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File: ac6fd7541bb13e8⋯.jpg (210,71 KB, 800x908, 200:227, no bad tactics.jpg)

79ce13  No.559999

Previous thread >>511377

Quick summary on what makes Bob a /cow/.

Bob is a neckbeard that sees himself as part of the liberal elite when in reality he's a useful idiot.

He thinks anyone who doesn't share his views are morons that shouldn't be allowed to vote.

He considers the working class stupid and unnecessary in current year.

He thinks being right wring is the same thing as being evil.

79ce13  No.560002

File: 7a4ecce040bf427⋯.png (40,11 KB, 535x411, 535:411, bob cut off.png)

Sad thing is that there's people out there that will take Bob's advice if you can call it that.

866b7d  No.560032

>>559999 (checked)

>in reality he's a useful idiot.

Bob isn't a useful anything.

ec1303  No.560033


Bob has no friends or any kind of socialization outside of his twitter echo chamber, so this will be pretty easy for him to do.

47a922  No.560059


Isn't that the same "advice" cult leaders give?

79ce13  No.560086

File: 45035ab19711763⋯.png (34,44 KB, 527x413, 527:413, bob vs blasphemy brown.png)

File: 3b85f1cd6c80bf0⋯.png (45,97 KB, 529x513, 529:513, bob vs blasphemy brown2.png)

Someone pissed off Bob.

2a4317  No.560183


It is. Blob is easily one of the stupidest self-proclaimed intellectuals around. Although he might actually be a genius if you think about it. Who else but Blob has created a wormhole in space so he can stick his own head up his ass?

e7c958  No.560263


Has blob ever had his own walk-in moment where his father or mother's boyfriend burst into his room while he's filming and demanded he clean up his room or retract and embarrassing statement? He's effectively the nintendo version of cwc.

f51c10  No.560287



>In his 40s

>Literally lives in his parents basement

>Compared the console wars to 9/11 and Vietnam

2eabb3  No.560294



>Listens and believe goy


How come male feminists always lack self awareness?

a65f3e  No.560344


You seriously think there are people that would cut someone off for supporting trump but haven't done so yet?

b99802  No.560383

File: 69ca1f3cdae95a8⋯.pdf (3,09 MB, 69ca1f3cdae95a80046b006f1c….pdf)

This should be in every OP of this faggot.

992834  No.560394

File: 9ecf4c3e9d50b23⋯.png (640,6 KB, 642x788, 321:394, bob basement.png)

79ce13  No.560457

File: c0bedc6958bbace⋯.png (361,99 KB, 525x601, 525:601, G. khan bob.png)

File: bc1066ef790a630⋯.png (47,32 KB, 529x381, 529:381, G. khan bob2.png)

File: c761294f326817c⋯.png (42,87 KB, 529x425, 529:425, G. khan bob3.png)

File: 982c33521f826d8⋯.png (25,7 KB, 536x377, 536:377, G. khan bob4.png)

Way to go G. Khan.

1d4ad4  No.560464


>Wow, some people are very petty

Should ban this man Moviebob, I think he is talking about you

79ce13  No.561015

File: 4d0de52885ef4cb⋯.png (50,75 KB, 537x489, 179:163, bob red blue.png)

what a cunt!

2eabb3  No.561018


How will movie bob justify democrats numbers are decreasing while the Republicans are growing? SJWs think they are majority.

2a4317  No.561052


>how much longer will a vast majority of worth and value allow itself to be pushed around by a worthless, fading few

He says while sitting on his fat ass in his mom's basement, shitting his pants and doing nothing to stand up to the "few."

47a922  No.561057

File: 5d5bc07499b7c8c⋯.png (46,96 KB, 582x256, 291:128, ClipboardImage.png)

Bob sips his MeltyRed carbonated guarana beverage harvested by hundreds of inbred tribals in the Amazon. The splinters in his chair grind against each other, desperately clinging together with their fingernails to prop Bob's massive insulin gut above the sweat puddle soaking into his offwhite basement floor. He slams his MSG-powdered fist upon the backlit logitech keyboard assembled by a dozen creaking communist chink wrists. His mouth opens and wet dust from a dozen forgotten frozen meals sprays forth from his gape.

Truly the man of the downtrodden and the voice of the oppressed.

2a4317  No.561062


>there are two types of people in the world

Funny how someone that believes in 73 different genders has such a binary view on humans.

b5a4d0  No.561090


>Side that loves homosexuals, abortion, and cutting your dick off to become something you are not

>Somehow increasing in number

Good one.

ec1303  No.561099

I wonder if "POC" lover Bob knows how many black babies are aborted every year.

71d1d0  No.561107


>Mario and Luigi were born in the Mushroom Kingdom? That doesn’t

make any sense! How’d they grow up in Brooklyn, then? Were they sent

there at some point, like Superman, unaware of their real origins? And how

were they Italian-Americans if they came from a world with no Italy and no

America? Oooh! Maybe that’ll be the plot of the next game! Maybe…

What a retard, I don't even know what this book is about, I just sorta skimmed through it and the whole thing is a rambling mess.

79ce13  No.561439

File: a73b1cfceb8b422⋯.jpg (50,63 KB, 1200x315, 80:21, VsAAAZZL.jpg)

He's a real fat sack of shit.

2eabb3  No.561442


We all know bob only pro-abortion because white women are still the second biggest abortion Havers worldwide second to Chinese women. Blacks in the United States have high abortion numbers than all of Africa. Blacks having more abortion is only an America thing. Which pro-abortionp /pol/ack always ignore or hilariously poorly defend white women killing white babies. I like to troll feminist and /pol/ on abortion all the time.

e0cca3  No.561507


That's about as nasty and unlikable as it is sad and embarrassing.

d76f89  No.561578

File: 0927e96d8e952e5⋯.jpg (74,46 KB, 567x631, 567:631, Borders1.JPG)

File: e58897536ecdd5f⋯.jpg (60,35 KB, 571x521, 571:521, Borders2.JPG)

a65f3e  No.562007


What happened to "listen and believe" bob?

0a2553  No.562123


Generally the white women who get abortions aren't the kind of women who you want passing their genes on anyway.

and just because the mother is white, doesn't mean the baby is white

bd51a6  No.562224


I hate his stupid profile picture, his fat xbox-sized hands take up like 50% of the picture.

79ce13  No.562529

File: 05767e5fbf608ac⋯.png (45,87 KB, 535x517, 535:517, bob bunker.png)

File: 6dcd12b3e02ea8b⋯.png (58,57 KB, 537x643, 537:643, bob bunker2.png)

File: eeea1bc3b1de759⋯.png (62,33 KB, 539x649, 49:59, bob bunker3.png)


47a922  No.562565


>my pet peeve is people who prepare for the biblical end times when the actual bible doesn't tell them to

These people need a tutorial to tell them to scratch their ass.

2a4317  No.562575


For Blob he also needs a four foot long stick.

c30950  No.562680


>I need to get my artistic-endeavors off the ground so I can have the funds

My jaw hit the fucking floor, how delusional can you be? If you aren't drawing porn than you aren't making any money in art.

3770bd  No.562806


Nah a bunch of jewtubers want art for their gay channels, there's also indy games, but I somehow doubt that person has a future in art.

763849  No.562992


>People who own an armory's worth of weaponry and likely practice with it daily if not weekly aren't any good with them

It's like blob lives in a fantasy world.

b99802  No.562998


I wonder how he manages to conflate that tidbit of wisdom with his belief that policemen should just cap violent criminals in the knee from 30 yards away.

79ce13  No.563192

File: aaa6bd64e2b0438⋯.png (61,97 KB, 533x643, 533:643, bob vs dolus.png)

Nice job Dolus.

b99802  No.563349


>that subtle implication that your wife's son would be black

a65f3e  No.566545


His cunning plan is to rob people with guns of their guns when he's short on guns. I don't think bob lives in a fantasy world. He's just stupid.

e0cca3  No.567156


He's not even the first twitter-addicted SoyJW I've seen say something like that. That faggot who used to be a kicker for the vikings before he got fired and tried to lie about watching a little girl get raped said essentially the same thing. >She has changed >her name to Cassandra Klew since then.

Anyway, >her tweet went something like (paraphrasing here) "don't bother giving gun manufacturers your money! When the time comes for revolution, just raid a pawn shop, hunting store or armory and other revolutionaries will teach you how to use them!"

That's so hilariously retarded I don't even want to explain what's wrong with it, because I want a group of morons like Bob to read it, think it's a good idea and actually try it.

b99802  No.567174


Um sweetie don't you know real life is like Dead Rising? #smashthefash

2eabb3  No.567175


You need girlfriend to raise some woman black son.

992834  No.567382

File: 4213870d9dba904⋯.jpg (67,26 KB, 960x865, 192:173, NPC.jpg)

File: fba117b76014f90⋯.jpg (64,82 KB, 574x503, 574:503, bob bluepilled.jpg)

Is Bob the ultimate NPC?

b99802  No.567398


He's more like a low level named mob. Just a complete glutton for punishment and embarrassment that doesn't ever seem to go away.

f13ac8  No.567520

File: 06a6e298d08bb0d⋯.gif (376,92 KB, 480x272, 30:17, 06a6e298d08bb0d7e7edf0cd8b….gif)


No because an NPC wouldn't skip his grandmother's funeral to play mario

79ce13  No.568181

File: a35f138893f939b⋯.png (51,52 KB, 535x595, 107:119, bob news.png)

File: bd968e067f1982c⋯.png (288,96 KB, 531x641, 531:641, bob news2.png)

File: 95c975cfc8cba25⋯.png (55,06 KB, 535x635, 107:127, bob news3.png)


You might be on to something because this looks like something NPCs would say to each other.

4de724  No.568518

File: 4c173091e499d2b⋯.png (2,07 MB, 1442x1666, 103:119, warmface meme.png)


Kill yourself you cuckchan rapefugee, you fucking gutted this meme with your warmface bullshit.

e0cca3  No.568566


Nobody cares about "4chan refugees" anymore, kid. The whole site is 4chan refugees.

e7c958  No.568597


Dubs confirm, 4de724 is just a sensitive pussy who can't stand that the npc meme tells him more about himself than he ever wanted to know.


It's about a lump of dried gristle defining his life via a mediocre vidya. Blob's mario obsession is weird, since he hates nintendo and shiggy for ruining his stupid bronx headcanon and has likely never played any other title in the series.

4de724  No.568599


<w-we outnumber you now, get over it!


d1ec64  No.568615


His obsession with Mario has little to do with Mario himself and a whole lot more to do with his refusal to leave his Nintendo cereal eating, He-Man and Transformer watching, NES playing 80s childhood in the past where it belongs.

763849  No.568811



Fuck off faggots, we see through your bullshit.

79ce13  No.569848

File: b316911255768fc⋯.png (60,27 KB, 533x639, 533:639, NPC bob.png)

File: ab5652b16c41617⋯.png (45,6 KB, 533x549, 533:549, NPC bob2.png)

Bob found out about the NPC meme.

1ce288  No.569904


The NPC meme is kind of retarded.

Most people have some level of consciousness/agency in the universe. The grain of truth in the NPC meme is of course that not all people are equally conscious or "awake," by any means. It's a pretty important grain of truth.

e0cca3  No.569999


>NPC meme gets posted in the thread

>Suddenly Bob starts bitching about it

Hi Bob! You're a morbidly obese failure!

e0cca3  No.570003


>"People it's okay for Trump supporters to beat up…"

Love this shitlib myth of the violent trump mobs. Tell me, which side is it that started the "punch nazis" meme?

It's settled. MovieBob is the ultimate NPC.

e7c958  No.570022



This is the first I've heard of this, wouldn't blob be triggered in a shivering, sweating heap of crisco at the sight of a physically fit man portrayed as the moral authority in a show? I also doubt the fucker played any nes games aside from the pack in smb+duck hunt and that copy of smb3.


Tell me more about your shitty non-life faggot.

e7c958  No.570030

File: 9bb31d50c2beef8⋯.gif (619,16 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 62fe7283de6f4e343e5b23a13d….gif)


Not going to sage, those quads are Godly.

b99802  No.570058


Trump merely existing makes these people hurt themselves more than they could ever actually hurt us.

cf7a58  No.570099


>"The NPC meme is offensive!"

>"Trump supporters are inferior vermin!"

2a4317  No.570437


Sounds like it's hitting a raw nerve to me.

47a922  No.570474


>hey it's almost like some people just repeat the same lines over and ov-


d09cbd  No.570501


>That overblown reaction

Exactly why it's an effective meme.

6358a3  No.570780


An overweight person giving advice on healthy decisions. Just wow

79ce13  No.570819

File: df61fcbb199543f⋯.png (75,88 KB, 531x631, 531:631, bob dis.png)

File: 9a9c91721ed27d1⋯.png (16,28 KB, 539x179, 539:179, bob dis2.png)

It's like Bob wants a foot up his ass.

b99802  No.570843


It's astounding how people still don't get this.

f379f6  No.570974


>t-the m-meme is l-lame it doesn't even have a-any e-effect


I love watching the lefty's always try and downplay how asshurt these insults always make them, they tried the same thing with cuck so much.

>h-ha I'm not a bird only birds can be cuckolds since that is the dictionary definition h-ha b-PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD!

e0cca3  No.571040


>Bob makes fun of people who don't like big corporations

Yep, he sure is a good corporate cocksucker neoliberal.

b99802  No.571094


Did you see when they tried to argue they aren't real cuckolds because it's technically not their fetish?

2eabb3  No.571232


>, he sure is a good corporate cocksucker neoliberal.

Is there a hardcore leftists that isn’t a corporate shill?

47a922  No.571561

File: 7e28430ffbd6381⋯.webm (358,36 KB, 854x480, 427:240, what in the fuck.webm)


Bob's main concern with "increasing conglomeration" is that Trump voters will make comic books.

0ca32d  No.571669

File: f65880f6083f204⋯.jpg (11,2 KB, 346x250, 173:125, 10928847_1542113199407234_….jpg)


Bob pretending he actually gives a fuck about artists when he's the actual corporate shill

e0cca3  No.571748


Yeah, but the problem is they're commies.

79ce13  No.572562

File: 6b35c9b18ba650a⋯.png (56,57 KB, 527x557, 527:557, Bob YX31.png)

File: 1ea08f1ac9253fd⋯.png (40,76 KB, 531x431, 531:431, Bob YX32.png)

This fat asshole!

4c2e58  No.572636


Kinda hard to support artists when you explicitly hate people who like artists over giant conpanies.

47a922  No.572900


What's he fucking rambling about?

317aaa  No.573095


>Note: Yes, this is what I ultimately came up with: The Care Bears are Archangels, the Cloud Keeper is an Old Testament "god," Grumpy is a sympathetic Lucifer and this is (loosely) "Paradise Lost."

b99802  No.573161


Someone must've told him he needs to lose weight.

2eabb3  No.573237



>Male feminists think fat acceptance movement will support men

7275e8  No.573414

File: 47e665461ccf0c4⋯.jpg (42,07 KB, 500x638, 250:319, Tips fedora grooms neckbea….jpg)


>still trying to force this meme

b99802  No.573416


>responding to a 5 day old post just so show how mad you are

3178b4  No.573470

File: 17c483d388cae6b⋯.gif (24,21 KB, 300x179, 300:179, GoEnglish_com_ThePotCallin….gif)


>for people with lives

Oh Bob, don't ever change.

79ce13  No.573958

File: 0270fc9d15af56e⋯.png (29,9 KB, 531x397, 531:397, Bob AV.png)

File: d9d4138c03f55a3⋯.png (48,98 KB, 533x555, 533:555, bob av2.png)

File: 76355e73bdd27e7⋯.png (64,47 KB, 527x643, 527:643, bob av3.png)

File: 02dd0f5f29a6699⋯.png (48,76 KB, 533x649, 533:649, bob av4.png)


Might be on to something there.

79ce13  No.576538

File: 2613c5573ddc714⋯.png (29,46 KB, 521x355, 521:355, nation of laws bob.png)

File: 3e09bfb90c09b43⋯.png (63,01 KB, 529x639, 529:639, nation of laws bob2.png)

File: a56d14ab0e0c774⋯.png (62,14 KB, 541x613, 541:613, nation of laws bob3.png)

Akiba if you see this thank you man.

14d8f6  No.576882


>being that desperate for vagina

Why cant he just buy some whore?

79ce13  No.577527

File: 05c133f493909ac⋯.png (74,54 KB, 539x647, 539:647, bob west devs.png)

File: b3b59ffb70bda57⋯.png (42,23 KB, 529x515, 529:515, bob west devs2.png)

File: 0cc3f188c989307⋯.png (33,52 KB, 527x339, 527:339, bob west devs3.png)

File: de148e6ccd9a77e⋯.png (197,17 KB, 531x451, 531:451, bob west devs4.png)

File: d062c43d70e9a21⋯.png (276,71 KB, 533x617, 533:617, bob west devs5.png)

Not a good week for Bob

79ce13  No.577528

File: f9685dd045c6e76⋯.png (27,47 KB, 537x274, 537:274, bob west devs6.png)

File: 469af935ca6fa4d⋯.png (57,85 KB, 535x577, 535:577, bob west devs7.png)

2eabb3  No.577548


>movie bob fanboys are probably bigger losers than him

Can someone start posting twitter screenshots of blob fans? Especially that Mario mutt guy.

79ce13  No.580463


You might be right since Dobson, Jerry Peet, and Steve Shives are fans of Bob.

2a4317  No.580807


>movie bob fanboys

It's honestly amazing that there are real people that are pathetic enough to actually like blob. Even his mom keeps him locked in the basement.

2eabb3  No.581125



There like there a lot of Potential lulz among the movie bob fans

79ce13  No.588081

File: f74ba325f4a257a⋯.png (52,14 KB, 535x495, 107:99, bob ben shapiro.png)

File: ddfd835cde72479⋯.png (21,59 KB, 535x267, 535:267, bob ben shapiro2.png)

Bob jumped the shark here.

2a4317  No.588180


>everyone that disagrees with me is hitler

You'd think with his Rick and Mortly level IQ he could come up with something at least a little different.

2eabb3  No.588556

File: abe7760082810e4⋯.png (1,07 MB, 710x1144, 355:572, 53E3E084-0AEE-400C-BEEE-56….png)


Is movie blob someone who unironically think black female Nazis fought for Germany in world war 2 because battlefield V said so?

2a4317  No.588562


>black female Nazis

That is the weirdest fucking thing to me. You'd think SJWs would be outraged they made PoC wymunz, something that is tow of their sacred cows, a nazi, something they consider the evilest thing ever.

b99802  No.588642


They only feign outrage over whatever their handlers tell them to.

ce2ef8  No.588649

File: 10bb49975dae86b⋯.jpg (128,59 KB, 689x707, 689:707, ss (2016-06-17 at 03.32.19….jpg)

File: b75ce3399de7b24⋯.jpg (150,39 KB, 690x713, 30:31, ss (2016-06-17 at 03.32.45….jpg)

File: 57b6e6199323385⋯.png (18,82 KB, 850x240, 85:24, ss (2016-07-09 at 06.34.02….png)

File: 51cd833d22f35f2⋯.jpg (32,41 KB, 597x457, 597:457, ss (2016-07-12 at 04.19.36….jpg)

File: 74a4ed8a95fa83c⋯.png (32,32 KB, 592x328, 74:41, ss (2016-07-12 at 04.24.12….png)


There are a fuck load of nigger women on Tumblr who have a boner for nazis. I used to collect screencaps of them.

a65f3e  No.588665


>the president causes bad luck!

Didn't know bob was woke to the trump curse.

a65f3e  No.588666


Okay now this is epic.

2eabb3  No.588772


Noticed how woke athiest always believe in bad luck?

142b53  No.589912

movie Bob is unironically badass Imo, I know he's a fat autistic lefty, but he's just… I dunno… Kinda powerful?

He's the fat guy who can knock down a brick parade with a punch. Also his special effects and stories are kino

41ff48  No.590012


>Cut out people with any opinion remotely not your own

>Doesn't realize that most people have done that to him and his fellow leftists

>Inadvertent Bubble creation will lead to more lulz.

41ff48  No.590014


Spotted the tranny faggot.

84636e  No.590401


What the fuck is Bob bitching about exactly?

142b53  No.590894


I belive you should back to your cointament thread full of transphobics

b99802  No.590918


Some guy at Rockstar cried about how they totally can't make a new GTA while Trump is president because the game was designed to julay you with shark cards for another 10 years because the political landscape is just too divisive and the series can't handle dating itself so dangerously like that or some shit. Just word salad garbage to keep their company at the top of the headlines in time for a new release.

8cbef1  No.590936

File: bf53acbefe7229b⋯.jpg (28,01 KB, 1663x94, 1663:94, akkk47.JPG)

File: e458fd1bdf33abc⋯.jpg (17,94 KB, 422x98, 211:49, akkk471.JPG)

File: bca8be56570f8ca⋯.jpg (15,41 KB, 707x92, 707:92, Tranny franny.JPG)


don't make me do this , just ..


2a4317  No.591092



You do a really good impression of a retarded person.

b58e83  No.592911

File: eb399ef43fd4921⋯.png (5,67 KB, 385x358, 385:358, Hillybilly Confused.png)



>Comin' back home with my pa after a night out camping in rural Kentucky

>Notice the door's been kicked open, see a fat silhouette in the window

>"Cock your gun, boy! There's a bear in the house!"

>Burst into the kitchen together like we're the Boondock Saints or some shit

>See a morbidly obese dude with glasses and a bad goatee hyperventilating while trying to shove the kitchen table out of the way

>"What in tarnation?"

>Fat guy sees us, starts freaking out

>Begins sluggishly power-walking to the decorative 1776 musket rifle on the wall pa put up for aesthetic

>Fat guy starts trying to pry it off the wall, clearing in pain and looking like he's about to shit himself with each pull

>My grandmother with bad eyesight comes out with her late husband's Garand and shoots him in the ass.

>Bullet appears to do no visible damage due to fat man's massive amount of flab

>Still shrieks like a girl and runs away like Curly from the Three Stooges

>Babbles something about the coastal overlords and some guy named Blumpf as he slips and falls face first into the pile of pig poop in our backyard

>Me and Pa's faces when

bfbfbc  No.593362

MovieBob is unironically more successful and more fit than average /pol/tard

79ce13  No.594588

File: 4742bbaa3f4c40d⋯.png (72,16 KB, 535x643, 535:643, bob weak.png)

File: a5e13a3681a164e⋯.png (46,54 KB, 529x551, 529:551, bob weak2.png)

File: f1298d71cf4bba0⋯.png (64,12 KB, 525x629, 525:629, bob weak3.png)

File: 8f07025c4b0638b⋯.png (41,2 KB, 533x413, 533:413, bob weak4.png)

This fat sack of shit is the last person to be calling anyone weak.

47a922  No.594601


>a truly "superior" individual wouldn't fight back if they were punched

These guys larp tough but spend all their time trying to convince their opponents to let them win.

0ca32d  No.594605

File: 6bb32b0ecc2beeb⋯.jpg (26,02 KB, 255x239, 255:239, carl_engineer.jpg)


>American right wingers are why we can't have globalism!

Surely it has nothing to do with China, and Islam, and enemies of the classical liberal foundation of the modern western world you hold so closely to you Bob, naw its obviously the Republicans that are why we cant have globalism, I sure wish I can be as woke as you Bob.

2eabb3  No.594607

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How soon until movie blob calls Brazil White supremacist state like the BBC/silicon valley?

The Jew fear the Monkey

79ce13  No.594791

File: bb7b7132ae6675f⋯.png (47,17 KB, 533x515, 533:515, bob red states.png)

Let's hope Bob isn't in a red state right now.

e7c958  No.594969



Is he only pretending to be retarded though? That's some weakass shilling he's doing for blob.

53ef4b  No.595990

File: e9a19039b256a02⋯.png (3,17 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, EB16E890-2B85-411A-B32E-97….png)


Hey that’s something. Has anyone ever called out bob for wanting to erase the cultures of minorities via globalization?

The one big world bob wants would require countries to leave their current culture behind and adopt a presumably American based one

f51c10  No.596056


He is over 20 years older than most of them, and that's still not true. Does Bob even make 20k a year?

73b897  No.596389


This fat, balding little man seems to spend a good portion of his daily life rambling on Twitter about Ttrump, while the rest of the day goes to producing his videos where he rambles about pop culture and Mario.

I feel like he is going to die from a heart attack one of these days, a man can only hold so much anger and frustration.

79ce13  No.598517

File: 68ec696b99e7263⋯.png (45,47 KB, 535x435, 107:87, bob nra.png)

File: db04bfa6174577c⋯.png (43,66 KB, 531x433, 531:433, bob nra2.png)

How deep can Bob shove his head up his own ass?

4392ed  No.598569


Never go full /pol/

2eabb3  No.598881

File: ceb238945890a16⋯.jpeg (93,16 KB, 1080x741, 360:247, 460343E4-4BC4-4136-AD5C-3….jpeg)



Someone needs to send these tweets/screenshots to The escapist. Bob will probably delete those tweets and go on full damage control soon.

47a922  No.598930


>these three billionaires seem to be pushing an agenda


Bob you can't just say that you madman!

1ce288  No.599024


>weakness is a choice!

This is your brain on liberalism. Because when nothing can be biologically inherent, everything must be a moral failing.

1ce288  No.599026


It's like he's semi-sane until he has to connect it to some bizarre lefty talking point.

992834  No.599105

File: 59961b46e8e5828⋯.jpeg (96,65 KB, 1024x1011, 1024:1011, ouroboros.png.jpeg)


>How deep can Bob shove his head up his own ass?

At this point it's his ass that is being pushed towards his head, it's like an ouroboros infinite cycle of stupidity.

992834  No.599256

File: 17ec454c9faed52⋯.png (158,34 KB, 326x269, 326:269, around elves.png)


The equivalent of jews in high fantasy settings are elves tho.

b99802  No.599260


Only the shitty ones.

79ce13  No.599302

File: ec27a9be5704940⋯.png (55,41 KB, 533x623, 533:623, bob projects.png)

Holy shit!

b99802  No.599309


He really is just assblasted that he couldn't play Mario 24/7 as a kid even over 30 years later.

47a922  No.599801


Stupid people do scare easily. Also a republican was just voted into office, it's only a matter of time until jews will be shoved into ovens, help we're all going to be murdered.

2a4317  No.599814


>stupid people scare easy

>but i'm a smurt boi who just so happens to hysterically overreact to everything i don't like

b19658  No.601987


>He's the fat guy who can knock down a…

Who the fuck talks like this? Is this what all those bitch hormones do to your frontal lobe?

b19658  No.602016


>bob going full /pol/


0ca32d  No.602567



Why does Bob make so many bipartisan issues about Republicans specifically? I'm a registered Republican but my understanding is that a lot of Democrats still support the second amendment and the Church. Are they also stupid as Bob claims?

79ce13  No.603323

File: 0327fb258bdd540⋯.png (127,32 KB, 469x569, 469:569, bob sep.png)

File: e546dc69b5a770f⋯.png (60,97 KB, 473x641, 473:641, bob sep2.png)

In true neckbeard fashion Bob hates it when he's criticized.

2eabb3  No.603895


>I'm a registered Republican but my understanding is that a lot of Democrats still support the second amendment and the Church. Are they also stupid as Bob claims?

Blob ignores the fact democrats are taking a hit because they ignore the conservative base of their party. Democrats use to be a centrist party not a liberal party.

2eabb3  No.603898


Even channel awesome cunts making fun of movie bob now?

e277f9  No.604428


>Trump recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel, assblasting anti-Zionoist and Arabs

>Precious Daughter married a Jew and converted to Judaism

>Jew son-in-law is an influential adviser

>Steven Miller one of the strongest anti-immigrant advisors to Trump is yamaka wearing Jew

A bunch of angry social rejects in white polos, apart of an internet movement in shambles, is indicative of the American right wing though.

de9547  No.604798



I'd love to see him shipped out to west virginia or the rust belt and get into heated arguments with bluedog democrats. Bear in mind that blob opposed Bernie on the grounds the Bernie was being too generous to workers in middle America, who in Bob's mind should be absolutely crushed. He's a so called progressive that throws social welfare under the bus just to spite rednecks. The funny thing is that he probably doesn't encounter these people very much up in MA

b99802  No.604829


He also definitely gets welfare himself.

79ce13  No.604834

File: 8878ba6043c36af⋯.png (225,03 KB, 631x645, 631:645, bob women.png)

File: 798e1532ab3a610⋯.png (35,54 KB, 625x363, 625:363, bob women2.png)

File: 0927b9ebb4763cb⋯.png (261,24 KB, 627x621, 209:207, bob women3.png)

File: db6cae7a87521ee⋯.png (30 KB, 633x345, 211:115, bob women4.png)

I bet Bob and his fans would love to roundhouse kick female Trump supporters.

2eabb3  No.604945


Do bluedog Democrats even exist anymore? The reason why trump exploded in popularity is because he Rally the conservatives the GOP tried to purge from the party. I doubt dem going to rally the bluedog Democrats.

2eabb3  No.604946


Noticed how bob fans always look like sex offenders and stereotypical incels they like to make fun of?

79ce13  No.605469

File: 16200079b794e57⋯.png (66,64 KB, 625x561, 625:561, bob diablo.png)

He is so punchable.

de9547  No.605479


That's exactly what happened, but I just think it would be interesting to send bob back to 2014 when they did exist and watch him tell them "I'm progressive but fuck your family and income."

b58e83  No.605497


Bob's doing the South Park "mocking both sides" thing he criticizes.

Also, why are all your comments on Bob screencaps so boring and generic?

16b831  No.605500

just let him bleed out from diabetus

b58e83  No.605511


The problem is the democratic party has been completely overtaken by corporate interests and lobbyists. That's why they lean on identity politics so hard, because they don't have any principles they haven't sold out on. The middle class had to bite the bullet because the dems needed money and favors from their corporate overlords.

2d192e  No.605527


This comes off as attacking his own side for being overreacting fags who jump at everything. At least thats how I'll read it as.

b99802  No.605727


Because half of them are bots I guarantee it.

59b103  No.605734

File: 02b0158356ee751⋯.png (576,12 KB, 1222x682, 611:341, antithinker.png)


a65f3e  No.608995


Bob detects a coincidence!

47a922  No.609409


>blob opposed Bernie on the grounds the Bernie was being too generous to workers in middle America

I'm convinced that Bob's entire political ideology is based around "How can I get back at the blonde jocks who bullied me in highschool?"

b99802  No.609447


I guarantee you he was never once actually bullied. People who obsess over it never were.

e3990a  No.609983


Don't even think its that complex. More like "People Who Support Orange Man Bad!"

79ce13  No.623448

File: 71fa63b8e19f72b⋯.png (71,92 KB, 471x637, 471:637, Bob pelosi.png)

The things that come out of Bob's mouth!

79ce13  No.625254

File: a85968ce2c8d3bc⋯.png (63,44 KB, 465x639, 155:213, Bob pelosi2.png)

How far left is Bob?

a65f3e  No.625440


>political stagecraft

lol he's got his own term for 4D chess.

2eabb3  No.625521



>lol he's got his own term for 4D chess.

Movie bob probably thinks the blue check mark on twitter means he a Real celebrity.

b58e83  No.625692


Bob isn't actually very far left at all. He's a mainstream corporate-cocksucker democrat who tows the party line exactly when he's expected to.

7b8146  No.625738


So he's the equivalent of a 2004-era Bushite who had a "Support our Troops" sticker on their car and said that Iraq needed "democracy"?

As in, no actual fucking difference at all.

83e618  No.626523


I bet the "jocks" were just normal kids and the "bullying" was just them telling the weird Mario autist to fuck off when he couldn't shut up about how much he wants to suck Miyamoto's cock. Bob has his head so far up his ass, the would perceive anyone as a bully who doesn't recognize him as the insightful intellectual he is.

7e55d3  No.626541

71cf4c  No.626632


Jesus I would have bullied this kid to death.

93cb9f  No.633084


Why doesn't Bob just put his money where his mouth is and make a political show for jew tube



<unless he knows he is just parroting pseudo intellectual talking points

ec1303  No.633565


They probably didn't even acknowledge him and he just kept to himself. he just resented them because they got all the girls and attention. Usually it's not the "jocks" or popular kids that bully, it's the vo-tech type kids that do.

0a2553  No.633815

File: bb617ae5f8ae3ca⋯.jpg (21,11 KB, 494x484, 247:242, fuck make it stop.jpg)

3178b4  No.634230

File: 39d91293040ad91⋯.webm (1,7 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, laughter.webm)


>checkin' out women.

>90% of Anime, (or Japanimation,) is excessively violent, full of blood, packed with gore and naked women. (I'm a big fan of the first two, but naked cartoon women fail to turn me on no matter how well drawn.)

>MiSTies. Yup, MiSTies. Think of us as Trekkies with LIVES.

Holy shit this is fucking gold. Aside from the CHECKIN OUT WOMYN his smug self-importance barely changed in 20 years.

79ce13  No.634824

File: 4de778d276ac141⋯.png (36,64 KB, 471x365, 471:365, bobsalad.png)

So smug.

2a4317  No.635215


>But it ALSO means I acknowledge that there is NO reality of nature humans cannot defy, overwrite, rise about of change.


0b4e66  No.635284


not at all

b99802  No.635345


And niggertry.

2eabb3  No.635370

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I believe in science

>There more than two genders

>You are healthy at any size

>Women find male feminists attractive

>it a myth that women like masculine fit men

>Islam is progressive

47a922  No.635372


>i believe in science

>but i also believe we can ignore science if it hurts our feelings

7e55d3  No.635566

2eabb3  No.635666


The escapist deserves it by rehiring bob.

371202  No.635720


When the Devil is right, you have to give Him His due.

However, I also think that (((Marks))) knew about this suit ahead of time and hired Bob as an attempt to appease the mob. Trouble is, the appetite of the mob is insatiable as Bob's appetite for food.

7e55d3  No.635801

File: f64413c88ef2701⋯.webm (179,01 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Big Guy shuts down report….webm)


>However, I also think that (((Marks))) knew about this suit ahead of time and hired Bob as an attempt to appease the mob. Trouble is, the appetite of the mob is insatiable as Bob's appetite for food.

660287  No.636042


This right here is why God flooded the earth.

95c3fd  No.636749


>there is no reality humans can't change

>is somehow baffled that Trump got elected

7e55d3  No.637583

File: 4f010d1e215c93b⋯.png (109,73 KB, 869x912, 869:912, MovieBob fanfiction 1.PNG)

File: 3f0082dbed85f00⋯.png (51,87 KB, 876x413, 876:413, MovieBob fanfiction 2.PNG)


This segues nicely into a post I wanted to make

A while back these guys (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWgZUBwK714) did a stream and their guest was a guy who knew MovieBob from way back on IRC when Bob was apparently a committed atheist who believed that death was a social construct. The guy claims that MovieBob also wrote a terrible fanfiction which was basically a rip-off of Captain N The Game Master but with Bob as a self-insert in place of Captain N and the forces of evil were 2000s era FPSes.

Anyway, I looked all over for this fanfiction and had no luck in finding the original. But I asked the guy on stream about it (on plebbit) and he gave me a hugely detailed summary of it which I'm reposting here for you all to enjoy

7e55d3  No.642975


>Aside from the CHECKIN OUT WOMYN his smug self-importance barely changed in 20 years

He still thirsts for womyn.

Most male feminists at least try not to make it obvious that they're only male feminists to get cunt. But Bob is so autistic and so incapable of controlling his power level that he often lets it be known that, yes, he is a male feminist just to try (and miserably fail) to get pussy

79ce13  No.642994

File: 38658dfcef02057⋯.png (123,62 KB, 471x595, 471:595, bob hillary.png)

Even Hillary Clinton isn't far enough to the left for Bob.

180ffd  No.643038


Bob Chipman is a retard.

2a4317  No.643126


Hillary isn't really left anyway. Not that long ago she was against fag marriage. She's whatever she thinks will get her elected.

b99802  No.643167


Sounds pretty left to me.

7e55d3  No.643365


Funnily enough Bob attempts to rationalise this by saying that Hilary and Obama were 'only pretending' to be against gay marriage

79ce13  No.645831

File: 9e2c88b49c9320b⋯.png (115,83 KB, 465x587, 465:587, bob obscenity.png)

Bob wants to strip rights from someone yet he calls himself progressive?

b58e83  No.645995


Bob's a closet eugenicist, of course he doesn't believe "inferiors" should have rights.

b58e83  No.646003


Bobby was an airheaded cheerleader for Hilldog for years, and sang the praises of her neoliberal corporatism up until now. I guess "MUH REFUGEES" is more important than "MUH WOMEN"

220a14  No.646588

File: 0f57a19430f9461⋯.jpeg (239,72 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DsowhAhUUAAQ0Hs.jpeg)

>this counts as food in the Chipman household

baf681  No.646757


This is SoK-tier.

>food that isn't a salad


It's not exactly great, but looks like just a macaroni and cheese casserol with what looks like broccoli and fried chicken. Pretty nasty, but still food.

220a14  No.646787


>willingly eating only the moldy parts of blue cheese

I shiggy diggy

920f3a  No.646789


Shut up weenie, that shit looks rotten.

47a922  No.646805

File: 1e1b89049a5746c⋯.png (166,53 KB, 913x502, 913:502, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0f85db82dac6a6⋯.png (51,54 KB, 605x577, 605:577, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 141cb6b204c6f27⋯.png (18,36 KB, 602x221, 602:221, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1ba51cc83ca92e5⋯.png (36,77 KB, 605x332, 605:332, ClipboardImage.png)

Manchild Moviebob fan.

2eabb3  No.646841

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Not only he a loser manchild

>looks up to a loser like movie blob

Please dig up more information. I have a feeling he a sex offender.

2a4317  No.647056


>I have a feeling he a sex offender.

He's a male feminist. He's definitely a sex offender.

b58e83  No.647399

File: 5ecd028cf3527fb⋯.gif (720,14 KB, 418x329, 418:329, Seeing a girl in public.gif)


Highly underrated post. If true, this sounds like a masterpiece of bad fan fiction. We must find proof it existed.

Start by searching the fanfic archive on TvTrope's "horrible" page and go from there.

79ce13  No.650342

File: 423f6655d4b0208⋯.png (100,15 KB, 475x497, 475:497, bob x.png)

File: 7288939d6f9ef48⋯.png (52,69 KB, 471x591, 157:197, bob x2.png)

File: 7d87dc92afbd157⋯.png (93,69 KB, 469x647, 469:647, bob x3.png)

Oh shit!

b58e83  No.650691


>Most of the X-Men are white

This person has never picked up a single issue of X-Men in their fucking life.

09fce9  No.650732


>storm doesnt exist

2eabb3  No.650762

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Bob not even being original with retardation. Animation domination based the x-men for having too many white characters. SJW turning on x-men never not be amusing to me. X-men use to be the most leftist comic out there.

b54af7  No.651144


If she isn't complaining about racism every second, she must be just as bad those evil nazi white men!

7e55d3  No.651437


>Start by searching the fanfic archive on TvTrope's "horrible" page and go from there.

Tried it. I meticulously searched archives of TVTropes' 'So Bad It's Horrible'. Couldn't find anything so I tried 'So Bad It's Good'. Nothing. Then, on the theory that people are stupid enough to like Bob, I tried simply searching through their fanfiction. Couldn't find it there either. So either it was never on TVTropes or the spotty archiving didn't catch it.

I also tried looking thorough archives of Project AFTER. Project AFTER was a site and forum dedicated to mocking bad fanfiction. They even did a mock of Bob's SMB3 Brick-by-Brick (archive here: http://archive.is/http://www.projectafterforums.com/index.php?showtopic=4792* ) ThatGamingAsshole mentioned on the original stream that Bob's fanfiction was featured on 'best of the worst' Project AFTER had an Essentials list, subtitled 'Best of the absolute worst', so I thought there was a reason he remembered that exact phrase. But Project AFTER went down last year and, though it was extensively archived, they didn't archive everything and a lot of fanfiction on there couldn't be found anywhere else.

Bob, for his part, denies the thing ever existed. I don't believe ThatGamingAsshole is lying, because A) he has nothing to gain by doing so and B) his summary is too detailed and sounds too much like Bob to be completely made up, so my conclusion is that this thing must be supremely awful for the guy who decided Brick-by-Brick and Gameovereater should be seen by the public to pretend that it never existed.

7e55d3  No.651447


>I didn't know that so many of your followers had their funnybones surgically removed

Or it could be that Bob isn't funny and never was.

Seriously, is there anything worse than being MovieBob dickrider?

d0bc12  No.655797


The Fried Chicken Mac and cheese is alright, but look at the size of it.

You know Movieblob is the only one eating it in his parent's basement.

79ce13  No.658034

File: 149d7d6bc4a49bb⋯.png (71,56 KB, 471x623, 471:623, bob bernie.png)

File: 6071bd61f876ba9⋯.png (47,49 KB, 475x527, 475:527, bob bernie2.png)

I'm sure that a thousand fedoras came into existence when he posted these tweets.

47a922  No.658074


>the white working class holds us back

They're going to end up paying for your triple bypass you tub of goo.

2a4317  No.658107


Who does he think grows/raises the food he gouges himself on daily?

99439a  No.658140


Underpants gnomes, probably.

2eabb3  No.658175


White working class pays for bob welfare

2a4317  No.658202


The sad thing is I can see him actually believing food is made by magical fairies or something and delivered to his mom so she can feed him.

83e618  No.661444

File: 8a223140c248b4e⋯.jpeg (113,59 KB, 450x585, 10:13, serveimage.jpeg)


This needs to made into a Sonichu-like comic, it would be the most awesome thing. Even better if we could somehow trick Bob into drawing it himself.

79ce13  No.675650

File: f3654f6771a1b01⋯.png (41,99 KB, 473x525, 473:525, bob speech.png)

File: 8c3a8e6ca33e8ca⋯.png (54,12 KB, 471x641, 471:641, bob speech2.png)

Yet another thing goes over Bob's head.

2eabb3  No.677983


>Everyone who disagree with me is a literal Nazi

5c0da2  No.677988


why is bob so stupid, is it because he's fat

e3990a  No.678017

e3990a  No.678019


Well fuck, forgot to post. Anyway, Bob being a fat fucking moron is more of a symptom of his stupidity not a cause of it.

c09a5c  No.678046


Name a single not stupid fatass.

c8265e  No.678113


Orson Welles

dd031d  No.678140

File: f0ff5f963093001⋯.jpg (177,96 KB, 1200x1527, 400:509, 1200px-Sir_Winston_Churchi….jpg)


Yeah, I know he was thin as a young man but if becoming fat automatically made you stupid then he'd be a blithering idiot rather than the man who saved Britain.

c8265e  No.678146


William the Conqueror

c8265e  No.678184

File: 0a2ea64ae47bc1f⋯.jpg (17,93 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 12209213.jpg)


dd031d  No.678212


You're the guy who asked for naming one fat person who wasn't an idiot. While, yes, the majority are stupid there are exceptions to the rule. It's like how the existence of Thomas Sowell doesn't disprove the idea that niggers are morons on the aggregate but it also doesn't disprove that Thomas Sowell himself is a very intelligent man.

b99802  No.678214



Tell your latin teacher to do a better job.

4a7f6c  No.680138


How is being a wage slave for big city companies that pay shit better than the farmer?

e3990a  No.680151


BeCaUsE cItIeS hAvE cUlTuRe.

Brb, I need to go to the auto store for the 3rd time this month. Drivers side window keeps getting busted out. Costs $1800/mo. to live in some shoebox apartment but at least I'm surrounded by intelligent urbanites.

baf681  No.680232

File: 2a80aab8821358a⋯.jpg (273,76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mizface.jpg)



>being this much of a cringelord

a9b404  No.681232

What a fat pig

79ce13  No.683338

File: 1f23aa13e5b365e⋯.png (163,74 KB, 463x597, 463:597, Bob cherry nazi.png)

File: a3130b9c1109493⋯.png (61,01 KB, 471x613, 471:613, Bob cherry nazi2.png)


You can say that again.

be886d  No.683710

File: 336b7aef49e0e9c⋯.jpg (18,5 KB, 243x233, 243:233, the_time_has_come_to_be_re….jpg)


<nazis don't deserve to live, kill them all

<anyone who disagrees is a nazi

>right back at you

<h-h-hey, can't we talk about this

79ce13  No.685106

File: bf932b179413318⋯.png (39,28 KB, 473x487, 473:487, bob dope.png)

File: 2b768c4a04165a1⋯.png (52,89 KB, 467x551, 467:551, bob dope2.png)

Bob just keeps proving stupid he really is.

2eabb3  No.685128


This is the cunt who called BLM history of riots, cops killings and political violence brave and righteous. I hope he gets mugged by a black guy

ec1303  No.685237

He never explains WHY white people are obsolete anyway.

2a4317  No.685308


Because he doesn't know. He just regurgitates progressive talking points hoping there's some landwhale out there with enough daddy issues to touch his penis.

79ce13  No.685457


>hoping there's some landwhale out there with enough daddy issues to touch his penis.

You do know that neckbeards like Bob only go after women that are waaay out of his league and landwales go after dudes that are out of theirs'?

b99802  No.685459


I'd say even a landwhale is out of blob's league.

2a4317  No.685478


A cheap blowup doll is out of blob's league.

79ce13  No.685499

File: 0a955a334ef962e⋯.png (63,85 KB, 469x587, 469:587, bob ho ho no.png)

Bob's begging for a fisting here.

ec1303  No.685603


So leftists are cool with the concept of santa claus when it's convenient for them.

b99802  No.685659


I figured leftists always loved free shit.

2a4317  No.685896


So I guess this is what blob did with his Christmas. Not surprising considering his parents probably won't let him out of the basement when family is over.

79ce13  No.686362

File: f9fa0e3eab77a3d⋯.png (51,52 KB, 465x533, 465:533, bob vs japan.png)

Too bad for Bob that Nationalism gains popularly every time someone on the left opens their mouth.

f01d77  No.686543

How much did Trump broke this guy? Holy shit.

It's hilarious to see though, the manchild whose greatest life achievement is publishing an e-book about how the Mario cartoon changed his life is going on a downstream spiral of madness due to a reality show host becoming president.

e37cb6  No.686548


Yeah, how dare another country continue their traditions! Are we sure Bob's mad at the Japan because he's a leftist or because they're killing the few relatives that won't make him sit in the car when other family is over?

b99802  No.686569


He also doesn't seem to understand that for every Japanese whaling boat not being allowed out in waters a dozen chink ones will do the same thing anyway unregulated causing ten times the environmental damage.

2eabb3  No.686573

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How much did Trump broke this guy?




>Halo is literally racist white supremacy propaganda

>Halo has no black characters

>Halo pro Nazi because the convant were multicultural and diverse

>Halo pro coveant and flood genocide

Movie blob always been a special kind of retarded long before trump got elected. Only thing more retarded than him Is 343 industries listened too Game journalists like blobby bob.

2eabb3  No.686589

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I love how he thinks japan ever stopped whaling. He also ether ignoring or clueless on the biggest whalers in the world is still China and native Americans. Native Americans are worse overfishers in North America. Liberal courts and ((environmentalists)) turn a blind eye to them. Hell Not only Indian casinos are not clean places. They are often tax Exam and abused labor laws which even mafia owned cashinos obay.

79ce13  No.686779

File: 394f5d4fbadee4a⋯.png (42,84 KB, 471x445, 471:445, bob the asshole.png)

File: c2703856945ba99⋯.png (42,66 KB, 467x445, 467:445, bob the asshole2.png)

File: 9a1e3dadca5bb2b⋯.png (54,89 KB, 465x569, 465:569, bob the asshole3.png)

File: 66a9dcb8c7650c4⋯.png (68,07 KB, 467x647, 467:647, bob the asshole4.png)

File: 7fca1fe5f5cfaea⋯.png (55,89 KB, 473x637, 473:637, bob the asshole5.png)

And Bob and his followers call themselves tolerant.

2eabb3  No.686786


Start doxxxxxing blob fans. I bet half of them are sex offenders or advocating violence/post threats online. Hell movie bob called for violence so much on twitter. We can report him to the fbi at this point.

b99802  No.686808


I guarantee half of them are sockpuppets.

79ce13  No.686937

File: e977e2f752601d6⋯.png (46,07 KB, 465x485, 93:97, bob projecting.png)

What Bob is saying here is more true of him than anyone he thinks is a Nazi.

b58e83  No.686939

File: 01b8b02b6362b7b⋯.jpg (40,87 KB, 289x425, 17:25, BowlOfStupid.jpg)


>"Too stupid to be considered sentient"

>Says the man who ate himself into Type 2 Diabetes and hasn't lost a single pound since the diagnosis

38bdba  No.687160

You know, its funny. I remember watching MovieBob back when he first came out with the whole "OverThinker" character and one of his earliest videos was about how the sexualization of strong women in games is perfectly fine and how maybe hot ladies should give nerds a chance, even if they come off as creepy at first. I went back through his archives and found out it was episode 6 and that it was removed from his youtube and blogspot pages after he started getting headhunted by SJWs. If anyone could dig up that episode and blast it, getting his SJW friends to disavow him might get him to kill himself or something

38bdba  No.687163


Do you have a source on tribal overfishing?

434a51  No.687169

File: 093056deaec327b⋯.png (389,71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 093056deaec327bd3e63c1c405….png)


>Decide to give it a shot by playing anything other than CE first

>Halo has no black characters

Even an insane person can get these two right.

>Bob liking a theocracy that enslaves other races to commit genocide in the name of their religion

>A united planet Earth is just not diverse enough

2eabb3  No.687332


>Do you have a source on tribal overfishing?

Pretty much all elected officials in Washington and California outright let tribes break environmental laws and ((journalists )) are outright rage that tribes might face the same fishing laws as anyone else. http://thelens.news/2016/05/03/state-tribes-dispute-shuts-down-puget-sound-salmon-fishing-season-for-now/


79ce13  No.687575

File: 551880a8b7a08e7⋯.png (55,28 KB, 469x475, 469:475, bob looking down on woman.png)

File: 2f99475d61c5d38⋯.png (54,56 KB, 471x587, 471:587, bob looking down on woman2.png)

File: fa7a4579fae40e2⋯.png (18,27 KB, 468x206, 234:103, bob looking down on woman3.png)

Like any other male feminist Bob is quick to shit on a woman that is not a feminist.

b58e83  No.687609


I don't know what you're talking about! Calling women dried-up cumsleeves and telling them that once they're no longer fuckable they'll be useless human garbage is the most feminist thing you can say! It really owns those cons!

79ce13  No.688098

File: d727868e15e0df3⋯.png (51,24 KB, 471x649, 471:649, bob blue collar.png)

File: ccdf086a8fc65c8⋯.png (21,29 KB, 473x287, 473:287, bob blue collar2.png)

Fucking hell.

80d0cf  No.695723

File: 1c085ef17bc3c33⋯.jpg (36,14 KB, 592x299, 592:299, IMG_20190106_113518.jpg)

3178b4  No.695737

File: 3fb6a739696c2f0⋯.png (125,17 KB, 538x1392, 269:696, Screenshot_2019-01-06 Bob ….png)


Have the whole thing

>MK's fighting system is good

>Mobile games are good

>Doom is hard


>Cave Story is ok


The one about Doom just epitomizes just how absolutely shit Bob is at games.

79ce13  No.695758

File: a12c3b4d5888d1e⋯.png (51,25 KB, 475x627, 25:33, bob fuq.png)

File: a2fedcc436195a2⋯.png (31,61 KB, 467x359, 467:359, bob fuq2.png)

Male feminists have really been going after female right wringers lately.

79ce13  No.696856

File: 89730d57a5cde58⋯.png (55,53 KB, 475x639, 475:639, bob treated.png)

File: 7b320b461e06eaf⋯.png (90,2 KB, 469x657, 469:657, bob treated2.png)

File: 42cdba3c9f08bc3⋯.png (57,35 KB, 475x629, 475:629, bob treated3.png)

File: 2e2e4f87a5a83f5⋯.png (25,36 KB, 475x313, 475:313, bob treated4.png)

Bob and his fans get triggered.

79ce13  No.698131

File: ac0bd60f0f88f17⋯.png (33,85 KB, 480x319, 480:319, bob piss wall.png)

Can't help but to think that Bob was smelling his own farts when he was writing this.

f76bee  No.699447

It's a shame. I watched the very first few Game Overthinker episodes, as well as all his pre-gamergate Escapist cocks. He didn't used to be this insane, I guess turbulent 2017 made something in him snap and turn into this insufferable idiot.

The skits were always bad though.

79ce13  No.699576

File: b6047e08fddc954⋯.png (370,43 KB, 957x579, 319:193, bob money.png)

What kind of people are giving this crazy hateful dumbass money?

35b5a1  No.699615


Other crazy hateful dumbasses. He's not taking in as big of a haul as it appears as paypig takes a cut and Massachusetts bends him over come tax season

b99802  No.699633


Whenever it was he started going on about Halo being jingoist war propaganda was the point he officially lost it.

2eabb3  No.699640

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Surprised no one brought up movie blob is only an atheist because he saw Kevin Smith dogma. The movie that ended with a pro-religious outlook and made fun of the hypocrisy of organized atheism long before the youtube skeptic community was a thing. Talk about missing the whole point of dogma.

Also Who the fuck gets triggered by Dennis miller?

2eabb3  No.699641

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bob sees Kevin Smith as a adopted self insert of himself. He more salty over Kevin Smith conservative/libertarian learnings more than the decline of his films.

f76bee  No.699723


No, it was worse. He was arguing that Halo was pro eugenics because Master Chief has blue eyes. That was literally his argument.

He had a lot of good videos after that in my opinion, but that was the first time I finished one of his videos and thought he was a fucking dumbass.

3178b4  No.700040

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




The Halo Nazi episode was back in mid 2011. He's been an insufferable idiot for the last 7 years.

>He had a lot of good videos after that in my opinion

No, he didn't.

3178b4  No.700045


He also gets his facts straight up wrong right at the start, saying Smith apologized for making Mallrats even though it's common knowledge the apology Smith made was done in jest. Just another example of Bob claiming to be a "geek" about shit yet failing to do the most basic ass research anyone else can do.

79ce13  No.700429


The closest thing that the fedora tipper does to research is asking people in echo chamber about a topic and taking their word for it, why else would he compare #Gamergate to Neo Nazis?

2eabb3  No.700451

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Thinking back now. Not sure who was worse. The original new atheism or the proto-furry fandom. They both pretty invented male feminism, LE geek culture and shoehorning identify politics. Hell, the fact the youtube skeptic community still suck off amazing atheist is proof that new atheism promoted the same levels of sexual deviancy as furries. People should’ve known new atheism was full of shit when Richard Dawkins started his bus ads campaign telling atheists to send money to him instead of the church. Now Richard Dawkins promoting feminist rape of science and defending Islam like the majority of new atheism celebrities.

b58e83  No.700488


"Atheism" in general is dogshit. Not believing in spirituality is one thing, but trying to base your entire identity on how smart you are for not believing is by its very nature autistic, narcissistic and prone to failure.

b99802  No.700729


tvtropes was the petri dish for all this bullshit pretty much.

992834  No.700771

File: 8adb0406b984e8e⋯.jpg (50,77 KB, 599x382, 599:382, Dawkins.jpg)


Dawkins realized too late in his life that Islam is a much bigger cancer than Christianity.

b99802  No.700854


Like most kikes and kike accessories his supposed regret is half hearted at most and he takes no effort to correct any of the mistakes he claims to have made. Fuck him.

1b9f64  No.701107


Good thing it's a strawman then

b58e83  No.701138


Is it, anon? Are you going to tell me guys like TJ Kirk and Dusty Smith don't base their entire personalities around that exact kind of thing?

1b9f64  No.701416


Kirk is a prick, but he's like that about most things, no? Most of his yt-identity is like that, but I don't know what he does irl. But I'm sure you could find a dozen people fitting you'r description, I just don't thinkg it's true about most.

79ce13  No.702745

File: d44179e6401ad11⋯.png (38,6 KB, 457x469, 457:469, bob words.png)

File: f3d25a6efe21d2b⋯.png (46,12 KB, 457x495, 457:495, bob words2.png)

File: 58383460004f173⋯.png (25,6 KB, 471x323, 471:323, bob words3.png)

Thank you Juan Roriston.

b99802  No.702801



You seem really assblasted about people making fun of braindead fashion atheists for some reason.

b58e83  No.703006

File: 254da521f5da885⋯.png (463,27 KB, 2728x2148, 682:537, Mabel converts to YouTube ….png)


>There's mountains of EVIDENCE, there's just no PROOF

That's the stupidest statement I've ever read in my life. I can totally understand why it sounded good in his head, but when released from the vacuum of his grease-soaked brain and put into reality, it is by far the dumbest thing I've heard all damn day.

and I owe Juan Roriston a beer for the way he handled Bob. He said what we were all thinking.

53d910  No.703050

File: 69046b7b4e5faf6⋯.jpg (23,29 KB, 579x450, 193:150, 69046b7b4e5faf6fb994c97922….jpg)


>There is PROOF but not EVIDENCE

You obese greasy fuck, you need evidence to get proof. You're too proud to be wise and too fat to grow old.

79ce13  No.710251

File: 27b726bb9618856⋯.png (76,88 KB, 469x591, 469:591, bob gillette.png)

File: 838e6ac35d13685⋯.png (31,18 KB, 475x381, 475:381, bob thick.png)

Bob is the last person to be calling anyone thick.

dfec81  No.710396


All I ever hear from progressives like Bob is how backwards and patriarchal and eurocentric Christmas is and how it advocates for a capitalist consumerist colonialist culture but Trump says Santa isn't real and they're singing Jingle Bells with candy canes up their ass.

bdfdf0  No.711223

I have a question, has anyone ever tracked down these "bullies" who picked on Movieslob? I just want to see these "dumb jocks" who shaped his view on people he claims are "inferior" it really makes you wonder.

79ce13  No.711300

File: 2a26586e817559b⋯.png (38,33 KB, 473x395, 473:395, schadenfreude bob.png)

File: abaaf365610f872⋯.png (57,26 KB, 469x603, 7:9, schadenfreude bob2.png)

File: 80c099dc94ceb55⋯.png (54,91 KB, 473x615, 473:615, schadenfreude bob3.png)

Can he be anymore of a sack of shit?

2eabb3  No.711409

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>There's mountains of EVIDENCE, there's just no PROOF



Maybe we should inform twitter and blob employers There mountains of evidences just no proof of his years of sexually abusing children and attempting to rape women. Movie bob have to admit he a rapist if he truly supports feminism.

#ListenandBelieve #MEtoo

49ee10  No.711472

File: 3e7b3398f7b3cdc⋯.png (122,42 KB, 265x190, 53:38, ClipboardImage.png)


>an entire generation of kids who hate trump will rise up


2eabb3  No.712006

File: ceb238945890a16⋯.jpeg (93,16 KB, 1080x741, 360:247, 55BC3A89-C01B-4B79-80EC-3….jpeg)



>Generation of kids who hate trump will rise up

>Tik tok and goblin slayer turning a generation of kids into Nazis

Which is it blob?

c637e0  No.712026

File: d202a8393a2fa72⋯.jpg (65,88 KB, 360x360, 1:1, dehumanise.jpg)

File: 86b42534f937ca1⋯.png (449,35 KB, 500x400, 5:4, based terry.png)


<Generation of kids who hate trump will rise up

<Tik tok and goblin slayer turning a generation of kids into Nazis

>Which is it blob?


2eabb3  No.712072


I miss saint terry

b58e83  No.712446


Gen Z is made up of people who eat tide-pods, crossdress and laugh at Pewdiepie's nazi jokes. I highly doubt they'll be much of a threat to anyone except the corporate left.

79ce13  No.713208

File: d96ae663f8eb713⋯.png (58,1 KB, 471x573, 157:191, bobplz.png)

File: 0276c4e3305c3d5⋯.png (35,67 KB, 463x489, 463:489, bobplz2.png)

Was Bob dropped on his head as a baby?

79ce13  No.715565

File: d7e720b3d73beb9⋯.png (46,27 KB, 469x433, 469:433, bob J salads.png)

File: 2b154ee230ae41f⋯.png (97 KB, 465x533, 465:533, bob dox.png)

File: f9eb0ab94c097dc⋯.png (33,31 KB, 473x363, 43:33, bob excuse.png)

2eabb3  No.716548


Send those tweets to bob employeers and the kid lawyer. The whole MAGA hat thing was bullshit started by a lying fake red man larper. His lawyer now suing people for jew for slandering the kid.

236ed7  No.716694


>I'm looking forward to "entire generation of loney aging MAGA's disowned by their shamed children and grandparents"

A laughable amount of projection onto other people. The fat balding man who dresses up as mario to make video game skits is going to lecture everyone on shame lmao.

ada217  No.716729


Welcome to the wonderful world of Movie Blob, enjoy your stay.

b58e83  No.716841


>Bob was "thrown into" therapy and nearly kicked out of school multiple times

This is new info, but it's not surprising in the least. Shame the therapy clearly didn't work.

b99802  No.717182


Pretty much guaranteed he's lying to garner sympathy with that.

53d910  No.717219

File: 63077550e862cc5⋯.gif (210,2 KB, 280x199, 280:199, 1429635582188.gif)


>I was such a shit people wanted to medicate me people tried to expel me from different schools several times

>I'm not racist though, so I'm better than these people

2eabb3  No.717546

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





With as much heat I will get for bringing this up. We need to inform quarter pounder. That fat fuck will get fatty bob fired. He got Game journalists that dox people fired in the past. We can’t pass this great opportunity. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheQuartering

2f7c88  No.717584


>verbal assault

What then does moviebob call his long tirades about how people he doesn't like are lesser humans who shouldn't be able to vote?

79ce13  No.718370

File: 0ab9f8f80c9c2d3⋯.png (58,32 KB, 473x635, 473:635, bob scum.png)

File: f2c4c1d9896cd3f⋯.png (14,09 KB, 471x167, 471:167, bob scum2.png)

He's as smug as he is fat.

79ce13  No.718397

File: db8241d90fdf950⋯.png (45,35 KB, 472x455, 472:455, bob scum3.png)

20b2f4  No.718535


Does Bob not see the irony of thinking others have "undeserved and unearned social power" when if it weren't for twitter and the internet, his fat ass would have to get a real job and keep his retarded opinions to himself?

A rhetorical question, if cows had self-awareness then they wouldn't be cows.

49ee10  No.718607


>there is a soulsickness that holds our whole society back from becoming a better world.

*buys funkopops*

110bf9  No.719274


At least they'll have children and grandchildren, Blob


>I was a little asshole

And lo and behold he has so little self-awareness that he doesn't realise he hasn't changed

>It never ONCE occurred to me to do racism

From his shitty book

>but whereas my primary school had been an uneventful little place, my high school was another story: private and Catholic, but still very much “downtown,” mostly populated by Italian, Irish and Greek hoodlums whose families mainly paid tuition to keep them from having to go to the same schools as the somehow “worse” Black and Latino hoodlums.

b99802  No.719292

File: 2fa173d804b1ed8⋯.jpg (7,79 KB, 231x218, 231:218, 1465358760278s.jpg)




ec1303  No.719605


He might be telling the truth there. Not all kids who go to Catholic schools are Catholic. Some send their kids there just so they can go to a private school.

3178b4  No.719620


>if you do bad shit a bad reputation should follow you.

Oh Bob, don't ever change.

79ce13  No.719808

File: fe783327e849bb3⋯.png (27,56 KB, 471x363, 157:121, bob clip frame.png)

File: 8c7149b242b1a16⋯.png (49,95 KB, 475x455, 95:91, bob covderp.png)


Don't have to worry about that.

79ce13  No.729093

File: 155b66904581f8f⋯.png (49,67 KB, 465x463, 465:463, bob snobs.png)

Is Bob on crack?

75b1a8  No.729098


Of course not. He's too fat to be smoking crack consistently. Now, if he's turning his apartment into a hotbox 24/7? More likely judging by his girth.

b58e83  No.729522


It appears Bob is getting a little sensitive about being called a corporate-cocksucker. Whatever you do, don't call him a bootlicking corporate stooge or a wannabe-bourgeoisie bottom bitch.

2f7c88  No.730248

File: eff69f396aaa22c⋯.jpg (11,36 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)


>billionaire monopoly man among the far right

>mfw pic related

93d23a  No.730380

File: 50f938bd92a0764⋯.jpg (306,24 KB, 1200x508, 300:127, stfuliberalimportantfigure….jpg)

File: 0583d53cb2cd14e⋯.jpg (185,09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nazbolgods.jpg)

File: 84cc657c9f1b3b5⋯.jpg (25,48 KB, 440x522, 220:261, nazbolgang.jpg)

File: 8cd549552179470⋯.jpg (41,24 KB, 1278x742, 639:371, hastalavistsionista.jpg)

File: a4c9f1c7096ab38⋯.jpg (83,76 KB, 700x851, 700:851, nazboltrain.jpg)




60d4c2  No.730574


So is bob saying that he simply does not comprehend firearms?

60d4c2  No.730575


Reminder about the Obama drone bombing campaigns

79ce13  No.731741

File: 79c1f5e347c555b⋯.png (60,42 KB, 473x651, 473:651, rand paul threat.png)

>beat up people who don't have our views

And Bob and his fans call themselves tolerant.

2eabb3  No.731770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



As much as of soyboy looking faggot The quartering is. We should share movie bob violent tweets with him. He help got the Ubisoft dev that was posting death threats to pewidiepie fired. The escapist will get egg in it’s face again. Only Yahtzee keeping them alive at this point.

f3af3f  No.731861


I'd put money on Rand.

79ce13  No.733244

File: a4ced430e3ea8fe⋯.png (48,3 KB, 474x601, 474:601, bob fentanyl.png)

File: a277c71a3ef9daf⋯.png (36,06 KB, 475x423, 475:423, bob fentanyl2.png)

Coming from a guy that says things that make people think that he huffs paint.

79ce13  No.735181

File: 2fcfbad862f67a2⋯.png (63,09 KB, 469x639, 469:639, bob nutty.png)

File: 7ee68b233668c2b⋯.png (55,31 KB, 479x417, 479:417, bob nutty2.png)

File: 5fbc646c1f4dc5a⋯.png (124,02 KB, 473x469, 473:469, bob nutty3.png)

File: 64c6ff6a1959549⋯.png (228,32 KB, 473x513, 473:513, bob nutty4.png)

Too bad for Bob that people thought he was nutty long before he tweeted this.

79ce13  No.738507

File: 5bbe404ae7f275d⋯.png (58,3 KB, 475x603, 475:603, bnl cc.png)

File: 392ef7c5c080847⋯.png (24,43 KB, 471x265, 471:265, bnl cc2.png)

File: 1503bf79e0ed822⋯.png (35,46 KB, 477x451, 477:451, bobtard.png)

I knew Bob was insane but, DAMN he might end up in jail over this.

79ce13  No.740116

File: 81c367541a18052⋯.png (49,83 KB, 469x485, 469:485, bob rich people.png)

A leftwing nut that hates rich people what else is new?

b99802  No.740257


Only if they don't dangle some particular shiny objects in front of him, mind you. His favorite band, writer, or whatever probably makes more money in a day than he has in his life and raped more children than he's eaten Twinkies but they helped distract him from the pathetic reality of his life so for that they are forgiven.

79ce13  No.744915


Bob is off his meds!!!

b99802  No.744937


Imagine if his legs got as much exercise as his fingers.

b58e83  No.746126


Bob is such an awful writer. He uses this overly-dramatic purple prose to mask his dry, bland descriptions of things and relies so heavily on filler and padding I have to wonder if he's actually writing a post or constructing a literal textwall.

79ce13  No.748682

File: bd2d7677c32fccd⋯.png (57,19 KB, 475x635, 95:127, bob pleb.png)

File: 221acd402873bcd⋯.png (38,86 KB, 473x511, 473:511, bob pleb2.png)

File: 7e55e70ab4a52ca⋯.png (33,33 KB, 473x425, 473:425, bob pleb3.png)

Calling Bob a plebe is the understatement of the year.

2eabb3  No.749072


>A leftwing nut that hates rich people what else is new?

It’s funnier when you remember like Dobson movie blob is from a upper middle class that afford to pay for his worthless college degree.

79ce13  No.750300

File: 5923dd177555e77⋯.png (63,28 KB, 471x579, 157:193, brazillian bob.png)

File: e35e5e120bc7d3f⋯.png (51,76 KB, 469x573, 469:573, brazillian bob2.png)

Please take the crack from Bob.

79ce13  No.754545

File: 721063c74fcd60f⋯.png (48,2 KB, 473x567, 473:567, bob the bigot.png)

Urge to punch Bob raising.

79ce13  No.757887

File: 735b050c5e70b2b⋯.png (60,66 KB, 473x595, 473:595, bob wtf.png)

File: 43cb62effc93004⋯.png (19,44 KB, 474x220, 237:110, bob wtf2.png)

There is no end to this manchild's hate and lack of self awareness.

9032ae  No.759794


There's something infuriating about the way he combines navelgazing chuunibyou rants with self-congratulatory namedropping .

79ce13  No.761377

File: 397762f79b38c6a⋯.png (55,42 KB, 469x577, 469:577, Bob hateful.png)

File: 8bb54a6850bec4c⋯.png (32,28 KB, 469x305, 469:305, bob hateful2.png)


This will make you foam at the mouth.

b5c65b  No.761482


Has he been diagnosed with a mental illness? He talks like a homeless street preacher.

355089  No.765546


He was sent to therapist when he was younger so he probably has something, question is what

2eabb3  No.765829



>Has he been diagnosed with a mental illness? He talks like a homeless street preacher.

Brain Diabetes?

79ce13  No.767408

File: 31dac5445554417⋯.png (220,35 KB, 467x643, 467:643, bob evs.png)

File: c8cea5d1e473127⋯.png (19,4 KB, 477x231, 159:77, bob evs2.png)

File: 82e3c7135dc6e27⋯.png (388,98 KB, 473x597, 473:597, bob evs3.png)

File: e4a6a411085b030⋯.png (59,69 KB, 469x631, 469:631, bob evs4.png)

Could Bob and his fans be anymore idiotic?

f09ff1  No.767709


Do these fuckers even read comics? Keep track of sales? Do they even know how the fucking industry works? Or the fact that this had zero coverage?


I'm honestly convinced he's suffering from some kind of mental disorder.

b99802  No.768089


High fructose corn syrup's one helluva drug.

f0e2a2  No.773835


I'm just mad that DC would give up a golden opportunity to add something alternative to their absolute shit lineup. It's like they want to be the laughingstock of the industry.

9ca50a  No.774041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a pretty shitty idea that would work better as a 30 second trailer parody than a whole series. The "jesus is back, and he's pissed" has been done a lot of times.

324087  No.774047


>The "jesus is back, and he's pissed" has been done a lot of times.

Especially since, you know, it's in The Bible.

ec1303  No.775039

Gee,I wonder how Bob would feel about a comic book that satirized Islam though….

79ce13  No.776528

File: 209dce9a3cc2f30⋯.png (51,82 KB, 471x441, 157:147, bob knows nothing.png)

Doesn't this landwhale know that white nationalists hate geek and gamer culture and thinks Fox News is a left leaning news outlet?

1b4fff  No.778402

File: 05b3cd6f675ff89⋯.jpg (84,12 KB, 570x761, 570:761, pepe_admiring_color.jpg)


you have a way with words, anon

995aee  No.783613


Blob probably still thinks that Gamergate is the forefront of radical right-wing politics.



2eabb3  No.784469

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>vertigo reboot was the biggest Disaster for dc in years

>Majority of books cancelled before a third isssue

>The one Making fun of Christians sold the worse

>It’s cis christian White conservative fault no one buying the book!

Second coming sold worse than Zoe Quinn comic. Of course second coming would be cancelled. It’s almost like no one wants to read books about leftists screeching about boogeymen. I love how the youtube Skeptic community calling a book that sold like shit as backlash.


People still pretending Disney that makes comedies about pedophiles and child rape fired James Gunn because of politics? Disney realistically probably wanted an excuse to fire him. Disney probably knows he going to be a PR disaster in a future for legal reasons. Screenshot this. Mark my words. Soon as James Gunn starts directing a DC movie. He will get caught with cp. you think Disney wants to hire someone who publicly hangs out with a registered sex offender? You think people who hang out with legit sex offenders aren’t sexual deviants themselves?

995aee  No.787957



This, tbqh fam.

79ce13  No.796851

File: 24e1773c84be9c5⋯.png (190,41 KB, 471x629, 471:629, Bob whites.png)

File: 8d599706f089467⋯.png (12,46 KB, 473x123, 473:123, Bob whites2.png)

No one that looks like a shaved gorilla should be telling anyone to evolve.

2a4317  No.797033


>be an amorphous blob

>tell other people to evolve


ec1303  No.802978

File: 0c8bc06de8e6719⋯.jpg (179,84 KB, 780x442, 30:17, gunn.jpg)

Reminder that this is who Bob really wants rehired to direct capeshit aimed at pre-teens.

b99802  No.803020



That's a weird way to describe jealousy.

c55677  No.803030


Lol a consevacuck in the wild.


b58e83  No.804599

File: 674dc317bfadc7b⋯.png (38,98 KB, 466x494, 233:247, Baitnothing.png)


>Pretending to be a lolcow for attention

Idk what the fuck you saw in Hirtes that made you so jealous of him that you felt like you had to pretend to be him, but this is just pathetic.

Maybe learn how to write better bait before you go trying to run gay ops.

79ce13  No.806754

File: ad4170cf7d9df4f⋯.png (447,77 KB, 471x641, 471:641, james woods meme.png)

File: 9db8fd22211a577⋯.png (57,02 KB, 479x439, 479:439, james woods triggers bob.png)

James Woods getting the Bob's goat kek.

e28cb4  No.811794


>white nationalists hate geek and gamer culture


White nationalists actually like that stuff but they've become so jaded by those respective industries constantly making dumb creative and business decisions that they would rather it all collapse and die instead of lingering on for years as a hollow shell of its former glory.

It's like how /wooo/ has come to terms with wrestling becoming permanently obsolete and are now just reveling in its failure

2eabb3  No.813092


>Journalists are panicking over a live action anime movie out reforming MCU man hating feminist propaganda movie

>James Woods a Nazi

How soon until anime called racist?

88129a  No.813132


Hasn't it already?

Some leftist definitely identify autistics by theit waifu avatars and at least Dobbo htes Japan for being so un-PC

5bec6d  No.813136

File: 7fa099893b85008⋯.jpg (22,04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (3).jpg)


>How long until anime is declared racist?

No clue, anon. No clue.

88129a  No.813143


Odd because Japan loves Mexico and vice versa, a lot of trading troughout the years and similar lolbertarian views if different results, probably because tacoland have the US like a tumor telling them what to do.

And similarly (Tacolander here) both the nips and mexicans have put out a more PC façade for the outside world, especially after they forbade the "Faggot chant" but the general populace is still pretty fucking offensive.

5bec6d  No.813216


In all fairness, Tacoanon, said show I took that image from is also Hetalia with almost none of the homosexuality.

b99802  No.813576


> tacoland have the US like a tumor telling them what to do

Aw, spics are adorably stupid.

cc7427  No.814021


>Implying anyone loves beaners

Not even beaners love beaners.

43d8d7  No.814083

File: 1f72ff2c575be61⋯.jpg (39,1 KB, 480x474, 80:79, Screenshot_2018-11-14-12-4….jpg)


We did murder a thousand lefties because we were scared the US would get mad at us after they used the Olympics to expose their shit.

c88763  No.814475


Dragon Ball is practically the second most followed religion in Mexico after Catholicism.

79ce13  No.819206

File: 6e7940d6c392b7a⋯.png (51,56 KB, 477x585, 53:65, bob blurb.png)

File: 3b14abef7888e10⋯.png (59,6 KB, 471x563, 471:563, bob blurb2.png)

File: 5174f8a3f6d2d15⋯.png (43,4 KB, 466x501, 466:501, bob blurb3.png)

Does Bob even have a brain ?

79ce13  No.833454

File: 200564022bb47d0⋯.png (29,75 KB, 475x314, 475:314, Bob James Gunn.png)

Bob needs to keep it in his pants.

951f28  No.833460


>fat, diabetic manchild

>makes a living reviewing pop culture shit

>lives in a actual basement

>LARPs as a neoliberal/professional memeber of the professional classes

No, why're you asking?

Although I think Bob actually has a mediocum of self-awareness, which is why he switched his obnoxious political opinions to what they are now.

951f28  No.833465

*progressive >>833460

0e6a5f  No.833906


Politically motivated play acting is what he does, but regardless if James Gunn was tweeting jokes about raping women or blacks I wonder if Bob would be defending him.

b99802  No.834027


Only if whoever he thinks the nazis are this week were still against him.

e1a429  No.904235

File: c05710073f93667⋯.png (680,76 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190522-130034.png)

File: 63b8a142189c14a⋯.png (575,49 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190522-130040.png)

File: 4710eb5f980ce9f⋯.png (355,91 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190522-130052.png)

>New Star Wars is announced.

>Pretty much fixing some TLJ bullshit as far as we know.

WTF I hate Star Wars now.

b99802  No.904405


This is probably the most honest he's ever been about his disposable personality ersatz.

2a4317  No.904767


Can diabetes erode someone's self-awareness?

ee4a30  No.904859


Type 1 'beetus here. Can confirm I have the self awareness of a goldfish

9622ee  No.904860


>imagine caring about NuWars

2a4317  No.904863


Well that explains Blob pretty well.

f88f09  No.905290


That's not the point, the point is that with this Disney has admitted that TLJ is shit, even for modern blockbuster standards and Blob would ditch his supposedly fanaticism on the franchise and his status as a 'true nuwars fan' because is easier for him to assume a multi billion dollar company and all their researchers are wrong because they decided to side with obsolete ghouls and their hate spreading and die on the shit hill that is The Last Jedi than to admit the movie was shit and there were valid criticisms about it.

b99802  No.905460


That's not how greentexting works.


Episode 9 is going to be such a shitshow. I think it might actually end up being as mocked as fembusters.

f88f09  No.905664


Either way there's more cocks from it.

They either make it shittier than The Last Jedi and no one can pretend it to be good and Bob and his fans become increasingly unhinged about having to defend a barely working movie or it goes the expected way and fixes The Last Jedi, in which case Bob and his fans become increasingly unhinged about not being able to pretend trolls are making the movie have good scores with regular audiences (as is happening right now) beyond their ilk.

It'd like the second more as is a big fuck you from Disney and the normies to Bob, both of which he desperately seeks approval from.

f8bca0  No.905739

File: bef243432c134fa⋯.png (471,63 KB, 633x687, 211:229, Blob Tism #1.PNG)

File: 16bfc0661e52328⋯.png (288,9 KB, 628x747, 628:747, Blob Tism #2.PNG)

File: 98b536885a067fb⋯.jpg (135,22 KB, 895x1080, 179:216, Blob Tism #3.jpg)

File: 3e6581ebb8d4772⋯.png (654,12 KB, 874x866, 437:433, Blob Tism #4.png)

File: b5a2fb3336aa5d3⋯.jpg (155,81 KB, 1200x780, 20:13, Blob Tism #5.jpg)

Dunno why you people are discussing The Last Jewdi when Blob has given us this autism

2a4317  No.905746


>blob has made his own doughnut steel recolor mario OCs

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

f8bca0  No.905785

File: 33ea8a4dfe4c22a⋯.jpg (202,38 KB, 605x785, 121:157, R3rsrlo.jpg)

>my last bench was 310

b99802  No.905861


This is from when he was like 7, right?

f8bca0  No.905877


You're off by about thirty years

81f75e  No.905962

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah I call bullshit on that. I just looked up people benching 310 and every single one struggled to do it and that was with spotters. No exceptions.

f8bca0  No.905969


My brother lifts weights regularly and, unlike Bob, is actually fit and even he can only lift about 280. Bob, with his Michelin tyre arms, is clearly bullshitting. Probably bullshitting about only being 260lbs too

d88a10  No.905975

File: 7abe1091cb1544b⋯.png (233,16 KB, 667x500, 667:500, ClipboardImage.png)



doubt that. At 6'2" He looks like he is way over 300lbs.

b99802  No.906002


I'm half a foot shorter than him and even when I was 375 I didn't look as fat. He's 400+ easily.

2a4317  No.906005


Maybe he means lifting his gut off a bench.

d88a10  No.906014


Yeah something funny about the proclaimed wight.

b99802  No.906019


You can largely by the hands. Notice how his veins aren't even visible. That means he's at about 40% body fat at the least.

435be7  No.906212


"Mario's daughter" looks like Mario scalped princess Peach and then decided to wear drag. Now I really want to see his other OC if this is what he considers "not too bad".

b99802  No.906377

It's running the rounds that Trump's new tariffs could raise games and console prices. Can't wait to see Bob's take.

2a4317  No.906462


This is an early draft so the wording might get changed a bit, but it'll be the same basic message:


4273d3  No.906620


Wrong. Blob would gladly give away hundreds shekels to companies to keep sucking on corporate teat.

Is more along the lines of


He'll keep buying them though.

f8bca0  No.906778

File: 182386989db6ae7⋯.png (63,33 KB, 619x665, 619:665, BzXvONu.png)


More outright lies from Blob. He's totally /fit/ you guise

806f3e  No.906804


Total bs.

If Bob was benching 310 with this amount of visible body fat he'd way heavier than 260lbs and would look much beefier too. From experience (I'm 6' 4'') even during my peak fatass days at 280lbs I looked less fat than Bob's supposed 260lbs, so I bet he's probably something like 330+lbs in reality.

4273d3  No.907021

File: 20e2e075eef69a7⋯.png (476,07 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190525-111102.png)

Didn't Bernie accepted to support the Clinton campaign even after it was revealed that the DNC totally cucked him?

Is Bob blaming Bernie for his fans getting mad about being fucked over and betrayed making Clinton look bad?

Or am I remembering a total different timeline?

f8bca0  No.907059


>Or am I remembering a total different timeline?

No, it's Blob that lives in a different reality

b99802  No.907104


It was revealed he was in on the whole thing actually, not that one look at his senate voting record wouldn't tell you that already but still.

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