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File: 4501b153ab87559⋯.png (403.17 KB, 539x450, 539:450, lolcow1.png)

b3ebbb  No.293455

Bill Schmalfeldt, deranged cybertroll, is one of the most stupidest LOLCows on the Internet. He is famous for doxing, trolling & harassing critics of convicted serial bomber & court adjudicated pedophile Brett Kimberlin. He has filed over 7 lawsuits which were either withdrawn or dismissed. Anytime Schmalfeldt has sued someone he has earned a restraining order. He currently has 12 in at least a half a dozen states which has resulted in him being a court adjudicated rapist & child troll.

He was also banned from the Daily Kos for writing an article on anal rape.Schmalfeldt fakes Parkinson’s diease & other illnesses to scam a living off the gov’t so he can wrtite liberal satire that advocates his interests in Cub Scouts being anally raped, male & female genitalia, coprophilia & necrophilia etc. fetishes. He is also famous for often having Twitter meltdowns.

Schmalfeldt’s insanity is well documented at Encyclopedia Dramatica https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Bill_Schmalfeldt

As well as:






d44eaa  No.293558

File: 806ed733d80262a⋯.png (136.16 KB, 1120x977, 1120:977, 1442131241466.png)

This is fucking gold

Your title reads like a jeepers media video title too and that makes this topic even more hilarious

9f6698  No.293563

>So far, he’s not dangerous. He is living in Wisconsin, uses a walker or scooter and doesn’t ever threaten physical harm. His habit is to research all he can using his computer, and only rarely pick up the phone. He’s taken people to court, but rarely follows through these days. He’s mostly harmless.

And a fun introduction:


Reminds me a lot of Null. Now how doe we get him in here?

dd0314  No.293569

He's not a lolcow

He's a proper fuckin legend

58e48c  No.293578

File: 3d3a24af295b0b1⋯.jpg (37.25 KB, 640x360, 16:9, dkelley1.jpg)


Schmalfeldt was kicked out of his apartment at Canticle and Juniper Courts in St Francis,WI. He moved to Clinton, Iowa got job at a local radio station and was fired after a few weeks. He got drunk, rubbed his tires on a curb & blew them out. He filed a false police report claming his tires had been stabbed. Once he was caught in that lie, he fled IA to hook up with a skank that collects boy on boy anime porn and is currently living out of motels in Myrtle Beach, SC. https://sonoranconservative.com/2017/11/07/so-this-happened-3/comment-page-1/

Image is of his current partnet Diane Kelley @turkresisting aka Inflate-A-Skank

cae1aa  No.293584

File: 1b819c5267e5313⋯.png (119 KB, 503x216, 503:216, pee1.png)

Schmalfeldt is a drunk, an adimitted rapist and if given half a chance, he will molest a kid and then urinate on them.

ec8c53  No.293585

File: f09934e02d2dff6⋯.png (25.9 KB, 697x117, 697:117, san1.png)

Bill Schmalfeldt believes that Jesus Christ is the son Of Santa Clause

d44eaa  No.293593

File: ca41245f910a192⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 480x360, 4:3, KEK (2017_11_03 00_34_15 U….jpg)



This cannot be real. This is a joke. It has to be a joke. No way.


>He starts dating this ugly skank so we don't have to

The madman

1d0c26  No.293618

File: dd9b1ef022b6deb⋯.jpg (74.85 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, maxresdefault.jpg)


Yes, it is all for real. Just Google Bill Schmalfeldt or Deranged Cybertroll or his Twitter feed @TrumpThumpRadio His partner's Twitter feed is @turkresisting.

f756ef  No.293697

File: c81a45968917b4c⋯.png (38.63 KB, 609x337, 609:337, threatyawn.png)

Schmalfeldt's 8th LOLSuit lawsuit is more than likely to be dimissed for lack of jurisdiction. Schmalfeldt has also changed addresses without informing a federal court. It takes a nutshuffling, sand-filled, gigantic weeping pussy of the supreme order of DUMBFUCK to hide from his own lawsuit. When the lawsuit is dismissed (and it will), the nutshuffling, sand-filled, gigantic weeping pussy, supreme DUMBFUCK will have to pay court costs. The result being much pointing, laughing, & mockery.


debfe2  No.293703

File: fa24f73246b46ad⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 300x300, 1:1, condomhead.jpg)

Schmalfeldt wants all of your DICKS

Schmalfeldt wants all DICKS beacuse they blong to him and only him.

4d0635  No.293978

File: dd82a1260a3130b⋯.png (24.21 KB, 755x231, 755:231, muller1.png)

Converstaion between Roger Shuler (aka Legal Schnauzer) & Bill Schmalfeldt, current Editor of Breitbart Unmasked where Schmalfeldt implies that he & convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin are part of Robert Mueller's Russian investigation. This lie is all kinds of crazy, especially when Kimberlin made a fool out of himself when he was caught perpetrating a hoax to cause trouble for the Trump Administration. https://hogewash.com/2017/03/15/brett-kimberlin-and-fake-news/

Make no mistake, Schmalfeldt is the stupidest DUMFUCK in the universe

a87e84  No.293979

Liberal as in political or as in loosely?

c329d6  No.294098

File: ab83303b6f5e7db⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 901x676, 901:676, Turkresisting.jpg)

Bill's inflate-a-boy/infalte-a-skank has announced on Twitter that they have moved in with xir sister into a 3 bedroom house. To date, Bill has not informed the court of his move & that may insure he loses his current lawsuit. Bets are on how long it will take for inflate-a-boy/infalte-a-skank sister to kick Bill to the curb since he has no job. Xir ponders why xir is called Bill's inflate-a-boy/infalte-a-skank

d38059  No.294160

d8e5ad  No.294206

File: 9996e3bda596731⋯.png (403.12 KB, 432x610, 216:305, dox1.png)

Bill never gets anything right. He is just that stupid. You can always depend on him to do someting that will bite him in the ass.

58e48c  No.294216

File: 9d729491ffb2b61⋯.png (10.62 KB, 585x133, 585:133, locked.png)

Schmalfeldt has protected his Twitter account. Could it because foxdickfarms has reopened thier thread him? https://foxdickfarms.isPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/bill-schmalfeldt-will-munko-william-mathew-schmalfeldt-the-liberal-grouch-skullflattener.20827/

Or is is beacuse he has found that he as a thread about him on 8chan. Or Both?

The wind blowing is enough to send Schmalfeldt scurrying underneath the porch to hide in fear.

69bbdd  No.294221

7679e4  No.294285

File: 0ec9e39a8b75a88⋯.png (152.58 KB, 399x265, 399:265, sfoot2.png)

There may be changes at Breitbart Unmasked. At this time, Bill Schmalfeldt no longer seems to be the editor & has been replaced by an anonymous staff writer. It's anyone's guess why Schmalfeldt is skulking in fear. If Myrtle beach, SC is suddenly rampaged by a series of pipe bombs, then Brett Kimberlin has become very upset with Bill.


416e85  No.294292

File: ad7747615b0e619⋯.jpeg (24.5 KB, 310x180, 31:18, uporch2.jpeg)


Not only is the sand-filled, weeping pussy hiding under the porch, he is F5ing websites for information on peace orders etc. But all he is going to find is butthurt. And he is so stupid that he hasn't figured out you can't sue other people because your butthurt level is beyond inifinity. https://hogewash.com/2017/11/29/logins-247/

1a06d0  No.294525

File: fab686a80376c88⋯.png (327.02 KB, 960x250, 96:25, forge1.png)

This dimwit has been caught over & over forging names, comments, etc. If his 8th lawsuit servives a motion to dismiss, the moron may have to expalin in court why he forged one of the defendents name in one of his books. He may also have to expain in court why he decribes himself as someone who would giftwrap a dead baby, tear it to pieces, and shove it down someone's throat. This should be fun.

Image with forged intials from his book Troll Louse Kookies which still available on Amazon.

Note: Only Bill Schmalfeldt could have put those initials there

c329d6  No.294563

File: e6e7b88c89da164⋯.png (48.82 KB, 553x429, 553:429, com1.png)

Schmalfeldt is a serail harasser who has threatened too many people for far too long. Yet, he claims he is the victim. The following image is from a recent comment that fairly accurately decribes what a evil and vile person he truly is. More here. Be sure to read comments for LULZ


4bc80f  No.294567

File: 8428da067303c27⋯.png (37.18 KB, 575x239, 575:239, ploting.png)

It seems that the current staff writer at Bretibart Unmask has a similar writing style of a certain anti-semitic, racist, sand-filled vagina, DUMBFUCK coward that is hulddled in his own pee fear underneath the porch.

In other news, a inflatable, std infected, blow up skank doll seems to be plotting something. The result being, when said certain anti-semitic, racist, sand-filled vagina, DUMBFUCK coward sticks his head out from underneath the porch, he will be beaten soundly with Pointage, Laughter, and Mockery.

33dd5b  No.294706

File: 83e5f057cfca62d⋯.png (124.51 KB, 289x300, 289:300, bpepe.png)

A few of the reasons Bill Schmalfeldt goes by the nickname of DUMBFUCK on several blogs are he has lost all of his lawsuits. He uses the same losing arguments in every lawsuit. A court appointed attorney forced him to drop one of his lawsuits. He has been told on two separate occasions by a trial judge that his understanding of the law was wrong. A Court of Appeals found no reason to review his case. He continually claims that his understanding of the law is correct and everybody else's is wrong. Why? Beacuse BIll Schmalfeldt is DUMBFUCK + inifinty.

More here - https://hogewash.com/2017/12/03/team-kimberlin-post-of-the-day-1724/

c329d6  No.294833

This is from a time where Schmalfeldt made a video trying and failing to prove he was disabled with Parkinson's. A spoof was made of his video, his failed attempts to dox Kimberlin Unmasked and some of his more nortoriuos tweets.

873c56  No.294834

>he looks like a fat version of one of the CS:S hostages

c329d6  No.294837

File: 8425775106432a9⋯.mp4 (4.84 MB, 720x540, 4:3, op2.mp4)

Bill once made a video trying and failing to prove he was disabled. A spoof was made to descredit his claims, doucment his faliure to dox Kimberlin Unmasked & to show some of his more vile & notorius tweets.

c329d6  No.294899

File: 4b01635bee351ab⋯.png (52.53 KB, 606x328, 303:164, biln.png)

Bill's Back! Bill has had over 200 + Twitter accounts. He has just switched from @TrumpThumpRadio to @ByeByeHoggy and is in full fixation mode. He's manic, he's fliping and making veiled threats.

6265c5  No.294904

File: 28369aa00e37db8⋯.png (290.07 KB, 397x470, 397:470, std.png)

Seasons Greetings & Tidings Of Joy From Bill & Diane.

0adfd7  No.295168

File: 90e4b220b04b605⋯.png (119.81 KB, 507x250, 507:250, fume.png)

Bill Schmalfeldt has lost his 8th lawsuit. The Magistrate Judge has recommended that the suit be dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction. Several months ago, the DUMBFUCK LOLCow was mocked, laughed at, & told over & over that his 8th lawsuit would be dismissed. Yet, the DUMBFUCK persisted claiming he was law & all would be punished. DUMBFUCK now is waiting to find out the backlash that is headed his way.

See prediction at


More on the actual suit can be found here


57f12b  No.297399

File: 85c00ded5f49573⋯.png (25.06 KB, 634x159, 634:159, rjones.png)

This Moron is now claming that former heavyweight champion Roy Jones is a pedophile/pederast and running for the US Senate in Alabama. This is the same faggot who fantasizes about raping Cub Scouts and is best friends with a serial bomber and child rapist Brett Kimberlin Hat Tip - http://thinkingmanszombie.com/2017/12/who/

785002  No.297431

File: 0eb0b1452554eb1⋯.png (241.83 KB, 448x328, 56:41, billshouse.png)

Schmalfeldt has 14 days to object to the dismissal recommendation by the Magistrate Judge in his 8th lawsuit. Schmalfeldt has not yet informed the court of his latest address. He may be trying to avoid paying court filing costs and Marshals Service fees. There is some good news, little birdies are chirping about a certain house. Pee flood advisory has been issued for certain parts of South Carolina.

79f3ed  No.297612

File: ca0a5e72d404d4e⋯.png (499.83 KB, 663x589, 663:589, bpredator.png)

South Carolina, Myrtle Beach…

Why is this sick fuck not in jail?

785002  No.297716

File: c4adc64252735b9⋯.gif (300.02 KB, 320x240, 4:3, bswet.gif)

Bill Schmalfeldt has deleted his recent Twitter account (@ByeByeHoggy). Schmalfeldt as gone into hiding because he is fearful he will have to pay court costs and U.S. Marshall fees from his 8th lawsuit. Funny how he deleted his latest Twitter account after a picture of current resisdence was published. The DUMBFUCK LOLCow has always had bladder control problems when having to deal with the conquences of his actions.

785002  No.298277

File: e9dd51d9e0bcdba⋯.png (30.11 KB, 589x150, 589:150, elpas.png)

Bill's back and this time as Swingin' Dick Dyson @ElPasoSwing on Twitter. Bill never fails at proving he's the universe's stupidest LOLCow. Bill’s so remarkably shortsighted that he is foolishly unware when he gives away his location when he’s trying to hide. If he has actually moved to El Paso, TX, a certain federal court in SC may take a dim view to that if he has not informed of the move. That SC federal court may want him to pay the court costs after losing his 8th lawsuit. The fat, stupid, racist, anit-semetic, child raping, faggot never learns. It’s why he will forever be Krendler’s Monkey Dancing DUMBFUCK LOLCow Bitch. What is expected of this Faggot DUMBFUCK LOLCow is that he will file his 9th lawsuit, lose it most fantastically and turn tail, run and move out of state. In the last year are so, this Faggot DUMBFUCK LOLCow has moved out of 3 states after losing a lawsuit.


104242  No.298539

File: a4ec726ca69611f⋯.png (40.78 KB, 589x200, 589:200, toddler.png)

When Bill Schmalfeldt court adjudicated rapist, court documented child harasser, who is famous for Cub Scout anal rape skits uses Dick Ponder, toddlers, & nativity scene in a sentence means intent. Schmalfeldt is evil enough to rape a toddler in a nativity scene just so he could pretend he is raping & killing baby Jesus.

f71953  No.299040

File: 17224a0ca2fb0d3⋯.png (318.77 KB, 577x425, 577:425, breitbit_a.png)

Bill has changed Twitter accounts once again. He changes Twitter accounts fequently to cover up his evil, sadistic musings or to go in to hiding when he fears legal ramifications. It's of the main reasons why he has never developed a large following and he has been around Twitter since at least 2012. Bill even used to get his canceled accounts taken over by other people as soon as he got rid of them. There is even a betting pool on when he will change Twitter personas. There are also probably bets on when he will file his next LOLsuit.

79f3ed  No.302634

File: b3519ea618986b6⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 639x279, 71:31, sorusbuddies.jpg)

Now the demented feak is crying for "SOROS BUDDIES" What he really means by needing "Soros BUDDIES" is far to creepy and gruesome to even speculate.

79f3ed  No.303713

File: bab7ce540ab3a9f⋯.png (533.59 KB, 620x711, 620:711, billrape.png)

During this Holiday Season, Bill Schmalfeldt worked his special Christmas magic as being a shopper's mall Insainty Claus. In hundreds of rumored reports, Insainty Claus violated underaged childrens's special places and gave them a wet bottom to boot. Why? Beacuse a violated child with a wet bottom is good comedy according to Insanity Claus. And that's one of Bill Schmalfeldt's missions in life.

More here - Does William M. Schmalfeldt troll Children? http://thinkingmanszombie.com/2017/12/does-william-m-schmalfeldt-troll-children/

785002  No.304628

File: 050d7f5057c6320⋯.png (243.5 KB, 404x350, 202:175, ystupid.png)

Bill Schmalfeldt's 8th lawsuit also known as LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact is offically over. The Magistrate Judge has granted defendents motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction. All defendents had a pro bono lawyer. Bill stupidly represented himself for the 8th time. On the other hand, there are still some suprises heading DUMFUCKS way. This could also explain the rumor of Myrtel Beach, South Carolina being flooded by urine.

d1d9d0  No.306464


What did he do to his head? Did he ram his head against something with pointed objects to get those scars? He looks like he is ready to kill something. Freaky!

7d72d0  No.307295

File: 7606acc4413508e⋯.jpeg (464.72 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, fatfeldt-newcar.jpeg)

It looks like Bill Schmalfat just bought a new car. Sure, not the most expensive car, but, this is a guy who just made taxpayers fund a couple of his frivolous lawsuits because he claimed he had no money whatsoever.

He also went on disability almost 10 years ago, claiming he had advnced "Stage 4 Parkinson's" - if that were true, he wouldn't be able to stand up without help anymore, nor speak clearly, let alone drive across the country. This is a clear case of disability fraud. This is a man who has the taxpayer funding his entire lifestyle and even his frivolous lawsuits so that he can use his extremely copious spare time to be like Renfield to the Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin.

And he's proud of it.


1df09c  No.307463


Faggot pedo probably has a dead kid in the trunk.

1680c5  No.307472

File: 71ec1d5b5647b8a⋯.png (9.44 KB, 239x211, 239:211, wtf.png)

>>307463 >>307295

Fat pedo making fried pies out of dead kids

001828  No.308127

File: f50761ebae22512⋯.png (493.06 KB, 550x500, 11:10, eatbabies.png)


Not always, the murdering, child raping faggot, pedophile will also rip them right out of the womb.

776724  No.308287


>Posting pics of your numberplate openly on Twitter

46286b  No.308295




>Loving Auto Group in LUFKIN, TX


Looking up the town tells me it's about halfway between Houston and Shreveport.

24feee  No.308302

File: 57dd2fb9abfe7b4⋯.jpg (21.25 KB, 400x461, 400:461, rror-art.jpg)

>>308287 >>308295

Shhh! I am hunting pedobear.

0098f3  No.308416


Fag pedo has fucked up by claming he took a bus to El Paso, TX and back to Myrtlr Beach, SC. This admission along with the pic of him in Longview, TX will go along way to disproving that his claims of having Parkinson's and is too disabled to travel to court. Stupid fag always finds a way to fuck himself over.

c4b8f6  No.311487

File: 9ae0ab12216f397⋯.png (47.08 KB, 447x466, 447:466, sban1.png)

Schmalfeldt has been ShadowBanned on Twitter. This is a fine example of the alt-left eating its own. May be it will give them food poisoning. What's real funny is that the deranged cybertrolling racist, anti-semitic, cub scout raping dumbfuck will never figure out why. However, I know why. :-)

a25d30  No.314075

File: b17d0bdda856b15⋯.png (35.43 KB, 445x409, 445:409, unban1.png)

Bill Schmalfeldt has appealed to Twitter and got his sand-filled vagina un-shadowbanned. Seems Twitter as soft spot for Cub Scout Raping DUMBFUCKS.

35e387  No.315792

File: 894f553c06b7a34⋯.png (36.12 KB, 575x195, 115:39, melt_a.png)

Schmalfeldt is having a complete meltdown on Twitter and really freaking out. The idiot is making threats because he is butthurt that he is going to be exposed for faking Parkinson's and scamming the gov't. And about time, maybe he will be finally charged for rape.

See http://thinkingmanszombie.com/2018/01/a-word-about-anonymous-cowards/ for more information.

4f94ff  No.315844


That picture confuses the fuck out of me.

fffc50  No.315872

File: 9edf9fb9de88354⋯.jpg (13 KB, 102x118, 51:59, diease.jpg)


I think that's an image of someone who posts obscene and defamatory comments regularly on Bill's blogs. The rumor has it, that person is supposedly banging Bill's current squeeze.

ac4399  No.315902

File: ff1d78ad723da36⋯.png (77.47 KB, 800x515, 160:103, cuck.png)



Fag bitch is a dickless cuckold.

80466b  No.316302

File: 59871d4f79f34a7⋯.png (29.15 KB, 738x190, 369:95, veilthreat1.png)

Bill Schmalfeldt is making veiled threats on Twitter. Bill is deeply concerned that he may not wiggle out of an upcoming lawsuit. The faggot has been caught too many times claiming he can't travel due to his fake Parkinson's disease. Maybe this time the faggot will have to show up for court and fry. And hopefully, fry hard for all of the gov't fraud, doxing, threats, child rape, and frivolous lawsuits he as committed over the years

7ef640  No.316303


>somebody took actual scat porn and poorly edited Pepe onto it

for what purpose

0810b1  No.316854


Don't know why someone put Pepe in a scat porn image. However, the image is sort of representative of Schmalfeldt's coprophilia. Schmalfeldt writes whole blog posts about sniffing his own feces. Schmalfeldt is the type of person who sniffs his own fecal matter while his girlfriend is having sex with someone else.

776724  No.316864


Did you miss /r9k/ trying to reclaim Pepe?

c18744  No.318798

File: 319876ed3c08634⋯.jpeg (69 KB, 576x322, 288:161, threat_tire.jpeg)

Bill Schmalfeldt is once again spewing threats of over being caught lying again. Background, Bill got drunk damaged his tires probably by rubbing his tires on curb then filed a false police report acussing someone in another state of slashing his tires. There was no evidece of Bill's tires being slashed and no one was arrested. Bill is currently having a meltdown on Twitter and threating another lawsuit. More here https://hogewash.com/2018/01/31/prevarication-du-jour-159/

6bc9ed  No.318807

File: 7a032a57eeac070⋯.png (509.7 KB, 445x500, 89:100, Tire.png)

Schmalfeldt would be stupid to pursue this course of action. It could be easily proven in a court of law that he filed a false police report and that he was drunk at the time. Plus, it could be proven that he does not have Parkinson's but is suffering from alcoholism. In other words, alcoholism causes tremors but not Parkinson's. Image is of Schmalfeldt's tires when reported to the police. Notice the lack of puncture marks. https://sonoranconservative.com/2017/11/07/so-this-happened-3/

144bca  No.318824



Maybe he's a member of the gay black jewish klan.

54291b  No.318840

File: 16741cbefbef5c3⋯.jpg (24.93 KB, 400x280, 10:7, 400px-Kkk.jpg)

d266f7  No.318884



>pulling a Loomer

a25d30  No.319796

File: 6f218d074a03030⋯.png (91.66 KB, 311x379, 311:379, freeagent.png)

Bill Schmalfeldt has rebranded himself once again on Twitter and has gone back to using his own name Bill Schmalfeldt @wmschmalfeldt. He also calling himself Free Agent Billy at his website https://www.therealbillschmalfeldt.com claiming once again he has left Breitbart Umasked which is owned by convicted serail bomber & pedophile Brett Kimberlin. Over at Thinking Man's Zombie, there is a very excellent post which explains why Bill Schmalfeldt is a fucking liar, misogynist, a racist, a bigot, an anti-Semite, a terrorist supporter, a pornographer, a Stolen Valor veteran, and one one the most stupidest LOLCow's on the Internet today. Read the whole thing here. http://thinkingmanszombie.com/2018/02/back-in-the-game-using-his-own-name/

9bc25e  No.319799

File: 498608c8dd67ee3⋯.png (36 KB, 502x236, 251:118, challenge.png)

Humorist, Satirist, Broadcaster, Ne'er Do Well, Want Wit, Jackanape & Rogue Bill Schmalfeldt @wmschmalfeld wants to know if you are afraid? He claims that you owe it to America to turn him in for faking Parkingson's diease & scamming the gov't for disability benefits. He has thrown down the gauntlet and all who doubt him should tremble in fear. You don't want to anger men like Bill Schmalfeldt. He definitely knows how to take care of bussiness.

37c5ad  No.319953


Have you noticed that most of the bumps in this thread are your own posts? That should tell you something.

And if you're going to sperg about how he;s scamming the gov't and breaking the law, why not alert proper authorities instead of updating us every time he sneezes?

a28674  No.452959

Only true oldfags will remember him.

bf8b31  No.455096

/cow/ in real life

02cf34  No.498159


What the fuck

dc196d  No.520771


This lol

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