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File: ec80e108a5a709f⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 415x411, 415:411, jfgface.JPG)

9388cf  No.379570

>I block people on ze twitter because zey make fun of me on ze pooblic spez

He is a butthurt faggot. You can call me a shill or what not but you know deep down inside that JF is a butthurt faggot. I don't support the Money Badger's narrative against him, I don't think he is a pedo who rapes autistic children, I just think he is a cuck.

ccf15a  No.379574

So you finally took our advice. You went to try and get some salt to bring back here so we'd hop on board and start fucking with him, but instead he said nothing and just blocked you. Like he does every time. Like we told you he would. Maybe this time you'll listen.

A lolcow is someone who provides calcium-rich sustenance when their nipples are flicked. A lolcow is not someone you dislike.

9388cf  No.379582


>You went to try and get some salt to bring back here so we'd hop on board and start fucking with him

<you disagree with someone, that means you are salty

67548b  No.379596

>He is a butthurt faggot.

He sure is.

Now what lulzy shit has he done the past few months that is worth creating a thread about him?

7bb60f  No.379602

lurk before you make threads

9388cf  No.379604


>Now what lulzy shit has he done the past few months that is worth creating a thread about him?

Getting upset about people who criticize him on the internet. He is a e-icon on a new hip platform who is triggered by people who dare to criticize him.

ccf15a  No.379618


>Getting upset about people who criticize him on the internet

You mean by wordlessly blocking you? Epic bro share screencaps

9388cf  No.379619


>You mean by wordlessly blocking you

what does that even mean?

ccf15a  No.379621

File: 3daa5d631ea0ad3⋯.png (491.89 KB, 681x768, 227:256, bffd6d5058c156e480d6804745….png)


English is hard, huh, nigger?

9388cf  No.379622


so I got wordlessly blocked? I don't get it, please explain it to me. I am retarded and need help.

ccf15a  No.379625

File: 9e97dffa31858d0⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 493x277, 493:277, 9e97dffa31858d00e497388e4a….gif)


He blocks you without saying anything or sperging out.

9388cf  No.379627


but he didn't block me, so I still don't get it.

ccf15a  No.379630


Then go and call him a butthurt faggot

9388cf  No.379631


I already did, what next?

ccf15a  No.379635


Post his reaction

9388cf  No.379639


>implying I'd get a reaction

He only responds to people that he follows or public figures.

c9c06f  No.379649


fuck off, Karen

c9c06f  No.379650





fuck off, Karen. Your reddit spaced shitposting can be sensed a mile off

ee3c4c  No.379654

File: e8650dbeb62af2f⋯.jpg (163.29 KB, 1200x1067, 1200:1067, Accept all of us.jpg)

9388cf  No.379655



>everyone who criticizes JF is Karen

hi /pol/

0e1390  No.379658


>uh-oh, I better stop using reddit spaces now

go away, Karen

661185  No.379660

Karrouenne, you are a froudé. You stoude for faive yeersé makkouin reveniou aout ouffe konvinssing menné dat you woulde be difending demmé, and naoue da first tamme you auve an ouppourttunittie to akshoulee do it, you turn 180? Ouck you, Karrouenne.

9388cf  No.379661


>I better stop using reddit spaces now

lol, try hard faggot. When was I using reddit spaces?

9388cf  No.379666



377935  No.379668

File: 20425303562f642⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Anime pro™.jpg)



Get on my level, kid.



661185  No.379670


>ee'z akshouallie samefaggouinéing

Nice try Satouné, but you aouve oumbarrassed yourself on ze publique spessé

238a0d  No.379671

File: 786d3cb11a228f2⋯.jpeg (60.74 KB, 668x840, 167:210, wew.jpeg)

Cool blogpost brah.

At least post some images or something, instead you bring nothing.

9388cf  No.379674


you JF defending fags are so funny. JF is basically an 8/pol/ TRSodomite who hates people that dare to criticize him. They will call you a shill and claim you are the opposition.

ccf15a  No.379680

File: a932c6c46a7f7b5⋯.gif (3.45 MB, 377x372, 377:372, lel.gif)

661185  No.379681


Zhis is Zhei Effe speekingé

9388cf  No.379686


lol that's so funny, I like how you use a different language, haha

ee3c4c  No.379694


That guy looks like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.

Is there some canadian fraud agency I can report teh Badgers to?

cbc719  No.379695

File: 2a0dfba7e7ea859⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 273x366, 91:122, 00ab5e1675baa70ac29fda355d….jpg)

You can't force a cow without becoming a cow yourself OP, you might want to look up Sons of Kojima.

c54cd2  No.379700


which is why he isn't a cow

9388cf  No.379703


he's a bugman, he only responds to celebrities and related people, because he lives in a bugman atmosphere. Just because he is a bugman doesn't mean that he isn't a lolcow.

c54cd2  No.379708


he is not a lolcow because his reactions to provocation aren't funny.

he's the savant kind of autist, not the retard kind

8c07e4  No.379711


I think 9388cf needs a high chair to sit at the adult table.

Not every autist is a lolcow. In fact, the vast majority are not. The vast majority of lolcows may be autists but the reverse isn't true.

238a0d  No.379713

File: 9d6d7baa81c12df⋯.jpg (10.82 KB, 220x255, 44:51, 1465772134374.jpg)



>sentence structure barely above a Markov chain bot

Maybe next time.

9388cf  No.379715


>he is not a lolcow because his reactions to provocation aren't funny

He is a lolcow because he is a co-host on a show that claims to be about free speech and yet he complains about people making fun of him all of the tine.


he is a lolcow, you'll see it later on because you are incapable of realizing the future of someone because you live in the moment like a Sargonite.


>le Molyjew meme

How cute

c54cd2  No.379730

File: 4a2ff0c7337a3a2⋯.png (423.29 KB, 624x633, 208:211, unknown.png)


you have to go back

9388cf  No.379736


go back to where? A place where people realize that JF isn't a God? You JF worshiping faggots need to go back to reddit.

c31e28  No.379737


>he is a lolcow

Yet you cant explain why or provide any lulz from him.

Cow would be shit if we had to take other anons word on who was a cow without any evidence.

9388cf  No.379743


>spergs out about not being a pedo

>blocks people who disagree with him

>a moral nihilist

>wants to form a french-canadian ethnostate

What isn't lulzy about this faggot?

8c07e4  No.379746


Worship him? We just don't have any reason to laugh at him yet. The key word being yet. Maybe he does sperg out about something incredibly stupid in the future, but considering that he hasn't over people calling him a retard rapist, I don't see that happening.

c54cd2  No.379747


to wherever the tardwrangler takes you


and none of that is funny.

when JF is given criticism he generally responds in a collected manner. once he starts having an autistic shitfit at anyone who complains to him, then he is suitable /cow/ material.

until then, fuck off to cuckchan

7c709a  No.379748

File: 9c8e66ecf01a1c3⋯.jpg (758.87 KB, 4040x626, 2020:313, 9c8e66ecf01a1c3b90c25e56b9….jpg)

LOOK LOOK one of them finally made a thread,perhaps they can be taught manners instead of being redditniggers that stick out like a sore thumb.

>Low effort OP

>has nothing

>Literally asking for fags to julay JF for him or to teach him how

>goes on in the thread about how butthurt he is about JF

Eh it's a start.

As a treat for at least trying,i'll tell ya why no one julays JF,and my personal opinion on him.

He doesn't respond,whenever he's probed for julay he just casually sidesteps you,it's been tried before your time but he simply gives no julay,this why /cow/boys don't go after him,no julay to be had.

Personally he's just a frog,and a normalfag one at that,he's in it mostly for the money but that's fine since he's mildly entertaining.

That's it tbh i can't really say more about him because i don't watch his shit nor am i interested in him,he fucked an autist,said some embarrassing shit in court,takes acusations in zhe pooblic space seriously and fucked his secretary,all of which he'll admit in a non lulzy manner,he's just not a lolcow tbh,if he wrote a book on how fucking autists is fine or if he sperged out frog style in a stream maybe then,but he hasn't so the point is moot.

Here's my essay,i don't require one from you that is ok,just one request i have.

Lurk more faggot.

9388cf  No.379751


>when JF is given criticism he generally responds in a collected manner

by blocking people on twitter? There is no "based" reason to block someone on twitter. I don't care if someone makes fun of your family or whatever, there's no reason to block them. The only reason to block someone is if they blatantly spam you using scripts.

c54cd2  No.379752


read the post above you and leave or lurk

377c39  No.379754




LEGO® Therapy: How to Build Connections with Autism – One Brick at a Time

Invented by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the family owned LEGO® Group was founded in 1932, much to the delight of millions of children and adults throughout the world. What we recognize as the modern day LEGO® brick was introduced in 19581. LEGO® combines two Danish words. “leg godt,” which means play well1. The fundamental premise of LEGO® Therapy is to do just that. So, let’s get our bricks on and talk about LEGO® Therapy through the lens of occupational therapy.


The ability to form meaningful and self-fulfilling interpersonal relationships is closely aligned with social communication skills. Social communication skills help people function successfully in their daily lives. Individuals with ASD, at varying degrees, lack effective social communication skills. This includes theory of mind; recognition that there are other ways of looking at the world than through one’s own lens, poor eye contact, and reciprocal communication. And, while there are many social skills interventions that are available for individuals with ASD, few lead to generalizable outcomes. What is learned in a structured social skills program often cannot be applied in the ‘real world.’ Enter LEGO® Therapy; a naturalistic intervention, that for many with ASD is a satisfying means to address social communication skills, and so much more. LEGO® Therapy captures a child’s intrinsic interests and builds (no pun intended) on a foundation of motivation and behavior change.

Using LEGO® as a therapeutic medium was first reported in the research literature by Dr. Daniel LeGoff in 2004. He was trying to provide effective social skills intervention for children with ASD with few positive outcomes. Many of the available programs were, in Dr. LeGoff’s words, uninteresting and lacking in intrinsic value for children. Equally as important, he felt the results of most social skills programs were not generalizable from one setting to another, that is, enabling the skills to transfer from classroom or clinic to the playground. Dr. LeGoff developed an intervention he called LEGO® Therapy to fill the void in effective social skills programs.

LEGO® Therapy is far more than transforming a pile of LEGO® bricks into a completed project. It is a form of group play therapy with specific guidelines. For many reasons LEGO® Therapy is a successful social skills intervention for children and youth with ASD. While the sky is the limit in terms of what can be constructed from LEGOs® (have you seen entire cities constructed in miniature from LEGOs®?) they are a highly-structured and systematic toy. Structure and systematic materials appeal to many individuals with ASD. Because of the highly-structured and predictable nature of LEGO®, it is a desirable medium for children with ASD, particularly those who are more high functioning. So far, so good.

Engagement in construction activities, like LEGO® is second only to rule governed games in terms of effectively facilitating social interaction as compared to dramatic and functional play3. LEGO® Therapy is a successful intermediary to address social communication skills. In fact, research has found significant benefits associated with LEGO® Therapy. They include improved sustained initiation of social contact, improved length of social interaction, and reduced rigidity for children participating in LEGO® Therapy pre-treatment and compared to those who were on a waiting list to participate in LEGO® Therapy.

9388cf  No.379755


>read something posted by another anon

>it proves my point

It doesn't work that way, faggot.

7c709a  No.379760


i'm bored anon so i'll bite,how did it prove your point.

8c07e4  No.379761


>I'll make a low-effort OP!

>That'll make JFG a lolcow!

It doesn't work that way, faggot.

9388cf  No.379762

/cow/ is basically a hub for defending JF. This thread proves it.

9388cf  No.379769


You aren't even the person I responded to, why why are you asking me anything?


JF is a whiny cunt, I don't see how he isn't a lolcow. The only people preventing him from being a lolcow is JFIDF people like you.

8c07e4  No.379773


Post videos of him being a whiny faggot. Post PROOF! This isn't reddit where we'll just listen and believe, you retarded nigger!

7c709a  No.379774


Other anon told you to read the the post above yours,which was mine,you responded saying it proves your point,i'm asking how did my post attempting to explain to you why there is no JF julay prove that /cow/ is actually just JF dickriders.there's no need to stutter anon.

9388cf  No.379776


>Post videos of him being a whiny faggot

He has displayed it on the warski streams. I'm not going to go through each one and make clips of it. JF is a little bitch who likes to whine about how people do him wrong. He has been doing this for months.

238a0d  No.379778


Then fuck off, for an OP to not be a faggot he has to CONTRIBUTE.

The chans have never been anyones personal army, go back to reddit.

9388cf  No.379781


>muh personal army meme

Nice one. It's funny that you bring that up and claim i'm from reddit.

7c709a  No.379784


This bait has gone cold,you're too 1 dimensional,you need to up your game.

Sincerely hope you aren't serious.



Can you show him his way back and lock the door when you leave?that'd be great.

798a40  No.379785

Ich hatte eig vor, dich allein zu lassen. Schließlich gibts immer die Möglichkeit, dass JF tatsächlich was lulziges hat, aber wenns das wär, hätten anons die tatsächlich von hier sind einen deiner vorherigen JF threads vorangetrieben, stattdessen machste dir die Mühe, einfach mehr JF threads zu machen.

Und INB4

> I'm actually an mra

Nein, biste nicht. Du und deine kiddies sind die einzigen die sich mit JF länger beschäftigen als vlt mal was tweeten. Niemand sonst ist so besessen von JF. Fucken Andy beschäftigt sich nicht so sehr mit JF wie du. Wennde mal mit wem über all das reden willst, der nicht diese ungesunde Obsession weiter anregt, gibts immer Leute auf der anderen Seite. Du weißt, wo du uns findest.

But JF

But what about JF?

Is JF the new lolcow now already?

Maybe we should start talking about JF now.

Why won't you stop making fun of me in my JF threads?

Please, just come to my JF threads let's see if we can julay JF!

Is it now time to start talking about JF?

Y-You're all just JF fanboys!

JFIDF much?


can you guys julay JF already?i don't care tho

lmfao JF tho

yes I know there's already a thread about him



But JF

But what about JF?

Is JF the new lolcow now already?

Maybe we should start talking about JF now.

Why won't you stop making fun of me in my JF threads?

Please, just come to my JF threads let's see if we can julay JF!

Is it now time to start talking about JF?

Y-You're all just JF fanboys!

JFIDF much?


can you guys julay JF already?i don't care tho

lmfao JF tho

yes I know there's already a thread about him



But JF

But what about JF?

Is JF the new lolcow now already?

Maybe we should start talking about JF now.

Why won't you stop making fun of me in my JF threads?

Please, just come to my JF threads let's see if we can julay JF!

Is it now time to start talking about JF?

Y-You're all just JF fanboys!

JFIDF much?


can you guys julay JF already?i don't care tho

lmfao JF tho

yes I know there's already a thread about him



But JF

But what about JF?

Is JF the new lolcow now already?

Maybe we should start talking about JF now.

Why won't you stop making fun of me in my JF threads?

Please, just come to my JF threads let's see if we can julay JF!

Is it now time to start talking about JF?

Y-You're all just JF fanboys!

JFIDF much?


can you guys julay JF already?i don't care tho

lmfao JF tho

yes I know there's already a thread about him



But JF

But what about JF?

Is JF the new lolcow now already?

Maybe we should start talking about JF now.

Why won't you stop making fun of me in my JF threads?

Please, just come to my JF threads let's see if we can julay JF!

Is it now time to start talking about JF?

Y-You're all just JF fanboys!

JFIDF much?


can you guys julay JF already?i don't care tho

lmfao JF tho

yes I know there's already a thread about him



But JF

But what about JF?

Is JF the new lolcow now already?

Maybe we should start talking about JF now.

Why won't you stop making fun of me in my JF threads?

Please, just come to my JF threads let's see if we can julay JF!

Is it now time to start talking about JF?

Y-You're all just JF fanboys!

JFIDF much?

9388cf  No.379791


yeah, you're right. I must be baiting, there is no way someone could possibly be against my Daddy JF. No one could be against my based daddy.

798a40  No.379794

Eigentlich, Kraut, ist da noch was. Ich gehe grade die ganzen alten Kraut- und Jewtube threads durch damit ich sicher bin, dass alle Bilder und Videos gespeichert sind. Dabei ist mir was aufgefallen.

> alte aufgezeichnete Konversation mit dir

> redest von JF

> we need to expose what he did

Wird die ganze Situation hier möglicherweise missverstanden? Denkst du irgendwie, wir wüssten nicht alle alles was du und deine kiddies stetig wiederholen nicht? Wir wüssten nicht dass er ne autistische Freundin hatte? Wir wüssten nicht, dass er mit einer Laborassistentin geschlafen hat? Wir wüssten nicht, dass er geschieden ist? Denn wenn du denkst wir hören einfach nur weg und wüssten über nichts von allem worüber du und der Liliputaner seit letztem Herbst reden bescheid? Denn wenns das ist, kann ich dir versichern, genug leute haben mehr als ausgiebig in genau dein Material reingeschaut. Nach allem bis jetzt bezweifle ich sehr schwer, dass es noch irgendetwas neues auszugraben gibt wovon anons die neugierig sind, nicht wüssten.

Hier ein (you) um dich anzuregen. >>379791

9388cf  No.379798


tanks for supporting me :)

5025a9  No.379811

Kraut is still crying i see.

c420b7  No.379813

File: 0d0cab58929e5fe⋯.webm (10.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, soviel ist keine Frau wer….webm)



9a7b39  No.379815


word of advice

put spaces after your commas

also use less commas

2fc825  No.379871

Hello Discord user and welcome to /cow/. Image boards might be a little different than what you're used to. Did you know that a single thread can take over 700 replies? That's a lot! There is a JF thread in the catalog that isn't even close to the bump limit. When you shit up the catalog it makes you look more like an unfunny faggot looking for a personal army. Thanks for dropping by and keep those jokes coming.

47d127  No.380019

File: 6bec48fda9944f5⋯.webm (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jf-vee-mom.webm)

05bcee  No.380023

File: 7b422f4d9dc38aa⋯.png (957.49 KB, 2790x1375, 558:275, choose your mutt.png)

This thread is some of the saddest low-energy CivNat cuckshit astroturfing I've ever seen. S-s-s-see?! jews are the real nazis; JF is the real /cow/! I don't even have a dog in this fight I think e-celebs are stupid and I'm only commenting to post some OC.

37ffc3  No.380235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hi Destiny, I love your Twitch streams.

8cfa20  No.380315


heh. how new am i? did destiny comment on this yet?

566e98  No.380320


>He is a lolcow because he is a co-host on a show that claims to be about free speech and yet he complains about people making fun of him all of the tine.

Are you mentally disabled? Free speech doesn't mean that anybody has to take your shit, it mezns thst the government cannot stop you from shitposting about the holohoax.

566e98  No.380327


>i think X is a lolcow

<i don't think X is a lolcow


That's you. That's how dumb you sound.

515b37  No.380339

File: 45ecd2d2b981d95⋯.jpg (58.75 KB, 750x727, 750:727, 45ecd2d2b981d95aefa85f59d2….jpg)

I have a theory regarding JF posters

Honestly its probably JF or one of his fanboys using basic subversion tactics to gain a larger following; make people so sick of others trying to use this board as a personal army against him that it creates a counter culture of sucking him off, unfortunately I think its working its not too bad yet considering most anon's here don't care but the more I see "HURR DURR JF IS THE NEW LOLCOW" posting the more I begin to see the formation of a JFIDF which makes me sad because I really don't want to see a drunken overweight narcissist with a receeding hairline be heralded as the star shitezen savior of europe, useful though he may be

566e98  No.380356


Nobody is defending JF here to suck his dick, but because they are sick and tired of the shitty threads being made. I personally think JF is a fucked up guy but I still like him as a co-host so he doesn't bother me. What annoys me is trying to sudo-cow someone who obviously isn't a cow.

ccf15a  No.380358


You're overthinking it. What's more likely? That JF and Warski are running a 4D chess op on /cow/? Or that sargonites don't understand how /cow/ works and keep trying to use it as their personal army? Remember what Vee said in that stream with Jim?

>jim mayte you and i could go on the cow and get a ball rolling and then others would jump in

To me that heavily implies he's tried it before, and if he's tried it, he's probably asked liberalist buddies to help him.

49628c  No.380359


I don't think you realize how much of a hate boner they have for the guy

If you want to know who are in those threads, check the destiny discord

Vee and Destiny are two of the most dishonest persons you will find and them and their community hate the guy

35f207  No.380364


I think JF is just a faggot. He always complains about people making fun of him or criticizing him. It's the opposite of what bloodsports is supposed to be about. The irony is pretty hilarious.

0c1feb  No.380367


I personally think the most likely scenario is that people here are really getting invested in trying to prove one side is a bigger lolcow and losing sight of JF's hypocrisy and sperging the fuck out on twitter. I really do think if JF sided with Kraut and Soyboy of Akkad we'd have maxed out like 3 spin-off threads with just his bullshit alone.

ccf15a  No.380368

File: f66ac7d62aec118⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 366x348, 61:58, yimmyandpatrice.jpg)



35f207  No.380370


I don't get the reference

ccf15a  No.380375


>we'd have maxed out like 3 spin-off threads with just his bullshit alone.

This is the second thread we've had on him and nothing funny has been posted. Do you see any threads about Thomas Nelson?

You might be new but this happens here all the time. People make obvious butthurt threads and butthurt posts, and they get called out. It's not a new thing for /cow/ to be flooded with idiots posting someone on the internet they dislike going HEY GUYS I FOUND AN EPIC COW.

There is no sperging. If you want to, make him sperg and post it here. Once you do that I'll be happy to join in and make fun of him for raping retards. Until then you'll only look like you're trying to personal army a guy you dislike online.

35f207  No.380377

File: d01727364d8790f⋯.png (361.53 KB, 523x592, 523:592, Smug Anime Girl 5.png)


>There is no sperging

ccf15a  No.380379


Then show it to me.

35f207  No.380380


see: /cow/

/cow/ is dedicated to autistic faggotry, and is observed by autistic faggots. This board that you are posting on was created by an autist.

25c6a9  No.380381


That's nice. Where has JF sperged?

ccf15a  No.380382

File: 1c69be9c0ff0e5d⋯.jpg (59.08 KB, 568x465, 568:465, sexybitch.JPG)


Sure, but I'm talking about on the part of JF. The only thing I found funny about him so far was how ugly his ex wife was, and that's not enough to carry a thread.

35f207  No.380383


When he got all butthurt about people claiming he raped a autistic girl. He sperged like a true autist on that.

35f207  No.380384

ccf15a  No.380385

c7fb4c  No.380386


Why? Look it up yourself. JF is a sleazy scumbag and it's obvious. Fucking retard.

35f207  No.380387


show you what? We all know what he did.

ccf15a  No.380388



If there's sperging, post it. That's what this board is for.

c7fb4c  No.380389


No, it's for laughing at lolcows. You must be a complete newfag. If you really wanna see how JF sperged out like a complete autistic loser go look it up.

ccf15a  No.380390


>go look it up.

Where is it?

25c6a9  No.380391


Yes, and where did he sperg? You can't just claim someone "sperged" without specifics. "Responding" isn't sperging.

35f207  No.380392


>That's what this board is for.

Spoken like a typical /pol/ faggot. This board is for exposing lolcows, there is no clause that says "you must post evidence of sperging". JF has been complaining about people making fun of him for ages now, it's not some new thing.

c7fb4c  No.380394



What part of google don't you understand, retard?

ccf15a  No.380395

File: 80af7accc4f8423⋯.png (237.33 KB, 396x452, 99:113, 80af7accc4f84232bee9c2ccee….png)


>exposing lolcows

No, it's for laughing at sperging.


What should I google?

35f207  No.380396


>blocking people on twitter

>getting emotional on warski

>kicking people on his stream for disagreeing with him

Yeah, he's just a normal guy, responding like a normal person.

c7fb4c  No.380397


Christ, I'm not going to spoonfeed you /pol/tard.

35f207  No.380398

File: 2a6082d227c7563⋯.png (375.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2a6082d227c7563074cb5c3ed6….png)


>No, it's for laughing at sperging

define "sperging"

25c6a9  No.380399

These tards are like sjw's. "Educate yourself. I shouldn't have to explain what I'm talking about. I shouldn't have to prove what I say. I have a twenty year plan and I'm not telling you what it is. It is a secret. Trump/JF is so thin-skinned, when you say something about him, he responds."

c7fb4c  No.380400


Haha can't even reply properly what a bitch. Fuck off back to your hug box on /pol/ if you're upset that we're not going to treat JF like a sacred cow. He's a lolcow, that's the end of the argument. If you really think he's not you need to get the fuck off cow.

71ab74  No.380401


Is that cancer?

ccf15a  No.380402

File: 63478214a6ff9f3⋯.jpg (25.56 KB, 354x219, 118:73, jfsperg.JPG)

File: 76281d26cf0571c⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 912x140, 228:35, jf ass.JPG)


Didn't find anything. If you want people to laugh at someone, you'll have to post evidence of them being funny.

Although I did find this ass quote on his rationalwiki that's pretty relatable and made me like JF a little.

25c6a9  No.380403


1- So.

2- What is "emotional"? Unless he cried, who cares?

3- Who? That's not sperging.

c7fb4c  No.380405



Holy shit you shills are so obvious.

35f207  No.380406


>these mental gymnastics

JF is a crybaby, there's no denying it. You JFIDF faggots are so hilarious. You pretend that he is in the right, when he's basically a 8/pol/ faggot who doesn't allow any fun. Keep trying to defend him though, it's pretty funny.

25c6a9  No.380407


Hey, retard, I'm not replying to you, because you weren't addressing me, jackass. Before you call anyone a tard, check your own ass in the mirror if you and your mirror can withstand it.

ccf15a  No.380409

File: 06e1bedb434e970⋯.jpg (104.48 KB, 1286x457, 1286:457, ADF IS NOT FUNNY.JPG)



How long until you guys post a thread like this, but about Destiny or Kraut?

1ed351  No.380411


He isn't even raising his own child let alone another man's so how can he be a cuck?

12197b  No.380412


kek, nice one satan.

25c6a9  No.380413


To you, I'm sure mere thought seems like gymnastics.

7db33d  No.380414

>thread about jf being a lolcow

>at least three ids for julaying him

>they post absolutely nothing

Are you even trying?

If you don't post julay, fags won't find it funny

If anons don't find it funny, they won't join in


35f207  No.380415


>i'm just a regular guy

>you are the one who looks like a jackass


>How long until you guys post a thread like this, but about Destiny or Kraut?

Because destiny and kraut are already openly hated on this board. JF is seen as some kind of hero here, so It's normal to make a thread about him that pisses off JFIDF fags like you.

25c6a9  No.380416


Since I haven't anything to hide, I don't care if I'm "obvious."

25c6a9  No.380417


You do realize how stupid "a regular guy" is?

ccf15a  No.380418


>Because destiny and kraut are already openly hated on this board

So is ADF, idiot. You missed the point.

c7fb4c  No.380420



Your image supports what I've said retard.


Look it up yourself


Nice alisnky tactics JF Worshipper. Tell me, why do you like JF so much? What is it about his cock that makes you wanna suck it as hard as you do?

35f207  No.380421


>So is ADF, idiot. You missed the point.

You missed my point. Seems like you are living in some world that has agendas that I am not aware of.

ccf15a  No.380422



Just stop being a brainlet who can't read and post something funny.

35f207  No.380423


>please stop making fun of JF and do something that is relevant to my interests

ccf15a  No.380426


Funny is relevant to my interests, yes. Or do you just want to act butthurt about someone you disagree with? That's pretty SJW of you.

25c6a9  No.380427


I've never read Alinsky. But if honesty seems crafty to you, you are probably a mental midget. I don't like JF, I just loathe his adversaries. Like how Coach Red Pill pisses off a lot of assholes.

7db33d  No.380428

File: 394b7b106094866⋯.gif (267.44 KB, 530x320, 53:32, 394b7b10609486692ae804a3f6….gif)

35f207  No.380429

File: fc4c279466a27d3⋯.png (508.66 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, fc4c279466a27d3988c056acf7….png)


>That's pretty SJW of you.

Okay, vee

ccf15a  No.380430


>everyone i don't like is the same person

You're acting like a collectivist SJW.

35f207  No.380432

File: deff35fbdb8797e⋯.gif (294.13 KB, 696x496, 87:62, deff35fbdb8797e732dd038b3d….gif)


>doubling down

Okay, Vee

ccf15a  No.380433

File: 4f453ac97ad7257⋯.jpg (100.61 KB, 300x452, 75:113, 4f453ac97ad72578ec5136c63c….jpg)


>turning your own JF thread into a Vee thread


35f207  No.380435

File: 067b9e468d70b8f⋯.png (485.93 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, 067b9e468d70b8f7af9a20c223….png)


>i-i'm just pretending to be against Vee

>you are the true Vee here

Okay, vee

ccf15a  No.380437

File: 594ba48cc98b69b⋯.png (181.62 KB, 315x237, 105:79, gypsy.png)


>i'll save pictures /cow/ made of me and post them in a JF thread

What's the next step of your master plan, Vee?

35f207  No.380439

File: 543f3df06b026b3⋯.jpg (81.35 KB, 727x543, 727:543, 543f3df06b026b3c20153f46eb….jpg)


>JF can do no wrong

>I will defend every criticism against him

>I'm totally not shilling

ccf15a  No.380440

File: 8b7d4eebee0696b⋯.jpg (220.44 KB, 894x458, 447:229, 8b7d4eebee0696b7e298e30c25….jpg)


Listen, Vee. I understand. I'm actually very left-leaning and hold some sympathies to SJW stuff despite how unfashionable it is. I despise JF and his bigotry. I just understand /cow/ won't go after him unless you have evidence it would result in a funny reaction.

35f207  No.380444

File: 9e99ce2d7fc186a⋯.png (195.73 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 9e99ce2d7fc186a8b79e2b0be0….png)


>I just understand /cow/ won't go after him unless you have evidence it would result in a funny reaction.

You vampiric fucker. You think voodoo will get rid of the fact that JF is a fag? Go home Vee.

c7fb4c  No.380451





Notice that the JFIDF immediately try to turn the discussion to Vee. JF and his cultists are eternally assblasted because of Vee.

ccf15a  No.380455

File: b77e04c55a78e25⋯.jpg (49.08 KB, 696x511, 696:511, b77e04c55a78e25e979c445c70….jpg)


He called me Vee first here >>380429

But now I'm starting to think you're Vee.

c7fb4c  No.380457


Your revisionism doesn't work here.

35f207  No.380458


It was a joke but you took it seriously. Then you unironically started calling me Vee

ccf15a  No.380461

File: b468ec92d60e51c⋯.jpg (66.57 KB, 417x545, 417:545, vreee.jpg)


>It was a joke

That's what you always say when your serious arguments get b.tfo, Vee.

35f207  No.380466


yeah, it was a joke, and you're still calling me Vee and In will also call you Vee back. Hello Vee

c7fb4c  No.380470


>Triggered JFIDF Can't take jokes

The sun is bright and the grass is green. More news at 11.

ccf15a  No.380476



>a minute separated

I didn't know they had cellphones in Romania.

c7fb4c  No.380478


>Y-you are same person

Paranoia on JF's level? JFIDF confirmed. Fuck outta here you cultist.

35f207  No.380481


You're right, JF is a cool guy, he's a totally awesome person that you'd like to get to know. Don't ever claim he fucked an autistic girl though, or else he'll sue you and block you on twitter.

625f64  No.380483


JF can be julayed you know now youre mnaking the antijf crowd look like tiny's crew

47d127  No.380485

File: 1942893baa447f9⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, JF accidentally Reads A N….webm)

ccf15a  No.380489

File: 6f5e3f5cecf4ad5⋯.jpg (10.81 KB, 320x180, 16:9, jfyellowfever.jpg)


I'm glad we can agree on something, anon.

c7fb4c  No.380492



Fuck off JFIDF

And for the rest of you shills, >>380485 just posted him making an ass of himself. You can shut the fuck up now.

625f64  No.380495


לנשק את הכסף שלי! להתראות, פרה מטומטמת

ccf15a  No.380497


>>>380485 just posted him making an ass of himself. You can shut the fuck up now.

If there was ever any doubt you guys just don't like him because muh racism.

47d127  No.380499

File: 4bfb7e65f12543b⋯.webm (7.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Soygon ragequits JF strea….webm)



c7fb4c  No.380502



Sperg more.


Why are you bringing this up in the JF thread? Take it to where it belongs newfag.

47d127  No.380506

File: 3eab207e11fcf00⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 819x913, 819:913, twisted sargoy.gif)

ccf15a  No.380510

File: ae2b0349e5200b0⋯.jpg (184.71 KB, 670x1191, 670:1191, sargonkekistan.jpg)



c7fb4c  No.380513

47d127  No.380518

File: d017c05bfd6c328⋯.gif (539.48 KB, 268x215, 268:215, d017c05bfd6c3282e4fd08adc2….gif)

c7fb4c  No.380549

File: 569afb8e4dfb082⋯.png (51.93 KB, 900x810, 10:9, ClipboardImage.png)

47d127  No.380557

File: 274c77443a884d4⋯.webm (6.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jf-sargon-dinosaur-btfo-f….webm)

71ab74  No.380580


top kek

87801d  No.380820


Probably a heroin junkie. Third worlders love to shoot the shit into their genitals.

cc87cf  No.380821


>doesn't allow any fun

dunno, I think you crying like a little bitch is fun

2473db  No.380828

>JF is a lolcow and you should go after him

Not going to work ass hurt liberalists,

2f0e87  No.380856

Seems like the anti jf people are synthetic co ops to not look into JF.

pretty sure /cow/ can get his channel removed for the luls it would bring

i dont know man the antijf seem a little off from being the standard hate group

2473db  No.380884


Oh please. This is just Liberalists trying to get revenge for daddy Sargon.

520c62  No.380905


Hi working class liberalist. How are you? Still angrily yelling at anons for laughing at your daddy who's not as smart as your mom?

ba45dc  No.380915

File: 1b29307b07315a4⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 350x263, 350:263, 1410814730373.gif)


I remember him getting raped in two debates about veganism where he argued moral nihilism in a debate about the morals of killing animals. He then went on to make a 2 hour long video dissecting his first debate with the green goblin. Explaining how he didn't lose and how he epicly pwnd the other guy in a very spergy, formulaic way. Besides this and him dating a retard, I don't think there's anything else to him. Just another youtube intellectual.

ee5c11  No.381002


>the antijf seem a little off from being the standard hate group

this. It's probably just a /cow/tist. the JFIDF are pretty easy to troll, just say anything against JF and they will sperg the fuck out.

>inb4 hello fellow liberalist

8bfadf  No.381089


>You can call me a shill

because you are a shill?

1f3d5e  No.381108


cum gargling cum

dce300  No.381117

I thought Kraut was preparing to dump several hours of videos about JF in the hopes that he wouldn't be able to respond to it all. Any news on that or did he finally realise that he'd never be able initiate the task, let alone have JF's response in a single livestream afterwards.

752158  No.381285



He's not raising his own kids, so yeah that's fair


How long til Andy either fires him or gets sucked into the morass growing around JF's ankles?

7db33d  No.381820

File: 2fd22f733081b3e⋯.jpg (263.06 KB, 927x934, 927:934, 1417865921899.jpg)


>your killshot is jf reading a superchat

b-but muh hitler he didn't even know the quote he looks so stupid and evil!

134aed  No.381821


back to cuckchan faggot

ccf15a  No.381834


>i dont know man the antijf seem a little off from being the standard hate group

Yeah, the people trying to go after a political opponent of the liberalists do seem like they're not from here. Crazy.

9ab469  No.381902

File: 83fd147f4625a7b⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)











5025a9  No.381911


Kraut are you losing your mind again?

206319  No.381917

File: b550fdf31a9f539⋯.gif (2.08 MB, 532x295, 532:295, 1517936365612.gif)

After reading this entire thread I can now say that the people pushing for JF to be a cow have provided zero luls. Instead they seem assblasted that he blocked people on twitter. That's about it. I'm willing to look at anything on lolcow level coming from JF but it's not there. I have yet to see anyone bait him into losing his shit. Mild annoyance and defending himself reasonably against allegations doesn't count imo. Specifically because it's not funny. There's some angry posters in this thread too. Makes it obvious what's going on and who's doing it. Just sayin'. Stay mad faggots.

9ab469  No.381924

File: 115920ffa7020c5⋯.jpg (107.94 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)


RIP Little can2loop eating monkey :^)

c80caf  No.381946

JF isn't really a lolcow but he's definitely a sociopath.

<Fuck you andy I don't need your low IQ shit opinions

>dude wtf I thought we were cool

minutes later….

<oh teehee I was just pretending to be assblasted you know I'm such a kidder


5025a9  No.381948


That's a yes.

a12d50  No.381951

File: 06c3821b61738af⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 600x600, 1:1, 1513550486621.gif)

2c6ac6  No.381961


ooga booga nigga

2c6ac6  No.381963


JF is a cow you have to use the rape stick on to provide some lulz

c80caf  No.381971



Better timestamp to the spergery went a little too far ahead


3df021  No.381988


it's called autism

195114  No.382218


>JF isn't a lolcow

2d6a5b  No.382347

JF is a sperg but he doesn't get pressed by many people. Only retards or the usual circlejerk are invited on Warski Live. Please stop making these shit threads.

>I just think he is a cuck

You look like a redditor when you use that term and it's not even in the proper /pol/ context.

2d6a5b  No.382349


I think it's legitimately autism. He's not a retard but he doesn't understand normal behavior. He says some really retarded shit at times too. But yeah, apart from the one stream with Destiny calling him a rapist I haven't seen him get legitimately mad.

2d6a5b  No.382351




5f4fd5  No.382355


And just about anyone would get mad if a manlet called them a rapist. Don't blame him there.

b13cbc  No.382388


He's a psychopath, not an autist. An autist would not be as good at faking normal reactions most of the time. Then his mask slips and leaves people feeling uneasy, but without previous experience with psychopaths they can't properly put it into context or explain it. This is why you end up with the two camps: one that insists he's joking when he clearly isn't, and another that insists he is a cow when that isn't right either. Everyone knows something is wrong though, even if they choose different explanations.

206319  No.382392


Saw some redditniggers like this guy posting in the chat during Vee's stream with Metokur to come here and raid. Namefags never learn that they can't win against anonymity. I bet they use the same names on reddit too. huh..

9ab469  No.382427

File: 387be9443cd845f⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 450x450, 1:1, not kraut.jpg)

25c6a9  No.382440

File: 5d018d4e3b0a273⋯.jpg (163.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

35f294  No.382442


He's a slimy little fuck and he has dumb ass views, but he's tolerable because the stupid shit he says triggers the ever loving fuck out of people

9ab469  No.382612

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

JGF is so butt-hurt by loosing the Jay Dyer debate that he is sperging out live

f460c2  No.382613


I always knew this fag was going to provide tardcum eventually. He is currently banning people that criticize him lmao. What a fuckin pussy. This is prime time to heat up the ovens and get some julay out of him. Has he outlived his usefulness? I enjoyed watching him crush Kraut, but hes being a fag now. Would love to see Andy cut ties with this pseudo moral relativist hack.

This is similar to Sargon withdrawing to his hugbox after being blown the fuck out by Spencer.

9ab469  No.382616


Yep, Turns out JF is just another left wing fedora tipping skeptic™.

21f28d  No.382617



>He's a psychopath, not an autist.


this confirms it, starting on p.133

the "raping an underage autistic girl" is bullshit, it was consentual and she was 19 at the time, but the documents paint him as an abusive scumbag and I don't buy his

>muh leftist courts destroying white families

one bit

f460c2  No.382619

Its such a shame that it was Destiny that first brought up this court case. If it was literally anybody else it would have been taken more seriously and ruined his credibility.

499a7e  No.382620

File: 10c8712092ab6fe⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 1056x348, 88:29, somegondola-i-used-to-kno….webm)


To be honest I don't think that would've been the case. If not Destiny, Kraut, Vee or some other sargonite would've done so. And even if them bringing it up was somehow more credible, their legions of fans spamming "but muh court docs" would've made it lose any credibility it might've had.

25c6a9  No.382623


Ooh Boy. Have fun typing with your one free hand guys.

f460c2  No.382635

He just raged out and kicked another guy from the call. Perfect opportunity to troll him right now.

e9b07d  No.382649


Vee, lurk more you fucking faggot.

>uses greentext when pretend quoting someone

<"yeah that's totally how this should work"

>puts a noun at the front of le memme arrows

>uses cuck as an insult thinking it'll make your comment look more legit when it really just makes you stand out

Also, blocking you (or your screechy idol) on Twitter does not make someone a lolcow. If it did then all of Twitter would be on this site. Plus you're an insufferable twat. The shear amount of butthurt that people show when they try to attack JF and use the same disproven arguments again and again is honestly the funniest part of all of this. Even MRA's are going agains their principles and acting like family courts and prosecuting lawyers aren't complete liars and slanderers. I can't wait for several months from now when Destiny loses the lolsuit for calling JF a pedo and slandering him and other people left and right and there are new court documents from a real court verifying everything JF has been saying repeatedly, over and over and over and over, because you leftist faggots literally just want to slander and don't care about honesty. Its not trolling to tell you faggots to come back when you have something ACTUALLY lolcow-ish that isn't just false information you want to believe is true. It's just sad and I don't want to keep hearing the same bullshit over and over again from you or JF. This must be why you can talk about GaymerGate ad nauseam. Jesus christ.

e9b07d  No.382650


So you're a leftist. Thanks for outing yourself as a retard. Even faggots like the MRA's know how shit family courts are. Plus JF has evidence from another doctor whom diagnosed the woman as high functioning autistic and fairly intelligent before the court case. Apparently the doctor that the court documents reference was a family friend and if I recall correctly not even a real doctor or a low tier one. I can't remember the exact details, but JF has covered this many times and everyone who tried bringing it up to him on stream was demolished. Johnny Fox was the funniest by far.

21f28d  No.382663


Are you capable of reading?

There is a psychological evaluation of Gariepy in there.

e9b07d  No.382673


And that shows what exactly? There have been many cases of psychologists misattributing personality traits in many contexts where there being examined for a reason. Like if someone is slightly autistic and they're being investigated for the homicide they could easily think the perceived lack of empathy and conflated self importance could be psychopathy. If you ask me, JF definitely has Aspergers and that's also why I think this "he fucked an autistic girl so he's a predator" is the stupidest shit. Plus that doesn't change the fact that there was another psychological evaluation of the girl that said she was high functioning autistic instead of whatever fucking quack said "she has the mind of an 11 year old girl." I have never heard a psychologist say an adult has the mind of a 10 year old. They say grade level typically. They only use age for early development typically. Then add the fact that family courts are literally known for being kangaroo courts with strong feminist biases that have no jury and go solely on what the judge thinks and this whole thing is just fucking stupid and so are you for buying it. This is foxdickfarms tier retardation.

21f28d  No.382679


Why the fuck are you going on about the girl?

Just read the thing.

I posted it in response to >>382388 because it somewhat supports the observation, although psychopath is a strong word, more of a delusional control freak with a victim complex and psychotic tendencies.

21f28d  No.382682


And I think it explains why he doesn't have custody over his child.

Him claiming that it is the case because of evil leftist women conspiring against him and courts being out to get white families is either his victim complex speaking or him pandering to his audience's biases.

I am aware that family courts are often biased in favor of mothers but that doesn't seem to be the case here, him being a abusive nutter is the more realistic explanation.

2d6a5b  No.382711

ccf15a  No.382712


>although psychopath is a strong word, more of a delusional control freak with a victim complex and psychotic tendencies

>all this autism and armchair psychology over some racist guy you dislike on the internet

21f28d  No.382714


wtf do you think this board is for

might be autistic but it's entertaining

and it's funny how people here jump to his defense

>indirectly quoting from a psych eval

>armchair psychology

ccf15a  No.382715


>>armchair psychology


21f28d  No.382717


the evaluation was conducted by a licensed psychologist

ccf15a  No.382718


No, you're just mad.

21f28d  No.382719


learn to read >>382617

ccf15a  No.382720


Yeah, I'm not seeing what you're referencing.

21f28d  No.382721


look harder

ccf15a  No.382722


>just educate yourself

I'm looking at it. Your little armchair psych bullshit isn't there.

21f28d  No.382724

File: 0aa8fc8bdf7a8ef⋯.png (154.08 KB, 569x113, 569:113, p147.png)


have this little quote but I'm not going through all of it again you lazy fuck

ccf15a  No.382728


So that backs up my assertion that you were just armchair psych-ing and making shit up. Thanks.

21f28d  No.382729


lol no

there is more in there, just not going to spoonfeed it to you cause I don't care enough

ccf15a  No.382730


Suuure there is buddy.

e9b07d  No.382737


Thanks. I just felt like showing off my autism on this diary forum.

9ab469  No.382758

File: c52b73952d46670⋯.png (504.51 KB, 1544x2400, 193:300, 4-stages-of-red-pill.png)


>So you're a leftist

JGF is as a Libertarian Nihilist broadly speaking a leftist. Vulgar Racialism* and Materialism is a left-wing ideology, one merely needs to ask Margaret Sanger.

While its true JGF is to the right of relative to the modern SJW progressive he is by no means a right-winger. In fact the Alt-right generally speaking is not Right wing and may homosexual alt-righters have openly taken to labeling themselves as alt-left in recognizing this contradiction. (not to be confused with Antifa)



* I use the term "vulgar racialism" because there are real racial differences, but also are higher order values that transcend this categorization. In not seeing beyond the ideological constraints of a biological deterministic world view or (in being a materialist) reject universal truth you bottleneck your capacity to reason and your ability to perceive the world with any coherence

fa0870  No.384274

File: f78b655ae4ee78c⋯.jpg (31.39 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 13370031-1391814155-600x45….jpg)


>I don't buy his

>muh leftist courts destroying white families

>one bit

I do. The psych assessment was a joke. Bloke has never been violent or abusive. SHe shat on him for being too keen to present himself well during the assessment. Then she accused him of being paranoid and suspicious - neglecting to give any weight tothe fact that his fucking wife had hired a PI to dig about in his past - which isn't mistrustful or liikely to engender mistrust at all.

Man I'm so angry readint hat document. It;s frightening. His ex is taking wacky African happy pills during the pregancy of his child and he's shat on for thinking his is a problem.

It reads like for not toeing the line 100% and saying "I'm ideologically comitted, not inclined to compromise" he's written of as a potential psycho on the words of two ex-partners - neither of which he has ever trolld physically. Dr Calloway recommends this "good humoured" guy be fucking medicated too - ont he basis of a few tests over the cours eof single day. Creepy as fuck man.

Pic related: it's the bitch who did the assessment. She looks totally well rounded and not vindictive and bitter in the slightest.

And I don't even like the guy that much. I read that thing hoping to find out what a bellend he is.

2f3474  No.384299

JF STREAM: The Twisted Mind of Andy Warski.

> JF STREAM: The Twisted Mind of Andy Warski.

JF STREAM: The Twisted Mind of Andy Warski.

> JF STREAM: The Twisted Mind of Andy Warski.

2f3474  No.384300

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


forgot leak

25c6a9  No.384331


A lot of people who like appeals to authority don't realize how mentally unfit the majority to most people in the field of psychology are,

4b0808  No.384340


>Anno Domin 2018

>believing in right/left dichotomy

7e8fc9  No.385774

File: 95895b90e2c3d1c⋯.png (7.18 KB, 255x146, 255:146, HBR4.png)

File: 677bf9b7b677556⋯.png (10.98 KB, 255x161, 255:161, HBR3.png)

File: 78597f968eca756⋯.png (3.43 KB, 255x133, 255:133, HBR2.png)

File: bc04d92c182ceac⋯.png (3.37 KB, 255x119, 15:7, HBR1.png)

9ab469  No.386214

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Jf crying like a woman because Andy dumped him.

030d64  No.386215


Why did you save thumbnails?

21f28d  No.386485


tbh I agree to some extend

I don't believe the guy is ill-intentioned, he just has a way of interpreting and interacting with the world that is different from most people, leading to them being weirded out by and scared of his behavior, even though he's not violent

87801d  No.386522



I actually practice law alongside a family lawyer (I do estates) and hitjobs like this are par for the course in these kinds of disputes. His actual mistake is playing nice and not character assassinating his wife too. If the judge hasn't been reduced to making a decision on which parent is less likely to eat the child in question, then one of the sides' council hasn't done their job properly.

8cfa20  No.386525


He should use this as an opportunity.

87801d  No.386580


Of course I say this just from what I see in the affidavits. Its more than likely his wife's council and possibly even the judge are familiar with one another. It looks like he also might have accused the court of some kind of malfeasance which was bound to piss them off true or not.

515b37  No.386612



I agree, I'm not a fan of JF, but I think he would do a better job with internet bloodsports than Andy would. Andy isn't even funny. TBH though I think Jim would probably be the best host, I just don't see him actually doing it. Internet Bloodsports really should be handled more by somebody who actually understands the concept. Jim has the right idea; pit white supremacists against black supremacists, Raw meatists VS vegans, an Uncle Rucus VS a self-hating white, Zionists VS /pol, AnCaps VS Communists, /r9k vs Feminists etc.

Andy really dosen't seem to understand the concept of his own show anymore and what made it popular, instead of making it about shit flinging he's trying to make it some lazy sunday night kind of stream. He dosen't realize it isn't going to work and the minute he eases up someone else is going to take advantage of the fact that the niche he once filled is now empty.

So this really would be a wonderful opportunity for JF. He could simply host his own IBS and then Andy would be cucked out of half his viewers.

25c6a9  No.386635


That doesn't surprise me at all, sadly.

8cfa20  No.386715


It sounds like JF would be better managing the Warski brand and just let Andy have his chill stream once a week.

15aa0e  No.386871


Pretty famous case of this. A guy was running for Senate in Illinois – charismatic, rich, walked away from banking to teach at a Catholic school. He won the Republican primary, but then the news media petitioned to unseal his custody hearings from his divorce from an actress, Jeri Ryan. Turns out she accused him of things that were just weird, like taking her to "sex clubs" in Paris. It was highly implausible.

The scandal was so bad he had to withdraw and the Republicans had to pick a last minute candidate to run against the Democratic nominee – a big eared mulatto named Barack Obama. That's how he won his senate seat.

54a24c  No.387016

File: 736e4ef801d9044⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 1487027117558.jpg)


JF + Styx would make a good combo

8cfa20  No.387065


…nice shop…

Styx would be pretty good also. It seems like JF doesn't want to talk bullshit but get things done, and Warski keeps just having big dreams but doesn't want to put the effort out to see them through. Styx seems to have his shit together to get things done on time.

25c6a9  No.387435

File: ffdcf28adca25b8⋯.jpg (18.31 KB, 420x316, 105:79, mrpotatohead.jpg)

Look, it's JF and his woman-HARHARHAR

cd2af7  No.387528

I'm gonna laugh my ass off if you guys find out JF is a coalburner. That would make my day. Too many of you faggots love the taste of his cock and I would love to be there when it sinks in that he's a fraud.

25c6a9  No.387687

File: 10892d6c97b9a97⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 784x858, 392:429, 1513114761829.jpg)

26c59d  No.388124

Destiny is a pedo

195114  No.388234





243379  No.394627


'alinsky tactics'

hello sargon

11e66f  No.394779

File: 36828db796ee838⋯.jpg (13.8 KB, 288x185, 288:185, 19059548_10213813029868228….jpg)

Jf is a Canadian which is pretty much the same thing as a fag but let's be honest this thread was created by Kraut because he is the biggest bitch on the internet….fucks given 0

928a59  No.394791


He is a known riceburner and a fucked some of the ugliest white women I've ever seen

243379  No.394941


pics or it didnt happen

f1fff0  No.394985


c7fb4c  No.395009


>Muh sargon

Can you JF cultists do anything besides wish daddy sargon would notice JF? Also, your white supremacist fucks niggers.

7feb24  No.395018

91f735  No.396270

File: 88f4fbd3b830bba⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 532x412, 133:103, DZMkdrUWkAAOiP0.jpg)


Don't talk shit about JF. He is breeding a new master race and it will smash you with it's retard strength.

27fd50  No.396490


I’m like JF. I suppose you can make fun of him being 5’6 which he said in a video, and in the Andywarski stream on autism, JF said he never looked a woman in the eye, which is a sign of submission. He said he had a foot festish before, though he says now he was joking. He also said he fucked black women on the live stream with Lukeford, or some name like that. Also his snapping at Andy is probably what the seven women who accused him of stuff had to deal with. Having said all that, JF is great more for his ideas. Personal lives can be messy. People who hate JF did so before people were digging dirt, because of his position on race. As for this thread, the problem is that it comes off as fueled by hatred, rather then laughter. And hate it is.

27fd50  No.396492

*I like JF I mean

And JF said before that he is asexual as well. Don’t see how any of this really matters though.

5fedc7  No.396512

File: a3b47f6aa3ac71b⋯.png (438.5 KB, 762x780, 127:130, trig.png)


That Jay Dyer debate was the end of him, huh?

Haven't had that much fun watching an Atheist go full "1+1=7" against a Theist in ages

8cfa20  No.396514

File: a7dbd84e964f6f7⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 350x268, 175:134, EveryoneIsStupidExceptMe.gif)


I can't wait until I have an ED page. I wonder what it will say…

5025a9  No.396521


What a boring ass article.

7b3ff5  No.396632


No julay, no cow, faggot. JF doesn't hilariously sperg out and we're not your personal doxing army.

baac4c  No.396666

File: d01727364d8790f⋯.png (361.53 KB, 523x592, 523:592, Smug Anime Girl 5.png)


>JF doesn't hilariously sperg out

4c6232  No.410477

"I don't 'ave to take ze bants" - JF on blocking Count Dankula

86551d  No.410518


lol did he?

8cfa20  No.410565


JF don't like speech rape.

a302db  No.410923


it's spayze

e9b07d  No.410961


Banning you for being a faggot =/= sperging out

Literally everyone who is calling JF a lolcow is at minimum 10 times more of a lolcow than JF. They're all Sargonite Liberalists or even more left wing, and so are you.

64adc6  No.410974


>Vulgar Racialism* and Materialism is a left-wing ideology, one merely needs to ask Margaret Sanger.

Margaret Sanger's alleged racial views would be considered far right today, you autistic LARPer.

>While its true JGF is to the right of relative to the modern SJW progressive he is by no means a right-winger. In fact the Alt-right generally speaking is not Right wing and may homosexual alt-righters have openly taken to labeling themselves as alt-left in recognizing this contradiction. (not to be confused with Antifa)

There's no contradiction, autist. Rabbit and the few other alt leftists out there parted ways with the alt right because they had almost nothing in common with the alt right aside from their emphasis on race, opposition to nation-building in the Middle East. and opposition to free trade. Two huge differences are that alt leftist aesthetic preferences tend to be more modern and how they don't sit around griping over "degeneracy."

1bdd2f  No.413588


Fuck off Destiny you pedokike

f4a247  No.415345

he looks like he was gonna be asian but god stopped halfway on both his eyes, so its this awkward down syndrome look now

593567  No.431036


Reeee! (((SPEECH RAPE)))

You shit talked my potato, I'm going to ban you.

82d3f7  No.431106

File: 225befa6c96cddd⋯.gif (309.06 KB, 460x351, 460:351, 1445867842805.gif)

>>396666 (Satan)


those autistic crocodile potato tiers are delicious. JF Rick and Morty tier fans sperging out is also a beautiful place to mine salt

e79a20  No.432023


>/cow/ is the real lolcow

706698  No.433998

File: 0804c1374fe874f⋯.png (27.2 KB, 403x318, 403:318, how can jf even compete.png)

File: 2d7ec8a03d27adf⋯.png (134.45 KB, 604x674, 302:337, DN6UJDGXkAUI56c.png)


/cow/ and JFags totally B T F O

60ef63  No.434019


rupees are less than murican dollars retard

1549bc  No.439774


t. Manley alt right

003635  No.440170


>all people who disagree with my polidicks are lolcows

1dbcfe  No.440175


Alpha as fuck. Autismo gets deadpan delivery.

1549bc  No.440192


Kys /leftypol/ tranny

4d3726  No.444677


>has destroyed JonTron, Sargon, Dick Masterson, NakedApe, NoBS, Lauren Southern, Nicholas J. Fuentes, Mr. Metokur, Roaming Milenial, in debates

>on one occasion destroyed those last five ALL AT THE SAME TIME

>easily took on and REKT both JF & Alt-Hype at the same time

>Blaire White is scared of him

>Mr Metokur is cared of him

>Braving Ruin is scared of him

>can and has destroyed every single alt-right debater by simply using the socratic method, the most basic logic people have had 2400 years to adapt to

>can and has destroyed every single alt-right debater by simply asking if they really believe what they post online and watches them pussy out and start minimizing

>can and has destroyed every single alt-right debater by simply asking them what it would take for them to stop believing their points of view and watch them flounder around

>can and has destroyed every single alt-right debater by simply looking up where they get their "facts" from and finding they're bullshit taken out of context or made up on some kids blog

>only recourse the alt-right has is ad hominems and strawmen

>has already passed on his genes (2 kids)

978f3b  No.444681


Ironic as fuck my dude. I notice you didn't put Ryan Dawson in the list of people he's "destroyed".

835387  No.444807


Destiny is legitimately smarter and a better debater than almost everyone named there.

The sad part is he's also a low-IQ retard. Youtubers are pathetically dumb.

59c929  No.444884


Jay Eff haz dee eye IQ an con debate ann knee ID but DesTINY haz speech raped Jay Eff in dee butt whole ann shud be inn prizun for it!

85cdd0  No.444984


Steven Bonnel stop complimenting yourself and jerking off to child porn.

7b7c6d  No.444997


Talking over your opponent and being eternally skeptic isn't how you debate.

b40083  No.445030

Smells like shills in here.

d036f3  No.445051


I just smell midget.

4732b3  No.445583

File: f1b0826d1fca08a⋯.gif (848.42 KB, 384x259, 384:259, f1b0826d1fca08ac7837792faf….gif)


>I am- I MEAN DESTINY is the best guise

90ab0d  No.445589

File: 2e3135e07dc3ed4⋯.png (150.17 KB, 395x399, 395:399, merchant sargon.png)


I wouldn't put it passed Tiny to try to insert himself whenever, but the timing is suspicious. Between Tonka taking heat, IBS being trademarked and the eternal whining of the liberalists, I'd almost point to a possible false flag.

bfc4d3  No.463331

File: bcb0ecbb5ae0a80⋯.png (45.85 KB, 720x252, 20:7, Screenshot_20180524-014652….png)

File: 894a04fe16ff355⋯.png (22.6 KB, 720x108, 20:3, Screenshot_20180524-014720….png)

File: bbc7586dc518ce0⋯.png (23.79 KB, 720x98, 360:49, Screenshot_20180524-014705….png)

Oh no no no no!

33c4a1  No.463521


>People talking shit about JF

Where's the funny?

eeeb03  No.478206

File: cb5de4c95befadc⋯.png (444.55 KB, 508x847, 508:847, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9ecd45b11ef3f6c⋯.png (160.52 KB, 396x223, 396:223, ClipboardImage.png)

JF's latest baby mama was doxed in another thread ( >>478174 ). She's spawning in July, maybe we should start thinking of baby shower gifts. Given that it's going to be a girl, I'm thinking "Baby's first IUD" will work given JF's justification of sex with kids under 14yo

ad1595  No.478214


>JF's justification of sex with kids under 14yo

I take it this is just another one of Tiny's lies, or do you actually have anything to back it up?

eeeb03  No.478230

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Starts at 6m10s

85cdd0  No.478286

File: 20529e50da510c8⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 1120x730, 112:73, Destiny Ethics.jpg)


Destiny, we all heard you talk about how you jerked off to a 15 year old's nudes and how you think pedophilia would be okay if society just groomed the kids better.

Don't try to deflect your pedophilia on the french autist just because you lost a debate to him.

eeeb03  No.478310


It isn't Destiny, it's JF in his own words linked here >>478230

1f4180  No.478315


I don't know know about this. I don't get the impression he is supporting it, but stating a taboo fact. Though some of the language is shady I do admit.

I'm not a fan of JF, but I try my best not to get into panic culture on this stuff

b19ca3  No.478318


He didn't justify it. This is bad evidence and will backfire if you use it as an argument.

2bee8b  No.478335


Besides this is Zeph from Krauts doxing server asking questions that lead to logical answers.

Also from the video description:

>To JF opponents: He explicitly states that this does NOT justify pedophilia

2224ed  No.479936


he said in the clip you posted he isn't justifying it just explaining why he thinks people evolved to be that way. disgusting shit to talk about wither way tho…

a0e316  No.479983


Yeah people were right about him. A giant fucking baby desperate to fuck any chick that looks at him. What a joke he turned out to be.

61b1da  No.479990


I'm actually OP of this thread. Call me a prophet if you want, but it was pretty obvious from the start.

61b1da  No.479991


also, back when I made this, the board was filled with shills, that explains all of the dissidents

43a714  No.481439

Report his videos for hate speech.

c4036d  No.482887



>A frog turns out to be utterly desperate for pussy, so much so that he will squander all long-term gratification for the sake of getting his dick wet even if it means destroying his precious "intellectual (tm)" e-celeb career.

And people say race isn't a behavior predictor.

On a similar note, do other frenchmen slur their words as often as jf? He sounds like he's suffering a prolonged stroke.

9efcb4  No.483514

File: caa0aff6cc314c9⋯.mp4 (171.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Todd Howard - Who's laughi….mp4)

>tfw kraut won

36ae77  No.483554


>kraut won


0d8995  No.483948

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Here's his almost two-hours long mental contortions stream, in case anyone is interested.

It currently has 1100 downvotes and 900 upvotes, with pretty much only negative comments. JF went on the Ralph Retort the other day saying that it was only a small minority who disagreed with him, and explained the likes/dislikes rating as being a product of extreme-right wing bot farms.

f898e6  No.483969


>do other frenchmen slur their words as often as jf?

It's clear that JF is not very bright… he's Canadian, was educated in the English language in school, in University, and lived in the US for 5 years and but still has the English language skills of a shitskin just off the boat. His slurring of words in part that he doesn't know what English word to use and probably partly because he's genetically fucked (look at those teeth crammed into his undersized jaw).


>It currently has 1100 downvotes and 900 upvotes,

You know that is Soros paying for a bot farm to harass him because JF's political views expressed on a tiny youtube channel are dangerous to billionaire Jews everywhere. Shut up or you will not be allowed in the genetically defective ethnostate of Nord Dukota.

0d8995  No.484040

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Here's the stream where he debates Jim, btw.

>Patrick little claims there was voter fraud

<"There's no evidence of voter fraud. Lauren Rose was right to mock him for claiming this. Never mind that Project Veritas filmed Democrats talking about how they win every election, and never mind Little dropping from 20% in the polls to 1.5% in the election. We can't speculate about voter fraud unless he provides solid proof for it existing in this very instance."

<"My audience agrees with me."

>"What about the like-dislike ratings?"

<"There are extreme-right wing bot-farms that try to silence people for disagreeing with them, and that rigged the voting!"

0d8995  No.484042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wrong stream.At least I think so.

f898e6  No.484049


Not sure if you're that retarded, a JF ball licker, or JF himself. Well… the English isn't bad enough to be everyone's favorite retard.

The issue is that JF wants a hug box and is banning people for having opinions that differ from his. JF actually timed out someone who'd paid to write "JF you look like you have high cholesterol" …JF is a thin skinned crybaby and wants a group of followers that he can use like dirty cum rags to jack his shit into and have them say "Thank you Pah Pah Jeh Eff! Here, take muh shekels!"

0d8995  No.484066


I have no idea why you think I supported JF with my comment. Perhaps I was unclear. The pink quotes were supposed to mock/represent JF's position.

My point was that JF is a hypocrite. He demanded concrete evidence to establish voter fraud in Patrick Little's case, (even though we know voter fraud occurs regularly, for example because of evidence from Project Veritas), but when people downvoted his video he immediately blamed it on a conspiracy without providing evidence.

I also agree that JF banning people is faggy. I would even go so far as to say that I consider it a sign of arrogance to trust yourself enough to ban people you disagree with, and JF's case is one example of the slippery slope someone can go down after making such a choice.

f898e6  No.484075


my mistake. apologies anon.

c13965  No.484237

File: 5333d46ab4ea892⋯.png (343.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-Jun-18_20:59:16.33063….png)

File: 65176ba8a135740⋯.jpg (154.58 KB, 1630x1478, 815:739, Df_B-FdW0AASk-m.jpg)




JF posted the supposed evidence on twitter. What do you think, /cow/?

c13965  No.484243


I count 8 people in those screenshots, out of which only 3 are positive to the flagging, and 3 are counter-signaling. The video has >1100 downvotes.

Also, he censored "Jewtube".

ad1a46  No.484387


You seem more triggered than he is>>379604

a0e316  No.484464

legit lolcow now

c13965  No.484528

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Yup. In fact, now it's getting so retarded that I can barely believe he's not trolling. But I want to believe.

Here's his new video:

Exposed! The Bot Network trying to Push YouTubers to the Right | TPS #54

I haven't seen all of it yet, but at 31 minutes, he says that saying "white knight" is sexist, and that he's always been a feminist.

The live chat is turned off, and people are getting their stuff deleted left and right.

36ae77  No.484564


I hear this bot network is run by CRP.

123ecb  No.484603


The fact that he isn't getting his supersoy shekels suggests his user base is pissed off with him.

ad1a46  No.484615


Have you watched any recent streams? He's getting as many shekels as ever

5e3436  No.484724

Whatever you think of Lauren, or this situation it's clear that women are bad for politics. She's the catalyst of this unnecessary drama. Men act stupid around women, even if they aren't conscious of it. Especially Nick wouldn't have been so brazen if thots weren't involved. The whole situation is just MUH DICK. The way I see it:

JF is White knighting

Nick is trying to look alpha by shitting on Little

Lauren's respect dropped for JF, and she is probably lusting after Nick's cock, because it seems to me like she models herself after him, and uses his talking points.

4c3cc6  No.484809



I agree with all of this. Faggot has an ego that is as large as it is fragile.


Hope he gets the full Andy treatment with his subs/views/likes.


>women are bad for politics

Women are bad for almost anything male dominated.

19ddc0  No.484981


isn't he a youtuber pro? why is the only streamer that consistantly has a crackly mic, every. fucking. time.

f898e6  No.484994


He always sounds like he's half crying or about to cry.. I don't think it's his mike, it's his low T response to live streaming.

bf90cf  No.485016

File: 8ef15d1c96fb18b⋯.png (214.25 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 70319f57febcf49⋯.png (410.09 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, ClipboardImage.png)


For what it seems JF took the caps used on Baked alaska drama of april to create evidence

See how censures some of the words in the cap he posted in twitter to create a fake narrative

277011  No.485100


The word is "censor". Censor. "Censure" means something completely different.

c13965  No.485443


Whew, lad. So all his evidence is that people fucked with BA?

Only the upper left pic references JF and appears to be about him. If the rest are about BA, this is a clear attempt at misleading.

>See how censures some of the words in the cap he posted in twitter to create a fake narrative

I don't see it. TBQH, the words he censors look completely random to me. I still haven't seen his conspiracy video, though.

c4036d  No.485716


So he's effectively doing the same thing as trout did, only he is hiding his room temperature IQ behind an awful a frog accent instead of a bong one. Now that you mention shit genetics, his eyes seem far too small for his face and remind me of FAS children. Perhaps its just how sunken they are rather than a birth condition, but they don't look right at all.

f898e6  No.485762


OMG… I hadn't thought about that, but you are 100% correct. He's using a heavy accent to hide his below room temp IQ.

His entire body looks like he has dwarfism or something. His neck is so short that he's probably actually missing a vertebrae and that would explain his hunched look all that time. He does have pig eyes, the lower jaw of a cave man, and an over sized alien looking forehead.

0d8995  No.485946



He's good at debating and his thoughts about biology and such are fairly intelligent and interesting. I don't think he's actually stupid. Quite the opposite.

His ego seems quite a bit larger than he can handle, however, and he's incapable of being objective when women are involved.

In my opinion he also seems to lack any sort of rigorous moral (he's a nihilist) or intellectual framework, giving him enough wiggle room to always interpret things in line with his confirmation bias. I'm a scientist, and this is quite common in academia. Many people in my line of work are quite intelligent, and by following the strict intellectual framework of the scientific method, they are able to accomplish great things. However, when they talk about things like politics or philosophy, they come across as shallow idiots, because they have no method implemented for counteracting their own human weaknesses.

3565a8  No.485950


I agree with most of what you said, but I believe he self-identifies as a moral relativist, the distinction being that he believes in local, but not universal morality.

f898e6  No.485952


> his thoughts about biology and such are fairly intelligent and interesting

"Doctors use the terms tumor and abscess interchangeably all the time" – JFG

"Humans have tiny crystals in their ears that enable them to tell which way is up" – JFG

"A centrifuge is a great example of how gravity works (implying that the Earth is a large centrifuge)" – JFG

3565a8  No.485953



3565a8  No.485960


Also I'm no doctor but I believe the crystals he's referring to are otoconia

c4036d  No.485989


If he's not retarded and actually is the biology expert he claims to be then why didn't he say otoconia instead of crystals like some fat wicca cunt? It's been years since I took A&P101 and I still have most of the terms fresh in my head, as do others, so what is this faggot's excuse?

73f5d1  No.486233

File: b392a202e2aec5d⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 506x386, 253:193, 1506012071329.jpg)


Do you have a copy of the one that says, "JF TURNED ON HIS FANS OMG LETS __ HIS LIFE GUYS!" That's really the only one he posted connecting any of this directly to him. I want to see the dates on it. I want to know specifically when JF 'turned on his fans'. If it's well over a month old like the others, that's solid evidence that he's deliberately lying here.

Also, why did JF black out the words 'shut' and 'plebbit'? More dishonesty, to make people think something "bad" was said?

74ef4e  No.486338



i keep getting shadowbanned from places for pointing out that fuentes is a sephardic last name

0d8995  No.486655



Like >>485953 I'd like to see the sources for those.

>"Doctors use the terms tumor and abscess interchangeably all the time" – JFG

I have no idea about this and won't comment on it.

>"Humans have tiny crystals in their ears that enable them to tell which way is up" – JFG

>why didn't he say otoconia instead of crystals like some fat wicca cunt?

When explaining scientific concepts to laymen, it's counter productive to use advanced terminology for it's own sake. I work a lot with pump-probe experiments, and when I explain them to laymen I do things like gesticulating with my hands and saying the laser probe by saying

>"Then we send a second laser pulse, like the flash of a camera."

It's not about being 100% precise or using the precise terminology, but rather about getting an idea across. JF is a science educator, so I'm sure he's aware of this.

>"A centrifuge is a great example of how gravity works (implying that the Earth is a large centrifuge)" – JFG

This may very well be a resonable comparison. The centripedal force that keeps the parts of a centrifuge rotating is equivalent to gravity in the case of a planet. Still, without more context I can't know for sure if he said something retarded or not.

One last thing: Everyone says stupid things. Even if JF has a giant backlog of retardation (I certainly can think of some things), that does not make him dumb. I have heard him say thigns I found intellectually engaging and unique, and I stand by what I said in >>485946 .

70316c  No.488642


he didn't justify it, but his reasoning is retarded.

teen pregnancy most of the time results in either premature birth or death of the teen mother, it's more of natural selection than an evolutionary advantage.

73f5d1  No.498160

File: 2ace4b5fe157447⋯.mp4 (11.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Sequence 01_1.mp4)

Both Lauren Rose and Emily Youcis have departed from Ze Pooblic Spaze. After a painful episode of white knighting for Lauren, and a very passive-aggressive stream with Emily, JF now has no cohost.

f8591b  No.498198

File: 47e0a49a366e38c⋯.gif (1009.69 KB, 500x248, 125:62, Shaking_head_-_Breaking_Ba….gif)


Jesus, what an insufferable retard. What kind of show is he hoping to foster if he self-censors this fucking much? Might as scrap ze pooplic spayce and go back to debunking leftist videos.

bcdfc5  No.498247


>You can't talk about nuking Countries

>You can't say the N-Word

>You can't repeat what someone else said

The eternal Anglo-Saxon will always be their own worst enemy. They white Knight for thots and end up killing off their own allies.. Whata public space if you are creating a safe space with censorship? No wonder these people are boring.

c4649d  No.498484


>I feel like I'm the kid in the class and you're the teacher that likes to pick on me

I don't follow bloodsports but this is the guy that wants to impregnate retards, right? Suddenly makes sense.

f291ee  No.498567


Be careful there bud, you are getting close to some speech rape. What's with this 'reeducation' shit? Is this a communist stream now?

3565a8  No.498916

File: 03bbdf04ba772a5⋯.gif (12.28 KB, 465x397, 465:397, 120454719724.gif)


Um, I don't think JF is Anglo-Saxon.

f291ee  No.498937

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's french.

c4036d  No.499126


Half french, but the other half is what I'm wondering about. He's misshapen and borderline retarded, so either his mother had a toxic waste dump for a womb or his genes didn't mix well at all.

On a side note, are there any photos of jf standing up straight? He looks like a hunchback in every stream or photo I've seen of him.

f6e55f  No.499394


I mean, I agree at this point. He's a terrible white advocate as well. He wants to talk about science and facts and force racial voting patterns into a left/right dichotomy even when it serves his opponent's argument.

However, as you people have been told a billion times, that doesn't make him a lolcow.

29fff0  No.500098

File: 92168ad4613cc15⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Lauren Southern.jpg)

c09866  No.500129


That's a 14 year old girl from halfchan /b/

4114a4  No.500154


How do you know that?

be1015  No.500267


Because it's been posted everywhere on halfchan /b/ and /r9k/ to get threads deleted

39ecfd  No.516454

File: 4058232fbb29b2d⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 631x841, 631:841, 631full-jean--françois-gar….jpg)


Here he is standing.

Is he really only half French? Where did you hear that? I know he claims he is mostly Basque. The last name is pretty common for French-Canadians but not so much France French, which really makes him the lowest scum possible. I think he is full French but just lost the gene lottery with his asymmetrically droopy eyes.

c83662  No.516580


He has claimed to be some degree of aborigine. What degree I don't know, assuming that is even a true claim.

7b01b8  No.528896

File: 994f0699a6ff263⋯.webm (2.83 MB, 1008x512, 63:32, JFs_Goblina.webm)

JewEss Gariepy

0d831c  No.528903


He should never ever sing ever again

0ddfb5  No.528929

The only thing I find funny about him is how he always needs to pretend that "everything's going according to the plan". Other than that, he's just cringey. NONETHELESS, == FUCK KAREN. ==

21dba1  No.546385

Can you guys get JF to review shrek?

9a390a  No.546561

JF and Nick Fuentes have taught me a lot. He's not a lolcow. He's smart and doesn't even lash out or get angry.

21dba1  No.546798


He is smart but he's also a sperg

fbb796  No.546835


>CP posted on JF Thread

>JF Thread is raided by cuckchan people

21dddb  No.546927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>doesn't even lash out or get angry.


21dba1  No.546998



I don't think it's CP.

73f5d1  No.552165

File: bf38ee2637fbe0b⋯.png (492.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jewess.png)

picture of his current jew girlfriend

328afc  No.565218

Did JF and frame games have a falling out?

ac009e  No.565278

Don't think JF is a lolcow. Or at least not easy to provoke to be a lolcow. Not saying it can't be done, but I don't think that there is much payoff in doing so.

But if you are willing to try, he is extremely fond of the ladies…. Maybe you could make his gf sperg out to make him sperg out.

2b037b  No.565843


>all capital ship bonuses

idk why that made me lol

fda7ab  No.566386

The alt right has a lot of retarded people, but he's particularly pathetic and cringey. He just sucks up and giggles along like a beta bitch to anyone he's talking to, no matter how moronic what they're saying is.

9a390a  No.696118

jf is based

045d31  No.699847

File: 9e030053971ef74⋯.jpg (108.15 KB, 920x613, 920:613, fellow_kids.jpg)


6cf9be  No.699997

File: 3d0fa8eb678f76c⋯.png (59.16 KB, 283x302, 283:302, Papa JF full power.png)

78991a  No.702310


yesh but who responds to accusations of eloping with a tard with "well she was adult age and consenting" he really PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD'd himself there. his current gf looks like a jew tard as well

003635  No.702870


you're part of the reason why he's funny. it's not every day that theres a loud internet defense force surrounding what amounts to a failed academic who's been in trouble for degenerate fetishes involving porking people with potato IQs as just the tip of the (((iceberg))).

78ff4a  No.746362


JF is talking shit about andywarski lawsuit.


f291ee  No.746411


Is this kayfabe or actual real shit?

Either way, it's going to bring in the money for both of them.

75ee0b  No.774296

File: 396bbf68e982783⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 763.1 KB, 2730x4095, 2:3, 1550746870651.jpg)

88b67c  No.774449


Is he raising another man's children? No? Then fuck off Karen you cuntdyke.

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