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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 2899aade3edbb11⋯.png (617.88 KB, 600x1594, 300:797, victory.png)

416c3c  No.553707

New meme thread because the old one is autosaging, starting with a request: I need the exploitable 8ch logo, have this crop in return

3d38dc  No.761903


Islam is a false teaching, that's all.



More like this? I know there was a science "everything is dust wow science so profound one"

145fe9  No.761911

File: 59093a9ec7937b7⋯.jpg (142.87 KB, 1125x930, 75:62, 59093a9ec7937b7e4b43bf692e….jpg)


You mean this one?

9d2f05  No.761998


Those retards fail to ignore that a special pardon was given to Jews during Easter a pardon that Pilate wasn't the first to do it.

And a pardon demands consent from Imperial Rome of course.

Btw Jesus himself was convicted for that crime, which makes sense. The two candidates had to commit a similar crime for the choice to be more impartial.

Who would you release? A thief or a murderous rapist? Of course everyone would pick the rapist.

Now if both of the were rapists the choice had to do with the persons at stake.

As for the fiction part I won't even say a thing other that modernists one day will deny that themselves exist if they keep saying the people they don't like or destroy thekr fantasies don't exist.

a83239  No.762001

File: 6d5faea4af06c05⋯.jpg (103.25 KB, 932x932, 1:1, ref34.jpg)

3d38dc  No.762003


That's the one.

f6f1af  No.762255

>>730444 (checked)

first one's funny.

Second one's just mean-spirited

Third one's just ... sigh-worthy



did /islam/ come and visit us or something?


Amazingly, I never knew that.


>third pic




It's genius is what it is. Accuracy? Well, there have been (or still are) some Orthbros here who have utterly unironically spouted this "everyone is going to heaven" meme. I think it must be some sort of cultish belief within Orthbroism because most Orthbros don't seem to believe it. One seemed to get rather annoyed about it. It's just universalism dressed-up in Orthodox Monk robes, frankly, but it's not the first time Orthbros have had heresy in their midst. But, because Orthbroism is so ... malleable or philosophical theologically, excommunicating someone who preaches this is apparently not a thing. (Mind you, it's pretty much not a thing anywhere except Anderson's meme church to excommunicate, but what evs.)

f6f1af  No.762269

File: 8a5e9fa46a33241⋯.jpg (284.75 KB, 632x1066, 316:533, church-greeters-at-souther….jpg)

File: 4c1be81efa923f4⋯.jpg (89.26 KB, 960x772, 240:193, ci0no551po921.jpg)

File: 62ad3bc03547590⋯.png (523.82 KB, 960x628, 240:157, 52d9bwiojo921.png)

File: 604b28bdfbe10d1⋯.jpg (56.07 KB, 460x960, 23:48, thoughts-and-prayers.jpg)

File: 7e74797719349b3⋯.jpg (147.68 KB, 1240x1250, 124:125, Jesus-disciples-is-this-a-….jpg)


>failed to post the memes

9d2f05  No.762343


The last one is so winnie the pooh good.

501ad7  No.762367


It is probably just a comment on the Orthodox habit, at least traditionally, of believing oneself to be the worst of sinners and seeing the best in others.

293cb4  No.762491


I know there's a few catholic and orthodox versions of this, is there a Baptist one?

686745  No.762529

File: 6039c79d53b0f18⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 7da76907a37a70b0db652d01af….jpg)

File: 0a3ee81249588f2⋯.jpg (48.28 KB, 604x999, 604:999, 0a3ee81249588f220e5276b471….jpg)


>all that garbage you posted about "Orthobros"

c6c7fb  No.762582


Sad but true. The weirdest part of it is that the local Catholic church was playing a translated version of that song yesterday.

de9750  No.762631

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Skip to 9:38

f6f1af  No.762635

File: 54ae092d961c185⋯.png (275.41 KB, 400x300, 4:3, all-im-sayin-is-car-locked….png)


Hey, I'm just telling you what I've seen posted over the years. Maybe they're liars – they went to a LOT of trouble quoting this and that to troll us all while faking being Orthbros – and maybe no one Orthish takes them seriously. But I've seen it here.

And if you're objecting to the depiction of Orthbroism as being malleable, face facts, m8, Orthbros are by FAR the most theologically tolerant of the three tribes. Not that y'all tolerate heresy, but that you even have a word for "well, that's a nice theory", so you don't chimp out because someone said Jesus eyes were blue or some innocuous shi- like we Prots and Caths do. Prots are notoriously finicky about doctrine – how do you think we got these 30 billion meme denominations? – and Cathbros … well, finicky about form and muh church.

I'm okay with being wrong, if you insist, but that is my impression from this board and the few Orthbros I have known.

8b6f6e  No.762640


From my own personal experience of being an orthobro for two years now, the theory that the idea of universal salvation is exactly as you described when you say

>well, that's a nice theory

because it is. we're allowed to hope that everyone goes to heaven, but it's certainly not dogma and definitely isn't the majority opinion. it mostly seems to find traction among converts on the internet, as you seem to have noticed.

fun fact the term for these 'nice theories' is theologoumenon - otherwise known as a theologoical opinion

833599  No.762648

File: deeaaea4595fa30⋯.jpg (100.02 KB, 468x895, 468:895, Ifyourereadingthispleasest….jpg)

Those are cool and all, but do you have any memes that can be used outside of reddit and instagram?

1ddcd6  No.762824


Could somebody point me to the original version of Agni Parthene being sung in this webm?

1ddcd6  No.762827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Never mind, found it.

09b0a6  No.762900



a72d80  No.762920


>you even have a word for "well, that's a nice theory"

Every denom has theological issues that are a matter of personal opinion, and it's nice to have one word instead of having to say something like matter of personal opinion every time you talk about it. Even if I wasn't Ortho anymore I would be tempted to still use the word theologumena because it's a practical term, except for it's length I guess

9826a9  No.763121

File: 13c37f6841c0572⋯.jpg (30.44 KB, 1080x770, 108:77, Dx_JFqFUwAETKP_.jpg)

74e22d  No.763161


You found the source!

Thanks anon

145fe9  No.763372

aa1097  No.763374


lmao am Catholic but this is breddy gud.

>tfw TLM has no faggoty prot songs

145fe9  No.763419

File: d35aae78f67ea58⋯.jpg (192.85 KB, 826x1024, 413:512, 937022603875860480.jpg)

Found this

09b0a6  No.763461

File: c6dc16b540cc437⋯.jpg (125.23 KB, 1080x1155, 72:77, 1547746347164.jpg)

my favorite

09b0a6  No.763463

File: 86c3e555699e9d9⋯.jpg (45.34 KB, 640x586, 320:293, 1546088892000.jpg)

File: f82437a48814bf9⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 665x767, 665:767, f82437a48814bf9362e3de7f5c….jpg)

File: b7c454f291e7777⋯.png (781.28 KB, 900x728, 225:182, 9f72c917f79e13b2a4ca927c2d….png)

File: 1f3d19f1e6aab63⋯.png (1.76 MB, 803x1024, 803:1024, 1f3d19f1e6aab6368a47d8c103….png)

File: 58aba64312bf4a0⋯.jpg (31.13 KB, 326x244, 163:122, 58aba64312bf4a052c16e9caef….jpg)

09b0a6  No.763464

File: 589452310ea9a8a⋯.jpg (37.33 KB, 400x394, 200:197, 1537853245519.jpg)

c6cdbb  No.763603

File: f665ecf74dcab1b⋯.png (60.31 KB, 364x838, 182:419, andersonites v2.png)

f3b1ad  No.763642

File: d4b5ff90026ca4f⋯.gif (804.68 KB, 200x130, 20:13, thumbs-up-chuckNorris.gif)



>theologoumenon / theologumena

THANK YOU! I was struggling to remember it.

I know I had it written down somewhere, but you can never find … etc

>the theory that the idea of universal salvation is exactly as you described when you say …

the anon I referred to here >>762255 was a LOT more dogmatic or emphatic about it than just "this is my personal opinion", but I am interested that you say:

>we're allowed to hope that everyone goes to heaven

… because you're pretty much rated and shunned as a liberal if you think it in most evanjellybean circles, whereas, per my earlier >>762635 statement, orthbros are a lot less autistic when it comes to people who are clearly wrong.

Not saying this is a good or bad thing – tolerance good; tolerance of outright heresy bad – I just find it interesting that this is how Orthbro-xy has "grown up differently" over the past thousand-plus years.*

* Yes, I know it's "two thousand years old" but it has common roots with most everyone else for the first 500-1000 of those. Chill. It's all good.

f3b1ad  No.763646

File: c3610184c366c65⋯.gif (43.95 KB, 645x511, 645:511, internet_white_knight.gif)


cannot see the word "chivalry" without thinking of internet white knightism (pic related)



yeah, no thanks


I lol'd

But, what has being Chinese got to do with the resolution?


what? are we not dank and hard-bitten enough for you?

154731  No.763749

File: 5d2a1ceeec31923⋯.png (685.16 KB, 735x490, 3:2, 2019_01_30_015326.png)

>Come on now, Charlie.

>Yeah, Charlie.

>You know you want to listen to the Gospel, Charlie

>Go hit Charlie with some verses from Matthew, Pierre

>I dont know, Adair, Charlie might not understand Matthew, lets start him off with some John

>You hear that, Charlie, we'll give the Gospel to ya nice and slow so you can understand it.

>Remember, Charlie, Jesus loves you.

>Yeah, Charlie. God loves you, so put away your idols and worship with us.

0222f3  No.764040


>no maidens that rewarded with with sex

Virgin women are bad now.


9826a9  No.765174

File: bb3971571ca2397⋯.png (146.5 KB, 1193x371, 1193:371, the og madman.png)

f5bdec  No.765218


>call his priest a pedo

What happened if I said your dad was a faggot or your mom an whore?

It is a personal insult, unlike the papist bla bla bla which even makes me laugh at the protestant ignorance.

Also even if we were pedos you imply that we only get mad when someone says the truth, then you admit than every previous insult want true because we didn't react negativity.

There goes then 99% of protestant name calling against us.

also implying there's no pedos in protestant churches. Either they think of the pastor as some kind of semi gods like it happened some months ago in some baptist churches, or if it is a liberal one its ok because the pastor is a official member of the LGBT community

145fe9  No.765322


The Goebbels reference was funny, but as for the rest slander. You sure know how to rake in the (you)s

9daa82  No.765396

File: eaaeb84e07f884a⋯.webm (1.32 MB, 854x480, 427:240, gondolag-gadolig.webm)

some oc I made

a39c93  No.766370

18968d  No.766688


pretty sure he's actually gay

18968d  No.766694


is that a gondola? its comfy

also, does anyone have the expectation vs reality meme that says something "imagine a world with no religion, we could have colonized the galaxy" on one side with a picture of a futuristic civilization and then next to it is the reality which is a bunch of naked protestors and tranny kids?

18968d  No.766698


also, sauce on the song?

35c6af  No.766874


g - e - n - i - u - s

145fe9  No.767045

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's not a song, it's the Nicene Credo sung in latin


e41e28  No.767252

File: d57d34fc1431acd⋯.jpeg (148.7 KB, 610x870, 61:87, 9BDFE9BE-04EF-4A65-8AE0-E….jpeg)

07fbb7  No.767348

a28e8d  No.767369



6147b1  No.767372


Get out

07fbb7  No.767409



9daa82  No.767434


Thanks, yes, it's in the title. You can see the back of the gondola.

17961e  No.767457


This is blasphemy.

6c7e7b  No.767468

File: 59614b996ccc8de⋯.jpg (179.16 KB, 358x567, 358:567, 1538396358563_0.jpg)

post rare luthers

69f87e  No.767469

File: 1adafb2ecd49076⋯.jpg (114.32 KB, 1072x736, 67:46, 1521961028626.jpg)

File: f00cc8c8d4442cb⋯.jpg (144.1 KB, 1141x734, 1141:734, 1541796886027.jpg)

File: 2e6b80ec0657778⋯.jpg (48.2 KB, 463x684, 463:684, 64758768978675.jpg)

File: a37792f93f884e5⋯.png (560.75 KB, 675x432, 25:16, Untitled.png)

501798  No.768808


this made me expunge a substantial chortle as a prot


this one a lite chuckle too



6a877e  No.769311


>apostles followed the aftermath of the monastic movement

Top kek

1d54c1  No.769312


>The absolute state of Prots

5c3303  No.769350


>a kiss has to be sexual

this is liberal tier m8

d9d3a5  No.769356

File: 7d255b309ee5d6f⋯.jpg (58.36 KB, 450x360, 5:4, Cardinal.jpg)

Its a bit dodgy but I think the idea is good

fb8b6c  No.769357


Who said anything about it being sexual? Just two dudes touching their lips together swapping some saliva and germs haha. Lots of guys at the guys bar do that and some of them might not be gay.

0f6e79  No.769379


The connotations of kissing is purely cultural. Jesus washed other peoples feet all the time. Today if some random guy asked to do that you'd probably think he's a footfag.

5e2498  No.769424

File: e97a501c5d48638⋯.jpg (28.18 KB, 784x441, 16:9, pope-imam-kiss-784x441.jpg)


Their lips aren't even touching. Stop lewding the Pope, you faggot.

a61a99  No.769433


>what are the catacombs

And even St. Luke is said to have draw a painting of Our Lady or something.

b3a40c  No.769447


Bye, sodoprot! Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


4bc4e1  No.769451


Damn. You probably haven't been this mad since someone tried to read the Bible in their own language. Be assured I will troll this board.

5e1e54  No.769454


>"waah this board is so mean to innocent little people like me. I dindu nuffin"

>breaks rule 2 by intention

>publicly admits intent to troll the board

68828b  No.769459


Yeah that damn St Jerome made the bible availible for the roman plebs to read.

145fe9  No.769473


I'm Anglican and I think Newman was a hero, nevertheless, literally nobody would understand this level of meme.

31f9b5  No.769491


Quite the contrary, I'm having fun with this. You are also proving that Prots are nothing but trouble and always have been. Just don't fight it, it's a waste of your time which can be better spent worshiping God…but since you don't believe in God it shouldn't matter to you anyway

Every time you sinpost, sodoprot, my prayers for you get more and more intense.

68828b  No.769493


>Be assured I will troll this continent

t. Martin Luther in 1517

4b93fe  No.769498

Can someone post their best "Begome Orthodox :DDD" macros. I need them.

ffa845  No.769555


Wow didn't know making fun of the Pope for making out with a Muslim is a sin or pointing out how your church has killed people for translating the Bible into vernacular. Notice how I wouldn't be so blatantly toxic to accuse a fellow Christian that they don't even believe in God and yet you get no ban. I like the banter but the fact that I get banned all the time and no one else sure is a piss off.


Blatant hypocrisy is a fundamental trait of romanism I suppose.


He was a good boy who dindu nuffin wrong. Quite literally.


ffa845  No.769557


I got baned again for that lol.

e38d8b  No.769569


no censorship at >>>/christianity/

a28e8d  No.769570


Miss me with that Gnostic shit

e38d8b  No.769576


that's /christ/

d0fd59  No.769590


They kicked off the gnostics.

104ab2  No.769591


That's where all the Baptists who insult Catholicism and /x/-tards go when they get banned from here.

a61a99  No.769603


Baptists at lest those who believe in that with their historical revisionism of the angel pastor Jim are a perfect match for /x/tards.

57f96e  No.769673

File: c0cf5d55e2853cc⋯.png (159.24 KB, 960x444, 80:37, 1499454630343.png)

8f4530  No.769777


Ecumenism is ba…

c3d582  No.769798

>>769777 (checked)

Fugg :DDDD

074143  No.770654

File: 78c0d8d28384b5c⋯.png (13.27 KB, 442x216, 221:108, orthoghost.png)

074143  No.770655

File: 6465eef04486816⋯.mp4 (9.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gondola finds God.mp4)


nice one

8a8e51  No.770968

File: dae064d99ef635f⋯.gif (95.41 KB, 869x600, 869:600, 112.gif)

68828b  No.770995



2fbfd5  No.771192

does anyone have that one where its a really strong guy reading his bible and two shriveled up druggies are behind him talking about how hes enslaved to his religion?

2ccbb8  No.771203


I thought that might be the case - out of curiosity what convinces you to remain an Anglican in light of Newmans life and work?

4a482b  No.771287

File: da76613eb5e2f2b⋯.jpg (7.05 KB, 198x254, 99:127, images (15).jpg)

File: 157b585a15ea474⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 249x202, 249:202, images (14).jpg)

File: 76009c605618a98⋯.png (532.36 KB, 477x619, 477:619, 2019_02_15_060453.png)

>muh sodomite ancestors

>muh idols

>muh thralls

>muh cum mana

> muh will to power raiding

>I dindu nuffin

5de508  No.771292

File: 6b20dfce4fa0195⋯.jpg (88.14 KB, 800x960, 5:6, 21d2bf85d229b8ff3c59677f2e….jpg)

f72e5e  No.771340


>last picture

>the friar vomiting at the sight of executions


db1eda  No.771350


does anybody have that ironic comic of the history of pagan europe, that everything was peaceful when christians "and their friends the jews" came and destroyed everything?

7f90ba  No.771949

File: 2638c9f72b13ca9⋯.mp4 (13.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gondola-Jesus.mp4)


>mfw no comfy gondola animation in a webm

looking through my collection of /christian/ gondola webms, /christian/ really hasn't knocked one out the park yet. The closest is the first vid which is undeniably moving, but needs a Roman soldier moving, or some tears progressing down a face or just something. (Although at 13MB, what the actual fug)

(continued below because webms are too big)

7f90ba  No.771950

File: 2d6c0f2ade334fc⋯.mp4 (9.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, genuflection-gondola.mp4)

File: 2878aa4952b3745⋯.webm (993.54 KB, 970x450, 97:45, crusader-gondola.webm)


MEANT to be pointing at >>765396 how the fug that went wrong, I'll never know

Crusader gondola aint bad just … jerky animation

Genuflection gondola is probably the better of the two

And this >>770655 of course has something going on, and centres on Christ, too, instead of just gondola, which is a very good choice by anon

(continued below because webms are too big)

7f90ba  No.771951

File: df2db5ee0b321f4⋯.webm (3.06 MB, 528x360, 22:15, winter home gondola.webm)

File: f22a6afe2f1ee23⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 528x360, 22:15, summer home gondola.webm)

File: 1805af69460e433⋯.jpg (104.17 KB, 662x535, 662:535, family-of-gondola-driving-….jpg)

File: e89cdeec77f85a3⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 648x518, 324:259, catholic-gondolas-alternat….jpg)

File: 9aaa04d0ffaa62d⋯.jpg (35.69 KB, 476x353, 476:353, Gondola1.jpg)


The very comfy-est gondolas I ever saw were the comfy seasons. (pic related) winter and (pic related) summer are probably the best

(And not even 6 MB between them, too, which is nice)

>do your own, then

yeah, I would, but I can't video. I'm a complete n00b who cannot even get ffmpeg to 12-bit colour in videos

(no more continues)

7f90ba  No.771952

>>734154 + >>734065 = not his best argument

7f90ba  No.771955

File: 7aae6c61191212e⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 537x416, 537:416, ian-paisley-lol.jpg)


That's really good

bit worried about the veneration of Codreanu, tho

he was only a fascist politician. that's all.

no miracles happened through him.

he didn't cure the sick or love the poor

145fe9  No.772012


>Didn't love the poor

Actually, that's where you're wrong, in fact he made his militia plow the fields of tenant farmers for the sake of Christ. Really Codreanu was something of a bizarro mix of fascist elements and Christianity, and his martyrdom only cements it. Don't know much else about him though.

145fe9  No.772016


I'm really not sure, overall it's a nameless apprehension about Rome. Romophobia if you like. I do however think a great deal more than many Anglicans about Mary. I think they get it wrong; we are given hints throughout the narrative of the Bible that her love for her Son is an allegorical representation of her relationship with the other persons of the Trinity.

4a16da  No.772028


lol this ones got the theme from Indy Last Crusade

6147b1  No.772033


I don't feel comfortable with this

47abcc  No.772310

File: 68e5f4320fae6a1⋯.jpg (58.51 KB, 640x360, 16:9, eve-i-just-want-my-sinless….jpg)

fresh oc

47abcc  No.772314


>a nameless apprehension about Rome. Romophobia if you like

a.k.a. The C.S.Lewis defense.

>if I commit to obeying your Rome now, I will have to obey anything your Rome insists is true in the future (paraphrased obv)

074143  No.772336

File: b29754bba959740⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, celtic gondola.webm)


Same. Those kind feel sacrilegious.

145fe9  No.772464


Ehh, yeah, sort of

00af09  No.772465


I don't like that gondola

145fe9  No.772466


I'm going to pipe up in favour of this gondola. I don't see what could be wrong with it.

b2e04f  No.772507

Requesting Jesus related meme: He attacc (money changers), He resurrecc, etc, But most importantly he coming bacc


First pic is true. I waited in line for clam chowder, popular US city joint. 1 hour in line, sparked up convo with Saudi Muslim (wahab) next to me. He is ‘devout’ and prays, here for studies, but he admittedly and unashamedly drinks and fornicates etc —modernism overrides their religion in many cases. He didn’t get the renowned, delicious chowder we were waiting on though bc he realized it had bacon bits. The dude was flabbergasted when I explained to him the problem of Jews and usury—It was a long wait for the chowder.

b2e04f  No.772520

File: 2af7ac563ed7490⋯.jpeg (435.84 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, DC9C31EF-BC2B-4315-A55C-1….jpeg)


Found it (but I thought I recalled a better one out there)

f4f6c3  No.772534


I get that you didn't mean any disrespect to Christ with this webm dude, but I'm gonna side with the folks who don't like it. Reducing the death of our God to a silly meme-bear feels pretty wrong.

9e18df  No.772926

File: 9ff3f294899d54d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.31 KB, 672x596, 168:149, the-aliens-Jesus.jpg)





>I get that you didn't mean any disrespect to Christ with this webm dude …

Thank you for at least not flying off the handle, all of you, and expressing discomfort without the vitriol I am so used to here.

I don't mind. I didn't make it, so I'm not hurt by the criticism.

I am a little surprised, since I picked the meme up from a previous meme thread on this very board where it seemed to attract no negative press.

But I get that /christian/ of six months ago is never going to be the /christian/ of today

And I get the reasons belying critiques of today.

Guess I won't post it here again.

I will, however, offer this one thought for your consideration.

We've had some discussions here before about "Christ on other planets". There seems to have been an acceptance, if not a consensus, that Christ could have walked amongst other exo-peoples obviously in their form if they exist that is, if the concept of aliens isn't just the debil's trickery as some asserted

(pic related) spoilered to avoid triggerations

You might see where I am going, but that isn't entirely my point: If Gondola is an artistic expression of humanity, albeit a quirky cartoon one, should we exclude Christ from it? Ought we always cede to non-Christians the entire palette of artistry. And, if not, ought we not make plain, within that context, the most important of Christ's events?

I understand that it may seem to "trivialise" the most important event in all of history, to cartoon-ify the crucifixion, but at the same time it makes the statement that Christ is Christ of everyone and that even the Gondola, mythical cartoon curiosities that they are, have a Christ who died for their sins and is worshiped accordingly.

I don't say this to justify my post or myself. Just asking the question and seeking a reasoned reply.

9e18df  No.772928



sorry, wrong choice of word, only meant "underlying"

053654  No.772975


>If Gondola is an artistic expression of humanity, albeit a quirky cartoon one, should we exclude Christ from it?

What do you think God will think of that on the day of your judgement? I would reflect on that for a while if I were you. God bless.

b14431  No.773030

File: 89bf06c13587933⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 602x250, 301:125, 1550058761133081.gif)

4a16da  No.773118

File: 838304fd7a2d597⋯.jpg (47.23 KB, 536x710, 268:355, 838304fd7a2d597c30dda740a4….jpg)

fb1b0a  No.773260

File: 211f7eb522baaee⋯.webm (2.34 MB, 800x452, 200:113, 1548679187220.webm)

d073ba  No.773312

File: b5a136a32ec10a4⋯.png (761.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, MemeOrthodoxStarterpack [2….png)


No, respectfully, this is why I asked. To understand your thinking. I already know my own.

You'd rather not dignify it with an answer, fine.

(pic unrelated)

8c1727  No.773538

File: ddd9ecd3f985c31⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 517x961, 517:961, this is my body.jpg)

d8292a  No.773561


This can't be real

0c76ff  No.773565


seems legit

002474  No.773597


Baptist or other Evangelical:

"This is my body"

metaphors are direct statements that aren't literally true

622cdd  No.773603


Lendo, is that you?

622cdd  No.773613


Are you stupid? She's clearly holding one hand further back and simply sliding it forward.

18f8ad  No.773615

File: 55bb93fe1807b75⋯.jpg (27.33 KB, 750x713, 750:713, 9f254cf.jpg)

5c6316  No.773647

6c820c  No.773666


Kek so true.


>my flesh is food indeed and by blook drink indeed

<meh its just a metaphor although Jesus continues to say indeed/truly just to own the shocked pharisees.

6c820c  No.773667



4f9939  No.773670


John 3:1-8

>1There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: 2The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him. 3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Jesus is not talking about literally being born again in your mother's womb.

4Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? 5Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 6That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. 8

John 4:10-14

>10Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water. 11The woman saith unto him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water? 12Art thou greater than our father Jacob, which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle? 13Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: 14But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

Jesus is using water as a metaphor.

Jesus is not talking about literal water.

But in John 6, yeah, of course he's talking about His literal flesh and blood. Lol.

Do Catholics even read the Bible?

a8dd33  No.773672

File: 95e22c1c8072317⋯.png (39.28 KB, 768x672, 8:7, Mardin luder.png)

af385f  No.773677


This is actually a proof of the Catholic doctrine tigga.

Nicodemos got confused because he though Jesus was being literal and Jesus says he just needs to be born from the High and explains what he meant.

In John 6 the Jews got scandalised because Jesus said they had to eat His flesh. How could this be they said.

Jesus could say it was a symbol of some kind, but no, He repeats what He says and says we must eat his flesh and drink his blood indeed (Verum in Latin), He even insists what what he meant before, which prompted the Jews to say his teachings were very hard.

Are you kidding me? The examples you mention couldn't be more opposite.

4f9939  No.773686


This is honestly pure delusion. Do you believe Jesus is literally living bread? Because that's what he says right before the part about eating his flesh and drinking his blood.

>which prompted the Jews to say his teachings were very hard.

1) It wasn't the Jews, it was his disciples;

2) He doesn't keep insisting that's what he meant, he rebukes them for being offended by his words.

For Pete's sake, look at verse 58:

>This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

This exactly parallels John 3:13-14. You are crazy.

4f9939  No.773687


>John 3:13-14

*John 4

af385f  No.773707


Yes He is the Bread of Life that came down from heaven.

In the Eucharistic Sacrifice Christ is really there under the accidents of bread and wine.

>This exactly parallels John 3:13-14. You are crazy.

No you're the one who is crazy

>John 3

<nicodemos thinks he needs to go back to his mother's womb

<Jesus tells him he doesn't. He needs to be born from the high.

>John 6

<I am the Bread of Life and you shall eat my flesh and blood

<people there start wondering how is that possible to eat one man's flesh. Ridiculous.

If he was in the mood of John 3 we would have said something claiming it was symbolic like the image of being born again, but not literally as going back to the womb.

But here Jesus repeats the same things and adds the word truly eat my flesh.

No one uses a metaphor by adding indeed/truly.

When Jesus says he is the door, he means metaphorically and explains why he resembles a door. If he said I am truly a door that would mean that he actually meant he was a real door.

>>This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

Thank you for proving my point.

af385f  No.773708


And John 4 says the same thing. That whomever has Christ will thrist no more.

The water he gives us (baptism), he doesn't claim he is the water, or that the water is hhis bodybor blood or something.

839bcc  No.773717

File: 5103d95ab9892e9⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 367x500, 367:500, 1550698974812.jpg)

yeah, I’m a Christian, you got a problem with that? I used to be a sinner like you but 2 years ago I found GOD. In my teens I would laugh at creationists; I would always tell my grandma that I didn’t want to go to mass; I was agnostic but not like r/Atheism. But when I GREW UP and became a man, I realised I needed to put childish things away (1 Corinthians 13:11). Why is that? Because I realized that we need Christianity to SAVE THE WEST. After I voted Trump in the 2016 election I decided to go to church again. I knew that I would find a QT pure Christian GF who I could lose my virginity to (I haven’t lost it yet because I’m saving myself for marriage, like God intended). I haven’t found her yet, but like Job I will pray and have faith in God. Then I saw Jordan Peterson talking about Christianity and I was hooked! (I don’t like him anymore though, he’s a fake Christian). I watched all his videos on the bible and realised how God reveals himself in many ways. I was on /pol/ (came from r/The_Donald during the election but I hate redditors now) Christian General and I saw /lit/ chart which had The Bible and I KNEW I found my people. Every day I see THE WEST falling because we gave up our FAITH. Well, the new Christian intellectuals are coming; We are the sons of the Crusaders and we shall not recoil before the sons of Voltaire! (Candide was shit, so is Nietzsche (haven’t read either of them)). /lit/ introduced me to Kierkegaard and I became a KNIGHT OF FAITH, so now I know that I just gotta believe and that’s TRUE bravery. I read DANTE and DOSTOEVSKY and I saw the beauty of God and true art. I’m a proud Catholic (Protestants are heretics) but I hate Pope Francis, he’s a heretic and isn’t MY Pope. /lit/ is a Christian board, and I know that if I just keep recommending the Bible, telling people to go to church, and making threads about how great God is, I will finally be able to sincerely believe in God and distract myself from the gnawing feeling that I’m a fraud. Faith ain’t easy.

002474  No.773734


If John 6 is related to the Lord's supper, yes that's how metaphors work.

"Cops are really pigs"


"Cops are like pigs"

bcb9f5  No.773738

File: 7d46686de494699⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 15672453624.jpg)

>catholics going on itt about how Jesus was literal about the Bread of Life discourse

>conveniently ignore the "No one can come to me unless the Father draw him" section of the same chapter

145fe9  No.773776


<Passes judgement on others with gay copypasta

309ed8  No.773783


All me minus the pope and reddit

9daa82  No.773785


>had to use a picture of a fedora to mock christian converts

>Arguments can be resumed as "christians are hypocrites"

Man, step your game up at least.

6a877e  No.773839


Not to mention in that chapter Christ said the flesh is useless, and the reason for the eucharist is to practice a memorial celebration: "do this (consuming the bread and wine) in remembrance of Me" not to obtain more grace.

d073ba  No.773944


Shame it's from a Mormon, but that's nice and so very true



Far more accurate

b232e0  No.774252


it's widely considered to be the first icon

0d339b  No.774374

File: 4ef7c888198db39⋯.jpg (375.88 KB, 800x1024, 25:32, The_Crucifixion_Christ_on_….jpg)

053654  No.774399


This is practically blasphemy considering they put all this stuff on an image with Jesus Christ in it.

ad577d  No.774443

File: 18589105650e77e⋯.jpg (298.77 KB, 1080x1073, 1080:1073, 1qlm04.jpg)


Highest degree of shitposting, anon.

d93712  No.774504


>Candide is shit

Can confirm.

>Nietzsche is shit

Depends a lot on the work. Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks is great.

22b399  No.775132

File: b18a02950eeb5c7⋯.webm (2.67 MB, 720x486, 40:27, 1550332565874_0.webm)

22b399  No.775134

File: 92edba8c111887b⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1550688966895.webm)

e7f66d  No.775139


When most Christians talk about Nietzsche they're generally referring to Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

On that note I've always found it rather amusing that most nihilists act like Christianity is all sunshine and roses though. Wonder if any of them have ever actually read Ecclesiastes… It doesn't get read in most churches very often because of how it is, so I don't think most people Nietzsche's audience in particular have had that much exposure to it. Meanwhile, as a cynical christian it's one of my favorite books in the entire Bible, behind the NT and Job.

9d7f87  No.775579

File: 79bfa4e985f6599⋯.jpg (262.23 KB, 723x879, 241:293, Jesus and zeus agree on ma….jpg)

Made another one.

145fe9  No.775586


Nice Palastinalied

e5f330  No.778041

File: 71ca61be2d7c010⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 750x654, 125:109, nnt1hij4smj21.jpg)

42ef94  No.778042


but catholics argue that doing a confession out of fear of hell is lesser than doing it out of love of God

e5f330  No.778043


Catholics will argue about everything

b2c2d0  No.778049


Catholic here.

Split the difference and do it out of fear of God. God is to be both feared and loved.

880458  No.778087


He became a saint in the Romanian Orthodox Church for his martyrdom for God.

2de0db  No.778099



>christianity is just baganism in a new coat

knew it

7b5fa8  No.778111


>t. Judaizing SDA heretic

e675f5  No.778534

File: 06f1e374d00f0b4⋯.webm (3.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CallTheBurnWard.webm)

952c56  No.778538

>>778111 (checked)

Can confirm, former SDA. We unironically believe that lie. So glad I left that heretical sect to come back go Jesus' one and only church the Catholic church :)

0e57ea  No.778555


eh those things are perfectly fine for new and prospective Orthodox people, not everyone is a cradle Orthodox.

I'm just saying this because it makes me feel personally attacked haha.

68828b  No.778624


Could you answer me one thing?

What's does the SDA believes nowadays? Do they believe now in the divinity of Christ or are they still non trinitarians?

If that's the case how do they justify worshipping their Jesus if they don't believe he is God? Isn't that idolatry? "Thou shalt worship only the Lord Thy God."

d1cac0  No.778644


It's called imperfect vs perfect contrition

Look it up niqqa, every Catholic should know it because it's a fundamental part to the act of contrition prayer prayed during confession

115b61  No.779394


It's missing the bloomer part. A JW/LDS knocking on the door

7756d7  No.779434



Great otherwise.


>is BTFO

>completely changes the subject


34dec9  No.779447

File: 80635a0f48cb4b5⋯.jpg (38 KB, 360x329, 360:329, 22dm87.jpg)


When I left the SDA they were Arians. I don't know if they changed anything nowadays and, frankly, I don't care. They get the lake of fire like any other prot heretic, tbh.

dc6049  No.779448


>When I left the SDA they were Arians

Shit lad. Funny thing they acuse catholics of being pagans when they worship what they think that is a creature. Just.

>pic related

Is it true? winnie the pooh satanic fags

11dd27  No.779455



34dec9  No.779471

File: 2a3715ea45b543c⋯.jpg (40.92 KB, 689x500, 689:500, Pope-Pius-X.jpg)


I agree, the hubris of the SDA as with all prots will be their downfall.

dc6049  No.779580


Pic is so true.

It's refreshing to see a pope talking like that tbh.

a58325  No.779586


>YoU kNow wHo eLSe rEadS BoOkS? Da pAGanS!

780cab  No.780595


I fell in love with a Christian copy pasta so I heavily reworked it to make fun of fake Christians

34dec9  No.780645

File: ec024faef453a60⋯.jpg (78.6 KB, 532x588, 19:21, ash-wednesday-jokes-meme-i….JPG)

bd0e01  No.781020


It's not that funny tbh

b15265  No.781772



34dec9  No.781788

File: a06ce1b815620e3⋯.jpg (447.88 KB, 790x480, 79:48, SOD-0424-SaintFidelisofSig….jpg)



Maybe instead of complaining you could…oh, i dunno…post something better?

29f392  No.781807

File: 1b5677007f4c4b2⋯.png (540.34 KB, 605x910, 121:182, Pastor Steve.png)

86e7bd  No.781834


False equivalency. It isn't impossible to believe that catholics compiling the word of God is perfectly in line with God's plan, but their insistence in following the traditions of man instead of the Bible is heretical. The word of God is the word of God, it doesn't matter who compiled it.

0d339b  No.781847


>it doesn't matter who compiled it.

Yes it does. To compile the Bible one had to to be open the Holy Spirit and his guidance.

34dec9  No.781851

File: 7459f55722142c6⋯.jpg (5.87 KB, 273x185, 273:185, download (4).jpg)

File: 17dc63654997408⋯.jpg (230.28 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 4d29e86713e613816a76af236d….jpg)


>complains about muh traditions of man

>while literally following the traditions of a man named Luther

Wew bible idolaters

0d339b  No.781857

File: eeab908a07e23c3⋯.png (1.12 MB, 722x979, 722:979, eeab908a07e23c326da049bd41….png)


>that graphic


i appreciate the sentiment but that graphic burns my eyes.

86e7bd  No.781866

File: 330be9022ff75f3⋯.png (214.38 KB, 1280x809, 1280:809, 1505755114502.png)

File: a30d6996e0406cf⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 405x500, 81:100, 1513022530590.jpg)


I agree, the catholics were guided by the holy spirit when compiling the Bible, but they have since then left that guidance.


Luther's "traditions" were not novel ideas, they are entirely within scripture, unlike many of the things catholics teach.

I didn't come here for an argument though and I don't want this to become another interdenominational warzone, the meme thread should be about good memes shared between brothers in christ. Can we agree to disagree and get along with doing the Lord's work?

29f392  No.781878

File: ee15bee227cae80⋯.png (333.63 KB, 654x521, 654:521, ee15bee227cae804b38bad25d2….png)


>Since left

So things that the Catholic church practiced at the time God approved of? Such as having a Pope and observing the Eucharist literally?

86e7bd  No.781894


I could've worded that better. What I meant to say is that compiling the Bible was guided by the holy spirit, but all the extra traditions not found in the Bible aren't. Allow me to explain why I believe some of their traditions aren't scriptural:

>Jesus died on the cross once for all of our sins

>He even declared "it is finished" when He did

>as He died, the veil of the temple was torn

>that veil previously separated the laypeople from God, only priests could go through it to sacrifice to God

>however, Jesus is now our high priest, and He is our one and only mediator between man and God

>the veil tearing is symbolic of how anyone can now approach God through Jesus

>switching gears a bit, let's look at the eucharist

>catholics believe the eucharist is literally Christ's body and blood

>they sacrifice Christ at the mass, even saying "may the Lord accept this sacrifice at your hands, for the praise and glory of His name, for our good and the good of all this holy church"

>by sacrificing Jesus again at the mass, they're basically saying that His one death on the cross wasn't enough to atone for our sins, even though He said "it is finished"

>the Bible even tells us that the eucharist is supposed to be celebrated in memory of Jesus, not as a sacrifice

>Jesus told us to "do this in remembrance of me"

That's the more compelling reasons for why I think the catholic church is wrong in their theology. I know, I'm just a layperson and I'm not a theologian, but these ideas come from theologians who have put in a lot more study of the Bible and church history than I have. But if you have some legitimate arguments against what I've said here I'd gladly have a civil discussion about our respective beliefs.

8cf55f  No.781904

File: f2de75551e199db⋯.jpg (71.09 KB, 350x450, 7:9, st-michael-military-icon-5….jpg)


Aren't there missing books mentioned in the Bible but that we don't actually have? Sola scriptura just seems quite naive.

That's not to defend papism but protestants have cut themselves off from apostolic tradition and the early church fathers.

86e7bd  No.781908


I'm not sure about missing books, but some protestants actually do read the early Church fathers (I know baptists do, idk about others). And you'll see from the early Church fathers that the early Church was the gathering of believers, yes it had a structure (for what organized group of people doesn't have at least some structure?) but it's not the hierarchy the Roman church would claim. The church fathers often debated about matters of faith, and they would turn to scripture to see who was right. Despite what apostolics will claim, sola scriptura is biblical, as 2 Timothy 3:16-17 would point out: "All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work". Note that it says that the man of God may be made "complete, equipped for every good work" with scripture, meaning that any tradition outside of scripture isn't necessary for righteousness.

29f392  No.781909

File: ea2e0738e13efad⋯.png (301.51 KB, 767x456, 767:456, jew ancestor.png)


I can't really answer your points on said theology because I'm not a Catholic, the idea is simply a point I came up with while trying to figure out what church is The One True Church™, as it seems absurd to say that "This specific point in time is when the Bible was correctly compiled" without knowing and being able to prove that God himself endorsed it, because if we do that then we have no more basis of proof of our believes than the various heretical cults that claim they have the word of God.

If you would like a proper discussion on the points you made, I'd suggest making a thread so the meme thread isn't filled by off-topic debate, as I'd like to hear such debate.

86e7bd  No.781926

File: 2b4227f0a1801f5⋯.jpg (97.56 KB, 1162x1053, 1162:1053, IMG5975246676350770294.jpg)


I agree we shouldn't let the meme thread get off topic, and that's kinda my bad for starting it down that route. No more discussion from me here, but here's a meme to try and get the thread back on track.

8cf55f  No.781930

File: 261a94e17469f62⋯.jpg (144.39 KB, 736x1025, 736:1025, 3266053cd5a59d47a16d37b3d9….jpg)


I don't think that quote defends sola scriptura which is a radical doctrine that nothing can be taught but the Bible and that any early church commentaries on what it means have to be thrown out.

Of course scripture speaks truth but all the different schismatic groups of Protestantism ironically interpret scripture it in different ways. I think we have to admit scripture isn't self explainatory and it has to be commented on.

What attracted me to Orthodoxy is its claims to being closest to the early church teachings.

b15265  No.784713

File: 50929f24c28267d⋯.jpg (78.82 KB, 666x374, 333:187, hint.jpg)


0fc309  No.784726

File: 147e4af9abf468a⋯.jpg (66.65 KB, 675x845, 135:169, bingo.jpg)

I feel like we could use a bingo card for how predictable the new ager/pagan/whatever posters are, feel free to add or change anything. They keep bringing up the same debunked arguments, this can be used on other boards as well.

d42d34  No.784728


friend? are you okay?

34dec9  No.784731

File: 9c0c11e835d9327⋯.jpg (771.44 KB, 1552x2592, 97:162, James-n.jpg)


Lol we can use that as a "Charlie's greatest hits"

>ur god iz a jooish demon

>Zeus is muh god of the world

>zeus is manly man, who cares if he boinked boy pussy?

>muh guan yu

>muh ancestors across the world

As for other LARPagans and general fedoraisms

>Come Home White Man

>I worship the god of muh ancestors

>Odin doesn't drink cum, datz jooish propaganda

>see christkuks are hypocrites

>Christians are biggots!

>ChristCom Gang!

>Freemasonry is just a good ol boy's club!

>muh pagan holidays!

>Mary is just the whore of Babylon!

>Rome is Babylon!

>praying to saints is paganism!

>3-in-one body wash more of a saying from /islam/

>kike on a stick!

>jooish trick!

>jooish puppets!

>forgiveness is for da weak!

>meekness is weakness!

0fc309  No.784749

File: 904bf579bdbbe84⋯.jpg (67.02 KB, 675x845, 135:169, bingo.jpg)


Good, but they should be answers to common false beliefs people have instead of their common jargon.

0b15a6  No.784961

I'm requesting that one that compares christians on real life vs christians on the internet.

Thanks in advance.

23d2d4  No.784963


"muh ancestors" really should be there, it's so common

0fc309  No.785090


Why is "muh ancestors" wrong?

34dec9  No.785093


Because they think that their ancestors unironically wanted to dance in the mud instead of convert to Christianity and build civilization.

23d2d4  No.785099


I meant using "muh ancestors" as an argument that you should follow this specific pagan religion

see my post here for explanations


pls comment liek and subscribe

148ba2  No.786419

Someone got the "You better start believing in biblical prophecy; you are in one"? I could really use that now along with some other dank stuffs the old thread got.

148ba2  No.786515


Thank you, brother.

29f392  No.786955


There should be "Might makes right" and "Evil Christians persecuting peaceful pagans" on the same line

ab0ec3  No.787295

File: 679408340f74c3f⋯.png (466.09 KB, 680x717, 680:717, Ascended.png)

34dec9  No.787340


Top kek

145fe9  No.787430


It's funny but also too deeply cringe to laugh

75ea51  No.787461

I don't want to bring the SDA discussion here but… This guy here >>778538 >>779447 he's lying a lot. It's because of this kind of thing that I created the thread of questions about the SDA, and even then they still go on with "hurr durr judaizing".

86ad30  No.787478

File: e5be95c2951bdf1⋯.png (502.72 KB, 700x590, 70:59, 2019_03_22_093340.png)

115b61  No.787491


Anyone have "repenting is works" ?

145fe9  No.787534

1dc4db  No.787814

File: f0f835b0e442ac6⋯.png (566.39 KB, 936x471, 312:157, CatholicIQ.PNG)


Our rival highschool was named after Newman

419125  No.788144


>Implying the nerds at /christian/ don't know the difference


Got 170

2b0b7c  No.788543

File: 96e6210333e53d7⋯.png (1.74 MB, 800x1024, 25:32, 4ef7c888198db39f4471f9ee23….png)

4d5a5a  No.788836

File: 8f4e79c2a39f6a7⋯.gif (405.56 KB, 450x379, 450:379, based enrico.gif)

File: ea3b71720d6ea71⋯.jpg (123.45 KB, 1440x1198, 720:599, revenge of the latins.jpg)

bbe14d  No.788848


This is why I love the internet

It's beautiful

0fcbd1  No.789208


1.)Oral tradition has the content as the written tradition, the difference it the deliverance methodology.

2.)It doesn't need to because sola scriptura is about what are sole measurement of doctrines for the church, and the papists church played a minimal role in the biblical canon. Heck, even Luther opponents didn't believed the apocryphal book were canonized.

3.) Now this is just disingenuous. The Vatican only, officially interpreted less than 20 verses! (not to mention that many are paradoxical in context) and as long as they doesn't counteracts said verses, apologists/priests can use their own interpretation for the rest of the bible. But when protestants can demonstrate the ancient meaning that a big no no!

Oh, and let's not forget that everyone post-Origen accepted the Alexandrian method of interpretation, which proves that there was not secret spoken tradition pass through only the most loyal bishop-just baloney. Even if there was such a thing, the closest that could've existed by Papias was universally rejected as an apostolic beacon of tradition for the church

fa151c  No.789429

File: 7d60a70b6d4c313⋯.png (1 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 7d60a70b6d4c3138350fd53a15….png)


0c76ff  No.789633

File: a349db264cb823c⋯.jpeg (30.18 KB, 880x480, 11:6, 702BFE50-D843-445E-882B-4….jpeg)

Sal doesn’t have an actual way to make good Christian memes, so he uses 8chan’s comments, which makes him tonight’s biggest loser

c4cd40  No.789697

File: 4bfa53540ec2404⋯.jpg (129.12 KB, 800x527, 800:527, 20190329_091745.jpg)

e8ca47  No.789914

File: def073c730ef4ee⋯.jpg (207.11 KB, 1190x1270, 119:127, chart_cath.jpg)

a0f8f5  No.789916


>Chaotic Good

kek, is that OC?

0c76ff  No.790028

File: 1e0785d7cf9a258⋯.jpeg (18.4 KB, 320x211, 320:211, 97AE5C12-7719-41E4-89A5-3….jpeg)

When you realize that the more memes you post on this thread, the more old ones get deleted

0c76ff  No.790030

File: 6eafb772cf59529⋯.jpeg (63.09 KB, 499x290, 499:290, 738EAF8B-93FA-4565-9970-6….jpeg)


But then you realize that the old memes getting deleted means that newer and better ones can be made

ab1d3c  No.790071


They'll get reposted eventually.

7ba92f  No.790528

File: 6dd12cec561f374⋯.jpg (96.61 KB, 680x798, 340:399, tfw no Béatrice gf.jpg)

9101fb  No.790532



First of all, its not heresy if it's personal opinion and hope rather than a thing you want to autistically force upon others (because they have completely different connotations and implications) and most of the forms of apocatastasis that were condemned were specific forms such as Origenism not because of apokatastasis as it is, but the means and reasons behind it, such as either transmigrations of souls and bizarre teachings about resurrection (ex: Origenists thought, how I remember at least and correct me if I am wrong, that rather than post-resurrection mankind having bodies with spiritual-like qualities, it would actually be literally spiritual…plus spherical with all things).

Or are you one of those people who mistake apokatastasis with the fact that Orthodox dont think about heaven as a golden tesseract city or hell as a prison with lava? Because in most cases it is so from my experience and I still dont get why do people mix up the two, while they arent related in the first place.

145fe9  No.790650


That's fantastic, you win

e8ca47  No.790794

File: 99eb43eef607c69⋯.webm (7.09 MB, 352x264, 4:3, Bishop_Williamson_on_Inqu….webm)

e8ca47  No.790802

File: 955a2c2244a5a2f⋯.webm (4.2 MB, 176x320, 11:20, Bishop Williamson explain….webm)


We live in, dare I say it, a society

145fe9  No.791082

0c76ff  No.791088

File: c8b4d4313745c23⋯.jpeg (109.86 KB, 500x342, 250:171, 4D54B35D-7165-43F7-92AA-B….jpeg)

When you look at the total number of people on r/Christianity vs the number of people on here

115b61  No.791291


No I don't want shills here

6147b1  No.791297



I wish these normalfag memes would get deleted

0c76ff  No.791299


So I take it that you’re a dc fan?

6147b1  No.791308


>liking any capeshit

Back to reddit with you.

da8c07  No.791309


Song is by Adrian von Ziegler.

0c76ff  No.791923


So yes, you are a dc fan

145fe9  No.793233

File: 995b4070b4051bb⋯.jpg (76.33 KB, 564x622, 282:311, 1471445446278.jpg)

repost from /philosophy/

450b38  No.793239


>talking about reddit

>wanting to be more like reddit

>posting shitty memes


1fc4aa  No.794101


this one made me kek. we need more of this, Atheism is such a MEME. "I love winnie the pooh science! If it wasn't for science we would have been 1000 years more advanced… because Family Guy said so"

8a3c1f  No.794125

File: e3ba54df53f931f⋯.png (169.66 KB, 532x623, 76:89, 2019_04_05_081221.png)

File: 2c02c30af4c1b6c⋯.png (55.4 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 2019_03_23_022819.png)

File: ae47ab692bc45e1⋯.png (66.16 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 2019_02_08_064816.png)

File: f08d4a7e34d1d52⋯.png (209.79 KB, 640x354, 320:177, 2019_02_08_054538.png)

File: bed380069afef3c⋯.png (206.08 KB, 648x595, 648:595, 2019_02_07_075901.png)

The demon wojak collection

115b61  No.794150


What's redhat got to do with demons though

a90bfe  No.794157


It's a fedora. If you don't get that reference than you just outted yourself as a newfriend.

115b61  No.794162


It's redhat though not fedora. I would know I run it. The fedora meme is a cropped real black fedora

78ffc8  No.794188


redhat is a company, that is the company's logo

a5af90  No.794190


It's literally a fedora though.

c9808c  No.794228


I also think you meant no disrespect. Sometimes we get too enthusiastic when it comes to memes. However I also go tthe feeling it is blasphemous. Not by intent, no doubt. But if I were you I would go confess that. Like…when we stand before God…I would not like to explain "hey…it was just a meme though" or would you? I understand that in this age everything is a meme material since no values are considered absolute by majority of people and the world turns into madness and we already see the abyss. We should however not make such memes about our Savior.

>If Gondola is an artistic expression of humanity, albeit a quirky cartoon one, should we exclude Christ from it?

In me…the Gondola always evokes ridicule, laughter, etc. It is a joke…I would not associate Christ with that.

c9808c  No.794229


Kek. I played that game. Good meme.


that being said the crusader gondola was great.

48d9ed  No.794438


Ye's nondenom tho.

d8576b  No.794495


>what do the people who ruined linux have to do with demons

86ad30  No.794538


You people are thinking too hard about this. It's a fedora. Coincidentally the fedora used was red. It could have been rainbow colored and it would still be a fedora.

Besides, red looks better as it has a "diabolical" connotation to it, as the devil and demons popularly are known to have red skin.

d8576b  No.794540


I'm just saying, any good /tech/nician would wholeheartedly approve of RedHat being used to represent pure evil.

115b61  No.794553


Redhat barely hits the scale when it comes to evil in tech. You're arguing for the sake of it.

1c180a  No.794680

File: 8e82e50b92afe27⋯.png (151.03 KB, 938x443, 938:443, smugie.png)

d665e2  No.794685


do lutherans actually say this? it`s pretty confusing

145fe9  No.794702


Not because he believed so, I think it was early 16th century bait-posting. But Luther was crass anyway, always keen to emphasize the scatological nature of the German swear words. I won't repeat the things Luther is reputed to have said here.

8a3c1f  No.794706

File: 38b9179fe72610c⋯.jpg (25.35 KB, 559x263, 559:263, unnamed (1).jpg)

File: d80a0095cd24b80⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (1).jpg)


He did, but the common defense is

>it's just a prank bro

Which is not a very good defense when you call the Son of God a sinner

1c180a  No.794707


They say the Bible is the word of God because the Bible says it is the word of God, which is an absurd point because there needs to be some sort of endorsement on Gods part to confirm its correct.

53568d  No.794715


If Jesus Christ Himself appeared before you and spoke to you, would you refuse Him and say "I'm sorry but there needs to be some endorsement on God's part to confirm what you're saying is correct"?

1c180a  No.794723



Yea if someone comes to me and claims to literally be God, I'm going to ask for a sign, you know the same thing that happened in the Bible.

321605  No.794807


An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign

522b0a  No.794808



Yes it does. In Mark 7 Jesus rebukes the Jews for nit following the Bibke and instead following the tradition of the elders.


The Holy Ghost tells you. How would the catholics then decide which ones should be then if not by the HG? Just guess?


So? What would make the catholic church's interpretation better?

42ef94  No.794814


>Yes it does. In Mark 7 Jesus rebukes the Jews for nit following the Bibke and instead following the tradition of the elders.

The Gospel wasn't even written yet, following your logic, we should be holding only the Old Testament as Scripture.

>The Holy Ghost tells you. How would the catholics then decide which ones should be then if not by the HG? Just guess?

The Holy Ghost tells you via the Church, not by your lonesome.

>So? What would make the catholic church's interpretation better?

See 2., the Holy Ghost invested its authority into the Church. The Gospel you know was canonized by the Church you rejected.

1c180a  No.794815

File: d64167b6f807905⋯.png (175.39 KB, 339x292, 339:292, 44b5f3e226b9eafd8697f61f09….png)


>Jesus didn't walk around and heal people, cast out demons

Going to just assume your baiting at this point

522b0a  No.794818

File: 1756ad1ab77f501⋯.png (850.15 KB, 977x626, 977:626, 80EE176C-A252-41C3-8B0E-39….png)



That's my point. Paul said that to the Thessalonians because not the whole Bible was written yet, now it is. And Jesus rebuked the Jews gor doing exactly what the catholics now do

>2 & 3

But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

>ye need not that any man teach you

That would include the guys wearing funny hats

Now your going to tell me I need a man to interpret that verse

522b0a  No.794819


If you need a sign to know if it's Jesus or not than you're a jew

For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

42ef94  No.794822


>Now your going to tell me I need a man to interpret that verse

You need an Apostle, just as the Eunuch did. Refute all authority to your risk.

e675f5  No.794829


Both the Catholics and the Orthodox have stretched scripture to the breaking point in order to engage in backwards rationalization of many of their unbiblical doctrines. Which puts a bit of a damper on the the "appeal to authority" argument you are trying to make.

42ef94  No.794840


>Both the Catholics and the Orthodox have stretched scripture to the breaking point

Complete nonsense. Protestants have no answer for the Apostles being given "all authority to bind and loosen on Heaven and Earth", and even much less explanation for the "Keys" and the "Promise" given to St. Peter alone.

If there was no physical Church, then there is no way to exercise the authority, nor is there any way to know whether or not Hell has conquered any Church.



65b4b4  No.794842


The keys were given to Peter and it dies with Peter.

There's no evidence Rome is the Church.

42ef94  No.794843


>The keys were given to Peter and it dies with Peter.

Prove it. With Scripture. When Judas left the Apostles, he was replaced. If Matthias would not share in the authority, then Scripture would have said so. Christ gives authority, and you say He did not. Christ built a Church, and you say there is no Church.

>There's no evidence Rome is the Church.

There is 2,000 years worth of evidence and St. Peter alone, of all the Apostles, was given this promise.

65b4b4  No.794845


>Prove it. With Scripture.

>And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

No where does it say the church has Peter's keys.

>If Matthias would not share in the authority, then Scripture would have said so.

Authority is to be given, not ASSUMED.

>There is 2,000 years worth of evidence

We only need once, and please prove it.

b1aeec  No.794848


You are right. Authority is given, just like how Jesus gave the keys to the House of David to St. Peter. Who gave it to his successors after him, so on and so forth.

65b4b4  No.794857


And yet again, you fail to provide evidence where Peter gives his keys to ANYONE else.

And he was executed, thus the keys die with him.

42ef94  No.794864


It's part of the position, nobody in the Early Church has ever said the Seat of Peter disappeared, in fact, nobody every thought any created Seat was "disappeared".

If they Keys died with Peter, then the Church died with Peter.

Your teaching is an innovation, as always.

65b4b4  No.794879


I still see no scriptures.

The early Church does not speak for Peter.

Peter speaks for Peter, and Peter himself dies.

>then the Church died with Peter.

Historical truth. Peter gave no else the keys.

d8a772  No.794892


SystemD is at least as evil as google though.

b1aeec  No.794895


>is literally calling Christ a liar

The absolute state of protestantism.

42ef94  No.794896


>I still see no scriptures.

You need to provide evidence that the Keys or the Apostleship died with either Peter or the rest. You have no proof, seeing as Matthias replaced Judas, neither do you have any Scripture to show that was given to the World was to die with the World.

You're an enemy of Christ's Church, there is no worse thing I could wish for you.

>Peter speaks for Peter, and Peter himself dies.

Which is nowhere in Scripture, nor taught by anyone, not even thought up by anyone.

>Peter gave no else the keys.

It's not his to give. Funny thought; no Pope can relinquish the Papacy, the Papal Seat was created by Christ Himself, no Pope, nor even the Church can end this appointment.

42ef94  No.794897


>no Pope can relinquish the Papacy

and by this, I mean destroy the Papal Seat, if we speak merely giving up the Seat, it must be replaced :)

65b4b4  No.794904


Where did I call Christ a lie?


>You need to provide evidence that the Keys or the Apostleship died with either Peter or the rest.

You need to give evidences where Peter gives the keys to anyone else, I can provide evidences Peter is dead.

>Which is nowhere in Scripture, nor taught by anyone, not even thought up by anyone.

I haven't seen a single scriptural evidence that shows the Church can speak for the dead.

>It's not his to give.

Jesus gave it to him.

>no Pope can relinquish the Papacy

Who? Did Peter give his keys to any man?


65b4b4  No.794906


It's not his seat.

The seat belongs to Peter, who is dead and dust.

42ef94  No.794932



10 Weep for the dead, for his light hath failed: and weep for the fool, for his understanding faileth.

11 Weep but a little for the dead, for he is at rest.

12 For the wicked life of a wicked fool is worse than death.

695908  No.794933


Amen, amen, but that is no argument.

42ef94  No.794935


Who can argue with a fool? No one has ever thought or even taught that the "Keys" died with Peter, nor that the authority died with the Apostles. Not even the heretics of their day, the gnostics whom St. John had to contend with put this forward.

If this anon's argument was right, then the Church has fallen, and Christ lied. Would God ever build a Church that only lasted a generation? Foolish, truly foolish. Not worth my time, and doubly so when even the Scripture advises me to turn away.

695908  No.794939


Nope, it makes perfect sense.

Christ said hell would not prevail against the church, as Peter dies, he brings back the keys to heaven, thus preventing it from ever being fallen to hell.

The mortals can squabble among themselves, but the church is finished as soon as Peter got executed and decided to not pass on the keys.

42ef94  No.794943


>as Peter dies, he brings back the keys to heaven, thus preventing it from ever being fallen to hell.

Your fan-fiction is sacrilegious.

695908  No.794946


Amen, amen, but it is scriptural that Peter goes into heaven and heaven is a separate place than hell.

Christ didn't lie.

42ef94  No.794957


If the keys to the kingdom departed this world, then the gates to the kingdom will remain forever closed. You're beyond all logic, there is no way to reason with you. You've said this before, and you just repeat yourself over and over and over, I pray one day you'll stop.

695908  No.794962



Christ didn't say he would open heaven forever. But the death of Peter makes it impossible for hell to prevail against the church.

b307b2  No.795032

File: 4880d49b98754d5⋯.jpg (17.59 KB, 194x259, 194:259, download (15).jpg)

File: 724e814dff64fed⋯.jpg (28.23 KB, 213x320, 213:320, vdpoajldyv7ile0s_bmfunjeti….jpg)

File: 0fb9e321b5e4ad0⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 236x297, 236:297, 97ed5ba509b783aea93129d8bb….jpg)

Here are some fun memes to hopefully get this thread back on track

145fe9  No.795116


Those are awful, they make my eyes bleed

145fe9  No.795117

File: d477838e750c7e4⋯.png (514.34 KB, 1838x446, 919:223, Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at ….png)

Now this is funny

8a3c1f  No.795135


You're welcome. Now make better memes for the thread.

0c76ff  No.795190

File: fdb2aa9a3fa6c18⋯.png (59.92 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 5F899EB4-884F-4F0B-B0B7-1A….png)

When mods see a Protestant express their opinion

If I get banned…

2d1f8a  No.795194


…everything's right with the board

3b269f  No.795981

File: 26e788af34d411f⋯.png (92.23 KB, 662x589, 662:589, IMissYouAll.png)

3b8117  No.796111




Don't believe anything Catholics say or claim about Martin Luther. It's all bullshit. Even atheists don't misrepresent the Bible as badly as Catholics misrepresent Luther. I don't think the majority of them are dishonest, I think they just hear these things form other Catholics who heard them from other Catholics and so on in a five hundred year long game of telephone and they just run with everything without stopping to consider whether or not what they've been told is actually true.

145fe9  No.796119


Makes sense, so he was talking about how the world reproached Christ for drunkenness and adultery, and Luther was just giving a plausible reading of a situation in the Bible

42ef94  No.796213


I've never heard of this claim before and I am Catholic.

e1d1f4  No.796221


>the future of Christianity is in Africa

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