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File: 6fbf2eb3ed749a7⋯.png (362.43 KB, 640x835, 128:167, 6fbf2eb3ed749a734d22f603c9….png)

File: 6ce505f9bae2d1e⋯.png (32.45 KB, 1903x891, 173:81, 6ce505f9bae2d1e11abe3dd5c0….png)

File: 773783dc256d42a⋯.png (20.71 KB, 1851x159, 617:53, c0ea8980f9f192d1a31262f70f….png)

1e9c4c  No.264309



Fapbait anon is a /co/, cuck/co/, and /tv/ regular who gets triggered whenever someone shits on anime, especially one he likes like Dragon Maid and Attack on Titan and will defend it until he dies. He denies the existence of autism, fapbait, tentacle rape, weebs, waifufags, fujoshits, and any other thing that makes anime look bad. Telling him that cartoons and anime are the same thing will only make him go "No it isn't" for hours. Whenever you tell him that all he needed to do to stop the trolling is to walk away from the computer he will accuse you of damage control and swears that he has no choice but to defend anime even if it means going back and forth like pic related for 16 hours. For some reason he refuses to go to /a/.

His freakout started a few days before Easter when someone referred to Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid as tumblr yurishit on /co/ and since then has been defending it vigorously. When called out, he claims that he isn't a fan of the show but needs to defend it because it's anime. You can usually summon him on /co/ by shit-talking anime and on cuck/co/ and /tv/ by making anime/Dragonmaid threads.

1e9c4c  No.264310

You are so pathetic. Stop following me around. What went wrong with your childhood?

1e9c4c  No.264312


Dude, listen.

Anime means animation. Animations means several frames put together. These frames are called cartoons (meaning drawings of a certain style). Therefore anime means animated cartoons. Therefore:


1e9c4c  No.264313


It is factual that anime and cartoons are completely different from each other.

1e9c4c  No.264314

File: 5b86431d2d242f7⋯.jpg (39.37 KB, 468x553, 468:553, 5b86431d2d242f73d3989213f0….jpg)


>has no argument

So you admit defeat? Good to know!

1e9c4c  No.264315


I admit no such thing. I have demolished your arguments every time you have forced this debate.

1e9c4c  No.264316

File: a5e1b7b82fd7cc2⋯.png (520.21 KB, 763x1065, 763:1065, bmkr5.png)

File: c97d5a886685fa7⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 400x300, 4:3, autism card.jpg)


You still haven't addressed >>264312

>I have demolished your arguments every time you have forced this debate.

No you lost it, every time.

We can even have a poal.me, you lost dude.

Best thing to do now is accept that you have no arguments - and autism.

1e9c4c  No.264317



1e9c4c  No.264318


>No you lost it, every time.


>We can even have a poal.me, you lost dude.

So you can obsessively spam votes and claim you have "won"?

>Best thing to do now is accept that you have no arguments - and autism.

You have no arguments. Autism has no meaning.

1e9c4c  No.264319


Autism means everything.

Understanding you have autism helps you to understand that anime = cartoons.

1e9c4c  No.264320

https://disco rd.gg/JP5xnxY

1e9c4c  No.264321


>Autism means everything.

Autism means nothing

>anime = cartoons.

No they aren't.

1e9c4c  No.264322



you autist.

1e9c4c  No.264323



No they aren't.

>you autist

Autist doesn't mean anything.

1e9c4c  No.264324


anime = cartoons

Check your autism.

1e9c4c  No.264325

File: 476c8ee9da3754a⋯.png (39.94 KB, 445x399, 445:399, GET A LOAD OF THIS.png)

>he's here

1e9c4c  No.264326



>Japanese Animation

>Animation aimed at children


Anime = Cartoons

This is the truth for ever, you autist

1e9c4c  No.264327

Wait, is this the "YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE" guy?

1e9c4c  No.264328


Anons in the /tv/ thread seemed to think so.

1e9c4c  No.264330


Holy shit I found the older Anime-Autist spurg-out thread. There's one before this one but it's lost.


1e9c4c  No.264332

anime is cartoons faggot

1e9c4c  No.264333

File: a29c7fd90ed2e64⋯.png (169.99 KB, 300x350, 6:7, Trilogy.png)

File: 616cc81bbcac02e⋯.png (100.85 KB, 283x306, 283:306, spice21.png)

File: cf1f915708410be⋯.png (61.75 KB, 300x290, 30:29, spice6.png)

File: ae3d781797ed2c2⋯.png (92.67 KB, 283x313, 283:313, 1457277355101.png)

File: c0d6ac523eda78f⋯.png (93.77 KB, 283x306, 283:306, spice8.png)

1e9c4c  No.264334




No they aren't. Autism means nothing


>Wait, is this the "YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE" guy?

You still have none.


How have I "sperged out"? You never answer this because you can't.


>"signature spice" guy

How many boogymen do you have? Why are you trolling me with a VPN?

1e9c4c  No.264336

Anime are just cartoons for manchildren

1e9c4c  No.264337


>You still have none

I don't even remember what I was supposed to have evidence for. Something about you having CP on your computer, I think?

1e9c4c  No.264338


Anime is a completely different medium from cartoons. You are simply using manchildren as a replacement word for weebs who don't exist anymore.


You can't remember because you have no evidence.

1e9c4c  No.264339

File: 206d2a884d4ab25⋯.png (425.62 KB, 1280x696, 160:87, 1491487741436-0.png)


>when someone referred to Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid as tumblr yurishit on /co/

I thought THIS pic started it all?

I distinctly remember him (??) claiming that"moe" didnt existed.

1e9c4c  No.264341


Why are you so obsessed with Dragon Maid and fapbait? Moe doesn't exist as a genre. Stop peddling this myth.

1e9c4c  No.264343


Oh shit, I think I remember this autist from a /v/ thread. Someone said K-on! is shit and he kept going on about how it had a big budget and how moe was a feeling or some retarded shit.

1e9c4c  No.264344


K-On! used many cinematic techniques (camera angles and movement, framing, composition, editing, lighting, focus) and had a penetrating insight into the lives of Japanese teenagers. It was not "moe". Please stop discussing a subject you have no comprehension of.

1e9c4c  No.264345


HEH, that really was you in that nip mobile game thread? I could remember you just by how autistic you seemed. That's pretty impressive.

1e9c4c  No.264346


I am not obsessed with it, I just I don't even think that fapbait is a thing, if you mean Attractive characters, well, all anime girls are usually conventionally attractive, one more than others, cartoon characters arent made with the purpose to be sexualized.

I suppose it is just a new buzzword.

1e9c4c  No.264348



How long ago was this, do you have an archive?

1e9c4c  No.264349



That word has no meaning.


>I am not obsessed with it


>I just I don't even think that fapbait is a thing


>all anime girls are usually conventionally attractive


>cartoon characters arent made with the purpose to be sexualized

A great many are.

1e9c4c  No.264350


Found the archive of that thread.


1e9c4c  No.264352


Your obsession with archiving every thread you "troll" me in is disturbing. Is your life truly so empty?

1e9c4c  No.264354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sadly I don't have one or I'd have posted it. Embed related is the game the thread was about. Didn't know this guy was well known since I don't use /co/ or /tv/.

If he really likes Attack on Titan that is probably why he doesn't go to /a/. He'd probably get banned for his shit taste. In fact I think I remember someone being similarly autistic in a Boku no Hero Academia thread on /a/ fucking month ago, but that could have been someone else.

1e9c4c  No.264355


>If he really likes Attack on Titan that is probably why he doesn't go to /a/.

/a/ is a terrible board filled with posers with little knowledge of the subject and single minded focus on waifus. The vols are obvious newfags who enforce wrong headed ideas about the topic and can't handle being corrected on the matter.

1e9c4c  No.264356


Also I merely used Attack on Titan as an example. At no point did I say that it was one of my favorite shows. Why are you unable to read?

1e9c4c  No.264357


Calm down autismo, the OP stated that you like it. Also tell me if you were sperging out in a boku no hero academia thread on /a/ at some point, please.


Oh and I have no clue how long ago that was. Probably wasn't more than a month ago.

1e9c4c  No.264358



Meaningless word

>Also tell me if you were sperging out in a boku no hero academia thread on /a/ at some point, please.

See >>264355

1e9c4c  No.264359


Why do you feel the need to defend anime you don't like?

1e9c4c  No.264360


I didn't defend the show. I used it as an example when correcting you.

1e9c4c  No.264361


Alright, but you were in that mobage thread on /v/ about >>264354 , right?

1e9c4c  No.264363


STOP responding goddammit!

1e9c4c  No.264364


That wasn't me though. I did reply to you in the beginning of that thread but I only observed today's meltdown

1e9c4c  No.264365



>it's a fapbaitfag admits he's also the no evidence anon thread

1e9c4c  No.264366


I may have been. I can't be expected to remember every thread I post in.


I see no reason to do that. I am once again handily winning the debate. Maybe you should stop posting instead.


You will never have evidence and your obsession with "fapbait" is sad.

1e9c4c  No.264367


I very much doubt that.

1e9c4c  No.264368


Believe what you want to man.

1e9c4c  No.264369


1e9c4c  No.264370



If anime is gay then everything is gay.

1e9c4c  No.264371


Do you have a twitter or something? You could probably win debates even harder on twitter.

1e9c4c  No.264372


I don't see where giving you another forum to follow and spout inane nonsense at me is a good idea.

1e9c4c  No.264373


Post nudes of yourself you sound cute

1e9c4c  No.264374


That sounds even less appealing. Have we reached the point where you all have realized that you are wrong and apologize for wasting all of our time yet?

1e9c4c  No.264375


Check the IDs, faggot.

1e9c4c  No.264376


I'm not convinced that you aren't just using a VPN yet to simulate numbers. You have followed me from board to board and site to site. This would be well within your obsession with me to do.

1e9c4c  No.264377

File: a7c09211a58ca23⋯.png (339.28 KB, 500x707, 500:707, a7c09211a58ca2339eb4add945….png)


>Autism means nothing

Says increasingly autistic manchild

1e9c4c  No.264378


Give me a twitter or something else and I'll apologize :3

1e9c4c  No.264379


fuck you got me

1e9c4c  No.264380


Autistic has no meaning.


I don't believe you.


This is probably the only truthful and accurate thing you have said yet.

1e9c4c  No.264381


The part where I called you cute was truthful, I hope

1e9c4c  No.264382


I swear, I'll stop samefagging and apologize for following you around all this time.

1e9c4c  No.264383


fuck off you aren't me

1e9c4c  No.264384

File: 39573319fb6dfa5⋯.jpg (110.97 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 39573319fb6dfa552b5a8a7073….jpg)


>Dictionary definitions are wrong because I say so

>Genre definitions used by the industry are wrong because I say so.

Kill yourself.

1e9c4c  No.264385


I am cute but that isn't pertinent to this conversation. I suspect you are a deviant of some sort anyway. Probably a transsexual.


No, you would merely continue your obsession with me there.

If you are just going to start in with the tiresome perversions then I see no reason to continue. I have once again crushed you utterly as usual. Maybe one day you will bother to learn something about a subject before mouthing off to your superior in the subject.

1e9c4c  No.264386


Prove that you're cute and I'll leave you alone.

1e9c4c  No.264388


K-On! is moeblob garbage and ruined anime.

1e9c4c  No.264390


Moeblob doesn't exist and therefore can't ruin anything. Perhaps slice of life simply isn't your cup of tea.

1e9c4c  No.264391

So who was in the wrong here?

1e9c4c  No.264392



also K-On! is fucking garbage

1e9c4c  No.264393

For real though, is GdGd Fairies an anime or a Japanese cartoon? I need to get this worked out so the anime club doesn't laugh at me. Please help.

1e9c4c  No.264394

What's your favorite toon?

Mine would have to be Gurren Laggan from Gurren Laggan, man that kid was something.

1e9c4c  No.264395


According to wikipedia it's anime.

1e9c4c  No.264396


The dictionary is not infallible and does not define reality. They are wrong and need to be corrected. You haven't the faintest idea of what genres are and how they work in anime, I suspect.


The anon who has followed me obsessively is wrong in every way possible.


I have explained at length why this is incorrect.


This is just as infantile as the last time you posted it.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is anime.

1e9c4c  No.264397

File: 6cf51a2f59f75b2⋯.jpg (77.19 KB, 640x607, 640:607, autism cat.jpg)


>Everyone on the planet earth needs to be corrected because i say so

>Its not me whos wrong its everyone else!!!

Take your meds.

1e9c4c  No.264398


No, the character Gurren Laggan. You know, the kid.

Man, what a good toon.

1e9c4c  No.264399


Why is K-On! good, other than gelbooru?

1e9c4c  No.264400


>moeblob (plural moeblobs)

>(Japanese fiction, fandom slang) A moe character with a generic design and no defining personality traits.

Seems like it does exist. I enjoy slice of life. K-On! is just trash.

1e9c4c  No.264401


They are wrong. This is simply how it is. No one equates anime with cartoons except to troll poorly. Like you. Mental illness does not factor into this.


Neither the show nor the characters are cartoons.




Moeblob does not exist. Moe is primarily a romantic feeling or a feeling of finding something cute or endearing.

1e9c4c  No.264402


Why do you think we're all the same person who's using a VPN? Why do you think we'd put so much effort into trolling you?

1e9c4c  No.264403


But toon refers to character

And that Gurren Laggan kid was quite the character

Same with JoJo, what a great toon. Strange they change it up all the time so we don't know who JoJo really is.

1e9c4c  No.264404


Why did you make 4 threads on /co/? Why di you continue on /tv/? Why did you foloow me to 4chan to continue? Why did you make this ridiculous thread on this board? VPN usage is far from ridiculous based off your prior actions. I suspect you are mentally ill.

1e9c4c  No.264405


It does not and you are purposely misusing terms to try to annoy me. You only make yourself look foolish, you know.

1e9c4c  No.264406


Infantile or inconvenient to your world view?

1e9c4c  No.264407

File: 68cae13ba68cdc2⋯.png (319.3 KB, 799x658, 17:14, 68cae13ba68cdc21f76d1fc879….png)


>weeb tries to define his own words

>muh moe feels

pure idiocy.

1e9c4c  No.264408

File: 8c214635479c335⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 257x212, 257:212, cool guy.jpg)


Do you like Cory in the house, that's my favorite Mongolian Shadow Puppet Show

1e9c4c  No.264409


No I'm not, I should know.

I grew up with all the great toons like bugs bunny, daffy duck and stuff. They were always called toons.

1e9c4c  No.264410


I don't use /co/ often, and I just wanted to check out the anime thread on /tv/. I don't use cuckchan and this thread was made to archive your stupidity for future generations.

1e9c4c  No.264411


Toon can be used to refer to a character. Do you know what a homonym is?

1e9c4c  No.264412


Have you ever considered that you're so autistic that everyone reacts the same way to you? Really gets your noggin joggin, right?

Also post twitter and I'll stop samefagging. This thread is all me tbh

1e9c4c  No.264413


Infantile. I am not dealing in a worldview, only facts.


I have stated correctly both definitions. You project your own idiocy on to me.


Cory in the House is a live action western sitcom. Not anime.




You are an obsessive who can't accept that he remains wrong.


Only in western cartoons or MMOs


>Have you ever considered that you're so autistic that everyone reacts the same way to you?

I remain certain that this is one or maybe two obsessives who can't let go of a debate that has been lost since the beginning.

>This thread is all me tbh

I know.

1e9c4c  No.264414


>Only in western cartoons or MMOs

Do you have any proof that it can only be used in western cartoons or MMOs?

1e9c4c  No.264415

File: 9a198a462ac3f5e⋯.jpg (184.18 KB, 1478x1094, 739:547, tark lol.jpg)

I remember when I made a Tarkovsky thread last year and this guy tried to convince me that anime is kino.

1e9c4c  No.264416


You raised the subject. The burden of proof falls on you to back up your assertion that anime characters are referred to as "toons" in any regular fashion.

1e9c4c  No.264417


You at least made some attempt at making coherent arguments even though you lost in the end.

1e9c4c  No.264418


>you lost in the end

This is what dragoncuck actually believes.

1e9c4c  No.264419


The poster >>264394 as well as I refer to anime characters as toons. Checkmate, fag.

1e9c4c  No.264420


No. burden of proof falls on you autist, claiming its only used in MMOs and western cartoons when its an all encompassing term used in animation.

1e9c4c  No.264421


Anime characters are referred to as toons. I've always done it just like >>264409.

1e9c4c  No.264423


I see that thread was an anomaly.



A thread where you flail impotently at making me look bad or wrong is not proof.


No. He made the original claim that "toons" are used to refer to anime characters. I disagreed and now he must back up his assertion. This is how it works.

1e9c4c  No.264424


You telling me my life experiences are incorrect?

Toons can refer to any character.

Even things like Zelda, that guy that saves princesses, and Dirty Hairy.

1e9c4c  No.264425


So you admit that you have no evidence?

1e9c4c  No.264426


Other than anecdotal, which is what both our arguments are based on, no.

1e9c4c  No.264427


Your entire autistic sperging that has crossed imageboards is based on no evidence.

1e9c4c  No.264428


>proof isn't proof because I say so!

nice one plonker

1e9c4c  No.264429


>anime characters like those in miss kobayashi's dragon maid are NOT sexually attractive

>cartoon characters from adventure time ARE sexually attractive

What the fuck did he mean by this?

Anyways, skimming the front page of /co/ and it seems an anon has found him. Dragonmaidfag has already responded. Let's see what happens from here.


1e9c4c  No.264430


Thank you for finally admitting it.


I have provided evidence to back my arguments. You have not.

1e9c4c  No.264431



And to think, I almost took you seriously for a moment. You truly have no legs to stand on.

1e9c4c  No.264432

File: f660b01dd8016ff⋯.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 331:270, f660b01dd8016ff8fb4c864915….png)


>Claiming the dictionary definition is wrong

Not evidence you autist

1e9c4c  No.264433



I have. You have not. You can't take anything seriously which is why you constantly lose these debates.


It is.

1e9c4c  No.264434


not evidence

1e9c4c  No.264435


>all anime girls are usually conventionally attractive


Since Gunjo exists, you TECHNICALLY are right. But the rest of them, the 99.999%, are fapbaits.

1e9c4c  No.264436

File: ce239dfea939fa0⋯.jpg (36.05 KB, 500x324, 125:81, ce239dfea939fa0cdc47c37038….jpg)


>Claim with no evidence on why it is wrong

>is evidence of it being wrong


1e9c4c  No.264437


>It is

You have no evidence.

1e9c4c  No.264438


Why do you have to reply to every post?

1e9c4c  No.264439

File: 650089cc323c52b⋯.png (16.18 KB, 588x418, 294:209, ClipboardImage.png)


I have the answer for you, i suspect you already knew it.

1e9c4c  No.264440

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



1e9c4c  No.264442


Well according to him autism means nothing and because he had great facts to back it up like him saying so, I'd really like to hear what his explanation is.

1e9c4c  No.264443






I see nothing wrong with responding to every nonsensical falsehood. More people need to be corrected instead of allowed to continue on with their idiocy.



1e9c4c  No.264444

/co/anon is posting sources to back up his claims and now dragonmaidfag is claiming his deep understanding of anime is superior to that of the people who produce anime and wrote said sources.

This is getting better every second. I for one am waiting for his anime studio to open up so he can produce for us this glorious 24FPS animoo.

1e9c4c  No.264446

File: e15dd553208213b⋯.gif (180.48 KB, 404x416, 101:104, checkem.gif)


with an anime gif just for our friend :)

1e9c4c  No.264447



Can you prove this?

1e9c4c  No.264448

1e9c4c  No.264449


Just saw, this is amazing. "Random websites are not sources." Holy fuck this guy's julay won't go dry for a long while.

1e9c4c  No.264451


Now he said a guy who worked on Miyazaki films isn't an accurate source, but his feelings are.

Oh, and the westerners aren't allowed an opinion but he is.

This guy is a goldmine of fun.

1e9c4c  No.264452

File: 69c75a836d5c735⋯.png (708.27 KB, 1024x952, 128:119, barneyfag.png)


Are you his long lost brother?

1e9c4c  No.264453

File: dd18fe99018e25c⋯.png (346.99 KB, 600x587, 600:587, dd18fe99018e25c3f6f943d001….png)


>Claim something is meaningless when it has a set, clear definition

>Claim something is projection when its not

>I get to make up my own definitions and everyone else has to play by my rules

Stunted brain development. Since you came from cuckchan you can go back.

1e9c4c  No.264454


Fapbait anon and Barneyfag crossover when?

1e9c4c  No.264455

File: 4a4bd44d23a7b8e⋯.png (2.23 KB, 324x271, 324:271, Anime Autist in One Image.png)

>This Thread.

Pic related.


Do you have a archive?


Attractive characters are a fundamental part of the most important part of art: beauty.

1e9c4c  No.264459

File: cddf011817565cb⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 670x503, 670:503, cddf011817565cb0d8bc4d94e3….jpg)

I think this and the /co/ thread were too much for him. I hope he'll be back.

1e9c4c  No.264461


He probably went to bed. I guess he really does need to sleep after all.

1e9c4c  No.264462

File: b75a7b6aceb012d⋯.jpg (154.42 KB, 1111x776, 1111:776, bruegel dancing peasants.jpg)


>most important part of art: beauty

But there are superficial beauty (cuckime) and transcendental beauty (true artform). Superficial beauty is like a supermodel ex-wife who makes you pay for alimony. Transcendental beauty is like Christ who sacrificed Himself grotesquely to reunify man with God.

1e9c4c  No.264463


I'm sorry I don't understand.

1e9c4c  No.264464


Superficial beauty is pretty on the surface, ugly in the inside. It's not hard to understand.

1e9c4c  No.264465


got a link to the /co/ thread? I'm still going through reading his autism on the /tv/ archives.

1e9c4c  No.264466



He has left and now thread is back on topic.

1e9c4c  No.264467


>think this isn't worth a thread from OP

>see rest of thread


1e9c4c  No.264469


Recognized his stench immediately when it popped up, he really outdid himself in that thread, what an insufferable shit.

1e9c4c  No.264475

File: f8fa69f12c79e1a⋯.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, 200:251, f8fa69f12c79e1a0c8482dfe69….png)




Oh my fucking god, it's the anime autist from /tv/. Tell me, has he started talking to himself yet?

1e9c4c  No.264480

File: e2e3df26832fa09⋯.jpg (33.85 KB, 528x434, 264:217, masterdebator.jpg)

>Replies to every thread in a dogged effort to "win" internet arguments.


1e9c4c  No.264505


Damn, not even Powergirl Autist/Hijinks moved this fast.

1e9c4c  No.264507

Is this the same faggot that kept shitting on Samurai jack?

1e9c4c  No.264509


>Boku no Hero autist

I have heard of this one, but do you have a cap of that?

1e9c4c  No.264513


>Replies to every post in a dogged effort to "win" internet arguments


1e9c4c  No.264517

File: 1b12a68934f1fc9⋯.png (170.94 KB, 500x499, 500:499, IMG_0730.PNG)


>This posting style

Put your trip back on, Highjinx.

1e9c4c  No.264523

File: aa5cc14d8f5a1ab⋯.jpg (71.84 KB, 540x304, 135:76, Cory in the house upsets w….jpg)


>Chinese cartoon about girls with horns and tails, one of them has a turd on her forehead.

1e9c4c  No.264528

So now that this guy has received a lot of attention, do you think copy-cats will spring up?

1e9c4c  No.264539

File: 4b259e050050625⋯.jpg (49.3 KB, 676x720, 169:180, 4b259e05005062586345beca15….jpg)


>cinematic techniques

>for a set of drawings


>for animated cartoon frames

1e9c4c  No.264540


It is factual that there will be no copycats. You have no evidence to prove me wrong. I will demolish your arguments every time you force this debate.

1e9c4c  No.264541


Quite a spicy meme you've got there Anon

1e9c4c  No.264542






plural noun: cartoons

2. a film using animation techniques to photograph a sequence of drawings rather than real people or objects.

synonyms: animated film, animated cartoon, animation; anime

yup, checks out.

1e9c4c  No.264543

File: 411984fc02676f9⋯.jpg (46.05 KB, 861x960, 287:320, BsEtk42.jpg)


> camera angles

>and had a penetrating insight into the lives of Japanese teenagers

> and isn't garbage

1e9c4c  No.264549


Dictionary definitions do not define concepts. Again, you have no evidence.

Cartoons are not anime.

I don't know why you are so obsessed other than mental illness, but I will gladly continue to correct you ignorance on any forum by which thou chose to pursue me.

1e9c4c  No.264550


that's pretty weak autism, staving off sleep to argue on the internet is a beginner level attainment

1e9c4c  No.264551


>Dictionary definitions do not define concepts. Again, you have no evidence.

Then how do you define anime and cartoons?

1e9c4c  No.264564

File: f570e43d18fc2b0⋯.png (96.85 KB, 1784x562, 892:281, btfo.png)

File: 5a213ca227a38ad⋯.png (180.61 KB, 1266x565, 1266:565, btfo2.png)

File: 42e4767363d94b4⋯.png (92.48 KB, 1260x611, 1260:611, btfo3.png)

File: 3f24c0a49ea6191⋯.png (6.1 KB, 446x76, 223:38, btfo4.png)

Here's some japanese /co/ anon bee tee ef oing this autist.

1e9c4c  No.264569


That's from /tv/. First archive in OP.

Those were posted in the /co/ thread and he failed to point out how the JapAnon was wrong, then said neither Japs nor Westerners can comment on anime.

1e9c4c  No.264574

File: 68aa76f5502cac2⋯.png (314.1 KB, 469x474, 469:474, wewlad.png)


words have no meaning!!!

> Dictionary definitions do not define concepts.

wew lad

1e9c4c  No.264580



None of those "sources" were legitimate. I pity the Wikipedia Generation that can't pursue independent thought.


That is a .gif of a Western live action movie. Not anime.


I already have.



I don't have a brother. Your attempts to equate me with an MLP obsessive only reinforces your lack of ability to prove that cartoons and anime aren't different subsets of animation.


I have stated again and again and again why my definition is more valid than the incorrect dictionary definition made by people who have no knowledge of the subject. Autism is meaningless. You have shit his pants and done nothing but project.


"Cuckime" is a term used only by anti-anime activists.






That was not me in the /co/ thread. I find it sad but unsurprising that you are reduced to pretending to be me just to continue a losing debate.


I am not an anime autist. That is simply a label you have attached in order to try to belittle me since you can't actually refute my points.



How many boogymen will you claim I am?


I have not referenced Samurai Jack nor do I dislike the show.


You already have pretended to be me. As you know.



Anime often uses cinematic techniques. Your greentext + reaction image combo does not change this fact.


That definition is incorrect. As I have proven time and again.


Anime uses very different principles of character design, animation techniques, backgrounds, cinematography, camera work, editing, music, sound design, voice acting and writing, and more. Anime is derived from cinema and uses the same techniques and principles in pursuit of the same goals and has also developed many of its own features. Cartoons are not derived from cinema and are based on very different ideas.



He did not "PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD" me and he was almost certainly not Japanese. I did not say that Westerners can't have opinions on anime. That was you poorly pretending to be me.

1e9c4c  No.264581


This boards word filters are childish and annoying.

1e9c4c  No.264582


Not that guy, but for me Anime has always been the same as a TV series and movies but instead of live actors is made on animated format, with Anime characters being like actors or "Animated Japanese people" ( this explain why they all look so similar)

Cartoons are in no way meant to be taken as actual people, their world is not to be taken with the same level of consistency as Anime, Also the format in which they are made it is like a play or an stand-up instead of a cinematic production .

1e9c4c  No.264583

Anime = cartoons = gay shit for gay babies in the gay baby jail

Deal with it nerd.

Post last edited at

1e9c4c  No.264584


Supreme autism.

1e9c4c  No.264586


I missed you.

1e9c4c  No.264603

File: db97e8600e9fd8e⋯.png (238.81 KB, 500x250, 2:1, IMG_0204.PNG)


You have a lot of the same qualities as Highjinx/Powergirl Autist

1. You alternate between /co/ and /tv/ making a fool of yourself on both boards.

2. You come to your own /cow/ thread to defend yourself and persist even when it's clear everyone is laughing at you

I am about 75% sure you are PGA falseflagging as a weeb to try and get anime banned from discussion on /co/ and /tv/, did you not have the money to buy another ad?

1e9c4c  No.264616


>That was not me in the /co/ thread. I find it sad but unsurprising that you are reduced to pretending to be me just to continue a losing debate.

Look at this fucking damage control. You shouldn't have used the FPS argument to prove why anime is superior.

1e9c4c  No.264619


Damn. So this is what happens when a Jap doesn't go to 2ch.

1e9c4c  No.264629

File: 1d74329399aa136⋯.jpg (401.59 KB, 1424x842, 712:421, 7000 skeletons.jpg)

1e9c4c  No.264633


>tfw no fapbait autist to use as your personal fleshlight while he defends himself to every single poster in the thread

true suffering

1e9c4c  No.264660


Fapbait autist pulled this exact same shit in a random thread on /v/ a month ago. It's not impossible, but it seems unlikely to me that even an autist like highjinx would randomly pull this new persona on /v/ to get weeb discussion banned from other boards.

1e9c4c  No.264731


>anti-anime activists

1e9c4c  No.264775


>That was you poorly pretending to be me.


You responded to 3 at once, including mentioning that westerners may not have opinions on anime production.

You then kept posting and did not once say "lol that it's me!!", so we can all assume you're just backtracking.

This is the post in question:


People replied to those posts and you then replied to them, without calling out someone for impersonating you.

1e9c4c  No.264785


Aren't you that "CIAnigger" brony faggot /pol/ takes as their little darling every now and then?

1e9c4c  No.264787

File: aa0446e51e50f56⋯.png (200.31 KB, 500x276, 125:69, ExpectNothingStillLetDown.png)

Remember back during the first year or so after the exodus? Everyone was so chill and grateful to have a new home, everyone made good posts and agreed that over-moderation was garbage.

The fags like this found the site, started making off-topic shitposts and arguing with people over nothing.

Faggots like this WANT over-moderation because they like to control people, and they can't be faggots if everyone is allowed to have a voice.

Douchebags like this make imageboards a worse place. If the mods on /co/ weren't so incompetent they'd clean this piece of trash up and we'd never have to hear from again, except here on /cow/ where he whines about us making fun of him.

Seriously, /co/ needs new mods. Or we just have to make a new /co/

1e9c4c  No.264809

File: 0f3e504ed9ee8ce⋯.jpg (62.57 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Anime is saved by shrek.jpg)


>He keeps defending the meaning of anime

1e9c4c  No.265101

File: b5d2550282ab977⋯.png (116.66 KB, 260x273, 20:21, autism face.PNG)

File: 0f4a26e834738af⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 850x345, 170:69, weebshit.jpg)


Haha, it IS you, the anime autist! Come on, when are you going to start arguing with yourself like you did every time you posted on /tv/? That shit was gold.



Oops, looks like you're IP hopping to agree with yourself, sad!

1e9c4c  No.265120


>Faggots like this WANT over-moderation because they like to control people, and they can't be faggots if everyone is allowed to have a voice.

Faggots like this is why /a/'s favorite answer to any misbehavior is a boot to the balls and a baseball bat swing into the neck.



If you are Japanese. Other than that the distinction is there for a reason.


Anime* itself was derived from Fleisher and Disney cartoons. You can thank Tezuka himself for that. He has founded Mushi productions, because he was inspired by these cartoons to make Animation. Also the big eyes were taken straight outta Disney's movies. If you take a look Manga from the 1940s to the mid 1960s, you can find apparent similarities between the two scenes' art styles. Let's not forget that some Japanese comic artists and animators do like American Superhero comics. The western influence doesn't end there. You find a lot of romanticism for German stuff in many productions and lets not forget adaptions of Western literature. The most infamous of these is the World Masterpiece Theatre line by Nippon Animation that has turned virtually every popular children's book from the Machine Age into a super moe cartoon.

* Anime as in Japanese animation in a certain style spectrum. I hope that sends that autistic Grammar dispute straight to Auschwitz

1e9c4c  No.265129

File: d3d6c387ec164cf⋯.jpg (116.71 KB, 639x634, 639:634, C2ttTF3WEAAYAJN.jpg)


>praising /a/utism administration

You spam this garbage on /sudo/ too, I take it?

>the anime autist cries for backup, gets it

1e9c4c  No.265154


Huh? Another piece of work seeing demons? No thanks. I don't want to piss away my life for useless psychodrama over people getting a Amygdala cramp over /a/'s infamous strict moderation.

Gibe your heart to Jesus and leave space for the real animu spastic.

1e9c4c  No.265162

Daily reminder that anime=cartoons and K-On! is fucking trash.

1e9c4c  No.265163

File: 601be87199cd81c⋯.png (1.22 MB, 768x1093, 768:1093, anime sucks.png)



Post last edited at

1e9c4c  No.265165


I agree with this one. Most boring show I have ever seen.


Plebicide 2017 soon. The tree of cool cartoons withe bloody asses flying through the screen has to be watered with the blood of the tasteless shitheads.

1e9c4c  No.265174

File: fd406b8712c5c07⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 193x200, 193:200, fd406b8712c5c078ab88815d85….gif)


Was any of that autism supposed to be comprehensible?

1e9c4c  No.265232


Cartoons are ugly and Anime is not, BIG difference.

1e9c4c  No.265335


I was beginning to think something was wrong with me for shooting down Nationalist Cuck and obvious shills on cuckpol whenever I saw em.

This guy..

What the fuck man?

1e9c4c  No.265336


Also on that note the advertisement firm employees who get hired to shill on /v/ and /pol/ by rich people and game companies who really shouldn't have that much excess money are great targets for julaying. They always get angry when you start twisting shit on them.

Easy identifiers:

>Starts rambling about one specific topic or against specific target topics while trying too har to fit in

>Newfag levels of knowledge of their environment but purport they are veterans of the community in question

>I'd beat you up IRL! [ ]'s beliefs wouldn't work IRL just give up idiot! You're new here I've been here for 7 years what's a "samefag"

Bonus points if you see a Chinese dude on a proxy. They get REALLY angry when you blow them up.

1e9c4c  No.265338


And have Jim lose all of the user base of his site?

do you want to be fired!


1e9c4c  No.265347


Oh shit he's back.

1e9c4c  No.265348


This is different because everyone on /co/ now parrot the same shit. They all suddenly hate cartoons now when back in 2015 there were multiple cartoons threads and OC made for them, more than comics threads, with and userbase of over 600 people.

Nowadays /co/ userbase wants to be this oldfag 4chan-guy from 2006 that talks about nothing but Anime and is a dick to everyone, I think there is even people from that goddamn /mai/ board to shitting up threads:


This is all BO's fault, I don't know if he is absent or he is a huge weaboo and sides with fapbait guy and his cronies.

This is not /cow/ cocks for me, the goddamn board is dead now, nothing but shitposting and Animeposting.

1e9c4c  No.265355


The problem is mods don't ban/delete shitposters and waifu shit.

Lots of the anons there are fine, but then there's a vocal minority who just go "dude anime lmao manga xd" and they don't get banned for some reason.

1e9c4c  No.265447

File: 107435c785df6a4⋯.jpg (87.76 KB, 460x347, 460:347, luigi is tired of your shi….jpg)


Right, anon, it should be more like /a/ where forgetting a period or noticing digits like those dubs gets you banned.

1e9c4c  No.265471


>I think there is even people from that goddamn /mai/ board to shitting up threads

I've been lurking /mai/ for many months now and it seems that nobody there gives a shit about how Western cartoons can't be waifus or shit like that. The only thing they don't accept are poniefags, but only because they tend to bring cancer into the board. Other than that, it's a semi-dead board.

That's why I don't understand why somebody here in /cow/ is posting "cartoons can't be waifus; only anime". It's out of character for them.

1e9c4c  No.265747

With weebs like these, who needs furries?

1e9c4c  No.265759


That dragon lady sure does have big tiddies

1e9c4c  No.265826


Agree, that board is long dead, the waifuffags at /co/ are just the usual /a/ people.

1e9c4c  No.265830


>mods don't ban/delete shitposters and waifu shit

That's intrinsic to a lot of 8chan boards: you don't get a stern mod because they don't want to do any moderating/be labelled as cuckchan mods by overcaffinated tweens.

Some boards have two or three rules that are strictly enforced, but a good number of them tried to be serious boards with no quality assurance rules, or those rules were never enforced.

1e9c4c  No.265846

Now that we know Dragonmaid's posting patterns and behaviors, this cuck is never going to shitpost undeterred ever again.

1e9c4c  No.265852


Only /a/ has strict rules, followed by /pol/.

1e9c4c  No.265864


Dare you to post cartoons at /a/ and call them anime, clever dawg.

1e9c4c  No.265866


/k/ did for a while, but their mods stopped doing anything since nobody breaks the rules; it's little more than the same 30 or 40 spergs talking about which $50 million plane or WW II tank is their waifu.

1e9c4c  No.265987



Fucking wew.

Why do people like this never see how autistic they are?

I made 40 posts in a thread once, immediately realised I was acting like a sperglord and stopped posting.

1e9c4c  No.265988


/a/ is stricter than /pol/.

If you forget to end your post with a period you can be banned on /a/.

1e9c4c  No.266573


Anime is for losers.

841951  No.272855

This guy recently made an appearance on /pol/


Not as much funny material this time though.

631ce6  No.275698

Fapbait anon has been sighted in /tv/ again.

631ce6  No.275702

He is feeling feisty today. >>>/tv/792751

500c6e  No.275714


>It's ironic that I'm supposedly a lolcow, even though you have not stopped being butthurt ever since the day you originally declared all-out war on me for making some minor defensive remarks regarding Kobayashi-san. You followed me to different boards and another site, you begged the mods for help, you went to /cow/ for help and lied your ass off about what happened (the truth would have just made them turn on you instead), you patrol imageboards every single day scanning for any signs of me, you immediately engage me and derail the thread if you think you've spotted me, if I humored you you would go on for 6, 12, 24, even 48 hours non-stop, never giving up on your cataclysmic battle against the man who once defended an anime series on /co/ (why /co/ is this obsessed with a minor Kyoani show is anyone's guess)… this has been going on for months. It has to be one of the greatest outbreaks of mass psychosis and butthurt in the history of the internet, and I have no doubt that you will never forget this in your entire lives, and that this could easily go on for the next ten years.

>But somehow, in your version of reality, I am the lolcow. You dindu nuffin, you are the victims.

This sounds a lot like the typical foxdick drama where the speds trolling Chris managed to act more retarded than Chris himself.

bf2ec9  No.275720


The thing is, nobody is trolling this guy. It's all in his head. He gets spotted easily because his posting style is so obvious.

bf2ec9  No.275723



Meant trolling

bf2ec9  No.275725

File: 8003c3f6366c94d⋯.jpg (10.11 KB, 182x268, 91:134, MV5BNjQxN2FmYWMtNmQ0Yi00OW….jpg)



Alright no more phoneposting for me

6dd34b  No.275741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Remember: Anime is bad.

50d75f  No.275762

Remember, anime is short for animation and animation also means cartoon

anime = cartoon (^;

085b0b  No.275976

I'm surprised he kept a low profile after arguing anime had superior FPS on /co/.

73ddb5  No.275995

in japan spongebob is called an anime

not a cartoon

therefore cartoons aint real, only anime is real

Therefore spongebob is the best anime ever made

ecddc6  No.276000

This nigger is spergling hard in that /tv/ thread.

ecddc6  No.276001


Nepfags biggest trigger is incorrect usage of semi-colons. Expect a month long ban and him crying about why people are dumb trumpcucks in IRC for at least two hours. He is butthurt incarnate and it has only gotten worse since the election.

be81f8  No.276005


>It was not "moe". Please stop discussing a subject you have no comprehension of.

>It was not "mecha". Please stop discussing a subject you have no comprehension of.

>It was not "emo". Please stop discussing a subject you have no comprehension of.

>It was not "capeshit". Please stop discussing a subject you have no comprehension of.

>It was not "Marxism". Please stop discussing a subject you have no comprehension of.

>It was not "post-modernism". Please stop discussing a subject you have no comprehension of.

Every time.

dd9dc8  No.276011


So the

>Cartoons can't be waifus

>Waifubait does not exists

>Moe does not exists

Is another, completely different guy?


I do remember back in the day someone claiming that in 2ch Japs do call "cartoons"

everything they consider inferior to be posted on their several 2D boards, to the point that 2D was just another name for Anime.

085b0b  No.276021


Nope its the same guy. I remember him spouting all 3 of those during his Easter freakout.

971071  No.276080


And the goon shows himself.

8d8edd  No.276086

File: c9fae4e84348559⋯.jpg (21.16 KB, 372x260, 93:65, ௵.jpg)


What even is this post?

6dd34b  No.276151

File: 00d824e53a1943c⋯.png (97.79 KB, 869x860, 869:860, ClipboardImage.png)

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

6dd34b  No.276159

File: 5670c91b911dfb9⋯.png (4.07 KB, 634x22, 317:11, ClipboardImage.png)

/cow/ - your sick obsession is disturbing

085b0b  No.276161


Hey Dragonmaid anon, why aren't you posing in this thread if you are keeping a close eye on it?

6dd34b  No.276164

File: 0516c4284234464⋯.png (91.78 KB, 702x901, 702:901, ClipboardImage.png)


085b0b  No.276165


Oh Jesus he's doing it again.

6dd34b  No.276166

File: e168831a02272cc⋯.png (59.14 KB, 1744x286, 872:143, ClipboardImage.png)


Another meltdown. Sad!

6dd34b  No.276167

>someone is claiming this guy is smiley

Could it be?

085b0b  No.276169


I don't know much about smiley but isn't he too much of a narcissist to post without his signature smiley face?

bf2ec9  No.276174


Saved for future generations.

6dd34b  No.276175

File: 43cb73334aa13cb⋯.png (212 KB, 1798x962, 899:481, ClipboardImage.png)


>zoomed out to 25%, the farthest out my browser allows, for screencap

085b0b  No.276178

Did he get banned? It isn't in character for him to stop so suddenly.

6dd34b  No.276180

File: 1135852f79ce11e⋯.png (44.1 KB, 1103x395, 1103:395, ClipboardImage.png)


No way to tell, shillary clinton supporter BO has logs disabled.

ebeeab  No.276181


No, Western Animation is different from Anime, but both are cartoons.

085b0b  No.276345

So does this guy only browse /tv/ now?

025479  No.276362

>first 205 responses in thread are all one ID

What the fuck did I miss?

64b1f8  No.276369



6dd34b  No.276373


>being this much of a newfag

>not knowing about the site hack in april

794308  No.276388


I've never seen him on /v/ or /a/ again. Don't really lurk anywhere else.

f05e69  No.276563


It's due to a hack that happened a few months ago, go to any old thread. They're all like this.

fa34dc  No.276594




fucking really?

5472e9  No.276618


Lurk moar, it's a glitch that happened after the site got hacked in April.

085b0b  No.276784

File: 986c5abe605d57d⋯.png (29.98 KB, 1244x157, 1244:157, screenshot-boards.4chan.or….png)

So after seeing that he browses cuckchan's /co/ I decided to make a western animation vs japanese animation thread before bed and when I woke up I noticed he entered the thread.


794308  No.276810


I was really unsure if he was merely pretending at some point, but this pretty much confirmes that he is the real deal. Next level autism.

085b0b  No.277835


I haven't seen him post on /tv/ since that day so I'd assume he's banned.

bf2ec9  No.278141


Do you have an archive?

a182c6  No.279910


You found this thread 10 seconds after it's made? That has to be a new record.

f52217  No.279960


She's a femanon, you know.

66095f  No.280044

File: 37dd934eec13c1f⋯.png (335.15 KB, 853x479, 853:479, Nanachi laughing.png)


That filter is so goddam funny,

2be8ee  No.280085


No, Hetalia Axis Powers is much worse. I watched the English dub and cringed at the fact that people actually like this.

91bb04  No.285256

We have a code red anime autist rampage occurring on /v/. All hands on deck. ID:b5ba38 >>>/v/13405188

894ae4  No.285264

Here is another thread with him:


894ae4  No.285267

Here is another thread with him:


73976c  No.285271



Think you missed a 1 there in the beginning, chief.

34065c  No.285273


Archive that shit.

34065c  No.285274

File: bd4b6f3df19a1b5⋯.png (28.74 KB, 1522x334, 761:167, FireShot Screen Capture #1….png)

He still refuses to let what happened on /co/ a few months back go.

73976c  No.285275


Fresh archive. Get it while its hot. http://archive.is/s2le7

34065c  No.285287

File: 8619e28501707db⋯.png (14.58 KB, 1523x142, 1523:142, FireShot Screen Capture #1….png)


He's watching this thread.

f1d842  No.285288



6df7b2  No.285290



7c3061  No.285292

File: 84613c4671fdb4d⋯.jpeg (72.83 KB, 887x1097, 887:1097, jesus christ.jpeg)

>anonymous lolcow

6df7b2  No.285293

File: f6dafb0441a7b7f⋯.png (120 KB, 1486x636, 743:318, cool.png)

I have been kissed by an angel

e22ec0  No.285296

File: e577507b289e1bc⋯.png (490.46 KB, 667x646, 667:646, signature spice 2.png)


i dont think it's possible for one person to contain That much autism anon

865d4f  No.285299



Is it possible this guy is Smiley? It's a very similar posting style and habit of perpetually holding grudges over anonymous posts.

5f60c1  No.285301


I was thinking the same honestly, he has the same typing style

Whoever he is he has absolutely zero life, the threads he show up in he will argue for 12+ hours straight replying to all replies within minutes and even be shitposting in multiple threads at once which was the case on /v/ today

34065c  No.285348


Try asking Smiley about it and you'll be able to tell if it's him by his reaction.

614140  No.285350


Here's the archive of one of the /v/ threads since he seems to have stopped sperging.

Autism doesn't mean anything.

865d4f  No.285375



0bc24f  No.285379

File: c63142415ec12f8⋯.jpg (176.44 KB, 664x1203, 664:1203, the_un_katana.jpg)

I fucking love this nig nog. It's like he believes that being uncompromising and assertive and adopting a matter-of-fact tone will intimidate people into letting him have the last word. Clearly he's the kind of beta who gets cowed by angry body language and that kind of rhetoric in real life and thinks it can work online just as well without any of the other factors in play.

f5029e  No.285389

File: acb5904ecca874d⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 500x368, 125:92, andrei tarkovsky.jpg)

I wish he looked like Dragon Maid in real life.

c1a7de  No.285452

Is he still around? I kinda miss his faggotry over on /co/. >>264310

d091ba  No.289248

I miss him.

8b4d4a  No.289259


Dude is on /tv/ right now sperging his ass off. He has been keeping it up for a few days.

9d5d8d  No.289620


any screen caps?

634c17  No.289638


He thinks he's being cyber-gangtrolled now? I bet he thinks he's being gangtrolled by some other group IRL too.

9bf459  No.289647


At least take caps or archive.


Not yet but soon. I bet we'll find out his real name sometime next year.

56b692  No.291998

I thought it was the kike in charge of /v/ responsible for the dragonmaid shit.

73b8af  No.292003


Do you have proof?

3403a5  No.292048


>implying Mark's waifu isn't from Macross

b93ef1  No.292497

He's in a /tv/ thread >>>/tv/968633

b93ef1  No.292582

File: dfaacbd23482630⋯.png (47.73 KB, 1421x519, 1421:519, autism.PNG)


some good stuff here

b93ef1  No.292585

File: 4a9c94eff642ebd⋯.png (38.48 KB, 1792x188, 448:47, exposed.PNG)

I broke him

b93ef1  No.292587

File: 0cf4c6d014594e8⋯.png (30.83 KB, 1789x206, 1789:206, wut.PNG)


What the fuck did he mean by this?

56803c  No.292659





This is boring. You are boring.

fe8854  No.292664


Is that you anime autist? I missed you ;_;

f893ff  No.292668


Needs an archive ASAP!

b93ef1  No.292743

d0ca6b  No.298637

I like anime a d dragon maid but I wouldn't get this mad over someone not liking that stuff.

ffbeee  No.298664

File: 76e769b9bf78a85⋯.png (340.86 KB, 959x719, 959:719, French Guy Face Bewilderme….png)

File: 3bea85db38a1eb1⋯.png (317.12 KB, 960x719, 960:719, French Guy Face Shocked.png)


>mfw before and after reading this thread. Dear God, the Autism.

d66ca4  No.303934



b46c34  No.303987



If they just went back to calling it Japanimation instead of anime there wouldn't be a need for this argument.

Its like British people referring to middle eastern as asian and americans thinking they mean east asian and everyone gets pissy.

ffbeee  No.304391

File: 5b308c5adea57a7⋯.png (658.37 KB, 759x572, 69:52, Confused Ed.png)


What kind of fucking logic is this?

cac4f0  No.314867

File: 44ade40ff432f02⋯.png (97.58 KB, 1194x394, 597:197, nothing to do with pedophi….png)



cb4f36  No.314871

Is this the "autism doesn't exist" "weebs dont exist" guy who wont stop replying?

cac4f0  No.314878


Of coursh, who else would it be?

c454f3  No.315360



Oh my jesus what happened here

99626b  No.315846


That's not the same person, in summer last year the servers lost data and everyone in threads created before that happened got the same ID, you can see this a lot on slow moving boards.

cac4f0  No.316153



Archived for posterity. Also fapbait anon may or may not have spammed CP. He stopped posting after that little incident.

69852f  No.319274


He'll be back.

69852f  No.397372

Thread's about to reach it's 1 year anniversary.

2b3e77  No.397378

I wasn't the original anime autist but I did impersonate him on this thread to get it going. If you read my posts at the beginning all I did was slightly reword his posts from /tv/ and /co/.

0bf980  No.397433

File: 45e81d794ef461e⋯.png (117.19 KB, 478x260, 239:130, 45e.png)

Drink the fucking koolaid, make daddy PROUD like nigger!

89fddf  No.397446

File: e40a16fbd6a215f⋯.jpg (56.83 KB, 497x427, 71:61, 1504029702425.jpg)


"Cartoon" is another way of saying animation. Anime is a form of animation, and you have autism.

02eef6  No.397457


Anime is just another way of saying Chinese Cartoon. At least it isn't as gay as Manga film or Japanimation.

0d3acb  No.397784

/co/ is a fucking shitshow these days. There was a really interesting thread which was beginning to delve into a well-argued political discussion… or would have been, if half the fucking posts weren't missing. I tried to complain about it, but by the time I replied, the thread itself had been deleted, no doubt for "politisperging".

Anybody got a line on /co/'s mod(s)? I bet there's some material there.

69852f  No.397882


What was the thread about?

c823e4  No.415524

literally fucking speechless

220f19  No.473426

He's back at it.


596aca  No.485052


it was about how 2D girls >>>>>> cartoon girls

d2147a  No.485259

What even is this thread?

e17d4f  No.653912

Surely this was OP rping.

b20184  No.654048


Your new is showing.

eae49c  No.654068

This guy showed up on /pol/ not too long ago and I Honestly couldn't believe the autism.

I should have archived the thread.

54a569  No.658579


Yeah, he totally showed up to sperg out 10 minutes after thread creation.

be7cb1  No.659918


He showed up because OP linked the thread during one of his /tv/ meltdowns.

t. someone who was here while he was sperging out in /cow/

49433b  No.841857

sudocuck is trying to slide this

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