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File: 4a09acd5af1b1d6⋯.jpg (8.86 KB, 175x224, 25:32, 0.jpg)

File: ec027a031167c3c⋯.png (751.04 KB, 625x1000, 5:8, 1.png)

dc2f22  No.773507

Regarding her Paypigs:

>You will notice how it's always the same people that donate. Luna (one of her mods) posted her earnings in the last thread.

>He shows that streaming as a girl, basically means to completly julay a very tiny minority of Freaks that are completly obsessed with her

But tick tock … how long will the paypigs support Thots? What will happen, once the money runs out?

Quick Rundown:

>be Brittany Venti

>basically a female basement-neckbeard NEET, who can't do anything except stream

>meet an attractive Aryan through HWNDU, who is WAY above her league

>bipolar, disgusting hoarder with cringy internet humor

>extremely jealous, ruined her bf's potential career (he had to quit college for her and isn't allowed to get a job, because she was so clingy)

>kept him as dependent on him as possible

>apartment is full of clothes she orders online, catpoop in her bed, doesn't clean anything, doesn't cook

>bf describes the time with her as the absolute lowest point in his life

>because she only eats takeout food and doesn't clean up, she even has a cockroach infestation (a cockroach appaered live on stream)

>think that it was smart to talk lies about her bf on the internet

>he goes into jcaesar187's chat and reveals it all (the links are the recordings)




link to old thread:


723da9  No.773685

Stop posting this disgusting creature, you might as well post AydinThotadin while you're at it.

dc2f22  No.773691


Rate ny OC then

1a0cf8  No.773779

smells like cat pee

dc2f22  No.773783


oink oink oink

b74a33  No.773787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How many months has it been since she and Mason "broke up"? Was that last October?

Anyways, she released a new video today. For some reason it takes her some time to

get her bearings rolling, but once they do, she gets going. I find it interesting how she

uses the last 6 months of her streaming for determining whether she is a titty

streamer or not. In her early streams, she showed a lot of cleavage. The only reason

why I know of her is because of her gamergirl persona and her engaging eye magnets.

Her streams are entirely different now compared to when she started, but she can't

deny that she showed a lot of cleavage in those early streams.

Also, cleavage isn't the only thing sexy. She doesn't even attempt to discuss her use

of suggestive poses and imagery for capturing the attention of men. These clips of one

of her streams are from last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWvbJs_XjQA and

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dg7vFs4FrLc . I understand that the whole stream

was to mock Twitch IRL streamer girls, but her poses still evoke the same suggestive

behavior of those girls. At what point does the satire end and reality begin?

I don't want to be only dumping criticism on her without providing constructive feedback.

All Brittany needs to do is drop the I am not a titty streamer act and move on. Big deal.

I've seen harsher, more insulting things posted about her to her on twitter than when she

is called a titty streamer. She chooses this to be mad about? Why?

b74a33  No.773788

File: e9161df2f4205a5⋯.jpg (97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MKVGcDh.jpg)

File: 77b1e1ee62319eb⋯.jpg (16.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault-1.jpg)


Why does she do stuff like this if she isn't a titty streamer?

dc2f22  No.773789



Kek, look at the most upvoted comment, that was even liked by her:

>God, how do you skate that fine line between irony, autism, cringe and hilarious trolling with this shit? How do you keep yourself from actually becoming the thing you parody?

Today, she would just complain about the mere suggestion that she is anything like "these other girls".

I think this really fucked her up. Did you see



Calling her a thot, really gets to her. She constantly makes videos about this. She doesn't even turn around or move to the side, because "this could make me into a thot". And she can't fake a seductive tone, so she just speaks in that intense Autism whisper.

b74a33  No.773853


>the most upvoted comment

>misuses irony

Do people really not know what irony is?

>How do you keep yourself from actually becoming the thing you parody?

Lol. What an honest question that shouldn't be rhetorical at all.

>Did you see youtube link

Why does she sound like Elliot Rodger? If that video has nearly 400k views,

why does she worry so much if a handful of people in her chat or twitter

call her out for demanding beta bucks?

Is she really only about the money? That's all her new video was,

defending people who give her money. She claims guys donate

to male streamers all the time, but from what I've seen, anyone

who gives money to streamers is called out for being retarded.

It doesn't matter who the streamer is.

>Calling her a thot, really gets to her.

She really acts like it sometimes. Maybe it's for all the attention,

good and bad?

47f2e3  No.773936

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Ironic titty-streaming is still titty-streaming. Ironic e-thottery is still e-thottery.

If she doesn't want to be called a titty-streamer or an e-thot, she shouldn't do it at all. There isn't a deeper intention to her, she's just using the vagueness of irony to appeal to a particular group of pathetic whales. She wants money and attention, and she will do whatever she must do to get them.

dc2f22  No.773940

File: 07d30ab6dd86c7a⋯.jpg (56.73 KB, 388x398, 194:199, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


>Why does she sound like Elliot Rodger?

Because she never learned to be "seductive" and thinks any attempt at being so, makes her a Thot. So she just speaks in some weird asmr-tier, creepy, autistic whisper to emulate the stereotypical "seductive" voice, without it being haram to her or her followers.

>If that video has nearly 400k views, why does she worry so much if a handful of people in her chat or twitter call her out for demanding beta bucks?

Idk. She also is really hypocritical in that she has a really mean, toxic, asshole-ish humor, but demands that everyone like her.


Apparently she is unaware of how toxic she comes across and just makes fun of that.

>defending people who give her money.

She likes to live under the illusion that the people that give her money, just do it for the quality of the cocks and not because she has gathered a crowd of emotionally dependent Beta Orbitters, who absolutely OBSESSED with her.

Maybe she even subtely knows that, because it's just too comical to see her calling her Beta Orbiter Paypigs "Alpha", because they don't care about other people's opinion on what they should do with their money. I mean she has to be self-aware enough as a girl to know that if she had a boyfriend, that stalks an e-girls twitter, is in her discord, goes to every stream and donates just so she spends a bit of attention on what he said, would be extremely pathetic and make no sense, because they should rather spend all that attention and money on her.

And you KNOW that this is her opinon, because she is vehemently against porn and her primary reason is that porn will distract men from giving their gf more attention or go on gf-hunt.

Now that I think about it, she might really have a little joke at the expensive of her paypigs, by calling them Alpha, but Idk. She might just really have illusions about that.

>She really acts like it sometimes. Maybe it's for all the attention,

She wants to protect her reputation, because her breakup drama really divided a lot of people and stressed her out a lot.

In fact the breakup was so stressing, she outright blacklisted the entire internet right-wing community from associating with her again. She can't associate with the "Alt-Light", because she called them cucks a bunch of times and the more hardcore ones like the Killstream make her scared, because the last time she was on, a viewer PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD her. She just ended up stuttering.

68825f  No.773950


b74a33  No.774035


>Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Ironic titty-streaming is still titty-streaming. Ironic e-thottery is still e-thottery.

You aren't wrong.


>She also is really hypocritical in that she has a really mean, toxic, asshole-ish humor, but demands that everyone like her.

Everyone wants to be loved, or so it is said. She can be unnecessarily mean sometimes, but she gets a lot of hate from people. I don't know if this is a case of the chicken-before-the-egg, but I know that if someone keeps getting shit they are going to start throwing it back, doesn't matter if the right or wrong people at that point.


I found this. I don't know if he is being serious.


>I mean she has to be self-aware enough as a girl to know that if she had a boyfriend, that stalks an e-girls twitter, is in her discord, goes to every stream and donates just so she spends a bit of attention on what he said, would be extremely pathetic and make no sense, because they should rather spend all that attention and money on her.

Lol. Is this modern day stalking? The victims set themselves up on silver platters? I get her point that people in a relationship should be working for that relationship, but would she give up streaming and social media for her boyfriend / husband? Who knows.

>her breakup drama really divided a lot of people

Really? Is this backroom, discord drama? People in her chat never seem to bring it up, but they might be biased to favor her, even after insulting her to her face. I know Luna has posted in the other thread, and that obviously a mod leaking discord chats is a divide, but has she lost real friends over this, besides Mason?

>blacklisted the entire internet right-wing community from associating with her again

Was she really a part of that community though? She had a handful of appearances and that was about it. Would that be saying she is in the sceptic community because she had that one or two streams with desTINY?

Brittany has done fairly well for herself as a streamer. I doubt I could get even 10 viewers on my stream, let alone the hundreds she gets on average and the tens of thousands of views she gets on youtube. She obviously is doing something right or people wouldn't be talking about her and making threads about her. I don't know what it's doing to her personally, maybe nothing, but it appears she doesn't care except for only attention, money, and things.

7fac78  No.774037

File: c3a48b1d84ac49c⋯.png (278.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



dc2f22  No.774054


>but has she lost real friends over this, besides Mason?

Some other regulars like DirtyOldDan I think too.

>Really? Is this backroom, discord drama?

No, it's history now. Her stream went back to 300 viewers. After and during her breakup it was a lot more. All temporary.

>Was she really a part of that community though?

Yes. She went to HWNDU, where a lot of other alt-right ecelebs went too. She went to Charlottesvile and other protests and even punched an Antifag in the face.

For a time she went to the Killstream pretty regularly and almost became Tonka's cohost on the Kumite. She used to be very tight.

After she was banned on twitch for mudcookies, she also made a special stream just for jcaesar187, Andy and CO and made them jewish food.

She also had interactions with Metokur and was even there when Baked Alaska ruined his career, because of Erin, the ALPHA THOT.

>Would that be saying she is in the sceptic community because she had that one or two streams with desTINY?

No, because she went on destiny's stream as "hostile debater".

And she is still in contact with that side, because after all she just recently did a Stream together with Baked's new GF, who he uses to normalize himself, after his alt-right protesting history.

Brittany Venti also posts on 4chan sometimes like during the April Fools joke that divided 4chan into different teams.

So you really haven't kept up at all, if you think Brittany somehow isn't associated with them. Most of her viewers are from 4chan. Hell, her humor and all of her jokes are from 4chan, specifically /pol/ and are entirely dependent on what is hip and cringy at the time.

Her premise as a streamer is: "I am a Girl, who goes on 4chan :


Women have an unironic ability to make movements toxic. Like calling Richard Spencer gay for having a "fashy haircut" and wearing suits and drinking wine.

Or calling Gavin McGinnes a gay cuck. Which is true, but still, as a woman you shouldn't constantly make use of your social shaming power.

Stuff like that.

b74a33  No.774128


>So you really haven't kept up at all, if you think Brittany somehow isn't associated with them.

Yeah. You're right. Not as much as I could have. Really don't care for politics, even the memes. Just stay prescient enough to know what's bullshit. If Brittany was that involved, then I can see how it was bad news for her to lose those additional audiences. I however don't consider IBS, kumite, warski, JF, killstream, or anything similarly related to be /pol/, cuckchan or 8ch, so that's really why I didn't consider her associated with the "alt-right".

dc2f22  No.774297


But she joined Charlottesvile Unite the Right Rally and also for a while on a lot of other protests.

I don't consider her "alt-right", because she really doesn't know a lot about politics and it really shows, whenever she tries to discuss anything related to geography, history of politics. She literally just knows the /pol/ memes, but not a lot more than that.

There are other women out there in the "altright" that are a lot smarter than her and make proper videos about politics and not her brand of cringy humor all the time.

>Here she goes again, making another ironic video

ddf4f0  No.775026

Every goddamn time I scroll past the venti thread, I see the OP sucking 4chad's dick, what is up with that?

2d4f15  No.775126

File: 78ad52aa416c93e⋯.png (17.84 KB, 399x370, 399:370, 1519006411768.png)


Euro fags ITT reeeeee

Muttany Ventu has pure Aryan blood dood, fuck you. Still H'w-w-whiter than you Achmed.

6e3a3d  No.775145


She can't be a titty streamer. Those girls are attractive

That thumb nail is pure titty stream attempt though. The fact that it's the thumb nail makes her into one. If your shirt is lower than your collar bone you're a titty streamer. FACT

6e3a3d  No.775184


Richard Spencer is a pretty boy millionaire who got a shitty hair cut and acts like a fag. Calling him gay is an entirely accurate description. But who the fuck would listen to this mutt cunt trying to shame them any way? She looks like a doll thrown in the trash. Nappy hair, mutt features and the IQ of a frozen pea. She's revolting in every way possible. She's the exact type of woman who latches onto niche subjects to be a 10/10 in a 3/10 community. Same way jabba the hutt mother fuckers join the /tg/ community. Ugly fuckers find women free zones and then get treated like gods for even being there. The only reason muttette has a following is because she went to every 4chan event she could and thrust her tits out whenever a camera appeared. She's nothing special and she just found a niche where her ugliness is second to her vagina. Remember all streaming is fake friendship, nothing more or less. All the betas want a girl( ) friend and thats what they pay for.

890bc3  No.775442


I hope an American copyrights the 56% meme so you Euros won't be able to use it.

6e3a3d  No.775669

File: 0b58ab0f2018762⋯.jpg (90.11 KB, 1024x668, 256:167, 0b5.jpg)

File: 5f2e15c6e61e69d⋯.png (238.73 KB, 490x500, 49:50, 0e5a2395ea840db971ff6b9ca3….png)

File: 566716ce8b6cf01⋯.png (773.41 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1cfca582a3e6d383cc5e2bdf1c….png)

File: 0434bf69ab1612b⋯.png (87.18 KB, 1104x927, 368:309, 043.png)

File: 0312fee88e6be21⋯.png (98.8 KB, 272x496, 17:31, 47293c37c54de24a800ecca72a….png)

b74a33  No.775854


There were a lot of people at that rally. What I mean is I've yet to see

anyone consider her in a leading position for the "alt-right".


Lol. I think OP is someone who was in deep with Brittany but got too

personally involved with that whole situation and was burned for it.


Brittany isn't ugly. I don't see why people say that. If she were ugly she

wouldn't have 170 replies on this twitter post.


I didn't see anyone insulting her in that twitter thread like I normally would.

Why is that?

Brittany obviously has her issues, but she usually plays off of them. She

could at least when given the opportunity. It's clear she wants to have a

good stream, even if that is only to make herself feel good through the

attention. Why is that a problem though? I can see where problems could

happen, but whatever I think isn't necessarily correct when compared to

what she thinks.

I can't speak for her. Maybe she does really want to put on a good stream

because of the satisfaction of knowing she is capable of accomplishing

what she set out for herself to do. I do know that she gets a lot of hate for

shitting his pants and doing nothing more than stream.

b74a33  No.776119

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

She released another video today. Telling her to get a job really goads her nodes. Ehh, she makes more in a year than most people on average, so she has a point that she doesn't need a job. But the video answers my question whether she would give it all up once she had a family. That answer is "no".

Also, crosspost in tv >>>/tv/1883238

e202de  No.776190

File: ff7191039c7b18c⋯.png (241.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I would pump so much cum between her tits

dc2f22  No.776194


Why did she choose such an ugly twitter picture?

It really accentuates that skin mustache.

85f7b4  No.776225

These threads are clearly made by orbiters, kill yourselves.

1) Leech

2) Has burned dozens of bridges with good cocks creators because they wouldn't let her leech

3) Has tried to bang anyone with relevance, leafy, britbong, that alt right loser..

4) shes a camgirl, yet wants to be seen as not a camgirl?

pathetic women hides her discord so no one can join without paypigging.

b74a33  No.776271


>Why did she choose such an ugly twitter picture?

>It really accentuates that skin mustache.

No raccoon eyes though.


>These threads are clearly made by orbiters

Did you even read the OP?

>3) Has tried to bang anyone with relevance, leafy, britbong, that alt right loser..

Who is "that alt right loser"?

>pathetic women hides her discord so no one can join without paypigging.

Dang. Almost every large streamer (>100 average viewers) is like this.

edd7de  No.776348


She's very ugly. She has droopy eyes, nappy skin and looks like a fraggle fucked a nigger. She's one step above disfigured, 1 step.

I like you in these threads. You're a cow we can all laugh at.

b74a33  No.776352

File: ffc53f2109b17fe⋯.jpg (15.42 KB, 326x307, 326:307, ffc53f2109b17fe1471c01128d….jpg)


>I like you in these threads. You're a cow we can all laugh at.

dc2f22  No.776418

File: 105bc875255b13e⋯.png (751.05 KB, 625x1000, 5:8, ec027a031167c3c86b9c7623c6….png)

dc2f22  No.776419


tweet this at her, pm this to her, troll her with this image, untill she cries

b74a33  No.776427


Sounds like she gots off on it.

ef3480  No.776447

She used to be mildly entertaining (plus tits), but now all she fucking does is "defend" herself on twitter and videos. This isn't funny.

It all started with the breakup where the defense was arguably justified, but now it's fucking boring.

e03f18  No.776510


Because she’s got nothing left. I’d imagine her friend Jessica makes her jealous how that she’s skinnier. Luna isn’t friends with Brittany anymore, BritBong isn’t, she has that creepy Craigsmith guy stalking her still, her streams get hardly any viewers, etc.

She expects people to feel bad for her so she picks fights with people on social media and cries wolf claiming to be the victim when she’s just an insufferable bitch. I can’t see how anyone would want to be IRL friends with her.

b74a33  No.776864

File: 453d91366ec698e⋯.mp4 (3.3 MB, 512x288, 16:9, brittany-wants-to-get-a-jo….mp4)

dc2f22  No.777861


>a 40-year-old looking woman wants a baby

always cracks me up


what you mean?



Who is Craigsmith?

I also haven't seen DirtyOldDan in months.

>claiming to be the victim when she’s just an insufferable bitch.

>does is "defend" herself on twitter and videos.

This. It's really annoying. I have heard that whole "not getting a job, because I'm a womanz" thing for the hundredth time already.

5654ac  No.778030

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> I have heard that whole "not getting a job, because I'm a womanz" thing for the hundredth time already.

Really not plugged into this shit but from past threads and who she replies to on Twitter, that's likely why she says it 100 times. It makes normal people annoyed, annoyed people angry and angry people eventually melt down, like with that giant donation from, like, two threads ago.

People say this to Cosmo (Narcissa) Wright too, and eventually his only response is to rub their noses in his laziness. Even lolcow 1.0 Casey Serin did that, calling his readers "W-2 losers" and posting about waking up at 2pm.

33813b  No.778058



8a84b2  No.778219

File: 4cc8dcec7f42b5a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 577.51 KB, 930x591, 310:197, venti.png)


Yeah it's hot for a moment but once undressed, her tits are not that great tbh

8a84b2  No.778221


check here you lazy bum. >>778219

b74a33  No.778265


>what you mean?

It sounds like she gets off on the attention, the good and the bad. She gets a chance to make another public plea for donations.

e202de  No.778436


not very good proof

b74a33  No.778494


This is what I am saying. Brittany has said numerous times that there are no nudes leaked. Benefit of the doubt in my opinion.

For example, look at the "8". Brittany's 8 breaks at the top, but the 8 on the boobs breaks on the right side. The handwriting doesn't really leave much to compare, but what is there doesn't match very well if at all.

09f660  No.778582

File: 55d40350e453a4d⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1242x2688, 207:448, 726AFFF7-740D-4A0A-8C57-19….png)


Craigsmith is this creepy ass dude that has been stalking Brittany for years.

dc2f22  No.778610



He is innocent I guess.

And Brittany is also following him on twitter.

dc2f22  No.778611


nvm lol, he seems so fucking weird that he definetly is a real person

09f660  No.778618


Exactly. He’s got a TBI and has been taking creepshots of his African nurses and shit while tweeting out how much he loves Brittany. Never recall him ever giving her neetbux though

09f660  No.778627

File: 56938a2b1ad9bb0⋯.png (451.59 KB, 1242x2688, 207:448, B1D5495C-09D0-41CA-B37E-11….png)

Dude is fucking weird

dc2f22  No.778652


Tbh that is how she likely will die. Her father and mother died young. She has constant allergies.

F for mutt genetics

b74a33  No.778657


Do I hear wedding bells?

e03f18  No.778685



e03f18  No.778686


Surprised he didn’t rape her yet but he’s a literal retard

b74a33  No.781313

File: c33fe02ea5fdb48⋯.jpg (65.53 KB, 775x985, 155:197, D0LyJ8rXQAA094t.jpg)

It's her friend Jessica's birthday today. Do we know what role she played through out the drama?

72eeb6  No.781347

File: ca1634031e4c52a⋯.mp4 (2.4 MB, 540x360, 3:2, mummys scrunchies.mp4)

>when she laughs at your dick picks you took of your cock wrapped in your mom's hair scrunchies so you make a thread on cow

b74a33  No.781357

073404  No.781419


>more than likely to be a mother

The idea of her having children is the only edgy or offensive thing she has every said. Even as a joke, the idea that some ironic titty streamer would be a mother is disgusting.

b74a33  No.781463


Most streamers seem like they would be or are neglectful to their children, and people in general.

Look at desTINY. His kid walks in and he will go: "Yeah. That's great dude. Get out of here. I am streaming." Same thing happened when his mom called on stream.

I made a video to try and highlight this. I guess the joke was difficult to grasp. I posted it here >>776864.

Streamers have some huge egos.

e03f18  No.781596


Want me to ask her? She’s on right now.

b74a33  No.781610


Yeah. That would be gold.

e03f18  No.781613

Hi, Jessica. So what’s untrue about what’s in this thread?

0e6ad7  No.781968


literally fucking everything lmao

09f660  No.782817

39e321  No.783044


Kids are fucking annoying in videos or streams. Not removing them loses you viewers and money. This isn't "lol I am a streamer" with 5 viewers. It's a job for them. "Daddy is working" is a valid thing to say to a kid who comes in while you're doing your meme job.

09f660  No.783414


Didn’t he want to fuck his kid before?

4bb624  No.783673



b74a33  No.784008


It's called a baby sitter, like everyone else has to do for their jobs.

dc2f22  No.789562

What happened to this thread? Why is it on the last page? Did Brittany seriously spam to delete this?

test, this is just to test, if it can be bumped to top again

4f9b9c  No.789582


I wish there was definitive proof those are her julayers. I'm autistic about having to confirm nudes are real before I can fap.


I figure it would be difficult to write on your own tits. Its not the same as writing on paper.

dc2f22  No.789587

File: dc2bcf217f9a80d⋯.gif (3.62 MB, 430x430, 1:1, 1545586389357.gif)

Huh, this thread is at page 1 again.

Brittany almost succeded. She tried to bump every other thread to first page to get this one kicked off. It disappeared from the catalog.

She also created 2 fake threads.

b74a33  No.789642


Who knows if that was her. /cow/ gets spammed all the time, almost regularly. Why would she spam to get rid of this thread when the previous ones had more details and leaks from one of her previously trusted mods?


>difficult to write on your own tits

People don't even need mirrors to write on their chests. They can just look down. From this, at least the styles should be consistent, but they don't look similar at all. I am not a forensic handwriting expert by any means, so who knows.

789fa3  No.789710



b26040  No.790408


599f9b  No.790418

lol, she failed because there are a few threads that are locked, and a bunch that are bumplocked/autosaged

520bf9  No.790916




>someone gives her ammo about britbong despite

>she uses it

>turns out to be made up by the same second life furries who make 70 threads about him on /cow/

>they also try to derail these threads

Big yikes..

520bf9  No.790927


Her furry ex-mod posts here all the time, she's well aware of these threads so yes it's probably her.

dc2f22  No.791393



Luna is not a girl. It's just an in-joke on her discord.


The thing is this thread actually disappeared. It disappeared off the catalog. But I went into my browser history, found the thread and managed to somehow bump it from the grave.

09f660  No.794406


Luna should just kill itself.

04025f  No.795732


Oh hey Dominic, fancy seeing you here.

Why are you denying the scrunchie video? Damage control? We've all seen it and idk dude, you called it a cock ring.

Who are the furries you go on about?

81b997  No.795743

File: 06bcd1c57196f33⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.02 MB, 300x397, 300:397, BritbongReturns(mrBTFO) Je….gif)


>>turns out to be made up by the same second life furries who make 70 threads about him on /cow/

How can it be made up when there is proof?

b74a33  No.797032

Anyone in this thread still in her discord?

891d1c  No.797148


Does she even use it anymore?

b74a33  No.797190


I would put money on it that she does.

dc2f22  No.800208

File: 915f75e9c68e052⋯.jpg (114.93 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1543812762627.jpg)


I am sometimes.

f78836  No.800236


Anything good?

b74a33  No.800352

File: 13ea3b4343e02db⋯.jpg (82.9 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Ward.jpg)

What's up with her new agent?

>hixson hammer

>produces an esoteric, science fiction, fantasy blog

>youtube channel that is 3 years old doesn't even have 2000 views

She needs to get herself a proper agent. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of talent agencies in NYC, many that work with social media influencers.

With a proper agency, it could help her network with similar social media influencers, compared to herself, which can help her develop ideas for her own stream / videos. Not forgetting the other perks that these agencies bring to their talent through their networks.

It's already easy to see the influence of this new agent, at least in her chat. If she continues with this, her audience will change. There will be fewer of her regular viewers. They will be replaced by whatever audience this agent brings.

That could be what Brittany wants. I know I don't know.


What's it like in there? Is the chat usually steady? Is it mostly people Brittany's age? Not trying to get you to out yourself.

dad9ff  No.800486

File: ef4dcd4c8306bdb⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, 1:1, 1542258332291.gif)


>She needs to get herself a proper agent. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of talent agencies in NYC, many that work with social media influencers.

b74a33  No.800515


What are you getting at here? That talent agencies don't exist for social media influencers?

f3fc6c  No.800572

File: cf42d7db2b2b91c⋯.png (17.41 KB, 599x247, 599:247, orbiter.png)

Anyone have information on this guy


>Makes all her gifs/animations for free (lol)

>Does all her research/clip gathering for free (lol)

>Lives in the UK

If you guy can add some info let me know, looking on making this guy vanish from the internet for a while.

f3fc6c  No.800573

Have you noticed every female she's made a video on have been people that didn't want to be her friend, she used to be shoeonheads biggest fan and turned on her because she wouldn't respond to her tweets or emails apparently.

b74a33  No.800650


>looking on making this guy vanish from the internet for a while



Is it that, or is she trying to adhere to the whims of cuckchan /pol/?

dc2f22  No.801468


He literally watches every single stream of hers. He will go on Brittany's gumroad, which he pays for of course, to rewatch streams he missed. He even rewatches streams he already watched, when she doesn't stream often enough.

He is completly obsessed with her. She is basically most of her social life, free time and how he relaxes.

Giving money to her is therapeutic to him.

Receiving her praise is like a drug to him.

He is basically responsible for most of the funny thumbnails, editet youtube videos, etc.

She would be incapable of making these "PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD" videos about other thots, just like her, without him.

Him and Brittany are basically the best representation of the new age twitch pretend girlfriend - omega male supporter relationship.

Besides giving her money on paypig, gumroad and donating money to her stream, he also sends her gift.

Brittany Venti:

>But I am not like those other thots, muh big boobs, muh cleavage

You are like the other Thots, because you form a parasitic bond with these virgin, unfucked betas, who evolved from neethood and at least get an income, but otherwise still have the neet mindset.

Your "stick" is just that you use whatever humor is popular on 4chan, instead of sexual appeal. Even that isn't true, because even if you don't act sexy, there would still be sex-appeal. It's a pretend-gf/friend simulator.

She doesn't want to admit, that her betas would stop supporting her the minute they got a girlfriend, because which gf is going to support them throwing away their limited budget (except for jaybee, who is rich saudi nobility) on some e-thot. She herself wouldn't like this and that is why she always dances around the issue and makes it about sexual suggestive acts.

Anyway, I don't actually know anything about Emprah, these are guesses and I'm not in her discord, because I would never give her money. Not even to troll.

14356c  No.801492


That they wouldn't put their company on the line for her.

a4b874  No.801873


>does it for free

Okay, not too cucky so far, maybe there's still ho…

>Lives in the UK

Nope, hopelessly cucked.

09f660  No.804015


b74a33  No.804483


That's not what talent agencies do. A manager might stick his / her neck out, depending on what is requested and if the manager is part of a larger firm, but that's because they typically manage one person at a time.

Brittany, however, blatantly doesn't understand this. It's obvious her social media career is what's important to her in life.

a45937  No.804502


26 years old dude from the UK

520bf9  No.804874

File: 4558921a16ca32c⋯.png (1.37 MB, 954x552, 159:92, fdfgfg.png)

Venti is going on a blocking/deleting spree of any defensive posts about pokimane and any mention of cat piss or cat shit gets filtered and auto hidden.

520bf9  No.804883


If we can break that up it will be the biggest explosive fallout anyone has ever seen, her cocks will go down the toilet.

520bf9  No.804890


LMAO what talent does she have? repeating argument points and memes that /pol/ makes, I might start copyright some /pol/ memes and take down her channel.

b74a33  No.805271


>LMAO what talent does she have?

You're here posting about her.

It's sideshow jargon for people in the entertainment industry who work in front of an audience. How should I know what talents Brittany has? All that matters is that she brings in an audience.

614eaf  No.805445


Britanny recently made another video about le fake e-girl. I think her new strategy is to make videos trash talking other e-girls while trying to act like "she's not like those other girls". Pretty sad when you think about it, these videos get views sure, but they also speak volumes about her character and they don't say very flattering things about it.

614eaf  No.805448


What's even worse though is all the beta orbiters they attract.

942dcb  No.805675

a45937  No.805704



That idiot bitch won’t be happy until she gets sued by one of them.

3aec9f  No.805720


At least try to hide a little bit britbong for fucks sake you're obviously butthurt

b74a33  No.807731


I still don't understand why she made a video on pokimane. Was it because she is on twitch and has more viewers than her?

Even Brittany admitted that the pokimane video was going to sound similar to her previous videos on sh0eonhead and idubbz's girlfriend. What's the point of even making the video then? She comes off as petty for making it without a potent reason. People have flaws. That is normal.

I doubt Brittany even knows what she wants to do with her channel. She's struggling, which is fairly self-evident.


The dude is in a prime position if he is that obsessed.


>Finishes her videos

I wonder how he feels about that new agent though.

520bf9  No.807949


I am posting because she gained relevance through leeching and being female, which deserves deplatforming

b74a33  No.807974


>being female

Can't dispute this.

>gained relevance through leeching

Can you expand on the leeching? I know she ripped of kaceytron, but where / who else does she leech from?

09f660  No.808077


She piggybacked off of Leafy and Baked Alaska. She is a shameless rip-off of every other e-whore that thinks they're the first to come up with the idea of an edgy girl on the internet that can appeal to chan culture such as Kaceytron, KneeColeSlaw, KittyPlaysGames, etc. Unlike every other e-whore, she isn't actually attractive so she compensates by having her tits right in front of the screen as if anybody wants to see them. I wonder when she’ll finally be permabanned from YouTube.

b74a33  No.808647


Why does she do it? Jealousy, laziness, lack of ideas?

520bf9  No.808661

Venti must hate these threads, always a fresh bump from an orbiter the moment I wake up from my nap.

520bf9  No.808665


Leeched various E-celebs by fake friending them for promotion, licked a ton of people asses just look at her likes/retweets etc.

I know for a fact Sam Hyde told her to fuck off though which is based of him.

b74a33  No.808826


>I know for a fact Sam Hyde told her to fuck off though which is based of him.

She's leeched off Sam Hyde? I need to see some kind of proof of this.

>fake friending

Do we even know if she has any real friends?

09f660  No.808905


Why do you think she was at HWNDU? To get dicked down and to get more popular.

b74a33  No.808933


Lol. That's a no to the friends?

520bf9  No.809754


She was kissing his ass at HWNDU and he told her to "just stop" on twitter and he neither likes her tweets or follows her, pretty obvious why.

Rejected by Sam, Britbong, Leafy.. who else?

b74a33  No.809890


Does she not know how to make friends?

21ac45  No.811033


>believing another cow

520bf9  No.811541


Proven with actual images and conversations my friend.

b74a33  No.811734


>Proven with actual images


b367fe  No.813223


proof is hwndu

just look it up on utube

b74a33  No.813240


I saw plenty of HWNDU and never saw Venti and Hyde together in any of it.

b367fe  No.813458



just type it into hooktube

520bf9  No.813565


And she also never denied the leafyishere shit either because she knows logs exist ;)

520bf9  No.815613

File: b7e56f0d3d39898⋯.jpg (34.38 KB, 450x300, 3:2, toronto-buyer-counting-mon….jpg)

Do her paypiggies still come to /cow/ to white knight?

f8cbaa  No.816871


Is the sky blue?

b74a33  No.818473

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

desinty is a scumbag and a deadbeat.

520bf9  No.819739


Another video she didn't make.

9a07d8  No.820047

File: 50dec7d30d6edc4⋯.jpg (132.2 KB, 1024x1019, 1024:1019, 2cf20ee01e83f29e154707a4e6….jpg)

>meet an attractive Aryan through HWNDU, who is WAY above her league

Eat your eggs mason or you'll never be chad like me.

b74a33  No.820114

She's having fun screwing with desTINY on twitter, it appears.

782fb1  No.820207


It isn't hard to do. Tiny is good at mush-mouthing and shouting over people but when he's forced to debate in writing it's fucking embarrassing because he has nothing to say.

b74a33  No.822488

File: 117f4810e83d512⋯.png (168.44 KB, 541x683, 541:683, audience.png)

be565f  No.823163


I sometimes get the feeling those groups are one and the same, honestly.

b74a33  No.823730


Everyone in this thread is Brittany.

b74a33  No.824241

File: 9464d5bfc208d48⋯.png (19.92 KB, 589x190, 31:10, 799bf910be4e25b0be2a4ce417….png)

File: 5fe30df2c1ef252⋯.jpg (14.12 KB, 274x184, 137:92, bueno.jpg)

She's going to be streaming tomorrow and taking calls. Unfortunately it seems like she is only going to be taking calls from her paypigs, so it probably won't dissolve into a shit show of proportions bueno.

520bf9  No.824583


Can someone dox her little british beta orbiter already.

b74a33  No.824757

File: 1b3a6f0c6c1d740⋯.jpg (84.44 KB, 772x866, 386:433, 1487394783851.jpg)


>mfw it's britbong

79446c  No.826115


She was snitching to twitter about Destiny being on twitter. She cant handle it. Like with pokimane, she cant handle rabid fanbases. People that watch livestreams have nothing better to do than watch their streamer and whiteknight their streamer. Destiny told everyone to watch her video so he can earn money from it.

And the way twitch works is that you cant show banned streamers so no one will ever watch venti's videos on stream.

c8a794  No.836244

b74a33 (41) is some lefty faggot

b74a33  No.836638


>She was snitching to twitter about Destiny being on twitter.

Doesn't seem to have done anything. I doubt she cares one way or the other to be honest.


Thanks for the shoutout, but I don't appreciate the insult.

8c3d58  No.837247

File: 58a0b7e59f6f387⋯.png (368.06 KB, 1793x459, 1793:459, what's the next step of yo….png)

File: 3daea40d90f838a⋯.jpg (212.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, dominican-republic-family-….jpg)

File: f375143cbb12709⋯.jpg (47.17 KB, 278x674, 139:337, Domician_Republic.JPG)

41c8e1  No.837831


>She was snitching to twitter about Destiny being on twitter.

Is that a bad thing?

dc2f22  No.843950

File: 1048deafb2cc6e0⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 606x763, 606:763, D2WXHOOXgAAJNhj.jpg)

Cro-Magnon aesthetics

09f660  No.845937


Imagine going from photographing hot chicks to having to shoot this la creatura

dc2f22  No.846135

File: aff6252eeab15ed⋯.jpg (93.26 KB, 600x552, 25:23, 1553493092367.jpg)


Imagine being Mason and having to bang this without makeup.

b1fc8e  No.846153

File: 4e71d7a6925f8ef⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 191x222, 191:222, 4e71d7a6925f8ef8f8eb5d221b….jpg)

1d3146  No.846156

File: 991e12b9923bec1⋯.jpg (33.07 KB, 366x366, 1:1, 1312261099890.jpg)


what a retarded thread. I hope you didn't spend any time making that about your retarded e-celeb boyfriend and his retarded e-celeb girlfriend..


c50f6f  No.846261


is that real or makeapped?

710f6b  No.846305

File: 36a3ccb1f926fe6⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 1521786104358.gif)

dc2f22  No.847194

File: 423d630e1d24176⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 430x430, 1:1, 1553613780503.gif)

omg anon, how dare you call brittany a thot

dc2f22  No.847195

File: 84128171b8e70d3⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 303x343, 303:343, 1553614903919.gif)


Acting sexual for her viewers? Ridiculous.

dc2f22  No.847198

File: 1e0c4e518e403cf⋯.png (325.9 KB, 451x458, 451:458, 1553615481435.png)


She definetly doesn't talk extremely open about sex. From eating out, swallowing cum, blowjobs, handjobs. She never edges on viewers by talking abot lewd topics on stream

382beb  No.848746


Shes hot in that retarded ugly girl kind of way, but then if you actually look at her stream and hear her speak, you just can't find her attractive anymore. Her voice is one of the worst things I have ever heard.

614eaf  No.848874


yeah, her voice is annoying, and what she says only makes it moreso. It was funny when she had a character and she made her voice even MORE annoying to piss everybody off but now she's just being herself and that's honestly more annoying.

adb8ec  No.848963


Her top bitch boy.

21639d  No.848981

She needs to present her julayers for the world to see.

199ebd  No.850613


>But the video answers my question whether she would give it all up once she had a family. That answer is "no".

Why would she? bitch is raking in the money right now, she's dumb but not dumb enough to see that the tittystreaming wont last specially when her looks which aren't that great go away with age. She already got her paypigs by the balls, you know how many ethots out there would wished they had this creatura's following? those whores would kill for this, the market is saturated af

When the ride is over she will become a shutin mulatto fatass living off welfare, this is her heyday


I would too but she better wash before…..


She looks awful in this pic, like holy shit that face!


No big agency would work with someone who only became famous thanks to the altright


I still dont get why anyone would give money to these sluts when free porn is everywhere these days, and I never paid for porn in my life

dc2f22  No.850994

File: 02309fd19b3fbd1⋯.jpg (327.32 KB, 1366x1707, 1366:1707, D26T0EvWkAAMm27.jpg)

Why did Brittany's photographer not tell her that you don't squish up your face ever for professional pictures?

Does he not like her or something? She probably paid good money for that without negotiating for the price, so I am just wondering why the Photographer let's her do that.

You never squish your face up like that. Especially not with that eye width. Looks even more alien.

7140a4  No.852602

File: 85f5d2a41a5ef19⋯.png (94.12 KB, 362x492, 181:246, 39b8ad852bc8fe226fbf561ebf….png)

>Somebody actually wanted /cow/ to go after a girl for acting like a girl on the internet

e969a8  No.852618

Unironically asking where does she live like address?

e969a8  No.852619


Remember when she tried to hit on sam hyde and got humilated, good times.

And no she's a little leech who pretends shes an entertainer when shes a low rent camwhore with an ugly face.

2aa72b  No.852728


He's fat and ugly and went through so many pick me autistic girls. Did she REALLY want him?

b74a33  No.857108

File: 5593a66ab747906⋯.jpg (73.49 KB, 500x500, 1:1, lmao.jpg)

Venti goes on to The Gunt's stream to coach a 14 year old girl to debate desTINY, and no one bumps this thread.

Must've been great.

57f102  No.857277


squishing her face up hides that her face is so distorted, you take the uneven eyes and make it "natural" as opposed to mutt as fuck.

1ed637  No.857885


I don't remember. Screenshots? Sounds hilarious

b74a33  No.859796

File: 9bc697819112d1d⋯.jpg (20.15 KB, 640x255, 128:51, 1.jpg)

File: 66e2c21aa0dfab6⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 640x286, 320:143, 2.jpg)

Anyone know why Brittany is so upset?

1 - http://archive.is/FRIXk

2 - http://archive.is/5u3mG

dc2f22  No.860184

File: e9e05e22056e848⋯.png (365.19 KB, 764x532, 191:133, my eyes were literally wat….png)


It's just her attention-whoring. It has no deeper meaning. She isn't actually angry at anyone, except herself, because she would have been a pretty white girl.

I tried looking for her faceapp white woman photo, but I had to morph her face the traditional face.

She literally makes all celebrity women look ugly.

95974a  No.860210


She looks hot (read: white) as fuck there. She's a retarded catlady nigger, there's plenty of things to make fun of her for, lolcow.farm fatgirl.

dc2f22  No.860218

File: f488483c0370b8e⋯.jpg (204.75 KB, 1082x1082, 1:1, 1502309829208.jpg)


She'd be hot, IF she was white.

She probably also wouldn't be too sick to leave the house and be crippled by constant allergies, low energy and a piss cunt poor mood, where she feels like she has to insult everyone.

But I guess just being actually beautiful would be good enough to make her into a better person. And maybe being white and actually looking noble, might improve her burping too.

b74a33  No.860267


I have a hard time believing it's all about some deep-seated insecurity about to what race she belongs. Obviously that is an issue for her because she's made it public, but discussing the issue is cathartic.

I'm not the most avid observer of Brittany, but I pay attention. I've not seen her curse generally without a person of interest, nor have I seen her make overt and transparent pleas for support. That's why I brought it up. It seemed out of character.

dc2f22  No.860280


Dude, she makes constant twitter attempts at getting famous "RT if you think X is better than Y" or something like that. It's just her way to get RT and to interact with the autistic orbiters she is retard-handling.

Look at who replies to her twitter. It's mostly the same guys. And they are always making the same unfunny "coochie pls mam" jokes.

Some of them even try to have serious conversations with her and ask her what's wrong and never get a reply, which is even more cringy.

b74a33  No.860284


>Some of them even try to have serious conversations with her and ask her what's wrong and never get a reply, which is even more cringy.

Heh. Yeah, that's pretty bad.

I don't see how asking for retweets is the same though. That's normal twitter stuff. Her asking for "cheerleaders" is more akin to someone calling up a friend and asking for an ear or shoulder.

And why was she so livid to post "fuck you". Is that to her followers? How does that get her famous?

dc2f22  No.860288


>Heh. Yeah, that's pretty bad.

It's only bad, because she doesn't reply back.

>And why was she so livid to post "fuck you". Is that to her followers? How does that get her famous?

I don't give a fuck. I heard her relationship with Mason's best friend, who she is now the gf to, is kinda "complicated", but I doubt it's related to that.

Anyway I really don't give a single fuck. Why the fuck are you worried about her well being? Stop being so obsessed with her and slap that bitch.

b74a33  No.860297


>I heard her relationship with Mason's best friend

Why aren't you posting that then?

>It's only bad, because she doesn't reply back.

That goes without saying.

dc2f22  No.860500


>Why aren't you posting that then?

Because I have nothing concrete and I don't want to leak any chat messages with people she is close to.

bbe504  No.860584



Do it, pussy

dc2f22  No.860597


Well okay.

Do you remember how she complained about having a shitty christmas and a shitty valentine's day? The last one made me perk up, because I thought she was still together with Mason's friend.

So yeah. If you read on twitter that your girlfriend complains about having a shitty valentine's day, how would you feel? Seems like her boyfriend fucked up. lol

And she really seems to be in good need of a dicking.

b74a33  No.860642

File: 5f0538bb444f183⋯.png (46.19 KB, 590x331, 590:331, 2019-04-11.png)


Can you tell me why she is so obsessed with shit?

dc2f22  No.860765


Because she is farting out of her own mouth constantly.

She even said that she burped in a fancy restaurant, where she was eating with Mason's parents. That's how classy that lady is. Mason was right to choke her. He didn't do it for that, but I like to believe he did.

5994e2  No.860796

kek at the people "forgetting" that mason is a redditor who had a mental breakdown and kept screaming "i was so beautiful as he throws an egg.

cucking for venti is sad but at least they're straight, imagine cucking for a redditor dude in the hopes of some dick.


383c17  No.860891


I think Cvatik has been fucking her

b74a33  No.860898

File: 44de946c04bca67⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 480x360, 4:3, runningegg.gif)


>Mason was right to choke her.

How did I miss this? Quick rundown, please.


While it has been established that eggs contain cholesterol, it has not yet been proven conclusively that they actually raise the level of serum cholesterol in the human blood stream.



Literally who?

f2e8d7  No.861230


That’s the photographer for those professional pics on her instagram. It’s ironic how her orbiters are quick to call others betas while spending their life savings on an e-thot.

Is a pair of big tits really all you need? There are plenty of girls out there with a similarly who are nicer, prettier, well adjusted, and sex doesn’t involve cleaning cat shit off the bed. Venti doesn’t even live by her own ‘trad’ standards.

b74a33  No.861569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Venti doesn’t even live by her own ‘trad’ standards.

She's young. It's easy to tell she doesn't know what to believe in, so she just gloms on to whatever is popular in what she considers her audience.

>Is a pair of big tits really all you need? There are plenty of girls out there with a similarly who are nicer, prettier, well adjusted, and sex doesn’t involve cleaning cat shit off the bed.

Nice tits are nice. Of course, there are other women out there, but Brittany obviously needs a man to tell her what's okay and what isn't. That's the whole 'trad' philosophy: submitting to the husband and trusting his decisions as the best interest for herself, children, himself. She's so young, she's not known how to learn to accept this and follow it.

>It’s ironic how her orbiters are quick to call others betas while spending their life savings on an e-thot.

She gets close to $60K a year. It would be hard to give that up considering what she's been through in her life. Easily a reason why she would preach the 'trad' life but live completely separately as it is.

>That’s the photographer for those professional pics on her instagram.

It'd be hard not to pop a boner with some of those pictures.

I don't want to see her end up like up so many women being 30 / 40 years old and still riding the cock carousel. Obviously, I don't have any real interest about what she does, but still, a lot of the hate she gets seems undeserved in my opinion.

09f660  No.861633


I feel like that’s a lowball estimate.

0d6dcc  No.861702


lol all the guys she wanted rejected her see




She's going for low tier beta men she can control now.

417479  No.861803


>White knighting an ugly mutt cunt.

How much do you donate to her a month?

768219  No.861826

File: cf03406152e915a⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1533368249480.png)

File: 647710bf1132413⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1280x1704, 160:213, 15333665276309990.png)

File: a390d76382acf5f⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, 15333644390562211213.png)

Were these ever confirmed?

dc2f22  No.861831


You are confusing her 2 ex boyfriends with each other, dude.


>How did I miss this? Quick rundown, please.

She said something stupid and he pushed her against the wall and choked her. Bitch probably got so wet from that, that she formed a puddle under her feet.







adb8ec  No.861838


One of her faggot mods.

95642b  No.861843


A mentally ill narcissist, a chinless bully, and a pedo. Just fantastic taste in men.

0d6dcc  No.861859


Find pictures of her hands to confirm

0d6dcc  No.861860


didn't know leafy was a pedo?

0d6dcc  No.861863

File: 6cc4b410343db9b⋯.png (378.47 KB, 432x494, 216:247, ventihands.png)

95642b  No.861878


I was referring to Britbong

09f660  No.861894

72b330  No.861901


I'd hit it

dc2f22  No.861902

Pack it in, boys. I will no longer create threads about Brittany on /cow/, someone else will have to take over and I will no longer bully here.


09f660  No.861944

dc2f22  No.861950


She kinda annoyed me for listening to her literal shitposting on twitter, but I will not bully a kindred spirit that also hid in the bathroom in school.

047e96  No.861980


>believing Brittany ever


dc2f22  No.862052


She was never a huge liar.

b74a33  No.862071


What estimate? How much she gets from donations? That's possible. I am only going off from what was released in the last thread. New York is an expensive place to live, like all of New England, so $60K wouldn't go too far.


Who's white knighting?


>She said something stupid and he pushed her against the wall and choked her.

What could she have said?


She isn't ugly.


Seems like she has been bullied for most of her life. That's tough. People will only be interested in this thread if those leaks are confirmed.

dc2f22  No.862097

File: e63edf59c2dee87⋯.png (353.33 KB, 742x637, 106:91, styxbrittanyhammer.png)


>She isn't ugly.

Well, I said I won't bully her anymore …

>What could she have said?

Mason, I saw you looking at the ass of the bartender. You are not going gay on me, are you, fuckboy?

Mason? Are you listening to me? *starts crying*

We haven't had sex in a week. *sobs*

*Mason slams her against the wall*

Oh, what now? Have you regained your manhood, Mason? No longer want to a be the little gi *chocking noises*

>Seems like she has been bullied for most of her life. That's tough. People will only be interested in this thread if those leaks are confirmed.

You don't have to be bullied to hide in the bathroom in school. I wasn't bullied.

b74a33  No.862282

File: 4be469716123b50⋯.jpg (10.26 KB, 174x289, 174:289, 152147934161-ve.jpg)


Lol if that's really what happened.

>You don't have to be bullied to hide in the bathroom in school. I wasn't bullied.

What other reasons are there for self-ostracization?

dc2f22  No.862289


I had no one to talk to and I didn't want to be seen alone during the break.

b74a33  No.862337

File: 66ddab828e2d85c⋯.jpg (26.75 KB, 275x432, 275:432, Bowling_Alone.jpg)


Oh. I understand. You made friends eventually?

Brittany could've been in the same position. I think that was around the time her mother died, so I am sure that made it all that much more difficult.

dc2f22  No.862351


The opposite. I had friends, but over time I became more reclusive. Stopped hanging out, stopped going to brithday parties. Stayed inside played games and just spent all my free time in front of the computer.

In the end I was just there, but was kinda ignored by everyone.

b74a33  No.862365


Wow. Sounds like depression to me. It's common for people to isolate themselves in those periods.

Things are better?

>In the end I was just there, but was kinda ignored by everyone.

Did people still say "Hi" or ask how you were doing?

With Brittany, she may be trying to fill that loss. On one of her streams she said that she still has some family, IIRC her grandmother, but it's hard to go to a concert or a bar with your grandma.

09f660  No.862401


>Mason, I saw you looking at the ass of the bartender. You are not going gay on me, are you, fuckboy?

>Mason? Are you listening to me? *starts crying*

>We haven't had sex in a week. *sobs*

She was probably paranoid that he’d fuck Jessica now that she’s skinny.

dc2f22  No.862406


I am wondering, if her current boyfriend is a slob, because she constantly complains about men's grooming habits.

That reminds me, when she constantly talked about porn and masturbation being bad, because you are a "stealing potential sex from your girlfriend and wasting it on porn" or how she negotiated with Mason that he was allowed to just pick her up and carry her to the bed and fuck her, whenever he wanted.

She complained multiple times about guys, who expect their gf to give blowjobs, while not wanting to give oral sex themselves or shower enough.

All of this is very telling to me.

09f660  No.862409


Mason never seemed like the type of guy to ever have hygiene issues.

dc2f22  No.862414


When she was with him, she talked about stuff like that a lot though. I feel like whenever she wants to complain about him, she talks about "general things that boys do wrong".

I mean why else would you complain and imitate guys "lol bitch suck my rancy dick, even though I haven't washed myself in 2 days lmao"? Seems kinda random to just complain about that, if you had a boyfriend that doesn't do that.

09f660  No.862419



I don’t know. I’m just curious as to how good the rest of these pictures she took with that weirdo are.

5654ac  No.862513


That sounds like someone that watched a lot of early '00s sitcoms pretty much.

8e706a  No.864537


He was confirmed to be a fucking slob, considering the state their apartment was in.

09f660  No.864624


>source: dude, trust me

0d6dcc  No.864677


no proof

0d6dcc  No.864681


Dead parents must be the reason she turned into a desperate clout chasing leech?

b74a33  No.864750

File: 9870c976603fcc9⋯.webm (3.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9870c976603fcc93783cbfd52….webm)

Is this what she thinks about?

382beb  No.864869


shes much more attractive before she opens her fucking mouth

897622  No.864945


I donate to her every month and there is nothing you can do about it.

b74a33  No.865387


I was describing her need for attention and affection.


She has a talent for putting her foot in her mouth.

0d6dcc  No.865586


Deplatform her :)

0d6dcc  No.865588


I find her personally annoying because there are plenty of guys/girls with the exact same humor that get overlooked (who do it better) venti just learned how to be a better leech.

b74a33  No.865604


She can't possibly be a leech when it's other people inviting her on to their channels and streams; although, this doesn't apply to her posts on cuckchan.

I can't blame her for wanting to succeed, but she needs to learn how it works.

b74a33  No.865617

File: 7e6874d4e9b4554⋯.png (402.36 KB, 600x2378, 300:1189, Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at ….png)

Does Brittany enjoy having these trolls on her twitter? Some kind of cyber-masochism?

adb8ec  No.865704

File: c22cd2ffc67ba01⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1544998128916.jpg)

>>865617 Bitch loves it.

b74a33  No.865740


Is this what the trad lifestyle is about? Posting nudes on the Internet?

c9633a  No.865765


To be fair, there's nothing traditional about embracing semitic puritanism.

b4af04  No.865878


oh shit is this confirmed? Where are you fags getting all these nudes from?

eee9ec  No.866112


how long till /cow/ can into deep fakes

b74a33  No.866148

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fuck Brittany Venti. Please. She doesn't know.

707fc8  No.866667

smells like cat pee

68229a  No.866976

File: d1ed16044b0a26d⋯.jpeg (149.13 KB, 1000x933, 1000:933, gribbo.jpeg)


even better

802169  No.867002



>imagine getting this fucking triggered by a meme

Hollywood, prozac, evangelism, porn, Silicon Valley, design drugs, banking and liberalism:

Murica truly is the peak of civilization.

0d6dcc  No.867126


She fake friends everyone with relevance and she gets invited because it's normally beta orbiter YouTubers wanting a quick lay with her (shes easy)

0d6dcc  No.867128


>making digs at britbong again

lmao, she blocks anyone that actually gets to her.. refer to things from 8ch not "u look like a shark" she genuinely hates being reminded her career was built on leeching.

7a6447  No.867531


ac686b  No.867573


Perfect tits.

235458  No.867824


How is any of that bad?

aba9bb  No.867926

She is streaming right now. If anyone cares. She has her tits out.

ceba55  No.868499


where are they from?

53cb22  No.868663



>implying she reads

b74a33  No.871744

File: 86374f0ba1286f0⋯.gif (3.22 MB, 384x270, 64:45, braniff.gif)

I will post about Brittany Venti and call her a quick dick suck. Get your heart broke fellows. Know life. She sure doesn't have that ability. I will leave that. Watch these drunk letters. I can't cannot can not buy more beer. That is rude.

b74a33  No.871747

File: 5ac2e30bade4892⋯.jpg (139.34 KB, 900x1113, 300:371, CVE0WKmWEAAO6g6.jpg)


It is wrong for me to buy more beer.

09f660  No.871792

She should just go nude at this point.

b74a33  No.871796


Dude >>871792

Get this

I have bought more beer. I am drinking more beer right now. That's it.

b74a33  No.871811

I want Brittany Venti to have my children, but I am going to have a hard time being a father to them, because I am a drug addict on drugs since I was a teenager. I have been huffing paint since I was young. I have been on alcohol. I have been on marijuana. There have been many drugs I've seen in my life. I don't want anyone to be on them, but I want all of them to have the information to keep themselves in a comfortable trip. Alcohol makes people trip. It does, unless you have never been drunk before. Before there are more drugs that make people trip. I have huffed ether from starter fluid cans after soaking out the ether with water. I have myself getting high on ether on video. I have myself getting high on mushrooms on video. I really enjoy that one. I am getting drunk though. I am smoking. I am posting on the Internet fucking shit I shouldn't. I would not have any problem with putting a child in Brittany Venti, for myself, but she wants to keep pretending she is crazy.

b74a33  No.871812

Don't drunk post. But I would not mind Brittany Venti playing with my heart and making me have heart break. Bull. I don't want her to be playing on my dick and breaking open my skin. Playing with my heart though, then she needs to think about children and if she would break her own children's hearts open. She can ask me. I wouldn't mind. I want to know for myself.

b74a33  No.871814

This is the Internet. It always has been. It has been phenomenal. A masterpiece if you've left yourself build one.

b74a33  No.872320

Remember kids: don't post drunk. I would love for Brittany to carry my child and I have this really great woman named Emilia to carry my child and I am watching both kiss. I would be having the best life I could imagine.

503139  No.872472



7a0cbc  No.872578

File: 28eda3b0b7c5b04⋯.jpg (393.04 KB, 1366x1708, 683:854, D4sX21JW0AIogl6.jpg large.jpg)

Not gonna lie, this photo got me horny as fuck. Would love to bend her over that sink and ram my schlong up her furburger.

49c074  No.872622


Wow an extremely edited photoshoot picture making her skin more white and of course not a single picture forward facing :)

49c074  No.872623

Also can the white knight paypigs stop ruining the thread, thanks bro.

3dfc3f  No.872848

post nudes

503139  No.873328


fucking this

c9f5b4  No.873594

Imagine hiring the shittiest wannabe photographer to take shots of you and photoshop them to oblivion.

49c074  No.873809

File: 2627275ecd988b4⋯.png (596.8 KB, 1276x524, 319:131, LMAOOO.png)

>Ask nick why he went on a camwhores show

>Get blocked

I thought he was a tradishionalist?

620715  No.873935

09f660  No.874054


Because he’s in love with that Plum Island looking skank.

f49fa6  No.874105

File: 51d00fbc5792cd1⋯.jpeg (137.76 KB, 1080x1123, 1080:1123, 8D2977CD-A3E2-4993-BBCE-5….jpeg)


Nicks been a faggot for a long time.

7a0cbc  No.874178

95% of her streams and her Twitter feed is her talking about herself. Even with other female streamers regardless of how shit they are, they actually sometimes do actually have some semi-decent cocks. Brittany's streams are just there to solely feed her narcissistic tendency (a big character flaw). What makes it worse is that she isn't even good looking either, she just has a vastly overrated pair of boobs which look like they hang down to her knees.

79446c  No.874294


She started out as a parody of camwhores on twitch. She did her act so long that she became what she was mocking, a thot. Showing her tits to get viewers and donations as a joke doesnt change the fact that she uses her tits to get viewers and donations.

dc2f22  No.874333


Damn. I won't bully her like I said, but I'd have something to say, if I didn't.


yikes, that pic

it looks so unreal

320fca  No.874413


She copied kacytron mate, then she started copying MALE political youtubers then copied tradthots, anyone actively watching her is an orbiter cuck.

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