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File: f66867b01d20c06⋯.png (146.02 KB, 646x696, 323:348, 1C958409-87E9-48E0-B73E-EA….png)

38bc9c  No.728344

Alright cutting the bullshit. A summary of what’s happened;

-Timbox is an autistic manchild who obsesses over Genndy Tartakovsky Cartoons, more recently Samurai Jack and his love interest, Ashi

-He has sperged over her since her first introduction, but has admittedly slowed since March 2018

-He now spends his time on twitter desperately trying to gather a crowd of followers who can then “attack” /cow/, completely unaware that blatant pandering appeals to literally no one.

-He also dumps on Trumps cuz “Orange man bad” (and also since Tara Strong, The voice of Ashi, hate the Drumpf.

Links to more information on Timmy;

DeviantART: http://timbox129.deviantart.com/

ED page: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Timbox

Tim's "Cwcki" is rarely Updated so it shall be removed.

Previous Thread(other previous threads are on the ED Page); https://8ch.net/cow/res/595614.html

893232  No.728362

Tim's reaching double digit threads, and he's getting worse.

Also, that's a funny picture of him.

38bc9c  No.728363


Thanks it’s an edit of that pic of Tim being Cucked.

421466  No.728388

>9 threads deep on this faggot and he still won't learn how to deal with trolls

a9fbac  No.728420

File: 89beadb414ce14c⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 800x422, 400:211, rosemary.jpg)


Am I the only one who thinks that Timmy could have been lobotomized at a very early age?

893232  No.728440


No kidding.

a9fbac  No.728479


I mean, he is literally brain dead in every sense of the word, so I would be surprised his parents gave him the Rosemary Kennedy Treatment at such a young age. I could be wrong though, but it does seem most likely.

4312d0  No.728781

part 3 of the Chronicles of timbox is nearly complete.

4312d0  No.728812

cea0c9  No.728904


Two manchildren talking about a manchild.

This is autism.

38bc9c  No.729179


Took you long enough

2acd4a  No.729261


The enemy of our enemy is our ally.

cea0c9  No.729301


No son, I think - holy shit - YOU'RE JUST AS AUTISTIC AS TIMBOX


4312d0  No.729428


Thanks. Sorry if some of you guys don't like it.

d41992  No.729451


Personally, I thought it was alright.

4ef135  No.730495


Most of us on /cow/ are a bit autistic, otherwise we wouldn't be sperging about turbo-autists like Timmy.

fa5f3c  No.730871


I have a cousin who has actual autism but Timbox is not autistic he’s just gross and stupid. But I have noticed that autistic kids are so obsessed with iPads and computers. Why is that?

38bc9c  No.730891


Well they’re pretty easy to operate and for high functioning Autistics they can provide a challenge when it comes to programming and problem solving. I think Bill Gates is autistic so that could explain why Microsoft exist and why he’s made that machine that turns shit into drinking water, but don’t quote me on that.

c3ebfd  No.730924

This is two week ago but in his quiz , at number 28, Tim acknowledged the 2016 reboot is crap.


Surprisingly, you would have think nor expect Tim will defend the PPG for the nostalgia no matter how many people hate/dislike the reboot. Tim might still be denial of PPG reboot because of "muh nostalgia" before his Samurai Jack sperg.

More Dexter Odyssey soapboxing


893232  No.731032


Personally, I don't really think Tim cares about the PPG reboot.

38bc9c  No.731075


Who would? It’s pretty average, although that stuff will one of the show-runners adding a self-insert as blossom’s(?) love interest was fucking wild.

cea0c9  No.731116


offtopic but I need to know about this

893232  No.731250


It was some rumor from 4chan about a character from the reboot literally being a self-insert.

4545d7  No.731352

File: a938a66e76bcfe3⋯.png (778.76 KB, 1198x710, 599:355, jared.png)


That is correct. As for the self-insert character, you're probably thinking of a character named Jared Shapiro who was beared an uncanny resemble to one of the voice actors, I think his name was Jake Goldman, and basically acted as Blossom's love interest. This little self-insert character was also the very same thing that landed Jake Goldman in hot water when he was called out for his creepy behavior.

893232  No.731359


The guy was really called out for his creepy behavior?

Well, that's something I never knew about.

9137bf  No.733521

4312d0  No.734022

df65e6  No.734974


>Tim bring up Mandark despite this character scare him as a kid

>Compare Mandark to LOTR's Sauron

Has Tim even look up other villains/evil characters beside Mandark? Even 80's villains like Megatron nor Skeletor are noticable than that Mandark character

Previous tweets shown Samurai Jack going off air in Adult Swim and cartoons (From Dexter to PPG)




893232  No.735150


Typical Tim.

b69481  No.735322


He's obsessed with 9/11!

That whole Mandark thing! Mandark is NOT scary or evil, he's just a whiny little kid!

893232  No.735352


Oh man, I remember that archived Tumblr post about him being scared of Mandark.

f5b48e  No.735839


>he's just a whiny little kid!

Just like Tim. Maybe that's why he's scared of him, it's like looking in a mirror.

4312d0  No.735914

cea0c9  No.735922


>ome if all the elements being used are not mine, and it may not be in the first place, but here is Adult Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory Ego Trip leading all the armies of the world – be it samurai on horseback or charging Vikings or Zulu warriors or modern tanks – on a big, gigantic, epic, and titanic assault on Mandark's Laboratory, in the hope of vanquishing his arch rival neighbor Mandark and restoring peace to the world once and for all!

Mandark's not the antichrist or anything, I really don't know why Tim consideres him a top-tier villian. Does he fucking watch anything that are not Cartoon Network cartoons?

893232  No.735998


Well, there was his "favorite things" where he listed Ren and Stimpy as one of his favorite cartoons.

cea0c9  No.736231


So his cartoon tastes are pretty plain and thusly so are his ideas of heels.

Of cartoons he likes, Aku is probably the most malevolent villain, but even he is portrayed a bit as a joke at times*. I really don't think you'd need the combined might of all the armies across the world and in time to defeat some nerdy heel of Dexter

*I should note that my memories of Aku come from watching the cartoon as a really little kid, I never watched the reboot

4312d0  No.738077

aff411  No.738390


Mandrake conquered the world as adult in a Dexter movie, probably that's where Tim got the idea for the whole Dexter's Odissey.

893232  No.739053


Yes, lest we forget the movie that started his "career".

cea0c9  No.739215


I remember moderately enjoying that movie as a youngling. Never thought some adult manchild would crap all over that made-for-tv special

63b16c  No.739422


I bet his parents are also a bunch of air headed hippies who are totally unaware of what their son is doing, too

63b16c  No.739424


And that show was created by a sperg (animation expert, as he prefers to be called) who has sick fantasies about underage girls and cartoons from his childhood

cea0c9  No.739433


Shit man, I made flash animations as a teenager (which I dont think I have anymore), I'm more of an animation expert then he is.

df65e6  No.739623



Aside mention Disney Channel and Nick, in his nick, he mention the Last Airbender and Korra

I highly doubt he's into the Nick's Avatar franchise. Does he care abut the characters and their personality?The story buildup? Action scenes? He either bring up for shit n giggles or aware of the shipping wars he got ideas of his crap ass Blossom x Dexter/Dexter x Ashi.

07b8cf  No.739732

Didn't he promise to leave the Internet?


893232  No.739921


Well, it's either shits n' giggles, because I don't think he cares about the ships.

4312d0  No.740534

How long will it take for Timmy to find out about this thread? Also i found something nastier than him.

7086a6  No.740786

Stop trolling tim and stop bully him you shit 8chan cow 🖕😠 leave tim alone he is not part of lolcow and stop bully peoples and stop trolling peoples and you ruin peoples life

38bc9c  No.740804


Fuck off you retarded Cumstain.

64c1c3  No.740858

File: 651c32c88a2a29d⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 12547532864.jpg)



7dcd43  No.740930


>And for another:

>The Powerpuff Girls Movie from 2002 was connected to a even more notorious thing other than critical and box office failure and lack of support. For instance:

>The fact that it came out 10 months and 70 days, or nearly a year, after the events of 9/11 in 2001.

Uhhh. That had nothing to do with 9/11. I don't think something involving airplanes crashing into skyscrapers scared people away from going to a cinema.

c2489d  No.740958


What is with his obsession with 9/11? I gotta ask is he like some kind of lunatic conspirator?

7dcd43  No.741081


I dunno. Guess the whole thing terrified him when he was young. Like Mandark, but obviously 10,000 times worse.

And we all know what he thinks about Mandark, so I guess it's kind of a given

4312d0  No.741299

Do you think Timmy is worse than JustinRPG?

893232  No.742282


I don't know who JustinRPG is exactly.

4312d0  No.742418

893232  No.742483



After seeing the article, I can conclude that Justin is worse than Timmy.

4312d0  No.742685



c2489d  No.744398


JustinRPG must be euthanized.

38bc9c  No.745095

Apart from Tim saying he was in an orgy with Dexter, Mandark, Lee Lee and Dee Dee, Tim’s got NOTHING close to what JustinRPG has on his ED. Tim’s a Faggot, but Justin is a straight up Degenerate.

4312d0  No.747002

Both need to be put into a zoo.

893232  No.748359


To put it simply, any lolcow is worse than Timmy, like Erik Mokracek.

4312d0  No.748713


who's that?

c2489d  No.750044

File: 6aeca7ffea52e51⋯.jpg (63.38 KB, 1060x697, 1060:697, chocolate ketchup.JPG)


I'll give you a summary of Erik Mokracek by this image. He's like super cringe.

c2489d  No.750047

42f4b7  No.750181


Start a thread on him then because that guy looks like a potential Nick Bate to me.

38bc9c  No.751960


All My Chocolate Ketchup Is Gone

893232  No.752517


Chocolate ketchup??

38bc9c  No.752551


That’s what the pic says

c2489d  No.752691

7086a6  No.753868

You all shit need to stop bully tim the truth bully is 8chan cow there have ruin peoples life

38bc9c  No.753917


We literally haven’t talked about Tim for a while now.

c2489d  No.754299


>truth bully


893232  No.754816


Quit it, Kari. You already got three threads.

b69481  No.757972

and than there's also the guy who wants to see Ashi in a Disney princess dress and he won't shut up about it!

893232  No.758764


What? Jamie Nieves is still doing that?

893232  No.762132


Oh, yeah, I remember that guy. Surprised he hasn't had a mention on Tim's friends list.

4312d0  No.763307


He still thinks that samurai will get sixth season? What a buffoon.

893232  No.763561


Jack is over. There will be no sixth season, even if they continually pester Genndy to make it. Genndy has moved on from SJ, and from what I've heard, is making a new show for [as].

4312d0  No.765208


He bitched at me when i called him out for his stupidity.

661b82  No.765649

What is sadder? Being a legit mental defective or pretending to be a neuronormie while obsessively A-Logging Timbo while actually knowing and holding fucking opinions about the shitty children's cartoons he watches?



You mean figuratively, you absolute spazmo.

3a73cb  No.767269


>some user ask tim to join discord server

If Tim had discord, he'll spam his Ashi, Dexter and cartoons, doesn't contribute into other topic and will get ridiculed or ignored if tim didnt read nor pay attention chat rule

Tim hardly chat anyone online let alone outside with his lack of English and run-off sentences

c2489d  No.769761


And then he'll spam his film ideas to his Discord users and his users tell him about copyright.

Then proceeds to ban said people who think his film ideas are shit.

Plus his trolls will basically hijack his server and lols insues.

4312d0  No.770179

File: e5293d3d9d0be1e⋯.png (572.92 KB, 592x715, 592:715, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at ….png)

File: 0620f0e90765dd9⋯.png (168.38 KB, 593x570, 593:570, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at ….png)

File: 0620f0e90765dd9⋯.png (168.38 KB, 593x570, 593:570, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at ….png)

These are fresh from his twitter.

893232  No.770726


Um, you goofed there, pal, two of the same appears.

38bc9c  No.770798

Shits gotten real boring now. Anyone wanna start fucking with him and make counter-art to his stuff. Basically just Edgy memes, ironic art shitty on his ideas and maybe some of photos with Tim’s head cropped onto some ‘less-than-flattering’ photos.

I know that sounds weeny and a-loggy but it’s been a while since our favourite sperg chimped out, don’t you agree?

4312d0  No.771342


I'm in.

df65e6  No.771984


>Shove up another tweet rant of 8chan after John Lassester tweet

Tim got nothing better to do from Twitter, DA or outside of the internet than making another tweet rant.

38bc9c  No.773588


Annnd Deleted

Did anyone get a screenshot?

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