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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cfeaaa  No.325489

This fat autist use to be one of the big CoD Jewtubers way back in the day, but he has pretty much gone rock bottom and is prime for julaying.

>Throws controllers around when he gets mad at games.

>Gets very mad when you give him life advice.

>Gets pissed when you mock him about how he sucks at video games.

>Claims that Call of Duty literally ruined his life.

>Only plays video games anymore,because it makes him money.

>Very easy to get a reaction out of him.

I believe these videos can speak for themselves.



a94e9a  No.326690

Seems like he's just acting

cfeaaa  No.326736


One would think that, but this guy has been like this for a long time. The only reason why people only started noticing his sperg outs is because CoD is no longer the money making scheme it use to be so Jordie has been a lot more desperate. He really is that sensitive and has a long history of drama and burning bridges with people that use to be good friends of his.

9380b2  No.326805

File: e906ad522c88fe4⋯.jpg (52.21 KB, 329x399, 47:57, 1456606295167.jpg)


Welcome to the past nine years, this dude's been doing this shit for that long. I'm sad to say I used to watch him with the other "vlog over calladoody gameplay" faggots and stopped when I stopped watching that garbage in general and when his cocks started drifting into something even worse.

Other shit:

>tried to do LPs on top of MP shit, but skipped through all the dialogue and cutscenes in everything

>owns his own trailer that's kept nice to the point it looks fruity, but was always complaining "I need money to keep my house"

>extremely emotional on top of the vidya anger, often talked about crying over the underageb& COD audience bitching at him for playing the game "wrong" and missing money

>probably eats soy on the regular

>got shot in the knee as a kid

>got fat as a kid so people would stop bullying him for being small

>has been trying to lose weight for 9 years but never actually commits

>for a while his cocks turned into nothing but vlogs, mostly about this very topic

>got cucked out of his own podcast "painkiller already" because he's a beta and let his partners Matt "my kid has autism and I quit my real job at a fortune 500 company to do youtube" Wood a.k.a. "woodysgamertag" and Kyle "my business partner got assassinated and the ATF and DEA planted drugs in my PO box and raided me because my russian character made the younger generations interested in gun rights and firearms" Myers, who kicked him out because he'd get butthurt so often

He's doing facecam now? Jesus.

>he has someone as autistic as the CuK to make channels about him


9380b2  No.326810


Jesus christ, completely botched the grammar on that podcast greentext.

9380b2  No.326814

File: 4dbc4be7fee0c43⋯.png (53.27 KB, 846x240, 141:40, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyway, since this is probably (You) OP, is there any proof of this or is this CuK "MUH ESCORT STORY GOYS"-tier stuff? There's got to be proof of allegations or you're just being a faggot trying to make shit up about a loser for attention.

cfeaaa  No.326828


That's not me so I can't really validate how true that comment may be. However, as a someone who has seen many of these streams, I can definitely say that Jordie makes a lot. Every time the guy throws a massive pity party or starts acting like his about to cry, his cucked subs donate him hundreds of bucks to keep him docile. The guy seriously has zero right to complain for how much he makes per stream. He constantly complains about about how people don't donate enough shekels, yet each stream he does(which he does quite a few per month) nets him easily over several hundred.

2aa368  No.326859

I remember a long time ago he said something to the effect of "we're the biggest CoD commentators, nobody will ever be bigger than us.".

9380b2  No.326870


That sounds about par for the course for anyone doing streaming shit these days. All shekel grubbing, and if it's not that it's people just tossing money the streamer's way to get a message read. What's funny with this guy is he was doing a lot of this shit when he just got youtube ad revenue.

9380b2  No.326872

File: 8882b3e6dfdb8c2⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1260x727, 1260:727, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bb9f42315eb9fd8⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1246x711, 1246:711, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 24ff993b8301fbb⋯.png (938.58 KB, 1254x549, 418:183, ClipboardImage.png)

>self-deprecation to avoid getting bullied for being fat as if that works

>clickbait shit that flops

>outs self as a total cultmarx leftist faggot

>apparently owns property he rents to people

>doesn't vet renters

>apparently got a roomate at some point then dropped him

Even worse than the last time I looked at his shit out of curiosity.

1946f0  No.326902

I wonder who will croak first, boogie or wings.

9380b2  No.326907


Isn't boogie at least somewhat successful in his weight loss thing instead of whining about it then binging when he stops streaming before streaming again and begging for advice and money for some meme surgery because self control is hard? Boogie might kill himself in other ways, like being retarded, but he's at least making something of an effort probably from getting cucked

cfeaaa  No.326972



Boogie got surgery in order to lose weight so if he croaks, it won't be because of that. Wings will either die from being a fatfuck with no self-control or he'll off himself. Wings really wants to get that surgery, because not only did he see that it worked for Boogie, but he somehow believes that that it will revitalize his dying channel. Even if Wings does get the surgery from enough donations, it won't last because he still has no self control over eating so he'll just gain the weight back again.

1bd39a  No.326984


Boogie was only successful with his weight loss because he got a surgery and then started losing. He whined for over 4 years about his weight before actually losing it. He lost, then gained, then lost over and over again.

9380b2  No.327275



He did the meme surgery? What a loser, kek. Shit like that is how you end up getting fat again because you don't fix the root of the problem. It's like treating a drug or alcohol addiction by taking the drug or a drink when you feel bad. Hooray, you aren't feeling withdrawal anymore, but oops: you're still an addict.

dd73a4  No.327756

Contribute to the wiki!!



9380b2  No.327761


What the fuck does goyimergate's wiki have to do with this faggot?

b07432  No.396729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Goodwinson has something about WoR. Also Jim has intends to make a video about him. To these two upcoming things I add, that the guy looks like the gooniest goon who has ever shitposted on a shit humor forum that belongs to ambient munching alcoholic.


Absolutely nothing. Just report that shit as spam.

969f88  No.396767

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just wanna leave this here.

e4da24  No.396772

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

To me this is the most iconic Wings meltdown. After this everything started to go downhill for him. B-TFOing Wings like that pretty much launched Syndicates e-celeb career.

4c3bb8  No.396822

I feel kind of bad for him.

fbfacf  No.397877


I always though it was woody that beat in him in the 1v1 or whatever, I didnt think it was syndicate

btw fuck woody guys a total shill

fbfacf  No.397878


dont he was spoiled as a kid and wasn't ready for adulthood this thread shows it

adddcf  No.397896


>btw fuck woody guys a total shill

Does anyone have the vide of Woody's autistic son jerking off their dog on livestream? Seems to have vanished from jewtube.

0b4768  No.398183

File: 5d4ad1395dff80e⋯.gif (912.33 KB, 260x195, 4:3, kqK7fMe.gif)

Managed to catch this tubby streaming, I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful chat. A good chunk of people in there pretend to be fans just to fuck with him and it drives him to sperg out on his actual viewers.

a9e9da  No.398294


there's millions of clippable moments from woody streaming, especially when he streams his family watching movies but I dont have that.

I remember once his daughter hope said something about "doing it for money" and woody said shush. I think that clip is still up.

a479ae  No.401178

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wings arguing with Keemstar. Keemstar dickwaving his wallet around saying he will pay Wings $25k for gastric-bypass surgery to fight him.

9380b2  No.408689

File: c9696e7023e811d⋯.png (244.08 KB, 589x663, 589:663, ClipboardImage.png)

ay niggers


a479ae  No.408722


Maybe Wings will finally get that surgery.

ac43cd  No.409305

File: 27269908fb9705c⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 27269908fb9705ce3be4f6ea7e….jpg)


while I'm happy that wings is getting his own metokur video done on him. I have a feeling the rest ok PKA will be left out.


>Known money grubber

>Autistic kid

>used to stream full movies and commentate on them

>tried to kill self when younger (may have been a fake story for a youtube video)

>said hes seen cp before

FPS Kyle/FPS Russia:

>had channel blow up because of shitty Russian accent

>friend was assassinated by (((them)))

>arrested because he tried to buy weed through the mail

there's too much julay for just one video focused on one person.

0d4f57  No.409490


I remember another faggot "Ancap", Redditor e-celeb that I used to watch regularly as an edgy teen by the name of MrObviouslyJesus (or something similar) sperged really hard at Wood because he had an extra ad on one of his "my son has autism" videos because OJ himself was an aspie. It lead to an e-celeb flame war where Wood sicked his underage fanbase on OJ and OJ made a video pretending that he and Wood had planned the whole thing together, when they didn't. Wood doubled down and called him a lying faggot paraphrasing and sicked his little faggots on fagJ then made a video called "Woody's fans" or something, wherein he killed a character in Skyrim and then kept beating the dead npc. The whole thing was beautifully spergy in retrospect.

9380b2  No.410003



Nigger, the drug bust was a plant.

d4123a  No.410010

File: 411cb05047ba120⋯.gif (2.04 MB, 619x350, 619:350, 411cb05047ba1209b6e73be135….gif)


Holy shit, I remember this.

b21936  No.411107


a plant to raid his compound? didn't know (((they))) cared that much about a mediocre "gun-tuber"

b21936  No.411110



wow, totally forgot about this. that shit was too funny.

(((here's videos)))



OBJ and woody talking about fighting and trash talking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91ipxIBqYFY:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRjixbcQ_Ds

keemstar talking shit on OBJ:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4htTAo3seE

b21936  No.411112

b21936  No.411113



he's still ebegging i guess, i think most of his videos are paypig exclusive. so i'm not 100% on the shadow9392 channel being him.

b21936  No.411117




to wrap this shit up in a neet little bow, wings donating to OBJ while he was begging for money:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNeZRL15DXA


5462e4  No.411136


As a former fan of fagJ, I can confirm that the Shadow9392 is his old channel. I'm actually really excited to dig into his new stuff, because if he's anything like what he used to be, he'll make an excellent cow. Here's some fun facts about him:

>Almost killed himself over his ex breaking up with him

>Planned to go to the desert, with a gun and see what happened

>Instead tweeted pictures of his hotel room

>College dropout

>Lives with his dad

>Told his parents to not come to his high-school graduation because of their divorce

>Constantly picked fights with bigger e-celebs than him


>Full fedora Atheist




>Did well in high school, assumes he is more intelligent than anyone else as a result

b21936  No.411150


if you can find more info or sources on the claims that you already listed it would make a great thread.

>full fedora atheist

he's made a couple videos on the shadow9392 channel that talked about atheism for like 30 minutes. it was reddit teir, i see possible julay.

also it seems that the shadow channel is the one he's currently uploading to.

9380b2  No.411170

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Of course they did. He was getting a mostly young audience interested in firearms and gun rights. Can't have that. His business partner being Seth Rich'd didn't cut it so they got him on drugs.

Embedded is something Jim was on about this guy. Daily reminder this podcast was created by wings and he got cucked out of it.

b21936  No.411185


>4 hour podcast

>2 cucked hosts, 1 decent one.

>guest is supposed to drag me along for 4 hours

no thanks.

sucks that FPS russia doesn't upload anymore, if he did it could, like you said, be a good push for kids to know about gun rights.

2e5714  No.411226

File: 2abd919c01185ef⋯.jpg (28.26 KB, 500x455, 100:91, 29d43d813665bcf2dd39c949e1….jpg)


Jim dropped out after the first two hours. You didn't miss much, aside from one of the hosts telling the story of how fast food inhaling wings thought it was perfectly normal to not shit for 5 days until one incident where he demanded his grandmother fish a log out of his ass while he cries due to pain.

Another brief story was how one of the trolls focusing on woody decided that wings should give him lots of money for vacations, and the fat bitch complies immediately due to the troll's force of personality.

4c3bb8  No.411239

File: 5ccebe35b3d6dc9⋯.jpg (62 KB, 480x679, 480:679, wat.jpg)


>aside from one of the hosts telling the story of how fast food inhaling wings thought it was perfectly normal to not shit for 5 days until one incident where he demanded his grandmother fish a log out of his ass while he cries due to pain.

The fuck?

cfcc22  No.411253


Unfortunately he deleted his old channel along with all of the videos he had on it. Looking through his current cocks, he seems to have become a lot more liberal, but is overall the same faggot. If I can get enough out of him for a thread, I'll make one.

b21936  No.411268


hopefully he gets a thread.

6bb3fe  No.411325

Seems like a pretty standard vidya autist to me, nothing special except his weight being higher than average

b21936  No.411451


go away wings

9380b2  No.411484


>it's a "this lolcow isn't exactly the same as chrischan or robbie so reeeeee don't talk about it" episode

ea568d  No.429495

wings makes me wonder if hes gonna live stream himself in a room with a tarp and ksg some day


just watch this 200% black pilled man go through life for reasons he dsnt know wings lives because thats just what he does wings is literally the saddest man to ever live and a good way to make people going down his path jolt out of there rut

72b9f1  No.429548

When's the video coming out? I can't wait.

cd44d8  No.432086


Jim's more concerned with ducking ibs and reddit cock than he is with actual, non-paypig centered cocks

676812  No.432137

Only reddit cares about Wing of Redemption

7eedb6  No.432919


Go back to reddit, Jim. And stop name-dropping us

e9b719  No.432970


83ccab  No.432987


I bet Jim made this thread because he hasn't done jack shit for his wings video

94cd71  No.433038


Wheres the video Jim

484819  No.436596

File: 0a4417d7db9ffff⋯.png (222.97 KB, 587x732, 587:732, ClipboardImage.png)

S-soon guys, honest! P-please keep pledging to my paypig.

484819  No.438551

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

L-look guys, i-it's up, please keep donating to my paypig.

6e011b  No.438552

File: 8a6252c2078b572⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 600x399, 200:133, sells_013.jpg)



Cool fixation kiddo!

ed7e6b  No.438577


10 days late.

7763e2  No.438588

Someone anons are saying the video is boring. The "cia niggers xD" was the last video of Jim that I really liked, so the video is really boring and looks "profissional e-celeb" now?

56b87e  No.438609

File: 5cf34c515c4d27d⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 600x400, 3:2, familycounseling600.jpg)



Maybe it's just me but this doesn't feel to be one of his highest energy videos. Still good, but he seems a little tired in parts.

56b87e  No.438610

6e011b  No.438645

File: 9a614d55da4c3f0⋯.png (278.65 KB, 436x600, 109:150, wat.png)



health is catching up on him

3f2a41  No.438653

File: ecfdd31ecc86701⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 159x255, 53:85, jim reddit `.jpg)




Of course it was a boring video. It's a video he made about a cod youtuber that hasn't been relevant since 2013. It's just a forced video he made so that his paypigs keep donating and he doesn't become spoony 2.0.

304863  No.438656

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Hooknosetube for Jim's gayass video.

f938e9  No.438664



I think I see how Jim finds the trash fires.

2b6e46  No.438668


107dbb  No.438674

File: e7b687a52e273ff⋯.gif (220.41 KB, 450x338, 225:169, 56cc9d1fd2d476e4f8c190d680….gif)

>mfw wake up to jims video

oh boy

6e011b  No.438675

File: efb05fd5e440bc5⋯.png (789.8 KB, 720x502, 360:251, White_90s.PNG)



You "guys" are really forcing it.

107dbb  No.438677


I already knew enough about wings to write a book on it I dont need to watch this, all the good cocks were lost and now we have a hollow fat man

polite sage cause responding to self

2170c5  No.438678


>10 days delay for this vanilla shit

pathetic,this is spoony tier

69cf4f  No.438693


Holy fuck, THIS is what all you Jim fans have been sucking his cock for? Just come out of the closet and admit that you're all gay and it gives you a chubby to hear his voice. Even Jim's mentor came out of the closet… it's time for Jim and his fans to do the same.

aac0cf  No.438759

Jim missed out the part when he became a literal cuck, raising children of an equally weighted land whale for like a year.

7763e2  No.438782

Check the comment section, some critics about Jim and some kids saying "Praise Jim!"

151ee7  No.438921


This happened? How long ago was this?

b293ed  No.439017


>Jim missed out the part when he became a literal cuck, raising children of an equally weighted land whale for like a year.

Now that is an oversight. Storytime?

9fe738  No.439082

Jim sounded as bored as fuck in this video, and it wasn't even that funny. Why did this take so long for him to make, especially since half of it was ripped from that stream he was on

96798b  No.439116

<all those fags here crying about the video being boring

>Thousands of likes and only 150 deslikes

a872d8  No.439124


>appeal to popularity

96798b  No.439141


>only appeal to popularity when it's good for you

e47b8c  No.439155

So let me see if I've got everything figured out.

>Jim trolls /cow/ by namedropping the board once again

>A few /cow/boys get paranoid that reddit is going to invade, much like wizardchan when they get namedropped, and they start spamming the IBS thread with gore, pushing all the good posts off

>This causes the IBS thread to die, and it gets deleted a few days later

>Everybody blames Jim for killing the IBS thread, despite the goreposters being the people who drove everyone off out of paranoia

>Jim puts out a low quality video that wasn't amusing in the slightest

>People now mad at Jim for posting a shitty video and killing the IBS threads

Do I have that right? What am I missing? Something about him explaining to Vee that just because someone disagrees with you doesnt mean they're a "salt right nazi", most likely?

96798b  No.439164


The IBS thread died because IBS died. Nothing about the "ebil goreposters

9b6849  No.439198

File: 917c690e844aff7⋯.png (126.03 KB, 215x436, 215:436, can't take it no more.PNG)


Fresh exploitable

151ee7  No.439375


I read that as "flesh exploitable".

db4d06  No.439396


I think the fact that no one has exploited his flesh might be the issue.

afe6b0  No.439398

File: 2c89113622989eb⋯.png (85.13 KB, 367x600, 367:600, really makes ya think.png)

So what exactly did Jim take so long with this video for? Most of the major cocks was just clips of him on the PKA stream, and that came out over a month ago.

Where is all the shit that he said he was delaying the video for?

35729d  No.439439

File: 6c5e3177b5da63b⋯.png (16.96 KB, 861x181, 861:181, reeeee jim is popular.png)



1f17cc  No.439460

Hahaha, Scrub is their go-to when their conversations are going nowhere. This show is going to be a disaster.

1a5561  No.439462


i don't get it. what's the joke?

72b9f1  No.439472


More likes than dislikes.

db4d06  No.439475

File: bf086983108d64f⋯.png (310.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, VegetaItsOver9000-02.png)


Must be the like count

aac0cf  No.439691



This was during the period that wings was still doing decently on youtube but was growing resentful towards woody, kyle and lefty.

Wings met the landwhale which calls herself sharleen. Here's a vid of the whales dancing:


Sharleen had baggage though, a young daughter and very young son. So they all moved in with wings and he took care of them like a good beta cuck. It gets better, the little boy wasn't toilet trained so he would go around shitting all over jordie's trailer. So wings never the one to waste an opportunity man a full series of call of duty commentaries describing his quest to raise his girlfriend's son into being able to shit in the toilet:




Wings being a good cuck bought loads of shit for this woman, including a new truck. He eventually realised she was a gold digger and broke up with her.


Yep wings is even greater of a fuckup than even portrayed in jim's vid.

e50db2  No.439822


It's almost like Jim is reddit now and his videos reflect that

484819  No.439986


Wow, Jim missing massive amounts of information on a video? Almost like every fucking thing he's made since getting the paypig including channel autism.

9b6849  No.440731


Who would want to even touch his flesh at all?

151ee7  No.440806


Thanks for the recap anon.

851344  No.440857

> Jim mentions WoR

> Reddit comes in like an autistic hurricane

Really gets that noggin joggin

9b6849  No.441022

File: 072e24d3d49a70e⋯.jpg (94.34 KB, 537x350, 537:350, The only kind of redemptio….jpg)


Boom! Exploited.

d830d0  No.441423


Drawfags really are underrated, I hereby christian thee Drawanons

72fbaf  No.441433

Remember to down vote Jim video and call him a redditor in the comments

7eedb6  No.441514


dubs confirm.

241e64  No.441669

>trusting woodysgamertag on his word

>a faggot that makes videos reading patch notes as if it's great secret knowledge

>a faggot that sold himself to EA when Battlefield 3 came out so he could get a free vacation for shill videos

>scams children out of donation incentives

>stole the PKA podcast from wings and said it was a "joint creation" when it was entirely wings' idea

>has pedo tendancies because clearly loves talking about sexual stuff with teenagers, also in the PKA podcast that jim uses, he defends a pedo slightly

>exploited his own children for views without their consent

>son jacks off a dog live on stream because of this

>streams himself watching movies and gets exposed by his daughter

>cod commentator

>"she's built for that [rape]"

e5a31b  No.441672

File: dfb0a21b02588d9⋯.jpg (89.05 KB, 800x516, 200:129, blog091025b.JPG)


That's not how getting attention off of you works Buffalo Wings of Redemption.

Pic related as these wings are as big compared to regular buffalo wings as Wings of Redemption is to a normal person.

11db43  No.441691


as he tells it he binged on Slimfast (as an attempt to "lose weight") and that stuff has a whole heap of dietary fibre and salt so he got severly dehydrated as well as serious digestive issues form the unfamiliar ingredients so got what sounds like severe fecal impaction. Long story short, his grandma dug the shit out of his fat ass.

25824f  No.441693


Tbh Woody is the much scummier one but he more of the sociopathic middle management Fortune 500 company employee than someone who can flip out like Wings. He's willing to suck dry anyone around him to make money and willing to exploit children to the extreme, kinda why he set up a Minecraft server because they he could suck dry these children's parents to buy a title on his server for $5.

53c75e  No.446833

151ee7  No.446855


Do you know how to lurk?

53c75e  No.446861


was just trying to keep this thread fresh

151ee7  No.446885



? Learn how to embed.

b99da3  No.446896

File: 43cdb2a9f750b20⋯.png (726.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, into the reddit it goes.png)



>can't embed videos

>his a reddit Jim fanboy

>post shit and calls it fresh

53c75e  No.446905


t. wings

71d7dc  No.446971

File: b59e5df9953f531⋯.png (8.87 KB, 491x523, 491:523, embed.PNG)

b99da3  No.447000


xD well meme!


<Spoonfeeding redditor newfags

Grats, you're the same faggot teaching the newfags how to hide gore?

71d7dc  No.447014


Well they're not going anywhere. Best to ride the storm out until most will eventaully fuck off. However

>gore pics, and vidz.

Man dat shit comes off like a child with a temper tantrum.

Gotta call it like I see it.

484819  No.447241



He's right though, Wings is retarded but Woody is a shit person as well.


Incidentally, that's exactly what he was. He worked in a Fortune 500 company and made bank, then quit to do jewtube.

3c06f4  No.448456

File: ac332dbad85f4be⋯.png (185.61 KB, 382x442, 191:221, LOSING IS NOT AN OPTION.PNG)


i bet its the same retard that told the newfriends to block IDs in a cyclical, good job faggot

367bbe  No.492770

File: 545eae68a4205ea⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, chicken wings removed.jpg)

He got surgery done


6f4578  No.492805

File: 63a0430def70026⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 352x353, 352:353, !!.jpg)


Is that him AFTER The surgery?

d478e4  No.492834


>Is that him AFTER The surgery?

It's a stomach reduction surgery, not a fat reduction one

6f4578  No.492836

File: c28f5295f7e93a2⋯.png (63.38 KB, 271x267, 271:267, Shinji chair.png)

312340  No.493612

File: 9e04138ca74fcfe⋯.jpg (125.09 KB, 478x1434, 1:3, CreepyChanTemplatePost1.jpg)


How long till he eats too much and ruptures whatever is left of his stomach?

a49a25  No.493623


He got exactly the same surgery that Boogie did. Shockingly, he's also still a fat fuck.

60d386  No.493625


He did not get the same surgery boogie did dumbass. He got a much less invasive one. Boogie seems to have lost a shitload of weight too.

a49a25  No.493638


>Boogie seems to have lost a shitload of weight too.

Either you're Boogie, or you're still morbidly obese. Either way, it's funny.

1eb57a  No.493680


inb4 he gains the fat back

23533c  No.493922



Did this nigger somehow scrape together the funds to go to another fucking country for a retarded meme surgery that won't do shit because it's just a bandaid on the situation and doesn't actually fucking fix the root problem?

89949d  No.509440


Well after putting so much money in his pocket from his retarded fans he actually did the fucking thing?

I'm honestly surprised.

I wonder how much weight is he going to lose.

72b9f1  No.509588


I'm much less interested in how much weight he (probably won't) lose and more interested if he'll end up like the first victim from Se7en.

f91cc2  No.523604

does he stream still? his YouTube channel has not posted a video in like 6 months, I saw a video someone made of him after surgery, he says he eats less, but he was eating a TV dinner and sucked down the "gravey" so he is not eating better.

how long before we see him on a "My 600lbs Life" show?

8f1d0c  No.524345


He's a 500 pound sack of shit. That's some serious dedication to the craft.

8f1d0c  No.524354


If he got the same surgey boogie did or something like it if he gets bigger he will fucking die.

89949d  No.731626

He just bought a car.

36099c  No.731640

that sucks, wasn't he supposed to off himself? wtf is he doing?

9c3b15  No.747845


At this point I'm kind of worried about him to be honest. He got the surgery to lose weight and he's not slimming down, and now he's playing BO4 despite saying he would never touch it. He's going to be worse than before if this keeps going.

151ee7  No.747915


What proof was there that he got the surgery?

Also, why doesn't he do the Richard Simmons and sit on his ass in a chair and do aerobics while limiting what he eats?

514374  No.747978


He stress-eats, and gets stressed easily. You can figure it out from there.

151ee7  No.747987


Poor wings. He should've spent the money on hiring a personal trainer. I guess woody (is that who it was) tried to get him in to shape, but that certainly wasn't going to happen without whip-and-chain.

89949d  No.866540

Big up Liquid Richard.

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