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File: 372f9146f8dcb18⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Davina Shitratt.jpg)

File: 6d97f44268abe56⋯.jpg (70.79 KB, 900x900, 1:1, SpinosaurusKin.jpg)

ef80cd  No.702373

You might not know it, but you're looking at genius here. A tactical internet warlord, a powerful schemer and a master of 24/7 operations. David Shittrat is the true mastermind behind Kraut's war with the alt-right that ended two massive communities and is a very smurt boy. Very, very smurt.

He started out internet career on something called "The Autism Forums" where he would talk about how he self-diagnosed himself and told stories about how he tried to fuck a lesbian despite knowing she didn't like men, how he would fight so much with his parents that they'd lock him out, and how everyone at school hated him because he was so strange. At 18, he officially joined the Men's Rights Movement and declared he would never, EVER give himself over to an icky girl who wanted to take his money. Shortly thereafter, he joined the YouTube Atheist movement at the height of it's popularity. When that bandwagon went into decline and GamerGate got popular, David decided to stand firmly against it, taking aim at people like Sargon of Akkad, major "GamerGate" figures and the so-called "Alt-Right." He built up a friendship with such exceptional individuals as HBomberGuy, Kevin Logan and Kristi Winters. This descent into obnoxious SJWism began when Lauren Southern didn't respond to his flirting (seriously) and soared into omega overdrive when David was a part of a scam charity

When Kraut and Tea began feuding with the Alt-Right, David recruited Kraut into a special server dedicated to "taking them down." This is where the story of Kraut's downfall that we all know and love began. Kraut trusted David immensely despite despising him for months prior to this. David is responsible for much of the planning and tactics used by Kraut and his allies, which is why they all failed so horribly. Despite his constant, massive failures and self-sabotages, Kraut is still working with Davina to this day and many of his newer videos credit him as a "researcher." So if you're wondering why the researching in Kraut's videos is so bad, it's because this idiot is in charge.

That's all just the bare basics of it. There's so much more. M.etokur did a two-hour stream on this numbskull. Even Kevin Logan disavowed him. He's a disaster of a human and definitely deserves a thread here.

Post last edited at

6a4df0  No.702395

Sheratt isn't a cow. All he does is tweet moderate-left political nonsense. That doesn't make someone a cow.

ef80cd  No.702400


You clearly haven't read his posts on the Autism Forum.

ef80cd  No.702403

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's a damn shame you can't embed multiple videos at once, because I actually have a few I wanna share with the class.

First off, here's Dame Pesos' video on Shitratt's latest failed Gay Op, which Kraut scrambled to save only to fuck it up because the retard can't spell anything in english.

ef80cd  No.702408

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's Jimbo's TWO-HOUR stream about David's various fuckups. This goes into a lot of detail. Timestamps are in the description if you wanna see only the juicy bits.

6:06 is where the video really gets started, skipping over the opening superberries.

18:37 is about the super shady bullshit charity he ran with Dee, a magical ex-muslim atheist girl who talks exactly like him.

44:45 - 50:04 is just superchat filler, you can ignore it.

50:04 is where the newer shitrat stuff comes in, including how he earned the nickname "Davina."

1:09:22 is his Autism Forum posts, which are just a work of art.

ef80cd  No.702441

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Last video I wanna post right now, a clip taken from one of Cog's streams where he looks back on a Twitter beef. A lot of this stuff is even more painful now.

21790e  No.702459


Cog is so unfunny and dull. What an awfully boring streamer, wishes he was Jim.

a0e54f  No.702461

a0e54f  No.702462

a0e54f  No.702464

a0e54f  No.702466

a0e54f  No.702467

a0e54f  No.702468

b5ae4e  No.702582

David Sherratt, like Sargon, Vee, Kraut, Nick Fuentes, etc. continues to live rent free on /cow/. The more you people talk about these guys, the more they remain relevant. Let me throw in Prince Hubris, Matt Forney, Common Filth, Davis Aurini, Beardson, Jacob Lloyd, Baked Alaska and many more. These people live rent free on /cow/ and ꓘiwifarms. Even the left-wing political “cows” like Kristi and Logan get mentioned every single day. You people are like /pol/ and it’s not a good thing because /pol/ itself is full of anon cows who blame Jews for everything. You stupid faggots even waste time gossiping about e-celebs on the sticky and shitting up the board with rainbowtext and talking about Яalph sperging out or whatever.

Why is /cow/ so gay?

fb45f9  No.702589



This, just because David triggers the fuck out of /pol/tards does not make him a cow.

7139a6  No.702593


>Prince Hubris, Matt Forney, Common Filth, Davis Aurini, Beardson, Jacob Lloyd,

Nobody talks about these butt pirates except themselves.

b32af7  No.702603

File: 43326812d2772f1⋯.png (48.86 KB, 504x605, 504:605, shitrat_you_mad_cowboys.png)

0048de  No.702631


Blame IBS and Metokur-fanboys

6e9de4  No.702681


Yeah and I’d have to add Tonka to the list, too. The man has alienated everyone and has a small audience, yet manages to get by and get talked about by everyone, from Redditkur to /cow/.


I would wholeheartedly disagree. There’s a new shibboleth on the IBS sticky thread and among the broader alt-right talking about Ironybros like they’re the new boogeyman. If you disagree with anyone

>lul fuck off SOYrony xDDDDD


That’s why I blame /cow/.

3f5c33  No.702702


Who is this jewess?

7139a6  No.702710


>the IBS sticky thread

>and among the broader alt-right

Apples and oranges, catboy.

6e9de4  No.702737


Melody Parker is white and prefers BBC, but nice attempt at passing her off as Jewish, you schizophrenic little dick faggot.


“Ironybros” live rent free among both communities. I’d argue that the communities are one in the same now.

77c36a  No.702742


This, just because David is a powerful force for social justice & also a brilliant, astoundingly attractive person doesn't mean you nazi incels have to be jealous.


I don't remember him being anti-gamergate, and he was chummy with Sargon until some time after the 2016 election. I think your timeline is messed up.

3f5c33  No.702746


With that mouth? lmao

7139a6  No.702750


>“Ironybros” live rent free among both communities

Not really. Also being called a soyrony isn't necessarily serious. Sometimes it's sarcasm or humor or insult.

30e22a  No.702764

File: c98b22c2aab1f19⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Davina and Soygoy.gif)

b5ae4e  No.702778


>implying Ironybros don’t live rent free here

>what is Nick Fuentes getting libeled along with his sister on the sticky 24/7

7dcb68  No.702859


ef80cd  No.702956

File: ab1568552d6119e⋯.jpg (33.19 KB, 550x400, 11:8, Trevor, Franklin and Miche….jpg)


David Shitratt you stupid incel dumbass did you really think you'd be able to post here and we wouldn't immediately know you were doing it? Shitratt you dense motherfucker, it couldn't be more obvious you fucking egg-mode nitwit moron!! David, David! What the fuck are you doing? Fuck's sake go clean your room you dumb bastard give your mother a break!

Also, where's the money?

b5ae4e  No.702958


Nice job coming off as a sperg, Homer. Then again, you always act like one because your sister gets fucked by niggers and you enjoy licking the cume from her disease-riddled vagoo afterwards.

ef80cd  No.702984

File: e3aa694eb085b48⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 395x395, 1:1, No Heresy.jpg)


I'd hate to double post, but as a member of stuff I need to clear this up:

There has never been a spike in activity or users on this board caused by David's videos. Not even in the IBS containment thread. We get a surge of activity when Jimbo, Rulph and even Sargon talk about this place, and you know how much the whole IBS scene caused this board to explode.

But none of David's videos about /cow/ have ever caused our UiDs to tick up in any noticeable way. In fact, I'm probably the only member of staff who's even heard of him, and I only know about him because of Meatokur.

I'm not being petty here, this is just something that doesn't happen. Of course, David's channel only pulls in a few hundred or thousand views per video, so it isn't a surprising, sick burn to say his videos have no effect on this place. It's just a natural consequence of his small reach.

ef80cd  No.702995


Right, I'm the sperg, huh? You're the one running in here trying to cover David's ass and talking about how smart and attractive he is on a fucking lolcow board.

Truth be told, that post was facetious and I don't know if you and the other poster really are David with a dynamic IP or one of his friends (notice I said "friends" and not "fans" because he doesn't have those) but it's painfully obvious you don't want David to be made fun of and you're trying to slide this thread to try to protect him.

70ea07  No.703025

File: e037e338e18def9⋯.png (24.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Skeletels 5.png)



Get your fucking pronouns right. She's gone through enough of this bullshit, she doesn't the people supposedly defending her almost deliberately slander her by deadnaming her.

b5ae4e  No.703118


Okay, let me tell you how things work around here since you’re so fucking incompetent that you can’t put two and two together. I’m the same person who made threads on Eric Striker, Rage and Johnny Benitez. The same person who shills Nick Fuentes and the “Ironybros”, the same person who told everyone Nick’s sister is a cam whore, the same person who leaked screenshots from Baked Alaska’s server (will likely continue to do so), the same person who tells /cow/boys that these people live rent free in your heads because it’s true. At no point have I ever been a sperg; I’m merely a chaotic evil who’s looking to julay cocks cocks cocks julay julay julay cocks cocks cocks jcaesar187.

If your IQ wasn’t left of the bell curve, you would’ve known this by now instead of protecting alt-kikes like Johnny and Eric by either bumplocking or deleting my threads. Make sure you kill yourself tonight.

(USER WAS BANNED... to protect his own dignity. Jesus fucking christ dude get it together.)

ef80cd  No.703123

File: 9319fb04bac2c41⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 328x275, 328:275, 1451806903357.jpg)


holy shit you're a faggot

b5ae4e  No.703125

File: 9c406f87c07004e⋯.jpeg (42.57 KB, 500x457, 500:457, 1B2A14E1-F683-4C8D-A5C7-0….jpeg)


Rent free.

b32af7  No.703128

File: 363d2adb86de541⋯.gif (149.84 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1462466347666.gif)


>julay cocks cocks cocks julay julay julay cocks cocks cocks


77c36a  No.703133


Dude, it was a typo. Don't get your unisex undergarments in a bunch.

77c36a  No.703136


Also, I mean "dude" in the most inclusive way possible.

021f27  No.703140

File: 5e8a93258d666a9⋯.jpeg (627.39 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 86E67D7B-BAB6-4935-9DDE-F….jpeg)

Y’all /cow/tards mirin?

ef80cd  No.703143

File: cbd14aaa50c942c⋯.png (545.7 KB, 520x800, 13:20, Davinas mom.PNG)

Davina loves to use the "rent free" meme but the only place he's living in rent-free is his mom's house, and pretty soon that's gonna come to an end.

5d17f0  No.703220

File: 9f8fc2ab4782d7b⋯.png (513.94 KB, 501x434, 501:434, 2015 faggot house.png)

File: 0fe7b4b93f56138⋯.png (549.75 KB, 618x810, 103:135, shitrat_confirmation.png)

ef80cd  No.703258


Deleted the middle pic for dox. Post that shit on foxdick Farms or something because we really don't like that here.

b32af7  No.703269

File: 9a9cbcd70fedb1a⋯.png (28.84 KB, 759x224, 759:224, shitrat_aspergers_one_of_u….png)

File: 35f11ce9e78659f⋯.png (44.18 KB, 749x354, 749:354, shitrat_problem_with_femin….png)

File: 351c5fabd7fc6ac⋯.png (33.75 KB, 752x255, 752:255, shitrat_on_abortion.png)

8968c9  No.703277

File: 314685d01e2f7bb⋯.jpeg (142.54 KB, 1242x872, 621:436, 5EB3513F-4680-4F41-9A3B-7….jpeg)


(F R E E T R A I L E R)

df924c  No.703423

File: fab3eae26df6d61⋯.jpg (59.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, janitor.jpg)


<cow janitors live so rent free on his head he comes back after being b8

>rent free


ade916  No.703538

It's always funny when the cow decides that the best form of action is to post in his own thread

ef80cd  No.703663


Apparently the spammer is some faggot named Morpheus but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the earlier posts in the thread like >>702589 were actually David. He's stupid enough to try something like that.

6a4df0  No.704135


I find it unlikely any of these posts are Sherratt.

ef80cd  No.704170


He'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to post here trying to low-key defend himself like it would do anything, or like he wouldn't get caught the second he over-extended himself.

I mean, it's been proven time and time again that David IS a fucking moron, but hopefully he's juuuuust smart enough not to do that.

173c89  No.704206


Did xir came out as a lesbian transgendered individual yet?

7dcb68  No.704208

File: 46522f1f4ce4214⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 665x1000, 133:200, have you thought this all ….jpg)


Why would they have to be when he can just tap into his little tranny harem of perpetually butthurt sargonites to do his dirty work for him?

99c667  No.707481

When is this faggot going to end up homeless?


Enjoy the attention while you can, you'll be forgotten about soon enough.

7dcb68  No.707579

File: 8273ef0712bc31d⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 540x322, 270:161, eggmode.jpg)

Where's the money Lebowski?

ef80cd  No.711021


He'll probably end up sleeping on someone else's couch if his mother actually throws him out. If she does, he's gonna be really bitter when he realizes that was the easy life and he threw it away by treating his mom like shit and not bothering to take care of his own surroundings.

38b4e2  No.712779

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


His basic bitch leftist politics are the most boring thing about him. He's a primo autist.



>saving these awful 3dpds onto your goyphone6

You have trash taste in porn.

ef80cd  No.712784


Oh, god, his anti-race realism diss-track. That was something so cringe it makes Ricegum look like a Rhode Scholar.

>basic bitch leftist politics

Ehhh, I think his beliefs are pretty /cow/-like too. He seems to be the one who popularized the "there's no link between race and IQ" narrative in Kraut's inner circle, which had hilariously disastrous results. But that was more about him and his friends being spergs who didn't know anything and melted under pressure than the actual arguments.

12d9cd  No.712957


>deleting dox in IBS related threads

<other cows' dox is visible all over the board

Really making me think, Homo.

ef80cd  No.712986


Where? Tell me and I'll delete it.

fd09dd  No.716565

I didn't get to see the Jim stream go down. What was Shitrat's reaction during/after the stream?

38b4e2  No.716832


<wow you guys are obsessed with me, you must want to fuck me


ef80cd  No.716835


Some token edgy "I don't care" style responses followed by disappearing and waiting for it to blow over.

0048de  No.717573


What stream?

fd09dd  No.718012


The Mystery of the 10k dollars stream.



Ah, the passive aggressive type.

35e238  No.718679

File: b85d80fd660157d⋯.jpg (120.09 KB, 900x675, 4:3, Shitfaced.jpg)

I am not a cow guys ok, pls stop

90c395  No.761298

File: 64ab4ef2710e154⋯.png (116.86 KB, 771x520, 771:520, its afraid.png)

1d1494  No.836243

I want to rape him

f48d53  No.836640


If psychoanalysis thought me anything is that we all do, the inner volutions of all men tend towards meth fueled gayness. I only watch Disney classics like Pinocchio, which are the height of Jungian psychoanalytical entertainment. Except Frozen though. That's just feminist neo-marxist propaganda that wants to prevent me from diddling sweet sweet trappie negholes. Wash your balls before fucking a trap or you will contract marxist aids, Bucko.

b1ef7d  No.843721


>wherever habermann is buried

Is he talking about metokur's habermann?

d9e87f  No.843790


that's some deep lore you're wadding into son

d77381  No.876522

File: 7943dcb10448aa6⋯.png (307.81 KB, 506x1171, 506:1171, Shitrat_rejected.png)

File: ba6ef4fc9489aee⋯.png (124.67 KB, 568x654, 284:327, Shitrat_rejected2.png)

File: 0f72a8b023f861e⋯.png (450.04 KB, 501x735, 167:245, shitrat_is_back_bitches_de….png)

File: e36ccd86c2c7405⋯.png (369.97 KB, 494x710, 247:355, mommy shitratt.png)

Shitrat flew to the US to try an lose his virginity to Karma Lorel Reynoldson aka cumslut that slept with altrighters to own the altright and got rejected by her.

fde381  No.876696

File: d8aea67cb5895bb⋯.mp4 (11.98 MB, 1280x718, 640:359, Shitrat_metoo'd.mp4)

fde381  No.876709

File: 700e67fe9d6077a⋯.png (386.6 KB, 670x628, 335:314, b2c6783c54f9374a68c86ff5bf….png)

ef80cd  No.877002

File: 30f7dfa96c2b5ad⋯.jpg (36.23 KB, 599x449, 599:449, 30f7dfa96c2b5ad7669f731cfd….jpg)




>David tried to bang conservative chicks and got rejected


It's like a fuckin' Roadrunner cartoon.

fde381  No.877004

File: 461c52072d10e28⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 380x287, 380:287, 87c1ad567307908b63d4f494d8….gif)


She was a leftist pretending to be conservative so that she could sleep with the alright to own the alright. However the fuck that works.

4e5d56  No.877847


>get fucked by the alt-right to fuck the alt-right

Women are retarded

7dcb68  No.877867

File: 0c9832884a9a1b0⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 360x240, 3:2, cabbagehead(1).jpg)


Heya Ladies


>giving up the blonde puss to own the "alt-right"

Now that's some big brained Machiavelli shit right there. Just wait until she gives birth to three white children. Hahaha that'll show those nazi shitbags. How will they ever recover?

3d0253  No.880112

File: 91d43368f77e3cd⋯.png (384.55 KB, 492x1084, 123:271, shitrat_dindu_nuffin.png)

3d0253  No.880124

File: bc58a4bd8c9ea91⋯.png (42.67 KB, 487x416, 487:416, shitrat_dindu_nuffin_2.png)

3d0253  No.880131

File: cc6d132eb3d0043⋯.png (30.98 KB, 480x271, 480:271, shitrat_dindu_nuffin_3.png)

3d0253  No.880521

File: 8dbc4b25e679538⋯.png (189.07 KB, 376x1416, 47:177, shitrat_dindu_nuffin_4.png)

b4e26b  No.880984

post nudes

becc5b  No.881307


>It was probably a mistake to come back online.

And yet his dumb ass is still around.

7dcb68  No.881630




Shitrat is an irredemable tranny sped, but for some reason I have a hard time feeling sorry for little miss "fuck a nazi to own the alt-right". A girl with issues like that isn't exactly gonna land a normalfag chad husband, no matter how cute she may be on the surface. She deserves to get creeped on by giganerds like him.

5d691a  No.881771

File: 4e06b1e41224c83⋯.png (125.88 KB, 515x389, 515:389, shitrat_dindu.png)

File: 6aa084357f8cb43⋯.jpg (26.39 KB, 750x332, 375:166, D5PySQoUUAIlwh0.jpg)

File: 6f886687cd5267b⋯.jpg (95.81 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, D5PySQrVUAEwYVm.jpg)

File: 9072bfad6adadef⋯.jpg (101.37 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, D5PySQsUIAAQz8Z.jpg)

File: 32b404395f43392⋯.jpg (97.17 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, D5PySQpU0AAc1vE.jpg)

4c2ecf  No.904998

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

GOAT crossever with Don Sargone and Shitrat

6a4df0  No.905204


Not Sheratt myself, but after the debates I went up, got a picture, and called him SoyGoy The CuckedDad (he said "I'd prefer you call me Carl")

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