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File: 48c920adae20d75⋯.png (75.08 KB, 820x532, 205:133, ClipboardImage.png)


When they look back they will only see incomprehensible images and three word phrases that even their greatest decipherers will be stumped by.

Emoji's are the future of language. They are global and have meaning based on feel.

True communication is only accessible through feel, through meme.

OLD >>302320


South Australia is Best Australia





Just how does he do it?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good night friends.


File: 3cb17b05bb6444e⋯.png (107.81 KB, 535x434, 535:434, SAPepe1.png)


>Just how does he do it

>tfw severely impressed



Good night my friend.





Wanked night


I am imagining NK scraping a bit of uneaten sausage roll pastry off his plate into the bin.




I eat it all


Sexually active aboriginal seniors


I heard nuerofen was so desperate a Jewish banker paid him $20 to suck a boongs cock on camera so he could go buy goon and a box of crackers


Mates misso had a severe sperg out in the hotel room

Like severe

Fuck bros


That girl is on her period

For better or worse no mini-NEETs yet


Seriously thinking about quitting my job tomorrow.



Why would you ponder such a thought?


File: bdc6f80074ac521⋯.jpg (304.87 KB, 916x1731, 916:1731, ZZC 0844.jpg)

I hate drinking I should never have done it.



They are giving me the shits



Have a wank


File: 7c2182d0d6514bd⋯.jpg (325.24 KB, 981x1554, 327:518, ZZC 0821.jpg)

Scholars often wonder why Neanderthals died out, seemingly they were more advanced than us but they were less numerous. I think that is the key factor, they were probably just bread out by us(we know they did bread with us). It's natural that if two people can bread with each other then the more numerous one will bread out the other one given enough time, and we had the time.



We knead to dough if they bread with crust.


File: 615b0df9f42c180⋯.jpg (139.19 KB, 860x756, 215:189, ZZC 0553.jpg)


Huh? I don't understand.


File: 6fc4127cb332419⋯.png (676.06 KB, 829x1200, 829:1200, ZZC 0449.png)

The reason I dislike alcohol is it makes you quite numb so you can't enjoy anything, I didn't read my book because of this or watch any anime today. I just Played Total war three kingdoms which I don't like, it;'s stupid. The gameplay is stupid but also they use counterweighted trebuchets, and crossbows with relatively small self bow wooden lathes and stirrups, both of which do not feature in Chinese crossbows(well string stirrups do but later and these were Iron stirrups).


And they should span them on their backs but they don't.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm not a flood though..


Helped my cousin clean out his dad's garage today, then went and bought a kebab for lunch, they are quite different to the ones you can get in Australia, as here they cut a bread roll in half and put the kebab meat and filling in that instead of using the flat breads they use in Australia. Might go for a bike ride today, as I couldn't either yesterday or the day before because it was too rainy.



Sounds yum.


File: 47ac85278a3bbaa⋯.jpg (582.05 KB, 1459x2639, 1459:2639, ZZC 0841.jpg)

The manifold peoples have become corrupted, such corruption lends itself to a myriad of symptoms amongst a myriad of people. But they are all corrupted all the same. Sad.



Cute girl.


Still thinking about quitting.

Up in real NEET hours.




Good evening NEETs, what are you up to?

I'm about to have a cup of tea and watch some David Attenborough while trying to fall asleep.



I'm drinking a glass of green tea with honey and listening to music while lurking the internet. I just woke up.


Quitting what? This morning is my second day of no smoke.



Why did you wake up now? Does that happen often?

I'm thinking about quitting work, there's a lot of factors as to why. Thing is, boss still owes me $5.5k that I loaned the company to pay their bills.


I was wearing a hi-vis because I didn't want to wake misso up looking for a jacket. I think it's the first time I've wore it. It made me too hot, I had to take it off. I wonder why he gave it to me. I've had it for years and it's been in the spare room.



I went to have a nap at around 5 yesterday afternoon after I finished my uni orientation, social interaction even though I didn't actually talk to anyone like the sperg I am drains me quickly, but didn't wake up until now. I'll probably go for my 30 minute walk in an hour or two and then start playing Final Fantasy XII which arrived in the mail yesterday while I was at orientation.

Could you sue your boss over the money you loaned him?



Is the orientation the first meeting you have with them?

Forced socialising drains me too.

I doubt I could sue, there was no paperwork signed.



It was more to get accustomed to the uni and how to use the uni site for schoolwork. I start properly next Tuesday.

Shit luck there, shouldn't have given the cunt a cent.



Do you want us to guilt trip you or not?



Good luck with your studies. All I got out of doing my studies (I went to an RTO(tafe type thing)) was an excuse to go outside and work on social skills. It helped a lot in that way.

I shouldn't've but it's too late. Hopefully he pays it back soon.


Guilt trip me into quitting or staying?



We can do whatever you want. I recommend a firm wank and continuing on with life.



Yeah, I'm thinking something similar. At least until he pays me back. I have over a years annual leave which I can take out and try and find another job.

I should probably take a week off and get some interviews before quitting.


The escort is getting closer to getting booked in tomorrow. They did not answer my enquiry about price… I typed a very specific email but they did send a cross a new head shot.



Asian or white?



White. The Asian guys either have a bad reputation or look awful in their pictures.


File: 6516af47ef402bc⋯.jpg (110.65 KB, 640x753, 640:753, _112d4416e7a3fca71c8b5fb6….jpg)



Well good night. I have a big day planned for tomorrow.



Good night NEETo.



















Who paid who?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I wank her off for free, I'm a good grandson after all.



You have a kind heart.


File: a5e84a467de97bf⋯.jpg (8.27 KB, 300x160, 15:8, image.jpg)



Bend over NEETo.


File: 2af360953ab7cd5⋯.jpg (124.62 KB, 634x794, 317:397, 15800260-7226829-_One_of_m….jpg)

Good Morning NEETs






Good morning NEET.



Do you have an innie?



My bellybutton is an innie because I'm not a fat cunt.





*not an executive cunt



Fat cunt.





*Executive cunt



I love a good roast chicken tbh






Good morning NEETs.

My day is off to a bad start.

I got my usual morning coffee from the Hungry Jacks drive through near work.

Served by a reasonably pretty girl in a muslim tea towel thing.

She filled the cup so full that when she handed it to me it sprayed out of the sippy hole and onto my crotch.



As one wit said in the comments: Probably just testing out the new 5G network





Good morning friends.



He just wanted a bit of orange.



Was the coffee hot?


NK how are you managing two jobs?

>… was not seeking the services of a sex worker, but the services of a specially trained sex therapist




>“The applicant is afflicted with multiple sclerosis, and has other related conditions, which make the prospect that she will obtain sexual release of any kind without the intervention of a sexual therapist unlikely,” he said in the judgment.



What do you reckon?





Good morning NEETs


Good morning my friend.



Like most take away coffees I buy, barely hot?



This sounds sensible. Maybe increase the pressure on them to pay you back sooner rather than later.



These ones are so hot they develop skin on top.


This idea that people NEED sex or their lives aren't worth living, and that you are better off getting tugged on by a prostitute than being celibate is nonsense. A completely depraved society.



It's always easier to get a new job while you have a current job.






People need touch contact, m8. It's well documented.



Don't think you have escaped answering those questions.



Ask the first aid officer at work to kiss the sore area better.



Then they should find volunteers to give the disabled wholesome hugs. Maybe chaste massages. Not prostitutes for sex! Crazy.



Don't worry m8, I'll keep you updated with the juicy details if the adventure moves forward.



Well bantered.



With pics please.



What if some nice volunteer girl is giving me a nice wholesome hug and I accidently have sex with her ?



You will go to jail where you will get as many hugs as you like.


File: 9cc2c3fefc22302⋯.jpg (50.19 KB, 598x480, 299:240, pepe-in-prison[1].jpg)


But .. jail hugs aren't nice and friendly



Depends who is giving them. It might be a nice big cuddly Maori man.



>The reason I dislike alcohol is I just Played Total war three kingdoms which I don't like, it;'s stupid


File: daa8e4d624f75bb⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, b.jpg)


"Bubba" will make it nice and friendly


File: 780a95a83486f00⋯.png (21.62 KB, 304x288, 19:18, jSHD2TJ[1].png)


That's even worse ! they eat you afterwards


Oh, the relevant moral NEETs will be happy to know I failed entirely to debauch myself and instead fell asleep on the couch quite early.

>tfw you plan a drug and whore binge but are old



That is for the best. You need to age with dignity.



It is all protein.



A NEETs dignity is like his undies, able to withstand horrible events and multiple washings


Up n at em cunnos



You on with that latina bird tonight?



Yeah, getting cocktails at 1 or two different venues.

She seems keen



That's a shame. I found out my paracetamol (Panamax) was made in India. I consumed poo quality drugs last night.



>getting cocktails

can you afford cocktails?



You need to be more forward than you were with that girl the other night. She was a total slut and you almost ended up not having the nerve to even go home with her.



He has a cock

She has a tail



Yeah I know, I think this chick lives in the city. I've just never invited myself back before. We'll see how it goes, I'll have to just be cockier


File: 3c104aa0b5b6a10⋯.png (118.28 KB, 313x266, 313:266, chadpepe.png)


>I've just never invited myself back before

So bby …. my shed or yours ?



For myself



Thank you, I thought that wasn't bad.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Time to do this fucking shit.



Have a good day. See you when you get back. Don't sperg out at anyone.


Telstra guy is coming in half an hour

What is he even gonna be doing? I plugged in the router after the NBN guy came and it was setup within the hour.

I hope hes not gonna be working on disconnecting the old line or anything



>Telstra guy is coming in half an hour

How did they notify you of this work and did they specify what access they needed for your property?





I told the NBN guy I could set it up, and did (only had to plug it in)

Dunno what the telstra guy would even do, ADSL line is still active too



the monk life is underrated



> no one expects the neetquision

My Dad gave me 100 bucks and and change. I bought two pairs of straight stretch 36W32L jeans that were $30 each and did a food shop with the remaining $40… My food shop actually was $104 because i needed to stock up on a few luxuries like exfoliating face wash and magnesium tablets etc



>a food shop with the remaining $40

So three four goon bags then?



three or four



uh nope i never buy alcohol infront of my parents because ill get a lecture and look of disaproval



They sound like sensible people, you should take whatever advice they give you



what just work 40hrs a week at whatever job you can find and then retire and just watch NPC free to air television all day ?

Bitch please….



For a middle aged female asio agent you sure do an amazing impression of a 14 year old boy


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



your lucky to have people who still care about you




No wonder no one cares about you.


Imagine being so mentally ill you think being a dole bludging drug addict living below the poverty line is cool and rebellious



I want to be a slacker drug addict with money. That's why I'm going to uni to become an accountant because I don't want to do any actual manual labour.


>tfw I'll never have a cutie Scandinavian trans gf


File: d1b127685b59072⋯.jpg (91.73 KB, 554x1100, 277:550, 1511584063004.jpg)

The Telstra guy is coming anytime between 10 and 2.

Highly distressing. I am sitting here in silence waiting for the door knock.


File: 83858a60dbdd649⋯.jpg (83.86 KB, 704x704, 1:1, b9zhalv93p931.jpg)

I have been into the reddit memes again.



Im very lucky my Dad and Nanna J have been really good to me…




Get fucked your mong cunt.



imagine being in a position where you can pick and choose what you want to do with your life

imagine not being "obligated"



Like how you choose to go to wftd and not drive a car? :^)


Nuro if you want to live an alternative lifestyle and not be an NPC that is your choice but you can't be cadging money off relatives at your age. You must feel guilty and soiled about it all. That is no way to live.



i already got out of WFTD i only have 3 days left

and i got a new licence and 12points at the beginning of the year. I have a running car and money saved for rego. I just need to get it Road worthied…. im not in a hurry to cage or wage TBPH



>imagine not being "obligated"

this is fine but it works both ways

like society being obligated to prop you up


I can't stop thinking about that smol girl I met at the orientation yesterday. I doubt I'll ever see her again but she was so cute.


Feeling pretty awful today from a bad nights sleep. I am not going to be proceeding with the escort experience. I am instead planning on attending an Anime event. I am not sure if it is more or less degenerate than the escort experience.



>Nuro if you want to live an alternative lifestyle

oh fuck off your just as retarded as my parents … sometime events happen that make it impossible to work and just knock you out of society its a joke… car / licence / health / family / housing issues can pile up pretty easily and lead to cascade failure…

all those problems are easily solved by money and there doesnt seem to much of it these days… even if you are working



>I am not going to be proceeding with the escort experience

Good decision.

>I am instead planning on attending an Anime event.

Go on grindr when you are there and get chatting to a qt anime lad.





You're the retarded one mate.


File: 637c8497b92a25a⋯.gif (880.63 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1503570572092.gif)





You can easy take home 800 a week with no skills

Why don't you put your hackerman skills to work? I'm sure you could pick up a helpdesk job pretty easy

You must be getting tired of the boong life



>Go on grindr when you are there and get chatting to a qt anime lad.

How… did you know??



>You can easy take home 800 a week with no skills




Get a job putting shit in boxes


File: b3163c3576b17eb⋯.jpg (103.11 KB, 600x1714, 300:857, d30e5184f9bf6c21acf8a78be8….jpg)


>You must be getting tired of the boong life

It can age you 30 years, until you get the right tablets.


File: fdc295dcfcd0abd⋯.jpg (882.12 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, junkie gf.jpg)

>tfw no junkie rebecca gf



housing and health issues have fully wrecked me … but now i am settled somewhere stable and got my health back im ready to re-enter the workforce … but as i said i have some interesting business opportunities popping up later in the year and i would prefer my own business to working for someone else ….


Home from work lads had a vomit, still not feeling good, must be a bug or something I've picked up.



You need to be able to type properly first you retard.



That is no good mate. Take it easy and hopefully it won't last too long.



Yeah just going to rest up.


>thinking of Shire's muscular abdominals flexing as he vomits



wat sort of business?



hopefully its some shit food and not a bug

i had the worst gastro of my life a few weeks back

good luck mate


>thinking about Cindy's raw wet pink beat up pussy with gastro germs working their way up her vaginal canal



Looks like we have successfully shamed another NEET back into real life. Another /ausneets/ success story.


The bullying of nuro is a bit rough, a lot of us have probably been in similar circumstances, I kind of know how feels about being exclude from society, it can take a long time and a lot of effort to re-integrate.


I don't think it's because of food, I've had no diarrhea, just a nausea, a spew, headache and chills, gonna pop some Rebecca's juicy thighss and have a cuppa.



A friend is moving his bike / machine shop to a large industrial space. He has also teamed up with a large wholesaler. im going to help him build his new shop and if that goes well help run the business.




Vile and uncouth






Sounds great mate. You should spend the lead up time cutting down on the drugs and booze.




I only posted the first one, Shire, because I love you.



Morning Shitballs.

What does the day have in store for you?



Good morning Shitey.



Love you too




Good morning. I might go have a volunteer. What does the day have in store for you?



We are trying to help him

He's gone off the rails a bit like a lot of us have.

The difference with neuro is hes very defensive about it and almost proud of his boong habits. We'll clean up his lifestyle and in 5 years he will be posting pics of his young daughter riding with training wheels on a bike path by that river in Brisbane and drinking goon-free smoothies and oral cappuccinos



In time you might even be in charge of a small horde of wfd neets



I know but it's a bit heavy handed, all he really needs to do is cut back on the goons and he will be able to think more clearly.



I am at work. Apart from leaving the office to get some lunch, my day will not be particularly eventful.

Have you seen the hapa recently?



Also speaking of kids, I'm going to be an uncle on Monday.


File: c7ff663c388b77e⋯.png (1.45 MB, 765x767, 765:767, ClipboardImage.png)



I've got a case of the runs but I feel fine.



When are you going to have your own?

We are all anxiously waiting for pics of you and your cute hapa kid on the motorbike with Cindy standing next to it with a big smile



this makes the bees look massive and that is not a good thought



I did a type 5 - 6 this morning, but not complete liquid.


I don't know if I want kids.



I think I have just had too much coffee.


File: acd27dab5c877c0⋯.png (1019.76 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



I've been eating less fruit of late and I have now come to understand why some neets claim shitting is an arduous experience



Cool but weird looking.



Why have you cut back on fruit?


I keep running to the toilet and I'm worried what my roommate thinks.



She probably thinks you have diarrhoea.



It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen the hapa. What are you having for lunch?



You may have the flu


Shitey have you considered going on one of those dating apps?



I think I do. I think I have it all out though.



I’ve posted my dating app misadventures here in the past




You haven't had any luck? What goes wrong?



because I was lazy and didn't do any shopping over the weekend



I am not sure yet. The immediate vicinity choices are Subway, KFC, or Bunnings.



A healthy subway is your best option.



They don’t reply


I recommend Subway


Telstra poo man has been and gone.

I've had 4 coffees already, bad mistake.

Now I can get my day started.



What did he do?


File: 73d8f679c313adc⋯.jpg (155.88 KB, 1084x1333, 1084:1333, 1533402259540.jpg)


> oral cappuccinos



it has to be a non-profit and also i have been in charge of a few WFTD neets last year


all intelligence operatives are hard drinkers for life


my sis is expecting too… im definatley going "that" uncle no one talks about


is this the judgemental female ? she really has done a number on you


im going to HJ's and bunnings with my Dad soon… i need to get some washers to fix the leaky taps in my ensuite



Calibrated the phone line or something



left a fine persistent odor of curry



>im definatley going "that" uncle no one talks about

I have been that Uncle for a number of years now.



i had an uncle like that too …. barely met him and he was a hard drinker and smoker and he suddenly died of a heat attack at the age 40… absolutely rocked my family back in '96


Sloppy caffeine and nicotine induced spicy poo


Need a Subway eating banjo playing cybersecurity expert bf


Need an ASD employed middle aged pain killer addicted cyclist lesbian gf


The board goes quiet when all of ASIO knock off for lunch.


Subway has been retrieved and consumed.

Had to wait literally 3 or 4 minutes while an asian woman tried to leave her parking bay a couple over from mine. They really are terrible drivers.



How many inches did you do?



I have trouble parking too. I don't know how people do it.



12 give or take



…said no girl ever



I didn't help she had one of those Tarago things. Far too big for her limited spacial awareness.



If you gave it is okay, if you took then it is gay.



incredibly narrow minded for <current year>



Giving is actually gayer than taking really, because you physically have to be aroused to do it.



A real man is always aroused.




Even the journo calls it vile.



Some rather uncomfortable poos today.

Not feeling very keen on this date tonight, its also >flogging down and I'm feeling quite lazy today.



Have a comfy night in



I've been doing that for best part of a month



I only have nights in, apart from banjer and air rifle and I haven't done the latter for months.



Go out then.


Wouldn't mind getting into shooting.



Hobo here, im in country NSW. lots of shit talking bogans.



Equally as many wanked poos though?



Are you sniffing around the bins there mate?



Not yet going to wait for tonight, dont want the pigs giving me any trouble.



Who is really the pig here though?



What area are you hoboing it up in?



Very well put.



The cops


Some place NSW





Uncomfortable poo at chaddy before going to Uniqlo.

Maybe me and shitey have used this same loo


Missing the sunshine


I'm horny.






resist the temptations of the flesh




Have a wank



You've caught his poo disease




I'd bend you over for a tenner



Apparently in this day and age if you have unhealthy poo you can pay to get some healthy poo shoved up your bum




Wasn't this what NK was going to do before they reviewed his poo pictures?



I'm honestly not sure if it's a real thing or hipster shit


Stool transplant



He wants action. I am ready to stand and deliver.



You can probably get some pervert to pay you for it if you look in the right places


File: d27d9e3f15ea2a4⋯.jpg (9.8 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Hem-packshot-photo-Ernest_….jpg)


Where do you want it ?


Need to get my beard trimmed



In the living room please.



>I am ready to stand and deliver

Your cunny or your life



I'm sorry, we only deliver internal stools



Don't forget to do downstairs.





We can review both upstairs and downstairs trimming efforts, if pictures are provided. cost is one (1) vile and must be provided upfront



I am unsure how Possum feels about crotchbeards and the trimming of


Someone needs to break into Nuro's place and swap his coffee enema with one of NK's poos, this will change his ways.



Depends on what day the poo is, some are very low quality and quantity.


When I was young people shoved E's up their bums

Now it's all coffee, the youth of today is weak



I really don't know why people did that, it's not like it would get you higher or something.



The young lads these days are all about shoving D's up their bums



Likewise, Even if it got you 10% higher I'll stick with non anal drugs



Degeneracy abounds.

They should be out putting their D's up young ladies bums


Might have another spew



Thanks, it's me.



I don't believe you.



Have a vom


File: dfa74d1dae7e15e⋯.png (212.8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Active-Fullfor-560gr-uten-….png)



That dog is probably like the projectile vomit



That hundemat will make me vom even more


Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Misery music is for edgy 15 year olds.




Uniqlo has some nice business clothes. I bought some of kando pants from there and a nice slim fit shirt as well as an Italian leather brown belt. What did you get?



ist peaceful.


File: 0fadd8a15f394aa⋯.jpg (50.88 KB, 919x571, 919:571, 32432434.JPG)

Wish they made these with a diesel


Can you run a diesel vehicle with cooking oil?


Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's uncanny and disturbing, try this.





It can also be used as lube.



Some fuck at work has one of those.



Too bad.

>tfw left work 5 hours early.



Monk life is paying for it all in Rupees and HPV.



I likem, very simply and good off-roader, just a shame there's no diesel option.



>magnesium tablets



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I find this pretty relaxing.



A NEET owning a Jimny would bring back bad memories



>twf only 38 hours p/w NPC




>to become an accountant




Tbf slacker drug addict with money is one of the top NEET goals






>sometime events happen

go on



>sometimes these events involve a penis and a shopping centre



7.2K is ahead of the curve.



Once upon a time, Beccy was a barista.






I don't like this story of events.


File: ee2d3d8bdf62687⋯.jpg (89.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 01_413060.jpg)

File: 2e21e6eccc0f933⋯.jpg (16.13 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 410965_sub3.jpg)


I bought the top in pic 1, I'll combine with the pants from pic 2 that I already have for the date tonight.

Most of my big boy clothes are from uniqlo too, theyre cheap and fit me pretty well, unlike a lot of the nicer brands like roger david or whatever, I need a fairly slim fit.

Was getting a lot of mires from young mums and sexy oriental retail workers. My self-esteem grows daily.



>im ready to re-enter the workforce

go on



Unfortunately he was ill on a VERY IMPORTANT day of his training hence the "stirring the coffee" incident


File: 6a6c9ca66c75d39⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1348x1011, 4:3, 6a6c9ca66c75d39ffa2d71f46c….png)


It's a bit of secret but he use to be a priority one delivery driver for Dan. If you need goon urgently anywhere in the state he's the man you call to deliver it to you.



She takes the panadol to hide from the shame




Very nice, how much?




The male models do kind of scream HOMOSEXUAL



We're all going to make it.



I desperately compensate for my NEET status with pretentious clothing


50 bucks




11.6 last time

I shall achieve my name on average



Good afternoon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>50 bucks



>NEET status with pretentious clothing

What happens if some girl you go out with thinks you're extremely wealthy or something?



He'll probably avoid the training wheels because they're NPC jew ZOG tools.



She'll have sex with him ?



Congrats mate.



What if she wants more than that? a gold digger, so to speak.




That's pretty funny tbh

Nature developed both of them to do the same thing.



He can give her just a tiny little bit of NEET gold and reap the chad reward



Well she ain't messin' with no broke.



She'll keep sucking until she finds out

then she'll continue sucking in the shed



Seems like a waste.



Having fruits in your bum loosens it all up.


Gold diggers are just crack whores with pretensions



Morning sickness.



Get the Garlic Bread Subway.


I'd really like to be a sugar daddy tbh

I'll find some cute jungle gook in the village and shower her with a middle income lifestyle


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This would be the most hilarious thing, dressed very nicely and look respectable, "wanna come back to mine?"

Shed time.





>i have been in charge of a few WFTD neets last year

Bit jealous tbh



I'm still trying to find a drug ho

Not sure where to order them from




Never knew you had such patrician taste, thought you liked similar music to Weber






Off to the date I go then NEETs

I will update you later if I get a chance.



Fucking flogged down her too.

Nice and comfy in front of the heater and in trackies.



I like all music, but mainly metal/alternative, looking forward to Tool's new album coming out.



Good luck m8

Give her one up the bum for us



Have fun m80



Not before kissing. They need to take their time before getting nasty.



I bet your the sort that holds hands without gloves on



How do you get around so much?

And why?



Yes, but I keep a pair in my pocket at all times.




That was the start of our four NEET chandelier last night.



I'm not.



I was quite impressed when you balanced those 2 boongs eifel towering Rebecca on top


Thinking about erotic shed shenanigans



Yes it does. You are missing out doing just oral.




Very clever.



>I need a fairly slim fit.

Are you even trying for Nurgle?



You could make them scream HOMOSEXUAL



Is that gross or net?




The Philippines calls for me. In 25 years.



Write /ausneets/ on her tiger stripes.



No commitments and its fun.



A prepared whore.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


16 minutes wait for the train.

Hope I can sneak in a pre date pint somewhere in the city


43% battery and I didn't brush my teeth.

Not off to a good start



Give it a shake may be you'll get a few more percent out of it.


Had a spew and a poo


did you spew on your poo or poo on your spew?



>tfw empty




Good question.



Poo'd on my spew



boong wizard doesn't even try anymore


what the fuck is this supposed to mean?


I keep messaging randoms on Grindr with random NK comments.

>What do you suck in?

>What makes you better than the real Dyson, human Dyson?

Is the next comment to someone?


I liked it the times Grindr has been used to locate homosexuals and beat them to death.


File: dc086430ec140ae⋯.png (47.84 KB, 685x1025, 137:205, Fuck me.png)


You're just too cute like this fellow


File: a02a8398e24ddc1⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1530x1080, 17:12, Shoebill 002.jpg)


Obviously this doesn't happen enough. 62% of the population need to be beaten to death.



Are you coming to that Anime summit thing tomorrow?



I don't know what it is you speak of. No regardless. I dislike secondaries and Australians and don't want to have anything to do with them.


Might go and sleep in the bathroom tonight



>I dislike …Australians and don't want to have anything to do with them.

You'll fit in nicely here.



Do you have a separate ensuite Cindy can use?




Are you Seppo I pissed off a while back?


Explosive diarrhoea and Projectile vomiting



My thoughts exactly.





At the same time or are you able to turn around in time?



Yes magnesium is incredible to counteract the goon


File: 5c637f44e019608⋯.jpeg (5.14 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 5c637f44e019608e0cbcff5b2….jpeg)


Up your intake of both!



I turned around immediately after the vomit, but had my head over the bathtub in case I needed to spew more.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's good you've got plan B


Drink less and you wont need to buy any magnesium


File: 42d643e82ea6310⋯.jpg (554.95 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, 42d643e82ea63108b623d8aeed….jpg)


Uncomfortable abdo pain after I swallow


File: 53bd29f0705f51d⋯.jpg (137.28 KB, 434x650, 217:325, bngfdm.jpg)


>abbo pain you say?






See a doctor.

There's probably 5 in Cindy's family.



Booked in tomorrow



Sounds like gastro.



I think so, also got a fever and the chills.


File: 03bbddd2cd3cf87⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0382.JPG)


Ugh they bonged up the bridge again UNNA






It is very windy at the moment and I don't like it.



fly a kite



Our bridge cunt



Yes windchill is not comfy and I almost lost my tobacco pouch into the river the other day.

Warm and sunny in Brisbane. Like even shorts wearing weather after dark :)


File: ddb38c319b4eea7⋯.png (72.47 KB, 413x549, 413:549, ab.png)



Our bridge on your land


Could my missus's cooking have poisoned me? she isn't sick.

Probably got it in viral form from some grubs car.


I had a knock on the door and a neighbour I've never talked to was standing there with a cover off a fan. He asked me if I had a box. There was a cat out the front that was barely moving, it was in a very bad way. I got a crate thing and put a towel in then put the cat in it, then a jacket over the top of it.

I drove with the neighbour to the AWL, they were closing and said they wouldn't take it, bit shit tbh. They were all still there. Anyway, they said take it to a vet, so off we went to do that. They made him sign a form, then we left it there. They said they would euthanise it. Unsure if that is a happy ending. Suppose it's better than it being left to die in my yard in the rain. My new hi-vis and a towel now has cat piss on it.



Oriental ginger beer of death

Ancient Chinese secret.



>Suppose it's better than it being left to die in my yard in the rain

To die alone and unwanted



it could have been when you tongue punched her fart box.





It was bundaberg ginger beer, could the eternal queenslander have got me?



I'm not into fart boxes tbh



Normally it manifests after 6-8 hours, but it's odd she isn't sick if you ate the same thing.



This is why I think it's a virus usually 8 to 48 hours after infection.



You'll have to disinfect everything at home, or Cindy will start doing the same.




Hard choice m8, pretend to not be sick or clean the whole house



>clean the whole house

I just meant door handles, shared surfaces, etc.


Norovirus or similar could destroy the NEET compound.



She knows I'm crook, I don't want her to get whatever it is.


I've been washing my hands and stuff


Inflamed gut and broken bum hole disease is horrible.



A nasty flu will destroy the NEET compound



Possum doesn't wash his hands after taking a banging shit.

Goes out to the squat rack and exercises.

Webby uses the rack afterward (adding much more weight to the bar).

Possum's poo and garlic germs infect Webby

Webby cooks hamburgers for the other NEETs




This will make Jonestown look like a picnic.



Whar's the prod?



I suggest all NEETs have their hands amputated to prevent this situation.


File: 3e49faffed4746a⋯.jpg (7.29 KB, 221x228, 221:228, 3e49faffed4746a16dde426007….jpg)



It was the ginger beer chicken.



I think he's referring to the dicks he sucks. I told him I'll put him on the wait list.


Nobody ever says projectile diarrhoea and explosive vomiting



Shriveled up NEETcorpses scattered everywhere, with poo and spew running like rivers.



>(adding much more weight to the bar)

Fucking slander.



Nuro survives on account of his bleach drinking routine.


The Autism Project Update #21

Time's up, NEETs. The dream is dead. Fatherbot decided to hound me about the work situation today. Gradually built up the boomer talk until he worked himself into a tizzy and kicked me out. I had a few interviews over the course of the next month. Like all real jobs, they require a few interviews spaced out over about a month duration. Does not look like I will be able to follow through on them, because I need to worry about pulling in enough income to get a shed maybe and some food. Probably will try to get a manual labor job of some sort tomorrow to pay the bills. Living in the car for the time being. Will worry about finding a real job in the future. This very well may be my last update.


File: 14f5b74bd0861db⋯.png (29.79 KB, 225x350, 9:14, effortpepe.png)

I am up from a two hour nap.



>left work 5 hours early.

Tell us what happened mate. I want all the details.



Your Dad is a bit of a cunt to do this to you with no notice.


File: f69f1e03b9d6f26⋯.jpg (77.23 KB, 940x627, 940:627, Confusedunna.jpg)


File: 6d4a4f3b6f71214⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 449x798, 449:798, 1geoinkdyxy902y07877b.jpg)

File: c6ca0d25000344f⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 449x798, 449:798, xyf4cz1zihqlw5b6stfdn.jpg)


> Living in the car for the time being. Will worry about finding a real job in the future. This very well may be my last update.

Get a van, sell your ass and continue the project.



Fuck that's rough m8



He went to the MILF's house.



Have a wank



File: f069a3c5c8c4ebc⋯.jpg (119.84 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Costa56.jpg)


>poo and spew running like rivers.

That's a sure fire way to get Costa around..



Jaysus, hang in there m8, something will turn up.



This was the bit you were most offended by?



What an agro looking pepe



Imagine Costa spewing into his beard.



You called him a fat barfly



I didn't say that. I suggested he didn't wash his hands after poopin'.



I use to have an unkempt Costa-ish beard.

Spewing was not fun. I'd have to take a shower after.


File: 654e35f4bbd8949⋯.jpg (4.66 MB, 7504x2432, 469:152, IMG_0387.JPG)


Nice night in Brissy… might hit a few bars…


I've probably infect a few people at work with my spew.


File: be8b790e60c533f⋯.png (676.53 KB, 640x360, 16:9, SpearUnna1.png)


Look out for the boongs.. I hear the boys are still on the lookout for (You).



You really shouldn't vomit on your coworkers



I had a big bushy beard from I was around 19 until 23.



I got some on the apprentice's shoes.



You should have spewed somewhere in a car for another mechanic to find. Like in the air filter box or under Possum's rocker covers


File: 4ada8e641a84060⋯.jpg (44.46 KB, 650x366, 325:183, Boongmob.jpg)



we gonna ride Rebecca like a bike



At least they know you weren't faking.



That boong in the centre looks really unhappy



He's only just realised he's black.



Had just put a car up the hoist, told the apprentice to drain the oil and take the wheels off, all of a sudden the horrible feeling came over me and I hurled all over the floor, than ran to my wash sink in front of my bay and hurled in there, then went up stairs and hurled some more in the toilet.



It has been building for some time, I suppose. I have been unable to find work for a couple of years now since graduating uni. Considered further studies and applications for half a year, but it wasn't going to work out. I am getting pretty old now. Haven't left their house during the daytime for the better part of a year and a half.


File: 14fdf2ac92f4404⋯.jpg (3.9 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG20190712182312.jpg)

Dinner time




If luck is with me, I will work my way up to being a fancy van dwelling NEET!






some chicken thing with a side of hurl


That's the spirit, see if you can work remotely, get a nice van, travel around and work from it.



Was your mummybot around when this all kicked off?




Shitey should be able to keep shuffling you from one empty room to another in the hospital.


File: 75181838ad18fc2⋯.png (676.53 KB, 640x360, 16:9, NoiceUnna2.png)


Her shout unna.



Burnt chicken breast on a bed of cous cous. Stewed vegetable medley.


File: 5dc114f3ac5d237⋯.jpg (13.32 KB, 420x280, 3:2, boongbrekky.jpg)


If she's a good girl she can 'ave some grub after




> tfw on the second goonsack of the day

Time to buy the second goon of day


I saw my mates dog eat a widgetty grub

It seemed to enjoy it



She didn't say a word. Got up and left the house at the beginning of it.



So it was planned then.


File: b92500e47f5775c⋯.jpg (93.3 KB, 716x960, 179:240, yidbxa381z821.jpg)



I thought you were broke?






His dad gave him $9001 to buy new school clothes



> he still has the box




what does the scouter say about his power level



that poor dry july neet at the top


File: 15dbef73e6fcd97⋯.png (220.29 KB, 234x383, 234:383, 15dbef73e6fcd97f45ccefc0a3….png)


She's always a good girl.



Great picture




Nope. No more dude weed: old mate got a BUST




He .. has no more marijuana

And … his old friend has grown boobs ?



Dunno. It was pretty calm until I told him I wasn't sure I would get the jobs I was applying to or not. Then, he threw something that was in his hand, shattering it on the wall behind me and went off.



>his old friend has grown boobs ?

Biggest set and he has found a new sugar daddy so he stopped selling drugs.



That sounds like he worked himself up into it



That doesn't explain the money from his dad though

Unless … is dad the sugar daddy ?



his dad is a prostitute



I suspect he has multiple personalities and a number of them post here.



Nah, I think I've worked this out.

Rebecca's best friend used to sell drugs but had a sex change and started banging his dad and now his dad gives it all his money and there's none left for Rebecca



You left out the part where my mum and Dad actually swapped genders



Nice try fake Rebecca but far too legible


Our home is girth by D



This… TrUE MY MUM IS MY MUM, I did fuk her ONce, twas a good FUkn



good post




So apparently there will be an indigenous referendum soon, Should we create a nasboong association and a apply for funding to support the referendum



A referendum on what ?



Sort of thing



Eternal wankruptcy.



Amending the constitution to recognise boongs as the first people of Australia and a special class of citizen.

Paving the way for every other special interest group to demand special recognition.

We're supposed to be one people under the constitution, so I will be voting no.



Oh for fucks sake, so it's Sorry Day 2, The Boongs Strike Back

I like boongs as much as the next NEET but fuck that shit



We need a referendum to recognise neets as the first people of the neet gen and a special class of poster



Yeah, it wouldn't matter what group it was, the answer would be the same from me.



I'll be voting yes because I hope it leads to Aboriginal Sovreignty

Abo Rights should be put before all other races, especially that of Asians and Jews



We give them the dole and we let them into pubs, what more do they want ?



Pretty much. If they want self-determination, carve off a piece of Australia for them on the condition they run it themselves and they may not come back over the border.



I had a bit of a sperg as soon as I got to work about how we have disproportionate workloads. I said that it'd fine for me to do what I do if everyone else did too. I also said that there is no choice and control in regards to shift times for people on Monday seeing as the arselicking chick sends rosters out at 5pm and it's unfair to participants to have to call an after hours number to change a shift if they have one first thing Monday, especially when they have been reminded that that number is primarily for emergencies.

I had a meeting at 12 and said I was going home. I kind of think the boss wanted to see if I was right about how shit would fall apart with me gone, it did. Sort of, I kept calling and advising them on what to do and who to call. Not that much though. I called a coworker just before and asked how it went, she said that she didn't cry. I said that's a positive and that she did a good job.

My 12 o'clock meeting didn't answer the door so I went and had a pork roll, a custard filled finger bun thing and a coffee then went to the guy who I go on cruises with. I haven't seen him in a month or so.

My 12 o'clock called back after and I rescheduled to Monday, after two other appointments, so I wont be in until well after lunch.



My uni orientation was 20 minutes behind because the boongs were late and we still had to watch their retarded little ape dance before we actually got on with what we were there for. The host went overboard with clapping and going on about it being the best thing she ever saw.

Our biggest mistake was not wiping out coons.



This, Sovreignty when?



Give them a bullet to the head. They don't deserve any land.



It would be funny to see who would end up King of the Boongs

Probably Tones



Fuck. Sorry man, hope it works out.



I've though about this, why don't we give them certain areas of land like the yanks do with their indians, abo reservations, let them have their own laws and whatnot.


File: e86a9f716c0370c⋯.png (276.75 KB, 350x368, 175:184, boongAngry.png)





Our biggest mistake was ending WAP As well as allowing Jews under WAP mate, Abos are perfectly fine and in a perfect world the white cunts would have an ethnostate on Australia and the Aboriginals would have the rest of the country and all the Seppos, Gooks and Negros wouldn't be him


Boexit when?



>aboriginal casinos




That's a waste of land and whatever resources could be there. Boongs don't deserve anything.


Boongs shouldn't even exist.



This must happen, I want rainbow serpent themed pokies.



I didn't but it may be reason enough to give her a call. By the time I'll have settled down and won't need to be consoled. Which means I'll use that time for other purposes.



This is fine as long as they have to commit 100% and not come back over the border or use another cent of taxpayer's money.



Tony will be the Australian Ambassador to the Indigenous Nation, the Boong King will either be Jessica Mauboy or NK



The only game will be goon



Fuck off you retarded kike, Abos have much more right to exist than fuckers like you who abuse the poor folk



Banging shit Posso



I want indigenous white Dog Race Betting



I think "angry old boong man with watch" >>303645

should be the boong king



I'm not a kike and boongs have no reason to exist. "Traditional owner" bullshit. Go choke on coon cock you faggot.



Just be careful when leaving the workplace without any work to do (i.e. going to appointments). It might be better for you to sit in the office and work really slow then leaving for appointments for the day.



I'd play poker machines made by boongs. They have zero understanding of mathematics or money, so it would probably be a safe investment.



>and boongs have no reason to exist

They are pretty funny if you choose to see them as funny



Maybe he will want me back in a day or two. I got pretty mad at him right before I left. I do not want to go back, but I am a broken man, so I might if it is offered.



You're a rich cunt, that's what makes you an entitled cunt

All Rich Cunts are Jews, ergo you're a disgusting Kike, now fuck off Dog this is a board only for the unemployed and the working class UNNA


We should round up all the boongs and give them some shitty, barren land with no resources for them to live on. Then cut off the water supply and leave them there.




Sorry, I meant to say without any work. You did the right thing I meant to say.



Most casinos have no card counting, in boong casinos it's just no counting at all


File: fcc29e91bdfe1b9⋯.jpg (322.99 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, 5ba41a42eeda42cae758e0558a….jpg)



We should round up all the rich cunts and give them some shitty, barren land with no resources for them to live on. Then cut off the water supply and leave them there.



If you have to go back don't stand on your pride.

Just use it as a chance to get the cash together for a move more easily.



Did you get a formal position statement / JD when you started?


File: e1937cd9a05ea41⋯.png (89.82 KB, 215x255, 43:51, boongbro.png)


File: 668b616c866284b⋯.jpg (88.36 KB, 720x540, 4:3, unna1.jpg)

File: e77c48ce4a7f99a⋯.jpg (259.94 KB, 760x536, 95:67, unna2.jpg)



You should go missing for a few weeks and let them think you have been murdered or something. Teach them a lesson.


File: f644464e734b912⋯.jpg (120.85 KB, 700x684, 175:171, f644464e734b912bafe606c8d0….jpg)


There should instead be the Boong Tranny Council



Stop voting for the Greens.



WA truly is the most unna state



NSW has fuck all boong land

Racist cunts



We should give them Melbourne, they'd put it to better use than the Jews and Gooks

Hell Monk then can be in a position to fuck endless boong pussy



tassie doesn't even have boongs lol


File: c9971f0b8852a71⋯.png (963.1 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, NASBoongs3.png)


File: 3b1d64bf5645e8c⋯.png (233.46 KB, 342x381, 114:127, Highunna2.png)



Kek ,Those Redcoats didn't fuck about



I voted Sustainable followed by Fraser Anning with Greens only above Labour matey, with me voting One Nation the election before

The Greens and all "Communists" and "Socialists" in the west are rich fucking yuppies who give no fucking flying fuck about the actual working class so all they do is support gay shit like Gays being allowed to finger kids bumholes and never care about those roughing it

Come the Day of the Spear, Richard Di Natale is getting his Jew head put on the pike first





They actually have the highest boong rate out of any state NT isn't a state but that's only because of Mainland Boong emmigration



I haven't voted since 1994



are you actually a boong?


File: 258815f9d5ac155⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 620x387, 620:387, tonyaboo.jpg)


File: 78fc1541a8f36b4⋯.png (5.8 KB, 497x89, 497:89, Parliament House Darwin Ho….png)


File: 461141833421592⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0389.JPG)


This place is awesome there is a secret elevator from the subway up 15 floors an then Manual down the exit spiral then there is a huge triple set of stairs to train station and then a double set and then a steep decent into the gardens

Might check out queen street mall and then Southbank and a slow ride home and put a pizza on . No energy to hit the club. Big week and I'm still digesting HJ smokey Angus from lunch.


Wonder what boongs think about the convicts who were essentially brought out here against their will.


File: 22c53dd9f46ea9e⋯.jpg (92.14 KB, 500x393, 500:393, b0d80a83b01afe69521549243c….jpg)


I sexually Identify as a boong but I am unfortuantally born of the white cunt skin, UNNA



It would be easier. Don't think I would have much of a chance at full employment if I have to be making money to save up for a NEET van while I am interviewing. I have spent periods of about a week homeless before.

Then again, I have a couple of credit cards with high credit limits, a relic of my formerly non neet days. I am afraid of running up more debt though.


File: d70ecb9b84586f0⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 3240x2052, 30:19, pointingunna.jpg)





>I sexually Identify as a boong

Is this the solution to rape charges ?


File: 09e30658d4430db⋯.jpg (232.1 KB, 1320x770, 12:7, 09e30658d4430dbe1d24737322….jpg)


Farken ay cuz, unna



If they'd cared they'd have fought properly. Not fighting is basically consent to the 'invasion'.



They were judged by the colour of their skin and nothing else

> bloody racist traditional owners


>52 P

I passed! Fucking scraped by but its a pass. I was so worried about that unit but it has turned out okay.



They did fight back though.



They probably thought about having sex with them


File: 695e0dd96130031⋯.png (868.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 074a07c3fdfc9b50848610b941….png)


The Ethnowank will be fueled by those sexually identify as boongs raping the white dog cunts AY


File: e21aafdd4ecd585⋯.png (13.77 KB, 300x100, 3:1, MONG.png)









one or two did

they didn't fight until every last one of themselves was dead



Perhaps I should…



no fucken way a boong named their kill Llewellyn




Onya m80.

Remeber P's get degrees


File: f2bb5e1dd19259f⋯.jpg (240.79 KB, 668x843, 668:843, durryunna2.jpg)


kek, I'll smoke to that



It's a Welsh Boong



Boongs killing Welshmen ?

crazy world







Fucker, I'd have beaten you there but Possum makes me do the captcha 200 times a day



Thanks mate, I'm getting my shit together so hopefully I'll do better next semester. I'm off the grog now.


File: 57280e193421189⋯.jpg (131.12 KB, 1150x863, 1150:863, 57280e19342118955cbe85c825….jpg)


Wait Cheesey you passed your Ps,

Hell fucking yes, Cheesey we need to come to your house to celebrate



You dumb dumb.

UniNEET got a P for the subject he thought he was going to fail.



WRhoite dog carnt


File: c91bd73d03f3db1⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 075d3a7015850809b39a6cf0b0….png)


Possum is a white dog wankist



Abo drive thru's.



Even boongs wash their hands in the dirt after taking a banging shit.



Fuck me, NZ NEET should go to the BWS again and get some Passion Pop to celebrate




Yeah, I never leave without a reason.



They'd just spit out a VB every $5 you put in it.




<Can I get 2 Possum Burger Meals, and a pack of 20 Fried Whichedy Grubs


<Can I get one with Goon and the other with Abbott Wank




Yeah, although the guy who gave me it has been kicked out and new boss doesn't understand what the role is.

I am doing multiple roles now.



I wonder if the possums I see when I walk home take banging shits



This is a drive through experience I would pay for.



Just do the duties in the JD and only do your 7.5 hours.



Sounds like you already did with the vomit and shit.




We had sex with them.



Don't jump.






Based on the ones in my area, they take poo pellets the same shape as rat poo, just larger.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Jandamara will return



Well done mate. I once passed a subject after getting a 46 on the exam but then having it remarked (As was policy for all close fails) by the topic coordinator who gave me 51.



but are they banging?



When I was at school you had to let teacher finger your bumhole to get remarked


File: 5f2e8c5851ba23c⋯.jpg (8.98 KB, 218x218, 1:1, eef7fb4a78635733fe451acf70….jpg)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Was actually referencing this song:



When I was at school you had to get remarked to let teacher finger your bumhole





File: 3a6d827e8ce5572⋯.jpg (99.02 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1549602641309.jpg)


File: 9b37a201e49a5ab⋯.jpeg (378.84 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, abotranniesstage2.jpeg)


File: 1426b3f5f3d8d05⋯.jpg (46.62 KB, 650x433, 650:433, thegirlsunna.jpg)


File: b18eb2231c81667⋯.jpg (11.19 KB, 259x194, 259:194, bushbisc.jpg)

Who used to eat these?


File: 2be19875b0dd80c⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 600x620, 30:31, Epidemius.jpg)

This is the most NEET of all Warhammer Models, he just sits there being carried by nurglings and counts shit


File: 7ca4b2ba11f41cc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20190712_125607.jpg)

Had the worst shit at work today, was out in the loading zone at lunch having a coffee when I needed to shit and I usually hold it in till the end of break so I can take a quick dump. Everything was going according to plan when a customer drove into the loading zone asking me if he can buy something (were not fucking coles), told him he needs to order online as we only do pickups and he can't be in the loading zone.

The stupid cunt starts whinging that he Didint know (he's eaten 5 mins of my break already) and I tell him again to order online and to get out of our loading zone, he continues whining and starts swearing so I tell him to leave the premises immediately or I will call the police. He starts swearing even more so I put my hands on his roof and lean in and shout "ARE FUCKING DEAF CUNT I SAID GET OUT OF MY LOADING ZONE", he looked pretty shocked so I took out my phone and told him I'm calling the police and he backed out and drove off.

I went into the toilets to take a Sloppy shit and when I went to wipe my ass some cunt truck driver must have used the last sheet and didn't tell anyone so I had to waddle to the next stall to wipe my ass,next time those cunts ask to use the toilet I'll point them to the Bush across the road


File: fd8d3dfc4900f86⋯.jpg (107.53 KB, 500x375, 4:3, goonwanka.jpg)



You even wipe your arse now?



NK you're becoming quite the worker



Looks like something a boong would eat



You alpha boong



A hi vis NEET wageplace spergout is not alpha.



Fucking customers

Warehouses would work so well without them



Yeah, you tend to smell better when you wipe




You're betraying your aboriginal culture



That's subjective



Were fazing out customer pick ups at some point because they waste so much of our time with their dumb questions and bullshit



they should be used to house homeless boongs unna



I once stopped an 8 ton forklift with 6 tons of timber on it about 4" from the side of a customers 4wd

The silly cunt thought the warning and stay out signs "were only for one side of the path"



Very assertive.


Imagine being NK's missus and not having his sausage rolls heated up on time when he gets home from work.




That dark bit looks worrying.



>Imagine being NK's missus


I wish I was one of those 50s guys with a hot blonde wife who would give me a vat of whisky and a steak whenever I walked in the door.


>tfw not NKs misso



Imagine the boongs getting pozzed by GLOBALHOMO



File: 8b664fd94ab4aa4⋯.jpg (207.84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1505716199366.jpg)

>Being able to see green spaces from your home is associated with reduced cravings for alcohol, cigarettes and harmful foods, new research has shown.

>The study, led by the University of Plymouth, is the first to demonstrate that passive exposure to nearby greenspace is linked to both lower frequencies and strengths of craving.

>It builds on previous research suggesting exercising in nature can reduce cravings, by demonstrating the same may be true irrespective of physical activity.



File: 4bfc51cd5083bbe⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 316x421, 316:421, Costa32.jpg)


I wish I was one of those 1750s guys with a hot boong wife who would give me a vat of goon and a possum steak whenever I walked in the door.



8.3K must never drink.



The look in her eye shows me she knows what he's gunna go with his hands next



what the fuck is wrong with his suit


File: acaa73abaf9c85e⋯.jpg (182.21 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, Costa38.jpg)

This Costa is more relevant.




Who is this glorious bearded Costa man?


File: 7f337abd581d00c⋯.jpg (295.66 KB, 1162x800, 581:400, 7f337abd581d00c64b847105c2….jpg)


How come when ever I see this greenspace I have a desire for goon?


File: e08796c9f4a0805⋯.jpg (31.41 KB, 460x283, 460:283, Costa12.jpg)


The wank extractor



I chain smoke and drink 3 bottles a week



It is all hidden in a tent.



Vegan Dealer of mushrooms



He has a gardening show on the ABC, recently won a couple Logies

Do you not into NEETLore, I assumed you were an expert but if you don't know Costa…….




Does that blonde woman actually belong to him or is she rental ?



No one wants to use customer parking


File: e05391fd42fb99a⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 399x400, 399:400, 1554639525726.jpg)


I am not fond of Costa.

Burke is the only garden man I will acknowledge.



They are all rentals every single last one of them


I just had a thought, does it break Vegan rules if they drink human cum?



This was him driving through the yard and round a blind corner



Is Costa a manlet?



I rented your mum


File: fd968e69179d72b⋯.jpeg (47.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, costy.jpeg)


He'll grow on you and your backside


File: 17be57667c9d481⋯.jpg (110.13 KB, 1017x678, 3:2, Costa25.jpg)


Not sure, the blondie's love his majestic beard.

He seems to get around..



I am fond of his equine expertise too



Not according to my first gf no



I've seen him posted around here, but never really looked into him, I don't watch t.v much.


5 nights with no drink or smoke. Deciding if I will go out to get 2 bottles of NZ Sav Blanc or try to push it out to a week.



>that school boy whipping out his cock ready to wank to Costa



It's true, I was the Costa hater when you started but now he makes me laugh



If someone is a vegan for moral reasons then consensually obtained bodily fluids should be no issue at all



Don Burke 2.0 calling it



How come?

Cum is a by-product of an animal



Quit that nasty stuff for good.



Cum is half a humans DNA




I was 17 and she swallowed, I wasn't going to argue



He will never match up.



See the difference between him and Bourke is that the Slags know they'll suffer a worse fate than he will if they tell


wanked boong



Call her up right now and tell her someone is wondering



yes but humans are animals

I'm pretty sure Vegans don't eat Long Pork so why is cum ok



I last spoke to her 26 years ago so that might be difficult


File: c29943df9b3a3a1⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 316x237, 4:3, Peter Cundall.jpg)


>tfw thinking about Peter Cundall.



Vegan ideology has moved on a fair bit since then.



Consent you dicl head.



Bloomin' marvel arse.



She was also a white face paint wearing goth

It was like dating a mime



are you his ex?


If I want a quote for my rocker cover gasket replacement from a different mechanic can I just ring them up and tell them my car model or will I have to take it in to be seen in person to get a quote?



I don't consent Which means yes

Which means Anal







Does it have vomit under it or not?

Yeah you should be able to phone any mechanic and tell the the car/engine make and get a quote.



Refusal of consent is tantamount to bullying

And bullying is basically rape


File: 6fd6365f42f1558⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 320x214, 160:107, Costa9.jpg)


(You) wouldn't?



That's good. I think I am going to go somewhere else.



god I wish that were me




I would not shag Costa even if he were the last deranged bearded rape man in the land




I hope he has good beard hygiene. That would be my only concern.



Cool. Try and avoid those combined dealer + service center places, they tend to inflate their prices.



He could go on a mad boong raping spree and then shave his beard off

No one would ever suspect



>beard hygiene

I don't want to date some kind of homosexual



He washes his beard with Abo Wanks



What could possibly go wrong putting the tines of a garden fork that has been in shit, Blood & Bone, and who knows what else, in your mouth?



I have been reading reviews on the local mechanics and think I have found one who will be good.



>Blood & Bone



I often wonder about that greentext about killing boongs between Perth and Adelaide, do you think it could be real?



A true beard is it's own ecosystem



Perhaps that is his dedicated raping fork



Signals guys at work say yes.





File: e370b8288be38e0⋯.jpg (54.9 KB, 687x678, 229:226, Costa49.jpg)


I miss his voice.







What else would he do with all the boong semen he extracts?


A better, more hearty immune system?


New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839

New Thread: >>303839







>His teeth

A bit worrying.



Everything here is real. It was well written, I think there may be truth to it, same as the one about him picking that guy up from Nimbin



10 times

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