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a place to practice baking and discuss baking topics

File: c87d470acc3623a⋯.png (222.82 KB, 500x426, 250:213, sunTzuWarriorInAgarden.png)


Whole board Notables archive

from bread #2260 (June 18) ~ present day

this is an archive of the visible

notables collection with live links (in some cases archive.fo links)

this is from the pdf >>2080

due to the way this place works

the most recent posts are at the bottom of the page

it contains the RAW data from my notes so the formating is not constant

Post last edited at


#2263 >>>/qresearch/1797430 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1796967 John Cusack accused of inciting violence for ‘burn it down’ tweet during immigration rant

>>>/qresearch/1797031 Bin Laden's journal confirms he is Hussein.

>>>/qresearch/1797051, >>>/qresearch/1797167, >>>/qresearch/1797127 Democrat law requiring families to be separated at the border. [Clintons] involved

>>>/qresearch/1797103, >>>/qresearch/1797335 STRZOK/PAGE texts edited, or fabricated?

>>>/qresearch/1797144 George H.W Bush involoved in SMILES too, in CHINA.

>>>/qresearch/1797139 Iran Water tweet info

>>>/qresearch/1797142 New Iphone OS info

>>>/qresearch/1797152 National Space Council meeting livestream link

>>>/qresearch/1797166 Clapper hopes Mueller will end Russia probe ‘soon’

>>>/qresearch/1797186 Supreme Court rules against Dems

>>>/qresearch/1797200 Today's QClock.

>>>/qresearch/1797221 Army Major General Charles Flynn coming to DC

>>>/qresearch/1797247 FBI lawyer info digs

>>>/qresearch/1797279 Former Israeli minister accused of spying for Iran

>>>/qresearch/1797289 Anon speculates the meaning of Qdrop

>>>/qresearch/1797293 A guide to spygate

>>>/qresearch/1797358 EU Anon alert

>>>/qresearch/1797371 It ALLLL Started In Kazakhstan!!

>>>/qresearch/1797381 Tweet times in PST. 3 min

>>>/qresearch/1797390 WIKILEAKS: Clapper calls it all wrong.

>>>/qresearch/1797391 Updated graphic .Is Strozk a fake ?

>>>/qresearch/1797245 Red Shoes

>>>/qresearch/1797273 Rex says Q is real

>>>/qresearch/1797510 5-15-18 Q Post Future Proves Past

>>>/qresearch/1797542 digging the bookstore sticker from osama's journal led to this facebook page

>>>/qresearch/1796997 UBL/Aabbottabad pics from CIA archives

>>>/qresearch/1797129 "UBL's AK-47" in museum @ CIA HQ

>>>/qresearch/1797396 Authencity of AK-47 questioned

>>>/qresearch/1797568 MUST READ: Mueller’s Bumbling and Hysterical Special Counsel Team Is Getting Pummeled in Cour

>>>/qresearch/1797580 Word spreads about edited video

>>>/qresearch/1797604 19 percent of Republicans indicated they had a favorable view of Kim with 68 percent had an unfavorable view

#2262 >>>/qresearch/1796199 Iran will not stay in nuclear deal if interests not guaranteed

>>>/qresearch/1796247 Iran and EU's unity on nuclear deal takes shape

>>>/qresearch/1796318 snopes-com-is-run-by-an-embezzler-a-former-hookerporn-star-a-dominatrix

>>>/qresearch/1796429 US vs CHINA Trade war is viewed by the Chinese as a war of self-flagallation.

>>>/qresearch/1796514 abbottabad-compound (Osama Bin Laden's compound) (images index >>>/qresearch/1796537)

#2261 >>>/qresearch/1795442 Undermining US Treasury sanctions on Dan Gertler, Glencore opts to pay barred Israeli billionaire

>>>/qresearch/1795446 90 eyewitness cases involving the fireball across Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and France late on June 16

>>>/qresearch/1795741 David Petraeus was a participant at Bilderberg Meeting #66 this year

>>>/qresearch/1795948 Trump Paves Way for a Russia-South Korea Pipeline

>>>/qresearch/1795967 worlds worst sadistisc pedophile sentenced to life (sauce >>>/qresearch/1795975)

>>>/qresearch/1795943 1000 Europeans murdered, maimed since 2014 (sauce >>>/qresearch/1796001)

>>>/qresearch/1796107 if the United States withdraws from the nuclear agreement unilaterally, this agreement will no longer be valid

>>>/qresearch/1796112 Iconix CEO resigns.

#2260 >>>/qresearch/1794710 line of succession at DOJ

>>>/qresearch/1794711 Ezra Cohen-Watnick the man McMaster could't fire

>>>/qresearch/1794806 POYUS meeting with National Space Council today

>>>/qresearch/1794889 J C = John P. Carlin? (several mentions in thread)

>>>/qresearch/1794912 , >>>/qresearch/1795491 John P Carlin = Devin Nunes Frenchie

>>>/qresearch/1795175 John P Calin links mega drop

>>>/qresearch/1794972 phones in use at Bilderberg

>>>/qresearch/1795051 missing 'i' in Q post "Politcal"

>>>/qresearch/1795125 'The Opposition' with Jordan Klepper cancelled


#2268 >>>/qresearch/1800849 Obama Admin Approved 50,000+ DACA Amnesty Applicants with Criminal Records

>>>/qresearch/1801037, >>>/qresearch/1801019, Define perjury

>>>/qresearch/1801049 Denmark to consider becoming first country to ban circumcision of boys

>>>/qresearch/1801150 Sweden Shooting Fuckary

>>>/qresearch/1800858 McCabe Or Strzok is lying

>>>/qresearch/1801267 James Comey Under INVESTIGATION for Leaking Classified Memos

>>>/qresearch/1801314 federal court ordered a hearing to compel testimony of email practices of HRC

>>>/qresearch/1801298 heather locklear on suicide watch

#2267 >>>/qresearch/1800137 Bin Ladins Driver Arrested in Libya 11yrs after Guantanamo release

>>>/qresearch/1800163 Frmr Arkansas State Sen. Sentenced for Wire/Bank fraud, $ Laundering

>>>/qresearch/1800177 Are you paying attention or are you watching the girl in the white dress?

>>>/qresearch/1800200 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

>>>/qresearch/1800175 muslim mob of 40, murderers man in Lewiston, ME, residents demand justice.

>>>/qresearch/1800198 USSF (US Space Force) Visitor 5/29

>>>/qresearch/1800218 NK to Abandon long-range Artillery Guns

>>>/qresearch/1800255 Trump Supporter Starts A Storm At DeNiro's Broadway Show

>>>/qresearch/1800316 Location of AK_Vols_G7_Sign.png Found = Unimak Island

>>>/qresearch/1800342 POTUS Tweets: "we don't want Euro-style Immigration here"

>>>/qresearch/1800319, >>>/qresearch/1800370 Todays Clock

>>>/qresearch/1800414 Tx Republican Party Officially Endorses Decriminalization of Cannabis

>>>/qresearch/1800424 Largest Facilitator of Child Porn will be Extradited to the US

>>>/qresearch/1800397 James Woods politely Suggests Hearing Focus on HRC in Haiti next

>>>/qresearch/1800700 22 people shot @mass shooting sunday: Media Ignores

#2266 >>>/qresearch/1799286 ; >>>/qresearch/1799302 ; >>>/qresearch/1799321 ; >>>/qresearch/1799336 ; >>>/qresearch/1799387 Planefag Update: The Less Spoopiness Edition

>>>/qresearch/1700284 CO Gov. Hickenlooper signs immigration/child status order - limits state resources

>>>/qresearch/1799296 Sen. Grassley going hard on Twitter

>>>/qresearch/1799308 San Juan, PR, mayor reportedly facing FBI probe

>>>/qresearch/1799344 USSS tweets re: breach of grounds at WH

>>>/qresearch/1799372 POTUS orders Commerce Dept. to create a space junk database

Senate Judiciary Committee: Justice Department OIG Report on Clinton Email Probe

>>>/qresearch/1799473 On Q’s criticism, Occam’s Razor, and reason and logic (commentary)

#2265 >>>/qresearch/1798578 NK and SK agree to joint teams for Asian Games

>>>/qresearch/1798600 Clapper declares Mueller needs to wrap up investigation

>>>/qresearch/1798679 GOOG is training machines to predict when a patient will die

>>>/qresearch/1798716 Devil Hussein graphics

>>>/qresearch/1798762 ; >>>/qresearch/1798804 Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech

>>>/qresearch/1798827 Comey refused to reauthorize wiretapping under Bush Admin

>>>/qresearch/1798829 Shield: a DDoS protection system

>>>/qresearch/1798862 Schiff: “Deeply disturbing” that FBI gave Nunes confidential info on HRC emails (see Q post >>>/qresearch/1798840 )

>>>/qresearch/1798916 ; >>>/qresearch/1798984 Idiot attempts to get into WH, fails

>>>/qresearch/1799051 ; >>>/qresearch/1799110 Grassley demands probe of Comey’s use of private email account

>>>/qresearch/1799142 On Podesta email coverup scheme, self-incrimination, and Q drop

#2264 >>>/qresearch/1797737 Audi boss arrested in diesel probe

>>>/qresearch/1797747 Q Proofs Website up! (https://www.qproofs.com/home.html)

>>>/qresearch/1797763 ; >>>/qresearch/1797767 Regarding Kazakhstan and “future proves past”

>>>/qresearch/1797773 Breaking News 911 twitter suspended

>>>/qresearch/1797790 ; >>>/qresearch/1797798 ; 1797825 On Strzok potentially flipping

>>>/qresearch/1798098 ES in the front row during space speech

>>>/qresearch/1797846 FBI agents threatened physical harm against POTUS

>>>/qresearch/1797905 Judge that jailed Manafort also cleared HRC in Benghazi case

>>>/qresearch/1797956 HRC and Comey both speaking in Dublin on Friday

POTUS announces order to DOD and Pentagon for the formation of a Space Force, a 6th branch of USMIL

>>>/qresearch/1798332 Clock hypothesis on Space Force

>>>/qresearch/1798579 #Qanon in Barcelona update (actual link >>>/qresearch/1798472


>>>/qresearch/1804576 rt >>>/qresearch/1804036 —- Grand Jury in place?

>>>/qresearch/1803997 ———————– Poof! (Q Post from 10.29.17)

#2271 >>>/qresearch/1803206, >>>/qresearch/1803662, >>>/qresearch/1803713 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1803184 Earthquake fag report

>>>/qresearch/1803139 Is Elon Musk cooperating with Q team on NK?

>>>/qresearch/1803150 THE EMAIL!

>>>/qresearch/1803156 Former Governor Ed Rendell announces Parkinson's disease diagnosis

>>>/qresearch/1803185 (Prev. notable) Makes this gem in Omnibus more interesting

>>>/qresearch/1803198 Qproofs.com is done!

>>>/qresearch/1803247, >>>/qresearch/1803593 Ted Cruz intervenes

>>>/qresearch/1803258 McCabe tries to Bypass probe

>>>/qresearch/1803336 HERE at the 7 min mark It's Dick Durbin

>>>/qresearch/1803340 Clinton Natl Political Director Amanda Renteria is a Latina "First"

>>>/qresearch/1803350 Another gmail account confirmed

>>>/qresearch/1803353 Clapper interview

>>>/qresearch/1803390 Amanda Renteria claims "Russia" used her identity to spread misinformation during the election.

>>>/qresearch/1803392 LL HRC FBI Senate

>>>/qresearch/1803456, >>>/qresearch/1803526 Renteria LIES LIES LIES

>>>/qresearch/1803480 US says it was Israel not US led coalition who attacked Syrian troops

>>>/qresearch/1803495 [Soros and Spawn] Write article today

>>>/qresearch/1803530 #BREAKING Popular Pittsburgh based rapper Jimmy Wopo wounded in drive by shooting.

>>>/qresearch/1803591 4:55 it's there. Everything we need!

>>>/qresearch/1803673 NETTLE FEED ENTERTAINMENT info

>>>/qresearch/1803674 10 am Horowitz testify at a JC hearing

>>>/qresearch/1803682 fact page Fish v Kobach doc

>>>/qresearch/1803722 FBI Agent, Who Exposed Hillary Clinton's Cover-up, Found Dead

>>>/qresearch/1803737 HOLES IN LYNCH

>>>/qresearch/1803264 rt >>>/qresearch/1803191 —- Amanda Renteria

>>>/qresearch/1803151 ———————– Autists catch the exchange re: POTUS private calls w/ Kim (new number) via iPhone?

#2270 >>>/qresearch/1802811, >>>/qresearch/1802945, Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1802470, >>>/qresearch/1802713 Heather Locklear, who is on suicide watch, dated David Spade, brother-in-law of kate spade

>>>/qresearch/1802473 Poland calls for global protest of forced [vaccinations]

>>>/qresearch/1802475 "The Storm" conspiracy theory [rationalwiki]

>>>/qresearch/1802540 Soros planning nationwide protest

>>>/qresearch/1802597 Connections to Podesta/wikileaks


>>>/qresearch/1802663 Further dig on the Boeing X-37

>>>/qresearch/1802727 A hint and a plan .

>>>/qresearch/1802808 Q crumb on Donna Brazile

>>>/qresearch/1802863 Horowitz drove home a specific point today…"The actions of the FBI were NOT based on Political biases."

>>>/qresearch/1802917 Justice Department asks Supreme Court for help with sanctuary cities injunction

>>>/qresearch/1802925 Rapper killed in Miami. [Broward county] Sherrifs office confirms.

>>>/qresearch/1802928 This great video explains the collusion clearly.

#2269 >>>/qresearch/1801640 Food Allergy testing, BigPharma, Merck, and Q referenceing vaccines (related), >>>/qresearch/1801824, >>>/qresearch/1801928

>>>/qresearch/1801721 McCabe invokes 5th amendment

>>>/qresearch/1801822 X37-B returned to earth after 700 day *secret* space mission. (vidya)

>>>/qresearch/1802036 Stay Focused please

>>>/qresearch/1802058 Husseins thoughts on immigration (identical to POTUS)



#2287 >>>/qresearch/1815440 JPC Q Proof

>>>/qresearch/1815449 POTUS Iran sanctions set for 2018/08; Europeans butthurt

>>>/qresearch/1815533 Barricaded subject at Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA

>>>/qresearch/1815548 US to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council

>>>/qresearch/1815568 HRC-Walmart connection

>>>/qresearch/1815671 Another JPC Q Proof w/separate Jackson Lee “Congressional Children’s Caucus” info

>>>/qresearch/1815758 blogpost on Walmart detention center speculation

>>>/qresearch/1815938 ; >>>/qresearch/1816039 Planefag Updates

#2276 >>>/qresearch/1807562 IT WAS A SET-UP: Trump Campaign Aide Reveals Mueller Knew More About FBI Informant Than He Did (VIDEO)

>>>/qresearch/1807446 FBI Leaked Classified Flight Plan of AG Loretta Lynch to Set Up Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Ambush

>>>/qresearch/1807414 Chuck Grassley Statement on Hearing Today

>>>/qresearch/1807244 YouTube Blocked Video that Q Linked to Earlier (The Five from Today)

>>>/qresearch/1807275 PDF of Horowitz Testimony Today

>>>/qresearch/1807163 Trumps Approval Rating Highest Since 3/12/17

>>>/qresearch/1807153, >>>/qresearch/1807200 Joshua Adams Schulte Charged with Selling Classified Info To Assange

>>>/qresearch/1807147 Joe Palmer Tweet "Top level Clinton 2016 campaign operative and AG Lynch were in communication with each other in 2016 and exchanging “highly classified” material that not even Horowitz can talk about."

#2275 >>>/qresearch/1806765 James Woods: #ClintonCash

>>>/qresearch/1798472 #QAnon in Barcelona painted over? (bread #2264)

>>>/qresearch/1806585 8 Lawmakers Demand Horwitz Unmask Names of Hidden FBI/DoJ Employees

>>>/qresearch/1806628, >>>/qresearch/1806639 Official dossier of the Democrats on Greenberg: DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/1806472 Markets Report

>>>/qresearch/1806418 , >>>/qresearch/1806825 Rendel's 'sudden' heart attack and Parkinsons

>>>/qresearch/1806391 Genius redpill method

>>>/qresearch/1806311 Mika Brezizinski spits venom on twatter

>>>/qresearch/1806257 , >>>/qresearch/1806257 WW2 leaders and their bloodlines

>>>/qresearch/1806236 Comey Timeline

>>>/qresearch/1805572 Continuation of lawfag's info on empaneling grand jury

#2274 >>>/qresearch/1805892 Bridge between LL and HRC = Bill Clinton

>>>/qresearch/1805832 NoName: Separating families is 'an affront to the decency of the American people'

>>>/qresearch/1805759 Idea For This Board Was Genius!

>>>/qresearch/1805598 Autists: Re Q drops, we should be digging on:

>>>/qresearch/1805509, >>>/qresearch/1805488 Is NoName Godfather III?

>>>/qresearch/1805448 Joshua Adam Schulte's charges >>>/qresearch/1805628 but has he been targeted?

>>>/qresearch/1805435 Renteria, your 'Grassroots' funding actually came from lobbyists

>>>/qresearch/1805434 Lawfag post about the empaneling of a Grand Jury

#2273 >>>/qresearch/1804646 NEW Map Theory

>>>/qresearch/1804303 , >>>/qresearch/1805105 Rentiera's twatter rant archive

>>>/qresearch/1804650 Weiner HRC / Others - crimes against children. Interview with Greg Bucceroni

>>>/qresearch/1805027 Grand Jury can be empaneled anywhere

>>>/qresearch/1804777 TWITTER CAN BE SUED for wrongly advertising free speech

>>>/qresearch/1804810 Podesta included in tweets from Rentaria

>>>/qresearch/1804726 Comey caught in another lie; knew of Huma and Weiner's marriage 5/3/2017

>>>/qresearch/1804737 New Space Force Graphic

>>>/qresearch/1805429 ———————– No name absent. End near?

>>>/qresearch/1805203 rt >>>/qresearch/1805065 —- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nIBa7VLumWk

>>>/qresearch/1804985 ———————– Articles on John Huber, Sessions & a Grand Jury

#2272 >>>/qresearch/1804479 Notable Renteria tweet

>>>/qresearch/1804372 Trump was officially nominated at 'The Q' Arena

>>>/qresearch/1804168 Three bridges

>>>/qresearch/1804152 Rocket update

>>>/qresearch/1804150 USAToday, Yahoo & Deadspin report on the Obama speech video

>>>/qresearch/1803888 Amanda Renteria: over 1000 results in the Podesta emails


#2292 >>>/qresearch/1819286 King Felipe VI visits the WH

>>>/qresearch/1819347 All of the "wonderful day" crumbs have to do with ES or Google.

>>>/qresearch/1819252 "This is a REAL photo from GETTY" (Pedo Jackson-Lee), >>>/qresearch/1819287 (related)

>>>/qresearch/1819279 "They fucked up BAD today" (Pedo Jackson-Lee slips up about [RR])

>>>/qresearch/1819280 "The Vicious Unforgiving Video That Proves Hillary Clinton is a Raving Psychopath"

>>>/qresearch/1819367 Did Peter Strzok get walked out of the FBI for tapping POTUS's phone?

>>>/qresearch/1819661 Q post related to the Jackson-Lee ring.

>>>/qresearch/1819684 Police looking for crazy yelling bitch on Capitol Hill:

>>>/qresearch/1819675 Michigan residents receiving unusual envelopes in the mail, police say

>>>/qresearch/1819672 IG doc

>>>/qresearch/1819653 Integrity of the office?

>>>/qresearch/1819652 On 20 June, the European Parliament will vote on the Copyright Directive.

>>>/qresearch/1819642 Q crumbs connects

>>>/qresearch/1819702 New EO

>>>/qresearch/1819704 Criminal referral request from APRIL for HRC, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Strzok and Page.

>>>/qresearch/1819739 Anon speculates on meaning of picture Q posted

>>>/qresearch/1819772 Q Post #1558 DeC

>>>/qresearch/1819633 Q posted Wonderful at 16:01

>>>/qresearch/1819794 Operation "Broken Heart" took 60 child molesters off the street in Houston

>>>/qresearch/1819792 Looks like we have another pair of LOVERS here folks

>>>/qresearch/1819846 Engine Fire plane sauce

>>>/qresearch/1819855 Chinese made household goods, clothing and foodstuff cause cancer .

>>>/qresearch/1819857 #VivaLeResistance from ~2017

>>>/qresearch/1819382 Q clock graphic updated

>>>/qresearch/1819900 Q post at 20:15 guardian of the pope

>>>/qresearch/1819911 Immigrants in Detention Each Day Simply to Meet a Quota

#2291 >>>/qresearch/1818515 US remains coming home from North Korea soon…

>>>/qresearch/1818550 "Could the highly classified Lisa Page tweet "Viva Le Resistance" be about the Los Vegas Shooting."

>>>/qresearch/1818759 Anons detailed theory for GEOTUS in pic., >>>/qresearch/1818776 (related)

>>>/qresearch/1818777 BREAKING: Rep Mark Meadows Unmasks Two Unidentified Trump-Hating FBI Officials Referred For Punishment

>>>/qresearch/1818969 Planefag Notables, >>>/qresearch/1819007

>>>/qresearch/1818922 Momma, momma, we're ALL bakers, now!!!, >>>/qresearch/1818941, >>>/qresearch/1818973

#2290 >>>/qresearch/1817740 Former Israeli minister charged with spying for Iran

>>>/qresearch/1817748 Peter Strzok reportedly escorted out of FBI building., >>>/qresearch/1818002 (sauce)

>>>/qresearch/1817788 "various public forums"

>>>/qresearch/1817892 "If you do a forensic string extraction of the data the First GS you find is….. Gs4Qs&ca"

>>>/qresearch/1817976 Kansas and Nikki Haley announce that the USA is the UN Human Rights Council?

>>>/qresearch/1817982 Moscow to Introduce Import Duties on US Products in Response to Tariffs

>>>/qresearch/1818173 "reread today's crumbs" (John p Carlin?)

>>>/qresearch/1818254 White House official confirms Reuters report that Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin is resigning.

#2289 >>>/qresearch/1817226 Yemen’s Navy Captures French Vessel Laden with Foreign Mercenaries

>>>/qresearch/1817450 "here is a mirrored image of photo"

>>>/qresearch/1817576 CHECK OUT THE EAR SHAPE AGAINST, >>>/qresearch/1817047 PIC

>>>/qresearch/1817642 "I love watching the hive-mind!"


Thursday 06.21.2018

>>>/qresearch/1843122 rt >>>/qresearch/1843055 — Q&A Saturday. Time TBD.

>>>/qresearch/1843055 rt >>>/qresearch/1842740 — We stand. We fight. TOGETHER

>>>/qresearch/1842740 rt >>>/qresearch/1842655 — We told you proofs were going to be important very soon.

>>>/qresearch/1842655 rt >>>/qresearch/1842592 — Jan 20, 2017 June 20, 2018 Exactly 17 months.

#2296 >>>/qresearch/1822339 (POTUS) in Wonderland

>>>/qresearch/1822346 , >>>/qresearch/1822350 , >>>/qresearch/1822361 , >>>/qresearch/1822368 , >>>/qresearch/1822401 More Alice

>>>/qresearch/1822351 If you are here, you are playing the Great Game.

>>>/qresearch/1822353 They were so much closer than you know

>>>/qresearch/1822378 Thanks again billy

>>>/qresearch/1822564 Ever heard of Meme Magick?

#2295 >>>/qresearch/1821693 POTUS among us

>>>/qresearch/1821690 Fake news begets fake news

>>>/qresearch/1821625 Clockwinders needed!

>>>/qresearch/1821906 Feinstein: "Let's make arresting illegals illegal."

>>>/qresearch/1821983 How do you talk like an egyptian?

>>>/qresearch/1822020 These people are sick, what would cause them to be so bold?

>>>/qresearch/1821984 , >>>/qresearch/1822042 Planfaggotry

>>>/qresearch/1822166 Winners only win

>>>/qresearch/1822846 rt >>>/qresearch/1822797 —- It's Collusion!

>>>/qresearch/1822797 rt >>>/qresearch/1822727 —- Coinkydink #589462443

>>>/qresearch/1822612 ———————– More Confirmation of Q's proximity to POTUS

#2294 >>>/qresearch/1820810 , >>>/qresearch/1820849 Pope having a terrible June…

>>>/qresearch/1820908 Who else is having a "wonderful day"?

>>>/qresearch/1821123 We may be anon, but we are all known

>>>/qresearch/1821234 Chrissy Teigen knows FE is baloney

>>>/qresearch/1821177 Good Proofs

#2293 >>>/qresearch/1820093, >>>/qresearch/1820557 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1820043, >>>/qresearch/1820102, >>>/qresearch/1820207, >>>/qresearch/1820237 It's Bush in jail?

>>>/qresearch/1820056 OIG day 2 tweet fodder

>>>/qresearch/1820090 Drop connects

>>>/qresearch/1820084, >>>/qresearch/1820097, >>>/qresearch/1820111 @Sam_Levigne ,He's doxxing ICE agents


>>>/qresearch/1820115 Did Hillary Clinton Violate Any of These 6 Criminal Statutes?

>>>/qresearch/1820144 Breaking: Israeli warplanes launch heavy attack over Gaza

>>>/qresearch/1820165 GREAT BLOG – Very Noteworthy: on JPC

>>>/qresearch/1820126 FFS Now Potus is a Monster for leaving UN Human Rights Council

>>>/qresearch/1820129 Colombia: Conservative Defeats Far Leftist in Presidential Election 54% to 42%

>>>/qresearch/1820216, >>>/qresearch/1820524 Schumer says he's not listening to any bills put forth to solve the problem

>>>/qresearch/1820217 Amazon, Microsoft and Google are competing to secure a multi-billion-dollar Department of Defense contract

>>>/qresearch/1820218 COFFEE CHAOS: Starbucks to CLOSE 150 STORES Across the US After ‘BIAS Training’

>>>/qresearch/1820241 US Pulls Out of UN Human Rights Council After Accusing Body of Anti-Israel Bias

>>>/qresearch/1820364 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1820417 Graphic for Q clock post

>>>/qresearch/1820308 Nikki H tweet

>>>/qresearch/1820419 NK preps to return bodies to USA

>>>/qresearch/1820471 Strozk NOT FIRED .

>>>/qresearch/1820477 SS agent caught up in sting

>>>/qresearch/1820280 Did POTUS mention wonderful or wonderful day, I wonder…..

>>>/qresearch/1820221 Q clock links to the Jesuit scum [[[[Pope]]]]

>>>/qresearch/1820587 FLOYUS tweets

>>>/qresearch/1820634 We have reached patent no. 10,000,000

>>>/qresearch/1820640 Interdasting notes from Anon


#2324 >>>/qresearch/1844057 Did Trump meet Kim on 11.6 and again on 6.11 (think mirror)?

>>>/qresearch/1844110 Kids with guns in wanted cars target police in 2 states

>>>/qresearch/1844172 Patrick Dussault, Canadian actor, threatens Chloe Trump on Twitter

>>>/qresearch/1844201 Flake threatens to limit Trump court nominees: report

>>>/qresearch/1844255, >>>/qresearch/1844614 Strzok is a sociopathic gossipy insubordinate f*ck and played Page like a violin.

>>>/qresearch/1844318 GermanArchiveAnon update

>>>/qresearch/1844143, >>>/qresearch/1844292, >>>/qresearch/1844396 WA Rep. Pramila Jayapal leads MoveOn.org nationwide protest

>>>/qresearch/1844399 Bannon, Salvini, And A Powerful Catholic Cardinal Are Gunning For Pope Francis

>>>/qresearch/1844185 , >>>/qresearch/1844122 BO creates Q & A Thread

>>>/qresearch/1844406 Japan suspend nuclear evacuation drills

>>>/qresearch/1844725 #2324

#2323 >>>/qresearch/1843267 Yahoo: Nationwide Protest Against Trump’s Family-Separation Policy Planned for June 30

>>>/qresearch/1843529 WSJ: Who Is Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the New Owner of the LA Times?

>>>/qresearch/1843611 Suicide by hanging. Jeanine Pepler social posts

>>>/qresearch/1843838 #2323

#2322 >>>/qresearch/1842479 Man faces federal charges over 4chan troll threat to Charlottsville alt right

>>>/qresearch/1842548 KomoNews: Wa Governor Inslee hates on POTUS

>>>/qresearch/1842592 Picture of POTUS at the rally stopping near Q shirt guy

>>>/qresearch/1842595 Private companies used for immigration detention affect policy

>>>/qresearch/1842634, >>>/qresearch/1842594 Case filed, Byrne claims Brock was paid by the RICO Enterprise of Soros and Clintons

>>>/qresearch/1842645 PressHerald: Pilot of Saudi family jet arrested at Bangor Airport

>>>/qresearch/1843034 Wa state emo sex cult by William Control

#2321 >>>/qresearch/1841422 Where in the world is Sergio Lopez

>>>/qresearch/1839936 MASSIVE NOTABLE

>>>/qresearch/1841826 Back to bed!

>>>/qresearch/1841709 The great lawyer migration

>>>/qresearch/1841777 Head to your local MEME Thread to enlist

>>>/qresearch/1841973 , >>>/qresearch/1841978 5:5

>>>/qresearch/1842067 , >>>/qresearch/1841737 Meanwhile in Armenia

>>>/qresearch/1842110 , >>>/qresearch/1842266 Partial Speech Transcription

>>>/qresearch/1842095 WWG1WGA

>>>/qresearch/1841997 All time high optimism!

#2320 >>>/qresearch/1840752 , >>>/qresearch/1840871 It's just a ring guys, don't get all culty alex jones on me

>>>/qresearch/1840804 Who are the racists

>>>/qresearch/1840840 17 Months after taking office

>>>/qresearch/1840903 Theory on "R they serious?"

>>>/qresearch/1840814 FBI anti-trump texts

>>>/qresearch/1840924 Why are they elite?

>>>/qresearch/1840962 Protester DOJ employee

>>>/qresearch/1841083 Raymond Arroyo tells Laura Ingraham: "Darkness to the Light Laura!"

>>>/qresearch/1841191 New Q Proof

>>>/qresearch/1840901 RR is done, announcement coming soon…..(Anon) thinks!

>>>/qresearch/1840714 The Q Signal!

>>>/qresearch/1841277 Doorknob is new double tap to back of head

>>>/qresearch/1841258 Beast Mode Activated

>>>/qresearch/1841356 Anons .pdf case files

#2319 >>>/qresearch/1840117 Sounds like today

>>>/qresearch/1839952 , >>>/qresearch/1839968 #GreatAwakening

>>>/qresearch/1840228 , >>>/qresearch/1840229 , >>>/qresearch/1840207 , >>>/qresearch/1840176 , >>>/qresearch/1840427 Water for the plants!

>>>/qresearch/1840309 , >>>/qresearch/1840369 , >>>/qresearch/1840371 Full Video

>>>/qresearch/1840606 How many connections?

#2318 >>>/qresearch/1839508 DOJ requests military lawyers to help prosecute immigration crimes

>>>/qresearch/1839515 Get your Meme Ammo here!

>>>/qresearch/1839454 Flake threatens to limit Trump court nominees: report

>>>/qresearch/1839234 , >>>/qresearch/1839269 Leftists are better at finding 17 year olds than Russians

>>>/qresearch/1839227 06/21/18 - Summer Solstice

>>>/qresearch/1839170 , >>>/qresearch/1839173 , >>>/qresearch/1839176 , >>>/qresearch/1839183 , >>>/qresearch/1839201 , >>>/qresearch/1839187 What was POTUS waiting for?

>>>/qresearch/1839620 IT did not make IT

>>>/qresearch/1839793 They think it's cool


#2327 >>>/qresearch/1846821 Dems demand more after DJT border separation EO

>>>/qresearch/1846842 SCOTUS rules that states can require online sellers to collect sales tax

>>>/qresearch/1846855 Larry Kudlow, DJT’s National Economic Council director, to return to work

>>>/qresearch/1846861 WH press release on visit of Jordanian royals

>>>/qresearch/1846922 Bolton going to Russia to discuss meeting between DJT and Putin

>>>/qresearch/1846948 On American child separation and broader implications (article and commentary)

>>>/qresearch/1846983 Angela Merkel: Iran’s aggression in the Middle East must be countered

>>>/qresearch/1847020 EU seeks to screen migrants in Africa, stop boat crossings

>>>/qresearch/1847128 Strzok/Page texting in and out of SCIF

>>>/qresearch/1847163 EU Withdrawal Bill passes in UK

>>>/qresearch/1847167 ; >>>/qresearch/1847186 New US tax forms in size of postcard

>>>/qresearch/1847225 Q Rally Proof graphic

>>>/qresearch/1847237 Video wall projection from inside Comet Ping Pong (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/1847299 Hungarian gov’t pushes Soros crackdown

>>>/qresearch/1847302 ; 1847305 Vatican sends cardinal to Bilderberg meeting

>>>/qresearch/1847348 List of suspicious approaches to Trump Team before FBI probe on 2016.07.31

>>>/qresearch/1847376 Nikki Haley blasts UN report on poverty in America as “misleading”

#2326 >>>/qresearch/1845996 WH press release on withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

>>>/qresearch/1846047 Lindsey Graham and IG Horowitz on “gross negligence”

>>>/qresearch/1846071 McCabe pleads the 5th

>>>/qresearch/1846142 GOOG engineers refused to build security tool to win military contracts

>>>/qresearch/1846147 Mayors to protest at port of entry at southern border

>>>/qresearch/1846260 On Q’s “server”, a waitress, and the Bilderberg summit (speculation)

>>>/qresearch/1846284 ; >>>/qresearch/1846488 DJT reposts tweet, latest one including typos and new caps

>>>/qresearch/1846450 Q Clock analysis

>>>/qresearch/1846434 “Endrosement” -> “End Rosenstein” (speculation)

>>>/qresearch/1846462 Dems claim DJT’s EO detains families indefinitely

>>>/qresearch/1846560 Anti-American souvenirs disappear from NK shops

>>>/qresearch/1846695 VA hospital stops investigation against whistleblower

>>>/qresearch/1846708 New filing in MGU v. Kirstjen Nielsen case

#2325 >>>/qresearch/1845139, >>>/qresearch/1845739 Q Tshirt guy from last night's rally+vid

>>>/qresearch/1845101 #Free Iran info and tweet fodder

>>>/qresearch/1845194, >>>/qresearch/1845333, >>>/qresearch/1845389, >>>/qresearch/1845483 Sara Netanyahu indicted for fraud

>>>/qresearch/1845228 Story of Q TABLET article

>>>/qresearch/1845229 A closer look at [BHO] Pakistan trip

>>>/qresearch/1845243 Child seperation red pill fodder

>>>/qresearch/1845265 ED RR +NO NAME connects

>>>/qresearch/1845457 Tweet this ! Large Crowds = support by default.

>>>/qresearch/1845219, >>>/qresearch/1845494 Suicides connections and digs

>>>/qresearch/1845535 America's [Hussein’s] Cash-for-Genocide Program in Syria

>>>/qresearch/1845218 Hussein's Top 3 DHS Grant recipients paying child traffickers - it's about to blow

>>>/qresearch/1845657 WHERE IS THE LEFTS OUTRAGE? Tweet fodder

>>>/qresearch/1845688 The immigration fight is just beginning, and the media is going to lose

>>>/qresearch/1845721, >>>/qresearch/1845848 Biggy T AM Boom Boom Tweets

>>>/qresearch/1845778 Trump discovers the resistance — to enforcing immigration laws

>>>/qresearch/1845789 Jeanine Pepler, the publicist hanged herself Sunday night

>>>/qresearch/1845846 How to argue and win for dummies

>>>/qresearch/1845838, >>>/qresearch/1845888 Intel CEO "Resigns" After Probe Finds Relationship With Employee


#2330 >>>/qresearch/1840249 Antifa rioters acquitted

>>>/qresearch/1849275 House Budget Committee rejects amendment aimed at halting family separations

>>>/qresearch/1849294 ; >>>/qresearch/1849391 ; >>>/qresearch/1849437 ; >>>/qresearch/1849449 ; >>>/qresearch/1849471 ; >>>/qresearch/1849488 ; >>>/qresearch/1849503 Planefag Report: The Longest Day Edition

>>>/qresearch/1849297 FLOTUS visiting detention center in TX, trending on twitter

>>>/qresearch/1849323 Mulvaney talks about “cheese pizza”, “pepperoni”, “hotdogs”

>>>/qresearch/1849328 Feds unexpectedly drop charge against 17 immigrants

>>>/qresearch/1849343 WaPo issues correction after DOJ debunks story

>>>/qresearch/1849468 WH proposes re-privatizing mortgage giants Fannie, Freddie

>>>/qresearch/1849514 Sara Carter: What Happened During the Michael Flynn FBI Interview?

>>>/qresearch/1849516 On Dershowitz, Epstein, and contributions to the Trump Team (analysis/commentary)

>>>/qresearch/1849570 SCOTUS sides with immigrant in case over accumulation of continuous time in US

>>>/qresearch/1849572 ; >>>/qresearch/1849934 Federal judge in NY rules Sen. Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional

>>>/qresearch/1849621 Conservative immigration bill falls in House, GOP leaders delay vote on compromise measure

>>>/qresearch/1849630 Mueller worries “widespread media attention” may have biased jurors

>>>/qresearch/1849648 MSM comes out in support of better smugglers across the border

>>>/qresearch/1849705 Pope Francis visits World Council of Churches

>>>/qresearch/1849712 Chemicals levels in water supplies possibly higher than reported

>>>/qresearch/1849723 Dems say RR subpoena is “defective”

>>>/qresearch/1849794 Minute With Mulvaney on govt’ reform

>>>/qresearch/1849807 Pentagon asked to prepare 20k beds for migrant children

#2329 >>>/qresearch/1848467 #Qanon sign at exit for CIA headquarters

>>>/qresearch/1848537 ; >>>/qresearch/1848812 Mulvaney discusses gov’t reorganization; holds up board with red castle on it; the “Drain The Swamp” Cabinet meeting

>>>/qresearch/1848605 Orlando International Airport to scan faces of US citizens

>>>/qresearch/1848676 Wikileaks drop on South Africa

>>>/qresearch/1848724 New filing in US v. Gates: Travel

>>>/qresearch/1848784 DJT: Mexico is doing nothing for us at border

>>>/qresearch/1848811 Re-homing as a form of child trafficking

>>>/qresearch/1849025 ; >>>/qresearch/1849063 Melania refuses to begin interview unless water bottle is covered and placed in view of cameras (halfchan sauce)

>>>/qresearch/1849051 ; >>>/qresearch/1849131 ; >>>/qresearch/1849161 ; >>>/qresearch/1849070 DJT at the G7, Merkel, and Starburst Engineering

#2328 >>>/qresearch/1847640 Q Pattern?

>>>/qresearch/1847671 Antifa Doxxes 1600 ICE Employees

>>>/qresearch/1847694 Planefag Updates, >>>/qresearch/1847917

>>>/qresearch/1847696 Trump administration proposes major reorganization of Federal Government including merger of Education & Labor Departements.

>>>/qresearch/1847740 Feds Cleaning House?; >>>/qresearch/1847909

>>>/qresearch/1847827 HRS 954 passed; >>>/qresearch/1847874

>>>/qresearch/1847864 Operation Mockingbird In FULL FORCE. Educate yourselves, >>>/qresearch/1847948

>>>/qresearch/1847903 FLOTUS meets The Children, >>>/qresearch/1848203

>>>/qresearch/1847915 The Gift Of Lawve

>>>/qresearch/1847916 A certain document turns 230 today

>>>/qresearch/1847940 Advice For Newfags

>>>/qresearch/1848048 More Shrieks From Pelosi

>>>/qresearch/1848104 Bolton Embarks On Diplomatic Mission To London, Rome & The Russian Federation, >>>/qresearch/1848208

>>>/qresearch/1848176 Roger Stone: My meeting with Russian national part of Peter Strzok's 'insurance policy'

>>>/qresearch/1848313 POTUS Live, >>>/qresearch/1848329, >>>/qresearch/1848355, >>>/qresearch/1848356

>>>/qresearch/1848359 How did Peter Strzok's notorious text stay hidden so long?

>>>/qresearch/1848376 NSA ‘Systematically Moving’ All Its Data to The Cloud


#2334 >>>/qresearch/1852585 US Marshals seek Pennsylvania man who threatened to 'put a bullet' in Trump's head

>>>/qresearch/1852727 GEOTUS: "And the whole thing will go BOOM…" (video)

>>>/qresearch/1852877 Reality Winner agrees to plea deal.

>>>/qresearch/1852982 Yes, newfags…AJ is still a PAYTRIOT!

>>>/qresearch/1853078 CDAN on celebrity adoptions.

#2333 >>>/qresearch/1851706 Watch IG Horowitz' Reaction When Asked If Hillary Committed "No Crimes"

>>>/qresearch/1851799 Snopes turns on Hussein.

>>>/qresearch/1851809 The Story of Q.

>>>/qresearch/1851831 Strzok is stripped of security clearance.

>>>/qresearch/1851935 Grassley wants to subpoena Comey, Lynch

>>>/qresearch/1851955 GEOTUS tweets "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?"

>>>/qresearch/1851976 Notch tweets "wwg1wga"

>>>/qresearch/1852041 Priest Beats and chokes baby during baptism in France.

>>>/qresearch/1852190 Charles Krauthammer dead after battle with cancer.

>>>/qresearch/1852201 National Border Patrol Council Identifies Peter Fonda as a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ After He Threatened to Kidnap Barron Trump

#2332 >>>/qresearch/1850900 Obama being sued for detention centers.

>>>/qresearch/1850902 Southern Poverty Law Center Has More Than $90 Million In Offshore Funds

>>>/qresearch/1850921 HORROR! Immigrant Children Stripped, Handcuffed, Beaten…

>>>/qresearch/1850960 Stormy Daniels headed to border to help…

>>>/qresearch/1850990 OPEC Cartel On The Verge Of Collapse

>>>/qresearch/1851081 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns, >>>/qresearch/1850815 (#2331 sauce)

>>>/qresearch/1851137 All for a LARP?

>>>/qresearch/1851170 New Q attacks incoming! STAY ALERT

>>>/qresearch/1851217 Another possible hint.. call sign Yoga46

>>>/qresearch/1851221 Sen. Flake holds trumps judicial nominee over tariffs,cuba

>>>/qresearch/1851317 Haiti rep talking to trump about being blackmailed

>>>/qresearch/1851344 Kate Spade's father dies.

>>>/qresearch/1851575 ThankQ Plane Fags

#2331 >>>/qresearch/1849585 Pope visits cabal HQ in Switzerland

>>>/qresearch/1850091 Clinton, Soros, Podesta, Brock RICO case finally getting news coverage

>>>/qresearch/1850135 Trump slams Dems and Mexico for border issues

>>>/qresearch/1850142 Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israeli PM, charged with fraud

>>>/qresearch/1850397 VIP Anon Checking In

>>>/qresearch/1850466 UK Beauty Queen found dead

>>>/qresearch/1850470 magistrate candidate faces cp/sex abuse charges

>>>/qresearch/1850482 BP comments on child trafficking issues on cnn

>>>/qresearch/1850575 US Dept of Defense tweet stalking target

>>>/qresearch/1850612 Canada, EU, Germany signal compliance with POTUS trade demands


#2340 >>>/qresearch/1857907 Banon Says Trump Will "Run the Tables" in Midterms - duh…

>>>/qresearch/1857863 Another Q Proof

>>>/qresearch/1857331, >>>/qresearch/1857448, >>>/qresearch/1857657 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1857297 The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance

#2339 >>>/qresearch/1856805, >>>/qresearch/1857020, >>>/qresearch/1857078 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1856760 IG Report Ignores Obama’s Use of Pseudonym Email Account to Communicate with Hillary… What Were They Hiding? (or do they have the right report?)

>>>/qresearch/1856710 NSA ‘Systematically Moving’ All Its Data to The Cloud

>>>/qresearch/1856704 SEC judge appointments unconstitutional, U.S. Supreme Court says

>>>/qresearch/1856663 Anon Makes Observation About Potus Schedule Tweets - No Coincidences

>>>/qresearch/1856654 Facebook Allows Fake News Photo to Raise 18 Million for Border Cause

>>>/qresearch/1856630 Amazon Workers Demand Jeff Bezos Cancel face Recognition Contracts with Law Enforcement

#2338 >>>/qresearch/1855722 POTUS Schedule Twat (message?)

>>>/qresearch/1856045 Message from Snowden about Las Vegas?

>>>/qresearch/1856186 Comey Concernfagging

>>>/qresearch/1856189 Family Still Together

>>>/qresearch/1856000 EO Typo

>>>/qresearch/1856238 Jordan & Russia make a deal

>>>/qresearch/1856267 Obama & Canaduh

>>>/qresearch/1856304 Gitmo VIP

>>>/qresearch/1856333 Syria base Al-Tanaf

#2337 >>>/qresearch/1854893 STRATEGY FOR JUNE 30 (Upcoming riots)

>>>/qresearch/1854914 , >>>/qresearch/1854923 Deep digg: Starburst Engineering tied to Switzerland/Abu Dhabi

>>>/qresearch/1854935 Did we say "ripped from mom's arms at border?" Our bad.

>>>/qresearch/1854936 Chinese company controls Panama Canal

>>>/qresearch/1854954 wikileaks posts deleted ICE data set

>>>/qresearch/1854973 little girl was never separated from her parents at the border

>>>/qresearch/1854986 confirm judicial watch obtained irs docs showing mccain staff urging irs to target tea party group

>>>/qresearch/1855016 Kevin Clinesmith worked for Dem Gov. Jennifer Granholm/co-chair HRC presidential transition team

>>>/qresearch/1855032 Qcrumb relates to NSA move to cloud? ( >>>/qresearch/1853325 #2335)

>>>/qresearch/1855269 POTUS:Dems responsible for massive child smuggling industry US

>>>/qresearch/1855299 Suicide pact in gig harbor under investigation

>>>/qresearch/1855354 POTUS schedule: STAND AS ONE AND BE RESOLUTE

>>>/qresearch/1855416 USMC parade tomorrow. POYUS attending

>>>/qresearch/1855435 Planefag Climing Out Of Saigon

>>>/qresearch/1855441 HRC groups haul in $1 million off border crisis

#2336 >>>/qresearch/1854235 >>>/qresearch/1854589 Civil Rights Attorney Asked Obama To Close Migrant "Baby Jails" In 2015

>>>/qresearch/1854215 WH proposal would disband security details for Pruitt and at other agencies

>>>/qresearch/1854162 Sony pictures "condemns" Peter Fonda (not rly)

>>>/qresearch/1854153 Allegations in 2014 about Hussein's detention facilities

>>>/qresearch/1854149 Flynn Evidence May Have Been Tampered With By FBI

>>>/qresearch/1854147 >>>/qresearch/1854367 Keystone Virus Found In Florida

>>>/qresearch/1854281 >>>/qresearch/1854292 POTUS Twatter up 1,700,000 followers since Apr12 injection

#2335 >>>/qresearch/1853800 Pocahantas news: NY Judge Rules Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Unconstitutional

>>>/qresearch/1853621 IRS Documents reveal NoName Staff Fuckery

>>>/qresearch/1853325 working list of individuals possibly connected to Trump Surveillance/Steele Dossier/Russia Narrative.

>>>/qresearch/1853325 NSA ‘Systematically Moving’ All Its Data to The Cloud

>>>/qresearch/1853284 , >>>/qresearch/1853813 Seconds used to confirm Qlock?


#2343 >>>/qresearch/1860366 Obama cyber chief confirmes 'stand down' order against Russian attacks. Fox.

>>>/qresearch/1860333 The Department of State did a SM reach test run using Google+

>>>/qresearch/1860298 Protesters swarm DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen’s townhouse in Alexandria

>>>/qresearch/1860258 Tom Arnold: I'm teaming up with Michael Cohen and 'taking Trump down'

>>>/qresearch/1860227 , >>>/qresearch/1860252 Port of Long Beach and HRC: WL Emails

>>>/qresearch/1860171 Nose Dive: After A Year, Support For The Russia Probe Has Plummeted

>>>/qresearch/1860147 Rep. House lawmakers step up probe on green groups' international work

>>>/qresearch/1860099 Testimony: I attended a NXVIUM party with Huma, Weiner, Stormy & Schneiderman

>>>/qresearch/1859984 POTUS: Melania's 'I really don't care' jacket is 'Fake News Media' slam

>>>/qresearch/1859959 , >>>/qresearch/1859992 Drain The Swamp cabinet meeting and EO delta theory

>>>/qresearch/1860079 , >>>/qresearch/1859946 Little Honduran girl on Time cover was not taken from mother

>>>/qresearch/1859793 "Refugees" are not children and are all male in NYT coverage

>>>/qresearch/1859822 , >>>/qresearch/1860405 Erik Prince: Quotes, sauce and interview

>>>/qresearch/1859791 Michael Avenatti is now representing ICE whistleblowers

#2342 >>>/qresearch/1859007, >>>/qresearch/1859009, >>>/qresearch/1859027, >>>/qresearch/1859033 Cradle Fund CEO dies after smartphone explodes

>>>/qresearch/1859042 XXXTentacion's murder a sacrifice he predicted? Satanist. "Unable to end his [recording] contract."

>>>/qresearch/1859058 Pervez Musharraf has resigned as chairman of All Pakistan Muslim League

>>>/qresearch/1859133, >>>/qresearch/1859248 Victoria Nuland and Michael Daniel transcript from Senate Intelligence hearings

>>>/qresearch/1859237 Observations on nonverbal signals in Trump Cabinet meeting video

>>>/qresearch/1859270 Q post graphic: Organized Riots, Blackwater (Academi), Craig Nixon, SALT, Scaramucci

>>>/qresearch/1859292 Southwest Key, The big business of human trafficking, how HHS is funding it all:

>>>/qresearch/1859305 Red Team Planner Anon from /pol/ 2015 assessment of civil war scenario in America

>>>/qresearch/1859341 Celebrities autistic screeching over Melania jacket

>>>/qresearch/1859364, >>>/qresearch/1859430 Clinton and Comey to speak at separate events in Dublin on same day

>>>/qresearch/1859420 Publicist Jeanine Pepler, publicist, suicide by hanging in Sag Harbor

>>>/qresearch/1859601 #2342

#2341 >>>/qresearch/1858171, >>>/qresearch/1858573, >>>/qresearch/1858600 Alaska volcano and missile launches

>>>/qresearch/1858120 Jason Kessler Unite the Right rally being planned, memories of Charlottsville

>>>/qresearch/1858133 ExpressUK: Germany 'to offer to scrap EU tax on cars' in Trump victory

>>>/qresearch/1858154 DOE supercomputer and NSA move to cloud related to Q post?

>>>/qresearch/1858180 Water Wars, India Facing "Worst Crisis In Its History"

>>>/qresearch/1858200 Sputnik: EU's Juncker Aims to Devise Plan to Protect Ireland From No Deal Brexit Scenario

>>>/qresearch/1858212 SmallWarsJournal: China/Mexico Transnational Crime Hook ups

>>>/qresearch/1858487 Didyaknow…there was a hearing with bill priestep?

>>>/qresearch/1858662 Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, resigns

>>>/qresearch/1858736 Robert M Higdon fundraiser and longtime Reagan family associate dies at 58

>>>/qresearch/1858788 #2341

>>>/qresearch/1858477, >>>/qresearch/1858576, >>>/qresearch/1858802 The Lavender Mafia of the Catholic Church

#2340 >>>/qresearch/1857907 Banon Says Trump Will "Run the Tables" in Midterms - duh…

>>>/qresearch/1857863 Another Q Proof

>>>/qresearch/1857331, >>>/qresearch/1857448, >>>/qresearch/1857657 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1857297 The Entire Western World Lives In Cognitive Dissonance

#2339 >>>/qresearch/1856805, >>>/qresearch/1857020, >>>/qresearch/1857078 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1856760 IG Report Ignores Obama’s Use of Pseudonym Email Account to Communicate with Hillary… What Were They Hiding? (or do they have the right report?)

>>>/qresearch/1856710 NSA ‘Systematically Moving’ All Its Data to The Cloud


#2346 >>>/qresearch/1862608 "Leaked Internet Memo Reveals ACLU Wavering on Free Speech"

>>>/qresearch/1862525 Private Prisons & Immigrant Detention Facilities (Big Money in locking up human beings)

>>>/qresearch/1862404 Barbra Streisand: Trump ‘Kidnapping Children at the Border’

>>>/qresearch/1862368 Sarah Sanders Torches Media over Immigration Photo Hoax

>>>/qresearch/1862348 Update on subpoena deadline

>>>/qresearch/1862262 Info on The Giorgia Guidestones

>>>/qresearch/1862268 American Homeless still worse off then Illegals

>>>/qresearch/1862209 , Zara founder retired Dec 17. >>>/qresearch/1862559 Or was it 2 days before the EO?

>>>/qresearch/1862212 Hungary Passes ‘Stop Soros’ Laws to Criminalize Giving Aid to Illegal Immigrants

>>>/qresearch/1862200 Congress Demands EPA Investigate Potential Collusion With Lobbyists

#2345 >>>/qresearch/1861965 High Court says Gitmo Judgeships are Constitutional

>>>/qresearch/1861885 BP agent confirms narrative behind crying girl photo incorrect

>>>/qresearch/1861812 Letter from Mayor De Blasio to dept head of HHS

>>>/qresearch/1861809 Planefag Update New Source Of Spoopy Planes Found

>>>/qresearch/1861702 Trump threatens 20% tarriffs on EU incoming cars

>>>/qresearch/1861695 Trump extends National Emergency because NK

>>>/qresearch/1861678 Tom Arnold Claims M Cohen gave secret tapes of trump

>>>/qresearch/1861633 crying toddler sparks multi million dollar fundraiser

>>>/qresearch/1861625 , >>>/qresearch/1861634 , >>>/qresearch/1861661 , >>>/qresearch/1861671 , >>>/qresearch/1861687 , >>>/qresearch/1861697, >>>/qresearch/1861714 , >>>/qresearch/1861729 , >>>/qresearch/1861743 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1861598 Tom Arnold tweet w/ Michael Cohen "has all the tapes"

>>>/qresearch/1861498 , >>>/qresearch/1861590 MI6 spy dead in padlocked bag had info on Bill Clinton

>>>/qresearch/1861473 , >>>/qresearch/1861476, >>>/qresearch/1861914 Hicks Family Dig

>>>/qresearch/1861471 Border Patrol: Young illegals on Plan B during journey into US

>>>/qresearch/1861469 POTUS PRESS: prood democrats never cared about children

#2344 >>>/qresearch/1861240 No-name Gambling Timeline

>>>/qresearch/1861220 Bernie Sanders Pro-Rape Essay

>>>/qresearch/1861126 Planefags: Data breach at Flightradar24

>>>/qresearch/1861065 Encouraging news and leads from embattled Europe

>>>/qresearch/1861024 , >>>/qresearch/1861017 Ruling family of Kazakhstan hit by the Panama Papers

>>>/qresearch/1860922 Iran storms out of OPEC meeting to boost oil supply

>>>/qresearch/1860917 TEDex promoting pedophilia. HELP EXPOSE THEM

>>>/qresearch/1860907 Melania's coat: Celebs, politicians & former first ladies silent on Barron threats

>>>/qresearch/1860866 A Study of ESP in Hyperkinetic Children Child

>>>/qresearch/1860830 , >>>/qresearch/1860863 OPEC Holds Press Conf. After Agreeing To Hike "Real" Production By 700,000b/d

>>>/qresearch/1860801 , >>>/qresearch/1861095 MGM Resorts Donates $250,000 to McCain Institute to Combat Human Trafficking

>>>/qresearch/1860576 How sex abuse tore apart Australia's Orthodox Jewish community

>>>/qresearch/1860682 Soros linked NGOs, Germany based own migrant ships seized & rejected by Italy

>>>/qresearch/1860687 Newfags: How to embed video

>>>/qresearch/1860662 Global Warming News: temperature has not increased significantly since 2000

>>>/qresearch/1860678 Nightmode board theme: Custom CSS

>>>/qresearch/1860638 MOS-SAD: Israeli govt weights in on FB privacy, promises action


#2349 >>>/qresearch/1864589 Netflix parts ways with PR Chief Johnathan Friedland

>>>/qresearch/1865251 Mexican Hitman Dissolved 300 bodys in Acid

>>>/qresearch/1865213 200 Remains back from NK Media remains silent

>>>/qresearch/1865144 Trump Update OPEC Tweet, OPEC Gives In

>>>/qresearch/1864958 OPEC bends the knee, agrees to increase oil production

>>>/qresearch/1865283 Clare Bronfman Expects to be Indicted in NXIVM Case

>>>/qresearch/1865042 Change in tactics, Attack Trump voters

>>>/qresearch/1864768 FBI agent who called Trump supporters "retarded" identified: Sally Moyer

>>>/qresearch/1864495 POTUS revises schedule

>>>/qresearch/1864656 Banned doc on child auctions in LV "conspiracy of silence"

>>>/qresearch/1864546 Psyiobiofag posts info

>>>/qresearch/1864726 "Boys for Sale" documentary

>>>/qresearch/1864752 FBI deliberately ignored "golden emails"

>>>/qresearch/1864798 Huge Pedo Names Revealed Through First Hand Eyewitness Victim

>>>/qresearch/1864432 Planefag update: 2-GOLF on the move again

#2348 >>>/qresearch/1863957 Elite Coalition Emerges Against a Trump-Kim Agreement

>>>/qresearch/1863911, >>>/qresearch/1864011, >>>/qresearch/1864161, >>>/qresearch/1864295 Planefag notables

>>>/qresearch/1864130 Democratic Candidate Arrested At Detention Center After Getting Destroyed By Border Control Agent

>>>/qresearch/1864160 Syria - Damascus And Its Allies Prepare To Remove U.S. Forces From Al-Tanf

>>>/qresearch/1863784 Clinton Donor Clare Bronfman ‘Expects To Be Indicted’ In Sex Cult Child-Trafficking Case

>>>/qresearch/1864215 Eleven MS-13 Killers, Including Illegal Aliens, Charged in Deaths of Underage Virginia Teens

>>>/qresearch/1863928 Making cell phones explode on purpose

>>>/qresearch/1863807 Updated graphic with u guys dig

>>>/qresearch/1863829 Report: Israel demolished, sealed 48 homes of resistance fighters

>>>/qresearch/1863823 June 22 active shooter training at Prettyboy elementary school in Baltimore County

>>>/qresearch/1863790 child sex crimes prostitution-alleged at nuuanu home for naked parties

>>>/qresearch/1863784 Clare Bronfman 'expects to be indicted' in sec cult child-trafficking case

#2347 >>>/qresearch/1862963 latino-non-profit-faces-questions-over-big-money-involvement-in-immigrant-kids-housing.html

>>>/qresearch/1863013 Zara photogs/editors are definitely sending "artistic" occult messages. Owl masks and all.

>>>/qresearch/1863091 Be aware La Raza has rebranded: "UnidosUS"

>>>/qresearch/1863118 for planefags: lists all EU A/C operators by country and also designates the operator's country.

>>>/qresearch/1863132 Zara factory workers in Istanbul, Turkey are slipping cries for help in the form of handwritten notes into the pockets of in-store merchandise.

>>>/qresearch/1863198 Amancia Ortega dig

>>>/qresearch/1863246 Unhinged Democrat Mob SWARMS HOME of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen – Days After Chasing Her from Restaurant (VIDEO)

>>>/qresearch/1863400 Moar Zara Dig

>>>/qresearch/1863407 Global X Funds and/or MSCI appears to have been the issuers for PAK.

>>>/qresearch/1863433 spoopy 2-plane "military clearance" spoopieness.

>>>/qresearch/1862978 Q "Popcorn" Crumbs at 22:00 and 23:00 Hours / "Let's Start Here"

>>>/qresearch/1863529 INDETEX owns ZARA

>>>/qresearch/1863520 U.S. government statistics reveal that the flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in America

>>>/qresearch/1863476 Syrian Militants Used European Equipment To Manufacture Chemical Weapons

>>>/qresearch/1863413 Russians claiming US operating 19 terrorist training camps in syria

>>>/qresearch/1863358 Iran may exit nuclear deal in coming weeks. wants EU to pick up compensation for US exit

>>>/qresearch/1863346 dem gov candidate Ross looking forward to any possible violence

>>>/qresearch/1863268 Canada's top court rules that biblical christian views are not part of 'diversity'

>>>/qresearch/1863259 , >>>/qresearch/1863310 2-GOLF linked to Airbus who were making threats to take production away from UK today

>>>/qresearch/1863218 articles of impeachment for RR if DOJ doesn't fork over documents by Friday

>>>/qresearch/1863188 Russians just about fed up with Snowden


#2353 >>>/qresearch/1868071 Plane Faggotry

>>>/qresearch/1867916, >>>/qresearch/1867921 Jim McAfee Claims Enemies Tried To Kill Him

>>>/qresearch/1867939, >>>/qresearch/1867955, >>>/qresearch/1867939 Papers Being Served Vs Foundation Et Al

>>>/qresearch/1868006 Kate Spade's Dad Dead at 89

>>>/qresearch/1868040 Mexican Presidential Candidate Threatens Mass Exodus To USA

>>>/qresearch/1868065 David Hogg, Capitalizing On Fame

>>>/qresearch/1868104 Iran Allows Women Into Tehran Stadium For 1st Time

#2352 >>>/qresearch/1866991 HRC and JC Trash Trump Over Border From Dublin

>>>/qresearch/1866992 Steele Met With BHO State Department In October 2016

>>>/qresearch/1867082 Diggers Update

>>>/qresearch/1867159 Kirsten Gillibrand's Stepmother Was In Child-Trafficking Sex Cult Says Former Cult Employee

>>>/qresearch/1867179 Bernie Sanders Makes Over $1M Again In 2017

>>>/qresearch/1867200 HRC Calls Putin Leader Of A Xenophobic Movement/Threat To West

>>>/qresearch/1867217 Senior Free Syrian Army Commander Reconciles With Syrian Government In Southern Syria

>>>/qresearch/1867219 (D)U.S. Senate candidate From Maine Arrested At Texas Child Detention Center

>>>/qresearch/1867224 Anon Lists Syrian Factions

>>>/qresearch/1867241 FL Man Arrested For Threatening (R) U.S. Rep. Brian Mast's Children Over Immigration Policy

>>>/qresearch/1867250 Simple, Clean New Q-Proof MEME Style

>>>/qresearch/1867273 Former IG - They Knew Hillary Was Using Private Server

>>>/qresearch/1867560 Forced Migrant Child Labor Under BHO 2014

#2351 >>>/qresearch/1866174 Ex Vatican Diplomat Pleads Guilty To CP

>>>/qresearch/1866183, >>>/qresearch/1866477 Republicans Plan To Move On [RR]

>>>/qresearch/1866224 Henry John Kerner

>>>/qresearch/1866280 Trump says Democrats tell 'phony stories of sadness and grief'

>>>/qresearch/1866405 POTUS Schedule Freed Due To Weather

>>>/qresearch/1866411 Last Cable of the Carter Administration Re: Iran

>>>/qresearch/1866467 James Woods At It Again

>>>/qresearch/1866469 Reminder To Vote

>>>/qresearch/1866613 700K Emails On AW Laptop

>>>/qresearch/1866615 Another Air Force Crash In NM

>>>/qresearch/1866647 No Drugs Or Alcohol In Bourdain's Autopsy

>>>/qresearch/1866871 Strzok Deposition Subpoenaed For June 27th

#2350 >>>/qresearch/1865965 New Rasmussen poll. Majority blame parents,not government for the child crisis at the border

>>>/qresearch/1865754 Sardinia Island Dig (Y-Head Festival)

>>>/qresearch/1865735 12 European States Revolt Against Merkel, Macron Plan To Reform Europe

>>>/qresearch/1865683 Planefag Updates


>>>/qresearch/1865384 REP's who voted against securing the border

>>>/qresearch/1865485 121 Candidates In Mexico Killed This Season


#2358 >>>/qresearch/1871847 Henry Kerner, John McCain staffer, part of IRS vs Tea Party, Fast-and-Furious, Benghazi, Spygate

>>>/qresearch/1871853 Brazil abortion rights protests

>>>/qresearch/1871722 Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul died

>>>/qresearch/1871753 Investigator Aurelia Fedenisn silenced over Donor Ambassador Howard Gutman prostitute scandal

>>>/qresearch/1871778 Notes on Senate Intelligence Hearing with Victoria Nuland and Michael Daniel

>>>/qresearch/1871831 High school textbook under fire over anti-Trump narrative

>>>/qresearch/1872078 Francis “Cadillac” Salemme, Former Mafia Boss and Associate Convicted of 1993 Murder

>>>/qresearch/1872139 IG denied access to VA documents

#2357 >>>/qresearch/1871003 Radiocall from "Jen": claims was used to blackmail politicians with child sex against their will.

>>>/qresearch/1870953, >>>/qresearch/1871321 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1870901 Pentagon Asked to House Up To 20,000 Unaccompanied Migrant Children

>>>/qresearch/1870893 Watergate was Pedogate.

#2356 >>>/qresearch/1870488 We are fighting a multi-polar information war = credit to General Valery Gerasimov

>>>/qresearch/1870512 Teen Vogue is currently spreading ANTIFA propaganda

>>>/qresearch/1870462 Ship with reported norovirus outbreak stops in Alaska

>>>/qresearch/1870302 google adds another weapon in its battle against amazon

>>>/qresearch/1870264 VIDEO HRC uses position as SofS to cease child trafficking investigation

>>>/qresearch/1870239 Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County, Inc., Did Not Always Meet Applicable Safety Standards Related to Unaccompanied Alien Children

>>>/qresearch/1870187 Subpoenas in Russia probe 'forthcoming in days'

>>>/qresearch/1870143 Corporate Psychopath Theory of Economic Collapse

>>>/qresearch/1870142 q&a days after posting doctored obama video on twitter wsu coach mike leach has much more to say

>>>/qresearch/1870105 Great Awakening Volume 40

#2355 >>>/qresearch/1869324 History of the House of Rothschild (pdf)

>>>/qresearch/1869431 >>>/qresearch/1869438 FBI agent who worked on HRC probe labeled Trump supporters 'retarded' and texted 'f**k Trump'

>>>/qresearch/1869576 Mexican presidential candidate wants a "MASS EXODUS" to the USA

>>>/qresearch/1869610 POTUS' schedule for Saturday

>>>/qresearch/1869611 HUMA with a "mystery male"

>>>/qresearch/1869791 Don't do anything stupid

>>>/qresearch/1869809 Iran lets women watch World Cup

#2355 >>>/qresearch/1869394 , >>>/qresearch/1869379 , >>>/qresearch/1869373 , >>>/qresearch/1869356 , >>>/qresearch/1869346 Anons Questions for Q

>>>/qresearch/1869409 , >>>/qresearch/1869421 Todays real clock, tomorrows raw clock

>>>/qresearch/1869715 Why are we here?

>>>/qresearch/1868791 Be Aware

>>>/qresearch/1869962 Clock theory

#2354 >>>/qresearch/1868515 Ex Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Same Teen AW Sexted

>>>/qresearch/1868535 Mattis Has Canceled All Exercises In Korean Peninsula

>>>/qresearch/1868614 Top Netflix Spokesman Fired After Using N-Word Twice During Meeting

>>>/qresearch/1868909 kitty Bennett Dig Request. Anti 45 Researcher for NYT

>>>/qresearch/1869087 The 'Delphi Technique

>>>/qresearch/1869154 Dan Bongino Trolling Tom Arnold


#2359 >>>/qresearch/1872449 Technique to reduce Twitter shadow ban impact

>>>/qresearch/1872507 Comey tweets hope for an awakening for the American people

>>>/qresearch/1872606, >>>/qresearch/1872834 Operation Ajax, Ayatollah Khomeini was a CIA imposter

>>>/qresearch/1872597, >>>/qresearch/1873123 Johnny Depp fraud lawsuit and unflattering Rolling Stone profile

>>>/qresearch/1872637 Just remember, you're here forever

>>>/qresearch/1872715 George Soros buys a stake in Tesla

>>>/qresearch/1872753 Articles and cables about Iran and the Shah

>>>/qresearch/1872815 QAnon signs on the road

>>>/qresearch/1872819 The corporate pychopaths theory of the global financial crisis

>>>/qresearch/1872866 POTUS Q gesture at rally

>>>/qresearch/1872869 US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's mother and father involved in NXIVM

>>>/qresearch/1872900 POTUS calls out "massive child trafficking ring" at immigration cabinet meeting

>>>/qresearch/1872903 Iranian man charged in Chicago, tried to export aluminum tubing

>>>/qresearch/1872921 Child prostitution alleged at Hawaii house for naked parties

>>>/qresearch/1872944 Sputnik: Italian Deputy PM: Very Existence of United Europe to be Decided Within the Year

>>>/qresearch/1873022 Murder in headlines from Mexican elections

>>>/qresearch/1873142 #2259






"Writing in 2005, this author commentating on Corporate Psychopaths predicted that the rise of Corporate Psychopaths was a recipe for corporate and societal disaster. This disaster has now happened and is still happening. Across the western world the symptoms of the financial crisis are now being treated. However, if the Corporate Psychopaths Theory of the Global Financial Crisis is correct, then this treatment of the symptoms will have little effect because the root cause is not being addressed. The very same Corporate Psychopaths, who probably caused the crisis by their self-seeking greed and avarice, are now advising governments on how to get out of the crisis. That this involves paying themselves vast bonuses in the midst of financial hardship for many millions of others, is symptomatic of the problem. Further, if the Corporate Psychopaths Theory of the Global Financial Crisis is correct then we are now far from the end of the crisis. Indeed, it is only the end of the beginning. Perhaps more than ever before, the world needs corporate leaders with a conscience. It does not need Corporate Psychopaths. Measures exist to identify Corporate Psychopaths."


#2362 >>>/qresearch/1875459 Ivanka Trump Donates $50k to Texas Church Helping Children at Border

>>>/qresearch/1875349 In case you missed it: Tom Arnold vows to target Barron at his school

>>>/qresearch/1875391 On weapons shipments using diplomatic flights

>>>/qresearch/1875306 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/1875219 The Red Hen, Lexington, VA Dig & >>>/qresearch/1875256, >>>/qresearch/1875461 Are they having website issues?

>>>/qresearch/1875097 New illegal migrant route from Spain to Germany by truck?

>>>/qresearch/1875092 Trudeau Trashes US on Child Detention, Doesn’t Mention His Country Does Same Thing

>>>/qresearch/1875173 , >>>/qresearch/1874974, >>>/qresearch/1875005, >>>/qresearch/1875045 , >>>/qresearch/1875456 STAND UP FOR SARAH

>>>/qresearch/1874970 Journalist fired for reporting on weapons to Syria on diplomatic flights

>>>/qresearch/1874959 , >>>/qresearch/1875104 Moar Katie Arrington, seriously hurt in crash & C_A car hacking

#2361 >>>/qresearch/1874540 John McAfee Poisoned

>>>/qresearch/1874484, >>>/qresearch/1874603, >>>/qresearch/1874615, >>>/qresearch/1874723, >>>/qresearch/1874729 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1874294 Trump shuts down federal office dictating guidelines for doctors

>>>/qresearch/1874428 Vatican Tribunal Convicts former Holy See Diplomat for Possessing and Distributing Child Pornography

>>>/qresearch/1874376, >>>/qresearch/1874553, >>>/qresearch/1874598 purple Shovel: DoD contracts shipping millions in weapons SYRIA, Belarus, Azerbaijan


>>>/qresearch/1874173, >>>/qresearch/1874276 Cryptic Message from Anon, Possibly Dig Worthy

>>>/qresearch/1874247 Why does the Red Cross have Boxes & Boxes & Boxes full of cash?

>>>/qresearch/1874143, >>>/qresearch/1874789 Newly Elected Lawmaker, Katie Arrington, (SC) Seriously Injured in car accident

#2360 >>>/qresearch/1873349, >>>/qresearch/1873366, >>>/qresearch/1873422, >>>/qresearch/1873475, >>>/qresearch/1873481, >>>/qresearch/1873571, >>>/qresearch/1873666, >>>/qresearch/1873676, >>>/qresearch/1873676, >>>/qresearch/1873793, >>>/qresearch/1873805, >>>/qresearch/1873904 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1873632, >>>/qresearch/1873636, >>>/qresearch/1873638, >>>/qresearch/1873649 AIR SERVICE LIEGE IS A SPOOPY AIRLINE

>>>/qresearch/1873631, >>>/qresearch/1873662 Etihad merged with Alitalia in 2014.

>>>/qresearch/1873289, >>>/qresearch/1873990 OBAMA schemes to ruin midterms

>>>/qresearch/1873351 Who Toppled Iran's Shah ?

>>>/qresearch/1873510, >>>/qresearch/1873549, >>>/qresearch/1874005 Tom Arnold CNN interview rehash+extra info

>>>/qresearch/1873356 UN condemns Trump for migrant bs, related to ^^^Russia/OPEC deal?^^^

>>>/qresearch/1873356 Reuters reports on the Russia/OPEC oil boost, relates to #2349 <<1865144

>>>/qresearch/1873376 Frances Ford Seymour, Peter/Jane Fonda's mom: socialite, sex abuse, (((Bauer)))

>>>/qresearch/1873382 Is Flynn's case done when truths about false filled 302 comes out = Flynn is free?

>>>/qresearch/1873522 FB fueling concernes for child abuse

>>>/qresearch/1873535 FBI Agent #2 texts


>>>/qresearch/1873561 Republican Congressional Candidate Katie Arrington Injured In deadly crash

>>>/qresearch/1873664 Today's Qlock.

>>>/qresearch/1873661 Meadows subpeona forthcoming

>>>/qresearch/1873785 US readies coffins at DMZ for collection of promised veterans' remains from North Korea

>>>/qresearch/1873796 Trump ordered new military branch after Pentagon foot-dragging

>>>/qresearch/1873816 IRAN Nuke Deal in ICU

>>>/qresearch/1873948 Defendant in 8 bike path deaths hails ISIS in court hearing

>>>/qresearch/1873967 Attention Possible FF in the works

>>>/qresearch/1873973 Hundreds in New Mexico call for end to family detentions


>>>/qresearch/1874001 Proof Unaccompanied Minor Children is not a Trump Administration problem


#2366 >>>/qresearch/1878258 Ukraine Politics Lobbying - Soros and No Name

>>>/qresearch/1878240 Examples of "New Rules" re Sarah Sanders

>>>/qresearch/1878170 Trump: Only Workable Immigration Solution Is To ‘Detain, Prosecute, and Promptly Remove’ Anyone Who Crosses Border

>>>/qresearch/1878193 US Congress is largely made up of traitors owned by Zionists: Scholar

>>>/qresearch/1878210 Syrian government forces besiege US base in al-Tanf (May be in notables already from last night)

>>>/qresearch/1877077 Interview with an ex Ukrainian diplomat re Manafort, Trump and Dems

>>>/qresearch/1878262 More projection by those doing wrong

>>>/qresearch/1878314 Explosion at campaign rally for Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa

>>>/qresearch/1878338 Turkish Presidential Opponent Sees TV Blackout of Huge Rallies Ahead of Vote

>>>/qresearch/1878297 General Cartwright facts

>>>/qresearch/1878250 FB fundraiser for immigrant child is being held by former FB employees, Zuckerburg is a donor

>>>/qresearch/1878352 Huckabee trolls Pelosi with MS-13 tweet

>>>/qresearch/1878080 Multiple ALL STATIONS USAF

#2365 >>>/qresearch/1877981 Kushner discusses ‘deal of the century’ and Gaza siege with Netanyahu

>>>/qresearch/1877751 Silkway IL-76 Cargo Plane Spotted at Eindhiven on 12th June

>>>/qresearch/1877519 , >>>/qresearch/1877545 Research on Q's London photos

>>>/qresearch/1877391 DOD regional range maps found

>>>/qresearch/1877348 The Red Hat site has been hacked and changed

>>>/qresearch/1877329 POTUS Speech Link

#2364 >>>/qresearch/1877225 Siklway: The Commonwealth of Independent States

>>>/qresearch/1876935 Silkway: Connection between Clintons & US Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce

>>>/qresearch/1876850 , >>>/qresearch/1876966 DoJ turn over additional FISA records

>>>/qresearch/1876747 AF1 approaching Las Vegas

>>>/qresearch/1876785 , >>>/qresearch/1876731 Red Hen update

>>>/qresearch/1877065 , >>>/qresearch/1877204 Red Hen digs (cont)

>>>/qresearch/1876737 , >>>/qresearch/1876749, >>>/qresearch/1876856, >>>/qresearch/1876888, >>>/qresearch/1876869 Red Hen digs

>>>/qresearch/1876559 Planefag notable

#2363 >>>/qresearch/1876363 Purple Shovel: Connected to Pink Pail LLC, Red Shovel LLC & others

>>>/qresearch/1876223 Mexico's Next President: Immigration to The US is a Human Right

>>>/qresearch/1876128 The Red Hen website is back online. CONTACT THE RED HEN >>>/qresearch/1876145

>>>/qresearch/1876000 , >>>/qresearch/1876024 Attempted assassination of John McAfee

>>>/qresearch/1875996 , >>>/qresearch/1875839 All Q posts related to "Red Cross", dig and the 'money' video

>>>/qresearch/1875944 Desperate German mother writes letter to POTUS re open borders

>>>/qresearch/1875914 Yelp Review OP for Sarah Sanders - SHOW SARAH SOME LOVE!

>>>/qresearch/1875870 New Big Pharma graphics

>>>/qresearch/1875868 Brennan panics on Twitter again

>>>/qresearch/1875792 , >>>/qresearch/1875802, >>>/qresearch/1876172, >>>/qresearch/1875980 Tom Arnold confirmed good actor? CNN interview


#2370 >>>/qresearch/1881392 Need a republican, not bureaucratic, solution to abuses of power

>>>/qresearch/1881398 “If America Falls, the West Will Fall”

>>>/qresearch/1881461 Far Left Protesters Block Bus With Migrant Children in McAllen, TX

>>>/qresearch/1881469 US, EU Taxpayers Provided $80 Mln to Support Islamic Terrorism – Think Tank

>>>/qresearch/1881544 Trump Guilty of Torture Says United Nations (PAYBACK FOR WITHDRAW?)

>>>/qresearch/1881301 Pam Bondi "hounded out of decent Society"

>>>/qresearch/1881560 Wall St. Journal re: Russian Witch Hunt (GEOTUS tweet)

>>>/qresearch/1881335 Qproof adds to Strzok/Pientka drop ( >>>/qresearch/1880216, #2368)

#2369 >>>/qresearch/1880528 Anon says "Our movement was seeded…"

>>>/qresearch/1880535 Internal roads of the Nevada Test & Training Range [NTTR]., >>>/qresearch/1879740 (lb related)

>>>/qresearch/1880544 Q's previous post, >>>/qresearch/952914 "POTUS & JFK JR."

>>>/qresearch/1880616 16th AMENDMENT PASSED BY CONGRESS JULY 2, 1909

>>>/qresearch/1881050 moar proof snopes is bullshit

#2368 >>>/qresearch/1879727 Haiti children research

>>>/qresearch/1879740 Airspace and refueling maps for Nellis AFB, Creech [Drones], 4808 [Dreamland], etc.

>>>/qresearch/1879742 Drudge picks up Red Hen's hacked menu.

>>>/qresearch/1879763 "In 1909, we lost everything…" (a "nice poem"), >>>/qresearch/1880093 WWG1WGA., >>>/qresearch/1880103 Q always said to expand your thinking…

>>>/qresearch/1879835 Still curious about the resemblance between JA and Trump's uncle?

>>>/qresearch/1880214 Red Cross sexual misconduct

>>>/qresearch/1880216 Strzok and Pientka interview Flynn; possible Q proofs

#2367 >>>/qresearch/1878935 US Army Corps of Engineers and "Red Hen Systems"

>>>/qresearch/1878955 Chris Langan, the man who holds the worlds record for highest IQ in the world at 210 is supporting Trump on Facebook

>>>/qresearch/1878971 Red Hen owner is Meryl Streep's cousin?

>>>/qresearch/1878973 "Fighter Ops for Shoe Clerks…"Fighter Pilot" [DOD] stuff to newfags.

>>>/qresearch/1878990 Looks like Murdoch's showing his true colors. (via Wikileaks twatter, >>>/qresearch/1879135 COMP'D?, >>>/qresearch/1879157 Anon says "…absolutely comped.")

>>>/qresearch/1879015 Gen Cartwright is related by marriage to Peter Strzok.

>>>/qresearch/1879118 China Hides Real Trade War Retaliation In Plain Sight - Stealth Devaluation

>>>/qresearch/1879177 Treasure trove of indictments, arrests, resignations, etc.

>>>/qresearch/1879207 GcMAF links to cancer cures & autism

>>>/qresearch/1879258 Mark Meadows Furious - FBI only gave Fraction of Documents., >>>/qresearch/1879328 Hints at Q?

>>>/qresearch/1879372 George Clooney/John McCain own Arsenal factory in Bulgaria funneling weapons to ISIS?, >>>/qresearch/1879419 et tu Lindsey Graham?

>>>/qresearch/1879535 https://www.inquisitr.com/219978/secret-service-scandal-prostitutes-in-colombia/


#2373 >>>/qresearch/1883665, >>>/qresearch/1883748 Hillary civil case summons was delivered

>>>/qresearch/1884010 Senate Armed Services Committee border assessment 2015, proof they knew the smuggling

>>>/qresearch/1884067 Azerbaijan, Artsakh conflict update

>>>/qresearch/1884083 CNN: Obama visiting in Adirondaks

>>>/qresearch/1884110 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/1884124 Teddy Roosevelt Great White Fleet launch history

>>>/qresearch/1884244 #2373

>>>/qresearch/1883663, >>>/qresearch/1884399 Gen John Kelly, Southern Command, 2014 Senate testimony regarding border

#2372 >>>/qresearch/1883361 Possible Pedo Necklace on Red Hen owner (Meryl Streep''s cousin)

>>>/qresearch/1883334 Zero Minutes between Trump Tweets

>>>/qresearch/1883259 Active Military Confirms NK Situation

>>>/qresearch/1883067, >>>/qresearch/1883071, >>>/qresearch/1883122, >>>/qresearch/1883464 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1882815 NJ Governor Pitches 2,400% Tax Increase On Firearms

>>>/qresearch/1882820 [Attacks will intensify]

>>>/qresearch/1882832 Democrat ‘Non-Profit’ Rocked By Billion-Dollar Undocumented Child Scandal

>>>/qresearch/1882844 Facebook, Twitter Deactivate Hezbollah Accounts After Kidnapping Video Published

>>>/qresearch/1882877 Secret meeting between Netanyahu and MbS

>>>/qresearch/1882942 New Trump Options for Escaping ACA Can Lower Cost of Care, Not Just Cost of Coverage

>>>/qresearch/1883013 Lopez Obrador’s peaceful relationship with the Sinaloa Cartel

#2371 >>>/qresearch/1882049 Dailymail: 'Kennedy's fought over where the bodies would be buried'

>>>/qresearch/1882065, POTUS Tweets WSJ opinion piece Muller's Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

>>>/qresearch/1882259 POTUS Schedule "Respect the truth It will prevail"

>>>/qresearch/1882122 CNBC: Supreme Court makes online shopping more expensive for consumers, protects Amazon

>>>/qresearch/1882356 Bezos Buffet Dimon Healthcare Venture

>>>/qresearch/1882636 Bin Salman (head of SA), and Netanyahu met secretly in Amman: "increasing cooperation"

>>>/qresearch/1882712 Secretary Pampeo Trollin'

#2370 >>>/qresearch/1881934 Sensible Decode of Rothschild Fuckery

>>>/qresearch/1881392 Need a republican, not bureaucratic, solution to abuses of power

>>>/qresearch/1881398 “If America Falls, the West Will Fall”

>>>/qresearch/1881461 Far Left Protesters Block Bus With Migrant Children in McAllen, TX

>>>/qresearch/1881469 US, EU Taxpayers Provided $80 Mln to Support Islamic Terrorism – Think Tank

>>>/qresearch/1881544 Trump Guilty of Torture Says United Nations (PAYBACK FOR WITHDRAW?)

>>>/qresearch/1881301 Pam Bondi "hounded out of decent Society"

>>>/qresearch/1881560 Wall St. Journal re: Russian Witch Hunt (GEOTUS tweet)

>>>/qresearch/1881335 Qproof adds to Strzok/Pientka drop ( >>>/qresearch/1880216, #2368)


#2376 >>>/qresearch/1886411 POS Ted Lieu, among others, now defending MS13!

>>>/qresearch/1886526 Reminder about USS Liberty False Flag attack by Israel

>>>/qresearch/1886589 UK PM husband hypocrisy

>>>/qresearch/1886487 shill slide tactics refresher graphics

>>>/qresearch/1886468 Nebraska Democratic candidate for attorney general steps down amid strangulation charge

>>>/qresearch/1885989 RED WAVE INCOMING

>>>/qresearch/1885995 French president backs sanctions on EU states refusing migrants

>>>/qresearch/1885998, >>>/qresearch/1886228 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1886036 POTUS wins again!

>>>/qresearch/1886244 Krauthammer notes on ritual sacrafice

>>>/qresearch/1886176 This is new Resolute Reads

>>>/qresearch/1886154 Rhode Island passes bill to keep Trump off 2020 ballot if he doesn't release tax returns

#2375 >>>/qresearch/1885837 Anon requests feedback on new 'Baking Tips' graphic

>>>/qresearch/1885701 Moar ethics violations by Democrats

>>>/qresearch/1885695 , >>>/qresearch/1885710 Moar on Silkway Planes, Bulgaria & Arms Smuggling

>>>/qresearch/1885387 Critic of Trump border policies took $$ from private prison operators

>>>/qresearch/1885673 "Liberalism has lowered the bar so low…"

>>>/qresearch/1885639 , >>>/qresearch/1885641, >>>/qresearch/1885648, >>>/qresearch/1885659 Planefags: Brussels immigration meeting

>>>/qresearch/1885382 , >>>/qresearch/1885638 Who's behind the Iran Protests?

>>>/qresearch/1885456 , >>>/qresearch/1885493, >>>/qresearch/1885501 Sohale Siddiqi / Henry Kerner Dig

>>>/qresearch/1885319 Articles on the HRC / Podesta / Brock RICO suit

>>>/qresearch/1885540 #WalkAway Campaign - Dems red pilling one another

>>>/qresearch/1885315 Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian & Iran

>>>/qresearch/1885481 Deep State Weaponizing Leaks against /ourgal/ Mari Stull

>>>/qresearch/1885397 , >>>/qresearch/1885407, >>>/qresearch/1885514 , >>>/qresearch/1885770 Planefag Updates

#2374 >>>/qresearch/1884463 JFK Jr crash cover up fact vs propaganda

>>>/qresearch/1884492 2015 Car crash that killed Trump's personal pilot

>>>/qresearch/1884549, >>>/qresearch/1884566 British International Development Secretary resigned after irregular Tel Aviv meetings

>>>/qresearch/1884637 JFK Jr.'s Interview About The New World Order In George Magazine, 7 step plan to overthrow NWO

>>>/qresearch/1884647 Genie Energy drilling for Golan Heights oil, means energy independence for Israel

>>>/qresearch/1884656 Ciros Pizza Pomodoro by a member of the Italian Orsini family of medieval nobility

>>>/qresearch/1884667 German Archive Anon update

>>>/qresearch/1884676 9/11 evidence, CIA deathbed confession, owner Silverstein Properties hired Bush family security

>>>/qresearch/1884706 Inditex owned Zara clothing made by slave labor in Brazil

>>>/qresearch/1884730 Kennedy family service and losses

>>>/qresearch/1884809, >>>/qresearch/1884948 AP News: Kushner rips Abbas, says Mideast peace plan due soon

>>>/qresearch/1885085 #2374


#2379 >>>/qresearch/1888395, >>>/qresearch/1888432, >>>/qresearch/1888475, (airkeks) Swiss T-785 spoopiness

>>>/qresearch/1888604 321st Mil Intel Brigade "from darkness to Light"

>>>/qresearch/1888696 Graphic: Baking tips (feedback appreciated)

>>>/qresearch/1888756 "jews" medically experimented on their own people

>>>/qresearch/1888786 Rep Clarke Frmr Cheif of Staff S. Davis allegedly fuckary with Abid Awan

>>>/qresearch/1888336 Maxine Waters wants more harassment of Trump Aides

#2378 >>>/qresearch/1887672 Nice Q-Proof Graphic

>>>/qresearch/1887641, >>>/qresearch/1887656 WSJ Article Spells out Muller Witch Hunt Must End

>>>/qresearch/1887583 Asian Americans start shifting away from DEMS.

>>>/qresearch/1887571 Official Team Trump Twatter has Video Up with VIPAnon (Could we love him anymore?)

>>>/qresearch/1887553 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1887716, >>>/qresearch/1887819 Devin Nunes rattling RedHen Cages

>>>/qresearch/1887934 USAID 'DFS construction' Haiti Child prisons. >>>/qresearch/1887961, >>>/qresearch/1887967 (counterpunch article)

#2377 >>>/qresearch/1887127, >>>/qresearch/1887165 BOARD OWNER, Can you Verify

>>>/qresearch/1887107 DOJ Stalling Letter Addressed to Nunes

>>>/qresearch/1886870, >>>/qresearch/1886957, >>>/qresearch/1887114 USSS arrest for threatening POTUS - perp speaks about Q in interview

>>>/qresearch/1886803 #Walkaway From the Democrat/Liberal Thinking GREAT VID

>>>/qresearch/1886816, >>>/qresearch/1886865, >>>/qresearch/1886912, >>>/qresearch/1886965, >>>/qresearch/1886995, >>>/qresearch/1887037, >>>/qresearch/1887056, >>>/qresearch/1887059, >>>/qresearch/1887064, >>>/qresearch/18872355 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1886763, >>>/qresearch/1886800 Chemist for Pharma Co. in Irvine, CA Murdered While Camping… Maybe Dig Worthy

#2376 >>>/qresearch/1886295 Lebanon obstructing Q's 'Iran Next'?

>>>/qresearch/1886353 Censorship: Entire European Identitarian Movement Permanently Banned From Facebook


>>>/qresearch/1886457 23andme donating DNA kits to help reunite migrant families

>>>/qresearch/1885989 RED WAVE INCOMING

>>>/qresearch/1885995 French president backs sanctions on EU states refusing migrants

>>>/qresearch/1885998, >>>/qresearch/1886228 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1886036 POTUS wins again!

>>>/qresearch/1886244 Krauthammer notes on ritual sacrafice >>>/qresearch/1886841 More on Krauthammer

>>>/qresearch/1886176 This is new Resolute Reads

>>>/qresearch/1886154 Rhode Island passes bill to keep Trump off 2020 ballot if he doesn't release tax returns

>>>/qresearch/1886411 POS Ted Lieu, among others, now defending MS13!

>>>/qresearch/1886526 Reminder about USS Liberty False Flag attack by Israel

>>>/qresearch/1886589 UK PM husband hypocrisy

>>>/qresearch/1886487 shill slide tactics refresher graphics

>>>/qresearch/1886468 Nebraska Democratic candidate for attorney general steps down amid strangulation charge


#2383 >>>/qresearch/1891468 Silent partner of Red Hen restaurant may be known pedophile, >>>/qresearch/1891887

>>>/qresearch/1891474 Law RE: Military Tribunals

>>>/qresearch/1891541 Obama Separated 72,410 Children from Their Illegal Immigrant Parents in 2013

>>>/qresearch/1891547 Pharmaceutical Scientist Tristan Beaudette shot dead in front of daughters (aged 2 and 4), during California camping trip

>>>/qresearch/1891529 32 Terms Every American Should Understand

>>>/qresearch/1891574 Loop Capital Research

>>>/qresearch/1891624 Planeupdates, >>>/qresearch/1891754, >>>/qresearch/1892069

>>>/qresearch/1891626 Where's Obama, who seperated 72,410 children from their parents in 2013 alone? Saranac Lake

>>>/qresearch/1891645 SilkwayAnon finds drop files which may implicate HRC & NoName

>>>/qresearch/1891687 Dig into Possible Spliced "Grab Em By the Pussy Audio"

>>>/qresearch/1891715 Summary from Financial Investigator Charles Ortel

>>>/qresearch/1891929 Stefano Massimo, prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci

>>>/qresearch/1891978 Kazakhstan's Presidential Daughter Dariga Nazarbayeva named in Panama Papers

>>>/qresearch/1891991 Power out in Saranac Lake on June 22nd, where Obama, who seperated 72.410 children their parents in 2013 alone, has resided last week.

>>>/qresearch/1892083 McAfee vows Revenge

>>>/qresearch/1892092 23 and Me giving away free DNA test to Illegal aliens coming across the border.

>>>/qresearch/1892144 #2383

#2382 >>>/qresearch/1890952 Mad Maxine travels to Haiti several times with Pelosi, HRC

>>>/qresearch/1890808 DOJ gives Congress new classified documents on Russia probe

>>>/qresearch/1890942 Obama DOJ Blocked Clinton Foundation Investigation

>>>/qresearch/1891116 Tent Cities - Follow the Money

#2381 >>>/qresearch/1889905 Teacher arrested for sex with Wieners Underaged texter

>>>/qresearch/1889910 POTUS Tweet Remove Tarrifs/Barriers or else

>>>/qresearch/1889929, >>>/qresearch/1889975 HRC/SOROS/Ms-13 connections

>>>/qresearch/1890174 2009 guardian article: hRC admits US role in Mexicos drug wars

>>>/qresearch/1890012, >>>/qresearch/1889888 You're on your own, US tells Syrian rebels

>>>/qresearch/1889983 US-backed Forces Launch Operation Against Own Arab Unit (Timber Sycamore)

>>>/qresearch/1890251 LA County "Shady” Deal with foreign company to operate elections

>>>/qresearch/1890399 POTUS "grab em' by the Popcorn" (kek)

>>>/qresearch/1890521 BO IPHash: R Poster Is a Larp Please stop sliding

#2380 >>>/qresearch/1889129 Yelp removing reviews from RedHen after anons drop rating 4.5 -2.5

>>>/qresearch/1889134 Florida AG Pam Bondi /ourgal/ spat-upon by protestor

>>>/qresearch/1889140 Qproof light a fire/ Chappaqua fire / golden key

>>>/qresearch/1889202, >>>/qresearch/1889665 CF (comey) under investigation for Espionage F-35 tech sale to china

>>>/qresearch/1889274 41 (((republicants))) who voted against a secure boarder.

>>>/qresearch/1889385 USMC child-abuse prevention "darkness to light"

>>>/qresearch/1889564 OIG HRC Emails Case Agents didn't want to investigate Wieners laptop

>>>/qresearch/1889417 Harrison J Bounel (Hussein's alias) tax fraud & fake social security number.

>>>/qresearch/1889167 END OF MEMES ?



>>>/qresearch/1895925 Mormon Church Child Sex Scandal?

>>>/qresearch/1895844 Police crash the BET awards live

>>>/qresearch/1895837, >>>/qresearch/1895867 J Michael Walker Tweet

>>>/qresearch/1895751 Turkey elections votes RIGGED: Police find car full of FORGED ballot papers


>>>/qresearch/1895414 >>>/qresearch/1895415 >>>/qresearch/1895529 From the thread: I Am a ROFSCHILD, Axe me a Question

>>>/qresearch/1895418 A Little Pharma Insider Info?

>>>/qresearch/1895389, >>>/qresearch/1895434, >>>/qresearch/1895710 Planefag Updates

#2387 >>>/qresearch/1895201 Decode Graphic from Anon

>>>/qresearch/1895068 link to Trump Reform and Reorg government plan

>>>/qresearch/1894975 Democrat Senate Candidate FROM MAINE Cuffed and Arrested at Texas Immigrant Detention Center (VIDEO)

>>>/qresearch/1894897 Citizens for Ethics Dig Needed?

>>>/qresearch/1894805 Italy Leaves Merkel Stunned, Demands Europe Rip Up Existing Migrant System

>>>/qresearch/1894531, >>>/qresearch/1894814 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1894388 Some "kid" who hadn't used his Twat account since May? The kid posted some pics of Apple computers?

#2386 >>>/qresearch/1894384 Slow Food Youth Network

>>>/qresearch/1894136 Errors in Trump Tweet >>>/qresearch/1894203 Possible Decode

>>>/qresearch/1894205, >>>/qresearch/1894463 Interesting Hypothesis From Anon: MILITARY AIRCRAFT WILL BE USED TO TRANSPORT NON-NATIONALS BACK TO THEIR HOMELAND!

>>>/qresearch/1893995 Moscow to Assist Bolivia Building Nuclear Research Center: Russian Envoy

>>>/qresearch/1893939, >>>/qresearch/1894015, >>>/qresearch/1894289, >>>/qresearch/1894411 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1893819 Allergan, HRC, and Dublin Ireland connection >>>/qresearch/1893851

>>>/qresearch/1893814 Ben Rhodes Admits Obama Armed Jihadists In Syria In Bombshell Interview

#2385 >>>/qresearch/1893606 Alice Waters and Slow Foods Usa/International cabal ties

>>>/qresearch/1893344 Cancer Immunotherapy Dig

>>>/qresearch/1893142 Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood

>>>/qresearch/1893356 his 2020 plans to run for re-election…

>>>/qresearch/1893154 Qlockwork Qrange times updated

>>>/qresearch/1893377 Goodlatte: A million docs now available in DoJ reading room

>>>/qresearch/1893220 No-Name viewed more favorably by Arizona Democrats than by Republicans

>>>/qresearch/1893230 Roseanne Barr Opens Up About Valerie Jarrett Tweet and Losing Hit Sitcom: ‘Made Myself a Hate Magnet’

>>>/qresearch/1893142 The Population Control Agenda by Stanley K. Monteith, M.D.

>>>/qresearch/1893244 Top Dem Aide Says Awan was Stealing Equipment from Congressional Office

>>>/qresearch/1893023 "ROBOCOPS" will protect POTUS in UK

>>>/qresearch/1893050 #WalkAway Video

>>>/qresearch/1893129 What you should do EVERYTIME for a notable

>>>/qresearch/1893148, >>>/qresearch/1893303, >>>/qresearch/1893523 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1893055 Action Needed, Do Your Part to Get the REAL Version of the IG Report Released



>>>/qresearch/1897164 (Cessna crash, Detroit) >>>/qresearch/1897576, >>>/qresearch/1897590, >>>/qresearch/1897612, >>>/qresearch/1897630, >>>/qresearch/1897636 Other Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1897011, >>>/qresearch/1896990, >>>/qresearch/1897387, >>>/qresearch/1897642 Liddle [AS] info digs

>>>/qresearch/1897035 Why It's so Crucial That Putin-Trump Summit Happens Next Month

>>>/qresearch/1897048 Israel Hit Iraqi Militias Fighting ISIS in Eastern Syria. 20-50 Dead

>>>/qresearch/1897029 Watch the (Perfluroalkyls) Water Q being literal?

>>>/qresearch/1897015, >>>/qresearch/1897051 Q post Jun 17 vs Guardian article today

>>>/qresearch/1897056, >>>/qresearch/1897059 General Flynns brother

>>>/qresearch/1897063 British police left 13 year-old boy in home of known pedophile

>>>/qresearch/1897071 South Carolina - Katie Arrington Undergoes More Surgery As Accident Ruled ‘Strange

>>>/qresearch/1897116 Chuck Schumer at Sunday’s NYC Pride March to announce that his daughter, Alison to marry Elizabeth Weiland.

>>>/qresearch/1897125 [[[pope]]] denounces President Trump but hails [fidel castro]

>>>/qresearch/1897144, >>>/qresearch/1897153 Portland occupy [pantifa] shuts down ICE office ,replaces flag

>>>/qresearch/1897262 Season 6 of Homeland the 6th season is total propaganda supporting pro deep state.

>>>/qresearch/1897283 Ending human trafficking on S. US border?

>>>/qresearch/1897363 China and EU to form group to "modernize" trade rules. WTO is outdated

>>>/qresearch/1897362 President Trump Tweets about spying on him at TT

>>>/qresearch/1897378 Dem senator tells donors to 'buckle up' for Mueller report over glasses of wine

>>>/qresearch/1897379, >>>/qresearch/1897620 A clueanon ? "I wouldn't concentrate-on the wall guys but whats around it…"

>>>/qresearch/1897380 Maxine Waters pushes supporters to fight WH, says 'the people' will 'absolutely harass' Trump staffers

>>>/qresearch/1897391 Supreme Court decision on travel ban could come soon

>>>/qresearch/1897405, >>>/qresearch/1897428, >>>/qresearch/1897556, >>>/qresearch/1897606 >>>/qresearch/1897603, >>>/qresearch/1897638 POTUS hints on dirty Red Hen (dig) POTUS AM tweets + info

>>>/qresearch/1897425 US to present North Korea with post-summit 'asks': report

>>>/qresearch/1897429 Switzerland/Cemex Connetion.

>>>/qresearch/1897435 Mattis is heading to Alaska…

>>>/qresearch/1897440 DeSantis joins call for Trump to indict Raul Castro

>>>/qresearch/1897145 What me worry ?

>>>/qresearch/1897618 Going back through yesterday's breads – from #2381

>>>/qresearch/1897622 Red Hen Accountant who suicided in jai

>>>/qresearch/1897625 Gang suspect identified, others arrested in mistaken identity machete murder of Bronx boy, 15

>>>/qresearch/1897649 ABC slammed, accused of hypocrisy for 'cringeworthy' dating show 'The Proposal’


>>>/qresearch/1896175 Explosion in Germany injures 25 people

>>>/qresearch/1896286 Obama friend Dick Leitsch died

>>>/qresearch/1896339 Kim Jong-un 'erases his father and grandfather' from new mandatory national oath

>>>/qresearch/1896487 Angelina Jolie connections to Soros, Congressman Lantos, and Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

>>>/qresearch/1896525, >>>/qresearch/1896690, >>>/qresearch/1896847 Planefag: SPOTTING LOTS OF SPOOPY 2-xxxx plane activity tonight.

>>>/qresearch/1896590 100,000 missing and runaway US foster kids

>>>/qresearch/1896744 What did Q mean by "Cross FBI sec clearance"? Procedures for denied clearances

>>>/qresearch/1896814 Chinese video surveillance on residents by drones that flap through the skies like real birds.

>>>/qresearch/1896843 #2389



>>>/qresearch/1897757 Jon Stewart & Anthony Weiner were roommates

>>>/qresearch/1897818 Remember: Independence Day Forthcoming

>>>/qresearch/1897866 New Jersey has finally banned Child Marriage .. in 2018

>>>/qresearch/1897875 Ben Rhodes was denied a security clearance by the FBI but was granted a waiver by Obama.

>>>/qresearch/1897890 (You) Fundamental Reading: Quality Post on Our Mission here

>>>/qresearch/1897896 North Korea cancels annual Anti-US rally!

>>>/qresearch/1897897 FBI Agent, Who Exposed Hillary Clinton's Cover-up, Found Dead one day before testifying before a Grand Jury.

>>>/qresearch/1897935 Clinton met with booing & Clinton Associates being rounded up

>>>/qresearch/1897947 'They were trying to create a fight': Pam Bondi confronted by protesters at movie theater

>>>/qresearch/1897952 Iran: Protestors have swarmed Theran's Grand Bazaar amid nationwide anger

>>>/qresearch/1897998 Why didn’t Obama and his team want to stop Russian hacking?

>>>/qresearch/1898034 "Very Loud" Representative Eric Swalwell is on the first page of Liddlekidz.com, Requesting Digs To Find More Public Figures, >>>/qresearch/1898342

>>>/qresearch/1898035 GermanArchiveAnon Update (2374 - 2390)

>>>/qresearch/1898108 SCOTUS commands "On Hold" on Current Republican District Maps in North Carolina

>>>/qresearch/1898144 Red Hen located in Lexington , >>>/qresearch/1898122 Q-post on Lexington/Concord

>>>/qresearch/1898136 Planewatchers, >>>/qresearch/1898190

>>>/qresearch/1898236 Iranian Revolution, >>>/qresearch/1898310, >>>/qresearch/1898417

>>>/qresearch/1898303 Sen. Patty Murray got campaign money from company running Tacoma center where undocumented immigrants are held

>>>/qresearch/1898438 Entire Mexican Police Force of Mexican town "Ocampo" arrested on suspicion in involvement of Mayor Murder

>>>/qresearch/1898490 #2392

Government Tweets

>>>/qresearch/1898004 Latest Trump Tweets (6/25, Morning), >>>/qresearch/1898230

>>>/qresearch/1898200 DoD tweets on Mattis

>>>/qresearch/1898243 DJT RT's Marco Rubio

Red Hen Dig

>>>/qresearch/1897812 Red Hen build on top of 150-year old Chapel,

>>>/qresearch/1897900 Is this the Red Hen money laundering operation?

>>>/qresearch/1897937 The accountant at Red Hen died in jail after arrest for embezzling, >>>/qresearch/1897983

>>>/qresearch/1897983 Who Owns The Business?, >>>/qresearch/1898005

>>>/qresearch/1897950 POTUS tweets points to >>>/qresearch/1897963 Congresswoman Jackson-Lee, >>>/qresearch/1898351

>>>/qresearch/1898193 Subterranean Tunnel System?, >>>/qresearch/1898043, >>>/qresearch/1898374



>>>/qresearch/1899317 Mueller obtains Trump ally Erik Prince's phones, computer

>>>/qresearch/1899318 Jim Jordan confirms bid for House Speakership, >>>/qresearch/1899324

>>>/qresearch/1899336 Pelosi Slams Maxime Waters 'UNACCEPTABLE' rhetoric

>>>/qresearch/1899352 [HRC] rejected a state.gov email address

>>>/qresearch/1899359 Pray For /our/ Scientists

>>>/qresearch/1899378 Deep Dig on Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service, >>>/qresearch/1899394; >>>/qresearch/1899401; >>>/qresearch/1899410; >>>/qresearch/1899412; >>>/qresearch/1899413; >>>/qresearch/1899432; >>>/qresearch/1899481

>>>/qresearch/1899382 2 POTUS RT's

>>>/qresearch/1899430 FDA approves country’s first medicine made from marijuana

>>>/qresearch/1899486 Inside the bizarre world of the real life ‘vampire king and queen’ who have fangs, drink blood and are polyamorous (but hate Twilight), >>>/qresearch/1899621

>>>/qresearch/1899502 Irani Anons getting shit done.

>>>/qresearch/1899527 DJT tweets on Maxine/Pelosi

>>>/qresearch/1899528 Jeff Sessions says..

>>>/qresearch/1899537 Potus Tweets: Clock

>>>/qresearch/1899624 We Demand To Know The Truth: What Have They Done To Us?

>>>/qresearch/1899674 Qanon in Iranian Revolution

>>>/qresearch/1899736 David Lynch Supports POTUS

>>>/qresearch/1899745 Jimmy Fallon on Eating The Pain

>>>/qresearch/1899822 Marina Abramovic's Is A Lowly Whore Whose Art Is A Secretion Of Her Watered Down IllWIll

>>>/qresearch/1899867 ZARA: Amancio Ortega is from Galicia and works as a Court Factor and money launderer for Spanish nobles including the House of Osorio.

>>>/qresearch/1899919 NY Mag posts Article on Obama's Whereabouts

>>>/qresearch/1899924 The Dark Truth About Child Sex Abuse: Devastating 'Truth Project' report reveals paedophile attacks by doctors, teachers and social workers are far more widespread than feared

>>>/qresearch/1899950 Planewatchers Updates, >>>/qresearch/1899954, >>>/qresearch/1899964, >>>/qresearch/1899990, >>>/qresearch/1900012

>>>/qresearch/1899891 Eric Swalwell: Suspicious To Be Attending Liddle Kidz Seminar?

>>>/qresearch/1900013 Biden Calls for Uprising against POTUS

>>>/qresearch/1900059 #2393

Corrections To #2392

>>>/qresearch/1898771 Digs on The Red Hen

should be Digs on The Red Hen (DC)

>>>/qresearch/1898122 is about a Q post, but it is not about Kentucky.

>>>/qresearch/1898193 the last line in this subsection refers to subterranean tunnels in LEXINGTON KENTUCKY. this has nothing to do with the Red Hen OR Lexington, VA.


>>>/qresearch/1898555 POTUS Tweet analyzed

>>>/qresearch/1898563 Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall: Blue Phoenix, Red Hen

>>>/qresearch/1898577 Trump Winning In Iran: Foreign Minister Fears Collapse Of Nuclear Deal Could Topple Government

>>>/qresearch/1898622 Spanish Socialists take control over Government in Non-Democratic Way

>>>/qresearch/1898625 Jon Stewart Pictured with Fort Lauderdale Mass Murdering Shooter

>>>/qresearch/1898633 News on the New Space Force Military Branch

>>>/qresearch/1898640 Mockingbird Media: Time Magazine

>>>/qresearch/1898644 Posts on the Origins of the Cabalists and the Word Cabal

>>>/qresearch/1898671 Trump officials hounded and harassed as protester tactics take a turn

>>>/qresearch/1898677 New To The Q Research? Watch This

>>>/qresearch/1898680 Laura Ingraham Calls Out Red Hen's Stephanie Wilkinson

>>>/qresearch/1898691 Feds enter Portland coup front

>>>/qresearch/1898715 Book on Meme Magic

>>>/qresearch/1898760 Large amounts of grant money associated with illegal alien children ($56K per), >>>/qresearch/1898805, >>>/qresearch/1898830, >>>/qresearch/1898824

>>>/qresearch/1898771 Digs on The Red Hen (Connects To Comet Ping Pong/ Haiti)

>>>/qresearch/1898782 Pelosi Admits Left Is Losing

>>>/qresearch/1898826 Watch The Water

>>>/qresearch/1898901 True Detective

>>>/qresearch/1898914 WL on Qanon in Iran

>>>/qresearch/1898925 Supreme Court sides with Texas in redistricting map dispute

>>>/qresearch/1898932 China Barks Up The Wrong Tree

>>>/qresearch/1898962 Attacks On All Sides: Sessions' Church Targeted

>>>/qresearch/1899067 David Spade's ex-girlfriend Heather Locklear arrested again, 1 week after receiving Psychotherapist Analisation

>>>/qresearch/1899091 NOTAM announced for Fargo, North Dakota.

>>>/qresearch/1899099 Waterwatch >>>/qresearch/1899006, >>>/qresearch/1899021 Join The Waterwatch

>>>/qresearch/1899128 On Iran

>>>/qresearch/1899158 Adam Schiff enjoys "Liddle"cupcakes made by his staff (HE ACTUALLY TWEETED THIS)

>>>/qresearch/1899189 MS-13: Mexico-Spain, Osorio/Borja/Ortega, INDITEX (Follow The Money)

>>>/qresearch/1899224 Protestors In Teheran Now Burning Government Property

>>>/qresearch/1899257 #2392



>>>/qresearch/1900314 Attacks & Discord Will Increase. Educate Yourselves On The Latest Shill Tactics

>>>/qresearch/1900841 GOP asks RR for names of everyone on Mueller probe

>>>/qresearch/1900946 Jimmy Faillon: Cabal Pawn

>>>/qresearch/1900978 Heat intensifies in Iran, >>>/qresearch/1901513

>>>/qresearch/1900987 Congressional Investigation (Dodd Report) from the 50's into Tax-Exempt Foundation (Goes back to the early 20th century!, >>>/qresearch/1901288 )

>>>/qresearch/1900993 FIFA's Hooligan Tactics: "British Soccer Supporters Can't Support A Legitimate Cause"

>>>/qresearch/1901003 Corn Maze at Broadview Ranch (Red Hen Supplier)

>>>/qresearch/1901009 Newfags: Enjoy The Show & Lurk More!

>>>/qresearch/1901046 New CDAN

>>>/qresearch/1901082 James Woods, Teamplayer and /Ourguy/!

>>>/qresearch/1901096 Red Hen Sewer Systems: Clog The Drains

>>>/qresearch/1901119 Seafood @ West Main wants you to know something.

>>>/qresearch/1901136 NYT bombshell on own reporter reveals Ali Watkins dated second potential source

>>>/qresearch/1901154 Buck's Fishing & Camping: James Alefantis "Favourite Place", >>>/qresearch/1901186

>>>/qresearch/1901170 Gun Industry Sees Banks As New Threat To 2nd Amendment

>>>/qresearch/1901290 U.S. DoD Tweets: Raising The Flag For Kiel Week 2018

>>>/qresearch/1901316 Marina Abramovic's Known Addresses (Known For Her Spirit Cooking And Putrid & עצוב Cunt)

>>>/qresearch/1901405 BBC presenter rapped for highlighting Israeli killings of Palestinian kids

>>>/qresearch/1901437 Trumps talking to Feds in the early 80's about building a casino in Atlantic City

>>>/qresearch/1901573 Feds & DOJ reclaiming Portland ICE headquarters: "Vacate, Or Be Arrested"

>>>/qresearch/1901459 Jose Andres (mentor to Red Hen, DC owner) in "Hannibal the Cannibal" series on human-like cuts of meat

>>>/qresearch/1901690 Meaning of Lex Concorde .

>>>/qresearch/1901666 #2396


>>>/qresearch/1900145 Red Hens, Lexington & The Coven

>>>/qresearch/1900159 U.S. DoD Tweets Purple Smoke, >>>/qresearch/1900172, >>>/qresearch/1900400

>>>/qresearch/1900194 Planewatchers

>>>/qresearch/1900227 EU-News: Marrakesh Declaration Will Increase Migrant Streams To Europe

>>>/qresearch/1900236 Owners of Blue Phoenix

>>>/qresearch/1900209 More On Cabal - Kaballah - Allah, >>>/qresearch/1900277 , >>>/qresearch/1900425

>>>/qresearch/1900303 Liddle Eric Swalwell?

>>>/qresearch/1900333 Violations: Concorde Indictement + Mueller SC

>>>/qresearch/1900412 Liam Cabal, AIDS Pizza

>>>/qresearch/1900423 California Governor Declares State of Emergency

>>>/qresearch/1900478 Earthwatchers, >>>/qresearch/1900493

>>>/qresearch/1900572 Strzok Subpoenaed to Capitol Hill on June 27, 2018, 10 AM

>>>/qresearch/1900584 Red Hen Suppliers

>>>/qresearch/1900600 A burned & decapitated animal was left on the porch of a DHS official.

>>>/qresearch/1900608 [RR] & Wray to testify before House Judiciary Committee on Thursday

>>>/qresearch/1900669 White House says it knows locations of all migrant children in custody

>>>/qresearch/1900686 LIVE: White House URGENT Press Briefing with Sarah Sanders


#2397 >>>/qresearch/1903147 How Comey Intervened to Kill Wikileaks Immunity Deal

>>>/qresearch/1902606, >>>/qresearch/1902612 (F-15 Fighters scrambled)+ >>>/qresearch/1902653, >>>/qresearch/1902665, >>>/qresearch/1902808

>>>/qresearch/1902692, Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1902414, >>>/qresearch/1902811 PG Anon. Voat found more Obama connections to human trafficking. This could be HUGE!

>>>/qresearch/1902508, >>>/qresearch/1902520, >>>/qresearch/1902581, >>>/qresearch/1902656, >>>/qresearch/1902689, >>>/qresearch/1902699, >>>/qresearch/1903056 Who is Red October rehash

>>>/qresearch/1902516 Carlos Lopez Jr.,repo guy on "Operation Repo," was found dead of an apparent suicide.

>>>/qresearch/1902551 Fact Sheet: Zero-Tolerance Prosecution and Family Reunification

>>>/qresearch/1902602 Donald Trump Will Protect American Farmers from China’s Trade Retaliation

>>>/qresearch/1902636 Cuomo pardons give hall pass to sex offenders

>>>/qresearch/1902638 We need MEMES for Omar Navarro

>>>/qresearch/1902703 Live stream of POTUS RALLY at 7pm


>>>/qresearch/1902706 Stephanie Wilkinson's actions info digs

>>>/qresearch/1902772 Burned and decapitated animal left on Homeland Security staffer's porch, report says

>>>/qresearch/1902777, >>>/qresearch/1902804, >>>/qresearch/1903040 /OurGramma digits confirm

>>>/qresearch/1902782 David Carey, Hearst Magazines' president and a former New Yorker publisher, is stepping down.

>>>/qresearch/1902785, >>>/qresearch/1902786, >>>/qresearch/1902844 OMAR OMAR It's ALL about OMAR !! /ourguy <use meme magic

>>>/qresearch/1902799 111 day lineup refresh

>>>/qresearch/1902870 Attorneys: The DNC’s Lawsuit Against Russia Undermines Their Own Defense In The DNC Fraud Lawsuit

>>>/qresearch/1902899, >>>/qresearch/1902552, >>>/qresearch/1903133 Notes about cult victims Striped shirts and MK ultra style control of youth

>>>/qresearch/1902957 Daily reminder WW3, the space wars, is near

>>>/qresearch/1903008 Exclusive Video: San Francisco Pride Turns into Anti-ICE Protest

>>>/qresearch/1903021 Yelp censors reviews of [RED HEN]

>>>/qresearch/1902916 Sarah Sanders Press Briefing Transcript Condemning Harassment of Trump Supporters (classy lady)

>>>/qresearch/1903074 Theory - 'Q&A Saturday' was the meeting Feds were having with Stormy Daniels?

>>>/qresearch/1903100, >>>/qresearch/1903117, >>>/qresearch/1903127 SPYGATE: The Reign of the Psychopaths is Over

>>>/qresearch/1903115, >>>/qresearch/1903064 WWG1WGA Shirt Anon



>>>/qresearch/1901715 Nine countries agree to the formation of a European defense force

>>>/qresearch/1901742, >>>/qresearch/1902261 Remainder that POTUS browses the chans.

>>>/qresearch/1901783 Red Hen Restaurant Owner Stalked Sarah Sanders’ Family – FOLLOWED THEM to Continue Harassment

>>>/qresearch/1901847 World Transformed and no one America noticed.

>>>/qresearch/1901859 US, UK Financing 54 Militia Groups in Syria Despite Trump Vow to ‘Get Out’

>>>/qresearch/1901813, >>>/qresearch/1901844 QAnon: The Script – Alice In Wonderland (*BIN LINK*)Interdesting

>>>/qresearch/1901875 Supervolcano brewing under New England states, report finds

>>>/qresearch/1901903 New Bill adds human trafficking to top felony charges .

>>>/qresearch/1901930 Trumps worked with FBI in Atlantic City

>>>/qresearch/1901718, >>>/qresearch/1902013 FDA approved cannabis oil meds = WINNING

>>>/qresearch/1902052 JudicialWatch Files House Ethics Complaint Against Maxine Waters

>>>/qresearch/1902095 Crypto crybaby shoots down "Conspiracy Theory's about [Roths]

>>>/qresearch/1902104 Q clock Anon update

>>>/qresearch/1902167 SARA CARTER: Chairman Nunes Does Not Expect Rosenstein to Comply

>>>/qresearch/1902180 [Bush and Clinton] meet to conspire against Q?

>>>/qresearch/1902201 Illegal immigrant accused of raping, impregnating non-verbal 13-year-old girl

>>>/qresearch/1902206 Trump Aides Urged To Arm Themselves As Democrats Step Up Threatening Rhetoric

>>>/qresearch/1902239 This is an account of a prior service MI guy, who worked directly with cleaning up some of the c_a mess.

>>>/qresearch/1902243 EXCLUSIVE: NY State suspends license of lawyer for ex-sailor suing Comey, Obama

>>>/qresearch/1902292 New QAnon article out today

>>>/qresearch/1902245 John Perry Barlow I was probably John Kennedy, Jr's closest friend when he died,"


#2401 >>>/qresearch/1906308, >>>/qresearch/1906336 Heather Locklear in hospital for overdose–coincidence?

>>>/qresearch/1906113 Devin Nunes asked our help to ID a stalker. Autists activate!

>>>/qresearch/1906109, >>>/qresearch/1905944 Planefaggotry

>>>/qresearch/1905987 Sex slavery bust reveals big problem in Texas

>>>/qresearch/1905945 Mueller obtains Erik Prince's communications/phones

>>>/qresearch/1905298, 1905987 Reminder of (((who))) we find at 40k view

#2400 >>>/qresearch/1904938 What was that about a Blue Wave? Trump's economy approved by 3/10 Dems

>>>/qresearch/1904928 BOOM: JW files house ethics complaint against maxine waters for inciting violence

>>>/qresearch/1904915 Maxine Waters Resorts To Tears As Democrat Leaders Decry Her Comments

>>>/qresearch/1904908 Moar Acosta shaming at the rally: Crowd shames CNN star 'fake news Jim' at Trump rally

>>>/qresearch/1904879, 1904913 Hannity says "shills", "crumbs" "digging" and displays "truth to power" + Qcrumbs

#2399 >>>/qresearch/1904483 "Words Fail Me. It's Insanity": Inside Tesla's "Preposterous" Model 3 Production Tent

>>>/qresearch/1904227 "The Wiretap Rooms." NSA's HIdden Spy Hubs in 8 US Cities

>>>/qresearch/1904375, >>>/qresearch/1904564 Habbenings in SW syria: SAA BTFO'ing jihadis near/in Daraa

>>>/qresearch/1904170, 1904698 Trolling Acosta/MSM and Q fans at the Rally

>>>/qresearch/1904659 #2399

#2398 >>>/qresearch/1904045 Qproof: NY Post: Iranians on the street calling for regime change

>>>/qresearch/1903935, 1904239 Red Hen’s Stephanie Wilkinson’s lawyers, moar digging needed

>>>/qresearch/1903542 Unsealed Federal Indictment Charges Iranian Businessman with Illegally Exporting Nuclear Nonproliferation-Controlled Materials from IL

>>>/qresearch/1903796 James Woods Tweets "Did wejust end sex trafficing on the Southern border?"

>>>/qresearch/1903461 Leftyfag Helping Us to Redpill?? Cheers Anon, maybe there is hope for us all!!

>>>/qresearch/1903503, >>>/qresearch/1903638 (POTUS HAS LANDED), >>>/qresearch/1903807 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1903377 Push To Abolish ICE Picking Up Steam Among Democrats (Seriously, they are fucking nuts…)

>>>/qresearch/1903366 Indicted Russian Company in Junk Bot Case Argues Appointment of Mueller ‘Violation of Constitution’ – Files Motion to Dismiss Case

#2398 >>>/qresearch/1903935 Red Hen’s Stephanie Wilkinson’s lawyer, moar digging needed

>>>/qresearch/1903377 Push To Abolish ICE Picking Up Steam Among Democrats (Seriously, they are fucking nuts…)

>>>/qresearch/1903366 Indicted Russian Company in Junk Bot Case Argues Appointment of Mueller ‘Violation of Constitution’ – Files Motion to Dismiss Case



>>>/qresearch/1909606 ; >>>/qresearch/1911393 On pizza, Streep, and the Red Hen

>>>/qresearch/1909607 Summary graphics of the Iran situation

>>>/qresearch/1909614 YT deleting videos of Syrian war crimes paid for by Hussein admin

>>>/qresearch/1909695 US-UK military relationship may cost Britain $10B annually

>>>/qresearch/1909719 ; >>>/qresearch/1910086 POTUS and FLOTUS to host afternoon picnic for military families on July 4th; includes Hallmark Channel special

>>>/qresearch/1909861 Judge dismisses suit against oil companies over climate change costs

>>>/qresearch/1909906 ; >>>/qresearch/1909926 ; >>>/qresearch/1910063 ; >>>/qresearch/1910108 SCOTUS upholds travel ban

>>>/qresearch/1910035 Graphic on the Red Hen staff

>>>/qresearch/1910064 UK govt tells parliament it is “increasingly concerned” about JA’s health

>>>/qresearch/1910159 Flynn tells Mueller to go fuck himself

>>>/qresearch/1910200 Sotomayor cites DJT by name in dissent statement

>>>/qresearch/1910332 Hussein in Kenya ahead of schedule

#2403 >>>/qresearch/1907834 Podesta emails and Clinton donor influence

>>>/qresearch/1907825, >>>/qresearch/1907843, >>>/qresearch/1907867, >>>/qresearch/1907881 More Mike Stark, maybe dangerous

>>>/qresearch/1907759, >>>/qresearch/1907772, >>>/qresearch/1907819 Mike Stark worked for Share Blue, Nunes complained of Mike Stark

>>>/qresearch/1907732 GOP Lawmakers Introduce Censure Measure Calling On Maxine Waters To Resign

>>>/qresearch/1907703 Q clock for tomorrow, 26 June 2018

>>>/qresearch/1907677 Loopholes allow FBI to infiltrate religious and political groups

>>>/qresearch/1907669 Mueller has ties to Oleg Deripaska who had ties to Iran and helped Mueller FBI

>>>/qresearch/1907616 The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities

>>>/qresearch/1907595 Q proof image for organized riots being planned

>>>/qresearch/1907573 Orlando Pulls the Plug on Its Amazon Facial Recognition Program

>>>/qresearch/1907457 Angelina Jolie talks about illuminati sex perties and animal sacrifice

>>>/qresearch/1907539 General Upholds Judge's No-Prison Sentence for Bergdahl

>>>/qresearch/1907527 Mike Stark obnoxiously follows and phone records federal lawmakers, Nunes complains

>>>/qresearch/1907465 Suspect DJ Raymond Charles Rowe identified by DNA and genealogical info

>>>/qresearch/1907441 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton explain vials of blood they wear

>>>/qresearch/1907355 In England, Hillary Trashes America’s Electoral College

>>>/qresearch/1907330 California considers fake news advisory group

>>>/qresearch/1907274 Quote from Marcus Aurelius

>>>/qresearch/1907916 #2403

#2402 >>>/qresearch/1907118 Please put up a "Liberals Only" sign outside your business if you're infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and we'd be happy to stay away from you

>>>/qresearch/1907008 Say it loud, say it clear: immigrants are welcome here," shouts a group of about a dozen people outside Stephen Miller's apartment building

>>>/qresearch/1906886 Art For Water Auction with works by Marina Abramovic

>>>/qresearch/1906881 Sessions: Cartels are using migrant kids to smuggle drugs into US

>>>/qresearch/1906612, >>>/qresearch/1906749 Dig on elites' addiction to blood (Vampires better understood now?? - not Myth??)





>>>/qresearch/1911162 Robert F Kennedy III set to marry Amaryllis Fox on the 4th of July

>>>/qresearch/1911193 The Plan In Full Effect: CEO's of big companies bringing money back to America

>>>/qresearch/1911276 Notable excerpt from SCOTUS ruling on bogus national injunctions from US district courts

>>>/qresearch/1911338 RBG spotted leaving the Capitol, House side

>>>/qresearch/1911356 Sessions' on Anti-Abortion centers, >>>/qresearch/1911444

>>>/qresearch/1911376 Planefag requests assistance in locating Hussein

>>>/qresearch/1911393 Red Hen Promoting Pizza, Child Crucifixion & .. Meryl Streep

>>>/qresearch/1911395 Planefag Notables, >>>/qresearch/1911399, >>>/qresearch/1911501, >>>/qresearch/1911589, >>>/qresearch/1911650, >>>/qresearch/1911679, >>>/qresearch/1911697, >>>/qresearch/1911721, >>>/qresearch/1911806, >>>/qresearch/1911871

>>>/qresearch/1911424 UNVERIFIED CLAIM: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to announce his retirement tomorrow??

>>>/qresearch/1911505 OIG report on Hussein’s era DOJ & FBI Gender Discrimination & Harrassmnet

>>>/qresearch/1911522 Democratic Senate Candidate posts bizare advertisement talking about Full Frontal Child Nudity, Gay Threeways, Bestiality & .. Socialism!

>>>/qresearch/1911556 White House eyes Helsinki for Trump-Putin sitdown

>>>/qresearch/1911582 More On The Social Misfit, Karl Marx

>>>/qresearch/1911589 Swiss Try To Sneak In To EU From Iceland Using Mock RAF Call Sign

>>>/qresearch/1911691 Presidential Message for the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

>>>/qresearch/1911778 AG General candidate steps down after strangulation charges

>>>/qresearch/1911872 Q-clock on june 26th

>>>/qresearch/1911878 Democrats Infight

>>>/qresearch/1911928 #2408

Correction to #2407

>>>/qresearch/1910617 US demands world halt Iranian oil imports on November 4th


>>>/qresearch/1910415 Left Inciting Violence and Doxxing Stephen MIller

>>>/qresearch/1910442 Neil Muller, CEO of Daisy Group, resigns

>>>/qresearch/1910453 Record High: >$300B Repatriated to U.S. in 1st Q From POTUS Tax Reform

>>>/qresearch/1910538 Lizardqueen Elizabeth II approves Law that puts Brexit into motion

>>>/qresearch/1910540 Helping your fellow Men: a guide to waking up yourself and others

>>>/qresearch/1910554 Spain's socialist government reverses policy and refuses 'Migrant' ship, >>>/qresearch/1911081

>>>/qresearch/1910596 Karl Marx, The Satanic Communist Manifestor, >>>/qresearch/1910612

>>>/qresearch/1910608 Intel Inside: Intel has no plans to patch TLBleed hyper-threading CPU exploit

>>>/qresearch/1910617 US demands world halt Iranian oil imports on June November 4th

>>>/qresearch/1910724 Maxine Waters called out by congress for inciting violence

>>>/qresearch/1910734 Rand Paul sues his attacker

>>>/qresearch/1910791 POTUS statment on SCOTUS ruling

>>>/qresearch/1910819 Islam Banned In The US & Should Be In Every Freethinking Country, >>>/qresearch/1910993

>>>/qresearch/1910839 Haiti, Clinton Foundation, Mormon missionaries, Marriot..Digicel

>>>/qresearch/1911016 Randy Wadkins, who wants to run for congress, doesn't know what he's running for, >>>/qresearch/1911043 (Vid)

>>>/qresearch/1911117 #2407


#2410 >>>/qresearch/1912817 VP Addresses Immigration During Brazil Visit

>>>/qresearch/1912818 Google & FB Quietly Fighting California Privacy Rights Initiative

>>>/qresearch/1913032 Children's Services Adoption Manager Busted in Child Pornography Circuit

>>>/qresearch/1913081 Purple Shovel was HQ'd in Hawaii, Chicago, and Washington DC

>>>/qresearch/1913100 Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello Calls For Army of Veterans to ‘Take On ICE’

>>>/qresearch/1913109 US-Led Coalition Evacuate Two ISIS Commanders From Syria’s al-Hasakah

>>>/qresearch/1913127 Where's BHO

>>>/qresearch/1913150 DNC Deputy Chair Ellison Rants: Gorsuch Voted For Travel Ban At Behest Of His 'Paymasters

>>>/qresearch/1913165 Chicago Bar Bans 'Make America Great Again' Hats To Maintain 'Classy Environment

>>>/qresearch/1913178 Rep. Steve King Worried America Is Headed Toward Another Civil War

>>>/qresearch/1913183 ABC News Goes To Southern Border, Runs Into Smuggler With Illegal Aliens

>>>/qresearch/1913187 Feds order Occupy ICE PDX protesters to abandon camp or face arrest

>>>/qresearch/1913223 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1913240 , >>>/qresearch/1913268 The Red Hen Owner resigns as executive director of Main Street Lexington

>>>/qresearch/1913249 McConnell’s wife screamed at the protesters, “Leave my husband alone!” (vid)

>>>/qresearch/1913263 North Dakota mayor moves to abolish town government to prevent white supremacists from taking over

>>>/qresearch/1913289 This is why the EU tolerates Ireland.

>>>/qresearch/1913313 Ryan Adds 1.35 Million Low-Wage Visa-Workers to Revive His Fading Amnesty Bill

>>>/qresearch/1913360 Prince William embarks on first ever royal visit to Israel and Palestinian territories

>>>/qresearch/1913380 F_I refusing to allow Congress to see LL material alleging political interference

#2409 >/qresearch/1912068 Michael Bloomberg Considering 2020 Presidential Run

>>>/qresearch/1912078 Planned Parenthood is taking the Trump administration to court to block abstinence education.

>>>/qresearch/1912104 Biden: European leaders concerned about Trump's rhetoric

>>>/qresearch/1912098 Brad Parscale Says MN Rally 60% Dem and Independent

>>>/qresearch/1912136 ; >>>/qresearch/1912290 17 States Sue Trump Admin To Reunite Illegal Immigrant Families

>>>/qresearch/1912237 Pelosi Panics - Dems Set to Ditch Nancy

>>>/qresearch/1912412 Creepy Joe Decides Not to Take on POTUS in 2020

>>>/qresearch/1912421 Planefag Report


#2412 >>>/qresearch/1914344 Secret Service to provide security at home of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders amid increase in left-wing attacks

>>>/qresearch/1914345 Source re: Flyers distributed in Texas tested positive for Fentanyl.

>>>/qresearch/1914366 Police Arrest Dozens as Jeff Sessions Visits Los Angeles

>>>/qresearch/1914390 Islamic face veils banned in public buildings by Dutch parliament

>>>/qresearch/1914413, >>>/qresearch/1914643 Sarah Sanders heckled by Red Hen owner even after leaving, Mike Huckabee says

>>>/qresearch/1914455 Artist Charged w/Felony for Leaving 10-Foot Heroin Spoon at OxyContin Co.

>>>/qresearch/1914529, >>>/qresearch/1914561 WikiLeaks is either comp'd or probably act like they are against Q

>>>/qresearch/1914560 Dems to discriminate against Asians next.

>>>/qresearch/1914596, >>>/qresearch/1914973 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/1914598 NXIVM articles update

>>>/qresearch/1914610 Jim Carrey at it again

>>>/qresearch/1914681, >>>/qresearch/1914737 Dead Body found in NFL star's home

>>>/qresearch/1914807 Kenny Mukendi: Missing British rapper, 22, confirmed dead in Brazil, authorities say

>>>/qresearch/1914855 EO keeping "parent/child" together while Sessions calls for DNA testing → if DNA doesn't match, BOOM, human trafficking

>>>/qresearch/1914992 More Catholic Pedo coverups (website unavailable in EU)

#2411 >>>/qresearch/1913490, >>>/qresearch/1913860, >>>/qresearch/1914068 I am skeptical that district courts have the authority to enter universal injunctions (Justice Thomas)

>>>/qresearch/1913526 US demands countries stop importing oil from Iran.

>>>/qresearch/1913530 Immigration Judges Process Up To 50 Cases Per Morning

>>>/qresearch/1913540 LA County Child Services 30 year vet busted for sadistic child porn

>>>/qresearch/1913547 Tomorrow's Qlock - 27 June 2018

>>>/qresearch/1913555 “This Is Just the Beginning” – Liberal Website Warns Republicans of 70’s Style Bombings

>>>/qresearch/1913560 Trump hints at abolition of FED, Income Tax at today's press conference after victory at the Supreme Court.

>>>/qresearch/1913570 Altering human genetics through vaccination

>>>/qresearch/1913582 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/1913594, >>>/qresearch/1913949 Explosion Reported at Hospital in Gatesville, Texas

>>>/qresearch/1913598, >>>/qresearch/1913684 FLOTUS Tweet update

>>>/qresearch/1913608 HRC on the bible and children.

>>>/qresearch/1913669 First Nationwide Undercover Operation Targeting Darknet Vendors Results in Arrests of More Than 35 Individuals

>>>/qresearch/1913699 Democratic candidates revolt against Pelosi in House races across the country

>>>/qresearch/1913779 Naval blockade = Wall. Enjoy the show!

>>>/qresearch/1913818 Info on WarRoom redpilling

>>>/qresearch/1913845 U.S. charges Chinese military research institute with export scheme

>>>/qresearch/1913952 Britain signs up to Macron military pact

>>>/qresearch/1913965 FOX live: People are protesting outside the Red Hen, one arrest:

>>>/qresearch/1914008 DC bar cancels ban on MAGA hats after backlash

>>>/qresearch/1914052 Flyers distributed in Texas tested positive for Fentanyl.

>>>/qresearch/1914091 Kenyan News Digest Dig

>>>/qresearch/1914143 'Naked' passenger jumped off plane onto tarmac at Atlanta airport

>>>/qresearch/1914157 House Approves Resolution Demanding DOJ/FBI Docs

>>>/qresearch/1914177 Canada Is Preparing Steel Quotas, Tariffs on China and Others

>>>/qresearch/1914221 Stephanie Wilkinson Resigns

>>>/qresearch/1914232 Planefag update


#2416 >>>/qresearch/1917149 (lb) Comparing this flight to Q's previous plane pics

>>>/qresearch/1916993 (lb) Trump book cowriter on plane

>>>/qresearch/1916824 Latest drop decode and compare

>>>/qresearch/1916963 Planefag Update Related to Q Post

>>>/qresearch/1916633, >>>/qresearch/1916648, >>>/qresearch/1916657, >>>/qresearch/1916967, >>>/qresearch/1917269 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1915876 #Walkaway Movement Growing Rapidly

>>>/qresearch/1917911 ---------------- Why are we a threat to them?

>>>/qresearch/1917399 rt >>>/qresearch/1917343 ------- pic from >>>/qresearch/1739490

#2416 >>>/qresearch/1916963 Planefag Update Related to Q Post

>>>/qresearch/1916633, >>>/qresearch/1916648, >>>/qresearch/1916657, >>>/qresearch/1916967, >>>/qresearch/1917269 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1915876 #Walkaway Movement Growing Rapidly

#2414 >>>/qresearch/1916006, >>>/qresearch/1916023 LAX/JFK

>>>/qresearch/1916017, >>>/qresearch/1916037 Jetblue flight

>>>/qresearch/1916053 FAA statement on Jetblue 1623

>>>/qresearch/1916056 Spain says 'we can't be Europe's sea rescue service'

>>>/qresearch/1916221 Flightaware Tail No. N944JT = JetBlue 1623

Tuesday 06.26.2018

>>>/qresearch/1916327 rt >>>/qresearch/1916245 —- JA in the news?

>>>/qresearch/1916260 rt >>>/qresearch/1916176 —- Error. Long night.

>>>/qresearch/1916147 rt >>>/qresearch/1915880 —- Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?

>>>/qresearch/1915880 rt >>>/qresearch/1915774 —- Nothing provided is random.

#2413 >>>/qresearch/1915198 Check out the Schumann Resonance over the last 24 hours.

>>>/qresearch/1915258 Facebook Held A Meeting With FBI, DHS Officials To Talk About Election Interference

>>>/qresearch/1915300 Lindsey Graham slams former CIA director John Brennan

>>>/qresearch/1915327, >>>/qresearch/1915350 Arrests of people involved in child/human sex trafficking

>>>/qresearch/1915333 7-Year-Old Unaccompanied Migrant Found with Smuggler in Texas – 80 Miles from Border

>>>/qresearch/1915394 Former Texas senator gets 12-year prison sentence for fraud

>>>/qresearch/1915406 Pope/Macron connection

>>>/qresearch/1915431, >>>/qresearch/1915465 Justice Department Settles Claims Against Landscaping Company for Discriminating Against U.S. Workers

>>>/qresearch/1915508 BET Founder says Trumps economy Good for Blacks

>>>/qresearch/1915542 New Yorker staffer resigns after falsely accusing ICE agent of having Nazi tattoo

>>>/qresearch/1915582, >>>/qresearch/1915606 Sirens sounded in Israel communities east of Gaza city

>>>/qresearch/1915586 Israel to ‘Prolong Bloodshed' in Syria as Media Pushes ‘Sensational' Iran Claims

>>>/qresearch/1915604 MAGA Earthquake Hits Minnesota: “The crowd at Trump’s Minnesota rally was 60% Democrat and Independent”

>>>/qresearch/1915689, >>>/qresearch/1915697, >>>/qresearch/1915714 Police Surround Plane at JFK Airport in NY >>>/qresearch/1915791, >>>/qresearch/1915757 Training exercise?


#2419 >>>/qresearch/1920262 Romney wins Utah primary race

>>>/qresearch/1919669 Mattis arrives in China: NK key meeting topic

>>>/qresearch/1920123 CRISPR Gene Editing Can Trigger Cancer, Two Studies Warn ( re >>>/qresearch/1918439 )

>>>/qresearch/1920064 New Tarmac Meeting side-by-side for proofing

>>>/qresearch/1919948 FEED Projects: Also involved in Haiti

>>>/qresearch/1919945 Link to search through old CBTS 4Chan breads

>>>/qresearch/1919866 IDENT of Q Aircraft

>>>/qresearch/1919861 Q Anon Conspiracy break-down by The Daily Beast

>>>/qresearch/1919691 A well received Q Post theory

>>>/qresearch/1919681 Articles on Iran and Q location?

>>>/qresearch/1919673 Conservative Reporter Laura Loomer Presses Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters

>>>/qresearch/1919665 , >>>/qresearch/1919988 Law which possibly states that MadMaxine broke the law

>>>/qresearch/1919966 , >>>/qresearch/1920399 Q Location: China confirmed?

#2418 >>>/qresearch/1919524 Large army veteran protests in China pose challenge for Xi

>>>/qresearch/1919419 Pope names new Cardinal Bishops. Pope pondering retirement?

>>>/qresearch/1919395 Stretched QPhoto

>>>/qresearch/1919111 the case file for Jenny Flores V. Loretta Lynch

>>>/qresearch/1919045 , >>>/qresearch/1919153 POTUS shows us long term plan for changing structure of economy

>>>/qresearch/1919006 FF notable

>>>/qresearch/1918932 rt >>>/qresearch/1918913 ----- Access to cockpit. Frame of shot. Expand your thinking.

>>>/qresearch/1918891 rt >>>/qresearch/1918887 ----- Known3.png

>>>/qresearch/1918887 rt >>>/qresearch/1918879 ----- Known2.png

>>>/qresearch/1918879 ---------------- Known1.png

#2418 >>>/qresearch/1918165 Q: "Long night", POTUS: "A BIG NIGHT"

>>>/qresearch/1918439 Autism traits could be significantly reduced through gene editing

>>>/qresearch/1918434 Tweets and articles from the JFK flight

>>>/qresearch/1918381 Did Q just CONFIRM Wikileaks is comped but they have JA?

>>>/qresearch/1918378 Pro Trump Conspiracy Monger QAnon Calls for Regime Change in Iran

>>>/qresearch/1918359 Communist Rocks House Democrats With Crushing Defeat of Joe Crowley (NY-14)

#2417 >>>/qresearch/1917563, >>>/qresearch/1917630, >>>/qresearch/1917661, >>>/qresearch/1918061 Hijacking call from pilot was accidentally made despite radio not working?

>>>/qresearch/1917486 Plane at JFK came from SFO

>>>/qresearch/1917222 Repost from last bread: '247' Code for shooting on plane

>>>/qresearch/1917638 Analysis of Airbus models; Planes don’t match?

>>>/qresearch/1917971 Activist urge Nelson Mandela Foundation to withdraw BHO invite

>>>/qresearch/1917688 “THIS IS FASCISM!” Linda Sarsour Comes Unhinged at NY Protest Over SCOTUS Ruling to Uphold Trump’s Travel Ban

>>>/qresearch/1917541, >>>/qresearch/1917589, >>>/qresearch/1917638, >>>/qresearch/1917762 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1917486 Confirmation Q plane info is legit

>>>/qresearch/1918277 ----------------- Desperate agencies do stupid things.


#2422 >>>/qresearch/1922593 FEED connects Bush, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AIDS - (RED)

>>>/qresearch/1922511, >>>/qresearch/1922470 Tweets about Iran

>>>/qresearch/1922410, >>>/qresearch/1922527 Background of the Brazilian UN President who leveraged the vote to create Israel

>>>/qresearch/1922390 Jolie-Pitt Foundation donated to and Angelina Jolie visited Chad and Darfur

>>>/qresearch/1922380 Some celebrities and charities in Africa

>>>/qresearch/1922120, >>>/qresearch/1922323, >>>/qresearch/1922385 Barge fire in Seattle, also trains not moving

>>>/qresearch/1922077 Seattle to Tacoma trains stopped due to disabled train

>>>/qresearch/1922193, >>>/qresearch/1922362 Anti child abuse advocate arrested for charges related to child sexual abuse

>>>/qresearch/1922099 Twitter shill network found pushing Jet Blue narrative

>>>/qresearch/1921986 Trump just launched the first salvo at the IRS/FED

>>>/qresearch/1921978 Q post image: count of ellipsis

>>>/qresearch/1922611 #2422

>>>/qresearch/1921987, >>>/qresearch/1921994 More Tweets about Iran

#2421 >>>/qresearch/1921686 Q post image: Fist pumps pictures found

>>>/qresearch/1921447 Fox: Federal judge orders end of family separations at US border

>>>/qresearch/1921385 Russia Insider - US Leaves Syrian Rebels – Is Trump Making Nice With Putin Ahead of Summit?

>>>/qresearch/1921383 Macron groomed puppet relationship to Rothschilds

>>>/qresearch/1921382 Seizure of 22 pounds of fentanyl and more in Columbus, Ohio

>>>/qresearch/1921355, >>>/qresearch/1921512 Planefag update: C-17 Tiger 21 landing in Honolulu

>>>/qresearch/1921335, >>>/qresearch/1921343 More on plane at JFK

>>>/qresearch/1921288, >>>/qresearch/1921364 Location of Shanghi Airport in Relation to Q Landmark Photo near CAOAZHEN CHINA

>>>/qresearch/1921271 Joe Crowley defeated in New York primary

>>>/qresearch/1921225, >>>/qresearch/1921231 Bus Accident this morning in Germany

>>>/qresearch/1921240 Sky News: Saddleworth Moor fire declared major incident

>>>/qresearch/1921199 Gender madness alienates democratic insider

>>>/qresearch/1921778 #2421

>>>/qresearch/1921653 Bibi tweets about playing soccer in a "free Iran."

>>>/qresearch/1921233 James Woods has some choice words for John Legend's "ultimatum"

>>>/qresearch/1921861 Jetblue plane N988JT, which flies the route that was stopped by Feds at JFK

>>>/qresearch/1921955 Anon comments on VOP Tuscon child trafficking fakery. We did not fall for the provocateurs.

#2420 >>>/qresearch/1920832 Christopher Steele and Sergai Skripal linked

>>>/qresearch/1920804 Eric Holder's Law Firm Launches Investigation into Facebook's Anti-Conservative Bias

>>>/qresearch/1920763 Pics from Jet Blue hijacking suspicion

>>>/qresearch/1920748 Angela Rye accuses Schumer and Pelosi of racism – over their reaction to Maxine Waters

>>>/qresearch/1920619 Shanghai aerial map related to Q posts

>>>/qresearch/1920668 Yemeni Houthi Rebels Say Control Over Al Hodeidah Port Not Under UN Competence

>>>/qresearch/1920651 House Resolution to censure Rep Maxine Waters

>>>/qresearch/1920622 Celebs Freak After SCOTUS Rules Travel Ban Constitutional: The USA As We Know It Is Over

>>>/qresearch/1920589 JetBlue radio glitch sets off hijacking fear at JFK

>>>/qresearch/1920976 #2420


>>>/qresearch/1925521 rt >>>/qresearch/1925332 —- If you are smart (stupid) you know what just occurred at the meeting in Russia.

>>>/qresearch/1925332 rt >>>/qresearch/1925226 —- If you continue to proceed down this dangerous path…

#2424 >>>/qresearch/1923573 4 AM MSM Narrative: NK Upgrading Nuke Facilities

>>>/qresearch/1923594 Twitter increasing censorship.

>>>/qresearch/1923613 U.S. Trade: Deficit shrinks amid surge in Exports

>>>/qresearch/1923617 Joel Davis, 22, head of stopping rape and gender violence, accused of trying to set up raping encounters with children as young as 2

>>>/qresearch/1923775 Malta doubles population: accepts Migrant ship

>>>/qresearch/1923825 Grace Mugabe cabal explosion in Zimbabwe to assassinate Mnangagwa.

>>>/qresearch/1923902 Supreme Court Deals Serious Financial Blow To Labor Unions

>>>/qresearch/1923906 Peter Strzok arrives on Capitol Hill ahead of his closed-dor testimony >>>/qresearch/1923852

>>>/qresearch/1923911 NEW DJT

>>>/qresearch/1924095 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1924122 Trump-Putin summit agreed; to be announced 6/28

>>>/qresearch/1924285 #2424

#2423 >>>/qresearch/1922737 God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.

>>>/qresearch/1922820 Full moon and Opposition of Saturn happening at the same time: Stay Vigilant, >>>/qresearch/1923286, >>>/qresearch/1923358, >>>/qresearch/1923459

>>>/qresearch/1922832 17 States sue Trump Administration over family "separation"

>>>/qresearch/1922880 Delta on Q posts

>>>/qresearch/1922883 Soros Backs Personal Injury Lawsuits in Market With 20% Returns

>>>/qresearch/1922885 Cynthia Nixon (=Disillusioned Whore from Shitshow Sex In the City) Calls ICE a 'Terrorist Organization' as She Calls for Its Abolishment

>>>/qresearch/1922895 Antifa's activity in the 50's

>>>/qresearch/1922903 Global Financial Reset Underway?

>>>/qresearch/1922930 Court Orders Production of 13,000 Pages of Strzok/Page Emails – Court Agrees to FBI’s Two-Year Production Schedule

>>>/qresearch/1922949 Pompeo tweets on Iran

>>>/qresearch/1922968 Driver who slammed into Katie Arrington's car was previously involved in a hit-and-run, cops say

>>>/qresearch/1922987 New POTUS tweet

>>>/qresearch/1923038 Planefag updates, >>>/qresearch/1923138, >>>/qresearch/1923277

>>>/qresearch/1923050 Net Shutdown Coming Soon? Archive Offline!

>>>/qresearch/1923078 Red Hen owner resigns from business group after booting Sarah Sanders

>>>/qresearch/1923082 Anon has a theory about FF, Q-post & Planes, >>>/qresearch/1923083, >>>/qresearch/1923122

>>>/qresearch/1923116 European MEK Supporters Downplay ISIS Role in Iraq (aka Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, NCRI, Rajavi cult), >>>/qresearch/1923225, >>>/qresearch/1923228, >>>/qresearch/1923263

>>>/qresearch/1923128 Schumann Resonance On The Rise, >>>/qresearch/1923328

>>>/qresearch/1923159 Laura Loomer Presses Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters

>>>/qresearch/1923182 Facebook's Building 8 recently opened in Shangai

>>>/qresearch/1923240 Aide Of Flamboyant Gay Person (Turkey Dictator Erdogone), throws hissyfit at Schumer

>>>/qresearch/1923250 Kind reminder on how to deal with (nasim) shills


>>>/qresearch/1923326 POTUS Public Schedule Of June 27th

>>>/qresearch/1923420 POTUS's fist bump graph updated

>>>/qresearch/1923504 #2423


>>>/qresearch/1926130 ———————– PS “Texts taken out of context” (transcript from Strzok testimony)

>>>/qresearch/1925892 ———————– We stand w/ the good people of IRAN… battling their ‘installed’ regime for FREEDOM

#2426 >>>/qresearch/1925007 ; >>>/qresearch/1925076 Are they trying to send POTUS a message with this trainwreck?

>>>/qresearch/1925132 German Travel Advisory - Level 2 ; 6/19/2018: High Terrorist Threat

>>>/qresearch/1925134 CDAN on Jimmy Fallon/Jared Leto

>>>/qresearch/1925138 Dead cat bounce, HRC, Comes, and mirrors

>>>/qresearch/1925152 72% of Americans believe MSM deliberately report fake news

>>>/qresearch/1925157 59% of voters fear they will fall victim to anti-Trump violence

>>>/qresearch/1925163 Disney is set to win anti-trust approval to buy FOX today

>>>/qresearch/1925177 ICE NY operation arrests 3 dozen darkness vendors

>>>/qresearch/1925194 Chaz Manning loses its bid to run for Senate in Maryland

>>>/qresearch/1925199 Black Rock and Harley-Davidson

>>>/qresearch/1925207 DJT Jr. on the Democrat infighting

>>>/qresearch/1925220 Czech Republic allows citizens to shoot terrorists

>>>/qresearch/1925241 ; >>>/qresearch/1925334 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1925301 ; >>>/qresearch/1925588 DJT approval lifts in part by a 10-point climb in Hispanic voters

>>>/qresearch/1925344 DOJ charges Charlottesville riot driver with hate crime

>>>/qresearch/1925759 Toronto exceeds capacity to house illegal aliens

>>>/qresearch/1925782 #2426

#2425 >>>/qresearch/1924062 Graphic on Open Borders And How It Ties To Child & Drug Trafficking, >>>/qresearch/1924378, >>>/qresearch/1924597

>>>/qresearch/1924337 Be The Calm In The Storm

>>>/qresearch/1924333 Anon's Autism got triggered on Amazon Logo

>>>/qresearch/1924487 AirBnB pipes up about Open Borders & International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP

>>>/qresearch/1924511 GDP Grows 4.5%

>>>/qresearch/1924518 The Slack network is down. This is important because most MSM use this, >>>/qresearch/1924750

>>>/qresearch/1924715 Pompeo Tweets on access to affordable and reliable energy

>>>/qresearch/1924779 DTJ Jr.: The Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy is dead. RIP.

>>>/qresearch/1924810 Joe Jackson, Father of Michael Jackson & Notorious Child Beater, dead.

>>>/qresearch/1924851 Underground Patriots: Please Take Note On Weaponized Fentanyl

>>>/qresearch/1924869 Nasa announces new aircraft: X-59 QueSST, >>>/qresearch/1924905

>>>/qresearch/1924915 Deutsche Bank bottoming out?, >>>/qresearch/1924879

>>>/qresearch/1924985 Former State Street Executive Convicted in Scheme to Defraud Clients Through Secret Trading Commissions on Billions of Dollars of Securities Trades

>>>/qresearch/1925007 Train derails near Middle School

>>>/qresearch/1925066 Train Derailement including a truck

>>>/qresearch/1925074 POTUS LIVE

>>>/qresearch/1925084 #2425


#2429 >>>/qresearch/1927407 Division between EU and USA 'go beyond trade' (no shit)

>>>/qresearch/1927410 Reminder: WWG1WGA in White Squall (1996) movie ("…a long 8 months")

>>>/qresearch/1927468 NY District Judge: Another National Injunction on Immigration

>>>/qresearch/1927479 Remember Dems cannot filibuster a SCOTUS confirmation anymore

>>>/qresearch/1927481 McConnell says vote to confirm Just Kennedy's replacement will occur prior to midterms

>>>/qresearch/1927527 "Head of prominent charity that campaigns against child abuse is arrested…"

>>>/qresearch/1927658 WATCH: Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz Sets Record Straight On Travel Ban Ruling. Liberals Will Not Be Happy.

>>>/qresearch/1927765 Trump Admin Won't Intervene As Syria Strikes Obama/CIA Backed Rebels In Southwest

>>>/qresearch/1927769 (((They're))) next move… (MoveOn twatter)

>>>/qresearch/1927803 Six FB shareholders w/$3 billion in stocks demand Zuck step down



>>>/qresearch/1927982 UK Court Hears of Plot To Rape, Dissolve in Acid Children For Pleasure of Unnamed ‘Top Politicians

>>>/qresearch/1928074 Actor Terry Crews testimony to congress this morning

#2428 >>>/qresearch/1926650 ; >>>/qresearch/1926663 Planefag Report Continued

>>>/qresearch/1926657 CZ Pres Zeman appoints new cabinet, including Andrej Babis (CZ DJT)

>>>/qresearch/1926670 ; >>>/qresearch/1926679 ; >>>/qresearch/1926689 ; >>>/qresearch/1926855 SCOTUS Justice Kennedy is retiring July 31st

>>>/qresearch/1926712 Libyan oil companies to be transferred to non-Libyan entity

>>>/qresearch/1926745 Democrats are the only ones who believe MSM

>>>/qresearch/1926845 How DJT’s EO prevents child trafficking on the southern border

>>>/qresearch/1926887 DJT’s Supreme court list (from 2017.11.17)

>>>/qresearch/1926935 ; >>>/qresearch/1927089 On Redpilling (commentary)

>>>/qresearch/1927163 US threatens sanctions against countries that fail to cut off Iranian oil imports

>>>/qresearch/1927287 450 Militants Surrender To Government Amid Army Advance In Southern Syria (Map)

>>>/qresearch/1927321 #2428

>>>/qresearch/1927025 rt >>>/qresearch/1926855 —- His choice?

>>>/qresearch/1926787 ———————– “The hearing of PS and the other hating frauds…”

#2427 >>>/qresearch/1926130 Kennedy: PS testimony should be viewed by the public

>>>/qresearch/1926379 Liberals protesting outside ICE headquarters

>>>/qresearch/1926431 ; >>>/qresearch/1926476 ; >>>/qresearch/1926518 ; >>>/qresearch/1926561 Planefag Report: The “I Need All The Help I Can Get” Edition

>>>/qresearch/1926509 After protests, Iran’s Khamenei demands punishment for those who harm economy

>>>/qresearch/1926523 House GOP compromise immigration bill voted down (121-301)

>>>/qresearch/1926532 Benghazi terrorist sentenced to 22 years in prison

>>>/qresearch/1926545 #2427


#2432 >>>/qresearch/1930170 Zuck a 'dictator' should step down, say Facebook shareholders

>>>/qresearch/1930160 Qcrumbs Graphic on the importance of prayer (collective thought/will)

>>>/qresearch/1930144, >>>/qresearch/1930323 US officials to visit Turkey to discuss extradition of Gülen

>>>/qresearch/1930118 Moar Q conf from planefags: What does AF1's current SQUAK add up to?

>>>/qresearch/1930099 Greece open to migrants deal with Germany

>>>/qresearch/1929917 Lewis Carroll invents Alice on July 4, "a wonderful day"

>>>/qresearch/1929865 On the importance of discernment, "Why are we a threat to them?"

>>>/qresearch/1929748 Liberal Left Enforcing The Fascist Ideals They Condemn?

>>>/qresearch/1929705 Pompeo: Participating in Geostrategic Meetings Inevitable

>>>/qresearch/1929741 Paul Roberts: "How Long Can The Fed Stave Off The Inevitable?"

>>>/qresearch/1930474 US demands world halt Iranian oil imports by Nov 4

>>>/qresearch/1930476 A gathering of Qcrumbs on Gowdy from an anon

>>>/qresearch/1930181 Democrats Urge McConnell: Vote on Kennedy Replacement After Midterms

>>>/qresearch/1932563 #2432 (link off-bread)

#2432 *

>>>/qresearch/1930181 Democrats Urge McConnell: Vote on Kennedy Replacement After Midterms

>>>/qresearch/1929917 Lewis Carroll invents Alice on July 4, "a wonderful day"

>>>/qresearch/1929705 Pompeo: Participating in Geostrategic Meetings Inevitable

>>>/qresearch/1930632 Drugs, Gangbangers, Convicts Enter U.S. Via Mexico as Media Focuses on Shelter Accommodations

>>>/qresearch/1932231 ---------------------- #Winning Patriots one & all!

>>>/qresearch/1931671 rt >>>/qresearch/1931388 ----- Goodlatte on Fox “FBI attorney instructing PS not to answer

>>>/qresearch/1931438 rt >>>/qresearch/1931405 ----- Just landed. You have time

>>>/qresearch/1931388 ---------------------- Sound familiar?

#2431 >>>/qresearch/1928952 Dershowitz predicts 3 SCOTUS picks

>>>/qresearch/1929023 Stimson Center claim NK building up Nuke facilities (links to #2430)

>>>/qresearch/1929111 "While Many On The Right Are Sleeping, Many On The Left Are Promising To Bring War To The Streets Of America"

>>>/qresearch/1929146 https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trumps-supreme-court-list/, >>>/qresearch/1929401 Anon posts list

>>>/qresearch/1929186 ‘Black Activist’ Posts: “The American People Shouldn’t Allow Trump to Nominate Another Justice By Any Means Necessary”

>>>/qresearch/1929218 LISTEN: The Moment Democrat Staffers Find Out Kennedy is Retiring From SCOTUS

>>>/qresearch/1929255 "The Spin War: Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Monger “QAnon” Calls for Regime Change in Iran "

>>>/qresearch/1929301 CALIFORNIA HUMAN TRAFFICKING (video)

>>>/qresearch/1929453 ———————– GDP error…Busy day!

>>>/qresearch/1929392 ———————– ARE YOU AWAKE?

#2430 >>>/qresearch/1928167 REPORT: POTUS Trump Privately Predicts He Will Appoint 4 Supreme Court Justices – ZINGS SOTOMAYOR

>>>/qresearch/1928201 Reddit melts down over Supreme Court changes

>>>/qresearch/1928213 Feds Pose as Cryptocurrency Money Launderer to Bust Alleged Dark Web Dealers

>>>/qresearch/1928263 China's Port In Sri Lanka's Is Good Business - The NYT's Report On It Is Propaganda

>>>/qresearch/1928264 Tom Steyer is part of a Rothschild organization.

>>>/qresearch/1928381 Trump throws badass fist-pump at John Kelly and high-ranking military guy on Andrews tarmac.

>>>/qresearch/1928416 IRELAND, MEXICO, CEMENT, >>>/qresearch/1928427

>>>/qresearch/1928652 Trey Gowdy video (insults are not persuasive)


#2437 >>>/qresearch/1934000 POTUS and the SuperElites

>>>/qresearch/1933764 CF Official was "trying to arrange rape of multiple children ad young as two"

>>>/qresearch/1933635 , >>>/qresearch/1933804 , >>>/qresearch/1934153 , >>>/qresearch/1933913 Q'ery at the rally

>>>/qresearch/1933731 , >>>/qresearch/1933747 , >>>/qresearch/1933764 CF Official Rape Charges Digs

>>>/qresearch/1933661 New Side-by-Sides

>>>/qresearch/1933624 McConnell: Senate Will Confirm Justice Kennedy’s Successor This Fall

>>>/qresearch/1933612 Qanon.pub update: New tineye search

>>>/qresearch/1933611 , >>>/qresearch/1933639 Southern Syria: US forces under threat due to Israeli interference

#2436 >>>/qresearch/1932940 , >>>/qresearch/1933104 Fist pumps and photos from the rally

>>>/qresearch/1933034 Craigslist ad to stop Trump

>>>/qresearch/1933020 Syian Army Cleared Deir Ezzor Desert From ISIS: General Command

>>>/qresearch/1933005 Paige Herwig, former DoJ was on plane with LL and BC. DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/1932968 China cannot lose 'any inch' of territory, Xi tells Mattis

>>>/qresearch/1932932 , >>>/qresearch/1933030 President Donald J. Trump’s Supreme Court List

>>>/qresearch/1932918 DT Jr. Cites Trump Assassination Tweet to Call Out Maxine & Cory Booker

>>>/qresearch/1932840 VIPAnon located at rally

#2435 >>>/qresearch/1932048 Unhinged. (Buckle up lads!) >>>/qresearch/1932155

>>>/qresearch/1932072 Q and POTUS have to go thru pretzels to keep each step moving

>>>/qresearch/1932099 >>>/qresearch/1932206 US dept o Defense; Always ready, sunrise or sunset

>>>/qresearch/1932223 Trump to meet Putin regardless of ‘noise’

>>>/qresearch/1932229 Colombia to resume aerial spraying despite cancer concerns

>>>/qresearch/1932497 Strzok instructed not to answer many questions

#2434 >>>/qresearch/1931543 - Ivanka/Pompeo meeting 2018 Tracking in Persons Report

>>>/qresearch/1931571 - King Of Jordan Awarded Templeton Prize For Cultivating Peace among Muslims

>>>/qresearch/1931623 - DC Washington Post reporter fired for shitty liberal reporting

>>>/qresearch/1931297 Justice Elena Kagan…an OBAMA appointee…"black-robed rulers overriding citizens’ choices.”

>>>/qresearch/1931328 MSNBC analyst urges Democrats to 'play by Street rules'

>>>/qresearch/1931330 VIPAnon says he is here everyday lurking.

>>>/qresearch/1931333 McCaskill Rails Against Voter ID at NAACP Dinner

>>>/qresearch/1931377 AND gave the definition of PATRIOT that Q used

>>>/qresearch/1931430 If you want to try planefagging, the app is… (instructions & links)

#2433 >>>/qresearch/1930575 Libtard meltdowns >>>/qresearch/1930820

>>>/qresearch/1930580 2013 McConnell warns against changing filibuster rules: "you'll regret this"

>>>/qresearch/1930591 Trump Stomps Migrant Child in Jim Carrey's TIME Cover Parody

>>>/qresearch/1930616 Schumer Demands Congress Wait Until After Midterm Elections to Confirm Kennedy Replacement

>>>/qresearch/1930656 In response to Q's question "Why are we a threat to them?", an anon posted "… we autists discern lies." (OPINION)

>>>/qresearch/1930697 Noncitizen Arrested for Alleged Illegal ‘Voter Assistance’ Scheme in Texas Border City

>>>/qresearch/1930735 FBI launches probe into the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) *Turkish in 20 states

>>>/qresearch/1930759 Iran has reopened a nuclear plant idle for nine years

>>>/qresearch/1930857 Bolton's Press Conference

>>>/qresearch/1930879 VIP anon @ North Dakota Trump rally tonight

>>>/qresearch/1930915 Updated graphic after anon nailed the one flight to be in Hong Kong

>>>/qresearch/1931057 >>>/qresearch/1930886 DNC Rules committee on Justice Kennedy's retirement

>>>/qresearch/1930453 John Kennedy; Need I.D. to use Food Stamps


#2441 >>>/qresearch/1937343 VIP Anon's video from N. Dakota Rally

>>>/qresearch/1937235 E-Mail Solicitation of Children's Voice Recordings

>>>/qresearch/1937109 Message and Photos From VIPAnon

>>>/qresearch/1937037 Anon Confirms: Hannity Prefers JiffyPop

>>>/qresearch/1936888 Illegal Immigrants Terraforming, Californians Saying GTFO

>>>/qresearch/1936953 We Are The Super Elite

>>>/qresearch/1929865 Why We Are a Threat to (((them)))

>>>/qresearch/1936689 LA Citizens Beat Down Board of Supervisors

>>>/qresearch/1936682 Arthur Davis - Chicago Jacket Guy with Illuminati Obama

#2440 >>>/qresearch/1936509 Landmark Federal Reserve Building Catches Fire

>>>/qresearch/1936483 WhiteHouse.gov Petition to Expel Maxine Waters From Congress

>>>/qresearch/1936392 THE BOOM BOOM ROOM - Links Clintons to Standard Hotel

>>>/qresearch/1936305 Hearing Thursday Morning - Oversight of FBI and DOJ Actions Surrounding the 2016 Election

>>>/qresearch/1936038 My Pillow Q Promo Code For A Great Awakening

>>>/qresearch/1935899 Charity Head Charged With Sexual Violence

>>>/qresearch/1935881 YourNewswire is Best fake Site

>>>/qresearch/1935889 Port Charlotte High School graduate and 2015 Nobel Prize nominee arrested by FBI

>>>/qresearch/1935903 More False Flags On The Way

#2439 >>>/qresearch/1935583 , >>>/qresearch/1935648 Moar White Squall inc. short, must see clip

>>>/qresearch/1935590 House Judiciary Committee Hearing to Examine SM Filtering & Effect on Free Speech

>>>/qresearch/1935607 Meme Magicians: Request for moar #WalkAway

>>>/qresearch/1935544 Italian Prime Minister to Meet Trump in July

>>>/qresearch/1935525 Quotes from movie 'White Squall': Graphic

>>>/qresearch/1935407 Meme material & Meme Request: CP / Netflix / BHO / Rice

>>>/qresearch/1935301 US Customs and Border Protection Agent charged with falsifying ship inspection records

>>>/qresearch/1935190 Born rich: The world's 30 biggest family fortunes

>>>/qresearch/1935181 , >>>/qresearch/1935188 QAnon's and POTUS at the rally. More confirmations?

>>>/qresearch/1935110 , >>>/qresearch/1935166 Is Q signaling that we're approaching The Storm?

#2438 >>>/qresearch/1934627 , >>>/qresearch/1934853 White Squall movie

>>>/qresearch/1934739 /OUR/ bakergirl at the rally?!

>>>/qresearch/1934762 #PedoJoe Biden unsure if he'll run for president in 2020

>>>/qresearch/1934625 Heatmap of the days and times that Q posts

>>>/qresearch/1934379 , >>>/qresearch/1934357 , >>>/qresearch/1934842 Comfy! MyPillow "Q" confirmed

>>>/qresearch/1934469 POTUS: Keeping Senate in GOP hands 'the most important thing'

>>>/qresearch/1934311 CF Official Arrest Details: THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK

>>>/qresearch/1934292 , >>>/qresearch/1934478 New Fist Pump Side-by-Sides

#2437 >>>/qresearch/1934000 POTUS and the SuperElites

>>>/qresearch/1933764 CF Official was "trying to arrange rape of multiple children as young as two"

>>>/qresearch/1933635 , >>>/qresearch/1933804 , >>>/qresearch/1934153 , >>>/qresearch/1933913 Q'ery at the rally

>>>/qresearch/1933731 , >>>/qresearch/1933747 , >>>/qresearch/1933764 CF Official Rape Charges Digs

>>>/qresearch/1933661 New Side-by-Sides

>>>/qresearch/1933624 McConnell: Senate Will Confirm Justice Kennedy’s Successor This Fall

>>>/qresearch/1933612 Qanon.pub update: New tineye search

>>>/qresearch/1933611 , >>>/qresearch/1933639 Southern Syria: US forces under threat due to Israeli interference


#2444 >>>/qresearch/1939141, >>>/qresearch/1939188, >>>/qresearch/1939320, >>>/qresearch/1939553, >>>/qresearch/1939580 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1939226, >>>/qresearch/1939378, Boatfag reports

>>>/qresearch/1939014 This spot reserved <tweet this

>>>/qresearch/1939029 He did it again! Donald Trump’s tweets on nuking the filibuster in 2013 are PERFECT

>>>/qresearch/1939036 European Central Banker to face prosecution in Latvia

>>>/qresearch/1939186 Former Attorney General Eric H. Holder to receive ABA Thurgood Marshall Award

>>>/qresearch/1939310 LOOKS LIKE http://irc.qclearancearchive.net is Comped

>>>/qresearch/1939313 [Obama] will be in Kenya July 16th where he will open a *youth center*

>>>/qresearch/1939316 Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century – TONIGHT

>>>/qresearch/1939418 July 16 - Select events on this date throughout history.

>>>/qresearch/1939482 More fake news about John Bolton

>>>/qresearch/1939433 Livestream of Wray/Rosenstein Testimony

>>>/qresearch/1939378 Boatfag Update

>>>/qresearch/1939351 Israel Knew it was American Shipwhen they Attacked USS Liberty

#2443 >>>/qresearch/1938216 Dig on Strzok, the Saudis, and Georgetown/St. John’s University

>>>/qresearch/1938219 Paige Herwig and the Tarmac Meeting

>>>/qresearch/1938269 On Paige Herwig and the Demand Justice organization

>>>/qresearch/1938274 Trudeau bilks the Canadian people on a carbon tax

>>>/qresearch/1938287 Democrats increasingly seeking the elimination of ICE

>>>/qresearch/1938297 Three bus crashes in the last 24 hours

>>>/qresearch/1938305 Digging avenue for Denny Paul Bible, Montana rapist and murderer

>>>/qresearch/1938315 Other St. John’s University alumni include Paul Nakasone and Denis McDonough

>>>/qresearch/1938360 On Hamilton 68

>>>/qresearch/1938372 Planefag Report: Red Arrow

>>>/qresearch/1938497 UC Berkeley “arming” students against ICE agents

>>>/qresearch/1938507 Italy PM Comte threatens to veto EU summit statement on migration

>>>/qresearch/1938589 Philadelphia releases felon despite detainer and criminal arrest warrant in place

>>>/qresearch/1938601 Highly-trained assassins killed KJU’s half-brother

>>>/qresearch/1938736 Federal police move in on ICE protest in Portland

>>>/qresearch/1938896 Planefag tracking 2-RBTS

>>>/qresearch/1938928 Mattis tells Seoul that US is committed to maintain current US force levels in Korea

>>>/qresearch/1938891 #2443

#2442 >>>/qresearch/1938136, >>>/qresearch/1938133 London stabbings getting worse, more 'feral'

>>>/qresearch/1938115 DOJ/SS/DEA/DHS sting nets 40 ppl, millions in drugs/guns/BTC

>>>/qresearch/1938122 Salvini so /ourguy/: Italian Gun Ownership on the Rise

>>>/qresearch/1938087 Ireland's biggest child porn suspect loses extradite plea to US

>>>/qresearch/1938080, 1938059 Helsinki confirmed for Trump-Putin summit

>>>/qresearch/1938053, 1938123 Queen pulls out of public engagement due to illness

>>>/qresearch/1937905 Slick GOP ad: The Left in 2018: Unhinged

>>>/qresearch/1937848 EU to vote July 4th on Article 13 and Europe's memes

>>>/qresearch/1937641 1992 speech transcript, detail on Hynosis and MPD/DID/SRA

>>>/qresearch/1937640 Trump's SCOTUS picks as of Nov. 2017

>>>/qresearch/1937585, 1937637 Family-of-Q and Q bros rally pics sourced to twatter

>>>/qresearch/1937544 Missile Accident On German Navy Frigate Causes Massive Explosion

>>>/qresearch/1937528 SCOTUS calendar suggests Trump may push to replace Kennedy soon

>>>/qresearch/1937510, >>>/qresearch/1937532 Moar on Joel Davis: Link to Jolie and UK's William Hague?

>>>/qresearch/1937466 Kamala Harris Ready to Play ‘Hardball’ to Save Us from Trump SC Pick

>>>/qresearch/1937419 VIPanon shares another (You) moment from POTUS


#2449 >>>/qresearch/1942890 More “normalization” of pedo evil

>>>/qresearch/1942894 On Rice, Soros, and Netflix

>>>/qresearch/1942896 POTUS on green hats

>>>/qresearch/1943143 Gowdy to Rosenstein on Russia Probe: “Finish it the hell up”

>>>/qresearch/1943150 ; >>>/qresearch/1943183 ; >>>/qresearch/1943321 Planefag Reports: Swiss AF T-785, “the spooky executive jet” ; Morocco CN-MVI over Albania

>>>/qresearch/1943173 EU Council cancels summit press conference after Italy threatens veto

>>>/qresearch/1943188 Jeff Flake says he won’t block DJT’s SCOTUS nominee from passing Senate

>>>/qresearch/1943250 Joel Davis (HRC campaigner) criminal charges

>>>/qresearch/1943270 White Helmets helping Syrian militants prepare false flag chemical attack

>>>/qresearch/1943336 ; >>>/qresearch/1943436 ; >>>/qresearch/1943433 Active shooter reported at the Capital Gazette building in Annapolis, MD ; Capital Gazette recently held active shooter drill

>>>/qresearch/1943369 Soros investing in personal-injury lawsuits

>>>/qresearch/1943413 Iraq’s PM calls for the “immediate” execution of all “terrorists” on death row, up to 3000

>>>/qresearch/1943417 Ruskin’s Alice in Wonderland comment

>>>/qresearch/1943457 Colonel accused of child rape faces no charges

>>>/qresearch/1943543 #2449

#2448 >>>/qresearch/1942139 Steve Flynn’s resignation from the Hussein Admin in 2008

>>>/qresearch/1942142 Exchange between RR and King on full declassification

>>>/qresearch/1942261 At least 133 politicians murdered in Mexico ahead of Sunday general election

>>>/qresearch/1942466 More on the national healthcare fraud takedown

>>>/qresearch/1942503 French company indicted for paying off Syrian armed groups

>>>/qresearch/1942718 Susan Rice, recent addition to Netflix Board of Directors

>>>/qresearch/1942779 #2448

#2447 >>>/qresearch/1941805 Lots of Train Incidents for a 24 Hour Period??

>>>/qresearch/1941712, >>>/qresearch/1941778 Decode of Trump Tweet

>>>/qresearch/1941686 This isn't going to be a "courtroom drama" Anons. Get your praying pants on.

>>>/qresearch/1941660 Michael Cohen Tweet "I had nothing to do with Russian collusion or meddling!"

>>>/qresearch/1941601 White Squall Decode

>>>/qresearch/1941588 Israel Graphic for the Newfags

>>>/qresearch/1942232 National healthcare fraud takedown

#2446 >>>/qresearch/1940876 Melania Trump Heads to Tucson, AZ

>>>/qresearch/1937235 Re: child voice recordings and Appen Global (DIG NEEDED)

>>>/qresearch/1940544 Q is rated in top 25 most popular internet people in Time Magazine.

Thursday 06.28.018'

>>>/qresearch/1942657 rt >>>/qresearch/1942629 —- PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>/qresearch/1942596 ———————– Trying to “normalize”.

>>>/qresearch/1941208 ———————– Are You Ready?

>>>/qresearch/1940910 ———————– We remember you, Mr. VIP!

>>>/qresearch/1940746 rt >>>/qresearch/1940664 —- Who brought the bill to the floor?

>>>/qresearch/1940684 ———————– Why are they trying to ‘normalize’ this?

>>>/qresearch/1940595 rt >>>/qresearch/1940568 —- Focus on House floor vote (now).

>>>/qresearch/1940496 ———————– Only the beginning. Power to the people.

#2445 >>>/qresearch/1940434 Boom the Vote is in

>>>/qresearch/1940408 Background on the uss liberty attack, By Anon

>>>/qresearch/1940356 For the Clockfags

>>>/qresearch/1940316 Netflix Observation from Anon - These People are Sick


>>>/qresearch/1940030, >>>/qresearch/1940260 Planefag Updates


>>>/qresearch/1945864 rt >>>/qresearch/1945685 —- JA in the news a lot lately (out of nowhere).

>>>/qresearch/1945747 rt >>>/qresearch/1945594 —- Low IQ Maxine should be blamed!

>>>/qresearch/1945571 rt >>>/qresearch/1945408 —- Server or JA = truth exposed (SR).

>>>/qresearch/1945344 ———————– http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/06/28/report-facebook-investors-consider-coup-of-ceo-mark-zuckerberg/

#2451 >>>/qresearch/1944946 Ted Talk Org Under Fire for Bizarre 'Pedophilia' Lecture

>>>/qresearch/1944876 Revealed: Australian celebrity pedophile ring included Bob Ellis, Martin Sharp

>>>/qresearch/1944870 Rep. Pramila Jayapal arrested at immigration policy protest in Washington D.C.

>>>/qresearch/1944876 Revealed: Australian celebrity pedophile ring included Bob Ellis, Martin Sharp

>>>/qresearch/1944870 Rep. Pramila Jayapal arrested at immigration policy protest in Washington D.C.

>>>/qresearch/1944788 Arrests made in connection with Bucks County explosions

>>>/qresearch/1944738 Open Borders Activists Throw Hissy Fit on Capitol Hill

>>>/qresearch/1944665 Mueller Investigating ‘Billionaires with Ties to Russia’ Who Attended Trump Inauguration Party

>>>/qresearch/1944645 Ivy League "anti sexual assault" speaker is charged with sex crimes

>>>/qresearch/1944584 massive data leak could affect nearly all America adults security researchers say

>>>/qresearch/1944551 , >>>/qresearch/1944578 Capital Gazette refuses to endorse anyone for president

>>>/qresearch/1944526 Italy pushes for de-escalation as EU moves to renew Russia sanctions

>>>/qresearch/1944484 , >>>/qresearch/1944503 , >>>/qresearch/1944523 , >>>/qresearch/1944554 , >>>/qresearch/1944585 , >>>/qresearch/1944708 , >>>/qresearch/1944724 , >>>/qresearch/1944777 Planefag Updates

#2450 >>>/qresearch/1944323 #2450 IBL ( In Bread List )

>>>/qresearch/1943639 Bringing The Pain: US vs Babyeater Joel Davis

>>>/qresearch/1943662 CAIR tries to get Human Rights Commission To Investigate Laura Loomer

>>>/qresearch/1943676 Sessions delivers remarks about US winning the battle against the Opiod crisis

>>>/qresearch/1943685 DOD request budget increase to build up European Deterrence Initiative (EDI), designed to deter the Russians and reinforce European Allies

>>>/qresearch/1943715 Russian withdraws 27 aircrafts +1000 troops from Syria

>>>/qresearch/1943719 Those who scream the loudest: Cuomo launches attack on Trump

>>>/qresearch/1943749 Johnny Depp - Hollywood Vampire - his son is reportedly very ill

>>>/qresearch/1943764 Iraq PM calls for 'immediate' execution of all 'terrorists' on death row

>>>/qresearch/1943847 Death of Matthew Ketterer, who was under investigation for an improper relationship with a student, ruled suicide

>>>/qresearch/1943855 List of the Staff at the Capital Gazette (Anons, do any of the names ring bells?)

>>>/qresearch/1943874 Annapolis update: 6 dead

>>>/qresearch/1943938 Wikipedia Editors Label ICE Detention Centers ‘Concentration Camps’

>>>/qresearch/1943942 Annapolis Shooting: Capital Gazette is a conservative newspaper

>>>/qresearch/1944057 Californian Mockingbird: Senate Bill 1424 would allow Californinia to label news they disagree with as fake news

>>>/qresearch/1944100 Coincidence? Annapolis police trained active shooter training on 6-22

>>>/qresearch/1944151 DOJ Springs a Leak: Rosenstein Blasts GOP Congressmen; “They’re Pieces of Sh*t”

>>>/qresearch/1944212 More On Catholics: Liddle Frances accepts resignation of two Chilean bishops

>>>/qresearch/1944280 Trafficking in Persons Report 2018

>>>/qresearch/1944311 Pelosi pitches in on Annapolis Crisis

>>>/qresearch/1944323 #2450


#2456 >>>/qresearch/1948287 Update on #CapitalGazzette shooter

>>>/qresearch/1948335 John Bolton just did a complete 180 on his Russia stance after meeting with Putin

>>>/qresearch/1948356 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1948377 Psychotherapeutic Services at Bestgate is located across the street from the Capital Gazette

>>>/qresearch/1948440 Update from RallyAnon

>>>/qresearch/1948642, >>>/qresearch/1948666 Reports: Suspect: Jarrod Ramos

>>>/qresearch/1948663 Update: 2 shooters in army uniforms at Annapolis

>>>/qresearch/1948920 Freemasons

#2455 >>>/qresearch/1947496 Shooting suspect indentified via use of facial recognition

>>>/qresearch/1947517 CIA infiltrated the freemasonry

>>>/qresearch/1947547 2 shooters in army uniforms at Annapolis

>>>/qresearch/1947654 Stanley Anderson, 'Seinfeld' and 'Spider-Man' actor, dead at 78

>>>/qresearch/1947748, >>>/qresearch/1947979 Request for docs from the DOJ courtesy the Freedom Caucus.

>>>/qresearch/1948024 In light of JA Q post today, VP Pence in Equador. Related?

>>>/qresearch/1947831 Updated JA side by side

>>>/qresearch/1947847 IMF & China Prepare For Financial Shocks And Economic Panic

>>>/qresearch/1947888 Trump Derangement Syndrome Proves Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

>>>/qresearch/1947927 WWG1WGA, The sQuall is coming.

>>>/qresearch/1948110 Planefag Update

#2454 >>>/qresearch/1946743 So a bunch of cops are in news rooms in NY and Chicago

>>>/qresearch/1946820 Suspect in 1974 ritualistic church murder apparently killed himself when detectives knocked on his door.

>>>/qresearch/1947059, >>>/qresearch/1947198 Shills btfo

>>>/qresearch/1947137 Memetics—A Growth Industry in US Military Operations

>>>/qresearch/1947151 Law Enforcement unwilling to release name

>>>/qresearch/1947210 Senate passes its version of farm bill, setting up clash over food stamps

#2453 >>>/qresearch/1945976 Rep. Pramila Jayapal tweeting she got arrested with 500+ women with @WomensMarch

>>>/qresearch/1946088, >>>/qresearch/1946125 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/1946127 Susan Rice is on the board of Netflix (New Graphic)

>>>/qresearch/1946096 Wikipedia on June 28th 2018 Shooting

>>>/qresearch/1946143 Side-by-side on #MaxineViolence

>>>/qresearch/1946191 Department of Justice announces new immigration compliance requirements for FY 2018 Grants

>>>/qresearch/1946316 Suspect damaged his fingerprints to prevent from being identified - CBS

>>>/qresearch/1946381 Figures there was a fire drill too just 5 minutes before shooting.

>>>/qresearch/1946459 Holy Shit. Look what POTUS_Schedule just tweeted:

>>>/qresearch/1946524 rt >>>/qresearch/1946381 —- Everywhere!

>>>/qresearch/1946309 rt >>>/qresearch/1946203 —- Why are Freemasons on the scene of most shooting locations?

>>>/qresearch/1946203 ———————– Law enforcement should interview the therapists.

#2452 >>>/qresearch/1945172 Comparison of Hussain's speech showing commitment to his renewed allegiance to his masters and Trump's inauguration speech

>>>/qresearch/1945173 Learn what 187 governments are doing to #EndTrafficking

>>>/qresearch/1945259 Robot with artificial intelligence about to invade space

>>>/qresearch/1945245 Plume of brown goo in Baltimore Harbor

>>>/qresearch/1945295 Qlock for today and tomorrow, 29 JUN 2018

>>>/qresearch/1945323, >>>/qresearch/1945408 Wikileaks tweet re: democrats

>>>/qresearch/1945342, >>>/qresearch/1945357, >>>/qresearch/1945443 The lefts hypocrizy

>>>/qresearch/1945423, >>>/qresearch/1945757 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1945426 US Police Arrest 575 People Protesting in Washington Trump's Immigration Policy

>>>/qresearch/1945457 Side by side on the disgusting pedo shit from today's crumbs:

>>>/qresearch/1945541 Indictment for Joel Davis un-sealed:

>>>/qresearch/1945780 NSA deletes years of call records, says it exceeded legal limit


#2458 >>>/qresearch/1949817, >>>/qresearch/1949820 Ramos - Red Shield - Rotchschild

>>>/qresearch/1949829 The brand Ramos used on social media

>>>/qresearch/1949876, >>>/qresearch/1949898 Ramos' father worked for NSA

>>>/qresearch/1949888 Eric Hartley is a journalist that Ramos despised

>>>/qresearch/1949891, >>>/qresearch/1949964 - Jarrod Warren Ramos' Therapist: Kathy Miller, founder of Oasis in Annapolis

>>>/qresearch/1949975 True scale of UK role in torture and rendition after 9/11 revealed

>>>/qresearch/1950041 Rosenstein’s Telling House Testimony

>>>/qresearch/1950210 Links Masonry to American politics

>>>/qresearch/1950231 Jarrod Warren Ramos' Therapist Kathy L. Miller wrote an article for the Capital Gazette on Mass Shootings October 9, 2017

#2457 >>>/qresearch/1949053 Gov. Hogan first to the media - literally a poster boy for Baltimore area Masons.

>>>/qresearch/1949064, >>>/qresearch/1949127, >>>/qresearch/1949325 Update on shooter, Jarrod Ramos

>>>/qresearch/1949096, >>>/qresearch/1949567, >>>/qresearch/1949572 Jarrod Ramos's court case

>>>/qresearch/1949099 Knights of Malta, list of Freemasons

>>>/qresearch/1949106 List of presidents in secret societies:

>>>/qresearch/1949109 Sally Mann, photographer living near the Red Hen

>>>/qresearch/1949195, >>>/qresearch/1949275 Therapist double confirmed

>>>/qresearch/1949250 List of some shooters that heard voices. (W/Sauce)

>>>/qresearch/1949299 Jarrod Ramos was a federal employee

>>>/qresearch/1949479 Jarrod Ramos is actor Bryce Williams?

>>>/qresearch/1949482, >>>/qresearch/1949508 Jarrod was killed because he exposed a judge of pedophilia!

>>>/qresearch/1949509 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1949636 Fourth of July 2018: Which three US presidents died on Independence Day? Who was Sally Hemings?

>>>/qresearch/1950407 rt >>>/qresearch/1950237 —- Past drops go missing.

>>>/qresearch/1950233 rt >>>/qresearch/1950123 —- Think strategy.

>>>/qresearch/1950090 rt >>>/qresearch/1949870 —- The key = therapist.

>>>/qresearch/1949848 rt >>>/qresearch/1949789 —- Brand of Sacrifice (pic)

#2457 >>>/qresearch/1949053 Gov. Hogan first to the media - literally a poster boy for Baltimore area Masons.

>>>/qresearch/1949064, >>>/qresearch/1949127, >>>/qresearch/1949325 Update on shooter, Jarrod Ramos

>>>/qresearch/1949096, >>>/qresearch/1949567, >>>/qresearch/1949572 Jarrod Ramos's court case

>>>/qresearch/1949099 Knights of Malta, list of Freemasons

>>>/qresearch/1949106 List of presidents in secret societies:

>>>/qresearch/1949109 Sally Mann, photographer living near the Red Hen

>>>/qresearch/1949195, >>>/qresearch/1949275 Therapist double confirmed

>>>/qresearch/1949250 List of some shooters that heard voices. (W/Sauce)

>>>/qresearch/1949299 Jarrod Ramos was a federal employee

>>>/qresearch/1949479 Jarrod Ramos is actor Bryce Williams?

>>>/qresearch/1949482, >>>/qresearch/1949508 Jarrod was killed because he exposed a judge of pedophilia!

>>>/qresearch/1949509 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1949636 Fourth of July 2018: Which three US presidents died on Independence Day? Who was Sally Hemings?

>>>/qresearch/1949784 ———————– Bottom graphic.

>>>/qresearch/1949464 rt >>>/qresearch/1949195 —- Find paper articles re: Freemasons.

>>>/qresearch/1948303 rt >>>/qresearch/1947578 —- Should the bad spoil the bunch?


#2462 >>>/qresearch/1952934 Document Shill Tactics Here

>>>/qresearch/1952945 EU Leaders Agree to Extend Sanctions on Russia

>>>/qresearch/1953185, >>>/qresearch/1953202 Time calls Q one of the most influential "people" on the internet

>>>/qresearch/1953293 Trump Eyes Deal With Putin on US Pullout from Syria

>>>/qresearch/1953330 "Trade War Provides Perfect Cover For The Elitist Engineered Global Reset"

>>>/qresearch/1953138 CEO Children's Guild: Former Capital Gazette to house Monarch Academy

#2461 >>>/qresearch/1952109, >>>/qresearch/1952123 Kathy Miller's Oasis Reviews

>>>/qresearch/1952141, >>>/qresearch/1952327 Jarrod Ramos Harassed Editor of the Virginia Pilot Eric Hartley

>>>/qresearch/1952150 UN Sexual Fuckery

>>>/qresearch/1952626 David Brock Named In Conspiracy Case

>>>/qresearch/1952253 Shareblue To Be 'Nucleus' Of Multi-platform Anti POTUS Agenda.

>>>/qresearch/1952235 Collage of Q 'Conspiracy' Headlines

>>>/qresearch/1951717, >>>/qresearch/1951730, >>>/qresearch/1951739 Masonic Promotion Letter

>>>/qresearch/1952322, >>>/qresearch/1952363 Jarrod Ramos Sued Capital Gazette

>>>/qresearch/1952457 EU Leaders Tell Russia to 'Accept Its Responsibility' in Statement on MH17 Crash

>>>/qresearch/1952609 Full Weight Of The House

>>>/qresearch/1952710 The Monarch School For Autistic Kids (Mentioned By Ramos)

>>>/qresearch/1952683 ———————— We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question

>>>/qresearch/1952499 ———————— What vote occured today?

>>>/qresearch/1952168 ———————— Coordinated effort to ramp pro violent attacks (4ch 8ch /pol/) (threads).

>>>/qresearch/1950715 rt >>>/qresearch/1950617 —- Site under attack.

>>>/qresearch/1950581 ———————– SEC TEST

#2460 >>>/qresearch//qresearch/1951938 CBS Article on Freemasonry (I am sure it is objective…)

>>>/qresearch/1951745 Ramos Therapist??

>>>/qresearch/1951775 Is The Media Deliberately Trying To Spawn Civil War 2.0?

>>>/qresearch/1951725 Jarrod Ramos' dad worked for the NSA

>>>/qresearch/1951717 Secret Freemason Document, in Latin

>>>/qresearch/1951698 John Prados at Oasis Johns Hopkins

>>>/qresearch/1951589 Media gets BTFO for attacks on Scott Pruitt. The guys even getting death threats.

>>>/qresearch/1951562, >>>/qresearch/1951594 ISRAEL: Organ Trafficking Capital of the World

>>>/qresearch/1951461 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1951450 Information on Jarrod Ramos from Previous Breads >>>/qresearch/1951478 (related)

>>>/qresearch/1951443 Sharing for Anons to pay Attention to future events & dates related to Satanist & Illuminati calendars.

>>>/qresearch/1951367 >>>/qresearch/1951387 Collage of Pedowood Actors with Mason rings

>>>/qresearch/1951407 Articles about freemasons from the Capital Gazette

>>>/qresearch/1951353 An Anon Read Their Bible Like They Were Told to Do

#2459 >>>/qresearch/1950620 Potus Schedule 5:5

>>>/qresearch/1950635 US Dept. Defense "Time to get dirty!"

>>>/qresearch/1950735 Flag of the Acheamenid Empire

>>>/qresearch/1950788 Therapist - Dr. Lynne Fenton? >>>/qresearch/1950824 Fenton/Fentan/Fentanyl?

>>>/qresearch/1950816 - The Cell(film) possible Q reference

>>>/qresearch/1950835 List of shooters, who was their therapist?

>>>/qresearch/1950914 Victims facebook pages/archive

>>>/qresearch/1950947 Adam Lanza ex-therapist sexually assaulted patient

>>>/qresearch/1950971 Ashton Kutcher in the club?

>>>/qresearch/1951037 Anime is using it as the mark of the beast.

>>>/qresearch/1950821 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1950842 The Oasis Center for Mental Mental Health in Annapolis (where shooter Jarrod Warren Ramos went) sponsored a showing of the movie "Being Charlie" in 2016 as part of the Annapolis Film Festival.


#2464 >>>/qresearch/1955235 #2464 NIBL (Notibles In Bread L'''ist)

>>>/qresearch/1955171 Capital Gazette link to DEM Senators, trying to control Media/Merger?

>>>/qresearch/1955156, >>>/qresearch/1955129 2016 Podcast Erik Prince Discusses Weiner Laptop, Pedo Island

>>>/qresearch/1955007 Europe Awakening: Netherlands just banned veils in public buildings

>>>/qresearch/1954985 The European Intervention Initiative: A New Military Force

>>>/qresearch/1954971 ResortEmpoyeeAnon was told "That's The Priestess" at Mason Event

>>>/qresearch/1954920 ISIS/Daesh/Al Qaeda, Islam and Muslims in Guatemala, as per /pol/

>>>/qresearch/1954909 Diggable info on Capital Gazette / Monarch Academy / TranZed

>>>/qresearch/1954908 List of Jarrod Warren Ramos's criminal history in MD dating back to 2011

>>>/qresearch/1954816 Book digg: "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," Celic Rhodes, BC

>>>/qresearch/1954781 Rosenstein's Wife Lisa Barsoomian Bill Clinton Lawyer in '98 suit

>>>/qresearch/1954771 Low IQ Maxine having to cancel events, claiming "increased threats"

>>>/qresearch/1954740 Symbolism everywhere: Qcrumb "Think Cell, "J Lo's Mask look familiar?

>>>/qresearch/1954730 Graphic of Jarrod Ramos Twatter and Judge Moylan: "This is A War"

>>>/qresearch/1954716 David Brock, ShareBlue & Correct the Record named in Byrnes Civil Lawsuit

>>>/qresearch/1954700 Muh No Bias: ‘JournoList’ 2 Revealed, over 400 ‘Left-Of-Center’ Members

>>>/qresearch/1954671 Liberal Despair on Twatter Continues To Snowball

>>>/qresearch/1954651 An Anon wonders whether Tsunami bomb tests of WWII link to Qcrumb re: NK

>>>/qresearch/1954642 ABC says "Maryland newspaper shooting proves words have power"

>>>/qresearch/1954636, 1954687 An OmahaAnon Comes to Terms With Familiar Boystown As Dirty.

>>>/qresearch/1954623, >>>/qresearch/1954795 Undercover Turkish Freemasons Initiation & "Oculists" sect

>>>/qresearch/1954612, >>>/qresearch/1954665 University of TN has a "Body Farm" to study decomposition

#2463 >>>/qresearch/1954313 Anon idea: We need ANY reporter to ASK THE ULTIMATE QUESTION

>>>/qresearch/1954076 Anon has some interesting commentary on Delta assassins

>>>/qresearch/1953998 Squeezing the EU: Germany should pay Poland Damages for WWII

>>>/qresearch/1953814 Moar blaming "rhetoric" for the Annapolis shooting

>>>/qresearch/1953803 Military Seizes Control Of Water Supplies, Venezuelan Infrastructure Collapses

>>>/qresearch/1953786, >>>/qresearch/1953816 Obama's At Fund Raiser events

>>>/qresearch/1953778, >>>/qresearch/1953862 Information On David Brock's Shareblue

>>>/qresearch/1953811 Children's Guild Started In DC Same Year As MKUltra

>>>/qresearch/1954095 Children's Guild Founder Also Founded Upside Down Child Charity

>>>/qresearch/1953866 Venezuelan Military Seizes Water Supplies

>>>/qresearch/1953984 U.S. Russia Summit Deal Reached

>>>/qresearch/1954004 Q's Post, Also A Reminder To Archive

>>>/qresearch/1954022 James Woods Trolling

>>>/qresearch/1953986 Delaware Signs Firearms Confiscation Law

>>>/qresearch/1954417 #2463


#2466 >>>/qresearch/1956764 #2466

>>>/qresearch/1956094 DECLAS: King chases Rosenstein around question he didn’t want to answer

>>>/qresearch/1956256 AZ Patriots organizing Q float for July 4th parade

>>>/qresearch/1956285 Russian election interference docs to be turned over to Congress by July 6th

>>>/qresearch/1956317 FBI tweets re: death of Special Agent Brian L. Crews; 9/11 link

>>>/qresearch/1956325 FBI publication: study of pre-attack behavior of US active shooters between 2000-2013

>>>/qresearch/1956489 Amazon “PillPack” purchase to make Amazon part of Big Pharma; Loop Capital link

>>>/qresearch/1956496 Liberal pundits demand any Trump SCOTUS nominee be stopped

>>>/qresearch/1956499 ; >>>/qresearch/1956521 ; >>>/qresearch/1956529 ; >>>/qresearch/1956537 ; >>>/qresearch/1956554 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/1956501 DJT wants to announce SCOTUS nominee by July 11th

>>>/qresearch/1956523 Virginia Tech shooter therapist dig

>>>/qresearch/1956615 Police warned multiple times about Annapolis shooter suspect

>>>/qresearch/1956644 DOJ announces new immigration compliance requirements for FY 2018 grants

>>>/qresearch/1956676 Gamergate info repository

>>>/qresearch/1956717 Spreadsheet update

>>>/qresearch/1956725 Reuters editor apologizes, may face discipline after blaming Annapolis shooting on DJT

>>>/qresearch/1956751 Dig into Randolph family, connection to HRC

#2465 >>>/qresearch/1956030 D.B. Cooper, Infamous Skyjacker of 1972, Back in the News for Some Reason

>>>/qresearch/1955941 Mental Health Facilities For Children: Intermountain of Boise 2007/8 Horror Show

>>>/qresearch/1955966 Digg on Boston Bombing Tsarnaev brothers: Therapists, Freemason/Shriners, and LE

>>>/qresearch/1955774 Money-laundering Scumbag David Brock InfoGraphics

>>>/qresearch/1955746 Own Medicine Time: Rosenstein Blasts GOP Congressmen for DOJ Leaks

>>>/qresearch/1955737, >>>/qresearch/1955970 Planefag Updates: US Missile Defense Gulfstream N74B & 178B & N779LC

>>>/qresearch/1955731 Russia and China Clearly Jealous of Space Force, Eyes the Final Frontier

>>>/qresearch/1955692, >>>/qresearch/1955788 Migrant Boat Capsized Off The Coast of Libya, 100 Missing

>>>/qresearch/1955671 Aurora Shooter James Holmes Sent Notebook of Plan To His Psychiatrist

>>>/qresearch/1955574, >>>/qresearch/1955721 Pope Accepts Resignations, 2 Chilean Priests for Sex Abuse

>>>/qresearch/1955545 Oil Tanker Explodes in Nigeria, 9 Dead, 54 Cars Burned

>>>/qresearch/1955511 If Hillary/Dems Laundered $84M In 2016, They Should Face Justice

>>>/qresearch/1955497 Trolling Dems: 'Republicans Are Forbidden' Nazi-Style Posters in LA

>>>/qresearch/1955483 Bali Volcano Erupts, 75k Tourists Stranded, Flights Cancelled

>>>/qresearch/1955451 Record Heat in UK: Water Warnings Issued (Watch the Water?)

>>>/qresearch/1955437 Billionaire lib Tom Steyer joins Soros backing Florida Dem for gov'nr

>>>/qresearch/1955374, >>>/qresearch/1955461 JetBlue is majority run by George Soros ++ Open Society

>>>/qresearch/1955367 Moar Sauce on the 2016 Erik Prince Weiner Laptop Breitbart I'view

>>>/qresearch/1955364 Reviewing DC Snipers John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo

>>>/qresearch/1955319 Kek, petition started for WH to declare yea/nay on QAnon

>>>/qresearch/1955379 #Walkaway at 800 tweets/hr, "How can you not love MAGA people?"

#2464 >>>/qresearch/1955235 #2464 NIBL (Notibles In Bread L'''ist)


#2468 (*) >>>/qresearch/1958178 Truthbomb From an Anon

>>>/qresearch/1957739, >>>/qresearch/1957792, >>>/qresearch/1958317 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1958215 Twitter Outages

>>>/qresearch/1958113 Senate Passes Bill to Legalize Hemp (the-hill)

>>>/qresearch/1958021 Steve King's grilling of RR

>>>/qresearch/1957903 Canada to Dunp International Climate Change Pact

>>>/qresearch/1957757 , >>>/qresearch/1957861 SwampDrainer twitter suspended

>>>/qresearch/1957735 Hussein fundraiser last night, Harbor Tools, AMI Kids

>>>/qresearch/1957705 Attacking FLOTUS , Dems being Hypocrites again

>>>/qresearch/1957699 Going after Kushner

#2468 >>>/qresearch/1958215 Twitter Outages

>>>/qresearch/1958113 Senate Passes Bill to Legalize Hemp (the-hill)

>>>/qresearch/1958021 Steve King's grilling of RR

>>>/qresearch/1957903 Canada to Dunp International Climate Change Pact

>>>/qresearch/1957757 , >>>/qresearch/1957861 SwampDrainer twitter suspended

>>>/qresearch/1957735 Hussein fundraiser last night, Harbor Tools, AMI Kids

>>>/qresearch/1957705 Attacking FLOTUS , Dems being Hypocrites again

>>>/qresearch/1957699 Going after Kushner

#2467 >>>/qresearch/1956915 Pentagon relocates US Army HQ from Seoul after 70+ years

>>>/qresearch/1956930 Dig on the Reuters editor; links to Sandy Hook

>>>/qresearch/1956948 ; >>>/qresearch/1957020 FBI Records Vault: Southern Poverty Law Center

>>>/qresearch/1956954 Hussein to Dems: “You are right to be concerned”

>>>/qresearch/1957005 Himmler’s daughter dead at 88; revealed to have been a spy for West Germany

>>>/qresearch/1957035 JA tweets photo comparison; implies DJT and JA are cousins

>>>/qresearch/1957105 Former ICE chief sentenced to four years in prison

>>>/qresearch/1957124 Former CFO of Bankrate Inc. pleads guilty to orchestrating fraud scheme

>>>/qresearch/1957143 Ramos and proximity to ACIDD, a mental health org.

>>>/qresearch/1957149 ; >>>/qresearch/1957277 Publication of Global Magnitsky Sanctions Regulations

>>>/qresearch/1957271 U-Colorado Denver considers removing the word “liberal” from mission statement

>>>/qresearch/1957279 Michael Moore: “put our bodies on the line” to stop Trump

>>>/qresearch/1957336 French police foil Operational Forces Action group cell

>>>/qresearch/1957488 ; >>>/qresearch/1957517 On Frank Olson and Deep Dream

>>>/qresearch/1957552 Macron plans compulsory French military service “for social cohesion”

>>>/qresearch/1957554 Lloyd’s of London’s first female CEO to leave in 2019

>>>/qresearch/1957571 Attack on HQ of G5 Sahel force in Mali

>>>/qresearch/1957531 #2467 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


#2470 >>>/qresearch/1959189 Refugee Children Stone Prince WIlliam's Car After Visit

>>>/qresearch/1959195 Telecommunications Outages Map, >>>/qresearch/1959223

>>>/qresearch/1959224 School bus accident on NJ Turnpike ("According to police, the bus driver stated the brakes locked, causing the bus to accelerate and lose control.")

>>>/qresearch/1959226 ".. ask not what your country can do for you–ask what you can do for your country."

>>>/qresearch/1959245 Toppest Of Keks

>>>/qresearch/1959258 Pandawatch

>>>/qresearch/1959262 Canadian Backstrikes

>>>/qresearch/1959281 Comcast Is Experiencing Outages, >>>/qresearch/1959278

>>>/qresearch/1959291 Busting Down The Bad Apples

>>>/qresearch/1959334 Therpist Dig

>>>/qresearch/1959336 Hamfags : 7.295

>>>/qresearch/1959344 Reuters Editors Will Be Disciplined

>>>/qresearch/1959367 Rudy Giuliani Blasts Obama’s Failed Iran Policy – Trashes WaPo as “Useless Paper”

>>>/qresearch/1959406 Obama's Executive Order 13603

>>>/qresearch/1959429 Dig on San Antonio: Sheryl Scully

>>>/qresearch/1959460 Watch Nancy Pelosi Stumble

>>>/qresearch/1959562 Hillary Calls For ‘Strength’ To Resist Trump

>>>/qresearch/1959577 APA {American Psychological Association} & CIA , >>>/qresearch/1959824, >>>/qresearch/1959672 DSM Digs[Psychotherapist's Talmud]

>>>/qresearch/1959583 Obama is moping

>>>/qresearch/1959617 Kirsten Gillibrand: First Senator To Call For ICE To Be Abolished, >>>/qresearch/1959862 Bill De Blaise Too

>>>/qresearch/1959719 24 MS-13 Members Facing Federal Indictment

>>>/qresearch/1959888 #2471 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


>>>/qresearch/1959207 Planefag Updates, >>>/qresearch/1959209, >>>/qresearch/1959264, >>>/qresearch/1959707, >>>/qresearch/1959773

>>>/qresearch/1959247 ADSBex history on 2-RBTS >>>/qresearch/1959264, >>>/qresearch/1959271, >>>/qresearch/1959295, >>>/qresearch/1959347, >>>/qresearch/1959403, >>>/qresearch/1959422, >>>/qresearch/1959443


>>>/qresearch/1959181 POTUS Tweets on Capital Gazette shooting, >>>/qresearch/1959122, >>>/qresearch/1959230 Delta Marker [7]

>>>/qresearch/1959186 New Trump Background, >>>/qresearch/1959194 Full Pic

>>>/qresearch/1959289 Potus Tweets: 6 MILLION workers have received bonuses, pay raises and retirement account contributions

#2469 >>>/qresearch/1958972 Ban Abortion!!

>>>/qresearch/1958957 SHOCKING! Protests Escalate in IRAN – THOUSANDS of Protesters BEAT POLICE in Street

>>>/qresearch/1958917, >>>/qresearch/1959004 ACIDD MARYLAND DIG

>>>/qresearch/1958907 NSA Quietly Deletes Years Of Illegally Collected Wiretap Data

>>>/qresearch/1958857, >>>/qresearch/1958445, >>>/qresearch/1958463, >>>/qresearch/1958870, >>>/qresearch/1958920, >>>/qresearch/1958934 www. Irregularities?

>>>/qresearch/1958750, >>>/qresearch/1958767, >>>/qresearch/1958800, >>>/qresearch/1958864 David Brock Dig

>>>/qresearch/1958678 US Charges Over 600 "Despicable, Greedy People" In Multi-Billion Dollar Healthcare Fraud

>>>/qresearch/1958469 Here’s a one-word piece of advice for America’s growing socialist left: Venezuela

>>>/qresearch/1958448, >>>/qresearch/1958755 Treasury IRS Announce Postcard Size Form 1040 for Next Year

>>>/qresearch/1958417 Warroom Incoming!!

>>>/qresearch/1958410, >>>/qresearch/1958754, >>>/qresearch/1958969, >>>/qresearch/1958983 PlaneFag Updates


#2472 >>>/qresearch/1960750 811: Autists Activate, >>>/qresearch/1960794

>>>/qresearch/1960760 Remember that moustache guy next to Obama on the couch?

>>>/qresearch/1960762 Is this Q General or what?

>>>/qresearch/1960782 Tweetstorm WHO IS #QANON, >>>/qresearch/1961035

>>>/qresearch/1960865 [RR]'s Wife: Lisa Baresoomian

>>>/qresearch/1960875 POTUS Easy To Reach For Callers: Prank Caller Connected Through To Air Force ONCE

>>>/qresearch/1960941 Lucky Dog Jr.

>>>/qresearch/1960973 John Pentecosts tweets about UA flight 1600, PHX to EWR, suddenly braking during takeoff+

>>>/qresearch/1960986 Jarred Ramos Vs W. Zak Shirley → DLA Piper → CF

>>>/qresearch/1960959 (You) Raw Notables archive #1 - #1705

>>>/qresearch/1960963 Chessfags - I have a K-35R tanker call sign PAWN75 nesr Sacramento / Carson City.

>>>/qresearch/1961032 Ding Ding Ding

>>>/qresearch/1961038 Speaking of RIMPACS

>>>/qresearch/1961053 kekok

>>>/qresearch/1961223 FBI agent had attitude in closed door Capitol Hill sit-down: sources

>>>/qresearch/1961274 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1961301 Eric Braverman, brief CEO of Clinton Foundation, Is likely singing

>>>/qresearch/1961353 CDAN on Politicians

>>>/qresearch/1961371 Watch the water : The Aral Sea

>>>/qresearch/1961467 #2472 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

#2471 >>>/qresearch/1959974 BE THE LIGHT!

>>>/qresearch/1960022 Pence Pressed Ecuadorian president on country's protection of Julian Assange

>>>/qresearch/1960031 2 Psychoraping Douchebags: Psychologists Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell

>>>/qresearch/1960032 Comcast confirms Cable Cord Cut by Partner: Nationwide Outages

>>>/qresearch/1960033 Anon Conncets: Social Media Exposes Young Minds, Therapists Contact them, Groom them, Exploit them and Use them for Their Sinister Purposes.

>>>/qresearch/1960040 Passed Deadline: German Coalition Leader Challenges Merkel on Immigration. Threatens collapsing government.

>>>/qresearch/1960086 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1960088 The Mystery Of NÆture, >>>/qresearch/1960180, >>>/qresearch/1960351

>>>/qresearch/1960166 Italy Interior Minister Salvini to keep ports closed to NGO ships all summer

>>>/qresearch/1960185 Syngenta Board Changes

>>>/qresearch/1960291 Gen Nakasone Tweet

>>>/qresearch/1960398 EU Reaches Deal On Migration, Strengthens External Borders

>>>/qresearch/1960414 UNtitled flight abort takeoff on flight From Phoenix to Newark..

>>>/qresearch/1960437 #GenDunford met w/ his #Israeli counterpart, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, today.

>>>/qresearch/1960524 Another Flynn delay

>>>/qresearch/1960532 More Lines Cut

>>>/qresearch/1960541 SpaceX rocket launches to Intl Space Station with AI on board

>>>/qresearch/1960583 Freemason Chief Denies Allegations

>>>/qresearch/1960602 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1960612 RIMPAC Submarines . . ?

>>>/qresearch/1960635 Hawaii

>>>/qresearch/1960643 US, Turkey & F-35 Deal.. BAD!

>>>/qresearch/1960658 [HRC] compares herself to Churchill

>>>/qresearch/1960688 #2471 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


#2476 >>>/qresearch/1964211 Sandra O'Neil, pretty anonymous on the webs

>>>/qresearch/1951745 Sandra O'Neil complaint documents (psych refused to show shooter treatment records)

>>>/qresearch/1964323 , >>>/qresearch/1963922 Poster graphic with QR code to QAnon.pub

>>>/qresearch/1964316 Indictments unsealed

>>>/qresearch/1964177 Eric Holder Demands a Halt To Investigations Into FISA Abuse, Spygate

>>>/qresearch/1964046 , >>>/qresearch/1964092, >>>/qresearch/1964126 Is @POTUS_Schedule an official account or not?

>>>/qresearch/1964025 Psych in care of shooter had complaint. Sandra O'Neil DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/1964014 Baptist charity being paid millions to shelter child migrants

>>>/qresearch/1963956 QPost and CTBB, the stock name of Century Link (Comcast outage)

>>>/qresearch/1963946 Comcast blames widespread service outage on cut fiber line

>>>/qresearch/1963915 Fact Check on 'Girl from the Bronx’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

>>>/qresearch/1963824 Q said "Mistake made, filing error" Lawfags DIG CALL

#2475 >>>/qresearch/1963536 Opioids: 601 medical pros charged in $2billion health "care" fraud

>>>/qresearch/1963666 Billboards Promoting 4Chan Conspiracy‘QAnon’ Pop Up Across US (Snopes)

>>>/qresearch/1962712 Russia's view on Nato & Trump / Putin meeting (opinion)

>>>/qresearch/1963221 Massive DOJ operation leads to the arrests of illicit Darknet vendors

>>>/qresearch/1963610 , >>>/qresearch/1963325 NEW QProof Side-by-Sides: "We are the majority"

>>>/qresearch/1963114 Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Ajit Pai's Family

>>>/qresearch/1963221 Notable results from ICE

>>>/qresearch/1963124 , >>>/qresearch/1963244 Pepelangelo

>>>/qresearch/1963185 Nunes wants to talk to EVERYONE

>>>/qresearch/1963158 Beware of QR codes, tool to check them & QR code for QProofs.com

#2474 >>>/qresearch/1962749 Twenty-Four Alleged MS-13 Members Facing Federal Indictmen

>>>/qresearch/1962645 Twitter Storm - All Hands on Deck

>>>/qresearch/1962608 Prepare for break-up of Nato, EU leaders are told

>>>/qresearch/1962587 NXIVM, Lucifer, Raniere, Mack & Kirsten Gillibrand

>>>/qresearch/1962564 Nunes calls for testimony from 17 FBI, DOJ officials

>>>/qresearch/1962514 Supreme Court Justice nominee coming July 9

>>>/qresearch/1962429 , >>>/qresearch/1962434 , >>>/qresearch/1962487 Loop Capital, MSU, Magic Johnson & Madonna

>>>/qresearch/1962328 What did Obama mean by 'Church basement' & 'Cold Pizza'?

>>>/qresearch/1962320 Disgraced ex-doctor Larry Nassar charged with sexually assaulting children

>>>/qresearch/1962156 Italian Government May Seek Restrictions on Secret Societies

#2473 >>>/qresearch/1962119 , >>>/qresearch/1962124 Planefag notable re 2-RBTS planes & the Panama Papers

>>>/qresearch/1961976 Congressman on Judiciary Committee accuses RR of spying on him

>>>/qresearch/1961969 Goodlatte: Peter Strzok Refused to Testify About Any Talks with Fusion GPS

>>>/qresearch/1961966 Anon adds Qanon.pub to Walmart, Best Buy and the Apple store

>>>/qresearch/1961945 AG Sessions Is Rewriting Asylum Regulations

>>>/qresearch/1961898 New rallying call for 2020 Democrats: 'Abolish ICE'

>>>/qresearch/1961867 #AmericaIn3Words trending US No1. Hijack for use with 'Who is #QAnon'

>>>/qresearch/1961833 House Republicans probe HHS office in charge of migrant children

>>>/qresearch/1961794 What's wrong with Nancy?

>>>/qresearch/1961714 Aide to Calif. state attorney accused of running an occult police force

>>>/qresearch/1961699 Democratic IT Aid says Imran Awan Solicited Bribe

>>>/qresearch/1961592 Comcast outage nationwide


#2480 >>>/qresearch/1967628 111 Days from July 4th, Gonna be a lot of Booms!

>>>/qresearch/1967633 Texasfags to fly 40,000 American flags, one at every home, on 4th of July

>>>/qresearch/1967264 Anyone want to digg on Great Mills High School (MD) shooter Austin Wyatt Rollins?

>>>/qresearch/1967192 UCLA Prof, 47, 'sudden death during mummification bondage' in sex dungeon at Hollywood exec's

>>>/qresearch/1967142 Kirsten Gillibrand: Trump’s Supreme Court Could ‘Criminalize Women

>>>/qresearch/1967099 Goodlatte I'view: We're going to restore the reputation of the FBI

>>>/qresearch/1967092 Moar diggs on Phoenician Goddess Tanis and Davis Connection

>>>/qresearch/1967085 Sore Loser Hillary Clinton Works to Block President Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

>>>/qresearch/1967065 Manafort assistant gave FBI access to storage locker: testimony

>>>/qresearch/1967054 6/21 Nat'l Enquirer claims Madelene McCann NOT kidnapped by Podestas. ORLY?

>>>/qresearch/1967046 Hillary lying evil withch: 'What is more uncivil and cruel than taking children away?'

>>>/qresearch/1967043 Israel Refuses to Accept Syrian Asylum Seekers, Defense Minister Says

>>>/qresearch/1967025 Help for iPad users on posting/using the board

>>>/qresearch/1967014 LaRaza board mbr CEO Southwest Key Migrant Housing: $1b funds, 200 violations

>>>/qresearch/1966993, >>>/qresearch/1967086 Alice themed, Side-by-side and other assorted Clockfagdom

>>>/qresearch/1966990, >>>/qresearch/1967186 Moar Trump guys Confirmed: Gen. Miller Afghan. Adm. Harris Korea

>>>/qresearch/1966969 Soros Open Society "Intersex" Promo Vid: Symbolism Their Downfall?

>>>/qresearch/1967671 #2480 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

#2479 >>>/qresearch/1966384 Obama offers Democrats tough love ahead of midterms: 'Enough moping'

>>>/qresearch/1966333 Museum of Pizza Coming to NYC 10/18??

>>>/qresearch/1966303 For the NewFags, Understand What We are Up Against and understand THIS

>>>/qresearch/1966294 Moar Therapist Digs

>>>/qresearch/1966267, >>>/qresearch/1966361 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1966209 Anon correlates "White Squall" with Q

>>>/qresearch/1966205 Vid applicable to "Car Crashing Near Presidential Motorcade in Springfield brakes went out what an unfortunate coincidence…" (lb Notables)

#2478 >>>/qresearch/1965843 Homeland Security Investigations part of ICE

>>>/qresearch/1965836 Car Crashing Near Presidential Motorcade in Springfield brakes went out

what an unfortunate coincidence…

>>>/qresearch/1965633 Moar Digging Needed

>>>/qresearch/1965600 Trump admin likely to detain migrant families for months during immigration proceedings

>>>/qresearch/1965573 Fox News Playing In Airport Terminals (CNN BTFO)

>>>/qresearch/1965545, >>>/qresearch/1965747 CTBB Dig

>>>/qresearch/1965522 Suicide Second-Leading Cause of Death Among Anne Arundel Youths (Why is Anne Arundel ringing a bell? Just asking, BTW)

>>>/qresearch/1965501 NSA wipes its records of phone calls, texts collected by telecom companies (I notable'd this once already today, but really noteworthy!!)

>>>/qresearch/ 1965497 >>>/qresearch/1965695 More Therapist Digs

>>>/qresearch/1965478 Good Graphic Relating to Mr. (Indicted) Joel Davis

#2477 >>>/qresearch/1965274 Ramos: Is this where the error lies?

>>>/qresearch/1965094 Sandra O'Neil's org is a "LAA" Local Addictions Authority

>>>/qresearch/1965153 SAA and Russia advancing fast on Israeli occupied Golan Heights

>>>/qresearch/1965168 Top Kek 0Hour, is that all you've got?

>>>/qresearch/1965142 CTBB dig (QPost & Comcast outage, #2475 notables)

>>>/qresearch/1965116 , >>>/qresearch/1965117 , >>>/qresearch/1965210 Therapists: Kathy "Mind-Eraser" Miller

>>>/qresearch/1965072 4th of July Alice in Wonderland connections

>>>/qresearch/1964775 Q linked to @POTUS_Schedule on 06.13.18, same day as "Castle" -> Acct verified by Q

>>>/qresearch/1964769 , >>>/qresearch/1964786, >>>/qresearch/1964795 Sandra O'Neil works for Anne Arundel County Circuit Courts

>>>/qresearch/1964732 David Surman being charged with possession of WMD

>>>/qresearch/1964456 , >>>/qresearch/1964659, >>>/qresearch/1964606 , >>>/qresearch/1964683 Sandra O'Neil: Details


#2481 >>>/qresearch/1968403 Trump and extended fam head to NJ golf club for some much needed R&R

>>>/qresearch/1968280 Leaked data reveals many police departments are unable to respond in an active shooter situation.

>>>/qresearch/1968276 Damascus Government And Free Syrian Army Are About To Reach Fully-Fledged Reconciliation Agreement

>>>/qresearch/1967921, >>>/qresearch/1968268 Keeping tabs on Canadian Child Rapist (alleged) Peter Dalglish’s Court Proceedings

>>>/qresearch/1968254 Hispanic Caucus Welcomes Ocasio-Cortez With Open Arms, but Maybe Not Her Entire Platform

>>>/qresearch/1968187 Snowden biting the hand that feeds him, calls Russian government 'corrupt'

>>>/qresearch/1968152, >>>/qresearch/1968169 Lefties already gearing up to countersignal Trump's SCOTUS picks. Yawn.

>>>/qresearch/1968117 Chimes has shady mental health professionals, schools for autists, and a restaurant.

>>>/qresearch/1968006 Digg: Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Goog) and wife WENDY's Schmidt Family Foundation.

>>>/qresearch/1968005 Cranking up the disinfo just as Q said they would: NK increasing nukes wut?

>>>/qresearch/1968004 UN chief again calls for end to military ops in south Syria

>>>/qresearch/1967984 Raleigh NC surgeon drives 150 mph into tree, dies. Wife perplexed.

>>>/qresearch/1967943 Moar intel on Sandra O'Neill and Kathy Miller

>>>/qresearch/1967936 How Big Pharma Was Captured by the One Percent

>>>/qresearch/1967910 Malaysia considers amending human trafficking law after U.S. report

>>>/qresearch/1967895 Oh so NOW they're talking about cell bio discoveries that prevent cancer?

>>>/qresearch/1967884 Muh money: Bitcoin bloodbath nears dot-com levels as many tokens go to zero

>>>/qresearch/1967870 FBI Refusing to Give Congress Material Re: Loretta Lynch Interfering in Clinton Investigation

>>>/qresearch/1967824 AllYourDataAreBelongToUs: "RAMpage" in Android Devices Since 2012 "to get administrative control"

>>>/qresearch/1967820 Hey fake new, Y'fired: Reporter resigns after false tweet that Maryland shooter had MAGA hat

>>>/qresearch/1967796 Because even the most hurried notables-scanning anons enjoy James Woods tweets

>>>/qresearch/1967783 Repub TX Rep. Louie Gohmert believes Rosenstein's Goons Are Spying on his Office

>>>/qresearch/1967777 'Unimpressed': Trump Sends EU Leaders Warning Letters Ahead of NATO Summit

>>>/qresearch/1967766 Former US official dismisses fear of New Zealand forced out of Five Eyes over China ties

>>>/qresearch/1967787, 1967795 Pentagon eyes leaving Germany, Q: Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]

>>>/qresearch/1968430 #2481 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

He was the wizard of a thousand kings

and I chanced to meet him one night wandering.

He told me tales, and he drank my wine

me and my magic man kinda feelin' fine.

He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire

and as he spoke I felt a deep desire

to free the world from it's fear and pain

and help the people to feel free again.

Why don't we listen to the voices in our hearts

'cause then I know we'd find that we're not so far apart.

Everybody's got to be happy. Everyone should sing

for we know the joy of life, the peace that love can bring.

So spoke the wizard in his mountain home.

The vision of his wisdom means we'll never be alone.

And I will dream of my magic night

And the million silver stars that guide me with their light.


#2483 >>>/qresearch/1969922 Comey Conflicts

>>>/qresearch/1969859 5000 inventions in limbo & under “secrecy orders” at US Patent Office

>>>/qresearch/1969889 FBI Investigates Netflix Child Porn

>>>/qresearch/1969738 Hillary is Back with Demand Justice, a leftist 501(c)(4)

>>>/qresearch/1969319 Anti Lynching Bill

>>>/qresearch/1969565 Butthurt Amabassador Resigns

>>>/qresearch/1969502 , >>>/qresearch/1969631 , >>>/qresearch/1969747 , >>>/qresearch/1969754 , >>>/qresearch/1969771 Habbenings in support of Iranian Resistance

>>>/qresearch/1969466 , >>>/qresearch/1969478 Q Billboard SS

>>>/qresearch/1969401 , >>>/qresearch/1969458 Potus Tweets 9th SC ann, Saud Oil (Missing o)

>>>/qresearch/1969379 Sex Trafficking Arrests

>>>/qresearch/1969314 Superconductor Breakthrough

>>>/qresearch/1969320 , >>>/qresearch/1969486 , >>>/qresearch/1969717 , >>>/qresearch/1969793 , >>>/qresearch/1969861 Plane Fag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1969308 , >>>/qresearch/1969531 , >>>/qresearch/1969542 , >>>/qresearch/1969558 , >>>/qresearch/1969618 , >>>/qresearch/1969765 Chem Trails EU as well as US, various

#2482 >>>/qresearch/1969225 Net neutrality backer charged for threatening FCC chief's children

>>>/qresearch/1969218 Tart Texas talker gets serious consideration as potential successor to Justice Kennedy

>>>/qresearch/1969216 Treasury, IRS Announce Development of Postcard-Size Form 1040 for 2019

>>>/qresearch/1969204 Moar resignations: US ambassador to Estonia resigns 'over Trump comments'

>>>/qresearch/1969199 Trump's crank call John Melendez's twitter. Yikes.

>>>/qresearch/1969166 Trying to combat our sleeping Ginsburg memes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg planking goes viral

>>>/qresearch/1969160, >>>/qresearch/1969178 Trump Tweets: Missing 'o' in Prices to/o high and two 15min. deltas

>>>/qresearch/1969088 Spain's Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, Met with Soros (Translated from Spanish)

>>>/qresearch/1969077 Start your morning with a POTUS tweet trolling Dems. Trump never rests.

>>>/qresearch/1969033 Aussie crazy man: one does not simply 28 hour siege

>>>/qresearch/1969026 Sarah Sanders bullying press? This guy writes for Playboy: "YOU'RE A PARENT, SARAH!"

>>>/qresearch/1969029, 1969046 Traitor Kerry: Trump Risks War By Exiting Iran Nuclear Deal. MSM: "Ooh, Savage!"

>>>/qresearch/1969027 "No Gaza, No Lebanon, I Sacrifice My Life For Iran"-Iranians Protesting

>>>/qresearch/1968979, >>>/qresearch/1968981 Moar on Chimes, a large Baltimore charity serving the mentally disabled

>>>/qresearch/1968996 Sen. Mike Lee On Repealing Obama Era "Waters of the United States" Rule & EPA powers

>>>/qresearch/1968988 List of 10 Mass Shooters in Colorado, Denver Metro Area, by date (wikipedia)

>>>/qresearch/1968881 Has ET Gone Home? UFO Sightings Slump

>>>/qresearch/1968815, >>>/qresearch/1968820, >>>/qresearch/1968991, >>>/qresearch/1968998, >>>/qresearch/1969013 >>>/qresearch/1969022, >>>/qresearch/1969049, >>>/qresearch/1969114, >>>/qresearch/1969123, >>>/qresearch/1969127, >>>/qresearch/1969137, >>>/qresearch/1969143, >>>/qresearch/1969149 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/1968808 Poor Rod Rosenstein Felt ‘Used’ In James Comey’s Firing.

>>>/qresearch/1968792 Fired FBI Director James Comey Refuses to Shut Up: Pushes Gun Control, Bashes NRA

>>>/qresearch/1968783 Sex traffickers routinely exploit prison system to recruit vulnerable women into sex work

>>>/qresearch/1968743 Lavrov says Russia not planning to discuss Snowden during Putin-Trump talks

>>>/qresearch/1968726 What It Costs to Be Smuggled Across the U.S. Border (fails to mention that not coming is FREE)

>>>/qresearch/1968717 Meme of the Night (Week? Month?): Emo Jima

>>>/qresearch/1968715 A Lighter but Substantive Coverage of Rosenstein Hearings: Bombard's Body Language

>>>/qresearch/1968678, >>>/qresearch/1968702 Pics of POTUS, FLOTUS and Barron Heading Out to the Jersey Shore for R&R

>>>/qresearch/1968570 Based Hungarian military to buy 20 new helicopters: MTI news agency. Can't imagine why.

>>>/qresearch/1968519 Animated Gowdy Annihilates Rosenstein, Wray: ‘You Have More Bias Than I Have Ever Seen

>>>/qresearch/1968517 The President's plan on re-organizing the federal government (132 pages)

>>>/qresearch/1968508, >>>/qresearch/1969048 UK spine stiffens: Locals unite and chase out "grooming gang" members from Leeds.


#2488 >>>/qresearch/1973202 CBP rescues an abandoned 6 year old

>>>/qresearch/1973344 Michael Moore: Trump and supporters are :Relentless Motherf*uckers"(TRUE)

>>>/qresearch/1973426 Anon's baking Tips

>>>/qresearch/1973443 POTUS: D's want to abolish "all police"

>>>/qresearch/1973515 >>>/qresearch/1973871 Qclock :36 marker

>>>/qresearch/1973557 Info on Ocasio-Cortez

>>>/qresearch/1973606 "Post-West world order" being shaped

>>>/qresearch/1973728 WaPo says rising wages for truckers are an "Economic Threat"

>>>/qresearch/1973760 >>>/qresearch/1973865 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1973846 HRC a stuttering mess

>>>/qresearch/1973906 Reminder of shill tactic discussion thread

>>>/qresearch/1973215 Q's missing letters: OFS theory;

>>>/qresearch/1973283 FIBER CABLE related?

>>>/qresearch/1973815 rt >>>/qresearch/1973737 ----- It will not be Gowdy.

>>>/qresearch/1973688 rt >>>/qresearch/1973567 ----- Think SC vote to confirm (coming).

>>>/qresearch/1973527 rt >>>/qresearch/1973514 ----- Think logically. Ask yourself - is this normal?

>>>/qresearch/1973514 ———————- Think logically. Ask yourself - is this normal?

#2487 >>>/qresearch/1972951 Rocket bursts into flames after liftoff in Japan

>>>/qresearch/1972922 Dubs of truth. Put concisely.

>>>/qresearch/1972488, >>>/qresearch/1972536 PlaneFag Updates

#2486 >>>/qresearch/1972125 Dig on Strzok, Moar Digging Needed on Father?

>>>/qresearch/1971870 Delta [69] days on the video Q posted

>>>/qresearch/1971833, >>>/qresearch/1971934, >>>/qresearch/1971981, >>>/qresearch/1972014 ITFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1971736, >>>/qresearch/1972028, >>>/qresearch/1972130, >>>/qresearch/1972278 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1971716 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dig Yields PIZZA and Other Connections

>>>/qresearch/1971687, >>>/qresearch/1971687, >>>/qresearch/1972178 Moar Digging Needed Ohio Soros

#2485 >>>/qresearch/1971484, >>>/qresearch/1971501, >>>/qresearch/1970927 Brand of Sacrifice?

>>>/qresearch/1971410 Great response to Shill Takei sharing crap post about tax cuts hurting americans. Fitting for the bread title!

>>>/qresearch/1971291 Pedophilia author Jodie Delight for sale on amazon

>>>/qresearch/1971148 Alec Baldwin Foundation Sharing "Q The Plan to Save the World" Video as a Joke

>>>/qresearch/1971189 Nazis - Freemasonry - CIA - Project Paperclip - Project MK Ultra - Project Monarch

>>>/qresearch/1971183 Laura Loomer Twatted the "Q The Plan to Save the World" Video, Recommended Watch!!

>>>/qresearch/1971171 Possible Notable Military Info

>>>/qresearch/1970956 Decoding the Trump Twats From POTUS Early AM

>>>/qresearch/1970849 - JFK / White Squall Connects To $95M Island For Sale

>>>/qresearch/1970897 A Conspiracy Theorist Found My Instagram Account "Phillip Crowther" @phillipinDC

>>>/qresearch/1970869, >>>/qresearch/1970875, >>>/qresearch/1970953, >>>/qresearch/1971216, >>>/qresearch/1971258, >>>/qresearch/1971295, >>>/qresearch/1971327, >>>/qresearch/1971442 PlaneFag Updates

#2484 >>>/qresearch/1970581, >>>/qresearch/1970692 (not NameFag) Great Info NameFag… INTERNET OUTRAGE ANALYSIS


>>>/qresearch/1970489, >>>/qresearch/1970555, >>>/qresearch/1970596 Does everyone know what's been going on in e-stonia???

>>>/qresearch/1970436, >>>/qresearch/1970481 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/1970147 German Archive Anon Update


#2492 >>>/qresearch/1976368 A restaurant company in Vancouver is under attack for firing a manager who 86'd a customer for wearing a MAGA hat.

>>>/qresearch/1976426 it's beautiful Anon. Absolutely beautiful.. I wish fatherAnon could see.

>>>/qresearch/1976452, >>>/qresearch/1976544 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1976808 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/1976827 Denied, You shall not pass

#2491 >>>/qresearch/1975518 Loud projection from actor Tim Robbins

>>>/qresearch/1975519 Democratic Process: 133 Politicians Murdered in Runup to Sunday Mexico Vote

>>>/qresearch/1975552 Welcome to the world Babyanon

>>>/qresearch/1975664, >>>/qresearch/1976051, >>>/qresearch/1976180 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1975802 U.S. Secret Service Agents Show Up At The Door Of Comedian Who Crank-Called Trump On Air Force One

>>>/qresearch/1975845 NYpost: The myth of Obama’s ‘disappearance’

#2490 >>>/qresearch/1974997, >>>/qresearch/1975164, >>>/qresearch/1975179, >>>/qresearch/1975219, >>>/qresearch/1975251 Planefag Reports and notes

>>>/qresearch/1974728 Trump predicts electoral doom for Democrats with ‘abolish ICE’ push: ‘They’re going to get beaten so badly

>>>/qresearch/1974769, >>>/qresearch/1974956 More connections for POTUS tweet today

>>>/qresearch/1974912, >>>/qresearch/1975202 Book of Q Proofs is finished

>>>/qresearch/1974974 SIDE BY SIDE ABOUT Q'S CRUMB ABOUT DAVID BROCK AND, well, shills basically

>>>/qresearch/1974995, >>>/qresearch/1975078, >>>/qresearch/1975124 Global Affairs Canada Statement: Disconnect From Realities on the Ground in Syria, Tacit Endorsement of Al Qaeda

>>>/qresearch/1975036 Trump Is Right – Mueller and His Team Have Massive Conflicts of Interest – a Comprehensive List

>>>/qresearch/1974884, >>>/qresearch/1974914, GLADIO False Flag Terrorism 2018: Spate Of European Arson Fires Are All Connected On Purpose

>>>/qresearch/1975091 Have you heard about Q tweet fodder

>>>/qresearch/1975151 Trump says he’ll bring up election meddling with Putin

>>>/qresearch/1975183 Solzhenitsyn's Forceful Condemnation of Jewish Influence on the Russian People

>>>/qresearch/1975168 The ultimate question is actually:

>>>/qresearch/1975227 "Obama is doing far more to shape the political landscape than is visible.

>>>/qresearch/1975233 REFRESH "So many people completely unaware of who Our POTUS has been throughout his life, never changing. VID

>>>/qresearch/1975187 Once upon a time, a man saw a rat try to scurry across the room.

>>>/qresearch/1975276 LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Attends Lunatic Abolish ICE Protest – Gets BOOED OFF STAGE

>>>/qresearch/1975298 Pennsylvania - Pedo Teacher Charged for Assault, Grooming of School Girl

#2489 >>>/qresearch/1974281, PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1974169 ‘Zero Chance’ — Trump Hits Back At Calls To Abolish ICE

>>>/qresearch/1974060, >>>/qresearch/1974103, >>>/qresearch/1974122 Peter Strzok Jr/Sr Dig

>>>/qresearch/1973971 Tim Robbins: America Put a ‘Child Abuser in the White House’

>>>/qresearch/1974283 What is more uncivil and cruel than taking children away?' Hillary blames Trump for explosion of coarseness

>>>/qresearch/1974172 Jarrod Ramos father worked at NSA

>>>/qresearch/1974260 Today's Qlock

>>>/qresearch/1974393 U.S. Ends 70 Years of Military Presence in South Korean Capital

>>>/qresearch/1974335 Texas Democrat Runoff Election Results Invalidated for ‘Voter Fraud’

>>>/qresearch/1974356 Kremlin doubts veracity of CNN report on Trump’s plans for Syria

>>>/qresearch/1974490 Israel’s Jewish Agency Head: Non-Jews Marrying Jews is an “Actual Plague”

>>>/qresearch/1974509 Tweet @MariaBartiromo to ask who Q is!


#2495 >>>/qresearch/1978605, >>>/qresearch/1978678 Meanwhile, in Portlandia…

>>>/qresearch/1978686 National Dog Day is apparently August 26

>>>/qresearch/1978785 U.S. Dept of Defense tweet: Unsung hero

>>>/qresearch/1979041, >>>/qresearch/1979113, >>>/qresearch/1979184 Maxine Waters Warns Would-Be Assassins: ‘If You Shoot Me, You Better Shoot Straight’

>>>/qresearch/1979106 Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018

>>>/qresearch/1979134 The Left needs to face reality: Trump is winning

>>>/qresearch/1979149 News is coming out of Iran that the protests have gone hot!

>>>/qresearch/1979205 Ronald Vitiello Named New Acting Director of ICE

>>>/qresearch/1979249 White House: Saudi King Told Trump Riyadh Capable of Increasing Oil Production

>>>/qresearch/1979278 BOOM Noname to resign July 4

#2494 >>>/qresearch/1977830 #TheGreatAwakeningWorldWide Hashtag Updates from Twitteranon

>>>/qresearch/1977853 CIA Director Discusses Geoengineering at CFR Event

>>>/qresearch/1977875 Hussein mentioned pizza on CNN yesterday

>>>/qresearch/1977890 New Medicaid health care plan prescribes healing foods as medicine

>>>/qresearch/1977903 BOOM! Trump’s DOJ criminally charges 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses raking in billions in medical fraud to push toxic drugs

>>>/qresearch/1977949 This just mandated Metallica being played tonight.

>>>/qresearch/1977975 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1978168 (((Ben Shapiro))): I’m Happy to Wait For the Mueller Indictments, I’m Happy to See Trump Impeached

>>>/qresearch/1978443, >>>/qresearch/1978535 POTUS Schedule Update

#2493 >>>/qresearch/1977048 Who did HRC see in NZ? Newfag Dig

>>>/qresearch/1977086 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s opponent hasn’t gotten a single donation yet

>>>/qresearch/1977106 Interesting day today with all the immigration protests.

>>>/qresearch/1977158 DNC Chair: Obama Is America’s ‘Real President’ — Not Trump

>>>/qresearch/1977176 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1977239, >>>/qresearch/1977317 Ex-FBI Agent: This Looks Like Sting Operation Against Trump

>>>/qresearch/1977246 Ronald Bernad on record with ITNJ about corruption pedophilia blackmail in big business

>>>/qresearch/1977504 Spain to Accept New Vessel With Migrants That Was Denied Entry to Italy

>>>/qresearch/1977515 Resiliency is at the core of who we are.

>>>/qresearch/1977549 Trump calls US immigration laws 'the dumbest anywhere in the world'

>>>/qresearch/1977553 Air pollution plays significant role in diabetes: study.

>>>/qresearch/1977602 A Series of Misfortunate Events: 4. Liberal Stream Media - Trump Hate Superior to US Prosperity


#2498 >>>/qresearch/1981260 6/21 HHS Official Called John Podesta a Pedophile and Claimed Liberals Abuse Children in Satanic Ritual

>>>/qresearch/1981166, >>>/qresearch/1981242 @Jack's Futile Quest to Make Angry Republicans Less Angry, At Least At Him

>>>/qresearch/1981119, >>>/qresearch/1981492 Infographic/WSJ article: Jewish Role in 1965 Immigration Act

>>>/qresearch/1981104 Red Wave Incoming: D'S Need ~ +11 In Pop Vote To Take The House (The D stands for "dreaming")

>>>/qresearch/1981087 Occult symbols much? Tech Elites Recreate Burning Man Inside Their Living Rooms

>>>/qresearch/1981068 Inside Facebook and Twitter's secret meetings with Trump aides and conservative leaders

>>>/qresearch/1981016, >>>/qresearch/1981130 Dr. Ruth Westheimer, pop "sex therapist" of the 70s-80s new TV Show & KIDS book

>>>/qresearch/1981010 Syria: Militants allegedly attack Russian base/Hmaymim Airport with armed drones, are repelled

>>>/qresearch/1981009 Unsealed documents detail tactics/thoroughness in Clinton email probe: 100 pages of findings

>>>/qresearch/1981005 Manhattan parents ragin' after learning their elite school segregates classrooms by race.

>>>/qresearch/1980968 1965 Paul Harvey "If I Were The Devil" Classic Piece. Good stuff, anons.

>>>/qresearch/1980944 Merkel discusses migration policy with Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who opposes her plan

>>>/qresearch/1980938, >>>/qresearch/1981427 Dem Sen. Torricelli says Dems AND Republicans should back POTUS on a free Iran

>>>/qresearch/1981589 #2498 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

#2497 >>>/qresearch/1980544 White Helmets Funding Fuckery

>>>/qresearch/1980450 Unsealed Documents from Clinton Email Probe


#2496 >>>/qresearch/1979372 The US ambassador to Estonia is resigning

>>>/qresearch/1979393 Japan - Start-Up Launches Rocket That Bursts Into Flames After Lift Off

>>>/qresearch/1979467 Over 10 EU Countries Ready to Help Germany in Deporting Migrants – Reports

>>>/qresearch/1979493 'Propaganda organization': White Helmets 'engage in anti-Assad activities' – author Sy Hersh to RT

>>>/qresearch/1979499 Chinese economy on verge of collapse

>>>/qresearch/1979788 BO: BV was removed for the mass banning. The notables aren't the main reason for removal. ALSO EXPLAINS OUTAGE


#2501 >>>/qresearch/1983439 Riot Breaks Out In Portland As Antifa Activists Clash With Conservative Marchers

>>>/qresearch/1983277 Senior Diplomat for Asia (susan Thornton) to Retire

>>>/qresearch/1983344 Gillibrand Falsely Claims no Association to NXIVM

>>>/qresearch/1983329 Maria POTUS interview 111 days after Q drop references her

#2500 >>>/qresearch/1982585, >>>/qresearch/1982591, >>>/qresearch/1982841, >>>/qresearch/1982902, God loves planefags

>>>/qresearch/1982583 The Number Of Dems Who Want Hillary To Run In 2020 Should Make All Trump Supporters Cheer

>>>/qresearch/1982567, >>>/qresearch/1982582 Anons begin to digg Verizon: Dates/history, CEO, upcoming 5G plans

>>>/qresearch/1982559 Incredibly Low IQ Maxine Waters brushes off alleged threats, vows to 'Impeach 45'

>>>/qresearch/1982517, >>>/qresearch/1982522 Start your morning with Trump tweets, & I'view on Maria 10am

>>>/qresearch/1982687, >>>/qresearch/1982729 17 FBI officials identified for FISA Abuse

>>>/qresearch/1982764 Born on Winter Solstice, 33 y/o Arundel Shoots up newsroom on summer solstice

>>>/qresearch/1982794 Bolton and Putin reducing NATO tensions

>>>/qresearch/1982491, >>>/qresearch/1982770 More spirit cooking Obama Injuries

>>>/qresearch/1982703 Retiring ICE chief Lauds POTUS for Border actions

>>>/qresearch/1982894 Ministers rehearsing for Queen's death

>>>/qresearch/1982966 Eric Holder line drawing (panic much)

>>>/qresearch/1983005 Todays and tomorrows clocks

#2499 >>>/qresearch/1982405 The polarized reactions to Pixar’s cannabilistic ‘Bao’ are rooted in muh culture

>>>/qresearch/1982384 Antifa throws flash-bang grenade at Patriot Prayer rally in Portland

>>>/qresearch/1982372 Russia might move embassy to Jerusalem - official

>>>/qresearch/1982286 Isis plot to train ‘cleanskin cubs’ (those who'd never been to Europe) for attacks on West

>>>/qresearch/1982249 Oklahoma Army Nat'l Guard bus collides with pickup truck. 9 soldiers injured, truck driver killed.

>>>/qresearch/1982217 Oz: Cyber spy agency Australian Signals Directorate gets statutory powers

>>>/qresearch/1982210, >>>/qresearch/1982314, >>>/qresearch/1982360, >>>/qresearch/1982364, >>>/qresearch/1982378 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/1982206, >>>/qresearch/1982206 Update to Estonian ambassador quitting like a whiny faggot bc "Muh Trump"

>>>/qresearch/1982196 Eyes in the sky: Drones are being taught to spot violence in crowds

>>>/qresearch/1982195 Side-by-Side about No Name's Pending Exit, and also, Lindsay Graham doing more singing

>>>/qresearch/1982098, >>>/qresearch/1982151 French [[CEMENT]] Co. charged with crimes against humanity/financing terrorists

>>>/qresearch/1982074 Giuliani Promises Exiles Trump Will Bring Down Iran Regime

>>>/qresearch/1981936 Delaware State Port Leased to International UAE-based Company over Local Companies

>>>/qresearch/1981927 IPU: The Oldest of the Modern World Government Groups You've Never Heard Of

>>>/qresearch/1981919 HRC's Bachelor's Thesis on Saul Alinsky's Subversive "Rules for Radicals" Model

>>>/qresearch/1981850 The terrifying world of trafficking that’s hidden in plain sight

>>>/qresearch/1981826 Trump administration sued over anti-sex trafficking law, for "censorship of internet speech"

>>>/qresearch/1981792 Besides calling for abolishing ICE, De Blasio had employee who was nabbed for child porn 5/21

>>>/qresearch/1981787, >>>/qresearch/1982362, >>>/qresearch/1982373 Mass Stabbing in Boise ID Refugee Apts: 9 Injured, Multiple deaths, 1 in custody

>>>/qresearch/1981730, >>>/qresearch/1981816 Anons wonder: "Verizon Carrier" & "45%" battery on Q screen shot, clues?

>>>/qresearch/1981706 Lib MSM in Finland ramping up Trump mockery and hate in preparation for Putin meeting

>>>/qresearch/1981695, >>>/qresearch/1981750 Special counsel asks judge to launch sentencing process for Michael Flynn

>>>/qresearch/1982419 #2499 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


Sunday 07.01.18

>>>/qresearch/1984605 ———---———– Do you feel the emotion/anger this writer has? They are scared of you ( https://archive.is/yAyDg & https://archive.is/bKS9t )

>>>/qresearch/1983801 rt >>>/qresearch/1983724 —- Make no mistake- Rep Gowdy is a Patriot

>>>/qresearch/1983724 rt >>>/qresearch/1983663 —- Being on the list does not equate to receiving the nomination

>>>/qresearch/1983678 rt >>>/qresearch/1983633 —- You save what you do need

>>>/qresearch/1983636 ———————– What a coincidence

>>>/qresearch/1983529 ———————– #GoodbyeDemocrats

>>>/qresearch/1983481 ———————– Antifacist logos

#2503 >>>/qresearch/1984400 Founder of Red Cross a Freemason & 1st winner of Nobel Peace Prize + Historical RC Links, >>>/qresearch/1984540, >>>/qresearch/1984724

>>>/qresearch/1984785 Sunday Morning POTUS talk

>>>/qresearch/1984789 Four Arab states support U.S. "deal of the century'

>>>/qresearch/1984791 17 Called by Congress to Testify , >>>/qresearch/1984889

>>>/qresearch/1984818 Who is Kirsten Gillibrand (NXIVM?/HRC/NoName), >>>/qresearch/1984782, >>>/qresearch/1985184 Who is her Father?

>>>/qresearch/1984837 EU Galileo Satellite "..embarrasses" May credibility, MI6 warns

>>>/qresearch/1984861 Jordan demands Peace in Syria

>>>/qresearch/1984875 Planefag Notable: 2-JSEG

>>>/qresearch/1984876 The Amazon Corporation Conglomerate Cancer Keeps Growing, >>>/qresearch/1984885, >>>/qresearch/1985137, >>>/qresearch/1985039, >>>/qresearch/1985124 Visions For 2019

>>>/qresearch/1984899 Merkel Strike Out: Coalition Breaking Over Shoddy Migration

>>>/qresearch/1984900 US Army tweet: Today seems like a good day for a ruck march

>>>/qresearch/1984909 Donald Trump aide: US 'wants UK TRADE DEAL' after Britain leaves EU

>>>/qresearch/1984910 Protests in southern Iran city of Khorramshahr turning into confrontation with "Security" Forces

>>>/qresearch/1984950 White House History: Wash Day

>>>/qresearch/1984987 Netherlands Approve Burqa Ban

>>>/qresearch/1985021 Bayer-Monsanto: Global Food Tech Conglomerates Team Up To Make "Match Made In The Fires Of Hell".

>>>/qresearch/1985107 Josh Barro's Buttbudy Zachary Allen and his TIPAH Consulting company found in Wikileaks, >>>/qresearch/1985114 More On Josh Barro

>>>/qresearch/1985152 Planefag Update: A7-AAG, >>>/qresearch/1985441

>>>/qresearch/1985169 More On Douchebag NoName McStain, >>>/qresearch/1985273

>>>/qresearch/1985181 Planefag Update: 2-BASG landed in Jeddah, SA

>>>/qresearch/1985256 Homeland Security: Border Patrol rescued abandoned 6-year old on the Border Road

>>>/qresearch/1985277 Robert Mueller starts investigating Spain after Russia beat them on a penalty shoot-out

>>>/qresearch/1985392 GermanArchiveAnon Update #2484 to #2502

>>>/qresearch/1985451 Gillibrand's Grandmother: Polly Noonan (GHW Bush Administration Era)

>>>/qresearch/1985457 Venezuala/Iran: Watch The Water

>>>/qresearch/1985485 #2503 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

#2502 >>>/qresearch/1984355 EU Summit "Dealbreaker" Emerges Hours Before Decision On Merkel's Fate

>>>/qresearch/1984340 Mike Flynn has More to Say

>>>/qresearch/1984288 Graphic on Sayanim

>>>/qresearch/1984253 Possible SC Nominee Clerked for Antonin Scalia

>>>/qresearch/1984167 PlaneFag Updates


#2506 >>>/qresearch/1987095 UCLA Professor dies in mummification ritual at Hollywood Execs home (already noted in early morning bread)

>>>/qresearch/1987156 POPE GETS INVOLVED:: U.S. bishops head to border to protest Trump immigration policy

>>>/qresearch/1987167 Russian military downs unidentified drones near Khmeimim Air Base in Syria – MoD

>>>/qresearch/1987191 Israel boosts military presence with ‘armor & artillery’ troops in Golan Heights

>>>/qresearch/1987226 Texas - Children's Hospital Nurse Busted for the Possession of Child Pornography

>>>/qresearch/1987309 Astana format meetings to resume in Sochi in late July

>>>/qresearch/1987350 EPA in bed with Monsanto / Bayer, burying studies that show glyphosate causes cancer

>>>/qresearch/1987435 US Army Tweet: Selfless Service

>>>/qresearch/1987496 Trump Requests Detention Space, Tent Cities to Detain 12K Illegal Aliens

>>>/qresearch/1987656 NXIVM → Tighe → 80 State Street → Rutnik and Bellcourt

>>>/qresearch/1987661 HRC → ActBlue

>>>/qresearch/1987674 Q Drop 1660 - Yes Huber can file across all 50 states, The MOAB!

>>>/qresearch/1987691 POTUS Tweets: Big Week, with numerous victories.

#2505 >>>/qresearch/1986319 470?

>>>/qresearch/1986591 Insider sauce on Cibolo ranch (which appeared on "pizza related handkerchief"

>>>/qresearch/1986835 Illegal Alien Arrested After Starting Dozens of Wildfires in Colorado

>>>/qresearch/1986963 470 Civilian Sattelites already in orbit?

>>>/qresearch/1986967 Planned Parenthood reporting BLATANLY FALSE LIES

#2504 >>>/qresearch/1985579 Planefag Notable: 2-JSEG, >>>/qresearch/1985604 2-PROP, >>>/qresearch/1985823 2-PROP landed

>>>/qresearch/1985592 Digging on 90's Stars (Branson/Virgin/Necker Island), >>>/qresearch/1985690, >>>/qresearch/1985710

>>>/qresearch/1985625 June Update to #SealedIndictments, >>>/qresearch/1985867, >>>/qresearch/1985873 Backup If You Want It

>>>/qresearch/1985809 Godwin's Law: AfD's Gauland compares, based on her Relationships with other Countries, Merkel To Hitler

>>>/qresearch/1985817 EO 13768's 1 year impact review. ICE reports "..profound, positive impact of the EO"

>>>/qresearch/1985886 #QANON Billboards Popping Up Over America

>>>/qresearch/1985924 Watchdogs Update: "False Flags stay in Mandalay Bay" - Edition (LV Studying Material), >>>/qresearch/1986123, >>>/qresearch/1986134

>>>/qresearch/1986038 Earthquakewatch

>>>/qresearch/1986233 #2504 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

>>>/qresearch/1987414 ———————– https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jul/1/us-really-did-have-manchurian-candidate-white-hous/

>>>/qresearch/1986553 rt >>>/qresearch/1986489 —- Think stages. What role can MIL INTEL play? What role can NSA play? BANG!

>>>/qresearch/1986443 rt >>>/qresearch/1986153 —- Ask yourself & the more you know.

>>>/qresearch/1986153 rt >>>/qresearch/1986043 —- Ask yourself - who is filing the indictments? Who has that kind of manpower?

>>>/qresearch/1986043 ———————– Nothing being done?


>>>/qresearch/1989990 NBC’s Chuck Todd Admits Trump Is ‘Winning’ While Democrats Are ‘Reeling’

#2508 >>>/qresearch/1988608, >>>/qresearch/1988682 German interior minister Horst Seehofer resigns in migration showdown with Chancellor Merkel

>>>/qresearch/1988659 Weekly summary by financial investigator Charles Ortel

>>>/qresearch/1988661 This came to Helsinki airport this evening. Any idea who?

>>>/qresearch/1988727 Tucker: The Left Knows 'If We Abolish ICE, Borders Become Irrelevant'

>>>/qresearch/1988769 OPEC manipulating oil market, must boost output by 2mn bpd: Trump

>>>/qresearch/1988819, >>>/qresearch/1989087, >>>/qresearch/1989204 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/1988834 Libya Has Reached Its Turning Point. The Battle for Oil, “US-NATO Go Home”

>>>/qresearch/1988892 A bomb has killed 20 in Afghanistan hours after the President opened a hospital in the area

>>>/qresearch/1989056 Bosra Al-Sham Fighters Begin Handing Over Their Weapons To Syrian Military

>>>/qresearch/1989074 Portland Police Declare Riot, Revoke Protest Permit as Sides Clash

>>>/qresearch/1989083 470th Military Intelligence Brigade

#2507 >>>/qresearch/1987274 SPLC Forced to Pay $3M for Falsely Labeling People as ‘Extremist’

>>>/qresearch/1987839 Why Did FEMA Import 2500 Gallons of Hydrogen Cyanide?

>>>/qresearch/1987845 16 minute delta marker on Q-POTUS tweet

>>>/qresearch/1987852 UK Warplanes Bomb Pro-Gov't Forces in Syria After Attack by 'Unidentified Force

>>>/qresearch/1987866 New tweet from USGS Volcanoes

>>>/qresearch/1987886 White House: US, Ecuador Coordinating About Future Of Assange Asylum

>>>/qresearch/1987890 Is the 5G-Network Bad For Your Mental & Physical Well-Being?

>>>/qresearch/1987907 Calling Marblecake: Upboat Obama's Manchurian Article

>>>/qresearch/1987931 MSNBC’s Joy Reid Chimps out @ local Pro-Trump woman, Calling her a Bigot, accusing her of calling a boy a "Dirty Mexican"

>>>/qresearch/1988012 David Lane - head of Stimson Center and the ONE Campaign (BONO)., >>>/qresearch/1987943

>>>/qresearch/1988039 More digs on possible multiple meaning of "470" (next to the obvious one, which is the personnel Huber has to his disposal), >>>/qresearch/1988046, >>>/qresearch/1988334, >>>/qresearch/1988398

>>>/qresearch/1988056 Four Arab Nations Refuse to Host EU Reception Centers for Refugees

>>>/qresearch/1988105 US Pacific: #RimOfThePacific

>>>/qresearch/1988157 Possible Obama Fuckery? MKULTRA program called SPACE KIDS?

>>>/qresearch/1988176 Jim Carrey Is Protecting [RR]

>>>/qresearch/1988200 Actblue vs actblues, rt, >>>/qresearch/1987661

>>>/qresearch/1988332 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1988360 Florida Professor arrested for stalking student

>>>/qresearch/1988370 POTUS Schedule (with Delta markers)

>>>/qresearch/1988381 Judicial Watch Uncovers Hidden Strzok Emails: Clinton-Lynch-Tarmak

>>>/qresearch/1988384 After Saturn last week, Mars is also at its closest point to Earth this Month.

>>>/qresearch/1988412 Israeli Dual Citizen Convicted Of Making Hundreds Of Hoax Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers


#2512 >>>/qresearch/1992205 Does new show "FOX Report w/Jon Scott" have a special purpose?

>>>/qresearch/1991994 Comey on election: ‘I hope to be forgotten’

>>>/qresearch/1992020 , >>>/qresearch/1992197 Trump Trade War Leak

>>>/qresearch/1992084 Hope Hicks next Chief of Staff?

>>>/qresearch/1991788 Lynch's staff had offices in the same building as Hillary's campaign HQ

#2511 >>>/qresearch/1990981 Eric just RT's this: Trump plane angle

>>>/qresearch/1991087, >>>/qresearch/1991324, >>>/qresearch/1991459, >>>/qresearch/1991599 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1991136, >>>/qresearch/1991190 Article from Qpost: Stunning revelation buried deep in IG report blows hole in Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting narrative

>>>/qresearch/1991163, >>>/qresearch/1991180, >>>/qresearch/1991186 Why are border states like AZ/CA important?

>>>/qresearch/1991236 Qposts re: Huber Side-by-side

>>>/qresearch/1991238, >>>/qresearch/1991428 Crumbs from POTUS tweet

>>>/qresearch/1991311 The Canadian restaurant company, Sequoia which owns the Teahouse and 4 other restaurants in Vancouver fired one of their managers for 86ing a customer for MAGA hat.

>>>/qresearch/1991470 Anon does the math…~265,680 people could be arrested in the largest organized crime network takedown ever

#2510 >>>/qresearch/1990156 McMaster to join Stanford's Hoover Institution, take on 'infected' national security discourse

>>>/qresearch/1990166 Newspaper reporter resigns after wrongly claiming Annapolis shooter wore MAGA hat

>>>/qresearch/1990187 James Woods! “Some Americans could find themselves in internment camps” - #Cher They already are. It’s called the Democrat Party.

>>>/qresearch/1990227 Warren: ‘We Need to Rebuild Our Immigration System’ Starting By ‘Replacing ICE’

>>>/qresearch/1990265, >>>/qresearch/1990815 Fox News pushing fake NK Nuke story, WSJ joins in

>>>/qresearch/1990378 Gillian Turner worked for Obama - Now contributor for Fox News

>>>/qresearch/1990537 Flexing Power After 2nd-Term Win, Turkey’s Erdogan Arrests Opposition Leaders

>>>/qresearch/1990591 POTUS a.k.a. The Wedding Crasher

>>>/qresearch/1990598 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/1990639 Mexico presidential election front-runner vows to fight Trump with left-wing policies

>>>/qresearch/1990683 Former Irish President Slams Catholic Church, Says Its Teaching On Homosexuality ‘Ruins People’s Lives’

>>>/qresearch/1990719 Sarah Sanders & team to join POTUS for G7 cultural event tonight

>>>/qresearch/1990761 11 Of Family Found Dead In Delhi Home, Blindfolded And Hanging

>>>/qresearch/1990775, >>>/qresearch/1990798 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1990771 40k Sealed Indictments Update

>>>/qresearch/1990806 The MSM want us to NOT THINK, shut up, and accept their DARK magic.

#2509 >>>/qresearch/1989392 POTUS Schedule Update - We The People LIGHT up the darkness of LEFTIST HATRED.

>>>/qresearch/1989485 Page 203 of IG Report says Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac meeting was planned via Secret Service, FBI

>>>/qresearch/1989554, >>>/qresearch/1989712, >>>/qresearch/1989992 Updates about the Germany's Interior Minister Seehofer resigning:

>>>/qresearch/1989588 Texas Non-Profit Migrant Children Shelter CEO Draws $1.5M Salary, Say Media Reports

>>>/qresearch/1989595 Huber has the resources of 470th Militar Intelligence Brigade?

>>>/qresearch/1989677, >>>/qresearch/1989867, >>>/qresearch/1989980 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/1989759 Veolia water north america

>>>/qresearch/1989893 A leaked Trump bill to blow up the WTO

>>>/qresearch/1989969 Qatar AF few from London to Moscow

>>>/qresearch/1989990 NBC’s Chuck Todd Admits Trump Is ‘Winning’ While Democrats Are ‘Reeling’


#2517 >>>/qresearch/1996011 BO asks that the Bakers TC's be removed from global

>>>/qresearch/1995895 BO announces plan for bakers and baking w/o TCs

>>>/qresearch/1995948 Pentagon Launches New Push For Tunnel-Warfare Tech

>>>/qresearch/1995808 Calendar style connections of Q posts and real world events for June & July

>>>/qresearch/1995765 , >>>/qresearch/1995826 , >>>/qresearch/1995954 , >>>/qresearch/1995959 , >>>/qresearch/1995007 Ideas for how we can be heard

>>>/qresearch/1995784 US strikes more 20 Taliban targets after cease fire

>>>/qresearch/1995687 ProgressNow (non profit) dig, from the Podesta emails

>>>/qresearch/1995533 Iran Regime OPENS FIRE on Demonstrators Protesting Lack of DRINKING WATER!

>>>/qresearch/1995550 US Vessel Carrying Chemicals Enters Persian Gulf

>>>/qresearch/1995406 BO asks for thoughts on the bakers TC proposal

#2516 >>>/qresearch/1995051 , >>>/qresearch/1995079, >>>/qresearch/1995089, >>>/qresearch/1995130 Rally chant plan

>>>/qresearch/1995166 Breitbart: taken out because he was a danger and risk to the cabal

>>>/qresearch/1995149 MoneyAnon offers to billboard, requests ideas for what to print

>>>/qresearch/1995028 Negotiations for the handover of Raqqa

>>>/qresearch/1995023 Mexical election watch

>>>/qresearch/1995001 POTUS 'seriously considering' pardon of Eastern Oregon ranchers

>>>/qresearch/1994909 , >>>/qresearch/1994919 Bahamas boat explosion

>>>/qresearch/1994892 We Need to be heard. How can we achieve this?

>>>/qresearch/1994845 California Dreamin’ of Social Democracy

>>>/qresearch/1994760 #Two Mexican Politicians Killed on Election Day – Reports

#2515 >>>/qresearch/1994250 , >>>/qresearch/1994290, >>>/qresearch/1994586 Huge ICE dig & DIG CALL (follow ID for over 20 posts in-thread)

>>>/qresearch/1994138 As we finish this journey in triumph over evil (inspirational)

>>>/qresearch/1994113 #WalkAway Movement Gains Momentum as People Leave the Dem Party in Droves

#2514 >>>/qresearch/1993776 Pirro on Protests vs. ICE: 'We are Witnessing the Evolution of a Socialist Coup'

>>>/qresearch/1993577 , >>>/qresearch/1993614 QClockFag update

>>>/qresearch/1993512 , >>>/qresearch/1993550 Fireworks related QPosts

>>>/qresearch/1993548 ‘EU is possibly as bad as China’: Trump attacks partners

>>>/qresearch/1993402 US, North Korean Officials Hold Meeting in Demilitarized Zone: Reports

>>>/qresearch/1993222 Ben Garrison tweets about his retweet from POTUS & the (YOU) from Q

#2513 >>>/qresearch/1992968 Ben Garrison Q Remix

>>>/qresearch/1992948 How's this for synchronicity?

>>>/qresearch/1992813 NK cancels annual anti American rally

>>>/qresearch/1992406 , >>>/qresearch/1992596 , >>>/qresearch/1992615 Anon Posts Ben Garrison Graphic RIGHT before Q. EPIC!


#2519 >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997514, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997642 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997491 EarthQuakeFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997400 Today could be the day. Fire up your twitters and blast this out to the WH Press Corps!!!

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997188 Photoshop image of [Obamas]?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997098 Turkey's Most Wanted, Back on The Menu

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997133 ICE Rescued 904 Children from Being Raped and Molested — Democrats Want to End This

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997141 Swedish Party Scolds 'Destructive Multiculturalism', Pledges Mass Deportations

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997143 Another Trump Miracle? Is Bolton Now a Peacenik?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997144 TAX payers WILL pay for [BHO] ego glorifying constructions

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997186 Amazon's Alexa will refuse to respond to "sexist" language.

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997223, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997227 Following up on the ProgressNow email notable.

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997234 Articles on HRC's comments on "The Black Vote"

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997260, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997287, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997311 Time Traveler's Guide to the Q CLOCK

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997305 Long Islanders Take Shelter From Tick Threat This Summer

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997329 UK National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Deem Facebook Most Used Site for Child Sex Grooming

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997341 [>>>/qresearch/>vatican<<<] Declares Priests have MORE POWER than God Himself

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997360, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997378, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997378, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997397 "CLEVELAND, Ohio – Federal law enforcement arrest of a person suspected of planning a Fourth of July attack

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997398 FBI arrest on secret indictment.

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997414, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997435, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997747 KR Digs on previous noteables

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997581 Unsealed docs detail tactics in [Clinton] email probe .

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997564, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997567 Dig on Hussein in Satan mask

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997763 War room incoming

#2518 >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996239 Keith Raniere's (NXIVM) through FIRST PRINCIPLES INC., rejected patent for claiming Luciferian's aren't Sociopaths, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996302

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996338 BAKERS NEEDED: The Bakery & The Great Awakening needs you!

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996361 Cambridge Analytica (named in FB fuckery) fueled a shady global passport bonanza

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996389 Happy News: Kaley Cuoco marries Karl Cook

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996419 {Autists Needed} Digs on Swamp Creature John Burro, favourite columnist of Barack Obama. Possible relating to SR murder?, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996511, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996558, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996507,

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996475 The Word Is Spreading: WWG1WGA spotted on Old Schoolhouse's Antique Flea Market Billboard

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996518 Ginger McQueen: Calls #Qanon a larp, claims to support POTUS

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996597 Obahama-Tehp's Presidential Library planned to be funded with taxpayer money ($139 million)

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996628 Recipe for Banana Bread

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996650 "Counter measures in place": Interesting link between Q post 1585 & Thomas Wictor thread

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996658 UK Ministers prepare for Queen’s death in ‘unprecedented’ exercise – reports

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996664 How To Get The Word Out?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996684 Voodoo Nurse & Human Smuggler Josephine Iyamu sentenced in the UK for horrific crimes

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996720 What is CQ?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996762 Anon posts about the Omniwar

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996868 NK nuclear expansion is FAKE NEWS to catch WH leakers?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996905 Who is Fat Leonard?, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996929, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996903, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996911, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996919, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996921, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996939

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996928 Planefags: Plane oddity on Saudi-Cabal: GUNSHY 24

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996949 #WalkAway going Viral

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996955 Najib Razak, Malaysia's Ex-PM, sings a song on Obama Child $$

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1996988 Apparently some momvent on Sherman Case: Suicide Ruled out. Sheman Apotex is CFI Drug merchant


#2522 >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999435 Eric Trump Rushes Into NYC Traffic to Save Ailing Woman

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999587 China Claims It Has Devoloped a Laser That Can Set People on Fire From 1/2 Mile Away

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999429 Photoshop Analysis of NK Nuclear Sites

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999613 US taking a hard line on Iran sanctions waivers, State Department says

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999631 Arrests along US-Mexico border drop sharply in June

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999780 EU is set to punish Poland for defending its borders and refusing to accept unidentified migrants from the Middle East

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999801 TOM FITTON: Judicial Watch sues DOJ for records about April 9 raid on Michael Cohen’s office, home and hotel room

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/2000000 BEHOLD A PALE HORSE

#2521 >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998666 Cohen Set Up Shell Company to Sell Access to Trump

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998717 Pentagon Is Building A Dream Team of Tech-Savvy Soldiers

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998730 Facebook has confessed to breaking its own rules to give 61 companies special access to user data.

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998755 POTUS to Visit UK Before Putin Summit

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998794 ; >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999027 Powerful cleric claims Obama naturalized thousands of Iranian VIPs during nuke talks

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998946 W. Va. Supreme Court Justice Arrested on 22 Criminal Counts

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998974 CIA moles attempt to try and regain control of North Korea


>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998915 FF watch: Police begin two days of training at Mason High School

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999173 DOJ Cleveland bomber arrest statement

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998290 ; >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999231 What Role Can Military Intel Play?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999234 ; >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999234 Planefag Finds This Highly Spoopy

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1999300 Weinstein Faces Additional Sex Crimes, Facing Life In Prison

#2520 >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997920, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998114, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998164, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998376 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997909 Anon can get any design printed at tshirt shop, or order online( any design you make)

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997921, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1997943 Alice Palmer digs

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998020 The Key is the Server?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998082 Rufio Panman was relased form custody .VS Antifa thug

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998104 Palmer, replaced state senator Richard Newhouse

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998117 Why are Demonrats trying to protect child traffickers? Sick, evil bastards!

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998121, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998127 Buffalo releases names of 42 pedo priests+ Senator resigns same day note

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998198 CBS affiliate evacuated, newscasts canceled after trespasser enters building twice

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998290 What Role Can Mil-INTEL play?

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998301, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998266, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998285, >>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998288 French Terror attack thwarted

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998241 Catholic church in Philippines may be involved in coup plot

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998349 Andy Dick Charged with Sexual Battery

>>>/qresearch/>/comms/1998374 Mueller kicks the can further down the road in Flynn case.'


#2519 >>>/qresearch/1997514, >>>/qresearch/1997642 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1997491 EarthQuakeFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1997400 Today could be the day. Fire up your twitters and blast this out to the WH Press Corps!!!

>>>/qresearch/1997188 Photoshop image of [Obamas]?

>>>/qresearch/1997098 Turkey's Most Wanted, Back on The Menu

>>>/qresearch/1997133 ICE Rescued 904 Children from Being Raped and Molested — Democrats Want to End This

>>>/qresearch/1997141 Swedish Party Scolds 'Destructive Multiculturalism', Pledges Mass Deportations

>>>/qresearch/1997143 Another Trump Miracle? Is Bolton Now a Peacenik?

>>>/qresearch/1997144 TAX payers WILL pay for [BHO] ego glorifying constructions

>>>/qresearch/1997186 Amazon's Alexa will refuse to respond to "sexist" language.

>>>/qresearch/1997223, >>>/qresearch/1997227 Following up on the ProgressNow email notable.

>>>/qresearch/1997234 Articles on HRC's comments on "The Black Vote"

>>>/qresearch/1997260, >>>/qresearch/1997287, >>>/qresearch/1997311 Time Traveler's Guide to the Q CLOCK

>>>/qresearch/1997305 Long Islanders Take Shelter From Tick Threat This Summer

>>>/qresearch/1997329 UK National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Deem Facebook Most Used Site for Child Sex Grooming

>>>/qresearch/1997341 [>>>/qresearch/>vatican<<<] Declares Priests have MORE POWER than God Himself

>>>/qresearch/1997360, >>>/qresearch/1997378, >>>/qresearch/1997378, >>>/qresearch/1997397 "CLEVELAND, Ohio – Federal law enforcement arrest of a person suspected of planning a Fourth of July attack

>>>/qresearch/1997398 FBI arrest on secret indictment.

>>>/qresearch/1997414, >>>/qresearch/1997435, >>>/qresearch/1997747 KR Digs on previous noteables

>>>/qresearch/1997581 Unsealed docs detail tactics in [Clinton] email probe .

>>>/qresearch/1997564, >>>/qresearch/1997567 Dig on Hussein in Satan mask

>>>/qresearch/1997763 War room incoming

#2518 >>>/qresearch/1996239 Keith Raniere's (NXIVM) through FIRST PRINCIPLES INC., rejected patent for claiming Luciferian's aren't Sociopaths, >>>/qresearch/1996302

>>>/qresearch/1996338 BAKERS NEEDED: The Bakery & The Great Awakening needs you!

>>>/qresearch/1996361 Cambridge Analytica (named in FB fuckery) fueled a shady global passport bonanza

>>>/qresearch/1996389 Happy News: Kaley Cuoco marries Karl Cook

>>>/qresearch/1996419 {Autists Needed} Digs on Swamp Creature John Burro, favourite columnist of Barack Obama. Possible relating to SR murder?, >>>/qresearch/1996511, >>>/qresearch/1996558, >>>/qresearch/1996507,

>>>/qresearch/1996475 The Word Is Spreading: WWG1WGA spotted on Old Schoolhouse's Antique Flea Market Billboard

>>>/qresearch/1996518 Ginger McQueen: Calls #Qanon a larp, claims to support POTUS

>>>/qresearch/1996597 Obahama-Tehp's Presidential Library planned to be funded with taxpayer money ($139 million)

>>>/qresearch/1996628 Recipe for Banana Bread

>>>/qresearch/1996650 "Counter measures in place": Interesting link between Q post 1585 & Thomas Wictor thread

>>>/qresearch/1996658 UK Ministers prepare for Queen’s death in ‘unprecedented’ exercise – reports

>>>/qresearch/1996664 How To Get The Word Out?

>>>/qresearch/1996684 Voodoo Nurse & Human Smuggler Josephine Iyamu sentenced in the UK for horrific crimes

>>>/qresearch/1996720 What is CQ?

>>>/qresearch/1996762 Anon posts about the Omniwar

>>>/qresearch/1996868 NK nuclear expansion is FAKE NEWS to catch WH leakers?

>>>/qresearch/1996905 Who is Fat Leonard?, >>>/qresearch/1996929, >>>/qresearch/1996903, >>>/qresearch/1996911, >>>/qresearch/1996919, >>>/qresearch/1996921, >>>/qresearch/1996939

>>>/qresearch/1996928 Planefags: Plane oddity on Saudi-Cabal: GUNSHY 24

>>>/qresearch/1996949 #WalkAway going Viral

>>>/qresearch/1996955 Najib Razak, Malaysia's Ex-PM, sings a song on Obama Child $$

>>>/qresearch/1996988 Apparently some momvent on Sherman Case: Suicide Ruled out. Sheman Apotex is CFI Drug merchant


#2522 >>>/qresearch/1999435 Eric Trump Rushes Into NYC Traffic to Save Ailing Woman

>>>/qresearch/1999587 China Claims It Has Devoloped a Laser That Can Set People on Fire From 1/2 Mile Away

>>>/qresearch/1999429 Photoshop Analysis of NK Nuclear Sites

>>>/qresearch/1999613 US taking a hard line on Iran sanctions waivers, State Department says

>>>/qresearch/1999631 Arrests along US-Mexico border drop sharply in June

>>>/qresearch/1999780 EU is set to punish Poland for defending its borders and refusing to accept unidentified migrants from the Middle East

>>>/qresearch/1999801 TOM FITTON: Judicial Watch sues DOJ for records about April 9 raid on Michael Cohen’s office, home and hotel room

>>>/qresearch/2000000 BEHOLD A PALE HORSE

#2521 >>>/qresearch/1998666 Cohen Set Up Shell Company to Sell Access to Trump

>>>/qresearch/1998717 Pentagon Is Building A Dream Team of Tech-Savvy Soldiers

>>>/qresearch/1998730 Facebook has confessed to breaking its own rules to give 61 companies special access to user data.

>>>/qresearch/1998755 POTUS to Visit UK Before Putin Summit

>>>/qresearch/1998794 ; >>>/qresearch/1999027 Powerful cleric claims Obama naturalized thousands of Iranian VIPs during nuke talks

>>>/qresearch/1998946 W. Va. Supreme Court Justice Arrested on 22 Criminal Counts

>>>/qresearch/1998974 CIA moles attempt to try and regain control of North Korea


>>>/qresearch/1998915 FF watch: Police begin two days of training at Mason High School

>>>/qresearch/1999173 DOJ Cleveland bomber arrest statement

>>>/qresearch/1998290 ; >>>/qresearch/1999231 What Role Can Military Intel Play?

>>>/qresearch/1999234 ; >>>/qresearch/1999234 Planefag Finds This Highly Spoopy

>>>/qresearch/1999300 Weinstein Faces Additional Sex Crimes, Facing Life In Prison

#2520 >>>/qresearch/1997920, >>>/qresearch/1998114, >>>/qresearch/1998164, >>>/qresearch/1998376 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/1997909 Anon can get any design printed at tshirt shop, or order online( any design you make)

>>>/qresearch/1997921, >>>/qresearch/1997943 Alice Palmer digs

>>>/qresearch/1998020 The Key is the Server?

>>>/qresearch/1998082 Rufio Panman was relased form custody .VS Antifa thug

>>>/qresearch/1998104 Palmer, replaced state senator Richard Newhouse

>>>/qresearch/1998117 Why are Demonrats trying to protect child traffickers? Sick, evil bastards!

>>>/qresearch/1998121, >>>/qresearch/1998127 Buffalo releases names of 42 pedo priests+ Senator resigns same day note

>>>/qresearch/1998198 CBS affiliate evacuated, newscasts canceled after trespasser enters building twice

>>>/qresearch/1998290 What Role Can Mil-INTEL play?

>>>/qresearch/1998301, >>>/qresearch/1998266, >>>/qresearch/1998285, >>>/qresearch/1998288 French Terror attack thwarted

>>>/qresearch/1998241 Catholic church in Philippines may be involved in coup plot

>>>/qresearch/1998349 Andy Dick Charged with Sexual Battery

>>>/qresearch/1998374 Mueller kicks the can further down the road in Flynn case.'


#2524 >>>/qresearch/2001012 Flynn requested to attend a status hearing on Mueller case on July 10th

>>>/qresearch/2001016 Poland’s new surveillance law targets personal data of environmental advocates

>>>/qresearch/2001025 J.P. Cooney, new prosecutor added to Imran Awan case

>>>/qresearch/2001029 Planefag A/C in the Saudi Cables

>>>/qresearch/2001066 Attacks from Netflix clowns intensifies

>>>/qresearch/2001080 Border Patrol arrests gang members, child molesters in south Texas

>>>/qresearch/2001090 China pouring billions into military-run space program

>>>/qresearch/2001095 Warsaw to abolish criminal penalty for accusing Poles of Holocaust from July 17th

>>>/qresearch/2001146 On Canada’s new tariffs and how they will fuck Canada over

>>>/qresearch/2001228 Chamber of Commerce announces campaign to oppose tariffs

>>>/qresearch/2001269 Human trafficking widespread in global fishing industry

>>>/qresearch/2001300 On Huma/MB, Rockefeller, and the Iran Deal

>>>/qresearch/2001330 DJT orders Army to dump PC training

>>>/qresearch/2001429 Syria: militants in over 15 settlements to surrender to Syrian army

>>>/qresearch/2001445 Sealed indictments and criminal cases update

>>>/qresearch/2001453 On Rockefeller Foundation and election interference (Podesta email dig)

>>>/qresearch/2001523 Possible basis for reserving naturalization of Hussein’s Iranians (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/2001572 Venezuela: further protests as country begins running out of water

>>>/qresearch/2001653 Mueller likely got access to NRA’s tax filings and list of donors

#2523 >>>/qresearch/2000212 On crumbs and Hussein’s 2500 Iranians

>>>/qresearch/2000219 GOOG lets app developers scan people’s emails

>>>/qresearch/2000227 Brian Ross leaving ABC after botched Flynn report

>>>/qresearch/2000246 ; >>>/qresearch/2000261 ; >>>/qresearch/2000294 ; >>>/qresearch/2000308 ; >>>/qresearch/2000337 ; >>>/qresearch/2000359 ; >>>/qresearch/2000379 Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2000263 US Capitol police arrest man who threatened Rand Paul, family

>>>/qresearch/2000287 Rockefeller fund spent millions on Iran Deal

>>>/qresearch/2000422 ; >>>/qresearch/2000464 Indictment of State Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry

>>>/qresearch/2000469 State Department employee pleads guilty to producing cp

>>>/qresearch/2000522 ; >>>/qresearch/2000634 On crumbs, American Bridge, and David Brock

>>>/qresearch/2000528 Capital Gazette (Annapolis shooting victims) lash out at DJT

>>>/qresearch/2000555 SCOTUS pick delay gambit

>>>/qresearch/2000559 Pedo cops ring “mistakenly” covered up over years

>>>/qresearch/2000580 British military claims it struck Syrian troops in act of “self-defense”

>>>/qresearch/2000617 Israeli, Russian defense ministers discussed situation in southern Syria

>>>/qresearch/2000625 Jordan to hold talks with Russia re: Syrian/Jordanian border situation

>>>/qresearch/2000630 Twitter purges top Hamas, Hezbollah accounts

>>>/qresearch/2000694 Soros fronts $250K more to Andrew Gillum “Forward Florida” political committee

>>>/qresearch/2000708 Netanyahu orders approval of “Jewish state” bill

>>>/qresearch/2000758 NYT: Conservatives have “weaponized” 1A


#2527 >>>/qresearch/2003360, >>>/qresearch/2003852, >>>/qresearch/2003945, 4th of July Flyer Handout, >>>/qresearch/2003989 Flyer Dylan made: download

>>>/qresearch/2003504 Updated Baker Instructions graphic

>>>/qresearch/2003484, >>>/qresearch/2003511 Moar proof of HRC Aide (((Joel Davis))) Being a pedo (pls circulate)

>>>/qresearch/2003586 JudicialWatch Sues DOJ for M. Cohen Raid records, >>>/qresearch/2004034 Affidavit

>>>/qresearch/2003604 Harvard Klansman on French Revolution >>>/qresearch/2003663 "new World of Islam"

>>>/qresearch/2003594 Native Wisdom

>>>/qresearch/2003723 midland agency (archive anons do not engage)

>>>/qresearch/2003767 State Dept Employee pleads guilty to CP

>>>/qresearch/2003802, >>>/qresearch/2003817 D. Brock plan to purge interwebs of conservatives

>>>/qresearch/2003949 Ehud Barak: corrupt Israeli PM, Visited Epstein, Advised Wienstien, Funded by Soros (every Single time)

>>>/qresearch/2003821, >>>/qresearch/2004049, >>>/qresearch/2003951 who is lois Romano?

#2526 >>>/qresearch/2002602 Witches being VVitches

>>>/qresearch/2002771 UN sponsored *Free* tracking app

>>>/qresearch/2002745 Gavin Newsom's (Lt. Gov CA) wife $350k salary

>>>/qresearch/2002793 HRC Email drop Swim to Cuba (OFAC)

>>>/qresearch/2002941 Stay Safe Patriots WWG1WGA

>>>/qresearch/2002878, >>>/qresearch/2002993 ICE Project Red

>>>/qresearch/2003045 HRC speech writer helped Hillary write her Testimony

>>>/qresearch/2002594, >>>/qresearch/2002623, >>>/qresearch/2003147 Lanny J Davis HRC Attorney

>>>/qresearch/2003167, >>>/qresearch/2003220 Indictment pages for Joel Davis, Pedo HRC campaign analyst

>>>/qresearch/2003118 Airkek Update 9H-BOG

#2525 >>>/qresearch/2001833, >>>/qresearch/2001899, >>>/qresearch/2001981, >>>/qresearch/2001981, >>>/qresearch/2002137 What ICE really does

>>>/qresearch/2001992 Q Linked Article (HRC aide/pedo) Claimed false, FB sensors Anon >>>/qresearch/2002096

>>>/qresearch/2002025 Alejandro Mayorkas Samp Creature

>>>/qresearch/2002148 Masons Preserving history

>>>/qresearch/2002186 Joel Davis Ties to Podesta Group

>>>/qresearch/2001855 Symbolism above "annenberg space for photography," >>>/qresearch/2002240 Triangle Publications

>>>/qresearch/2002226, >>>/qresearch/2002357 ClockFag Update

>>>/qresearch/2001871 Obrador "caves" to POTUS on immigration

>>>/qresearch/2002389 123 New HRC emails

>>>/qresearch/2002026 "Albright Stonebridge"

>>>/qresearch/2001964 Obama Fearmongering with Cameron

>>>/qresearch/2002178 AirKek Update


#2531 >>>/qresearch/2006875 The ‘Q’ Phenomenon - Joshua Philipp - The Epoch Times


>>>/qresearch/2006850 Yup, indicted West Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry is pals with No Name. BOOM.

>>>/qresearch/2006746 Great Digs on Hillary's Email (From Emails Released Today)

>>>/qresearch/2006714 Kathy Ireland Ventures Into Shipping Container Business

>>>/qresearch/2006610 NEW: The 'BE HEARD' Project Thread: A huge choice of graphics and ideas for creating your own Q materials >>>/qresearch/2006252

>>>/qresearch/2006572 Federal Facebook Probe Now Includes FBI, SEC

#2530 >>>/qresearch/2005783 New POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2005811 [Win]ning

>>>/qresearch/2005834 Anons what is this?

>>>/qresearch/2005840 Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

>>>/qresearch/2005854 Planefag Update: USN P8A Poseidon by Hawaii.

>>>/qresearch/2005941, >>>/qresearch/2006050 Awan memo confirms server went missing

>>>/qresearch/2005952 Obama put this photo up to make fun of Trump during the White House dinner in 2011.

>>>/qresearch/2006000 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, faces questions over her 'working class' background after it's revealed she grew up in a wealthy suburb north of New York City

>>>/qresearch/2006113 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2006227 UNSEALED!! West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry. If convicted on all of these charges, would see Justice Loughry facing up to 395 years in prison and $5.5 million in fines.

#2529 >>>/qresearch/2005577 Qproofs.com has been CENSORED FROM TWITTER!

>>>/qresearch/2005311 CIA Teams Up With Defense Industry To Undermine Korea Negotiations

>>>/qresearch/2005310 Deep State FBI Release Trump Lawyer’s Documents to Far Left Buzzfeed

>>>/qresearch/2005217, >>>/qresearch/2005488 UNSEALED INDICTMENT West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry arrested on 22 criminal counts

>>>/qresearch/2005204 Federal Reserve Helped US Top Banks to Avoid Stress Tests Failure - Reports

>>>/qresearch/2005072 Government Vehicles Used to Transport Protestors to #MarchForOurLives Rally

>>>/qresearch/2005047 Trump Considering Troop Withdrawal from Germany

#2528 >>>/qresearch/2004250 Sealed Indictment Arrest Of SCJ A. Loughry

>>>/qresearch/2004241 Eric Trump Saves Ailing woman in NYC

>>>/qresearch/2004234, >>>/qresearch/2004300, >>>/qresearch/2004350, >>>/qresearch/2004392, >>>/qresearch/2004541 4th of July Flyer Sample (feedback appreciated)

>>>/qresearch/2004305, >>>/qresearch/2004307 Oracle started as C_A Project

>>>/qresearch/2004447 Renee James (((Carlyle Group)))

>>>/qresearch/2004380 Terror Plot Foiled at Rally Attended by Giuliani, Gingrich

>>>/qresearch/2004738 Germany: Migrants transfer record 17.7 billion euros to their countries of origin


#2534 >>>/qresearch/2009624 ‘LGBT Segregation’: UK University Bans Straight People from Housing

>>>/qresearch/2009584 On the similarities between parables and memes

>>>/qresearch/2009500 Donald Trump may visit Australia in November

>>>/qresearch/2009438 Do you feel protected yet? Trump administration seeks to block China Mobile in the US

>>>/qresearch/2009363 What's this? Did Justin Trudeau just get "Me-Too'd" too?

>>>/qresearch/2009340, >>>/qresearch/2009518 Glencore, DOJ orders Mining/Trading Giant to hand over docs re: Nigeria/Congo/VZ

>>>/qresearch/2009242 Kim Dotcom will testify that Seth Rich passed docs to Wikileaks IF DOJ cuts him a deal

>>>/qresearch/2009221 Awan Family Swiped Congressional Server With Classified Intel from 40 DEM House Members

>>>/qresearch/2009194 Annapolis Mayor asked Trump to fly flags at half-mast for Gazette 5. Trump said no.

>>>/qresearch/2009139 NM News stationgoes dark for 90 min after intruder enters building

>>>/qresearch/2009134 Top Clinton adviser Jake Sullivan sent 'top secret' messages to her private account

>>>/qresearch/2009130 Side-by-Side: July 2018, The Month the World Discovered The Truth. Nunes, 5 Eyes,

>>>/qresearch/2009050 UK Police Allege Two Hitmen 'With Close Ties to Russia' Involved in Skripal Case

>>>/qresearch/2009038 PEDOGATE? 'Shameless' Swedish Women Reported to Police for Sexually Abusing Refugees

>>>/qresearch/2009024 Digg on #2 of Nunes list: Jonathan Finer. WaPo, Harvard, Yale, British Labor, Refugees

>>>/qresearch/2009013 Oz: Highest ranking Catholic official convicted of covering up sex abuse "spared prison"

>>>/qresearch/2008958 Elizabeth Dibble involved in Benghazi? When called to testify, we might get some answers.

>>>/qresearch/2008921 Remember when Judge Napolitano let go from Fox last year for saying GCHQ spied on Trump?

>>>/qresearch/2009655 #2534

#2533 >>>/qresearch/2008740 Truth in plain sight: Startup Co. Gives Blood Transfusions From Young People to Reverse Aging

>>>/qresearch/2008603 Memo written by Paul Irving, House sergeant at arms, confirms DNC server disappearance

>>>/qresearch/2008585 4AM puppet media buffet: Michael Cohen puts loyalty to family ahead of loyalty to Trump

>>>/qresearch/2008446 Planefag A/C

>>>/qresearch/2008299, >>>/qresearch/2008360 Mar/Apr Hussein, Comey in NZ

>>>/qresearch/2008258 Compiled Qcrumbs on Five Eyes Graphic

>>>/qresearch/2009622 #2533 (links off bread)

#2532 >>>/qresearch/2008151, >>>/qresearch/2007969 Ingraham & Nunes talk about the "London Episode"…Steele Dossier….says these 10+ officials WILL testify, Breitbart

>>>/qresearch/2008094 Why is this allowed?? Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail

>>>/qresearch/2008069 Skydance MacMahon, Former State Department employee pleads guilty to production of child pornography

>>>/qresearch/2007960 In Newly Obtained Memo, Congress’ Top Cop Said House Democratic Caucus Server VANISHED (O'RLY)

>>>/qresearch/2007795 Portland accidentally sends out alert warning of 911 outage in 5 counties

>>>/qresearch/2007793 OK, Shout Out to the ClockFags on this one!!

>>>/qresearch/2007773 Planefag A/C data from the Saudi Cables.

>>>/qresearch/2007533 "Mass Exodus": Seattle Cops Quitting In Droves Over City Politics

>>>/qresearch/2007196 the baal-worshipping royal crypto jews actually tried to sacrifice 150.000 cattle to bribe their overlord to get trump killed.



>>>/qresearch/2008390 ———————– What happened to Stormy?

>>>/qresearch/2008327 ———————– Crumb #1238

>>>/qresearch/2007973 rt >>>/qresearch/2007869 —- /patriotsfight/77

>>>/qresearch/2007973 rt >>>/qresearch/2007911 —- /patriotsfight/77

>>>/qresearch/2007911 ———————– The intelligence was passed through unofficial means

>>>/qresearch/2007869 ———————– We have the server

#2535 >>>/qresearch/2010405, >>>/qresearch/2010430 Kentucky Governor goes hard care. The people vs. judges!!

>>>/qresearch/2010418 Oh hi there, planefag! Late arrival to bake. Baker missed planefags :(

>>>/qresearch/2010376 Arizona National Guard military police to help at Guantanamo Bay

>>>/qresearch/2010329 Four Charged in Suspected Plot to Bomb Iranian Opposition Rally in France

>>>/qresearch/2010323 Cohen: Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is running ‘smear campaign’

>>>/qresearch/2010337, >>>/qresearch/2010327 Iran General accuses Israel of stealing its clouds to affect climate change

>>>/qresearch/2010294, >>>/qresearch/2010267 AWAN COURT DATE TODAY

>>>/qresearch/2010287 Updated 4th of July Q Info Flier

>>>/qresearch/2010282 Turks: Hey at least we used rubber bullets. You're welcome.

>>>/qresearch/2010268 This just in: Brits still being spied on six ways from Sunday

>>>/qresearch/2010241 When Czar Vlad gives you a warning and calls out your "unacceptable" weakness, well…

>>>/qresearch/2010192 A comprehensive graphic explaining (((shill))) tactics. On the board & in our nations.

>>>/qresearch/2010186 British ISIS traitors HANGED in Iraq where judge says 'we're protecting Britain'

>>>/qresearch/2010167 Extra "L" in trump twat on "infestation" of MS-13 GANGS

>>>/qresearch/2010136 Accountability?? UK banks could face new multibillion-pound claims after PPI ruling.

>>>/qresearch/2010124 UK shadow banking sector worth at least £2.2 trillion

>>>/qresearch/2010115, >>>/qresearch/2010169, >>>/qresearch/2010196 99 Problems w/Brexit: EU-UK trade lifeline, May's white paper, Nigel's rant

>>>/qresearch/2010098 America says France will become its number one ally if Britain does not boost military spending

>>>/qresearch/2010072 Former head of MI6 has warned Theresa May to avoid the EU’s Galileo military satellite system

>>>/qresearch/2010057, >>>/qresearch/2010093, >>>/qresearch/2010227, 2010297 Your daily waking-up to @realDonaldTrump: "Crazy Maxine Waters"

>>>/qresearch/2010051 Oz: Sex abuse survivors demand Pope sack Archbishop Philip Wilson

>>>/qresearch/2010046 Oz: 6/26 Australia leads ‘Five Eyes’ charge against foreign interference

>>>/qresearch/2010041 Oz: Australians buy spy drones to keep an eye on China

>>>/qresearch/2010022 Oh Gawd! Still Russia.. but now GUNS & Russia. Starting to feel sorry for them.

>>>/qresearch/2009964 Moar "Remember When?" with Judge Napolitano and spying, this time of SCOTUS

>>>/qresearch/2009834, >>>/qresearch/2009880 Why did Hussein give those 2,500 Iranians US Citizenship?

>>>/qresearch/2009744 Obama's Dissappearance a myth? No, he's "

>>>/qresearch/2009736 Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper visits WH. No Name echoes?

>>>/qresearch/2009700 Don't Unfriend me, bro! The Left finally started concernfagging re: #WalkAway. Glorious.

>>>/qresearch/2009694, >>>/qresearch/2009701, >>>/qresearch/2009725, >>>/qresearch/2009728, >>>/qresearch/2009743, >>>/qresearch/2009866, >>>/qresearch/ >>>/qresearch/2010034, >>>/qresearch/2010080, >>>/qresearch/2010339, >>>/qresearch/2010330, >>>/qresearch/2010339, >>>/qresearch/2010383, >>>/qresearch/2010413 Digg on Ex-PM of Malaysia

>>>/qresearch/2010437 #2535


#2537 >>>/qresearch/2011265 Trudeau doesn’t recall groping reporter

>>>/qresearch/2011278 Possibility of SR truth this July (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/2011280 Boycott against Walmart after “Impeach 45” clothing

>>>/qresearch/2011285 Probe of Facebook, Cambridge Analytica widens

>>>/qresearch/2011383 Poland to remove nearly 40% of its Supreme Court judges

>>>/qresearch/2011394 Discussion re: possible codes in HRC emails (analysis/speculation from pb)

>>>/qresearch/2011440 Smear attack on Jim Jordan re: Ohio State wrestling

>>>/qresearch/2011442 Avenatti calling out DJT lawyer Cohen to “come clean now”

>>>/qresearch/2011471 Jennifer Rubin (WaPo cunt) worked for Katzenberg at Dreamworks

>>>/qresearch/2011474 Future proving past on Trump-Putin meeting (updated with numbering annotations)

>>>/qresearch/2011505 Amber Heard fans upset after racist tweet, warning people about ICE

>>>/qresearch/2011525 Democrat Deputy AG in California arrested for cp

>>>/qresearch/2011553 ; >>>/qresearch/2011606 Imran Awan pleads guilty to bank fraud charge

>>>/qresearch/2011557 China developing “mega rocket” that could outperform NASA, SpaceX

>>>/qresearch/2011627 DOJ lawyer Scott Schools to resign

>>>/qresearch/2011691 JA tweet at 11:11 AM EST re: Q&A w/ video response

>>>/qresearch/2011752 .png’s of most recent HRC email drop

>>>/qresearch/2011756 List of CA congressmen who hired with Awan brothers

>>>/qresearch/2011779 62% of Americans want new SCOTUS Justice before midterms

>>>/qresearch/2011916 Q Flyer

>>>/qresearch/2011926 #2537 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

#2536 >>>/qresearch/2010451 Nunes attacks Schiff over threat to hold GOP accountable over allegations of Dems spying

>>>/qresearch/2010481 On Hussein using UK to get Five Eyes to spy on DJT

>>>/qresearch/2010487 On Brian Ross and POTUS tweets

>>>/qresearch/2010521 On “Think Stages” and stage-specific crumbs (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/2010545 Thousands of Germans marching against Merkel and migration in Cottbus

>>>/qresearch/2010591 On gift-giving between world powers, highlighting Hussein/“Michelle” and Malaysia

>>>/qresearch/2010609 Scott Pruitt harassed at a restaurant

>>>/qresearch/2010616 India: strong calls for punishment of rapists/murderers of a 7-year-old girl

>>>/qresearch/2010637 Future proving past on Trump-Putin meeting

>>>/qresearch/2010660 Saudis funding Malaysia’s Najib as part of a business deal

>>>/qresearch/2010706 WaPo cunt pushing for “life sentence” harassment of Sarah Sanders

>>>/qresearch/2010718 POTUS tweet and typos (speculation)

>>>/qresearch/2010719 On Kerry and Malaysia’s Najib; Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre

>>>/qresearch/2010820 JetBlue Plane at JFK (analysis/video)

>>>/qresearch/2010833 ; >>>/qresearch/2010994 Possible short lists of SCOTUS picks from POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2010855 Nigeria: former minister remanded in EFCC detention for “laundering N450m”

>>>/qresearch/2010863 Chris Matthews: “too many elitists” in Democrat party

>>>/qresearch/2010945 Terrorist leader fielding family as candidates in Pakistani elections

>>>/qresearch/2011005 Glencore shares drop after DOJ subpoena

>>>/qresearch/2011031 UAE orders asset freeze for Iranians on terrorism list

>>>/qresearch/2011044 ; >>>/qresearch/2011101 ; >>>/qresearch/2011152 ; >>>/qresearch/2011165 HRC, Hanoi, that which is “educational”, and the Mad Hatter Marina

>>>/qresearch/2011048 DJT to rescind race guidelines in college admissions

>>>/qresearch/2011128 Nigel Farage: The Old Order is being swept away

>>>/qresearch/2011175 Former Malaysian PM Razak arrested

>>>/qresearch/2011147 #2536 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


>>>/qresearch/2022737 rt >>>/qresearch/2022584 ——————————— Who do you see?

>>>/qresearch/2022584 ————————————————— Plane Through Blinds (subject to change)

>>>/qresearch/2022398 rt >>>/qresearch/2022233 ——————————— Trolling is Fun. Hussein/Trump interior = identical minus small changes.

>>>/qresearch/2021248 rt >>>/qresearch/2019981 ——————————— Do 'reflections' violate NAT SEC rules?

>>>/qresearch/2021248 rt >>>/qresearch/2019832 ——————————— Do 'reflections' violate NAT SEC rules?

>>>/qresearch/2021248 rt >>>/qresearch/2020544 ——————————— Do 'reflections' violate NAT SEC rules?

>>>/qresearch/2018075 —————————————————- Divide they try. Fail they will.

>>>/qresearch/2017327 —————————————————- WelcomeAboard.png (Picture from inside AF1)

>>>/qresearch/2014318 —————————————————- Add another to the list

>>>/qresearch/2014158 rt >>>/qresearch/2013625 ——————————— Matters of National Security

#2539 >>>/qresearch/2012862 On NATSEC and Huber

>>>/qresearch/2012883 Another public #QAnon highway ad board

>>>/qresearch/2012888 NYT reassigns Ali Watkins, reporter in leak case

>>>/qresearch/2012924 LV Shooting: cop frozen outside hotel room during shooting

>>>/qresearch/2012949 ; >>>/qresearch/2013019 ; >>>/qresearch/2013045 Additional and translated Blackforest articles

>>>/qresearch/2012961 GOOG’s COO Diane Bryant out

>>>/qresearch/2013007 On the DNC identity crisis

>>>/qresearch/2013056 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2013059 CNN advance knowledge of NK missile tests (anecdote)

>>>/qresearch/2013093 Bono warns that existence of UN, EU, and NATO are threatened

>>>/qresearch/2013125 Louie Gohmert suspects RR’s staff may be spying on him

>>>/qresearch/2013210 Broward Country Sheriff to be removed next week

>>>/qresearch/2013254 Resigning DOJ lawyer Scott Schools to be replaced by Bradley Weinsheimer

>>>/qresearch/2013282 ; >>>/qresearch/2013304 ; >>>/qresearch/2013334 Digs on Scott Schools

>>>/qresearch/2013284 ; >>>/qresearch/2013436 Corrupt Israeli former officials/Lolita Express passengers receive Israeli secret service protection

>>>/qresearch/2013413 Strzok subpoenaed for public hearing July 10th

>>>/qresearch/2013465 #2539 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

#2538 >>>/qresearch/2012055 Chris Gowen, Awan’s lawyer, longtime Clinton associate

>>>/qresearch/2012169 HRC email drop and names of speech writers

>>>/qresearch/2012255 On the removal of KJU officials before US Summit meeting

>>>/qresearch/2012330 ; >>>/qresearch/2012337 ; >>>/qresearch/2012554 House Democratic Caucus server vanished (discussion)

>>>/qresearch/2012347 On Blackforest, Karlheinz Kögel, and major players/cabalists worldwide

>>>/qresearch/2012405 On the Awan plea bargain and National Security cases (speculation)

>>>/qresearch/2012446 Vandals attack Nebraska GOP office; “Abolish ICE”

>>>/qresearch/2012478 16-year-old girl returns home after being sex trafficked in Chicago

>>>/qresearch/2012498 Enemies attempting to redirect online traffic and discredit Q

>>>/qresearch/2012550 Britain warns Bosnian Serb leader against inventing “fake threats”

>>>/qresearch/2012607 On Military tribunals and the correct setting (video)

>>>/qresearch/2012694 #2538 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


#2541 >>>/qresearch/2014952 Weinstein indicted again

>>>/qresearch/2014941 CDAN predicts Stephen Paddock will be suicided soon

>>>/qresearch/2014840 , >>>/qresearch/2014610 Re: Bradley Weinsheimer: Future Proves Past

>>>/qresearch/2014849 How do you legally? CIPA is how you do it. (theory)

>>>/qresearch/2014815 Trump Targets MS-13 ‘Infestation’: ICE Will ‘Get Them Out’

>>>/qresearch/2014637 BDT Qcrumb points to July 4, 2018 (242nd Anniversary of the USA)

>>>/qresearch/2014652 Planefag Notable: DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/2014645 Awan server "missing": Daily Caller article

>>>/qresearch/2014510 Tommy Robinson’s Legal Appeal Cancelled by Crown Court

>>>/qresearch/2014487 Hollyweird Actress: Hide Illegal ‘Nannies, Housekeepers, Landscapers’ from ICE

>>>/qresearch/2014474 Mandalay Bay Autopsy Reports

>>>/qresearch/2014442 Nature’s Path co-CEO resigns from Organic Trade Association

>>>/qresearch/2014424 SOUTHERN SYRIA UPDATE

>>>/qresearch/2014395 Houthis Firing Barrage Of Missiles At Saudi Targets Using Underground Launch Site

>>>/qresearch/2014394 Statements from Las Vegas Shooting

>>>/qresearch/2014391 CIPA Cliffnotes

>>>/qresearch/2014383 Nugget from Privacy International regarding FVEY agreement

>>>/qresearch/2014374 American Congressional delegation arrives in Moscow

>>>/qresearch/2014370 , >>>/qresearch/2014392 , >>>/qresearch/2014404 Classified Information Procedures: Information

#2540 >>>/qresearch/2013585 ; >>>/qresearch/2013604 ; >>>/qresearch/2013627 ; >>>/qresearch/2013659 ; Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2013600 On the Awan situation, financial crimes, and FinCEN prosecution vs. DOJ prosecution

>>>/qresearch/2013638 ; >>>/qresearch/2014067 On Podesta and the “letter on October 28th”

>>>/qresearch/2013641 On Ed O’Callahan and Scott Schools

>>>/qresearch/2013702 DOD puts JEDI under CIO leadership

>>>/qresearch/2013738 ; >>>/qresearch/2013864 On 7/10 (speculation)

>>>/qresearch/2013755 ICE protests in Philadelphia

>>>/qresearch/2013769 Jesus Campos (LV shooting) image EXIF data

>>>/qresearch/2013807 Confirmed DJT to reverse “affirmative action” policies

>>>/qresearch/2013862 DNC Chair Tom Perez declares socialist Ocasio-Cortez “the future of our party”

>>>/qresearch/2013909 Article: “The Q Phenomenon”

>>>/qresearch/2013987 Marked number of inmate suicide reports over the past 24 hours

>>>/qresearch/2014037 Italian wikipedia goes dark in bid to save memes and remixes from new EU copyright law

>>>/qresearch/2014039 Law firm handling Jim Jordan smear case in Perkins Cole of HRC, False Dossier fame

>>>/qresearch/2014105 Pentagon wants “Baked-In” security from vendors

>>>/qresearch/2014197 Facebook deletes page that helps suicidal vets cope with combat stress

>>>/qresearch/2014229 ; >>>/qresearch/2014273 CIPA Cliffnotes

>>>/qresearch/2014247 #2540 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


#2544 >>>/qresearch/2017529 , >>>/qresearch/2017558 , >>>/qresearch/2017599 , >>>/qresearch/2017830 , >>>/qresearch/2018020 Confirmed New Q Pic from inside AF1, flipped horizontally

>>>/qresearch/2017598 Fox piece on Awan's guilty plea for bank fraud.

>>>/qresearch/2017750 ICE Busts huge human trafficking ring in Cali

>>>/qresearch/2017793 Tatiana Martins [Soros agent] - Resignation

>>>/qresearch/2017914 Trumps Address ending song trolls the deep state everytime

>>>/qresearch/2017918 Ecuador Judge orders arrest of ex-president Rafael Correa

>>>/qresearch/2018004 AF1 Pic of the day POTUS_Schedule

#2543 >>>/qresearch/2016664 Paddocks' brothers CP Charges dropped

>>>/qresearch/2016740 , >>>/qresearch/2016866 , >>>/qresearch/2016948 Awan case is a show, "How do you legally…"

>>>/qresearch/2016741 LV man sentenced for CP collection

>>>/qresearch/2016765 New DNC chairman Ocasio-Cortez

>>>/qresearch/2016888 Side by side, Trump confirming we have the server?

>>>/qresearch/2016965 Reporters dropping like flies for lying

>>>/qresearch/2016982 Jeff Sessions Rescinds 24 Guidance documents

#2542 >>>/qresearch/2016494 POTUS calls out the WP and "anonymous sources"

>>>/qresearch/2016283 , >>>/qresearch/2016367 , >>>/qresearch/2016456 , >>>/qresearch/2016488 POTUS Tweet: A message from POTUS to us?

>>>/qresearch/2016314 Top Secret Doc that formalized 'special relationship' between the UK/US

>>>/qresearch/2016261 Jim Jordan coincidence?

>>>/qresearch/2016160 , >>>/qresearch/2016119 43 eyes, 43 Q-map connections

>>>/qresearch/2016130 Chicago Man Convicted of Providing Material Support to Terrorists

>>>/qresearch/2015939 40% off all Official Trump Gear - 4th July Offer (DJT.com)

>>>/qresearch/2015914 Sheriff Scott Israel to be removed next week

>>>/qresearch/2015917 , >>>/qresearch/2015926 Hussein as satan: Evidence the photo is not shopped

>>>/qresearch/2015902 , >>>/qresearch/2015657 DWS has aged

#2542 >>>/qresearch/2015802 QAnon.pub update: Results of timezone vote

>>>/qresearch/2015677 What 'The Server' may contain (theory)

>>>/qresearch/2015657 Awan article (The Blaze)

>>>/qresearch/2015584 GWB Admin planned Syria’s destruction (Activist Post)

>>>/qresearch/2015272 CDAN: "Tomorrow's #RevealDay is shaping up to be the best one yet."

>>>/qresearch/2015444 Imran Awan Cuts Deal with DOJ: The Chess Theory? (The Goldwater)

>>>/qresearch/2015418 Alice In Wonderland and July 4th

>>>/qresearch/2015400 Kevin Spacey: 3 New Sexual Assaults Investigated (TMZ)

>>>/qresearch/2015303 , >>>/qresearch/2015315 The Q Phenomenon And Why It Matters (News With Views)

>>>/qresearch/2015254 QAnon.pub feedback request re timezones and EST

>>>/qresearch/2015231 Q predicting Scott Schools ousting in form of Yoda talk?

>>>/qresearch/2015230 EPA chief Pruitt: The latest Trump official to be harassed in a restaurant

>>>/qresearch/2015208 QPost and others: Painting a picture of what's going to happen next?

>>>/qresearch/2015192 Did FB KNOW about Cam. Analytica data breach three years ago?

>>>/qresearch/2015177 Bill Gates Praises GOP-Led Congress


#2552 >>>/qresearch/2023088 Scott Schools “The Most Important Unknown Person in D.C.”

>>>/qresearch/2022978, >>>/qresearch/2022983, >>>/qresearch/2023000, >>>/qresearch/2023128 Anons discuss enlarged pic of dude in recent Qcrumb

>>>/qresearch/2023014, >>>/qresearch/2023117 Last int'l flight for United 747 10/29/2017- one day after Q began posting.

#2551more notes to come, was a fast-moving Q bread here

#2550 >>>/qresearch/2022324 FBI, Sec, Justice Dept fed probe into FB

>>>/qresearch/2021758 News stay silent on the arrest of Former Malaysian PM Najib and deflect with news about the rescue of a Youth soccer team

>>>/qresearch/2021388 Hope Hicks Back Around?

#2549 >>>/qresearch/2021146 Incumbent Republican state representative drops out of election in surprise announcement

>>>/qresearch/2020796, >>>/qresearch/2020839 BlipBillboards for $10 - $50 a day (Get Yours Now Anons if You can Afford to)

>>>/qresearch/2020742 From Awan plea "This Agreement does not bind the Civil Division of this Office or any other United States Attomey's Office"

>>>/qresearch/2020686 Beautiful Patriotic Meme, WWG1WGA

>>>/qresearch/2020627 Trump Reverses Obama-Era Policies On Affirmative Action

#2548 >>>/qresearch/2020198 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2020138 Anon recreates Q post

>>>/qresearch/2020067 David Margolis 187'd (ARKANCIDE) perhaps?

>>>/qresearch/2020058 Second Philippine mayor shot dead in cold blood in two days

>>>/qresearch/2019990 EPA Boss Scott Pruitt Harrassed at Restaurant (Video)

>>>/qresearch/2019812 Mexico’s ambassador makes a surprising statement about immigration to the U.S.

#2547 >>>/qresearch/2019024 Awan Plea Agreement (Enjoy the show)

>>>/qresearch/2019060 Tina Turner's firstborn, Craig Turner: suicide

>>>/qresearch/2019079 Nice anon rundown of Awan, VJ, Human and the MB

>>>/qresearch/2019176 POTUS tweet about July 4th. God Bless you Sir.

>>>/qresearch/2019200 https://mega.nz/#F!afISyCoY!6N1lY_fcYFOz4OQpT82p2w [This almost can't get reposted enough]

>>>/qresearch/2019410 US And Israel Form "Working Group" To Overthrow Iran Government

>>>/qresearch/2019528 Palestinians protest Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

#2546 >>>/qresearch/2018393 Amazing Timeline of Awan/DNC!!!

>>>/qresearch/2018579 POTUS statement on ICE - We stand by your side.

>>>/qresearch/2018601 , >>>/qresearch/2018674 Qanonproofs.com added to the dough

>>>/qresearch/2018641 Bono is scared on behalf of the deepstate

>>>/qresearch/2018727 Awan memo server vanished

>>>/qresearch/2018730 Top DOJ official to resign, D.A.G. Scott Schools

>>>/qresearch/2018732 Name something comey didn't turn a blind eye to.

>>>/qresearch/2018551 Peter Strzok Has Been Subpoenaed to Testify PUBLICLY Before Congress Next Tuesday

>>>/qresearch/2018908 Reminder to stay together frenz

#2545 >>>/qresearch/2018098 , >>>/qresearch/2018303 Sequence is important.

>>>/qresearch/2018329 WH attacking OmamaCare

>>>/qresearch/2018352 UN Report Fake News - Used data during BHO's reign

>>>/qresearch/2018361, >>>/qresearch/2018412 HRC and Apple Power Mac servers


#2554 >>>/qresearch/2024997 FBI: July 4 terror plot thwarted in Cleveland, suspect pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda

>>>/qresearch/2024930 What's this? FBI, SEC, Justice Department Join Federal Probe into Facebook? Buh Bye!

>>>/qresearch/2024866 Surprising absolutely no one, Young White Men Abandon Democrats for Trump's "nationalism"

>>>/qresearch/2024835, >>>/qresearch/2024867 Chinese Armed Forces officials met with Iran's Brigadier General Tues

>>>/qresearch/2024796 What the actual F___? Violent rape of 7-yr old in a video game. These ppl are SICK.

>>>/qresearch/2024786 Re: Malaysia arrest / compare to Michelle/Hussein jewelry from Saudi

>>>/qresearch/2024768 Oklahoma scumbag accused of molesting 5yr-old as "safe haven" to undocumented family

>>>/qresearch/2024759 Speaking of "leaders who allowed China to steal our ideas.. It's Schiffty!

>>>/qresearch/2024751 Amber Heard doing her part to keep the 'help' (cheap labor) on the plantation.

>>>/qresearch/2024701, >>>/qresearch/2024938 (lb) SFO international first class lounge resembles Q airport crumb?

>>>/qresearch/2024695 UK police declare MAJOR INCIDENT: 2 fall ill near Salisbury from "unknown substance"

>>>/qresearch/2024691, >>>/qresearch/2024780, >>>/qresearch/2024723 Moar on China stealing our IP to undercut our markets

>>>/qresearch/2024654, >>>/qresearch/2024840 Moar Tom Donilon & Hussein: China got detailed info of all military aircraft.

>>>/qresearch/2024644 Judge tosses suit alleging Trump campaign conspired with Russia in DNC hack

>>>/qresearch/2024626 What's up with the Queen? UK seems to be prepping for her demise.

>>>/qresearch/2024603 Wozniak is a freemason. Just sayin'.

>>>/qresearch/2024594, >>>/qresearch/2024699, >>>/qresearch/2024826, >>>/qresearch/2024863, 2024922 Moar digging HK United pic. Google Earth/Maps

>>>/qresearch/2024559 An autist muses on the nature of "how do you introduce evidence 'legally'?"

>>>/qresearch/2024516, >>>/qresearch/2024624 #DeleteFacebook: For 'censorship' of country group's patriotic song. Nice.

>>>/qresearch/2025255 #2554 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )

#2553 >>>/qresearch/2024938 SFO international first class lounge resembles Q airport crumb?

>>>/qresearch/2024192 Swamp Drained: Obama's ICE Chief Counsel Sentenced to Prison for Identity Theft

>>>/qresearch/2024259, >>>/qresearch/2024270, >>>/qresearch/2024272, >>>/qresearch/2024382 Tim Cook digg. Follow the wives.

>>>/qresearch/2024238 2013 Tom Donilon: "the White house expects HK to move forward with the extradition" of @snowden

>>>/qresearch/2024306 What's POTUS's game? ‘Sound conclusions’: Senate panel backs ‘Russiagate’ intel report

>>>/qresearch/2024305, >>>/qresearch/2024337 The movie we've all been waiting for: (((RBG)))

>>>/qresearch/2024254 Digg-worthy: Aurora theater shooter’s psychiatric reports unsealed by 2015 trial judge

>>>/qresearch/2023842 Moar on Glencore Mining subpoena: Mark Rich/FBI connections

>>>/qresearch/2023802 "Ergo, not a proof but a message." Anon thinks logically re: Q stock photo free-for-all

>>>/qresearch/2023779 Turks: Erdogan ammassing power, bwahahahaha

>>>/qresearch/2023741 What Trump is Preparing: ditching the transnational ruling class

>>>/qresearch/2023721, >>>/qresearch/2023736, >>>/qresearch/2023759 Moar sperging out over Qcrumb photo: Prince William mebbe?

>>>/qresearch/2024487 #2553 NIBL ( Notables In Bread List )


#2556 >>>/qresearch/2026652 Fox vid: Is the Trump Doctrine at Work? Seb Gorka I'view

>>>/qresearch/2026612 San Francisco in rapid decline. Yuge medical convention canceled over dirty streets, homeless

>>>/qresearch/2026510 SCOTUS rising: 3 more Supreme Court candidates meet with Trump.

>>>/qresearch/2026525 Lift any rock of dirty dealings, find a Soros Snek. Early investor in HNA.

>>>/qresearch/2026493 Credit card fraudsters shitting on the All-American road trip. No sense of patriotism. SMH.

>>>/qresearch/2026474 "Cock"pit news: Weirdo billionaires fondling their pilots. LaCroix CEO just sued for it.

>>>/qresearch/2026441 Huh. Queen invites King and Queen of Netherlands for state visit when Harry/Meghan can't come

>>>/qresearch/2026294, >>>/qresearch/2026328 Connecting Skripal with "Orbis Business Intelligence", Christopher Steele

>>>/qresearch/2026241 Cry harder globalists: Trump goes to war with corporate America, says Politico

>>>/qresearch/2026232 ICE believes in keeping families together. Over there.

>>>/qresearch/2026231 The people vs. judges!! Based Poland retires non-nationalist judges. One won't take the hint.

>>>/qresearch/2026218 Malaysian ex-PM Najib Razak charged with breach of trust, graft

>>>/qresearch/2026179 UK: Update on the "unknown substance" incident. Counter-terrorism police on the case.

>>>/qresearch/2026127 Where's Prince Waldo? Last month started his "historic Mideast Tour" in Jordan

>>>/qresearch/2026126 Oh he "educated" us alright. Colin Kaepernick's National Education Association’s President’s Award

>>>/qresearch/2026106, >>>/qresearch/2026187, >>>/qresearch/2026205, >>>/qresearch/2026212, 2026271, >>>/qresearch/2026291, >>>/qresearch/2026306, >>>/qresearch/2026464 Moar Prince Waldo/Edwhere search-and-identify mission

>>>/qresearch/2026101 U.S. Allows ZTE to Resume Some Business Activity Temporarily.

>>>/qresearch/2026100, >>>/qresearch/2026201 Happy 4th from the Marine Corps and Sec. Pompeo. Semper Fi frens. Forever grateful.

>>>/qresearch/2026090 DOJ draining swamps all over the damn place: Disbarred CA Attorney Defrauded Former Clients/Investors

>>>/qresearch/2026087 State.gov resource for FVEY diggs: All About Security Clearances

>>>/qresearch/2026073 What does this 2017 Director of National Intelligence report have to say about Russia & US elections?

>>>/qresearch/2026072 You have been REPLACED: Uk Med Schools Turn Away Straight-A To Plunder Third World for Doctors

>>>/qresearch/2026061 The Kiwifags have eyes: New Zealand spied for years on Pacific neighbors

>>>/qresearch/2026033, >>>/qresearch/2026042 Wang Jian: China's HNA Group boss dies in Provence, fell off wall while having pic taken

#2555 >>>/qresearch/2025298 Location of current photo is near the snowden pics from #869

>>>/qresearch/2025443 anon rallies the photofags late into the night

>>>/qresearch/2025444 possible victim of a VIP child sex abuse and murder ring, which led to the investigation of British politicians, has been charged

>>>/qresearch/2025407 anon found us a location - western pacific garden

>>>/qresearch/2025441 anon posts whois data for western pacific garden

>>>/qresearch/2025476 fakebook page for WPG

>>>/qresearch/2025481 photos of children at WPG and some link s asscociated

>>>/qresearch/2025521 anon finds link between WPG and Clinton Foundation. took 4 hours 9 minutes

>>>/qresearch/2025562 google map on the street where WPG is located

>>>/qresearch/2025585 possible match for prince william?

>>>/qresearch/2025699 Korean Peninsula denuclearization might possibly be disrupted due to the vast nuclear fuel reserves possessed by… Japan

>>>/qresearch/2025709 China's top officials State Councillor Wang Yi have carried out a series of meetings in Brussels

>>>/qresearch/2025711 former CF exec tied to WPG

>>>/qresearch/2025833 Q pic likely taken before January 2017

>>>/qresearch/2025881 POST LINKS

>>>/qresearch/2025944 more angles of the street near WPG


#2558 >>>/qresearch/2027616 - Did the U.S.“Intel Community” judge that Russia interfered in the 2016 election?

>>>/qresearch/2027624 - Treasury digs

>>>/qresearch/2027693 - Awan's razor: 30 years or probation?

>>>/qresearch/2027698 - illegal logins can be bad..

>>>/qresearch/2027709 - More Awan

>>>/qresearch/2027802 - United notes

>>>/qresearch/2027826 - Location dig on T3902 pic

>>>/qresearch/2027829 - Chinese CEO dies in France

>>>/qresearch/2027853 - Plea deal of swiss cheese

>>>/qresearch/2027888 - Prince Edward absent from festivities

>>>/qresearch/2027908 - Fenty, Mayor of Washington

>>>/qresearch/2027910 - WP kinderdigs

>>>/qresearch/2027956 - RICHARD SWIFT DIES AT AGE 41.

>>>/qresearch/2028032 - Money laundering and house it aides

>>>/qresearch/2027787 Q Anon jargon, explained (Article)

>>>/qresearch/2027769, >>>/qresearch/2028000 Planefag Updates

#2557 >>>/qresearch/2027410 Q Photo NOT Stock Photo

#2557 >>>/qresearch/2027375 How does Q make his photos?

>>>/qresearch/2027275 Britians Most Censored Non-Military Stories Exposed

>>>/qresearch/2027251 Q Billboard - Burleson, TX

>>>/qresearch/2027212 Corrupt Judges covering up for the Elite..

>>>/qresearch/2027157 Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

>>>/qresearch/2027122 Prince William visits occupied Palestinian territories

>>>/qresearch/2027098 Huma Dig

>>>/qresearch/2027113, >>>/qresearch/2027226 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2027094 Fired Chief Executive Officer Demos Parneros-Barnes and Noble

>>>/qresearch/2026995 Case dismissed yesterday against Trump/Stone is not THE DNC case

>>>/qresearch/2026985, >>>/qresearch/2026991 By Joshua Philipp / The Epoch Times (US) 4 July 2018 Updated: 4 July 2018 15:19


#2561 >>>/qresearch/2029872 Tasty Q Proof

>>>/qresearch/2029941 HMmmmmmmmm

>>>/qresearch/2029924 , >>>/qresearch/2029990 Joel Getz digging Zero Hedge is Disinfo

>>>/qresearch/2030149 AF1 pic theory

>>>/qresearch/2030356 Many possibilities

>>>/qresearch/2030173 , >>>/qresearch/2030270 Filename dig

>>>/qresearch/2030439 Man-Bear-Pig was fake after all!

>>>/qresearch/2030339 8D Chess

>>>/qresearch/2030426 , >>>/qresearch/2030462 , >>>/qresearch/2030514 , >>>/qresearch/2030558 , >>>/qresearch/2030580 Planefaggotry

#2560 >>>/qresearch/2029135 , >>>/qresearch/2029174 , >>>/qresearch/2029238 , >>>/qresearch/2029145 Q Photo theories

>>>/qresearch/2029030 , >>>/qresearch/2029151 Cleaning the house

>>>/qresearch/2029296 , >>>/qresearch/2029348 , >>>/qresearch/2029371 Is this the mysterious Ben Rhodes?

>>>/qresearch/2029496 , >>>/qresearch/2029825 Or Prince William?

>>>/qresearch/2029735 Today's Q Clock

#2559 >>>/qresearch/2028392 - a connection between Cooper and Snowden?

>>>/qresearch/2028403 - They tried to control the truth.

>>>/qresearch/2028416, >>>/qresearch/2028421 - Sir Winston Peters' great adventure

>>>/qresearch/2028442, >>>/qresearch/2028457 - HK digs

>>>/qresearch/2028492 - Notables from NWO Thread

>>>/qresearch/2028542, >>>/qresearch/2028576, >>>/qresearch/2028600 - Justin G. Cooper digs

>>>/qresearch/2028609 - Funny how these things happen

>>>/qresearch/2028352, >>>/qresearch/2028220, >>>/qresearch/2026308, >>>/qresearch/2026883, >>>/qresearch/2028660, >>>/qresearch/2029011 - HK digs

>>>/qresearch/2028712 - Fakebook censors The Declaration.

>>>/qresearch/2028718 - 3 LETTERS:

>>>/qresearch/2028739, >>>/qresearch/2028779, >>>/qresearch/2028392, >>>/qresearch/2028792, >>>/qresearch/2028816 - Do we have our guy? Justin Cooper digs

>>>/qresearch/2028889 - Clinton Foundation and sex abuse

>>>/qresearch/2028946 - Ben Rhodes in Japan defending his speechwriting for BHO


#2562 >>>/qresearch/2030686 Israeli gets 100 days community service for lynching asylum seeker he mistook for terrorist

>>>/qresearch/2030736 Austria - PM Kurz Threatens To Close Border Over Merkel Asylum Agreement

>>>/qresearch/2030828 Son Of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Killed By Syrian Military

>>>/qresearch/2030893 WATCH: ICE Busts Suspected Sex-Trafficking Ring, Liberals Protest

>>>/qresearch/2030936 Caitlin Johnstone: America Celebrates Lateral Move From Monarchy To Corporate Rule

>>>/qresearch/2030954 US Jewish Leader Expresses Compassion for Refugees at US Border– and Contempt for Palestinian Refugees

>>>/qresearch/2030982 Anti-Trump FBI Agent May Ignore Congressional Subpoena, His Lawyer Says

>>>/qresearch/2031020 CNN GOES AFTER JIM JORDAN

>>>/qresearch/2031082 School District Refuses To Permit Parents See LGBT Videos Students Were Forced To Watch

>>>/qresearch/2031182 Episcopal Church considers adding gender-neutral language regarding God to its book of prayers

#2561 >>>/qresearch/2029954 >>>/qresearch/2030120 Joel A. Getz

>>>/qresearch/2029991 #DrainTheSwamp

>>>/qresearch/2030157 The Iranian embassy official reportedly gave Belgian couple the bomb

>>>/qresearch/2030242 Avenatti-2020

>>>/qresearch/2030040 Blind items revealed #8

>>>/qresearch/2030368 Dems Issue Depressing Statement on Independence Day as People Leave Party in Droves

>>>/qresearch/2030408 Psychoanalysing NATO: Projection

>>>/qresearch/2030426 Planefag Report - 4 July 2018

>>>/qresearch/2030496 Judge tosses suit alleging Trump campaign conspired with Russia in DNC hack

>>>/qresearch/2030598 Collated Planefag Notables

#2563 >>>/qresearch/2031433 Chess pieces, swords, soundwaves OH MY

>>>/qresearch/2031565 Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

>>>/qresearch/2031579 Will you be the 100th Monkey?

>>>/qresearch/2031691 , >>>/qresearch/2031911 protester protesting

>>>/qresearch/2031914 "As Patriots," Learn our comms

>>>/qresearch/2031774 Found source of United plane

>>>/qresearch/2031918 Q reposting was from 242 days ago

#2562 >>>/qresearch/2030725 QClock will we get 9/11 truth today?

>>>/qresearch/2030791 FBI doing their best to feel wanted

>>>/qresearch/2030822 Mirror mirror, on the wall

>>>/qresearch/2030690 , >>>/qresearch/2030765 HMMMmmmmmmm

>>>/qresearch/2031009 Watch the water

>>>/qresearch/2030879 , >>>/qresearch/2030952 , >>>/qresearch/2030981 Q is an Anon first

>>>/qresearch/2031041 Break the programming and rise #GreatAwakening


#2566 >>>/qresearch/2033867 Establishment of the cyberspace 1700 occupational field occfld

>>>/qresearch/2033876 Syria wants its people back!

>>>/qresearch/2033921 Judge tosses lawsuit alleging Trump-wikileaks collusion in 2016

>>>/qresearch/2033969 Well formatted rundown of 'woman under liberties foot' bit

>>>/qresearch/2034376 The Declaration of Independence (dl your copy today!)

>>>/qresearch/2034373 Russian forces killed the son of Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

#2565 >>>/qresearch/2033634 CDAN "C was good friends with a couple of serial child molesters."

>>>/qresearch/2033544 North Korea Sends Senior Officials to Cuba Before Pompeo Meeting (Cuba Next?)

>>>/qresearch/2033231, >>>/qresearch/2033259, >>>/qresearch/2033282, >>>/qresearch/2033306, >>>/qresearch/2033376, >>>/qresearch/2033391, >>>/qresearch/2033415 50 Notable Press Lies on POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2033467 Weinstein reveal just dropped on CDAN.

>>>/qresearch/2033464 Fate of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence - Freedom Isn't

>>>/qresearch/2033436 Two Freight Forwarding Executives Arrested in Miami

>>>/qresearch/2033242 SA is Happening Now in USA!

#2564 >>>/qresearch/2032762 UK clowns, poison, leadup to POTUS/Putin meeting

>>>/qresearch/2032550 The Iranians Have Made Novichok

>>>/qresearch/2032377 Military Picnic Live Stream

>>>/qresearch/2032319, >>>/qresearch/2032423 CDAN is being used to redpill the normies and make the connection to the Great Awakening

>>>/qresearch/2032383 Texas Mom Arrested for selling young children

>>>/qresearch/2032416 ResignationAnons website

>>>/qresearch/2032505 Schumer celebrates the murder of unborn children

#2563 >>>/qresearch/2031502 Watch the water. >>>/qresearch/203152

>>>/qresearch/2031521 Good read on Awan bank fraud

>>>/qresearch/2031586 If You’ve Nothing to Hide,You Should Welcome Google’s New Surveillance System

>>>/qresearch/2031632 Europe Turns Down Chinese Offer For Grand Alliance Against The US

>>>/qresearch/2031631 Donald Trumps opinion on Revenge

>>>/qresearch/2031705 (You) Please put Semper Fidelis back into the bread


#2569 >>>/qresearch/2036679 Trump To OPEC 'Allies': "Reduce Oil Prices Now" Or Lose US Defense Shield

>>>/qresearch/2036623 The Battle in Southern Syria Is Coming to an End: Israel Bows to Russia’s Will

>>>/qresearch/2036578 Peter Strzok, the C_A & Integrity Applications Inc.

>>>/qresearch/2036472 POTUS interview from 1980 where he talks of running for Presidency

>>>/qresearch/2036337 Anons cook-out in memory of Seth Rich

>>>/qresearch/2036286 , >>>/qresearch/2036726 POTUS & FLOTUS Independence Day fireworks photos

>>>/qresearch/2036248 Huma, Teneo, Hillary, Obama & The Rockefeller Foundation

>>>/qresearch/2036213 , >>>/qresearch/2036758 Michael Moates Tweets on Q: "Something so tremendous, so YUGE, So Crazy"

#2568 >>>/qresearch/2035893 , >>>/qresearch/2035920 Independence Day Q'ery !!

>>>/qresearch/2035842 , >>>/qresearch/2035906 Pickering ( >>>/qresearch/2035777 ) sits on the team of The Iran Project

>>>/qresearch/2035826 Extensive list of human trafficking arrests from Jan 17 until now

>>>/qresearch/2035817 Supreme Court's ruling will end cash cow for liberal activists

>>>/qresearch/2035797 The KC-130 military plane crash last year in Mississippi: Dig

>>>/qresearch/2035765 The UK allegedly told POTUS that he must not meet with Farage

>>>/qresearch/2035731 , >>>/qresearch/2035777 Abiola collapsed and died, shortly after [Susan] Rice had served tea

>>>/qresearch/2035729 US Sidelined as Five Powers Set to Give Iran New Assurance


>>>/qresearch/2034628 Excellent Hand Out Message for anons to print / use.

>>>/qresearch/2034678 Amazing gif overlaying the eyes of the Q post pic with POTUS' - Confirmed him!

>>>/qresearch/2034697 More info about EU's decision to ban memes

>>>/qresearch/2034715 John Brennan nervous

>>>/qresearch/2034831 LA Q poster sighting. We're everywhere lads.

>>>/qresearch/2034918 Independence Celebration at the Capitol! [Live feed]

>>>/qresearch/2034953 Past reminder that GitMo is ready for an 'influx of new detainees'

>>>/qresearch/2034974 …and that it's already scheduled to be filled + another made

>>>/qresearch/2035071 Kim Dot Com looses last appeal about extradition to USA

>>>/qresearch/2035104 Three Major Problems with Senate Intel Committee Report re: Russie Meddling w/ Election

>>>/qresearch/2035105 Though perhaps not entirely accurate, this is a reminder about the scope of materials that can be found on a server


#2572 >>>/qresearch/2039325 BO reminds us why we do what we do despite the obstacles: Chins up lads.

>>>/qresearch/2039316 UK: Home Office Told to Expand Programme Importing Refugees to Every Town, Village

>>>/qresearch/2039146 Welcome to Stasi Sweden. Dental hygeniest fined $60,000 for exposing migrants' age

>>>/qresearch/2039216, >>>/qresearch/2039229, >>>/qresearch/2039233 Helsinki Summit = Trump Is Existential Threat to (((Empire)))

>>>/qresearch/2039175 And they wonder why the right is rising: Visual of migration from Africa to Italy

>>>/qresearch/2039112 We're here because we've been tried by fire. Kübler-Ross of 5 stages of grief.

>>>/qresearch/2039083 2012: Do Susan Rice’s Canadian connections disqualify her as US Sec State?

>>>/qresearch/2039075 Fear porn: UK/Salisbury ppl now told to avoid picking up unknown objects.

>>>/qresearch/2039035, >>>/qresearch/2039100 The Ghoul of Calcutta: The NUNS are in on it? Is nothing sacred?

>>>/qresearch/2039029 Melee en Francais: Police in full riot gear over shooting of gud boi

>>>/qresearch/2038925, >>>/qresearch/2039003 "Sacred Honor": What Patriots have that (((they))) don't.

>>>/qresearch/2038988 Todd Piro Twat roasts the Statue of Liberty climber good

>>>/qresearch/2038843 Moar thoughts on RYB Education, China, and Joel Getz

>>>/qresearch/2038776 Australian involvement in Clinton Foundation

>>>/qresearch/2038731 What price treason? Susan Rice's net worth $50 mil at $172,000/yr salary

>>>/qresearch/2038718 World Cup Doing Great Things for Russia… Time for 'Novichok' to Strike Again!

>>>/qresearch/2038717 Word salad straight from the horseface's mouth: Lynn De Rothschild i'view

>>>/qresearch/2038670 Merkel calls a waaambulance as Trump Mulls Hitting EU Car Exports

>>>/qresearch/2038662 Securing his army while his people suffer: Maduro and Venezuela update

>>>/qresearch/2038647 In-depth interview w/POTUS's MIT engineer Uncle: Energy/Healthcare implications?

>>>/qresearch/2039337 #2572

#2571 >>>/qresearch/2038426 Rally goers: POTUS's visit to Great Falls: safety and security guidelines

>>>/qresearch/2038384 No, you'll listen and LIKE it. Democrat Wants to Ban State of the Union Addresses

>>>/qresearch/2038246, >>>/qresearch/2038356 A look back at Chip Tatum. Deep State been messin' WW for decades.

>>>/qresearch/2038126 Shooting at Spanish Benidorm Nightclub. British holiday hot spot into 'LOCKDOWN'

>>>/qresearch/2038112 Moneyed elite are dangerous to your health: British stewardess found dead on yacht

>>>/qresearch/2038110, >>>/qresearch/2038431, >>>/qresearch/2038520 Meet the faggots trying to abolish ICE

>>>/qresearch/2038094 NATO wants the U.S. to be their piggy bank. Trump says NO.

>>>/qresearch/2038039 Democrats on the #WalkAway war path: a testimonial

>>>/qresearch/2038036 Clinton Foundation Tied To Chinese Kindergarten Embroiled In Bizarre Sex Abuse

>>>/qresearch/2038028 In humorous futility, @Jack censors Q's Ben Garrison cartoon.

>>>/qresearch/2038018 Update to #QAnon Blip Billboards (2) *LIVE* on I-4 Orlando market July 4th.

>>>/qresearch/2037954 Ben Garrison Welcomes POTUS and rally-goers to Montana with a gun-totin' Pepe.

>>>/qresearch/2037818, >>>/qresearch/2037841 Moar Michael Moates twatter: #Something Big Is Coming

>>>/qresearch/2037812 Tim Pool (youtuber): SPLC Faces Wave of Potential Lawsuits After Legal Defeat

>>>/qresearch/2037798, >>>/qresearch/2037880, >>>/qresearch/2037855, >>>/qresearch/2037900, >>>/qresearch/2037956 Pharma makes cures or customers?

>>>/qresearch/2037789, >>>/qresearch/2037794 Paul Valley on former SEAL Interior Sec Ryan Zinke's pro-DJT PAC.

>>>/qresearch/2038542 #2571

#2570 >>>/qresearch/2037685 Another anon has been trying out BlipBillboards today in Orlando

>>>/qresearch/2037455 Dig into Vaughn Smith, host to Assange with Soros connections

>>>/qresearch/2037404 MontanaAnons getting ready for an EPIC MAGA rally tomorrow

>>>/qresearch/2037053 'WHO IS Q?' billboard appears in Burleson, Texas

>>>/qresearch/2037025 MAGA Rally Thursday at the Four Seasons Arena, Montana

>>>/qresearch/2037016 >>>/qresearch/2037134 Members of SHAREBLUE used taxpayers money in effort to unseat Netanyahu


#2574 >>>/qresearch/2040166 SCOTUS picks short list

>>>/qresearch/2040176 UK media taking heat for anti-4th of July article

>>>/qresearch/2040182 On investigations and the dead end of FISA abuse

>>>/qresearch/2040341 Summary of Awan situation, Q post timing, and the recent shill storm (commentary)

>>>/qresearch/2040362 Billionaire oil tycoon Batista gets 30 years jailtime

>>>/qresearch/2040535 Evidence of a change in GOOG Streetview re: recent Q photo drops

>>>/qresearch/2040839 #2574

#2573 >>>/qresearch/2040141 Get 'em Sessions: DNA testing being done on separated migrant children and parents

>>>/qresearch/2040119 American Renaissance: Are the Kids Really Alt-Right? Punk band takedown falls flat.

>>>/qresearch/2040110 U.S. Promises "Full Implementation" of UN Gun-control Agreement. Good luck with that.

>>>/qresearch/2040066 Harley-Davidson CEO counter-signalling MAGA? Outsourcing ‘Reversible’ if "Fold" on Trade

>>>/qresearch/2040055 Left eating its own: Seth Rogen Accuses @Kacl of Protecting ‘White Supreeemacists’

>>>/qresearch/2040030 Fake news! Reuters attributed false statements to Netherlands Russian embassy

>>>/qresearch/2040016 Pliz make it stahp. Mueller Probe Expands Despite Pleas To "Finish It The Hell Up"

>>>/qresearch/2039930 Mom finds missing sex-trafficked daughter after seeing her assaulted on Facebook.

>>>/qresearch/2039782 History books: SCOTUS's Janus ruling will end cash cow for liberal activists (vid)

>>>/qresearch/2039760 ICE joins nationwide search for three accused kidnappers/rapists of two teen girls

>>>/qresearch/2039756 "No door knobs:" Delhi mass hangings. CCTV footage backs suicide theory

>>>/qresearch/2039754 Fox vid: Trump administration continues to dismantle ObamaCare. Good. Gut that shit.

>>>/qresearch/2039621 Pompeo leaves for North Korea on a mission to show the deal with Kim Jong Un is real

>>>/qresearch/2039602 Moar on HK pic, buildings changed since 2014

>>>/qresearch/2039583, >>>/qresearch/2039592 Left strategy: Lie harder. Trump to invade Venezuela now? Kek.

>>>/qresearch/2039560 We are all anon, patriot workfags of all stripes: "As a former British Ambassador…"

>>>/qresearch/2039548 Spitting in the wind: Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe

>>>/qresearch/2039540, >>>/qresearch/2039975 Battle for free speech in Europe continues. Pray for our Eurobrothers.

>>>/qresearch/2039539 Surprise! Novichok poisonings: UK points the finger at (wait for it)… okay, Russia

>>>/qresearch/2039536 Derangement intensifies: UK Secondary Schools Ban Skirts To "Accommodate" Trans Students

>>>/qresearch/2039527, >>>/qresearch/2039527 Assad trying to save Europe from syrians and save his country.

>>>/qresearch/2039514 Uh oh. Action brewing? US Vows To Keep Gulf Waterway Open After Iran Threatens Blockade

>>>/qresearch/2039513 Minister suggests Brexit ‘soap opera’ delaying response to child abuse report

>>>/qresearch/2039495 Only the left/niggas (no offense blackfrens, chan culture) are allowed to be rayciss

>>>/qresearch/2039485, >>>/qresearch/2039634, >>>/qresearch/2039688 Anons cut thru the concernfagging: YOU not Q are the important ones

>>>/qresearch/2039479 Always under attack, always WINNING IT BACK: Anon summarizes history of Q re: shills

>>>/qresearch/2039459 Canada: Welfare official charged after kids out abuse in foster care

>>>/qresearch/2039456 Crazy-eyes "Sandy" Ocasio-Cortez steals more than coveted Dem seats. Too funny.

>>>/qresearch/2039439, >>>/qresearch/2039442 Kiwis rule Kim Dotcom can be extradited to U.S.. Supreme court next?

>>>/qresearch/2039436 A visual representation of how our movement turns destruction into hope and keks.

>>>/qresearch/2039428 Those that scream the loudest: Dems seek to one-up each other with Trump attacks

>>>/qresearch/2039405 Based Italy rubbing off on Malta. Grounded a plane from some "sea rescue ngo"

>>>/qresearch/2039410, >>>/qresearch/2039413 North-African migrant stabs/kills Belgian boy for protecting waitress

>>>/qresearch/2039389 Ireland: Questions for County Limerick's Tusla over child sex abuse allegations

>>>/qresearch/2039384 RE: All Shooters Had Therapists, Anon digs pre-Columbine '98 shooter Kip Kinkand

>>>/qresearch/2039380 Strzok’s Lawyer: Republicans Don't Want the Truth, Want to ‘Preen and Posture.’

>>>/qresearch/2039379 Is our POTUS the Greatest Troll on Earth? Fun feels vid makes a good case.

>>>/qresearch/2039377 Jim Hoft Twat on July 4th climber: Only a Dem would think she is asset to country

>>>/qresearch/2039376 On the nature of bureaucratic tyranny: Letter From A Frustrated Parish Priest

>>>/qresearch/2040132 #2573


#2576 >>>/qresearch/2041795 Dig on Justin Cooper, Clintons, and Teneo Holdings

>>>/qresearch/2041731 ; >>>/qresearch/2042024 On the Thai soccer team and possible human trafficking implications

>>>/qresearch/2041806 Merkel willing to back lower tariffs on US auto imports

>>>/qresearch/2041978 Credit Suisse Investment Bank in Hong Kong pays $47M criminal penalty

>>>/qresearch/2042100 Ed Schultz dead at 64

>>>/qresearch/2042139 Mueller taps more prosecutors for probe

>>>/qresearch/2042448 Former Fox News Co-President Bill Shine named assistant to POTUS, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications

>>>/qresearch/2042423 #2576

#2575 >>>/qresearch/2040976 Dig on Kurt Campbell, links to HRC, Gates, NZ and Asia

>>>/qresearch/2041010 House Democrat Steny Hoyer hospitalized

>>>/qresearch/2041039 ; >>>/qresearch/2041041 Research on the SCOTUS picks short list

>>>/qresearch/2041137 Brief Planefag report

>>>/qresearch/2041158 Chinese tycoon falls to his death while on a business trip

>>>/qresearch/2041216 Filing of 73 indictments in Arkansas this past June

>>>/qresearch/2041218 Jim Jordan accusers found to be sketchy

>>>/qresearch/2041298 EU censorship law rejected in current form

>>>/qresearch/2041394 Republican Rep. asks FTC and DOJ to probe GOOG for anti-trust violations

>>>/qresearch/2041450 Q Clock hypothesis: analysis of this morning’s DJT tweets

>>>/qresearch/2041526 Legal watchdog pushes to sanction Mad Maxine for inciting “mob violence”

>>>/qresearch/2041632 #2575


#2580 >>>/qresearch/2044859 United States Announces Settlement with Kentucky Ensuring Compliance with Voter Registration List Maintenance Requirements

>>>/qresearch/2044890 Part of Pruitt Resig. letter

>>>/qresearch/2044917 The Kennedys take aim at Melania and President Trump

>>>/qresearch/2044939 POTUS tweets about Qlock in 2016

>>>/qresearch/2045050 US Wages Rise

>>>/qresearch/2045026 Anon Theory - Pruitt to take RR's place

>>>/qresearch/2045314 Andrew Wheeler - New Acting EPA Director

#2579 >>>/qresearch/2044100 Two explosions kill at least 19, injure dozens more, officials say

>>>/qresearch/2044115 Dirty Cop Mueller’s Indictments and Where They Stand Today

>>>/qresearch/2044557 POTUS Tweet - Scott Pruitt OUT at EPA

>>>/qresearch/2044132 EU Funded wall between Syria and Turkey

>>>/qresearch/2044151 Sweden vows to ban ALL religious schools in an effort to tackle segregation after taking in a record number of asylum seekers

>>>/qresearch/2044267 Hollywood Blockbuster Promotes Depopulation Agenda

>>>/qresearch/2044368 Twitter accuses Republican senators of defiling America after spending July 4 in Moscow

>>>/qresearch/2044401 ‘You’re hell-bent on colliding with NATO’ – Farage slams EU defense project

>>>/qresearch/2044436 God’s rumbling: Israeli lawmaker links quake with plans for Western Wall mixed-gender prayer area

>>>/qresearch/2044475 Texas – Dallas Mother Shoots Carjacker Who Tried To Rob SUV With Her Kids Inside

>>>/qresearch/2044538 More Mueller fuckery

#2578 >>>/qresearch/2043294 Population dropping in major US cities

>>>/qresearch/2043342 CA judge upholds sanctuary laws

>>>/qresearch/2043367 Trump to approach Putin summit with “eyes wide open”

>>>/qresearch/2043395 Economic optimism nearing 13-year high

>>>/qresearch/2043544 Co-founder of Portland Antifa gets probation for sexually abusing child

>>>/qresearch/2043591 ; >>>/qresearch/2043612 ; >>>/qresearch/2043625 ; >>>/qresearch/2043648 ; >>>/qresearch/2043726 ; >>>/qresearch/2043754 Planefag Report: The Shills Have Lies Edition

>>>/qresearch/2043688 DJT will discuss annexation of Crimea with Putin, “a source close to the WH confirms”

>>>/qresearch/2043721 Democrat partisanship in SCOTUS votes

>>>/qresearch/2043790 Additional Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2043838 Summary timeline of Q posts in China

>>>/qresearch/2043939 NY Dem Congressman say party “betraying” American values

>>>/qresearch/2043960 #2578

>>>/qresearch/2043605 Yuge Qclock revelation

#2577 >>>/qresearch/2042758 Trump’s NATO summit focus won’t include withdrawing troops from Europe

>>>/qresearch/2042767 Iranian and Chinese military boost defense ties

>>>/qresearch/2042853 Q Clock hypothesis: update from >>>/qresearch/2041450 (Bread #2575)

>>>/qresearch/2043188 #2577


#2584 >>>/qresearch/2048255 Duke of Kent filled in for Queen, Angellina Jolie attended service.

>>>/qresearch/2048307, >>>/qresearch/2048403 In Reference to POTUS 1000 points of light.

>>>/qresearch/2048706 Don Jr. Offers Teenager Assaulted by Violent Leftist in Texas Restaurant New MAGA Hat signed by POTUS Trump

>>>/qresearch/2048730 Found a couple of Qs at rally

#2583 >>>/qresearch/2047347 Don Jr. offering new MAGA hat to patriot

>>>/qresearch/2047455 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2047650 But who is good and who is bad? Kelly or Pruitt?

>>>/qresearch/2047864, >>>/qresearch/2048049 Rally moments: Elton John, "has an organ". Organ trafficking crumb?

#2582 >>>/qresearch/2046523 Mad Hatter from Wikileaks HRC email dump ID'd as 'Marty Torrey'

>>>/qresearch/2046604, >>>/qresearch/2046648 Chairman Nunes Expands FISA Abuse Probe – Calls on Witnesses Associated With Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS to Testify

>>>/qresearch/2046616 Hazmat incident, Baltimore

>>>/qresearch/2046693 NYC Is Sending Buses Of 'Peacekeepers' To Crime-Plagued Neighborhoods

>>>/qresearch/2046684 Trump rally livestream

>>>/qresearch/2046702, >>>/qresearch/2046642, >>>/qresearch/2046799 >Why is the Porton Down facility the centre?

>>>/qresearch/2046712 Red hen back open today but look at this one

>>>/qresearch/2046773 Fox pushing transfaggotry.

>>>/qresearch/2046808, >>>/qresearch/2047076 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2046723 >"Start the clock", Jun 10 2018 22:11:35 (EST)

>>>/qresearch/2046845 Ted Cruz: Mexico's New 'Far-Left Socialist' Leader Proves Need for Wall

>>>/qresearch/2046985 POTUS' response to Pruitt leaving

>>>/qresearch/2047227 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2047436 #2582

#2581 >>>/qresearch/2045752 Potential FF called out on Illuminati Card?

>>>/qresearch/2045804 Judge Poisoned After Ruling Bank Forclosure Is Illegal and All Mortgages Are Null and Void

>>>/qresearch/2045849 They are interviewing a Q warrior

>>>/qresearch/2046065 Had a phone call with Blip Billboards today - very interesting

>>>/qresearch/2046067, >>>/qresearch/2046339 "Full circle." / The Amesbury Mystery

>>>/qresearch/2046161 37 new HRC emails

>>>/qresearch/2046255, >>>/qresearch/2046320 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2046332 VPOTUS visiting ICE rep.s

>>>/qresearch/2046422, >>>/qresearch/2046462 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2046444 UN’s Green Climate Fund at ‘Low Point’ After Director Resigns

>>>/qresearch/2047433 #2581


#2586 >>>/qresearch/2050131 Shining light on China: Trio of top ex-officials indicted in graft cases

>>>/qresearch/2050102 Elon Musk to the rescue

>>>/qresearch/2050063 Puerto Rico mayor indicted for conversion of federal funds, fraud and money laundering

>>>/qresearch/2050020 Taiwan trader indicted over N Korea oil

>>>/qresearch/2049938 Moar winning: US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits

>>>/qresearch/2049914 Remembering Hussein's EPA: Poisoning Colorado's Animas River

>>>/qresearch/2049852 Who dat? A closer look at the Clinton, Podesta, King Jong-Il Watch The Water photo

>>>/qresearch/2049849 ZeroHedge on The Dark Cloud Of Global Debt

>>>/qresearch/2049845 More cleaning up (((muh legacy))): Trusting Sessions bc actions

>>>/qresearch/2049827 Pics of Q signs/shirts in cowd shots at the rally

>>>/qresearch/2049734, >>>/qresearch/2049765, 2050021 Guy behind the sarin nerve gas attacks in Tokyo in 1995 executed

>>>/qresearch/2049722 Falling like Dominos: Former Brentwood CEO Given Prison for Health Insurance Fraud

>>>/qresearch/2049716 Why Hussein labelled Boris Johnson ‘Britain’s Trump’

>>>/qresearch/2049707, >>>/qresearch/2049723, >>>/qresearch/2049867 Planefag eyes on Canada/US

>>>/qresearch/2049689, >>>/qresearch/2049744 We can't help but wonder, given rally speech: Don Don 46 in Training?

>>>/qresearch/2049656 Tucker on how much the US has been cucked to China, Congressman Frank Wolf I’view

>>>/qresearch/2050320 #2586

#2585 >>>/qresearch/2048911 Breaking: Russian Hmeymim Airbase comes under heavy attack

>>>/qresearch/2048928 How many guys were behind POTUS during his speech wearing white hard hats?!

>>>/qresearch/2048954 67 girls found in raid on Rajasthan ashram are hypnotised'

>>>/qresearch/2048978, >>>/qresearch/2049349 Well, if Torrey is the 'Mad Hatter', look who he's calling Alice!

>>>/qresearch/2048989 Pope says migrants' rights should override national security concerns

>>>/qresearch/2049004 New POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2049018 Canada's Trudeau, facing groping allegation, says he apologized, did nothing wrong

>>>/qresearch/2049066 US Military-Industrial Complex ‘Doesn't Want Peace' with North Korea

>>>/qresearch/2049096 Immigrants who entered military with promise of US citizenship being discharged.

>>>/qresearch/2049144 European Parliament Rejects Controversial Copyright Law

>>>/qresearch/2049168 Gang shootings, rapes and no-go zones? Government blamed as Sweden battles crime wave

>>>/qresearch/2049212 Trump Goes on Nonsensical Rant About Elton John, Organs and ‘the Brain’

>>>/qresearch/2049230 Media reports say Japanese doomsday cult leader Shoko Asahara, is executed

>>>/qresearch/2049260 Billboard anon update

>>>/qresearch/2049261 ‘You’re hell-bent on colliding with NATO’ – Farage slams EU defense project

>>>/qresearch/2049336 Border Patrol rescues 64 illegal immigrants inside tractor trailers; 9 US citizens arrested

>>>/qresearch/2049454, >>>/qresearch/2049498 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2049570 #2585


#2588 >>>/qresearch/2051837 Operation Still Point

>>>/qresearch/2051641 Pedos Have A New Symbol

>>>/qresearch/2051589 FBI officials in the Little Rock field office in Arkansas are not actively pursuing leads on the Clinton Foundation

>>>/qresearch/2051562 Leo Wanta (circa 1989) Dig ((($27 TRILLION DOLLARS, WITH A "T"))) Missing???

>>>/qresearch/2051453 Good Anon Thoughts & Theory About China Photo Posted with Question "Who do You See"

>>>/qresearch/2051285 Why Did POTUS Mention "1000 Points of Light'' at the Rally in Montana Tonight (Hint, DIG!)

>>>/qresearch/2051403 Strzok committed felony by downloading Weiner sealed indictment to his personal email address.

>>>/qresearch/2051307 From Paul Sperry "Strzok Created a Fake Timeline of the Weiner Email Recovery" for CYA Purposes

>>>/qresearch/2051246 Add'l Info on Marty Torrey (See dig lb Notables)

>>>/qresearch/2051221, >>>/qresearch/2051232, >>>/qresearch/2051265, >>>/qresearch/2051297, >>>/qresearch/2051361, >>>/qresearch/2051472 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2051198, >>>/qresearch/2051785, >>>/qresearch/2051787 Dig on I-15 Route & Bundy Property, National Monuments, etc

>>>/qresearch/2051195 Devin Nunes refers Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal, others tied to Trump dossier for testimony

>>>/qresearch/2051191 "Alexa, Who is the President of the United States?" CLASSIC!! Video

>>>/qresearch/2051888 #2588

#2587 >>>/qresearch/2051065 Who is Q? Bigleaguepolitics.com Interviewed Anons

>>>/qresearch/2050797 Ex-Cia Chief Brennan Compares Trump to Bernie Madoff

>>>/qresearch/2050567 Dig on Marty Torrey, the Mad Hatter ID'd in the most recent HRC FIOA email dump

>>>/qresearch/2050544, >>>/qresearch/2050562, >>>/qresearch/2050644, >>>/qresearch/2050690, >>>/qresearch/2050772, >>>/qresearch/2051012 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2050550, >>>/qresearch/2050660 Mayor & 2 Govt. Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges

>>>/qresearch/2050513 A not so secret NXIVM conversation (video)

>>>/qresearch/2050494 #walkaway has around 300 tweets each minute, 18k each hour. That's yuuuge

>>>/qresearch/2050482 ??

>>>/qresearch/2050479 Former Employee of Israeli Surveillance Company Indicted for Attempt to Sell Spyware for $50 Million on Darknet

>>>/qresearch/2050458 Kenya Government Corruption Arrest

>>>/qresearch/2051103 #2587


#2591 >>>/qresearch/2053689 Item Posted in NYC alleging NYPD corruption

>>>/qresearch/2053818, >>>/qresearch/2053869 More info re: TB into Red States using refugees

>>>/qresearch/2053906 FOIA document alludes to False Flag in NYC

>>>/qresearch/2053674, >>>/qresearch/2053945, >>>/qresearch/2054076 Was 4th of July Q post a threat?

>>>/qresearch/2054047 Prince Andrew's relationship to Jeffrey Epstein

>>>/qresearch/2054104 T3902, Thiamine Hydrochloride, and Kuru

>>>/qresearch/2054258, >>>/qresearch/2054260 POTUS_Schedule Twitter Account "Disinformation" and warning/caveat

>>>/qresearch/2054254 Clinton timeline in PDF with photos

>>>/qresearch/2054199 Steve Bannon interview video on Dutch TV

>>>/qresearch/2054367 #2591

#2590 >>>/qresearch/2052998 Anon working on Q drop photo fact compilation; Sauce needed

>>>/qresearch/2053155 Possible Reason for QR Catalog attack/failure

>>>/qresearch/2053278, >>>/qresearch/2053326 1000 lights dome linked to 1000 points of light?

>>>/qresearch/2053410, >>>/qresearch/2053412, >>>/qresearch/2053417 Points of Light Post PDF

>>>/qresearch/2053291 How to frighten a democrat

>>>/qresearch/2052756 US forces leaving al-Tanf…and Syria: Russia remains in the Levant

>>>/qresearch/2053048 Planefags tracking military planes, CONUS

>>>/qresearch/2053320 Oz: 2 gov. resignations: Veteran Labor MP, Melbourne Ports Labor MP

>>>/qresearch/2053333 Pak fake H1B's? Axact CEO jailed for peddling degrees

>>>/qresearch/2053260 Trudeau ‘apologized’ to groped female reporter; says did nothing wrong

>>>/qresearch/2053438 Immigrant relocation spreading disease to red states

>>>/qresearch/2053548 #2590

#2589 >>>/qresearch/2052482 SerialBrain's post about the AF1

>>>/qresearch/2052297 Planned animosity towards POTUS-UK visit

>>>/qresearch/2052233 Disinformation sometimes uncovers truth

>>>/qresearch/2052078 Another Resignation Google Cloud COO

>>>/qresearch/2052345 Points of Light dot ORG

>>>/qresearch/2052327 US Futures Spike As US-China Trade War Officially Begins

>>>/qresearch/2052355 Princes and Top Officials Remain Jailed in SA

>>>/qresearch/2052154 Israel is the HQ of the cabal.

>>>/qresearch/2052213, >>>/qresearch/2052233 POTUS_Schedule

>>>/qresearch/2052595 Frickin lasers

>>>/qresearch/2053550 #2589


#2596 >>>/qresearch/2057805 Update From Billboard Anon

>>>/qresearch/2057836 Operation Still Point

>>>/qresearch/2057852 ICE Protestors brought to heel

>>>/qresearch/2057896 Israeli Minister Threatens Syria Over Violating 1974 Agreement

>>>/qresearch/2057947 Democrats now party of child trafficking and slavery as left-wing mob protests arrests of child traffickers

>>>/qresearch/2058249 Antifa Website Publishes Home Address of Pittsburgh Judge

>>>/qresearch/2058225 Anon's update on Cemex

#2595 >>>/qresearch/2056910 ; >>>/qresearch/2057218 ; >>>/qresearch/2057514 Brief Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2056928 On Trudeau and Q posts (analysis/speculation)

>>>/qresearch/2057376 ; 2057601 More on Leo Wanta (of Points Of Light)

>>>/qresearch/2057494 Cambodia charges 33 mothers with child trafficking

>>>/qresearch/2057501 NYT admits Imran Awan’s lawyer was their source for positive story about Imran Awan

>>>/qresearch/2057515 London police reportedly banning pro-DJT welcome rally in London next week

>>>/qresearch/2057566 Three women checked into Paddock’s room days before LV shooting

>>>/qresearch/2057578 #2595

#2594 >>>/qresearch/2056168 Manafort locked up in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day

>>>/qresearch/2056352 New date and location for Strzok testimony

>>>/qresearch/2056505 Dig on Matthew Barzun

>>>/qresearch/2056539 ; >>>/qresearch/2056556 ; >>>/qresearch/2056566 ; >>>/qresearch/2056583 ; >>>/qresearch/2056598 ; >>>/qresearch/2056622 Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2056586 More on TB infecting the US via refugees

>>>/qresearch/2056600 Follow-up on Ramos therapist and “Stepping Up” initiatives linked to shootings

>>>/qresearch/2056715 New FOIA release re: HRC

>>>/qresearch/2056775 #2594

#2593 >>>/qresearch/2055284 Anna Wintour rumored to be leaving Vogue magazine staff

>>>/qresearch/2055314 Two staff members of the Iranian embassy in The Hague have been expelled

>>>/qresearch/2055480 Carter Page unconcerned about FBI investigation

>>>/qresearch/2055674 Jarrod Ramos’ therapist dig

>>>/qresearch/2055704 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2055827 Presidential Message on National Air Traffic Control Day

>>>/qresearch/2055976 #2593

#2592 >>>/qresearch/2054573 Judicial Watch Docs on over 12,000 border incidents (reminder of why we fight)

>>>/qresearch/2054587 EU steps in to help Iran foil US sanctions

>>>/qresearch/2054588 New memos detail FBI’s “Hurry the F up pressure” to probe Trump campaign

>>>/qresearch/2054720 Ted Cruz pushing for Mike Lee as SCOTUS pick

>>>/qresearch/2054736 Pompeo presents KJU with a “Rocket Man” CD as a gift

>>>/qresearch/2054792 ZTE to fire its CEO and leadership team

>>>/qresearch/2054888 Pope calls for the funding of youth climate change activism

>>>/qresearch/2054909 Trudeau finally comes clean about groping reporter

>>>/qresearch/2055004 ; >>>/qresearch/2055022 Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2055057 DJT Weekly Address

>>>/qresearch/2055121 WI Supreme Court rules in favor of conservative professor

>>>/qresearch/2055185 #2592


#2599 >>>/qresearch/2060023 Ministers rehearse Queen's death for first time in secret exercise

>>>/qresearch/2060026, >>>/qresearch/2060188 Jim Acosta/Barletta interview

>>>/qresearch/2060077, >>>/qresearch/2060515, >>>/qresearch/2060550 Jim Jordan needs some kind words

>>>/qresearch/2060095 London Landlord Renames Pub ‘Trump Arms’ in Celebration of Presidential Visit

>>>/qresearch/2060297 Sweden: Dental hygienist fined $50,000 for identifying “child refugees” who were actually adults

>>>/qresearch/2060316 Man gives his excuse for stealing teen's MAGA hat - Cap same as KKK hood

>>>/qresearch/2060455 WINNING AGAIN: Obama Saw WORST PAY GAINS Since Great Depression – Trump Sees GREATEST PAY GAINS Since Great Depression

>>>/qresearch/2060472 Additional sauce: Germany: 'Decapitating' Freedom Of The Press?

>>>/qresearch/2060478 Liberian War Criminal Found by ICE

>>>/qresearch/2060526 German opposition party files charges against seven NGOs for human trafficking

>>>/qresearch/2060626 Kimberly Guilfoyle Spends July 4th With Trump Family & Pizzagate Conspiracy Theorist

>>>/qresearch/2060630 Senior Sinaloa Cartel Leader Extradited to the United States

>>>/qresearch/2060741 #2599

>>>/qresearch/2060756 Twatter thread is here.. these graphics are GOLD

#2598 >>>/qresearch/2059251 Donald Trump and his wife Melania will be in Scotland over three days next week, it was confirmed today.

>>>/qresearch/2059264 Migrant Beheads 1-Year-Old Girl In Germany; Merkel Bans Media Reporting

>>>/qresearch/2059267 Operation Aurora: Clues in the Code >>>/qresearch/2057376, >>>/qresearch/2057463 (pb #2595)

>>>/qresearch/2059506 Najib’s arrest makes global news

>>>/qresearch/2059514 Giant Sadiq Khan 'baby balloon to fly over London

>>>/qresearch/2059611 PG&E Plans To Cut Electricity To Some California Residents To Prevent Wildfires

>>>/qresearch/2059634 President Donald J. Trump Announces White House Appointments

>>>/qresearch/2059710 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2059796 Texas construction company’s owner and CEO sentenced to 18 months in prison for defrauding the U.S. Department of State out of $1.37 million

>>>/qresearch/2059817 Professor Fired By University After Defending Conservatives’ Free Speech Just Won His Court Case

>>>/qresearch/2059911 Planefag Updates

#2597 >>>/qresearch/2058488 Merkel's Fading Star

>>>/qresearch/2058608, >>>/qresearch/2058720, >>>/qresearch/2058857, >>>/qresearch/2059202 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2058513 No harassment of US Navy ships by Iran in 2018

>>>/qresearch/2058514 June Jobs Report: 213,000 Jobs Added

>>>/qresearch/2058637 Buddhist group to investigate sexual misconduct claims against spiritual leader

>>>/qresearch/2058668 Ministers ‘rehearse for death of the Queen’ and 10 days of mourning in ‘unprecedented’ Whitehall exercise

>>>/qresearch/2058896 NYC's Corrupt Mayor de Blasio Used $3 Million Counterterrorism Plane to Fly Home from Canadian Vacation

>>>/qresearch/2058913, >>>/qresearch/2058991 HRC e-mail drop: Sounds like Wiener?

>>>/qresearch/2059024 Potus Schedule Update: Truth, righteousness, and sacred honor.


#2601 >>>/qresearch/2061610 DOJ, FBI Still Not in Full Compliance With Document Request – Fail to Meet Deadline Set by House Resolution

>>>/qresearch/2061617 Jim Jordan: "It's False"

>>>/qresearch/2061665 Steve Ditko, Spider-Man Co-Creator and Legendary Comics Artist Who Created Doctor Strange, Dies at 90

>>>/qresearch/2061673 The moment Rosenstein threatens Jordan

>>>/qresearch/2061740 Dig on Ebola & other outbreaks

>>>/qresearch/2061749 Pope Francis: ‘Radical Change’ Needed Now to Beat Global Warming

>>>/qresearch/2061879, >>>/qresearch/2062105 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2061919 Google Officially Partners With Pentagon to Create Terminator-Style AI Drones to Spy On Everything

>>>/qresearch/2061979 Manafort requests Virginia trial be moved, citing media coverage

>>>/qresearch/2062002 Trump lawyers say gov can't locate parents of 38 migrant children

>>>/qresearch/2062048 Twitter Purges 70 Million Accounts In Two Months, Equal To 20% Of Active Monthly Users

>>>/qresearch/2062082 Nun charged with baby trafficking at Mother Teresa home for pregnant women in India

>>>/qresearch/2062094 N.S. mother facing child porn charges in cross-border case involving her own children

>>>/qresearch/2062148 Russell Napier: "Trade War Is The Beginning Of A New Global Monetary System"

>>>/qresearch/2062194 Clinton-tied group launches Supreme Court pressure campaign against GOP senators

>>>/qresearch/2062200 Breakdown of recent Q comms

>>>/qresearch/2062334 #2601

#2600 >>>/qresearch/2060818, >>>/qresearch/2060888 Jim Jordan Dig, Swamp strikes again.

>>>/qresearch/2060832, >>>/qresearch/2060864 Jim Jordan's nephew dies in a car accident

>>>/qresearch/2060868 Jim Jordan's sketchy accusers

>>>/qresearch/2060898 A doomsday shelter for the 1% is being investigated by the FBI as a possible front for a Colombian money laundering scheme

>>>/qresearch/2060963 $10B In cash asset forfeiture, Update re: Senior Sinaloa Cartel Leader Extradited

>>>/qresearch/2061046 Karma (is a bitch!): Lions Eat Suspected Rhino-Hunting Poachers

>>>/qresearch/2061197 US, North Korea Create Group for 'Nitty Gritty' Aspects of Denuclearization

>>>/qresearch/2061213 ICE will never be abolished under Trump.

>>>/qresearch/2061285 Syria is calling its people home

>>>/qresearch/2061348 Israel airstrike hits Syrian army position in occupied Golan Heights

>>>/qresearch/2061366 Re: Jordan; (((They))) are doubling down

>>>/qresearch/2061371 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2061379 Andrew Maguire Says Major German Bank Just Refused To Hand Over Client’s Physical Gold

>>>/qresearch/2061440 The Balkanization of South America

>>>/qresearch/2061529 Re: Remote controlling cars

>>>/qresearch/2061572 #2600


#2603 >>>/qresearch/2063637, >>>/qresearch/2063878 Pence Tweet Thanking Sec. Neilsen, Honor to be with ICE Today

>>>/qresearch/2063549 Broward County Judges, 13, toLeave the Bench in 2018

>>>/qresearch/2063188 FOX: Justice Department, FBI fail to meet deadline for documents requested by Chairmen Nunes, Gowdy and Goodlatte

>>>/qresearch/2063308 “Male feminist Justin Trudeau is just as handsy as Bill Clinton was”

>>>/qresearch/2063344 Broward Circuit Judge John Patrick Contini resigned Friday

>>>/qresearch/2063372 Updated w/sauce: Virginia Man Sentenced for Obstructing Counterterrorism Investigation

>>>/qresearch/2063392 US boycotts informal UN meeting on ICC's 20th anniversary

#2602 >>>/qresearch/2062402 4chan post, digits confirm

>>>/qresearch/2062458 Justice Department tells House Intelligence, Judiciary Committees it has fulfilled all subpoenas

>>>/qresearch/2062466, >>>/qresearch/2062586 UKfags, WWG1WGA

>>>/qresearch/2062487 ICE seizes $43M of counterfeit designer goods imported to Laredo, Texas, from China

>>>/qresearch/2062520 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stood firm on mass migration during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin Thursday

>>>/qresearch/2062594 Propaganda alert, update re: "The Balkanization of South America"

>>>/qresearch/2062595 Class action lawsuits alleges union and Washington state conspired to ripoff caregivers

>>>/qresearch/2062697 Treasury Sanctions Three Nicaraguan Individuals for Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corrupt Acts

>>>/qresearch/2062707 Trey Gowdy absolutely torches Adam Schiff in a scathing rant on Fox News

>>>/qresearch/2062876 Virginia Man Sentenced for Obstructing Counterterrorism Investigation

>>>/qresearch/2062939 Watch out for the !

>>>/qresearch/2062941 Liberal states impose new individual mandate ahead of ObamaCare rollback

>>>/qresearch/2062951 Lots of radio folks dying lately

>>>/qresearch/2063001 Poland draining judicial swamp

>>>/qresearch/2063075 Smoking Gun

>>>/qresearch/2063137 #2602


#2606 >>>/qresearch/2066307 Now dirty cop Comey celebrates US citizenship? But Abolish ICE tho.

>>>/qresearch/2066297 Trump taps DOE veteran to head Homeland Security research arm

>>>/qresearch/2066281 Mexico quietly hands its water supply over to transnationals, WWF involved

>>>/qresearch/2066279 India: Passenger's tweet saves 25 girls from being trafficked

>>>/qresearch/2066185 Pakistan Ex-PM Sharif Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison Thanks To Panama Papers

>>>/qresearch/2066223 DOE CyberDefense Competition Building the Next Generation of Computational Thinkers

>>>/qresearch/2065979 "Alexa, fire thrusters." Jeff Bezos's wants to start on moon colony by 2023

>>>/qresearch/2065917, >>>/qresearch/2065986, >>>/qresearch/2065978, >>>/qresearch/2065990, >>>/qresearch/2066104, >>>/qresearch/2066313 Violent protests in Haiti

>>>/qresearch/2065897 The "dumbf—s" don't only trust him, they made Zuck world's 3rd richest techie

#2605 >>>/qresearch/2065494 Candidate AIDS vaccine passes key early test

>>>/qresearch/2065132 Investigations Opened to Explore Suicide of CHICAGO Actor Jeff Loeffelholz

>>>/qresearch/2065129, >>>/qresearch/2065144 Tracking the SAA's advance in Daraa, rebels BTFO'd.

>>>/qresearch/2065123 Google Sued For Allowing Developers To Access Gmail Messages

>>>/qresearch/2065092 Customs & Border Patrol Officer Indicted for allegedly lying about citizenship

>>>/qresearch/2065856 #2605

#2604 >>>/qresearch/2064594 US Judge Fines Chinese Turbine Company $1.5M

>>>/qresearch/2064679 Massachusetts Governor Signs Gun Seizure Bill

>>>/qresearch/2064778 Was it an Iranian Terror Attack or a FF Operation

>>>/qresearch/2064561 Federal Grand Jury Incicts 24 MS-13 gand Members

>>>/qresearch/2064363 Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill GOP Rep. Zeldin Campaign Worker

>>>/qresearch/2064032 Anons notice the Big League Politics article in diff light

>>>/qresearch/2064905 Prosecutors drop all Trump inauguration rioting cases


#2609 >>>/qresearch/2068282 South Korea suspends Iranian oil loading in July for first time since 2012

>>>/qresearch/2068236, >>>/qresearch/2068295, >>>/qresearch/2068570 Planefags checking in

>>>/qresearch/2068454 Qanon worldwide

>>>/qresearch/2068440 World Wide Fund for Nature Infographic

>>>/qresearch/2068414 POTUS gives inspiration

>>>/qresearch/2068457 Clintons' money-for-govt plan explained by Charles Ortel

>>>/qresearch/2068567, >>>/qresearch/2068574, >>>/qresearch/2068587, >>>/qresearch/2068671, >>>/qresearch/2068701 Drudge's got nothing on us

>>>/qresearch/2068688 Q HongKong Pic Graphic

>>>/qresearch/2068809 HK Society for Protection of Children on Portland St (Q pic)

>>>/qresearch/2068954 #2609

#2608 >>>/qresearch/2068128 Massachusetts Gun Owners fight back against the coming seizure. 2A4EVER!

>>>/qresearch/2068101 China's mil reforms to 'WIN A WAR' & overtake US revealed in leaked memo

>>>/qresearch/2068094 Butthurt: Netherlands kicks Iranian embassy officials OUT over Trump row

>>>/qresearch/2068075, >>>/qresearch/2068106 Planefag update: Something spoopy this way comes?

>>>/qresearch/2068023 Oy vey! California GOP congressional candidate open on Holocaust denial

>>>/qresearch/2067440 Diggable? Here's the LinkedIn of Joseph Burrow, Lisa Page's hubby

>>>/qresearch/2067651 UK: POS Sadiq Khan BANS Pro-Trump Rally In London. Can't ban truth tho.

>>>/qresearch/2067638 Owe $50k+ in back taxes? Take their coats AND their passports!

>>>/qresearch/2067597 Manafort seeks to move/postpone trial: DC jurors "biased against Trump."

>>>/qresearch/2067572, >>>/qresearch/2067739 The Soys of Summer: Meet the "Men" Of the UK anti-Trump Protests

>>>/qresearch/2067537 Juicy! Germany, a grocery store called "LIDL," & the Panama Papers

>>>/qresearch/2067445 Russians Believe Trump Really Is on the Way out From Syria, Damascus

>>>/qresearch/2068187 #2608

#2607 >>>/qresearch/2067061 The only constant is truth. An Anon reminds us why and how we fight.

>>>/qresearch/2067128 Winning. Russian MoD: Armed Groups in Syria's Daraa Agree to Surrender Arms

>>>/qresearch/2067089 Top kek. NATO Concerfagging Future 'Uncoordinated' Trump-Putin Agreements

>>>/qresearch/2067001 Timor spy case: the latest cynical act in dealings over Timor Sea mining rights

>>>/qresearch/2066870 Follow the wives-to-be? Amaryllis Fox: Former CIA spy marrying Bobby Kennedy III

>>>/qresearch/2066891, >>>/qresearch/2067285, >>>/qresearch/2066925, >>>/qresearch/2067252 Follow the wives: Digging on Strzok's, Melissa Hodgman.

>>>/qresearch/2066915 Update on the poor Thai soccer kids trapped in the cave. Consider next vvv

>>>/qresearch/2066837 Another look at this Jan. 2017 article re: Trafficking of SOCCER Players

>>>/qresearch/2066824 NSO Pegasus: Israel indicts man for allegedly trying to sell spy co's secrets

>>>/qresearch/2066817 UK guardian: Donald Trump to be met by protests at each stage of visit

>>>/qresearch/2066783 Ex-IDF intel head predicts Iran to pursue nukes despite N. Korea summit

>>>/qresearch/2066743, >>>/qresearch/2066755 You're fired: Barnes & Noble Announces CEO Termination. Buy why?

>>>/qresearch/2067395 #2607


#2611 >>>/qresearch/2069784 Low IQ Bait: Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, terrifies Londoners with gaslit baby balloon of POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2069815 Investigative Journalist uncovers connection between Priestap/McCabe & Strozck in scrubbing Confidential Informants names mere days after DJT became POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2069825 Is this the reason why Scalia "died unexpectedly"?, >>>/qresearch/2069920

>>>/qresearch/2069849 Beatiful Skies Today

>>>/qresearch/2069862 Philadelphia and Bucks County are major trafficking routes

>>>/qresearch/2069866 Naming Numbers on the Issue: 1 in 35 of Adult Man in UK are actively showing having interest in having sex with a child

>>>/qresearch/2069874 Dirt on Sadly Low IQ Container & Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan., >>>/qresearch/2070004, >>>/qresearch/2070183

>>>/qresearch/2069877 Octet Of Sevens at 4chan quotes John 14:6

>>>/qresearch/2069916 Purging Fake Accounts: SM Companies's Networth is based on their User Numbers. Half of them is fake, so that makes Twitter Worth Less.

>>>/qresearch/2070048 Bored? Dig Club of the Isles & Word Wildlife Fund , >>>/qresearch/2070052 Club 1001 also

>>>/qresearch/2070049 Henry Jackson Society: Lynn de Rottskilt co-chaired this society {Human Genocide, Child Trafficking, Violent Jihad, Child Consumption}

>>>/qresearch/2070111 Share These on Twitter

>>>/qresearch/2070188 No Nerve Agents found in Douma (WW3 False Flag)

>>>/qresearch/2070195 Disney "refreshing" their PC's now. Change being performed by NSC Global (CEO is Yasseen KHAN). Notable partners are Cisco, AT&T, Quadriga

>>>/qresearch/2070226 More fuckery on 387 Portland Street

>>>/qresearch/2070316 Good Posts by Anon, >>>/qresearch/2070356, >>>/qresearch/2070398

>>>/qresearch/2070330 Rosalind Croucher, Australian Human Rights Commisioner, named in watching a live childrape performed by Bruce Spence

>>>/qresearch/2070459 #2611

>>>/qresearch/2070483 MSN.com reports that Trump is winning the Trade War

#2610 >>>/qresearch/2069486 How the UK Became a Police State

>>>/qresearch/2069464 DNC Paid Perkins Coie Law Firm $3,000,000 in June 2018

>>>/qresearch/2069399 Pruitt resignation part of the plan?

>>>/qresearch/2069252, >>>/qresearch/2069302, >>>/qresearch/2069460, >>>/qresearch/2069658 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2069226 When they lose, Democrats just want to change the rules (POTUS rt)

>>>/qresearch/2069168 There's a lot of activity up the road at 387

>>>/qresearch/2069165 @Jack went to DC June 29th and kissed GOP ass

>>>/qresearch/2069131 Dr Pong Dig

>>>/qresearch/2069116, >>>/qresearch/2069274 Saturday Morning Trump Tweets w/ 3 Minute Delta

>>>/qresearch/2069041 Setting the Stage to Debunk Video Evidence

>>>/qresearch/2069042, >>>/qresearch/2069043, >>>/qresearch/2069044, >>>/qresearch/2069045 Nice Q Proofs (continued below)

>>>/qresearch/2069047, >>>/qresearch/2069049, >>>/qresearch/2069051, >>>/qresearch/2069054, >>>/qresearch/2069056, >>>/qresearch/2069057, >>>/qresearch/2069064

>>>/qresearch/2069688 #2610


#2614 >>>/qresearch/2071928 Perkins Coie also involved in Obama's Forged Birth Certificate

>>>/qresearch/2072249 High-Profile Arrest & Raid on Pakistani Official involved in Government Corruption

>>>/qresearch/2072368 Italian Police cracking down on Illegal Cultural Goods Trafficking Operation

>>>/qresearch/2072445 White Nationalists kicked out of rally by POTUS supporters

>>>/qresearch/2072521 Justin Trudeau's Time in School: An insufferable douchebag with best friends who distribute kiddie porn

>>>/qresearch/2072569 FF?: London Police Officer rushed to Hospital after suspected nerve agent symptoms

>>>/qresearch/2072619 Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Is Caught Fudging Her Bio on Campaign Website

>>>/qresearch/2072624 Michael Cohen Hires 'Clinton Fixer' Attorney Lanny Davis

>>>/qresearch/2072667 Hillary Rodham Clinton to Appear at OZY Fest

>>>/qresearch/2072713 DoD Tweets: ️ Listen up!

>>>/qresearch/2072740 Finnish President gets visited by a bipartisan delegation one week in advance of Trump's Visit

>>>/qresearch/2072814 Haiti in State of Emergency: Corrupt PM Under Fire, >>>/qresearch/2072971, >>>/qresearch/2073023

>>>/qresearch/2072825 Hussein in Kenya July 16-19, 2018

>>>/qresearch/2072858 Hussein visits "Golden Triangle of Art" with Spanish King

>>>/qresearch/2072901 POTUS tweets on Public Opinion on the Russian Collusion Invesigation, >>>/qresearch/2072912, >>>/qresearch/2072914

>>>/qresearch/2073032 Border Patrol rescues 64 illegal immigrants: rounds up 9 US citizens who allegedly participated in Trafficking

>>>/qresearch/2073063 Unconfirmed Reports of U.S. Marines Inbound to Port-Au-Prince, >>>/qresearch/2073089

>>>/qresearch/2073107 #2614

#2613 >>>/qresearch/2071346 Who is Ralph Dommermuth?

>>>/qresearch/2071363 OK Senator Facing 10-to-Life for Pleading Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking and Getting Caught with Child Porn

>>>/qresearch/2071375 DOJ: FBI still not in full compliance with document request

>>>/qresearch/2071385 Double Suicide by former model with her 7-year leads to some wicked Instagram Models

>>>/qresearch/2071400 New York Times Calls for ‘Godfather’ Tactics to Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

>>>/qresearch/2071435 This Is What Modern War Propaganda Looks Like

>>>/qresearch/2071505 German party sues people smugglers who pretend to be sea rescue workers.

>>>/qresearch/2071514 Israeli Religious Leader Suggests Poisoning Palestinian Water Supply

>>>/qresearch/2071678 Dr Richard Strauss' victims. Ohio State urges victims of sexual assault to report to Seattle based Perkins Coie, >>>/qresearch/2071715

>>>/qresearch/2071883 Why would they want to target Scalia?

>>>/qresearch/2071899 Iran executed 8 men convicted over 2017 Islamic Attack on parliament at the Shrine of the Ayatollah

#2612 >>>/qresearch/2070567 Obama's Statue Delayed Till Spring

>>>/qresearch/2070568 UK Queen Elizardbeth The Second's Death Rehearsed

>>>/qresearch/2070569 On The Great Awakening Process: Consent is Crucial to It

>>>/qresearch/2070585 Has there been a dig on Therese Patricia Okoumou? POTUS called her a clown at the rally.

>>>/qresearch/2070597 New To The Great Awakening? Watch Project Mockingbird's 4 AM Talking Points in action

>>>/qresearch/2070665 What's Mueller looking into?

>>>/qresearch/2070670 Planefag updates, >>>/qresearch/2071146 , >>>/qresearch/2071224

>>>/qresearch/2070806 Trump attorney letter to Mueller

>>>/qresearch/2070846 Saturday Today: No #POTUS travel outside #Bedminister Secure Area expected

>>>/qresearch/2070861 French Shipping Giant (CMA CGM) Leaves Iranian Market in Face of US Sanctions

>>>/qresearch/2070870 U.S. Marines Tweets: Breach

>>>/qresearch/2070912 NATO Outs Concern Over Future 'Uncoordinated' Trump-Putin Agreements

>>>/qresearch/2070979 AWAN plea deal not binding for other US attorneys (HUBER)

>>>/qresearch/2070996 Civil Unrest in Chicago. Mayor Rahm got his way

>>>/qresearch/2071032 Trump's lawyers demand 'factual basis' from Mueller before agreeing to interview

>>>/qresearch/2071033 Nunes is investigating 42 of Obama's Administration

>>>/qresearch/2071178 NK Trolls Fake News CNN & NBC

>>>/qresearch/2071245 #2612


#2618 >>>/qresearch/2075652 4th Day of Mass Protests in Iran

>>>/qresearch/2075736 CM is investigating the cause behind the broken catalog, thank you CM!

>>>/qresearch/2075939, >>>/qresearch/2075963, >>>/qresearch/2075980, >>>/qresearch/2076086 Loop Capital and Perkins Coie vs Jim Jordan

>>>/qresearch/2075980 Bank in Hong Kong agrees to pay $47 Million for illegal hiring scheme

>>>/qresearch/2076038, >>>/qresearch/2076062 Anon reminds us of Loop Capital and the fun to be had in the archives

#2617 >>>/qresearch/2074920 Candidate AIDS vaccine passes key early test (yahoo)

>>>/qresearch/2075147 Nunes calls for House probe of 42 Obama-era anti-Trump activists

>>>/qresearch/2075297 18 Broward Judges leaving the bench in 2018

>>>/qresearch/2075336 Saudi Led Coalition Destroys Communication Network in Yemen

>>>/qresearch/2075450 Marc Elias Perkins Coie & Hillary Victory Fund

>>>/qresearch/2075400 Russia warns Free Syrian Army (FSA) of military ops

>>>/qresearch/2075488 Eric Trump tweets about some very good looking Vaults.

#2616 >>>/qresearch/2074676 Soros revealed as key funder to thwart Brexit/bong info

>>>/qresearch/2074731 Jim Jordan accuser was Jim Jordan supporter(allegedly)

>>>/qresearch/2074144 Two of Googles top lawyers have security clearance for FISA materials

>>>/qresearch/2074385, >>>/qresearch/2074394 Emails from HRC email drop

>>>/qresearch/2074430 RICO Lawsuit against Clintons/Soros/Podesta files by USSS

>>>/qresearch/2074611 Serial Brain 2 Delivers

>>>/qresearch/2074649 Deranged Democrat threatens violence

#2615 >>>/qresearch/2073233 Covert Finance And The Parallel Economy

>>>/qresearch/2073286 Shamila N. Chaudhary

>>>/qresearch/2073482 South Syrian rebels agree to surrender

>>>/qresearch/2073599 French Shipping Firm pulls out of Iran

>>>/qresearch/2073212 Planefag Updates, >>>/qresearch/2073254, >>>/qresearch/2073288, >>>/qresearch/2073444

>>>/qresearch/2073223 Shamila N. Chaudhary: Is this the Dude in Obama's Couch Pic?, >>>/qresearch/2073286

>>>/qresearch/2073306 111 days ago… Panic mode. Enjoy the show.

>>>/qresearch/2073361 AirKeks update

>>>/qresearch/2073767 new Epstein Island Photos

>>>/qresearch/2073691, >>>/qresearch/2073785 Hussein mocking Bible

>>>/qresearch/2073924 POTUS Tweet HRC, Podesta, U1, Paki's, so much moar


#2622 >>>/qresearch/2079576 Pushback from the Bush loyalists after Trump goes after Poppy Bush

>>>/qresearch/2079540 The faces behind London Anti-Trump demo

>>>/qresearch/2079528 Rap Sheet: *201* Acts of Media-Approved Violence/Harassment vs. MAGApedes

>>>/qresearch/2079300 MSM acknowledging the concept of false flags re: Iran/MEK? Inderdasting.

>>>/qresearch/2079393 Virtue signalling unto rudeness has consequences: Red Hen reopens to protests.

>>>/qresearch/2079388 Asset seizure anyone? Clintons flying "Comfort class" not first class?

>>>/qresearch/2079379 NY's Gov. Cuomo ad to empower teachers to finger you for gun confiscation

>>>/qresearch/2079331, >>>/qresearch/2079324, >>>/qresearch/2079331 SS investigating Arlington car crash: WH Mil passholder

>>>/qresearch/2079330 UK: Trumpesque Counterpunch! Campaign for 'Baby Khan' balloon winning!

>>>/qresearch/2079317 Pocahontas Decrees it! EPA Administrator MUST Believe in Climate Change

>>>/qresearch/2079273 UK Media TEACHING people ‘How to Protest Visit’ of Trump. Bias? What bias?

>>>/qresearch/2079264 UK occupation: New Female Genital Mutilation Case Every Two Hours

>>>/qresearch/2079237 False Flag Sarin gas narrative in Syria crumbling: "No Nerve Agents" In Douma

>>>/qresearch/2079210, >>>/qresearch/2079418 Welcome aboard FagFag: /ourflamboyantgayguy/ takes flak

>>>/qresearch/2079139 Three tales of Totally Winning: The Left has gone beyond parody of butthurt.

>>>/qresearch/2079060 But why tho? Duterte, that mad man, is trolling Catholics and… God.

>>>/qresearch/2079018, >>>/qresearch/2079023, >>>/qresearch/2079025, >>>/qresearch/2079041, >>>/qresearch/2079213, >>>/qresearch/2079222, >>>/qresearch/2079227, >>>/qresearch/2079243, >>>/qresearch/2079280, >>>/qresearch/2079327, >>>/qresearch/2079342, >>>/qresearch/2079352, >>>/qresearch/2079499 Planefag Reports. Why all the Medevacs?

>>>/qresearch/2078992 Canfags yearn for freedom: Charges dropped against Edmonton Pool molester.

>>>/qresearch/2078964 No words: UK's First Female Sharia Judge: 'I Am Championing Women's Rights'

>>>/qresearch/2078903 Gaslight nation: MSM acts like there isn't support for Gun Rights. Pfffft.

>>>/qresearch/2078877 Swamp Status: DRAINING. Ex-C.I.A. Officer Is Convicted of Spying for China

#2621 >>>/qresearch/2078312, >>>/qresearch/2078603, >>>/qresearch/2078767 New 4:00 am talking points out early?

>>>/qresearch/2078375 Newest GermanAnon Web Archive Update

>>>/qresearch/2078280 Hackers From China Raid Oz Uni for Nat'l Sec/Defense

>>>/qresearch/2078435 Throwback to the Lolita Isle Camera Pic

>>>/qresearch/2078469 Stop me if you've heard this one: 2 clowns walk into a wedding

>>>/qresearch/2078343, >>>/qresearch/2078364 Old Dig: Who killed Calvi, God's Banker, with ties to the Vatican?

>>>/qresearch/2078528, >>>/qresearch/2078546 CP charges

>>>/qresearch/2078696 Are Video Game Companies worth a Dig?

>>>/qresearch/2078586, >>>/qresearch/2078698 Is HRC secretly planning to run in 2020?

>>>/qresearch/2078741, >>>/qresearch/2078775 Pedos coming out into the open? ThirdPathInstitute/Josh Levs digg

>>>/qresearch/2078786 #2621

#2620 >>>/qresearch/2077351 Anon destroys the Muh Socialized medicine faggots

>>>/qresearch/2077274 Sealed court cases update

>>>/qresearch/2077707 Artillery strikes target taliban gathering

>>>/qresearch/2077385 Community Renewal Society Chicago Dig

#2619 >>>/qresearch/2076559 81% increase in unaccompanied alien children between 2010 and 2012

>>>/qresearch/2076581 Willow Creek Board leader says Hybels made inappropriate choices

>>>/qresearch/2076725 Loop Connected to Obama

>>>/qresearch/2076874 Saltzman connected to Obama

>>>/qresearch/2076885 Mueller will NOT present collusion evidence at Manafort Trial

>>>/qresearch/2076920, >>>/qresearch/2076934 DOITQ explained


#2625 >>>/qresearch/2081289 Massive Rainfalls Cause Havoc In Western Japan

>>>/qresearch/2081294 Planefag Notables, >>>/qresearch/2081368, >>>/qresearch/2081761, >>>/qresearch/2081777, >>>/qresearch/2081783

>>>/qresearch/2081342 Updates On The Syria-Turkey Border

>>>/qresearch/2081353 Q's that the UK Government MUST answer, >>>/qresearch/2081821

>>>/qresearch/2081376 HopSkipDrive: Kid Shuttle Service (For Children 6+)

>>>/qresearch/2081384 Links to connections related to KIND and The Florence Project

>>>/qresearch/2081408 Correction: Trump-Russia-Oligarch’s Influence story (tl;dr It was the investement firm (Columbus Nova) headed by Vekselberg's cousin, Andrew Intrater, that hired Cohen, NOT Viktor Vekselberg)

>>>/qresearch/2081409 1,2..43: On Nunes Investigation into Obama DOJ, >>>/qresearch/2081472 Nunes Speaks On The Subject

>>>/qresearch/2081426 Giuliani: No Cohen concerns ‘as long as he tells the truth’

>>>/qresearch/2081446 Off to Europe: Trump to meet worried NATO heads, then Putin

>>>/qresearch/2081477 Dutch carrier KLM says it will halt flights to Iran

>>>/qresearch/2081583 What's going on in Haiti?

>>>/qresearch/2081606 Norway: Islamic Man Tries to Rape Daughter after she became "too westernized"

>>>/qresearch/2081639 Illegal Immigrants Act Like Scumbags In Italian 3-star Hotel

>>>/qresearch/2081653 HRC/Perkins Coie/Crowdstrike Graphs

>>>/qresearch/2081664 Storm Approaching Haiti, >>>/qresearch/2081691 Marines Arrive

>>>/qresearch/2081675 Hispanic Job Numbers Under Trump On The Up And Up

>>>/qresearch/2081689 America For Sale: Anon Digs on HRC's Very BAD Behaviour On 2.12.09 (Smart Meters, A123 Systems & Related Fuckery), >>>/qresearch/2081809

>>>/qresearch/2081775 We Need To Dig On Ownage SEC&EX & IPO Shareholder, >>>/qresearch/2081632 It's A Live CP Streaming Website?

>>>/qresearch/2081847 US servicemember killed in apparent insider attack in Afghanistan, >>>/qresearch/2081854 Honor The Fallen Heroes

>>>/qresearch/2081943 Devin Nunes: Trump should declassify '100 percent fraudulent' FISA warrant for Carter Page

>>>/qresearch/2081931 #2625

#2624 >>>/qresearch/2080408 Indictment spreadsheet(google doc)

>>>/qresearch/2080600 Standard Hotel has "Phonebooth" with direct line to govt

>>>/qresearch/2080698 Human Trafficking arrests surge under Trump

>>>/qresearch/2080814, >>>/qresearch/2080863 Mueller pardoned?(4ch anon)

>>>/qresearch/2080851 Palestinians refuse to meet with EU

>>>/qresearch/2081075 HRC ARRA connections(PB links)

#2623 >>>/qresearch/2079742 Pedo gets life in prison(3/2017)

>>>/qresearch/2079878 Leaflet Promoting protest against POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2079963 Interviewees trash POTUS' SCOTUS pick(that hasn't been made yet)

>>>/qresearch/2080107 McConnell confronted by protesters

>>>/qresearch/2080175 Alice in Wonderland/Q-proof parrallel

#2622* >>>/qresearch/2079633, >>>/qresearch/2079635 Good Morning from POTUS twitter


an archive for #2628: Delta Flight 3451 ~ https://archive.fo/2j4aN

#2628 >>>/qresearch/2084145 Solicitor General, Francisco will be Rosenstein replacement if he resigns or is impeachedThanks

>>>/qresearch/2084043 Graphic Analysis - Are we all connected?

>>>/qresearch/2083670 These people have to be defeated (It is the Washington Times and they are talking about (((Them))))

>>>/qresearch/2083654, >>>/qresearch/2083666 Media Disinformation, Government Propaganda, And The Lie Of A Free Press in America

#2627 >>>/qresearch/2082856 This Just In: HRC & Bill Clinton Reportedly Flying, >>>/qresearch/2083005, >>>/qresearch/2082956 Delta Flight 3451 To NY, >>>/qresearch/2083172 Passengers Noticed, >>>/qresearch/2083198 What does it mean?, >>>/qresearch/2083221 Happened Before

>>>/qresearch/2082875 New KinderCare Learning Center Openng July 9th in DC

>>>/qresearch/2082954 Who is DOMEX?

>>>/qresearch/2082982 Christians could vanish from Middle East due to 'murderous indifference' of world govts, Pope warns

>>>/qresearch/2083194 Israel Warns: We will not allow Gaza to be rebuilt

>>>/qresearch/2083202 AP reporters gave the access code for Manafort's storage locker to the FBI

>>>/qresearch/2083222 Digs on Joseph Bistro: Eight of his addresses are at the Walt Disney Studios on Buena Vista

>>>/qresearch/2083267 POTUS Tweets: Iranian Harassment of U.S. Warships Score

>>>/qresearch/2083297 GIVE NOW Immigrant Charity With Pedo Symbol in Arizona

>>>/qresearch/2083341 Sources confirm: Theresa May accused & demanded to be ejected Out Of Office, >>>/qresearch/2083363 Because of Brexit Fuckery

>>>/qresearch/2083399 CRISPR Crashes After Study Highlights Potential Cancer Risk From Gene-Editing

>>>/qresearch/2083419 Dig on WWF & The Club of Isles

>>>/qresearch/2083503 Australia Will Fine Parents Twice A Month If They Don't Vaccinate Their Kids

>>>/qresearch/2083529 Dawn Sturgess, who was exposed to nerve agent Novichok in Amesbury, Wiltshire, died.

>>>/qresearch/2083557 #2627

#2626 >>>/qresearch/2081909 Train Derailment In Turkey, >>>/qresearch/2082011

>>>/qresearch/2082053 The Franklin Disgrace: Yuge Pedophilia Scandal and Cover-up inside the Bush Senior White House

>>>/qresearch/2082095 Turkey "Dismisses" 18,000 Civil Servants for Alleged Terror Links

>>>/qresearch/2082204 Ramin & Amjad Hossein Panahi, Iranian Brothers & Political Prisoners, Execution Imminent

>>>/qresearch/2082347 Next to SEX&EX & IPO Shareholder, There is Pizza MOMO Restaurant Fuckery

>>>/qresearch/2082338 Children From a church in Bradenton Florida Stuck in Haiti, >>>/qresearch/2082373, >>>/qresearch/2082593, >>>/qresearch/2082474

>>>/qresearch/2082520 Clinton Foundation/USAID Industrial Park "Caracol" in Haiti.

>>>/qresearch/2082531 Diplomats Reporting Illness Due To 'Sonic Attacks'

>>>/qresearch/2082655 Trump Freezes Billions In Obamacare Payments, Outraging Insurers

>>>/qresearch/2082743 #2626

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archives for

#2629 8Ch Life Without the Catalog Edition ~ https://archive.fo/OHAxJ

#2630 The Clinton's Flying 1st Class (Where is the Private Plane?) Edition ~ http://archive.fo/W2VUw

#2631 England Fight's Back Edition ~ http://archive.fo/4lyZn

#2631 >>>/qresearch/2086055 WINNING - Illinois Steel Town: Trump’s Tariffs Secure 800 New Jobs for Previously Laid-Off American Workers

>>>/qresearch/2086128 Legal services from across Japan, including #USForces and their Japanese counterparts, put their skills and talents to the test in a mock trial at @KadenaAirBase.

>>>/qresearch/2086185 Tomorrow's clock for the ClockFags

>>>/qresearch/2086194 Facebook Has Gone Full Purge

>>>/qresearch/2086231 U.S Embassy in Haiti warns Americans to 'shelter in place' as violent protests escalate

>>>/qresearch/2086254 US Federal Witness Due To Testify Against Hillary Clinton For Drug Crimes Killed In Massive Explosion

>>>/qresearch/2086374 Rape indictments in Sweden - 150 hours of community service for migrants, 6 years in custody for Julian

>>>/qresearch/2086254, >>>/qresearch/2086392, >>>/qresearch/2086446, >>>/qresearch/2086414 More sauce on New Jersey explosion

>>>/qresearch/2086525 Truck with Q logo possibly owned by US Military???

>>>/qresearch/2086555 Alleged surrogates arrested, charged

>>>/qresearch/2086588 {They} are the ones in danger

>>>/qresearch/2086701 Some more of Rex tweets

>>>/qresearch/2086736 #2631

#2630 >>>/qresearch/2085309, >>>/qresearch/2085539 Davis Exit Letter UK

>>>/qresearch/2085256 Suella Braverman, another Brexit minister, has also resigned.

>>>/qresearch/2085211 "An Absolute Bombshell": Brexit Ministers David And Baker Unexpectedly Quit In Blow To Theresa May

>>>/qresearch/2085557 Nun at charity founded by Mother Teresa arrested, accused of trafficking babies

>>>/qresearch/2085616 Senior Brexiteer praises ministerial resignations after vowing to vote down PM's Chequers plan

>>>/qresearch/2085735 Sharyl Attkisson tweeting flowers and butterflies

>>>/qresearch/2085802 Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Arranged Meeting With Reporters To Discuss Manafort Investigation

>>>/qresearch/2085859 700,000 illegal migrants bottlenecked in Libya due to Italy’s policies

>>>/qresearch/2085924 More embassies around the world reporting "sonic attacks"

>>>/qresearch/2085822 Russia willing to take in 15000 white Afrikaner farmers.

>>>/qresearch/2085985 #2630

#2629 >>>/qresearch/2084766 Vehicle Being Chased by USSS Crashed Going Wrong Way on I-66in N, VA, >>>/qresearch/2084785 Suspect Still at Large

>>>/qresearch/2084765, >>>/qresearch/2085003, >>>/qresearch/2085043 UK Brexit Sec. David Davis has resigned

>>>/qresearch/2084718 Beautiful collection of Schedule comments.

>>>/qresearch/2084568, >>>/qresearch/2084869 PlaneFag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2084495 Trump Tweets Simpsons Cartoon of him Coming Down Escalator re: Announcing Run for Presidency

>>>/qresearch/2084335, >>>/qresearch/2084484, >>>/qresearch/2084945 Mother Teresa charity home accused of 'baby trafficking' & There Has Been an Arrest

>>>/qresearch/2085110 #2629

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#2632 {They} are the Ones in Danger Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Iz9yr

#2633 Larps gettin' BTFO Edition ~ http://archive.fo/0B7OA

#2634 Delete the Fungus Edition ~ http://archive.fo/P9Key

#2634 >>>/qresearch/2088464 FISA Court, and the relationship between Lege, Jud, and Exec branches

>>>/qresearch/2088594 Dead Pedo's wife tells her story in NZ

>>>/qresearch/2088737 Article about DuPont's chemicals, cancer, and suchlike

>>>/qresearch/2088688 A couple of Tweets worth reading

>>>/qresearch/2089035 Oz article on Elite busted for drugs

>>>/qresearch/2089058 #2634

#2633 >>>/qresearch/2087578, >>>/qresearch/2087621 Possible dig, why was Ben Rhodes was denied an interim security clearance in October, 2008?

>>>/qresearch/2087754 Corrupt FBI and DOJ Not Only Caught Redacting Their Criminal Acts – They’re Now Caught CREATING Fraudulent Documents

>>>/qresearch/2087778 Interesting clock theory for today's posts

>>>/qresearch/2087848 Liberal Media Falsely Claims Russian Bots Behind #WalkAway from Democrats Movement

>>>/qresearch/2087713 The American BRIDGE Plan

>>>/qresearch/2087749 Possible ICE checkpoint in Hollywood near Amber Heard

>>>/qresearch/2088059 Trump Tweet - Trolling is fun

>>>/qresearch/2087654 Bankers Quit Goldman, Citigroup for Biotech Riches in Hong Kong

>>>/qresearch/2087657 Mueller was threatened theory

>>>/qresearch/2087648 (Delete the fungus)

>>>/qresearch/2088214 Hillary's book from the plane

>>>/qresearch/2087720, >>>/qresearch/2088266 Hugh transferred ownership of Playboy assets to Rizvi

>>>/qresearch/2088303 #2633

#2632 >>>/qresearch/2086998 Possible predictions for the week

>>>/qresearch/2087053 Elizabeth Warren fires back at Trump: A ‘bully’ going after ‘women all across this country’

>>>/qresearch/2087076 PlaneFag Report

>>>/qresearch/2087116 ZTE Sales Exec Ousted in Deal With US Calls Departure ‘Deeply Humiliating’

>>>/qresearch/2087074 Underground Doomsday Bunker Embroiled In Colombian Drug Money Sting

>>>/qresearch/2087233 Chinese Refiner halts us oil purchases, may use iran instaead

>>>/qresearch/2087251 Breaking: Israeli Warplanes Attack Syrian T-4 Airbase

>>>/qresearch/2087313 Salvini: ‘Soros Wants to Fill Italy and Europe with Migrants Because He Likes Slaves

>>>/qresearch/2087344 Obama Admin Had The Chance To Cripple The Global Heroin Trade, But It Chose To Play Politics Instead: Report

>>>/qresearch/2087289 Oven is getting hotter for Meuller….questions about 9/11 >>>/qresearch/2087369 Possbile Dig - Who was in Cali week of 9/11?

>>>/qresearch/2087335 BTFO by B.O.

>>>/qresearch/2087528 #2632

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#2635 Comfy Nightshift Edition ~ http://archive.fo/zUmVr

#2636 New Bantz Board Edition ~ http://archive.fo/d7b1p

#2637: Children of the Index Edition ~ http://archive.fo/km95z

#2637 >>>/qresearch/2091651, >>>/qresearch/2091664 This just in: Brits still being spied on six ways to Sunday

>>>/qresearch/2091617 planefags represent

>>>/qresearch/2091588 BOOM: UK #WalkAway: Boris Johnson 3rd minister to resign over May’s "Brexit"

>>>/qresearch/2091548 Flake: ‘There Is Concern Across Europe’ About What Trump Might Promise Putin

>>>/qresearch/2091534 Jilted Former EPA Aide With Sordid History Takes Credit For Pruitt Resigning

>>>/qresearch/2091528, >>>/qresearch/2091665 Somebody's doing the raping. Yup, it's Harvey Weinstein again!

>>>/qresearch/2091485 Faceberg Hires Soros to Help Remove Conservative Content from Platform

>>>/qresearch/2091447, >>>/qresearch/2091462 FAKE BREXIT is dead! Long Live HARD BREXIT!!!

>>>/qresearch/2091417 Muh Sword of Damocles: NATO leaders fear Trump crisis at key summit

>>>/qresearch/2091397 King Phelipe: follow the bloodlines

>>>/qresearch/2091296 meme of the day

>>>/qresearch/2091274 /ourguy/ James Woods blisters @Jack for censoring a picture of the flag as offensive

>>>/qresearch/2091235 UK: BBC/Black Studies Prof Claim West is "Built on Racism," Incite ‘Revolution’

>>>/qresearch/2091233 Smooth transition for me, not for thee: 2004 Intelligence Reform Act Podesta email

>>>/qresearch/2091208, >>>/qresearch/2091305, >>>/qresearch/2091430, >>>/qresearch/2091429, >>>/qresearch/2091465 On Hussein and Colombia's Ivan Duque meet

>>>/qresearch/2091202 Workout Data From Fitness App Used to Identify Gov Spies and Mil Personnel

>>>/qresearch/2091171 SK: 8 Samsung Securities workers charged with stock trading fraud

>>>/qresearch/2091155 Fearing US sanctions, Tehran preps to transfer $300 Million from German enablers

>>>/qresearch/2091140 How many liberal tears does it take to MAGA? 2 scoops, 2 genders, 2 SCOTUS picks

>>>/qresearch/2091871 #2637

#2636 >>>/qresearch/2091069 Good Morning from @realDonaldTrump!

>>>/qresearch/2091054 NZ: Maori leader accused of running major pedo ring involving top NZ officials

>>>/qresearch/2090999 Moneyed interests first: U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World

>>>/qresearch/2090973 Headless Robespierre's Cautionary Tale For The 'Alt Left' Unleashed On America

>>>/qresearch/2090968 Syrian sources confirm Iranians killed in ‘Israeli attack’ on Homs air base

>>>/qresearch/2090867 Moar digging on Ben Rhodes re: Hussein, Iran, Syria

>>>/qresearch/2090841, >>>/qresearch/2090862 Hussein Definitely-Not-Logan-Act visits Pres Sanchez, King Phelipe in Spain

>>>/qresearch/2090823 Podesta-linked Advisory Council of Alliance for Securing Democracy & muh Russian bots

>>>/qresearch/2090633, >>>/qresearch/2090649 Oz: Billionaire Scientologist James Packer quits Co. citing mental health

>>>/qresearch/2090524 Newest GermanAnon Web Archive Update

>>>/qresearch/2090296, >>>/qresearch/2090814, >>>/qresearch/2090817 "Wiring Diagram" of the 2008 Cabal. Names/policies/positions

>>>/qresearch/2090286 "The Circle" IRL? e-Estonia's e-solutions for for a new "information society"

>>>/qresearch/2090097 2013 Loop Capital Dig: Connected to America-(((Israel))) Chamber of Commerce

>>>/qresearch/2091066 #2636

#2635 >>>/qresearch/2089118 The Tolerant Left Shows More Love

>>>/qresearch/2089125 Gates on Clapper remaining (WL Email)

>>>/qresearch/2089320 SETexan tweets about Peter Strzok Sr

>>>/qresearch/2089471 Some early Hussein Clearance requests; names to dig?

>>>/qresearch/2089823 Anon reminds others about Brennan's shenanigans

>>>/qresearch/2089989 #2635

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#2638: Et tu Boris? Edition ~ http://archive.fo/tK7bO

#2639: New SCOTUS Pick Tonight Edition ~ http://archive.fo/gDIUM

#2640: Busy Week Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Dhx5G

#2640 >>>/qresearch/2093560 ; >>>/qresearch/2093574 ; >>>/qresearch/2093946 Witness prepared to ID the two killers (according to witness, two US gov’t employees) of Seth Rich

>>>/qresearch/2093639 Hussein’s chance to cripple global heroin trade; chose not to

>>>/qresearch/2093658 US attorney Stephen McAllister will open 2018 Human Trafficking Conference

>>>/qresearch/2093734 Dig on T. Marcus Funk, on of two Perkins Cole lawyers behind JJ smear effort

>>>/qresearch/2093550 Pharmaceutical and political corruption related to drug price increases

>>>/qresearch/2093572 On Points Of Light, New York Cares, and their investors

>>>/qresearch/2093798 Lisa Page to be privately questioned a day before Strzok’s public testimony

>>>/qresearch/2093865 ; >>>/qresearch/2093875 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2094059 Radioactive material stolen from vehicle in Mexico City

>>>/qresearch/2094142 HRC FOIA drop 23/23

>>>/qresearch/2094185 #2640

#2639 >>>/qresearch/2092714 On Q, independence, and the UK (speculation)

>>>/qresearch/2092724 More on Strzok thread

>>>/qresearch/2092736 #WalkAway YT fan site (collecting testimonials)

>>>/qresearch/2092763 Federal Gov’t notifying South Texas residents of land surveys for border wall construction

>>>/qresearch/2092772 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2092926 Nigel Farage to discuss his next political move

>>>/qresearch/2093040 On Sara Bronfman/Basit Igitte (NXIVM related)

>>>/qresearch/2093095 Implications of Boris Johnson resignation re: MI6

#2638 >>>/qresearch/2092621 North Carolina private school busted for concealing illegals in sports program:

>>>/qresearch/2092401 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2092494 liberal journo meltdown over Kennedy is warming up nicely

>>>/qresearch/2092472 North Koreans are trolling the MSM.

>>>/qresearch/2092409 'Craziness becoming strategic' NATO leaders in panic mode ahead of POTUS visit

>>>/qresearch/2092007, >>>/qresearch/2092225 Digs on Family from NJ House Explosion on July 7

>>>/qresearch/2092000 Learn how to read the map [PDF]

>>>/qresearch/2092078 Strzok And McCabe to testify in Grand Jury investigations

>>>/qresearch/2092141 Twitter Plunges 8% after massive user ban

>>>/qresearch/2092202 Taliban nearly eradicated opium production in Afganhistan with a 99% reduction in the area of opium poppy farming in Taliban-controlled areas, roughly three quarters of the world's supply of heroin at the time

>>>/qresearch/2091934 , >>>/qresearch/2092526 Pompeo unannounced trip to Afghanistan.

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#2641: His Name Was Seth Rich Edition ~ http://archive.fo/CKlIH

#2642: (blank title) ~ http://archive.fo/QSDxk

#2643 Temporary Baker Edition ~ http://archive.fo/GTein

#2644: "SCOTUS Pick at 9PM" Edition ~ http://archive.fo/iJLLH

#2645: "FLASH FLOOD WARNING!" Edition ~ http://archive.fo/oG0Lv

#2645 >>>/qresearch/2098076 thousands of interesting Federal Government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

>>>/qresearch/2097772 ACCESO Fund LLC dig

>>>/qresearch/2097955 Link to LIVE: President Trump URGENT Announcement on Supreme Court Justice Pick

>>>/qresearch/2097894 https://www.whitehouse.gov/live/ White house feed for Supreme Court Pick

>>>/qresearch/2097779 POTUS tweet - 'Flash Flood Warning' Liberal Tears... >>>/qresearch/2097953 , >>>/qresearch/2098186

>>>/qresearch/2097760 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2097573 Word from Pope Benedict XVI reaches McDonough. (Podesta e-mails)

>>>/qresearch/2098217 #2645

#2644 >>>/qresearch/2096709 New Ronald Bernard interview

>>>/qresearch/2096734 Clinton Foundation Assets Frozen?, >>>/qresearch/2096982

>>>/qresearch/2096783 Nigel Farage pledges to return to campaigning...

>>>/qresearch/2096873 Number of illegal migrants in EU decreases, while number of those kicked out rise

>>>/qresearch/2096913 SAA took full control over its southern border from jihadis/ISIS

>>>/qresearch/2096965 Pompeo pushes peace talks on unannounced trip to Afghanistan

>>>/qresearch/2097019 SEC. 3. Center for Information Analysis and Response....The Drops could be counter-intel?

>>>/qresearch/2097136 Mexico pays for its own wall on their southern border (Wired News twatter), >>>/qresearch/2097281

>>>/qresearch/2097144 POTUS may nominate 3 Supreme Court justices?, >>>/qresearch/2097344 Can't expand court w/o Act of Congress

>>>/qresearch/2097215 U.S. Army Special Forces and Afghan commandos have captured a major ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan

>>>/qresearch/2097291 California judge rules against Federal Gov.

>>>/qresearch/2097332 American nurse Carole Paladino (above) identified by SVR as being “probable witness” against Clinton Foundation

>>>/qresearch/2097423 Former Facebook Censor Became ‘Desensitized’ to Child Porn

#2643 >>>/qresearch/2095896 "Boer" land in S. Africa to be expropriated?

>>>/qresearch/2096066 Judicial Watch sues over Mueller abuse

>>>/qresearch/2096120 Pelosi vows to 'avenge President Obama' (re: SCOTUS)

>>>/qresearch/2096147 House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Trump-Hating FBI Lawyer Lisa Page

>>>/qresearch/2096176 Soldiers And Secret Agents' Names And Home Addresses Exposed By Fitness Tracker

>>>/qresearch/2096188 China ‘Quietly' Conducts Electronic Warfare Tests in South China Sea

>>>/qresearch/2096244 Netanyahu to visit Putin

>>>/qresearch/2096271 Exclusive – Texas Poll: Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott Smoking Democrat Opponents

>>>/qresearch/2096393 Lawmakers press Apple and Google to explain how they track and listen to users

>>>/qresearch/2096506 Interesting speculation from _ImpertorRex_ on Twatter

#2642 >>>/qresearch/2095121, >>>/qresearch/2095319, >>>/qresearch/2095368 Page to testify privately the day before Strzonk testifies publicly

>>>/qresearch/2095122 Russia suggests investigations in Novichok rather than accusations

>>>/qresearch/2095462 Dems won't even talk about SCOTUS nominee, but will oppose anyone POTUS names

>>>/qresearch/2095458, >>>/qresearch/2095564 Oldie but goodie… FBI offers reward for "stolen" weapons same night Seth Rich shot

>>>/qresearch/2095480 Don't report on Rohingya in Myanmar; possible 14 year sentence

>>>/qresearch/2095092, >>>/qresearch/2095583 Turkish Lira tumbles after Erdogan appoints son-in-law as Finance Minister

>>>/qresearch/2095358 More police saying that FOSTA/SESTA has made it more difficult to catch traffickers

>>>/qresearch/2095396 Ex-Goldman banker weighing plea deal on corruption charges in 1MDB probe: WSJ

>>>/qresearch/2095555 Michael Cohen's lawyer issues 'mysterious threat to POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2095635 Yahoo turns in BSA leader for CP

#2641 >>>/qresearch/2094310 Ethiopia & Eritrea declare end to 20-year war

>>>/qresearch/2094348 Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty to New Sexual Assault Charges


>>>/qresearch/2094353 HUD Housing Scam busted in DWS district

>>>/qresearch/2094526 Giuliani Wants To See ‘All’ Mueller Team Members’ Text Messages

>>>/qresearch/2094610 VIDEO: Mexican Cops Blow Whistle on Orders to Stop Fighting Cartels

>>>/qresearch/2094730 House Lawmakers sent letter to Apple, Inc's Tim Cook asking how they handle smartphone user data

>>>/qresearch/2094784 Farage threatens to reclaim UKIP Leadership if "Brexit Betrayal Isn't Reversed"

>>>/qresearch/2094793 Big Pharma Corruption: MORE lC to Generic Drug/ntellec Prop trafficking+Pay For Play

>>>/qresearch/2094820 Russia opens up trade possibilities for Britain, Germany & France after Trump back out of botched Iran "Deal"

>>>/qresearch/2095202 #2641 (linked from 2642)

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#2646: MSM 'Collection Of Favorite Dance Tunes' Edition ~ http://archive.fo/fyfNq

#2647: The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of REEEEEE Edition ~ http://archive.fo/SKblN

#2648 Reactions to the Nomination of Kavanaugh Edition ~ http://archive.fo/vV6Ua

#2649 Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity Edition ~ http://archive.fo/E1kV3

#2649 >>>/qresearch/2101311 7/10 Drops Theory by Anon

>>>/qresearch/2101193 Q supporting crumb

>>>/qresearch/2100978 Break Theory


>>>/qresearch/2100951 China's Tariffs Overwhelmingly Target Counties That Voted For Trump

#2648 >>>/qresearch/2100520 Q-Proof re: NoName!!

>>>/qresearch/2100335 Kavavaugh has files on Vince Foster! POTUS knows Vince Foster was a hit, spoke on it prior to election. JR retweeted Stock Monster

>>>/qresearch/2100051 Promises Made, Promises Kept. ~VP Pence Twat

>>>/qresearch/2100015 Fuckin' NoName wants to move him through!

>>>/qresearch/2099983 Pocohontas says no likey to Kavanaugh (Twat)

>>>/qresearch/2099947 This chain is about sneaking Gates in/out of a meeting w/Obama, unseen

>>>/qresearch/2099912 Jewish (((ADL))) does not like POTUS SCOTUS pick Kavanaugh

#2647 >>>/qresearch/2099399 Kavanaugh Tried to get Vince Foster Records Unsealed After Suicide, but was Shut Down by the Supreme Court

>>>/qresearch/2099356, >>>/qresearch/2099556, >>>/qresearch/2099718 Collection of Twatter Reactions & Meltdowns about POTUS Pick for Scotus

>>>/qresearch/2099296, >>>/qresearch/2099304, >>>/qresearch/2099307, >>>/qresearch/2099316, >>>/qresearch/2099435, >>>/qresearch/2099438, >>>/qresearch/2099458, >>>/qresearch/2099641, >>>/qresearch/2099687 Digs On Brett Kavanaugh

#2646 >>>/qresearch/2098734 AP jumped the gun, it appears, as well…

>>>/qresearch/2098683 Kavenaugh's JESUIT education and connections

>>>/qresearch/2098636 Q's past posts regarding the Supreme Court

>>>/qresearch/2098560 Kavenaugh live updates (CBS News)

>>>/qresearch/2098474 Kavenaugh's speech: photo

>>>/qresearch/2098459 Brett Kavenaugh (USA Today)

>>>/qresearch/2098623 — KEK!

>>>/qresearch/2098449 Wikipedia had SCOTUS pick before announcement

>>>/qresearch/2098440 Brett Kavanaugh Applies Trumps Economic Patriotism To The Law (Breitbart)

>>>/qresearch/2098401 Brett Kavanaugh (Washington Times)

>>>/qresearch/2098694 Gorka weighs in

>>>/qresearch/2098540 Kavanaugh led the investigation into the suicide of Vince Foster

>>>/qresearch/2098449 Wikipedia had SCOTUS pick before announcement

>>>/qresearch/2098410 Wired Sources had it before announcement

>>>/qresearch/2099017 #2646

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#2650 Shitting up the Bread Edition ~ http://archive.fo/QuB3G

#2651 Weather Forecast of Brrrt Edition ~ http://archive.fo/7bceM

#2652 We instill fear in them Edition ~ http://archive.fo/ilKh3

#2652 >>>/qresearch/2103234 I OWN RNC Anon decodes Q

>>>/qresearch/2103308 , >>>/qresearch/2103326 Newfags index survival guide

>>>/qresearch/2103329 roseanne cancels interview

>>>/qresearch/2103535 Dem senator: Trump's Supreme Court pick shows he's 'terrified of Robert Mueller'

>>>/qresearch/2103701 THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD

>>>/qresearch/2103931 Kavanaugh on impeaching President, either Sitting or On The Run

#2651 >>>/qresearch/2102490 ISIS Capital In Afghanistan Captured

>>>/qresearch/2102581 CSPAN Twitter Poll about Kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2102594 Rodriguez US Attorney dispute w/ Kavanaugh on Foster "suicide"

>>>/qresearch/2102615 Fox News anchor driven away from SC building by threats from leftist

>>>/qresearch/2102669 Iranian Woman Jailed 20 years for Removing Head Scarf

>>>/qresearch/2102678, >>>/qresearch/2103016, >>>/qresearch/2103032, >>>/qresearch/2103091 Dig on Waldo during MAGA Rallies

>>>/qresearch/2102691 Iranians Write to Pompeo to Impose Sanctions on IRIB

>>>/qresearch/2102725 NFL Player schemed to fraud $20M from TRICARE

>>>/qresearch/2102698 Blaming Muh Russia for #Walkaway

>>>/qresearch/2102770 QClock News unlocks MAP

>>>/qresearch/2102804 Erik Prince voluntarily cooperating with Muller

>>>/qresearch/2102992 Dig on MAXIMA queen of Netherland's sister

#2650 >>>/qresearch/2101717 Cynthia Nixon to call ICE a terrorist oragnization

>>>/qresearch/2101765 Panic New York Magazine Conspiracy

>>>/qresearch/2102036, >>>/qresearch/2101995 #ShadySanders

>>>/qresearch/2102050 Dig on CIA Crown Jewels

>>>/qresearch/2102061 Vincent Foster FBI File

>>>/qresearch/2102120 Kavanaugh view on gov healthcare

>>>/qresearch/2102193 UK Political Crisis May Pave Way for New Brexit Referendum

>>>/qresearch/2102252 Eva Bartlet on Syria, Israeli violence in Gaza

>>>/qresearch/2102270 POTUS Schedule

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#2653: I Believe In The You That Beleves In Me Edition! ~ http://archive.fo/6YTqK

#2654: Safe Travels ~ http://archive.fo/sfy3v

#2654 >>>/qresearch/2104573 Trump will land in turmoiled UK, meeting friend Boris Johnson & encouraging UK people to make their voice heard

>>>/qresearch/2104828 July 10 QGraphic

>>>/qresearch/2104866 NewFags are our friends

>>>/qresearch/2104949 New Flotus Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2104977 The Biggest Communications Union in the U.S. Is Calling for the FTC to Break Up Facebook

>>>/qresearch/2104991 Senate Hearing live stream on Kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2105066, >>>/qresearch/2105121, >>>/qresearch/2105375 New DJT Pacific Time Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2105142 POTUS Pardons Oregon Ranchers Hammond - Bundy/compound takeover dispute 2014

>>>/qresearch/2105197 Fitton tweet on Flynn CST

>>>/qresearch/2105255 QClock Update

>>>/qresearch/2105281 George Clooney hospitalized after motorbike accident in Italy

>>>/qresearch/2105324 New Bill introduced by Diane Black (R TN)

>>>/qresearch/2105329, >>>/qresearch/2105349, >>>/qresearch/2105457, >>>/qresearch/2105515 Uranium Bundy Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2105544 Plane Crashes Outside South Africa's Pretoria: At Least 19 Injured - Emergency

>>>/qresearch/2105560 Top aide to Iran's leader to meet Putin in Moscow on Wednesday

>>>/qresearch/2105575 The myth of Obama’s ‘disappearance'

>>>/qresearch/2105590 #2654

#2653 >>>/qresearch/2104037 POTUS thanks Supporters for Support

>>>/qresearch/2104072 ICLCJ supposedly attempted to Arrest [P]ope. Failed. Catholic Ninth Circle Coven Gathering, involving ritual child rape, later that evening cancelled due to "security reasons"

>>>/qresearch/2104094 Qlockwork Update

>>>/qresearch/2104108 Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla, >>>/qresearch/2104707 Memestrike ordered

>>>/qresearch/2104130 Reminder: FBI dumped info on suicide-by-gunshot-to-the-back-of-the-head victim, VINCENT FOSTER, who served under the Clintons & was investigated by Kavanaugh, >>>/qresearch/2104525

>>>/qresearch/2104153 POTUS travel schedule: Washington, US → Brussel/Bruxelles, BE

>>>/qresearch/2104186 Worrying Report: Angela Merkel only allowed to be 5 meters away from her Muslim Brotherhood Handlers

>>>/qresearch/2104280 12 Thai Boys Rescued from Cave by Thai Navy Seals, while Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff is entertaining his Thai Counterpart at the Pentagon on the very day >>>/qresearch/2104291,

>>>/qresearch/2104342 On Muslim Brotherhood Subversion

>>>/qresearch/2104268 Anonz posting about Secret Tunnel System in Burma / Thailand, >>>/qresearch/2104387

>>>/qresearch/2104404 DJT rejoices freedom of 12 boys and thanks Thai Navy SEAL Team

>>>/qresearch/2104573 Trump will land in turmoiled UK, meeting friend Boris Johnson & encouraging UK people to make their voice heard on the competence of May as a leader.

>>>/qresearch/2104639 Today's Qlock

>>>/qresearch/2104646 UK: Andrew Bridgen calls vote for No Confidence in May

>>>/qresearch/2104664 UK: Votes of no confidence: What they are, and how they are triggered.

>>>/qresearch/2104787 #2653

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#2655 It's about the Break Edition ~ http://archive.fo/8gKzB

#2656 Buckle Up Edition ~ http://archive.fo/XFTbW

#2656 >>>/qresearch/2106431 >>>/qresearch/2106635 Moar UK resignations

>>>/qresearch/2106637 New UK party

>>>/qresearch/2106496 POTUS trolling MSM

>>>/qresearch/2106510 Rep. Walden (R) applauds pardon of Hammonds

>>>/qresearch/2106610 >>>/qresearch/2107024 Dig on Vincent Foster

>>>/qresearch/2106617 POTUS and Obrador can BUILD THE WALL together

>>>/qresearch/2106619 G. Clooney 187 attempt?

>>>/qresearch/2106536 America First Media Group web address from Seth Rich presser

>>>/qresearch/2106564 Yemeni Army Captures US Commander

>>>/qresearch/2107075 Anon's Recap on Why This SR Presser is Suspicious

#2655 >>>/qresearch/2105684, >>>/qresearch/2106050 Resource Map for land BLM is interested in

>>>/qresearch/2105705 Hillary's "Onward Together" is partnering with Demand Justice, run by her ex-spox and Sen. Feinstein's deputy Paige Herwig, to Bork Trump's next SCOTUS pick

>>>/qresearch/2105701 Unitaid, Ranbaxy, CF Connection

>>>/qresearch/2105772, >>>/qresearch/2105879, >>>/qresearch/2105963 President of China Unicom, the 4th largest mobile provider in the world, resigns today, giving no explanation.

>>>/qresearch/2105778 Strzok WILL be under oath this time

>>>/qresearch/2105803 Nokia is losing its COO after only 8 months

>>>/qresearch/2105842 Thursday's QClock

>>>/qresearch/2105862 ‘Keep low profile’ – US Embassy warns citizens ahead of Trump UK visit protests

>>>/qresearch/2105947 Obama Strzok connections.

>>>/qresearch/2105965 Famed geneticist retires from University of California amidst sexual assault allegations.

>>>/qresearch/2105995 Kavanaugh supports NSA data collection

>>>/qresearch/2106004 Possible source for Seth Rich stream

>>>/qresearch/2106038 Moar Bundy Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2106095 NVIDIA Unveils AI That Removes Noise, Grain, and Watermarks

>>>/qresearch/2106174 Tesla to build auto factory in China

>>>/qresearch/2106205 Mayor Bill de Blasio caught using Counter Terrorism Plane for personal use/vacation, NYPD calls it "very strange."

>>>/qresearch/2106247 Vatican Bishop confesses Senior Catholic Officials are paid by Soros.

>>>/qresearch/2106262 LeSean McCoy Accused Of Brutally Beating Girlfriend

>>>/qresearch/2106278 LIVE: May, Merkel and Morawiecki hold press conference at Western Balkans summit.

>>>/qresearch/2106297 List of names for the new UK political party

>>>/qresearch/2106323 Reminder: Disinformation is real

>>>/qresearch/2106337 George Clooney Once Gave 14 of His Best Friends $1 Million Each, Rande Gerber Says

>>>/qresearch/2106363 South African plane crash update, now 20 injured (lb was 19)

>>>/qresearch/2106387 #2655

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#2657 Ebake ~ http://archive.fo/9S6fU

#2658 The Seth Rich Press Conference Was Bogus Edition ~ http://archive.fo/dALXB

#2659 POTUS in Brussels Edition ~ http://archive.fo/GNig1

#2659 >>>/qresearch/2108846 Drug Companies Roll Back Price Hikes After Trump Warns Response

>>>/qresearch/2108892 Brussels fearful of what the combative U.S. president might say or do to rupture the liberal world order

>>>/qresearch/2108896 Kamala Harris' office allegedly rejected SCOTUS courtesy call

>>>/qresearch/2108898 ‘Appreciate your allies, you don’t have many’ – EU Council President Tusk to Trump (Russia sauce)

>>>/qresearch/2108967 RIP Chicago LEO

>>>/qresearch/2109056 Another security breach at Atlanta's airport

>>>/qresearch/2109074 Sun Valley's 'summer camp for billionaires'

>>>/qresearch/2109054, >>>/qresearch/2109059 Transcript of SR Confrence

>>>/qresearch/2109068 POTUS Schedule update

>>>/qresearch/2109227 Judge orders ex-Playboy model to serve lawsuit on Avenatti

>>>/qresearch/2109046, >>>/qresearch/2109231 Inspiring POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2109250 Has anyone ever taken a good look at this Brussel's NATO building?

>>>/qresearch/2109396 Trade Deficit With China Hits New Record… TESLA to Build Auto Factory in Shanghai

>>>/qresearch/2109437 Hashtag Analysis

>>>/qresearch/2109470 Senate Confirms Mark Bennett, of Hawaii, to be on 9th Circuit

>>>/qresearch/2108865 Kotleba: Reason behind war on Syria is its standing in face of Zionist schemes

>>>/qresearch/2109528 http://qest.us/qcatalog Links direct to the current bread.

>>>/qresearch/2109646 Former Apple Employee Charged With Theft of Trade Secrets

>>>/qresearch/2109551 SDNY US Attorney today: Flight Attendant Pleads Guilty To Airport Security Violations

#2658 >>>/qresearch/2108057 Donna Brazile Uses Panda Emoji in Seth Rich Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2108078 Remainers Congratulate May’s Brexit Betrayal

>>>/qresearch/2108145, >>>/qresearch/2108187 Police Report "Seth Rich was Alive and Breathing"

>>>/qresearch/2108170, >>>/qresearch/2108266 QClock Updates

>>>/qresearch/2108186 POTUS Pardons the Hammonds

>>>/qresearch/2108230 Iran's Revolutionary Guard Says "Awaiting Orders" To Attack Israel

>>>/qresearch/2108253, >>>/qresearch/2108522 New Executive Orders July 10

>>>/qresearch/2108258 "Godfather Of Payday Lending" Stripped Of $64 Million, Sentenced To 14 Years

>>>/qresearch/2108410 POTUS Q & A before heading to EU

>>>/qresearch/2108420 Judge tosses much of Trump admin lawsuit re: California & ICE

>>>/qresearch/2108440 The Unmasking Antifa Bill Introduced by Congress

>>>/qresearch/2108559, >>>/qresearch/2108607 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2108538, >>>/qresearch/2108551, >>>/qresearch/2108596 Hillary-Tied Group Launches ‘Stop Kavanaugh’ Website

>>>/qresearch/2108645 Federal Judge Delays Sentencing For General Mike Flynn AGAIN

#2657 >>>/qresearch/2107859 Qatar, UAE to join US war in Afghanistan

>>>/qresearch/2107845 German police have seized the names and banking details of donors to the privacy browser Tor.

>>>/qresearch/2107785 Israeli Defense Minister Says Tel Aviv Does Not Exclude Re-Establishment Of Some Ties With Syrian Government

>>>/qresearch/2107314 Rahm Emanual headed to China

>>>/qresearch/2107523 John McCain praises Brett Kavanaugh as 'fair, mainstream judge' with 'impeccable credentials

>>>/qresearch/2107586 Foster Files update

>>>/qresearch/2107656, >>>/qresearch/2107758 More DJT tweet goodness

>>>/qresearch/2108001 #2657

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#2660 Burn the Bookbot Edition ~ http://archive.fo/iG08G

#2661 2018 IS Glorious Edition ~ http://archive.fo/JfWGl

#2662 Nothing Can Hold Q Back! ~ http://archive.fo/hAtDW

#2662 >>>/qresearch/2111603, >>>/qresearch/2111854, >>>/qresearch/2112021, >>>/qresearch/2112083 PlaneFag Reports and comments

>>>/qresearch/2111430 Clown controlled car accident sauces

>>>/qresearch/2111480 Links to Future/Past Breads Thread

>>>/qresearch/2111571 [ADL] full statement on SCOTUS pick

>>>/qresearch/2111691 Gen. Flynn's Lawyers Say He Is No Longer Joining Lobbying Firm

>>>/qresearch/2111705 This graphic is clear and concise, it should help with finding the current breads

>>>/qresearch/2111758 Lisa Page is refusing to appear. Full statement from her attorney:

>>>/qresearch/2111806 Detained migrant families to be released, given ankle monitors: report

>>>/qresearch/2111816 Update on crash of White House military pass holder

>>>/qresearch/2111877 Gen Flynn’s Court Appearance, Sentencing Extended to Everyone’s Satisfaction

>>>/qresearch/2111896 Residents of California city once known as 'America's foreclosure capital' are set to get monthly $500 stipend.

>>>/qresearch/2111940 Bomb found in Talahasee FL

>>>/qresearch/2111802 Did Q ever mention "ODIN'S EYE"? I don't remember…

>>>/qresearch/2111982 New Salon Poll says Dems Doom on

>>>/qresearch/2111540 MusicBizFag retiree notes to Anons

#2661 >>>/qresearch/2110602 "Unmasking Antifa" Act Introduced In Congress: 15 Year Sentence For Masked Mayhem.

>>>/qresearch/2110609 Rep. Mark Meadows reacts to new FBI documents

>>>/qresearch/2110643 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2110820 Ex-Apple worker charged with stealing self-driving car trade secrets

>>>/qresearch/2110993 Captain Mark Kelly Digs

>>>/qresearch/2111037 Marina abramovic on the board of an antarctic expedition

>>>/qresearch/2111085 Connecting Wanta and Foster digs.

>>>/qresearch/2111112 Centered alignment of Q posts

>>>/qresearch/2111100 White House military pass holder hit in head on collision 7/8/2018

>>>/qresearch/2110613 Peterson connection to John Podesta is notable

>>>/qresearch/2110894 Dauntless Dialogue: Insider update on Sealed Indictment Strategies and more.

#2660 >>>/qresearch/2109825, >>>/qresearch/2109840 Terrorist Group Antifa Info-graphics

>>>/qresearch/2109836, >>>/qresearch/2109858, >>>/qresearch/2110155, >>>/qresearch/2110168 Flight Attendant Dig Cont. Connecting to Q posts

>>>/qresearch/2109847 Boston Globe is bailing on the Clintons

>>>/qresearch/2109937 Podesta Email Donors List "Follow the Money"

>>>/qresearch/2109976 Trump calls out UK for Crime, Political Tensions

>>>/qresearch/2109981 New POTUS Tweet on Pfizer

>>>/qresearch/2110024 US Equity Futures Tumble As US Readies $200 Billion China Tariff List

>>>/qresearch/2110292 Changes at US National Security Council as Bolton shuffles Middle East staff

>>>/qresearch/2110163 Qclockfag Spidey Sense tingling

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#2663 She Ain't Goin Edition ! ~ http://archive.fo/FCwKn

#2664 Happy Birthday Tesla Edition ~ http://archive.fo/LzLKb

#2665 Feel Proud We Are Winning Edition ~ http://archive.fo/uLskO

#2666: Satan Loses, GOD WINS Edition ~ http://archive.fo/bb5fN

#2666 >>>/qresearch/2115159, >>>/qresearch/2115168 Making Germany Based Again? 72% say immigration policies “too careless”

>>>/qresearch/2115114 Livestream of NATO meeting

>>>/qresearch/2115111 Don't mess with TX or POTUS: Owner of 'F**k TRUMP' truck pulled over, had warrants

>>>/qresearch/2115072 On the Possibility of Burgers Polka'ing Hard: Polish-American Alliance On the Way?

>>>/qresearch/2115060, >>>/qresearch/2115192 Watch it BigPharm, POTUS Got His Eye on Ya: Pfizer, Drug Prices/Shortages

>>>/qresearch/2114895, >>>/qresearch/2115054 Based Brits crazy for POTUS, but Will Donald Trump meet Boris Johnson?

>>>/qresearch/2114680 Nurse Faces Trial On Manslaughter Charges In Death Of HR McMaster's Father

>>>/qresearch/2114595 Vegas Overwatch Security footage of LV shooting. Await sauce conf before spreading

>>>/qresearch/2114676 Starbucks Virtue-Signals Hard like a Muthafuckah w/Transgender Employee Surgeries

>>>/qresearch/2114671 What's Czar Vlad up to now? Satellite Images Show Kaliningrad Being Prep'd for War

>>>/qresearch/2114652, >>>/qresearch/2114746, >>>/qresearch/2114782 YUGE starburst for Merkel. Trump: Germany Captive of Russia

>>>/qresearch/2114600 What the Congressional Black Caucus Really Thinks: Podesta CBC memo_Nov_2015 bios

#2665 >>>/qresearch/2114514 SKY event? Murdoch's Fox agrees $32.5 billion bid for Sky

>>>/qresearch/2114444 Hell hath no fury like crazy dem-fems biting ppl bc high on being councilwimmins

>>>/qresearch/2114248 Another reminder of what Q meant by: you are the frame. Here for you, normies.

>>>/qresearch/2114277 DS on the run: Judge Brennan Resigns From Michigan District Judges Association

>>>/qresearch/2114183 Sock news: Office of Special Counsel looking into Zinke's 'MAGA' socks

>>>/qresearch/2114171 NZ: Samoans waking up, Seized all MMR vaccines after deaths of two toddlers

>>>/qresearch/2114138 July 10 EO: Excepting Administrative Law Judges from the Competitive Service

>>>/qresearch/2114068 Russia Executes Mock Special Operations Raid On Remote Island Off Finland

>>>/qresearch/2114056 CREEPER Act H.R. 4655: Senate Bill to Ban Child Sex Dolls in America

>>>/qresearch/2113979 'Craziness Becoming Strategic' Say the Increasingly Nervous NATO re: Trump visit

>>>/qresearch/2113945 SA swamp continues to drain: Saudi Arabia Arrests Defence Official for taking bribe

>>>/qresearch/2113933 The projection is astounding - how absolutely dare (((They)))!

>>>/qresearch/2113911 Thai cave rescue: Aussie doctor Richard Harris' dad dies after final rescue. (digits!)

>>>/qresearch/2113874 Did the FBI get bamboozled by multiple versions of Trump dossier?

>>>/qresearch/2113847 "CIA IS HERE. PRAY." Q Post Decode/Theory

>>>/qresearch/2113835 PodestaEmails: "Guest chefs" James Alefantis/Amy Brandywein at Podesta's HRC fundraiser

>>>/qresearch/2113822 Muh "Saving Democracy": Democrats must consider court-packing when they regain power.

>>>/qresearch/2113778 Woman found Dead at Weiner's former Manhattan apartment building

>>>/qresearch/2114533 #2665

#2664 >>>/qresearch/2113025 Podesta money raising event, 2016; list of funders

>>>/qresearch/2113103 "October Surprise" (Theory)

>>>/qresearch/2113215 QClockfag update

>>>/qresearch/2113369 POTUS Schedule "55 inch"

>>>/qresearch/2113613 Yates, Strzok, and McCabe opened investigation into Manafort DURING the campaign (moar sauce needed)

>>>/qresearch/2113668, >>>/qresearch/2113727 Anon's working theory on Q crumb, Brexit, and Thai Kids in Cave

#2663 >>>/qresearch/2112463, >>>/qresearch/2112701 Timeline of all the treason by the Deepstate in the past few years

>>>/qresearch/2112550 Dig on The Office of Public Liaison

>>>/qresearch/2112620 Study: One in Five Deaths Among Young Adults Is Opioid-Related

>>>/qresearch/2112644 Article "Top Seven Coolest Secrets of the Service" - Mentions A GREAT PATRIOT

>>>/qresearch/2112265, >>>/qresearch/2112924 Is Trump implementing the Wanta Plan ? (Theory)

>>>/qresearch/2112858 Lisa Page "Testimony Received" Per Q. Are we watching a show?

>>>/qresearch/2112877 $47M for Homeless Vets TY POTUS

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#2667: Starburst in Brussels Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Un7oh

#2668 Q Gone Fishin' ~ http://archive.fo/5fWnc

#2669: Grosvenor Square Evening Final Edition ~ http://archive.fo/5Wlnl

#2670: DJT EuroTrip 2018 Edition ~ http://archive.fo/gmXuh

#2670 >>>/qresearch/2117775 Summary article of DJT negotiating hard w/NATO

>>>/qresearch/2117790 Ocasio-Cortez announces “new rule” barring tax cut supporters from healthcare debate

>>>/qresearch/2117811 John Amato, Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group CEO, steps down

>>>/qresearch/2117841 Superior Industries CFO resigns

>>>/qresearch/2117905 Cabell County magistrate resigns after 17 years

>>>/qresearch/2117978 Michigan judge resigns from state judge’s association

>>>/qresearch/2118029 Philippine’s Duterte accepts resignation of three DOJ employees

>>>/qresearch/2118120 Percent contributions to NATO budget by nation

>>>/qresearch/2118133 Nissan Group’s India managing director, Jerome Saigot, resigns

>>>/qresearch/2118286 Poll shows Germans want DJT to withdraw troops

>>>/qresearch/2118312 Elon Musk announces China Tesla plant

>>>/qresearch/2118406 Lisa Page’s team did review requested FBI documents, despite attorney saying they did not; lied to avoid subpoena

>>>/qresearch/2118485 DOJ to create task force to investigate wide range of fraud

>>>/qresearch/2118438 #2670

#2669 >>>/qresearch/2117083 On Macron vs. Trump: body language analysis exercise

>>>/qresearch/2117102 ; >>>/qresearch/2117165 Delta [17] on DJT tweet correction

>>>/qresearch/2117266 FBI Records Vault Drop: Daniel Berrigan

>>>/qresearch/2117367 NASA “The Future Of War” presentation

>>>/qresearch/2117476 Two dozen people tied to MS-13 charged with crimes

>>>/qresearch/2117542 Twitter to removes tens of thousands of “suspicious accounts”

>>>/qresearch/2117675 Brussels lacks the “real capabilities” to form EU army, warns former NATO boss

>>>/qresearch/2117645 #2669

#2668 >>>qresearch/2116185, >>>/qresearch/2116188, >>>/qresearch/2116191, >>>/qresearch/2116212 documents regarding the civil case Souraya Faas vs Hillary Clinton.

>>>/qresearch/2116322 Georgia becomes America's leader in Cyber Security

>>>/qresearch/2116415 Woman found dead in the trash compactor at Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin's former apartment.

>>>/qresearch/2116284 Spoopy Watch the Water pictures…

>>>/qresearch/2116528 Obama Pics with children… MAKE THEM GO VIRAL!

>>>/qresearch/2116547 >>>/qresearch/2116478 Theresa May Snubs POTUS on handshake

#2667 >>>/qresearch/2115386 Moar Podesta CBC memo_Nov_2015: LaDavia Drane, Ron Lester & Burrel Media firm

>>>/qresearch/2115390 Anon speculates Q gave us the solution to solving the communications on July 4th,

>>>/qresearch/2115398 A woman was found dead inside a trash compactor at a New York apartment block (Weiner Abedin Bldg.)

>>>/qresearch/2115403 March Madness July 13th, in the UK.

>>>/qresearch/2115438, >>>/qresearch/2115783 Major Israeli Daily: Our Government Is "Arming Neo-Nazis In Ukraine".

>>>/qresearch/2115472 Landmark Legal case opens the door for DIY gun builders

>>>/qresearch/2115480 WARNING: Hot words "HRC" and "server" and "obstruction of justice" inc

>>>/qresearch/2115495, >>>/qresearch/2115505, >>>/qresearch/2115509 DOCUMENTS AND RESOURCES FROM THE JUNE 28, 2018 NATIONAL HEALTH CARE FRAUD AND OPIOID TAKEDOWN PRESS CONFERENCE

>>>/qresearch/2115542 Lisa Page says she didn't have enough time to prepare for the hearing

>>>/qresearch/2115623 Trump's remarks on Russian ownership of Germany (oil & gas pipeline

>>>/qresearch/2115654 NYC Mayor crossed border illegally

>>>/qresearch/2115680 Notes on Buzz Aldrin carryover from Night crew

>>>/qresearch/2115384 Watch as POTUS casually walks into a den of wolves

>>>/qresearch/2115687 RIP CNN BTFO

>>>/qresearch/2115673 The God-Emperor slams Germany and NATO

>>>/qresearch/2115713, >>>/qresearch/2115797, >>>/qresearch/2115828 Notables about Khodorkovsky:

>>>/qresearch/2116035 Mystery hacker trying to sell stolen US military documents, cybersecurity researchers say

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#2671: Watch The Helicopters Edition ~ http://archive.fo/by5PH

#2672 Patriots Fight Edition ~ http://archive.fo/AAX6l

#2673 Layer of Lies Edition ~ http://archive.fo/5hmir

#2674 Rigged Witch Hunt Edition ~ http://archive.fo/xII7r

#2674 >>>/qresearch/2120966 New POTUS Tweet - Pipeline dollars to Russia are not acceptable!

>>>/qresearch/2120992 HHS: 5 adults claiming to be parents of detained children ruled out by DNA tests

>>>/qresearch/2121003 Another take on Lisa Page lying about not being able to review the FBI records from Zerohedge

>>>/qresearch/2121006 Theresa May 'flew to Berlin to clear her Brexit plan with Angela Merkel BEFORE showing cabinet at Chequers'.

>>>/qresearch/2121081 Might be true

>>>/qresearch/2121086 Tweet - King Faggot Ben Rhodes is pussed off because Trump is doing a fantastic job at NATO

>>>/qresearch/2121114 Trump: Job creation reached 3.4M since Election Day

>>>/qresearch/2121147 Lara Schlachet Soros connection

>>>/qresearch/2120335, >>>/qresearch/2120366, >>>/qresearch/2120666, >>>/qresearch/2120999 Possible Q Confirmation by Croatia?

>>>/qresearch/2121226, >>>/qresearch/2121351, >>>/qresearch/2121457 Former Tesla employee blasted by Elon Musk takes battle to SEC, filing whistleblower complaint

>>>/qresearch/2121232, >>>/qresearch/2121387 Rosenstein Asks 100s Of Prosecutors To Review SCOTUS Pick's Records

>>>/qresearch/2121227 Moar lawsuits for NXIVM Clare and Sara Bronfman

>>>/qresearch/2121254 China tells Chinese media NOT to attack Trump for fear of trade/tariff retaliation.

>>>/qresearch/2121282 Matthias Warnig, Nord Stream's CEO, is a long-standing personal friend of President Putin

>>>/qresearch/2121325 after-trumps-spending-demands-nato-summit-turns-to-afghanistan

>>>/qresearch/2121341 Israel Attacks Syrian Army Positions in Quneitra Province

>>>/qresearch/2121447 Thoughts on Chinese hackers

>>>/qresearch/2121451 Trump balloon found in London

>>>/qresearch/2121526 Who Is Dr. Atul Gawande, CEO of New Healthcare Initiative By Bezos, Buffett, And Dimon?

>>>/qresearch/2121565, >>>/qresearch/2121687 Dead woman found in Huma Abedins dumpster?

>>>/qresearch/2121618 Dave Schlachet was a CFO and CEO of a company called BioTime

>>>/qresearch/2121637 US Postal worker found dead in California after delivering mail in extreme heat, family says

>>>/qresearch/2121659 Senator Appointed by a Lame-Duck Governor Demands a ‘New Congress’ Before Voting on Kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2121639 Layers

>>>/qresearch/2121721 #2674

#2673 >>>/qresearch/2120287, >>>/qresearch/2120461 Lara Prychenko -> Possibly also Lara Prychodko?

>>>/qresearch/2120182, >>>/qresearch/2120171, >>>/qresearch/2120372, >>>/qresearch/2120444 Dig on Pyrchodko

>>>/qresearch/2120423 Weiner Apartment Trash Chute Analysis

>>>/qresearch/2120363 New POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2120281 'Layers upon Layers' Q post revisted

>>>/qresearch/2120335, >>>/qresearch/2120366, >>>/qresearch/2120666 Possible Q Confirmation by Croatia?

>>>/qresearch/2120690 Anon dig on timing and area Q post 1407

>>>/qresearch/2120791 Clinton e-mail timeline tool

>>>/qresearch/2120775 - Gazprom buying up NATGAS assets

>>>/qresearch/2120892 #2673

#2672 >>>/qresearch/2119362 Body found in Weiner Apartment Building ID'd as Lara Prychenko

>>>/qresearch/2119387, >>>/qresearch/2119419, >>>/qresearch/2119470, >>>/qresearch/2119645 Deripaska, Warnig, Stasi Dig cont. (Call to diggers!)

>>>/qresearch/2119398 Wife of Boston Globe Reporter Drowns off Nantucket Coast

>>>/qresearch/2119401 Child trafficking part of pedogate begins to unravel

>>>/qresearch/2119493, >>>/qresearch/2119785 New POTUS Tweets

>>>/qresearch/2119752, >>>/qresearch/2119757 LA County Man working with Dept of Children services charged with CP

>>>/qresearch/2120021, >>>/qresearch/2120057 Qlockfag updates

>>>/qresearch/2120108 #2672

#2671 >>>/qresearch/2118580 Billboard anon update

>>>/qresearch/2118709, >>>/qresearch/2118715 Anon Dig on J&B Trucking/FARA

>>>/qresearch/2118747 Voter fraud investigation deepens in Dallas County

>>>/qresearch/2118761, >>>/qresearch/2118683 Jeff Sessions Welcomes Brian A. Benczkowski as Assistant Attorney General

>>>/qresearch/2118788, >>>/qresearch/2118778, >>>/qresearch/2118820 New EO On Task Force for Market Integrity

>>>/qresearch/2118853, >>>/qresearch/2118883 [RR] inserting DOJ prosecutors, in SCOTUS document review re: Kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2118908 Planefag report on USAF VIP in Helsinki, Finland

>>>/qresearch/2119010 Matthias Warnig - Oleg Deripaska Link

>>>/qresearch/2119012 Shopped Obama Photo From the White House?

>>>/qresearch/2119133 Clockfag Qposts update

>>>/qresearch/2119221 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2119162, >>>/qresearch/2119232 Breaking911 Q Tweet No Coincidences

>>>/qresearch/2119253 #2671

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#2675 Elon Finds a Pickle Edition ~ http://archive.fo/RZIKG

#2676 It's Gettin' Weirder Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Epl8z

#2677 Pay Rent or Get Out Edition ~ http://archive.fo/ss6FR

#2677 >>>/qresearch/2123402 Kelsey Grammer Makes a Bold Move While Committing Professional Suicide

>>>/qresearch/2123403 Israel to Russia: Assad's safe from us, but Iran must quit Syria

>>>/qresearch/2123460 Raúl Ilargi Meijer: NATO Is A Con Game

>>>/qresearch/2123519 Judicial Watch: New HHS Documents Reveal that ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ Processed During Obama Years Included Violent Criminals, Drug Smugglers, and Human Traffickers

>>>/qresearch/2123669 Brexiters plan to force release of David Davis's rival white paper

>>>/qresearch/2123693 RR's prosecutors will look at the Starr investigation into Bill's impeachment.

>>>/qresearch/2123837 Brexit white paper to be released today

>>>/qresearch/2124001 Stormy Daniels arrested

>>>/qresearch/2123939 POTUS TWEETED

>>>/qresearch/2124051 FBI releases ICP vault

>>>/qresearch/2124173 #2677

#2676 >>>/qresearch/2122616 Matthias Warnig - he Stasi knew him as [Arthur]…

>>>/qresearch/2122651 Donald Trump's huge high-tech security entourage touches down in Scotland ahead of his stay

>>>/qresearch/2122683 Twitter to remove locked accounts from follower numbers in new policy move

>>>/qresearch/2122735 Brian Benczkowski new DOJ criminal division chief.

>>>/qresearch/2122755 Elon says he'll help Flint, MI - I don't trust him

>>>/qresearch/2122759 Shell oil welcomes ban on oil

>>>/qresearch/2122870 Kushner To Meet With Incoming President Of Mexico

>>>/qresearch/2122917, >>>/qresearch/2122998, >>>/qresearch/2123105, >>>/qresearch/2123178, >>>/qresearch/2123257 Papa John's founder resigns

>>>/qresearch/2122919 Barr: Unseal the Clinton Impeachment Files Now

>>>/qresearch/2122964 Trump admin kicking unions out of free govt. office spaces: Pay rent or get out

>>>/qresearch/2122973 Sex, drugs and coding: New book lifts the lid on Google's VERY politically incorrect early days

>>>/qresearch/2123042 DEVELOPING: Phoenix Safeway roof collapses, catches fire during massive storm - KPNX

>>>/qresearch/2123048 Forbes reported that Schnatter's comments were intended to demonstrate his stance against racism

>>>/qresearch/2123080 Sauce for Lisa Page subpoena

>>>/qresearch/2123092 President Trump Enters NATO Meeting in Brussels Like a Boss

>>>/qresearch/2123108 Former tech exec gets 7 years in prison for sadistic sex assault at W Hotel

>>>/qresearch/2123111 WTF is up with RR

>>>/qresearch/2123143 Analyst: Facebook Under Pressure as It Overtook Mainstream Media as Info Source

>>>/qresearch/2123162 House Dems Plot ‘Abolish ICE’ Legislation to End All Immigration Enforcement in U.S.

>>>/qresearch/2123166 Billy Knight pedos then suicides.

>>>/qresearch/2123169 Ryan threatens ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page with contempt of Congress

>>>/qresearch/2123196 Philip May also has Panama Papers problems

>>>/qresearch/2123210 Arkansas Arts Center Executive Director Resigns

>>>/qresearch/2123214, >>>/qresearch/2123262 Illegal Aliens Assault Border Patrol with Rocks during Emergency Treatment to Pregnant Woman

>>>/qresearch/2123221 Brightstar Corp. Announces Resignation of CEO and Appointment of Interim CEO

>>>/qresearch/2123241 Enjoy Pantifa getting their asses handed to them in Portland.

>>>/qresearch/2123334 Fake news CNN (Cult News Network) is contacting all of the former staff and interns to try to get dirt on Jim Jordan.

>>>/qresearch/2123352 #2676

#2675 >>>/qresearch/2121761 US Marshals sent to Lisa Page's House

>>>/qresearch/2121789 Soros-Funded Nonprofit’s YouTube Channel Gets A Pass On Copyright Infringement Allegations

>>>/qresearch/2121829 GROSS: UC Santa Barbara Publishes Bizarre Site Encouraging Sexual Activity Among Children as Young as Two

>>>/qresearch/2121823 University flies blackened American flag for art display

>>>/qresearch/2121834 Soros + Lara Schlachet (sourced) and Wedding Announcement

>>>/qresearch/2121873 Nigel Farage; “UK Government is Paranoid About My Relationship with Trump”

>>>/qresearch/2121874 Missing W = Weiner / Strzok

>>>/qresearch/2121905 China, Russia, and the US Are All Building Centers for Military AI

>>>/qresearch/2121953 Qantas pilots fighting for life after South African plane crash

>>>/qresearch/2121970 IG Report: FBI Agent Peter Strzok Sent Weiner Sealed Indictment To His Personal Email…

>>>/qresearch/2122009 5,000 lawsuits claim Monsanto's Roundup weed-killer caused cancer — hundreds will now proceed to trial

>>>/qresearch/2122086 Brett Kavanaugh loves baseball

>>>/qresearch/2122114 Ok, this is CNN, it's starting to get weird.

>>>/qresearch/2122140 Vladimir Putin’s basic disagreement with the West

>>>/qresearch/2122205 “Thank You, God!” – GOP Candidate Katie Arrington Campaigns in Wheelchair After Near Fatal Car Crash

>>>/qresearch/2122216 U.S. Navy Retweet

>>>/qresearch/2122308, >>>/qresearch/2122340 THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED

>>>/qresearch/2122377 Move On Fuckery! Alert!

>>>/qresearch/2122395 Ontario Election 2018: Right-Wing Populism Prevails Over Moderate Social Democracy

>>>/qresearch/2122420 QClockFag Update

>>>/qresearch/2122510 Goodlatte and Gowdy Give Lisa Page Attorney Three Options to Avoid Contempt Charges Scheduled for Friday 13th…

>>>/qresearch/2122523 Saudi Prince,Bandar bin Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, committed suicide on Monday, March 12, London International Airport, confirms the Royal Court in a statement.

>>>/qresearch/2122528 #2675

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#2678 Honey I Shrunk the Bread Edition ~ http://archive.fo/V6PRg

#2679 Comfy Anons in the Wee Hours Edition ~http://archive.fo/D0Dzd

#2680: Arkanciding Honduras Edition ~ http://archive.fo/AV5Mh

#2680 >>>/qresearch/2125817 ; >>>/qresearch/2125808 POTUS addresses press at NATO: “I’m a very stable genius.”

>>>/qresearch/2125920 Journos BTFO: You'd pull out of NATO w/o congress ok? "I think I can"

>>>/qresearch/2126007 Nigel agrees and amplifies POTUS's smackdown of EU/Brexit nonsense

>>>/qresearch/2126021 Sec Pompeo twat calls out Iran: if they start trouble, we'll stop it.

>>>/qresearch/2126052 DJT calling out Sessions over Page’s no-show at Congress

>>>/qresearch/2126092 ; >>>/qresearch/2126155 ; >>>/qresearch/2126358 Clockfag Updates - Finding Target Values using Delta. Today=[17]

>>>/qresearch/2126223 Hungary increasing defense spending

>>>/qresearch/2126317 Sauce on HRC Honduras coup

>>>/qresearch/2126327 Democrats in a bind on Kavanaugh nomination

>>>/qresearch/2126334 DOJ reopens Emmett Till case

>>>/qresearch/2126389 Former British ambassador to US attacked

>>>/qresearch/2126403 WH study finds many safety-net beneficiaries could work but don’t

>>>/qresearch/2126415 ; >>>/qresearch/2126422 The future relationship between the UK and the EU

>>>/qresearch/2126491 #2680

#2679 >>>/qresearch/2125749 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2125576 Surprise! Non-western asylum seekers to cost Dutch society billions

>>>/qresearch/2125472 HRC/FBI-vault digg: Clinton server shows she planned Honduran coup

>>>/qresearch/2125454 Oz Draining Spies: Politicians want AFP to dig on 2004 East Timor op

>>>/qresearch/2125152, >>>/qresearch/2125296 Popcorn time 10am ET: Peter Strzok's Testimony On C-SPAN3

>>>/qresearch/2125150 Flashback vid: 2012 (((RBG))) i'view trashing the U.S. Constitution

>>>/qresearch/2125041 New NXIVM article about Nicki Clyne

>>>/qresearch/2125030, >>>/qresearch/2125100 Theory: Kavanaugh picked to expose Vince Foster coverup

>>>/qresearch/2125765 #2679

#2678 >>>/qresearch/2124226, >>>/qresearch/2124256 More on the Stormy Daniels arrest

>>>/qresearch/2124532 New Potus Tweets about Page and Sessions, Germany/Nato

>>>/qresearch/2124438 Surprise! Liberals opposed to POTUS SCOTUS pick

>>>/qresearch/2124525 All you need to see Apple-reflection not the stock photo "fake"

>>>/qresearch/2124217, >>>/qresearch/2124631, >>>/qresearch/2124643 350K red pills in a single Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2124636, >>>/qresearch/2124652, >>>/qresearch/2124675 Anons discuss Trump NATO comments

>>>/qresearch/2124749 GermanArchiveAnon Update (New hash)

>>>/qresearch/2124821 Chelsea Clinton gets a new gig with NURX

>>>/qresearch/2124630 Great Mockingbird Media example Video https://my.mixtape.moe/msqoeq.webm

>>>/qresearch/2124874 Hussein makes an appearance

>>>/qresearch/2124521, >>>/qresearch/2124931 Binney oldie-but-goodie on DNC email hack an inside job

>>>/qresearch/2124949 #2678

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#2681: Very Stable Genius Edition ~ http://archive.fo/C4GS3

#2682: Strzok LIVE Edition ~ http://archive.fo/HddUS

#2683: Point Of Chaos ~ http://archive.fo/ET7Gz

#2684: Ongoing Investigations ~ http://archive.fo/Oh4MO

#2684 >>>/qresearch/2128972, >>>/qresearch/2129143 Ratcliffe, Goodlatte with Kekistani Neck Ties

>>>/qresearch/2129018 Wikipedia working to scrub information from sitting elected officials, particularly of Israeli origin

>>>/qresearch/2129021, >>>/qresearch/2128979, >>>/qresearch/2129203 Stormy Daniels Charges Dismissed

>>>/qresearch/2129179 Possible CDAN link to Prychodko

>>>/qresearch/2129255 Pompeo twat about Iran's malevolent regime

>>>/qresearch/2129325 Qpost 1605 Review on PS Testimony

>>>/qresearch/2129498 Consolidated infographic on Lara Prychenko

>>>/qresearch/2129524, >>>/qresearch/2129579 House Democrats have introduced a bill to abolish ICE

>>>/qresearch/2129560, >>>/qresearch/2129611 Donald S. Boyce has announced his resignation from US Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois

>>>/qresearch/2129616 New POTUS Tweet re: Success at NATO

>>>/qresearch/2129666 #2684

#2683 >>>/qresearch/2128305 US asks UN to cut off oil products to North Korea

>>>/qresearch/2128232 - "Conspiracy! - Multiple Paths to Guilt"

>>>/qresearch/2128334 Former UK ambassador to the US, Sir Christopher Meyer, assaulted. Two youths (16 & 17) arrested in suspicion.

>>>/qresearch/2128367 Stormy NXIVM arrest?

>>>/qresearch/2128602 Paul Manafort being held in solitary confinement, lawyers say.

>>>/qresearch/2128627 DJT Tweets: Very nice note from Chair Kim of North Korea. Great Progress being made, >>>/qresearch/2128810

>>>/qresearch/2128764 Zoe Lofgren digs

>>>/qresearch/2128872 Members in US politics who hold dual US/Israeli citizenshi (June 2013)

>>>/qresearch/2128893 #2683

#2682 >>>/qresearch/2127389 Strzok Hearing Stream

>>>/qresearch/2127391 What is Nadler Doing?, >>>/qresearch/2127426 Section 8(a)

>>>/qresearch/2127420 POTUS retweets

>>>/qresearch/2127455 BuzzFeed's Ben Smith snubs mediation, sends anti-Trump dossier lawsuit to trial

>>>/qresearch/2127549 New DJT Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2127640 Huffington Post Germany Says Germans Should Be Abolished

>>>/qresearch/2127647 Potus says hi

>>>/qresearch/2127839 The People's Revolution Party launches in UK: The first Political Party to openly endorse Q.

>>>/qresearch/2127889 Summary of first 90 minutes of hearing

>>>/qresearch/2127945 UK PM Theresa May is being accused with sedition on her Brexit Behaviour: "I've already cleared it up with Mrs Merkel", ushering the wish to downgrade UK to a vassal state, >>>/qresearch/2128011

>>>/qresearch/2128065 #2682

#2681 >>>/qresearch/2126600 US gov’t: parents of nearly half of all illegal aliens under 5 wouldn’t be safe with those taking them across the border

>>>/qresearch/2126647 US to surpass Saudi crude oil production

>>>/qresearch/2126831 Feinstein’s husband failed to disclose her husband’s Facebook shares before Zuck’s testimony

GENERAL: Peter Strzok’s public hearing: LIVE

>>>/qresearch/2127278 #2681

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#2685 Goodlatte and Ratcliffe are Kekistanis Edition ~ http://archive.fo/K8khD

#2686: Get 'em Gowdy ~ http://archive.fo/bpi37

#2687: That's President Trump to you ~ http://archive.fo/ouVR3

#2688: Gohmert never breaks eyecontact ~ http://archive.fo/9gr6x

#2689 Testimony Over? edition ~ http://archive.fo/JBmd5

#2690 And the Hearing Resumes Edition ~ http://archive.fo/7cx0o

#2691 13 Angry Democraps Edition ~ http://archive.fo/jNjzh

#2692 Fucking But Ignorant Edition ~ http://archive.fo/NkrQ1

#2692 >>>/qresearch/2135378, >>>/qresearch/2135380 Lisa Page Testifying tomorrow @ 1:30EST (closed door, transcribed)

>>>/qresearch/2135490 IceCube laboratory detected the high-energy neutrino "Ghost particle" in September 2017

>>>/qresearch/2135574, >>>/qresearch/2135603 New Poll GOP vs Hillary Email, Fire Away

>>>/qresearch/2135715 Manafort going to a new Prison

>>>/qresearch/2135874 Even CNN Thinks Strzok is Biased

>>>/qresearch/2135956 Donald Trump says Boris Johnson would make 'great prime minister

>>>/qresearch/2135962 #2692

#2691 >>>/qresearch/2134482 Fighting the pedophiles, worldwide edition

>>>/qresearch/2134511 Conservative Tree House's Take on Today's Hearing

>>>/qresearch/2134534 Hundreds of US cancer victims can sue weedkiller company MONSANTO

>>>/qresearch/2134696 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2134692 Another Look at Freedom Caucus Letter to POTUS re: DECLAS

#2690 >>>/qresearch/2133723 Turkish Sex Cult Leader Arrested

>>>/qresearch/2133901, >>>/qresearch/2134263, >>>/qresearch/2134393 POTUS on Brexit and the Queen

>>>/qresearch/2134021 SEC Investigating Facebook re: Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

>>>/qresearch/2134314 Q posts re: Strzok Reviewed

>>>/qresearch/2134369 Ex-Ally of New York Governor Guilty of Bid Rigging

>>>/qresearch/2134397 Northrop Grumman CEO Steps Down

>>>/qresearch/2134424 #2690

#2689 >>>/qresearch/2133278 Buzzfeed Skips ‘Mandatory’ Mediation, Sends Trump Dossier Lawsuit to Trial

>>>/qresearch/2133223 Majority of Puerto Rico power utility board resigns

>>>/qresearch/2132935 Judge finds man accused of mailing explosives incompetent

>>>/qresearch/2132892, >>>/qresearch/2132897 Righteous – Louie Gohmert Tells FBI Agent Peter Strzok He’s a Liar – “Did You Use That Smirk When You Lied To Your Wife" Vid & Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2133604 #2689

#2688 >>>/qresearch/2132556 Strzok and Page have regained their Security Clearance so that they could review documents for testimony before committees

>>>/qresearch/2132231 Epic James Woods Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2132861 #2688

#2687 >>>/qresearch/2131396 Egyption Court Sentences 41 Organ Traffickers to up to 15 years

>>>/qresearch/2131396 Peter Strzoks father worked for Army Corp of Engineers

>>>/qresearch/2131418 POTUS calls the EU's bluff

>>>/qresearch/2131441 Another Sudden Illness Incident in Salisbury

>>>/qresearch/2131588 Peter Strzok chose which texts were 'relevant' to hand over to IG

>>>/qresearch/2131612 Antifa is the Paramilitary Wing of Dem Party (inforgraphic)

>>>/qresearch/2131766 Goehmert vs Strzok highlight reel

>>>/qresearch/2131855 Goehmert vs Strzok Transcript

#2686 >>>/qresearch/2130810 Indiana AG publicly accused of sexual misconduct by Repub staffer

>>>/qresearch/2130818 Middle East Officials flock to Mexico

>>>/qresearch/2130909 President Trump Welcome Ceremony at Blenheim Palace

>>>/qresearch/2131036 Gov't Ordered to Pay for Medical Marijuana by NJ Workmans Comp Judge

#2685 >>>/qresearch/2129753 New Las Vegas Shooting Rooftop Footage

>>>/qresearch/2129761 HHS, DHS, and DOJ progress on reunification of families

>>>/qresearch/2129764 Australian Treasury secretary John Fraser resigns

>>>/qresearch/2129771 Westport House CEO resigns from high profile position

>>>/qresearch/2130057 Poll on Who do we trust more, Peter S or DJT?

>>>/qresearch/2130247 Did FBI get bamboozled by multiple versions of Trump dossier

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#2693 Remain Resolute and Stand Strong ~ http://archive.fo/7fJoJ

#2694 Pray for POTUS while in UK Edition ~ http://archive.fo/HYjr4

#2695 Tomorrow is Friday the 13th Edition ~ http://archive.fo/HFePR

#2696 Almost Friday 13th Edition ~ http://archive.fo/HFePR

#2696 >>>/qresearch/2139936 "Detained" 3 mos, now new outlook: Saudi Prince Alwaleed supports crown prince's reforms

>>>/qresearch/2139116 /ourguy/ James Woods trolling Dems harrrrd, kek

>>>/qresearch/2139071 The REAL Special Relationship: FLOTUS & US ambassador's wife Suzanne Johnson frens

>>>/qresearch/2138996, >>>/qresearch/2139037 Early Good Morning from POTUS-in-the-UK twitter: Campaign support

>>>/qresearch/2138893 The purge has begun? Hussein loses 2 million of his fake Twitter followers

>>>/qresearch/2138867 Aw, Poor Georgie is "Disturbed" by Immigration ‘Debate Taking Place’

>>>/qresearch/2138819 No Soup for You! POTUS to UK Media: Failed Brexit Likely Means No U.S. Trade Deal

>>>/qresearch/2138790, >>>/qresearch/2138792 Cabal v. Czar Vlad: Russia Accused Of Violating Estonian Airspace Twice In Week

>>>/qresearch/2138766 WW: 12 Officials of Coconut Industry Investment Fund-Oil Resign, no faith in new CEO

>>>/qresearch/2138745 Looking back: /fbianon/ post on /pol/ back on 2016

>>>/qresearch/2138681 Based Slavs: Majority Of Russians Believe Shadowy Global Government Exists

>>>/qresearch/2138672 Events which occur in the sky: Oz's Partial Solar Eclipse Fri the 13th

>>>/qresearch/2138650 Another Q billboard spotted

>>>/qresearch/2138612 Scotland is preparing a two finger welcome for Donald Trump

>>>/qresearch/2138520 Massive Explosion near Cairo intn'l Airport: Fuel Tanks/Chemical Plant blamed

>>>/qresearch/2138509, >>>/qresearch/2138543 Trick My Ride, GEOTUS style: bomb-proof 'Beast' limousines for UK (FLOTUS='beauty')

>>>/qresearch/2138452 #Parkland shooting survivors file lawsuit against Broward Co, Sheriff Israel, Scot Peterson

>>>/qresearch/2138392, >>>/qresearch/2138457 You've seen EvilStrzokFace montages… but this GIF… Get your crucifixes ready!

>>>/qresearch/2139136 #2696

#2695 >>>/qresearch/2137637 Obama pardoned Peter Strzok’s Mark Strzok’s uncle for leaking secrets to the NYT about Stuxnet

>>>/qresearch/2137806 Johnston Co. judge indicted on felony charges

>>>/qresearch/2137829 Maduro Accuses Colombian Paramilitary Groups of Infiltrating Venezuela Border

>>>/qresearch/2138005 Brennan: Strzok ‘Did a Great Job’ – Putin ‘Must Be Very Happy

>>>/qresearch/2137761, >>>/qresearch/2137767 Lady Found Dead in Trash Chute Has 3 Names Plus Archived Stuff and a bit of sauce!!

>>>/qresearch/2137610 (>Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

>>>/qresearch/2138278 #2695

#2694 >>>/qresearch/2137398 More Black Babies in New York City are Killed in Abortions Than Born Alive

>>>/qresearch/2137356 Gohmert: Watchdog Found Clinton Emails Were Sent To ‘Foreign Entity’

>>>/qresearch/2137300 NATO Summit Declaration. Hostile to Russia, Signed by All Member States

>>>/qresearch/2136989 Should be Big stuff coming tomorrow according to the Clock.. (for the ClockFags, if you are not a ClockFag, pass this one up, rather than bitch…)

>>>/qresearch/2136865 Draining the Mountain State Swamp - Supreme Court resignation and impeachments

>>>/qresearch/2137556 #2694

#2693 >>>/qresearch/2136095 Hannity says "Tippy Top" While Live

>>>/qresearch/2136312 RR's assistant job is posted online and review of Q drop 640

>>>/qresearch/2136456 Metrolinx chair resigns from board

>>>/qresearch/2136458, >>>/qresearch/2136389, >>>/qresearch/2136647, >>>/qresearch/2136690 Call for Digs on Strzok's Wife

>>>/qresearch/2136546 First Arrest Made In Chilean Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse Scandal

>>>/qresearch/2136408 Anon mentally masturbates to the plan

>>>/qresearch/2136746 #2693

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#2697: Get this Man an Exorcist Edition ~ http://archive.fo/ICBrg

#2698: Can't Get Drunker Than Juncker Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Ki8V4

#2699 True Evil is Real Folks and it Plays the Long Game Edition ~ http://archive.fo/OENiv

#2699 >>>/qresearch/2140764 Trump In The UK: Pounds & Politicians Fall

>>>/qresearch/2140937 CNN stumped by Trump's Praise of Fox Network: "..B-but we're a Real Network, too, Sir..!"

>>>/qresearch/2140951 Something is stinky about the $50M Osama Bounty (Weiner/Nadler/Clinton involved)

>>>/qresearch/2141000 Full Trump-May Press Conference

>>>/qresearch/2141020 £33,000 Balloon, >>>/qresearch/2141304

>>>/qresearch/2141028 Attacks Methodically Intensify: 600 members of Jeff Sessions' church charge him with violating church rules

>>>/qresearch/2141070 "Highest Level Of Special" Donald Trump heaps praise on the UK.

>>>/qresearch/2141094 Questions For Queen Elizarbeth 2: on the 50.000 Missing Children from Canada

>>>/qresearch/2141159 Rod Redactedstein to make an Announcement

>>>/qresearch/2141255 Qlockwork

>>>/qresearch/2141314 Strikes on Isis going Live

>>>/qresearch/2141329 BRIDGE: Basic Registry of Identified GLOBAL Entities on Strzok non profit. The AFGROs bridge number is 2965301688

>>>/qresearch/2141497 The White House demands DOJ & FBI to expand congressional probe into Halper Case

>>>/qresearch/2141514 Former Sex Slave claims most of her rapists "still walk free on the streets, today"

#2698 >>>/qresearch/2140634, >>>/qresearch/2140320 Strzok Involved in Africa/Haiti "Relief" - 990 Form

>>>/qresearch/2140598 Why do so many people hate Trump for telling truths they don’t want to hear? Isn’t that what ALL politicians are supposed to do?

>>>/qresearch/2140575 Men with Irish "Q" Flag Troll Sky News

>>>/qresearch/2140535 Dig Worthy Neil/Nellie Ohr = Mellissa Hodgman?

>>>/qresearch/2140516 Tidbit on Strzok

>>>/qresearch/2140503 Bartlett, TN pastor resigns amid allegations of sexual abuse

>>>/qresearch/2140459 DavidsTea Director Roland Walton Resigns from Board

>>>/qresearch/2140435 DJT Jr Tweets Creepy GIF of Strzok

>>>/qresearch/2140414 Scrubbing thename Prychenko? Hmmm…

>>>/qresearch/2140226 Reminder For Noobs, MegaAnon comments on Strzok from Greatawakening

>>>/qresearch/2140202 Not the Replacement You Wanted? Dutch Told to Get Out if Don’t Want to Be Minority

>>>/qresearch/2140196 Dam breaking? NYT Admits "Trump Got From NATO Everything Obama Ever Asked For"

>>>/qresearch/2140180 DHS summary infographic on reunification of separated parents/children

>>>/qresearch/2140130, >>>/qresearch/2140162 UK: Ex-US Ambassador Christopher Meyer attacked at Tube station

>>>/qresearch/2140087 Josh Meyer Reporting

>>>/qresearch/2140049 Poppies? Whose idea was that? FLOTUS visits Pensioners alongside Philip May


#2697 >>>/qresearch/2139927 Yikes: Geraldo Rivera’s son takes plea deal for allegedly choking ex-girlfriend

>>>/qresearch/2139917 But is it a good storm, tho? BBC article says Trump, May meet among Brexit "storm"

>>>/qresearch/2139798 Some DO dare call it treason: "Fury" at Telegraph article accusing May of it

>>>/qresearch/2139775 China's "tit" for POTUS's "tat." Hikes hotel rates for US guests by 25%. Pffft.

>>>/qresearch/2139772 Latest update from Ever Faithful GermanArchiveAnon

>>>/qresearch/2139769, >>>/qresearch/2139771, >>>/qresearch/2139838 Clockfag's POTUS SCHEDULE Twat "Think Mirror," Today's delta

>>>/qresearch/2139733, >>>/qresearch/2139767 POTUS's Fri 13 UK Insult-March led by super-creep dragfag posse

>>>/qresearch/2139673 Justice rising: Woman given 40yrs for pimping out her 2yo kid (P.S. Don't Mess w/TX)

>>>/qresearch/2139663 Sure, bud: Tony Blair’s ex-spokesman says can't overestimate how much UK hates POTUS

>>>/qresearch/2139590, >>>/qresearch/2139598, >>>/qresearch/2139605 Scumbag above-the-law AZ congressman reckless, arrogant driver

>>>/qresearch/2139381, >>>/qresearch/2139264, >>>/qresearch/2139311, >>>/qresearch/2139536, >>>/qresearch/2139616 DIGG: "Killer Dillers," Clinton/Schumer

>>>/qresearch/2139521 Coincidence? Why's the cereal with the digg'em frog the one w/the salmonella?

>>>/qresearch/2139318 Order returning to the ME: Syria Raises Flag Over Fallen Rebel City of Deraa

>>>/qresearch/2139307 Video of Gohmert-Strzok exchange. Wew lads, emotions high.

>>>/qresearch/2139285, >>>/qresearch/2139814 Bacon powers intensify, FL: Colombian Fakes Rich Saudi, Caught bc Eating Pork

>>>/qresearch/2139260 What's Cicilline's angle? Sent/Recommended Strzok's trascript to DOJ for Public Release

>>>/qresearch/2139219, >>>/qresearch/2139234, >>>/qresearch/2139222 Palate cleansers for Strzok possession. Defensive meme magic.

>>>/qresearch/2139214 Why can't we just run our own shit, cabal? Update on Catalonian independence battle

>>>/qresearch/2139212 Def not the captain now: migrants held on Italian coast guard vessel in case hijacked

>>>/qresearch/2139194 Money shake-em-ups: European Powers Prepare To Ditch Dollar In Trade With Iran

>>>/qresearch/2139183, >>>/qresearch/2139298 No world "leader" gets drunker than Juncker!

>>>/qresearch/2139934 #2697

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#2700: The Mad Lizard's Tea Party ~ http://archive.fo/iXxiD

#2701: Hoc Amores Quest ~ http://archive.fo/pgGK8

#2702 Hussein Going to Kenya Edition ~ http://archive.fo/TlCOw

#2702 >>>/qresearch/2143254 Weird Phrasing in POTUS Presser with May

>>>/qresearch/2143297, >>>/qresearch/2143398, >>>/qresearch/2143451, >>>/qresearch/2143482 Qs Spotted near Windsor Castle

>>>/qresearch/2143331 Anon Dig on Guccifer/Wikileaks/Russian Hackers

>>>/qresearch/2143259 Busta Rhymes Asking the 'Q'uestion

>>>/qresearch/2143369 D's and their shills in CRISIS mode!

>>>/qresearch/2143491 CNN BTFO'D Again

>>>/qresearch/2143651 New POTUS Tweet: Video on UK Trip

>>>/qresearch/2143687, >>>/qresearch/2143692, >>>/qresearch/2143709, >>>/qresearch/2143720 Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2143716 Eight MS-13 Members Indicted in Dallas on Charges Including Racketeering Conspiracy, Attempted Murder

>>>/qresearch/2143772, >>>/qresearch/2143780 More Connections with Alice in Wonderland Story

>>>/qresearch/2143935 #2702

#2701 >>>/qresearch/2142886, >>>/qresearch/2142940, >>>/qresearch/2143017, >>>/qresearch/2143083 Review of Q drop 780 re: RR Indictment Announcement

>>>/qresearch/2142450 Conclusion On Russian Investigation: No Collusion!

>>>/qresearch/2142464, >>>/qresearch/2142879, >>>/qresearch/2142983 Copy of Indictement on 'Russian Hackers'

>>>/qresearch/2142697 Clockfag Update. New delta [8]

>>>/qresearch/2142698 POTUS sits in Winston Churchill's Chair

>>>/qresearch/2142754 Harvey Weinstein Spilling the Beans

>>>/qresearch/2142769, >>>/qresearch/2142781 UK Police Confirmed Source of Novichok Poisoning

>>>/qresearch/2143147 #2701

#2700 >>>/qresearch/2141637 Dig on Titanic Wreck, >>>/qresearch/2141769 >>>/pdfs/6525 (chapter5)

>>>/qresearch/2141740 Why is Potus visiting the UK on Today of All Days?

>>>/qresearch/2141760 BHO going to Africa next week.

>>>/qresearch/2142088 RR's announcement

>>>/qresearch/2142108 MVM Clown Child Trafficking Ring Exposed

>>>/qresearch/2142304 Hussein's Book Recommendation List. Fishy.

>>>/qresearch/2142322 [[[RR]]] Vs. 12 Russians Indictement

>>>/qresearch/2142395 #2700

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#2703 The Plan is Proceeding Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Ql7z4

#2704: Instagram Got Busta'd Edition ~ http://archive.fo/e3vjg

#2705 Battle of the Notables Edition ~ http://archive.fo/EkzH4

#2706: IT'S FRIDAY BABY Edition ~ http://archive.fo/vZYeE

#2707: The Scottish Edition ~ http://archive.fo/3ejfm

#2707 >>>/qresearch/2147352 QPost theory on the POTUS/Putin meeting and JA/the server

>>>/qresearch/2147268 Clockfag update

>>>/qresearch/2147147 New Side-by-Side on the POTUS/Putin meeting

>>>/qresearch/2147141 Scotanon boots on-the-ground update from Bonny Scotland

>>>/qresearch/2147126 Hillary Comes Unhinged Over Kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2147841 #2707

#2706 >>>/qresearch/2146807 Did the DOJ not notify Page of Congress' outstanding interview requests?

>>>/qresearch/2146683 , >>>/qresearch/2146728 New articles & analysis on Guccifer 2.0

>>>/qresearch/2146667 , >>>/qresearch/2146681 Peter Strzok & Hussein: Connections dig

>>>/qresearch/2143331 Anon Dig on Guccifer/Wikileaks/Russian Hackers

>>>/qresearch/2146376 NSA specialists contradict Rosenstein's DNC Russian hacking claim

>>>/qresearch/2146374 "Play the Game With Us." Q. Let's flood twat with our memes

>>>/qresearch/2146341 Conservatives In House Working On Rosenstein Impeachment Filing, ETA Monday

>>>/qresearch/2147063 #2706

#2705 >>>/qresearch/2146197 "Trump Told Russia To Get H's Emails." New narrative? (HuffPost)

>>>/qresearch/2145980 Nunes scores victory, access to FBI informant docs expanded

>>>/qresearch/2145955 UK protesters

>>>/qresearch/2145581, >>>/qresearch/2145745 Judicial Watch: FBI Begins Releasing Strzok-Page Comms (today)

>>>/qresearch/2145613 Q post #780 quote from Rosenstein is from Feb 16th press conference

>>>/qresearch/2145577 Are UK's POTUS protesters being coerced?

>>>/qresearch/2145538 Podesta tweets to POTUS

#2704 >>>/qresearch/2145117 Top Democrats Demand Trump Cancel Putin Summit After Junk Indictment of Russian Military Officers (Spoiler, GOOD LUCK)

>>>/qresearch/2145088 Villanova University Official Busted in Child Porn Ring via Kik Involving Baby in Diapers

>>>/qresearch/2144959 Israel to impound Gaza flotilla ships to benefit terror victims

>>>/qresearch/2144932 DJT breaks tradition and disses Queen

>>>/qresearch/2144895 Trump Ripping Through Europe like a Truth-Telling Typhoon

>>>/qresearch/2144851 How the Islamic State Gets Its Drones

>>>/qresearch/2144816 Death Toll Rises, Massive Blasts Kill 128 Ahead Of Pakistan Elections; Ousted PM Arrested At Airport

>>>/qresearch/2144753, >>>/qresearch/2144759 Devil Art I found posted IN THE TERMINAL OF THE MIAMI AIRPORT

>>>/qresearch/2145431 #2704

#2703 >>>/qresearch/2144009 Watch the Water? DC Warns Thousands of Contamination Risk

>>>/qresearch/2144032 Peter Strzok Refuses to Hand Over Texts to Congress

>>>/qresearch/2144178 Anon Analyzes Strzok through the lens of 'America Up For Sale'

>>>/qresearch/2144200 Attorney General Jeff Sessions Delivers Remarks on New Initiative to Combat Deadly Fentanyl Crisis

>>>/qresearch/2144227, >>>/qresearch/2144323 #Winning Twitter Polls

>>>/qresearch/2144292 POTUS Schedule on Windsor Castle Departure

>>>/qresearch/2144219 This Rosenstein Indictment could be exactly how the Podesta Emails are entered into the courts (theory)

>>>/qresearch/2144385 Instagram Down Suspiciously Following Busta Rhymes "Q"uestion

>>>/qresearch/2144413 MegaAnon Revisted re: Strozk

>>>/qresearch/2144405 Anon Analyzes Russia re: The Deepstate & Collusion

>>>/qresearch/2144705 #2703

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#2708: The Judgement Edition ~ http://archive.fo/iFSBF

#2709: Friday Nightshift Begins Edition ~ http://archive.fo/IAaCh

#2710: Night Shift Begins Edition ~ http://archive.fo/5mtAO

#2711 Court Orders Safe Passage of JA Edition ~ http://archive.fo/YWY5s

#2712: Between 2 & 4 ~ http://archive.fo/gtRZz

#2712 >>>/qresearch/2151299 Team Kek at Tour de France!

>>>/qresearch/2151269, >>>/qresearch/2151418 , >>>/qresearch/2151780 Facebook hires Google Head: Corporate Incest?

>>>/qresearch/2151475 Another Pedo Found: Former Southern Baptist leader arrested for sexually assaulting teenager in Texas

>>>/qresearch/2151519 >>>/qresearch/2151793 Co-Director of SEC Possibly Related to Communist Party Chairman

#2711 >>>/qresearch/2150337 WL Tweet re: JA Court Ruling

>>>/qresearch/2150353 Trump Ambassador Brownback Lobbies UK to Release Activist Tommy Robinson

>>>/qresearch/2150336 Gohmert's re: Clinton Emails “It was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia,”

>>>/qresearch/2150372 Nevis Island: Offshore Banking. A bright light needs to be shone on this cockroach

>>>/qresearch/2150393 Zia Zafar, who shot Diplomat stationed at U.S. Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico, pleads guilty. To be sentenced 11-7.

>>>/qresearch/2150405 Israel on Alert as Gaza conflict intensifies

>>>/qresearch/2150496 Pakistani Ex-PM arrested on corruption charges on return to Pakistan

>>>/qresearch/2150585 Disney allows Tim Burton to turn Dumbo into a dark movie.

>>>/qresearch/2150587 Significant Symbolism? Queen sidesteps and gives POTUS the place under the Coat of Arms

>>>/qresearch/2150594 News Network Wars: Jezebel attacks The Vigilant Citizen

>>>/qresearch/2150621 Updated List of Mueller Indictments: More than 80% are Russians who (if they are Real People) will never face US Courts

>>>/qresearch/2150668 Lara Prychodko Update, Father believes she was murdered (Ties to Soros)

>>>/qresearch/2150738 India: "US law doesn't apply here". Russian-Indian Missile deal on the ropes

>>>/qresearch/2150786 Strzok's Father worked in Africa, for Clown companies, >>>/qresearch/2150885 UPDATE: Strzok family – Obama Connections SPAN DECADES

>>>/qresearch/2150848 The new indictement may influence the upcoming United States-Russia summit in Helsinki

>>>/qresearch/2150890 Mike Pompeo visits Mexico: urged to reunited migrant families

>>>/qresearch/2150939 Chinese Air Force will send its H-6K strategic bombers to participate in the upcoming International Army Games in Russia later this month.

>>>/qresearch/2150970 20-year sentence for Iranian woman who protested headscarf

>>>/qresearch/2150982 UN reaches deal on Global Compact for Migration: Diplomats of all countries, except U.S', negotiate on shift in migrant stream

>>>/qresearch/2151003 Dead list update 13/14 July

>>>/qresearch/2151020 #2711

>>>/qresearch/2151027 Earthquake update

#2710 >>>/qresearch/2149547 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2149670 ICE agents arrest 18 human smugglers, 117 illegal immigrants in Texas, New Mexico

>>>/qresearch/2149702, >>>/qresearch/2149911, >>>/qresearch/2150107 Anons Analyze POTUS UK Video

>>>/qresearch/2150192 Court Decides JA is Allowed to Leave Embassy and Transit to Ecuador

>>>/qresearch/2150275 #2710

#2709 >>>/qresearch/2148920 Update from CM re: Catalog

>>>/qresearch/2148749, >>>/qresearch/2148775 Matt Gaetz and Rep. Ratcliffe find new info in Lisa Page Testimony

>>>/qresearch/2148780, >>>/qresearch/2148892, >>>/qresearch/2148810, >>>/qresearch/2148944 Notable Resignations

>>>/qresearch/2148831, >>>/qresearch/2148915, >>>/qresearch/2148939, >>>/qresearch/2149009 Letter from top democrats today asking DNI Dan Coats to suppress information

>>>/qresearch/2149022 Mini Documentary on Attempted POTUS Assassination

>>>/qresearch/2149047 Protester Paraglides Just Feet Above President Trump In Scotland

>>>/qresearch/2149057 Dig on possible classified ‘satellite’ nuclear facility in Northern Syria re: Qpost1306

>>>/qresearch/2149102 Q, Snowden, Rosenstein, WIkileaks, & 12 Angry Russians

>>>/qresearch/2149134, >>>/qresearch/2149328 GOP Lawmakers preparing to impeach Rosenstein

>>>/qresearch/2149119 New York State Buffalo Billion Corruption Scheme Exposed

>>>/qresearch/2149169 Insight on POTUS's views of Princess Diana

>>>/qresearch/2149449 #2709

#2708 >>>/qresearch/2148496 New Side-by-Side on the Putin/POTUS summit

>>>/qresearch/2148219 Turnbury and Turnbury Golf Course: History

>>>/qresearch/2148156 NYT Article In 1984 Predicts Trump Could One Day Be A Great President

>>>/qresearch/2148112 , >>>/qresearch/2148125 Hussein's visits to Scotland in 2017

>>>/qresearch/2147951 #QAnon and #WalkAway Google trends stats

>>>/qresearch/2147947 New Great Awakening covers

>>>/qresearch/2147926 BATTLECRY! #StrzokHearing #FBICorruption #WitchHunt #ReleaseTheDocuments #OIG #Transparency

>>>/qresearch/2148675 #2708

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#2713: Eat Your Fruit Edition ~ http://archive.fo/lSQe0

#2714: Fantastic Show Edition ~ http://archive.fo/iA0t7

#2715: Bring Better Bait Edition ~ http://archive.fo/kOpLd

#2715 >>>/qresearch/2153618 Rod Rosenstein Impeachment Plans Drawn Up: Report

>>>/qresearch/2153644 dig on DEMS not wanting anymore information released

>>>/qresearch/2153664 Trump Security Scare As Paraglider Swoops In Within Yards Of Elite Snipers

>>>/qresearch/2153696, >>>/qresearch/2153956 Gaza Escalation: 40 Israeli Airstrikes Overnight, Hamas Mortars, Fires In Southern Israel

>>>/qresearch/2153709 The episode of Family Guy "Splendid Source" Basically parodies Epstein and his Island

>>>/qresearch/2153753 Ex-Pakistani PM Sharif arrested at Lahore airport

>>>/qresearch/2153737 Trump Responds To Russia Indictment: "Where Is The DNC Server? Why Didn't Obama Do Something?"

>>>/qresearch/2153797 Strzok's father worked in africa for companies linked to funded by C_A

>>>/qresearch/2153813 ClockFag Upate

>>>/qresearch/2153929 Lobbying firm sought envoys help to salvage Russian company

>>>/qresearch/2153953 VIDEO sauce, >>>/qresearch/2154070 GEOTUS AND MAY TO DEVELOPE GOLD STANDARD TOGETHER.

>>>/qresearch/2154053 Syrian Gov't found munitions and equipment at a weapons depot of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group

>>>/qresearch/2154080 Officials Russian bought firm used Maryland elections

>>>/qresearch/2154244 #2715

#2714 >>>/qresearch/2152677, >>>/qresearch/2152808, >>>/qresearch/2152907, >>>/qresearch/2152951, >>>/qresearch/2153022, >>>/qresearch/2153208, >>>/qresearch/2153061 Stzrok and family dig

>>>/qresearch/2152847 Awan accessed congressional servers from Pakistan

>>>/qresearch/2152905, >>>/qresearch/2153139 Aitan Goelman (Stzrok's lawyer) is a habitual deepstate stooge

>>>/qresearch/2152903 Mueller investigating who's paying the (((shills)))

>>>/qresearch/2153034 Dems are afraid of POTUS Putin Meeting

>>>/qresearch/2153112, >>>/qresearch/2153319 Interesting series of posts discussing LP/PS picture in UK

>>>/qresearch/2153198 Comparing Trump and Clinton Foundations

>>>/qresearch/2153191 NXIVM and CPS connection

>>>/qresearch/2153269 LP's lawyer is married to Obama appointed DC circuit court judge

>>>/qresearch/2153187 Strzok describes FBI debate about how to investigate based on Polls

#2713 >>>/qresearch/2151923, >>>/qresearch/2151936, >>>/qresearch/2151944, >>>/qresearch/2151988, >>>/qresearch/2152050 POTUS Tweets, Time Stamps, admin(s), it's happening!

>>>/qresearch/2151964 Anon uses clock to predict car attack in UK.

>>>/qresearch/2151972 Stealing $Billions by Fraud isn't jailable, apparently

>>>/qresearch/2151991 33 hospitalized in Ryan Air plummet

>>>/qresearch/2152029, >>>/qresearch/2152068 Trump disrespects reptiles

>>>/qresearch/2152148, >>>/qresearch/2152481 Energizer POTUS keeps on Tweetin'

>>>/qresearch/2152358 SEC Alumni Have Helped Clients Win Exemptions from Federal Law, but is it Q Research?

>>>/qresearch/2152527 What's a violent-crimes attorney doing on Mueller's staff?

>>>/qresearch/2152475 Is Q predicting RR's statement, or is RR copying Q?

Read the notable above if you read no others

>>>/qresearch/2152009, >>>/qresearch/2152322, >>>/qresearch/2152587, >>>/qresearch/2152595 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2152613 #2713

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#2716 When a Fire Starts to Burn Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Du1yp

#2717 Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant Edition ~ http://archive.fo/hzmQK

#2718 Hussein Back to the Motherland ~ http://archive.fo/k8dcX

#2719: "It's All Happening!" Edition ~ http://archive.fo/ypVuB

#2720: Fly High Edition ~ http://archive.fo/BEczt

#2720 >>>/qresearch/2157460 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2157514, >>>/qresearch/2157742 Obama Joins Cast of Sea of Hope (Directed by Robert Nixon-Son of Agnes Nixon)

>>>/qresearch/2157554 Anon Dig into MVM

>>>/qresearch/2157544 Ugly Web of an Attempted Coup

>>>/qresearch/2157592 16 Year Plan Graphic Cont. (Calling for Contributions)

>>>/qresearch/2157805 Clockfag Theory re: 10 Days. Darkness.

>>>/qresearch/2157779 Texasfag reporting on Immigration activity

>>>/qresearch/2157977 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2158090 Is China the foreign entity to whom 30K HRC emails were forwarded?

>>>/qresearch/2158198 #2720

#2719 >>>/qresearch/2156729 Inclusive WWG1WGA anon requested: Delivered

>>>/qresearch/2156704, >>>/qresearch/2156941 REQUEST FOR AMMO for Busta Rhymes

>>>/qresearch/2156669, >>>/qresearch/2156907 House Intel Committee vs. Swamp: CALL TO ARMS / ORGANIZE

>>>/qresearch/2156658 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2157006 British Minister Resigns

>>>/qresearch/2157030, >>>/qresearch/2157053 Uber HR Head Resigns

>>>/qresearch/2156986 Up close and personal with The Donald on Air Force One

>>>/qresearch/2156977, >>>/qresearch/2157001, >>>/qresearch/2157038, >>>/qresearch/2157056, >>>/qresearch/2157069, >>>/qresearch/2157083, >>>/qresearch/2157111 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/2157265 Dig on Strzok's Lawyer-Call for more digging

>>>/qresearch/2156764, >>>/qresearch/2157275 Israel and Hamas Agree to Ceasefire after Exchange

>>>/qresearch/2157340 #2719

#2718 >>>/qresearch/2156502 Relations thawing between US and Russia, Putin lifting adoption ban

>>>/qresearch/2156440 John McAfee asked to cancel Blockchain Conference due to safety fears

>>>/qresearch/2156350 8 Dems and other countries think that POTUS should cancel Putin meeting

>>>/qresearch/2156278 , >>>/qresearch/2156359 , >>>/qresearch/2156446 Insane update from Busta Rhymes chat

>>>/qresearch/2156192 A closer look at POTUS tweets today

>>>/qresearch/2156188 'Consequential' POTUS tweets and 3 timestamps

>>>/qresearch/2156178 UK: Police in Khan’s London BAN Pro-Trump Rally at U.S. Embassy

>>>/qresearch/2156038 FedGov Admits it DOES NOT Track Vaccine safety

>>>/qresearch/2155973 Twitter has suspended the Guccifer 2.0 account

>>>/qresearch/2156552 #2718

#2717 >>>/qresearch/2155177, >>>/qresearch/2155244 Neighbors Report Child Trafficking and Find Gov’t Contractors Holding Kids In ‘Black Site’ Prison + Moar sauce

>>>/qresearch/2155069, >>>/qresearch/2155076 Lara Prychodko Digs

>>>/qresearch/2155458 Oprah not going to Kenya with Hussein, 350 other celebs are

>>>/qresearch/2155094 Iraq Energy Crisis; Foreign Companies Begin Evacuations

>>>/qresearch/2155111 Ireland passes law banning buying from Israel settlements

>>>/qresearch/2155755 #2717

#2716 >>>/qresearch/2154583 RT (Russian Media) Article Says RR Indictment Yesterday Meant to Spoil Upcoming Meeting with Putin

>>>/qresearch/2154580 LP side by side (cooperating witness)

>>>/qresearch/2154411 Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2154401, >>>/qresearch/2154582 Connections Between Loop Capital/Deep State and Communist China

>>>/qresearch/2154318 Good ZH post talking about the remaining holes in the Clinton email investigation storyline

>>>/qresearch/2155003 #2716

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#2721: 16 Year Plan Edition ~ http://archive.fo/DgyfM

#2722: Kek Force One Edition ~ http://archive.fo/9o2Rs

#2723 Praying for Peace & Productivity in POTUS/Putin Meeting Edition ~ http://archive.fo/8Iijs

#2724 A No Smoking Sign on your Cigarette Break Edition ~ http://archive.fo/pCi9C

#2725: PAC-Dealin' Elon Edition ~ http://archive.fo/d7gyT

#2725 >>>/qresearch/2161877, >>>/qresearch/2161890, >>>/qresearch/2162056 Planefag update: Still Medevac-heavy, Apparent Mil blackout

>>>/qresearch/2161670 Kek, Theresa May said Trump told her to sue the EU over Brexit. DoItMay!

>>>/qresearch/2161425, >>>/qresearch/2161442, >>>/qresearch/2161438, >>>/qresearch/2161445, >>>/qresearch/2161513, >>>/qresearch/2161525 Subs talk, prolly nothing

>>>/qresearch/2161437, >>>/qresearch/2161451 New Ecuador Pres/UK May Evict Julian Assange, 'inherited problem'

>>>/qresearch/2162149 #2725

#2724 >>>/qresearch/2161123 From our shop to normies' table: Anon's Strzok montage on Fox's Watters World, viral

>>>/qresearch/2161054 Lisa Page 'cooperative,' 'credible,' Meadows/GOP say after 5hr closed-door session

>>>/qresearch/2160921 Why is China pledging $billions in loans/aid to revive growth in the ME?

>>>/qresearch/2160748 I'view with L. Fletcher Prouty, former Army Col., on CIA/deep state "layers"

>>>/qresearch/2160737, >>>/qresearch/2161089 1983 article on Strzok Sr, same creepy stare as boyo

>>>/qresearch/2160699 Data.gov's Intn'l Law Digest: HRC employed "smart power" to jack up the ME

>>>/qresearch/2160643, >>>/qresearch/2161022 Elon Musk Unmasked as Top Donor to House Republican PAC (just $39k tho)

>>>/qresearch/2161368 #2724

#2723 >>>/qresearch/2160219 Biography of Jim Waurishuk, Colonel, USAF

>>>/qresearch/2160176 Excellent #WalkAway video for sharing

>>>/qresearch/2160113 Q drops on SAP

>>>/qresearch/2159972 Anon's Thoughts: Why The Plan Is Being Implemented Slowly

>>>/qresearch/2159955, >>>/qresearch/2159964 (SAPs) and Hillary Clinton, Article by Jim Waurishuk, Colonel, USAF

>>>/qresearch/2160526 #2723

#2722 >>>/qresearch/2159566 Operation Ask The Question, Jim

>>>/qresearch/2159444 Brilliant Name Your Wifi Connection Qanon, or Who is Q?

>>>/qresearch/2159358 John Bolton Cancels CNN Interview after Acosta Disrespects Trump& May During Press Conference

>>>/qresearch/2159295 The Trump administration said it used DNA screenings to identify and rule out five adults who claimed to be parents of children being held at the southern border

>>>/qresearch/2159118 Human trafficking now among the crimes that have no statute of limitations in the Virgin Islands

>>>/qresearch/2159104 Search ALL US Government open data at data.gov

>>>/qresearch/2159748 #2722

#2721 >>>/qresearch/2158291 16 Year Plan Graphic Cont. (Call for Contributions)

>>>/qresearch/2158388 FBI knew that China, along with Germany, was trying to hack HRC's server

>>>/qresearch/2158276 Drop After Testimony

>>>/qresearch/2158304, >>>/qresearch/2158513 Review of Qpost 1626 re: Putin Summit

>>>/qresearch/2158352 James Woods Tweeting Spirit Cooking

>>>/qresearch/2158821 Haitian PM resigns

>>>/qresearch/2158528 Helsinki2018 Meeting Schedule

>>>/qresearch/2158969 #2721

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#2725: PAC-Dealin' Elon Edition ~ http://archive.fo/d7gyT

#2726: Do It May! Edition ~ http://archive.fo/ETYjt

#2726 >>>/qresearch/2162175 Incoming From War Room: Operation Swampmop, >>>/qresearch/2162264, >>>/qresearch/2160302, >>>/qresearch/2162822

>>>/qresearch/2162189 New Uniform Law appears to have passed against Human Trafficking, a business described as Modern-Day Slavery that has enslaved around 27 million people worldwide, >>>/qresearch/2162441 Side-by-side fror NC anons (Uniform Act vs NC State Law re: Human Trafficking)

>>>/qresearch/2162192 Sauce for Element Copper Claim, >>>/qresearch/2161559

>>>/qresearch/2162241 News from Iran

>>>/qresearch/2162249 More Medevac Activity, >>>/qresearch/2162250

>>>/qresearch/2162323 True Witchhunt: The Coven Of The Black Cauldron, >>>/qresearch/2162332, The Little Red Church and the Unitarian Churches, >>>/qresearch/2162649

>>>/qresearch/2162365 1 side of the Pyramid: Soros naturally involved in derailing Brexit

>>>/qresearch/2162384 Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp calls [HRC]'s involvement in U1 a "..crime for the history books"

>>>/qresearch/2162419 Another small step into normalizing deviant behaviour: WHO recognises 'compulsive sexual behaviour' as mental disorder (gives 'plausible deniability' in court)

>>>/qresearch/2162442 Syria vs. FSA/Rebels, near Israel Occupied Golan

>>>/qresearch/2162471 German Foreign Minister warns Trump against "unilateral deals' with Russia ahead of talks with Putin

>>>/qresearch/2162506 Watch The Water: GMR (Great Man-Made River) Water Supply Project

>>>/qresearch/2162532 UK Voting intention polls after POTUS visit

>>>/qresearch/2157554 MVM Dig, >>>/qresearch/2162771

>>>/qresearch/2162693 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2162700 County GOP is boosting "QAnon"

>>>/qresearch/2162764 Delta Markers in Retweets? >>>/qresearch/2162807

>>>/qresearch/2162793 Reminder: JFK jr's called Democratic Nominee Joe Biden a traitor back in 1994, >>>/qresearch/2162860 Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2162905 Parks departement boss Palamar is a POS

>>>/qresearch/2162907 #2726

>Uranium 1 Digs

>>>/qresearch/2162461 Q Flashback: first posts back in October was to acknowledge that both RM and RR were implicated in U1

>>>/qresearch/2162566 Sources on U1 Investigation (important in relation to RR, MUELLER), >>>/qresearch/2162580 Rosatom, >>>/qresearch/2162589 ARMZ Uranium Holding,

>>>/qresearch/2162606 Energy Fuels, Concord Group & Arizona, >>>/qresearch/2162625 Denison Mines

>>>/qresearch/2162588 POTUS_Schedule posts: Resolute Reads. Real News President Trump doesn't want you to miss.

>>>/qresearch/2162642 Watch The Water: Is Uranium mining near the Grand Canyone safe? The answer may be in the Water

>>>/qresearch/2162681 Letter from Greg Jaczko to Senator Barosso regarding U1 → ARMZ Uranium Transfer Deal

#2725 >>>/qresearch/2161877, >>>/qresearch/2161890, >>>/qresearch/2162056 Planefag update: Still Medevac-heavy, Apparent Mil blackout

>>>/qresearch/2161670 Kek, Theresa May said Trump told her to sue the EU over Brexit. DoItMay!

>>>/qresearch/2161425, >>>/qresearch/2161442, >>>/qresearch/2161438, >>>/qresearch/2161445, >>>/qresearch/2161513, >>>/qresearch/2161525 Subs talk, prolly nothing

>>>/qresearch/2161437, >>>/qresearch/2161451 New Ecuador Pres/UK May Evict Julian Assange, 'inherited problem'

>>>/qresearch/2162149 #2725

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#2727: Generative Principle ~ http://archive.fo/hzyxV

#2728 Keep on Digging Anons, Edition ~ http://archive.fo/d3JCH

#2729 POTUS to Helsinki for Operation AMERICAFIRST ~ http://archive.fo/OoHdT

#2730: Touch Down in Finland Edition ~ http://archive.fo/BZtp6

#2731 Stand UNITED in FREEDOM ~ http://archive.fo/Ev0jt

#2731 >>>/qresearch/2166224, >>>/qresearch/2166412, >>>/qresearch/2166643 Calm Water at Helsinki Summit "Watch the Water"

>>>/qresearch/2166304 Haiti: Prime Minister Lafontant Quits After Fuel-Price Protests

>>>/qresearch/2166343 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2166361 Iran Deal Conspiracy Theory Narrative

>>>/qresearch/2166405 WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history

>>>/qresearch/2166449 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2166253 Russian Ambassador to UN reads from "Alice in Wonderland"

>>>/qresearch/2166397, >>>/qresearch/2166650 Are Strzok's lawyers helping launder money?

>>>/qresearch/2166798 23 human trafficking 'agents' nabbed by Thai police

>>>/qresearch/2166992 #2731

#2730 >>>/qresearch/2165454, >>>/qresearch/2165836 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2165500 Child Abuse in India

>>>/qresearch/2165548 James Woods Trolling Tweets

>>>/qresearch/2165550 HRC Speech, sooo Tired

>>>/qresearch/2165554 This Piece Of Paper Was Robert Mueller’s Evidence Against Trump

>>>/qresearch/2165588 James Woods Under Fire

>>>/qresearch/2165606 Hussein in Kenya

>>>/qresearch/2165652 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2165659 President Trump 'Snubbed' By Prince Charles And Prince William

>>>/qresearch/2165791 With Russian meddling back in the news, we wonder about closed SF consulate

>>>/qresearch/2165860, >>>/qresearch/2165887 FBI Veterans Blast Strzok

>>>/qresearch/2165912 Body Language: Peter Strzok Congressional Hearing

>>>/qresearch/2165969 California Democratic Party Snubs Feinstein, Endorses Rival

>>>/qresearch/2166016 2 dead after plane crash near La Porte neighborhood

>>>/qresearch/2166081 #2730

#2729 >>>/qresearch/2164561, >>>/qresearch/2164588, >>>/qresearch/2164789, >>>/qresearch/2165096, >>>/qresearch/2165167, >>>/qresearch/2165305 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2164565 Randy Quaid is red pilling people

>>>/qresearch/2164579 War Room Update (Call to Memers)

>>>/qresearch/2164603 Carter Paige calls for release of FISA docs, mentions "Secrety Societies"

>>>/qresearch/2164817 Manipulation of the Public/Corrupt News Media

>>>/qresearch/2165000 Trump Calls Europe "Biggest Global Foe" But Tusk Says US, EU "Best Friends"

>>>/qresearch/2164928, >>>/qresearch/2165097 Three Officers Shot in Kansas City, Gunman at Large

>>>/qresearch/2165095 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2165107 Ex-CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp on Clinton Scandals

>>>/qresearch/2165202 Q Sighting in Finland

>>>/qresearch/2165346 #2729

#2728 >>>/qresearch/2163827 Prior knowledge of 9/11 by 3-letter agencies

>>>/qresearch/2163853 Clinton donor Nancy Riordan dig

>>>/qresearch/2163862, >>>/qresearch/2164060, >>>/qresearch/2164148 Bus crash kills 3 in NM

>>>/qresearch/2163977 Lara Prychodko Update

>>>/qresearch/2164253, >>>/qresearch/2164261 More Elon calling out Pedo Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2164279 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2164320 Iranian offical urges POTUS to not use Reserve

>>>/qresearch/2164328 QAnon statement by caller on Nigel Farage's show while interviewing Steve Bannon

>>>/qresearch/2163804, >>>/qresearch/2164121 New POTUS Tweets

#2727 >>>/qresearch/2163566 Link to 450 page Dig on Clinton Foundation by a Team of Anons

>>>/qresearch/2163557 Ontario, Canada's new government is starting to clean up the Leftist mess

>>>/qresearch/2163496 Mueller’s Latest Indictment Ignores Evidence In The Public Domain

>>>/qresearch/2163187 Is Elon Really Calling out a Pedo?

>>>/qresearch/2163103 For my fellow Bakers <3

>>>/qresearch/2163096, >>>/qresearch/2163403 Dig on Strzoks lawyers from Zuckerman Spaeder LLC

>>>/qresearch/2162988 For the Noobs, We do not hate all Jews, but we do hate some for good reason, learn & Understand

>>>/qresearch/2163702 #2727

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#2732: Watching The Waters Edition ~ http://archive.fo/QQrdb

#2733: 502s Cant Stop Us Edition ~ http://archive.fo/EMXUJ

#2734: We Will Endure! Edition ~ http://archive.fo/oSgQf

#2735 Lazy Sunday Night, Waiting on the Summit Edition ~ http://archive.fo/W5cGq

#2736 The Queen Makes a Great Caddy Edition ~ http://archive.fo/CDpRr

#2737 Tsar Nicholas II/ Entire Fam Executed By Rothschilds-Jews 102 Yr Later Edit ~ http://archive.fo/yTYGE

#2737 >>>/qresearch/2171316 Helsinki livestream Ruptly

>>>/qresearch/2171850 EU made "high-level pleas" to be exempted from Iran sanctions. Pompeo said no.

>>>/qresearch/2171743 James Woods doing his thing on HRC. "You're selling hot dogs in the bleachers."

>>>/qresearch/2171653 Not saying karma's a bitch, but… Google engineer beaten to death by Indian lynch mob

>>>/qresearch/2171647 Slip of the tongue tells all? NATO presser, POTUS: "lot of resignations" (not reservations)

>>>/qresearch/2171541, >>>/qresearch/2171550 Early digg: Russian website has list of western journos visiting Ukraine

>>>/qresearch/2171416, >>>/qresearch/2171431, >>>/qresearch/2171498, >>>/qresearch/2171622 digging Senate Armed Services Committee & SFRC

>>>/qresearch/2171401 Trump and Team at Dining Table in Helsinki. Some unknowns to name/digg?

>>>/qresearch/2171373 In our base: Muslims for US elected office in numbers not seen since before 9/11

>>>/qresearch/2171364, >>>/qresearch/2171414 Thailand gave diplomatic immunity to Australian meds in cave rescue. For why?

>>>/qresearch/2171331, >>>/qresearch/2171766 Anon's Retarded Gay Dracula Theory, and another young Strzok pic (Georgetown)

>>>/qresearch/2171292, >>>/qresearch/2171522 Hannity and The Tuck To I'view Trump After Putin Summit, Evening Shows air

>>>/qresearch/2171279, >>>/qresearch/2171760 GermanArchiveAnon Updates, including Masters back to 4ch

>>>/qresearch/2171879 #2737

#2736 >>>/qresearch/2170939 JFK, Jr & Wife Dies in Plane Crash

>>>/qresearch/2170699 The Rothchilds' order the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family (102 Years AFTER originally comitted - Long Game Much???)

>>>/qresearch/2170400 Trump and Putin Meeting on the 100th Anniversary of Romanov Family Execution

>>>/qresearch/2170340 is Maggie Haberman on the FusionGPS payroll?

>>>/qresearch/2171026 #2736

#2735 >>>/qresearch/2170237 Envoys quote 'Alice in Wonderland' during UN session on Skripal case

>>>/qresearch/2170030, >>>/qresearch/2170246 Trump on his way to the Old Course (Whoever Did this Wins the Internet for Today)

>>>/qresearch/2169939 The Cloud Approaching

>>>/qresearch/2169672 A Brief History Of US Covert Action In Syria - Part 1

>>>/qresearch/2169646 France Engulfed in Riots After World Cup Win

>>>/qresearch/2170277 #2735

#2734 >>>/qresearch/2169487 Senate's August Recess Could be it's Shortest in Decades

>>>/qresearch/2169142, >>>/qresearch/2169359 Could this be the mystery man in the Q Photo?

>>>/qresearch/2168836 Pompeo on US-Russia Relations Improvement: 'Ball in Russia's Court'

>>>/qresearch/2170168 #2734

#2733 >>>/qresearch/2167903 Steve Bannon Interview with Nigel Farage

>>>/qresearch/2167985, >>>/qresearch/2168063 HRC Use of Lenovo Devices

>>>/qresearch/2168083 HRC Tweet re: Trump/Putin

>>>/qresearch/2168158, >>>/qresearch/2168162, >>>/qresearch/2168263 List of named pedos/CP from british fight

>>>/qresearch/2168278, >>>/qresearch/2168315 Another Look at Two Former CIA Officers Charged with Espionage

>>>/qresearch/2168415, >>>/qresearch/2168500, >>>/qresearch/2168561 The house address of the pizza-map-hanky property is listed in the DNC address book

>>>/qresearch/2168526 US Message To Assad: "We Will Pull Out Of Syria If Iran Withdraws"

>>>/qresearch/2168519, >>>/qresearch/2168585 North Korea planning "General Amnesty"

>>>/qresearch/2168659 #2733

#2732 >>>/qresearch/2167166 Clockfag Spidey Sense Tingling

>>>/qresearch/2167167 Trump Putin Meeting @ 6am EDT

>>>/qresearch/2167253 Gowdy rules out Rosenstein impeachment

>>>/qresearch/2167316, >>>/qresearch/2167338 Paul Coffey Connection

>>>/qresearch/2167468 Comey Memo from Pat Kelley

>>>/qresearch/2167498 Mueller reportedly set up an open channel with British Investigators

>>>/qresearch/2167572 Thread on Brennan

>>>/qresearch/2167739 Zuckerman Spaeker Dig Cont.

>>>/qresearch/2167801 #2732

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#2738: Retarded Gay Dracula Edition ~ http://archive.fo/7N4c0

#2739: POTUS & Putin Climb the Summit Edition ~ http://archive.fo/6i7WW

#2740: Peace Through Strength Edition ~ http://archive.fo/8V9JQ

#2741: Constructive Dialogue Edition ~ http://archive.fo/tuETm

#2742: The Ball Is In Our Court Edition ~ http://archive.fo/stpNU

#2743: MSM Actors In Panic Mode Edition ~ http://archive.fo/bL8w6

#2743 >>>/qresearch/2175842 CrowdStrike personnel on rebuilding machines and cleaning up

>>>/qresearch/2175851 Thyssenkrupp chairman resigns

>>>/qresearch/2175858 ; >>>/qresearch/2176136 Even more digging on Browder

>>>/qresearch/2175883 SEC charges Energy XXI founder with fraud

>>>/qresearch/2175915 FBI official overseeing Russian election interference task force resigns

>>>/qresearch/2176053 No-name’s staff director urged IRS to “audit so many that is becomes financially ruinous”

>>>/qresearch/2176261 NH voter fraud loophole closed

>>>/qresearch/2176271 Apple, Google cashed in on Pizzagate-offshoot conspiracy app (mentions Q)

>>>/qresearch/2176499 #2743

#2742 >>>/qresearch/2175064 Dig Request from press conference: journalist’s comp screens / USSS document and who stole it

>>>/qresearch/2175065 Browder and The Magnitsky Act: Behind The Scenes

>>>/qresearch/2175066 Busta Rhymes update

>>>/qresearch/2175084 ; >>>/qresearch/2175095 ; >>>/qresearch/2175125 ; >>>/qresearch/2175210 ; >>>/qresearch/2175289 ; >>>/qresearch/2175555 ; >>>/qresearch/2175558 ; >>>/qresearch/2175751 More digging on Browder

>>>/qresearch/2175143 Issa on CNN; right cast doubt on US intel reports (video pending)

>>>/qresearch/2175187 Tunisian minister’s surprise resignation

>>>/qresearch/2175328 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2175396 Article on Clinton family ties to Russia

>>>/qresearch/2175410 Armenian mayor charged with embezzlement, electoral fraud

>>>/qresearch/2175519 Former business partner of US military contractor pleads guilty to bribery

>>>/qresearch/2175113 ; >>>/qresearch/2175528 On the implications of naming Soros and cornering globalists (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/2175587 Spokesperson for Mueller “declines to comment” on Putin’s offer for Mueller

>>>/qresearch/2175729 #2742

#2741 >>>/qresearch/2174365 From Press Conference: Q&A on extradition, treaties, Clinton Cash, and Bill Browder

>>>/qresearch/2174408 ; >>>/qresearch/2174409 ; >>>/qresearch/2174414 ; >>>/qresearch/2174425 ; >>>/qresearch/2174621 ; >>>/qresearch/2174650 ; >>>/qresearch/2174704 Browder digs

>>>/qresearch/2174444 From Live Broadcast: DJT calls out “Where is the server?” (also blessed by Kek)

>>>/qresearch/2174573 ; >>>/qresearch/2174923 Rough transcription/summary of press conference re: the server, Soros, and US-RUS treaties

>>>/qresearch/2174947 #2741

#2740 >>>/qresearch/2173549 CEO of Billboard and Hollywood Reporter forced to step down

>>>/qresearch/2173568 New IRA blamed for political attacks

>>>/qresearch/2173840 Finnish protests devolving into carnivals

>>>/qresearch/2173864 On Scott Bennett and the “Shell Game”

>>>/qresearch/2173905 ; >>>/qresearch/2173925 ; >>>/qresearch/2174002 ; >>>/qresearch/2174059 Removal of The Nation reporter from press conference (before DJT and Putin arrive)

>>>/qresearch/2174165 #2740

#2739 >>>/qresearch/2172731 Soros linked nonprofit led clinton obama alum spending millions stop kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2172812, >>>/qresearch/2172844, >>>/qresearch/2172897, >>>/qresearch/2173094 Dig on Rep. Luis Gutierrez

>>>/qresearch/2172698, >>>/qresearch/2172786, >>>/qresearch/2173064 U.S Army Whistleblower Scott Bennett re: 9/11

>>>/qresearch/2172891, >>>/qresearch/2173032, >>>/qresearch/2173150 Bourdain final interview before death

>>>/qresearch/2173034 Argentina Freezes Assets of Barakat clan. Beneficiary: Hezbollah

>>>/qresearch/2173144 Canadian teacher banned from Hong Kong Kindergarten amid child molestation charges

>>>/qresearch/2173282 Facebook making its own computer chips

>>>/qresearch/2172702, >>>/qresearch/2172921, >>>/qresearch/2172721 Romanov Dig

>>>/qresearch/2172814, >>>/qresearch/2172849, >>>/qresearch/2173246, >>>/qresearch/2172967 Romanov Bloodline

>>>/qresearch/2173446 #2739

#2738 >>>/qresearch/2172386 The Consequences of Permissive Neglect: CIA piece on the importance of anti-leak laws

>>>/qresearch/2172357 Gorka I'view: "(POTUS) was squirming? You live in an Alice in Wonderland world"

>>>/qresearch/2172348 UK: Another Conservative MP has resigned over fears of a 'watered down Brexit'

>>>/qresearch/2172016 Even the Russian Press thinks US Press's Characterization of POTUS is Fake and Gay

>>>/qresearch/2172657 #2738

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#2744: Pursuit Of Peace Edition ~ http://archive.fo/PEs5C

#2745: Wrapping Up The Putin/POTUS Summit Day Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Tzzsn

#2746: An Historical Day Edition ~ http://archive.fo/iSpkh

#2746 >>>/qresearch/2178617 Clockfag thinks they've cracked the QClock

>>>/qresearch/2178599 Committee to investigate Russia: Members (usual suspects)

>>>/qresearch/2178477 Anon suggests we should add #PATRIOT to our hashtags

>>>/qresearch/2178402 DWS weighs in on the summit (those who are loudest)

>>>/qresearch/2178452 , >>>/qresearch/2178480 , >>>/qresearch/2178743 Moar Consolidation Project / Executive Summaries (below)

>>>/qresearch/2178338 , >>>/qresearch/2178384, >>>/qresearch/2178393 Seeds of a new project: Consolidating evidence on each Q subject

>>>/qresearch/2178323 Twatter post on Clintons and Uranium One

>>>/qresearch/2178299 Reuters report, Putin: $400mm funneled to Clinton campaign

>>>/qresearch/2178291 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2178187 WHOA James. Comey comes out of hiding with a whopper

>>>/qresearch/2178727 #2746

#2745 >>>/qresearch/2177908 Peter Strzok works for both the FBI and CIA, documents reveal

>>>/qresearch/2177830 , >>>/qresearch/2177840 , >>>/qresearch/2177847 Digs on TCF and Russia's Silicon Valley

>>>/qresearch/2177777 Check the quints

>>>/qresearch/2177761 POTUS SS Agent in Scotland hospitalized after stroke

>>>/qresearch/2177764 Bourdain on Bill Clinton

>>>/qresearch/2177724 Bourdain on Weinstein

>>>/qresearch/2177582 "END" QPost, in line with the QClock today (apparently)

>>>/qresearch/2177598 Dissecting POTUS' Helsinki tweet

>>>/qresearch/2177597 More info on Maria Butina

>>>/qresearch/2177532 Maria Butina's was a sealed indictment which was unsealed

>>>/qresearch/2177527 Sir James Woods tells it like it is (again)

>>>/qresearch/2178086 #2745

#2744 >>>/qresearch/2177379 , >>>/qresearch/2177512 Maria Butina was working for people hoping to replace Putin

>>>/qresearch/2176618 Trump Brings Up Pakistani Imran Awan During Helsinki Presser

>>>/qresearch/2176648 If Mueller investigation sends official request to question suspects, Russia will do that - Putin

>>>/qresearch/2176685 , >>>/qresearch/2177064 Pelosi Freaks Over Trump-Putin Summit

>>>/qresearch/2176724 Trump: Russian, US militaries get along - perhaps better than our politicians

>>>/qresearch/2177064 With Pelosi’s Urging– Paul Ryan Slams Trump for Putin Meeting

>>>/qresearch/2176742 /ourguys/ responses to todays events

>>>/qresearch/2176726 Putin: 'Hillary Pocketed $400mm Russian money

>>>/qresearch/2176987, >>>/qresearch/2176994 Clinton email reference to Tilapia Fish decoded?

>>>/qresearch/2176921 No-name has some strong-talk on the Putin/POTUS meeting

>>>/qresearch/2176817 Putin Calls Collusion ‘Utter Nonsense’ – Asks Reporter To Name A Single Fact To Prove It

>>>/qresearch/2176700 Digging needed on conspiracy details - DIG CALL

>>>/qresearch/2176714 How much money did Hillary get from Russians during the election.. and before?

>>>/qresearch/2177299 #2744

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#2747: CABAL MELT DOWN Edition (kek) ~ http://archive.fo/8yvxS

#2478: Freedom is Winning! Edition ~ http://archive.fo/6SCVn

#2749: Fired Up! Edition ~ http://archive.fo/gPd3F

#2750: Submit to the Summit Edition ~ http://archive.fo/6DN4T

#2750 >>>/qresearch/2181487, >>>/qresearch/2181483 More digging on Rothschild death

>>>/qresearch/2181672 Former Trump NSC staffer says CNN’s @ErinBurnett deliberately pushed fake news

>>>/qresearch/2181966 Dutch have evidence in 2016 DNC "hacking" case

>>>/qresearch/2180486 #2750

#2749 >>>/qresearch/2180598, >>>/qresearch/2180839, >>>/qresearch/2180953, >>>/qresearch/2181033, >>>/qresearch/2180590, >>>/qresearch/2180590 AirKEK

>>>/qresearch/2180548 Global progress against pedoism

>>>/qresearch/2180610 LP Texts: How early was the BHO involved in Russian investigation?

>>>/qresearch/2180639, >>>/qresearch/2180908 Reminder, US officials robbed of Plutonium and dirty bomb material

>>>/qresearch/2180694 POTUS napkin at summit shaped like a white rabbit

>>>/qresearch/2180716 Dig request on British star/aristocrat dead at 49

>>>/qresearch/2180661, >>>/qresearch/2180745 Anti Trump FBI offcial, Wall Street Journal leaker

>>>/qresearch/2181268 Rothschild ExWife found dead

#2748 >>>/qresearch/2179787 Anon Theory on "Who is D"

>>>/qresearch/2180038 (Call to Dig) Mikhail Prohorov

>>>/qresearch/2180049 Anon Dig re: "Stolen Laptop from Unlocked Vehicle of SS Agent" Story

>>>/qresearch/2179847, >>>/qresearch/2179893, >>>/qresearch/2180089, >>>/qresearch/2180058, >>>/qresearch/2180375 Dig on One of the Last EO's Signed by Hussein (Since Revoked)

>>>/qresearch/2180210, >>>/qresearch/2180299 Podesta Dinner Invite, Many Names for Digging

>>>/qresearch/2180239 POTUS to meet with members of Congress @2pm EDT Tuesday

>>>/qresearch/2180254 US Officials Robbed Of Plutonium And Dirty Bomb Materials in San Antonio

>>>/qresearch/2180270 Earl Browder (Grandfather) Communist Deals with Dems

>>>/qresearch/2180256 A picture is Worth a Thousand Words

>>>/qresearch/2180420 Chris Wallace/Putin Interview

>>>/qresearch/2180469 #2748

#2747 >>>/qresearch/2179004 Putin on Browder's illegal earnings in Russia and Browder's $400M contribution to HRC campaign

>>>/qresearch/2179294 POTUS On Hannity Tonight at 9pmE

>>>/qresearch/2179308 Dig on Mikhail Khodorkovsky

>>>/qresearch/2179372 Ben Garrison to No Name: "Why won’t you die…"

>>>/qresearch/2179396 Philip Mudd blurts out the existence of the shadow government

>>>/qresearch/2179413 New LP texts further implicate Hussein's WH

>>>/qresearch/2179490 Dig into connection of THORN & No Name's Foundation

>>>/qresearch/2179546 Review of HR's and EO's Behind the Scenes During Trump Presidency

>>>/qresearch/2179589 US And Allies Planning Evacuation Of White Helmets From Syria

>>>/qresearch/2179651 Swallwell Lying about "The Server"

>>>/qresearch/2179705 #2747

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#2751: Let the die be cast Edition ~ http://archive.fo/TwpNR

#2752: If Q be for us... Edition ~ http://archive.fo/sjU6x

#2753 The Frontline is A Rough Place Edition ~ http://archive.fo/KLkLz

#2754 Night Crew is My Crew Edition ~ http://archive.fo/jI5kY

#2754 >>>/qresearch/2185069 BerlinAnon: Sobering On-the-ground Report of Crime, LE Corruption in Germany

>>>/qresearch/2185000 Concernfags BTFO'd, MAGA proceeds: 10k+ deportable arrests from NG border deployment

>>>/qresearch/2184976 HRC Adviser Philippe Reines Shows Class and Sportsmanship Protesting POTUS (Not).

>>>/qresearch/2184777 Ocasio-Cortez: Lessons in Simply Finding Out Who You're Not Allowed to Criticize

>>>/qresearch/2184762 Ron Paul finally gets to see someone listen. On Summit: "Trump Won," Neocons lost.

>>>/qresearch/2184634 Make trust-busting great again? Ajit Pai Counter-signals Sinclair's Tribune M&A.

>>>/qresearch/2184599, >>>/qresearch/2184664, Fusion GPS Web Moar Tangled: Represented VZ Money-Laundering Oligarchs

>>>/qresearch/2184621, >>>/qresearch/2184640, >>>/qresearch/2184645, >>>/qresearch/2185140 Digging for Dino Simone's Sister (BlackList cont.)

>>>/qresearch/2184545, >>>/qresearch/2184555, >>>/qresearch/2184553, >>>/qresearch/2184570, BlackList/Franklin Leonard/Dino Simone digg

>>>/qresearch/2184490, >>>/qresearch/2184626 Freedom Caucus (Meadows/Jordan) wants DOJ probe on RR for alleged threats

>>>/qresearch/2184440, >>>/qresearch/2184540, >>>/qresearch/2184510, >>>/qresearch/2184514, >>>/qresearch/2184652, >>>/qresearch/2184551 BlackList/Iran/Reza Aslan digg

>>>/qresearch/2184447, >>>/qresearch/2184473, >>>/qresearch/2184729 Black List Diggings Aggregate Post & Related Additions

>>>/qresearch/2184442 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/2185155 #2754

#2753 >>>/qresearch/2184039 Armstrong Economics article: Browder–Russia–Trump–Safra

>>>/qresearch/2183980 What does it mean to be on the Black List?

>>>/qresearch/2183953 The Soccer Ball Theory

>>>/qresearch/2183887 Peter Strzok May have Worked for Both CIA and FBI

>>>/qresearch/2183972 Dan Coats Statement re: Russian Meddling

>>>/qresearch/2183859 Indictment Released re: Venezuela Money Laundering through Spain

>>>/qresearch/2183830 Interesting document in the Glenn Simpson files mentioning Browder. Tied to the 400m$?

>>>/qresearch/2183772 Prisoner Obama?

>>>/qresearch/2183684, >>>/qresearch/2183720, >>>/qresearch/2183902, >>>/qresearch/2184022, >>>/qresearch/2183993 >>>/qresearch/2184039, >>>/qresearch/2184062 Moar Digs on $400 Million & Browder

>>>/qresearch/2183669 Trump on Putin's Reaction to Mueller Probe

>>>/qresearch/2183658 War Room Update Trump Batter for Memes

#2752 >>>/qresearch/2182963, >>>/qresearch/2183448, >>>/qresearch/2183720 Hillary Received $400M illegally from Russian corp. (Hannity)

#2751 >>>/qresearch/2182274 Russia’s Lavrov holds first meeting with Pompeo in Helsinki

>>>/qresearch/2182318 Pro-Israel think tank funds Tommy Robinson’s legal costs

>>>/qresearch/2182363 Another resignation: William Blanas - Clackamas River Water governing board

>>>/qresearch/2182238, >>>/qresearch/2182688 Ball given to POTUS, first ball with NFC chip

>>>/qresearch/2182324, >>>/qresearch/2182418, >>>/qresearch/2182516 on Perlman/City of Lost Children Pedo diggs

>>>/qresearch/2182449, >>>/qresearch/2182479, >>>/qresearch/2182587 Son of a Greek billionaire is found dead of drug overdose

>>>/qresearch/2182457 FBI official overseeing election-meddling task force leaves agency

>>>/qresearch/2182073 #2751

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#2755: eBot is Anon's Bes Fren Edition ~ http://archive.fo/LMbpM

#2756: Alice's "Vlad" Tea Party Edition ~ http://archive.fo/frF4h

#2757: Trolling Is Fun! ~ http://archive.fo/gW0LA

#2758: POTUS meeting with Congress 2pm(EST) ~ http://archive.fo/F7mPR

#2758 >>>/qresearch/2187610, >>>/qresearch/2187620 MAS has issued a Prohibition Order against former Goldman Sachs director

>>>/qresearch/2187621 Reminder about Beverly Eckert

>>>/qresearch/2187870 John Perry Barlow/JFK Jr potential connection

>>>/qresearch/2188087 Billboard MemeWar Updates

>>>/qresearch/2188191 NSA looking for Emoji Rainman.

#2757 >>>/qresearch/2186800 Mother Teresa's Order Investigated for Child Trafficking In India

>>>/qresearch/2186914 House Hearing on social media 'filtering'

>>>/qresearch/2186920 Browder-Yukos-Khodorowsky-Roths-Open Russia connection

>>>/qresearch/2187092, >>>/qresearch/2187248 Sandy Wilkes(NXIVM) DC connections

>>>/qresearch/2187195 RR summoned to WhiteHouse

>>>/qresearch/2187291 Excerpt of US/Russia Joint Conference where Putin names Soros

>>>/qresearch/2187315 Following the Ball

>>>/qresearch/2187359 Former Queensland Chief Justice Tim Carmody Resigns

>>>/qresearch/2187387 Western Arizona Regional Medical Center CEO Resigns

#2756 >>>/qresearch/2186033 Information on our Treaties with China and Russia

>>>/qresearch/2186037, >>>/qresearch/2186049, >>>/qresearch/2186195 Susan Sher dig (#44First'Lady' Chief of Staff)

>>>/qresearch/2185680, >>>/qresearch/2186104 NXIVM Second in Command Dig

>>>/qresearch/2186121 Mystery Man Identified!? Bill Browder balding pattern and gold watch.

>>>/qresearch/2186637 House of Schwarzenberg information (old central european money)

#2755 >>>/qresearch/2185846 Bill Browder in Hong Kong 2015

>>>/qresearch/2185800 Side-by-side: Keep You Eye on the Ball

>>>/qresearch/2185495 Is Apple Helping a QResearcher out? Pulls App that Alerts Ppl to Q Drops.

>>>/qresearch/2185478 Today's Dopamine Hit in Hearings: Filtering on Faceberg, Google & Twatter

>>>/qresearch/2185424 Moar on Rothschild Ex-wife's Death: Tomfoolery on her social media?

>>>/qresearch/2185634, >>>/qresearch/2185636, >>>/qresearch/2185653, 2185657, >>>/qresearch/2185680 Black List Digg: Cafritz family, NXIVM

>>>/qresearch/2185396, >>>/qresearch/2185436, >>>/qresearch/2185436, >>>/qresearch/2185468, >>>/qresearch/2185620, Black List/Susan Sher Digg

>>>/qresearch/2185365 Muh Designated Villain: NY Times Piece Wants You to Cry for… George Soros? Kek!

>>>/qresearch/2185273 Yesterday's 111 crumbs (July 16 → Mar 27)

>>>/qresearch/2185209, >>>/qresearch/2185291 On Lunches, Summits, & Alice in Wonderland. CH 7: A "Vlad" Tea Party

>>>/qresearch/2185283, >>>/qresearch/2185745 Clockfag analyses: Truth is Behind You. Recent days markers applied to past twitter

>>>/qresearch/2185192, >>>/qresearch/2185290 Hang on, Health is on its way: POTUS countering Pharma-first in gov.

>>>/qresearch/2185951 #2755

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#2759: NSA Hiring Emoji Autists. ~ http://archive.fo/ZLGMj

#2760: Speak ~ http://archive.fo/OF5At

#2761: Light Switch ~ http://archive.fo/VvKkf

#2761 >>>/qresearch/2189916 Breaking911: Sec Pompeo will appear before Senate Foreign Relations Commite Public Hearing, July 25th - NBC News

>>>/qresearch/2189919 Departement of Elections in San Francisco ISSUED voter registration for ILLEGAL ALIENS to allow them to vote in the Board of Education's Elections, Nov. 6th

>>>/qresearch/2189920 Yearning for some Q-crumb? Reread!

>>>/qresearch/2189933 Bill Binney provides forensic data proving Guccifer2 Data is fraud and Russia did not hack the DNC (July 7th). [RR] hands down fraudulent report with Guccifer2 as its cornerstorn , JULY 13th

>>>/qresearch/2190211 CDAN on Annabelle Neilson's(Ex Rothschild)?

>>>/qresearch/2190162 Google outage takes down major services including Spotify and Snapchat, >>>/qresearch/2190140

>>>/qresearch/2190190 on HRC: Rereading crumbs: $400,000,000.00 fits comfy

>>>/qresearch/2190204 POTUS PAPER SPELLS: sʇnƆ xɐ┴ ssɐlƆ ǝlppᴉW ʇuǝuɐɯɹǝԀ, >>>/qresearch/2190342 Permanent Middle Class Tax Cuts

>>>/qresearch/2189928 Same date as Manaforts hearing

>>>/qresearch/2190288 Calling All Meme Batters On #RussianCollusion & #RussiaSummit!, >>>/qresearch/2190338

>>>/qresearch/2190297 Mike Rotschild is tweeting about #TreasonSummit p.e

>>>/qresearch/2190326 Chinese National, MICHAEL YIN charged with Insider Trading Scheme conducted with Principal of Private Equity Fund

>>>/qresearch/2190358 Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

>>>/qresearch/2190422 Syrian govt. forces discover Israeli-made bombs in militant weapons cache

>>>/qresearch/2190429 Dark_To_Light_Moment.mp4

>>>/qresearch/2190437 POTUS said today he agrees meddling took place in September 2016. Looks like Brennan was in Moscow at the time.

>>>/qresearch/2190439 Frau Hitler Jr. dubbed "Leader of the Free World" on Wikipedia, >>>/qresearch/2190459

>>>/qresearch/2190530 Is One Grand Gallery Gone?

>>>/qresearch/2190682 #2761

#2760 >>>/qresearch/2189196 Dark To Light During WH Meeting, >>>/qresearch/2189372 Clockfags

>>>/qresearch/2189221 Irish Q-flag spotted

>>>/qresearch/2189358 Putin meant $400k, not $400 million (7-17-18)

>>>/qresearch/2189406 Browder was talking with MI6 about his plans to stop medical care for Magnitsky, which would lead to certain death

>>>/qresearch/2189409 POTUS Speech Highlights

>>>/qresearch/2189508 Back of POTUS paper, >>>/qresearch/2189621

>>>/qresearch/2189533 1911 you say?

>>>/qresearch/2189548 Ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and son Adam convicted for the 2nd time on bribery, extortion and conspiracy charges

>>>/qresearch/2189636 Greek Billionaire's Son (34) found dead in Cleveland hotel room

>>>/qresearch/2189694 Breaking 911: Special counsel Robert Mueller is seeking immunity for five witnesses who are said to testify against former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort - CBS News

>>>/qresearch/2189700 Russia wants to question Christopher Steele, Michael McFaul, top politicians for aiding Bill Browder

>>>/qresearch/2189765 Planefag Update

>>>/qresearch/2189782 Russia Withdraws 100 Servicemen Of Military Police From Syria

>>>/qresearch/2189848 #2760

#2759 >>>/qresearch/2188424 Earth Minerals: Browder/Ziff/Dan Gertler

>>>/qresearch/2188456 Bill Browder tweets after Putin/Trump Helsinki meet

>>>/qresearch/2188804 Putin: HRC Pocketed $400 Million Illegal Contribution in Tax-Free Russian Money During 2016 Election (7-16-18)

>>>/qresearch/2188827 The Royal Order of Jesters was founded in HAWAII in 1911. >>>/qresearch/2189005 1911 you say?

>>>/qresearch/2189003 Soros Files Dig

>>>/qresearch/2189071 #2759

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#2762: Thunderdomes ~ http://archive.fo/Pof3I

#2763: Distance ~ http://archive.fo/hfoh5

#2764: Dark to Light Edition ~ http://archive.fo/eyB7Z

#2765: Can't Cuck the Tuck Edition ~ http://archive.fo/FtNGc

#2765 >>>/qresearch/2193156 Rep. Smith and Rep. Jayapal working on bill to abolish ICE

>>>/qresearch/2193534 LP says Anti-Trump Texts "Mean Exactly What They Say"

>>>/qresearch/2193562, >>>/qresearch/2193576, >>>/qresearch/2193624, >>>/qresearch/2193637 Another Attorney Acting Under 28 U.S.C. Section 515

>>>/qresearch/2193599 POTUS Schedule Update

>>>/qresearch/2193765 #2765

#2764 >>>/qresearch/2192290 QClock Connection on Dark To Light

>>>/qresearch/2192323 Trump Opinion Poll

>>>/qresearch/2192390 Glider Flying over POTUS Dig Cont.

>>>/qresearch/2192464 How Americans View Relations with Russia

>>>/qresearch/2192488 Czech minister resigns over plagiarism allegations

>>>/qresearch/2192508, >>>/qresearch/2192566 Something Habbening in Chicago near Trump Tower

>>>/qresearch/2192591 Side by Side re: Google Outage/Lights go out

>>>/qresearch/2192663 Trump Approved Press Conference Of Russian Indictments To Strengthen Hand Against Putin @DailyCaller

>>>/qresearch/2192793 Timing and Pace of the The Plan

>>>/qresearch/2192857, >>>/qresearch/2192911 New POTUS Tweets

>>>/qresearch/2192982 #2765

#2763 >>>/qresearch/2191595, >>>/qresearch/2191629 Review of "Dark to Light" and "Should the Lights go out" Q Posts

>>>/qresearch/2191711 UK and Ecuador Possibly Conspiring to Extradite Assange to US

>>>/qresearch/2191725 Mueller seeks immunity, anonymity for 5 'potential witnesses' in Manafort trial

>>>/qresearch/2191892, >>>/qresearch/2192032 Nat Rothschild's Ex-Wife Dies at 49

>>>/qresearch/2191524, >>>/qresearch/2191971 Moar Sauce re: Voting Machine Vendor Installing Remote-Access Software

>>>/qresearch/2192051 Human remains found ‘almost every day’ behind Toronto property linked to Bruce McArthur

>>>/qresearch/2191710, >>>/qresearch/2192075, >>>/qresearch/2191882, >>>/qresearch/2191949, >>>/qresearch/2192121 Possible Connection Between Glider and SS Agent Death (Call for Digging)

>>>/qresearch/2192084, >>>/qresearch/2192177 Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Warns Intel Community May Begin to “Withhold Vital Intelligence” From President Trump

>>>/qresearch/2192219 #2763

#2762 >>>/qresearch/2190744 Trump Blasts John Brennan as a 'very bad person'

>>>/qresearch/2190811 Several Homeland Security advisory council members resign over new Trump Immigration Laws

>>>/qresearch/2190988 Russia Is rapidly liquidating its US Treasury Holdings

>>>/qresearch/2191035 Intel Chair: FBI, DOJ Obstructing Trump Probe in Hope of Dem Takeover in Congress

>>>/qresearch/2191077 US & Russia still under 1999 treaty on mutual assistance on criminal cases

>>>/qresearch/2191119 Honolulu Star Bulletin, Saturday Oct 19, 1912.

>>>/qresearch/2191274 USSS Agent who had a stroke while in Scotland w/ POTUS has died

>>>/qresearch/2191431 #2762

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#2766: Keep Calm and Brrrt On Edition ~ http://archive.fo/NdDC2

#2767 Lisa Page Appears to be Giving Honest Information Edition ~ http://archive.fo/5ZxPw

#2768 All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down Edition ~ http://archive.fo/x9o8f

#2769: White Squall Edition ~ http://archive.fo/eUwAG

#2770: Burn the Midnight Oil Edition ~ http://archive.fo/8Vv7M

#2770 >>>/qresearch/2197321 UK: Good news is bad pedos jailed. Bad news is… this is a bad one anons.

>>>/qresearch/2197288 Steve King defends Free Speech on the Internet, other Reps just want more bans.

>>>/qresearch/2197301 Oz: Why you gotta keep stealing our data, Zuck? FB, bad hombres & Queensland

>>>/qresearch/2197175 Excerpts from Killing of William Browder, "an interesting/gripping spy novel"

>>>/qresearch/2197158 When No Name Breathes, He Breathes Treason: Defends Delivering Steele Dossier

>>>/qresearch/2197085 Texas Instruments CEO: Add 1 to the Resignations list, multiplying like flies!

>>>/qresearch/2197061 Fake News CNN runs its racket mis-quoting Czar Vlad. Vlad is not amused.

>>>/qresearch/2197003 LiveMe deletes half million accounts of kids under 13yo bc pedo exploitation exposed

>>>/qresearch/2197711 #2770

#2769 >>>/qresearch/2196239, >>>/qresearch/2196406 Second Sharpie Text from POTUS Presser

>>>/qresearch/2196294, >>>/qresearch/2196399 Halfchan Theory "Trump Speaks in Code"

>>>/qresearch/2196602 Be Heard update

>>>/qresearch/2196621 Clockfag Theory re: Timestamps Layout Hex Values

>>>/qresearch/2196636 Analysis on Shill Tactics

>>>/qresearch/2196698, >>>/qresearch/2196683, >>>/qresearch/2196753 Digs on Browder and No-name

>>>/qresearch/2196637 Open Society Foundation Hacked - Dump on Halfchan

>>>/qresearch/2196908 #2769

#2768 >>>/qresearch/2195407, >>>/qresearch/2195416 Four Years Ago, Desperate MH17 “Intelligence” Spin

>>>/qresearch/2195408 Meaning of White Squall (For newfags)

>>>/qresearch/2195421 New POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2195641 Vin Lananna resigns as TrackTown USA president

>>>/qresearch/2195688 U.S. Charges Second Honduran Congressman in Drug Trafficking Conspiracy

>>>/qresearch/2195696, >>>/qresearch/2195704, >>>/qresearch/2195711 WAR ROOM OP SWAMPMOP Update

>>>/qresearch/2195907 Theresa May told Brexit rebels: back me or we hold an election

>>>/qresearch/2196082 #2768

#2767 >>>/qresearch/2195062 NSA and Cyber Command to coordinate actions to counter Russian election interference in 2018 amid absence of White House guidance

>>>/qresearch/2195021 Paul Craig Roberts: "Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?"

>>>/qresearch/2195019 A little Q for those missing him…

>>>/qresearch/2194875 Forensic evidence confirms DNC hack was a local job per former NSA Tech Director Bill Binney. Interview with Toni Collins of America Restored.

>>>/qresearch/2194623 Q post connection to RR Russia Indictment release?

>>>/qresearch/2195313 #2767

#2766 >>>/qresearch/2194389 Scientists invent a magnet to detect tumor cells (CURES)

>>>/qresearch/2194312 Traitor Comey Tweets

>>>/qresearch/2194175 Trump: Obama handling of Russian election interference more suspicious than timing of Mueller Russian indictments

>>>/qresearch/2194112 ClockFag Update for the ClockFags

>>>/qresearch/2193895 Dems want a hold on hearings for Trump’s CFPB nominee

>>>/qresearch/2193833 Trump-Endorsed Rep. Roby Wins Alabama GOP runoff

>>>/qresearch/2194546 #2766

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#2771: God I love POTUS Edition ~ http://archive.fo/GiGtY

#2772: Do We Need Justice... Or Just I.C.E.? Edition ~ http://archive.fo/GF0RU

#2773 English Muffin Edition ~ http://archive.fo/AO8EM

#2773 >>>/qresearch/2199744 The prisoners Obama sent back to Iran weren’t random businessmen (Dig with assistance requested)

>>>/qresearch/2199694, >>>/qresearch/2199765 Russian & Syrian Authorities Set Up Centre for Refugees Returning from Syria & Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2199693 Intel Operative who Altered Obama’s Passport Records Turned FBI Informant on Boss John Brennan, Then Turned Up Murdered in D.C.

>>>/qresearch/2199689 Strzok's Coke Bottle (cooperating) and Kate Brown & The Hammonds.

>>>/qresearch/2199580 US Launches National Security Probe on Uranium Imports

>>>/qresearch/2199477 PaulSperry Twat & RealClear Investigations Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2199455 Dig on Q-Post 988 & Request for Backup

>>>/qresearch/2199446 Planefag Reports/Digs

>>>/qresearch/2199427 Townhall.Com - It’s Undeniable: Trump Is Blessed With Really Stupid Enemies

>>>/qresearch/2199426, >>>/qresearch/2199500, >>>/qresearch/2199510 Journalist 2 revealed a few weeks ago. Mockingbird media in action.

>>>/qresearch/2199422 Potus Press Twat on Voter ID

>>>/qresearch/2199378 WaTime "…The ex-President didn't really want to pardon Marc Rich. The Israelis or the Mossad or the Jews made him do it."

>>>/qresearch/2199366 House bill offers $5B for Trump's border wall, security

#2772 >>>/qresearch/2199027 Planefag NOTEABLE

>>>/qresearch/2198577 Nukes Nukes and More Nukes info digs.

>>>/qresearch/2198613 Democrats, Establishment Media Want War with Russia

>>>/qresearch/2198659 Michael McFaul - US Envoy to Russia during Obama

>>>/qresearch/2198699 Anons who are diabetic or who have friends and family who are should read this

Interesting Twitter post by Mike Flynn Jr….#Weinergate

>>>/qresearch/2198704, >>>/qresearch/2198718, >>>/qresearch/2198731, >>>/qresearch/2198749, >>>/qresearch/2198767, >>>/qresearch/2198811, >>>/qresearch/2198853

>>>/qresearch/2198899 Browder diggin

>>>/qresearch/2198672 A big regional bank is set to be freed from Fed oversight

>>>/qresearch/2198693 Democrat: Russian election meddling is a '9/11 national emergency'

>>>/qresearch/2198809, >>>/qresearch/2198897 7$ Billion Russian Money laundered + Planefag evidence of flights.

>>>/qresearch/2198908 Hint from speech

>>>/qresearch/2198989 Techfag interdestingness

>>>/qresearch/2199013 Rep. Steve Cohen Melts Down, Defends Tweet Calling for Military Coup

>>>/qresearch/2199028 Swiss banking CEO is down is BIG NEWS.

>>>/qresearch/2199073 Oregon - Art Gallery [[[The One Gallery’]]] Faces Backlash Over Trump ISIS Beheading Display

>>>/qresearch/2199108 Anon dig on Soros involved pressure to influence USA voter registration and elections systems (pic related).

>>>/qresearch/2199121 Comey twats on himself

>>>/qresearch/2199086 [BHO] quote from 2013 on Russia

>>>/qresearch/2198500 #2772

#2771 >>>/qresearch/2198298 Resignations mount: Swiss Raiffeisen CEO Quits, Criminal Probe Hangs Over Bank

>>>/qresearch/2198270 Speech vid: Bill Browder Discusses Family Origins as Communist Party Leaders

>>>/qresearch/2198208 Super-potent Cringe Supplement: Tribute song to RBG (if diet low in Cringe)

>>>/qresearch/2198176 Just a Coincidence? Trump's Derangement Tweet and Army Trial Defense Service

>>>/qresearch/2198171 Diggin' 'SAEDA and 5S' Military Intelligence Manuals. Very Familiar FORMATTING

>>>/qresearch/2198100 This meme. My sides.

>>>/qresearch/2197989, >>>/qresearch/2198089 Takes on Gohmert's I'view: “The guilty dogs are barking pretty loud”

>>>/qresearch/2197938 Weapons-grade Nagging from Dems: Demand Trump's Helsinki Interpreter Testify

>>>/qresearch/2197814 $5b fine for Goog from the EU, stocks in the red. Retaliation for Tariffs?

>>>/qresearch/2197824, >>>/qresearch/2197846, >>>/qresearch/2197877 Digg'it: Browder, Deripaska, Glencore, Och-Ziff, No Name

>>>/qresearch/2198492 #2771

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#2774 Moar & Moar I See a Red Wave Coming Edition ~ http://archive.fo/QBxCO

#2775 Is it Typical for Congress to Interview Presidential Interpreter Edition ~ http://archive.fo/DARGj

#2776: "Real Bread, Real Dough" Edition ~ http://archive.fo/MOzvP

#2777: "CONSPIRACY NO MORE!" Edition ~ http://archive.fo/b7pnJ

#2778: Look there or [here] Edition ~ http://archive.fo/E86Sg

#2778 >>>/qresearch/2203304 Great spygate/clinton emails graphics.

>>>/qresearch/2203305 Mueller going after Ryan Zinke.

>>>/qresearch/2203542 Trump to sign unknown executive order tomorrow.

>>>/qresearch/2203551 Ohio GOP leader resigns over Helsinki summit.

>>>/qresearch/2203582 List of possibly significant recent resignations.

>>>/qresearch/2203604 Man claims to have carried out ritual killings for occult group of medical personnel.

>>>/qresearch/2203678 Cybersecurity breaches during Obama administration graphic.

#2777 >>>/qresearch/2202911 Q on NBC. (https://archive.is/iGd3N)

>>>/qresearch/2202674 Q Merchandise on NBC news.

>>>/qresearch/2203102 Xfire Hurricane, Fusion GPS, Life Log/FB Graphic.

#2776 >>>/qresearch/2201663 Sheriff Accused of Holding Cocaine Parties for Fellow Cops to Rape Underage Girls

>>>/qresearch/2201670 #BROWDERGATE

>>>/qresearch/2201671 Smugglers Using Unaccompanied Minors to Carry Drugs Across Mexican Border, Say Feds

>>>/qresearch/2201683 The Summit- Re-writing history…EVERYTHING has meaning

>>>/qresearch/2201741 Facebook: Russian election meddling limited to 'a few thousand' of some 2 billion posts

>>>/qresearch/2201815 Texas’s New Sanctuary City Bill – “No Freebies or Help For Illegals!”

>>>/qresearch/2201927 "Conspiracy App" (Q on MSNBC), >>>/qresearch/2201955, >>>/qresearch/2201973, >>>/qresearch/2201974

>>>/qresearch/2202099 Chicago mulls 'universal basic income' testing, 'direct cash transfers to people'

>>>/qresearch/2202131 US Stocks Extend Gains As Yuan Tumbles To 12-Month Lows

>>>/qresearch/2202168 DEVELOPING: American University in Washington on lock-down after ‘armed intruder’ report - KVVU

>>>/qresearch/2202186 Apple, Google cashed in on Pizzagate-offshoot conspiracy app

>>>/qresearch/2202201 Many a truth is said in jest? (The Onion)

>>>/qresearch/2202275 TRUMP Investigating Uranium Imports…possible lead in to U1??

#2775 >>>/qresearch/2200897 Kellyanne Conway's nod to the board on Fox and Friends this morning…

>>>/qresearch/2200903 Texas set to pass Iraq, Iran as world's third largest oil producer

>>>/qresearch/2200925 Judge Jeanine v. Feckless Cunts (tomorrow)

>>>/qresearch/2201096 Steve Bannon's Plan to Take Down the Banking Cartel? CryptoCurrencies

>>>/qresearch/2201104 "Former President Barack Obama was “actually my greatest disappointment…” (Soros quote)

>>>/qresearch/2201128 Facebook's Instagram Has Up To 95 Million Bots

>>>/qresearch/2201212 Four Democratic states misrepresent conservative writer in lawsuit against tax reform

>>>/qresearch/2201291 Daycare-provider who hanged toddler gets probation

>>>/qresearch/2201345 US-backed Forces Capture Sixteen Villages From ISIS In Eastern Syria (Map)

>>>/qresearch/2201452 Russian Activist Butina Pleads Not Guilty in Washington Courtroom, >>>/qresearch/2201482

>>>/qresearch/2201510 RNC raises $213 million ‘fastest ever,’ 99% small donors…

#2774 >>>/qresearch/2200463, >>>/qresearch/2200504, >>>/qresearch/2200531, >>>/qresearch/2200560 Five things to know about Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska & Moar Deripaska Info

>>>/qresearch/2200429 How to Solve a Q Crumb (Advice from an Anon)

>>>/qresearch/2200416, >>>/qresearch/2200427, >>>/qresearch/2200512 DIG, The Obama White House’s high-profile prisoner swap with Iran in 2016 was a much bigger gift to Iran than the administration ever let on

>>>/qresearch/2200378 Brad Parscale Twat So much winning Anon and we are not even tired yet

>>>/qresearch/2200359 Israel’s nukes, not Syria: Man kicked out from Trump-Putin summit says AP misquoted him

>>>/qresearch/2200354 Alaska Democratic congressional candidate doesn't live in state — or plan to campaign there

>>>/qresearch/2200276 Trump-Backed Republican Rep. Roby Wins District Runoff

>>>/qresearch/2200202 Boris Johnson savages Theresa May’s Chequers plan and says it’s ‘not too late to save Brexit’ in devastating resignation speech

>>>/qresearch/2200158 BREAKING: Heathrow Airport EMERGENCY as all flights stopped

>>>/qresearch/2200148, >>>/qresearch/2200197, >>>/qresearch/2200156, >>>/qresearch/2200388 Digs & Info on Bill Browder

>>>/qresearch/2200136 Mike Flynn, Jr rt of Sarah Carter Ripping Brennan

>>>/qresearch/2200800 #2774

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#2779: Edition ~ http://archive.fo/RPRPt

#2780: Patriots Stand Together Edition ~ http://archive.fo/QrI7p

#2781: They Want Us Divided Edition ~ http://archive.fo/SnALv

#2782: Public Will Learn Edition ~ http://archive.fo/dohmF

#2782 >>>/qresearch/2206464 Soros and Browder thought Putin would fall two years ago

>>>/qresearch/2206535 Video from yesterday of POTUS calling out Brennan

>>>/qresearch/2206595 >>>/qresearch/2206602 >>>/qresearch/2206612 Definitions of Treason, Sedition, and Rebellion/Insurrection

>>>/qresearch/2206642 POTUS: No Confidence in Intelligence Led by Brennan, Clapper, Comey

>>>/qresearch/2206734, >>>/qresearch/2206754, >>>/qresearch/2206734 WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history (repost)

>>>/qresearch/2206720 >>>/qresearch/2206761 James Packer has resigned from 22 Australian company directorships

>>>/qresearch/2206806 Leaked Netanyahu Tape: We Made Trump Cancel The Iran Deal

>>>/qresearch/2206760 Our Job is to Prepare, not just Q Proofs, TRUMP Proofs

>>>/qresearch/2207133 #2782

#2781 >>>/qresearch/2205598 Kim Jong-Un calls his ambassadors overseas back to Pyongyang

>>>/qresearch/2205662 Dig on Oregon Gov. Kate Brown

>>>/qresearch/2205595 Is The Onion Reading Q?

>>>/qresearch/2205738 Iodide Poisoning Presenting as a Mimic of Acute Stroke

>>>/qresearch/2205762 NBC Video Clip re: Qdrops/Qanon

>>>/qresearch/2205740 Cultural Significance

>>>/qresearch/2205961 Director Wray: "Chinese Espionage investigations open in all 50 States"

>>>/qresearch/2205893, >>>/qresearch/2205977 Judge 'Kate Forrest' Resigns - Has Ties to 8ch

>>>/qresearch/2205873, >>>/qresearch/2205887, >>>/qresearch/2205896, >>>/qresearch/2206041 Possible 4AM Talking Points?-NYT Gets Leaks Again

>>>/qresearch/2206315 #2781

#2780 >>>/qresearch/2204806 Update on Perkins Coie's Handling of Jim Jordan Ohio State Investigation

>>>/qresearch/2204896 Koch Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg Open Borders Groups Try to Revive DACA Amnesty

>>>/qresearch/2204948 San Francisco Opens Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections

>>>/qresearch/2204838 Nikki Haley Slams Human Rights Council as ‘Greatest Failure’ of the UN

>>>/qresearch/2205175 Six Men Sentenced for International Child Pornography Ring

>>>/qresearch/2205294 Clockfag Update

>>>/qresearch/2205331 New POTUS Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2205511 #2780

#2779 >>>/qresearch/2204084 Putin Asked Trump For Permission To Interrogate Obama's Ambassador

>>>/qresearch/2204364 Initial cost for Trump military parade comes in at $12 million, DoD says (Date Moved to 11.10)

>>>/qresearch/2204361 Dennis Rodman Wants to Bring Kanye West With Him to North Korea

>>>/qresearch/2204552 First Lady of Guatemala visits Tucson AZ Sector Border Patrol

>>>/qresearch/2204726 #2779

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#2783: We Have More Than We Know Edition ~ http://archive.fo/pre9U

#2784 Is Blacklist Anon a LARP? Edition ~ http://archive.fo/aYsNP

#2785 Standby for Friday NewsDump Edition ~ http://archive.fo/rbI5Z

#2786: The Calm In The Storm Edition! ~ http://archive.fo/d4PEb

#2787: BO is a Real Deal Edition ~ http://archive.fo/vLOxE

#2787 >>>/qresearch/2210372 DJT looking forward to “second summit” with Putin

>>>/qresearch/2210394 Active shooter at DC hospital

>>>/qresearch/2210419 Seymour Stein out at Warner Music after 51 years

>>>/qresearch/2210444 House votes to disavow “carbon tax”

>>>/qresearch/2210632 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/2210635 ; >>>/qresearch/2210649 Peru’s Supreme Court president resigns over corruption scandal

>>>/qresearch/2210688 Page more forthcoming about Strzok texts

>>>/qresearch/2210978 Payseur and Rothschild family connections

>>>/qresearch/2211018 Comes covered up China hack of HRC emails (more sauce pending)

>>>/qresearch/2211037 Wray threatens to quit if DJT invites Russian agents to US

>>>/qresearch/2211036 #2787

#2786 >>>/qresearch/2210270 TEDx Speaker Pushing to Normalize Pedophilia

>>>/qresearch/2210102 CNN's Jeff Zucker Will Take 6 Weeks Off For Heart Surgery

>>>/qresearch/2210105 DOJ: Six Men Sentenced for Their Roles in an Intn'l CP Production Ring

>>>/qresearch/2209836, >>>/qresearch/2209877, >>>/qresearch/2209918, >>>/qresearch/2209961 POTUS is up and tweeting

>>>/qresearch/2209715, >>>/qresearch/2209718 22 people injured in California military base tent collapse

>>>/qresearch/2209705 Showin' 'em how it's done: Hungary Pulls Out of U.N. Migration Agreement

>>>/qresearch/2209693, >>>/qresearch/2209742, >>>/qresearch/2209753, >>>/qresearch/2209864, >>>/qresearch/2210002, >>>/qresearch/2210113, >>>/qresearch/2210123, >>>/qresearch/2210209 Clockfag analysis

>>>/qresearch/2209647 Low-IQ Maxine warns supporters of possible 'armed protests' against her

>>>/qresearch/2209646, >>>/qresearch/2209677, >>>/qresearch/2209765 Article lists Muh Russia RINO's Screeching Loudest

>>>/qresearch/2209637, >>>/qresearch/2209818 NZ: Bill Browder Doc'y: Magnitsky Act Behind the Scenes, 4ch thread

>>>/qresearch/2209593 Pennsylvania Army Depot Explosion Leaves at Least 3 injured, Chemical Burns

>>>/qresearch/2209589, >>>/qresearch/2209640 NYC: Five-steam-pipe Explosion, Anniversary of Grand Central 2007

>>>/qresearch/2209531 OIG Findings/Investigation of 2 DOJ Supervisory Atty's for Sex Miscond.

>>>/qresearch/2210292 #2786

#2785 >>>/qresearch/2208811 Very good graphic for the server scandals

>>>/qresearch/2208911 Tunrbull says the pope should sack Australia Archbishop

>>>/qresearch/2208781 Trump wouldn't give the media a show in Russia, so they're mad

>>>/qresearch/2209225 No one believes russiagate

>>>/qresearch/2209545 #2785

#2784 >>>/qresearch/2208425 BlacklistAnon's posts to date (links)

>>>/qresearch/2208399, >>>/qresearch/2208471 BlacklistAnon makes corrections and a suggestion

>>>/qresearch/2208068 Reference for BA's posts

>>>/qresearch/2208245 Magnitsky dig

>>>/qresearch/2208277 LaGarde dig (IMF)

>>>/qresearch/2208408, >>>/qresearch/2208473 Servers synopsis

>>>/qresearch/2208437, >>>/qresearch/2208676 Dems who voted against ICE + 133 cowardly faggots who wimped out

>>>/qresearch/2208004, >>>/qresearch/2208220, >>>/qresearch/2208244 Digs on Payseur; Macron, Kerry, Pickle Factory linked

>>>/qresearch/2208508 Anon suggests Hanglider guy was a message

>>>/qresearch/2177761, >>>/qresearch/2191274, >>>/qresearch/2205738 Anon researches SS agent stroke

>>>/qresearch/2208674 Germany puts another nail in its coffin

>>>/qresearch/2208706 #2784

#2783 >>>/qresearch/2207459 Prosecutors reviewing fatal overdose of man who died at home of prominent Democratic donor

>>>/qresearch/2207326 Bill Browder, Hermitage capital, RSM and Loop Capital

>>>/qresearch/2207663 Michael Latt dig

>>>/qresearch/2207602 Q Group in NSA. Probably an oldie-but-goodie

>>>/qresearch/2207895 UK cops say they have lead/identity of Skirpal/Novichok poisoners

>>>/qresearch/2207909 Blacklist Anon's latest posts

>>>/qresearch/2207911 #2783

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#2788: Never Give Up, Never Surrender Edition ~ http://archive.fo/NckE5

#2789: Stay Awake, Be Ready Edition ~ http://archive.fo/vzNNP

#2790: Patience and Vigilance Edition ~ http://archive.fo/uYlE7

#2791: The Bear Will Leave It's Cave Forever ~ http://archive.fo/IFqBL

#2791 >>>/qresearch/2213540 Russia Meddling totally fake and gay

>>>/qresearch/2213635 Arkansas Executive Director of Non-Profit Pleads Guilty

>>>/qresearch/2213660, >>>/qresearch/2213664 James Packer resigns from 22 boards citing 'Mental Illness'

>>>/qresearch/2213665, >>>/qresearch/2213721 Sketchy Playboy competitor 'Arsenic'

>>>/qresearch/2213704, >>>/qresearch/2213734 Planefag keeps an eye on bolton

>>>/qresearch/2214039 Trump slams the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates

>>>/qresearch/2214159 Jeff Flake proves his cabal allegance…again

>>>/qresearch/2214165 Raniere Crime ORg investigation update

#2790 >>>/qresearch/2212779 Neocons and Dems attack POTUS for making peace.

>>>/qresearch/2212796 Hungary Joins US in withdrawing from UN Global Migration Agreement

>>>/qresearch/2212812 John Bolton invites President Putin to White House at POTUS's request

>>>/qresearch/2212854 POTUS's focus on workforce development continues to pay off

>>>/qresearch/2212880 Keith Ellison larps as a potential Attorney General

>>>/qresearch/2212939 Mueller Releases 500 pieces of evidence in Manafort Trial, still no evidence of Collusion

>>>/qresearch/2212893, >>>/qresearch/2213065, >>>/qresearch/2213107 Aldobrandini dig

>>>/qresearch/2213379 Justice Unequal is Justice Perverted @POTUS_Schedule

>>>/qresearch/2213528, >>>/qresearch/2213527, >>>/qresearch/2213532 Interesting information potentially tying together recent events

#2789 >>>/qresearch/2211953 Putin slams “pathetic cabal” undermining America-Russia relations

>>>/qresearch/2211979 Dig on Strzok, Wojcicki, and Jarrett’s Iran connections

>>>/qresearch/2211982 ; >>>/qresearch/2212130 Economic trouble in China

>>>/qresearch/2211998 ; >>>/qresearch/2212123 ; >>>/qresearch/2212485 Brennan found in Mueller evidence cache and Anon speculation, and more digs on addresses

>>>/qresearch/2212116 Turkish sex cult leader arrested for terrorism and child rape

>>>/qresearch/2212131 Trump 2020 video

>>>/qresearch/2212167 Dig on Katherine Archleta, director of US Office of Personnel Management under Hussein

>>>/qresearch/2212212 Zuckerberg warns break-up of Facebook will lead to Chinese tech dominance

>>>/qresearch/2212428 Rand Paul: “Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially come to the Senate.”

>>>/qresearch/2212672 NEW EO

>>>/qresearch/2212629 #2789

#2788 >>>/qresearch/2211141 CP ring taken down in Detroit

>>>/qresearch/2211272 Dig on Nicole Wong, GOOG, twat, and Perkins Coie partner

>>>/qresearch/2211509 Report states Mossad gave EU law enforcement intel on Iranian plans to bomb the MEK conference

>>>/qresearch/2211511 “So What If Q Doesn’t Post Anymore?”

>>>/qresearch/2211518 Former background investigator for the feds pleads guilty to making a false statement

>>>/qresearch/2211625 ; >>>/qresearch/2211641 Bernie Sanders’ strategist named in new cache of Mueller evidence

>>>/qresearch/2211682 Digging avenue for Rabin and Strasberg, political consultants for the Dems

>>>/qresearch/2211828 #2788

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#2792: Through The Night Edition! ~ http://archive.fo/RKaiX

#2793: Evening Tides Edition ~ http://archive.fo/J9keg

#2794: Immunity and Trusting the Plan Edition ~ http://archive.fo/8tpjl

#2795: Sweet Sweet Intelligence Community Tears Edition ~ http://archive.fo/NBE0X

#2796 Q Can't Give Us Crumbs Now Without Alerting (((Them))) Edition ~ http://archive.fo/k7Pfi

#2796 >>>/qresearch/2218249 Missouri tourist boat accident kills 11

>>>/qresearch/2218188 Bernie’s Chief Strategist Contacted Former Russian Spy b4 Joining Campaign

>>>/qresearch/2218001, >>>/qresearch/2218008 Autists have not left the room, rehash the nature of Q drops

>>>/qresearch/2217984 Clockfag has an encouraging prediction for Sunday

>>>/qresearch/2217885 Japan: No-confidence vote brought against Abe's cabinet. Swamp-draining?

>>>/qresearch/2217931 Dedicated BlackList Thread

>>>/qresearch/2217671, >>>/qresearch/2217657, >>>/qresearch/2217761, >>>/qresearch/2217777, >>>/qresearch/2217833, >>>/qresearch/2217814 Blacklist diggs

>>>/qresearch/2217666 POTUS: No Confidence in Intelligence Led by Brennan, Clapper, Comey

>>>/qresearch/2217631, >>>/qresearch/2217649 Anons discuss/sauce Podesta Immunity Theories re: Manafort Case

>>>/qresearch/2217682 Digg on Kurt Campbell of Asia Group, from Podesta [HRC]-China email lb

>>>/qresearch/2217617 POTUS opens investigation into Uranium imports, mebbe pre new tariffs?

>>>/qresearch/2218388 #2796

#2795 >>>/qresearch/2217209 Dig on Viacom/Childrens Programming, Nickelodeon

>>>/qresearch/2217173 Highly Probable InfoWars Shills (List)

>>>/qresearch/2217049 A former adviser to Hillary Clinton hired a Mariachi band to play outside of the White House in an effort to disrupt President Trump’s sleep on Wednesday night

>>>/qresearch/2216996 Not for display, for actual USE

>>>/qresearch/2216900 Pedowood happening with Guardians of Galaxy's James Gunn (just jokes or not?)

>>>/qresearch/2216850 THIS is the database Fusion had access to

>>>/qresearch/2216787, >>>/qresearch/2217399 Horry Shit… Who is Brooke Mueller - Maybe Notable, Maybe Not (worth a look)

>>>/qresearch/2217577 #2795

#2794 >>>/qresearch/2216543 Muh Intelligence Community cries bc kept in the dark re: Trump-Putin mtg

>>>/qresearch/2216373 Our Quebecois Freres remember a French Canadian Moment for the GreatAwakening

>>>/qresearch/2216284 Petition to remove Mad Maxine has reached its goal (Go Anons, Go!!)

>>>/qresearch/2216181, >>>/qresearch/2216189 No Name's Muh Moderate Rebels and Evacuations from Pro-Assad towns

>>>/qresearch/2216144 Massive LEO Active Shooter Drill In South Carolina

>>>/qresearch/2216120 Taking back our judiciary, TY POTUS! Breaks record for conservative appts

>>>/qresearch/2216082 WIN: NYC sued to hold oil co's liable for muh Climate Change. Judge said NO.

>>>/qresearch/2216072, >>>/qresearch/2216037, >>>/qresearch/2216218, >>>/qresearch/2216579 Clockfag basics/analysis, Jun21 mirrors today

>>>/qresearch/2216042 Hot war outside Low-IQ Maxine's: Flag-burning, Oath Keepers, & "Black Power"

>>>/qresearch/2216030, >>>/qresearch/2216012, >>>/qresearch/2216272, >>>/qresearch/2216272, >>>/qresearch/2216305 Manafort Qdrops, Podesta Immunity

>>>/qresearch/2216740 #2794

#2793 >>>/qresearch/2215603 Lookback: Podesta email teasing [HRC] and US-China affairs

>>>/qresearch/2215587 Running scared, now trying to smear Nunes. Good luck with that.

>>>/qresearch/2215583 New tactic of (((them))): Is the enemy of your enemy reall your fren?

>>>/qresearch/2215355, >>>/qresearch/2215563 Clockfag analysis

>>>/qresearch/2215295, >>>/qresearch/2215441 Anons' takes on Public Domain vs. Mueller Evidence, Manafort/Banks

>>>/qresearch/2215188, >>>/qresearch/2215189 Q-dropped Carl Ghattas Digg, cont'd fr FBI cybersecurity note lb

>>>/qresearch/2215180 A pinch of WINNING: Dems attempts to subpoena POTUS interpreter BTFO'd

>>>/qresearch/2215170, >>>/qresearch/2215173 Hussein in Africa: Tanzania b4 Kenya. What's Switzerland's role?

>>>/qresearch/2215163 Tucker chiron: Mueller offered Tony Podesta Immunity to Testify v. Manafort

>>>/qresearch/2215919 #2793

#2792 >>>/qresearch/2214417 Summary of U1 according to NYT (typed link sauce >>>/qresearch/2215166 #2793)

>>>/qresearch/2215044 Clockfag Update: JFK

>>>/qresearch/2214838 Pompeo: Trump Set Up Communications Channel With Russia in Helsinki

>>>/qresearch/2214726 Anti-who? Google will host a talk next month on the topic of “white fragility,”

>>>/qresearch/2214687, >>>/qresearch/2214718 CrowdStrike guy that did forensics on DNC servers, FBI under Mueller

>>>/qresearch/2214547, >>>/qresearch/2214580 Shake ups in FBI cyber security: Resignations & 2015 CP sentence

>>>/qresearch/2214391 Another article trying to discredit QAnon, 4chan, and our WINNING

>>>/qresearch/2215098 #2792

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#2797: Night Comfies Edition ~ http://archive.fo/fi327

#2798: James Gunn Creepfest Edition ~ http://archive.fo/ICiG4

#2799: Perve Round-up Continues Edition ~ http://archive.fo/mCEsl

#2799 >>>/qresearch/2219990 Kenya - Three arrested over trafficking of 21 underage Nepalese girls, >>>/qresearch/2220048 More about Kenya's Human Trafficking Problem

>>>/qresearch/2220014 Alabama Sheriff under investigation for allegedly hosting underage sex parties

>>>/qresearch/2220019 Father of two Parkland Shooting Survivors Killed after Robbery, >>>/qresearch/2220064 Robber returned after looting money to shoot Father one more time

>>>/qresearch/2220031 Swampdrain? Top FBI Cybersecurity officials to leave the FBI, >>>/qresearch/2220016, >>>/qresearch/2220255, >>>/qresearch/2220527

>>>/qresearch/2220110 Thai woman sentenced to 10.5 years in prison in one of the largest human trafficking cases in Switzerland.

>>>/qresearch/2220126 Prince Charles talking? Gives evidence at child sex abuse inquiry

>>>/qresearch/2220131 POTUS tweets about Missouri boat accident: "May God be with you all!"

>>>/qresearch/2220148 Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania, gave millions to groups advocating for taxing families 'to the hilt' for 'irresponsible breeding' while promoti >>>/qresearch/2220165 Germany - At least 200 billion euros in human trafficking

>>>/qresearch/2220165 Germany - At least 200 billion euros in human trafficking

>>>/qresearch/2220194 POTUS tweets about China, the EU and the manipulation of interest rates, >>>/qresearch/2220270 raises eyebrow on the penalization the U.S. receives

>>>/qresearch/2220206 Trump moves piece on FED

>>>/qresearch/2220247 Dig on Lloyd Blankfein's Trail + The Rigged Market, >>>/qresearch/2220364, >>>/qresearch/2220443, >>>/qresearch/2220483, >>>/qresearch/2220488

>>>/qresearch/2220267 China's Economy is not that solid as they make it seem

>>>/qresearch/2220317 NK Slavery numbers surprisingly high in UK & Use

>>>/qresearch/2220345 Pentagon: US-backed militias holding 600 (of which 40 are Russians) foreign fighters in custody from Syria War.

>>>/qresearch/2220354 POTUS tweets on Farmers

>>>/qresearch/2220411 Anons talks about farmers, >>>/qresearch/2220509, >>>/qresearch/2220541, >>>/qresearch/2220568

>>>/qresearch/2220471 James Gunn (pedophile) tries to defend himself on 4chan, outs himself & gets slaughtered by anon. Sauces:, >>>/qresearch/2220487, >>>/qresearch/2220496

>>>/qresearch/2220606 Google owns Dunany, which will be the first trans-Atlantic cable solely owned by a non-telecom company

>>>/qresearch/2220637 James Gunn's linked to Tony "No Deals For You" Podesta

>>>/qresearch/2220737 #2799

#2798 >>>/qresearch/2219877 Protection Intensifies: POTUS threatens tariffs on $500 billion of Chinese imports

>>>/qresearch/2219817, >>>/qresearch/2219827, >>>/qresearch/2219860, >>>/qresearch/2219860 Sessions pub's Cyber-Digital Task Force Report

>>>/qresearch/2219816, >>>/qresearch/2219870 Moar Kurt Cambpbell digg: 2011 Pentagon/Tom Nides/Huma/Cheryl/Mills

>>>/qresearch/2219797 Singapore: Rachel Eng resigns from boards of Olam International & StarHub

>>>/qresearch/2219791 Czech it: Rescue Services Director Resigns over Corruption Allegations

>>>/qresearch/2219710, >>>/qresearch/2219744, >>>/qresearch/2219825 Twitter hires Nigerian (=China). Chinese IP/data grab?

>>>/qresearch/2219739 @Jack's ban-hatchet report: 58 million accounts in 4Q 2017 alone

>>>/qresearch/2219670 All your data are belong to spooks: Goog, FB, MS, & Twitter team up

>>>/qresearch/2219582 Perv Round-up continues: MA's most wanted CP fugitive arrested

>>>/qresearch/2219460, >>>/qresearch/2219479 Resignations: Malay Bank of Islam CEO & Trustee for Univ. of Louisville

>>>/qresearch/2219330 Could Qdrop re: reflected image off phone could signal other pics admissable?

>>>/qresearch/2219342, >>>/qresearch/2219585 Links to chase re: Marina Abramovich's Address. A "McCabe" surfaces

>>>/qresearch/2219283 EO creates National Council for the American Worker: Job Training stressed

>>>/qresearch/2219233, >>>/qresearch/2219242, >>>/qresearch/2219286, >>>/qresearch/2219368, >>>/qresearch/2219241, >>>/qresearch/2219244, >>>/qresearch/2219290, >>>/qresearch/2219291, >>>/qresearch/2219312, >>>/qresearch/2219324, >>>/qresearch/2219364, >>>/qresearch/2219392, >>>/qresearch/2219398, >>>/qresearch/2219579 James Gunn Diggs

>>>/qresearch/2219949 #2798

#2797 >>>/qresearch/2219048, >>>/qresearch/2219128, >>>/qresearch/2219143 Disney Dir James Gunn Creepfest: Trending/twats del

>>>/qresearch/2218955 Healing Our Lands: Connecting traffic of North & South Korea

>>>/qresearch/2218742 Flashback: Podesta Emails, Did we ever digg Marina Abramovich's Address?

>>>/qresearch/2218791 End the Fed?? What do our /pol/ cousins have to say about Trump's criticism?

>>>/qresearch/2218711, >>>/qresearch/2218688 Clockfag analysis

>>>/qresearch/2218648, >>>/qresearch/2218684 Passengers named "Kennedy" on Titanic and Lusitania. Coincidence?

>>>/qresearch/2218536, >>>/qresearch/2218563, >>>/qresearch/2218672, >>>/qresearch/2218688, >>>/qresearch/2219090 Re Qdrop: Bunker Apple Yellow Sky

>>>/qresearch/2218478 POTUS setting a trap? Will Trump Foundation suit frame Clinton Foundation?

>>>/qresearch/2219347 #2797 (ob)

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#2800: Optimus Drive ~ http://archive.fo/okK8O

#2801: Subset Primer ~ http://archive.fo/6zKtV

#2802: Like Water ~ http://archive.fo/F2eRv

#2802 >>>/qresearch/2222754 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2222444 Anon speculates , Interdesting.

>>>/qresearch/2222409, >>>/qresearch/2222416, >>>/qresearch/2222531 USA has dropped columnist Cheri Jacobus. -Epstein connects-.

>>>/qresearch/2222419, >>>/qresearch/2222864 Q clock diagrams

>>>/qresearch/2222553 [Brennen] eggs on Trump Russia probe

>>>/qresearch/2222569 Anon puts together noteable crumbs

>>>/qresearch/2222584 LEWIS CASS PAYSEUR (1850-1939) notes

>>>/qresearch/2222597 Twitter Fodder to crush the communists in NOV

>>>/qresearch/2222617, >>>/qresearch/2222557, >>>/qresearch/2222686, >>>/qresearch/2222837, >>>/qresearch/2223014 Water comment.

>>>/qresearch/2222638, >>>/qresearch/2222658 Father Of 2 Parkland Shooting Survivors Is Shot And Killed In Robbery

>>>/qresearch/2222711 CDAN drop Andy Cohen's in some trouble?

>>>/qresearch/2222776 "Prince" Charles is very friendly with PedoPriest Peter Ball

>>>/qresearch/2222818 Mueller evidence doesnt match public domain info or news

>>>/qresearch/2222838 Christopher Sharpley resigns C A Aspen.

>>>/qresearch/2222868 Facebook Suspends World's Largest Data Harvesting Firm Over Kremlin, USG-Linked Contracts

>>>/qresearch/2222876, >>>/qresearch/2222479 Israel's Defense Minister Says "Large And Painful Military Operation" Set For Gaza

>>>/qresearch/2222895 Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto Goes NUCLEAR on Crooked Hillary After She Accuses Trump WH of Not Defending Ambassador

>>>/qresearch/2222921 The Pentagon Has a ‘Ghost Soldiers’ Problem

>>>/qresearch/2222911 Interdesting Anon note

>>>/qresearch/2222896, >>>/qresearch/2222951, >>>/qresearch/2223021 Corsi Clown family? digs

>>>/qresearch/2222850 Q drop MOAB connects ?

>>>/qresearch/2222996 Russia Releases Video Of Six New Super Weapons After Trump Summit

>>>/qresearch/2223023 Clown hangout Armenia nervous about Russian war drills .

>>>/qresearch/2222343 #2802

#2801 >>>/qresearch/2221642 Anon calls for backup in creating a comprehensive archive of Notables

>>>/qresearch/2221678 Where is Joseph Misfud?, >>>/qresearch/2221837, >>>/qresearch/2221842

>>>/qresearch/2221706 POTUS & Putin discussed Russia's 2012 decision on barring adoption streams to the U.S.

>>>/qresearch/2221775 Planefag update: 2-BLUE

>>>/qresearch/2221879 Michael Franti ("musician") is a hypocrite scumbag

>>>/qresearch/2221928 CNN's Jeff Zucker on the Run?

>>>/qresearch/2222222 Get

>>>/qresearch/2222249 James Packer - RatPack Edition

>>>/qresearch/2222266 529 plan related to educational institutional tax advantages?

>>>/qresearch/2221543 #2801

#2800 >>>/qresearch/2220698 GANNETT - TEGNA - TANGENT dig, >>>/qresearch/2220711 +Correction

>>>/qresearch/2220778 Bavarian Illuminati, >>>/qresearch/2220810 RC movement in Bohemia

>>>/qresearch/2220789 Reminder: Bayer / Monsanto = The Devil Incarnate, >>>/qresearch/2220974 Nixon, Rockefeller, IG Farben, and global control.

>>>/qresearch/2220802 Rumour: Ecuador to hand of @assange to UK "In coming weeks or days"

>>>/qresearch/2220805 POTUS Clock & Tweet, >>>/qresearch/2220908 Using POTUS keywords & applying them to crumbs results in .., >>>/qresearch/2220960, >>>/qresearch/2221051

>>>/qresearch/2220810 Anons dig on Old Banking families, >>>/qresearch/2220985

>>>/qresearch/2220813 Anon, stay on guard Friday 7/27 (Satanic Holiday), >>>/qresearch/2220864, >>>/qresearch/2221284 Also Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of 21st Century Occurs July 27

>>>/qresearch/2220821 Anon looks back and rereads crumb

>>>/qresearch/2220834 Marked By The Beast: The Left Eye of Horus, >>>/qresearch/2220965, >>>/qresearch/2220983

>>>/qresearch/2220925 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in 2013 on child adoption to US under Obama: "numerous" reports of Russian adoptees being killed or abused." >>>/qresearch/2221128 Sauce

>>>/qresearch/2220933 Missouri boating accident caused by microburst or "White Squall"!, >>>/qresearch/2220975 Is there a list of casualties from the Missouri boat accident yet?

>>>/qresearch/2220942 Anons working on the Qlock, >>>/qresearch/2220980, >>>/qresearch/2220996, >>>/qresearch/2220996, >>>/qresearch/2221165

>>>/qresearch/2220978 Friday Retweets Markers

>>>/qresearch/2220984 .. so now what?

>>>/qresearch/2220991 Edmond Safra, investor/friend of Bill Browder managed to send $40 billion cash to post-soviet Russia. How?

>>>/qresearch/2221011 James Packer, Australia tycoon, quits jobs claiming "mental health issues", >>>/qresearch/2221018, >>>/qresearch/2221267, >>>/qresearch/2221340

>>>/qresearch/2221025 Stef Blok, Dutch Foreign Minister, calls Suriname a failed multicultural state. Ironically, he represents a government that promoted, and has for 30 years, the glory of multiculturalism

>>>/qresearch/2221114 Kimberly Guilfoyle leaving Fox and taking a job at Trump-backed super PAC America First, >>>/qresearch/2221125

>>>/qresearch/2221176 Federal judge ruled that expert witnesses can claim in court that Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer causes cancer

>>>/qresearch/2221234 Mu'hbballahb goes mad in Germany & stabs people on Bus. Reported injuris between 8-14, >>>/qresearch/2221386

>>>/qresearch/2221273 Anons, take notice

>>>/qresearch/2221296 Kurds/US approaching from the Desert on ISIS strongholds

>>>/qresearch/2221299 FBI Resignation name: Assistant Director Ghattas Described as McCabe’s “Right Hand Man” >>>/qresearch/2221315 James Gunn, Disney Director, has made crude Child Rape jokes

>>>/qresearch/2221519 #2801

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#2803 Q Forever ! ~ http://archive.fo/NGMo3

#2804 Who Were the Plants & How Many Were There Edition ~ http://archive.fo/IUGdz

#2805 Friday Night and A Break from the Week Edition ~ http://archive.fo/GXPZO

#2806 Racial Divisionfagging is the New Slide Edition ~ http://archive.fo/Jpocc

#2807 Together We Are Strong (Fight, Fight, Fight) Edition ~ http://archive.fo/icVkq

#2807 >>>/qresearch/2226420 Potential Under Cover MEMEfag Opportunity

>>>/qresearch/2226533 Bureau of Land Management HQ Moving Out Of DC

>>>/qresearch/2226542, >>>/qresearch/2226749 Disney Fires James Gunn

>>>/qresearch/2226714 James Gunn Faggotry Screenshots

>>>/qresearch/2226685, >>>/qresearch/2226476 GWB Cardiologist Death; GWB Reaction

>>>/qresearch/2226757 Judicial Watch: FBI to Release Documents About FISA Warrant on a Trump Campaign Official Today

>>>/qresearch/2226795 Kimberly Guilfoyle Fired From Fox

>>>/qresearch/2226919 DPRK cheating on petroleum imports

>>>/qresearch/2226909 Devin Nunes confirms FBI agent from the NY field office was a whistleblower; told him in September 2016 about HRC emails on AW laptop

>>>/qresearch/2226914 In China the finger-pointing over who is responsible for China's economic mess has begun.

>>>/qresearch/2228779 #2806-7

#2806 >>>/qresearch/2225964 For the ClockFags

>>>/qresearch/2225925 This smells…The father of two Parkland survivors is shot and killed during an armed robbery.

>>>/qresearch/2225628 Blackout Theory

>>>/qresearch/2226375 Google translate message about POTUS assassination?

>>>/qresearch/2225101 Namefag shows Q post 1681 on July 4th mirrors Abraham Lincoln's message to Congress on July 4th 1861

#2805 >>>/qresearch/2225101 X is saying Q post 1681 posted on July 4th mirrors Abraham Lincoln's message to Congress on July 4th 1861

>>>/qresearch/2225091 Trump poised to take control of Federal Reserve?

>>>/qresearch/2225010 Putin Speech about Summit with Trump, He warns of the Deep State

>>>/qresearch/2224848, >>>/qresearch/2225066 Payseur's Dig

>>>/qresearch/2224707 Famed American Internet Businessman Jeffrey Peterson Hiding in Arizona

>>>/qresearch/2225501 #2805

#2804 >>>/qresearch/2224578, >>>/qresearch/2224326, >>>/qresearch/2224240, >>>/qresearch/2224313 General Flynn Has a New Twat Cover

>>>/qresearch/2224190, >>>/qresearch/2224321 ClockFag Update forthe ClockFags

>>>/qresearch/2224167, >>>/qresearch/2224638 NFL Reverses Course, Will Allow National Anthem Protests

>>>/qresearch/2224136, >>>/qresearch/2224197 Juncker So Drunk Dragged out of NATO Meeting?

>>>/qresearch/2224112 Pope gonna have a bad summer. US cardinal sex scanda

>>>/qresearch/2224077 China Has Decided to Procure its Petrochemical Needs From Saudi Arabia Rather Than Iran #Winning

>>>/qresearch/2224012 Republican version of "The Memo" to be released to public

>>>/qresearch/2224725 #2804

#2803 >>>/qresearch/2223865 THESE RELATE TO THE MAP!

>>>/qresearch/2223766 Kushner great at evading DNC's many attempts to serve him lawsuit notice

>>>/qresearch/2223708 James Gunn Instagram Cleaned Up

>>>/qresearch/2223535 Prominent holistic doctor’s body found floating in Bay Area

>>>/qresearch/2223583, >>>/qresearch/2223282, >>>/qresearch/2223294 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2223219 Ok Anons- the Morning Sun Brings Heat drop. New connects needs digging

>>>/qresearch/2223942 #2803

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#2810 >>>/qresearch/2229345 But is there really such a thing as an EX-spook? Nah.

>>>/qresearch/2228923 GermanArchiveAnon Update: The archive now contains 2815 breads

>>>/qresearch/2228916 Some truth-twatter from Seb Gorka on Whoopi cuz it's so shilly up in here

>>>/qresearch/2228913 Facts or frame? UK: Muslim Terror attacks Get 357% more press attn

>>>/qresearch/2228865 Wake up Germany, WRWY: Bus Knife Attack by Citizen of Iranian Origin Injures 9

>>>/qresearch/2228812, >>>/qresearch/2228826, >>>/qresearch/2228860, >>>/qresearch/2228895, >>>/qresearch/2228988, >>>/qresearch/2229036 Lookback diggs, HRC/BC & Russia

>>>/qresearch/2229576 #2810

#2809 >>>/qresearch/2228727 Suicide weekend: Wisconsin Superintendent of Police suspected of it

>>>/qresearch/2228636 Get 'em out! DOJ Reports Virginia Pedo-trafficker/CP Peddler Sentenced

>>>/qresearch/2228604, >>>/qresearch/2228719, >>>/qresearch/2228725 YUGE! (Re)Structure? Trump to fill 4 Fed spots = 6/7

>>>/qresearch/2228498, >>>/qresearch/2228542 Clockfag analysis: Map to the Truth Behind You

>>>/qresearch/2228419 Mitch McConnell Calls Dems’ Bluff, Threatens Election Eve Vote on Kavanaugh

>>>/qresearch/2228414, >>>/qresearch/2228564 Planefag Report

>>>/qresearch/2228226 Diggin' for the Qing: Docs on CIA Use of Jouros: GHWB, Stansfield Turner, Fauntroy

>>>/qresearch/2228173 Oz: Swamp-draining WW continues, Daryl Maguire to resign parliament

>>>/qresearch/2228153 Double-speak re Gunn/Roseanne: Is Ben Shapiro cabal-controlled opposition?

>>>/qresearch/2228127 Much speculate, so fiction: On GHB's Dr and organ transplants

>>>/qresearch/2228105, >>>/qresearch/2228193, >>>/qresearch/2228269 FCC releases 9/20 Nationwide Emergency Alert Test, Clockfag eyes pliz?

>>>/qresearch/2228034, >>>/qresearch/2228187 FBI Released FISA/Carter Page Warrant Documents, Schiff Cries

>>>/qresearch/2228006, >>>/qresearch/2228074, >>>/qresearch/2228090, >>>/qresearch/2228235, >>>/qresearch/2228240, >>>/qresearch/2228484, >>>/qresearch/2228609 Ex-spook Impeach-45 TX Congressman Will Hurd Diggs

>>>/qresearch/2228773 #2809

#2808 >>>/qresearch/2227263 Indicted Russian Company Concord Management Taunts Mueller – Cites Kavanaugh Decision to Argue Junk Bot Case be Dismissed

>>>/qresearch/2227279 This One FBI Text In The Russia Probe Should Alarm Every American

>>>/qresearch/2227345 Huma is SES?

>>>/qresearch/2227358 "Lures" redacted by FBI but not OIG

>>>/qresearch/2227392 History of leftists terror attacks in America

>>>/qresearch/2227429 More sauce on Carter Page FISA document release

>>>/qresearch/2227453 James Woods bringing the heat!

>>>/qresearch/2227460 Holy See financial fuckery

>>>/qresearch/2227466 Investigators probing ritual killing theory

>>>/qresearch/2227559 Financial unfuckery

>>>/qresearch/2227690 Katie Pavlich is Kimberly Guilfoyle replacement; >>>/qresearch/2227720 Leaving voluntarily?

>>>/qresearch/2227723 Get your asses out and vote!

>>>/qresearch/2227671 Class Action Lawsuit Claiming “Smart” Meters Inflate Utility Bills 30% to 582%.

>>>/qresearch/2227912 RT: JA to be handed over to UK

>>>/qresearch/2228775 #2808 (ob)


#2814 >>>/qresearch/2232067 Q trip codes link to certain books online

>>>/qresearch/2232194 Expose re: human trafficking across the border

>>>/qresearch/2232168 JetBlue Preparing for Layoffs

>>>/qresearch/2232199 Browder, Epstein, Magnitsky Act

>>>/qresearch/2232220 wikileaks happening tonight

>>>/qresearch/2232261 July Habbenings so far

>>>/qresearch/2232373 Fiat Chrysler Replaces CEO Marchionne After "Unexpected Health Complications"

>>>/qresearch/2232520 Obama Just Stated He is The First Sitting American President from Kenya

#2813 >>>/qresearch/2231188 anon's thoughts on Color of Mueller's Hat

>>>/qresearch/2231256 US FDA approves Krintafel (tafenoquine) for the radical cure of P. vivax malaria

>>>/qresearch/2231218 the useful user JS spam post fader

>>>/qresearch/2231341 Secretly recorded Trump-Cohen tape was deemed privileged, then waived.

>>>/qresearch/2231452 AZ political alert, Dr. Amish Shah

>>>/qresearch/2231502 speech by Anton Chaitkin recorded in 1994

>>>/qresearch/2231531 Timeline/Gantt Chart Graphic Request with example

>>>/qresearch/2231548 Acting CIA watchdog steps down, withdraws IG nomination

>>>/qresearch/2231718 continuing national emergency wrt transnational criminal organizations

>>>/qresearch/2231741 Q’s goal is to create a crowd-sourced parallel construction for the general public to see and understand.

>>>/qresearch/2231840 PEDOWOOD

>>>/qresearch/2231849 potential for 6 Trump picks on FED Board.

#2812 >>>/qresearch/2230818, >>>/qresearch/2230842, >>>/qresearch/2231065 Clockfag Analysis on POTUS's Banner Update

>>>/qresearch/2230775 Just for keks and 2016 election feels: Electoral map chan-style

>>>/qresearch/2230657 Rubio, Scott Lead Assault on Conservative Judge, Take Down ‘Qualified’ Nominee

>>>/qresearch/2230594, >>>/qresearch/2231002 CEASEFIRE in Gaza: Hamas spokesman says they & Israel are agreed

>>>/qresearch/2230401 Planefag report

#2811 >>>/qresearch/2230137 POTUS's I'view on CNBC: "Obama was a Total Patsy for Russia"

>>>/qresearch/2230125 U.S. Treasury is open to removing Russian aluminum producer Rusal

>>>/qresearch/2229997 NXIVM’s Jewish Connection

>>>/qresearch/2229985 Iran Saber-Rattling with its Oil Exports

>>>/qresearch/2229955, >>>/qresearch/2230020 Master Troll POTUS Tweets re: Lawyer's Taping Clients

>>>/qresearch/2229886 Projection much? Browder: "GOP Rep Rohrabacher on Russia's payroll"

>>>/qresearch/2229779 A Nation of LAWS: NYC Narco Agents Take Down Yuge Fentanyl Op

>>>/qresearch/2229712, >>>/qresearch/2229751 Boeing plans to spend $27bn on purchases in Russia

>>>/qresearch/2229650, >>>/qresearch/2229751, >>>/qresearch/2230042, >>>/qresearch/2230082, >>>/qresearch/2230156, >>>/qresearch/2230187, >>>/qresearch/2230212 Planefag report

>>>/qresearch/2230355 #2811


#2817 >>>/qresearch/2234468, >>>/qresearch/2234582 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2234471 PM Tweets Trump turns 13 into 17

>>>/qresearch/2234635 POTUS endorses Brian Kemp for GOV of GA.


>>>/qresearch/2234777 Weinshall $40,000,000 slush funds

>>>/qresearch/2234800 Syrian migrant confronts ice with firearm illegal

>>>/qresearch/2234805 C Page Noteables

>>>/qresearch/2235029 INCREDIBLY RELEVANT CRUMB


>>>/qresearch/2235057 This IS 100% connected to POTUS twitter today

>>>/qresearch/2234896 Raymond J. Dearie was the judge that signed off on the warrant


>>>/qresearch/2235104 Bob Sagat ,Dig on this faggot

>>>/qresearch/2234365 #2817

#2816 >>>/qresearch/2233733, >>>/qresearch/2233787, >>>/qresearch/2233826, >>>/qresearch/2233867, >>>/qresearch/2233886, >>>/qresearch/2234167 Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2233699, >>>/qresearch/2233712 STORM MOON FULL BUCK JULY 27

>>>/qresearch/2233763 ClockFag connects and digs

>>>/qresearch/2163922 MEMES 26 pile for Twat fodder .MEMBER.

>>>/qresearch/2233776, >>>/qresearch/2233795 Laredo TX events quick dig- (from last bread)

>>>/qresearch/2233706 RESPONSE to: MSM Propaganda Protection of James Gunn

>>>/qresearch/2234034 California: The Hopland-Lakeport base info

>>>/qresearch/2234116 California Joins 14 States In Lawsuit Against Trump EPA

>>>/qresearch/2233859 Pedos seek sanctuary in Israel.

>>>/qresearch/2234125, >>>/qresearch/2234188, >>>/qresearch/2234160 DOJ releases Carter Page docs

>>>/qresearch/2234170 Look at this.. Johnny Depp at comic con coded speech?!

>>>/qresearch/2234283 Rosenstein signed the June 2017 FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page – recusal/firing/resignation soon?


#2815 >>>/qresearch/2233099, >>>/qresearch/2233125, >>>/qresearch/2233422, >>>/qresearch/2233457 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/2232869 Notice Regarding the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations

>>>/qresearch/2232904 Noteables collected that were not posted .

>>>/qresearch/2232911 Chicago is IMPORTANT.We are under attack

>>>/qresearch/2232930 Clockfag reports

>>>/qresearch/2232941 Here Are The 34 Democrats Who Voted Against Measure Supporting ICE

>>>/qresearch/2232950 DEVELOPING: DOJ Releasing Docs Related to FISA Warrants on Carter Page

>>>/qresearch/2233120 Hillary Hit With Fresh Evidence Of Hidden Collusion – Could Now Face An Official Charge

>>>/qresearch/2232962, >>>/qresearch/2233145 Trump Waives Attorney-Client Privilege On Secret Cohen Recording

>>>/qresearch/2232905 Beck outs himself

>>>/qresearch/2233219 House panel considers recognizing Israeli annexation of Golan Heights

>>>/qresearch/2233250 Washington Report: Goodies for Israel Bills Continue to Move Forward

>>>/qresearch/2233304 Russia’s Foreign Minister To Pompeo: Free Maria Butina

>>>/qresearch/2233376 Scumbag Maddow: ‘Feels Very Palpable’ ‘That the President Is a Foreign Agent’

>>>/qresearch/2233415 PHOTOS: Children at ‘Commie Camp’ design dozens of Antifa flags, learn about ‘social justice’

>>>/qresearch/2232884 Weinshall's allegiance to America

>>>/qresearch/2233277 Archived. [MSNBC] Qanon Report.

>>>/qresearch/2233523 BOMBSHELL CONNECTIONS MADE! CIA/FBI Connection to Strozk/Brennan - MSM articles and C A's own site info

>>>/qresearch/2233438 Dig on this guy


#2821 >>>/qresearch/2237930 Distinct and Accelerated Number of Breads Offline

>>>/qresearch/2237921 Here is the PDF of the entire REX 'Page/Strzok texts' thread.

>>>/qresearch/2237736 Simply because the last page shows that 'officially' all the stuff in the document is pretense

>>>/qresearch/2237676 Shrillary Not Looking so Swell Today…

>>>/qresearch/2237666 DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Applications (Daily Caller)

>>>/qresearch/2238353 #2821

#2820 >>>/qresearch/2237438 Operation Crossfire Hurricane Unofficially Started 4 Months Prior to Official Operation??

>>>/qresearch/2237431 The US Democratic Party is Communist–David Horowitz

>>>/qresearch/2237411 Payseur owns Council on Foreign Relations since 1921

>>>/qresearch/2237404 "Truth Was Irrelevant" WSJ Asks: Was Brennan's Action The Real "Treason"?

>>>/qresearch/2237402 Confirmation the Deep State at war with itself/16 now Intelligence Organization unnamed.

>>>/qresearch/2237357 FISA Warrant "Players"

>>>/qresearch/2237224 Trump Video "Watch the Water" Reference at 9:30

>>>/qresearch/2236934 Hollywood Anon Visits /pol/ compilation of posts

>>>/qresearch/2237092, >>>/qresearch/2237113 Digs on Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (The Queens privy Council)

>>>/qresearch/2236917 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2237580 #2820

#2819 >>>/qresearch/2236320, >>>/qresearch/2236333 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2236628 Trump's grand Veterans Day military parade will feature 5,000 to 7,000 service members

>>>/qresearch/2236392 Former ICE Chief: We've Arrested More Than 2,000 Sexual Predators

>>>/qresearch/2236279 Paul Sperry Tweets on Released FISA Warrant

>>>/qresearch/2236277 Newly Released FISA Docs Contradict Strzok’s Sworn Claims He Had Nothing to Do With Carter Page FISA Warrant

>>>/qresearch/2236274 Rothschild Bank Broke Money Laundering Rules

>>>/qresearch/2236194 Hollywood Insider Dishing Dirt on Pol, Get Archived & Spread!!

>>>/qresearch/2237286 #2819

#2818 >>>/qresearch/2235631, >>>/qresearch/2235664 Schumer knew evidence was fake and gay

>>>/qresearch/2235502 POTUS/Putin meeting held in 'Hall of Mirrors' room

>>>/qresearch/2235364 Olympic Committee Chairman Resigns

>>>/qresearch/2235299, >>>/qresearch/2235318, >>>/qresearch/2235320, >>>/qresearch/2235413 LA Possible Hostage Situation Information

>>>/qresearch/2235285 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2235270, >>>/qresearch/2235327 Four FISA Judges information

>>>/qresearch/2235252, >>>/qresearch/2235404, >>>/qresearch/2235506 More FISA digging

>>>/qresearch/2235299 Biggy T tweets PM

>>>/qresearch/2236370 #2818


#2825 >>>/qresearch/2241327 US fighter intercepts small plane near Trump golf resort

>>>/qresearch/2241191 FISA summary infographic

>>>/qresearch/2241085 JW obtains Carter Page FISA Court Documents

>>>/qresearch/2241022, >>>/qresearch/2241143 Clapper throws Obama under the bus

>>>/qresearch/2240944, >>>/qresearch/2241015 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2240911 GermanArchiveAnon Updates their archives

>>>/qresearch/2240803, >>>/qresearch/2241036 Israel and the White Helmets

>>>/qresearch/2240801, >>>/qresearch/2240943, >>>/qresearch/2241158 Single Audit Act dig

#2824 >>>/qresearch/2240326 The Following signed the FISA warrant

>>>/qresearch/2240318 Correlation between Q posts and DJT's twitter

>>>/qresearch/2240252 Accountantfags bring up 'Single Audit Act'

>>>/qresearch/2240224 President DJT tweets about GREAT meeting with Putin

>>>/qresearch/2240220, >>>/qresearch/2240258, >>>/qresearch/2240437 Planefag updates

>>>/qresearch/2240167 President DJT tweets about Carter Page and the 'Dirty Dossier'

>>>/qresearch/2240162 President DJT suggests we dig the FISA judges

>>>/qresearch/2240156 Carter Page 'foreign intelligence agent'

>>>/qresearch/2240092 MSM setting up to discredit child victims

>>>/qresearch/2240081 FISA Warrant QRD

#2823 >>>/qresearch/2239707 WTF: Judge says no to stripping convicted terrorist of US citizenship

>>>/qresearch/2239876 Graphic Showing Collecion of Signatures on FISA warrant

>>>/qresearch/2239632, >>>/qresearch/2239565 @DJT: Solid counter-punch landed @HRC & @"Crazy Bernie"

>>>/qresearch/2239468, >>>/qresearch/2239495, >>>/qresearch/2239504, >>>/qresearch/2239539, >>>/qresearch/2239567, >>>/qresearch/2239610 Moar 40 mil's

>>>/qresearch/2239450, >>>/qresearch/2239899 Germans mad that Merkel gave HRC £4mil election$? Anon differs

>>>/qresearch/2239319, >>>/qresearch/2239474, >>>/qresearch/2239326 The 27th = 23 days since Q, blood moon

>>>/qresearch/2239965 #2823

#2822 >>>/qresearch/2239053, >>>/qresearch/2239093 'Forcing' the Question? Meadows calls for FISA Declas

>>>/qresearch/2238994, >>>/qresearch/2239008, >>>/qresearch/2239029, >>>/qresearch/2239110 Clockfag, Rose McG on Ozyfest NY

>>>/qresearch/2238849, >>>/qresearch/2238869, >>>/qresearch/2238875 Chemonics dig / CIA front "Intn'l Development"

>>>/qresearch/2238794 NZ: Founder of Mil Airshow Warbirds of Wanaka dies in plane crash

>>>/qresearch/2238775 Future proves past: Andrew Jackson cartoon, clear barn/drain swamp

>>>/qresearch/2238532, >>>/qresearch/2238722 Rothschild book excerpts/pdf: Holy See, Paris bankers

>>>/qresearch/2238520 Digg-worthy? "Meet Obama's Bundlers" 2008 article got names

>>>/qresearch/2238537, >>>/qresearch/2238557 Based Salvini calls Kiev coup "fake," butthurt ensues

>>>/qresearch/2238503, >>>/qresearch/2238803, >>>/qresearch/2238807 white helmets transferred from Syria to Jordan

>>>/qresearch/2238474, >>>/qresearch/2238603, >>>/qresearch/2238624, >>>/qresearch/2238635, >>>/qresearch/2238654, >>>/qresearch/2238680 40 mil's

>>>/qresearch/2238430 UK: Graphic proof re: BBC's famous (alleged) pedo Jimmy Savile

>>>/qresearch/2238417 Ecuador pres "expected" to hand JA over to UK on Jul 22-28 visit

>>>/qresearch/2239163 #2822


#2828 >>>/qresearch/2243269 U.S. DoD Tweet - Shoot. Move. Communicate. 18th Security Forces Squadron in Japan

>>>/qresearch/2243318 Italy and Libya Reject EU's Latest Migrant Crisis Plan

>>>/qresearch/2243334 FISA Judges Dig

>>>/qresearch/2243402 RT tweet regarding Furniture being removed from Equadorian Embassy

>>>/qresearch/2243507 Small, low wing aircraft intercepted by a F16 near Trump's resort.

>>>/qresearch/2243680 Pedophile psychiatrist busted by the DOJ for child porn possession.

>>>/qresearch/2246545 #2828

#2827 >>>/qresearch/2242440, >>>/qresearch/2242929, >>>/qresearch/2242946 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/2242423 As Trump Struggles With Helsinki’s Fallout, Congress Faces a New Charge: Complicity

>>>/qresearch/2242478 When the light's go out


>>>/qresearch/2242809 TRUMP: Looks More And More Like Presidential Campaign Was 'Illegally Being Spied On' By Feds

>>>/qresearch/2242815 GNV spoopy bio/med.

>>>/qresearch/2242823, >>>/qresearch/2242939 Need help digging Brett Schulte

>>>/qresearch/2242990 Had fun with DUMB's thread! so here's some dirt on Foreign owned scum Barrick!

>>>/qresearch/2242992 Where the money goes Q connects

>>>/qresearch/2242919 Anons please work on getting more positive tweets for our POTUS.

>>>/qresearch/2242937 "White Helmets" may be the "Genetically Modified Soldiers" ?

>>>/qresearch/2243081 Repost for newbies "How Rockefeller Founded Big Pharma And Waged War On Natural Cures"

>>>/qresearch/2242308 #2827

#2826 >>>/qresearch/2241638, >>>/qresearch/2241661, >>>/qresearch/2241780, >>>/qresearch/2241853, >>>/qresearch/2241945, >>>/qresearch/2242103, Planefag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2241668 WATCH: Trump-supporting teen harassed over MAGA hat in Seattle

>>>/qresearch/2241714, >>>/qresearch/2241818 @RepGoodlatte: "I have had the opportunity… to read these FISA warrant applications …

>>>/qresearch/2241731 Regarding RENEGADE, and Fulci Snuff.

>>>/qresearch/2241756 Jennifer Johnson founded the Hummingbirds Foundation. Late night repost DIGS

>>>/qresearch/2241741 Anon's best guess

>>>/qresearch/2241742 I have the entire list of archived boards if anyone needs them from 1 through 601

>>>/qresearch/2241857, >>>/qresearch/2242050, >>>/qresearch/2242221 Notes on DUMBS and Water

>>>/qresearch/2241814, >>>/qresearch/2241917 What is a Q ship?

>>>/qresearch/2241736, >>>/qresearch/2241975, >>>/qresearch/2242246 What was allocated by the Feds to the [SNAP] program for 2016?

>>>/qresearch/2242158 Obama pal does business with Saddam's nuke scientist

>>>/qresearch/2241608 It's THE PERFECT STORM.

>>>/qresearch/2242164 Q - the Goodlatte Chronology

>>>/qresearch/2242002, >>>/qresearch/2242188 Pedo alert frathouse2001

>>>/qresearch/2242248 As Trump Struggles With Helsinki’s Fallout, Congress Faces a New Charge: Complicity

>>>/qresearch/2242342 Federal Court Hands Trump a Win, Rogue Agency Brought Under Tighter Control

>>>/qresearch/2242351 WTF Did You Just Say to Me (Mossad Version)

>>>/qresearch/2241519 R proofs of a LARP? (controversial noteable post)

>>>/qresearch/2241485 #2826


#2832 >>>/qresearch/2247102 The money plane. Planes full of cash, sound familiar? Browder…

>>>/qresearch/2247096 Trump Talking About "Lights Out" in Video (Around 1:20 Mark)

>>>/qresearch/2246903 Rainn Wilson Pedo Twats (ARCHIVE OFFLINE ANONS)

>>>/qresearch/2246788 George Eliason Twat

>>>/qresearch/2246782 Pimco Executive Bill DeLeon Resigns After Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior.

>>>/qresearch/2246836 Remember the Cryptic Flynn Tweet "Dgfffcf"?

>>>/qresearch/2246787 These Aspen Security Forum Transcripts Should be Interesting

>>>/qresearch/2246727 Caleb Hull Twats Brennen Account only Has 45 Posts??? Where Did the Posts Go???

>>>/qresearch/2246675 Bear Strikes Anagram

>>>/qresearch/2246498, >>>/qresearch/2246561, >>>/qresearch/2246517, >>>/qresearch/2247153 So…… Hitlery met with PUTIN ALONE - No way??

>>>/qresearch/2246491 Oh My, This is Either A Sting -OR- The Most Corrupt U.S. Dept of Justice in History

>>>/qresearch/2246480 Pompeo Tweet to the Iranian People (Also Translated toEnglish)

>>>/qresearch/2247217 #2832

#2831 >>>/qresearch/2246370 Disaster For Theresa May: Brits Overwhelmingly Reject New Brexit Plan; Turn To Boris, Farage

>>>/qresearch/2246165 ClockFag Update for the Clockfags

>>>/qresearch/2246157 Putus Schedule Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2246146 Robert "Tosh" Plumlee Tweet (Who is this Guy?)

>>>/qresearch/2246100 Carter Page & Jason Bourne Mentioned by 2 different People in Same Sentence on News Tonight

>>>/qresearch/2246027 Planefag Updates

>>>/qresearch/2245885, >>>/qresearch/2245978, >>>/qresearch/2246191 Tying the Clintons to Harvey Weinstein (Moar Sauce)

>>>/qresearch/2245827 Rouhani Warns Trump About "Mother of all Wars"

>>>/qresearch/2245760 House Intel (GOP) Wants POTUS To DECLASS FISA Application

>>>/qresearch/2246451 #2831

#2830 >>>/qresearch/2245420 why perp walking Weinstein is so critcal to this whole operation

>>>/qresearch/2245146 Planefag update

>>>/qresearch/2244874 Bill Browder is CIA agent, recruited Navalny.

>>>/qresearch/2244962 Japan Inc. frets about a possible 'Bank of Amazon'

>>>/qresearch/2244920 Dan Harmon pedo thread. (graphic)

>>>/qresearch/2245048 Interesting theory on Trump Jr. and Stormy Daniels.

>>>/qresearch/2245058 Corporations working to undermine Trump's tariffs.

>>>/qresearch/2245420 , >>>/qresearch/2245472 Tying the Clintons to Harvey Weinstein.

>>>/qresearch/2246560 #2830

#2829 >>>/qresearch/2244142 Mr. Roboto = RINO?

>>>/qresearch/2244269 US launches campaign to erode support for Iran's leaders.

>>>/qresearch/2244220 FBI hints at parallel construction.

>>>/qresearch/2244745 How the FISA application papers support Nunes' February memo.

>>>/qresearch/2246555 #2829


#2836 >>>/qresearch/2250386 @DJT comes out swinging: "So now we know" Dirty Dossier Fake

>>>/qresearch/2250185 Another one bites the dust: Sportsman Harley James jailed for CP

>>>/qresearch/2249988, >>>/qresearch/2250063, >>>/qresearch/2250104 Barrick Gold/Clinton/Shoshone/Burns Strider

>>>/qresearch/2249797 Got us another one "screaming loudest," NY Rep. Jerrold Nadler

>>>/qresearch/2249782 Prominent S Korea politician found dead in possible suicide

>>>/qresearch/2249754, >>>/qresearch/2249762, >>>/qresearch/2249850, ( >>>/qresearch/2249386 lb) AP Cov'g of Iran Tweet

>>>/qresearch/2249741, >>>/qresearch/2249818 Mission Impossible 7/27 Release, 'dasting Soundtrack

>>>/qresearch/2250459 #2836

#2835 >>>/qresearch/2248944 More legalized theft from the US government (that's us, people)

>>>/qresearch/2248981 POTUS tweet again. Baker just can't see this enough

>>>/qresearch/2249043 Pompeo's speech on Iran (at Reagan Library 7/22/18)

>>>/qresearch/2249184 All Q Mentions of Iran (screen capture)

>>>/qresearch/2248968, >>>/qresearch/2249379 The Clintoons and Iranian & NK fuckery

>>>/qresearch/2249434 Iran replies to POTUS tweet

>>>/qresearch/2249441 Many Anons and Twatters are enjoying POTUS's recent Iran tweet

>>>/qresearch/2249599 SpaceX Telstar Launch

>>>/qresearch/2249637 Mueller past work history dig

>>>/qresearch/2249661 #2835

#2834 >>>/qresearch/2248144, >>>/qresearch/2248177, >>>/qresearch/2248307, >>>/qresearch/2248791 Wolfe and Watkins and FISA Docs, oh my!

>>>/qresearch/2248429 Added as notable again, just because I like it so much

>>>/qresearch/2248525 Summary Graphic of "Iran is Next"

>>>/qresearch/2248570, >>>/qresearch/2248629, >>>/qresearch/2248713, >>>/qresearch/2248802 James Woods getting the most out of Twitter

>>>/qresearch/2248839 #2834

#2833 >>>/qresearch/2247620, >>>/qresearch/2247641 Peter Strzok's Wife Blocked FBI Investigations on Clinton

>>>/qresearch/2247610 Compilation of Secretary Pompeo Tweets to Iranian People

>>>/qresearch/2247342 The NYT is the Iranian State Media (Graphic)

>>>/qresearch/2247270 EPIC & BADASS Trump Twat to Rouhani of Iran /ourpresident/

>>>/qresearch/2247966 #2833


#2839 >>>/qresearch/2252580, >>>/qresearch/2252646, >>>/qresearch/2252730, >>>/qresearch/2252750, >>>/qresearch/2252777 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2252145 [R Kelly] I admit it , new song

>>>/qresearch/2252191 Rand is /]]] OURGUY [[[

>>>/qresearch/2252176 The FISA MEMO: UNREDACTED

>>>/qresearch/2252208 Some in the MSM are shifting their position that the existence of a Deep State was a crazy conspiracy theory made up by Trump supporters.

>>>/qresearch/2252227 Meet the U.S. Officials Who Now Lobby for China

>>>/qresearch/2252234 Use Trump twts to make memes. Support POTUS ideas

>>>/qresearch/2252239, >>>/qresearch/2252306, >>>/qresearch/2252736 Big unsealing of docs in Manafort case today!!

>>>/qresearch/2252248 Definition of 'use immunity': Immunized witness can still be prosecuted based on testimony of others

>>>/qresearch/2252240, >>>/qresearch/2252666 Clockfag hunt for today + notes

>>>/qresearch/2252276 'You wouldn't dare attack': Tehran goads 'passive' Trump and says he 'can't do a damn thing to [[[ Iran]]]'

>>>/qresearch/2252342 FBI: ‘Russian Spy’ (Marie Butina) Mueller Just Jailed Was Granted “Expedited” Entry into U.S.

>>>/qresearch/2252393 Strzok lied under oath!

>>>/qresearch/2252437 renegade drops from halfchan.. he got deleted and ran off

>>>/qresearch/2252446 POTUS may, in future, revoke CA's ability to mandate electric cars/emissions.

>>>/qresearch/2252475 FEED related

>>>/qresearch/2252498 ANOTHER SICK PEDO? Dan Harmon, we overlooked his co-star who also co-produced "Daryl."

>>>/qresearch/2252575, >>>/qresearch/2252593 BTC seized from Iran + comments

>>>/qresearch/2252612 Any lawfags in here? PACER Filing re: Manafort.

>>>/qresearch/2252681 July 2018 "Booms"!

>>>/qresearch/2252779 Rainn Wilson Haiti Digs

#2838 >>>/qresearch/2251347 ; >>>/qresearch/2251983 More on LV cabalist activity

>>>/qresearch/2251373 ; >>>/qresearch/2251562 Rand Paul asks POTUS to revoke Brennan’s security clearance

>>>/qresearch/2251380 ; >>>/qresearch/2251400 ; >>>/qresearch/2251427 Planefag Update: in-flight emergency for RAF plane in NATO exercises

>>>/qresearch/2251486 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>>/qresearch/2251599 Michael Flynn Jr. on Comey reopening the HRC email investigation; “Erik Prince knows…”

>>>/qresearch/2251699 On the leak of the Carter Page FISA applications and stinging multiple leakers (analysis)

>>>/qresearch/2251993 4ch work on Brett Schulte, another twatter scumbag

>>>/qresearch/2252049 #2838

#2837 >>>/qresearch/2251144 Awan General Trading LLC was founded in 2008, year 1 Hussein

>>>/qresearch/2250977 Side-by-Side: Coindinces of RR visits Canada and Toronto shooting

>>>/qresearch/2250928, >>>/qresearch/2250945, >>>/qresearch/2250971, >>>/qresearch/2251010 AWAN digg (Asynchronous WAN)

>>>/qresearch/2250705, >>>/qresearch/2250724, >>>/qresearch/2250740, >>>/qresearch/2250761, >>>/qresearch/2250815 >>>/qresearch/2250852, >>>/qresearch/2250879, >>>/qresearch/2250901 HUMA/Awan→ Standard Hotel Digg

>>>/qresearch/2250724, >>>/qresearch/2250732, >>>/qresearch/2250773 For newfags, re: above. HUMA/Awan sources

>>>/qresearch/2250696, >>>/qresearch/2250712, >>>/qresearch/2250722 Re Q drop on JW, VJ, Loop Capital, Commies

>>>/qresearch/2250801 Straight talk on Q posts/archives, and trusting the plan

>>>/qresearch/2250650, >>>/qresearch/2250658, >>>/qresearch/2251186 Cont'd digg lb: UNLV Foundation/moar LV/cabal

>>>/qresearch/2250591, >>>/qresearch/2250791 On the interplay of optics/statesmanship & anons

>>>/qresearch/2250585, >>>/qresearch/2250714 Clockfag analysis: Iran-related Q posts, Delta 17

>>>/qresearch/2250521, >>>/qresearch/2250775, >>>/qresearch/2251028 Moar Jerrod Nadler Anti-Trumper

>>>/qresearch/2250512, >>>/qresearch/2250970, >>>/qresearch/2251031 @DJT blistering of the left/MSM cont'd

>>>/qresearch/2251249 #2837


#2842 >>>/qresearch/2255038, >>>/qresearch/2254722 Planefag reports

>>>/qresearch/2254594 Conservative Jenna Jameson Lashes Out on (((Michael Ian Black's)))Sick Pedo Jokes

>>>/qresearch/2254614 Conveniently, a police officer from NYPD has immunity…Donna Dugan NYPD 48th bronx

>>>/qresearch/2254616 NYsFinestAnon drops some JPEGS: "hrcvid1, 2, 3, 4", >>>/qresearch/2254737 "hrcvid5", >>>/qresearch/2255128 "Cooper Freshley" embedded in all 5 images?, >>>/qresearch/2255196

>>>/qresearch/2254617 Intel leader Coats says he intended no disrespect to Trump

>>>/qresearch/2254646 MOAR SAUCE on Sara Ruth Ashcraft and Tom Hanks (pedophilia)

>>>/qresearch/2254911 Screencap of NotARemoteViewerAnon from earlier today

>>>/qresearch/2254938 POTUS Schedule tweet: "In a Democratic Party socialist nation everyone is poor except those that govern…"

>>>/qresearch/2254972 Brennan deletes almost all tweets

>>>/qresearch/2255097 CEO of Fannie Mae stepping down

>>>/qresearch/2255154 MOAR from Sara Ruth Ashcraft (re: HRC abuse, 2017)

#2841 >>>/qresearch/2253801, >>>/qresearch/2253923, >>>/qresearch/2253952, >>>/qresearch/2254081, >>>/qresearch/2254117, >>>/qresearch/2254142, >>>/qresearch/2254185, >>>/qresearch/2254203 Planefag notables


>>>/qresearch/2253836 Anon asks "Anybody else smelling Iris Weinshall and the $40,000,000 tweet when you read about Brennan?" (NYC, Cryin' Chuckie)

>>>/qresearch/2253842 The Burden Of Proof Is On The 'Russiagaters'

>>>/qresearch/2253859 House Intelligence Committee Asks POTUS to Declassify 19 Pages of FISA For Public

>>>/qresearch/2253860 2012 US-Islamic World Forum, >>>/qresearch/2253865 Inclusive America Project. Same organization.

>>>/qresearch/2253898 Qataranon report: Habbenings

>>>/qresearch/2253901 JVP: 40 Jewish Groups Worldwide Oppose Equating Anti-Semitism with Criticism of Israel

>>>/qresearch/2253910 Sara Ruth Ashcraft identifies Tom Hanks as pedophile on twatter

>>>/qresearch/2254205 Manafort and Cynthia Laporta fundraiser

>>>/qresearch/2254222 Anon responds to HellAanon then gets reply from snuff shill.

>>>/qresearch/2254440 Mike Myers stopped making movies after becoming red pilled?

>>>/qresearch/2254473 VP of the People's Democratic Party in Kashmir resignation.

#2840 >>>/qresearch/2252975, >>>/qresearch/2253019, >>>/qresearch/2253078, >>>/qresearch/2253094 PlaneFag Reports

>>>/qresearch/2252969 Bad month for the catholic church

>>>/qresearch/2252980 Fox News in recent days told its top reporters to cease and desist working on any investigative stories that expose FBI or the [Barack Obama] admin

>>>/qresearch/2252998 Anon from Hell explains some things

>>>/qresearch/2253005 Mystery solved… Dems bought sites to imply politicians for sale

>>>/qresearch/2253215 Navy Vet Busted with 91,000 Child Porn Files, Filming 12-Year-Old, Child Porn Bestiality

>>>/qresearch/2253372 Senator Rand Paul's Plan to Go To Russia.

>>>/qresearch/2253379 Names of 5 people immunized to testify against Manafort (Podesta Molesta NOT included), >>>/qresearch/2253614

>>>/qresearch/2253381 Announced in the press briefing: GEOTUS actively pursuing the removal of the security clearances…, >>>/qresearch/2253434 Audible gasps?, >>>/qresearch/2253457 (Sauce)

>>>/qresearch/2253512 F&F twatter poll: Should President Trump declassify the heavily redacted FISA records?

#2839 >>>/qresearch/2252580, >>>/qresearch/2252646, >>>/qresearch/2252730, >>>/qresearch/2252750, >>>/qresearch/2252777 PlaneFag Reports


#2845 >>>/qresearch/2257047 Israel Rejects Russian Plan To Keep Iranian Forces 100km From Golan Border

>>>/qresearch/2257079 >>>/qresearch/2257085, >>>/qresearch/2257093, >>>/qresearch/2257688 SNCTM Sex club instagram posts

>>>/qresearch/2257152 Russian spy Maria Butina funded by Konstantin Nikolaev

>>>/qresearch/2257185 BBC sought to help flush out 'subersive' journalists for government

>>>/qresearch/2257088, >>>/qresearch/2257189 Screenshots from Ecuador Embassy

>>>/qresearch/2257232 Denver Post runs letter to editor suggesting POTUS should be executed. USSS?

>>>/qresearch/2257030 The genesis of the Russia Hacking lie

>>>/qresearch/2257359 LARP or not, renegade anon brings up Sumner Redstone. Good dig opportunity

>>>/qresearch/2257450 Potential lead on date [[[RR]]] signed FISA

>>>/qresearch/2257537, >>>/qresearch/2257159, >>>/qresearch/2257214 Resignations and retirements

>>>/qresearch/2257548 Federal employees with security clearances subject to 'electronic monitoring': We have it all.

>>>/qresearch/2257206 Clockfag

>>>/qresearch/2257630 Top Russian Talk Show Discusses Trump - Putin Summit

#2844 >>>/qresearch/2256217 D'Souza RT about BHO's DOJ unfair treatment of conservative

>>>/qresearch/2256233 List of security clearances being considered for removal

>>>/qresearch/2256255 "Russian Hackers" have accessed the utility grid

>>>/qresearch/2256297 July 26th, 2018: FBI 110 Birthday

>>>/qresearch/2256376 Federal prosecutors in the Michael Cohen case received 12 audio recordings from "special master"

>>>/qresearch/2256464 Brennan started his CIA career not sure if he should lie to cover his ass

>>>/qresearch/2256523 Brennan twitter account archive. No deleted tweets, just low tweet activity?

>>>/qresearch/2256188 #2844

#2843 >>>/qresearch/2255452, >>>/qresearch/2255462 Toronto, the price of diversity

>>>/qresearch/2255473 Clapper responds to POTUS taking away his security clearance

>>>/qresearch/2255615, >>>/qresearch/2255688 Podesta Group as PR agency for Amber Ready

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