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File: 23c85e3315a3ec9⋯.jpg (96.23 KB, 360x640, 9:16, 0332155.jpg)

File: a0c9c8ce54bd24d⋯.jpg (26.31 KB, 456x676, 114:169, 1f03a74758bafb92d19d089d9e….jpg)

File: 5bc5b11cb0c830e⋯.jpg (17.95 KB, 616x560, 11:10, 8ee66ab330d44f843dc5389a8c….jpg)

File: 1769f2656c9117d⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 617x470, 617:470, 30073e80ed759afe6df1594907….jpg)

File: e1914f0c65e50ab⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, itsgoingdown.orgwp-content….jpg)

4f4a9d  No.524129

The Ironybros are a bunch of countersignaling losers who pretend to be right wing but are actually ideologically nihilistic losers who are terrified of having real opinions because the only thing they value are underage trannies and efame.

This little manlet retard named Prince_Hubris_'s name is Shawn Michael Mccaffery. He ruined his life and his brother's life by joining Identity Evropa and has become an unhireable loser as a consequence. He spends all his time on twitter and on his shitty podcast counter-signaling the alt right and generally getting mad at anyone with an opinion. He's a manlet that had to take roids to not even look good and uses a penis pump because he has a small pp. He lives at 8361 Dickert St Commerce Township, MI.

He has been grooming a 16 year old tranny neo-nazi for the past year and is a pedophile rapist. He lacks any self awareness so he calls people out for being trannies when he himself is raping a tranny child. He does not understand why people think this is bad.

His brother was caught distributing meth, so the complete retard sent pipe bombs to the local postmaster demanding that he drop all the charges. The pipe bombs didn't work because he's a retard. Also his face is covered in nigger-tier tatoos.

4f4a9d  No.524131

File: ec68c1fe964b9c2⋯.jpg (103.78 KB, 1186x960, 593:480, Shawn_McCaffrey_cm23_Youtu….jpg)

67fd0e  No.524228

File: ca3d4ff0f4051f7⋯.png (10.91 KB, 586x125, 586:125, MAD3.png)

File: 6e203bcff4d7814⋯.png (9.67 KB, 578x106, 289:53, MAD2.png)

File: 7fc00d738c7d784⋯.png (9.69 KB, 578x106, 289:53, MAD1.png)

lol he's so mad

a3438a  No.524243

File: b4b124ad69b0cbe⋯.png (111.2 KB, 815x420, 163:84, smug hippo.png)


>get caught trying to fuck an underage tranny

<ugh fuck whites we deserve displacement

2013c8  No.524267

File: c7c7b82b3b7a54c⋯.jpg (90.37 KB, 615x938, 615:938, 1504332824218.jpg)

holy fuck his brothers face

ba94de  No.524335


What a fucked up retarded family. Probably got molested by their catholic priest and that's why they turned out this way.

7bb10e  No.524343

File: 3d0fa8eb678f76c⋯.png (59.16 KB, 283x302, 283:302, Papa JF full power.png)


That pic of his brother with the face tats holly fuck

392c73  No.524530

I've been waiting for this faggot to get enough gathered for his own thread but the leaks from the other day seals it. Good job OP.

0a46d6  No.524781

File: 087f5abeabd995b⋯.jpg (38.12 KB, 763x324, 763:324, DlPU6LBUYAERosq.jpg large.jpg)

He wiped his entire internet presence, good job.

b5c324  No.524801


It's really weird. If you weren't on twitter, you never encountered any of these fucks until it spilled over in some momentary scandal and then they disappeared again.

9b26c6  No.524940

File: d5bccd3d1ccd85c⋯.png (750.17 KB, 628x631, 628:631, ClipboardImage.png)

86a36e  No.524949

you people really need jesus. no proof this dude did anything even remotely wrong but u just want to ruin his life because youre mad online? wtf

9f8945  No.524967

File: 16165bcb8f8dbf4⋯.png (491.68 KB, 1164x626, 582:313, ID-0a46d6.png)

File: 7c8594190dbc66b⋯.png (303.09 KB, 614x868, 307:434, fellowcowboy.png)


need more proof this board turns you into a tranny? >>524940

Get out before you become an anime discordfag with pronouns in its bio

a3438a  No.525008

File: 679e941bf9ea4b1⋯.webm (1.99 MB, 432x240, 9:5, jews rape kids.webm)


He talked shit to Patrick Little. That alone made me dislike him. He also immediately went to "fuck all white people we deserve to die" just because he caught a little heat online. If you're going to be an eceleb who deals in drama you're going to have to have thicker skin.

9b26c6  No.525013


Yeah Patrick Little is so BASED and REDPILLED praise keck xD he is like SOOPER woke he names ((them)))) lelel

a3438a  No.525019

File: 219852ab49985ab⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, patrick little ethiopian ….webm)


That ironybro gimmick is unfunny on twitter and it's unfunny here.

9b26c6  No.525025


I have no fucking clue what an "irony bro" is, maybe you should fuck off back to reddit, I'm sure your redundant boomer politics will be very welcome there.

a3438a  No.525030

File: ae2d6ab7c204ae6⋯.png (121.45 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Sure you don't little buddy.

b5c324  No.525051

File: faf0c9e00be1165⋯.png (78.32 KB, 537x375, 179:125, ClipboardImage.png)


>2nd post in the thread

>captured by Canary Mission

I thought that was the name of a Firefox extension. Turns out it's an actual Semitic hate group. And you're posting their captures in the 2nd post in the thread. Neat.

e342e5  No.525065

File: 21ecf5b5cfbfb1e⋯.png (404.92 KB, 756x422, 378:211, Jf_boomer_tech_soyronybros….png)

0a46d6  No.525115




Hi Shawn, I'm not the OP, retard.

8a3999  No.525117

File: 5618b2da893b0b2⋯.png (10.96 KB, 528x218, 264:109, o boy.PNG)

Hi there, have something you would like to share with the class?

67fd0e  No.525163

How long until Shawn snaps and kills himself after a failed attempt at murder?

b5c324  No.525172


>worried about a brother in jail being doxxxxxxxed on a Tamil Scrapbooking forum

Okay nevermind, lets keep doing this lol

1191d5  No.525198


I'm confused as to what I'm supposed to be looking at here Mr. Based Homor.

8a3999  No.525226


The thread was reported for doxing because it has a mugshot, which usually means the subject of the thread has found it and is enough of a newfag to think reporting your own thread does anything.

-t. Not homor

19b6e0  No.525367



So that's the thing, I had been following that efriend circle for ironic purposes and then one day they baleeted everything. Am I correct that shawn, radec, and sweatyanimemom all chased underage and or tranny pussy?

also apparently people got doxed a bunch and internet tara had to do with it? I find this internet drama interesting but I missed the climax

9048eb  No.525382

File: b657f555d389640⋯.png (45.73 KB, 1435x942, 1435:942, beardson ironybro damage c….png)

File: ce9bc8e2025ce4e⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, irony cuckbeard.png)

File: 6eff9d2ac8608c6⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 706x768, 353:384, ironybro hubris dox.jpg)

File: dfad995d0db5aa4⋯.jpg (78.46 KB, 564x1153, 564:1153, ironybro soy hubris bugman.jpg)

9048eb  No.525383

File: 9635694d3e71c3e⋯.jpg (642.04 KB, 1782x276, 297:46, ironybro summary.jpg)

File: ac0ac9fc0ce86db⋯.jpg (174.03 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, ironybros hubris manlet pi….jpg)

File: 89ddc47814ba1bc⋯.jpg (188.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ironysoy 1.jpg)

File: 964bd4148cbfa79⋯.jpg (216.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ironysoy 2.jpg)

File: 842717065baf744⋯.jpeg (78.16 KB, 1569x323, 1569:323, ironysoy 3.jpeg)


they promote themselves on imageboards as well, pretty cringy.

397d9c  No.525483

File: ef1ccff2666d640⋯.png (5.33 KB, 201x250, 201:250, soy.png)

7875c0  No.525491

File: f86ca9b5306ef1b⋯.png (428.92 KB, 497x617, 497:617, 1520326406136.png)


9048eb  No.525494


the short stubby arms were a giveaway.

how tall is cernovich, anyone know?

b5c324  No.525509


Okay, one last thing. Did these guys used to do quasi-MDE-like sketches on YouTube? Could have sworn I saw some posted back in 2016 but can't find them at all now.

5d7ee8  No.525514


>he said meaaaan words to Patrick Little!


You sound pretty thin-skinned yourself

397d9c  No.525521


Shawn stop changing IPs

74dfdb  No.525523

File: 7efc3a2891e061e⋯.png (392.7 KB, 756x422, 378:211, Jf_boomer_tech_soyronybros….png)

a3438a  No.525588

File: b4fb4d5b3366ed1⋯.jpg (467.11 KB, 2186x1639, 2186:1639, patfishing.jpg)


I have respect for veterans, and it's not so much shitting on white people as it is doing it after they called him a fag for flirting with a tranny.

55c7ca  No.525607





tfw the people spreading your dox are trannies and wignats, when did all the mentally ill people of the net decide to go after shawn?

86a36e  No.525611


yeah wasting 4 years of life serving israel is an extremely honorable thing to do

5d7ee8  No.525613


>I have respect for veterans

Hello, boomer. Fuck the vets. What do they serve besides ZOG?

a3438a  No.525616

File: f6bc368577eacc9⋯.png (206.43 KB, 495x430, 99:86, atheist.png)

02451c  No.525684



Patrick little is a huge idiot that acts like an autistic 13 year old that just found /pol/, but attacking him for willingly serving his country is super gay. Especially since most people have no idea who they're really serving when they join and just buy the "protecting our freedom" line.

5d7ee8  No.525707


>attacking him for willingly serving his country is super gay.

Even if he was duped I still have no respect for US soldiers. They’re the thug-force of American hegemony and their crimes are practically limitless.

>Especially since most people have no idea who they're really serving when they join and just buy the "protecting our freedom" line.

Just means they’re dumb grunts

4049a1  No.525722

8f18ab  No.526127

File: 58e8f3845434c72⋯.jpg (247.78 KB, 997x864, 997:864, Lt Sarah Coppock.jpg)



I hear this retarded argument often: "don't join the military/police because they're sodomite thugs who just do the corrupt gubmint's bidding. You're just enabling the globohomo system by participating".

Well guess what happens when all good White men leave the military or stop joining? It just accelerates the dispossession of Whites in their own country (not to mention renders those institutions even more incompetent than they were before). This is even more serious when it comes to the police. Want to take a guess at what it's like to live in a country where the whole police force is of a different ethnicity from you and they hate your guts? Look to SA.

But getting buttmad over Beardson's jokes is missing the point, since it's just shock humour designed precisely to elicit those kinds of hysterical responses as "FUCK THE TROOPS" did.

Also, Patrick Little is the biggest loser in the history of American right wing dissidence.

1142ab  No.526142

File: 63c3f67b4dcaaa1⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Mash_or_Pass_soyrony_bro_g….png)


I'm pretty sure the biggest loser here is being married to a potato that even jf would mash.

a3438a  No.526144

File: 163415a8b99e409⋯.png (267.28 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 89115014c4cc1e87d66a0a0213….png)


Hey Beardson

I unironically hope you get HIV

but that would require you to fuck now wouldn't it

8f18ab  No.526145


Only sodomites and drug addicts get HIV

1142ab  No.526146

File: c2ac58212acbed0⋯.png (455.79 KB, 756x422, 378:211, Jf_boomer_tech_soyrony_bro.png)


>and beardson after prepping his wife's bull

a3438a  No.526147

File: da42b5411c53a00⋯.jpg (23.02 KB, 584x340, 146:85, kill all faggots.jpg)


So you have herpes ironically?

651b79  No.526149


The funniest thing of it all is that these guys have had it coming for a while now.

And now look at Hubris!

Here's hoping he kills himself and here's hoping for Beardson gets fucked too.

Praise the Lord God of All creation. He might have been a month late, but a late Birthday Gift is still a birthday gift.

651b79  No.526150

File: c1ef9e6236c8f7d⋯.png (7.27 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 913c1ec94a939b6e708de96a79….png)


Patrick Little =/= Loser.

You, on the other hand.

8f18ab  No.526152


He managed to ruin his life in record time and accomplished nothing. I doubt anyone will even remember his name in 6 months (except prospective employers; they will never forget, and the ADL and SPLC will make sure of it).

It's either that or he glows in the dark.

a3438a  No.526156

File: 5798db4bbb75432⋯.webm (3.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Genocide.webm)


How is that not funny?

1142ab  No.526157

File: 9202e8fb2ad8354⋯.mp4 (8.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Emily_OPTICS_CUCKS.mp4)

8b0b4e  No.526210


You should join them if you are inclined, as long as you are aware of what you are getting involved in.

You shouldn't trust them as a civilian, because most of them are not on your side.

9b26c6  No.526221


What the hell is that thing?

There is no way in hell that thing is human!

aba878  No.526302

File: 544d30d850d6fa3⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 411x412, 411:412, 544d30d850d6fa3eca2ad0bb4d….jpg)

used to watch "honeypot studios" channel with these fuckos, but at the end could tell something was up (without sifting through twitter drama). i wonder how TV KWA is doing. he was the more restrained one and more or less carried the acting and humor part for them.. oh look everything featuring him is scraped from the channel now.

14b7c9  No.526537

Here are two classic Beardson takes:

>Beardson vs. Sinead McCarthy


>Beardson vs. Matt Forney


Most of these ironybro faggots (regardless of their "brand") are wankers who need to wrap their dysfunction in a gazillion layers of irony, which makes them near indistinguisable from communist goons with anime avatars.

A few weeks ago I saw some tradcat twitter type sincely ask for prayers because one of his family members was involved in a car accident. His fellow memester with Aquinas avatars promptly tore into him hard.

c8f978  No.526580


Why would you want good white men to end up with PTSD and getting injured? Good men don't return from war sane, they return fucked up with serious mental health issues. It's not noble, it's not good for us and if the USA stopped all this shit then the world would be a better place for it. Shaming the troops is a good first step in destroying the Israely death grip of the West. While the US is under Jewish control any attempt to form a white nation or defend white interests is facing down a nuclear arsenal. I for one don't fancy the white ethno wasteland.


Any one showing their face cannot be trusted. If you're serious about this shit you shouldn't be putting up youtube videos with your face on it. If you ever start to achieve anything you're going to get ass raped by the feds.


They're /b/tard types. They've always existed and now they use Twitter to be ironically edgy. Same group would be posting pedo bear in Gaia online a few years back.

ada4f0  No.526597


They suffer ptsd because the entire society has failed to sufficiently prepare him for the world, and fail him further by not allowing him an actual safe-space for him to fully decompress and re-acclimate. Trying to bitch about zogbots using ptsd is completely missing the point.

6f9865  No.526598

Do we have any nudes of Shawn yet?

8936cd  No.526601


I'm not sure you get "ptsd" from war.

I'd suspect it has more to do with returning into a dickless nation after having a taste of what it is to be a man engaging in truly Tranny shit.

d8a571  No.526749


>They're /b/tard types

Nah, there's too much anger and need to lash out hidden behin dall that irony. Listen to Beardson go against Matt Forney, if that is some ebin master trole he should permanently disconnect from the internet.

150821  No.526980


lol wow what a loser

he is dick buddies with @vapidcocks "Autistotle" and that actual faggot Beardson Beardly

150821  No.526982


wait, where are the full leaks?

c8f978  No.527403



It used to be called Shell shock and it happened on the front line as it does now and then. People don't really do well seeing hundreds of other people die around them. Especially not when it happens at faster and faster paces.


Same shit dude.

ab310f  No.527411

>The Ironybros are a bunch of countersignaling losers who pretend to be right wing but are actually ideologically nihilistic losers who are terrified of having real opinions because the only thing they value are underage trannies and efame.

Oh boy, where have I seen before?

Literally every 'alt light' figure who panders to the edge crowd but are too bitch like to stand by what they say?


>Those texts

Ouch, never try and hook up over the internet, folks. Even if some people these days do end up forming steady and healthy (enough) relationships from someone they meet online, it very rarely goes that way, especially if you're trying to hook up with a fucking tranny!

Holy shit there's a shady ass community hidden behind the alt light wannabe nazi crowd.

150821  No.528500

bump to piss off Queerson Queerly

150821  No.530104


this was another ironybro, @theecurrentyear

he got mass flagged and suspended for 6 days about four months ago, and when the suspension was up, he closed his twitter account instead of getting permanently banned because the little faggot values having 15,000 followers so much.

968a50  No.530203


Your post is a good argument for acelerationism.

e8f987  No.533356

File: c1499b87e98bd2f⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 243x209, 243:209, hubrisdonkeykong.jpg)

File: 2a2a56d9434e3d1⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 321x401, 321:401, hubrisdonkeykong2.jpg)

File: f7bcf01ef351bed⋯.jpg (198.15 KB, 752x625, 752:625, hubrisdonkeykong3jpg.jpg)

File: c2b22da94ffaad5⋯.jpg (209.89 KB, 793x549, 13:9, princeegghead.jpg)

File: b3d093bae1ab367⋯.jpg (130.58 KB, 681x386, 681:386, princehubris.jpg)

Prince Hubris looks like Donkey Kong and has an egghead. He hides his receding hairline by wearing hats.

d22370  No.533433

You should probably have included Nick Fuentes in the OP. He spends a considerable amount of time retweeting them, praising them, and running damage control for them when things get tough.

2fdb87  No.533510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any of you see the stream they did with J-i-m Goad? Shawn looked like a retard.

94def8  No.551620


Bless you sir. I know a dozen or so people wanted to see this.

dda78a  No.558497


Null humiliated this retarded on yesterday's Killstream. It was so bad that Ralph booted him (Shawn).

faa04c  No.574014


the steroids didn't help his scalp

faa04c  No.574016

b475a9  No.582210

File: 84259f8424686e5⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, a0f232ca12b70e9a3e302c07c5….jpg)


>Grooming /pol/ traps is a bad thing

So we're all going to act like if we wouldn't do it ourselves huh?

85deaa  No.582829


>I have respect for veterans

lol gay

06d97a  No.582962


>I have respect for veterans

God, goy

ea0e1e  No.583176

File: c3553957f69b80c⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ALL BAGAH.jpg)


Hey kid maybe after your soccer practice mommy will let you attend your local atom waffen assembly

ea0e1e  No.583215


Were is your Trap porn folder kid or you gonna result to calling me shitskin like idiots always do since you have literally zero other retorts other than "daddy fuck me harder"

85deaa  No.583305


>not worshiping moronic welfare queens that comprise the majority of the US military means you're atomwaffen tier

what are you, still stuck in 2003 or one of the aforementioned welfare queens yourself?

ea0e1e  No.583338

File: 9da7edfdd512c68⋯.png (74.16 KB, 847x908, 847:908, Capture778.PNG)

File: 83e3850d09971ca⋯.png (58.82 KB, 832x712, 104:89, Capture88990.PNG)


>Muh America is evil

>I Love shit skins

>North Korea and Syria is anti Globalist

>The West is evil and deserved of it's punishments

>Shitskins can choose their borders but whites can

>Hitler was Pro White

85deaa  No.583353


yes yes, sucking off veterans you meet in a parking lot is the proper way to show your patriotism

058c8f  No.587494



Both of you are retarded, you can respect the front line troops themselves but hate the officer class which is now largely latinx xer's, especially in the navy and chair force.


US foreign policy really is that bad, and consumerism has really fucked up our local culture. I like living in the Appalachian South but it's retarded to think that corporate culture and consumerism haven't turned things for the worst.

85deaa  No.588849


>people retarded enough to actually become a front line troop deserve my respect for their poor choice


36c37b  No.589409

Hubris shit his pants and did nothing wrong and the Irony bros are much better than the (((alt-right))).

36c37b  No.589415

>there’s a filter to add in words after Hūbris

Absolute state of this shit board.

f28805  No.589420


>being this new

it's a filter for d.i.d n.o.t.h.i.n.g w.r.o.n.g

020f9f  No.589962


>The Ironybros are a bunch of countersignaling losers who pretend to be right wing but are actually ideologically nihilistic losers who are terrified of having real opinions

Most Internet right wingers tbh

7c32a7  No.593430

Really, no more on this? Popular Catholic Twitter moralfag wants to lure/corrupt underage tranny. You'd figure people would do a little more digging.

ca2aa4  No.667119

Ironybros aren’t much different from /cow/ in that both groups are nihilistic and laugh at e-celebs while watching the world burn. The only difference is that Ironybros are the Achille’s heel of the alt-right and OP is a faggot.

4a6718  No.667285



They're not achilles heel

They're a cyst

ca2aa4  No.667940

File: b263ae73623be2a⋯.jpeg (70.57 KB, 749x742, 107:106, A4688690-9CC2-42B9-B4B1-A….jpeg)


Whatever you say, alt-kike.

ca2aa4  No.668188

File: 55522fe09ea32bf⋯.jpeg (214.65 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1339BF3C-9885-4CA9-8B5D-F….jpeg)

File: dc19edcff450c62⋯.jpeg (102.75 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, C71A1ED6-47CA-490E-9A79-E….jpeg)

File: 93d084262df8396⋯.jpeg (141.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9277D08A-21E0-43A2-A740-F….jpeg)

File: c613379eb297761⋯.png (400.07 KB, 700x423, 700:423, B78D42D3-AD39-4637-A8A8-D1….png)

File: 623474693e5c0f5⋯.jpeg (122.66 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 43177DBD-2948-4810-A489-D….jpeg)

Reminder that Fuentes, Beardson and Shawn are better than faggots on (((/pol/))) and (((/cow/))) and that there’s nothing you spergs can do about it.

0774c2  No.669557


Maybe fuentes, but the other two can fuck off

943266  No.669571


The “other two” destroy the alt-right.

ca2aa4  No.670519

Eric Striker is a kike.

4a6718  No.670576


>LARPing in front of a camera is better than LARPing on a basketweaving forum

Sure, kid.

7c32a7  No.671841


lol, Fuentes is the worst of them.

ca2aa4  No.671872


It is though.


Fuentes is a good man. Fuck you.



Fuck off, nobody cares.

a3438a  No.671957


Phoneposting pictures of soyboys, I guess you showed me.

b3eeb2  No.672035


Fuentes is an opticscuck faggot that jumped from being the more extreme half of America First to being a pussy little "act nice and good for the Sargon" faggot.

d0e4bd  No.674411

I love how no one has brought up the many "ironic" tweets of Shawn saying stuff like "IF YOU DON'T GET HARD FROM A 16 YEAR OLD THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU"

d0e4bd  No.674416

Also not to mention the ones where he'll post underage models and "ironically" thrist over them

91bf96  No.675836

File: d28981c890517f2⋯.mp4 (7.95 MB, 778x360, 389:180, here is my TRS impression ….mp4)


Nick Fuentes makes basic bitch takes from /pol/ years ago that he stuffs through a catholic perspective. He's unoriginal otherwise.

The other two are the biggest fucking brainlets I've seen and it's completely baffling to me that they have a following. Like Sargon but on a smaller scale.

3b2c69  No.675852


I couldn’t help but die from that clip, actually. Comparing these guys to Sarg’n is an insult to them. Did the Ironybros hurt you?

b29a95  No.681751


>that brainlet baked alaska chuckling to be polite

wow that's embarrassing

the ironybros are such brainlets, they have a core audiences of groyper fags and anime pedos

b29a95  No.681753

anyone know if Shawn is a fed?

2982af  No.681893


We are deplatforming them next week. We are coordinating our efforts with Jared Holt, join our good fight.

2982af  No.681894


Do you have incriminating links?

2982af  No.681906

As your website is a bit slow just contact me here https://www.paypig.com/timsquirrell

84764e  No.684824

File: e67749f59085b5c⋯.jpg (129.83 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181224-000901….jpg)

File: 55dc1c2ed4d1a27⋯.jpg (83.04 KB, 1080x362, 540:181, 20181224_001058.jpg)

File: f307916bde2930a⋯.jpg (107.79 KB, 1080x269, 1080:269, 20181224_001052.jpg)

File: 9d318aba73e8446⋯.jpg (296.11 KB, 1080x1061, 1080:1061, 20181224_001046.jpg)

File: 6505dccf1df9fce⋯.jpg (436.02 KB, 1080x1203, 360:401, 20181224_001036.jpg)

Found the "ironic" screenshots

694fca  No.684968

File: 82cc01aa8fdfaae⋯.jpg (32.79 KB, 534x712, 3:4, 636136038577381271-McCaffe….jpg)


Based low IQ manlet creatura gang.

f270ca  No.685864

ca2aa4  No.686071


He’s whiter than /pol/ and /cow/.

43c679  No.686092


The sad thing is you're actually right. Still sageing because I have nothing to really add beyond that.

57f5d0  No.686118

More like Incel Bros/Prince Incel


Identity Europa is fucking gay, it takes real talent to act even gayer than them.

These bible thumping catholics are all closet fags, anyone who bitches about morals all the fucking time usually turns out to be some tranny fucker freak.


He's the typical Incel mad at the world because he can't get any pussy.


Yeah most people are morons so of course they have a following. Just repeat basic bitch conservative talking points and add a few christian virtue signals that we've all heard before, and you'll have brainlets on twitter following you in droves. These people are bigger fedoras than left wing atheists.

ca2aa4  No.686350


Guys like Earl of Grey have it down well. He’s a staunch Catholic and anti-alt right, in fact that’s actually what most of the people who follow guys like Nick Fuentes, Hubris and Beardson are like. You’ll have some Orthodox and ChristBol gang gang types on there too, but the tl;dr is that they understand that the alt-right is full of retarded atheists and pagans (really just atheists in denial) who worship their e-celeb informants and send them money so they can host epic live-streams and podcasts where they do Jew drops or whatever.

07bfb0  No.686640

File: 98072fdfc16c676⋯.jpg (34.8 KB, 364x481, 28:37, brainlet_07.jpg)


>what most of the people who follow guys like Nick Fuentes, Hubris and Beardson are like

So in short, they're socially confused dipshits who substituted one LARP (NatSoc muh Volk EVROPA) for another LARP (Christianity muh Rome DEUS VULT) when they took a wrong turn and ended up at a church instead of the local Games Workshop store.

While also behaving like a bunch of Weird Twitter rejects online. Makes sense.

7a3dfc  No.686647


Something something get lulz by pretending to be idiots something something idiots think they are in good company

07bfb0  No.686660

File: 71ac3c8a2f19a12⋯.jpg (73.49 KB, 400x642, 200:321, tradcat ironybro on twitte….jpg)

57f5d0  No.689999


Earl of gay blocked me on twitter for no reason when I never interacted with him or even posted on twitter at all. if you get your views from someone like that maybe you should reconsider what you actually think you know about politics.

>He’s a staunch Catholic and anti-alt right

So? He's anti alt right because he's a fucking liberal.

>tl;dr is that they understand that the alt-right is full of retarded atheists and pagans

The alt right is full of retarded christians, you D&C fucking kike. Christians have an iq 6 points lower than atheists, you are dumb fucks calling other people retarded. What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to perform to believe you're smart lel.

5910cb  No.690108


more like they where normal dudes who fell for the aut-kike meme and once they where involved with the organizations they started realizing their where huge issues with the aut-kike in general and the shaddy people associated with the aut-kike. Once they started to critique the aut-kike the aut-kike retaliated by making ebin memes.

849ac2  No.690279

File: 7e6f3fa5b3c76d8⋯.png (108.32 KB, 250x259, 250:259, 1a26b02860b5e25f0fdb91666f….png)

/cow/ is now just pearl clutching over random e-celebs you don't like, how embarassing

2fdb87  No.693851


I hope the IronyBros are compensating you for this, because they don't deserve anyone's shilling.

8d7f92  No.694156


<Earl of gay blocked me on twitter for no reason when I never interacted with him or even posted on twitter at all. if you get your views from someone like that maybe you should reconsider what you actually think you know about politics.

Post proof that he blocked you and that you never interacted with him, otherwise you’re just lying.

<So? He's anti alt right because he's a fucking liberal.

He’s anti alt-right because he’s anti-atheist and anti-race idolatry. Earl has talked about Jews before, but he understands that racial nationalism is nothing but homosexuality if you’re not a man of God. Catholicism is what built Europe and the west.

<The alt right is full of retarded christians, you D&C fucking kike. Christians have an iq 6 points lower than atheists, you are dumb fucks calling other people retarded. What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to perform to believe you're smart lel.

Since when the fuck is the alt-right full of Christians? The TRS and Stormer guys are all atheists, Rich’ard Spe’ncer is a “tragic agnostic”, J i m Goad is an atheist, Chris Cantwell, Jared Howe, E’ric S’triker, etc. They’re all either atheists or will use Christianity as a tool for the masses but are not Christians themselves. Look at Carolyn Emerick, look at Varg. Hell even “Wife with a purpose” isn’t Christian because Mormons are non-Trinitarian faggots. You’re one to talk about IQ when you’re left of the bell curve, nigger.

b3eeb2  No.694316


/christian/ is astroturfing /cow/ now too? Jesus christ, kill yourself.

864b65  No.694502

File: 428aa4330d369c3⋯.jpg (275.62 KB, 1040x2048, 65:128, What_a_Saint.jpg)


Now his choice in gf makes sense. Tattoos own.

ca2aa4  No.694553


<muh astroturf

Off yourself, atheist sodomite.

b3eeb2  No.694697


>hurr it's not astroturfing because it's me doing it

Kill yourself.

ca2aa4  No.694699


It’s not astroturfing if I’m not the OP or the other anons who are obsessed with taking down lé ebil Ironybros.

096731  No.694795



Fascinating. Do you like memes from /leftypol/ in general?

>they started realizing

Why yes, intellectual luminaries like Beardson or PrinceHubris sure started noticing things. It possibly couldn't be because their antisocial personalities make them unfit even for a hive of dysfunction like the average WN/Alt-Right group.

>critique the aut-kike the aut-kike retaliated by making ebin memes

Their "critique" wholly consists of memespouting shit lifted elsewhere while offering no viable program. So yeah, they are living memes.

b3eeb2  No.694860


It's astroturfing when you're actively trying to manipulate the topic and overall thread into your semitic desert cult worship bullshit.

ca2aa4  No.694863


And there we go again with your Talmudry. At what point will you atheist retards realize that the alt-right is a joke and full of race worshipping homosexuals?

ed8089  No.695100


>Since when the fuck is the alt-right full of Christians?

Have you ever been on /pol/ for starters?

>The TRS and Stormer guys are all atheists

The Daily Stormer is pro-Christianity (weev being the exception), and Andrew Anglin has called himself a Christian before.

>J i m Goad is an atheist

And is crapped on by the "muh degeneracy" crowd for not being a LARPing tradcuck.

Aside from a lot of the figureheads and supposed "voices of the movement," the average alt right type is either a Christian or at the very least pretends to be one as "trad" credibility (see the fetish for Eastern Orthodox Church among rootless right-wing ideologues).

It wasn't always this way, but the alternative right has gone from carefree mockery of shitlib/cuckservative dogma regarding things like race and sex to a bunch of pompous Moral Majority types with niggerdeath and Judentod added to the mixture.

b3eeb2  No.695119

File: 93acf9de885f8b3⋯.png (467.82 KB, 1011x574, 1011:574, commonspic.png)

File: c36c27eedbae745⋯.jpg (86.83 KB, 906x489, 302:163, commonspic btfo.jpg)

File: 43daa5e2c28ce74⋯.jpg (120.13 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, commonspic.jpg)

File: 62702f8adafd060⋯.png (213.38 KB, 830x1080, 83:108, commoncuckold.png)

File: 22f0171f2d8b4bb⋯.png (93.79 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, commoncuckold btfo.png)


>muh hat meme muh taljude muh race is bad

Kill yourself commonspic.

ca2aa4  No.695213


<Have you ever been on /pol/ for starters?

Yes and they hate “Christcuckery” about as much, if not more, than the alt-right. Go and try to have an honest discussion with them and see what happens.

<The Daily Stormer is pro-Christianity (weev being the exception), and Andrew Anglin has called himself a Christian before.

They’re atheists.

<And is crapped on by the "muh degeneracy" crowd for not being a LARPing tradcuck.

Also for getting his dick sucked by a black dude, but apparently it’s fine because he wrote about it.

<Aside from a lot of the figureheads and supposed "voices of the movement," the average alt right type is either a Christian or at the very least pretends to be one as "trad" credibility (see the fetish for Eastern Orthodox Church among rootless right-wing ideologues).

>implying Orthodox larping

TradCaths and Orthobros are actually very much serious about their faith and don’t normally associate with the alt-right. You think someone like PT Carlo or Earl of Grey would associate with Ri’chard S’pen’c’er? No.

<It wasn't always this way, but the alternative right has gone from carefree mockery of shitlib/cuckservative dogma regarding things like race and sex to a bunch of pompous Moral Majority types with niggerdeath and Judentod added to the mixture.

Can’t say I disagree with you on much there, though I’ll play the devil’s advocate and say that the alt-right has always been a small group of race worshiping atheists who think talking about Joos 24/7 is new and edgy.


<muh commonspic meme

So typical of atheist TRsodomites to call him a spic simply because they can’t argue any of his points. CF, for the record, dropped his podcast a long time ago and doesn’t do much anymore, yet still lives rent free in the heads of TRS.

5b891e  No.695411

Is it bad to say that I would love to see video of this guy deepthtoating a thick BBC?

ca2aa4  No.695531


Very /cow/esque response, so no.

993b1d  No.695563

tfw your plans for GLOBAL WHITE SUPREMACY are foiled by a bunch of 20-year-old gamers making fun of you on Twitter dot com

7c716a  No.695665

>Call people 'wignat' aka wigger nationalists

>Your most well known affiliates are two """"""white"""""" rappers (Baked Alaska & Eggman)

b110df  No.695751


>Yes and they hate “Christcuckery” about as much, if not more, than the alt-right. Go and try to have an honest discussion with them and see what happens.

Many of them do, yeah, but the majority seems to just be fed up with fruity evangelicals who adopt niglets from human traffickers and "don't see race." My Posting Career, for example, is pro-Christian but has used "Christcuck" as a wordfilter for Anglican.

You have a lot of atheists on /pol/, but a lot of the hostility to Christianity itself seems to be coming from a minority of LARPagans who think Christianity's Levantine origins instantly disqualify it as a religion (which makes a little more sense than attempts to spin Jesus as WHITE and REDPILLED).

If the beliefs of today's Christian churches were in line with what they taught a hundred years ago, I guarantee that even a lot of the critics on sites like /pol/ would develop an interest in Christianity. They're already really socially conservative, and most objections they have to contemporary Christianity are related to social teachings rather than skepticism about any claims Christianity makes about reality.

>They’re atheists.

If so, then they're strongly pro-Christian atheists.

>Also for getting his dick sucked by a black dude, but apparently it’s fine because he wrote about it.

So what? He's never claimed to be a paragon of muh morality.

>TradCaths and Orthobros are actually very much serious about their faith and don’t normally associate with the alt-right.

The older "trad" Christians aren't interested in the alt right, but the alt right has plenty of people who end up dabbling in "trad" religious beliefs (no matter how far removed from their upbringing as long as they're HWHITE and opposed to "degeneracy"). The TradYouth/Traditionalist Worker Party clowns are the most obvious examples. They're basically the trailer park version of Rod Dreher types who experiment with exotic religious affiliations to bolster their credibility among Christian hipsters.

>You think someone like PT Carlo or Earl of Grey would associate with Ri’chard S’pen’c’er? No.

Isn't P.T. Carlo the Duginist/neoreactionary-type guy who got in a Twitter slap fight with My Posting Career a while back? If so, I think I actually recall him retweeting Spencer around that time.

ddeefa  No.695835


>Twitter slap fight with My Posting Career a while back?

Yes, that one was covered in the "Right-Wing Lolcow" thread 1 or 2.



ca2aa4  No.696728


Tl;dr you’re still uninformed on how atheistic and sodomite-ish the alt-right truly is. Look at how many sex partners guys like Richard Spencer have.


Carlo is a good man, I’ve spoken to him privately in the past. It’s a shame he went AWOL.

2fdb87  No.696739














>IBIDF in full force

Holy shit, kill yourself. Every last one of you are cancer who deserves nothing short of a swift and immediate death along with Fatt Forney.

2fdb87  No.696766


And Nick Fuentes unironically believes the sun orbits the earth. Next week, he'll be telling us the world is flat.

ca2aa4  No.696770




Lmao when did he say that? I don’t buy it.

2fdb87  No.696783

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


At 4:02:13, he flat out states, "I don't know if that's true. I'm not a scientist."

Elementary fucking astronomy and he claims to not know it.

8d66e2  No.696830


>that whole stream


That was embarrassing from start to finish.

1d8a9e  No.696838


Alright, thanks.


You can keep making assertions, relevant or not, but that doesn't make them true. Public figures aside, today's alt right has tons of Christians and people sympathetic to traditional Christian views.

79363a  No.697118


Nick's growth is as organic as that kike Ben Shapiro's.

If Spencer has the Mercers, Nick has the first case of deleterious Nepotism I have ever encountered in this side of the Internet.

ca2aa4  No.697157


I mean, where’s the lie?




Oh yeah man da jooz finance Nick. :^)

fb2039  No.697411

File: bf3c44f92da4145⋯.png (7.33 KB, 229x220, 229:220, 54331DB1-A1FF-4D41-A521-98….png)

8f8e2a  No.697622

File: c17f625643cb44c⋯.png (49.87 KB, 275x321, 275:321, bq-5c34580f22a8c.png)


fb2039  No.697808


Alt-right in a nutshell.

7458a7  No.697896

fucking underage trannies to own the alt-right so based and redpilled

ca2aa4  No.697994


>calling Hubris a tranny loving pedo

>not realizing Richard Spencer was an actual tranny fucking pedo years ago

7458a7  No.698120


don't get me started on that fed spencer

ca2aa4  No.698194


Oh no, go ahead. There’s plenty of dirt on him.

8045c9  No.699159


You're hatred for the (((alt right))) will destroy you and whatever camp you represent in the end. Such many cases! Sad!

75975a  No.700406

Just lol @ calling these chud wingnuts 'irony bros'. That label was used to describe dirtbag left people like Nick Mullen in 2016. These corny hicks like Beardson Beardly are not even close to Cumtown levels of comedy or self awareness. They actually barely do irony, they do basic bitch sarcasm and dead air. So call them 'sarcasm sisters' or something because 'irony bros' they are not. I remember a lof them from the Milo days. Matt 'Beardson Beardly' Evans, Baked Alaska, Matt Forney, Bryony 'Kali' Burton, Bryden andhis GF Paige, Mike 'Ma' Mahoney, and most of gay ass 'Frog Twitter' all came from that cringey shit. These guys are the very definition of WIGGER NATIONALISTS. Them calling others WIGNATS and GAY is the real irony. Imagine being fans of actual anti-natalist homosexuals like BAP and PT Carlo and having the nerve to call others gay. Remember that so much of The Weekly Sweat and America First 'shows'(lol) were fed their gossip from the guy SaxonNeet who turned out to be a former trap who at the same time as spreading salacious rumours about 'gays and satanists' in the AR was, at the very same time, found out to be sending thirsty DMs to actual trannies. He finally got outed, and it's only a matter of time before these other weirdo orbiters like 'Sharia LeBouf', 'Sassy Sasquatch' and 'DailyBrap' get outed for their sick shit as well.

As for the 'tradcath' and 'orthobro' larpers, they're either meds/slavs with resentment issues or gay prots using religion as a way to get a new identity just like the used the AR when it was in fashion. They have just replaced 'muh joos' with 'muh race idolators' and sound just as fckn cringey. They are complete heretic who would be rejected by any actual Greek or Catholic church if they talked the way in real life that they do on social media. They're no better than that fag-obsessed Common Filth who got blackmailed off the net by his former gay lover.

75975a  No.700408

The whole American scene is an embarrassing mess. Most of the aforementioned pricks were directly responsible for the worst most cringey parts of the Alt-Right in 2016/17 when they jumped on the bandwagon…and now they think they can wash their hands of it if they say 'wignat' enough times and plead their case to the feds in the hopes of getting informant money like the MyPostingCareer 2.0 chuds they have turned into. Haha they queers are EXACTLY as Angela Nagle described them: exhausted, nihilistic, gossipy man children with nothing authentic in their lives beyond criticism, twitter, anime, video games and whatever latest edgy cultural costume they wear.

2fdb87  No.700410


>They're no better than that fag-obsessed Common Filth who got blackmailed off the net by his former gay lover.

What? Details, please. I wanna hear more.

I was convinced he stopped putting out political cocks because of Devon Arthurs, but if you have anything else, gimme dat goss.

3c796e  No.700586


My memory may be fucked but weren't they called something else and the whole "ironybro" thing only started after thotgate?

896fdd  No.700723

Went through the whole thread and honestly these dudes aren't half as embarrassing as the people around the alt right who they beef.

2a4061  No.716180


the same kind of people who join that shit can't do anything for themselves anyway. I understand in the past but its really retards joining at this point.

7c716a  No.716209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ironybros are literal wigger nationalists. They are all about projection.

0a9a75  No.716909


They’re all about fun and not being autistic alt-kikes.

e8f9cd  No.716924

Just a heads up, some guy called "Morphon" or something apparently got offended by this thread and has been spamming the board with bait for the past few weeks.

He's a rampaging attention whore who desperately wants attention, so don't acknowledge him. If you see him, report him and don't respond. From now on, all of his posts will be deleted on sight.

Thank you for your cooperation.

8da74d  No.717458


Then why do they get bent out of shape by guys like Jimmy G?

0a9a75  No.717513


They don’t?


He’s a Eurotrash sodomite who gets bent out of shape by a fat spic in Spokane.

5910cb  No.717644

File: cd2f11c9ea804c8⋯.webm (7.79 MB, 450x254, 225:127, good night alt-kike.webm)

d99841  No.717918


>reddit spacing

d904ea  No.718582


They do.

be9364  No.723173


You sound like you’re on the edge, just don’t cut yourself or shoot up a school simply because some people disagree with your ethnostate larp.

be9364  No.725377


be9364  No.725459


786b48  No.727571


Doesn't care so much he spends all his time on the internet and being an e celeb. Richard Spencer and others in the alt right will never go anywhere, so why even focus on them so much?

83a9ff  No.730062


You sound like you're on edge. Just don't make a damn fool of yourself on the Internet, fail At shooting up a school, fail at committing suicide, and fail while disagreeing with people pushing the tried, true, and viable Ethnostate program.

83a9ff  No.730063


Also, didn't think you would support well known furry pedophile defenders like Nick Fuentes and the IronyBros. Really makes you think.

Gets the old almonds sprinting a marathon.

377f21  No.737551


All of them are furries and pedophiles.

98aa03  No.738051


>no proof that they aren't furries and pedophiles.

Why would you losers and faggots lie so badly? Why attempt to draw attention away from a furry potentially getting protection from foxdickfarms?

Only a furry pedo defender would do that.

And that's all you IronyVirgins are. Pedo Defenders.

And no threats of legal action will change my 100% ACCURATE STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVE TRUTH.

98aa03  No.738052


So you want to join the Wignat club? Why didn't you say so!

Bowl Patrol will happily educate you in the true and right path!

2c0b0a  No.738514

File: 5abcb2751e9d67b⋯.png (1.32 MB, 747x747, 1:1, optics.png)

7a2f98  No.738600


They defended Radec, a guy who groomed a 14 year old girl, fucked her till she bleed then left her

e7cce4  No.738758




>thinking w[h]ignat is short for "wigger nationalist," as in white kids who idolize niggers

Typical whignat intelligence on display

77dc2e  No.738789

File: 02d38d8783154ff⋯.png (602.08 KB, 598x597, 598:597, dirty nigtard.png)

this is what a nigger looks like

5910cb  No.738801

File: 0ad9cc73a835b64⋯.jpg (108.09 KB, 600x793, 600:793, 1478838823903.jpg)


8d66e2  No.739370


IronyBros probably don't know much about history, much less Whig history.

2181a9  No.744572

Reminder NRx is free of all embarrassing ironybro and wignat stunts.

a9bfdf  No.744642

The one person i wish would get doxed among these ironybros is that faggot BAP.

It's hilarious how the so called trad catholics hang out with tranny fuckers like Fatt Morney and literal sodomites like BAP. They also groom underage trannies.

The ironic thing about the alt-right and ironybros ranting against degeneracy is that they are the some of the most degenerate people in the west.

Only a sick culture like Americanism can produce human garbage like the ironybros.

969ccb  No.744705

File: c0971ac8a4d9599⋯.jpg (93.49 KB, 882x1200, 147:200, Dy77wsMUwAImuej.jpg)

File: fa81aaa8fc36e5d⋯.jpg (107.94 KB, 907x1200, 907:1200, Dy78CDmU0AAYGby.jpg)

Found these on Twitter (apparently from Beardson's Dicksword server), seems like Kessler tried to get in with the Ironycel community.

Little does he know that his belief in street activism (as opposed to snarking on Twitter and streaming Fortnite) still makes him a wignat.


Fringe politics attract human trash with weird sexual proclivities and mental issues since what, hundreds of years?

2181a9  No.744806


America is a really bad country, who could have guessed? That's why any future I imagine here is distinctly post-America.

2181a9  No.744822


Fringe politics are always going to be people skirting the edges of society because they're the only people who really have anything to gain from significant changes to the current system.

e7cce4  No.744828

File: 270765575cc6f75⋯.mp4 (11.35 MB, 1112x626, 556:313, anomie - 'I will punch a h….mp4)




Is anyone who isn't some podcasting whignat an ironybro now?


Kessler thought he could run to the Weekly Sweat because they shit on Dickie Spence on a regular basis. It didn't go the way he was planning.

>he gives them a bunch of court documents before the show without being asked

>they humor him for about 30 minutes and let him defend himself

>"no it was Spencer that fucked it up, he blew off our police escort without telling anyone"

>"UTR would've been a historical event if he didn't fuck everything up"

>Shawn questions him on some Gab posts where he threatened to fight Ricky Vaughn

>"I don't support anyone anonymous, you gotta put your face out there"

>suddenly realizes that he's on the wrong show for this kind of talk

>spergs out, threatens to fight Shawn, ragequits

They gave him a path to redemption, all he had to do was apologize for some Gab posts. Instead he reveals himself as the prime example of the whignat epithet: A violent, stupid old man who believes that young men should become martyrs for the sake of a movement that, despite going nowhere at the moment, will be vindicated in the future they will never live to see, as the moral arc of history bends towards the white ethnostate.

a9bfdf  No.744840


BAP is part of frogtwitter. Frogtwitter and ironybros are simply the personification of nihilism. Some of them larp as catholics and others are sodomites who claim that they are only gayposting ironically. The two of them are not that different.

85bb9b  No.744847

File: 0274332df6e66f9⋯.jpeg (196.12 KB, 1242x1968, 207:328, B4FE7E6B-EA9E-464D-A83E-A….jpeg)


‘Ello, Nickposter here. I posted those caps (along with other stuff) last night and it got to Joachim, UAJ and Spencer. I also noticed that Beardson and his capos were retweeting me and trying to “own me epic style”, which backfired spectacularly. I’m still in the server and they ended up noticing what was going on, so they started joking about it like a bunch of niggers. Some weeks ago, I also posted caps from Baked’s server onto the IBS sticky. My end goal is for people like Nick Fuentes, Beardson, Hubris and Patrick Casey to end up leaving the internet together or, at the least, becoming Donga-like irredeemable.

Pic related is proof the account is mine. If those faggots take it down, I’ll just get back on and keep doing my thing.

e7cce4  No.744877


'Ello fellow gentlesir, methinks the ironie brethren doth shake in fear of thine mastery of sitting in a publicke Discorde channel. Mayhaps thou poste a pressinge of Culture of Critique to truly bringe owninges upon their respective houses!

85bb9b  No.744888


I can tell you’re one of the paypig retards sucking off Shawn Michael McCaffery of Commerce Township, MI, and Matt Evans of Paducah, KY. Keep it up though.

a9bfdf  No.744898


Is there some dox on the family members of Fuentes? This charlatan kid needs to be put in his place.

901379  No.744907

85bb9b  No.744910


I’m honestly not sure if Nick was ever properly doxed, but it’s been a long time coming and should happen very soon. He doesn’t live in Chicago proper, so it would have to be a neighboring area.


He’s on ambien again.

901379  No.744911


>Kessler invades their closeted homosexual safespace and takes a shit on their chest.

lmao say mad

901379  No.744914


pretty much this

it's all about "lol I'm making fun of something that I secretly really care about because look at how cool this cocks is on Twatter, give me likes and retweets."

it's very gay.

85bb9b  No.744925

I’m actually not familiar with who BAP is (or at least the initials).

969ccb  No.744938


Bronze Age Pervert


It's also very goony but these guys are too young for that (unless they stole their daddies credit card).

85bb9b  No.744951

File: d46dd9ecdd3d7eb⋯.jpeg (253.08 KB, 1242x1099, 1242:1099, 775BCF60-6DD4-4CED-89C5-4….jpeg)

File: aa473a7e90472cb⋯.jpeg (117.91 KB, 1242x954, 69:53, BBB1E6C5-8611-48B0-912A-D….jpeg)


Oh right, that faggot.

Also, this happened not even a minute after posting that tweet.

c3c03c  No.744970


Would be a shame if the workplace of his dad and mom finds out that their kid is giving a speech at "white supremacist" amren conference.

f20b99  No.745013


I don't agree with that, many of these people aren't poor toothless hillbillies.

Spencer could've easily gotten a nice sinecure in DC, instead he drove NPI into the ground with his wannabe Hitler/Bond villain LARP. And both Peinovich and Little both lost six figure IT jobs thanks to being unable to stop sperging about TEH JUICE and throwing Hitler salutes every so often.

c3c03c  No.745059


Spencer is the only reason a small number of people even know what NPI is though. But yea his hail trump stunt was cringe as fuck.

Peinovich is a depressed middle aged alcoholic.

2181a9  No.745127


Yeah but those are would-be leaders. I don't necessarily disagree about being open about the influence of Jewish meddling in American politics but all 3 of them can't seem to shut the fuck up and present it in the worst possible fucking ways. It's too late now anyways; best thing white people can do for themselves is build their own communities, not Waco-tier but nice little suburban neighborhoods, where the local judges, shopkeepers, and the HOA all JUST HAPPEN to be white nationalists (in Minecraft) and keep it on the downlow. That's how the evangelicals in Brazil survived.

aae84a  No.745178


Words of wisdom from /cow/, what a fuckin' day.

c2fd5b  No.745474

<all this derailing after screencaps from Beardson’s server were posted

2181a9  No.745673


Nobody should know what any movement is, if you're not working in secret, you aren't winning. We have every fucking thing against us why the fuck wouldn't we be secretive and cunning like the Jews?

fb6d7b  No.745967


>Paying 2BTC for semi-nudes from Eris


2181a9  No.748786


Well I should also mention that there's also people who have something to lose in the current system. Upper-middle class whites are currently the most vulnerable demographic in clownworld America so of course they'd try to stop the anti-white shit but they can't because no matter what they do they'll be Nazis.

04b111  No.757195

Iron bros shit his pants and did nothing wrong.

a7229a  No.829730

File: 013034f58f1a259⋯.png (262.04 KB, 819x702, 7:6, ClipboardImage.png)


43173d  No.829848

File: 7a98c40a23f45ad⋯.gif (829.52 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 7a98c40a23f45adbe826e4221e….gif)


What a retard holy shit.

a7229a  No.830011

File: a2df4572eb32384⋯.png (530.53 KB, 866x1024, 433:512, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ece60508f1baa8d⋯.png (30.23 KB, 392x150, 196:75, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2bb6ffda86e1561⋯.png (211.59 KB, 1080x805, 216:161, ClipboardImage.png)

Not a good look.

5a2559  No.830634


Shawn shit his pants and did nothing wrong and anyone who paypigs for Redditkur and worships him for his milquetoast political takes will get the rope when the time comes.

43c679  No.830768


I'll take Redditkur over a dude who's going to use that extra 1k a month on a bunch of discount dildos hoping your neghole gets pozzed.

51c384  No.831804


It's better when you see it in the context of Shawn's deleted tweets:




41b11e  No.831819

File: 2a0dfba7e7ea859⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 273x366, 91:122, 2a0dfba7e7ea859a1825f06223….jpg)


>Internet personality sperging about muh degeneracy ends up being a ding dang dirty homo himself

Why am I not surprised?

28aa8c  No.831848


Yeah, people who flaunt their virtue tend to lack virtue. Reflects itself here just as it reflected itself in Ted Haggard taking meth and getting buttfucked by a male prostitute and male feminists in general being a pack of rapists.

51c384  No.831969


As pointed out above muh Trad Christianity/bitching muh degeneracy is edgy posturing for these people. They went over to support a Chinese progressive technocrat in no time after all.

2181a9  No.832072


Supporting Yang makes sense to me when Drumpf is a failure.

28aa8c  No.832150


Makes about as much sense as wanting Mexicans to move next door because your quiet white neighbor doesn't go to church enough for your liking.

538b9e  No.833594


Maybe if you were expecting him to be a white nationalist and it's all or nothing for you.

51c384  No.833630


I know discussing politics here is autistic and shit but you don't have be a WN/1488er to see Trump has fucked up a lot wrt the border/immigration: His handling of DACA, the Merkel-tier catch&release policies leading to a shitstorm on the Southern border that's looking more and more on par with the Euro rapefugee crisis, the silence on birthright citizenship/chain migration after floating an EO to end it, having a Obama apointee run refugee resettlement and now the talk about moar H2B visas and increase immigration after wages are slowly recovering towards 2008(!) levels.

d9a2ea  No.833679


He's screwed up (even given the fact that cuck Republicans have been trying to keep his hands tied), but he's the only thing holding back full-on poz. I'd be fine with accelerationism if it would wake people up, but I frankly don't see that happening. People have become so passive that I don't even know if ending up like Brazil or South Africa would matter to anyone.

0066d3  No.833876

This thread is so forced.

921e76  No.833917


Trump sucks but the Yang Gang thing is like Sargon's Gamergate 2.0. Trump was their Gamergate and they want to relive their more successful years.

0d8a9d  No.833947

How the fuck do I Sage this

d9e6f0  No.833952

You’re all gay lmao

963f3e  No.834682

File: e7ffbe689570c09⋯.png (142.93 KB, 662x1227, 662:1227, twtr tradcath larp.png)

And here we can observe the TradCath LARPer in the wild: Stunned when people point out source of progressive hypermoralism and the fact that the institutions he's shilling for are fully complicit in the current state of affairs.

>b-b-but we're the victim here guise

651ffb  No.835441


Earl of Grey is (((Adam Oppenheimer))) and used to post selfies on Facebook. He’s not white. He was friends with Disdain for Plebs owner, Derek Ackerman.

ad4a33  No.836343

File: b28a7c6f5c9602d⋯.jpg (68.71 KB, 632x547, 632:547, eggshaped man famous for f….JPG)

File: 250041e9371aff1⋯.png (42.25 KB, 629x411, 629:411, lmao invade venezuela to o….PNG)

And here is Fatt Horneys newest project:


Not only would be a shame if something happend to it, he also has become completely psychotic. He's snorting Czech meth by meter nowadays.


Ah, so the guy has a last name straight from the Encyclopedia Judaica? Not exactly suprised since the

>Self-Hating German

in his Twitter bio is a dead giveaway because 95% of the time somebody describes themselves like this you're dealing either with a Jew, a Pole or a Euromutt.

320de1  No.837043


I tend to lie/give off mixed signals/exaggerate things when shitposting on this board, but this is one of my few areas of expertise. EoG used to be in an alt-right adjacent clique on Facebook along with Derek Ackerman & Georgi Georgiev of Disdain for Plebs (if any iteration of the page still exists on Kikebook, it’s run by Lazia Cus). There were other people like (((Noah Cohen))), some egghead looking thot named Dori (?) Miller, etc. This was during the election cycle and most of these people and pages fizzled out shortly thereafter. DfP might still be on Twitter to a certain degree, but only Earl is active out of all these people. Tl;dr pure Kikebook autism back when it wasn’t as unbearable as it is now.

320de1  No.837046


Sam Tumminello also comes to mind.

Basically, imagine alt-right/Jew naming twitter but with (mostly) real Facebook accounts. Same type of shitposting. Of course, you can’t do that on Facebook anymore and most of the engagement is on the twatters. I returned to Facebook after a several months long exodus and most of the people I would do raids with constantly have toned everything down. It’s a mess

60bea7  No.837156

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Back in its day that meme sure made you angry, eh subhumaned Amerimutt?

60bea7  No.837157


>debating who of the two deserves the rope

Why not both?

18693a  No.841682

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is Morrakiu an ironybro? I really used to enjoy is videos for years and years but he's hang out with those fags for some time now.

d9e6f0  No.843079


f2b006  No.846268


Isn't IE pretty serious?

2181a9  No.850939

The constat alt-right infighting is just proof that the alt-right never had a chance to begin with.

2181a9  No.850946


>make the world literally globohomo

>Let's get criminal niggers out of prison

>Moar Holocaust musuems

>Congress unanimously condemns straight white men for all forms of hate after Muslim woman speaks truth about Jewish lobby influence in the American political system

>Only time he ever used an executive order was to force more gun control (which the NRA conveniently signed, again)

He IS the poz, dude. He is acceleration-ism, but the bad kind where we think our side is winning. MAGAcucks all over the country are thinking about how fucking epic it is that he's tweeting about Fox news and shit and meanwhile the Jews and the corporations have the whole country in checkmate. It's pretty clear that any policy that is floated as somewhat nationalist, somewhat legal protectionist, somewhat anti-foreigner is going to be opposed by the entire world all at the same time. Meanwhile, we're getting fucked in the ass by corporations and a job market that practically doesn't even exist, and Trump wants to protect our ability to make no money for 40 hours a day.

If we're going to get the globohomo anyways, we might as well be getting free shit for it.

Same reason you shouldn't pay taxes.

5d53fb  No.851001


>make the world literally globohomo

It already was.

>Let's get criminal niggers out of prison

Valid point.

>Moar Holocaust musuems

Putting a Holocaust museum in the U.S. is idiotic (might as well have a London blitz museum), but what do you want him to do?

>Congress unanimously condemns straight white men for all forms of hate after Muslim woman speaks truth about Jewish lobby influence in the American political system

He doesn't have control over congress.

>Only time he ever used an executive order was to force more gun control (which the NRA conveniently signed, again)

Not true at all. He's used them a bunch of times.

Overall, it's a choice between opening the poz floodgates and hopefully getting $1000 a month and taking things slower and hopefully making some reforms before things finally collapse. I don't see a clear answer either way.

I wish more of Trump's base would start hopping on the UBI train, but far too many of them buy into the boomer "bootstrap" nonsense about how everything they don't like is socialism.

2181a9  No.851007


I agree, it's not an easy choice. I'm #YangGang but I respect people's decisions to continue supporting Trump (except for those that are just blind cult of personality worshippers). It seems the only way we can go is down and the only choice is what form of "down" we can take and if we'll even actually get what we're promised.

>I wish more of Trump's base would start hopping on the UBI train, but far too many of them buy into the boomer "bootstrap" nonsense about how everything they don't like is socialism

That's really more of a problem with the actions that USG has taken over the past 100 years to co-opt and control socialism in the US, combined with corporate's opportunistic jumping on using that hostility as a justification for eroding worker's rights.

Honestly, a more centrist type of "Nazbol" might be a winning campaign strategy in America, because I think my friend's analysis of American politics is correct: Republicans promise social reform (in the form of making reforms to end social "progress") but instead focus on economics that don't help the American people. Democrats focus on (or at least used to) economic reform, and then focus on social issues that don't help the American people. And the lefty tankies that might break up this hegonomy a little bit either are fully on board with "social progress" (which has always been a corporate thing, never a communist thing) before even economics and the alt-right is at this point, merely trying to hold themselves together.

So your choice in American politics is either lies about protecting our children while making it law that the American worker never receives any assistance, or lies about assisting workers while making it law that your children become drag queens.

bc3057  No.851867


Something like half the "alt right" were the same crusty ass fringe personalities from the same milieu that has shit his pants and done nothing but produce infighting, grifters, felons and informants since the 60s.

A bunch of other guys simply jumped onto that failtrain.

e8f9cd  No.852276

and why the fuck are we talking about this on a board about retarded furries shoving bike pumps up their asses?

e6a264  No.852290


Because we had a wave of retards from the IBS thread who think that /cow/ is /pol/ and that anyone to the left of Varg Vikernes is a lolcow in addition to /leftypol/ thinking Discord gay ops will result in /cow/ becoming a satellite board.

I wish these culture warriors would fuck off too.

a7817e  No.852326


Because ironybros are the epitome of what a lolcow represents, especially Jewbris and Beardson. The fact that political cows don’t get much coverage on here or the farms is a travesty because there are goldmines to be discovered.

0d8a9d  No.852465


521646  No.852604


This. They have the sperg-panic.


Woah dude you must watch Jim!

Cool man I totally watch Jim too so I get the reference XD

89db97  No.852768

Who do these fags think they are? Rush Limbaugh? What life experiences do they have that establishes any authority for themselves to comment about anything?

2181a9  No.852891


Their life experience consists of doing all the dividing and conquering of the alt-right all by themselves without even needing to be undercover leftists.

de0965  No.852893


They’re not trying to D&C the alt-right because the alt-right already does that to themselves with all the petty and autistic fights they have with each other. Ironybros just mock e-grifters like Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer and David Duke. People get sick of the 13 do 50, edgy 2015 racist /pol/ jokes and Russophiliac Puerto Rican midgets such as Joseph “Eric Striker” Jordan.

2181a9  No.852899


IronyBros (at least the ones we're talking about) adopted 13 50 the minute it started, so I don't know what you're talking about.

Whatever, nothing right-wing will happen until someone picks up a gun anyways.

b5c324  No.853310


Nobody outside of Extreme Autism /pol/, IBS and TRS knows who they are. I fall into a couple of those categories and they're mostly minor characters unless you're seeking them out.


Political cows have always been great – the unabridged details of someone like Cantwell's life rival any cow on this board in hilarity and sadness – but the threads always got socked pretty hard and it's almost impossible now with the IBS cyclical.

90b3c0  No.853395


Speaking of good old Chris, I spoke with him recently and he deeply regrets associating with the people who he ended up going after ie Bowl Patrol and the like. Now because of his libertarian priors, he and Jared Howe can’t even joke about the Yang Gang shit because of autistic economic feefees, which further alienates them from the ever-transitioning online movement known as the alt-right. Dude let his fans turn him into a Nazi and read Siege and shit, only for him to do a 180 and become a dedicated Republican supporter because of being spooked from Charlottesville. His interview with Arvin Vohra (and Vohra not backing down after being criticized for going on RA) keeps me interested because Chris has said multiple times that he can water down his message and get back in the good graces of polite society. Maybe he should because he’s not stable enough mentally to deal with alt-right freaks and their homosexual “leaders” distributing false hope with verbal opiates.

90b3c0  No.853399


I’m a nigger for double posting, but even though I think it was retarded of me to make those threads on Eric Striker and Johnny Benitez, it was to prove a broader point. Johnny tried getting involved with the alt-right podcast/livestream scene and let his autistic dedication to Legionarism get the best of him and he was getting destroyed by z-lebs of all people. He made the smart choice and went back to being more private. Striker’s been around since 2017 (from what I know) and though I liked him at first for being an honest National Socialist and a relatively smart guy, the amount of podcasts and streams he’s hosted and been on reveals that he too is what James Mason would call a “movementarian”. These are people who will never fight any real physical war if it ever came to be, they will just be in their comfortable environments talking about it. Striker’s rampant Russophilia is something I’m against as well, along with his dishonest takes on Azov/Pravyi Sektor and “infighting” (he claims to never get involved but then upholds TRS’s embargo against Cantwell by never talking to him save for one stream in a neutral setting some months ago). It also gets irritating listening to his raspy broken voice through the shitting $10 NazBol headset he uses.

89db97  No.853461


>Nobody outside of Extreme Autism /pol/, IBS and TRS knows who they are.

I know they aren't facebook popular, or pewdiepie, but it seems they or one of their cronies worm their way in to numerous places.

9572ee  No.854812

How do I sage this thread

684c9d  No.861455

File: 96fff88858264a2⋯.png (780.71 KB, 924x720, 77:60, jew nick friend.png)

this guys laughter….

8d66e2  No.862554


I'd take the IronyBros more seriously if they weren't abject morons and their whole persona wasn't pure shtick. As it stands, Prince Informant is an ex-alt-righter who disavowed/defected once shit got too hot. He also got absolutely shit on by Metokur and then ragequit Twitter. The fact that Matt Forney keeps company with these people speaks volumes.

All you need to know about the IronyBros is right here:



dfb3e2  No.863801


>mock e-grifters

>paywall their cocks and take superberries

Just like ironic shitposting is still shitposting, ironic grifting is still grifting.

c38716  No.867960

So does Nickposter qualify as an ironybro now and if so, do we know anything about him?

495334  No.869940

twitter.com/Good_Shawny is Shawn's newest account because he can't stay away.

Make sure Jim reminds him that he ran away scared at the reminder of his intense lust for underage pussy.

2181a9  No.887897


Good "own" retard.

You guys gonna protect PT Carlo next like you protected Ricky Vaughn?

2181a9  No.888842


He's right. America is evil.

424aaf  No.893417


beardson and shawn both have milquetoast political takes if you stop and listen to them. "just vote bro"

2181a9  No.893447


Nearly all ironybro political takes are just takes from the "wignats" they hate so much.

589058  No.893490


Shawn, Beardson, Nick, Baked, Data Xtian, Tradical and a few others are a new breed of American: a fusion of Catholic and nationalist. I would hardly say that any of their takes are julay toast.


Do you even know why we call some people wignats? It’s because they fedpost in their twitter hug boxes all day and spew out low IQ tropes such as “voting doesn’t matter lol fuck America death to America” and “AmNaTs AnD rIcKy VaUgHn ArE gOp ShIlLs”. The guys I mentioned above are much better people and have laid out the blueprint for all normal Americans to follow from now on.

If you’re interested, join AIM:


43c679  No.893569

File: 00b2a4a5d64c53b⋯.jpg (111.2 KB, 480x640, 3:4, terry a davis movie poster.jpg)


>Join this movement that you haven't heard of since one month ago!

That's going to be a no, friendo. I read about COINTELPRO. I know the CIA niggers are still doing this to every radical group in the country.

66cdcd  No.893775


>Join AIM

Lmao so you can get a whole new breed of members doxxxxxxxed?

>Liking America

>Still defending Ricky Vaughn

Jesus Christ you guys deserve to be fed to the leftists.

d37576  No.894123

File: af10614410a7966⋯.jpg (56.3 KB, 480x480, 1:1, all men are created equal.jpg)


>We stand for nationalism, identitarianism, …

Some normal American. Nice try, Fritz.

224d28  No.894912


It's pretty clear that it's not talking about racial equality considering that the Naturalization Act of 1790 excluded non-whites from gaining American citizenship, and even most abolitionists pushed for black repatriation rather than allowing blacks to stay in their country. It also says a lot that free blacks were also excluded from state militia service up until the Civil War, too. The Founding Fathers were even skeptical of Europeans and never would have stood for the boomer-tier conception of nationhood popular today.

2181a9  No.894946


You infiltrate the GOP yet? Gonna vote for Trump for 2020?

d37576  No.895001

File: 51231c83254bc04⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 3000x1933, 3000:1933, scene at the signing.jpg)


Even if slavery wasn't immediately abolished, the Declaration has always been the centerpiece of the national identity of the United States, and at its own center is the idea that "all men are created equal." And given that the Constitution and its subsequent amendments passed between 1787 and 1865 gradually approached it in racial laws as well, it's perfectly clear that the boomers' conception of nationhood is the only valid one.

If this 'nationalism' and 'identitarianism' do not enshrine it, then they're not American, they're autistic roleplay.

2181a9  No.895010


So what you're saying is….

wignats vindicated again?

70f834  No.895127


>and at its own center is the idea that "all men are created equal."

It doesn't specify what "men" it's talking about. The Founding Fathers took it for granted that future generations would be of similar same stock to them. Charles Pinckney even said that he never thought there was any such thing as a black citizen when Missouri was being admitted into the Union:


Considering their Anglo-oriented views, the Founding Fathers were more hardcore about race than most right-wing "extremists" are today.

2fdb87  No.896567


>If you’re interested, join AIM:

Never in a million years would I ever be citing Siege by James Mason here, but holy shit, you're fucking retarded if you think joining some faggot LARP club will get you anywhere except opening yourself up to doxxxxxxxing and life-ruin. For fuck's sake, don't join movements. A good share of James Mason's tome has not stood up to the test of time, but this advice is even more relevant now in the age of the Internet where you don’t need to make physical or digital mailing lists for people to read your ideas.

8201d7  No.896602


Did Mason ever say how people should organize in the age of FBI infiltration when things get down and dirty?

72d291  No.897317

Why didn't the optics people actually use good optics and then stage a coup but instead used their "optics" to act like wiggers?

67d9dd  No.898020

File: 39c3dc38bc90be5⋯.jpeg (36.31 KB, 439x418, 439:418, AC36FCDB-EF2B-411A-AB42-2….jpeg)

Lol this animosity towards “irony bros” is peak fucking cringe holy shit. What did Nick or Beardson do to hurt you low IQ wignat retards? It’s not our fault your “leaders” are all informants who ruin people’s lives like Spencer and Nehlen. Tell me how the ethnostate is going with your fedposting on twitter if you don’t get vanned by then.

2181a9  No.898228

File: 2a0bf487212a008⋯.jpg (42.73 KB, 456x364, 114:91, marvillepanel1.jpg)


>most recent doxxxxxxxxxing is AIM

You guys infiltrate the GOP yet? Oh wait, Nick got kicked out of CPAC.

744d9c  No.898271


One or two doxes happen. What can ya do? Patrick has gotten a lot smarter and doesn’t use Discord anymore.

2181a9  No.898344


Your organization is still full of idiots and if the ironybros go and support Trump in 2020 despite there being no advantages to doing so you're essentially controlled opposition.

For all of your complaints about optics, all ironybros had Godawful optics, they didn't blend in with the conservative crowd at all, they couldn't even pretend to at least limit themselves to only what Trump said during the campaign, and barely hid their racism in """"Private"""" chats. If you want to be part of the GOP, you have to act like you're part of the GOP, not muscle your way in and keep signal boosting people you don't like to say "well at least we aren't them!"

b3eeb2  No.898497



>muh fedposting

>you can vote your way out of genocide goy

And you wonder why nobody likes ironybros. The left and center still consider you the same as the most extreme elements of /pol/.

744d9c  No.898516


We don’t support Trump anymore, it’s Yang Gang time. Also, the whole “AmNats are the REAL bad optics” argument is so fucking Talmudic and wignaty in nature. You really think Patrick Casey looks worse than, say Christopher Cantwell who yells about Jews every show to the tune of 20 federal agents, 6 antifa and 5 callers?


<implying we can’t vote our way out of this

We absolutely can. Trump winning was white America giving a big fuck you to the establishment even though he became one of them in the process. Political solutions are still on the table and we’re not going to resort to fedposting or shooting up synagogues.

2181a9  No.898626


No, wignats have worse optics, but that's intentional. We have no desire to appeal to the American normie. Your optics are bad because they don't work. Every single time you bring up optics the only purpose of it is to target someone and start bitching about them. But when it comes time to actually appeal to the normalfags you can not shut the fuck up, and you completely misjudge where the center is and why there are normalfags inhabiting that center.


Tell me a plan for your political solution. Go ahead, who do you've got running that's one of /ourguys/? And don't say Yang, because he's not /ourguy/ he's just another big fuck you to a system that already has shown us it's still in power even when we get small victories.

744d9c  No.899593


>We have no desire to appeal to the American normie.

None of you have a desire to look normal either. We dox and mock wignats in our group DMs.

>Your optics are bad because they don't work.

Lol citation required?

>Go ahead, who do you've got running that's one of /ourguys/?

What, in 2020? Yang or Gabbard. Most of us won’t even vote. The goal is to wait Trump out and see if we can’t get Matt Gaetz or Josh Hawley to run. Trump may have betrayed us all, but his campaign message still resonates with millions of normal Americans. The movement won’t die.

fb97f1  No.899626


Yeah so you're controlled opposition, got it.

d37576  No.899684

What the fuck is a wignat?


>It doesn't specify what "men" it's talking about.

Are you retarded? It says "all men."

e494bd  No.899804


>Are you retarded? It says "all men."

"All men" could have meant something different to men of the 18th century than it does in today's more globalized world.

Considering the opinions that even the abolitionists of the time openly expressed about blacks, it's pretty clear that the Founding Fathers didn't believe in equality in the sense that the term is used today and didn't consider non-whites to be their countrymen.

744d9c  No.899832


A wignat is a wigger nationalist. Think of TRS, David Duke, Richard Spencer, Traditionalist Workers Party, other Neo-Nazis. They’re aesthetically unpleasing individuals and organizations either because they’re federal informants or just low IQ psychopaths.

fb97f1  No.899837


Meanwhile AIM constantly gets doxxxxxxxed and worships Ricky Vaughn, a self-admitted GOP disruptor.

b88d9b  No.899839


>They’re aesthetically unpleasing individuals and organizations either because they’re federal informants or just low IQ psychopaths.

That's rich coming from the kind of retards who coined the term, especially the "aesthetically unpleasing" part.

744d9c  No.899840


The doxing isn’t a big deal because we’re all self-sufficient and Ricky Vaughn being doxed was a travesty, but he’s still around behind the scenes. Go fuck yourself wignat.


You’re meaning to tell me that a literal former KKK sped like Duke or apeshit wigger like Christopher Cantwell are more appealing to normal people than Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes? Try to prove me wrong on this argument or gtfo.

b88d9b  No.899842


>What the fuck is a wignat?

Did you have any doubts about Trump? Well you're a wignat. Find these zoomers cringy? Wignat. Disagree with christcucks that LARP as crusaders? Also a wignat.

744d9c  No.899843


Nice strawman faggot

fb97f1  No.899851


Can't well doesn't even pretend to be a National Socialist anymore. If anything he's trying the gay "let's just be American" bullshit that AIM is doing.

Also AIM isn't self-sufficient because I've seen the DMs, you don't do anything to help your own. And yes, we know that Ricky Vaughn is behind the scenes, he LARPs as a Trump-supporting woman now on Twitter. He's still a gay GOP operative.

As for "optics," I'm sure that AIM dressing up as clowns to disrupt a drag queen storytime looks super good to the pozzed American dumbass faggot, or maybe Nick in his ill-fitting suit and shitty green screen that he still can't chromakey correctly making "slight hints" at Holocaust denial and his 300 person paypig audience are definitely pulling in numbers.

Face it, you guys wish you were PJW and Stephen Crowder, but you don't have the balls to go full fash and you don't have the pragmatism to suck it up and pretend to be a normie conservative either. For that matter, why would you want to be a conservative? The party that most normies view as actually Hitler? And the party that has NEVER done anything for it's voterbase, except the Christian Zionists, of course. If you want to infiltrate anything, infiltrate the Democrats.


Recognize that America is the center of globohomo and needs to be critically restructured if not destroyed in order to end the poz? Wignat.

b88d9b  No.899854


>You’re meaning to tell me that a literal former KKK sped like Duke or apeshit wigger like Christopher Cantwell are more appealing to normal people than Patrick Casey and Nick Fuentes? Try to prove me wrong on this argument or gtfo.

I'm personally long past the idea of a political solution, but for starters how about the fact that David Duke hasn't been in the KKK for almost 50 years and he has actually held office. You are all practically Sargon-tier, you're not as clever or likeable as you think you are.


It's the strawman you fags created. Losing an argument? Just pretend random internet shitposters are some kind of skinhead thug that doesn't even exist in real life in any meaningful capacity, then be sure to block them of course, so their black-pilled wrongspeak can't reach your virgin ears. This is how Spic Fuentes referred to everyone who made fun of him for his 3D-chess apologetics, but of course now he pretends like it never happened now that he finally realizes Trump isn't doing shit and people are fed up. Typically E-grifters.

744d9c  No.899857


Okay wignat, if you really think we’re conservatives then I almost can’t talk to you. Nick and Patrick are paleoconservative and America First nationalists. We reject the conservative Evangelicuck dogma of the biggest Republican base and prefer to infiltrate it with genuine nationalists who’ll provide eminently reasonable policies as solutions to our problems. Wignats provide nothing but violence and chaos.


Don’t matter if Duke is no longer KKK, he still was. Nothing will change that. Tell me faggot, what did he do while in the Shittisiana House of Reps? Nothing. It’s still a shithole state full of niggers.



Unlike Spencer getting superchats from only 2 retards who listen to him gossip about us and provide no alternative solutions? Unlike Cantwell whose callers are all cringe libertarians openly talking about “Hey let’s vote Democrat but make sure it’s the worst candidates so the Republicans can beat them” or when Cantwell talks about “political migration” knowing feds and antifa listen to his show? No wait, you must love TRS podcasts which are nothing but racist garbage with 2015 memes and sound bites constitute 90% of the broadcast.

b88d9b  No.899858


>Recognize that America is the center of globohomo and needs to be critically restructured if not destroyed in order to end the poz?

America has already been destroyed, Mr.Soyrony, and I don't think the globohomo is going to last forever, it's going to be 'restructured' by someone whether we like it or not. It's not going to be you or I BTW

b88d9b  No.899861


You've got to be baiting me at this point. Are you a Spic Fuentes paypig?

>Don’t matter if Duke is no longer KKK, he still was. Nothing will change that. Tell me faggot, what did he do while in the Shittisiana House of Reps? Nothing. It’s still a shithole state full of niggers.

You asked me who was more appealing, David Duke has already held office. Where are your candidates?

You're throwing stones in glass houses here. Soyronies have shit his pants and done nothing, and they provide a silly faux-solution. Be sure to keep us updated on the 20 year plan to infiltrate the Republican party. I'm sure you have all the time in the world to pull off such a masterful political strategy even if you were capable.

b88d9b  No.899872


I should have more carefully read the post I was replying to heh.

744d9c  No.899899


We’ve infiltrated on local and even state levels lmao. Look into who aids Matt Gaetz now.

2181a9  No.900197


Literally who

967554  No.900494


Gaetz is our official candidate for 2024. Josh Hawley is another choice. They’re both America First Republicans.

2181a9  No.900495


So they're both losers, right.

cf56f8  No.900741

I swear these fuckers only ever invoke their "religion" to curse the people they're beefing with on twitter and to try to rub it in people's faces how they'll be golden in the "next life"

odd people

967554  No.900786


Fuck off nigger


Except we’re mostly devout Christians (Catholic/Orthodox) whereas the alt-right are atheist and pagan degenerates

2181a9  No.900791


The Christianity thing was an FBI psyop to divide rightist elements. And now we've seen with the likes of PT Carlo that it's working great.

967554  No.900915


PT Carlo shit his pants and did nothing wrong when he doxed Scott Greer. Just putting it out there.

cf56f8  No.900937



devoted to being useless and fostering infighting while feigning moral superiority

>alt-right are atheist

except those that aren't, and somehow also aren't spastic like you

967554  No.901003


fOsTeRiNg InFiGhTiNg

2181a9  No.901032


PT Carlo is a fucking mednigger and proof that the Christcucks exist to weaken the Right. Anyways, enjoy getting shot in your homes because your retarded ass thought you could just drape an American flag over your racism and get away with it.

967554  No.901114


>literal racism

Okay faggot, go kill yourself now.

967554  No.901116

File: bb58af0265145cd⋯.jpeg (95.68 KB, 900x729, 100:81, E9B5D52E-17CA-431F-9749-3….jpeg)

<lEtS dEsTrOy ThE iRoNyBrOs

b5172d  No.901117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Okay, get it through your fucking head…

There is no such thing as God or Christ

There is no Messiah, there never fucking was…

No Spirit, No afterlife

No Heaven, No Hell…

And no silly fucking Satan

There is only Nature

There is only the mind

You are your own God

Controller of your own destiny

If you fuck up, you redeem yourself

You control your fate

If you act like a fucking nigger then your future will reflect that

So get that fucking beer can out of your hand and stop fucking around

Get your fucking act together!

The more time you waste in a drunken stupor

The more useless you become to the Resistance. And we don't stand for useless fucks…

We come down on them like a ton of fucking bricks

So, take your booze and your heavy metal racket & get the fuck out!

Straighten up or you'll be walking…

Walking the fucking plank

Now, back to your Jew Bible…

It is time to get your heads out of the clouds…

Denounce Jesus Christ!

Reject Christianity…

That fucking Semite religion

It's 100% pure fiction…

Lies, fucking lies

Remember, Christ is a crutch & society is crippled. Society is fuc*ing botched!

So, kick that rotten Cross out from under the masses. Splinter it off

Break it apart!

Shred your Jew Bible into 6 million pieces…

Cast it into the flames…

Into the fire…

Burn baby, burn…

Watch it burn…

Fucking burn!

Jesus Christ never fucking existed…

He's a fraud. There is only Adolf Hitler

That's right

Adolf Hitler is the closest we've ever come to a fucking God

At least we know that Hitler existed…

We know he is real

And we know that he was right

Hitler was right!

Hitler was right!

Sieg fucking Heil!!!

Your Jew God cannot be documented… He cannot be verified. He's a Middle Eastern myth… and you're fucking stupid enough to believe it! Your faith is delusional. In fact, our mental institutions are literally overflowing with Jesus Freaks. Don't be one of them! Boycott booze, burn your Bible & walk away from the church That's right, we are atheist racists… We reject your Jew God. You people have become a pollution…We are here to elevate the fu*king race!

Genetics, Natural Law, Evolution!

This is the new fucking racism!

So fuck you and fuck your Jew God!

We Hail Hitler and we Hail AIDS!

This is the new fucking racism!

So, fuck you!

2181a9  No.901430


What are you even on, you schizoid?

8d66e2  No.901522


I hate the IronyBros and these hypochristians as much as the next guy, but Christ, that whole song has me desperately reaching for some coagulant.

967554  No.901632

File: b541e657a1fd4de⋯.jpeg (602.62 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 87943108-49C7-4138-AE39-9….jpeg)

File: 76a888dfd2a52b3⋯.jpeg (294.22 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 19A69411-1F04-4C29-811A-C….jpeg)



Lol stfu wignat, I spend a lot of time working out and look much better than low IQ cringe retards such as yourself.

2181a9  No.901647


Lmao, when cornered the AIMfag can only rely on how much weight he can lift up and put back down again.

967554  No.901809


Because I’m in better shape than you and it shows that I put health first, just like I do with America. You wignats put fedposting first and will all end up arrested very soon lmaooooo

968a50  No.901968


>One or two doxes happen. What can ya do?

Not use discord and keep logs of where on the bodies your members tattoos are in a plain TXT file on an insecure web server.

And that's for starters.

Then, don't go into a boomer filled bookstore just to get the 6 idiots who followed you doxed.

968a50  No.901970


Lifting weights isn't political actions, dumbass

30ee87  No.901979



967554  No.901981


>keep logs of where on the bodies your members tattoos are in a plain TXT file on an insecure web server

Huh? Fake news

>don't go into a boomer filled bookstore just to get the 6 idiots who followed you doxed

Those guys already self-doxed so I don’t know what you’re talking about lad.


It’s better than whatever you’re doing, faggot. I know you reverse searched those images so how do you like my IG? Follow me

c20927  No.902066


>everyone who gets doxxxxxxxed is their own fault

Real tight knit group you got there, glad to know your members have people to fall back on if their life goes to Hell.

7f113e  No.902121


What the fuck are you talking about you schizophrenic asshole? Everyone who crashed the book event had self-doxed months prior. The doxes that didn’t happen on the accord of members is their fault, yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a support group.

2fdb87  No.902157

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ITT: This thread

7f113e  No.902499


Fuck yourself you piece of shit faggot motherfucker

2fdb87  No.902814



Lay off the roids, brah.

7f113e  No.902875


Fuck off you piece of turd shit faggot fuck. Nobody fucking asked you /cow/tards to doxxxxxxx and harass Shawn’s brother.

c20927  No.902883


You fags threw the first stone and we're still seeing how ineffective you all are. Enjoy your super chats.

7f113e  No.903169



We don’t livestream. Also


<this person has clearly not checked out all the great things we’ve done on our Twitter

8d66e2  No.903467


>this person has clearly not checked out all the great things we’ve done on our Twitter

Like getting owned by Metokur? Getting fired from the Yang campaign? Yeah, some winners you guys are.

7f113e  No.903491


Metokur doesn’t own anyone lmao who the fuck are you trying to fool? He was bullying and harassing someone so Shawn stepped in. Shawn also never got kicked out of the official Yang campaign, just a small local chapter. Yang is the mega gey now though, so that meme is dead.

d37576  No.903901

File: 1ec30c44d1573d3⋯.jpg (78.94 KB, 570x549, 190:183, 1502666684529.jpg)


>"All men" could have meant something different to men of the 18th century than it does in today's more globalized world.

I'll go with the self-evident interpretation of what "all men" means, you fucking sperg.



OK, I think I'm getting the hang of this. The wignat is the archnemesis of the ironybro and everyone in the thread but me is either one or the other. Wignats are nonwhite and ironybros are white. The white white nationalists ironically deny the Holocaust and the nonwhite white nationalists sincerely deny the Holocaust.

2fdb87  No.904018


>He was bullying and harassing someone

This is fucking rich from you fags. You guys always team up on one guy but cry like bitches the minute anyone with talent strikes back.


Wignats is a portmanteau of "Wigger" and "Nationalist". The term refers to people who are crudely and openly racist in contrast to the self-styled IronyBros who are only "ironically" racist. Wignats routinely refer to non-whites in slurs and consider them to be less than human. Wignats usually are unkempt, uneducated, unsophisticated and presumably unintelligent. The vast majority of White Nationalist 1.0 (Tom Metzger, James Mason, Ben Klassen, Frazier Glenn Miller, George Lincoln Rockwell, every Nazi skinhead who ever lived, et cetera) are considered to be Wignats. Wignats like to demonstrate in public carrying Nazi flags and throwing Roman salutes. They're also known to have a propensity for violence.

In short, bad optics personified.

7444b4  No.904022


>George Lincoln Rockwell

>Tom Metzger

>Those faggots with the freshly folded Nazi flags that totally don't look like they just came out of a box

Those are less white niggers and more CIA niggers.

d37576  No.904033


Oh, so the 'wigger' part is less about pretending to be white and more about pretending to be civilized.

Is Andrew Anglin a wignat or an ironybro? He's only mentioned in passing in this thread, but the Daily Stormer manual of style makes it clear that he wants to be seen as someone who's just kidding:

>Most people are not comfortable with material that comes across as vitriolic, raging, non-ironic hatred.

>The unindoctrinated should not be able to tell if we are joking or not. There should also be a conscious awareness of mocking stereotypes of hateful racists. I usually think of this as self-deprecating humor - I am a racist making fun of stereotype of racists, because I don't take myself super-seriously.

>This is obviously a ploy and I actually do want to gas kikes. But that's neither here nor there.

>Serious articles are fine, and can be written and published with absolute seriousness. However, articles which take a serious tone should not include racial slurs or even rude language about other races.

Also, is there a word for the fence-sitting centrist ethnonationalist who's neither ironic nor violent?

Post last edited at

2181a9  No.904038


The only difference between people who call themselves wignats and the sarcasmbros is that wignats recognize the lack of a political solution. Ironybros call anyone they disagree with a wignat and associate obvious feds like Chris Cantwell with the group in order to disparage them.

Neither group has done anything of note and both are the definition of "extremely online."

2181a9  No.904040

File: 5370dcd982da2a2⋯.png (1.42 MB, 749x928, 749:928, message_for_k.PNG)

7444b4  No.904047

File: 24f88a903bfa9ab⋯.png (97.28 KB, 500x377, 500:377, shorten-that-to-20-words-o….png)


>Words, words, words

Are you sure that isn't some /leftypol/ tranny's idea of a right-wing meme?

2fdb87  No.904052


>is there a word for the fence-sitting centrist ethnonationalist who's neither ironic nor violent

Why yes, there is: cuck

Also: Civic Nationalist (or CivNat), Optics Cuck

2fdb87  No.904054


>Is Andrew Anglin a wignat or an ironybro?

Both, believe it or not. If I recall, he's a fan of The Weekly Sweat

2fdb87  No.904060


Exactly. As seen in this thread, IronyBros were wignats and IRL shitposters who bailed once hitting rough waters. They're using the term to deflect from their own unsavory past. I think IronyBros are wormy scum of the highest order.

Either way, both are politically irrelevant.

1d5b2e  No.904127


>I'll go with the self-evident interpretation of what "all men" means, you fucking sperg.

It's not self-evident when they didn't think blacks or Indians deserved those rights, at least in white countries. Either way, the Founding Fathers clearly weren't proto-boomers who didn't see race.

b88d9b  No.904157


>Is Andrew Anglin a wignat or an ironybro?

He is in fact a NazBol Eurasianist who's only pretending to be a White Nationalist at this point. His paypigs will never figure it out.

2181a9  No.904487


He was the stereotypical wignat until Charlottesville and he got taken off the internet. He then panicked once he realized his revenue stream dried up. Of course, because he's a comedian, not a politician, he came up with a funny, not-serious idea to get respect again. Instead of just, you know, trying to direct his followers to strengthen and depend on shit like TWP and established nationalist organizations.

7f113e  No.904787

You’re all fucking pathetic. I’m done here. Have fun “doxing the evil irony bros” you unhinged racist retards.

2181a9  No.904788


>Yang said some pandering Democrat things so we're just going to abandon him and vote Trump again


Thanks for proving you're just controlled opposition, retard.

7f113e  No.904789


We’re likely not going to vote at all unless Trump does a 180, which it seems like he’s starting to do.

35c70a  No.904848


>ever wanting anything to do with TWP retards

e01084  No.904854

File: a8db5127656d569⋯.jpg (283.86 KB, 1531x1511, 1531:1511, ricky vaughn dox.jpg)


cope til the end, faggot.

48b263  No.905106


That guy looks pretty different from Ricky Vaughn.

0484c5  No.905543

0484c5  No.905756

File: 11345afc74b5d4f⋯.jpg (60.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pleasureman Brian Uecker.jpg)


Here's another guy you might know.

e8d0f0  No.905875


Yup, they don't look much alike at all.

bc08cd  No.905992

b865e9  No.907427

Dead thread. Just the way I like it.

e15acb  No.908414

8d66e2  No.908719



And you're bumping this thread because?

b25b99  No.908969


So it remains dead

2fdb87  No.909103


…that makes no fucking sense in the world.

d36a3e  No.909990


Fellate a shotgun Nicksperg

2fdb87  No.910543



I never once pretended to be a fan of Nick Fuentes. Don't know where you got that idea from.

73e1e5  No.910673


Lol fuck off Nicksperg

1d69de  No.925819

What the fuck is it with you people and “irony bros”? Because we don’t endorse senseless violence and throw praise to Hitler, we’re suddenly the exact opposite of what we stand for? We also want America to actually become great again which sadly won’t happen with orange cheeto man, but this strawmanning of who we are is asinine as all fuck. Tell me where Paul Nehlen is now after he’s been banned everywhere? What about Patrick Little or TRS or all those dumb wignats on Twitter who get suspended every other week for fedposting? What exactly have you people accomplished? Just look at American Identity Movement and see the progress they’re making or guys like Nick Fuentes and Faith Goldy making a name for themselves fighting for the cause. Contrary to what wignats say about us, most of us are married and lead decent lives. I apologize that Beardson doesn’t watch Hitler speeches or Prince Hubris doesn’t speak at some dumb white nationalist events reciting IQ statistics and the 14 words. You retards need to stop acting so cringe and go do something better.

0c92ef  No.926146


aut-right are fags too spicposter, but spergouts like this are exactly why we shit on the irony bros

8d66e2  No.926188

File: 5ef68f45f20d526⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1920x3506, 960:1753, PrinceHubrisOwnedByMetokur.png)


>American Identity Movement

Stop shilling your gay little circlejerk. We don't care. /cow/ always has been and will continue to be a place where we laugh at the willfully stupid decisions of idiots both online and in real life.

Nobody needs to join some LARPy standard fuck party in the age of the internet where anyone can read your ideas. Intelligent people who can stand up on their own two feet will tower over those who can't. The IronyBros clearly aren't witty or intelligent enough to cultivate a fanbase beyond Alt-Right rejects who couldn't handle the banter or abandoned ship when hitting rough waters. In fact, nobody needs to be part of whatever remains of the Alt-Right to know that the IronyBros are fucking retarded.

And, just because this never gets old, Prince Hubris got clowned on HARD by Mr. Metokur.

d37576  No.926381


>Just look at American Identity Movement and see the progress they’re making

See >>894123.

be75b9  No.927499


I immediately disregard the opinion of anyone who uses the term wignat. This is a fed coined term used to divide the already tiny dissident right. AIM is a bunch of fags and patrick Casey is a midget.

88cddf  No.927823


>Shut the fuck up you cringe and bluepilled low IQ wignat. Your spic fucking hero Paul Nehlen is a shyster and played you fedposters like a fiddle.

Hey Sean is that you? I hope jail treats you as well as its treating you brother kevin after you're caught fucking that underaged tranny

8f5c41  No.928071


While it's commendable that organizations like the American Identity Movement are dropping the TWP-style wignattery and EVROPA autism in favor of a more Americanist position, I doubt they're going to be very effective with the IRL activism stuff. It just seems like a good way to get doxed.

Also, the way the ironybros childishly sulk about Big Orange Idiot Man while thinking that voting a Chinese liberal into office will definitely work in their favor is pretty pathetic. Support either one you want, but at this point you shouldn't have any illusions about how the political system operates.

e8f9cd  No.928121

If you see someone sperging out about "wignats" it's probably the sperg from the cyclical thread. He's pretty much obsessed Morpho, Morphtronic or whatever. It seems to be a term either he entirely invented himself or something that's ridiculously obscure that he's obsessed with. I have no idea what the fuck its supposed to mean and I don't give a shit.

>Legitimately has schizophrenia or something

>Posts bait but none of it is very clever, and he ends up getting mocked and owned by other people. "Attention Whore" fits him better than "troll."

>Can't seem to decide if he's a genuine fan of Nick Fluenza or if he hates him, rants about Irony Bros and Destiny.

>Will make 30-40 posts in a thread, far outweighing any potential comedy he thinks he could've created and making himself a laughing stock

>Is such a thirsty tard he'll drool obsessively over very average looking women he finds attractive out of nowhere

>Pretends to be another guy who "hates the nickposter" but still babbles about himself, giving himself away

>Shows traits of a celebrity stalker, has tried multiple times to get the attention of ecelebs through superchats, who always ignore him

>LARPs that he has connections to journos and the ADL/SPLC. He has none.

>Has tried to dox himself (or a rival he claims is him?) multiple times, but he's LITERALLY SO PATHETIC people don't even wanna bother trying to dox him

Idk if he's left-wing or right-wing, and quite frankly I don't give a shit. He's an attention whore, a schzio and a loser. Report, ignore and laugh.

edac7b  No.929177


>Lol why would Shawn go to jail? He literally did none of what you just said because the screenshots in OP were part of a gay op against him. Why do you hate hm so much? Did he own you on fucking (((Twitter))) or something

I dont follow this nigger other than the one instance I saw of him making patrick little rage. If what is in the OP is true then hes a degenerate faggot on top of being a D&C retard.

651e55  No.930557


>Nothing in OP is true

Prove it. Shawn's a loser and his brother is a scumbag.

2030b9  No.944610

File: a18828744d7b2e6⋯.jpeg (361.67 KB, 1242x832, 621:416, CDD10DAE-6B32-4956-87C9-0….jpeg)

File: 34d6016de0a2592⋯.jpeg (665.83 KB, 1242x1720, 621:860, 687C0004-B06D-4A0C-82F4-7….jpeg)

File: bc04e1d5c585b83⋯.jpeg (506.66 KB, 1242x1329, 414:443, 50145DF3-3DF4-4637-B8CF-5….jpeg)

I went around investigating and it turns out that both Nick and Jewbris are bi or homosexual. Imagine my shock!

53aa36  No.945262


Wignattery is the only way forward.

I don't want an American Identity Movement because America is the enemy.

e241d9  No.945386


Lol ok nice try FBI

9d8a73  No.945568

File: a2ed63562660452⋯.png (754.92 KB, 628x773, 628:773, 1506125639126.png)


>vocal crusaders against "degenerates" end up being ones themselves

It's like pottery.

b39fe7  No.946548

Anybody have a link to the latest weekly sweat with princehubris and beardson coping after yang blew it at the debates?

97aa69  No.947026


There is no link to that show. Lurk moar!

968a50  No.953053


It's not a pattern, repressed homos are like that a lot.

617c3d  No.953740


More Republicans support antifa than the alt-right.

This is the party you're trying to infiltrate.

5f02eb  No.954513


Didn't know that Republicans were this breadpilled! I wasn't expecting them to be so open about it. However, they are fellow cultural marxists and anti-whites afterall…

2fdb87  No.954661

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Republicans are dependent on their donors who happen to think the dissident right is a problem. They're only anti-racist to keep up appearances and to stave off any potential discrimination lawsuit that would come their way.

Also, LOL @ the fags who keep spouting wignats. Just add a smug chuckle to your posts and you'll know how you sound.

0fc663  No.954770

Holy fuck stop bumping this shit thread you assholes

8d66e2  No.954789


The IronyBros are lolcows and their fans deserve to know it.

2de0ac  No.955369


Only alt-right losers use that stupid “irony bro” term lmao kys fucking faggot

86888a  No.961338

f16fca  No.961503

File: 6559446e9836a9f⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 400x225, 16:9, bro you just posted epic.jpg)

mfw the absolute state of the alt right

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