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File: bb44d9614712bf9⋯.png (247.94 KB, 525x532, 75:76, Dspchrischan.png)

3434c5  No.249307

Can we have another one of these?

3434c5  No.249618

There's no point. SoK is falling apart, and nothing about them is really funny anymore. On top of that, DSP is more or less done for after he finally saw his Machinima bux dry up due to his stupidity only Kghaleon/Keith Pichard can stomach (It's amazing how Keith ruined his life for this manchild).

There's Lowtiergod (a.k.a Dale Sparrow, Daluan Sparrow, Black DSP), but I think his well ran dry too.

3434c5  No.249623

File: e97846bf184c4c3⋯.jpg (11.95 KB, 209x180, 209:180, C3ZPIUxXAAACFp1.jpg)

The end is near.

The SOK is out of a job.

3434c5  No.249660


>It's amazing how Keith ruined his life for this manchild

Wait, how?

3434c5  No.249775


Kghaleon (or Keith) is one of DSP's biggest fanboys who fucked with KWO and SoK. The guy is a brony faggot who threatens anyone over a manchild.

3434c5  No.249781


>be so buttblasted about irrelevant community of autists you gotta force another one of these daily bitching threads

Let it go, dude. Find some other idiots to be mad about.

3434c5  No.249796

File: df6065fb1853596⋯.jpeg (47.99 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 57adced41800002100bca68e.jpeg)



Go home, goon.

>implying an autist going after autists who are autistic to the point they try to make someone homeless and find out exact money spent on a meal because he's bad at video games is a bad thing


Is there a problem, Fred?

3434c5  No.249829


So is dsp shit out of luck now?

3434c5  No.249837


Get the fuck out of here, Keith.

3434c5  No.249860


> muh biznezz

> muh biznezz

> muh biznezz

> muh biznezz

sad fat fuck.

TLDW youtube are fucking him over through bugs, strikes and search results.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving autist.

3434c5  No.249867


>Le you're Fred XD

Good thing this autismhole still hasn't changed. Consider suicide my man

3434c5  No.249870

File: 83a7446fef2ae89⋯.png (2.14 MB, 744x753, 248:251, dsp2.png)


Why would you post that picture? Do you want to fuck him or something?

3434c5  No.249903


A "daily bitching thread" hasn't existed in a while. There are also a lot of threads about irrelevant autists on this board, but you seem the most butthurt about there being one for the SOK?

3434c5  No.249906

Didn't sok stopped doing dsp weekly recap?

3434c5  No.249913


Looks like they did release a four(!) hour let's endure video today. I'd assume it is just autistic nitpicking over the simple fact that DSP is lazy and can't budget for shit.

3434c5  No.249924

His 40 minute long begging video is one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen from a youtuber. This dude must not be capable of feeling shame.

3434c5  No.249926


I have car and 2 houses pls donate to my patrian

3434c5  No.249927



>I have car and 2 houses pls donate to my patrian

3434c5  No.249928


fuck double post

3434c5  No.249935

File: a0842ac452a1ebc⋯.jpg (223.62 KB, 1399x1138, 1399:1138, scarface-e1336779782847.jpg)

>I had to come back and take credit for the downfall of DSP

3434c5  No.249936


Yeah it's worth saying that his version of not being able to pay bills is not nearly what everyone else's is. You have to take these things into account when listening to his begging.

> He has two houses

> He has a BMW

> He spends money on dumb shit like WWE supercard and lootboxes

> He just spent like $500 on a PSVR and isn't even going to play the Resident Evil 7 VR mode

> He's buying a nintendo switch despite him constantly bitching about nintendo and saying that his fans dont care about nintendo games

> He goes out to eat several times a week including fine dining that he posts and brags about on instagram

> He spent thousands on a "staycaton" where he could have drove to all of those things from his home.

> He's been trying to jew his fans into buying him a 4K tv despite him supposedly being in debt.

3434c5  No.249952

And his Paymeton went up. Never underestimate legit autists who have autismbux to spare.

3434c5  No.249965


>> He's buying a nintendo switch despite him constantly bitching about nintendo and saying that his fans dont care about nintendo games

If given the opportunity, Phil would suck Capcom's dick over SFV even if he thinks the game is a piece of shit. Did you really expect Phil to stick by his guns?!

3434c5  No.249974

File: 8e074bdc7ad4be1⋯.jpeg (66.92 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 57adced41700002c00d1e5f5.jpeg)

File: 3335010d78e8816⋯.png (477.78 KB, 1277x675, 1277:675, sok.PNG)




>they're still using the exact same tactics that outed them in all the previous CuK threads

Some fags never learn.

3434c5  No.249979


That Let's Endure was so boring. Fred only has second string losers now that he has fired all the talent.

3434c5  No.250076


Actually Phill strikes me as the kind of man that would shit talk, then kiss ass to get something, then go straight back to shit talking as soon as he gets something. All the while biting the hand that feeds him. So yes I can see him sticking to his guns more out of stupidity then integrity.

3434c5  No.250097


Pretty much his EVO days.

3434c5  No.250116

im new to DSP, does he actually have a degree or is he lying? he seems like he'd lie about it.

3434c5  No.250118

his video talking about how he has a condo he wants to sell has me seriously, seriously doubting he knows anything about investments

3434c5  No.250121

>>250097 I mean did he not shit on the fan that got him a PC? Also SoK have the inherent issue of having to do what >>249913 said because they are so tied to DSP. If there is a dry period they have to do this autistic shit to dig up some form of nothing cocks.

3434c5  No.250122


He held an accounting job or some office job until he got fired.

3434c5  No.250193


He apparently has a degree in business, though he's not mentioned a specific degree or university in particular. He either got some Associate's degree from some unknown Community College and never went to university or he dropped out and failed to graduate since his business skills are rather poor. Another sign of him making it from a third rate college is that even as early as 2001 from his first appearances at fighting conventions he was already an egotistical douche who people barely tolerated which that mindset wouldn't last in a big university.


It sounds like he worked as a mechanic or technician or something like that at a place in Connecticut that specialized in helicopter repair and servicing, but suffered a hernia and was laid off when they downsized the company.

3434c5  No.250257

He worked an office job at a Sikorsky Aircraft subsidiary, "Helicopter Support Incorporated".

3434c5  No.250404


"""""Talent""""" thats presented by who?

That nasal sounding nerd moogle who is about as fit for conversation as a toddler?

Or Che, who pulls the tough guy act but in reality is a tranny loving cuck?

3434c5  No.250462


>youtube are fucking him over through bugs

Bugged youtube mechanics.

3434c5  No.250906


On Moogle and Che I agree, but there isn't anyone in the SOK with a memorable personality anymore.

3434c5  No.250936


Phil worked QA for Helicopter Support, and judging by the listed job titles for his dad, his father was more than likely his boss.

tl;dr Phil got the only real job he had via nepotism.

3434c5  No.251018


He shows off his degree in one of his old VLOGS on "thekingofhatehd". VPN from non-US, non-UK IP required to view it.

3434c5  No.251100

Phil's latest strategy seems to be cashing in on the TIHYDP videos.

3434c5  No.252243

With the cult of personality around him, idiots who have way too much cash on their hands and give it to him instead. Not to mention his constant uninterrupted lying out the ass about his actual finances and double-dipping. I really don't think he's gonna get off YT. He has no other choice and already has full comfort of being a bitch that lives above his means and on his own clock while talking shit from that gated community Zoo cage, where nobody can reach him.

3434c5  No.252302


But how long can he live above his means before the banks tell him to fuck right off? Nothing is eternal, especially gross spending like he is.

3434c5  No.253047


Given your analysis I wonder why the SOK is so obsessed with him. He's not really that interesting, but then again neither are the SOK. If anything DSP seems more intelligent than them. He's got more than any of them have in their real lives.

3434c5  No.253061

In fact it's sad that the only things the SOK have in their lives is Phil and Overwatch.

3434c5  No.253107


He is such a narcissist. The fact that he wants you to laugh with him not at him and also show his """""""epic wins""""""" makes it so cringy.

3434c5  No.253116


remember when he was doing montages himself and had to cal them "THE BEST and worst of DSP" His ego is so out of control that he has to include boring parts of him winning at video games. He's a narcissist for sure.

3434c5  No.253776

There is going to be a stream tonight for the 4th year anniversary of TIHYDPs

3434c5  No.253798

File: 4f5df8812f54f3d⋯.png (661.24 KB, 797x464, 797:464, 1264531646523712346571465.png)







How convenient that the thread gets derailed to go after boring Phil, can't have the wrecking of the CuK that killed their podcast going over again, eh Freddy & co.?

3434c5  No.253916


The Scum of Kuckjima is obsessed with cock right now. Especially Phils cock. It would explain why Loophole can't get any women, and why Fred is such a fag.

They celebrated their 4th year anniversary of making stupid DSP videos last night. What a bunch of pathetic losers and perma virgins.

3434c5  No.254072


>title is dsp/sok thread



3434c5  No.254221


That's because you have to feel sympathy for Phil. He is right about the SOK in that they are a bunch of lying cowards that claim they have the moral high ground and like to talk things out but instead just talk shit behind peoples backs. They are the worst kind of people, and I'm pretty sure everyone in the group knows that Fred is the most guilty of all. Also every single one of them is no better than him.

3434c5  No.254344


I mean they aren't, but it doesn't mean we should go shoving cash down that retard's patreon so he can eat at michelin star restaurants.

3434c5  No.254350


>you have to feel sympathy for Phil

Why? He's an irritating douche who wildly overreacts to even mild criticism. He reviews cup noodles like he's a restaurant critic. It takes him five minutes just to open the first one. He eats it with a spoon. He's fascinating.

Also I don't watch autistic four hour podcasts so I don't give a shit about the SoK.

3434c5  No.254400


>using the exact same tactics the CuK were known for using in every thread we've had shitting on them



>implying that's even remotely suggested

Now that's autism.

3434c5  No.254407


If you want me to give a fuck give a rundown on SoK and why they're faggots. I don't want to go and watch 100+ 4 hour long youtube podcasts.

DSP is someone everyone can get into. He's loveable and hateable like all classic sitcom characters. SoK is niche as fuck. Tell me why I should care or calm down and let people talk about DSP.

3434c5  No.254549


Should i be more #dsppositive, maybe i should donate to his paytrian and watch his epic mantages? Fuck off shill.

3434c5  No.254558

They SOK are a bunch of autistic losers but that doesn't mean Phil is a good guy. To be fair though, he ticks a lot of the boxes on my list of big annoyances. His burping and snorting piss me off ridiculously bad. It's so much of a pet peeve that I'll unsubscribe to youtubers who do it. Him being the living embodiment of greed and excess also really triggers me. I can't stand his constant begging that he's only doing so he can continue his extravagant lifestyle. He'd rather beg for kid's christmas money than cut back on his fast food eating and mobile game spending.

Another thing that really irks me is that he usually buys games via download. He'll play them for MAYBE a week and then get no return for it. Why the fuck wouldn't you just buy a physical copy so you could trade it in after?

3434c5  No.254562



Who is more autistic, snort burnell or sok, you decide.

3434c5  No.254582


I think the problem is, you're just a gigantic fucking sperg, who we'd be laughing at instead but you're just a trolling retard who seems to really be convinced not hating some irrelevant autists on the internet as opposed to a well known scumbag and a scrub is some federal offense and also you're Fred.

Take a long walk off a short pier, sperg.

3434c5  No.254586


Meant to say "trolling" instead of trolling because that's exactly what you're doing

3434c5  No.254587


Troll -s-h-i-e-l-d-i-n-g is apparently a taboo word now.

3434c5  No.254588


I added a bunch of filters for the Britbong thread. Check the link in the meta thread's OP.

3434c5  No.254591

Phil is a shit person and he deserves everything he's going to get, but he's already there. His business is practically dead. However the only time we seem to get opposition on this thread is when SOK members make it obvious that they're here. You aren't fooling anyone.

3434c5  No.254594


Not it isn't.

3434c5  No.254647

File: 0fefe35df0f4eb8⋯.jpeg (79.27 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 57adced51700002c00d1e5f8.jpeg)


The threads are all still in the catalog, try reading.


>that Freddy Fuchs Ducks writing style



You are the autism.

>projecting this hard

>after being documented in all the previous CuK threads as doing exactly that


>that autism rage


>he's a shit person that deserves everything because he's bad at videogames and said something mean once reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This is why Phil is a boringcow. It's all it comes down to. He sucks at games despite playing them daily for about 8 years, has a he-says-he-says thing with former friends that internet faggots feel the need to jump into despite both parties not giving a fuck at this point, gets hypersensitive on his irrelevant forums, on the internet where people call eachother fags and niggers daily, and some made up shit from attention whores whose podcast failed once they finally realized nobody gave a shit about them, just their autistic screeching over some 36 year old man who can barely pay his bills because he was stupid enough to choose making youtube videos as a career.

Meanwhile on the other hand, you have kids that have mental breakdowns because someone said something negative about a game or developer company (yet speak not a word when someone bitches about the same game/dev putting out $15 DLCs containing cocks already on the disk or cutting cocks out of the main game that was already finished to sell it as DLC), send the SWAT team after someone for having "wrong" opinions, autistically screech over videos from 2012 and older having words like "faggot" and "muh wacism" in it when it was still socially acceptable to make tame jokes and say "faggot" without some lefty nigger crying and calling for getting a person fired and unpersoned for muh badthink, and autistic 1-5 hour "montages" of 100+ part playthroughs with angry comments and some nasally beta pussies making "witty" commentary on top.

Of course, this was already established in all the previous CuK threads.

3434c5  No.254708


I am gonna talk about DSP here, and not the other irrelevant people. Cry about it, bitch.

3434c5  No.254766

File: 25fe900e6e8575d⋯.jpg (73.21 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, BrEkiIQCMAE4jrY.jpg)

File: f638267fd53208a⋯.png (520.26 KB, 724x719, 724:719, posting this image just to….png)


>t. fred

Still salty your swatting didn't work?

3434c5  No.254779


It's not autistic to say Phil deserves everything he gets because he brought it on himself. Everyone knows he's treated his family, his friends, his girlfriend, and his fans like trash.

The reason he is sympathetic is because there is nothing wrong with sucking at video games, and the SOK take it way too far now. They would make a TIHYDP even if he played a game perfectly.

3434c5  No.254782


Yeah a lot of the stuff he has failed at in vidya is stuff that I sucked at too. The difference is though that I play extremely casually while he does this shit every single day for hours. That doesn't excuse the SOK autism of REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE he didn't know exactly what to do in this 20 year old platforming game though.

I don't even care about his video game playing anymore. The last good laugh he gave me from games was Crash Bandicoot. The Leanna leaving him and airing all of his dirty laundry saga is going to be fucking GREAT though.

3434c5  No.254785


I agree with that since newer games have dulled my skills when it comes to older generations. It's hard to readjust to older games, and so the SOK are extremely autistic for expecting someone to instantly be good at them when they haven't played them in years. That doesn't mean Phil isn't an idiot though when he compares Crash Bandicoot to Dark Souls.

Also the SOK are horrible people in general. I bet if you talked to those who were kicked out or left you'd hear some interesting stories. We did get a few in past threads.

3434c5  No.254932

DSP is trying to make himself a legitimate high shekel yield gaming personality on youtube. I see he does a lot of news announcements for fighting games.

I guess video related. I see them pop up now and then and he's really trying to hide the fact he's an lolcow while also really trying to act like he's professional.

3434c5  No.255127


>that serious television presenter voice


You can't really compare KoF and SF. They play totally differently.

Also how can I take anything he says about fighting games seriously when he plays like this?

3434c5  No.255130

3434c5  No.255206


It's sad that the Anti-DSP community takes his opinions so seriously when he has no credibility, but I guess that's what autistic people do.

3434c5  No.255470

File: ef23919b447e3bf⋯.jpg (37.16 KB, 525x430, 105:86, 6opR7a3.jpg)

Just like the SOKucks Phil can't keep a girlfriend.

3434c5  No.255479

Looks like the Kucks are going to make a podcast about this. Expect it to be over 12 hours and not be funny at all.

3434c5  No.255490


I sometimes watch his food videos since they're dumb entertainment. I've seen his god damn Black Mesa lets play. I know he's a moron. Why would anyone take him seriously?

3434c5  No.255515


A lot of people in the Anti-DSP community get easily offended by his opinions when over half the time you could disregard them as him being a moron. That's why they take it seriously.

3434c5  No.255554


>posting his videos without mirror

fuck off DSP

3434c5  No.255677


People who care way too much about videogames don't like it when a relatively high-profile figure vocally hates on their favorite vidyer.

Phil is a prime example of someone whose antics are goofy but the guy itself is harmless and iirc he doesn't involve himself in autism circlejerks like anti-gg / gg and doesn't seem very political so him having a huge hate culture around him would be weird if it wasn't so easy to attribute it to underage kiddies whose entire lives revolve around videogames.

Phil videos are kinda fun, TIHYDPs can also be fun but there's absolutely no reason to actually hate on phil.

3434c5  No.255680


As much as I feel that SoK A-log a fuck load with minor dumb shit. For example when a bunch of autists got mad at him for saying the Undertale fandom is batshit nuts and autistic, which is a fact at this point.

Phil is a asshole, cheap as fuck, and just a fucking whiner bitch. Don't forget that.

3434c5  No.255681

Leanna could make some decent money as a camgirl with all that technical shit DSP has bought then never used

3434c5  No.255878

The problem with the SOK is that they act like they have the moral high ground when they are not only as shitty as DSP ,but have done some worse things than him. I think it's worth remembering that no one in the SOK is a good person much less a normal person.

3434c5  No.255982

The SOK somehow scammed King of Pol to do a let's endure with them.

3434c5  No.255988

File: 9197256f1957046⋯.jpg (74.36 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 9197256f19570460a7e1d2465e….jpg)


>everyone knows

Except you're making shit up. Where's the proof he treated his family like shit? Let me guess, he paid for them to have a nice hotel to stay in when they visited instead of turning an office back into a bedroom, or he asked his parents for help and advice regarding things in his first real house. You know, like normal people with good parental relationships do, ask for help about things.

His friends, you mean Howard and Rambo? For one thing who gives a shit? That's personal shit between him and them to deal with and they don't even give a shit anymore. Not something for some self-righteous faggots on the internet to crusade over. Whichever side is actually right on that, I have to give Phil points for the very true statement that when something is an issue, it needs to actually be brought up, not pussy-footed around until the guy is on the other side of the country then passive-aggressively addressed in a video that was later deleted.

Pandalee? Yes, there's the thing where she was sick and still got woken up by Phil to make him lunch which was horseshit, but other than that it reeks of "I'm on the internet so I know exactly how the day-to-day life of this person that occurs offline is and I'm going to say it as truth to get attention on the internet". I have seen nothing to suggest their relationship is strained, especially not when they're pretty much exactly the same as eachother.

The fans? You mean the "fans" that shit on him, insult him, cry about his paytreon awards end up being exactly as he said they'd be rather than what they thought it was, or the "fans" that pretend to be fans and end up trying to dox his entire family publicly by subverting a mod position on twitch?

See, this is exactly the shit I am talking about. I don't want to defend someone that's dumb enough to take on youtube videos as a job instead of looking for real employment after being laid off by an incompetent company that went out of business. Someone who gets furious and takes hours to beat the National Archives mission of Fallout 3 because he can't follow quest markers and doesn't think for one second to fast travel to Megaton or Rivet City and buy some fucking stimpacks and armor better than broken raider armor and after 10+ hours has no idea how to repair things. Someone who fails at every timing-heavy action like reversals in WWE games because he insists on using fuckhuge televisions, probably doesn't even bother shutting off shit like motion interpolation that increases delay between actions and the screen showing them. Someone that buys tons of shitty gaming statues to clutter his condo, fails to sell them when he needs to, disregards house choices over "muh kitchen appliances look kind of old" for something far more expensive, and leases a fucking BMW when he barely drives and makes other people drive for him on long trips because of his back. Someone who shuts down financial advice threads during months where he's dropping ad revenue by 35% because he dismissed a guy's list of advice, then bans and deletes a bunch of other people when they circle back and say "wait a minute, that guy's advice is smart, why are you dismissing it?".

But the level of autistic retardation coming out of the CuK and similar groups makes it happen.



>this autism

That's his normal voice, what are you on about? I mean, have you only watched TIHYDP clips where he's shouting or something?


>mirror or webm an hour long vlog to sate some autist on 8chan


Don't you already have an adblocker? He only gets paid per ad if that's what you're concerned about.


The world doesn't need more degenerate whores.

3434c5  No.256005


How is it making shit up when Phil has done all of this stuff in his videos. You can say they're detractor videos all you want but none of those videos were ever altered. Plus John Rambo and Howard said in detail how Phil is a horrible person. Let's also not forget how he autistically chewed out his parents over a fucking wolverine toy, or how he shat on his parents for coming to visit him and how he forces them to stay in a hotel because he can't let them stay in his house.

So yes "everyone knows" because Phil puts the evidence out in public on his own.

3434c5  No.256012


What are you waiting for, faggot

mirror that video

3434c5  No.256105

File: 10b6702a33539c5⋯.jpg (45.1 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, smug liquid chocolate man.jpg)


>muh mirrors I'm scared to watch with adblock a number might rise

Do it yourself if you're that autistic about it, Fred. I'm sure you have a 4 hour failed podcast on it already planned.


Ah, so exactly as I expected, paying for a hotel is what you consider to be a bad thing. Because literally nobody else in the world would ever pay for a hotel when there's no room in their house for guests to sleep. I'm sure you would totally throw shit out and dedicate a shrine of a guest bedroom in your house and treat your parents like royalty, right? You'd remodel an entire section of your house or apartment to make sure there is a guest bedroom that will get used once a year when you have diddly shit for money, right? I'm sure you never, ever had the remotest sense of a negative experience with your parents too.

>paying for a hotel for your parents to stay in is shitting on them

>average hotel price is $150+/night

Thanks for proving you're retarded.

>muh rambo and howard video

Because they don't have a bias for their side of the story or anything. Exactly as I said: it's between them and Phil, not autistic faggots on the internet with a warped sense of morality, and none of the people actually involved with that give a fuck about the situation anymore.

Exact same shit. Autistic faggots making mountains out of mole hills for things people all over do. Make sure to mention all this on your next podcast, faggot.

3434c5  No.256112

File: 1aaec5a8f3403fa⋯.png (18.51 KB, 791x102, 791:102, ClipboardImage.png)


This is the CuK's audience and fanbase.

3434c5  No.256113

File: 554b5f976c55830⋯.png (55.98 KB, 823x265, 823:265, ClipboardImage.png)




>150 videos over 8 years is eating a lot of fast food REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Any bets on the political affiliations of the CuK and their ilk?

3434c5  No.256161


I'm not saying treat them like royaltyy, but if my parents came to my place to stay I would make room for them. Not throw them out and sen d them to a hotel. It's called being considerate of others.

Also the only one proving they're retarded and autistic is you.


They are pretending that they always supported Trump, but they are obviously liberals based on the fact that they freaked out on twitter like the rest when he won.

3434c5  No.256171

File: 6570623cb07861e⋯.png (712.3 KB, 915x719, 915:719, freddy's gay.png)

File: 41d58b5acfafd94⋯.png (737.61 KB, 896x715, 896:715, 15295854181.png)

File: a1726168bd7062e⋯.jpg (248.19 KB, 837x660, 279:220, a1726168bd7062e63ebfb5c7d1….jpg)

>you will never be autistic enough to troll some irrelevant faggot's stream then turn around and make IT'S THE CURRENT YEAR remarks when you get trolled back

3434c5  No.256172

File: d55c309da85c14b⋯.gif (2.59 MB, 280x208, 35:26, d55c309da85c14b1ddd2cd0e8f….gif)

File: 2ac4060ed1376bd⋯.jpg (39.51 KB, 980x653, 980:653, smug chocolate man.jpg)


>paying for a hotel is "throwing someone out" and "being inconsiderate"

>paying an estimated total of $1050 for a nice hotel for your parents to stay in is "throwing them out" and "being inconsiderate" as opposed to buying a bed there's no room to store that will get used once a year

Exactly as previously stated: mountains out of molehills coupled with a nice dose of virtue signaling. wew

3434c5  No.256186

File: 4649006c6dae81f⋯.gif (2.45 MB, 500x281, 500:281, dsp.gif)


>white-knighting some letsplayer this hard


3434c5  No.256188

Phil DOES eat a lot of fast food though. I know the SOK are obnoxious about it but Phil is the man who ordered a "side burger" and has on numerous occasions shown that what he eats on DSP tries it is just a fraction of what he ordered.

His meltdown yesterday was hilarious. He's obviously feeling some insane amounts of insecurity regarding Leanna and she's just feeding it even more by posting the tweets like she does.

3434c5  No.256190

File: 1d36f626a3d1a8b⋯.jpg (149.51 KB, 730x288, 365:144, jonandboonsnewlogocensored….jpg)

I think this needs to happen, does anyone agree?

3434c5  No.256194


I wonder how disfunctional you are irl if you go around calling random people Fred.

I'm not gonna mirror shit because i don't do a bitch's job. Now get on it, cuckold.

3434c5  No.256200

File: 6b39da2f8bc5b91⋯.webm (1.12 MB, 640x361, 640:361, World Wew Federation.webm)


>using logic is white knighting



>once a week is "a lot"





3434c5  No.256202

File: 0b93ccc0a7ea677⋯.png (81.03 KB, 400x562, 200:281, f1619d356ae96b938b248e89f3….png)

>you will never spam "nigger" and "kill jews" in a stream to false flag and take it down, then get butthurt and "n-no u r real racissss" when the streamer publicly disavows the spam

>you will never invade a fan service stream to turn it into a trolling stream, then get butthurt and "wwow, w-what a loser ;_;" when the streamer turns it around and trolls you while trolling himslef

>you will never desperately create a low energy rumor that gets debunked the same day it's made

>you will never autistically estimate the cost of a restaurant's food

>you will never start a podcasting group around someone who sucks at videogames and sheepishly cancel it when you realize nobody cares about you and your homofaggotual friends eating rotten fish and 10 pounds of potatoes, just about bitching about a guy that sucks at videogames

>you will never be this mad about vidya

>you will never be as butthurt as aecb4a

3434c5  No.256257


It's time to get kicked out of here as well, Jonathan Ross

3434c5  No.256318


Jonathan Ross, nobody cares

3434c5  No.256364

It is because of people like Johnathan Ross that no one seriously goes after the Scum of Kuckjima.

3434c5  No.256390

File: 3ed41f2dcd7fe3d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1492, 270:373, wew lad.png)



I guess that means it's all up to you, we believe in you!

But you can't do shit, that's why you make threads like these and hope you can get other people to do it for you because you're an autistic little fuckboy.

3434c5  No.256392


What is there left to go after? The podcast isn't a regular thing anymore after they got reamed by Jim, the main members have been humiliated and SoK is as much of a laughingstock as DSP is if not more so. He can't really do anymore damage unless a bunch of ex-members have Fred stories they'd like to share that haven't done so already.

3434c5  No.256395


>Being this mad

Cry moar. However, it is suspicious how defensive people on here like you get about the SOK. I don't give a shit about ManlyTears, yet I wouldn't go into those threads trying to shut down the conversation.

3434c5  No.256569

I just think this thread didn't need to exist. The fact we got retards like Jonathan Ross among us here, makes shitting on either party really pointless.

3434c5  No.256609


You have a point. Even moreso when the SOK make it obvious they're here to shut down any criticism about them by name calling and shit. Just goes to show what pathetic losers they are. Also if you go by that let's endure they had with King of Pol then I'm pretty sure that every person that has left that group is cured of the autism they were infected with since they no longer drink the Fred Fuchs kool aid.

3434c5  No.256821

File: 996bdcb180bae9e⋯.jpg (28.4 KB, 594x313, 594:313, capture.jpg)

3434c5  No.256833


>His meltdown yesterday was hilarious

What did I miss? What's this Leanna shit?

3434c5  No.256971


I think it's about the fact that Leanna wears a fake engagement ring so her co-workers stop asking her when she's getting married. She tweeted about it months ago, but Phil didn't know and got pissy as fuck during a stream of Quiplash.

3434c5  No.257021

The SOKucks are celebrating Phil leaving Machinima.


3434c5  No.257026

File: 53a87650d01c986⋯.gif (737.3 KB, 280x280, 1:1, woooow.gif)


> ppl like this exist who literally don't think DSP is a cow

3434c5  No.257038

3434c5  No.257058

File: f834407d4d251c6⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 222x216, 37:36, 1455146784518.jpg)






>CuK is still THIS mad


>m-maybe if I keep mentioning t-this boogeyman


3434c5  No.257070

Seems like DSP's Switch bricked. Man, talking about having a bad week.

Seeing all the bad things that are happening to him, in succession makes me feel kinda bad for him. But you can't say this was mere bad luck, this is like a self-fulfilled prophecy, as if Phill wants to fail. Will he use this string of mishaps as a wake up call and improve his life?

3434c5  No.257106


No, he'll just more blatantly and desperately beg for donations on Patreon. Maybe he'll got up to 2DollarsAMonth or even 5DollarsAMonth. I don't think he'll wake up and change unless Leanna leaves him and he realizes all he has is an empty house, shit he can't afford, and all his former friends and family on the other side of the country.

3434c5  No.257120


Actually, strike that. On the long ass stream explaining things, he admits a lot that he was a stubborn idiot, specifically in reference to leaving Twitch, streaming in YouTube, and how much he shat on popular shit. He's not completely there, he's still making shit tons of excuses to not try, but he's getting… somewhere. We'll see how long it lasts, though.

3434c5  No.257123

The foxdicks have labeled us Phil's whiteknights, because web aren't violently A-Logging him.

3434c5  No.257128

King of Pol even threatened on that soundcloud that he knows the owner of hitbox and will fight for the Cucks honor if we mean Phil fans dare go after them and accuse them of trying to hurt Phil

I can't wait until they're cozying up to Sargon. They can share their love of black cocks.

3434c5  No.257140


King of Spaghetti is still around?

3434c5  No.257183


King of Cucks is a bigger lolcow than either, his meltdowns during gamergate will haunt him eternally.


So that's foxdickcucks and King of Sperg the CuK have desperately latched onto. Funny how both of them are pretty much the opposite of the political ideals of the CuK. Sad!

3434c5  No.257190


It's sorta like >>255677 said. Too many foreverwizards who take video games seriously enough that it makes them genuinely mad that some fat retard chooses to publicly humiliate himself by playing them badly.

3434c5  No.257208


Got a cap of this?

3434c5  No.257211


Sorry but I don't. Though you can read the thread, several users bittey dennounced oye alledged defense of Phil.

3434c5  No.257244

File: 9a8a178ded7310f⋯.png (75.1 KB, 1480x553, 1480:553, butthurt.png)

3434c5  No.257255

>implying the Cucks and everyone that supports them aren't the autistic ones

Seems to me if people don't like the SOK it means they have common sense that they see through that group of shitty peoples bullshit.

3434c5  No.257739

Actually Fred and Obama have a lot in common. On the outside everyone loves them, but on the inside they're lying, scheming, two-faced scumbags.

3434c5  No.257909

So phil is on suicide watch or he found new partnership?

3434c5  No.257985


He said he's found a new partnership for one of his channels in his latest video. It doesn't sound ideal though and he's finally talking about getting a part time job. This has been said countless times regarding Phil, but I think we might be close to the end.

3434c5  No.257988


That's actually really sad.

3434c5  No.258267

File: 9675561620d98e0⋯.png (95.15 KB, 958x559, 958:559, kingofcucks.png)

King of Cucks really wants to impress Fred Obama.

3434c5  No.258326



By the sound of things, dropping his qualms about changing his streaming style and embracing the generic twitchstreamer mantra has made twitch his savior.

3434c5  No.258481

File: d5ddc3be839f29d⋯.png (63.84 KB, 509x432, 509:432, ClipboardImage.png)

Haha fuck, is that the work of the CuK's shitty "group portrait" artist? What's his angle here, attention whoring or a "clever" trap to later ensnare Phil in to claim "selling stolen artwork!!!" despite there being a digital paper trail to prove otherwise?

3434c5  No.258559


Of all the former gamergay e-celebs, kop became the most irrelevent bottom of the barrel trash compared to Jim and Sargon.

3434c5  No.258594

Threads like this one makes me think that a ton of /cow/ users are cows themselves.

3434c5  No.258669


/cow/ users still have more of a life than anyone in the SOK

3434c5  No.258771


You have autists who got kicked or declined joining SoK to thank for this. They're here being really butthurt and it's more so sad than funny at this point.

Should've ended by thread 2 tbh after some actual dirt was spilled on SoK. Now it's just complaining for the sake of complaining.

3434c5  No.258775


I don't.


3434c5  No.258799


That sounds like something the SOK would say since they think so highly of themselves. Otherwise there would be proof of such a statement.

3434c5  No.258863


Larry Bundy Jr. is just as much a faggot as Harry Patridge and SoK. Is this Britcuck fat sack of shit still trying to make himself relevant? Also, what happened to Homer Ruglia?

3434c5  No.258869

File: e05c9ee7f876ec6⋯.png (38.33 KB, 879x396, 293:132, shillsofkojima.png)

Gee I wonder why Fred would want these threads and all SOK criticism gone?

3434c5  No.258916


I don't think St. Jude wants to be associated with a bunch of faggots that obsess over manchild who sucks at life & video games.


Did they actually break up?

3434c5  No.258933

File: 64d2647b0125982⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1280x658, 640:329, no nigger.png)



>something like the 7th thread in this series

>they're STILL this mad

>they're STILL trying to claim "j-just no life lolcows leave freddy alone ;_;"

3434c5  No.259008


You may not realise this, but people seem to be laughing at you, not with you. Same 3 or so autists keep pushing this autistic screeching at SoK without actual shit to call them out on. What that tells me, is you are pretty shit at your task.

Call me and anyone that tells you this fred all you want, but you're just not doing shit aside baiting too hard.

3434c5  No.259010


You act like anyone actually gives a damn what you think.

3434c5  No.259016


St. Jude isn't partnering with the SoK, Fred would claim to donate the proceeds from the sales to St. Jude while it actually mysteriously shows up in Fred's bank account later on.

3434c5  No.259104


Pretty much. What's the deal with PandaLee? She hardly brings up Phil on her twitter, and finally realizes she hates being in Washington. I have no pity for her or anything, but it seems like she realized her gold mine is finally out of gold.

3434c5  No.259109


There was this .webm that came out during GG, shortly before Jim walked out and it became shit. Was actually fucking hilarious how much it came true. Based on some vidya end credit "where are they now" that I don't remember, but I remember two things about it.

>Jim and Jade vanish before the final battle

>KoP is friendzoned by every woman across the world.

3434c5  No.259112

I just find it hilarious that after things with Jim fell apart, and Loophole couldn't shill the SOK to Kojima at the VGAs the cucks are now focused on sucking up to other people who came out of GamerGate with big followings like King of Pol. I can't wait to see them suck up to Sargon of Akkad. Maybe they can make a 4 hour podcast where they discuss their love of black cock.

Even better are these people saying "these threads exist cause ure just jealous" or accusing people of being butthurt SOK members without proof. They really are no different than Phil or his fans. Ironic that they are trying to throw the word autism around in these threads when the SOK is one of the most autistic groups of chucklefucks I've ever seen. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

3434c5  No.259153

File: 12eacc6defc89cf⋯.jpg (50.51 KB, 450x450, 1:1, smug pepe.jpg)


>something like the 7th thread in this series

>they're STILL this mad

>they're STILL trying to claim "j-just no life lolcows leave freddy alone ;_;"

>they're STILL resorting to "n-no u"-tier replies


Remember that not everyone is millenial-tier with social media, feeling the need to mention everything they see. Besides, she's a woman. She's more interested in retweeting shitty normalfag memes, talking about work, taking selfies, and crying about how Boinie Seeenders should've won.

3434c5  No.259635

You know why mocking the SOK is far more fun? Because at this point their antics is far more sad and autistic than anything Phil does.So many youtubers act like DSP at this point that he's not even special or unique as a lolcow anymore. Not to mention it's just not fun to make fun of him anymore since his entire youtube career is dead in the water. At this point it's like mocking a corpse.

3434c5  No.259747


Funny you mentioned that because FatBeef started to act like DSP unironically while being a fat sjw goon. Last I heard he threw controllers over shitty games or something.

3434c5  No.259918

File: b158fd513a060d6⋯.png (89.03 KB, 492x522, 82:87, darksydebeefpng.png)


You should see his LP of Sanic 2006. He probably did even worse than Phil did! Yet he has the gall to still make videos about it, like a recent one claiming Phil was "fired" from Machinima despite it being clear that it was a resignation.

I guess that's what happens when you're too much of a pussy to retsupurae shitty LPs, will probably drop the kickstarter videos once kickstarter creators start lashing out, people stop sending you longplays to "hilariously" riff on, and you still have hubris from being "the first let's player" because you were involved in a $10 irrelevant forum.

3434c5  No.259942


The entire impetus for retspurae always struck me as petty and manchildish anyhow. Basically aging nerds getting legit buttmad that other nerds were tarnishing their dignified legacy of playing video games with commentary and feeling the need to punish kids for being bad at it.

3434c5  No.259943

File: 041214542ff7c81⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 657x527, 657:527, glass help helper.jpg)

Are people intentionally acting like DSP isn't a cow to piss of SoK and foxdicks or what? Tell me so I can react accordingly.

They are both cows and SoK may just be the most autistic thing ever but I don't know how anyone can claim DSP resigned from Machinima with a straight face.

3434c5  No.259946


Rule of thumb, lolcows are retarded, but anyone who tries to make a career out of a lolcow or use lolcow as a way to deflect from their own problems is even more retarded. Laugh at whoever the fuck you want should be the only rule, but some anons might be too autistic to get that.

3434c5  No.259947


>too pussy to reply directly to the post you're trying to reply to

wew lad

3434c5  No.260000


Bu-but it's okay if Fatbeef is autistic over a bad Snatcher LP, and tells the kid to kill himself!; or Betus does a shit lp of a FF6 Romhack. (end sarcasm)

In Fatbeef's defense, there were lots and lots of shit lps, some came from goons (e.q. Queenie Z). It became a problem when he went all sjw over Dynah, someone he should have never defended, and people started noticing his hypocrisy.


I'm aware of how awful his Sonic 2006 lp was, but you should have seen Betus play a FF6 Romhack. That shit was pure cancer, and made HC Bailey look entertaining.

>I guess that's what happens when you're too much of a pussy to retsupurae shitty LPs, will probably drop the kickstarter videos once kickstarter creators start lashing out, people stop sending you longplays to "hilariously" riff on, and you still have hubris from being "the first let's player" because you were involved in a $10 irrelevant forum.

>KIckstarter stuff

Wait, are people finally calling out Fatbeef and his butt buddy bitch Betus on their bullshit?

3434c5  No.260223


If you thought the Sonic 2006 LP was bad, wait until you see the Lords of the Fallen LP. For DSP pulling a shitty LP, Fatbeef did an even worse one.

3434c5  No.260298

File: 7d518878bcfa8fc⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 16485415541.jpg)


>did worse

>than the guy that ragequit because he got too far from an enemy and caused it to respawn


So much for "this is how you're supposed to do LPs and the only right way I know because I'm the moderator of an irrelevant $10 board" guy.



I know some people have been dropping off from watching their shit, but I don't know if it's gotten to the tipping point. Their views and ratings are still staying up and most comments are sycophant-tier. They already kind of killed off any dissident fanbase between how they let some mentally ill faggot shit up the Clocktower 2 RP by autistically screeching at anyone who dared criticize the shitty game, and one of their biggest fans/most-common commenter is a tranny dressed in a nurse costume.

3434c5  No.260322


Goons aren't gonna stop watching them anytime soon because they're goons, and old shit like Darkseed 2 will always get views. Sadly, it's gonna be a while before Fatbeef gets his just desserts.

3434c5  No.260325



Because Fatbeef wanted to do laundry after failing to beat a boss DSP did on the first try, and in the process his finger accidentally slipped on the uninstall button. One of his fans gifted him the game too, so he ragequit a game he got for free.

Considering he was on a rage train against people who did shitty LPs years ago before going soft, his LPs now are awful.

3434c5  No.260329


What a fucking ass-hole.

3434c5  No.260405

It's not like fatbeef's LPs were ever good to begin with. Look at the Metroid Prime ones.

3434c5  No.260406

File: 7dcefde352969eb⋯.png (31.27 KB, 959x192, 959:192, fredbeef.png)

Also since we're on the subject of fatbeef guess who wants to hang with him?

3434c5  No.260407

File: cf4f77eab49de62⋯.png (161.49 KB, 779x718, 779:718, merch.png)

New SOK merch on the way too

3434c5  No.260413

File: 0c3aee6e159a531⋯.png (94.34 KB, 460x518, 230:259, club.png)


>another shitty bullet clubesque shirt being put for sale on the internet

3434c5  No.260423


Gotta find somebody to suck up to for attention. :^)


>actually thinking he could get away with using the copyrighted Kojima Productions symbol

3434c5  No.260534


Isn't it also illegal since they're stealing from two sources as well? I imagine Konami wouldn't be happy about a group of A-Logs using their logo to troll some guy who has made some poor life choices.

3434c5  No.260960


Kojima is a name. It's different from a bullet club original shirt so it can be parody which is perfectly legal. Like all those shirts back in the day of loony tools characters smoking pot or Calvin urinating on a brand logo. It's perfectly legal.

3434c5  No.260983


> It's different from a bullet club original shirt so it can be parody which is perfectly legal.

Right, but the question is the same as Sonichu for example: How exactly is it a parody?

3434c5  No.261067


Kojima's a name. The sneaking fox is a copyrighted symbol.

3434c5  No.261106

3434c5  No.261123


Sonichu isn't parody since it's not making a commentary. The group themselves make commentary. The overall viewable image is something of a grey area on the shirt but it's completely valid to say that it's an inside joke therefor it falls in line wi th parody for people who understand. The worst that could happen is a CD for konami. That's it. Otherwise it's not a very interesting topic of discussion because once the shirts are sold it's already done and over with.

3434c5  No.261139

And the money goes to charity so that makes it less "interesting" too right? Was it less interesting when they actually tried to use Phil's face for the shirt?

3434c5  No.261149


>The group themselves make commentary.

It's not making commentary on DSP, nor is it making commentary on KojiPro. It's a bunch of autistic dudes screaming about how a terrible LPer should have his life ruined for playing their videogames wrong.

Sonichu isn't considered a parody because it's not even remotely close to satire or commentary on the original works it is based off of, it's a Mary Sue OC character doing bullshit with various inserts thrown in.

3434c5  No.261343


Holy shit, the hypocrisy is fucking unreal!

3434c5  No.261387


That's commentary. Even if you don't agree with it. You just described a commentary. Good job. Thank you got proving my point.

3434c5  No.261491



See, try to use that to justify autistically screeching about how bad a movie is while playing the movie in the background and uploading the thing with video intact to youtube.

3434c5  No.261658


>autistically screeching about how bad a person is for whatever reason is perfectly valid commentary and is fair game

31e855  No.304051


Fat Fuck is on live stream fails he deleted the Vod so it can't show up he didn't realize people saved mirrors.

9e6ca9  No.304102


>live stream "fails"

Is that the PUBG round he won without firing a shot? That's an exceptionally desperate definition of "fail". Sad.

>deleted the VOD

No, Fred, you dumb fat nigger, he doesn't save VODs over MCN contracts requiring exclusivity e.g. only streaming on twitch, only VODs on youtube.

5d8ee5  No.304566

File: 284fa0b3b1efea6⋯.jpg (56.49 KB, 355x500, 71:100, 51ZAuubt8GL.SX355_SY500_CR….jpg)

Behold faggots, the key to cracking the DSP hooker case.

f6f8df  No.309728


daeddd  No.309914




>foxdickfarms fake news autism

Go back to your bitcoin miner malware site you homos.

d452d1  No.310053


He hired a hooker? Makes sense. He's like 40 so it's about time for him to lose his virginity after all.

b88e8a  No.310831


With Patron money too! I don't feel bad for anyone who got suckered by that manchild. The hooker isn't even hot.

0fb56e  No.311089

He hired a hooker to pretend to be his girlfriend. Why. For $3k even. He could have taken some woman out on the town for that and maybe gotten a real girlfriend.

49c86d  No.311091

File: 927ea13c5cc0899⋯.png (28.41 KB, 616x379, 616:379, ClipboardImage.png)


$6k if we're going by the rates posted on her website


ff3d18  No.311094

What happened regarding the hooker shit? Did he do anything to her? Why she expose him?

49c86d  No.311095


>Why she expose him?

Didn't pay in a timely fashion. 2 months of waiting as far as I'm aware.

b88e8a  No.311096



And he tried to block her like he blocks anyone who doesn't kiss his ass. Where's Kghaleon or that faggot who white knighted DSP when someone brought up how Phil tries to screw people over in and out of Youtube?

f6f8df  No.311102

How much should they cost? Just wondering.

d452d1  No.311105


>hire a hooker

>doesn't pay her

There was a time then doing that wouldn't end with the whore exposing your ass on the internet. What happened was either you pay her or her pimp would show up and beat your ass.

27d4f2  No.311106










>foxdickfaggots are still spamming their made up story as if it's real

When you have to make shit up outright to call someone a lolcow, you're doing shit wrong.



>being this desperate for cocks on a videogame player

aa97e9  No.311392


the cuckfarms thread on dsp has been infilitrated with sok members and fanboys

27d4f2  No.313911

Bumping so you foxdickniggers can stop spamming the


thread with your autism over what happened with the fake escort thing you niggers created.

41cce0  No.313931

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f6f8df  No.314137


I have one question. If the catfish stopped because Phil allegedly gave her money, was that a lie or did Phil cough up cash to them just to keep them quiet anyway because of image reasons?

186ed4  No.314169


He never paid them. They just claimed he did.

fc7779  No.314725


How does this shit keep happening to DSP?

27d4f2  No.314772

File: 9a9a05212d82ef1⋯.jpg (24.07 KB, 372x290, 186:145, 1460404735823.jpg)


>the entire thing was an autistic lie

<b-but surely the payment claim was true

655e6b  No.314805


This doesn't make any sense, for that money or even less you could hire a far more attractive eastern euro whore or a well known porn star, but he hires some whore he gets recommended from twitter?

27d4f2  No.314846

27d4f2  No.314847


He didn't hire her though. Do you even pay attention to what happens?

655e6b  No.314886



Chill out I didn't do nuffin watch the Jim video so I didn't know.

517842  No.314944


That's what set off my bullshit alarm. I buy that Phil would be stupid enough to hire a hooker so that she pretends she's his girlfriend, but he isn't stupid enough to hire one that costs over 100k dollarydoos seeing as he keeps bitching that he never has enough shekels for anything. Can't believe what a ride it was in the end, only Phil would uncover this 8 layers of bullshit plot without actually doing anything himself.

8a3dc4  No.314951

the doxxxxing of DSP's patrons is some scummy shit. I can't wait until the FBI raids Null.

Also, the entire hooker saga shit his pants and did nothing but help everyone involved. Null got more website traffic than ever and then got to pretend he is a simply ebin internet investigator. DSP is gonna be getting pitty bucks now. The hooker got free advertising.

a09c8a  No.315143

File: 627928a5a7311da⋯.png (753.39 KB, 1008x672, 3:2, 1437839711203.png)


foxdickfarms is so pathetic. The realization that DSP can get a girl while many of those faggots that post in the tranny-infested board cannot. They have to make up lies and engage in mental gymnastics that would be deserving of every gold medal. I have to say, all the sheer amount of autism that comes from people where DSP lives rent-free in their minds 24/7 is making me root for him.

27d4f2  No.316706

File: bc7bc965408a4ec⋯.png (22.93 KB, 793x133, 793:133, ClipboardImage.png)

>be the people desperately pushing something for attention

>try to claim you exposed and fixed it after it got destroyed by the mark of your scam


67756c  No.316711


I think the bigger excitement from the video isn't the catfishing attempt, it's the fact even Metokur said the CokSoks are a bunch of A-Logging losers hiding behind MUH WATER CHARITY. I lost my shit when I heard him say that considering he was silent about his opinion on them ever since Episode 100 where he was supposed to debate Che.

cf76f0  No.316715


Why isn't he playing RE7 VR?

0b97d4  No.316767


It's not hard to get a girlfriend in the modern day.

All the anons saying >tfw no gf are just lazy or too scared of rejection.

27d4f2  No.317368

File: 698e3538bf22566⋯.png (146.59 KB, 587x833, 587:833, dsp tries it poisoned by s….PNG)

186ed4  No.317513


And yet, I remained banned for calling them idiots because Null is butthurt I rubbed his nose in the shit.

186ed4  No.317516


>DSP is gonna be getting pitty bucks now.

There used to be a rule on the DSP subforum about this, that trolling DSP only makes him stronger.

e2359d  No.318043

File: 206f0dddf720d11⋯.png (275.24 KB, 1024x602, 512:301, 1.png)

Is this the SOK discord? I'm having some trouble identifying it.

9bbe3d  No.319867


not necessarily true, I just have 0 idea where girls are

01f7cd  No.319870

File: b21ad2e0a68afbe⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 749x625, 749:625, b21ad2e0a68afbe794d73d2543….jpg)

I know who dsp is, but bring me up to speed: who is, or are, sok? Isn't this some sperg that got pissy at dsp for the mgs lp, and been trolling him ever since like foxdick farmers do to cwc?

546c03  No.319894

Why can't people just hate DSP and not be more insufferable than he is?

Groups like this always latch on to metal gear solid too, I recall there was something similar going when the chrischan stuff reached its peak around 2009..whenever that 13 year old made Chris shove a medallion up his ass.

Had no idea what SoK was and almost thought it was shoryuken forum, I just came to this board hoping there would be a DSP topic.

Now there's just drama between two groups.

DSP' girlfriend left him at least, right?

546c03  No.319897


I googled them and they look like another dime a dozen group of trolls that hunt lolcows but turn out to bigger social pariahs than said cow.

SoK means the "Sons of Kojima" which sounds more like a forum about Metal Gear Solid, Snatcher etc.

>Isn't this some sperg that got pissy at dsp for the mgs lp, and been trolling him ever since like foxdick farmers do to cwc?

This is probably the best comparison but I only found out about them 10 minutes ago.

27d4f2  No.319913




>DSP' girlfriend left him at least, right?

>at least

Look at that, in the same post you complain about groups a-logging you alog yourself.

01f7cd  No.319930

File: 4d31a35cc266acc⋯.png (658.45 KB, 535x692, 535:692, 4d31a35cc266acc0640f3bace7….png)


>using a-log unironically

91605f  No.320695

Well it looks like DSP lost his 2nd sponsorship for a gaming chair. Lost it in just one day after announcement as Spawn Seat went out of business because the owner was doxxxxed and he didn't want his livelihood over a startup. The only good thing is that DSP was smart enough to get the chair beforehand.

They must be really mad since the whole escort brownie saga blew up in their face. It wasn't gonna hold up forever. Better to get him on shit he's actually done than trying to make up shit.

27d4f2  No.320696

File: af1f1ce41887a71⋯.png (421.22 KB, 592x668, 148:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 41080e023383df3⋯.png (23.39 KB, 587x151, 587:151, ClipboardImage.png)

>get sponsorship with a chair company

>they fucking dox the owner of the company and force it to close

It's been the case for a long time, but really think about this. Is it Phil that's really the lolcow here, or the people that not only make autistic 3 hour montages of 100+ part videogame playthorughs, but also make groups to discuss it and make 7+ hour podcasts eating rotten fish and 10 pounds of potatoes, then dox the owner of a company because he sent Phil a chair?

74b03c  No.320729


It's like asking who is more autistic: Chris or K1w1 Farms? The amswer is without a doubt, option two.

The funniest thing Phil did was masturbate on Twitch. No CuK involved there. Proves that he is perfectly capable of making an ass of himself. Same with Chris and him macing a GameStop employee over blue arms.

Lolcows are funniest when left to their own devices. Fucking with their lives is not only ween, its counterproductive as people then start to sympathize with the cow. And that is the last thing you want.

01f7cd  No.320731

File: 59a43ce04a90366⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 59a43ce04a9036614cabb049cb….jpg)



wew, maybe we should make a thread about them instead. can't believe I stand with dsp, for once

was it the sok spergs?

d2222b  No.320841


>was it the sok spergs?

Who the fuck else? Most anti-DSP people just make and laugh at compilation videos about DSP sucking at video games, the SoK fuckers and their ilk are the only ones that are mental enough to fucking dox someone just because he sent DSP a free chair, especially now that that their escort ruse was uncovered.

01f7cd  No.320844

File: c2fca5f37bcc6cd⋯.png (323.52 KB, 382x481, 382:481, c2fca5f37bcc6cdbecd8f5e64d….png)


>mgs fanboys are mental spergs

go figure

27d4f2  No.326875

File: db259a3272bf342⋯.png (70.22 KB, 595x457, 595:457, ClipboardImage.png)

>DSP Tries it: realizing fuckhuge budget televisions with bad response times are actually bad for gamign

5319c7  No.326991


>Just ran my girl's PC

>my girl's PC

Since DSP doesn't have a kid much less a daughter (that I know of), it looks like he's got a new girlfriend. ETA on when the CuK's try to scare her off?

0b97d4  No.327004


There's being a MGS fanboy then there's being a Son of Kojima. They're something else, something really fucking autistic.

0b97d4  No.327006

Also, from what I'm hearing the escort thing was fake? I'm not surprised, aren't usually so public about this kind of thing. I'm just wishing people like Jim didn't cover it now.

6973a7  No.327116


He does it again, the absolute madman.

cae378  No.327121


It took him NINE YEARS to realize his problem was the TV?

I got a switch last month and it took me less than 10 minutes to realize my TV had a delay problem with it.

0b97d4  No.327150



Wouldn't it be funny if it was all secretly just his TV having a delay? Like, he wasn't absolutely awful at games and it really was something else?

cae378  No.327161


Would that make him more or less retarded?

I think I'll go with more.

27d4f2  No.327268


Welcome to months-old news. From what he says, she already knows about the autism and thinks it's stupid. What do you think the escort meme was based on? They tried to claim his new girlfriend was an escort because they're retarded.


Frankly someone should just suggest to him to buy a fucking computer monitor for his games. Through HDMI, it actually works. Ran a 360 on a 60hz ASUS monitor before I moved my TV from my living room into my bedroom after dropping cable, worked perfectly fine.

17c2fc  No.327876

Anybody got the video where he says he's not a clown? Been looking for that for ages.

27d4f2  No.327920


>t. lolcow wanting to make an autistic montage

41cce0  No.327966

File: c31f886b4b24593⋯.webm (7.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, True Autism.webm)


This legit pissses me off. Do they know the life of this chair guy? It could be absolute shit. He could be staking everything on this business. Now because someone was shit at video games a bunch of no life faggots did some damage to an innocent man's life.

There is no lulz in this. There is nothing funny here. This is the screeching of autistic children driven to absolute rage that someone did something they didn't like. Fucking basement despots. How do they justify this shit?

3d5af0  No.327990

File: f39a8b5283d5d1f⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 582x143, 582:143, tXkZInu[1].jpg)

Oh boy

41cce0  No.327993


Wasn't this on Jimkino a couple of weeks ago?

3d5af0  No.327996

Unless Jim has a time machine then no he just tweeted this

41cce0  No.328034


I rewatched it. It was another twit where he mentioned his girlfriend's flight. It's not surprising he has a girlfriend to be honest. He is a well off beta loser. Some golddigger was eventually get her claws into him. He will get JUSTed just like boogie. While that might be lulzworthy that is still years in the making. This girl probably knows enough to keep the drama contained long enough to make her case for JUSTing him in the court of lawlz. Expect a few months of lovey dovey bullshit followed by gradual change in tone and cocks as he starts adopting her idealogy. If he becomes some politsperg or the relationship blows up this might be funny. Until then it is going to be more embarassing to watch the Soys of Cuckjima continue to embarss themselves.

b5755b  No.328111


>He is a well off beta loser

>well off

Since fucking when?

186ed4  No.328139


Since people started doing the math that he can't possibly be that damned stupid.

Since he started Youtube, you know the video, of Young Roach, he has likely grossed slightly over a million dollars.

That condo is likely paid for, his car is likely paid for, and he probably isn't too far from paying off his current house, if it isn't already paid for.

At this point, actually beleiving he is in dire financial straits is like beleiving he can't get a girlfriend. It just feeds him more.

14db34  No.328155


So him pretending he's in financial trouble is just a ruse so his paypigs can cough up the dough whenever he tells them?

186ed4  No.328388


Most likely yes. He's a piece of shit for many reasons, but foxdickfarms is way too happy and excited about shit.

Like they missed 30 years of Daytime Talk shows showing tens of thousands of women willfully in shitty, abusive relationships.

41cce0  No.328747



The thing is the paypigs would dry up if there wasn't a steady flow of faggots feeding him attention. Even mouthbreathing normal cattle who look up to DSP and unironically think he is awesome will eventually get bored and stop donating. However when ever some new controversy whips up more people get suckered in, som stay, and his life continues. The thing is that 20-30 years down the road he will have been such and established and long running joke with so many people that he will be fondly remembered as a campy cult icon.

SoK are literally making the life of the man they claim to hate better.

9fca1f  No.329910

I don't know how many of you are on the Farms but they found every social media account that Phil's new GF has in 20 mins after Phil posted the pic on his Instagram so everything is there if someone wants to post the links here.

27d4f2  No.330031


Now that's autism. Imagine if they spent that level of energy investigating the Vegas massacre, or pizzagate, or Charlottesville instead of trying to bully a videogame player that can get multiple girlfriends while taking a decade to figure out televisions with long delays are bad for gaming.

9fca1f  No.330210

She might be a cow in the making who knows i'll post the links to her internet accounts she might be worth investigating https://twitter.com/ChaosRealm01 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4n8gM97b7Df4aw6SjuB7lg https://www.twitch.tv/chaosrealm01 https://www.instagram.com/chaosrealm01/

186ed4  No.330220


I was posting on the farms but then I got banned for rubbing their noses in their own feces.


And there they are, justifying everything DSP claims about being trolled by detractors.

27d4f2  No.330669


I wonder how much envy plays into it. She's got the Stephanie McMahon crazy face, but looks pretty good.

920614  No.331064


Yeah. It was something to do with Phil getting catfished and the people doing it got doxed by foxdickfarms, revealing them to be internet fraudsters who had a bunch of accounts working on some turbo autismo stunt for 8 years or something, all for a $6,000 extortion. If the numbers are right, this equates to 36¢/hr to harass some godawful twitch streamer.

27d4f2  No.331390

File: 857cdbc2bd643a1⋯.png (249.73 KB, 590x697, 590:697, ClipboardImage.png)

Look at that, finally something actually worth bullying the guy for.

23fbe8  No.348300

Phil got banned from twitch.

27d4f2  No.348325


>oy vey our escort story failed let's get him banned from twitch

00809d  No.348648


he'll pay for being bad at video games

one way or another…!

9443a0  No.349357

File: f2a640c21e51bb3⋯.jpg (84.04 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 28434769_157253448314610_4….jpg)

His Instagram is pretty entertaining you can see how has no actually self awareness

9443a0  No.349376

He is gonna talk about why he was banned on his stream today

9443a0  No.349379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Some people are speculating that it was because of this

163555  No.349456


For how long and how so?

9443a0  No.349676

He is gonna talk about it now twitch.tv/darksydephil

9443a0  No.349710

Why is this thread dead there's so much shit that happens with Phil yet this thread barley gets new posts?

27d4f2  No.349732


>wwhy this thread is dead reeeeeeeee fucking bad videogame players reeeeeee

Have a sage. :^)

41cce0  No.349739

File: 74af9ab39f2b239⋯.webm (7.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, A Tune for Two.webm)


God, you're pathetic

74a760  No.361608

File: 9f14f54b91fdfb2⋯.png (968.57 KB, 753x747, 251:249, upload_2018-3-8_7-56-46.png)

74a760  No.361609

File: c715cfa7af59b8d⋯.png (911.07 KB, 757x713, 757:713, upload_2018-3-8_8-0-39.png)

74a760  No.361610

File: 7af36aad99163c6⋯.png (1.03 MB, 729x767, 729:767, upload_2018-3-8_8-1-20.png)

27d4f2  No.361828

74a760  No.362136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

706cca  No.364489

File: 64aa3e6cdc989a8⋯.png (438.68 KB, 777x413, 111:59, upload_2018-3-12_14-2-17.png)

706cca  No.364490

File: a32c0a7b41273c0⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1229x702, 1229:702, upload_2018-3-12_3-2-25.png)

d452d1  No.364786


She's not going to smile until the check clears.

706cca  No.364798

File: d76431d0958df25⋯.png (485.05 KB, 936x793, 72:61, 2018-03-12.png)

93ec4a  No.366479


did he seriously think anyone would believe he can score that, what was he thinking

d452d1  No.366621


He says he was popular in high school, so his fans will probably believe anything he says.

62b585  No.368293

File: a26636bba575563⋯.jpg (50.19 KB, 1200x634, 600:317, fM6gxam.jpg)

00809d  No.368815


leave my taxes in unmarked bills under the culvert if you want to see Kat stream again

387655  No.388397

I know Phill's info was posted on Doxbin but does anyone know what info was posted was it just his address and phone number or was it his SSN or even his credit card number?

106689  No.389935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



e21e8c  No.389946

File: 902a69bfdcb1f37⋯.jpg (9.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, dante.jpg)


This is what Dante has been up to since he left the Quick Stop.

41cce0  No.389980

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5ffbaa  No.390011


yep,and hes on every fucking video in the comments, he must be on yt 24/7

cc2727  No.390033




We need a thread about him, he was not kicked by the Asian girl years ago and now he's dating a Syrian woman and raising her children?

e21e8c  No.390041

File: c021c2d8c4e2d4b⋯.jpg (42.93 KB, 748x650, 374:325, syria.jpg)


>now he's dating a Syrian woman

cc2727  No.390063


And raising her two children.

da44e9  No.390068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dis gonna be gud.

489730  No.390078


Jesus Christ, I unironically want to impregnate her with my 100% Nordic phenotype seed while screaming ALLAH SOURIA BASHAR OU BAS

e21e8c  No.390121


as long as they are raised to love Jesus Christ, nothing wrong


syrian partisan girl is sexy

cc2727  No.390137

File: 99338ca8985f657⋯.gif (137.07 KB, 885x808, 885:808, 1517431261856.gif)




It's shitposting? Or the memes are true?

e21e8c  No.390161


you'd rather the kids sodomize goats like mohammad?

bf87be  No.390204


He'd rather sodomize the trees like Odin.

e21e8c  No.390209


…this doesn't make any sense.

24830c  No.390226


Praise Odin, I will burn your churches and rape your priests christcuck.

cc2727  No.390252



Islam for real is the only hope for your race.

e21e8c  No.390256


Islam is a lie. Yahweh is dead. Mohammad the homo boy fucker fucks boys and is a faggot.

b6ddd9  No.470309

File: c1e81b01792f876⋯.jpg (78.17 KB, 1200x530, 120:53, rough past.jpg)

0b49f7  No.470745

File: 6aed1bc47975452⋯.jpg (65.44 KB, 966x187, 966:187, godly nigger.jpg)


>as long as they are raised to love Jesus Christ, nothing wrong

stop proving the memes true, christcuck.

19d29a  No.475847


are you gonna give us the sauce or what?

b6ddd9  No.476876


The OP of the dupe didn't post the sauce, so I don't have it either.

b6ddd9  No.477267


If you filed one or both of the reports for this post, write it here, because the reports were blank.

38cb5d  No.489246

File: 46db0b733c5e768⋯.png (295.02 KB, 1046x648, 523:324, Untitled.png)

0bc0ea  No.489310


send nudes

270738  No.684624

File: 969c118a5c4d5c2⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 526x481, 526:481, DSP.JPG)

2e849f  No.691481

File: deca917b3b677b6⋯.webm (7.19 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lowteirgod.webm)

Does anyone know if Dusty Ziroto closing his youtube channel was related to the SOK?

He was a Phil detractor who ran a channel making fun of bad games, he released a creepy video talking about how he's privating all his videos and promises to be nicer from now on, as if he was being forced to do it.

the strange thing is the SOK collapse was maybe two months after.

I was always curious if there was a connection

e1b509  No.691513


next time check the thread you are posting in.

could the mods move this to the right thread please?

2f4d15  No.748489

File: 06edcd624784ef4⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 900x900, 1:1, fred.jpg)

miss me yet?

6cacda  No.749674


Necrobumbing should be a crime.

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