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File: 2f40e3e7ccb58d8⋯.jpg (127.33 KB, 600x902, 300:451, 1430216654882.jpg)





File: a94427a31daa460⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1065x1363, 1065:1363, checkthese.png)

t. there are more than one netherposters poster



Sorry, that's a threadslave's job, we shall have to wait until he gets back from holiday.


There was always more than one, I hope anyone didn't think all the Netherlands posts were from a single anon.



I was implying I was one of the others.


File: 3d65f45f457c07e⋯.jpg (75.05 KB, 478x662, 239:331, chat.jpg)

It just feels surreal now lads.



Nice, now your next task is to take or obtain a picture of said "big juicy tits", and then post them in this thread or the next.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

TempleOS: Terry Calls Scary Nigger "Nigger" to His Face. (CIA edit.)





train-anon here

If it's any consolation, she never got back to me after the date so I'm back in the old rut again

I feel surprisingly non-depressed about it though, maybe all these years of hardening myself emotionally paid off.



That's a shame man, did you message her after the date at all?



Yeah, I sent her a text on friday but she never replied


File: 4e93490d3c70a67⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 680x684, 170:171, 594.jpg)



Hmm, well I guess you can't say you didn't try. Odd that she would opt for radio silence though, after going out of her way to set up a date with you and actually go through with it, the absolute madwoman. I'd still wait a few days, or even a week before writing her off completely, you never know what may happen.



That Image delivers in the kek!


Beta uprising when?

>tfw no altruism with fellow neets and bot welfare claimed that take down the normon



That's fair enough, I probably responded harshly.

Although you've done this a few times now where you will completely overreact and take everything literally when people are just trying to vent.



I know, I've done a lot of introspection to try and figure out why I (and robots in general) feel so negative after reading or hearing about other people's social/romantic lives, and on a day in March when I was feeling particularly miserable and self-pitying, I wrote out my current conclusion in this thread: >>>/qq/2534

I'll repost the most relevant parts here, I felt bad for posting my inner thoughts there instead of here anyway, but I am well aware this will be majorly TL;DR, even by my standards:

> I know some people in my position act all sour grapes about girls and sex, and say they wanted nothing to do with them anyway, or perhaps they feel like everything is fine and perma-gf-less virginity is no big deal. But despite my best efforts at forcing myself to feel blissfully optimistic or indifferent to it all, inside I'm extremely bitter about the whole thing. I cannot express in words the amount of envy that boils up inside me whenever I see or read something that reminds me that most people in the world have friends, relationships, human intimacy, and so on, or have at least experienced those things. It kills me inside that I'm alone. I know it's irrational, but that doesn't stop it.

>Reading the OP to this thread made me angry and resentful to the point where I couldn't even read it in it's entirety, I was just thinking "how good would my life be if my biggest problem was that the girl I'm having regular sex with isn't very flexible". I don't have anything against you personally of course, or even against this thread existing, but man, when I get a reminder that I've been alone for my entire adult life, while most people have been up to all kinds of things with each other, it makes me want to die.

> I know that it's perhaps expected that a person would develop some emotional scars and issues after being starved of friendship or affection for so many years, but I still don't think I'm handling it in the best of ways. It feels like every post that so much as mentions having any kind of positive interaction with friends or girls is written specifically to spite me, and just reading it can pull me right back down into the depths of depression if I'm not careful.

>At this point I think it would be safe to say I'm "triggered" by it. I'll be feeling just fine, then I'll read about someone having friends or relationships or sex, and suddenly I'm overcome with all kinds of negative emotions. It's kind of pathetic, but I don't know how to stop it besides being magically pulled into an entirely different life. I've been trying to improve myself for over two years, trying to build myself up from a hikikomori mess and stop being alone, but I'm yet to make any perceivable progress on the social front, and it seems like it's not going to happen for years, if ever. I'm as bitterly lonely today as I was seven years ago, and I've hated every second of it.

>>If all or most NEETs suffer that kind of reaction due to desiring to have those attachments and not having them, then that helps me understand some of what they are feeling.

>I do think that's largely what it is. For instance, I believe wizchan is entirely people like myself, but who decided they'd had enough of the pain they would get from reading about normal people doing normal things, and moved somewhere where they could outlaw that kind of thing entirely. I also think the whole "REEEE NORMIES GET OFF MY BOARD" thing was a meme designed specifically to mock and make light of NEET virgins getting outraged by normal people daring to post about doing normal things in front of them.

>It's not that funny when you're in that position though, there is a strong emotional torment that comes with being socially isolated. Reading about people who have all these things going on in their lives, all these people they're interacting with, all the places they've been, the things they've experienced, it can be torture. Meanwhile you've just sat in your bedroom stagnating in a pit of loneliness and despair for years on end with no obvious way out. It can quickly fill you with frustration and despair, and leave you just wanting to scream your insides out.


>all these novel size posts

Should I read Demons or catch up on the last few days of shitposting?


File: 31fbb4d88dc0d73⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 1494207629740.webm)

The #SwoleLeft is coming for you, racists.




I TOLD you fuckers that I wasn't here to make the new thread. And you STILL let it hit the post limit.

Lazy cunts, the lot of you.


File: 6a9b877befc42d6⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1429213939295.jpg)


call the cops



You should have made one before you left, it's not right to push your responsibilities onto others. You're lucky we don't pay you, otherwise we'd have to withhold paying you for this month.




Post good songs lads, looking to expand my collection.



what kind of music do you like, lad?


should probably get out of bed lads, I was planning on going out today.






I know that feel, I just got up and made breakfast now, despite initially waking up at 9am-ish.



Yeah I initially got up at half 8 had a pee and then came back up. Ive been falling in and out of sleep and watching youtube videos since.



EDM, Techno, House, Acid House, Classical, Rock, Heavy Metal, 80s/90s pop, Funk, Jazz, Breakbeat (think Nujabes and similar), Trip Hop, and some others but I basically like everything except the stuff that gets played on the radio nowadays.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Acid House

How about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOWI-w3_1-I , one of the earliest attempts at acid house out of the UK, that was quickly recalled because it literally blew the speakers up the first time it was played in a club.

The reason why is that normally before vinyl is pressed, the mastering engineer is supposed to apply a hi-pass filter to minimise really low sub bass frequencies, so that when it's played back on a turntable the needle isn't being pushed too hard, and also so you can fit more content on the record (more bass = wider grooves needed = less play time). Clubs often had huge bass bins, sometimes entire walls of them, and a hefty amounts of graphic equalizers to make up for the loss. However, because they "forgot" to apply the filter on this record, the sub bass was unexpectedly loud, and it was legitimately dangerous to play, in a time where there was no protection between the DJ's mixer and the club's sound system. They quickly recalled it, remixed it, and re-released it, with a version that unfortunately wasn't nearly as good.

Another fun fact about the record, is that the B-side has no music, but instead has some trippy artwork etched into the vinyl itself, with only a "secret" outer ring that plays a sample saying "thank you ladies and gentlemen, thank you and thank you very much". I'd post a picture of it, but I can't find one online, and my dad's copy is currently at my dad's house.


When I was 14 or so I had a 36 year old girlfriend in RuneScape. I had her on MSN and she was quite attractive and lived in London. We regular had cyber sex ingame and she would buy me expensive gifts such as an Obby Cape. She also played with her son who I recall being about 18.



Nice one, can't say I'm not jelly.

I can't remember if I told this before, but back when I was 14/15 I was pretty desperate, and there was one particular same-aged girl I only knew over msn that I became pretty infatuated with. After a few weeks of trainwreck-tier flirting, I eventually got her on webcam (very overexposed, from a high angle, you know the score), got her mobile number, and we even "sexted" on one occasion, which also happens to be the furthest I've ever gotten with a girl. A while later I found out through another girl from her school I had on msn that she was a proper midget (not an actual dwarf, but not far off), and a bit of a slut. In retrospect, I probably should have guessed that from her telling me she was sending half-naked pictures of herself to various people, including myself after much begging. After about 3 months she went on holiday and then never spoke to me again, and that was the end of that.

An extra detail that I'd like to confess, is that one time when we were on webcam together we drew each other stickmen pictures of ourselves in suggestive/sexual scenarios, because neither of us was willing to use microphones. I still have these drawings in a drawer somewhere, and even though I don't want to ever look at them again, I can't bring myself to throw them away. I also made her a song, as I had been into making music for about 18 months at that point. Don't get me wrong though, I wasn't a complete faggot, it was a breakbeat-techno instrumental thing inspired by the fact her hobby was snowboarding, it wasn't some soppy love song. Might as well post it, but please keep in mind that I was 14 and this was late 2006: https://my.mixtape.moe/btoost.mp3


File: d89f778d8f1524e⋯.webm (870.9 KB, 720x400, 9:5, CaoCao.webm)


>poor form

>pussy pad

>hiding how much he's actually squatting

>not even fucking squatting

>using squat machine instead of free weights with a squat rack

>looks like he weighs about 8 stone

So this is the power of Soy.



Just from his body language you can tell he's a beta faggot.



I will never understand how these lefty beta male low test soylent faggots can tolerate being such a disgrace of a man, I mean fuck. I get horrible anxiety in new situations and have autism and empathy problems and I still pulled myself up and started getting in shape, I bench 57kg / 114 pounds which isn't that much and I could pick that faggot up and snap him. How can these lefties put up with being such effeminate limp wristed WEAK faggots? god I hate them and their fucking soylent products so much.


Just spent £5 on a big bag of pick'n'mix.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



How do you bench 57kg? You're putting 18.5kg either side?

Bench is my weakest so I don't do it, probably not the best plan tbh.






>Bench is my weakest so I don't do it

all the more reason TO do it tbh


File: 01b34fd3ae99a17⋯.jpg (127.39 KB, 500x351, 500:351, 1473685844289.jpg)

>when you find out your school bully's gf lost their first child



The bar is 20kg, then two 15kg plates on it that puts it at 50kg then two 2.5kg plates for 55kg then two 1.25kg plates for 57.5kg



Yeah, you're not wrong.

I do some barbell presses every now and then but rarely exceed 24kg per arm.

It's my form, I can't seem to help but crack my shoulders out when I do it.

What are your stats lad?

Bench, Squat, Deadlift etc.



modest anon rounds down, that makes sense though, that is what I was fishing for.


haha, bit brutal



Not the guy you were asking but My squats are 70kg, barbell row is 55kg, benchpress 57.5kg, overhead press 35kg and deadlift 80kg, that's all I do with my routine.


File: f508fe089a8856b⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 600x601, 600:601, folder.jpg)

I'm addicted to gf simulation lads.


You like Bowery Electric lad?


At least post a picture, what did you get?



i'm addicted to jap wank games tbh



I actually meant asmr videos. Not vidya gfs.



70kg bench, 82.5kg squat, 112.5kg deadlift, 42.5kg ohp



gave up on female ASMR personally, got sick of the disappointing inevitability of every one of them turning out to be whores



>bf simulation

Whatever floats your boat, but some of them are nice girls.



>bf simulation

nope, i just listen to ASMRSoundSpace and ASMRSurge now because they focus purely on sound and never speak. I only use ASMR to get to sleep anyway, so the visual aspect is completely lost on me.



>so the visual aspect is completely lost on me

Do you even get tingles?



That's rich coming from a "gf experience" nonce.

ASMR was always audio-focused. That is until, surprise surprise, the female element entered the equation.



>he doesn't get tingles




Nice lifts man, how long have you been going to the gym?



Thanks lad, and about 8 months


File: 73cb1ce6d299f69⋯.jpg (367.08 KB, 1994x1496, 997:748, 1434942481227.jpg)



I am familiar with this sensation.


File: 5e4ad71e09dea20⋯.png (49.04 KB, 976x548, 244:137, 1455834438245.png)



perfectly timed



>edge for 8 hours

>finally cum

>literally the exact moment i ejaculate, i immediately think "what the fuck is wrong with me, what am i doing with my life"

every time


I requested a non SSRI antidepressant and got an NRI. It has flooded my system with adrenaline. I am no longer human.



Is that good or bad?



>I am no longer human

you're posting on /britfeel/ lad, you were never human



I don't fucking know lad. I'm not sure. It feels good but it's a bit intense and I can't help but feel I would burn out using it everyday. I was told it would take weeks to have any difference, like other antidepressants. I was expecting it to be milder. I will use it for three more days then make a judgement call. It honestly feels like the energetic body high of cocaine but without the intense dopamine rush/euphoria. Seems a bit mental. Originally I wanted bupropion, which works with adrenaline AND dopamine, but they only prescribe it for smoking here. I wanted it because it's been used with some success for those on the schizophrenic spectrum. Got offered this instead. Feeling a bit overwhelmed.



I mean to help them quit smoking, by the way. I was asking for it for depression/anxiety.


File: c6fcdbecac2793e⋯.gif (91.59 KB, 380x726, 190:363, 1494267761803.gif)

*blocks your path*



*blacks your path*


See you tomorrow lads, I have a date.


File: 52716d9f880e049⋯.jpg (92.17 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 1462535408921.jpg)


good luck lad



Good luck mate, tell us the story next time you're around. Are you one of the previous lads who had girls/dates recently, or are you yet another addition to the growing list of lucky /britfeel/ lads? I'm starting to wonder if I blasphemed Cupid in a past life or something.



Same. How coincidental.

I'm bricking it to be honest. I'm going to slam half a bottle of vodka and take at least 10-20mg of valium before I set foot out the house.


My main paranoia right now is that she's just not going to show up even though my friend told me she is interested. If she doesn't show up I think I'll just drink myself to death.


>/britfeel/ - date discussion


File: 05a6c6663ec9f08⋯.png (53.78 KB, 849x872, 849:872, 1452531011218.png)




I guess we should fall asleep on trains more often.




I fully recommend getting drunk in public.


File: 100bfc81be0e6fa⋯.jpg (2.38 MB, 4288x3216, 4:3, 100_1933.JPG)

>tfw unattractive




I've never been on a real date before where I actually asked a girl out.

What if this is just some form of trickery and she is trying to do something malicious?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sounds like baseless paranoia, if she happens to be a cunt, well then you can move on with your life, but most women are looking for men for the same reasons men look for women. Old obscure synth-punk song related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8IU8vN6aqs



I hope so.

I just wish I could see the positive side of something for a change. Everything anyone does I'm always paranoid they're trying to trick me.

I fear not being like this would make me easily manipulated however.


I wish there was a way to make my brain permanently on valium.



This might come across as blunt, but most adults simply don't think enough about other individuals (i.e. yourself) enough to try and hurt them in the fashion of a manipulative school bully. It's also fairly self-centred to think that everyone around you is a piece of shit trying to ruin your day/life, and thinking you're the sole innocent soul in the world.

That's not to say I've never been guilty of believing this myself, but while tackling my various anxieties I've learned that people are generally alright. They're trying to stay out of trouble and not get on anyone's bad side, they like being friendly and sociable, and most of all, they very much like all things love and sex related.



Thanks for the advice.

I guess I'll report back in 1-2 days on how things went.




Attempting to predict the future won't help you, try to avoid making self-fulfilling prophecies. The only thing you need to do now is get some sleep, leave the plans and preparations for tomorrow.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>80s pop

I just came across this synth-pop album ("SSQ - Playback", 1983). Never heard of the group before now, but it sounds pretty cool, and it certainly feeds my synth addiction as well as my lust for rare/obscure music. Definitely not the most musically or lyrically interesting album in the world, but I like the relative simplicity and under-produced-yet-still-polished sound of it, as well as the lead singer's soft and pure sounding voice, it's intriguing. The track "Anonymous" in particular stood out to me, it sounds very haunting, and the subject matter is very fitting for a place like this. It must be pretty unknown, because I'm sure if it was then I'd have seen other anons posting it around just for the novelty of "we are anonymous" being the chorus of an 80s synth-pop track.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQpepDcBRzc (Anonymous)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvVscY3cnEo (the full album)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







I've planned and prepared everything which is kind of a relief.

Now all I need to do is get drunk, leave the house and whatever happens happens.




>I've planned and prepared everything which is kind of a relief.

Nice, good job lad.

>Now all I need to do is get drunk



LAD. Well, I'm not going to pity you if you do, you're the one trying to meme your own failure into reality after all. Self-sabotage is no joke. Why not cut yourself some slack instead, and praise yourself for taking a chance and making this happen, rather than jumping in and ruining whatever positivity you have by immediately putting yourself down by crushing your own hopes. It's like you're bullying yourself, at a time when you have every reason to be supportive and encouraging of yourself.



You should taper off loql fellow valiumfag, sounds like you're becoming pretty dependent on it.


File: cec0625c0c89279⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Valium 5.jpg)


I know, I'm just venting.

However it goes I'm just glad I stepped out my comfort zone. I AM drinking before I leave the house though, there's not a chance in hell I'll get through this sober.


I know, it's addictive as fuck. Basically alcohol with less of a "fucked up" feeling.

When you can quit you don't want to, when you have to quit you can't.


I'm so bored lads, booked an entire week off and I have nothing to do.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm not in work but I'd rather be doing something more than sitting in my room.



I know how you feel, finished college and can't find work, nothing to do in my life until uni starts.



Also, how much valium were you actually taking a day?



I've got 4 weeks off and nothing to do, really reinforces the feeling of worthlessness



Anon thats fantastic news, feel glad for you .



thanks lad, i just hope it's a problem with him and not her, that way the piece of shit will never breed


So there's some pakis at work who wash cars in the car park for $6. I gave him a tenner and told him to keep the change hoping he would do a good job. He was some 7ft monster paki with broken English and he seemed almost shocked that I was paying him more than I should.

About 2 hours later he comes into the store and is like "I finish car, I clean good" in some broken English.

I finish work, leave the shop and he comes back up to me and is like "here, I show you car, good job?".

It was fucking perfect, it actually looks like it came right out of the factory brand new, never seen it like this since I bought it 2 years ago. I told him how impressed I was and he was like "next wash for you free, yes?".

I'll just give him another tenner and ask him to keep the change, what a great guy. Can't stop looking at how shiny it looks.


File: 43d1412a8a3235a⋯.jpg (31.67 KB, 590x406, 295:203, carswell-512392.jpg)






There's a lad at work who used to be a brony and got bummed by an ugly tranny.



That was a bit odd. I went to hers and we just sat opposite each other at a small table and ate cake, she had bought a selection of drinks and insisted I try them all, then she spoke about films and music for a bit. She said she wanted to play a game, but she couldn't think of a game for two people, she was a bit tipsy, think I missed my chance to be a bit saucy. Towards the end I was thinking she was going to kiss me but she never. As I left she gave me a letter which was strange, but the strangest thing is she spoke Japanese the entire time, thank God there were subtitles.



I'm curious as to why he told anyone at work, I hope he's not proud of it.

Not really the same league, but when I was in work there was a young lad who always went around telling everyone things like "haha crashed my car again this morning", "haha, I went clubbing last night and haven't been to bed", and even "haha, I put a mince pie in the oven [the big industrial ones in the factory intended for baking paint onto metal chassis, that require no contamination]", basically making sure he never got promoted.



Consider me rused.



>he doesn't wash his own car

The fall of the white man.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lenny Mania 4 - Big Lenny King of the Misfit Maniacs




Porno addicts and cookie cutters BTFO


Why do our own brains bully us lads. Recently I've noticed mine trying to minimize all of my accomplishments or try to put them down to other factors outside of my control. I don't have any pictures of Sam on this machine but one would be appropriate here.



I meant Snake. I don't think anyone has pictures of Sam.


File: 73ae292f1be7664⋯.jpg (21.07 KB, 216x215, 216:215, 1438190549249.jpg)



a sad Snake feels appropriate


File: ae36574b652f02e⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 468x255, 156:85, ANTs-Example.jpg)


>Why do our own brains bully us lads

I think there's a multitude of possible factors. Perhaps your parents/teachers/peers berated you as a child, or neglected to praise you when you deserved it, so you learned to bring yourself down whenever you feel positive as an adult. You could also feel it's conceited or narcissistic to feel positive, and so in a vain attempt to be more humble you automatically battle against any and all positive thoughts and feelings.

The "why" isn't really important though, the only thing we have to do to "fix" the problem is find a manageable way to combat it. The best way I've seen (and used myself) is to characterise your "Automatic Negative Thoughts", or ANTs for short, as invaders to your mind. You can visualise them as little kikes in your head, always trying their best to sabotage your endeavours by subversively cutting the cords between you and your self-esteem/self-confidence supply, and filling your mind with anti-(You) propaganda. Once you start visualising it this way, you'll start picking up on when the ANT scum are trying to fuck with you, and it becomes a lot easier to tell them to fuck off. Eventually, after the inevitable ANT holocaust, you'll be free to feel pride and positivity in yourself once again, with no rat-faced cunts trying to bring you down.


>it's a /next door leave their dogs outside while they are out/ espisode

My head hurts, this seems more based in myth but can some one hypothetically get red pilled on poisoning a dog next door?



poison the neighbours instead lad



Thanks lad that's a good explanation. I think you give a lot of good advice even if some others here don't.



Well good point they are loud cunts who are still living like 20 something,hedonist's at 50 something. Has multiple kids with different fathers, prone to excessive drinking etc

How could I poison them?


File: 780ce59e3300d35⋯.png (50.68 KB, 526x640, 263:320, feelsgood_2.png)


No problem mate.



slap a cheeky UKIP sticker on their window and phone the police to report them for extremist white-supremacist views

might also be worth mentioning that you're a transgender paki just to make sure the police take it seriously


File: 80fdd883124f6a7⋯.jpg (82.55 KB, 840x781, 840:781, 1494362644219.jpg)

File: af00a0261e3aa41⋯.jpg (124.14 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1494362801099.jpg)

Who /moreprogressivethantheleft/ here



fucking baaaased

based black pede!




This. Any BASED Black British patriots here?



Trans black tbf.



I really don't understand all the love Lauren Southern gets, she's apparently only like 21 or something but she already looks like a haggard 30 year old. Not to mention the caked-on makeup and dyed blonde hair.



A large portion of /pol/acks are really getting their just deserts for going turncoat and acting all superior and know-it-all when exactly the same thing happened with GamerGate, because now the same thing is happening to them. The KotakuInAction subreddit started becoming more prominent, the e-celebs were blowing up, and you started getting all this "I'm a transsexual gamer, and I'm #NotYourShield" crap. Instead of ignoring all the faggotry and continuing to work towards the various elements of "the cause" in their own way, they decided instead that the whole thing was ruined, wasn't cool any more, and just watched chimpout livestreams all day instead.

>"Go look at the people who are prominent figures in [the alt-right], and see how many of them have Indiegogo campaigns, how many of them have Kickstarter campaigns, how many of them have Patreons, how many of them have ad revenue on their fucking videos; everybody's making a buck, and they're all making a buck doing the same shit the people we were supposed to be fighting against were doing. They're crying harassment, and then making money off of it, and it's fucking bullshit, but they don't seem to mind."

>"Add on top of that all the SJW language, all the SRS bullshit, where you hear them using words like "toxic", and "signal boost", and "tone-police", and all the other 13-year-old girl fucking phrases and terms that shouldn't be anywhere associated with this. You had to do just one thing; attack, attack, attack. Keep the pressure up, and your opponent, in this case, [kikes], and the SJW cultural marxist bullshit, they'll fold. They'll make a mistake and make themselves look stupid, like other people did, and you capitalise off of that."

>"The saddest fucking thing about all of this is, it wasn't mainstream media, it wasn't multimillion dollar corporations, it wasn't corrupt journalists, and it wasn't social justice warriors that killed [the alt-right]. [The alt-right] shot itself in the foot, by becoming what they were fighting, and that is just too much to fucking handle."

>"I wanted to fight tumblr, not become it, and I will not ally myself with people who are just as bad as the opposition. Let 'em go whore themselves out for money, let 'em become what they're fighting, and see how much fucking momentum they get, see how much they accomplish doing that. They lost their edge, and they forgot their principles and their values, and there's just no fucking excuse for it, there's no excuse for doing that."

- Internet Aristocrat in his "final message" to GamerGate, November 2014. Who by the way, is now the proud owner of a Patreon account himself.


File: 5044597166cac7c⋯.jpg (8.85 KB, 230x219, 230:219, 1458219944769.jpg)


The biggest red flag for me was watching the descent of /pol/ into an absolute cult-of-personality mindset.

It's never enough for the underage faggots to just agree with a person when they make good points/arguments, they have to fucking worship them.

Just look at the sycophancy towards people like Jordan Peterson, or the utterly embarrassing proclamation of "Queen of /pol/!" that any female who panders to the right gets.

Then of course you have the Cult of Trump, which is a whole different beast altogether.

The presidential campaign well and truly killed 4/pol/, and I am utterly disgusted by what's left.



I'm listening to Peterson now, I really like him tbh. You're right about the cult of personality thing though, it's highlu cringeworthy.



Gas the kikes tbh lads.


Also, fuck video games.



I'm not saying Peterson is bad, he makes a lot of salient points, but you can't question a single thing he says on /pol/ without being called a shill and told to return to reddit.

I know everyone's fond of the old "[board] was always shit" meme, but /pol/ genuinely wasn't anywhere near as bad as it is now before the campaign started. You used to be able to have actual discussion (not always of course, there was always an element of trolling and underagers given that it's an anonymous board) and anyone who just replied with shit like "SHILL!" was promptly ridiculed and told to bring an argument or fuck off.

Now the board is full of trash from the_donald and underage posters.



I don't know about halfchan, but on 8/pol/ there has been, and still is, a big top down push for Trump/alt-right approved political leader worship by the mods. I get it, we all wanted him to win the election, and he was the best candidate (that actually stood a chance at winning) in decades, but he's not "god emperor", nor is he Hitler reincarnated. You can't justify locking or deleting threads that talk about his connections with kikes or anything generally negative about him.

Trump aside, there is also no justification for outlawing homesteading threads, self-improvement threads, white culture/history threads, and so on. Anything that's about making the white race better, or inspires learning / intelligent discussion gets bumplocked. They've made a forceful effort to dumb the board down to sketchy looking fake news posts, Trump worship, and an unhealthy amount of underage shitposting, and it's sad.



I agree.


Eh, fuck new video games, but I still like the old ones. Although saying that, I recently gave The Witcher 3 a second chance, and I'm really glad that I did because I've been enjoying the shit out of it. Not enjoyed a "new" game like this for a very long time, maybe 7 or 8 years. I first played it in 2015 when it first came out, and it was just too buggy for me, Geralt controlled like shit, and there were also lots of really annoying things regarding the HUD and menus, so I dropped it very quickly. However, through patches over the years, most of the glitches have now been fixed, there's an option to make Geralt's movement tolerable, and the UI has been entirely revamped, so it's just a joy to play now.

Only remaining things I don't like is that 1. Geralt is too much of a beta cuck around his strong independent girlfriend who don't need no man (adding to the problem is that there's hardly any alternative romance options, unlike what I know of the first two games), and 2. the game has ruined my sleep pattern several times.


File: 30f57c2f0d1745e⋯.jpg (13.94 KB, 273x273, 1:1, 1494370986807.jpg)


>somewhere in an alternative universe, the kikes have successfully been gassed




Not sure what you can do about faggots shitting up a board. I do miss the MYGA threads, there are boards for self improvement, but it was nicer with your anonymous online nazi friends.


Fuck video games that are new to me, I don't even enjoy classics that I've never played before. It must nostalgia that gets me through old ones. I bought a fresh PC when Fallout 4 came out, played through half of New Vegas then sold the PC without ever installing 4.



Maybe you just don't like video games, lad.



>Not sure what you can do about faggots shitting up a board


The old method used to be to forcefully assimilate them by constantly telling them to shut the fuck up and lurk moar, but now they've reached displacement levels thanks to faggots constantly posting epik screencaps and linking threads on reddit.



b-but I used to


That seems to be all I do, it's obviously not working. I don't know why they so brazen. First time I went on 4chan I was shitting myself, took me a month to post.



Hmm, I share your opinion regarding the vast majority of post-2005 games, almost all of them feel like an insult, but I'm always finding old games I've never played before that turn out to be great fun.


Eh, I never liked those games either. 1 and 2 I just don't get along with, 3 I thought was terrible (played it several years after it came out), and New Vegas just didn't capture my interest beyond maybe 2 days of playing it, so I have no interest in ever playing 4. I think another one of the problems I have with the series is that I find the setting too depressing and colourless, if I wanted to experience that then I'd just go outside.


>took me a month to post

For me it was about 3 years kek. Even though I don't watch anime any more, I really like 8/a/, it has the same vibe (and probably the exact same anons) that 4/a/ used to when I first came to halfchan, only slower. There's none of the 2013+ breed of anime fans, with their underage shitposting, "smh tbh fam, drink bleach and kys" cancer, and smug loli spam.



I like the desert setting, but I mainly used it as a walking simulator, same with DayZ, just walked from place to place, neither were particularly good looking games for it though. I did start playing my megadrive again a few years ago, really liked Gunstar Heroes and Lunar, even bought a CRT for muh retro. Only thing I play now is 2D PS2 fighting games, which I'm shit at.


I'm enjoying the critique of /pol/ but this fallout bashing really hurts.

I won't let myself play it because there's a decent chance I won't come off it, don't know how you anons can be so different to me.



Sorry lad, I wasn't really bashing it tbf, what do you like about it?





I actually really enjoyed FO4, thought 3 was absolute shit, and NV was good despite being extremely overrated.



Nice to know there is another member of the CRT master race here.


Lunar: The Silver Star? I started playing the original version of that a couple of months ago, mainly because it has less of the cringey voice acting than the saturn/playstation remake. I thought it was decent, but the battles were mostly a case of mashing a single button from what I played. I didn't get very far though, I got as far as Saith.

I've actually been thinking about delving into the "Ark the Lad" series, which was a series of tactical RPGs on playstation that started in 1995. I believe they were hits in Japan, but unfortunately weren't released in the west until a compilation was made in 2002, when the PS1 was already a dead platform. It was apparently a big inspiration for games like FF7, particularly regarding the CGI cutscenes, very ahead of their time. In fact I think it was one of the first games, or at least the first JRPG, to have an orchestral score especially recorded for it.

I've thought about streaming them, but I'm kind of shit at tactical RPGs and I don't know what the games are actually like past the first few battles, so I dunno. Could be too painful to watch, or maybe that would make it more entertaining, I dunno.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


memories, I like open world. I played Fallout 3 when it came out and maintain that it is an incredible game for 2008. The beginning and main quest always kill me a little inside but other than that Bethesda produce a solid product.

Interesting games are often closed world, good open-world ones are often lackluster. Fallout 3 just seems well constructed, you can do the senseless grinding like in any self-respecting rpg, there's a lot of numbers you can increase (which i think is the most viscerally satisfying aspect of gaming), there are a few decent quests you can dive in and out of. I don't think I've ever been impressed by game narratives but a lot of Fallout 3 DC was amusing or interesting to me.

>tfw you stumble upon a crashed spaceship in your Winterized T-51b with only a Lincoln's repeater and a Shishkebab because you finally sorted everything into your megaton house.

Point Lookout is also comfy S P O O K Y tier too, hills have eyes/ true detective/ outlast vibes tbh.

ree, i'll prob have to play it in the summer now.


File: 1c627677cbcbc10⋯.jpg (49.08 KB, 864x237, 288:79, product_0_image_2601.jpg)


Not master race any more, but I had four of these baller as fuck stackable PVMs. Yeah, Silver Star and Eternal Blue, they were the only JRPG I immediately liked, I thought they were really cute.


File: daf2aee05d415f5⋯.jpg (458.27 KB, 1500x1214, 750:607, posterity.jpg)

oh boy



Damn, I'm jelly as shit, or would be if you still had them. I've wanted a PVM for years, but most of the ones I see online are 9" or smaller. I won't accept anything less than a 14" model, but my dream is to own a 20" PVM. They're always collection only as well, which is normal for CRTs because they're fucking heavy, but I can't drive so it's sort of out of the question, unless it's somewhere one of my parents could realistically drive to.

What I do have is my sister's old early 2000s 14" LG CRT TV that still works like new, and a 14" Dell Trinitron multisync PC monitor from 1997 that I got for free off a friend years ago, but unfortunately it's a little dull in it's old age. I wish I still had my massive 4:3 CRT TV that I had in my teens, it was a badboy. Sadly, when I got an LCD "HD" TV that was actually a piece of shit, my mum put the CRT in the shed to rot. She threw it out a couple of years ago without my permission, which I'm not sure I'll ever truly forgive her for.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not a big fan of the song but this lad can play.

>tfw darkies are better than me



File: 98859dce548c001⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Honest-Hearts.png)

File: 13dd63b57089fdd⋯.png (63.56 KB, 240x240, 1:1, When_We_Remembered_Zion.png)


Even 'classics' I played and love I can't play anymore, the nostalgia makes me too sad.


I still have my childhood 'portable' CRT. It's difficult to use though because whenever it's on it makes a high pitched noise.


The only one I like is New Vegas, probably one of my favourite games ever. Honest Hearts was 10/10 comfy.


File: d347c173771f9b7⋯.jpg (14.08 KB, 300x169, 300:169, SecretWeaponsJetPack.jpg)

Any of you dream about being in a video game? I did often when I was younger and played vidya constantly. When I was very young I remember dreaming I was in a Battlefield 1942 map, I found the jetpack and started flying around.

Might have to install it again.


Does the lad who was working with his dad have any tips for learning to sight read.


File: fe29edfd16d150b⋯.jpg (103.27 KB, 906x813, 302:271, rtjtrjr.jpg)

Okay, I'm back from that date.

As I said I drank and took a bit of valium to calm myself down before we met. Ended up meeting in some cocktail bar, after a few hours she invited me back to her place and by this point I was pretty drunk where I couldn't walk straight. She gets out a bottle of vodka and we continue drinking to the point where I was absolutely fucked up and I have no memory of what happened after that.

I woke up at home and my Dad was angry at me for getting drunk.

My friend advised me to apologize for getting drunk in a jokey way and she said "haha don't worry about it *crying laughing emoji face x2*. And then he said I should just leave the conversation to see if she says anything. Somehow I think this is the last message I'll ever receive from her and the last time I'll ever see her.

Fucked that up good and proper didn't I?

I'm hungover and full of regret and I hate myself right now.



Also last night when I got home was the first time my Dad ever mentioned he knew I had a drinking problem.

>be an alcoholic

>marry another alcoholic

>have a child

>be surprised that 22 years later you have an alcoholic son

What the fuck did he expect to happen? Thanks Dad.



Strangely enough I do, because I've looked into this before myself. One tip I saw a lot is to keep your eyes towards the centre of the lines, never directly looking at the first/last word or two, which allows your eyes to scan the lines much quicker than scanning the entirety of them, thus improving the amount of content you can get through within a set period of time. Even if you don't completely catch what those outer words are, your brain can make them out just from the general shape of them, and it will also fill in any gaps with logical assumptions.

The downside to speed reading is that the information won't stick in your mind as well as it would normally, so unless you're revising for an exam the night before or something I wouldn't actually recommend it.



She most definitely fancied a shag, my good lad.


File: 6405b725ad0739e⋯.jpg (32.96 KB, 275x380, 55:76, quavers.jpg)


>Sight reading



You're 22, not 12, you can't blame your parents for your fuck ups and bad decisions as an adult. Take some responsibility, the fact you currently believe that you need to get pissed out of your head just to leave the house is your problem, and your problem alone.

There's no advice in the world that can currently help you, because alcohol turns people retarded, illogical, and irrational. Until you get yourself off it, either by going cold turkey and building up your willpower, replacing the habit with something more healthy and less destructive, or even sending yourself off to rehab, there's not a thing that anyone else can say or do to help you.

I want to help you, because I can't stand seeing people trapped in self-hatred, depression, and anxiety like this, but getting off the drink has to come first. Forget dates or anything like that, they can't work until the drinking issue is under control. Not to mention it sounded like you also have a valium dependency, which also needs to be dealt with at some point, although I'd say the alcohol problem needs to be tackled first.

I guess the only question I have for you is this; do you want to be an alcoholic, and if not, what can you do today to start working on solving the problem? Keep in mind that even though this is ultimately your problem and your responsibility, I'll help you out to the best of my ability, and I'm sure others here will to. We've got your back, if you'd let us.

If you do want to be an alcoholic however, I'll stop interrupting your descent and consider you a lost cause until further notice. It's a fool's game to waste time on people that adamantly refuse help, or worse, refuse to help themselves.



>Advising an alcoholic to go cold turkey from Alcohol.

I'd look that up if I was you lad, and rethink that particular stance.



You don't know what addiction is like.



Well, I doubt I'll ever see or hear from her again.



G-guess I read your post too fast.

Sadly I don't have any advice on sight reading music, as I can't really read music myself. I can decipher it slowly, but that's about it. All I can suggest is doing it more often I guess, practice makes perfect.


Eh, I won't claim to be an expert, but my initial thought is that the panic about "POTENTIALLY LIFE THREATENING WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS" is vastly overblown, at least for someone like our lad here who has moments of soberness and can write eloquently. But of course, weaning off slowly is an option just as much of a good recommendation.

It really depends on the person in my opinion, some find it easier to reduce intake slowly, while others find that this leads to losing self-control after a drink or two, and drinking just as much as they would normally. Likewise, some people find it easier to quit it once and never go back, while others would find it difficult to establish the required restraint right off the bat, and relapse just as hard.

Perhaps the best method would be a combination of the two, weaning off to the point where it's not completely destroying you, then going cold turkey. I'll look into it some more.



That's a bold claim, but it's true I don't have first hand experience with alcohol/smoking/drug abuse. I have dealt with more minor addictions though, computer/internet addiction, porn/masturbation addictions, etc., as well as speaking to a number of recovered alcoholics/smokers/drug abusers online and doing my own research.

Anyway, my point wasn't "I know how to get rid of your alcohol problem", because I'm sure it's clear to all that it's not my area, what I said was "I can't help you until you're not drinking all the time, but I will support you in your efforts to cut down if that's what you want to do".


I'm not going to quit. The best I can say is that maybe in the future I'll want to quit but right now I don't want to quit and I'm not even going to consider it.

You can call me a useless, weak willed, alcoholic fuckup as much as you want. I know I am and I don't care.

You can tell me how I'm ruining my health, my life, my relationships with other people. I know and I just don't care.

My problem will get worse and worse over time and I'm fully aware of that and it doesn't worry me one bit.

I passed out on my side one night and puked, had I fell on my back maybe I would have choked on my vomit and died in my sleep. Later on in that day I was drinking again.

That's about as blunt as it gets. No point in lying and saying how much I want to quit when I don't. I appreciate your advice but there's no point in lying to you.



>when you let the ANT scum completely take over

Oh well, can't say I didn't try. So are we going to see an end to the constant "pity me lads, I got shit-faced again and I hate myself haha >tfw self-destructive and loving it" posts, because they're basically just attention-whoring at this point, especially if your actually doing all this out of conscious choice.



>So are we going to see an end to the constant "pity me lads, I got shit-faced again and I hate myself haha >tfw self-destructive and loving it"

I don't recall constantly posting about this. I said I'd say how that date went and that was about it. Obviously getting shitfaced was an important detail to include since that kind of ruined it.

Apart from that I'm just using an anonymous image board to vent how I'm feeling because it's healthier than bottling up my emotions and I don't want to talk about alcoholism with friends.



I assumed you were the anon who posts almost daily about getting drunk the night before, usually followed by throwing up all over yourself, and then stating how much you hate yourself for it. Apologies if I was wrong, but I'm not entirely convinced I was.

Well, if option A being healthier than option B makes a difference to you, it seems odd that you'd rule out option C entirely when it's healthier than both. Is your health and wellbeing perhaps something you care more about than you thought? I mean, you eat, drink and sleep everyday too right? That's what an organism that ultimately cares about the success of it's own existence would do after all.



No, I don't recall ever throwing up on myself. I'm pretty good at making it to the toilet in time. And I think this is the first time in my life I've ever posted something self deprecating and that's obviously because I'm having a fucking awful day.


File: 99e1341acde21ac⋯.png (825.26 KB, 967x978, 967:978, iEZWyt0.png)

Is this peak aesthetics?



"Throwing up all over yourself" was hyperbole, but okay, if that"s a different anon then I apologise for assuming it was you. I notice you didn't respond to the second half of my post, but if you'd like to just drop the topic then that's fair enough. I'll save it for another time, or some other anon.


That's just not right. If you cover up his gut then he looks like a normal muscular man, but that barrel-mode shit just looks unhealthy.



I didn't really know how to respond to the second half of your post.


File: 26760564b4af377⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, image.jpeg)

Rate meal thing dudes



absolutely abominable



Your brian is fried if you thought that was an appropriate response.




I guess mine is too.





File: 66a0044a2eb03e3⋯.jpg (88.79 KB, 684x608, 9:8, 19KilPW.jpg)


>tfw looking back at this post now that my mood has improved



Kek, yeah it's really something. I'm actually gonna screencap it and keep it in my improve folder, to remind myself how important it is to tackle irrational negative thoughts and never let them completely overcome me.





Evening lad, how's your day been?



I was just hungover, in a bad place and honestly I probably just over-reacted at what I did.

I mean, it wasn't that bad. (I think).

What a fucking tragic date though.



its been pretty good, planning to go out for a walk in a little bit since the nights have been nice where i live. planning on drowning some puppies in the local reservoir tomorrow which im excited about

what about yourself?



no sympathy for you norman



It's useless to keep dwelling on it. The problem wasn't your performance during the date per se, instead it was that you'd started drinking before you'd even left the house, and then continued drinking while you were out until you couldn't even remember what happened. I'll add this though, ignore what your retard friend suggested about "leaving the conversation", and message her. Otherwise you are just fulfilling your own prophecy that this will be your last encounter, in the same way you fulfilled your own prophecy that you were "GONNA FUCK [the date] UP AND MAKE IT SUPER AWKWARD".


>drowning some puppies in the local reservoir

I hope that's a euphemism.

>what about yourself?

I got up really late, had a shower and my breakfast, and that's it really. I'm gonna do some maths now, continuing my 17 day streak.



ah! a fellow invalid! i was beginning to feel like a fish out of water.


got up at 9:30am today which im pretty happy with, been slowly cutting it back for about a month and had a little lapse but i think im getting it under control again

what kind of maths are you doing?


File: bd539c26cf8e5c1⋯.jpg (92.53 KB, 677x631, 677:631, 1473685844288.jpg)

>tfw 5'4" turbomanlet



Nice work on the sleep pattern, keep it up.

I've just been using Khan Academy, had to start around 3rd grade (year 4) and I've worked my way up to 6th grade (year 7). It's starting to get quite challenging now though, before it was more reminding myself of things I'd long forgotten, but now I'm getting to things I've never learnt before due to not paying attention in school.


I believe there is an anon here who is 5' 2" or 5' 3", so you're not even the shortest here, little friend.



anything below 6' is suicide tier tbh



They even had the optional speakers which were really good. I bought them all from a production company that was on the other side of the city, got a good deal though, ended up selling each of them for as much as I bought the bunch. I saw a mint one go for £530 on ebay, ludicrous.



cheers, getting up earlier makes me feel a lot better

most people are shit scared of maths tbh so good on you for going back to it


Lads I worked late and come home to a cold dinner, but no need to feel sorry for me, I have received a parcel from the postman. It's velcro tape.



>5' 11.5

thought i was safe



Lucky bastard. Yeah some of the pricings on them are obscene, they've never been cheap but they've definitely gone up a lot since the whole CRT master race thing took off about 4 or 5 years ago.


Thanks, yeah I was definitely one of those "mathphobic" people. I think I was scared of it because I neglected to ever learn my times tables, which is required to do just about everything in maths beyond addition and subtraction. In March I set aside a few weeks to really memorise it, using things like digital flashcards and online quizzes, and it's just made the whole of mathematics so much more accessible.



What online quizzes did you use?


File: 85f3162d198d271⋯.png (9.1 KB, 296x176, 37:22, times tables 2017-03-18.png)

File: 793c1a4145db05f⋯.png (13.23 KB, 494x174, 247:87, times tables 2017-05-06.png)


Things like this: http://learn-timestables.com/default.aspx

Pic 1 was my score on one of my first attempts, pic 2 was me the other day.


File: 9c10e89e9a5679a⋯.png (119.03 KB, 825x577, 825:577, 299 shekels.png)


I got a few of them wrong.

Good progress lad, better than me.


File: 1a0e0c602b942ab⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 3840x2116, 960:529, ghostintheshell.jpg)

This film has a great aesthetic; shame vaporwave has tainted it.


File: 62e968c55789d0f⋯.png (440.33 KB, 645x1260, 43:84, 1484273812967.png)

>in the toilets at work washing my hands

>other guy walks to the sink and says something

>i start to answer him at the same time as another guy that I didn't notice at first

>look up and both guys are staring at me awkwardly



Been a while since I've seen it, I thought it was pretty good though, particularly the visuals like you say. Some incredible artwork went into that film.





B-But Muh based quorn sausage, cooked waffle and beans :c


would suggest switching to another less harmful vice like pot,but you might not find it as enjoyable.


It's too hot lads.



It's pretty average here, whereabouts are you?



It's been really hot here too. I just realised that we're hitting summer now and I'm going to experience hell again.



Summer is the worst time for no gf. Why do all the girls look prettier when the sun is out?



I smoke a bit of weed at night but I absolutely don't have a problem with it. I much prefer alcohol.



I personally find girls in winter clothing more appealing.




I like both.



Not even talking about how they're dressed tbf, they just seem happier. The qt I like smiled at me today, made me happy. Wish she were my gf lads.



Do you think there's a chance you could make it happen?



I have times where I think so, but I have extreme oneitis and I'm pretty awkward, and I have never asked a girl out, and I can't really avoid her if I asked and she said no, and others would find out. Fuck. She is so lovely she probably smiles at everyone.



Well it sounds to me like you have every reason to try. Don't listen to your ANTs lad, they do not have your best interests in mind.



probably has a bf already



I'll do my best.


I will kill him.




She's probably fucking Deano or Mikey right now, lad.



Seems more like the type to go for Jonathan or Rupert. I can't compete with those lads.




I'm sorry, you must be from a different timeline, in this one all the lads here are getting dates, even if they're walking disasters. I bet a qt of my own is right around the corner in fact, any moment now.



Those two are Doctor Who-watching numale cucks, is that really the type she'd go for?


>go to make cup of tea

>not quite enough milk

>go to use mum's skimmed milk to top it off

>it's gone bad

>didn't have a shower today because i'm choked with the cold so i can't even nip to the 24 hour asda for milk

doing a consider suicide



Whatever posh handsome lads are called then, fuck.



Oh, you're talking about Charlie and Will. My condolences mate.



Nah, he told me to say something else to her. I think it's alright since I didn't send 2 messages in a row.

She's talking to me again and doesn't seem too disappointed in me for what I did last night. Honestly, I think I completely overreacted.



Charles maybe, Charlie is a tip top lad.



Was she drunk?



That's great to hear lad. Yeah, I think you assumed a lot about the post-date situation, when in reality there was very little to go off of, in fact she seemed like she genuinely wasn't that bothered by whatever happened.



Probably, she was drinking the same as me but like I said I had about 5+ big shots of vodka and 10mg of valium before I even met her.


Nah, she didn't seem too concerned in her response, almost like it was no big deal.

To be honest I was just really really drunk. I didn't puke or break anything. Had I puked all over her house I think I'd probably have to delete her from facebook and never speak to her again.


who /midnightsnack/ here?



me about 40 minutes ago



What did you have?



Not me, maybe later though, I got up at about 5pm and had dinner at about 9pm, so I'll be hungry at some point before dawn probably.



toast on garlic sausage



I was wrong, I didn't get hungry at all. Goodnight guys.


big floppy penis


File: 2933a54d46d0cd4⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 209x277, 209:277, Mark_Rippetoe.jpg)

Had a cracking workout lads. I'm getting stronger every session, just broke 3 PRs. I've been focusing a lot more on low rep heavy compounds on an upper-lower routine as opposed to the standard bro split I'd been doing for months and am preferring it a lot so far.



Good work man, I'm impressed.

I've been a real lazy shit this year with regards to working out, haven't exercised once since I left work at the end of November. All my strength/muscle from work has gone, and I'm back down to 10 stone (63.5 kg), and still dropping. Not really sure what to do, as I can't really be arsed with the whole dumbbells thing for the millionth time (it just doesn't really work, I get 3 or 4 weeks in and then burn out completely), and I'm still unwilling to go to a gym for a variety of reasons.

I'd like to be someone who works out and isn't a skinny skeleton, but the thought of putting all that effort in just to burn out after a short while again really puts me off.



Are you the lad who doesn't eat enough?




Yeah, I was trying to eat more when I was working out, but I just couldn't keep it regular enough or high quality enough. I'm limited to what my mum buys, and she and her boyfriend are on a diet, so that doesn't help, but I'm also pretty clueless about food myself. Also doesn't help that my sleep pattern and hygiene routine is fucked, and hasn't recovered since I was in work.



Well I wouldn't bother lifting until you've sorted those things out. You could do cardio but you'd still have to compensate for the calories lost.



What an obnoxious cunt, it's no wonder some people hate the UK when we have "representatives" like that. Girls und Panzer wasn't even sexual in any way, I really enjoyed it actually.

>tfw no tank bros to win a highschool tank battle tournament with


I guess, but I'm eating as much as I feel I can already, so I think the working out will just keep getting pushed to "tomorrow XD". Also because of the sleep pattern problems, I'm sometimes only able to fit two meals in a day instead of three, which is a problem.

Out of curiosity, what do you generally eat in a day?



Workout days

>Preworkout: banana, teaspoon of peanut butter and a swig of olive oil

>Post-workout: one schoop of whey mixed with a pint of milk, then ~30 minutes later 150-200g of oats with 2 chopped bananas, 1 apple, 20-30 almonds, drizzled in honey

>Meal two: three oatcakes with ~15g peanut butter spread on each, a 500g low fat yoghurt and 2 pints of milk

>Snack at work: a sandwich or another yoghurt

>Meal three: pasta, half a tin of kidney beans, half a tin of chopped tomatos, tin of mackerel, mixed together with olive oil

On rest days I have the porridge as soon as I wake up and don't have any whey. If I've worked a long day I'll swig a bit more olive oil to make up for the calories burned there.



Oh I have a multivitamin in the morning as well as broccoli and spinnach with my last meal, so I think it's quite a healthy diet overall.



Roastie cunt, belligerent again that the 2d is more dignified and kawaii then the 3dpd.


what a happenstance a fellow multi vitamin user who else /vitamindeficiency/ here


The way tipping on Amazon Flex works is fucking retarded.

You can only give a tip as you checkout, not after the item has been delivered. So you can tip and it doesn't matter if it arrives early or late or whatever. Pretty sure I'd make way more money if you had the ability to tip after.



That is fucking stupid to be fair.



Don't get me wrong, multivitamins are less than ideal, you'll never beat real vegetables - but due to my living situation at the moment I'm not able to eat as wide a variety as I'd like.



>Dooley’s closing statement in the interview asks Nogami

>"Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?"

what an utter cunt

I'm willing to bet if she went to some mudslime shithole like Saudi Arabia she wouldn't be saying that about their stance on female rights.



I know, and I just can't understand the reasoning for it.


File: bc3b9888d416395⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 449x302, 449:302, tipman.jpg)


>literally "That'll be £19.99 plus tip: The Service"



Damn, that sounds like a lot. For me it's currently:

>Breakfast: 2 sachets of porridge w/ 1 sliced banana

>Lunch: peanut butter sandwich + banana + apple

>Dinner: whatever my mum makes, or whatever I can find in the freezer that's easy to chuck in the oven if she's not around

And that's it, when I was in work I was having an extra sandwich in the day but I couldn't eat that much now.



Sounds like you're hitting neither your macro nor micronutrient needs, which will be making your life much harder than it has to be.



I don't really know how to go about hitting either of those, but I certainly feel like everything is a lot harder than it should be.



Oh that sucks anon sorry about that,I do concur that vegetables are based. lettuce,parsnip,carrot,cucumber,pepperetc

Broccoli imo is the best and versatile the only that's taste is still good boiled or steamed.


File: 7a31a818fbb6b62⋯.png (166.01 KB, 246x391, 246:391, 1367245191818.png)



1. Eat more food overall

2. Eat more vegetables

We've had this conversation before. It's the 2017th year of our Lord's incarnation and you're really not able to do these two things?



Apparently not. I don't have much access to food, let alone decent food, and even if I did I'm just not that hungry in general. I usually try to maximise my time doing things that are not eating, so meals are usually only eaten when I feel like I might collapse if I don't, and then I eat enough to not starve. At the very least, it's kept me from becoming obese despite sitting on my arse at home for the majority of the last 9 years, and also means I'm less of a financial burden on my mum.



>I don't have much access to food

do you live in venezuela or something?



Why can't you drink olive oil?



No, I live in England, but I'm a NEET hikki that lives with my mum and her boyfriend, who are both on diets (to lose weight).


Because we don't have any olive oil and my mum won't buy it, she uses some weird 1 calorie spray shit.



why don't you go shopping once a week and get some supplies in?



Because I struggle with going to the shops, I can do it once every few months, but I've not done it now since about January or something. Also there is the problem of storage, our house is small and already rammed full of stuff, there's no extra space in cupboards / fridge / whatever for things beyond what my mum already buys.



well maybe its time to start pushing yourself to go again, and while you ask it ask your mum if she can set aside a bit of space for you.

I'm sure she won't mind



Your next goal should be to go to the shop and buy a big bottle of olive oil, which you should take a small swig of every morning after breakfast.



>she uses some weird 1 calorie spray shit.

That is oil. It just sprays it in such a little amount that it equals 1 calorie per spray.

And why don't you just buy some food off the internet? Some whey powder or something.


I got some Euthymol toothpaste. It has a very strong chemical taste and burns if you leave it in for a while, but at least it has no jew chemicals in it.



do you have stocks in olive oil or something?




I'm not going to go to the shops. The best I can say is that maybe in the future I'll want to go to the shops but right now I don't want to go to the shops and I'm not even going to consider it.

You can call me a useless, weak willed, NEET fuckup as much as you want. I know I am and I don't care.

Just kidding, I'll try to do it.


I don't know, I haven't given that option much thought. Is it expensive, like more so than just persuading my mum to get something? As a family we're pretty Aldi-tier, and I really don't like spending money.



You will never know.



Just buy peanut butter, milk, whey powder, olive oil.

Now find a blender, mix it all up and drink it. That's a pretty cheap way to get calories.


Going to the gun club, lads.

Not long until my probationary period is over and I can finally get my very own .22 rifle.



do you drive?

do you live in a big city?



That sounds pretty gross, are you sure about this? Do you add them in equal parts?



1 scoop of whey

1-2 big tablespoons of peanut butter

1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

top the rest up with milk.

It will just taste like a peanut butter smoothie. It's nice.



Don't mix olive oil in with that stuf., just drink it on its own. Milk, whey and peanut butter is a great shake though. Add some ice and it will go down easily.



I can't drive, and I live in M I L T O N K E Y N E S, a town designed for cars.


Hmm, maybe I'll give it a shot once I get the rest of the ingredients.


Yeah I think that sounds better. Well, I've never tried whey powder, but it seems more appealing than olive oil in a smoothie.



I've been using Earthpaste and a wooden toothbrush for a while. Can't be dealing with (((fluoride))). Who /niceteeth/ here?


That's good lad, be sure not to post on here before you start your terror spree.


lad who done the rat race here, just signed up to do tough mudder next month

the self improvement meme is real


getting addicted to custard lads, reminds me of mummy


Do any of you lads read sci-fi?



>tough mudder

don't tbh.


File: 875d456884de554⋯.jpg (520.75 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, theyearoflivingdangerously.jpg)

Mel Gibson is a GOD.



why not?


File: f84c3f1791ea55f⋯.jpg (20.81 KB, 433x334, 433:334, f84c3f1791ea55ffe1f852e4b3….jpg)


>huge crowds of people

>all touching each other

Couldn't do that lad, but good work.


I have read Do Androids Dream and Man In The High Castle, that is all. Why, you got a recommendation?



>Couldn't do that lad, but good work.

Cheers lad, I've been trying to jump in at the deep-end with this stuff. Face your fears and all that.

>I have read Do Androids Dream and Man In The High Castle, that is all. Why, you got a recommendation?

Nice, I haven't read Androids yet.

I only recently got into sci-fi because I started playing Stellaris a few months ago, never interested me before because my impressions of sci-fi were just cheesy "muh aliens" shite like Star Trek and Star Wars.

Read the Revelation Space series by Alastair Reynolds recently and really enjoyed it though, also started reading the Altered Carbon books by Richard Morgan this week, finished the first book yesterday and am already well into the next one.



How much is it? Don't you just run around in the mud?



£86. It's basically a 12 mile obstacle course.

Rat race was 20 miles and 200 obstacles but I personally felt that too much of it was running, so hopefully this'll be better since it's a shorter distance. Not sure how many obstacles there are compared to the Rat Race though, so maybe it'll be the same ratio of running to obstacles, but at least it'll only be 12 miles.

Plus it being here in Scotland means I don't have to drive for 6 hours down to England, spend the night in Peterborough (which is full of nothing but pakis and wogs, what the fuck lads?), do the race, spend the night in a tent, then drive another 6 hours back home.





fuck off


>gone shooting

>go to Nando's after for some food

>my friends girlfriend comes with us because he's staying at her place afterwards

>she asks how my date went

>mfw have to explain exactly what went wrong



who the heck do you think you are



Going on a terror spree with a bolt action .22 is gonna be a pretty shitty terror spree.



That is in at the deep end lad, I'm just trying to not be a fat cunt.


I believe in you lad.




Alright, this has finally gone too far. Normies OUT.



It's just a chicken shop that sells nice food for a decent price.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Actually, Derrick Bird, a decrepit old man killed 12 people with nothing but a .22 and 12ga on his drive by spree shooting.

Meanwhile young Elliot Rodger with two semi automatic 9mm handguns was able to shoot 4 people (including himself). He really was a shit spree killer.


Decided I am going to quite drugs lads.




See, this is why I'm stopping, my degenerate drug fried brain can't spell properly anymore.




Nice to hear mate, well done on making a stand. Have you got a plan in mind for what you're going to do to quit, or is it more of a "one day at a time" ordeal right now?



I'm going to start with codeine, because I can use the diazepam and ambien to ameliorate the worst of the nausea. Then I will tell the doctor I want to come off diazepam, and just try my best to cope with the anxiety that will inevitably result. Ambien is the last to quit on my list, because recently I've been doing a good job of only using it for a sleeping aid (which is what it was prescribed for) rather than abusing it to go on trips. Also I'm quitting everything other than alcohol and caffeine. I do lots of other stuff on occasion that I don't necessarily have a physical dependency too, but would like to stop regardless.



>quitting Codeine

D for effort.



Sorry anon, is my drug abuse not hardcore enough for you or something?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, my bad. Have another related song as an apology.




Excellent man, sounds like a good plan. If you have trouble with the anxiety and stuff after coming off diazepam, you can always just let loose on here, and we can try to help reframe things, give alternative perspectives, that sort of thing.



Sounds good to me. Britfeel's been here for me a lot over the years, it's good to know I always have this place if I need it. How have you been lately?



I've been pretty good, my sleep pattern is clearly still fucked at the moment, but besides that it seems like my post-job depression has mostly lifted. I also get pretty bad SAD in the winter, so the fact we're going into summer is really helping too. Earlier today I went in the garden to water my mum's plants and it was really warm outside, so I think I can start weaning myself back on talking walks again without it being too much of shock to the system.



Yeah, I just realised how late it is. I'm not even tired, which is weird given I got up at 9am or so today. It's nice to see you're doing alright. I don't mind the weather up here for the moment, but when it gets really hot it kind of messes with me. I feel like the warmer/sunnier it gets, the more dissociated I become and the less real I feel.


File: 39d5077f2047fc7⋯.jpg (87.65 KB, 766x431, 766:431, the best.jpg)

>that first sip of the day



a fine vintage


File: 08b308020426640⋯.jpg (95.63 KB, 973x632, 973:632, trjh4.jpg)


No, opis are probably the most addictive drugs on the planet so they're kinda hard to quit.

Good thing you're quitting at codeine before you moved onto something stronger. I'd say there's a 99% chance you'll end up on H within 2 years if you start taking stronger opis than codeine.



>Drinking roastie olive oil


>misinterpret situation

>completely overreact and assume the worst

>things turn out the way they should have and everything was fine


File: bd6d2270314a3c6⋯.png (124.66 KB, 396x385, 36:35, feelsmad.png)

I hereby DEMAND an Outlast 2 Stream.





My Dad thinks I have some kind of eating disorder and he wont stop trying to pressure me into eating food.



are you the anon that doesn't eat enough and feels fatigued?





No that's me, my parents have little to say about my diet because they're overweight and I'm not.


No different to any other night.



No, I'm the alcoholic with the dildo-owning father.



I dunno lad, I might have time for two dates and nando's tonight.


Just put £10 on the Euro, what do you lads want if I win?



>Just put £10 on the Euro

betting on what, it's collapse?



Euro Millions lottery.


File: 12f8880ef25ae95⋯.jpg (82.77 KB, 622x757, 622:757, 1491762196459.jpg)


fuck, I forgot to get a ticket and it's too late now

Is a house too much to ask for?



I'll get you a two up two down in a reasonably priced area, no mansion in Holland Park.



That works for me, thanks lad


Just shouted "The Jews did 9/11" at two younger lads while biking home from work. One responded with "They actually did!" I don't normally do stuff like this and acknowledge it's a bit madman-tier but I am feeling uninhibited lately.

Also is it immoral for me to do sexual things with this milf considering she has kids and I resent my own mother for her promiscuous behaviour while I was growing up.



It is a bit degenerate, but as long as her kids don't find out, you're good.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lenny's Target Shopping Spree, Part 1



File: 91a2b91cda3a79b⋯.png (48.07 KB, 300x100, 3:1, britfeel.png)

>deleting old files

>find an over 2 years old banner I made for here but never posted

It's shit, but I'd rather it see the light of day before I delete it.



>deleting old files

But why lad?



I would happily see this become an official banner



Only have a small ssd, sometimes need a good cleanup.


Thanks mate.


File: 221ac6e3092bdaf⋯.jpeg (29.16 KB, 466x510, 233:255, 221ac6e3092bdafd60751135a….jpeg)

>only accommodation I can afford at uni is shared bedroom




All those memes, like tears in the rain. You using a laptop, you thought of getting a hard drive caddy?


Is forcing students to live like rats part of their plan?



Rent's just so fucking pricey these days lad, I think most people who get the nice private ensuite rooms are receiving financial support from their parents. Fuck, I hope i don't get paired with some fucking Indian or something.



Did you fall for the London meme?



Nah, Glasgow.



Thought of getting a backup hdd but my miserly spending habits get in the way. An exception might need to be made here, however.


Any of you lads got experience with non-SSRI antidepressants?


File: 41f62252e68419a⋯.jpg (16.95 KB, 300x225, 4:3, profile_picture_by_farsh_n….jpg)


>"Hello, fellow roommate of the multiverse."


File: 401bbef08a39a0a⋯.jpg (230.66 KB, 539x573, 539:573, 401bbef08a39a0a4230aceacbd….jpg)


not sure if I would rather room with Jahans or Chad



Chad might take you under his wing, plus he would definitely smell better and be tidier.


Bought some motorcycle boots for my CBT. They stop your ankles from bending so they make me walk like some fag cowboy.



smoke weed



Chad would undoubtedly smell better BUT the downside is he'd bring home girls to smash at 3am semi regularly.



And a jahans autist would bring back his LARP friends to loudly watch Dr Who at 3am semi regularly.



Don't forget the autistic outbursts while recording his very important, world-impacting videos.



and he's probably wank into his underwear.



Yeah, jahans isn't a quiet type.

I could imagine drifting off to sleep only to be jarred awake by


From the other room


Shit, I forgot my mum was having guests around, now I have to wait an hour or more until I can get something to eat. Worst part is that I could have done it 30 - 60 minutes ago, but I neglected to and now I'm paying the price.



let that be a lesson to you



At least its not a poo.



Well the toilet is upstairs, so that's not a problem, but they are right in the kitchen/dining room area.


My mum reminded me last night as well, but my NEET-fried short-term memory just doesn't seem to carry information over from one day to the next. Normally she has to leave notes and things to remind me to do anything we spoke about the day before, or even that morning.



It will be if you're squeezing one out and there's a knock at the door.


In Prometheus the blonde woman fucks the nigger for absolutely no reason, it's shoehorned in and has no impact or bearing on the narrative. When I say 'fucks' I mean it's a one minute fifteen second conversation at the end of which she says 'My room. Ten minutes.' It's so obviously tacked on.



I know, it was so unnecessary. When I first see it I thought it was going to turn out she was a robot too and this would have some impact on the plot. Idris Elba does the fucking worst accents I've ever heard as well, how does the fucker get so much work?


File: 6627e9589d35d55⋯.jpg (106.9 KB, 800x850, 16:17, 1451444538402.jpg)

File: be0d144e243a1bb⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 384x395, 384:395, nu-male.jpg)


Idris so COOL!

Man, he should be the next Bond!

Hey, I'm straight - but I'd think twice if it were Elba!

Wow, did you see the new Elba film? He's a BEAST!

What do you mean you don't think he should have been cast in The Dark Tower?



We have a lock, and I don't mind walking past someone as I go the short distance from the bathroom to my room. Greeting everyone by coming downstairs and then standing in front of them to make a sandwich however is a different story.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's good in Luther, but other than that, nah.


File: 2adde50886766db⋯.png (360.38 KB, 814x632, 407:316, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d5151f3d23de00⋯.png (227.24 KB, 1091x531, 1091:531, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1fa11245e63b1e7⋯.png (707.47 KB, 952x1152, 119:144, ClipboardImage.png)

Well well well.

I bet you Drumpf supporters are feeling VERY foolish now.

Is this the end for Drumpf?



haha, it's over, explain this blumpfkins lmao



lmao bedtime for ronold blomph


just had a shower


Got a pizza in the oven, lads.


Hope you washed behind your ears.


File: 2a477e77e0c7d97⋯.png (97.8 KB, 806x901, 806:901, 1437318374701.png)

>trying to stop eating so much shite and lose some weight

>get text from dominos

>2 for £20: Buy two any sizes pizzas for £20

oh well, there's always tomorrow



Good goys always fall for marketing ploys.



You gotta stop their texts, they'll get you again.




i'm a wagie cuck with no life and no friends, they're literally the only people who text me haha



Join me and take the "no texts, no worries" pill.



File: 95c20844ef9b8c0⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, Untitled.jpg)

Rate my pizza lads.



Not a big fan of pepperoni myself, but it looks good. Is it one of the Takeaway sauce-stuffed-crust pizzas? I fucking love the four cheese ones.


File: efa8f97460023c5⋯.jpg (127.28 KB, 600x902, 300:451, 1430216654882.jpg)

The milf was seen "behaving inappropriately" towards me at work by a supervisor.



last warning bud



Is she getting punished for it or something, or is it just a warning? Wouldn't it be wise to take the "activities" outside of work?



Yeah, kinda wish it has cheese in the crust, but it's a good pizza.


Fancy some chocolate now.



I told them that she was just messing around and that I didn't mind, so she should be fine. I have suggested that but she's been unreceptive so far, but she keeps flirting at work and I kissed her twice last weekend so she's still interested. It might be more of a long game than I was expecting. I still feel like a massive autist and have no idea how I've kept it going this long but I have so I'll keep going.



some of the Takeaway pizzas do have cheese-stuffed crust, but I can't remember which

personally prefer the sauce-stuffed crust tbh

i wish they'd bring back the sloppy joe, that was fucking great



Never had the sloppy joe, only recently started eating these.


who else /drinkingalone/ here?



Me, got a 500ml glass of water right next to me.





File: 4922c82cbcace6b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 888.97 KB, 1836x3264, 9:16, Untitled.jpg)


Couldn't have you being the madestman in the thread so I went and got this, please rate. A fucking pint of water, with ice


File: 68fc48b04488484⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 640x504, 80:63, 1451443403602.jpg)


File: da92208cce0ffc6⋯.jpg (585.19 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 002.jpg)

File: dda29f62ca99116⋯.jpg (365.78 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 003.jpg)

File: 70efa9986724001⋯.jpg (577.16 KB, 1024x686, 512:343, 004.jpg)

File: 8cb5f691f0c5cee⋯.jpg (78.2 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 005.jpg)

>wake up 8 miles down an abandoned, partially sunken mine (some stretches are entirely submerged)

>you have a torch, a laminated map which shows you the direct route out), scuba gear, a couple sandwiches and a good amount of water.

>you here distant and muffled sounds of what appear to be children sobbing in the direction towards the exit.

>you also have a gun with one bullet.




kill myself



I dunno, apart from the children sobbing this sounds like something I'd really like to do, in a Tomb Raider kind of way. I'd go forth.


5am, night lads.



Goodnight mate, I'm off too.






Why the fuck would a store punish a customer?



this is my biggest fear and also something I really want to try


File: f43d058fd82d54f⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1012x572, 23:13, puss n boots.png)

What do you think of my motorcycle boots? They look gay as fuck and make you walk gay as fuck but if you crash they allow your ankle to merely break rather than snap completely off.



They look alight, and getting to keep your feet is a bonus.



Sounds fun, as long as there are no tight parts, the sobbing stays at a distance and my torch battery doesn't die, I can always shoot myself later on.


To the anon/s who were taking valium, how much were you typically taking on an average day?




12 what?



She's not a customer. If I've been following the story correctly, anon and the milf are colleagues, so it's perfectly reasonable to ask if she may be getting reprimanded or punished for being caught "behaving inappropriately". She's on company property, in company uniform, getting to paid by the company to do a particular job, but instead she's been using her shift to flirt and canoodle with one of the younger employees.


File: 76f1fa9a6822bf0⋯.png (64.09 KB, 1900x873, 1900:873, sorry - Copy.png)


Nice boots


I can't wait until my Dad goes back to work tomorrow.

This is the only downside of time of work, I have to put up with him all afternoon.


I CAN'T STAND THIS MAN, but I feel terrible because he pays for all my shit.

>you alright?




>you out tonight?


>you don't know?


>you're not?

no, I don't know

I think we've gone through those two conversations about 5-6 times each since I woke up this morning. Why can't he just be okay with silence?



Because most people hate silence and enjoy talking, and also he would probably like to "make use" of any and all times that you're out of the house.


File: 44bfcaa8831275b⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1436899251603.jpg)



I'm glad someone enjoyed my artistic endeavour



Well, maybe he should have put some effort into talking to me at a younger age and every conversation wouldn't feel forced and repeated.


The Road is a good film.



12 or 13


>reply to grill 5 minutes after her last message

>she replied 5 minutes later

>she sends a message this morning

>fall back asleep and reply 2 hours later

>she waits 2 hours and replies

What the fuck is this. How does the female brain work? Pretty sure this is the 2nd time she's done this.






women are manipulative she-devils, get used to it.


>hmm, I fancy a cup of tea

>let me just check the catalog first and see if there are any decent threads

>1 hour later

>still haven't made a cup of tea

i didn't even find anything worth reading either, i fucking hate procrastination



Lovely cat and pun boots look pretty cool too

I got some Harley Davidson ones my self they look like this but they got up to my shins




nice bro, can you hook me up with some sweet trenchcoat and fedora recommendations too?



>and pun

Thanks for noticing.

What bike do you ride?


File: fcddddeca4748e1⋯.png (9.71 KB, 1690x130, 13:1, 26032d16fef38752fc35a972a0….png)

What the everloving fuck does this mean?

I want this job.



Assuming the role is local to you and you have no need to relocate, just say so



what job is it?


>tfw suddenly realizing that they will probably drug test me and I wont get the job


A postman van driver person.


Ah, okay. Thanks.



I'm not a hipster though I like glam rock and stuff, tbh trenchcoats do look pretty interesting though tbh, you get a cult going make them wear trenchcoats,that's a unique looking contigent.


Np I Kek'd.

I don't actually ride anything sadly,though I get money off the government that goes towards transport so I'm saving it up for a chopper, Harley or a big trike.

Do you ride like a big chopper?



I don't ride anything yet, I haven't even done my CBT.

The CBT people make you bring your own boots for some reason so I had to buy some. I just want a 125 though.



Are you that 18 year old gay prostitute?



Go Away.


File: 815a0382436e1b7⋯.png (10.26 KB, 427x451, 427:451, 1433251022639.png)




I don't know what that is I don't know much about driving tbh, is it easy to to start tests and diving lessons ? I did send my off for my provesinial I think but that's back when I was in a care home.


Not a prostitute escort , should never do prostitue with escorting you can just meet the guys that don't want sex and refuse the guys that do

Like I get paid just to watch a movie or have a meal with a dude, I also have guys that pay me to kick and hit them so that's easy.


Will do anon-kun



You need a provisional and then you do a CBT which is basically a 1 day course on riding bikes. Once you've done that you can ride on the road if you're supervised with someone with a full license.

After that you can do your test and then ride without L plates.



Couldn't you tell by his boots alone?



There used to be some 30 year old guy who had a harley so I suspected it was either him or the gay prostitute.



iktf lad


>tfw found out you can get clonazepam off the internet when I've been busy wasting my money on diazepam



That's probably a decent job. I used to be a postman and now I'm a delivery driver, not for RM though..


File: 0d029b53a27bbf7⋯.jpg (134.76 KB, 600x300, 2:1, js-thumb.jpg)


>sometimes take 3, 4, even 5 hours to reply to the milf

>she always replies instantly

Also I'm the lad whose severely insane mother kicked him out recently so I'm using a shitty laptop with no reaction images or really any imageboard content whatsoever. You don't have to outright dump them, but it would be nice if you lads could post images you wouldn't mind me saving alongside your posts more often, they don't necessarily have to be related to post content.


File: 0e1250b23f11ef4⋯.jpeg (21.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, image.jpeg)

I literally just puked 15 minutes fuck damn the mouth and throat burns as are The undigested lentils



> 15 minutes ago

>the throat burns are pain

My Poor grammar from being high most likely


File: d01b3485f69d5b1⋯.jpg (31.78 KB, 448x537, 448:537, d01b3485f69d5b105a6591aa90….jpg)


Hey kid, wanna buy some memes?


I went 11 days without wanking and felt really good about myself, but I relapsed and have since felt like shit. Lenny was right about porn, it really is for cookie cutters.



Is it the porn that's bad, the wanking or both?



Probably just the porn, but I don't really feel the urge to wank when I go long periods without it. And when I do wank without it I just think about porn.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Delray Misfits Halloween Party, Part 1



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I ordered a nat soc uniform before from ww2sale but I haven't got my emailed invoice yet, have I been scammed?


File: 4e6a18302fc43f9⋯.jpg (109.39 KB, 906x813, 302:271, rtjtrjr.jpg)


For anyone wondering, I attempted to get a 2nd date.

I was unsuccessful.


File: a00983befcb85b8⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 234x250, 117:125, 1486184720233.jpg)

car alarm been going off outside for 20 minutes now


File: 33065c308f30a83⋯.png (166.62 KB, 640x200, 16:5, relief.png)


it just got turned off






it actually feels like it was almost worth having to sit through it just for how comfy it is now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 8814843d58416a0⋯.webm (2.82 MB, 1000x420, 50:21, roastied.webm)


I am comfy.



me too lad



>room is nice and tidy

>laying on bed

>covers on feet

>road is quiet

>laptop on chest

>headphones on

>gf sim on the left

>friend sim on the right

>friend sim is also comfy

It is good.



>window open

>curtains closed

>quiet warm breeze outside

>laying back on the fully extended recliner

>wireless keyboard on lap

>playing civ on 52" TV


File: ba90a5a65b37229⋯.png (220.93 KB, 356x458, 178:229, C-cO8YXW0AAV-z5.png)

12 hours is enough for me, goodnight lads.



Goodnight mate, sleep well.




Shan't be listening to this.



why not?



I listened to it but I don't really know what it is I'm listening to.



Keith Jahans talking about his son Alexander Gordon Jahans



Kek, I'm surprised his dad has even read his son's autistic fantasies, and also that he hasn't disowned the lad.


Goodnight guys.


Went up in all my lifts again, and I was even drinking last night. I am unstoppable. Tomorrow I'm going to try squatting 100kg.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 202884d9e984bdf⋯.png (174.85 KB, 430x395, 86:79, 1471633452598-1.png)

>need to walk my dog

>it's raining



Walks in the rain can be pretty comfy, especially if it's empty outside.



it was pretty grim, but at least my dog is happy now.



> I also have guys that pay me to kick and hit them so that's easy.

Life is weird.


Day 3 of /nodrug/. Codeine withdrawals are still shitty, haven't had any diazepam in three days either. No desire for ambien. I will tell the doctor I plan to taper off diazepam when it's time for my next prescription refill. Struggling with boredom mainly, only so much to do in a day as a NEET. Exercised and did some studying, looking forward to escaping to university so I have something to do.



good for you mate, keep at it



How much diazepam are you taking?

And don't do that "12 or 13" bullshit again.



I'm only on 6mg/day.


There are at least two diazepam anons on here. Pretty sure the other one does way more than me.



Good work man, glad to hear you're sticking to your plan. Yeah NEET life can easily become very boring, but as long as you fill your time with little bits of studying, exercise, hobbies, interests, etc. here and there, you can surely pull through it.


>tfw you see some older lads you used to hang about with and they're still bumming around on the streets at 30+

Less embarrassing to be a shut in NEET tbh.


managed to eat dinner tonight lads. Chicken nuggets and chips. A bit of a manchild meal but I've been struggling to eat anything lately so it's a positive



You've just reminded me it's 8pm and I've not had dinner. My new antidepressants have murdered my appetite.




Wish I were you lads, the lack of appetite part, not the depressed part. Been on the exercise bike and had my dindins already.




who is this bender



I suspected you were new lad, but I didn't think you were that new.



the streamer? Just a regular britfeeler


File: 9bb5fd48304e652⋯.gif (111.62 KB, 255x231, 85:77, veryangryskeltalshkaingati….gif)






What the fuck, that's a baby dose. Do you even feel that? Also, how do you even take 6mg? Do crush the pills to dust or something?

I usually take 30mg+ at work.



>do you even feel it

Only with a massive tolerance brake. If I'm actually trying to feel anything, I would take 10-20mg and let them dissolve under my tongue, but I'm not doing that anymore.



Bought some bitcoin for clonezapam today (or however you spell it).

It's supposed to be way better for anxiety and gives a lot less of a body high.



>bought some BTC today

sorry for your loss



I'm a rich white nigga who doesn't care about money.




not for long with that attitude lad


>rich white nigga


maximum degeneracy



>in toilet cubical

>snap some valium up and put it under my tongue

>take a piss

>feel something weird in my mouth

>spit it into the toilet

>realize my huge mistake



should i stay nodrugs, sounds like a hassle to be honest



As in you've never done drugs before? Don't do drugs. Once you start down that path it's hard to go back.

t. /nodrug/ for three days and want to fucking die



i've neeted/ antisocialed so hard since i was 16 that ive missed it luckily

hope you get through it


Time to get comfy for my date I'll see you tomorrow lads.



good luck, I hope she doesn't eventually rip your damn heart out



Good luck. Don't drink half a bottle of vodka and 10mg of diazepam before you go.



How did this come about? Anyone got the quick rundown?


File: 01faa267abadbc9⋯.jpg (55 KB, 407x400, 407:400, large.jpg)

>bitcoin been unconfirmed for 6 hours



What's the big deal about bitcoin? It's not like you can walk into a bank and convert it into real money



I was comfortable without drink/drugs all the way up until I was 19. In fact I purposely avoided drinking that long because I had 2 alcoholic parents and didn't want to be like them.

Now I'm pretty much always high on something. On the plus side I've done a lot of things, made friends, met girls, been places, done things that I never would have done sober because I just would have sat in my room playing WoW comfortable with status quo.

It's a hassle if you have some CUNT dealer who keeps driving around and makes you follow him for about 35 minutes. It's comfy buying drugs on the internet and having them arrive 1-2 days later. IF MY FUCKING BITCOIN STOPPED BEING UNCONFIRMED

If you suffer from anxiety it's very easy to form a habbit on anything that reduces the anxiety. Especially alcohol/benzos which can completely kill all your inhibitions. Especially benzos, if you take enough and you're in public it just makes you feel invisible, just as comfortable as you would be sat at home.



You can go to LBC and convert it to real money or you can use it to buy things.


File: f598c0db16efa0c⋯.jpg (357.7 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1483558841414.jpg)

>listening to ASMR with headphones on

>they focus on one ear at a time


haven't showered in 3 days and i'm getting a bit ripe lads



3 days is very normal for me. It's only really after 4+ days that it begins to show, at least in my experience.



it's been quite warm here lately and i've been choked with the flu, so my sweat is feeling a bit rank

i'll go to bed soon for a few hours then get up and have a shower because this just feels nasty


File: 28367521730a6db⋯.png (813.21 KB, 828x835, 828:835, high level aussie bants.png)




Two fewer fags in the world.








>married to a man pretending to be a woman

>not a fag


File: 28848c2d58d9fa4⋯.jpg (353.94 KB, 1167x1600, 1167:1600, stock-photo-young-happy-ma….jpg)

Squatted 100kg for 3x3 lads.


>wanted to talk to doctor about OCD for years

>tfw if I do the police wont allow me to have a gun licence

Oh well, not like doctors can help much anyway.


ZERO fucking energy today lads. Just fuck my shit up.



Wanna know how I can tell you're not taking a swig of olive oil every morning?





Second time I've been round hers, she just sat and made a teddy bear from beads this time, still only speaking Japanese, glad there's subtitles.


Yeah do not rate that at all, lad.


Good lad.



Wait what?



I bought some Monday morning and they are still unconfirmed, I'm so pissed off


File: e72f1ace1e7526b⋯.jpg (11.41 KB, 320x320, 1:1, american pepe.jpg)




Delivered to a really qt Chinese girl today, is it ok to race mix in my split second life planning fantasy which ends before I've even said hello?



This is why you need to keep your drug habit organized.

Always make sure you have enough to last you 1-2 weeks if you encounter any problems and always keep some spare bitcoin incase your bank decides to be a cunt and start delaying transactions.


Spent my afternoon catching stray kittens from my brother's next door neighbour's decrepit old shed. Found 5 in total.



don't worry lad, chad delivered to her as soon as you left ;)



I only smoke weed, and I'm trying to cut down anyway.



I love cats, are you going to keep one?



You lie, my 5 second waifu is pure.



No, I'm living in a bedsit, and my brother and his gf don't want anymore cats so they're all going to some shelter.


File: 022883598c05eeb⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 490x661, 490:661, 7583728789.JPG)

File: 9625d51751a3b17⋯.jpg (72.5 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1494689263883.jpg)



>No tax increase if you earn less than £1538 per week.

If you make £80k you're rich tbh



>more jobs

For Johnny F

>1 million affordable homes

For Johnny F, God I hate these cunts.


File: 7692434b267d283⋯.gif (4.99 MB, 529x222, 529:222, 1440127242880.gif)





This, I'd unironically support the Labour Party if they did what they did for native Brits and weren't literally the immigrant/muzzie welcome party



But that might be national socialism my goy, very bad. Also fuck the NHS. Also

>£10 per hour

I earn just under £10, if all these useless cunts on £7.50 get a bump I'll be asking for £15.



Kawaii, hope they are treated good


Trips of truth


>fuck the nhs



File: 7ff778050889be0⋯.jpg (139.42 KB, 1176x580, 294:145, kitten.jpg)

One of the kittens



Good job lad, that's a cute kitten.


>tfw no one to go to the gym with



Lovely kitten, absolutely impeccable job you're a great guy.


Who else used stormfront years before discovering the chans here ?

I did and man it was great when I discovered pollacks my own age existed




I might be on /britfeel/ but I'm not THAT much of a sperglord



It was a great site tbh when I was around 11/12

Finding People who talked about the real heroes in history like vlad tepez or hitler. Only time I hated it when burgers spurged about


Some good threads with a different range, from classic skin dafties threads to guys willing to talk about Hobbes's work fun times :3



Not me. I was uninterested and apathetic towards politics and social issues until about 2.5 years ago, whereas I started regularly using halfchan about 7.5 - 8 years ago, starting with /a/. I'd been well aware of halfchan's existence since about 05 or 06, thanks to some nerdy lads from school constantly posting the latest "epic memes" from /b/ at me over msn, but it wasn't until I got into anime that I found a reason to go there myself.



Interesting story anon, good to see you had a good board with /a/ to start on.

Hail good comrade anon , I understand if you hate stormfront but it's been a good board over the years for me somim bias towards it I <3 stormfront and fascism





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Post normie music that you like.






Goodnight laddos.



night lad



I used to be racist as fuck when I was younger and a huge nationalist.

Now I just don't care anymore.


I found a half smoked cigarette on the ground today. It was funny because during my broke smoker days I would have picked it up and smoked it without thinking.

But now that I'm successful and I've made it I casually looked around to make sure nobody was looking and then I picked it up and smoked it.



did you just lift this from the viz letterbocks?


File: a8c1654b6ffd437⋯.jpg (82.15 KB, 634x462, 317:231, 1431358480113.jpg)

>le handsome arabic prince type characters being added to fighting games recently



I enjoyed this post.


Can't get behind vidya at all any more.


Just spent two and a half hours studying lads. If I can do this every day I will be prepared for University well ahead of schedule. I'd been putting it off because it's been so long and I was worried I wouldn't understand anything, but it's all easy stuff. Feels good.



Good lad, lad. What you doing at uni?



chemical physics


Why the fuck is TotalBiscuit still alive? I thought he was given a year to live and that was like 3 years ago.


File: b55f199daa80fbd⋯.jpg (109.67 KB, 1140x700, 57:35, total-biscuit-john-bain.jpg)


>However, as of January 2017, his cancer has regressed and is now considered curable.[4]

>this fucker is only 32

hurt, don't know who he is tbf



>his cancer has regressed and is now considered curable

>believing doctors when they say it's now "curable". They tell you this until you have a few days left to live.

>this fucker is only 32

Yeah, I remember in 2011/2 when I first heard of him I thought he was some middle aged man but he was only in his 20s at the time.


Done absolutely everything I need to do for the day, now I can just relax. How are you lads?



just out of bed



Same here, feels good. Wonder what's for dinner.



mummy's making pizza tonight.



I just put a pizza in, wew.



I went to bed at 11am and I just woke up now. I can't get any worse than being 12 hours out from where I want to be, but on the bright side, this also means that any further shift will at least be a step in the right direction.


Does anyone here own a thinkpad? I want to know whether or not they're a meme.



Yeah lad, W520, they're a meme but a great one.



The ones that were always recommended by /g/ were the old IBM ThinkPads, not the more recent (2005+) Lenovo ones. The newer ones have just as many built-in backdoors as any other desktop/laptop computer on the market, and they're not quite as sturdy as the old ones either from the ones I've used. I wouldn't put the newer ones above or below any other business-tier laptop that you could buy.




I'm thinking of going for the t420, however, I'm sort of put off by the screen resolution. It's something like 1300*760, which is kind of on the low side.



I couldn't handle anything lower that 1080 tbh.



If you mean 1366x768, then that's pretty much been the standard for laptops for the last 11 years. There are higher resolution ones, but you have to take pixels-per-inch into account because things are either gonna get really tiny, or really big again when you get high enough to double the size of all the on-screen assets.

You've also got to remember most laptops only have an integrated graphics chip, so resolutions higher than 1366x768 will have a greater negative impact on the machine's performance than it otherwise would on a desktop PC, unless you pay out the arse. In my experience, using a 1080p monitor is bearable on most 2010+ laptops as long as you're not doing anything graphically intensive (gaming, photo/video editing, madVR upscaling for animu/films, etc).


File: b807d8fe1490b50⋯.png (133.97 KB, 431x362, 431:362, trjtr.png)

>cut my drinking down to 4-5 shots a night

>now slowly been creeping back to half a litre+ over the past few months


Thread's been pretty dead today, is everyone out on a date or something?



I dunno lad, seems like we've done okay activity wise honestly. What's going on with you? I'm just thinking about reading some stuff. Paralysed by indecision as to what I want to actually read.



Hasn't seemed that dead to me. I'm gonna do some maths and then maybe play some more Witcher 3.



Just got back from one, really weird this time, she just kept holding my ears.


Well lads, went to the doctor and they prescribed me Sertraline.


Alri la's haven't posted in ages, Ive stopped taking my anti Ds to see if I could cope naturally but I just feel like shit. I've got a chemical imbalance and will be depressed forever.


Took a swig of vodka before lifting and broke my deadlift, OHP, and bench PRs.


you alri la ;4)


File: f23f33129fb7473⋯.jpg (7.1 KB, 194x259, 194:259, come.jpg)

Your Perception will Never leave You…



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Boards of Canada are great. What does the lad who was working with his dad think of them.



Not really. You?



alri la, long time no see ;4)

I'm on a new anti depressant and it's helping me a lot, it's called reboxetine, works with adrenaline and noradrenaline instead of serotonin. Would highly recommend it.


File: 0ca1825dc9a4b4e⋯.jpg (31.02 KB, 620x393, 620:393, 1443492156750.jpg)

File: fc87c8fd5d5e177⋯.jpg (103.72 KB, 878x814, 439:407, 1447607087560.jpg)

File: f0add8e146da994⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 250x188, 125:94, 1443243129603.gif)

>still get asked if I'm an adult by bus drivers - an adult ticket is SIXTEEN AND OVER

>walking home at 3pm and schoolgirls are almost my height

Being 5'10 is ==HELL==



You've only just turned 18.



I'm twenty years old.




I thought you were the 18 year old prostitute.


I can't believe the sickgirl BBQ was 2 years ago.

I miss her.



I'm 5'7 and haven't been ID'd since I was 19


How many seats do you lads reckon the Conservatives, SNP and UKIP will get in the upcoming general election?


I'm betting on an increase in seats, maybe around 360.


Not sure on this one really. They have so many seats in Scotland already, they have barely any constituencies left to gain. But who are going to challenge them in Scotland? Labour isn't winning them back, so the Conservatives are the only ones who will be bringing the fight to them. I'm betting they place around the same as the last GE, give or take a few seats.


As much as I don't like to admit it, I'm betting on zero.



Scotfag here, the SNP won't win any more seats.

I think they'll lose one or two thanks to Sturgeon's unpopularity, but the utter lack of competition makes it unlikely for them to lose more than a handful of seats.




>don't know this feel

Except that lanky bitches part, Amazonians go home.



Is that you SAG?

The last time I went to the doctor they said I may have to be on anti depressants for life which crushed me a little tbh. They said I could try weening off of them to see how I do but I just feel shit tbh. Are your working?

Who are you voting for in this erection btw la's?




Nah mate, I worked at McCuck's for like six months though. I just finished college and I'm going to Uni later this year. I kind of get what you mean about the antidepressants, but for the time being I'm just happy that they're working, I'll worry about tapering off them in the distant future.

This is SAG, who is this, greencuck or gukkimane? Either way it's been a while.




stop namefagging REE



Did you not join the marines in the end? Damn, yeah almost 2 years now since I posted regularly on here, I am the former ;)

It seems to have toned down a lot here no? Everyone seems slightly more normie, maybe it's just me.

Edit: I meant I'm the former ;)




fuck off


File: 5405e8318c82ca5⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1495106514905.gif)


Is this SAG?


Nah lad I failed a fitness test and ended up going to college instead, now I'm just off to uni to be a chemical physics autist. What are you doing with yourself these days? Still NEET? Two years is a long time, a lot has changed around here I guess. Like two guys got gfs at one point or another and there's a few new faces now. Nice to hear from you again champ Even if you're a chronic shitposter with bad opinions ;4)



Damn how long were you at college? Sounds like you've turned your life around tbh la. Are you going to live in halls?

I'm still working at the same shop, although not sure how much longer I'll be there. Need to find a career but also too depressed to care.



I was at college for two years, glad to be done with it. Yeah I'll be moving into halls, just sent off my application for it today. I've not turned things round 100% really, became a drug addict for a bit, and also got diagnosed with some stuff after seeking help for hallucinations I'd been having, but I'm in therapy now and I'm moving forward, so I guess it's going alright, comparatively speaking. If you're not having luck with SSRI antidepressants, I would recommend investigating alternatives like SNRIs and NRIs, or NDRIs (although the only NDRI I know of isn't prescribed for depression in the UK, only for quitting smoking).



I'l look into them, I'll ask my doctor about alternatives because all the SSRI's I've been on (Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, Zoloft) have helped a little but haven't got me where I need to be. Maybe I'm meant to be depressed forever.

Wish I could chat a more but I have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow so I can pretend to be a normie for 8 hours :v)



good luck with that lad, I'll probably get up earlyish too because I'm gonna get a doctor's appointment sorted, and you have to phone at 8am at my clinic.


Question for anyone ITT who has been diagnosed with a mental illness by a psychiatrist: who prescribes your medications, the GP or the psychiatrist? I'm currently having to deal with general practitioners for all my meds, and I feel like they don't really know what they're on about. I don't understand why I'm not seeing a psychiatrist regularly since my diagnosis.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Boards of Canada

Not my kind of thing really, trip-hop, IDM, ambient, etc. just don't do it for me. I remember this sort of this was quite popular online around the time I started making music, and I did take inspiration from things like it, but I've never been able to actually get into it. I don't know if this will make sense to you, but it always sounds like it's made to tickle the ears while you're sitting down and feeling lethargic, rather than brimming with energy and demanding a visceral reaction. So while it sounds "nice" and doesn't offend my ears at all, I have no interest in it personally.

The most similar thing I can think of that I do like, is stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV4TsZWEiE0


I know this feel.



What kind of music do you make?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Behold: The Anglo's finest achievement to date.



Feels like an eternity since I've been high lads, but in reality it's been something like six or seven days. This is hard.



I usually shoot for both "sounds pleasing to the ears" and also "makes you want to move your body". I don't try to pigeon-hole the music I make into genres when I'm making it, but I'm mainly influenced by everything from house, garage, jazz-funk, boogie, soul, disco, and hip-hop records, from the 70s to the 90s. Often I'll make things that are completely different just to spice things up, but even then it's always intended to be played loud and danced to, rather than simply just "listened" to.

Here's a small sample of things I've made over the last couple of years that may or may not be finished:

https://my.mixtape.moe/waxuep.mp3 - Flourish (2013)

https://my.mixtape.moe/wecjgk.mp3 - s0WKoP5fsllW (2014, /britfeel/ exclusive I made for someone's birthday two years ago, another anon here played the guitar)

https://my.mixtape.moe/ycojdv.mp3 - FreightAway (2015, unfinished but I like it)

https://my.mixtape.moe/xqgpkd.mp3 - BomBass (2016)

https://my.mixtape.moe/knuzeq.mp3 - Indubbable (2016)

https://my.mixtape.moe/rbxddb.mp3 - ForLast (2017, work-in-progress, not sure about it honestly)

If it sounds like the quality of production varies a bit, it's because I'm always going on and off of making music, and the long breaks usually mean my skills degrade until I get back into the rhythm of it. I didn't really make anything of note from 2010 to 2013 for instance, nor did I in 2015.



Good luck.

It feels like an eternity since I was sober but it was only 2014/2015.



I actually think this is good tbh but i'm probably the least musically inclined on here.



I'm down 5 points


File: 91af80e98ef8dd2⋯.png (15.82 KB, 649x404, 649:404, iq.png)


I got 125, I'm happy with that. I've taken a real IQ test before when I got diagnosed with asperger's, but I only got 119 back then. However, I was peak NEET/hikki at the time, and hadn't used my brain in several years, unlike now where I'm doing maths every day.


File: 517d8197933436d⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 738x512, 369:256, iq test.jpg)



I remember you from last one lad <3




It looks like we've got a couple of boffins here


Trying out clonazepam instead of diazepam. It's supposed to be more of an anti-anxiety medication compared to diazepam which is very much a muscle relaxant. It's about $40 for a box of 60 pills, little more expensive than diazepam but there's a lot less of it on the market. It has a similar half life so it should last about 4-6 hours.

I crunched up 4mg and swallowed it, feeling pretty good right now. That's a pretty low dose and I'm feeling way better than I do on diazepam. 10/10, would recommend.


druggie scum should just do us all a favour and OD tbh


Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Rude tbh.



Why not just get it on prescription? Surely you can play up to the doc a bit.I got given drugs without even trying (admittedly much more shit-tier drugs but if these don't do the trick I reckon I could get the good stuff)


File: ea90a1151b7d9ef⋯.jpg (75.09 KB, 537x534, 179:178, 1446879712554.jpg)

>britfeel is full of drug addicts



Standard prescription price in England is £8.60 I believe. I'd be lucky to get a box of 2mg pills for that.

For £16 I can get a box of 10mg pills. Why bother?



I got 110 like a pleb


>tfw dad coerced me into buying Coke off a cheaper guy he knows

My expexctations for Saturday are low


got a 12 pack of stella in the fridge, gonna get wankered and play endless space 2 all night

how are you lads spending your friday night?



probably lying here aimlessly browsing the internet until I feel like going to sleep



First I'm getting a meal with my family which I'm not looking forward to and then I'm going out drinking with a homosexual body builder, a 50 year old gay man, a kinda normal guy and a load of people I don't know.



I'm going to my friends sisters later to hang out, apart from that I might download endless space 2, it looks quite fun.






Cry myself to sleep in the arms of my Japanese gf sim.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


who /gonnawin95millionontheeuro/ here?



Thanks for the reminder lad



Thought it best to say it while you can still get a ticket. What you gonna buy lad?



Just bought the one lucky dip, that's the most I usually do


Can someone who is on ESA benefits for autism please run me through the exact process they went through to get it, struggling to understand all this.



I did mean if you win tbf.




a nice house with a secret basement where I can start prepping for the apocalypse (not that I believe anything catastrophic is gonna happen, I just think it'd be fun to do)



Good idea, best to be prepared just in case.



I feel like the USA would be far better for prepping, they have a lot more conspiracy nuts and therefore a lot more companies selling bulk freeze-dried foods and the like. Not to mention it would be much easier to stock up on guns and other weapons compared to here.



That's why you buy a country manor with 100s of acres of land. They'd let you have all the guns you want. I'd probably invest in a gf.



>That's why you buy a country manor with 100s of acres of land. They'd let you have all the guns you want.

Good idea lad.

>I'd probably invest in a gf.

See if I had that kind of money I don't think I could ever trust a woman to be with me for any other reason. I'd probably just fuck high-end hookers and get them to femdom me



Can't let the qts know about the cash.


all the fucking normies are out tonight



Wish I were out on the way to my gfs house to cuddle and watch anime all night tbh.



I'm in no position to look down on anyone right now, but I still think it's a shame. Half the posts these days are about habitual drug/alcohol use/abuse, yet I remember the time where one newfag turned up here and was surprised we weren't all talking about using drugs to "cure depression" AKA ruin your life, as he was doing. In some ways, I pin some of the blame on him for opening the floodgates and pushing us down this slippery slope.

Now drug-posting has become so "normal" here that I'm not sure we can ever go back. The "moral thread" was a welcome step in the right direction in my eyes, but since it ended it's only gotten worse, significantly so. I don't really want to hang around a bunch of drug addicts, that's not why I started coming here and I don't think I'd have stuck around if it was like this 2+ years ago.

Well, I definitely wouldn't have because of all the "obtaining and going on dates" posts of late, but right now they give me hope that even I might run into a random qt that likes me one day, despite my flaws, so I bite my tongue and hold off on REEEing. Everyday so far has been a bitter reality check however, so I don't see this phase of optimism lasting much longer.


Sorry, I've been asleep since about 3pm. I want to sleep more though, I intended to wake up at midnight or later, but I was woken up by a noise.



I'm with you lad, I feel like I don't recognize this place a lot of the time these days.


File: 7777ff3487bb2e7⋯.jpg (35.22 KB, 180x205, 36:41, death makes fools of us al….jpg)




I have run out of patience with the drug / alcoholism posting. When I joined there was none of that. I stopped coming here sometime around September last year and came back during the morality edition and it seemed so different for what is a fairly short time.




File: b6210bc8725cf05⋯.png (437.58 KB, 441x600, 147:200, candlefags btfo.png)


Reminder that Harbourgods are true moralists, and drugs are the work of candlefags


Absolutely baking here lads.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>generally stable and beginning to enjoy a few things again

Maybe there is hope.



fuck off normo


Time for sleep, the pain will cease. Goodnight lads.



Nice, good work mate. It's a good feeling when your efforts at climbing out of a hole start paying off.


>[unwarranted 3-words-or-less insult with no punctuation towards another anon, from an increasingly nervous, probably drug abusing, newfag]

You've become too formulaic lad. If you want somewhere with halfchan-style posting as the norm, try halfchan.


Goodnight mate, sleep well.



Posted woe is me shit for years. Always told myself the day I get told i'm a normalfag is the day I'll probably turn out OK. Celebrations may be in order.


Not sure if the improvement is from my efforts or just neurological changes with time. Either way I'm hoping it lasts at least a little bit longer.


Enjoy your rest.


File: cd74604534a6314⋯.png (67.8 KB, 1784x1174, 892:587, 1426359492282.png)

Away out for a run, lads.

Never done it before, but I've decided it's time to make a change in my life. It's raining outside and it's nearly 3am, so the park near my house should be deserted which is what I want.


File: 9fb6bf603a4fc3e⋯.png (47.53 KB, 1168x817, 1168:817, iq test.PNG)

Not bad, not great


File: 709b82928c9ab35⋯.png (83.72 KB, 240x228, 20:19, 1429980301716.png)


>93.7 percentile

lmao honourary nigger tier



come on fella a lad up there got 110



>tfw you're sharing a board with literal, unironic brainlets



Nice, tell us how it goes.

I've never been sure about running personally. Some people say it's absolutely necessary, while others say it will destroy your knees before long, and I don't know who to believe. Not that that matters right now, because I'm still a bit too afraid to run in public anyway. I also don't own anything I would consider "running" apparel, plus I'd need to shower a lot more often too. Frankly, I'm not even sure how to run, I had a hard time learning to walk when I first started going outside, and I imagine running will be the same. Then again, this seems like a big list of excuses.


File: d198fadfe65cd02⋯.png (351.33 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, 1344569486688.png)


Jesus, I'm much more out of shape than I suspected.

Ran for a total of 6 minutes, not sure about the distance but it was a full circuit of the park.

I was expecting aching legs and feet, but they're all perfectly fine. My lungs are the problem, it feels like there was an entire compartment of unused lung-space at the bottom of them that I broke into and I'm now coughing up chunks of phlegm every minute or so and am having trouble breathing.

I need to go out again tomorrow to stop myself from losing any progress I made tonight.



This is gonna sound autismal as fuck, but it's like I have 0 stamina and just attempted an action with a requirement of 5 stamina




I know exactly what you mean, it was the same when I started walking after years of being hikki. At first I only walked around the block, yet it felt like I'd walked for miles. In fact, I posted about it here >>5813 when I did it, but I'm not sure it will show up because some of the old threads turned 404 since the hack, and will likely remain that way until they are updated in some way (a new post, deleting a post, anything that makes it refresh on the server) through the mod panel.

Speaking of which, could a mod here unlock any 404'd threads, so we can attempt to revive them? I don't know if the act of unlocking/re-locking them will refresh them alone, or whether we'll have to individually post in each thread after unlocking.



Do you still go walking?



Well, in 2016 I wasn't walking quite as much as I did in 2015 because a lot of the novelty had worn off, and I'd walked just about everywhere within walking distance from my house. When I started working, I just had no energy to do anything like that any more, and by the time I'd quit it was December, so I wasn't eager to go outside. After the whole work ordeal I was very happy to finally be back in my room and on my computer, although I'd become pretty depressed overall. I've only been for 5 walks since the start of the year; 3 of which were on my own (without a parent), and 2 of those 3 were because I had to go to the shop as a last resort, not because I wanted to go outside. I'm still struggling with getting my sleep pattern and shower routine back on track as well, which they need to be if I'm to leave the house at all.

TL;DR - Not really, at least not at the moment.



Sorry to hear that, lad.


>gentle golden sunlight

>soft patter of rain on the garden

>birdsong and the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze

early morning before the town wakes up is the best



It's hard to appreciate the beauty of nature when all you can see out your window is a crowded suburban mess, and all you can ever hear is traffic because the town you live in decided that every 1/2 mile x 1/2 mile residential area being surrounded by 4 main roads was a good idea.

I wished I lived somewhere more natural and beautiful, the rural anons here are lucky in that respect.



I don't even live in a rural area, it's just a small town (16k population last census, so maybe ~18k now)



>16k population

>not rural

I don't understand how that works


File: 2ed54fa9a971ba9⋯.jpg (83.52 KB, 1155x785, 231:157, 068954890764.JPG)



>blazing direct sunlight at my window from when it rises to about 12 boiling my room

>radiator is on due to unpredictable weather adding to heat

>double glazing offering little protection from the noises of the busy london main road

>hundreds of cars per hour sound like they're passing within a foot of my head

everyone needs to die right now


File: 1a55a8c25dd61fe⋯.jpg (273.89 KB, 1300x882, 650:441, farmer.jpg)


>ooh arr lad, welcomes to arr town. we's got e'ryfin you could e'er need 'ere: farmer's markets, thatched-roof townhouses, combine 'arvester service garages, sheepdoggies in'a window, you names it; we's gorrit.



It's an industrial town, most of the workforce commutes here.


Some lad pushed me over last night, right onto my back. Back when I was younger I probably would have burst into treats and ran off, but being drunk I grabbed a glass and smashed it into the back of his head and ran off as quick as I could, hopefully the fucker spent the night in hospital getting stitches what a fucking piece of shit.

On the bright side I managed to find a coke hookup so not everything went bad.


File: 1c3dd5e7d3750c6⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8452835.jpg)


looking forward to the reward



ok this is getting ridiculous





no sympathy tbh la


File: 928ddfe2a96f2d5⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 258x277, 258:277, 542785247.JPG)

>mfw in a few years all the degenerate candlefags die out and we achieve harbour master hegemony


File: 300d624bbf35a1d⋯.png (102 KB, 262x262, 1:1, mfw harbourfags tears.png)



The beggars of harbour street are still as delusional as ever it seems.








I'm not the gay prostitute.



Average night out. This happens every Friday, police are used to it.

Tried to get back into the bar I glassed that cunt and the bouncer went absolutely off it proper shouting at me, got out of there before he kicked my head in or they got police.

I'm a nice guy, I don't start fights with random people for no reason.

Don't start fights with random guys and you wont get glassed.


How man fucking britX boards do you need! Jesus!




Fucking cancer. No wonder you colonized the entire world.


File: 71bc309cda3d677⋯.jpg (20.86 KB, 500x278, 250:139, CHFE-EvWwAA2rpH.jpg)


File: 319e6d7be587d2f⋯.png (117.64 KB, 465x357, 155:119, vbggvh.png)


I'm a soft cunt.

Hence why I didn't square up and fight him there.







What's next?



A group meet?



at a football match



sure we can go for a fight and a pint after



Yes lad, packed pub, lot of lads, we can do some bugle in the toilets and then go brass house.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


16k isn't rural. I live in a 6kish town and that seems a bit urban at times, but I did grow up on a farm so I'm biased I guess.


West country is best country, that's how people sound around here. The lyrics for this song were written out wrong in this video, probably some outlander not from the west country



How did I end up replying to the same post twice and not see untill after.


Any good films to watch?



yeah, a few



What would you recommend lad?



What kind of thing do you want to watch?

There Will Be Blood is one of my favourite films.



no, none



Not sure really, thought maybe someone had one they'd watched recently and had nobody to tell to watch it. Yeah TWBB is a good film.



I've watched quite a few films recently. The Manchurian Candidate from '62, which was really good. Something quite weird, the Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari, which is a collection of short stories based on Mari folklore but it's probably not to everyone's tastes; I enjoyed it however. I also watched Refn's Bleeder which is pure kino, I'd say it's my favourite of what I've watched recently.



I'll download them, I think Bleeder is the only Refn film I haven't seen.








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