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File: f280cf39aaeea65⋯.jpg (383.49 KB, 626x973, 626:973, shitgame.jpg)

cefe85  No.670711

>Site keeps getting ddos'd

>Fatass focuses on streaming and shilling his paypig



Honestly, this is the most fucking autistic thing ever and the dude keeps slurring his words and attempting to be edgy. Combined with paypig and superchat shilling, it's fucking cringe.

cefe85  No.674592

609e7d  No.674670

Wouldn't it be nice if he ran a funny forum about lolcow trolling?

You know, instead of begging for a paypig tugboat to fund a thoroughly unfunny upvote collecting forum.

cefe85  No.674778


I'm afraid those days are long gone

1df7f1  No.674858

File: 2a4454f626e37bf⋯.png (125.76 KB, 320x240, 4:3, cheeeeeeese.png)

Josh's show is fairly entertaining, although structurally it's kind of a mess. He has a lot of charisma.

I just hope (and I'm not saying this is be funny) he isn't using uppers anymore. That shit fucks you right up.

ad6768  No.675180


Fuck off, Josh.

4a9814  No.675281


How is KF back on paypig after getting banned?


KF seems to bill itself as a website for observing / documenting lolcows only, and says that actual trolling is discouraged. On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a big fat fucking lie is this?


Proof? If he's a drug addict, that's hilarious. One more disgraceful thing that he should be embarrassed about and ridiculed for.

68be28  No.675320


To answer your question: Its Josh's personal PayPal not K.iwi Farms.

I'd say it's a 6. Of course they give the information for whatever purpose they see fit and if you don't make an ass of yourself while trolling a cow they'll laugh at it so it is encouraged if on a low-key basis. But, thing is, making an ass of yourself while trying to fuck with a retard tends to make you look like a bigger retard.

Hotwheels mentioned in his article about Josh (that he has long since renounced btw) that Josh would ask him for Adderall so he could pay attention better. Wouldn't be a shock if part of the reason he moved to Eastern Europe was cheaper speed.

4a9814  No.676566


Where can I read Hotwheels' article about Sargonh?

68be28  No.676637



Admittedly, he doesn't feel this way any more and he does link an article more reflective of his current view.

8cb8a3  No.676826


>Unironically white knighting Josh.

He deserves every bit of raiding, DDoSing and fucking with.

69f9b1  No.676910

I fully believe that the only reason why he's streaming in the first place is because he sees Metokur and Ralph with all their money and he thinks it's easy to just do the same.

Unfortunately for him, he did it a little too late, and honestly he should just work in the country he's in.

cefe85  No.676923


>article more reflective on his current view

>HW says he apologized to Joshua

Jesus. Fredrick really doesn't have any balls, does he? He really shoulden't be apologizing, Josh got paranoid that Sargon was going to feed him to fucking pigs.


Josh is a bit of a sponge. He still thinks China is a good place to fuck off to even after Metokur roasting him for it. Flowers for Sonichu was Josh's best troll.

8cb8a3  No.676969

Inb4 foxdickfarms goes way of Ⓜⓔⓣⓞⓚⓤⓡ forums.

Am I only one who remembers the cesspool of troll's remorse and tranny dating?

9e9342  No.676994


streaming days are almost over anyway

d19d29  No.677008



That P treon is going to be nuked in no time, especially after what happened to that fatfuck landwhale and femcel that is Chandal Sarault

8cb8a3  No.677023


Isn't Ban evasion against ToS of paypighub?

68be28  No.677106


Trannies on a lolcow forum? More likely than I would've thought but do say more.

8cb8a3  No.677164


The moniker Sargon uses, it used to be le ebin 24 hours lolcow trolling namefag forums. The admit got huge troll's remorse after fucking some genderbent freak

cefe85  No.677167


I think so. Kinda surprised Sam Smith hasn't mass reported it for actually legit reasons (notably ban evasion and skirting by on harassment stuff)

I mean hell, Hotwheels had HIS personal cat photo paypig taken down for less

50c320  No.677170


It's slowly heading that was as is, given the amount of mods and losers who are themselves trannies and faggot trap fetishists.

050876  No.677203


>Wouldn't be a shock if part of the reason he moved to Eastern Europe was cheaper speed.

I refuse to believe that Josh isn't still living with is mother, what sources of income does he have anyway?

8cb8a3  No.677207

File: eb462c88b32237c⋯.png (219.55 KB, 993x3731, 993:3731, Metokur Remorse.PNG)

050876  No.677224

File: 009773f8c588012⋯.jpg (30.08 KB, 600x450, 4:3, j h.jpg)


Jesus Habermann was truly a fucking fag.

050876  No.677227

>muh painkillers addiction

>muh I hate others because I hate myself

>muh I hated LGBT because I am LGBT

>muh this costed my friendships

cefe85  No.677235





d8d0cf  No.677724

0d5b27  No.677815

File: 7b4ecbae9057384⋯.jpg (153.7 KB, 1205x801, 1205:801, NELL.JPG)

Null's current treatment of his users sure is a stark contrast to what he said back nearly five years ago. "A mature and civil group of people"? foxdicks having "unique points of view and theory"? "I do not wish to become the Supreme Glorious Leader of the board and its users!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

d8d0cf  No.677829


Ourguy Null is now an eceleb. He can just waste his time with insignificant plebs such like us

0d5b27  No.677847

File: fef3c296196dada⋯.jpg (47.35 KB, 1212x397, 1212:397, Nail.JPG)

Truly a master of debate

556f32  No.677894

File: be5a73869281b9c⋯.gif (545.35 KB, 266x198, 133:99, 2fe80b001af67a400ce6db67cc….gif)


Ever since he got control of it, Josh has been trying to escape the notoriety of running "the world's #1 site for stalking Chris Chan." Infinity, 16, Lolcow LLC, finalsolutio.ns, they were all attempts to brand calling up Chris and screaming JULAY was part of a larger, more meaningful "movement." He really does have delusions of grandeur and thinks he's an important part in some kind of "war."

Being what talk radio host used to call a "chronic caller" to Ralph was his way to wedge himself into whatever post-Bloodsports is. At the slightest bit of resistance he'll drop it, like everything else. In the last year alone he's

> closed KF forever

> re-opened KF a month later

> became CWC's guardian angel and then abandoned him

> started a retarded merch company (while pretending that it was somehow TOTALLY UNRELATED)

> abandoned it

> poured everything into hosting until it became like such a drag

> called Ralph in his quivering voice until he became a fixture

The year isn't over and I'm sure there's been a bunch I haven't noticed (and think of all the insane plans this idiot dreams up but never tells anyone about before abandoning them).

0d5b27  No.677928

Hosting the his shitty show on YouTube will not turn out well. There has been a purge of cocks lately hitting even some popular channels. Mumkey having his entire account deleted been the most notable of these. If Null talks about the wrong thing and the right person hears, they will ban foxdickFarms from posting videoes onto the site. Would be easy to do, as Null can be labeled a bully by YouTube and many videoes no doubt violate their rules on topics like harassment, and perhaps even hate speech.

cefe85  No.677940


So edgy! Woah! I bet he says big person words like nigger too!


> became CWC's guardian angel and then abandoned him

Honestly this one disgusts me. It's clear that he only wanted to really use Chris, and then dropped it when Chris turned out to be unsalvagable.


Yeah Sam's been slacking lately.

f8eb25  No.678498


I would be willing to bet that 16chan would’ve been a better investment than what he currently has, even despite the controversy before, he could’ve had one more chance. He fucking dumps it in favor of the Chris forum he never even created. He likes to use “Free speech is a two way route” to justify doing this if I remember correctly, even though 16chan would’ve served that purpose far better than what is basically a community instead of a platform.

4ad965  No.678501


Eh, maybe on a philosophical level. At the time, though, Null actually made the right decision pulling the plug on 16chan. Considering one of the more active boards was a pedo board, there is no way that wouldn't have caused him headaches down the line.

Yeah, running a site that's TMZ for Tards isn't anything he should be proud of, but there is at least a slight step up over what could've been.

cefe85  No.678502


Nobody used 16chan. It was less popular then 8chan, and even Hotwheels made fun of him for this before kissing Josh's ass. I think part of the reason 16chan exists is that he's salty that Josh threads exist and this would be a coup.

>tfw wanted to make a /cow/ board called "Joshua Moon" but someone beat me to making /cow/

>most active board was a pedo board


985499  No.678799


>He really does have delusions of grandeur and thinks he's an important part in some kind of "war."

Shh don't ruin the fun, let the antics of Josh continue into brand new sagas.

380546  No.679865

I don’t get why Josh spends so much money on trying to keep his shitty site up and running.

63616f  No.679925


>White knighting

he said he was a good streamer you retard

68be28  No.679946


Can you think of a skill Josh might be able to use aside from running a site about retards?

68be28  No.679957

Today is Josh's birthday. Say happy birthday to the King of /null/!

796691  No.680044


Being a retard himself.

974d86  No.680202


The hypocrisy of both refusing to take down threads on cows but being willing to delete the entire site when he was on the other end of his site’s exact process was absolutely pathetic

68be28  No.680226


They doxed IdeaGuy and his whole family six months before Josh revealed that he and some hick in Kentucky were bilking Chris. Now, I think if family gets directly involved with a lolcow's fight online then doxing them is fair game. Doing so otherwise is asking for a lawsuit. Thankfully for Josh, your average foxdick has the competence of your average Black Lives Matter "protestor"

49eb52  No.680348

File: 27538fd3b2fa693⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 577x622, 577:622, 1386938772485.jpg)


>He has a lot of charisma

99e025  No.692086

File: d34bdd51ba0bf81⋯.png (132.24 KB, 680x745, 136:149, Josh Moon did nothing wron….png)

8a5215  No.692250


Instead of making Josh look good, that post just makes Hotwheels look stupid.

9dc496  No.692370


Maybe he means it facetiously like "X shit his pants and did nothing wrong"?

9dc496  No.692371


Kek, I forgot that was a word filter.

7a5be2  No.692392


>just makes Hotwheels look stupid.

You didn't know this?

74d706  No.692446

File: 288c214a65cdbab⋯.png (345.31 KB, 500x559, 500:559, wwYAlmD[1].png)


>Why does /cow/ hate Josh Moon again?

Because he's a lolcow running a lolcow forum full of retarded children.

Why do foxdicks hate chris again ?

556f32  No.692505


>He has a lot of charisma

He talks like a little girl punched him in the nuts repeatedly.

8e5ff4  No.692621


He would enjoy that, no?

ce3501  No.693270



I know what that's referring to and what happened in the end but does anybody have more info about the site/forum while it was up and running? I assume it was like KF but much less cucked/autistic, as in actually doing funny shit rather 300+ page circlejerking about being superior to literal mental patients? The only screencaps I've found are on Gym's old twitter (as Internet Aristocrat).

8e5ff4  No.693351

File: 600abfd27593851⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1226x1738, 613:869, C15B842A-BE0E-413A-AE0E-7….jpeg)

Why is Josh still trying to win brownie points over Gamergate when Gamergaters hate foxdickFarms for doxing and actively ban foxdick cocks on reddit?

68be28  No.693354


>When a subreddit full of pedophiles hates you so much that they blacklist your site


cefe85  No.695324


I really don't like calling people cucks like I'm some kind of alt-right foamhead but I can't think of any other kind of relevant insult for Hotwheels on this, aside from "Crippled Cuck". Seriously, what made HW have some weird ass change of heart?


That's like, really old dude. For a while, foxdick renamed itself to "Gamergate farms" and had its shitpost board be mildly gamergate and shit post themed to try and rile up the then 2 year old meme.


Actually if you were to report Null's paypig over him saying edgy shit then you'd prob cut his income into slices. Especially if it's him making fun of trannys/a tranny or calling someone retarded the like. Hell, even something like him playing ominous music over a Menorah might cause paypig to pull him (which I know he did for a christmas stream)

cefe85  No.695325


Oh, Hi Josh (probably)

f4e2ac  No.695535


He called some tranny a rapist in the deagle nation stream

8e5ff4  No.696185

File: 639e5160bb04b1d⋯.jpg (60.59 KB, 992x552, 124:69, Nul_Brit.JPG)

Never forget, Britbongs. Null wants your country to become a Islamic hellhole in retaliation for a single company blocking AutismFarms. What loyalty have you to a man who wants to see your culture destroyed and your people suffer just because of the actions of one retard?

a8060b  No.696190




Pick one motherfucker inbred islander

68be28  No.696225


Josh wants British people dead and broke, their kids raped by Muslims and brainwashed by socialists and he thinks it's funny.

8a5215  No.696522


So anyone using Virgin as their ISP can't access KF?

When did this happen?

4c6963  No.696544


That's what the Anglo menace gets for fighting for the Jews. They did it to themselves

8a5215  No.722327

A thread about Josh's incompetence, allowed to drop all the way back to Page 6?

Not on my watch!

4e951c  No.723126


He's just upset that the UK has a higher standard of living than the Southern US.


lol u mirin?

3fa5d8  No.723440

File: fdf512531fcc4a7⋯.webm (1.06 MB, 720x540, 4:3, laugh.webm)




7a0d04  No.724499


>Implying Londonistan is doing better than Dixie.

Get raped with crumpets, ANGLOKIKE. And be sure to have gaysex with that Saloforum Something Awful Rapebaby Rip Steakface.

c013bb  No.724988



>doing good at all

lol I'm not even a britbong, I live in the South, it's a shithole. Enjoy your diabeetus and other preventable diseases, fatty.

7a0d04  No.724996


>Calling dixie a shithole.

>Muh Diseases.

And Dixie would still be better than Londonistan.

BTW, Hi Donga.

7a0d04  No.724998


Gosh, you act like such an Anglokike.

7a0d04  No.724999


You may as well be one.

7a0d04  No.725000


Implying the Brits aren't the real fatties here.

Gosh, when did you learn to be such a bad liar?

227e83  No.725002

Josh is proof that some kids need two parent households. A good father-figure would've solved his issues and straightened him out, but the coward left his mom to raise the little sociopath by himself. In fact Sam knew who Papa Moon was before Josh ever did.

This isn't all on him though. Josh should've worked hard in school to improve his tardish behavior and ear a real job to provide for himself and contribute to the community. But he wasted time fucking around on Blockland and dropped out of high school. There are millions of autists around the world who left behind their cow traits in their youth and actually got high school diplomas and fund employments. All of those fucks are better than Josh.

8f3af3  No.725370


Wrong, as much as I hate Josh, autists are not human.

7cdb5a  No.741683

josh IS jewish right

lotta 'anti-white' shit on his streams even if it's ironic

7cdb5a  No.741685


Britain is pretty fucking awful.

cefe85  No.741817


No, he's not.

His twitter is 'supporting' Israel because he believes that Twitter won't shut him down then. He's stupid, I know.


The entire reason why he pushed Cwcki/foxdick to the direction he did is simply as some kind of fucked-up retribution to himself getting the lolcow treatment back on the Blockland forums. Being talked down like that clearly had an impact on him

8a5215  No.762752

A thread about Josh's incompetence, allowed to drop all the way back to Page 6?

Not on my watch!

cefe85  No.762780

8a5215  No.766495


That's about KF in general.

This is about Josh specifically.

1a1359  No.766764


Josh is KF

8a5215  No.791175

God, how did this thread get down to page 19? Seems like someone is trying awfully hard to bury it.

9ba94f  No.792722


Or maybe nothing interesting about Josh has happened over the last few months?

be946b  No.793884

File: dd60e30884c3bb2⋯.gif (29.06 KB, 482x800, 241:400, bearclap.gif)

Josh said on the Rekieta Law stream that English people throw around the word 'nonce' all the time and so accused them of helping to spread paedophilia world wide. You can tell his view of England is seriously just le american bear where he thinks Brits speak like "Dibbly bish bong m8, I nonced you're wooty shooty down to the office yea gov'na". For the uninformed the word nonce is used to refer to someone who diddles children, and it absolutely isn't thrown around in every day conversation in England like how Josh thinks. But he somehow doesn't realise that the word paedophilia is the psychiatric term, meanwhile nonce was the informal term that arose as slang before the term paedophile was ever coined in psychology.

Makes me angry tbqh how someone can be this fucking dumb

1a1359  No.793956


pedophile accusing others of spreading paedophilia

0dfc2a  No.820118

File: 0d2dc945744612d⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 750x200, 15:4, IMG_9347.jpg)

File: 979c0783454d469⋯.jpg (24.67 KB, 742x211, 742:211, IMG_9350.jpg)

Josh is now reading Saul Alinsky and a bunch of terrorist manifestos. Who knew he could read? He admitted he hasn't read a book in years.

Funny he thinks he's not one of the weak in society. By the way he reacted to a water outage in his city (panic), he's probably one of the first to go.

cefe85  No.820126


>Josh reading Saul Alinsky

>A communist

Catparty, I know you have nothing to do with your life, but fuck off. This is the second time you've tried propping this rumor up. Josh being edgy is not news

9ba94f  No.820343


If Mr. Moon is so concerned about the weak weighting down society, he should do his part by slitting his wrists in the tub.

f58082  No.820973

anyone wants to catch me up on who micheal hirtes is? all I know is that he makes the spergs in the chris chan thread and on foxddick farms cry, but I don't actually know what he did to make that happen, or who he even is, anyone wants to share some lore?

cefe85  No.821488



He's some 50 year old boomer who shits his pants and does nothing with his day except make twitter accounts that try to get Chris's attention. Not in sublte ways either, usually he makes them under names like "@FUKK_U_CHRIS" or "@CHRIS_IS_A_MALE".

When he's NOT doing this, he likes to post on /cow/ enlightening us that Chris is actually some kind of rapist, then when called out about it yells that Foxdicks have infiltrated the thread and that the darn ol mods need to clear em out already!

Saging because we already have another active Josh thread and this isn't about Josh

f58082  No.821670


so, how is he different than the other posters here? like, seriously, there has to be a reason other than this that null is calling out for his head

68be28  No.821729


Because this particular poster has a habit of trying to get attention for himself. He has a few very obvious tells because he can't fucking stop himself from venting about how much he hates foxdick farms because they made fun of him. Yeah, they're a bunch of weird fucking stalkers but this guy makes it so fucking easy.

cefe85  No.821791


Also Null isn't, nor has he ever. Even when Josh was Chris's guardian angel, he was able to defuse him by blocking him on twitter. This would in turn make Hirtes angry because he has nothing else to do with his life.

He has asked /cow/ to take a picture of him once and said he'd pay whoever did it, but aside from that, Hirtes has only ever been an annoyance rather then a threat. But Hirtes likes the idea of getting on Null's case because it validates his life.

Dude needs hobbies.

f58082  No.821951



Still don't get it, and everytime you retards mention him, he looks better by the minute, whole point of julaying lolcows is getting them angry and get cocks, only ones leaking in this case are people angry at hirtes

doesn't matter, he's probably a retard, anyways, but it's still funny how he's giving us more c o n t e n t than the actual cwcki and k i w i retards

cefe85  No.821989


Sigh. We should have known we were trying to describe Mike Hirtes to Mike Hirtes

f58082  No.821997


See, there you go, if you don't get angry at guy x, you are guy x, this is batshit Q tier nonsense. It's almost as if people making fun of the lolcow are becoming the cows themselves, a la sons of kojima, but hey, I'm just here for the epic lolz. Forgive me for asking a basic question

f58082  No.822012


This man seems more and more like chris by the month, ironically enough. It's starting to get to the point where he gets his own arcs on regular bases, as well as colorful characters that make him shit his pants(Hirtes, Idea guy, ect,) that all have their lore of some sorts

Wouldn't it be funny if someone made a wiki all about him/foxdicks and their doings?

9ba94f  No.822030


Lol calm down Sam.

cefe85  No.822080


Only mike defends mike, Mike. Normal people with actual lives look at Mike and go "wow, that dudes a fucking sperg and makes Chris look stable"

Vordrak already made a foxdickfarms wiki that he later abandoned, but if you want to go ahead and make another one telling people how much of a meanie pants Josh is then go for it. It'll actually give you something to do in your sad fucking life.

e90903  No.822171


Normal people with actual lives have no fucking idea who Mike Hirtes is. I am an abnormal person without an actual life and I don't even know who Mike Hirtes is beyond having heard a bunch of randos say his shitty name and having a vague notion of him being related to Chris somehow.

f58082  No.822179



I'm new here, and I dunno who any of these people are, like


said, when you call everyone you don't like "Hirtes", you just make yourself look insane, and that's funny to me without having to know the deep lore of how some retard made null and his merry band of faggots mad one day


cwcki shut down new registrations, too, and might as well consider itself shutdown soon for what that's worth, it looks like the end of the road for both chris and his trolls, I just want the final saga to be here and over with to be honest, tranny saga over stayed it's welcome

cefe85  No.822369


Old man, you know that Josh's server hosts the cwcki, right? They'll probably open up registration again too.

>Acts like hirtes

>"haha im not hirtes ur just delusional! Hirtes makes null mad!"

fuck off


Now I'm going to assume you're not mike rather then mike pretending to be his own white knight but all you need to know about the guy without flipping through 50 pages of people a-logging him is at https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Michael_Hirtes - don't be like him.

f58082  No.822497

File: d1465566e26ff8b⋯.png (28.34 KB, 447x127, 447:127, hirtes on cwcki.png)


>They have to put up a giant notice that tells people to stop calling every random troll "Hirtes"


cefe85  No.822610

File: 4eece280ba13859⋯.png (51.25 KB, 1067x1147, 1067:1147, butthirtes.png)

f58082  No.822705


big if true, what's the context?

cefe85  No.822731


forgot to switch IPs, old man

f58082  No.823154


I don't use proxies, I asked you a simple question you can't answer.

Whatever, I will stop asking, I don't care who hirtes is. As long as he makes you mad, he is okay in my book and I support him

1a1359  No.823224

File: e0dacee82dde46a⋯.jpg (44.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, beware.jpg)

f43b6e  No.825459


There’s a saying on the internet that dates back to early 90s furry forums that goes “Theres only one person in the world who would defend Mike Hirtes and that person is Mike Hirtes”.

9ba94f  No.827346

File: 437ec56e3b80bd5⋯.jpg (103.88 KB, 1001x903, 143:129, Oops.JPG)

Why is Josh giving away free copies of a man's book on his website? Even if the book in question is no longer on Amazon due to controversial comment that is not his call to make. Does he have permission from Mr. MacDonad to do this? Does Josh not respect the property rights of authors or what? Chalk up another crime to Josh's resume.

3d762f  No.829063


> Josh giving away FREE copies of a man's book on his website?

Because he is a retarded Downie goy who lacks a proper entrepreneurial mindset

>Does Josh not respect the property rights of authors or what? Chalk up another crime to Josh's resume.

Imagine so much of a good goy that you defend IP rights of others, hahahahaha

303c57  No.829070


>This is what Josh actually believes

3d762f  No.829072


Nice projecting Josh.

b43f32  No.830231


So Josh would be okay if I made mirror sites of foxdickFarms without his permission and profited off of increased traffic?

cefe85  No.830271


People have tried clone sites. They all failed.

e0ec78  No.830999


We cloned ED… it worked just peachy.

1a1359  No.831189


has anybody tried clone + adding Josh thread? That could work

cb00a0  No.831628


actually, as somebody else who doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about, you sound like a delusional sperg. either document who this guy actually is to newfags via pastebin or something, if he's such a big deal, or just shut up about him already


what's the significance of this book to him?

1a1359  No.831644


there is enough info about you on cwcki mike

303c57  No.831646


There's a big thread on him on KF. Part and parcel of being public stalkers is that they have quite the dossier on him.

cb00a0  No.831648



fun hirtes facts would be better, nobody is going to read thru pages of some forum thread of people shitting themselves over some old fart without any context

anyways, what's null's take on the church shooting?

e0ec78  No.832016


LOL, newfag.

cefe85  No.832038






Overjoyed - his graphs are going up!

cefe85  No.832044


690638  No.905057

File: 7f0b266b56b105d⋯.png (247.55 KB, 750x600, 5:4, jewsh.png)

Hahahaha, but he is angry, frenetic and unbalanced bro!

>We all have a small, Null-like homunculus hidden away inside us. We can’t kill it. But we can choose not to feed it.

Null pollinated our collective pussies apparently.

cefe85  No.905264


I like how Josh really doesn't answer the question here. Even when they do remove threads on people they usually just put them up when Josh gets bored and thinks he can stoke flames again

(Donny longs thread isn't deleted imo )

f43b6e  No.905501

Donny’s thread is definitely still “there”. It’s hidden from the public but it’s still there.

cefe85  No.905554


five bucks josh will unhide it when he gets bored and thinks hes clever

f43b6e  No.905576


If Josh wanted another drama filled lollercoaster to make the farms briefly relevant again he would hide Eddie’s article and republish Donny’s. We’ve seen from Donny and Eddie taking on ED that it’s always hilarious as fuck to watch them screech into the void and while ED backs down from Donny because he has mod dox and he harasses cloudflare till he gets what he wants and technically speaking Donny shouldn’t be able to have anything over Josh's head.

Yet still Josh keeps his thread off the forum even though Donny didn’t fulfill his promise of giving him info on the autistic legion of doom. Or did he? Does josh have an ace up his sleeve now next time they try to come for him?

cefe85  No.905582


From my vauge understanding, whatever Donnie gave isn't stuff that he's able to use to put Vordrak away. Donnie might have been bluffing but that may just be Sam Smith up to his Sam Tricks.

Apparently Donnie has been doing his pro-hacker talents against Vordrak when they were going after him late last year tho. I think Josh is just a pussy who doesn't want Donnie defaming him

f43b6e  No.905712


>Donny Long

>pro hacker


cefe85  No.905731



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