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The Rules

1. Great White Dick is supreme.

2. All girls were put on this Earth to serve White Men.

3. As White Men it is our duty to uplift humanity and spread our seed across the globe.

Rules pertaining to posting:

1. Stay on topic.

2. No non-white dicks.

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Cartoons and Comics

2D Colonization.

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Time to get /fit/ so we can /bleach/

Alright colonizers, its time to get /fit/. White men have a duty to bleach the world, but first we must train our minds and bodies.

Are you a fatty?

To lose fat, eat < 10 * (your bodyweight in lbs) / day.

So if your fat ass is at 240 pounds, eat less than 2400 kcal/day.

Are you a skelly?

To gain weight, eat > 16 * (your bodyweight) kcal / day.

That means if you're 100 lbs, you should eat more than 1600 kcal/day.

Remember lads, getting /fit/ doesn't require a gym membership or a bunch of expensive equipment. Start off with cardio workouts (jumping jacks, running, etc.) and weight based workouts (push ups, sit ups, etc). How do you think our White ancestors in Sparta got so toned? How do you think the great Hellenic army conquered the pussy Persian "men" and /bleached/ their women? I assure you they did not have gym memberships and protein shakes. Colonizing non-White women is in our blood. Latin America is the result of strong, fearless Spanish conquistadors fucking their way across the new world, killing off the native men and stealing their red wives and daughters.

African women belong to European MEN

South Asian women belong to British MEN

Vietnamese women belong to French MEN

Native American women belong to White MEN

Latina women belong to American MEN

Turkish women belong to Greek MEN

Central Asian women belong to Russian MEN

see link for more info


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Black Chicks

Oil drillers welcome.

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i hate niggers

i hate niggers

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White Women

While purifying black, brown, and yellow wombs is a necessity, pleasuring our own girls is a must as well.

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OC Thread

Dump your OC's here

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Latina Chics

Post White in Brown videos.

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Asian Girls

The thread for rice farmers.

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Hijabi Whores

In honor of Brenton lets get BLEACH some arab bitches up in here.

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Post White girls lezzing out with WOC Black, Asian, Latina, Muzzie, etc

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The Philosophy of /bleached/

As far as I can tell, the idea is to slowly clean the African race through impregnating their women and uplifting their offspring, correct? In the Americas, bleaching has been going on for quite awhile. Are any of you worried that Blacks may discover what we are doing to them? Although black boys seem to low-iq to recognize it.

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>m-m-muh statists!

>m-m-muh state is the enemy!

<a jew is pointing a gun at me, cleary the gun is the boogymen and anyone who wants a gun is a bootlicker!

why are leftists/libertarians so retarded

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Thai/Dark Skinned Asians Thread

Only way to improve asians is to give them darker skin. Thai girls have it naturally, but Gyaru is a great fetish too.

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Mulatto Gals love White Men

Even if said White Man is a drug addict, he's still the most appealing thing around.

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The Aesthetic Perfection of the Aryan Man

It's no surprise that non-White women are drawn to White men. Even the ugliest White man has a shot with attractive black or Asian women. And when it comes to the peak of White genetics, those men can have any girl they desire, of any race.

So what is it about White Men which is so beautiful? The fact that they are genetically superior is undeniable (one of the reasons that black bois are in such heavy denial) but what are the specific features that make the White Man so awe-inspiring? Any ideas?

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Indian Concubines

Help them climb their caste system.

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Bleached in Hollywood

Movies, shows, and music videos that feature bleaching. Starting with Halle Berry getting BLEACHED by Billy Bob Thorton.

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/bleached/ fantasies

Share your /bleached/ related fantasies here.

I would love to marry a White girl and have an asian and a black girlfriend on the side. They would all live with me, and I would breed all of them. I would only allow them to birth girls, though. I want them to engage in threesomes and foursomes as well. They would take care of the house and the kids together., and we would teach our daughters to worship White cock.

Related, will not let me embed.


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WMAF Thread

White on Rice Farmers

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Mulatto women BLEACHED

Hey /bleached/, why don't we have a lot of mulatto women x White man? We need more mulatto women getting BLEACHED right now! Anyway, post your MwWm shit my fellow bleachfags.

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Brenton Tarrant should have impregnated all those arab women at the mosque if he was angry about arab men colonizing Australia. A message board like bleached can save the pol people from going crazy. If those White guys over there just decided to impregnate(bleach) all these non-White women, they wouldn't be so angry all the time. It's great to colonize non-White women with White seed. It helps spread the racial dna. The White mans penis is a weapon of genetic conquest. The White mans penis is his real sword and weapon of conquest. Brenton should not have chosen the violent path, he should have just chilled out and gotten some arab pussy instead.

The ideology of racial bleaching, the ideology of White men impregnating women of color, is an ideology that can save the men of pol from going crazy. Although I am not sure I want to bother producing pro-bleaching propaganda to try to save them because they seem too full of verbal venom for me to want to deal with them.

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Superiority of non-white girls

Why are White girls so inferior to black and asian girls?

If you want a cute, shy, young-looking traditional girl, you should go for an asian.

If you want a sexually aggressive, sexy, round girl with a big ass and tits, you should go for a black girl.

White girls are this weird in-between. They're kinda cute, kinda sexy but not really either fully. Jack of all traits, master of none. They just fall flat.