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File: a86d31147da96aa⋯.png (68.31 KB, 556x624, 139:156, kisspng-theodd1sout-comic-….png)

File: 43995aed4e3c5f4⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 640x360, 16:9, med_1491089023_image.jpg)

File: eeb0eb37b5ef02f⋯.jpg (14.95 KB, 360x360, 1:1, raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa_c….jpg)

File: 35d418f747ba510⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, sUq8-SZa_400x400.jpg)

File: 23044e04b8698af⋯.jpg (68.14 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

ea021b  No.511760

Why haven't these little shits been given as much hate as they deserve? Why have communities known to mock everyone, such as Encyclopedia Dramatica, left these Z-gen amateur "animators" alone?

3ff8da  No.511792

File: dec22b55ec03158⋯.jpg (19.55 KB, 288x288, 1:1, famicom.jpg)

File: 6323de6d6417485⋯.jpg (30.45 KB, 288x288, 1:1, Pilotredsun.jpg)

File: f8d7cd6b2effbff⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 288x288, 1:1, sweeneez.jpg)

File: b15656135036030⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, CBoyardee.jpg)


There's not much to talk about. Except for jaiden lewds there's nothing interesting to them. I bet if you started digging you would find stuff from old tumblr or diviantart accounts. Btw skat animation is superior tbh.

b2593a  No.511793


>There's not much to talk about

See "Guns Explained With Cats," and the fact no-one in the community called the creator of the video out on his bullshit, as a rebuttal.

3ff8da  No.511796


Yeah it's a retarded video that got no backlash. I saw a lot of news sites sucking him off, but no subsequent drama.

b2593a  No.511800


Thank you for proving my point. These people are promoted by the mainstream media because they never talk about politics, and when they do, they always tow the line of the establishment.

Aside from all of that is my main gripe with this community: they are lowering the standards of the art form of animation. Consider, when the medium of animation started, it largely consisted of shorts featuring simplistic characters doing mundane things in front of monochromatic backgrounds. Then, as technology improved, they realized that they now had the ability to make the unreal real, thus creating the breathtaking worlds of Fantasia, or the unearthly slapstick of the original Looney Tunes. Now, with further improvements of technology, any Z-gen Habsburg can throw together some shorts featuring simplistic characters doing mundane things in front of a monochromatic background, and be touted as being part of a grand new wave of animation on the world's largest video sharing site, despite most of it not even categorically being animation.

b4cf19  No.511812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Thousands of dollars of student debt

>Four years of his life

>Sill can’t draw

>Art still looks uglier than Goanimate

>Animation not much better than Goanimate

Friendly reminder not only this his college thesis . And This was good enough to get a animation degree. He thought this would get pick by a television network.

725999  No.511813


>He thought this would get pick (sic.) by a television network.

Have you seen anything on Adult Swim?

84a73e  No.511818


because nobody cares

they don't do anything particularly lulzy 90% of the time

maybe if there were more like animatedjames you'd have something to work with, but these guys are just boring losers

jaiden lewds are good shit though

725999  No.511820


I'm going to be honest, the only reason I'm on this board is because /co/ keeps taking down threads I made talking about this and /b/ doesn't seem interested in this at all. When I say "get more hate," I really do just mean, "Where's the backlash."

b4cf19  No.511822



>Have you seen anything on Adult Swim?

True. But adult swim doing more live action shows.

725999  No.511823


That doesn't quite refute what I said.

edcc80  No.511832


do you mean shit like 10 ounce mouse? well it may look like hot garbage but its story and characters are the best thing since the titanic. like xavier renegade angel and super jail. these retards couldnt write a decent character if they tried.

725999  No.511837


I mean their live action shows are roughly the same quality as the animation posted.

3ff8da  No.512207


Not even cuckchan is that bad. They would be all over this considering youtube pushed all the actual animators aside for this shit.

bac31b  No.512217



There's jaiden lewds? Where can I find them?

cfb03d  No.512280


The vols on /co/ are weird. You can make fun of all kinds of things but the moment you make an actual thread dedicated to it, unless it's a QUALITY or industry drama one, then it gets deleted with an hour.

74a180  No.512348

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>draw themselves cute

>irl they're disgusting


8bd8e2  No.512377


The only one I know from there is theodd1sout and he's hardly a lolcow besides a tendency to tell mildly embarrassing white bread personal stories, but he puts a lot of effort into his shit as youtube standards and budgets go tbh, besides being a very positive guy.

If you don't have actual laughable drama I don't think animators count as lolcows as even the lousiest of them put more effort into ANYTHING than 80% of every lolcow in the board.

9adfac  No.512474

>Boy, these fucking losers really make me mad by poisoning my beloved manchild interest

<Why isn't the internet validating my righteous anger by making fun of them!?

84f250  No.512495

There has to be a discord full of these fags. These guys strike me as the sort to have a thin vaneer of friendliness. Scratch the surface and there is bound to be something. Worth keeping tabs on if only for when one of them goes full tilt.

84f250  No.512499

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not even what makes Alex Clark lulsworthy. That would be vid related. A whole series dedicated to how he totally dated his hot babysitter you guys.

Like Vloggers but even more pathetic, cause as >>512348 points out, they like to hide behind cutesy representations of themselves, a la Jaltoid. This is what makes skat animators, and pre-Sleepy Cabin Newground animators, decent. They avoid the vlog shit, and just animate.


Calm your assburgers. One man animation is not, has not, and never will be as good as full team level works, barring the few notable exceptions. Stop trying to argue about the animation quality, and your haraunging of gen z. It comes off as "le born in the wrong generation". Theres plenty worth keeping tabs on in this "community", none having to do with the quality of their animation.

7ba096  No.512533


12 ounce mouse was a artifact of its time, stuff like that can't be put on television now

9f0f38  No.512833

The only animators I follow these days are The Brothers Chap

009665  No.512840


They all mooch off of each other. One gets a boost in subscribers and donations, then it goes to "hey check out my friend over here' they're just a bunch of people jewing people out of their money by doing bare bones animation that could be surpassed by someone with any sort of skill in their field easily.

328382  No.512844

all these animators are Spoony tier spergs but like Spoony it takes a while to come out. They're not going to do shit until their 5 minutes of fame ends and then they go batshit insane.


All the responders are on the same cash cow train. Most of them aren't pro-guns because they're liberals bullying other types of liberals.

766db9  No.512848


not that it's /cow/ related, but I always hated those latter three for absolutely shamelessly stealing the style that famicon created, and gaining about 5000 times the popularity for doing so.

b4cf19  No.512849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Dat chin

She looks like a young jay Leno in drag.

0502e8  No.512864


>tow the line

It's "toe the line", retard. Why would you be towing a line? How would that even work?

3ff8da  No.512880


You know I wonder if they'll do porn in a few years. I bet they've done doodles of their characters.


Stealing is not the word I'd use. They copied the formula, sure. But their styles differ from old school famicom. I'm not sure if Pilot even uses fusion anymore.

But you're right about famicom's popularity. Even on newgrounds they never got half as famous as cboyardee did on youtube. A shame, really.

74a180  No.512885

File: 977f89073279812⋯.jpg (473.12 KB, 3000x2059, 3000:2059, jaltoid1.jpg)

74a180  No.512899

File: 4585ea22e5e6c56⋯.jpg (61.97 KB, 623x713, 623:713, 1504891413022.jpg)


>let me explain this complex subject by using childish rhetoric

Why lefties always do this?

15218a  No.512902

File: 93070866582685b⋯.jpg (349.27 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, DjfCdSOVAAExPs-.jpg orig.jpg)

File: c6c1b3a0d56c33e⋯.jpg (41.65 KB, 400x400, 1:1, nWX5pHPJ_400x400.jpg)


Wait. Didn't fatty gingerbeard become a tranny?

Like any tranny, he also died his hair stupid colours.

Also double kek at the even stronger reality vs vanity profile drawing this time around.

c1bf60  No.512916

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Holy fucking shit, he did.

>Vid related


Steven Universe, not even once.

328382  No.512928


WTF is under her nose? Is that nose hair she won't cut?

TBH the cartoon shit does look like her. It's grossly over weight, stuffing her face and her eyes falling off from diabetes.

15218a  No.512930


I think it's the nose ring to end all other nose rings.

The ugliest nose ring possible.

74a180  No.512934

File: bda85fd6ccb3faf⋯.jpg (212.47 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, christmas wreath.jpg)


Maybe it's just some Christmas decoration

15218a  No.512938

File: 7f0a9eb8f5c26a4⋯.png (603.35 KB, 667x615, 667:615, 1465226886378.png)

9adfac  No.513026

File: 027ba2e4fee3684⋯.png (172.58 KB, 294x442, 147:221, calling_a_tranny_she.png)

1f56e0  No.513111


>Hey guys we call out feminist hypocrisy.

d80822  No.513115


I miss CBoyardee.

d80822  No.513122


>pre-Sleepy Cabin Newground animators

I can't believe I didn't put the pieces together until now, this shit really did start with Oney, didn't it?

bb2db5  No.513167


Pilotredsun my nigga

84f250  No.513180


No. IIRC, Odds1out, Jaltoid, Jelloapocalypse, and even Domics predated Sleepy Cabin. Unless you are trying to say that everyone else is just ripping off his art style. The art style is not what makes this awful.

cfb03d  No.513439


Egofaggot was being a lazy sellout well before Oney was.

3ff8da  No.513580


Looking at this over and over again, I think the fat is helping him pull off the "insane, obese tumblr user" look he's going for.

15179d  No.513664


She has the potential to be cute though. Just gotta lose some of the weight.

1ab39a  No.513749


Because there's not much to them, seriously anything that can be said about them has been said about other YouTubers. They take cartoons seriously, they have garbage opinions, their "animations" are poorly made and they hide behind "cute" avatars to hide their ugly faces. That pretty much sums up most of the animation community on YouTube.

74a180  No.513775


Her eyes are too far apart, she would look weird no matter how much effort she puts in her appearance

14d6db  No.513893

The odd1sout is a christian whose mom has to approve the script for all his videos.

f5ae6e  No.515433

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I think the only thing lolcow worthy in this whole animation community is Fox Goodman.

Here's the gist of it

>Fox Goodman is Theodd1sout but blacker

>#Relatable Storytime animator named Fox Goodman traces a lot

>Evidence suggests Fox lives a double life from a second channel by the name of Matt Spicer

>Fox denies being Matt Spicer

>(12:55) Suggests otherwise

1c06d5  No.515435

The only ones I remember are OneyG, who I don't know what he has been up to, Spaz, who left the community to do porn or some shit, and PsychicPebbles, who is alright in my book

As for porn, Zone is alright, Minus8 has an autistic fanbase, and is a pedo, and that's all I know. Any lefty ones I am missing?

f5ae6e  No.515436

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The plot only thickens

>Fox Goodman replies to detractor DaftPina

>Fox claims James (Odd1sout) defends clones, despite James referring to other Storytime Animators being compared to himself

>Fox uses shitty defense for tracing

>Compares himself to Pewdiepie and non-professional animators

>Dismisses spectrogram evidence of Fox Goodman being Matt Spicer as "tin-foil-hat-conspiracy"

>"Put your money where your mouth is" and a whole bunch of other brainless shit

>Offers reward for anyone to prove Fox and Matt are the same

>Promises to delete channel is solid proof comes forward

>Can't be bothered to livestream a conversation with Matt for some reason

>Fox also to do a double face-reveal at Vid-con

>Wants to go there on a first-class flight, a limousine, and stay at a five-star hotel

>All we have to do give $100,000 to his GoFundMe campaign, which is not linked in the description

>Offers to use money to give away free iphones, androids, and other expensive shit

f5ae6e  No.515447

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


3 days later

>Fox Promises to make better cocks

>Apologizes for Dashcon-esque GoFundMe campaign

>Throws every possible excuse

>"Everyone makes mistakes"

>"That's how you grow as a person"

>Plans on doing a Discord call with Matt Spicer debunk alleged lies

>Says he's going to make the people who think he's lying wait for that

>"That Discord call will happen… just when you least expect it"

You can't make this shit up if you tried. I am sad I lack the imagination required to make this up.

0539a9  No.515464

File: bea146ef1affbf0⋯.png (231.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, jaiden.png)

Didn't Jaiden Animations and/or Sarah Andersen had a tantrum some time ago because people were posting rule 34 of them on Cuckchan?

563f74  No.515763

Big youtube animators have anxiety, are ex furries and get triggered by NFSW of their waifus. Ashamed of their past. Like ashamed that they sold their dignity off brony autism bux

Oh another fun fact all of them are


I dare to insert [artist here] cringe into jewgle


84f250  No.515793



84a73e  No.515806


there's pretty much always a thread for jaiden on /aco/, sarah not as much but still pretty often. i didn't hear about either of them freaking out though. i know sarah made a tweet about people editing her comics to make them actually funny but that's it.

563f74  No.515812

File: 28b987ee992145d⋯.png (223.46 KB, 1200x598, 600:299, TRIGGERING.png)


Have a triple dose of triggering material.

Extra lulz if you post them in their private discord channels

74a180  No.516070

File: 65b5b1f86b33dcd⋯.jpg (64 KB, 720x510, 24:17, cringe compilation.jpg)

74a180  No.516074

File: cca2b9497976bba⋯.webm (2.82 MB, 982x554, 491:277, sara hitler.webm)


Sarah had a tantrum after they exposed her as the rightful successor of Ben Garrison

89dce9  No.516378

f5ae6e  No.516572

File: 8303ad3b83d9da1⋯.jpg (167.83 KB, 1125x807, 375:269, frittata.jpg)

7f7a49  No.517013

f5ae6e  No.517054



Halfchan's /aco/

7f7a49  No.517078


oh i was hoping irl lewds. wanna see those anorexic ribs

e49ef3  No.517303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>OneyG, who I don't know what he has been up to

OneyNG now is a fulltime lets player in his channel OneyPlays which is like an uncucked Jontron-era Game Grumps (but Oney actually plays games really good unlike Arin)


Zach Hadel? He's on the H3H3 podcast a lot and seems to hate Drumpf

29012c  No.517314

File: 795ac669cdbbfd7⋯.png (61.9 KB, 800x600, 4:3, OC101.png)

Bland. The facial expressions annoy me and I honestly cannot sit through one fucking video without getting bored. The pace is the same, and the only people who watch this are kids who are cheap little mother fuckers who don't fuck with torrents or cable.

19f1c8  No.517317

File: 069db2ddd0094d4⋯.png (28.26 KB, 500x664, 125:166, smugmug.png)


>generation gap meme

good ol' goy trickery at it's finest

27b84e  No.518288

File: c8eb191ea0922cb⋯.jpg (82.72 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)


What about Spechie, she's a bit of a sperg?

b5651b  No.518504


She is borderline and psycho as hell.

27b84e  No.518548


>She is borderline and psycho as hell

That's the point

b5651b  No.518625


Thanks for the info, tripfriend

27b84e  No.518628


heh, anyways what do you suppose we do with spechie, cause there's bound to be shit to come up?

dc6ea3  No.518720


Why don't you just make some cocks rather than criticize the already successful? Don't be such a loser.

dc6ea3  No.518722


This place had some good times but now you fucks are grasping. What happened to finding legitimate targets that are actually fun?

051227  No.518730


t. fanboy

a6b1b4  No.518751




dd9ee2  No.518948

File: 43231eb71ad4ee8⋯.jpeg (70.75 KB, 501x576, 167:192, cd6c53ad923c4da67e5d622ac….jpeg)

141423  No.518976


since when did she throw a tantrum about the porn?

141423  No.518985

File: 47d0e7f22115885⋯.png (659.93 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't remember which Youtuber used the term "uwutuber" for Wolfychu but I really do think it fits well with the girl

the term perfectly encompasses every shy overly cutesy weeaboo with a high-pitched voice who's trying real hard to make themselves look like an innocent gentle soul by appealing to fat neckbeards and small children

27b84e  No.518987


It was socraturtles that used "uwutuber" I believe.

dc6ea3  No.519146



Nice, really proves you arent losers taking low hanging fruit. We used to have fun. Tell me what fun has been had with this?

cfb03d  No.519246



Pretty funny that you think loser has any kind of power around here.

d53d82  No.519307


god i hate these type of youtubers.

the "animation" story tellers i couldn't give two shits about, but something these cunts with their shitty voices that drives me up a wall

141423  No.519314

File: 90ab8af23970d38⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 523a8bb1b6769f4⋯.png (614.74 KB, 935x857, 935:857, ClipboardImage.png)


pics very much related

f30a40  No.519564


6/10 would bang.

4/10 because e-whore.

6546f4  No.519744


yea it's pretty funny how you're too dumb to get the idea. Go outside for once bud

dc6ea3  No.519799



dc6ea3  No.519800


why are you so mad they are having success entertaining kids? its like you are jealous

d6557f  No.520072


I'm not upset, I just hate the high pitched"kawaii Desu" voice some of them do

860bd0  No.520075



You have some pretty low standards of what "success" is.

2ac0f7  No.520118

They aren't lolcows, they're just ecelebs.

b4cf19  No.520120


>They aren't lolcows, they're just ecelebs.

There a difference?

f5ae6e  No.520143

File: 23d2cb7acacdc83⋯.png (197.15 KB, 295x391, 295:391, I dunno LOL.PNG)


>E-celebs get famous from doing something that result in popularity (Making cartoons, Let's-Plays, etc.)

>Lolcows get infamous for actively and repeatedly doing stupid shit (Falling for pranks, lying, sexual assault, crying on a live-stream, doxxxxing, acting tough with nothing to show)

With a few exceptions (Fox Goodman/Matt Spicer, Spechie, maybe even TimTom and Tabbes), what reason do 99% of these Storytime Animators qualify as lolcows beyond just people like you finding their videos generally boring or them not being physically attractive? That's not even low-hanging fruit. That's having the fruit fall off the branch, rolling to your feet, covered in dirt and bugs.

5d5edd  No.520307


These artists tend to go full lolcow

37dfa3  No.520377


like who?

f5ae6e  No.520382


Can you give an example, excluding the 4-5 people I mentioned?

141423  No.520385


>its like you are jealous

every idiots favorite argument

9149eb  No.520400


Leftists are mentally children

a6b1b4  No.520440

Despite samefagging here




You could throw a dart at Pubetube search engine

1d9b58  No.520476


>Zach Hadel? He's on the H3H3 podcast a lot and seems to hate Drumpf

I think that he just likes to make fun him, he frequently makes jew jokes on twitter and stuff like that

c5eaf5  No.520540


am I the only person that likes these channels

a6b1b4  No.520746


He's kissing jew ass if you couldn't tell.

74a180  No.521097

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Pretty much

btw the point this other leftie makes in 2:04 didn't age well

37dfa3  No.521136


timtom has the occasional nice story, I wanna fugg jaidan, she has some nice vids too. I also like the oney and sleepycast guys. I don't know any of the others itt

290cb8  No.521321

File: c30f1eb3c8c8bff⋯.png (302.88 KB, 1019x1195, 1019:1195, ClipboardImage.png)


Do you think that perhaps this trend was in part inspired by Foamy the Squirrel? After all, he was the first one to produce animated rants, albeit with more animation and debatably better artwork.

9149eb  No.521564

File: 69365a5054d5b98⋯.jpg (12.98 KB, 458x408, 229:204, 418e77ecff012bd68ed2d2ce03….jpg)


Daftpina does a great job of pissing these people off.

99d7fe  No.521582


I hate this cocks.

I've seen it on top of Youtube recommended pages a few times after I clear my history.

Idiotic videos, with terrible animation. Why must everyone look like a potato?

f5ae6e  No.521773


f5ae6e  No.521774



0c6d0d  No.521775

You sure this is the right board for this?

These animators don't produce any julay, so they're not cows.

f5ae6e  No.521778


>These animators don't produce any julay

Especially when even the "worst" are actually showing improvements.

37dfa3  No.522102


he's pretty good, slow as fuck speaking

dd9ee2  No.522410



he's basically would Moleman9000 should have been.

>talking about the website, not Gabe

3d979e  No.522520


Fantasia took three years to make and cost $2.2 million (the equivalent of $41,040,977.14 in 2018).

But no yeah any indie youtube animator could pull that shit off easy if they weren't so got dang lazy. Just press the "Animated Good" button in ToonBoom.

7de10e  No.526204

Do those people who shoddily reanimate stuff from lets plays count?

Some random loser was banned on twitter for the usual minor insults but since they're a tranny it's now a "big issue" and every porn artist is constantly retweeting their oh so funny "haha i'm ugly but i'm actually not but if you critisize me i'll just show these images because I'm so down to earth and not because I will never take critisicm and thus cannot do anything with any sincerity" selfies

cfb03d  No.526350


If you have to ask them probably not. Just post things for people to laugh at.

a0404d  No.526354

File: 9d869d4d1b59a00⋯.png (99.73 KB, 677x654, 677:654, SarahAndersenAcidFuck.png)


>Do those people who shoddily reanimate stuff from lets plays count?

Those are the worst. Not only boring but also uncreative.


Both aren't exclusive

CWC is also a eceleb at this point

f5ae6e  No.526419


I doubt Jaiden is the kind of person to take lewd photos of herself. That would probably require having self-esteem or a bf.

5ae17b  No.526430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Daftpina did a video on jaiden faking her face reveal

The dislike was bombed but thats too be expected when the minority makes a critique on the majority. His points are over all valid.

5ae17b  No.526437


Its the same character just in a different gender and a different style. I prefer Domics and swoozie when it comes to this deal.


>I wanna fugg jaidan

get some taste

214953  No.661131


3364af  No.661512

I've been considering trying to fuck with these youtube animators. I'm an animator myself and like all good people I want to use my powers for evil.

My first thoughts were to simply steal their waifus and avatars, and animate them being rape and tortured and whatnot. But then there will be problems with utub censoring it and limiting the impact.

My second plan was to copy their "animation memes" so that it looks like theirs to bait their subs in, then murder/rape them mid-way through the video when their guard is down. It'll get censored, but might cause some trouble in the meantime.

From what I understand they all seem to have a few notable nerves they don't like touched.

>Don't tell them they're lazy

>Don't steal their OC's

>Don't be critical

>Don't be a troll

I don't think they're worthy of hatred, but I think there are definately lulz hidden under the surface.

Tbh I just like to animate cute things getting mutilated, and utub animators love their cute avatars :3

77f45f  No.661715


Make videos that begin very similarly to theirs, but actually get interesting and are not just semi-animated retells of experiences with a highschool art teacher, or bad flirting, or some other mediocre normalfag shit that, honestly, has no reason to be animated in the first place.

74a180  No.661903

File: 61ba860745ee1f0⋯.png (1.03 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, shgurr.png)


Make Shgurr being raped, her true self is ugly as fuck but her avatar make my peepee hard

a5511f  No.662187

File: d56d480209fbf71⋯.jpg (27.5 KB, 300x319, 300:319, maka.jpg)


I like a guy who is Friends with her on DA who makes porn and he Favorited some cartoon porn of her so I'm questioning that

a98411  No.662278

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


cboyardee was a visionary

beb6b1  No.663332


She's so cute…

238bcb  No.665346


Go back to Reddit

238bcb  No.665356


orange man bad

orange man bad

cf8ff6  No.665482

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's also this fearraiser faggot.

Another Storytime "Animator" that doesn't really do animations at all, he just places some drawings one after the other and talks about stuff.

He doesn't even do the drawings himself, he pays other people to draw and then he doesn't credit them in his videos.

And of course, he only does videos to get views and profit, and complains when people don't watch his "animations".

f7489c  No.665651

File: a1189c8f48ced14⋯.png (29.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1525725847352.png)


Didn't Daft Pina feature him in his video exposing Otako Studios as if his expose and critiques of fearraiser were corrected in an instant, and then proceeded to show him in a good light?

Pretty spontaneous and unnatural for a lolcow.

f5ae6e  No.665657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is some deep shit here. YouTube comments are often full of idiots. I feel so enlightened.

ff8740  No.665665


Daily reminder than doug tenapel had less of an education and learned most of his skills on the job and he shits out better stuff like this in his scrap book.

ff8740  No.665668


This fucking style is cancer aping off the old disney style

f5ae6e  No.665671


From what I remember, Daft compared Otako to Fearraiser because unlike Otako, Fearraiser can bounce back. He just needs to pull his head out of his ass and abandon the mindset of making videos solely for attention. Otako asked under-aged artists for nudes. You don't come back from that.

5090e2  No.666031

7a20a8  No.737922

Heard of illymation?

Her whole channel is her julaying her past abuses, and never taking any responsibility for things she could have done differently.


7d3944  No.737958


>Was manipulated by a shitskin from a young age

>meets him and realizes she could probably kick his ass

>is pressured into sex by him anyway

Profitable story. It's amazing how blatant these animators are about it.

a12952  No.738166

File: 749b001fe93022a⋯.mp4 (10.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Guns_Explained_With_Cats.mp4)





Here's the webm of it if anyone's interested

1a4dd5  No.738172


Does he legitimately believe this or is he just stupid

1a4dd5  No.738176


Yeah, this is pretty Julay.

a12952  No.738185

File: 619b4a7d498820a⋯.mp4 (4.75 MB, 400x224, 25:14, gungrab.mp4)


I've seen too much gungrabbing propaganda to see it as anything but serious. Here's a different example from someone

b878a6  No.738262


Fucking cancer.

Keep in mind: this is what shitlibs call "moving the overton window." They intentionally put radical/extreme ideas out there to force the establishment or the population into compromising into what they actually want.

Don't fall for it. Not for a second.

b878a6  No.738267

File: 3b2b67826c366df⋯.png (81.67 KB, 600x609, 200:203, 2062650 - Jaiden Jaiden_An….png)

File: 617a2332a0b7010⋯.gif (513.78 KB, 524x560, 131:140, 2910773 - YouTube animated….gif)

File: af36622405094b1⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3500x4000, 7:8, 2911012 - Jaiden Jaiden_A….jpeg)

File: ddf528b45db0c2b⋯.png (302.68 KB, 680x767, 680:767, 2898918 - Jaiden Jaiden_An….png)

Most YouTube animators aren't lolcows at all, even if they do stupid shit it's usually a one-off incident or too mundane and uninteresting to be cow-worthy.

a6c17c  No.738642



every fucking time

3ef584  No.840430


Mr. Freeman is not bad. Usually has secret messages & usage of tarot cards, sorta like a ARG. Keep in mind, the show has party translated in English since it was originally made by a Russian Animator.

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