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File: 331abde75df0c4a⋯.jpg (5.12 KB, 180x199, 180:199, 276464_232635270106550_725….jpg)

cc62fa  No.424641

Was he a real cow or was he playing it up for the audience? Or a mixture of the two?

32360a  No.424859

His discord server, full of crazy /pol/tards


46a2a1  No.424996

File: bf0902f089dd5ec⋯.jpg (40.28 KB, 410x375, 82:75, 1515730819627.jpg)


I used to be a part of his discord and I have talk to him before. Hes nuts he truly believes his own bullshit he really does hate autists. He plays his reactions up for the show but when hes not broadcasting he surrounds himself with spergs who worship him to inflate his ego. One of the old pastebins for the server was a guy who got kicked and banned because he disagreed with ghost on the reason the sky is blue. you are more likely to get lolcows out of his fans though tbh look through some of the names on the wiki like celticbrony,Jman,Trumpin(hes a jew for jewsry who defends israel like no other),distillin tbh just most of his fans,

46a2a1  No.425011


more /r/thedonald and /ptg/ people race realism is reason for being treated like a leper by him and his orbiters

079f46  No.425051


>Was he a real cow or was he playing it up for the audience?

Pretending to be retarded is still retarded, and ghost was fucked in either case.

7c5658  No.425424


How can you say that? He's a melting pot of friendship :(

28bc5e  No.427350

Did he quit again?

38ff81  No.429234


How is he retarded? Do the geopolitics go over your head?

46a2a1  No.429585


He literally called everyone into a voice chat and tried to get people to make fake facebook accounts and troll russia into losing putin the election and he literally thought that we were making a difference by doing it.

2e37c1  No.429618

Didn't he groom a teenage boy?

f5c59d  No.431914


God forbid civilians perform their own psyops.

7d5fbb  No.431968


He's supposed to be making his own site since BTR demonetized him, he promised to be back before 5th of mayonaise (in 2 days).

Ghost himself is bearable despite the Trump dicksucking, but his discord chat is full of retarded ancaps and civnats.

bb7095  No.435229


Not to mention they worship Ghost like a god in there; the place including his inner circle is like a cult.

9f80e3  No.435542


Private trackers general has nothing to do with this.

9ae102  No.436333

According to yesterday's Gab stream, he is definitely cutting off TCR of its many listeners and only keeping his IC viewers around. Keeping that (((hotline))) for his only calls.

eaa47d  No.438920


no shit

7d5fbb  No.449393

He had a major spergout a few days ago where he and his echochamber started purging anyone with an anime or downy avatar, which has put out some hilarious results because he acts like the autistic manchilren he claims to hate.

Also Raidensnake returned for a day and then got asshurt and left again


57deab  No.449967

File: 3170afd54b008c7⋯.jpg (51.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1442460078586.jpg)


>bans people with anime and downy avatars

>autistically screeches when banning

>raiden returns and then leaves

>current broadcast is continuous rants on the "tards" to stop listening

>the same who make up most of his show

298d50  No.450063


Where did they fade away to? Did they give up becoming master blaster?

8309f4  No.458137


Any info if his sihtty listener base is dropping?

b601b0  No.459972



The cuckchan /mlp/ still "sponsors" Ghost? As I recall, the channel only has views when is Ghost, when it has streams with other things it rarely has 2 views.

620982  No.459977

Whatever happened with him and that underaged kid?

57deab  No.460082



It seems like one of his cult members wanted respect and of course Ghost throws the "autist card". Pretty retarded that Ghost uses it so much. Just goes to show that Ghost's Inner Circle cult is a waste of time and money.


Ghost also has his IC brony's stream that also has been getting views but with the recent censors from the stream banning people from their stream who dislike Ghost.

57deab  No.460101

The censorship of that stream is rubbing the viewers the wrong way.

57deab  No.462524

So Ghost doesn't want Radio Graffiti, yet it was originally a segment to contain the trolling from the main show.

capcha: tkecan

1ae99e  No.468609

Ghost is based. You people are retarded.

9b97f4  No.469360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



764a58  No.469506



if you do want to go after his fanbase that happens to be bronies, then BN_King & Prankster Pinkie Pie are just a couple of them to name

57deab  No.470981


never said to go after his fanbase, just pointing out that BN_King is censoring his chatroom from speaking their opinions towards Ghost. Due to the fact that BN is an IC member and censored his chatroom by banning anyone from criticizing Ghost off of his chatroom.

57deab  No.472468

It's funny that Ghost says he has many viewers yet his (((Gab))) barely has many likes on his gab posts.

4b56ec  No.472485


It's not like anyone uses Gab to be fair.

f3b686  No.472486

he's a pretty good character, how long has he been keeping this shit going?

57deab  No.472531


usually it's a good broadcast but ever since he left BTR around march and made his own stream on his ghost.report website. He's been going on about autism exponentially that he even went for many hours on his stream. His show is basically dying with barely anyone listening in. The show doesn't have the same spark as the old days when cuckchan raided his show on BTR or hell even during the early return back in 2016.

3840c4  No.472613


It's better now than ever now that he's dropped the faggy cringe garbage.

3254ef  No.472997

File: ef893458201a076⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1500x2099, 1500:2099, 1526014674633.jpg)


Thomas Albin? Yeah I know the guy.

I listen to him every day, monday through baller friday. I have been listening to his market advice since 2008 and now I am a fucking millionaire. You julayy lickers should have listened to this man for his advice. He is giving you guys free information, folks for the information that ghosts gives you, he could be thrown in jail for insider trading. So it only goes to show you just how valuable the first hour of the broadcast is.

9c8b7a  No.473402


he's alex jones lite with an underage fanbase. except that unlike alex jones, he's not redpilling anyone, he just seemed like a ranting redneck to me

57deab  No.476694


Well both only give half truths. Both will never talk about the JQ, hell Ghost or Filterman will ever say that the Rothschilds run the world along with the (((zionists))) and (((them))).

52d35d  No.476710



He did talk about the connection between Judaism and communism a couple years back.

57deab  No.476719

File: 4cb602b7a81f01a⋯.png (699.79 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, innocent_white_american_ci….png)

So he is e begging for crypto now? Telling the remains of his once big audience to pay him in crypto? He makes other lolcows seem tame in comparison.

1c7959  No.477017

Hes full neo-con.

57deab  No.478629


of course, he'll never say zionism but the word Alex Jones say a lot, globalism.

57deab  No.478634

File: 06ffbe74e31419f⋯.png (190.76 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 138th-episode-spectacular7.png)

What's even more fucked up is besides being a (((capitalist))), he thinks the (((alt-right))) is the same as national socialism.

57deab  No.479926

So it looks like Ghost is sinking his own show due to the squirts guy incident. Funny that he calls his audience retarded yet he acts pretty retarded on his own.

57deab  No.480021

The funny thing that Ghost says that the "tards" get put on a list. Ghost himself is probably on a list already. He uses Gab and Discord, both honeypots.

5419d6  No.509754

File: fca45b11a3a2ed7⋯.mp4 (168.74 KB, 278x208, 139:104, 99cents.mp4)

40f8b6  No.509781


>99 cents per minute for a radio show

Shit, not even Jewliwood goes this far.

ddcc77  No.509831


>squirts guy incident


57deab  No.510266

File: a32a69d246f6847⋯.webm (15.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TCR - 03_27_18 - Da Squir….webm)


He pretty much is like Alex Jones now, shilling his show and trying to get money out of it. TCR took a big dip when Ghost started hosting TCR on his ghost.report website.


Around late March of this year, Ghost told on air on his last show on BTR about a guy in his semi-public discord that showed animated mlp porn of underaged characters and defended it by saying that it wasn't actual kids. Ghost would be shocked and wonder if he was a pedo to which he said no. "the squirts" part came from some porn the caller liked watching of regular porn of women (from what I can get from Ghost's vocabulary) shitting. It disgusted Ghost that he made a phone call to the squirts guy's dad. He then went on a rant over autism. This incident would be reminded in the later episodes on his ghost.report website. Vid related goes on about it.

374a6d  No.520773


Discord is cancer

57deab  No.521595


Of course, Ghost using that crap chat service with his asskissing zealots, he fits right in.

34e081  No.525357

I miss when Ghost was a lolcow, now he's just a grumpy old man

34e081  No.525358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2e53b3  No.525359


If Trump wins midterms, he will bring back radio graffiti. JOIN GOP NOW!!!

2e53b3  No.525360


Discord is still better than Kikebook. At least you can be anonymous on Discord unlike that jew site.

594c99  No.525362


>anonymous on discord

>a service and goes through a central server and logs everything

Read the TOS faggot. You bought into the meme didn't you?

>at least it hides my ip!!!

74d717  No.525665

I've heard that Ghost's real power word is Jason DeLeon. Is that true?

27db64  No.695133


Someone said this during his new years eve stream through streamlabs. Wasn't much of a reaction from him.

a60d92  No.744732

If you don't realize when he's acting you need to be euthanized unironically.

772b78  No.745006

File: 3ebcb852251479d⋯.jpeg (50.15 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 32A95BD1-18DF-4569-AC46-5….jpeg)


>(((alt-right))) is the same as national socialism.

Considering the Holocaust didn’t happen and Hitler killed more whites than Jews when invading white nations. He isn’t wrong.

5f8d9a  No.746286

File: 7b530a0a02ff8f0⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 261x343, 261:343, cuca.jpg)


Hiya White Sharia dumbass how does it feel being one of the reasons this board is dying

0b0f23  No.757499


>ghost deleted his shit


c6f18a  No.757782


No he didn't?

c724a1  No.761527

He was fake as fuck and the only faggots that believed him were underage b&s that were also retarded enough to believe Jace was real

150f1d  No.762370


Even if he was faking it, to keep this up for 11 years says enough.

b3723f  No.841471

Good thread

c6f18a  No.852456

File: 41bb69152f883b4⋯.png (283.4 KB, 436x438, 218:219, ghost trolling discord 5Dp….png)

Join the outer circle https://ghettogaggers.com/5DpRKG

f208e6  No.852771


Why do you keep posting ghettogaggers? This is a cumbang board.

8a254f  No.852806


kill yourself underage newfag

f208e6  No.852807


Fuck off degenerate and eat shit on your way out.

8c405c  No.852886

Metokur mentioned him on the eu stream. Hinted at knowing his identity.

6c8545  No.853161

I miss when Ghost had substance instead of boring lolcow crap. When he was triggering all the nazi-larping zoomers late last year was epicly lit.

57deab  No.853510


The problem is that he just ended up shilling to the point where now his new show is mostly TTS donations filling up his show. Which ends up becoming something like Buddhism Hotline. Trolls paying to piss him off.

da24a4  No.853816


It's horrible radio, real shame because i feel ghost was a good character at one point and had good shows

57deab  No.860209


Well so far Ghost has been missing again since the 5th of April. Who knows where he went.

665659  No.860228


Again? Kek.

6b6bf7  No.861808


This dude's vanished like 3 times it feels like. I blame all the weirdos trying to dox him. He doesn't need to be doxed to be a fun show.

6372d3  No.861890


Damn, kind of want to see what he has to say about Assange. If this were pre-youtube though I'd be a lot more disappointed.

61faee  No.862872


He probably retreated back into his discord. If not, then he's taking yet another "break".

da24a4  No.864313


he made enough off of donations to not have to work as an e-whore for another couple of months

2aaeca  No.866515

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He's back!

68b593  No.874329

Isn't he using sound effects? I noticed that him hitting shit & even the pouring of alcohol are from a soundboard. Anyone else?

44da81  No.877544

so what, this guy is what would happen if r/donald and alex jones had a baby? am I missing anything?

57deab  No.878290


That's why many who have listened to Ghost call it cans.wav


That pretty much is what Ghost is nowadays.

57deab  No.890568

How long until Ghost gets treated like DSP and gets barely any donations and views?

6b53cc  No.947602

File: 493c4baa1e2fda8⋯.png (29.76 KB, 1275x317, 1275:317, ClipboardImage.png)


57deab  No.949590


Yeah, Ghost got kicked off youtube and is now streaming on Vaughnlive spewing his typical neocuck garbage. Watch if you want https://vaughn.live/ghostpolitics1

57deab  No.949610

I'm surprised that no one really talks about Ghost much on /cow/. I guess its because he is kind of going dry.

f80ed1  No.959256


Kek why did he get kicked off? I listened to some of his recent videos a few weeks back and it was just basic cuckservative shit. Don't tell me the shekeltube is so bad it doesn't even allow mild cuckservativism anymore.

57deab  No.959645


He got suspended for a week for supposedly saying faggot three times on one of his Ghost Show streams. Which caused him to leave jewtube and go to vaughnlive. Despite being over a week later after the suspension has been lifted.

230071  No.960329

Is anybody following all of this gay ops shit? Last show there was a large group of people accusing Jackler and his Outer Circle of attention whores of running a grooming Discord. People were sending clips of one member, Dova Dude, saying he only talked to Kekker (underage) about LGBT shit and they were trying to disprove it in real time through the donos. I kind of wish everyone involved would just fuck off.

57deab  No.960339


It's the usual shit that Ghost pull in order to agitate the community. This shit has happened before such as when Ghost was picking a fight with Elfoxoloco which ended up causing Ghost to lose his gumroad account.


That damn site really does destroy communities whenever a community uses it.

230071  No.960345


>in order to agitate the community

Why would he want to do that though? Seems like he should be trying to keep everyone happy so they keep paypigging, especially now that his audience has completely stagnated.

57deab  No.960366


Well from my many observations, Ghost tends to smear accusations or causing a ruckus on many people he tends to hate. Jackler, who is a recent example. Was labelled a pedo despite no actual proof of him grooming a kid. Which came from some kid who was trolling Ghost yet Ghost was thinking that Jackler was brainwashing the kid to troll Ghost (hypocritical since Ghost's Inner Circle is made up of people who have no free thought and only express the same views Ghost has). Which is how the whole grooming accusations from Ghost came from. This caused Jackler to have the OC have an age restriction in his group due to Ghost throwing these allegations.

>Seems like he should be trying to keep everyone happy so they keep paypigging

He usually is e-begging on his stream along with resorting to being a generic reaction stream that comes out late at night. With this recent drama he either enjoys causing drama while taking off with his money from his paypigs or he stupidly fucks himself over.

>especially now that his audience has completely stagnated

Well the reason for a very tiny audience now is due to Ghost's stream attracting the same cancerous crowd that comes from other communities (Buddhism Hotline, other reaction streamers, etc.) which Ghost banked off of with e-begging on these newfags. Which take up a good chunk of the show with many of the trolls from the TCR days (specifically from when Ghost returned back in 2016) to dwindle in numbers due to Radio Graffiti being either very short or not even in the episode at all.

d242af  No.960467


I guess that all makes sense. I don't know enough about Jackler or the Discord shit to make a determination either way to be honest. I just hope Ghost turns it around. I like the guy but greed has gotten the better of him and retards with fat wallets keep egging him on. People will get bored of this format pretty soon. You can only pay someone to react to bullshit videos so many times and he's not going to gain new viewers if he stays on Vaughn.

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