, that possum is your only friend, and you eventually realise it won't wake up again and play because you killed it.



Good one.

The possums I've caught in the roof before were always full of piss and vinegar and wanting a scrap, so I'm surprised she managed to take it out so quickly and quietly without getting a scratch on her.




We thought it might have been 'playing possum', so left it on the back verandah that night. Was still there the next morning.


If a possum plays possum, is it playing with itself?


I'm sure that special marsupial is very embarrassed and excited with all these lewd posts.

They may even entice him to embrace rather than feel shame.


File: 5e4d5e7e328b6b3⋯.jpg (187.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0228.jpg)



Thats an american possum aussie

Possums anit no bitch like amerimutt possums


So is Karen basically a British diplomat's kid or something living in Glorious Nippon?


File: 07f6bb6c0b53f5b⋯.png (271.64 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 07f6bb6c0b53f5b35b267b7a27….png)



I have always enjoyed our lewd flirtations.


File: 684319c3e69621d⋯.jpg (140.91 KB, 624x887, 624:887, d108c850b73e270a787f05c08f….jpg)

I'm going for a cruise with the dog.



I was a little worried when you went quiet.

Anyway, I'll catch you later mate.




See you later. You need to stop worrying about me.


File: 4db9b8b8a20b081⋯.jpg (108.21 KB, 1000x749, 1000:749, FEELS_GOOD_MAN.jpg)


Don't let the doggo drive recklessly.


We need more giant mushroom forests here on earth, with spores that make you so pissfaced you see into another reality.



No thanks, I have enough problems with this reality


Shouldn't have gotten drunk last night



What makes you think that hasn't already happened and you're living inside that reality?



Remember that for next time.


File: 44ac7d29f5dee0d⋯.png (113.11 KB, 827x415, 827:415, _ausneets_-_NEET_General_4….png)



Can't remember not to get drunk when drunk.



the answer is NEETKing


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



How easy would it be to get a root at the Brazilian Carnival thingo?



and what's the idea behind dressing up like a whore for Ash Wednesday / Lent?


could go a duzza



I wish the BO would talk to us more, he's very secluded, he doesn't even have a NEETname


woah laddie BO


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


15 degrees today in Shitbourne, might go for a drive out of the city



real great roads around the healsville area



I was considering going more towards Kinglake, but I might go there, there's a really nice bakery in Healsville



>there's a really nice bakery in Healsville

Be careful, we've already had one pie-related medical incident in the past 24 hours.


cya neets have fun and have a goon


File: 888dc907638bc1a⋯.jpg (31.16 KB, 355x600, 71:120, dfdffc5ac02dac6b1b949fd12e….jpg)


>drove to sydney with mummy this morning

>had an hour to kill while she was in the dental surgery

>walked to the nearest subway to find it closed

>see a dirty-looking Chinese bakery across the street

>don't just by appearances, neet, it's probably just as good!

>I walk in and decide to buy a roll

>wave to the woman working in the back

>she ignores me

>stand around looking at their other baked goods

>decide against buying a fattening cheesecake slice

>wait around for another few minutes

>she comes out: 'whadda yu wan?'

>tell her

>she makes it freshly in front of me

>looks okay

>take it back to the car and eat while watching netflix

>it tastes okay

Pretty okay I guess.




The whole thing is an excuse to fuck and piss on the streets. I don't know why they piss on the street during the carnival, but they do it as much as they fuck. So not terribly difficult, and as long as you're white the mutts will be throwing themselves at you. You could even be an executive the size of a small car, and there will be a mutt thirsting for that aryan seed.


Niggers find any excuse they can to nig, nothing more. Remember most "christians" of today aren't christian, and would be disgusted if they saw one.

Also Brazil doesn't really have particularly high standards on modesty. As a male you're perfectly fine walking around wearing nothing but shorts, females can do the same as long as they're wearing a bra, but their shorts can be smaller than their butts in turn. If you're on a beachside city even swimwear is fine, you don't even have to be at the beach.

However, if you go to a white area you may be shunned for not wearing at minimum the standard "flip-flops, shorts over half the length of your upper leg, and a shirt, which may be sleeveless". It's not necessarily the case though, whites tend to be liberals, and whatever you can call a standard they don't have.

This "dressing like a whore" thing on ash wednesday I never heard of, it may just be the regular clothing of whoever you saw.



Thanks for that.

With regard to Ash Wednesday/Lent, I'd just read the carnival is timed to coincide or the week before or something.

In some parts of Australia, girls can go topless on the regular beach / beachside suburbs. Manly in Sydney is one place for example. This is distinct from actual nudist beaches.


OK BO you win, no point posting here anymore if I'm ban on sight. Not sure what I did. There was no outcry from the gen for me to be banned for 'I wish x had a gf' posts. I can understand banning the pedo and creepshot but perma banning me for something that doesn't seem to really bother anyone but yourself is a bit unreasonable.

Goodbye neets



It looks unfortunately as my drive will not be happening as mummybot is refusing to give me her car today


Wait so this is the same guy who's doing the pedoposts or not?



I am not the same guy and BO Knows that




That's unfortunate. If this was at the start of the year and was the same poster who undertook bi-daily posts:

>tfw depressed

I would have supported it (often people asked the poster but they never responded), but it isn't as frequent and is often in context so I don't see a problem with your posting.



Are aussie tidies nice?



Generally speaking, yes. Only ones who tend to get them out in public are the ones who know they have nice ones.


Fuck you BO (WEBER) you petty faggot

Too much of a coward to clarify why you are so butthurt



I am Weber, and I am not BO.

I was not offended by your post.


Angry misunderstood NEETs




It's all good.

I hope BO clarifies your assertion that you're not the the pedo poster and the reason for your ban.


Fuck me I'm hungover


what should i make for lunch?





File: 3de6bf5511121f1⋯.gif (179.02 KB, 253x270, 253:270, 3de6bf5511121f12320fae5b26….gif)


>what should i make for lunch?



a good suggestion NEET but i think i am going to try and make a salad.



close enough


BO fuck you

You are only doing this because you know you can get away with it. If I was a beloved and known neet such an unreasonable ban would cause a board split.

Fuck it. You will not exclude me from this community. I will work out a way to change my modems ip(its very easy on my phone at least).

Dog cunt


It's a beautiful day today neets, perfect for lounging around and maybe one or two boomer chores

Don't waste it being angry on the internet, my friends



From memory she is half Japanese and half English. Basically imagine if the neet with the gook gf had a kid and then a few years later that kid moved over to gookland and had wondrous lesbian adventures.



The blond hair and blue eyes are recessive though, so Karen should have lost those features.

I thought the show was wholesome, not lesbian sexual.



Nips think most whities are blonde with blue eyes. It is a common joke throughout the show though


File: 969495eff2db286⋯.jpeg (66.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, theNEET.jpeg)


There is often an esoteric nature within NEEThood, on one hand there's a grandiose view of themselves against the bourgeoisie normies while on the other hand a severe self depreciation. A prime showcase of man being a fallen creature, a degenerate if you will.

However one thing must be achieved and that is for NEETs to rise up, not just as an individual as Jordan Peterson's misinformed guidance says but as a collective. You are a part of a group and that shall never go away.



>You are part of a group

But I became a reclusive neet so I didn't have to be that



Japan still thinks the west is civilized. Ha, what a backwards people.

One time I saw a japanese tourist looking worried at a green traffic light with no cars nearby. I thought he was brazillian so in typical hue fashion I screamed at him "cross the street faggot, if you die you're one in a thousand for the day". He ran for his life, and not across the street.

That was when I realized he was a nip tourist and in Japan they don't cross green lights even if there are no cars.



He probably thought he was about to get mugged



>the chad Brazilian versus the polite and respectful Nip tourist



>rise up as a collective

Is the day of the rope near yet? I've been saving this six foot length of rope for such an occasion, either for me or someone else.



This was when I was in school by the way, I'd go alone.

Seems like he was following the standard procedure of avoiding being mugged by having nothing to mug, popularly turned into the saying "If there's nothing to rob, they can only take your life".

I suspected he was japanese at first because he had the typical angry asian expression whereas the standard face in Brazil is just a relaxed indifferent look. Still, I wonder what his impression of Brazil was.



He probably tells tales of the scary white brazilian to this day



Those stupid, well behaved japanese. If only they behaved more like the fun loving brazillians, japan could be a vibrant, diverse and prosperous nation, just like brazil.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'm impressed nobody used this get for polshit



Don't lose hope, maybe next time.



I'm a /pol/ack and didn't notice. Fuck!



It's a while before we will hit >>1488888



(((something))) must have distracted you



Somewhat distracted by how long this thread has lasted. A couple of weeks ago we were burning through three threads in a weekend.



I noticed that too actually. Maybe everyone is too scared to go over 200 because of what happened last time


File: 3171124e7ccb3c7⋯.jpg (30.89 KB, 293x346, 293:346, angry squidward.jpg)


I always dreamed of plowing through a crowd of french and then those fucking muzzies go and do it first and I'll never be able to claim it was my idea.



For some reason I never pictured you as being able to drive



Forgot to get beer and pies during my shopping expedition a few days ago and now the world is too full of normies to get either. I guess this is why planning is an important life skill


Last post in this thread should be 148996. So 150000 will be 4 post of new bread.



You really need a Four and Twenty pepper steak pie.



My nigga I am the best driver you have never met.

One of my childhood dreams was being a professional racecar pilot.

In the rare occasion I know my parents won't come interrupt me I hotlap on rfactor.



You have too much faith in future thread makers



>racecar pilot



What car does Daddybot drive?



your best bet is going just before closing time



Certainly a better idea than going after closing time




97 posts left to 15000

657 + 96 = 753. Post 753 is number 14999

Not possible with the post limit.


A Renault Megane. A soccermom car basically.



Sometimes OPs make threads early and enterprising neets post big red location names before the thread is officially linked, so it's possible



751 is thread limit. I used calc.exe when I made my post, so somewhat certain I was right. Have had 12 std drinks though.



Do you own a car yourself?



>std drinks

the neet kind special



>A Renault Megane

WTF. FIAT Polio is the most common car in Brazil.


Mini Rant.

My daddybot is so fucking crazy when it comes to watching sports. No matter what he will think the referees are against his team. Like i can understand 1 or 2 games throughout the year but it is every single game, even if they win. Its just ridiculous that he never think they lose because the team wasn't good enough or that they never give away penalties.



I've watched sports my whole life and I've never really understood that mindset. Even playing football as a kid parents would go on about the umpires, even when the match was incredibly one sided and it wouldn't matter if the umpire was biased.



Yeah, he's mental. Pretty sure AFL umpires are randomised throughout the season to minimise that sort of bias.



Nah I'm not rich, I'm just a NEET.


>narcissistic boomer

They're completely immune to rhetoric, you can't even hope he'll accept the clearest of logos. You can only change the environment around him hoping that he will draw the right conclusions based on the understanding of his psyche. Your best bet I guess is rigging the games in favor of his team.



AFL umpires don't seem to get "reputations" like you see a lot in wogball. It mostly seems to be just "all umpires are biased against my team"



/ausneets/ does not support wogball, apart from the 8chan Cup.



Which reminds me, is that game tomorrow featuring Cruisey's GF?


tfw no gf



I think you'll find that subject matter was discussed during the original post of this current thread, so posting it again is superfluous



A tangentially hubristic post.



please go away



>tfw out englished by a hue



When I eat nutrients my IQ skyrockets. Worry not, I will be as I was before in due time.



As the "victim", no. I thought it was sweet. Let's fuck



What's your IQ on a full belly? I got into Mensa half-pissed on a dare.



>putting cooked minced-meat back into its original packaging




I'd like to see those poo pics



I don't know, never took the test.



So potentially you're just raising your IQ from borderline-retarded to normie tier? :P



What a charmer.

You are very close to becoming a known and named NEET.



That sounds like work/.






I guess he could have >>151488



Posts will be banned so it may be the last one here.

bum rash


'Deleted', rather.



You will all need to pay extra for a private viewing and subscribe for a membership to see that show.

NEET exclusive.



You should be banned for mentioning strawpoll or discord.



Bum rash posting is very important and I will endeavour to continue it if you leave.



Did you speak too soon…



He might tickle your belly again.



The post is still there for me because I don't refresh.



I miss touch contact the most. You'd think it would be PIV, but it's actually holding somebody and being held.


File: ad95b6ad83cafb3⋯.jpg (93.97 KB, 366x328, 183:164, 13446f642ee905f5b8b950b648….jpg)


>I miss touch contact the most



What a sad feel.



It's a wonderful feel









He is our unattested and rightful ruler, his word is law and must not questioned or disputed.


Praise unto thee, oh, majestic and benevolent captain.


File: 59ef604ed4a6a3b⋯.jpeg (12.71 KB, 195x259, 195:259, images (1).jpeg)

File: 7e298e07694b55f⋯.jpeg (8.77 KB, 194x259, 194:259, images.jpeg)

File: 47986b7b63004da⋯.jpg (304.8 KB, 1164x873, 4:3, Old-Tree-Stump-Ideas.jpg)

File: bacdbc95e5f61dc⋯.jpg (53.05 KB, 500x450, 10:9, tree-stump-chair-1.jpg)

I want to make something like this.


File: 3d7f9170d659e1c⋯.png (28.28 KB, 643x523, 643:523, 1488350568763.png)

do girl neets even exist? how do i obtain one and make it my gf?



Quite do-able, mate. Chainsaw and steady hands is all that has produced those.



We've had at least two elbows posted here in recent months. None that have stuck around though.

Girls move upwards with relationships, so a NEET girl is unlikely to settle for a NEET boy.



historically speaking neetdom has been a female dominated field. Nowadays most neets are single mothers or druggie chicks being supported by a chad wagie bf




>Girls move upwards with relationships, so a NEET girl is unlikely to settle for a NEET boy.



which means the best method for getting a gf as a neet is being really rich or really attractive




I think with a couple weather proof pillows it would be good, I wouldn't make it a 90% one though, One at about 110% would be nice.



By percent(%) you mean degrees (o), right?


File: c277bfc37705587⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 345x383, 345:383, 32f2d6f527d973803e09150833….jpg)



ideally both, i guess.



I'm 5'6" :(



I wonder if we have any rich handsome neets



Rich is open to debate. A few here are on a good wicket.

Handsome, NFI. I'm ugly. A couple of NEETs seem to have nice legs and torsos, so conceivably have nice faces.



Aye, plenty of executives around these parts, so we have rich covered.



Even our poors are well fed, hueneet


File: bff433a88984698⋯.png (104.74 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1518668752558.png)


You know what I mean.



I thought the drawgirlNEET was still here.



True. I'd almost wager there is an inverse relationship between wealth and BMI


File: 9ab7dbf260bb99a⋯.jpg (134.32 KB, 959x487, 959:487, hsp.jpg)

Thinking of getting a halal snack pack for dinner, but I'm worried profits from the kebab place will probably be used to sponsor terrorism. What do?



We scared off her "tee hee I'm a girl" posting, so NFI if she stuck about.



Only order them with diced bacon garnish.



I knew what you meant mate.

I'll hold the stump while you do the chopping.



I liked her art style, it would be nice if she drew some neetporn.



How do you judge niceness of legs and torsos?


File: 829022e49dec084⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 800x596, 200:149, Mushroom.jpg)

Do you NEETs like Mushrooms?



It's worth it.



A good masculine leg is a good masculine leg, no? Cruisey was slim in his new suit.

Shire has no flab on his legs.



I think that is scientifically confirmed. Poor minority groups also tend to be fat






Which neets?



She could've made some. I was going to ask her to hold an apricot in her elbow crevasse but I was too shy. Missed opportunities man.



Why thank you.



Oyster mushrooms make me feel like popeye.

That one looks like a little willy.



How many times has she come today?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This mr olympia thing has good music.



I think you mean a perfectly acceptable normal willy






Shire has a bit of flab. Not too much.



I love you.




We are not supposed to mention grool


bum rash

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