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File: 61c377dd476a8bc⋯.jpg (932.39 KB, 3021x1993, 3021:1993, download (33).jpg)


Humanity has slowly been climbing towards the stars, how will NEETs like us fit into all of this?

OLD: >>170217


First for wagies




>just searched nuclear fusion. really disappointed the news doesn't cover this. they're rather cover which celeb polly said what to who. i know so kinds of research going on in Aus because I've seen it but need don't give a shit except to inspire kids




stay strong fellow Melbourne Asian


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'd say we should let society leave for space and stay behind living a comfortable life in nature and in our own respective countries without jews or politics.

That's my 2 cents for the day.



I'm diabetic so i oppose this sentiment


The role of cocaine as an addictive drug of abuse in human society is hard to reconcile with its ecological role as a naturalinsecticide and plant-protective compound, preventing herbivory of coca plants (Erythroxylum spp.). This paradox is oftenexplained by proposing a fundamental difference in mammalian and invertebrate responses to cocaine, but here we show effectsof cocaine on honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) that parallel human responses. Forager honey bees perform symbolic dances toadvertise the location and value of floral resources to their nest mates.

Treatment with a low dose of cocaine increased thelikelihood and rate of bees dancing after foraging but did not otherwise increase locomotor activity. This is consistent withcocaine causing forager bees to overestimate the value of the floral resources they collected.

Further, cessation of chroniccocaine treatment caused a withdrawal-like response. These similarities likely occur because in both insects and mammals thebiogenic amine neuromodulator systems disrupted by cocaine perform similar roles as modulators of reward and motor systems.

Given these analogous responses to cocaine in insects and mammals, we propose an alternative solution to the paradox ofcocaine reinforcement. Ecologically, cocaine is an effective plant defence compound via disruption of herbivore motor control but, because the neurochemical systems targeted by cocaine also modulate reward processing, the reinforcing properties of

cocaine occur as a ʻside effectʼ.



Since jews left earth we re-discovered magic and it can cure diabetes.


Ragie wagie getting Danned todaysie




No, I'm one of the few whites left in this city, thank you nonetheless, I will try


Sounds comfy tbh



should i browse seek? i feel it's pointless at this point

I've not slept yet



>Sounds comfy tbh

I go solo camping and i spend all those days thinking society collapsed and this family is letting me stay there until i keep on my way Its either that or shoot a mall.



do you mean heya kyan?



>heya kyan

Wow, wasn't aware of this manga. I might check it out. Thanks, neet.


I will need to look for more work in 15 minutes.



Quite a comfy fantasy


File: bfcfea5b466416f⋯.jpg (5.48 KB, 205x246, 5:6, flabby wojak.jpg)

Fuck Woolworths for allowing those paid donation-collectors near their stores.

I walked into the local shopping centre today and there were two guys collecting donations, one already talking to someone behind the little stall and the other waiting to catch people walking up the escalator. When he saw me he loudly announced 'the big rig is in the house' and tried to get me to donate as I was walking away.

On the way back, the other guy was manning the escalator and called me over as 'the big man'.

I already donate, I will never give them my money, I just want to order my executive lunch in peace without the size of my body being pointed out to every cunt in earshot.




Fuck, I hate these cunts, they frequently show up at the train station when I'm off to get something or other


got any recommendations for lunch NEETs?



I tell these sort of cunts to fuck off.

A few weeks ago there were a couple of young women collecting in the shopping centre and they were calling out to me, and even Mummybot commented that on the street they wouldn't even look at me.

You could email centre management and say they were harassing shoppers about their bodies.



>the big rig is in the house

Lol. The chad donation collector


fuck this weather


File: 4864e7c188f58f2⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 174x321, 58:107, Antek.jpg)


The only good weather is heavy, thunderous, cold rain.

Like my soul.



Preferably a constant night.



what? me either! i was referring to a yuru camp (kyanpu) meme




you Third World dictatorship cunts are something else ey


>tfw depressed







File: 8b6c03c2fbfc92d⋯.png (1020.13 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, Mahrisah 081.png)

Ugh… I had to go to EMP service people today, they want to make me do a forklift course but it is going to be much harder to NEET if I have such a qualification…

Plus every time I go out in public it looks more like a cyberpunk dystopia.



Idk I feel emasculated because I didn't actually smack any of them.


Hungarian. I've been here for a few years now, used to go to /r9k/ but it's shit now so moved to /ausneets/ earlier this year. I'm not trying to shit up your board, just here for the /aus/ memes and banter, only really posted like twice before.


I don't understand what you're trying to say.


The amount of hours you have to work for alcohol and tobacco is actually very similar to poor countries. Sure it's fucking cheap elsewhere but you also get paid like $3 an hour. So yeah you have to work a bit for booze and ciggies like everyone else, but everything else like cars, electronics, food or any sort of entertainment is much easier to come by than most of the rest of the world. These abos had a nice car, look at the pic I posted. It's a recent 4 door car in good condition, all of my uni student coworkers drive much shittier cars.


Maybe they know their place in areas where they're a minority but this suburb is infested with them.


File: 76df3e2443264da⋯.jpg (549.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan….jpg)


The other day when I saw them he said he could guess my age and he said 18(I am 25) and the time before that they asked if I was old enough to enter the prize draw and said I would have to be over 18 and did not think I was.


File: 9df1d8445445dfa⋯.png (530.82 KB, 500x533, 500:533, just.png)

Still haven't heard back about that job


drinking gentleman jack and cola and ignoring calls from work asking where i am



You're a christmas cake.


File: cb9cfd28be46c66⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_0933.JPG)




Have you bent the GF over the bike and fucked hr yet?



I'm never getting married anyway.



Why not?



There are no women worth my interest and I would not be worth her even if there was.



Several times.



Good man.




>tfw burnt my bum on the seat riding home

Fucking scorcher today.


File: 8de2d2eeb4e820d⋯.gif (86.18 KB, 300x299, 300:299, 8de2d2eeb4e820d812659c7350….gif)


>Plus every time I go out in public it looks more like a cyberpunk dystopia.

Holy shit that's exactly what I thought when I went to vote the second time.

Cameras pointing everywhere everywhere, nobody could see anything beyond their phone screens.

I was the only person without a phone. I was the only one who stared at a gay nigger in a rainbow dress. I considered taking a book on the short trip, but then I was afraid of all the robberies in the area, to the point I forgot no nigger would steal a book. I only spotted 3 other white people excluding mummybot in a place with more than a hundred "people", all of the whites were old boomers.

Most of the people around were exceptionally short, referring to mutts as goblinos is too accurate a term.

A quadroon girl of about my age sat right against me on a stone bench packed with mutts, I had to give her space to sit down, and I get the feeling she sat besides me because having an unkempt pole on her right side is better than thuggish-looking mutts on both. I had to t-rex my arms to make extra space by putting my shoulders out of the way, but my arm was still right against her tits. She didn't seem to care, but I spaghetti'd on the inside and had a light allergic attack anyway.

While looking for something to stare at I saw a darker-skinned muttess in skimpy clothing squat to grab something on the floor, her panties were easily visible and there was ass hair coming out of them.

There were these 2 mutt twins who were easily over 2 meters tall, I'm tall myself but I felt like a manlet when they came close.

Everything about that episode, it was a shock of reality that really demonstrated how far everything has fallen.



You're going make it NEET you just have be your self.






Payday baby!

Gonna head to the botanical gardens and then get maggoted at the pub





I also kind of feel like this when I'm out, especially in shopping centres, it almost feels unreal.


File: 3ad92562e50164f⋯.jpg (37.01 KB, 620x413, 620:413, evil.jpg)




File: 4ea0ba7905b88f6⋯.jpg (290.15 KB, 1134x769, 1134:769, EAI.jpg)


nope sisters


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







>into racemixing




Girls don't have cumdies.


File: 1bbdf81c6706199⋯.png (84.46 KB, 706x680, 353:340, G734HGcGGZPIZYowKl3aUZrBo-….png)


I dunno about that.



I wouldn't know tbh. I certainly wouldn't have that effect on them.


Colicy aboriginal infant




File: e7bf73d24f9fec2⋯.png (180.83 KB, 449x449, 1:1, anime girl.png)


wtf how'd he do it mods



Spotted the incel



Rape machine


File: af067ca2acf9f0f⋯.png (311.38 KB, 1883x283, 1883:283, Shop_online,_pick_up_in_st….png)

File: 429ad8551ee91ce⋯.png (91.75 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 429ad8551ee91cefcdfc2fed00….png)

Is Dan getting inspiration here or is someone here working at Dan's?


File: 6038ca79c82ed60⋯.png (178.36 KB, 960x596, 240:149, 408727003d52d6754cd1471840….png)

>tfw waiting for an update



Make it to where?


File: 29df14130be6b55⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 366x333, 122:111, f6377b3721bcaaed246657c30d….gif)


>Make it to where?


>order package from gumtree out of state

>forget that when I signed up years ago I gave the name "ryan tipton", because I don't want randoms to know my name and I've only done local pickups before

>have mypost card with address that matches the delivery address

Can I collect the package with just the card?



Will it be eum or vb? place your bets now!



>Can I collect the package with just the card?

Not if it is signed for as they would want ID.




Emus is were my money is at, he needs good aboriginal fuel or his engine will knock.



Fuck. I went to the post office to tell them in advance, but it was a fucking chink at the counter so I couldn't get an answer.



If it's the standard Australia Post card in your mailbox, you can tick the bit authorising somebody else to collect on your behalf, and fill out the fields as appropriate.



You can always try and say you are picking it up for a m8 who signed the back of the card.



Yes, depends on what the sender request and if the chink can read those instructions.



I'll try that and I'll try to make sure I get a white 25-30 male with no noticeable soy features. If it's the chink again I'm fucked, they're super suspicious and have zero flexibility because back home they get sent to gulag if they don't act like robots.



I'll ask the sender if it requires a signature.



He's been getting the VBs of late, I think he will go back to his old familiar boong juice



If he gives you any grief tell him you'll burn his shop down. He'll give you your package.



I made Mummybot collect shit for me when I was waging and she never had an issue.



In fact, now that I remember, I even had some Nazi gear delivered to an "Ezra Kikestein" and never got queried.



Thank you NEET I knew I could count on you for some sound advice.


Did your packages need signatures? It probably depends on that and the wagie as well. Fuck I hope I can pick this shit up it was $280



If no signature is required, usually the postie will just leave it on your doormat or whatever.

If a signature is required, they leave a card.

On the back of the card you can tick a box authorising somebody else to collect it.

You tick that box, write your fake name in the box along side, and then write your real name in the collector's field.



File: 88ea86364ba068f⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1641x1122, 547:374, ClipboardImage.png)



You're fine, sign it chink in running writing for the addressee part.



NEETs worry about some stupid shit at times.






Thanks. It's been so long since I had to sign shit that I forgot this even existed. Thanks anons.


File: 84067011acc565e⋯.png (30.96 KB, 238x251, 238:251, danny4life.png)


It's goon deficiency syndrome. I couldn't stop smiling at my local Dan's he put his face all around the store on shit to sell snacks and around the isles.


I mean thanks NEETs


some personal news: beginning in november, i will continue to be a huge idiot and my life will still be a fucked up mess


Going to meet a mate NEETs, might check in later tonight



Have fun.



File: 53105ac6243ed4a⋯.png (142.29 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)



Thank you NEET will do


Based waiting for a mate man


File: 4d7b10200732ea7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 304.81 KB, 372x375, 124:125, 4d7b10200732ea712d1679f753….png)


Proudly sponsored by


>tfw no gf or mates

i am a very lonely person NEETs


File: 0b92fdf06186daa⋯.jpg (97.08 KB, 680x545, 136:109, hdigdnr.jpg)


File: c5d073ac266329d⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Flood detected; Post discarded.



This man makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.


File: 015c781ab6736b5⋯.jpg (62.58 KB, 480x480, 1:1, client-small-dan-murphys.jpg)


I'm here for you mate



I'll be your mate.


File: 83e25ee0a567fbc⋯.png (141.44 KB, 733x420, 733:420, 4e623e650509ad85eceed9b6ec….png)


File: 25debc9bdf9ca23⋯.png (94.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 25debc9bdf9ca231073eccb3e7….png)


Don't worry, Dan can be your truest friend.



Today I remembered that my father met my mother when he was 20, married her when he was 25, and made me when he was 30. I'm 38 and never had a GF.


I want to let doggo attack a small animal. She's always so excited when she chases magpies around the park.



what has it been like? any advice for younger NEETs who might end up walking your path.



Get her to attack a migrant child.



I don't drink though… It's too fattening.




Damn you neets are predictable.



>I want to let doggo attack a small animal. She's always so excited when she chases Boongs around the park.



Remember when Dan cried when I called him utterly predictable?



Dan's a sensitive man.


File: e72c14e1687524a⋯.jpg (367.61 KB, 1158x1890, 193:315, 1ea8265be4707bf5b189c80586….jpg)

>There the Rumanians joined hands with the east wing of the Italian 8th Army witch had yet to be attacked(a pleasure to come!)

And they say Germans don't have a sense of humour.


File: 523db0a1b759fb4⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 680x545, 136:109, 0b92fdf06186daacaf4c1efcf1….jpg)


File: 75fd7ca756d30db⋯.jpg (327.53 KB, 1162x800, 581:400, 75fd7ca756d30dba030e7b333d….jpg)


If I recall that incident correctly, it was YOU who ended up crying neet. You kept on begging for mercy from the iron bar or something. Really not very becoming.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 6f6e969a9712cf0⋯.jpg (110.3 KB, 334x442, 167:221, 8ca04cd7a582bd494f277ec559….jpg)


No you are.


File: aa958c2be6b0318⋯.png (96.57 KB, 1107x268, 1107:268, chimpout6.png)

Ahh, diversity, the gift that keeps on giving. Are you enjoying your cultural enrichment, Melbourne neets?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Very comfy video, I came across this one the other day.



i like how youths now means niggers



I was just thinking the same thing. When the media does mention the race of the attackers, it's usually buried many paragraphs down. 'of African appearance' - like we're not quite sure, we don't want to say anything racist in case it was just a trick of the light or something.



>in case it was just a trick of the light or something.

Wouldn't they more likely to be hiding in the shadows?



Not a big fan of asians, but it was interesting watching her cook.




It''s going to get worse tbh, like the other NEET and HueNEET were saying before society is turning into some dystopian cyberpunk hellscape.



They're quick to describe a fucking white guy though, and show you his name and photo as soon as there is an arrest.



>white male attacker (16) responsible for brutal jaywalking

>troubled youth caught up in armed self defence at local bank chain, investigators say the cctv malfunctioned and the exact chain of events is unknown



Adequately made Gen NEET. I get worried when I leave and it's near NEW time.



Ended up only having one of the viet rolls she packed me, she packed three. My coworker went to subway and found out it was two for one and gave me one.

I only had half the sub so now there's half a sub and two viet rolls in the fridge at work, they're going to be shit by the time I get back.



I remember reading about some idea where we live on celestial moons that have all the bits and pieces of society but we could return to Earth to live off the land, basically as the animals we are and then die.

I would probably prefer living here without all of the society.



I warned all you cunts about 2 for 1 Subway this morning, but did anybody listen? NOOOOOO.



>overestimate the value of the floral resources they collected.

That's interesting.

Today was the third day in a row that I took drugs at work, I wasn't even in pain.

I was all stressed out and so I said that I should take some, then a coworker said I should. So I did. Then when I was a bit mellowed out she proceeded to tell me about stuff she learnt from the Buddhist monastery she sometimes attends.

She said in a crisis would I prefer to be around the person who acknowledges what has happened then thinks about what can be done or would I prefer to be around the person who is stressing and can't cope and is running around in a panic, then she said I am acting like the second person.

If it is all fucked, then if you have a plan there is nothing to worry about (that continues, if the first plan fucks up make another), alternatively, if everything is truly fucked well then there's no need to worry anyway because nothing can be done.



I knew about it but she packed me lunch.

He said that the line was out the door when he went there.

He got me a chicken, cheddar and ranch sub with lettuce, onion and capsican. The ranch and cheddar was a funny mix.



That looks expensive for what it is.



I have over half a bottle of whiskey that I will not touch today.


File: e8d5a84732a11ad⋯.png (447.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-11-02 Stom….png)

who /NEETPARTY/ tonight?



In a cafe? Sure. But as an at-home meal, it would be nice.



Fucking hell, what cunts.



Yeah, although I would be too lazy to cut the crusts off.



I hate that they hang out in lower socio-economic areas. I had the rspca going around asking people to pledge $2 a day.

People in my area are all pensioners or on the dole, $60 a month is heaps for them. It's heaps for me and I work. Go to fucking rich areas and get them to give you $50 notes.



You have a good soul Argie, I wish all our foreigners were like you.



Argie is a good lad tbh



Weber knows all about that.


File: 49dcb8dfcd6759a⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2018-11-02 16.26.23.jpg)

Dan time




You posted this reply only 6 minutes after him and that video is 13 minutes long.

I have to question how much of it was comfy as you didn't even watch half.



You are replying to him.



you better show us what you get so i can judge



I watched it all, just paused to say how comfy it was.


maybe if it is the day of the dead I will dream of friends, long gone



A depressing post.



You're lucky to have had them in the first place anon



Yes NEET, like the other NEET said, that was a very comfy video.

Not that he would actually know.


File: e455578d939f0d7⋯.jpg (14.51 KB, 477x539, 477:539, 1518014781787.jpg)

>tfw Dan's elixir is tempting me to mock other NEETs and cause trouble.


File: d3ddfe196161388⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2018-11-02 16.44.03.jpg)


Just the usual



The big narkyNEET is in the house.



.I am never narky tbh, i must hold back.




15 cans a night. That's an achievement.







yeah watched that earlier on liveleak, crazy chinese



I wasn't real keen on the acting, I don't think that was necessary.


Might get a sixpack of light beers



File: 125ac75fbc1929e⋯.png (940.88 KB, 743x611, 743:611, dinner.png)



Should have just put the big sausage things in hotdog buns.




Other than that it was good.




>the big sausage things



>sushi hotdog




They dont look bad for homemade ones, good job anon.

im drinking vegetable juice


not posting a good night tonight

nobody replied last couple of nights

fuck you all



Good night NEEToe.



Sweet dreams



i sleep during the day, so i dont wish people a good shleep







Did you post a picture of a qt before you said goodnight?



night m8, catch ya tomorrow






It's karmic punishment for leaving the house.



Someone sounds a little cranky.



**Karmic punishment for being a bigboi


Indeed, he seems all tuckered out, needs a nap.




Its not fattening if its the only thing you drink and you dont eat much



Goon comaing through a week is the fastest way to lose weight.



Go to sleep mate, you'll feel better afterwards.






Ah I see, well you have some pretty hard competition to beat, oriental fancier posts the best qts around here.


Why would you got to bed at such an hour? The sun is still up.



Until you back out unless you have dexies.



Stretch out under than doona and feel that soft pillow beneath your heavy head.

You've ad a big day and it's time for you to rest.


I'm convincing myself I should go to bed, that sounds nice.


File: c1a8c56503d3ee2⋯.jpg (257.53 KB, 998x605, 998:605, kfc-wolrd-record.jpg)



Being a bigboi has its privileges - for instance, if you die of an obesity related cause, such as heart attack, you get 72 buckets of kfc in the afterlife. Original recipe.


Storm's a comin' sydney NEET hav' ya batter down the hatches?


fuck me neets Work is hard



Definitely not.



Yep all battened down.



Yeah it is.


another week another dollar, neetoes



Another dollar invested at Dan's.



I'll invest one for each hour of work on my pilgrimage tomorrow



ended up getting full strength



$38 won't even get you a bottle.


might put a podcast on

no idea what else to do




Do it on the snail life-cycle and use it as an analogy for NEETdom.


File: fd825efb1dbac83⋯.jpg (274.29 KB, 912x956, 228:239, 1495363823313.jpg)

What's a good Australian website to buy instruments, specifically a keyboard, from? Also with that said, I used to take keyboard lesson

s but would have stopped something close to a decade ago, would it be best if I buy learner books or whatever they're called to help me relearn and remember how to play a keyboard as well as relearn how to read music?


Have a wank mate, I'm about to.



watch faggot reacting to a plant getting revealed for Smash



Maybe check out a music store

Though on that note I know KORG and Yamaha are alright keyboard brands abet pricey



what do these words mean


File: 72a59197b4f8600⋯.jpg (381.04 KB, 1332x2259, 148:251, MASTER_NIGFOOLOH.jpg)

2017: "how good's the food?"

2018: "how powerful's the spirit magic?"


The storm approaches.



word is cruisy's missus put a hex on the gen


File: dfc905fd56295ec⋯.jpg (449.04 KB, 1688x3391, 1688:3391, MrBARAKA.jpg)


Dont laugh sydcucks you got it too.



At least they're not stealing people's stuff for their drug money, I guess




Is that Cruisey's Missos Dad

He did say he's a religious man but wow



pretty sure taking money off someone for a fraudulent service is actually 'stealing' of sorts




Yeah but it's stealing from retards



retards stealing from retards: the new 21st century aussie economy



isn't that most political systems in a nutshell



Valid point.

Still, i preferred it when the closest thing to retard africans that one would experience in australia was a rerun of The Gods must be Crazy on free to air telly



I never had free to air as a child


the meme boomer drinks were on special at coles today



what did you do instead?


the booze is kicking in



Wanking is bad for your hands, you can't fiddle the ivory and your junk.



We lived in a sorta rural area where we had no Free to Air signal and the satalites for FtA we'ren't really a thing since the rest of the town sorta got a signal so we got Austar Foxtel to you cityfags




My grandfolks had that.




he's master of balck and white >>171192


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't be naive, you're stealing from thieves.



though also infertillity and impotance so it gets more confusing since Cruisey has no kids with his wife



He puts juju charms on his head and gris gris on the floor when he performs the ritual.



>4chan 2017

>Monster is Kiked

>4chan 2018




>gris gris

This sounds like an Indonesian thing




All work are COONfidential


File: 7e195fbd7e69dd0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.56 KB, 1772x1080, 443:270, e247edf4b946c2a00de632e001….jpg)




File: 6dc89468014b24c⋯.png (42.13 KB, 318x240, 53:40, 1529526426929.png)


It's just a meme, also tomorrow is boomer saturday.



I thought Sunday is Boomer mowing day

Saturday is Boomer take kids to sport day


Why are there fireworks going off in Adelaide?



I've been drinking them for a while and have mixed feelings about their fresh new meme status. I can't help but wonder if any lingering autists are calling me a boomer inside their minds.


File: ca25ca695c702ce⋯.jpg (58.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RaMu.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



Mow it 10am Saturday

Edge it 10am Sunday



Drink Mothers instead, the same shit but not as meemy



Goodnight oriental fancier.



Goodnight NEET















I actually have been recently. I like the taste a bit better but I am a cheapskate at heart.



Sunday is when boomers get mad at you for mowing because it's supposed to be a day of rest



Aren't Mothers always $7 now



Night of the possum.


To all monster SHILLS: Fuck off


File: 720fd74eb5b327e⋯.jpg (80.32 KB, 680x661, 680:661, 1537592748400.jpg)


Monster is endorsed by Dan, thus also endorsed by the council.


File: 0380e55e9165b1a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.29 KB, 900x900, 1:1, dan.jpg)


This, only Dan Shilling allowed



have a Berocca suppository instead



I didn't even know they sold 4 packs of Mother. At least in sugar free, the sugar ones are horrid.


If I was getting paid to shill I wouldn't be drinking shitty energy drinks


File: 9296451b36acd6d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 92.75 KB, 700x442, 350:221, daan.png)


Not if you're fucking buying them from fucking Coles, fugg off



Berocca is for quitters






Yeah mate in the 500mls, Apple isn't bad though yeah is pretty fucking sugary



The B in Vitamin B stands for Bumtingles


Aboriginal barf grenade



It's a coup. I hope…


Monster + Goon would be a pretty good combo tbh, might even prevent gooncomas.



goon heart attacks are the future



did some digging and found this


Yes it's back in 2013 but possibly a yearly thing



Thanks mate appreciate it



I have tried this, not the best idea but I will do it again


Try beer and coca cola




I have done this before, surprisingly good.



Try Goon and cum



I barfed when I tried it.



Do not jest about such things.




I had this once at a normie party. It was not great but the normies all acted like it was liquid dogshit. Nobody can match the steel stomach of the seasoned neet, I guess.



beer + smirnoff black = turboShandy

It's not a respectable drink but it'll get you shitfaced in no time and tastes pretty decent



It might be that it gets worse the longer you let it sit

Talking out of my arse here, the yeast in the beer probably love the great load of sugar that gets dumped in from the coke and they go nuts producing toxic waste that consists of more than just ethanol



Carlton used to make Beer like 8 years ago with vodka shots in it.



hm yeah i recall trying it i think it tasted like some noonga tipped his metho in my beer



It just tasted like normal beer tbh, used to get cunts fucked up though.



vodka is truly a magical invention




this jap guy is my favorite neet



because, i want to please answer this poll.



wow you're actually sentient



What does と言うわけで mean when someone says it at the beginning of a new scene in an anime?


Goodnight NEETs, Ill see you tomorrow


File: b6001d227f1fadf⋯.jpg (194.56 KB, 804x804, 1:1, 98fe7d4f61ea846a7803131671….jpg)



Sorry, fren, I don't understand it.



sleep well friend neet



File: 85c1ec9c677b473⋯.jpg (28.01 KB, 510x383, 510:383, 1536483573235.jpg)

Drinking a tea.


Having a wee


Watching TV



I wouldn't recommend that.


>on 3rd day of DOMS

Never gym. Not even once.


it's friday night bros

love is hard to find


Went to Melbourne CBD for the first time in a year.

It is a fucking zoo. Even the gf complained about the amount of Chinese.

I just wanted some Indian cunt to bump into me and have a go. Infuriating.


None of you read or cared about what my coworker said.

I thought it was might've been very relatable to some of you.

>She said in a crisis would I prefer to be around the person who acknowledges what has happened then thinks about what can be done or would I prefer to be around the person who is stressing and can't cope and is running around in a panic, then she said I am acting like the second person.

>If it is all fucked, then if you have a plan there is nothing to worry about (that continues, if the first plan fucks up make another), alternatively, if everything is truly fucked well then there's no need to worry anyway because nothing can be done.




PTSD isn't real


aboriginal rape


only had two beers, felt like six.

time for a cuppa


Having a wank


Is baneposting still a thing, or is that so 2014 now


evening neets. have the wagies app give to bed yet?


File: a63654ecc0b8a27⋯.jpg (642.75 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 0380e55e9165b1ac1780542ce5….jpg)



It doesn't make sense


File: e0a30bd7ba69d24⋯.webm (14.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1512456697178.webm)

It's real Neet hours.



This is why guns should be easier to get in Australia



that's what you say after you explained something. lit meaning shoveling like " the aforementioned explanation means (x) should" or in this case, "and so that's why we should… "in that case they use it to imply something has just been explained that the viewer doesn't need to see because it's just setting the scene



this is my favorite nnd of the golden decade


Headpins in bed NEETs.

Faaark I love Bundy


File: d0698de7c38e3c3⋯.jpg (295.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, S81103-02200727.jpg)



File: 451677ab535398f⋯.jpg (307.5 KB, 2199x2163, 733:721, Sabre 133.jpg)

Bed time.


nini saber


>tfw depressed





>tfw impressed


>jerked off for 3 whole hours

Im such a dipshit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I would probably prefer living here without all of the society.

It would be great to live like that, neet.


Very comfy anime, anon. Check it out. I watched the first episode already.



Had a good night meeting with my mate, at his place in Gippsland now. Night Night NEETs


Morning neets, woke up too early, as happens far too often.



is 11pm too early?


good morning NEETs






im going to wash my penis today and clean my room


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes, get beginner books and make 100% sure you're following the correct fingering at all times. Also get one of the Czerny or Hanon books and practice the exercises correctly. Correctness is more important than speed, which will come with time.



You'll be beered or gooned by noon like the rest of us.



Well at least he will be getting gooned with a clean penis and room.


Good / Goon morning all.


File: fdc66cf6fd4106e⋯.png (303.4 KB, 461x716, 461:716, smokeleton.png)

>younger brother is watching a rainbow haired dyke muttess play league of legends on twitch

>tell him he's supporting a dyke

>he says "just because she dyes her hair doesn't mean she's anything" (he's unaware of SJWs)

>no idea how to make him understand

>tell him he's losing the contest of who among us is the biggest loser

>he's suddenly struck by a degree reality, seems to be watching some Naruto now

I guess Naruto is a step lower in the garbage spectrum, and I did teach him to stop watching it on television because it gives the shitty TV channel it still airs in over here ad revenue, and now he torrents the episodes with the original japanese audio and fansubs.


i have successfully cleaned my room and washed my penis but i hit my head.




do kids still watch that, I thought it ended



It has, but a new series is available called Boruto about his kids.




Holy shit it's real, it sounds like fake OC












The degeneracy of modern anime and cartoons froze South America in an eternal state of repeatedly airing almost exclusively old stuff. Tom and Jerry still airs over here. Naruto isn't degenerate, so nobody but weaboos angry at the ongoing death of anime would oppose its airing, and we're a tiny dying minority and don't watch television anyway.

30 years from now spaniard and brazillian kids will be watching naruto, just like they have been doing it with dragon ball.


I saw a 30 year old boomer buy a slab of white Monster cans at Coles this morning.



was it you



Tom and Jerry is the shit hough




Let's hope he's stocked up.


File: 2a253feb1081f1d⋯.jpg (190.16 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, faggot.jpg)

Neither of them seem to realise he is gay.

That isn't a tattoo either, it's a stocking sleeve with a tattoo printed on it.




Original Looney Tunes were better though.


File: 1b81f9200bef807⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, out100600.png)










>>171323 SHILL

Good morning freeters and NEETs. Don't traumatise any nice old women today, and don't buy any soft drink swill.




Fuck off you disgusting tonsil pig.




Looney Tunes is bretty good but I'd say T&J Oozed more style to it



>Don't traumatise any nice old women today

What about a nice young NEET




I'd say humanity has been improved slightly by the heroic eugenic actions of this dog, but unless we nuke scotland it's really too little too late.



Morning Karen and associates.



Why does it matter if he's a homosexual?



oh boy



because that faggot is slaying more pussy than the rest of the board put together



Good morning Karen. There have been rumours that you're the illegitimate daughter of liquor tycoon Dan Murphy and a japanese mother.


File: 0d7a7835a6e199a⋯.png (262.19 KB, 636x319, 636:319, ClipboardImage.png)



Mate, have a nap.


That hangover


File: 9783c7e3ba93c18⋯.jpg (75.89 KB, 655x351, 655:351, stress.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He should learn some boogie



If you learn classical piano properly, you can play anything later on. I'm not sure the reverse is true.



Yeah, I think you're right. That guy you posted is very good. His left hand is on point.


File: ace8c966f3550ac⋯.jpg (52.75 KB, 620x350, 62:35, removed.jpg)


Clearly, we must spread islam in Europe.


File: afa72b4d8f9651d⋯.jpeg (2.91 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 537F567B-FF9A-4A70-9B89-E….jpeg)

Comfy ride today bros



No, we mustn't. The graphic though, does prove a link between sexual degeneracy and societal destruction.


File: 571a918662aa731⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 375x563, 375:563, marissaminx02.jpg)


Where's the ute?


File: 2fed6c0fce76fe2⋯.png (62.71 KB, 448x327, 448:327, megapuke.png)


File: a33cfb88e73cd59⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpg)


No utes



Where's the Mustang?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just want to share this.


File: c920d29a54abc13⋯.jpg (105.04 KB, 960x720, 4:3, c920d29a54abc135f7cf2ee0d5….jpg)



Who are these people?



I was so disgusted I forgot to point to >>171352



Otford Lookout?




Looking good mate, good day for it.



Sounds alright.

I noticed around the 2:40 mark he plays some repeating notes on the right hand and uses the same finger each time, which is a big no-no.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think that's because the pinky finger needs to stay where it is. That guy and this guy were both sort of taught be Professor Longhair and he just made shit up.



Banjo teacher and her boyfriend at the Taylor Swift concert in Sydney.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I would not trust what that teacher is teaching you.



I can confirm this.

But i also agree with this >>171325 and this >>171333


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is weird.



It's only a 6 week introduction.

She still hasn't asked my name and kind of skips past me when she walks round the circle listening to each of the students.

Unfortunately there's only one other instructor in Adelaide, and he taught her.

I'll suss things out in week 6.



Just a bunch of kvetching.



That is fucking amazing.

Yes to all of that.



The most famous person from oz since Paul hogan


Tfw no Latina hooker gf to do coke off and rape



Fucking aye, reading that has got me all worked up.



Very nice.


Fibrous fecal sludge.


Abo porn.


Really feel like being a degenerate and having a few morning drinks to go with this hangover.

The gf would be really disappointed though and tbh even the thought of it is a little embarrassing.

It's worrying how easily I used to write off a whole day just to stay pissed and coddled in my own dreamworld. After soctober I'm really starting to think maybe I just can't handle alcohol like most adults seem to and perhaps I should steer clear in general. I can hold up appearances in public and not go too hard, but I always like a strong drink or two once I'm home to get that ol lively drunken mania feeling going like old times.

Guess I'll have a coffee and read my emails like a normie


File: 8239aa8ee14ce94⋯.png (483.47 KB, 750x422, 375:211, 536203161_750x422.png)

Decided to extend out halloween yet another day by watching horror movies and eating chocolate. Starting the day with In a Quiet Place, which is supposedly about sound seeking monsters, so hopefully their won't be too much lame horror-movie dialogue.



First 10 minutes of the movie go by without a single word being spoken - such a relief. But the annoying little kid has grabbed a battery powered toy, so I suspect he's about to get his whole family killed.


File: 9e85ca3e67bc9c8⋯.jpg (76.31 KB, 576x576, 1:1, jaz3adod8lv11.jpg)

No NEET November


i am thinking about going NEET university and doing the Applied NEET philosophies but i dont know what to major in i was think NEETlore or NEETlaw. Any NEETs here have any suggests?


How is everyone spending their Saturday



I will study and go to the gym


File: 3cd46541bc003a3⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 3cd46541bc003a3911e4b6e23c….jpg)


Don't fall for the university jew. Go to tafe and get a certificate in applied liquor store operations, so you can make them danbux.



The characters in this movie spend all their time talking in sign language - they should've got subtitles for those of us who don't know signing. Hopefully this isn't going to degenerate into a family drama film where the twist is the characters can't actually speak to each other.


File: cd14a7704af5859⋯.png (207.32 KB, 372x375, 124:125, 4d7b10200732ea712d1679f753….png)


Son, I have never told you this but 🔲 🔲🔲🔲🔲 🔲🔲🔲🔲 🔲🔲🔲



Find a English sub, that's what I normally do when the English ancient is particular thick and a hybrid of their native tongue just so I know what is going on (I can understand 85% but that 15% even when misinterpret often changes your understanding).



I'd Like to solve the Puzzle




I will accept that as a solution. Upon reflection I fucked up what the message was going to be.



iirc there's only one scene with dialogue. I enjoyed the flick.



The trick is to not drink to the point where you'll have a hangover. But that kind of ruins the point of drinking.



I find the best way to do it is to drink so much you'll still be drunk when you wake up so then you wont get a hangover



This technique or guzzle water before you sleep to help ward of any of the more severe symptoms.




I've got subtitles with the movie, but they don't have text for the sign language. Much of the film's communication is done by signing/gesture, facial expressions, body language etc, so I feel us autist types are at a disadvantage.



I'm not sure I would enjoy that. I've always drank way faster than other people in a social setting and always known that I'm drinking to get drunk.

I really enjoy the rush of going from sober to drive, maybe more than being drunk itself. Guess that's why I liked getting on the goon so much. It's a bit of a thrill. Having a few beers over a few hours is so boring. I am a degenerate hedonistic boong at heart.



eh same except I'm a social recluse so I get fucking pissed and start shitposting here



>so I feel us autist types are at a disadvantage.

That sucks, do they have any "forced" English subs for the film, as those typically include all dialogue, actions and references to music playing?



I hear the NEET Theology professor is a pretty wild boong


>Purchased a 4 pack of Adnams from Dans.

>They come in shrinkwrap

>Didn't get a receipt

>Take them home

>Cut off shrinkwrap

>Mould in bottom

>Cans sticky

>Two cans all dinged up but feel full

>Crack first one

>Dead brew

>Crack second one

>Dead brew

>Fuck my life.



Guess I'll be going to a different liquor store today



Craig would offer the same solution as Dan, but Dan would do it a much more caring and respectful manner.



I can't even bring myself to crack the other two.

I hate getting fucked over.



Just return them, they'll remember you if you were there yesterday and there will be other 4packs with the same problem.


File: 02e4f6b3c0877a6⋯.jpg (985.11 KB, 803x1214, 803:1214, Cirno 035.jpg)




Maybe try ringing them up and working out if there is any way you can get a refund without a receipt. If it was this morning the same wagecucks are probably still there.



better yet, footnotes explaining why normies are doing the illogical things they're doing.




I used my members card, so technically they should know. I have other alcohol in me now so I can't drive.



You should be able to just get a refund later then surely


File: 6b19524de2bed3b⋯.jpg (77.52 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, ninja_neet1.jpg)


Clearly craig has sent his agents to break into Dan's stores and sabotage his products.



I'll email them.



Probably. What a cunt.



A lot of subs sharing sites are open to improvements, if you want to provide your interpretation while improving the quality of the subs.



>wear mask

>don't cover eyes and half your head

Guy was already gooned before he sacked some goon.



You can't expect a man too poor to afford a goonbag to own a proper mask



What does your weekend hold, my dirty brown friend?


its hot and i am feeling lazy that i cant be bothered to wank or play video games.



Don't worry neet, only 5 months until it starts to cool down again



we're doing no nuts november and no niggers november, remember?


File: 3f384d1308589bd⋯.jpg (34.33 KB, 464x539, 464:539, ninja_neet4.jpg)



Craig only hires elite ninja masters as his minions. That mask was so expertly made that the top half of it looked like a man's head. That's how good he is.



Might as well do No NEET November at that point


Does NEETgang have a member called Noodles? Every gang movie has a Noodles.



Can't say I know anything about his member






if you have a crush on me & you aren’t teIIing me that is literaIIy so rude i need the validation





Cold and rainy friday means going to play pool, get drunk and go completely shit-faced to work tomorrow.

Good morning all neets and wagies.


File: 594b1a11e147147⋯.gif (262.88 KB, 500x545, 100:109, 594b1a11e147147eb0a581b653….gif)


But I'm the only whitey in the board, I thought this was where abbos hung out?

Mummybot and daddybot didn't work today, they said they won't work for the next 3 days.

My dick rash is almost healed, but I won't be able to moisturize it with mummybot and daddybot around, so I'm not sure if it'll get worse again.

The dick rash is on the top side of my dick, but I moisturized the bottom also. I kind of like how the bottom feels, I think I'll start moisturizing my dick regularly, when I can again of course.

I read 2 volumes of the slayers LNs at some point, and now I started with the anime. In the end I watched 11 episodes straight on my first day, and I don't remember when I started with the anime, but I didn't watch it every single day since then. I'm at episode 10 of the second season and it feels like I did get through episodes at a very high pace. This is indeed a classic everyone has to watch, I recommend slayers to anyone who hasn't experienced it.

One of my private trackers is on freeleech mode for the weekend, but my hard drive is already full of anime. At least until I don't have to seed net-juu no susume anyway, but by then the freeleech period will be done already. I was caught off-guard.

Daddybot has a lot of old documents that he wastes time giving away to shitty projects that try to accumulate old papers. Nothing wrong with the idea, but these projects he takes part in are always garbage. Most of those documents come from a section of our ancestors who were bureucrats in Poland and Germany, and for some reason as they retired they took the documents they dealt with. Most of it is uninteresting stuff, but I have this letter of my great-great-grandmother, titled "to my descendants". It was a fun read when I learned about it

Today daddybot wanted me to install java on his wangblows laptop because some proprietary malware one of those projects makes him install didn't like running on 32 bit java, I hadn't used windows in a long time and it made me pity proprietary communists for their software choices a bit.

The project he's in right now is called "Transkribus" or something of the sort, I was only talking with daddybot because he forced me to so I didn't give him much attention, but basically it's this piece of java malware that doesn't work and you can send your written documents to them and they have some sort of OCR AI that can read old cursive and will archive the OCR'd text and the original. I noticed I'm pretty good with reading old cursive, probably because my handwriting is poor, just like the handwriting of people who spend entire days writing in a hurry.

I don't really know what I'll be doing in the weekend, I usually idle when my parents are around since I can't do anything when they're about.


File: d1cc19ff8c95608⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1295x730, 259:146, 324324.PNG)

Back from my ride, made a vidya which I will upload later.


For a while now I have been making an ice coffee for breakfast every morning. I worked out that they have about 48 grams of sugar in them which is about half the recommend daily sugar intake and almost as much sugar as a large can of Redbull. I don't think I will be doing this now.



Does anybody get bent over the bike?



Just skip the sugar. You'll get used to it after a while.






That is fucking gorgeous.



But not in today's video?



I don't think I would. Also milk itself has sugar in it too, that is where a bit under half the 48 grams comes from.



Unfortunately no.



Welp, plan's off. Guess I'll drown my sorrows alone again.



It lactose metabolised the same was regular sugar though?



It's a lovely area.



Just splice in some Cindy Starfall pornography, and I'll use my imagination.




I'm not sure.


File: 8c2c954a859b393⋯.png (64.09 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 4408dd5c8a9fceedc9c7d3cc55….png)


Sugar is IIRC the easiest energy source to metabolize. that's why MREs for soldiers include so much candy. Carbohydrates as a whole make your body produce a lot of insulin, which is among other things the hormone that stimulates storing fat.

Great for getting love rolls if you don't exercise, but great for acquiring energy if you live an active life.

Lactose is likely the hardest, which makes milk-based foods great to eat if you enjoy fatty food, because you lose so much energy breaking it down you can get away with ingesting more calories, and they satiate your hunger better as you take longer to digest them.

Processing fat in general also takes a lot of water and oxygen from the body, which takes the lungsd and you then have to drink and metabolize the water further lowering gains in calories.

Milk is the NEET's drink, and its byproducts are the best NEET feed. They satiate a NEET's hunger without making him fat.



I had a stroke.

>takes the lungsd


<taxes the lungs



Trips of the Cheese shill



>They satiate a NEET's hunger without making him fat.

You won't win the Nurgle 2018 with that attitude.


File: dd17ec69272601f⋯.jpg (96.92 KB, 410x288, 205:144, lactose-intolerance.jpg)


>Shilling for cheese and yogurt over milk

Non-whites detected.



>whiter regions of south america have higher lactose intolerance

I don't get it.

>Greenland, Iceland and that northern part of Norway have higher lactose intolerance

Interesting. Does it have to do with the fact that nordic peoples raised less cattle, and those are the purest nordics left?



>northern part of Norway

I don't see that having a darker shade on this map, but the far north is inhabited by the saami and various non-aryan circumpolar peoples, who probably aren't big milk drinkers.



Maybe we can have the NEET commune in WA now?

18 degrees today in Shitbourne, going down to the coast at some point this weekend




Yeah, by northern part of Norway I meant the islands in the far north, which are norwegian territory.



Probably full of eskimos, or whatever they like to be called in that part of the arctic.


File: 7926f3a7fad43be⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 316d1a5d102ade4fe777960579….png)

Soon he'll be awake…


Christ Almighty ive got a bothersome creeping hangover. Didn't even drink much last night. Felt ok enough when I got up and had a dart, went for brunch at a cafe with the misso and started shaking like s rattle snake, was worried I might thow up at one point. Went to Cole's and I had to tell her to just get the basics because id had it by that point. So embarrassing, she was just giggling about it the whole time.

Think it's time for no hangover November for this NEET



Probably because you went a month without booze, bit of a shock to the body maybe.


File: fb448916d566da5⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1200x1061, 1200:1061, T ZZC 2.jpg)

Cracking open a sugar free Monster.


File: fbf97cbdceb8037⋯.png (576.77 KB, 800x900, 8:9, f4d125991e0759f40528f03d6c….png)


>sugar-free energetic drink

Something isn't right there…


Cracking open a fresh bag of buds



It's the return of Craig's curse from last month.



All the cattle in the world can be traced to a domesticated mob from Iraq.

Meaning, If you can drink milk you are an Arab.



this but without the weeb pic



There are a lot of small mill towns scattered around that part of WA. The greenie jews killed the industry so everyone moved to larger towns and began doing copious amounts of drugs. Quite a few of them are now little tourist stops.



The drive through Budderoo national park is so nice. My car can hardly make it up the hill but i always go down and up it anyway to go to the beach at kiama. Kiama would be a top tier place to live.



Crack open a bag of cyanide, degenerate.



Also to add, last time i went to that lookout there were a dozen police there. Some old lady told me a dad of a few children had "fallen off"


File: 6a1426777adbcac⋯.jpg (35 KB, 425x425, 1:1, 01a3fc03f8d274c36945af4f0a….jpg)


Guess they had the trip they wanted.



oh hue



File: ca1a5704cf38ab0⋯.png (15.29 KB, 206x202, 103:101, (PNG Image, 250 × 202 pixe….png)

There's a fruit shop nearby, owned by fat greasy arabs and staffed exclusively by pretty 13-16 year old white girls. I got some mandarins from them today.

it'd be nice if someone lynched the owners and burned the place down tbh



Those arabs have some keen business sense


File: fd45d883f356665⋯.png (95.1 KB, 680x678, 340:339, apu a sad day for cheeseca….png)


I can only assume the hiring trend goes beyond wanting to provide pleasant customer service.

>tfw muslims are unironically allowed to live in this country



People are just more likely to buy shit from cute girls. With that age range you capture both the "aww cute I'm supporting kids in their first job" crowd and the "Humbert Humbert is my idol" crowd


File: 72ea542f57bd2cb⋯.png (65.97 KB, 971x763, 971:763, Capture.PNG)


better than dans



>10 day delivery



>"Humbert Humbert is my idol"

Fuck you for making me look that up.



Lolita is one of the most famous books of all time neeto



It makes me uncomfortable to know that so many businesses are deliberately reaching for the Humbert dollar by employing young teenagers in cutesy outfits.

Weber is all over that cafe girl and he needs to understand that she's only providing the customer service she was trained to give and she is NOT interested in fucking him.


Why are the postal wagecucks so inefficient?



In certain crowds, yes.



Blows Dan out of the water.



Who knows what services she might provide for a few dollars more.



mould free, too



Because they are pajeets


File: 394da98bea1a50a⋯.jpg (176.68 KB, 1280x580, 64:29, dans_temple_of_goon.jpg)


>10 days

You could be gooned in 10 minutes.




Yeah Kiama is a top location, if I win the lotto it's where i'd probably move.



Had a nap.

Next can is half-dead too. Drinking this one to see what happens.


>she is NOT interested in Weber

I already knew that.


>tfw laziness outweighs the hunger

I'll just starve because I can't be fucked



>Drinking this one to see what happens

Does the mold add or subtract from the flavour?


Executive withering away


Shire NEET just letting you know (if you don't already) that Darude well be playing at Carmens tonight. Hopefully his whole set is just Sandstorm.


Are there any TechNEETs here? i have a question.


Ive started a new casual job and my manager is an executive manlet but the other coworkers are normal weight including me, it is interesting



am not




I haven't been there in close to 10 years, which means I am far too old.



manager's salary + no hope of ever getting a cute wife



This can wasn't visibly damaged, and seems to taste ok, but definitely isn't fizzy.



he is sadly divorced, hes middle aged



Ask it instead of beating around the bush.



well when i do this speed test http://www.speedtest.net/ i get around 4mbps (ADSL) yet when i torrent things the speed reaches a maximum of about 700kbps. would there be a reason for this.



Does that guy have any other songs?



Various providers (including your ISP) can rate limit traffic. Torrent traffic is often shaped by ISPs.

My ADSL hovers around 6.5Mbps and 800kbps is about the best I get.

Also when you torrent stuff you're getting chunks from all over the place, so depending on where the chunks are you're going to get variations in speed.



ADSL speeds are basically xMbps / 8 = yKbps. Less (say) 10% for TCP/IP overheads.

(6.5 * 1024) / 8 * 0.9 = 750Kbps.



If the seal was broken that would worry me greatly especially when the other product has spoiled.



Could be a million things, from overloaded router to simple lack of seeds. It's very common for people with shitty routers to overload their routers with bittorrent since it's so heavy, but given your bandwidth I doubt it's the case.

Also, the bittorrent protocol is relatively inneficient when it comes to bandwidth use. If your internet connection is particularly asymmetric you can actually bottleneck your download speed from the simple fact that it takes some upload to download.

You're probably fine and the speed you're getting isn't an indicator of any network issue, it's just the speed seeders are giving you.




And the division by 8 is because your software is reporting kilo BYTES not kilobits.



To make that conclusion you're assuming the NEET first talked about mebibits and then about mebibytes. It could be, it might not be.

And you should factor in the 44 byte header every ADSL packet gets which further lowers bandwidth, + all the headers and assorted overhead of every sort of internet protocol in use to make the torrent happen. You could even account the fact that almost nobody on earth has working QOS while at the same time almost everyone has terriawful bufferbloat which lowers bandwidth even more.



Browsers and torrent clients typically report kilobytes.

His numbers fit.

My numbers fit.

QOS is pointless on the Internet. No provider is bound to honor anybody else's markings.


Al-rightly NEETs thats for the help. i am keen for the NBN.



Oh and then you add in the fact that sure DSL is fairly well made, but you're still sending data over phone lines, so show me a man on this earth with a DSL connection without at least 1% packet loss. That's just kind of the default that's always there for the best of connections, nevermind a random aussie and I know you guys have an even worse copper network than I do.

Networking is this pile of insanity where some of the brightest minds on earth work 24/7 to make it even worse, and that's before jewish ISPs come in.


His and your numbers don't fit because it's physically impossible to get the guess you made out of the reported speeds.

Nobody has ever gotten 750 kilobytes per second of actual data out of a perfect 6.5 megabit (812.5 kilobyte) per second connection. Not on a relatively efficient protocol like http, much less bittorrent.



The megabit numbers came from a fucking website, you mong, not the actual sync speed on the router.

I worked for my fucking ISP for a decade.



Having NBN has made my internet experience far nicer. It still shits the bed sometimes but I'd rather kill myself than go back to sub 10 mbps



If you want to use your pajeet tech support authority then I'll just point out you're referring to a modem, not a router, and be done with it.



I have a Cisco 897. It's definitely a router.



>pajeet tech support authority

For me they are Filipino. They seem to the ones in telecommunication support centers.


Fucking hell have to go down to the coast to help my dad with demolish a fence at the place he has down there. I feel awful today and the only thing I feel like is to get extremely gooned and play vidya all night


File: d98db9c646f9351⋯.jpg (172.39 KB, 730x730, 1:1, DAJ-Ea_UMAArc9i.jpg)

>Go to buy booze at my local IGA because I can't be fucked driving

>Walk in, feeling guilty about it

>The radio is playing, an ad for Dan Murphy's comes on

He really sees all and knows all, doesn't he?


File: 425998d3168727b⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

These aren't bad, NEETs.

Quick and easy accompaniment to a meal.




Seems like a waste of taxpayer money tbqh. Torrenting speeds were already adequate, and for the amount of shekels we wasted on it, we could've bought every single male in australia his own eastern european sex slave.



>microwave chips

a sad combination of words



The original idea was to connect regional Australia. However many years on, they're no better off, and the cityslickers are usually worse off.



I'd rather be able to watch a bunch of HD pornos at once than let some random third worlder into my house tbh



I chucked something quick in the weber and wanted to try them. I didn't have to wait 20 minutes for oven chips, or dink driving to a chip shop.


waits for the favela nigger to tell us we don't know what we're talking about with regard to the NBN


>Total cost of the NBN: $51 billion

For that much we could've built JC Denton and still had money left over for goon.



That doesn't sound very nice.



>he turned his flag off



I didn't mind them, for what they were.


It might've taken me over a week but I've finally got a slave on Conan.

I think because everything takes so long to get, all the achievements do feel like you are doing something pretty cool.



Did they have any crunch or were they soggy?

You should get an air fryer.



They were actually crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I have a 1200W microwave, so only gave them 3 mins.

I worry that I'd start eating junk 24/7 if I got a fryer of some sort.



>an entire week to get a fictional slave

To think they've had their flesh and blood slave for more than 7 days now



Congratulations on having worked your way up to management, neet. Is she a qt? Post her nudes.



I've only played it once throughout the week.

I played it for about 8 hours today, that's the longest I've played a game in probably a year or more.


File: b1d5c0bd95a9752⋯.png (877.24 KB, 931x519, 931:519, Untitled.png)

You ever been this excited NEETs?



First time I saw titty first hand.




>you will never feel joy the same way a retard does



It was on ebay as an ad. I wonder how the thought process went behind that campaign.

Lets just get a potato to scream at a dinosaur, that's how we'll get kids back in to toys.



I'm pretty retarded, and still manage to be joyless


Might have to get gooned to ward off the oncoming tiredness, neets



I was just on eBay buying stuff.



Go to bed mate.



Yeah, I left the tab open when NEETo posted about the booze sale.



What were you getting?



I purchased a music stand and a guitar stand.



but it's not even 4pm



How does getting gooned not make you sleepy?



No idea to be honest. I just feel a bit more alive while gooned



Sweet dreams buddy.


I am visiting an IKEA store for the first time in my life tomorrow morning.



I feel that you should be prepared to be disappointed when taking the item back home for assembly.



I've never been there neither.

It seems like the modern hip thing to do, they have a restaurant and a day care in them.




Mummybot wants to look at stuff.

I'll just get a stool for my reloading bench if I see one that is suitable.


How long do you think it would take the australian government to introduce slave camps if all the virgins, betas and other losers decided to quit their jobs, drop out of the economy and live off the land?



They'd just cut social services.

And what do you mean by 'live off the land'?

People own that land.



No idea but I'd love to find out



nobody touches 90% of the land in this country.



You can't live off that 90%. If land can be used somebody will be using it.



I hardly go out in to my back yard but I'm not going to let you go out there.



NK can and will.


NK, did you have a dexie wank session last night?



aboriginals are using it right now



Those parts are owned by them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This anime has some really nice OSTs. I can't post Mp3s here also apparently.


File: a5f2e568a0e2a3a⋯.gif (75.68 KB, 500x708, 125:177, tumblr_nr2569nqX01qze3hdo1….gif)


Do you really think they'd kick me out if I tried to set up a minimalist life in the middle of nowhere, on land that they technically own?



I can almost guarantee it.




no white cunts allowed



the government must know all



They aren't people.

Anyway, there are three basic types of land in Australia. Farmable land, this is all being farmed or has housing or other structures on it.

Almost farmable land. This is what Aboriginals live on and the type of land where you will find cattle properties the size of Belgium, things grow here but barely, this is all owned in some way or another.

And desert. Where naturally there is next to no life.


File: 846119a79e7f043⋯.gif (121.06 KB, 500x291, 500:291, tumblr_nlaq8aGXw61qze3hdo1….gif)





There's an aboriginal studies department at my university, I might ask them about this. I can't believe they would be such cunts as to have me removed from land that nobody is using.


I could live in the desert, I'd just hide underground like a cockroach for most of the day and come out at night. Problem solved.



You could lease a lot like independent miners do. That's how they live in the middle of nowhere.


I don't think I could be a NEET again, today has gone so slowly. I haven't done anything and I don't feel rested or anything from it.


File: 8d508b6ed5aa9ba⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, kevin.the.shiba - BpVT9zaj….jpg)

Evening NEETs. Everyone excited for church tomorrow?



I'll be by myself and I won't be farming so I'd only need to lease a little.



I don't go to church.


File: 8edc4e22b1011c8⋯.jpg (74.89 KB, 1000x944, 125:118, 8edc4e22b1011c827d7e42f66a….jpg)


File: e7903d3a2672795⋯.jpg (71.99 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, kevin.the.shiba - BpX2NWej….jpg)


You won't be going to heave either.



all that tells me is that you need an interest rather than work, fishing,scuba diving, rock climbing, photography…..whatever, don't let work become your life


File: 2c458ce6749d47b⋯.png (689.68 KB, 1190x595, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 00f9f7516ad3822⋯.png (631.99 KB, 960x543, 320:181, ClipboardImage.png)



that doesn't look like Dan


File: 15924f2b4cd9c6b⋯.png (724.73 KB, 692x520, 173:130, ClipboardImage.png)




You would need to eat though. Hence you would probably need some kind of welfare and if you have welfare you could afford a $50 a week house in the middle of nowhere.


File: b718ee6bb035e69⋯.png (7.51 MB, 3000x1705, 600:341, 1540733460880.png)


I've never been to church before.


File: fcd098801ec5620⋯.jpg (68.35 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, kevin.the.shiba - BpX2NWej….jpg)


You're not getting into heaven either.


File: f1e868f4814388d⋯.jpg (798.66 KB, 1348x1584, 337:396, Katyusha 033.jpg)


This just means you lack something to do. This is common in the entry level Neeter.



I don't believe such a place anyway.



>To file a DMCA takedown notice, please email dmca@8ch.net. In the interest of God almighty.



I don't understand this sorry.


File: c2d184195842b89⋯.jpg (69.16 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, kevin.the.shiba - BpX2NWej….jpg)


You're not a good boi like Kevin.



Kevin has a BBC..


File: a944f29465b73cb⋯.jpg (46.38 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, kevin.the.shiba - BpUpDtcj….jpg)


Kevin will let you suck him off.


File: 4ff24826e38b767⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 1240x1754, 620:877, c9ae7ae13b98d28544dfab887a….jpg)


I try to be good but I don't believe in heaven. I have nothing against those that do and I still view religion as an important moral guide.


Productive aboriginal gang bang


File: de43f4ae52514a0⋯.jpg (73.65 KB, 1080x1345, 216:269, kevin.the.shiba - BpUpDtcj….jpg)


Well you don't get to suck off Kevin.


Moderately priced aboriginal prositute


Low grade e10 sniff


File: ae5ec2408242344⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, kevin.the.shiba - BpUpDtcj….jpg)


Kevin does not condone.


Dazed aboriginal escort


Enhanced aboriginal king man


Aboriginal insemination


Hide aboriginal posts.


File: f405c517dda1f17⋯.jpg (52.25 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, kevin.the.shiba - BpPtgFoj….jpg)

Kevin is ashamed of abo posters.


Respect aboriginal king posters


File: 093c2e82f499031⋯.jpg (84.56 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, kevin.the.shiba - BpPtgFoj….jpg)

Euthanize abo posters


Enhanced aboriginal posters


File: 61bf6af75d30810⋯.jpg (186.67 KB, 700x525, 4:3, pm.jpg)


m8 we gonna be ur next prime minister


File: 4247a5690de18ea⋯.jpg (66.01 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, kevin.the.shiba - BpPtgFoj….jpg)

Eviscerate abo posters



Seriously now, if a subhuman ends up becoming prime minister then I'm leaving the country.



I think there will be Chinese prime minister before an abo one.


File: 570e8bcba23c6fe⋯.webm (1.23 MB, 325x244, 325:244, Gt goes on fj once _6ed3a….webm)


>Chinese prime minister


File: f278e92ad8b9517⋯.jpg (47.71 KB, 700x394, 350:197, gf.jpg)


and we be the first lady


gib simple black beans recipe now thank you



That should be printed on a flag and mailed to the prime minster.


>tfw depressed


File: 5fe14f354ac5e61⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 500x396, 125:99, compressed_1194515.jpg)

>tfw compressed




Who are you quoting?



You're new, aren't you?


File: 83dff59fb1a6704⋯.jpg (33 KB, 454x456, 227:228, cheer.jpg)


I'll cheer you up NEET


>tfw severely depressed



Work is life.



What is new?



>entry level Neeter.

I was DSP for nearly 10 years.



I want to vomit into her mouth.



And yet you still are stuck at entry level, sad…

What for anyway?



That line in his leg makes no sense.



I have 9 disabilities according to the paperwork.



My disability is being me.



Really? Unlucky. What kinds of disability?



I have told you all most of them, there are physical and psychological.



I probably was not here. I don't remember.



There is a NEETlore exam before you can enter the council chambers. It is best you do your homework.


i want fuck now



Go to bed.


File: 6896dc019477595⋯.jpg (201.01 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 6896dc019477595214b6f01f6f….jpg)

night fart munchers



Go to bed.



Sweet dreams.


>tfw severely impressed


>tfw severely engorged



Have a wank



This feel is hitting me pretty hard right now.


Has anybody noticed the Elder Wand from Happy Potter looks a bit like anal beads?


File: 442c722930833cd⋯.jpg (9.63 KB, 442x313, 442:313, this isnt pismo beach.jpg)


another shire neet here

soon i might get to a time where I can finally go out and meet people from the shire instead of work and uni inna city

where to go and what will decide if i like them or not? I know fusion is for underageb&s and creeps who want them, but I don't know much about the atmosphere at vinyl, carmens, etc.

are there any where they don't play music too loud and dancing is not necessary to meet people?



Must be why he's so happy.


File: 5272f97bad8228f⋯.png (521.65 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, Elder_Wand.png)


Looks a bit like an opium pipe. If it had a hole drilled in a nub.



Never been to either. Meeting someone in those places probably isn't the best idea unless you want a fast fuck. Even then you have tinder.



Go to ARQ and say you just want to meet some nice guys.


File: e34ec4e6efc6b79⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20181103_193705.jpg)

Went for a romantic dinner at the local fish and chip joint

$23 bucks for two people and you had to pay for tomato sauce. Fucking greedy wogs


Have we learned nothing from NK? All you need is an Astra, lube and the right technique.





File: 253599dd0473055⋯.jpg (143.48 KB, 480x648, 20:27, 1428817645720.jpg)

File: ac32206fc66a541⋯.jpg (289.55 KB, 1753x2486, 1753:2486, ac32206fc66a54193b24d82121….jpg)

File: aface76a3b7815e⋯.png (557.69 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, 7ec35e2a4c9bb819e87ee3b724….png)

I played a few hours of Demon's Souls today and am severely impressed by how well it has aged despite the years that have passed since its release.

I want to try Bloodborne, but I can't justify buying a PS4 just to play three or four games.

It's a real bummer since that doll likes like 10/10 waifu material.


It's probably because pop-culture stuff like Harry Potter is for women and girly men.



All those places are nightclubs, packed full of chads and stacies, music blaring.


File: cda70de8f99021a⋯.jpg (397.46 KB, 870x1280, 87:128, Ai Shinozaki.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



Goodnight oriental fancier.



File: 2f8fbcb3bf6aede⋯.jpg (76.68 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 5485042-3x2-940x627.jpg)





Your cheap



$23 is a fair bit to spend on yourself. You could've had 4kg of aldi lasagne for that, plus enough left over for a longneck


File: 9237205dfa1be88⋯.png (37.17 KB, 1127x685, 1127:685, 9237205dfa1be88cbd8ef5beb9….png)


Yeah, shireneet 2 seems in danger of becoming a normie. Anonymous imageboards should supply all your social, intellectual, spiritual and moral needs.



He should go to car shows where people drink wine out of plastic cups and there's kids about and the band are playing country soul, the lead vocalist is a middle aged woman going through her second divorce and is wearing no shoes. There's no issue with that as it's on the lawn and the grass is nice and soft. She wears thick red lipstick because her daughter does and the daughter is a rockabily chick who supports her mum's dreams even though she's been playing at pubs for 25 years and the best break she's had is when she played before chain at the bondi bluesfest. She has heard her mum tell that story a thousand times when they share a joint after visiting grandma. The daughter has tried to get her in to health foods because mum has finished going through menopause and is getting a little hefty. The daughter says it's because it's for her health but really it's because she wants mum to get a new boyfriend. She's heard her crying on the phone to her ex husband about it but he's remarried and his new wife's kids call him dad. That really hurts her and she drinks to mask it. She's been working at the local iga two days a week because she's come to terms with the reality that she isn't as pretty as she was and the music will never pay the bills. Mum even had to borrow money off the daughter a few times because she spent the rent on the pokies. It's a hard life for an aging divorcee.

Shire 2 could help her out by going to watch her sing Eagles songs to a slow jazz beat.






Thank you.

I saw a woman like that at the wharf markets singing mama cass' dream a little dream out of tune.

I fantasise about people's lives and the stories leading up to the moment we meet.



oh that's where that picture is,

Yeah Kiama is fucking lovely, I went there for a job interview once



sup NK how has the goon coma treated you



I think what we need to do is get all of the NEETgang up in Sydney and cruise the streets for women that way


File: 50a84167f948441⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2018-11-03 19.47.30.jpg)


Was wretched this morning but I'm ready to go again



Can we do a few rapes too?



Yeah, whats the Sydney Dans that's the optimal rape spot

I know Joondy and Lizbeth but not sure of Sydneys Dan Rape spot


File: a7a965cb096c949⋯.jpg (76.69 KB, 1008x600, 42:25, a7a965cb096c949898c66b542d….jpg)


With Dan as our designated driver, anything is possible



Miranda Dans is literally down a back alley.



fucking weird, Miranda Dans popped in my head right before your post popped up


File: 0cdad799552bb57⋯.png (840.86 KB, 1322x744, 661:372, 7241320df49cc76c86b2faa8f3….png)


I drive faster



Craig do you do 30 minute delivery

Dan's sister BWS does



news corp sure loves their click bait

it reminds me of that one touhou doujin. ill just post tags i remember

ugly bastard, sex holiday, free whores, all you can fuck buffet, anal, chocking, ahegao, orgy scat, scat eating, golden shower, rope, mind break

thankfully the artist has never really done any NTR, at least against any good guys afaicr


So I'm wanting to make a vegetable and barely soup tomorrow, I'm using beef stock but other than that would rather no meat products involved.

The ingredients I'm thinking of using thus far are:

1 cup pearl barley

1 onion

2 carrots

2 stalks celery

1 zuchini

1 cup frozen corn

1 cup frozen peas

1 can tomatoes

1 can black beans

250g mushrooms (sliced)

2 tsp garlic

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp parsley

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp thyme

4 tbsp worcestershire sauce

3 bay leaves

8 cups beef stock

Would this be alright as a soup?


File: f374c20c6b883ea⋯.jpg (43.58 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 1279993436786.jpg)



is that hex?



It sounds alright but honestly sounds great to stew some beef rump chunks in

Why are you cutting out beef, is it cost because that is a lot of spoil able ingredients



Hey gents, Perth here. In the grips of a sickness so heinous that I can barely tell which way is up. Doesn't stop me from wanting to get drunk for the nth time this week. How are your collective evenings going?



Not bad, been watching Peaky Blinders.

It's been pretty good so far.


File: 4c1b2e3bfd43b34⋯.jpg (185.17 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1409477489682.jpg)

File: b9f5f84096fbc5c⋯.jpg (225.81 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1409477926932.jpg)

File: 7a8cfdc86988431⋯.jpg (82.71 KB, 1360x960, 17:12, 1409483682214.jpg)

File: 1fe4cbd9fb7ae87⋯.jpg (143.94 KB, 592x828, 148:207, 1409483858206.jpg)

File: 11cb17b0ad0fc6c⋯.jpg (516.66 KB, 1100x550, 2:1, 1409560075849.jpg)


i bought a ps3 for miku and even that wasnt worth it



Okay, watching anime and playing FFXIV. Hope you get better.



The beans and mushrooms should make up for it.



Fair enough then, looks like it could be good but it is Spring and pretty hot and that seems hearty



I never understood basing what food you ate on the season.



>NK is Sick

Either this means he is unable to rape or that his rape will make everyone really sick



NK has never been that courteous,



It's actually quite simple really, different vegetables, and meat and fish to a lesser extent, will grow optimly in different temperatures ie different seasons, so for example Carrots are available more in winter

Another thing is that you want food that will warm you up in winter and food that is refreshing in summer, ie a nice hearty broth in winter and in summer some nice cold snowpeas julliened with some minted lamb



I just eat food that I like the taste of, independent of whatever season it is.



I can see that as a point but the temperature you're at will affect what is palatable, unless you have some expensive AC or someshit unlike a poor retard like me




winter - ramen because its freezing and desolate and ramen is hot and comforting

spring - sushi because its snappy and colourful and sushi suits that vibe. plus the wind picks up and makes it easy to fish quality stock.

summer - lukewarm rice and salad with cold tea because its hot and these chilly

autmn - unagi don because its cold and bitey and unagi is warm and rice chewy




>the temperature you're at will affect what is palatable

Nope. If I'm hungry and in the mood for stew but it's 40°C I'll still eat stew.


I think I'll have noodle popsicles in summer /s


Decided to have a nap and now I've lost my feel for the time of day



you don't fish for stock, stock is a byproduct of mirepoir poached in water with bones (Some cases flesh too) of an animal if you want a meat stock


noodle popsicle sounds like what Shire would call his penis to his gook gf



some stews can be quite good even in the heat, but I hope you know what I mean



Don't do naps.



Luckily I have the innate gift to fall asleep at normal times regardless so I can't ruin my sleep schedule



Lick my bum.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


thats definately a summer food. google nagashi soumen

or just watch vid



Not until you learn to ask nicely, neet



"fish"n "stock"a not "fish stock"n

aka "fishing stocks"n but not "fishing"a "stock"n





Imagine a fish body with humanlegs in stockings



NK you Boong



NEET wud u fugg a fish



I thought you were saying that was what you called your dick.



NK doesnt have any friends so if he went missing they wouldve reported it was his partents who reported it



I'm NK's friend. He does have at least 2 irl friends - the metalfag and the dsp guy



mate I mean that as in NK found someone and raped him to death



NK is a friend to all



to boong, to alcohol mercant and even to you NEET, he's here for us all when ever we need a helping hand



Do I want to know who this NK person is?


File: 59871fb0d018324⋯.jpg (41.99 KB, 270x270, 1:1, Brand_DM.jpg)


I'll do you a 30 minute rape




Actually he's a boong



nice numbers danposter


I hope someone is planning a nifty new neet thread




>Not 17 minutes




can it be Phil Collins themed



I have already made it. Just waiting to post it.


You guys are taking too long.



Thank you.



This is a fr*gposter board.



This is a frogposter world




You could simply choose not to.



The neet board won't stop croaking until we all do



That would result in thread deletion.



Soothing lotion for the


bum rash

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