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File: 3b70d9553e22578⋯.jpg (78.82 KB, 716x768, 179:192, Bill_Wilson-0.jpg)


What happened to him after the plane scene?





Four you


File: 3808ff6f1428348⋯.webm (973.89 KB, 720x480, 3:2, GIA.webm)


look at this dramatization


The story I always see thrown around is he goes on a journey of self-discovery, perhaps through the desert of Uzbekistan (as a parallel to the deserts of his mind). Then he ends up in Gotham and helps stop Bane and then somehow becomes Deathstroke.


Then again, so many legends about this guy are told that nothing is really distinguishable from the true story. And that goes for his past as well. It would actually be very interesting to try to piece together his life story based solely on word of mouth and legends about him. This makes him such a compelling and unique character in fiction simply because his biography is nearly entirely open source. He's not just Nolan's creation, he's our creation.

I've seen lots of different claims about CIA that may or may not be true (they could all be half-truths for all we know), however, since he's a clean slate at the moment he's introduced to us, anything is possible. Here's a rough outline of his life based on few tidbits of information which have surfaced and have become somewhat canonized, info which is generally accepted and all fits together in continuity (as would be the case, most things don't add up timeline-wise, and this is the best I can come up with atm):

>CIA is born "Bill Wilson" in Ireland between 1966 and 1968

>>generally considered April 21 because [4/21 (21st letter is U) = 4U]

>at some point between his childhood and his joining the CIA, Wilson meets Bane and the two become bitter rivals

>Wilson joins the armed forces, illegally underage

>Wilson serves in Lebanon

>Wilson meets his future wife in 1980s or 90s

>Wilson resides in Newport News, VA

>Wilson joins the CIA in the early 2000s

>>generally accepted as 2003

>Wilson is generally referred to as "CIA" because of his embodiment of the CIA 'character,' and effectively becomes "CIA"

>CIA learns of Bane's mischief and waits for the day to come face-to-face with him

>CIA is at some point stationed in Uzbekistan but has ambitions to gain a post in New York or D.C.

>at this point, CIA is a father of anywhere from 2 to 4 children

>the plane scene is generally accepted to have taken place on January 19, 2013

>CIA survived the plane crash

>CIA was in Gotham when the fully primed neutron bomb detonated

>CIA becomes Deathstroke

>he has solo adventures

We really should be compiling and archiving all the info we see thrown around about CIA as any of it could be true. Then we can maybe piece it together into a timeline and perhaps maybe then unlock another secret in the plane scene and come one step closer to breaking Nolan's secret code and to the prize he has set out for us if we do so.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

You know the guy from the post-credits scene, Bateman? Well they actually made three more movies with him after.

In the first movie, the producers did another scene at the start that is very self contained, seemingly in tribute to Bravo Nolan. And again, it stars CIA. He's not played by Aiden Gillen, but like in The Plane Scene, he's directly called CIA, and it's the only name given. See around the 24 second mark of the embed. So CIA survived, but perhaps got plastic surgery so he could continue doing operations. Around 34 seconds, some other guy seems to have mistaken his friend's identification of CIA, thinking he was saying the woman, Lois Lane, was CIA. She is quick to correct him, though. The other guy is CIA. One minute in, CIA is shot point blank, seemingly killed. But that's not the end of his arc in these movies…


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The next movie only involved Bateman in a cameo, and CIA wasn't in it (despite early newspaper articles claiming he would be). However, another character from The Plane Scene, Brother, was the main antagonist. They retcon it so that he (and presumably Bane also) has a sister, known as The Enchantress. She brings Brother back to life, and also gives him godlike power, which he uses to crash this city with no survivors.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In the latest movie, Brother does not appear, and the roles of Bateman and CIA are reversed. Now Bateman appears in the main movie, and CIA only appears in the post-credits scene. He is referred to only as "Mr. Wilson" referring to his alias of Bill Wilson, as seen in the novelization of The Plane Scene. He is now visibly haggard and sporting an eye patch, presumably from being shot in the face in the previous movie in which he appeared. People claim that this iteration of the character is actually an adaptation of Deathstroke, a character who fights Bateman in some spinoff media. Deathstroke is a government agent who was the best, earning many feathers in his cap, but after suffering a terrible injury during an operation, The Agency repaired him with peak-human abilities, making him even more formidable than before. It appears the filmmakers are aware of CIA's fan-favorite status, and are getting ready to cater to us in future films.


File: a82342e88c5f5d1⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Toronto Star Suicide Squad….jpg)


For reference, here is the newspaper article claiming CIA, played by Aiden Gillen, is in the movie. I haven't found him in the movie myself though. But perhaps it is a very clever easter egg.



it was extremely painful


I had a dream that there were deleted scenes that got released. There was a battle while rapelling down a tall wall. One rope had Bane, a hired gun, and a traitor from the Agency. The other had Batman, Robin and CIA himself. There was a scene showing CIA dual wielding and firing away. I dunno how he could rappel while dual wielding but it was badass.



>Maybe he's wondering why a plane with no fuel tanks, wings, tail and which is essentially little more than an aluminum tube would burst into flames on impact?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Billy Wilson, the boy who lived…



I love the comments on that video



His name is CIA.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Interesting theses, but I find it rather unbelievable that CIA would have a wife, as he has admitted to being a poofter. Hence the obvious homoerotic tension between him and Bane, including his ecstasy when Bane twisted his nipples.


It's left open ended. There is a reason you shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane.

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