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File: 236f5035d236870⋯.png (477,55 KB, 708x600, 59:50, 1552386883855.png)


OLD >>241009

Things can be awful rough on a Sunday evening, neetos

Post last edited at


This was a very good edition.


This is our secret thread.


Have a good day mate.



What are you wearing?



It's a secret.



Take them off.




Now post one minute video clips.




You filmed the wrong bulge.


neets - should I join the defence force?





>editing my post

I feel violated, but also happy to see that pepe become a thread OP for real


How is the new thread 23 hours old? How did you fuck up that badly?



I made it as 319 but another neet beat me to it



Not many neets know that you can access the gens by clicking the little star up the top next to the board title. This generates a link to the left of options that leads to the secret edition of the board.



Righto, neet. I didn't mean to be rude but I'm quite drunk and it gave me a good laugh for some reason.



>access the *secret* gens



lol, that is probably the best way to describe it



It was a good thread I did not want it to go to waste.



It's next to the watchlist, which if you are a good little NEETie, should be this board again.



Does your beard look like that?



I wish that it did. It is still patchy in areas. I am not sure if I am going to be able to carry it off. I will know once I get it trimmed by the barber. I am going next week or the week after.

There is some gray in the beard but it is mostly black.


I wonder what the first white men to marry boongs thought.



There is a lot of writing from explorers that fucked islander women, so I assume the same exists for boongs somewhere



He would have been some kind of pervert.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is an interesting advert.



If you've stuck it out this long, you may as well keep it. Is it itchy?


File: 6123af56c304561⋯.jpg (528,41 KB, 1280x1580, 64:79, Mutou Tomu.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



arguably better then a eastern chinese


the wind sounds comfy





saved the thread


I've been thinking about this as an option recently.

There was this chick I really liked back in HS, she joined straight after she graduated.

It's weird I think of her often enough considering we never even kissed.

fuck she was a good looking bird.

>tfw no fit military trained wholesome gf


GN unna

time for a duzza


File: a0dbeb983aaac9e⋯.jpg (116,7 KB, 750x537, 250:179, 1fb7dc8fd3790c07b5e06d9c78….jpg)


It only itched for the first week or so after I stopped shaving. The most annoying thing is it gets food and drink on it.

I am off to bed my beloved documentary maker NEET.



sleep tight



Sweet dreams woolly NEET


File: ba636b3519e368b⋯.png (411,05 KB, 750x375, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

This looks comfy.





that it does



It looks stupid.



Until telescope pervs see your willy


>tfw depressed



that's just an added bonus


What are you boongs up to?



Watching primitive technology and thinking that that NEET is wrong, a bath in the open is comfy.


Its good to have the foody back, was ruunning out of things to distract myself with, hows the weekend been neets?



Not good bro

The eags got pumped and I’m working out in woop woop



listening to music


lazy, I convinced myself friday I'd go for a hike, never got around to it.

maybe I'll do it tomorrow.



woop woop usually has some pretty down to earth people, you should go to the local pub.



I went for a hike last weekend at Wilson's Promontory, it's a nice place



Weekend was alright but now tfw will be at work in 12 hours.


Another day wasted




are those pictures from the top of a mountain looking out into the vastness, that were posted a few days back yours?

It looked very beautiful if that's the same place.




granted most days feel wasted


fugg me NEETs, I literally did nothing all day other than sleep and be here

I havent even eaten


File: 9b3c2de8d48e1fd⋯.jpg (3,12 MB, 6064x2400, 379:150, IMG20190316151003.jpg)


Yeah those were mine



have a feed



unironically fire 100 100 100


very nice



very fucking nice

I tried looking for the pictures but couldn't find em, I assumed they were lost in the gen that go deleted.

That's wallpaper worthy.



Great picture.




sick beat, pretty comfy vibe.


Wipe poo poo on my wank wank


Big boong fuck


File: b37671259c180e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102,36 KB, 590x346, 295:173, Much-Poo-Outdoor_1.jpg)

Wild abo poo






get the NEET hose


Intercontinental poo missile


File: 68f112f02991b5f⋯.gif (856,31 KB, 175x200, 7:8, HnTG2hX.gif)


not sure why I was expecting anything else


File: 43122947d9ca371⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82,52 KB, 661x532, 661:532, B1517D8.jpg)


Expect the unexpected (abo wank)


File: 26068af9b13f11c⋯.gif (1009,3 KB, 310x176, 155:88, jczOunJ.gif)


jesus christ unna


I went to the gym, now feeling so-so, before I felt shit, I'm fucking worried that I'm slowly falling into the same cycle I fell into last year of my mental state progressively deteriorating, followed by me not keeping up at work/uni and then getting fired/dropping out. Only difference was that in the two previous instances I was drinking heaps and on a substantial dose of SSRIs. Now I'm only drinking two nights a week and only having 3-4 standards in a night 90% of the time as opposed to this time last year or this time six months ago where I was drinking at least 4 or 5 times a week and usually going on at least one or two massive binges where I'd have at least half a bottle of liquor's worth of booze.


Light wind and rain, watching As time goes by with Dame Judy.

Feeling comfy NEETies.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow.


File: 1417475fa33cc47⋯.png (175,36 KB, 316x421, 316:421, Delta Physical 2.png)




i like the seroquel meme but i hate that drug

t. never took consecutive days in a row



Each step in the right direction is a positive, you're doing alright mate.



sounds like things are getting better man, SSRIs are kinda fucked up. I was also drinking often few months back, It's good to cut back, certainly helps with mental health.


File: 243728cb5bdc979⋯.jpg (102,26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, NEUROFEN PLUS FLAG.jpg)


hey wandjina talked to possum about my nurofen plus flag ?



He takes it as a sleeping pill, it pisses me off.

He's taking a psycho-tropic med for the side effect.


Man there's nothing to prepare you for the pain of financial stress

This shit is hardcore bad times




It's there man.


File: 615ae149e8a32a3⋯.jpg (842,59 KB, 2348x2336, 587:584, geochron.jpg)


awww man

thank you man

was too drunk and high to check

expect some quality OC posts from this flag you bestowed fren


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


never seen it but the song is a classic


When I was taking olanzapine I'd use it as a "sleeping pill" pretty often.

It was recommended to take it when you have dinner but I found it too difficult to stay up late

so instead I'd take it an hour or so before I'd go to sleep. As long as it's prescribed medication and you're taking it routinely I don't really see the problem.


File: fb35560715d625c⋯.jpg (346,08 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, mpv-shot0023.jpg)


just a quick comment on the flag… it should be called "nurofen plus" when you hover over it … the plus is so important man thats the codeine

this is all a huge double joke for me because codeine got banned in 2018 and it changed my life and 8chan got banned in 2019 and it changed my life.

Need to update the name for the memetics to work



If we're making it really NEETgen lore friendly it should be called Mindies to reference an old NK Video




Thanks, yeah SSRIs were pretty fucked when I was still on them, if I didn't take them at pretty much the exact time of day I'd get withdrawal-tier symptoms. Not drinking as much as I used to is good because I don't do as much dumb shit as I would went I'd drink heaps, particularly in the presence of other people. Having said that all the mistakes I've made in the past 18 months have in one way or another been a teachable moment for me about what works out well and what is nothing but trouble. I'd like to be able to start to think about things in a more long term way, that might help. At the moment I'm just wageslaving and while I may be saving a fair amount of money every paycheck, at the moment it isn't much more than treading water. I need to start working towards something. Anyway sorry about the blogpost-tier tangent. Night Night NEETs.


File: 19294688fad6c8d⋯.jpg (2,98 MB, 3600x3600, 1:1, Totally Hot - Cover Front.jpg)


not arguing with you unna

took 600mg of codeine daily for 12 years unna

spent insane amounts of nnetbux on it unna

plz just make it "nurofen plus" so other people get the joke too unna

if they join up they will be quality posters on tropical island unna



>at the moment it isn't much more than treading water. I need to start working towards something.

I can relate to that, existence is kind of meaning-less unless you give it some meaning.

Night mate.


File: d375acf44ca5c56⋯.jpg (33,35 KB, 450x253, 450:253, doomed.jpg)

mindies is better



I saw it a bit as a kid, my grandma used to watch it.



I still get codeine when ever I want it.

That's the problem.



You're using unna wrong.


cheap way to get drunk, blease.



sounds nostalgic


is goon not cheap enough for you?

vodka's pretty cheap.




Yeah, that's pretty much the only reason why I'm watching it. I am liking it though.


File: 36f25a61991765a⋯.png (716,74 KB, 900x450, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I better crash, I have work tomorrow.



nice (:


good night mate






File: e7e66e19f26b69e⋯.jpg (763,66 KB, 1600x1408, 25:22, 1545795018360.jpg)

good night to anyone awake


File: 9d95510ffdb9e91⋯.jpg (44,5 KB, 535x399, 535:399, Golden_NEET044.jpg)




Sound likes you guys need a flu vaccine…



god i wish a volcano would do that to melbourne









File: 23c11e5771a75dc⋯.jpg (89,29 KB, 1020x750, 34:25, 2019-03-25 05.34.49 sys.8c….jpg)



i dont think im gonna make it guys this is the ides of march and im getting real sick of this shit something really bad happened to me last night couldnt get any sleep come to chat and my VPN is B& from SWIM…. i just cant take it

as an australian its getting really stupidly hard to get on the chans


File: b8cc027b8f63356⋯.png (611,11 KB, 600x643, 600:643, ClipboardImage.png)



Good morning friends.

I shouldn't've stayed up so late, I thought it'd be fine because I had a nap.



Good morning my friend. That is a comfy pic.



How are you this morning?



My back is sore and so is my throat. I think I might have sleep apnoea.



You're not cheating on me are you?



Not knowingly. You are my one and only.



You better not be lying.

Why do you think you have sleep apnoea?



>Why do you think you have sleep apnoea?

I do not sleep through the night and often wake up with a sore throat and blocked nose and have to cough up stuff each morning that accumulates overnight.


File: 396ca7237e7c2eb⋯.png (24,55 KB, 615x614, 615:614, 1e8e951f039b5b357539afddef….png)


(You) clearly have not been drinking enough GOON

Dans there for you buddy


Was in the shower and realised I was thinking about aboriginal proctology in remote communities.

The group think on this board is incredible.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Craving that sweet NEETlyfe



Fantasy and nonsense.


File: 323618f3d6d5106⋯.jpg (2,16 MB, 1442x5000, 721:2500, 1551093830384.jpg)



File: 35a5a9183c343fc⋯.jpg (40,5 KB, 468x332, 117:83, john_Carmack_working.jpg)


> alexa

> 24 screens




Do you enjoy watching me suffer?



I am watching you thrive and grow.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






His suit jacket doesn't fit, his shirt sleeves are too short, and those shoes are fucking gay.



Most older guys I know of that did the whole military thing ended up getting out in their late 20s/late 30s and getting sweet engineering/defence consulting jobs. Maybe those are just the ones you hear about though and the rest are living off fat pensions or with PTSD.

The lack of freedom would really get to me, I reckon you'd get a lot of forced soft SJW diversity rubbish these days and a lot of people there with huge egos that enjoy for once being in control of other people.

I have considered it briefly however too as well.



Hopefully these hard gusts make my trunk strong and rigid, not water damaged and brittle.


File: be2682c20393573⋯.png (155,07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Time to wage. Take care friends.


Regarding the NZ shooting:

The ban, issued on Saturday, means anybody caught with the document on their computer could face up to 10 years in prison, while anyone caught sending or forwarding it could face 14 years. Some say the ban goes too far and risks lending both the document and the gunman mystique.

pretty ridiculous imo, will only make the problem worse



You too m8, I'm going to make a big effort this week to not cuck and leave on time without doing any unpaid overtime.


File: 645434064a402f7⋯.gif (1,15 MB, 317x210, 317:210, 1547685475315.gif)


>Australian Military

I applied for the Air Force Straight out of school. Got kept waiting for 12months for them to say no sorry you have ASTHMA we dont accept people with ASTHMA…. WTF ? i had light asthma as a child not any more….anyways fast foward a few years i do an aviation apprenticeship and make it into working as civvy contractor on helicopters alongside ADF personell

There were 2 types of military People. Ones that were so wound up and anal about rules and proceedures it took forever to get anything done. The second were just the most retarded and incomptent time wasters you would ever see. All they would do is crack loud ass and dick jokes all day and were for all intensive purposes on welfare. Navy guys were the worst. The military changes people and not in a good way. Dont do it.


The video is badly compressed its not that shocking. And yet they played all those high resolution ISIS videos on the nightly news.




Is this for Aus or NZ?




You know who else liked banning books..



Have a nice day. See you when you get back.


File: 5f206b12d7230c3⋯.png (14,32 KB, 255x255, 1:1, cd47049e11271cfc859a2c4360….png)



Jesus Christ. I misread. I thought you said video. They are banning the manifesto ? A document. What the fuck. This has (((them))) well scared. I have never seen the level of banning going beofre. I knew it was comming too.

Still cant post on 4chan or even the SFW 4channel … come to 8ch and /pol/ there has been fully pozzed too with ban happy mods. This is in-fucking-sane.

Looks like good ol Brendo was right about acceleration. I used to shitpost in cleartext. Now i have had to harden my OPSEC to a VPN + TOR and Posting from inside hardened Virtual Machines i spin up. Thats military grade stuff Dickheads. (((Their))) gubberment B& is just radicalising us and making us more effective cunts.


File: 664ea118ea5bfbe⋯.jpg (28,42 KB, 620x342, 310:171, Josh_Maginness_9.jpg)


You should go out sometimes



>I can relate to that, existence is kind of meaning-less unless you give it some meaning.

Definitely, that's why I need to make some meaning for myself, because wageslaving will never give me that and if there's one thing I know I don't want out of life is to live out most of it in a completely meaningless blob.

15 degrees today in Shitbourne, back to wageslavery, shits fucking busy and stressful today.


>The offenders, who are all described as being African in appearance

glad I don't live in Melbourne



File: 5beb1323f3c14d9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69,95 KB, 640x428, 160:107, topelement.jpg)


What's a vpn cuz?


I was round the side with doggo on his leash, just coming back in after he had done his toilet, and the postie pulled up to my letterbox but when he saw me he drove all the way up the driveway and handed me my letter in person. It was a bit of a shock. I would have preferred to avoid him but he was very friendly. I stammered out a t-thankyou.


I had a glass of chocolate milk.



Most of those posties are still white


File: fd800b765d01096⋯.png (1,22 MB, 750x998, 375:499, ClipboardImage.png)


Good afternoon to all you sensual men.



I miss barebacking the internet. I'm using a Singaporean franger now.



Good afternoon.



Your use of this term excited me.



Shouldve asked him in for a bit of the old cup of tea



You are an excitable NEET


I'm close to the city and all the houses literally touch one another and look like lego.



He would have seen my unsightly blue curtains.


File: fbee3e14c42215b⋯.jpg (2,95 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG20190325131310.jpg)



You STILL have those?



The huts at the NEET commune will be spaced well apart.



I'm sure you could've shown him a lot more.



He could have shown him his mound.



My mother moved into a townhouse that shared a wall with the next door neighbour and six months later she had gone insane and was saying the neighbour was crawling around in the roof.



We will use smoke signals to communicate.



Hopefully he wouldn't've stomped it flat.



Usually I'd say your mums a bit bonkers but the people around here are strange.

Cosmopolitan types are a different breed.



You are one of them.



I beg your pardon.


I wouldn't crawl around in your mum's roof.



Perhaps the neigbour actually was?


Morning cones, coffee, and Beastie Boys

Word is bond





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Paul's boutique is the best Hip Hop album out.


The private number caller is being relentless today


just answer the bloody phone numbnuts



It would be hard to keep your rape parties secret in those


File: a7fc850fa59f978⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 632,7 KB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2019-03-25 12.28.30.jpg)

Lunchtime poo


You dirty boong



the hardest past (for me at least) is starting to develop good habits. I can get pretty stuck into routines and find it difficult to stick to something new.

I think a good idea is to explore different pastimes/hobbies, try and stick to one you particularly enjoy.

You'll probably find after a while of developing said skill that it becomes rather fulfilling.

Granted a lot of hobbies require a decent amount of wage to get started.

That said, there's nothing wrong with starting small.


I think I should have scored at least 20 points in the impairment tables



my postie delivered a little packet for me today so I was glad to see him


Fairly sure my postie doesn't even come down the street on Mondays anymore.



Sounds degenerate.


File: 832911d82817d7b⋯.jpg (14,39 KB, 500x362, 250:181, s-l500.jpg)


No, I ordered these last week



reminds me of the time a hot girl delivered a fleshlight to me pretty embarrassing


Good afternoon NEETies, 1st day back at the wagerarium after my meltdown, wen't pretty good, also back from the Doc, got some dick pills, tonight's gonna be a good night.



what flavour dick pills did they give you?



>tonight's gonna be a good night.

we want a blow by blow description of what happens



Well done m8. Good luck with the dick pills.










When I was going to my friend's place on Friday there were a few dozen blacks sitting around a picnic table near the station drinking goon and lemonade and screaming at passers by. If you ask me we need a system where if one of these blacks gets convicted of a crime they get put on the next plane to Africa.



but diversity is our biggest strength




Cool. Remember what I said about food and alcohol.



Yeah I won't be drinking tonight, but what did you say about food again?



It's recommended you take it on an empty stomach, or at the very least avoid big fatty meals. It slows the absorption.


jack absalom died



Ah, okay, the Doc just told me to take it 30 minutes before we get down to business.



Fair enough.



When I was a kid our family home used to have all sorts of paintings of Real Aussie Bush scenes. Now I live by myself and never feel the need to decorate the walls with anything. Maybe it's just autism. Do neets have any art hanging on their walls?


File: ddcd331dc868a83⋯.png (1,67 MB, 1024x684, 256:171, ClipboardImage.png)


I have Tom Robert's Wood splitters on my bedroom wall. It belonged to my grandfather.

I also have another painting in the same room he brought back from Paris for me when I was about 5. It's of a boy looking back over his shoulder while pissing on a wall.

In another room I have one of those old generic paintings from England of a water scene near a cottage.



only empty goon bags


Horny Aboriginal Youths



>Wood splitters

Yeah, we had that one


They form the scales of the golden oak rainbow serpent



No pube ✓

Consistent colour ✓

Reasonable quality and quantity ✓


NDIS contacted me today, I had to tell them that I had moved. So they are going to get somebody to contact me later in the week



What do they actually do for you?



They bring in Asian Girls to give me baths



I'm not sure yet. I haven't had my meeting with them yet to get my plan sorted



Hot young ones or milfs?



Farck, how do we get this ndis?


File: 3de6bf5511121f1⋯.gif (179,02 KB, 253x270, 253:270, 3de6bf5511121f12320fae5b26….gif)


Twice daily over three years.



MILF of course, they sing gook songs to me while rubbing my 140 kilo stomach


You have to drink goon before entering Cenno, then you need to undress and start wanking





Overrated service frankly - ndis used to have uni student aged chink girls to perform penis washing on those neets who couldn't wash their own penises. Now thanks to budget cutbacks, they're employing poojetas.








How should I go about choosing an LAC?



Dinner time soon



Local Area Coordinator for NDIS



For any NEETs looking to get in on the DSP action, give this a read



lol 65 pages


Skip to Table 5 - Mental Health Function (pg. 22)


The cockies out my way seem to be in plague proprtions at the moment. Bloody loud.



Send them my way


Did she have a single redeeming feature as PM? I remember an elderly chink ranting about how she shouldn't be bringing her boyfriend along with her to international events at taxpayer expense. The old chink was really socially conservative.


File: 7dd341818fe15c5⋯.jpg (60,99 KB, 968x681, 968:681, julia.jpg)


>Sorry, forgot to add a picture for Julia Gillard

Did she have a single redeeming feature as PM? I remember an elderly chink ranting about how she shouldn't be bringing her boyfriend along with her to international events at taxpayer expense. The old chink was really socially conservative.




Not really.

Not that anybody who followed her did either.

It's not really appropriate for any office holder to be bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend along on taxpayer funded things. Even wives and husbands should be the bare minimum necessary.



She was in hindsight quite boring

I don't think I remember anything about her other than the "Misogyny Everyday" remark

While John, Kevin, and Tony will be remembered for a very long time and all for different reasons



She should have done jail time for her work for the AWU. She was eventually called to face the Royal Commission into union corruption and basically got asked half a dozen soft questions and allowed to go.



Good luck buddy, hope you make cindy starfall look like mika tan by tonight.


Scary thing about Gillard and Turbull is that being PM was their lifelong goal from childhood. Spent their lives engineering the job and then didn't have a clue.



all labour unionists get let off the hook, I mean Shorten arguably did worse than her and he's almost guaranteed to be the next PM



and had to knive elected PMs to do it.


File: 795386b3fe46179⋯.png (1,48 MB, 1028x1087, 1028:1087, ClipboardImage.png)

Hunger Tamer box with a Farmhouse Whopper.

It's worth trying if you haven't already.



I wonder what ScoMo's lifelong dream was since I think he didn't even plan on being PM, it just was a case of "Oh Shit Dutton is going to make me lose my seat"



At least they got their comeupance


>tfw low iq



Ah fuck, that's not good.

I went to school with two of his nephews.



replace those patties with some nice rare rump steak and it would be great



I has The Pioneer on my wall but now it's on my office wall.


Memphis rap mane


File: 1a7d931b84bfecb⋯.jpg (29,04 KB, 678x452, 3:2, 1a7d931b84bfecb2cd34c3e822….jpg)

I wonder what Tony's lifelong dream was



Lay off the drugs man.



To be a pure bred Boong



The crispy onion and bacon is pretty good, I am too unrefined to appreciate real meat.


File: a87065ea50907a1⋯.jpeg (6,41 KB, 300x168, 25:14, tonywank.jpeg)


Come to Shires Tony's house and then you'll learn to appreciate real meat


I'm still not feeling 100% right after taking those mushies lads

Maybe I'll be forever stuck in the nether realm



Give me some, UNNA



You can't, they are assigned to regions. The only way you can change LAC is if you move to a different area.



I like that they're back.



She initiated NDIS and Gonski, neither of which worked but least she tried.



it's coming up to winter, they'll be around



lol, that's a pretty funny thought.



Every evening they seem to descend on a couple of adjacent gum trees, totally shred them, and then fly off. Next night they move over to the next trees.




kek, haven't heard that one in a while



I bet Shires meat is veiny and stringy.




sorry, I don't eat GMOs



When I was a kid I moved heaps with my dad. I was doing year 8 maths in year 6 then the next school it was year 5 maths then it stayed there for a while, then when I went to a good school we were doing year 11 maths in year 9.

The basic idea that all school curriculums should be the same is a good one.




Giving all Australia's educational funding to the student's who benefit the least. This is why labor doesn't win elections anymore.



m8 I would never try then again if I was you



What do you think your dick pills are?


File: df8e47912f1b09c⋯.png (23,02 KB, 1837x215, 1837:215, Screenshot_16.png)

This is so true especially the part about people only having acquaintances and not friendships






I went to a state primary school, where each year's class was a mix of two year levels like 1/2, 6/7. That meant that kids basically didn't learn anything new for 2 years.

Then went to a private high school in year 8 and see how far ahead everybody is.




My primary was like that too.

Then I went to Coober Pedy area school for 3 or 4 years where I learnt nothing. When we went to the city Dad put me in a private school.



Fortunately my parents knew the state system was shit after meeting the teachers, so Dad was teaching me basic algebra and stuff before highschool. That and they were always picking on my English and forcing me to read more, so that side of things worked out ok too.


Did Adelaide uni ever respond to boong club request?


File: 3bb5732c2fdec8c⋯.gif (143,02 KB, 300x420, 5:7, 1446180028039.gif)

>Tfw high school drop out



should i study english teaching then get a job in it?

$2900 or $500 government supported or $100 for " health care card pensioners" . idk if i can get supported place tho coz i did uni before.



I scraped through with an ATAR of 51 something. 51.01 I think.



i went to a private school and my primary was also 1/2 3/4 5/6 and here I am.



Do you have a genuine desire to teach? If not, I'd suggest you find something else to do. Education is already full of cunts who just want a paycheque.


File: 285970cd06b2c40⋯.png (638,04 KB, 550x682, 25:31, ClipboardImage.png)

Was just looking up Coober Pedy area school and came across this.


>this is the dude who ran over all those people on Bourke St.



Kek, the one that got called greek?



I got 83/90 on the old system. Basically enough to study anything except medicine and law.



true but there will always be students that excel at certain subjects and others that lack in the same area.


non-existent at this stage.


>tfw failed high school, still graduated.


I don't think I even got an ATAR



yeah because they need more people smart enough to teach but poor enough to do it. i think i fit that perfectly.

if you wanted better quality teachers you can just vote to raise taxes



>I don't think I even got an ATAR

God bless.




He is, his name's Dimitri Gargasoulas. My dad sold him his first car and he taught me how to do burn outs on a motorbike.

I went to school with all of them except for Dimos.



I worked at my old college for a while. Even the most shit tier teachers were making $60k per year after a couple of years, worked a 6 hour day, and got 12 weeks holiday. That was almost 20 years ago, so I suspect the pay has increased since then.



I didn't realise that wogs could get that dark.




His brother was darker.



What race is that taller one next to the greek?





Oh well what was really lost though?



Me too. The main thing I learnt at school was to hold formal education in contempt, and it's a lesson I may have learnt too well.




The mother is a pacific islander.



of all the things he's lost, he misses his mind the most


I'm about to start downloading some 4k tv for the first time in my life. Will it change my perception of reality? My monitor can handle, but can my brain?


I hated high school but I'm loving uni.



Really? He lived with his dad, I never met his mum.



cheers unna,

unless you're going into a uni subject that requires around 90+ I think it's kind of pointless.

You can take a STAT test to get into majority of subjects easily.



can your CPU/GPU handle it? I haven't been that impressed with the stuff I've seen.



But was anything of value lost? He wanted to escape with drugs and he got exactly what he received.



Yeah, my ATAR was too low so I had to do a STAT test. Pisses me off how teachers make it sound as though you should just off yourself if you don't get excellent marks in HS when really nobody gives a shit outside of school.


File: 573edf3db68f1f6⋯.jpg (32,82 KB, 650x366, 325:183, GJ2RTN3E.2-0.jpg)


Yes this is her.


File: 3a2c74d54e43acb⋯.png (397,22 KB, 649x365, 649:365, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't know what this kind of shirt is called, but they should be more common.



I'll never know, because I've just realised the vps I use to dl stuff to only has 100gb of storage, and the smallest torrent is 113 gb. Oh well, I still have Dan and wanking


File: 9aee4533eac0ce5⋯.jpg (43,64 KB, 637x622, 637:622, 1ywxov.jpg)

50mg of Viagra down the hatch.



Good luck. Post pics.



61 cuz, granted I studied for zero tests in year 12 and probably would of gotten high 70s-low 80s if Literacy wasn't mandatory


File: cf67b93325b7c67⋯.png (527,39 KB, 650x488, 325:244, ClipboardImage.png)



notice too that the teachers are never held to account for their students' failings?




that's because the teachers bonuses are often tied to their students ATARs



Harry pulled out his wang.



I have did my tests today NEETs. i went well, i should pass both of them.



God speed m8



You should have captialised the ltter I when referring to oneself. B-



Well tested.



If you think about this more then you realize that the closest NEET to NK traveling east is Weber who's a Wog

Fuck I'm pretty sure Cruisey and Possum are wogs too so you could see the SA NEETs as an Italian Club



good to hear



hows the discrete Math



Terrible NEET lore.



This particular falsehood still gives me a chuckle.



I am not who you think i am




Anglos are wogs too



Phil Collins



If all Anglos are wogs

and all wogs are the niggers of europe

then all anglos are nigger




Fuck the redcoats



Get discreetMathNEET to prove this by contradiction.


File: f644464e734b912⋯.jpg (120,85 KB, 700x684, 175:171, f644464e734b912bafe606c8d0….jpg)


Anglos are Niggers and Abos are supreme White Cunts, UNNA



>tfw QEII will never be your GF


Can I change my identity to trans-boong and get extra cenno?



a third cenno payment each week!



Worth a shot m8


we're all transboongs here



Alright, I'm rubbing on the shoe polish now. What phrases can I shout to sound more like a boong?


File: ecf3379d60374cf⋯.png (37,15 KB, 319x414, 319:414, jowak.png)

Should i try to get a gf?



i'll fuck you on uluru you white dog cunt



Dardy, Deadly, Cuz, Dexie, Emu Export, Aye, FARK, EN, WOIGHT, CANTS, UNNA


File: adcbeb114b6bce3⋯.png (625,93 KB, 736x492, 184:123, a24285baed43e6dd18e3bbffd0….png)


A nice abo GF



what's the worst that can happen? you end up on anti-depressants and dick pills like shire.




Now hold on there - Mr Miyagi punished that bad Cobra Kai teacher at the end of the Karate Kid, so I don't think we can really use the word never



Is now available >>242091



that was the beginning of karate kid ii

i watched part I last week


File: 6f951bf402c6d8c⋯.jpg (80,67 KB, 972x524, 243:131, robot-sexual-humanoid-part….jpg)


I'd really wait for robot gf's. My sources assure me they will be commercially available sometime in 2020



I went to school with an abo chick who is now a model shes pretty hot


File: f33972acd2f5c5e⋯.jpg (35,64 KB, 600x338, 300:169, DUSTY-RHODES-600x338.jpg)

I think I am going to have to just accept it.



yep, I remember other students losing their shit the second half of year 12 while I was sitting comfy in study sessions playing oblivion, good times.


high quality graffiti


this offends me on a personal level



you just reminded me of that blowjob robot thing i bought as part of a kickstarter thing. i should get that in late april or early may from memory


>tfw just finishing gardening outside

>tfw now getting cosy enjoying the cooler winter-like weather




maybe because I'm young and didn't grow up in Melbourne or some other city I see no difference between different groups of whites, except Russians who aren't white


File: 948cfc90dcf2720⋯.png (216,13 KB, 550x430, 55:43, dan-murphys-gift-card.png)


I know! But people remember it wrongly, and I just put it there to see if anyone would notice. Have a free Dan's voucher as a prize for your diligence.


File: 1d874301630bb55⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67,19 KB, 700x466, 350:233, unnaqt2.jpg)


>pic related



I'll leave extra pubes in there for you tomorrow


File: 85a5271046b10e6⋯.jpg (142,63 KB, 1280x725, 256:145, waifu.jpg)


Does your waifu know you're cheating on her with a robotic sex toy?



I don't view people of non British ancestry as Australian, not even on purpose I'm just kind of shocked when a wog or a slav refers to themselves as being Australian.



yeah I like the cooler weather, just not the minus 8-10 degree nights



Thank you! That is very generous.



They wash your penis in their bums to give it a nice brown shine


How much goon does gobby with a boong cost? Not serious, I'm just curious and sickened.



*a gobby.

As the recipient that is.



>non British ancestry

Stop trying to sneak the irish in there as white. Anglo saxons, scotts and ulster scotts only please.



very noice


a decent tin of petrol

a sniff goes along way unna



Bada bing bada boong



>tfw my great-grandfater was welsh

Time to off myself I guess.



Anglo Celtic, UNNA



Finally someone gets it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wish I had friends.


Welsh anon can you teach us some words



I'll be your friend



/ausneets is our friend m8



You'd be a pet.



And we all feel sorry for you, but that's no reason not to get sterilised.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I miss mannequinNEET



How many are you getting?



Well I'm on here so I'm effectively sterilized.



I'm wearing trackies and a jumper. It is comfy.



None. I don't have any money but I am recovering from a three day binge and dreaming of the next binge on payday.



So the Viagra would be at maximum effect by now



grey trackies are best for bulge action.



The English are the worst of the Brits.



Depending on his weight and stomach contents.



Have a binge



Should've got some cheap garlic bread.



'Leb', thank you very much.



I may be a binge pig but I still need quality.



>tight lycra trackies



I have my black one on today, they are not for showing off.


i forgot my banjer lesson



Black ones hide the stains better.



You didn't forget, you just didn't want to go.


low quality viagra induced garlic bread bulge through lycra trackies



bad neet



i forgot cunt

i have a lot on my mind lately not that you would care


File: 328b8026b2c080c⋯.jpg (535,7 KB, 709x843, 709:843, Paul_Jamin_-_Le_Brenn_et_s….jpg)

>You mad roman boy? Mad your women can't stay away from that big barbarian cock?





You still upset I stood you up :^)


File: 9b2e58b7cfd407b⋯.jpg (2,03 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, The_Thinker,_Rodin.jpg)

Do you think he is thinking about proctology in rural and remote Aboriginal communities?



But what about companies like APM or Latrobe Community Health Service? They are both located in the same area


How is Monash-neet going?


File: 9e8cb4d82528bde⋯.jpg (30,42 KB, 553x484, 553:484, yes.jpg)



Will Oriental fancier ever get board of gooks?



They have been given a 'local area' to coordinate. If you live in one of their areas, they will coordinate the plan implementation.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>board of gooks

which board in particular?



yes there is a few boards for gook lovers like /wmaf/ and /imperium/


I heard Weber had set up hidden cameras at the hamburger restaurant.



I'm still enrolled in discrete math and python at this point



so you lied yesterday?



this is starting to wear thin



I couldn't imagine an easier pair of subjects



With maths I can discrete my pyphon in ur bum


File: 07a61f2a54db55e⋯.jpg (56,81 KB, 600x848, 75:106, tg.jpg)




Lo key - test my nutz


File: 4521868f72e8741⋯.mp4 (10,53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, rawgod.mp4)



I think LCHS will be my LAC



I play Custodes so I guess I'm that guy



I didn't think you could choose, maybe you can in other cities.



You wish you were that guy.



He looks like fun


It's nearly that time of night again



Wank time?



Reminds me of posso waiting for dominos to arrive.



What a beautiful doggo.


File: 32ef7645b7fa712⋯.jpg (29,05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, po.jpg)


File: 22d12e67c52b0d4⋯.jpeg (19,31 KB, 384x384, 1:1, images_17.jpeg)

>Tfw want to get a fixed gear bike but no one good ones for cheap



That is not so. That doggo is not burdened by the shame that contaminates my interaction with the Dominos.


File: 59911c4a2239387⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3,7 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG20190325201751.jpg)



a fixed gear bike should be cheaper than a geared bike



Well imaged.



good one



Thats whats ironic about them, they cost just as much as a road bike. Plus there rare in wa as not that many people ride


So fresh mane



very good



get a bmx



Very nice.



I think that is part of the experience that you get off on.



Nah fuck that i rode when i was a kid but they are slow and boring. Nothing like road bikes and fixies riding traffic at 50 kph



how do you get up to 50 on a fixed gear bike, short of peddling at 50?


What are you up to monk?




Yummy medication made from China.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



made from Rhino horn and Yak piss



Big gear ratios and fast cadence. You need atleast 8x48 to get that fast higher the gearing faster you go with less cadence



better test it for fentanyl



Get a refund if there isn't any.



It is, especially when it makes me strongly

fear for my belongings.


Nothing in this screenshot is a lie or even hyperbole which is what makes it especially sad.


I hate it when my chink meds don't come with that large dose of fentanyl I'm used to, really puts a blight upon my day.


File: 5b81c459fb7a074⋯.png (113,71 KB, 398x397, 398:397, 39922ce8.png)

25mg of seroquel down the hatch


Welp the Viagra worked better than expected, I am exhausted, all that pent up energy released, I am now at peace.

Good night NEETs.


how quick is a proper fentanyl overdose?



another scammer doing the rounds? I got one a while back, they must've hacked my MSN





as long as they don't hit anyone, they're fine, but we all know how that turns out after the goon dries up


i have the cover art for a nice bush flower guide on me drawer


At least she can swim better than Holt


Low IQ is fun



nice numbers


Petey Panther beside his buddy Bundy & Coke




The irish aren't white, they're a pale green, much like the blood of our Saint Murphy

except the northerners, some of them like orange because they're dutchaboos


good night hefnerNEET


not enough



Goodnight is she sore?



Good work.



he's probably gearing up for round 2



buy a broken one and fix it yourself



Well done mate.



NK you boong



NK naturally produces viagra mate


File: 69ea54ad61f4de5⋯.jpg (166,28 KB, 1280x961, 1280:961, Takahashi Kira.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



White dog



Asian dog



why do all your chinks have white girl sized tits



Because Gooks are woight cahnts too



abos are the gooks you silly boong


File: 0370b0ff65fe106⋯.jpg (1,47 MB, 4160x2340, 16:9, 5.jpg)







good night

how do her fingers naturally bend back so far.



also, way to waste the quads unna


comfy, how was the beach?


been noticing a severe lack of office bulge and microwaved lasagna pics the past week and a bit.


Big poo




All our big bulged well dressed NEETs are a little spooked


Big wank




rightly so.

probably best to have a nice cold goon and wait for all this to blow over.


Ancient poo


Futuristic robot wank


Exposed aboriginal erection



>as long as they don't hit anyone, they're fine, but we all know how that turns out after the goon dries up

Yeah usually it's okay, just an annoyance, but from time to time the screaming can turn into something else.


good night boongs and boong abusers



good night


File: ed0b0c100ddad3a⋯.jpg (1,58 MB, 4160x2340, 16:9, 6.jpg)

sleep well NEETs


>how was the beach?

empty, but at least the clouds are pretty



nice pic.


>tfw depressed


>tfw seamstress



Sow my crotch



You will need to allow for future reaping.


File: 0dee386a59d1d82⋯.png (206,25 KB, 500x454, 250:227, ClipboardImage.png)

Good night friends.

I have been divulging in one of my secret addictions.



Goodnight my friend. I will ignore the rest of that comment.


Thinking about webers missus



empty beaches are great.

clouds are always pretty during sunset.

that's another very comfy picture.

man, it's been a while since I've been to the beach, I only went once this summer.


good night m8



You have been staying up late lately.



I have been taking afternoon naps and they have disturbed my normal sleep routine.


It's time to call it a day. Night Night NEETs.



Good night.


Whenever I watch his films I end up thinking about whether we are our actions or if we are the thoughts, or maybe we are the justification of the motives we convince ourselves are the cause for those actions.

I don't think I am my actions. On the other hand, I can't blame others for thinking I am them.

If I act like a good person, does that mean I am one?



He is turning you into a neurotic New York Jew.



You have seemed to be in OK spirits lately too.



Good night



I already was one.

I think I will ask my shrink this question, I keep coming back to it.

I think it's part of why I don't like or know myself sometimes.

It's probably a big part of why I don't trust people too.

I sometimes think some people are just acting, even if they've been playing that part their whole lives.



Things have been okay.



Your a boong, embrace it


He will probably say do I think I am just acting.

I will say I am capable of change so the role I play is not set, therefore it's just a character.

He will ask if I want to change.

I will say doesn't everyone.

He will say why don't you.

I will say I don't know but I'll know it's because I'm scared of the unknown.

If I let him know that I'll justify it by saying fear of the dark is rational and a survival mechanism. Then make a joke about the boogeyman.




probably a combination of all of the above.

>If I act like a good person, does that mean I am one?

not necessarily, "good" and "bad" are somewhat subjective. your interpretation of "good" would be different to a lot of people. Many may agree but some might oppose.



Good to hear, I get worried about you sometimes.



I want to change to that role because escapism is socially acceptable for unna.




That sort of thinking is a vanity of the self-absorbed. I have cast it out of my life.



There is no need to worry about me mate. I am passed the crisis period of my life. I can deal with anything now. I just feel no joy.



Even by my own subjective definition, if I act in a way that I think is morally correct and "good" does that make me good?



I think about it in relation to others too. Sometimes more often with others.

People who upset me, I end up justifying their ways.

Might be just a way to make me not be as upset with them.

That is a bit vain. It might be just to save my thin skin.



That's a little concerning. I think IKTF though.



maybe. I suppose it's better then acting without any morality in mind.

To yourself it would fulfill your own definition which would be better then not reaching for any moral compass.

That's probably a good thing, but again others may not agree with your own definition.

I'd rather be accepting and on good terms with myself then others morality, that's for sure.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And ultimately who gives a fuck anyway.

I have said a couple times to various people that I want this played at my funeral.



My actions more often than not are in line with my ethics, or at least the ones I tell myself are important.

I don't trust my own judgement of them.

I'm not smart enough or have enough of a holistic view to understand what good and bad are.



>And ultimately who gives a fuck anyway.


good tune.


Anyway I'm just letting out thoughts. I probably don't agree with what I am posting anyhow.



The time signature is 9/4, the extra beat gives it a cool elongated feel.


Sorry if I've cramped any NEETs feels tonight with my bullshit.

Good night friends again



>My actions more often than not are in line with my ethics

what else can you really do unna

It's good to be able to admit when you don't understand something, most people don't know.


it's very soothing.


good night friend,I better head to bed soon too.

have some (You)s




what makes you think you're getting a funeral?


Can't sleep.



Why wouldn't I?


Can't sleep too. 2nd night. Feel like things are going to get bad.


someone gimme the discord link


what's with dan murphy's shit offers this week?



The great Australian population debate | 60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia


Pre-dawn neet hours crew, reporting in.


I swear this country will never be allowed to stop mass third world immigration, no matter how much it wrecks things.


File: adfbd764e140f08⋯.png (43,54 KB, 747x686, 747:686, adfbd764e140f08fa3f9dc6a0b….png)


First time this year I feel cold enough that I actually want to rug up.




this word doesn't mean what you think it means



What does it mean then edifier neet?



To divulge something is to reveal something.



And what was woody allen neet doing if not revealing something?



Woody Allen was the subject of the post, not the poster.


File: 382b554dd677a4a⋯.png (594,99 KB, 700x438, 350:219, ClipboardImage.png)

Good morning friends.



Good morning,

Just woke up, first time seeing the sunrise in a long time it's beautiful.

Think I only got 3 hrs of sleep


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Glad you got to see it, I got up late and it's too overcast to see anything here.

Colder weather makes it harder to get out of bed.


File: 5be969e5012bb92⋯.png (275,02 KB, 450x450, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Time to divulge into a shower.



It was pretty late for a sunrise, I better get ready for the day. Cya in the arvo fellas



Good morning my friend





Good morning dear.




High immigration is one of the biggest problems in Australia imo, you are right that neither party wants to cuck on it because its a cheap and nasty way to boost GDP when the Australian economy is in a bad bad state



Unsure what my favourite bird is m8s


Guys, thinking of buying a tv - is there anyone I shouldn't consider dealing with: Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, The Good Guys?



Don't drop this one.



File: 92047c1687929ce⋯.png (103,98 KB, 200x265, 40:53, ClipboardImage.png)

Time to wage, take care NEETs.



Have a nice day. See you when you get back.


It's quite cold this morning


There's a 4k 75" samsung tv available on sale for less than $2k - I'm sure videophiles would despise it, but I've looked at it in store and the picture seems fine.


If I follow in the footsteps of broken tv neet, I'll make the most of it by just using it to listen to tv shows.



Fuckin oath. I had the air conditioner on on the weekend, and now this.



I warm my bed up by farting in it, when I gets really cold I do a poo in my bed and use it as a hot water bottle


Good morning NEETs


What would you be watching on the tv that you cant watch on your computer?



all physical stores are shit when it comes to price, but you can drive back for warranty, use the internet to find coupons, and don't buy 4k if you're just using digital antenna telly or dvds/normal blurays

it's probably worth considering used ones in good nick that aren't too smart



4k is good for abo porn



maybe he's like me and wants a bigger screen to watch movies on



That makes sense. Do you have surround sound?



yeah m8



Nothing, It's just a lot bigger than my monitor



fake and gay abo porn is still in 240p max


12 degrees today in Shitbourne, I'm fucking straving today, might go get some Colonel's or something after work.



The HDR makes all the difference



Minecraft lookin boong porn


File: ed0cfc14bdca300⋯.jpg (83,85 KB, 560x400, 7:5, group_giantfeast.jpg)


>after work

Why wait? They open at 10. You could grab some on smoko.


Trying to figure out if my dining table will hold this 40kg tv. I've put a 60kg container on top of it and am filling it with water, so far it hasn't collapsed.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



> whats your favourite bird ?




40kg is bugger all. I'd stop your experiment.






That was Walter Rothschild's favorite as well. Are you a relative of his?



Yeah, probably. How do you tell if a wooden table is approaching failure? Will it crack?



It will either bow in the middle or the legs will give way.



Also you could just stand on the table for a moment if you have any doubts.


File: 4656b941824171b⋯.jpg (42,71 KB, 780x439, 780:439, he-didnt-have-a-very-good-….jpg)



seriously its confusing is shit and none of represents value every is littered with shit i dont want or need. They used to have 6 pieces of Hot and Spicy or Zinger or whatever the fuck it was and 2 large chips for $20 i dont think you can get it any more. Havent eaten there for years.

< that fucking menu




We need the dimensions of the table in decimal inches, and the type of timber it is made from. DiscreetMathNEET can then calculate the Ernst modulus of the table.



dont do that if it's made from particle board


I raked up the leaves on the driveway and now my nose is full of dirt from breathing in dust.



Apparently my table is made of ash, birch and fibreboard. But it can hold the 60kg of water, so I suspect the tv will be fine.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just felt it necessary to state i like CUCKY FRIED CHICKEN but i hate ordering it.



I tried a Hawaiian tear and share from Coles for the first time yesterday because of that NEET who always eats them. It was absolute dog shit. Awful room temperature tomato sauce base, tasteless pineapple. Just a nasty mess.

You NEETs have pleb tier tastes.



Shoulda got a meat pie from the bakery mate.



Or a hawaiian pizza roll from the bakery. Or a giant hawaiin pizza roll.


i'm off to kfc



Bring us back a bucket will ya. I meant to go there 90 minutes ago for morning tea, but I'm stuck at home waiting for this fucking tv






Are you really that surprised? A lot of frozen foods in supermarkets are shit.



It was a fresh bakery product.


New power switch has been installed in my graphic equalizer, I built up a bit of a thirst fixing it so I may have to go see Dan for some refreshments



yes I agree, they would be better without that tomatoe sauce



So you went to the bakery in coles to try out the Hawaiian tear and share?



They should use better quality pineapple too, not the tasteless imported canned shit.




File: e99b519b05bd88b⋯.jpg (93,75 KB, 1181x1179, 1181:1179, e99b519b05bd88bd9dad12585a….jpg)


If you'd come to see me for an early morning goon before you started, you'd have been finished ages ago.



Dan you are wise beyond your years



Your standards for coles bakery products are too high.


Still feeling a bit tired from the Seroquel this morning


File: e7c22998be89461⋯.png (278,37 KB, 663x363, 221:121, Vhs2.png)


Have some dexies



I have an appointment with a psychiatrist in May, I'm thinking about going on Ritalin. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child so I'll need to get diagnosed again


File: fba818173621a05⋯.jpg (111,17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Wanna try these, live In the UK


Are we really getting no more info about the documentary interview on that NEET made the other day?

Why does he lives in that chinese restaurant place? How did he meet the camera man?

There are so many questions, I need closure



Become an investigative journalist and find the answers yourself.


File: 44a49667769e8c2⋯.png (226,13 KB, 500x500, 1:1, nurofen-plus-200mg-tablets….png)


There is a $3.50 Coles brand pepperoni pizza that is really good. I always have 2 in the fridge. Set Oven 200 degrees 12 minutes. Its my favourite "im so wasted" "cant be fucked" meal.


while your at KFC take a picture of the menu and post it here. HELP ME NAVIGATE IT


Dan i bought two goon bags from you yesterday and came back for a third. I feel so dirty Dan.


is your flag a flying saucer ? noice


you dont ask…. you never ask… they diagnose (You)


Only pizza shop meat i eat is pepperoni Dominos in Australia have $5 thin crust pepperoni all day every day. The $5 spicy veggie is another favourite. Good for Breakfast.

Also why i you using my nurofen plus flag ? i only created it 2 days ago ? Can you buy it in the UK ? they banned it here. Also big thanks to Possum for updating the flag to its correct name. Cheers buddy



I don't know what I want yet, I'm leaning more towards a 3 for $3 cheeseburger deal at the moment.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Look at the size of this lad. Absolute Unit. I'm in awe.



>you dont ask…. you never ask… they diagnose (You)

Elaborate please


File: b9b364eca84477e⋯.jpg (147,17 KB, 1242x1235, 1242:1235, what i want.jpg)


< the psychology of being prescribed the good drugs

basically you have to play really dumb and and just harp on endlessly about your physicall symptoms and the problems they are causing. Never ever mention the drug you want. At that point it wont happen. All the good drugs are fun drugs and boy does the gubberment hate fun.



But what about if I mention that I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and prescribed ritalin/dexedrine. Wouldn't that give me more validity?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> i need X because i was prescribed X

there you go. self diagnosing again. (You) cant prove it either. There is some real psychological power play when it comes to doctors and who is diagnosing who if you know what i mean. My advice is go there. Say these are my problems …. can you please help me. Its So stupid fucking stupid but in Medicine (You) are not meant to know what you want or else (You) would be the Doctor.


why are Aussie women always so disgusting, they all smoke, drink alcohol and act like massive whores.



They sound like a typical Australian



You’re out of order! That’s a generalization



they're not whores, they're empowered women


I am sure you NEETs are all prize pigs yourselves.



I dont know if this is meant to be an insult or a compliment



Mane you got to control these bitchez mane turn that hoe to make yo doe



its just generation "me" i was lucky enough to date an incredibly HOT Colombian girl and she had just an entirely different pedigree to any Australian girl i have fugged. She really wanted to pleasure (You) thats what she was there do. She wasnt happy unless you were happy.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dude girls sense my power and check me out all the time. Im just poor at the moment they dont want no scrub.



You're a busta.


It's lunchtime and I can't do a poo



Dont bite my style mane


You is a broke ass bitch nigga mane, get those hoes to make yo doe



Everyone has performance issues every now and again.



Place a Viagra up your bottom and see if that helps


File: 300c3138c54c3c1⋯.jpg (204,51 KB, 628x471, 4:3, belly.jpg)



If poos last more then 2 hours please see a doctor.


File: bef5079239e281b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 572,5 KB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2019-03-26 12.32.57.jpg)

False alarm, the poo came


File: 75065e9d6586b62⋯.jpg (585,94 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 60ml.jpg)



wait a second. are you telling me you force your self to poo at a set time everday ? it doesnt work that way man.



He is more accurate than any Atomic Clock



If he were an investigative journalist then he wouldn't be a neet anymore - catch 22. You need to think these things through carefully if you want to retain neethood



It really depends if anyone pays him for his work.


Good afternoon NEETsters



Hello. How was your day?


File: 51727fa6af52996⋯.jpg (220,28 KB, 1200x893, 1200:893, 51727fa6af5299679dfc70dcc1….jpg)



everything i want to do is ILLEGAL and we Australians are so dangerous (((they))) pay us to do nothing. Centelink are the MODS on a continental containment board.



Pretty ordinary, another day another dollar, how about you?


File: a562d9a1a0b3ae0⋯.jpg (14,71 KB, 320x320, 1:1, a562d9a1a0b3ae06144f0fc24a….jpg)

NEET Status:

>Game of Thrones 4k - torrent downloading

>75" tv - to be delivered tomorrow

>Food - stocked up for the next week

>Penis status - washed and ready for action

We're gonna make it neets



A quiet day for me. Just NEETing it up.




File: eea96d2a52ccdc3⋯.png (493,49 KB, 1107x1059, 369:353, dommm.png)

It has happened again.




You still lifting the weights Posso? does all that garlic bread fuck your body up even if you're lifting?



i wonder what the delivery person must think.



Yes I am still lifting the weights. Yes the garlic bread does fuck me up even with the exercise. It is too many calories.



I don't know what he thinks but he better keep his mouth shut if he knows what's good for him.



whats going to be the first porno scene you watch on the 75"


File: 1c27a96bd3b287e⋯.jpg (1,31 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20190326_161433.jpg)

>tfw depressed



I reckon he would kick your ass in a fight.






Prove it, when he comes to the door punch him in the face.


Violent Possums.



>Game of Thrones 4k - torrent

how big is the file size?



Moderate or severe?


I have eaten the Dominos.

The delivery guy was fatter than me. I could have taken him in a fight though.



Should have jammed a garlic bread up his bum



Then I would have only had three to eat. You do not go Dusty Rhodes mode by wasting garlic breads on anal shenanigans.




Is that empty crotch bag meant to be symbolic of the state of your soul?


File: d792348659263f9⋯.jpg (228,22 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1545957657018.jpg)


> doubtful.

i doubt it


File: 453904d801df304⋯.jpg (89,47 KB, 736x603, 736:603, 453.jpg)

I am in the Oz Lotto tonight. $70 million. This could be our commune.



Idk, I had a passing thought about offing myself while wageslaving today. Can't stop thinking about how I'm an ugly autistic subhuman who's fucked his life up. I've booked a visit to the GP to get another mental health care plan and go see a psych, but if the past is anything to go by, the psych won't be of much help.


If you want to see things that way.



Same, I will make a sacrifice to saint Dan to bring about good luck.


File: 36dc28f33d8e7ab⋯.jpg (118,16 KB, 1280x781, 1280:781, tumblr_o1qqc3usfd1ubm73lo1….jpg)


>Meatballs for protein

>brownies for anti-oxidants and to aid post-workout recovery

>Garlic to increase testosterone

Excellent choices, my good marsupial



We NEETs must live. We must live long enough to see the collapse of civilisation.



>I'm an ugly autistic subhuman

Please do not use autism as an insult.



Do not get precious m8.



m8, you're probably not even that ugly, unless you have grotesques buboes popping out of your head or something you're probably fine, it's all in your head.



Are you a qualified nutritionist? I want to believe all that.



idk, but since it's probably going to be visible through my window to the whole neighbourhood, I want it to be something classy


122 gigs


File: 233c0be3037b791⋯.jpeg (199,85 KB, 1024x1364, 256:341, f24f2a7d15a1fccf3afb5eaf4….jpeg)


I helped make this man what he is today


I just watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time it was a bit boring at the start but started to pick up towards the end. It was a nice relaxing movie.



>122 gigs

ok, it will look good, just remember the first season of thrones was not filmed in 4k, it was recorded to HDCAM


I have an appointment to see an LAC for the NDIS next Monday



kek, for a second there I thought you posted LALC



>Game of Thrones

No spoilers please. I am waiting for the books to conclude before I watch the TV show.



>I am waiting for the books to conclude

Are you delusional?



So long as fat arse is alive I will keep the option open. I am patient.


I could really go for another couple of portions of those chicken meatballs.



nigga is going to die before the book ever comes out



A fat 70 year old him finishing the books are a race against time.


Almost time to polish the population tool and take 50mg of Viagra.



Have a value range pizza



Valar morghulis



File: 633e154c1b93108⋯.jpg (2,68 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_7498.JPG)




Nice view



What a nice picture.



noice goon bag


i have a job interview on thursday afternoon



What for? also good luck.



Good luck NEET.



>It was a nice relaxing movie.

I agree, haven't watched it in years.


very nice picture.

>the slouched goon

>the metal cup

>the palm trees

>the view of the city

>the pepe

solid 8.5/10 unna




Thank you.

It's just an internal promotion. I believe there are also six external candidates. I suspect I've been offered an interview just to shut me up.



You do talk a lot




thx thats facing west so you normally get a KINO sunset right over the city and mount coo-tha but im glad its cloudy today beacuse its been quite HOT




she shure is purty. Banrock Estate Savignon Blanc from Dans of course would i ever lie to (You) ?



fucking long day NEETs

some degenerate kid smoking a dart past the bus stop aggressively lean towards me as I past him.

kid said something, no idea what it was due to headphones

probably asking for some goon if I had to guess








>Guy Fawkes masks.

vegan diet causes autism confirmed



>Dan i bought two goon bags from you yesterday and came back for a third. I feel so dirty Dan.

Keep up the good work! It is only a matter of time until you are purchasing three goon bags in a single transaction.



one day they're going to pick the wrong farmer



That seems like a silly idea.



Toilet paper ruined it for me.



When I was a kid my dad used to make casseroles, after about 10 I asked him where the roll was. He didn't correct my dumb dumb ways for ages.

I did the same with loin chops. I thought they were called lion chops.




fuckin hope so, I'd protest the protests at that point, let a man raise cattle.


File: 1c516f26134d384⋯.png (117,92 KB, 300x244, 75:61, ClipboardImage.png)


Have any of you tried the zinger pie. I keep meaning to but forgetting.



It seemed a better idea than putting the tv on the table, possibly having them both collapse and smash. Besides, it's not the dumbest thing I've ever done.



I was expecting a video of someone cooking cassowary.



I wanna try one of these meals one day, just to see what it's like to have a domino's binge. But I honestly don't think I could eat that many garlic breads in one sitting.


File: 370e639f23dfcf1⋯.jpg (75,01 KB, 700x525, 4:3, bm.jpg)


I can do dat for ya unna


File: c240b9f6156c4b2⋯.png (795,74 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Hungry for cassowary



It can be our meal to celebrate international neet day



The last couple of times I've been there the staff don't even seem to know what they're supposed to do with them. I've heard them asking their manager if they go in a box or a nugger bag.



Their garlic bread is terrible, you are better off cooking your own.



Have you had one?

Is it good?



I have not.



How do you qualify for this ndis service? Is being on the dsp enough?


File: 169c0e018aef3b7⋯.png (205,9 KB, 300x363, 100:121, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 918ab026d8f3a1e⋯.png (2,12 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3374f3d0353ae91⋯.png (2,4 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 009f094928d001a⋯.png (267,7 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Doesn't look real great tbh, I still want to try it though.



I did a plan review with a dude today, his son's last plan had $8.5k, I asked for about $200k

Might get 50



It doesn't look very appealing, does it? The top is a nice colour though.





>if the past is anything to go by, the psych won't be of much help.

Dan's been waiting for you all afternoon!


<Highly commended.


Good work and digits.


I don't see why you wont get the job. You already do it and seem more than qualified. If all fails I would seriously consider going to Fair Work Australia, you seem to be doing the job or get allocated it when people cannot but they keep passing you up for the position.


It was like a used condom and we all know he never uses condoms.



The last one looks like a curry pie.



What's involved in becoming a NDIS supplier? They're the ones wroughting the system, so it must be a good gig.



If you get the DSP, it's likely you can get the NDIS.


Is it the LAC that determines how much my plan is worth? Or is that determined before I have a meeting with them?



The people that help me from Flourish Australia are a NDIS registered provider and they do a g8 job



Dan you will never fail me but my liver will.



Yeah but there are some horror stories out there. Last one I read was about some kid who needs custom spastic shoes. Pre NDIS it was costing the family about $120 a pair. As soon as NDIS scheme started the exact same shoes jumped to over $1000.



>Flourish Australia

Really sounds like Dan has gotten into disability services when I hear that name.


File: 2b13532bf22e1b0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48,19 KB, 693x539, 9:7, 1428141840485.jpg)

50mg of Viagra down the hatch



You can go always go to those blood dialysis places three times a week for 5 or so hours to get your blood fixed up. If you keep up the goon work, and get a NDIS plan perhaps they can instant a machine at home. That way you only need to disconnect from it when going to Dan's and you wont have to worry about your liver.



You will need to stay tuned for the next installment.

Put your questions forward and I will ask them to him this weekend.



>is your flag a flying saucer ?

No but he is a space cadet.




It's why we all have exotic gf's.



This is the same DPP that decided to shelve Bill Shorten's rape charges.


File: 4de8e431e6bc97e⋯.png (181,91 KB, 300x413, 300:413, ClipboardImage.png)


He's calling you babe.



>lion chops



File: 8fa72dbf2dd118d⋯.jpg (82,82 KB, 719x1049, 719:1049, up.jpg)



Has your penis deflated yet?



You are trying to provoke me.



I bet those 12 minutes were agony.



Cheaper too.






Keep us updated.



I meant shaping it, like wrought iron.



Look out. A hungry posso is a posso to beware of.


Thinking about Aboriginal proctology in rural and remote aboriginal communities again



You should sacrifice Dan.



>it's all in your head.

Unless they're popping out



Terrible comment



Excellent comment.



Good luck, what are you hoping for?



I will flog you like a Dominos delivery boy if you keep up the smart mouth.



Extra protein for the post workout can't hurt.






Very nice.



Can you get appointments with a nutritionist as part of an NDIS plan?



He wouldn't risk losing a garlic bread.


New Thread: >>242516

New Thread: >>242516

New Thread: >>242516

New Thread: >>242516



File: 18baa3959b98554⋯.jpg (22,29 KB, 300x245, 60:49, women slap.jpg)


NEET fight


bum gash rash cash flash splash dash



I would keep it wrapped in the alfoil.

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