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File: b93a5164ba075cb⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1219x1199, 1219:1199, IAmBoyd.png)

9e27ad  No.814281

```WELCOME TO THREAD 46``` - "Rejected For No Reason Edition!"

Short Bio: Dominic "Britbong" Vanner is a soon to be 31 year old who has never had a job, never did schooling after high school and still lives with his parents. He streams every second day for 5-7 hours: a majority of this is now "banter" where he talks to himself and reads chat. After that he will play a couple hours of single player games. Repeated attacks by "stawlkers" have scared him from playing multiplayer games anymore.

He has Histrionic personality disorder and will seek attention in any manner including negative attention. His belief is that being annoying and creepy is "trolling" and will dismiss all negative feedback as "victims" of his trolling. He labels his stalkers "trolls" and has a dedicated army of 5-10 teen bronies and babyfurs who will defend him.

If you missed last season simply view it.


Thread #46: >>613531 (Archive: http://archive.fo/GaXDz)

Thread #45: >>517411 (Archive: http://archive.fo/cZxiL)

Thread #44: >>484580 (Archive: https://archive.fo/vClFP)

Thread #43: >>448515 (Archive: https://archive.fo/GzHzP)

Thread #42: >>427008 (Archive: https://archive.fo/1nfvm)

Thread #41: >>397982 (Archive: https://archive.fo/Y6VQi)

Thread #40: >>392362 (Archive: https://archive.fo/fvyoM)

b5520f  No.814367

first post for niggers

0d0851  No.814385

4d66ba  No.814429

File: 082957d37d316a8⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 300x241, 300:241, 082957d37d316a82c9290f2bf4….gif)

That pic op, is one of the best things i've ever seen in my entire life!

Thank you for existing!

You're doing gods work!

9e27ad  No.814436


You can thank someone else who shall be named if he wishes to, I am not the source.

461e66  No.815248

File: 45009053a03443c⋯.mp4 (5.23 MB, 464x280, 58:35, mrBTFO - Bullied by IMDB.mp4)

ca5368  No.815256


threatened IMDB? seems unlikely

cf5932  No.815306


That he honestly believes a huge organisation with a full time legal staff would even be slightly concerned with an unemployed dwarf with no legal representation or the money to employ representation whining to them about his height is what makes this fool the cow of all cows the gift that keeps on giving.

5'4" and fat.

f1add7  No.815325


He was saying 5'10" after 5'11" and he even had that IMDB at 5'10" everyone suggest his real height on it again.

461e66  No.815466

File: 8b2d62e8b416553⋯.png (176.42 KB, 971x613, 971:613, ClipboardImage.png)


He has a lot of different heights, and ages too.

3d1965  No.815468

You know britbong doesn't actually care about you, right ? He doesn't give a shit about this board.

cf5932  No.815573

File: af545396f4915b5⋯.png (870.34 KB, 600x726, 100:121, britpedo.png)


When are you going to realize that NO ONE believes you are someone else Britbong when you talk in 3rd person.

cf5932  No.815584


He has claimed to be 5'9" 5'10" 5'11"

He's 5'4" always has been always will be.

6ce200  No.815907

File: c6b307d0db33e6e⋯.png (104.06 KB, 500x397, 500:397, its-time-to-stop-posting-3….png)


Noone cares dude :)

cf5932  No.815912


You care. You care way too much Britbong that's why there are almost 50 of these threads and thats why its so funny to poke your tubby little 5'4"dwarf belly with a stick. The only thing you are good at is being a Cow.

9e27ad  No.816203


Haha whatever d00d I am living the NEET life with my less than 300 viewers and all my donations BITCH.

Fuck you BOYD!

3d1965  No.816915


Britbong never checks this site you know, I'm only here to fish free (you)'s from buttblasted trolls. You're not poking any stick at anyone you're just circlejerking while he lives in your head rent free

f1add7  No.817014


Yeah, sure got'em buddy.

That doesn't work on people older than your average dying fanbase.

3d1965  No.817529

Remember to watch the stream tonight lads :)

9e27ad  No.817566


We know you need it but I doubt many people will, you seem to be under the impression people do in here or are they all Boyd?

This confuses me.


3d1965  No.817599


Dear boyd,

Your sentence doesn't make sense.

Kind regards,


ca5368  No.817638


>Dear boyd,

why is everyone boyd?

cf5932  No.817931


Yeah but that's just it isn't it Britbongreturns? Britbong will never return you managed to retard yourself off every single platform you tried to be a streamer on.

You made it so you're actually embarrassed of your own name and have to hide who you are. That is an achievement. At least you've got one now.

cf5932  No.817942


Because Boyd lives in Bongs head rent free.

Remember its a simple formula: Whatever Britbong accuses people of being is actually what Britbong is. Pedo, fat. mad, rent free etc.

133505  No.818192

Does the manlet even do anything anymore besides cry on stream how he's a 40-year-old virgin?

9e27ad  No.818378


History has proven this 100%, it's fucking weird.

17b3ef  No.818404

File: eec6d9236fe2543⋯.png (42.16 KB, 291x679, 3:7, f2102c0cdd1248b1f1388e34d4….png)


Yeah Boyd is awesome and not a creep.. oh wait

>Hundreds of results obsessing over Britbong dating back to 2014


>Picture related and also bragging of getting him streamlabs banned on twitter

>Following every single person he's ever had a problem with on Twitter

>Spending countless hours on second life talking about him

>Numerous videos plotting autistic revenge on britbong

I could go on but who cares, pretty obvious the only people keeping these threads alive are rejects from second life and some assorted losers no one gives a shit about.

461e66  No.818457


Didn't Boyd warn Britbong he was going to destroy his "brand" and it looks like it worked. Britbong was so scared he renamed himself MrPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD

ca5368  No.818472


> the only people keeping these threads alive are rejects from second life

how is Britbong not a "reject from secondlife"? He wanted so badly to be significant in secondlife that he lied about being jcaesar187 pootawn

9e27ad  No.818475


Do you and sister raper not go to him to record out of context videos that still make you guys look retarded while still logging on SL claiming you don't?

3d1965  No.818716

The sockpuppeting is real in this thread

554013  No.818763

Stop playing FiveM and play something else!

461e66  No.818858

File: eeb30ca92fb7ac4⋯.mp4 (5.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, MRBTFO__BANTER_AND_GTA_RP_….mp4)


You aren't a fan of this quality cocks?

81cbcc  No.819455


Boyd's blog has a lot of non-Britbong posts, it's just that he's the funniest dullard to mock.

0d0851  No.819468

File: 1ce704e1b159c13⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1023x1023, 1:1, fuck-b.png)


That was horrible.

cf5932  No.819592


A small untalented socially awkward incel repeating "I'm transitioning talented and cool" over and over is cocks? I think I may have worked out why you have fewer viewers than the live streams of Grannies knitting scarves.

17b3ef  No.819652

File: fc382bbefd9f7a0⋯.png (143.63 KB, 889x761, 889:761, notmadbtw.png)

File: 5c6be4e62745faf⋯.png (80.01 KB, 891x778, 891:778, notmadbtw2.png)

File: e3b28132082c8bc⋯.png (65.12 KB, 574x673, 574:673, notmadbtw3.png)

>Picture related, average poster in these dead threads.

cf5932  No.819676


Dead? They are way busier than any of your streams.

17b3ef  No.819743



>nearly 2 hour response

So active bro

cf5932  No.819755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You seem to spend a lot of time watching these threads for someone that doesn't look at them Britbong

9e27ad  No.819940


Know who else doesn't know how saging work? Britbong.

01122b  No.819944

0825e5  No.819997

I remember watching his SL videos years ago and enjoyed his streams at first but once i watched it for more like 4 days i noticed he would sperg out about people trolling him. Has he ever justifed this beyond XD lmao u mad bullshit he does?

cf5932  No.820075


Britbong in an utter noob attempt to scrape IPs. Seriously little man? Seriously?

d3b5e7  No.821257

File: d7e8b1b30d0defb⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 500x281, 500:281, she gunt that.gif)

the gunt vs the runt

who wins?

f1add7  No.821661

Dominic "12 Bartletts Cl" Vanner is posting Caroline threads again.

461e66  No.822487


Is he even in a rivalry with someone? Every single stream is just lonely old man in his bedroom complaining. He even calls it banter but theres never anyone to banter with.

0d0851  No.822700


>He even calls it banter but theres never anyone to banter with.

What a lonely loser.

c3b89b  No.822891

I think op is a cow cause he got blown out on /v/ years ago and now he reports and flags his streams like a butthurt fag.

14a328  No.823014


Everyone can be a cow when they piss the wrong people off

I just find it funny that the ED and 8ch denizens are pandering to a communist white knight spic and an old man who hates trump, aka our boys boyd and kopy

926550  No.823121


Trump is an autistic retard laughing stock that doesn't know when to shut up who only appeals to the low intelligence common denominator.

Only difference between you and him Bong is that he's successful and can leave his house without Moomy or daddy to hold his hand.

9e27ad  No.823159


I don't go to /v/ since you're talking about this OP this time nor do I report or flag your streams.

db4d4c  No.823162

how many viewers does shortstack have these days? i see hes kicking off again, what a bitch

5c3fbc  No.823166

File: 44555398f572a5e⋯.png (84.84 KB, 300x151, 300:151, insane-300x151.png)


Hi Boyd.

So is /cow/ an official leftist board now? Transition when?

ca5368  No.823171


>Hi Boyd.

actually this is boyd.

ca5368  No.823172


>Hi Boyd.

https://parktownprogress.blogspot.com/2019/03/just-to-set-record-straight-mrPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD.html

5c3fbc  No.823173


Your link doesn't work

ca5368  No.823177

File: a872332c65ae212⋯.png (80.18 KB, 601x450, 601:450, Untitled.png)


>Your link doesn't work


word filter got it

5c3fbc  No.823181


I can't see the article

926550  No.823214


Hey Britbong you're such a moron that you have no idea what a leftist even is. You heard a few people shouting it and so now you shout it too with no clue as to its meaning to try and fit in.

Spoiler: You never will fit in you fucking retard.

5c3fbc  No.823219


Please tell me what's really leftism comrade

926550  No.823222


Britbong retorts with just another form of "No you are"

You have never ever come up with a single idea of your own have you? Totally lacking in any kind of originality. An idea thief posing as a creator and failing miserably.

5c3fbc  No.823228


Anger anger and salt, and where are the laughs ?

db4d4c  No.823232


not on a mr.B.T.F.O stream for sure

926550  No.823267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Seconded lol

Bing! Bang! Bong!

c3b89b  No.823716


Who's the cow, the troll or the bully victims still mad years later making up fake stuff about him and flagging streams?

926550  No.823756


Bully victims hahaha. Fake stuff hahaha.

Simple you're the Cow. You are the classic example of a Cow. A self important ego maniac who believes himself to be an internet sensation while the rest the the internet laughs their asses off.

c3b89b  No.823772


I'm sorry i interrupted your furry incest rp on secondlife 3 years ago now will you PLEASE stop making troll threads on me, it's VERY HURTFUL!

926550  No.823794


Britbong with his Dunning Kruger mind fails to notice that with this statement he has admitted to only having contact with the world through Second life. Hey Bong you're so important and influential knowing the devs of every game personally maybe ask the devs of second life to change the name to 'Bongs only life'?

c3b89b  No.823806


>You are the classic example of a Cow. A self important ego maniac who believes himself to be an internet sensation while the rest the the internet laughs their asses off.

So is the new criteria for a cow someone who makes YOU mad? Wow britbong haters are a bunch of babies.

c3b89b  No.823813


Do you laugh as you spend spend hours making fake accounts and doing false reports. Wow what an epic troll.

ec6d90  No.823829


you sound mad little fellow? you know why you're a cow, its because you do stuff like this. now stop posting in your own thread little babby

c3b89b  No.823854


Britbong makes you irrationally angry. It sounds to me like you're the one being trolled. You can't even name one cowish thing he's done cause he's not a cow. But the people still seething years after being bullied on sl and /v/ years ago sure are some cows.

17b3ef  No.823859

>spam bumping a dead thread

>no cocks

>shit bait from low I.Q retard furries and SL weirdos


17b3ef  No.823862

File: fed23df6be91eae⋯.jpg (6.72 KB, 128x112, 8:7, mork.jpg)

Morks back to anon posting again.

926550  No.823865


>>shit bait from low I.Q retard furries and SL weirdos

Sounds like the title for your next "stream" Considering we have seen you in a fursuit humping plushies and you live your entire existence in second life. You are the ultimate low IQ furry SL weirdo.

Remember its a simple formula: Whatever Britbong accuses people of being is actually what Britbong is. Pedo, fat. mad, rent free etc.

c3b89b  No.823866


You guys do souund like leftists cause you sound outraged and you try to pick his brain and make up that he has some psychological condition. and you do mass flagging. you use the same tactics.

926550  No.823873


>make up that he has some psychological condition

Thats the best one yet hahaha

926550  No.823875


>Do you laugh as you spend spend hours making fake accounts and doing false reports. Wow what an epic troll.

Remember its a simple formula: Whatever Britbong accuses people of being is actually what Britbong is. Pedo, fat. mad, rent free etc.

926550  No.823879


>You can't even name one cowish thing he's done cause he's not a cow.

Um i thinking nearly 50 threads of examples would disagree with you there buddy

ec6d90  No.823886


whos angry? i love it when you speds post here to whiteknight with these cringeworthy responses, you know this only got to 50 threads because the short guy himself cant help but post in these threads and bumping them, i wish he would be less boring nowdays though just posting threads crying about kopy's ex and pretending he isnt lost its appeal awhile ago

c3b89b  No.823887

Another you all do is you make hundreds of accounts to dislike the streams, not realising that a like and a dislike has the same effect on a stream and boosts it. You guys spend hours to try and troll him in way that doesn't even work.

c3b89b  No.823892


I'm just trying to understand how he has you so mad and yet he's the cow and not the army of raging failtrolls that try to flag him down.

17b3ef  No.823916


>you know this only got to 50 threads


926550  No.823917


>any other e-celeb

Please stop! My sides cant take any more I cant breathe!! This is why you are the SUPER-COW!! This! This shit right here!!

461e66  No.823919

File: 1d60713b7f024ac⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.91 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, red rocket.mp4)

ec6d90  No.823922


whos mad? if mr bitchtfo having 50 threads makes you cry this much why are you posting in them? you guys arnt very smart but i guess thats why you find him funny, low IQ

17b3ef  No.823926




How organic, totally didn't just beg your discord to come post here.. you know the one that's had a bot in it for over a year collecting data of everyone posting ;)

Stay butthurt pedo

ec6d90  No.823927



926550  No.823933


Remember its a simple formula: Whatever Britbong accuses people of being is actually what Britbong is. Pedo, fat. mad, rent free etc.

261158  No.824310


I wish to God that Godwinson makes a video on Britbong.

e9023e  No.824329

there's literally no memes in these threads, just angry shit flinging from people with obvious personal bias, it's nothing like the chris chan or dobson threads

Jews should let off kopy's cock for 2 seconds and do something

e9023e  No.824340

File: 0599081e8606d04⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 300x370, 30:37, campbellsoup.jpg)



>live his entire existence in second life




so, pic related?

73e28b  No.824354


Also it's not ED people who made the articles about britbong, it's kopy under the name fluttershy. He also made a page for boyd where he praised him.

You can see it in the articles history

8e5103  No.824361


"wah wah, this isnt funny because i dont find it funny wah wah", go cry more faggot, watching this midget sperg out in his own thread, on streams and in discord is top tier entertainment, if you stopped bumming him you might see why

926550  No.824366


Yes you and Boyd are basically the same thing that's why you hate each other so much

926550  No.824369


Boyd is you in 20 years.

78b0c9  No.824382

File: b3742fe14a79d73⋯.jpg (31.1 KB, 300x450, 2:3, LbDUJDk.jpg)



You forgot to change your vpn again

926550  No.824387


No dopey it’s called an afterthought. You dwarf retard.

8e5103  No.824392


its genuinely funny because this sped multiposted several times in this thread already

73e28b  No.824403

File: b3742fe14a79d73⋯.jpg (31.1 KB, 300x450, 2:3, Harold is my sunshine _b8e….jpg)


An afterthought to say the same thing ? Do you have Alzheimer?

9e27ad  No.824470


Tell us what is fake as you keep changing IP's for some reason and manic posting, innocent people don't do this nor post threads on their ex's with pics again that nobody else has while saying it is all fake.

461e66  No.824473

File: 3eba0d328eae926⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1065x902, 1065:902, ClipboardImage.png)

"I'm not retarded I just post in my own thread pretending it's not me" - Dominic "MrLGBTQ" Vanner

9e27ad  No.824481


You've admitted plenty of times that you have autism, how do you not have a condition?

9e27ad  No.824508


You're right, your ED needs to be updated by now, can you point to one thing that is clearly fake that we have in these threads? How about all the videos? Just because you delete chat logs doesn't mean suddenly you can claim they're fake either.

9e27ad  No.824522


It's literally just him.

17b3ef  No.824556


Fluttershy is Kopy, I mean he'd probably even admit that at this point.

17b3ef  No.824578

File: 0235b2952af4457⋯.png (803.92 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1548945083139.png)


>haha dude.. why don't you disprove the hundreds of lies we tell, oh.. you disproved me.. or pointed out I don't have proof at all…

>deflects, lies even more, stops posting

Yeah man, not like everything said in these threads don't get debunked numerious times and you ring a round the rosie and repeat them again, at the end of the day bitch you can keep typing in these threads it's not making you any less of a bully victim.

926550  No.824589


How do you debunk a tiny red doggy dick penis video? How do you debunk Fursuit plushie humping? All of it is true you know we know it your old "friends" realized it. Are you trying to lie to a new generation of soon to be ex-followers?

9e27ad  No.824748


Never was able to bully me, I'm a "victim" while you are in here begging people to quit making fun of you, call everyone samefag while changing IP's and having another manic episode.

Okay dude

d4f7cb  No.825055


>Are you trying to lie to a new generation of soon to be ex-followers?

that's the point.

f1add7  No.825770


Claiming something is debunked doesn't make it so.

Care to point us to these thorough debunkings of any claim made in these threads? Just point us to where they are, not just claims they are. The only thing you asked for evidence for was the dick pick and you even had to concede on that being real.

3d1965  No.826002


>le dick pic and onesie

this isnt nearly enough to warrant a thread, get out of the closet and just rename it a britbong hate thread already, at least have this honesty

and i was the one who asked for evidence and i'm not him

926550  No.826012


>>le dick pic and onesie

Bong no one but you has used the out of date 'Le' prefix for about 5 years.

3d1965  No.826018


Deflecting and changing subject again I see

926550  No.826020


>and i was the one who asked for evidence and i'm not him

Nope just underscoring youre a lying sack of shit and not very good at that either.

3d1965  No.826052


Not only do you keep making multiple posts while you could have made a single one, you're also cursing, showing your anger and personal bias, which is not the point of this board at all

Your autism is clearly out of place and opposed to the spirit of this board

926550  No.826058


Aww Bong do you get triggered by the curse words. Loud noises. Leave the house by yourself then you can comment on the posts of others.

165e3c  No.826069


You know, you're my personal cow

926550  No.826078


You know, I’ve been owning you for a week straight.

165e3c  No.826086


The thing is, I'm not Dominic, and I've been fishing free (you)'s for weeks now because your mental illness forces you to reply to my every posts.

You're a cow that I julay whenever I feel bored, I hope you understand that

5363a6  No.826119


yea, you're really julaying him when you cry about how bitchbong isnt a cow, good work lad

f1add7  No.826123


Where are the debunkings dude?


You have to be more intelligent than this or I am underestimating how dumb the people are who fall for your shit.

f1add7  No.826124


You don't really understand you're responding to different people, do you?

054687  No.826176



Please tell me about the "everything else" that you think k warrants a thread.

f1add7  No.826247


Changing subjects, not understanding how much of a cow you are.

87d451  No.826496

File: 110f78151faa7c2⋯.jpg (67.89 KB, 640x920, 16:23, 055632910a48a612d3ecc62c36….jpg)


You're the one changing subject by not answering my question though ?

926550  No.826691


Jesus Bong come up with your own concept just once in your life.

9e27ad  No.827005


He still has yet to prove his claim that he has "thoroughly debunked" anything, all he did was validate before changing IP's again, lol.

ee7500  No.828815


"why am i a cow, why am i a cow, i read the posts i didnt do anything", nigga please, please keep making threads about your ex though those are my favorite way you embarrass yourself you sad sad tiny man

3d1965  No.828881

File: 94ac7d0206eba44⋯.jpg (61.53 KB, 431x582, 431:582, 63129164.jpg)





Still waiting about that "everything else", didn't know sending a dick pic to a girl warrant for 50 threads

380ca4  No.828887

Hey Dominic, quit trying to make threads about that girl who rejected you.

Just because a woman doesn't want to sleep with you doesn't make her a lolcow. If it did, he'd have to make threads for every single woman alive.

3d1965  No.828891



3d1965  No.828894



Link didn't work

>Implying it's not autistic mentally ill stalkers who make those threads to blame it on him

ef702e  No.828919

troll Den is down. Game over.


ee7500  No.828929




"why am i the cow, i didnt do anything, point out what i did, i didnt do that" you know why you're a cow shorty. i dont understand why you've started posting in your own thread again though, these had literally died because you had become so fucking boring that no one cared about you anymore. are your views so dire that you need these lads to come hate watch you again or what?

f1add7  No.828971


Waiting on the debunked stuff before you show you can't read midget.

Give examples of what is debunked or even where it is debunked, you just keep shouting debunked and there's examples in all the threads of you being a cow so we don't need to point you to all 46 other threads.

You sent your dick to a bunch of underaged girls AFTER these threads so that part about that being the basis of tje threads doesn't even make sense, I know you're just jumping through hoops but god damn man get a grip on the fallacies.

f1add7  No.828973


Seems alive and well to me, stay tuned for cocks that didn't previously make it here.

de1529  No.829014

File: 6aa1f16362f353b⋯.jpg (119.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 44337296_2054285944635549_….jpg)

de1529  No.829016


Knew it.

https://disco rdapp.com/invite/wcmXb9z

5cfb38  No.829018

File: 0cd3687f3fac8c0⋯.jpg (10.15 KB, 241x231, 241:231, 6fd.jpg)



>Still deflecting and refusing to point out what makes britbong such a le Epic cow besides your own jealousy

Still waiting on the proof that she was underage too

5cfb38  No.829024


>Stay tuned for cocks

There hasn't been any cocks produced since 2017 and even then it was autistic Oc's made by discord stalkers

As I said these threads produce no cocks, it's just a bunch of asshurt discord dwellers who personally hate britbong

5cfb38  No.829025


Forgot to attach pic related showing how much cocks are made in those threads

5cfb38  No.829027

File: 5760a393bee49a3⋯.jpg (41.67 KB, 284x711, 284:711, male_asian_body.jpg)


Woops forgot again hehe

de24ea  No.829030

File: 534b08dc63bd432⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, 1:1, IMG_20190109_083356.jpg)


>First Godwinson

>Second my Twitter

>Now the den

He's becoming a reflection of what he's complaining about for years. Yet,

>been nearly 3 weeks and my website hasn't been taken down by the little man



ef702e  No.829040


You're ga,y and a wannabe tranny, and you Fortnite danced naked for children so MrBTF0 would let you back in

5cfb38  No.829047


What's pathetic is that you pander to trolls to get views and partnerships

At least make your own comment without sucking troll cock. That said your videos are terribly unfunny and you have no future as an eceleb

f1add7  No.829053


You're asking us to use every single example in every single thread just how you umbrellad to saying it was all debunked while providing no proof but instead just confirmed things you said were previously fake.

Idk if you can't read or what but it's deflection when it's already been pointed out that you can review these threads yourself and say how this isn't just all sad lulcow shit.

SHE was underaged? We aren't talking about Dred and you've sent that video to so many in your discord and the kids in Shads discord before her that you don't even know which one it was, you bitch about thots but only after seemingly getting rejected while trying the same pathetic shit.

You're making a claim the stuff is debunked and you always do this, run in circles while making other claims so you never have to answer anything.

Even your posts make you a cow in these threads while you repeat the same things over and over and will never prove your point because you're in an in-defensible position.

Just keep it up and we will keep cataloging, you are only going to make us more active and for that I appreciate your ineptitute, see you soon buddy.

I'm not talking to you unless you have anything else to say besides the same shit or an actual debunking that anything posted in 47 threads isn't true, hell even some of it you could have bothered to debunk but actually only bothered to admit was you which is quite the opposite, after saying it was fake showing you will just lie to no end.

PS: You never did anything to me but steal a meme from me that I didn't care about so don't pretend you trolled anybody here and you probably shouldn't have spent the little bit of money you had on a cheap but overpriced PC.

f1add7  No.829058


Also, tons in the Discord you'll see soon.

I am not going to listen to your repetition nor respond until you say something new yet you haven't for years now.

5cfb38  No.829071

File: 30177cb5c5db652⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 336x252, 4:3, ImportantPertinentGlassfro….gif)


So many talk and so little proof, if britbong is such an epic cow, do me a favour and point me to what makes him one, it should be easy right ? Or you can keep beating around the bush

>Send that video to people on his discord and shads discord

Gonna need proof on that buddy, and proof that they were underage obviously

>I'm not gonna talk to you

Lmao pussy

>Even your posts make you a cow

Breathing makes you a cow, because I say so, so it must be true

>tons in the Discord you'll see soon.

>Confirming that the only cocks are made by asshurt discord dwellers

f1add7  No.829163

File: aab3a1a9ce65a9d⋯.mp4 (6.81 MB, 500x300, 5:3, MrBTFO_-_Sad_and_Tired_Clo….mp4)

de24ea  No.829206



Sounds like Bongtalk

380ca4  No.829209


Now you're starting to sound like MundaneMatt.

>I didn't flag that video! It's a deep cover troll OP to make me look bad! It's a coincidence!! I'M SLEEPY!!!

08f184  No.829216


f1add7  No.829225


He never figures out the wordfilter and still thinks he can manipulate JMAA through here.

de24ea  No.829227

File: 66cf9f30c4a9c10⋯.png (345.11 KB, 499x583, 499:583, lehappybong.png)


Go figure why.

77dd84  No.829237



Wordfilter should be filtered into Bongtalk

fd5d1a  No.829329



>wordfilter all of Dominic's online names and his variations into "manlet"

dd3eee  No.829331


I'm not, just an observer. You know they don't respect you right ? Even though you betrayed britbong they secretly laugh at you for being retarded.

fd5d1a  No.829360

File: b29db0d91462802⋯.png (533.83 KB, 750x563, 750:563, unknown.png)


>fuck you goy no one likes you admit it and beg me to suck my toes

Dom, my man, you're not fooling anybody with this shit. At least I "pander" to trolls who, at least, can take criticism unlike you do. Trolls who actually socialize outside their house IRL like me, who are not disgusting piece of shit sociopaths unlike you, and even if I'm "retarded", I'm not as much of a piece of shit as you are when you actively are a flaggot who takes down accounts and websites that are critical of you or make fun of you.

Not only you've become what you hate the most, you'll also be a manchild autistic NEET who doesn't get out of his parents house, not even to do workout, and who'll blame his incompetent mistakes and antics on the "trolls", "trolls" or "stalkers" like it was a DSP clone.

Maybe it's just that I'm better than you. You couldn't take it when I cut ties with you because you were treating me like a paypig. You won't ever have me as your personal jester, but I can read in your silly big nosed face that you need me desperately as your biggest donator. When you don't deserve my respect anymore.

You should deffo pick someone of your own size, bud. I at least don't walk like a hobbit.

dd3eee  No.829427


Talking about workout, maybe you should do some in order to look more like your tranny OC

You have no talent as an entertainer kid, nobody watch your vids, and you're desperately trying to get an audience by making fun of other streamers. Typical no talent attitude. I'm not britbong btw, your words are getting nowhere

You'll always be stuck at a dead end job because that's all your spic asperger brain can do

926550  No.829436


JMAA why you wasted your time and money around Britbong is a mystery. Your cocks is crazy as fuck but you make an effort with editing and graphic overlays etc there is creativity in it. All the Dwarf ever does is bitch and moan how the world doesn’t do what he wants and then steals everyone else ideas and claims they are his. You’re a creator and he’s a leech. Glad you worked it out finally.

3874d1  No.829437

File: d731431396628fb⋯.jpg (352.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Imagen70.jpg)


Dom, let's be real honest, my man, you're literally my doormat at this point. I might not have the same subs as you do currently on YT, but it happens to me lately that some of your "fans" have moved on to me and my cocks since they found you boring with your repetitive banter sections of 3h each and your singleplayer games.

Even then, you dedicate every single stream to literally talk about me alongside the other "trolls" for an extended period of time, while claiming that, to you, I'm "irrelevant". Well, maybe whenever you stop bringing so much attention to my cocks, maybe THEN nobody watches my vids. But I streamsniped you literally one time and you now obsess myself at every banter section.

At this point, I might be even grateful for you for falling into such braindead mistake such as bringing me the "negative attention" to thrive, and the one you desperately clinge to in order for you to get views. Funny how you criticize "toesuckers" or how you call me out for siding with the wrong people, but you literally have to suck off MaximillianMus' cock like you did with Dunkey. And I'll not be surprised if you desperately beg Dunkey to fix the link to your new channel in his Second Life video.

You desperately try to latch on to your former popularity, and the same popularity that got you banned. Now, move over and let other "ecelebs" get the cake. You'll inevitably will have to grow up enough to get an application for ASDA.

1ab162  No.829517

File: 8fe5683542b7ca5⋯.jpg (38.84 KB, 500x354, 250:177, 3236a5ac5820d58ed8fa83ffd6….jpg)

81cbcc  No.829552


Don't lie JMAA, nobody watches your videos

f1add7  No.829568


Nope, need it for Google.

3874d1  No.829744


>nobody watches your videos

>still get views especially from Britbong being obsessed with me

Pick one.

81cbcc  No.829865


…Option one?

You don't know how "Pick one" works.

9e27ad  No.829874

Mrs Vanner is streaming, let's see how long it takes "not Britbong" the bystander to talk in here who totally isn't him.

He's off cam again tonight, he's claiming donations aren't working therefore he'll probably end the stream, 204 viewers… Sad

e2ed61  No.830081

File: 34b6f16fbc527d9⋯.jpg (52.12 KB, 300x551, 300:551, 1434806909515.jpg)


Rent free

f1add7  No.831573

File: 6e2b85efb8da902⋯.png (360.62 KB, 540x841, 540:841, unknown.png)

3d1965  No.831600


He's rather transitioning and doesn't look 30, it's understandable that Caroline wanted his D and not some obese spic

3d1965  No.831743

Lol I checked the foxdickfarms thread and it's dead as fuck, everyone is making fun of jmaa and the only sperg still desperately trying to troll britbong is king of /Pol/.

Too bad you can't samefag on this site right ? :)

Also, jmaa is Spanish? I thought he was a creatura. That's funny.

926550  No.831934


Why is he holding a Christmas pudding pretending it a birthday cake. No one got you a cake Bong.

3d1965  No.831980


It's a birthday pudding, provided by his kind mum. As opposed to Boyd's mum which is dead and buried, and Boyd will join her very soon probably

926550  No.832024


There is no such thing as a Birthday pudding. This is what happened you started crying like a baby because no one got you a cake so they gave you the Christmas pudding that was lying around to shut you up. A birthday pudding? The fuck?!

3d1965  No.832028


I assume it exists in England since it's an English speciality


>Jmaa banned

>trollm den deleted

>8ch might be shut down because of Christchurch

>Boyd will die in the next 5 years due to obesity/dementia

Looks like you're losing

926550  No.832042


There is no such thing a a Birthday pudding in England or anywhere else in the world. Just another example of Britbongs total Dunning Kruger mind thinking if he invents something it makes it true.

And as for that little wishlist Bong? Keep dreaming.

3d1965  No.832045

File: 91c23f1ccfdf213⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 411x488, 411:488, a6e.gif)


What does a burger like you know about European culture ?

926550  No.832064


I know your family didnt even bother to get you a birthday cake and now as a result you have to make up yet another easily disproven lie, a birthday pudding is an English thing?! to try and win a point. Your simple mind cant even work it through one step further to "Oh if they google that they will see Im lying theres no such thing as a birthday pudding and Ill look like a total cringe idiot yet again"

This is a perfect example of why youre a Cow.

3d1965  No.832080

File: 42c17adf716c678⋯.gif (2.27 MB, 179x320, 179:320, 1552648375559.gif)


Lol it's so easy to get you to argue on the most stupidest shit because you're eternally butthurt, I love it

Remember to watch the stream in its entirety tonight :) I need the views and the likes/dislikes

926550  No.832088


Bong the point is you were caught lying yet again. The stupidest shit part is you in an attempt to invent a Birthday pudding. You point is you will lie about anything and everything and you do it badly.

bebe97  No.832092


Nah, Boyd is an hardcore mythomaniac, britbong not much

926550  No.832105


>No you are

>No you are

>No you are

bebe97  No.832114


Tune up to the stream tonight clownhouse it will be fun 🤡

926550  No.832219


Fun? So far just another hour of you discussing pedos and underage children. Its never far from your mind is it.

9e27ad  No.833227


So desperate for views he even asked us, at least you let us know it is just a usual stream of his.

88f964  No.833344

File: 93efa29ec3e4d8d⋯.jpg (164.45 KB, 800x653, 800:653, death_of_a_gremlin_by_chao….jpg)



Glad you gave him views lads, keep up the good work

Also it seems someone was butthurt about the boy's mom thing since they wished cancer on Brit's mom during the stream

Nice to see my words are hitting the weak spots

f1add7  No.833388


What the fuck are you even talking about anymore?

380ca4  No.833402


Nobody wished cancer on anyone, you victim-complex christmas elf.

You don't have a vagina so don't try that Zoe Quinn "I'm a victim gib me cash" shit here.

3d1965  No.833614

File: 99be4d1a93f433c⋯.jpg (31.19 KB, 728x230, 364:115, orangemanbad.JPG)


now now, don't be misogynistic or uncle boyd is going to make a thread about you

380ca4  No.833637

File: 446fc49c037eeda⋯.png (26.05 KB, 140x152, 35:38, 1550271085806.png)


>Someone catches you in a lie and you can't defend yourself

>Start babbling about one of your boogeymen unprompted

Shit, you're dumb as a brick, brit.

3d1965  No.833707


i'd record the moment where some sperg wished cancer on his mom but you'd find a way to deflect it anyway

9e27ad  No.833739




You're used to banning people daily for some SJW reason anyway, why is this one special? Because you have no real point?

4a72d3  No.833819

File: 0a92a6702d859a8⋯.png (991.98 KB, 2790x4134, 465:689, jmaa_littledominic.png)


Yeah, Manlet caught shilling his own stream again like it won't fucking work, will it?

Now, what can you find entertaining about talking about the same "trolls" over and over again every stream for 2 hours? That is, including about me, who since I've streamsniped your ass in GTA RP once, you've never stopped. I thought I was "irrelevant" or something, right?

Yeah, keep bringing me attention, little man. That'll sure work.

a3818e  No.833987

File: 6aaf40e083ebac3⋯.gif (70.24 KB, 467x398, 467:398, 6aa.gif)


>Why is this one special

Because it seems like a direct response to the post i posted here about the corpse that is Boyd's mom

Please keep deflecting and changing subjects every single post without defending your previous point, it's hilarious


That deviantart tier drawing only enhances your status as a cow.

380ca4  No.834169



You do realize talking about yourself in the third person is a sign of narcissism, right? Of course you don't.

You're not concerned I'll "deflect", you don't fucking have anything, Dominic. That's why you try to change the subject and project.

You're replying a lot more than usual. It's clear that you're in damage control mode.

926550  No.834195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Please keep deflecting and changing subjects every single post without defending your previous point, it's hilarious

Britbong do you even realize that you use your own character flaws as the material to try and attack people with?

For years you have deflected and changed subject whenever your stupidity has been pointed out everybody knows this about you why dont you know it? And why cant you see how stupid it confirms you to be when you do it?

9b8d97  No.834660

File: eccc14e1a1d5674⋯.jpg (39.48 KB, 800x450, 16:9, twin-strangers-sosie-site-….jpg)



You do realize seeing your enemy everywhere is a sign of mental illness right ?

18bc18  No.834741

File: 5fe68697d4b632b⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190317_102220.jpg)

File: 94dc67d27d7cfa9⋯.jpg (3.98 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190317_103734.jpg)


Can we hang out my man?

32ef27  No.834781


He'll never get out of his house,

>too scared

3d1965  No.834812

File: f93c62c1f584ded⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 331x402, 331:402, 1451487760459.jpg)


LOL after this post does someone still believes britbong is the cow and not the stalkers who make those threads? remember to film yourself getting your ass whooped.

740a93  No.834831

>Someone traveled through the UK and posts a random airport photo to tease Britbong.


>He takes the bait

3d1965  No.834848



740a93  No.834860

29d41a  No.835001


Tune up to the stream tonight, thank you

926550  No.836344


Posts pic of a middle aged fat guy with a beard involved in some gay shit expects us to believe he isn't Britbong.

0d716e  No.836358

926550  No.836613


So Britbong who is the fat bearded middle aged man that you constantly reference in your avatars and in that meme above.

Its a recurring theme with you. Its always there along with your man/boy sex obsession.

Is that the pedo that bummed you and instead of you hating it turned you into the creepy child stalker that you are today?

7f9b31  No.836713

I swear to god, for a moment I thought I was reading about Tonka

f29b4b  No.836753

anyone here MAGE rn?

554013  No.836763

JMAA should troll multiplayer video games, and harbor a Discord / Gamer community for red pilled alpha males.


Go find and recruit Jammku then. All he's been doing is silently running over admins in FiveM.

FiveM is fucking boring play the new Outlaw survival game. It's basically Wild West Rust.

Step out of that comfort zone. You're not doing it right unless you're afraid.

aaa226  No.837321


Lurk more

926550  No.838143


Yeah thats not an answer its a deflection and a change of subject. Whos the dude? Is that your fantasy daddy?

210f80  No.838569

Dead thread, no cocks, low energy bullying and the same old butthurt posters desperately trying to keep it alive

I should have been there in 2017 when Jews was sucking kopy's cock by stickying the threads, at least there was some fun to have

3d1965  No.838674

File: 3bc3107776ea8ed⋯.jpg (22.07 KB, 370x396, 185:198, caroline.JPG)

926550  No.838689


>Whos the dude? Is that your fantasy daddy?

4a72d3  No.838771

File: 18cecf8ec1e68d4⋯.png (421.41 KB, 750x731, 750:731, saddom.png)


No need to, Dom, I find it amusing that you're giving me free advertising by calling me a "pedo" every stream, which you know is considered slander.

I thought you were the one who cried about people slandering you.

7b792b  No.838942


You should leave the internet jmaa, you're only hurting yourself by ridiculizing yourself online and getting frustrated from politics

926550  No.838986


>You should leave the internet Britbong, you're only hurting yourself by ridiculizing yourself online and getting frustrated from being constantly outted as a lying pedo.

554013  No.839651


I'm not MrBTF0.

Someone needs to run a proper troll vidya community. You might as well do it JMAA. Brit isn't going to any time soon. (or ever).

None of the old hat boglins are doing anything related to trolling or vidya anymore, sadly.

4a9175  No.840031


happy 30

926550  No.842135


That picture is basically you in 10 years Bong.

3d1965  No.842224

When is jmaa gonna admit that he's gay for britbong ? It's very obvious when you look at the whole picture. He's basically going through a breakup right now. One thing is certain, he's the one taking it up the ass.

1fb632  No.842271

Fix your mic Shitmong, it's broken.

96bf48  No.842879


What's going on with Kopy? He seems a lot more interesting than bong

0c6e6f  No.843476


He get his ass rimmed for free by the admin Jews while being a brony communist manlet spic, it's hilarious.

All threads about him are deleted on sight because "they're not funny"

9e27ad  No.844678



Are you samefagging the thread dude?

3d1965  No.845114

File: 1e086d8608e8e8e⋯.jpg (117.51 KB, 502x640, 251:320, 1553119333751.jpg)

9e27ad  No.845120


Ok so, yes?

61b19e  No.845123

> Be mr.b.t.f.o

> Spend years crying in your thread about not being a cow, and how everyone is samefagging

> Thread dies because he's become so boring hes not even worth the time to laugh at

> Finally get your wish

> Samefag in your thread and bump it

< What?

96bf48  No.845225


I wasn't asking because I dislike Kopy necessarily, I just hear a lot less about him and he seems like a more interesting person than britbong

9e27ad  No.845228


It's sad and pathetic since he's so ashamed to be mexican, but his results are boring so we don't have shit to do with it and he withdraws rather than spergs out like as evidenced here.

He is a nazi identifying Mexican however so take that as you will.

9422af  No.845269

File: 5353ffbd00691a0⋯.jpg (72.42 KB, 1067x1580, 1067:1580, big round ass (5).jpg)

Britbong is a pedo, a tranny, and a schizo. Don't get me wrong.

But Kopy the fat mexican nazi and JMAA the fat spanish nazi are pretty much equally retarded, if not even more.

d5834c  No.845293

File: efc73e8538700fc⋯.jpg (114.16 KB, 593x541, 593:541, 1552137791862.jpg)


Don't forget Boyd, there's hours of cocks about his autism on the Russel Coba show YouTube channel and his own blog

The thing with those spergs is that they're the crazy, vicious kind. They samefag like crazy, hide behind anonymity and never ever show their face. They even go as far as befriending people with power to serve their goal and trollshield themselves, as seen with kopy making Jews his bitch and forcing him to sticky the britbong threads repeatedly back in 2017.

For the one who sees through their lies, there's still ton of lulz to be had.

70cd09  No.845301


wasn't there a kopy thread that died like 5 years ago?

Kopy figured out the thing that britbong never did. If you quit trying to defend yourself the thread dies out.

9e27ad  No.845588


I think you mean the same repetitive ones the little guy was making on him as they were both fighting over that dumb girl Caroline while they both didn't realize she was garbage then when Britbong did it was only because she wouldn't come back to him so he kept making threads on her.

Those threads died mostly only because it was Brit spamming the same things over and over and since he had nothing new with the boring threads they got closed so Britbong to this day still screams it is nepotism and shit.

Jews makes fun of Kopy with us, in Britbong logic this means it is to cover it up or something.

9e27ad  No.845596


Plugging that shitty channel by a dude who raped his sister will probably not get you many points here as Harrison is such an idiot he can never get a point across nor even say anything correctly without twisting everything in to something it is not in the very same recordings he plays where you can hear the real story.

You really need to think who you are aligning yourself with, there's a reason nobody likes him Dominic.

Why do you not project the bad qualities that you have on to him since at least they would be accurate, is it because you see him as worse than you or something?

You did this same shit with Shadman until you got banned and only then did you admit you were trying to kiss a pedos ass for a year.

9d8860  No.845742

doesn anyone have the video of his mother telling him to shut the fuck up after he was screaming like an autist

9e27ad  No.845779


Who doesn't? Just check a few past threads.

d4f7cb  No.845780


im pretty sure he was stickying the thread because it was hilarious and manlet was being a gigantic faggot more than usual.

d12ffd  No.845925



Hi Boyd. Don't you have a Caroline thread to make to blame it on britbong?


Nah, he said "stickied as promised".

8c1217  No.845947

Also, note that jmaa and kopy are spics, and that both of them and Boyd are obese.

If you want my opinion, the root of their virgin rage is that they got bullied at school by a fit white kid who also probably stole their crush. After leaving school and thinking their sorrows were over, they were confronted with britbong, a white dude who cucked and bullied them again. It probably woke up their trauma. Now, they're like empty husks haunting the internet forever until they die a lonely death.

I know all about it, we used to bully an obese Portuguese kid hardcore too.

d3b5e7  No.846113

File: 5037710f967c7d5⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 634x348, 317:174, mummy noo.webm)

d4f7cb  No.846230


ok ok manlet we get it, you got bullied by a squad of ugly losers to the point it drove you insane with rage.

380ca4  No.846310


Listen to that huffy puffy midget go off! Damn! He's burning up the baby races!

aebd67  No.846350

File: 5f15cffdad7e0d8⋯.jpg (192.56 KB, 630x420, 3:2, o-BULLYING-facebook-2.jpg)



Fatties localized

380ca4  No.847020

File: 8f6845d44c7142c⋯.png (95.61 KB, 366x196, 183:98, 1553477684932.png)


They're never gonna let you on the roller coaster, Dominic.

9e27ad  No.847597


He called me Boyd because I know who Harrison is, that's all that matters here is those Boyd points.

d4f7cb  No.848960


>haha fat

im tall and slim. keep projecting.

380ca4  No.849043

Bong is getting kind of tubby himself lately. It's hard to notice because morbid obesity at his height would only increase his mass by about four ounces, but it's there.

a7e42e  No.849347


No one cares about the opinion of someone who watches Stephen universe

9e27ad  No.849358


Who the fuck watches that? Is that what that pic was from? Guess you would know that.

bfe125  No.850077

So mrPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD started playing bf5. It might work getting him more views, but he needs a twitch subscription for that. He also needs to change his streaming schedule and thus sleeping schedule so it doesn't end up in the middle of the night EU time as usual

768dff  No.850179

File: f67f33c8a523581⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 8786514.gif)



lol! That filter gets me everytime!

3d1965  No.850209


Me too, it reminds me how much of a cockguzzler jews acted with kopy in 2017 by stickying the threads because britbong was rightfully shitting on the entire board for said cockguzzling.

e8cf22  No.850262



9e27ad  No.850356


That's what he's known for!

9d8860  No.850577


cheers man, but no sound reeeeee.

1fb632  No.851062

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shitmong is drunk after going out for the first time in 3 months

e8cf22  No.851124


you know who i was cringing at faggot.

9e27ad  No.851141


Yeah, Dominic the midget.

2aef0a  No.852306

File: 855fb98d0f358fd⋯.png (658.85 KB, 418x847, 38:77, jammku burger.png)

Jammku's been gone an entire year as of today.

Let's celebrate with some rare Jammku's.

d3b5e7  No.852633


a rare jamku?

like,one with proper hygeine and real friends?

9446bb  No.852641



Make your own thread faggot.

0d0851  No.852766

Britbong is a classic example of the shitty streamer who knows nothing about being entertaining but was only ahead of the game and started streaming when it first became popular. The only reason he has an audience isn't because anyone finds him particularly amusing but is because he has already established some kind of recognition for himself. Mindful that the recognition he does have is more on how he is PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD.

9e27ad  No.852804


No, he's the one who does the trolling, some how.

Wait, that's just how he thinks.

9446bb  No.853046


>Get him banned everywhere a thousand times

>he still retains above 200 viewers

Yikes, test this with other streamers no one would watch them after they lost their twitch, keep being bitter bruh.

380ca4  No.853185


What, you mean like jcaesar187Retort, who consistently pulls in 10k viewers when he streams anywhere?

If you have a fanbase, they'll follow you.

9446bb  No.853189


They litrally get shilled by other shit-right youtubers, while the other never gets advertised by anyone.

owned again loser.

380ca4  No.853199


> while the other never gets advertised by anyone.

Because he's actively sabotaged all of his friendships and alienated anyone who could help him.

I guess when you combine all those factors together is IS a miracle he pulls in 200 viewers a stream. Of course, that's not a compliment.

926550  No.853468

926550  No.853473


>"It's come to our attention that most of you 5'10ers out there are actually 5'6," the company said in a statement. "The charade must stop."

9e27ad  No.853603


So being 5'4" isn't common.

e8cf22  No.853734


can't wait for weight verification to start.

9e27ad  No.853969

Why is the little guy making Caroline threads again?

380ca4  No.853990


It goes like this:

>Caroline is a mentally unstable girl who dated, and then broke up with Kopy, one of Britbong's many, many self-made arbitrary enemies

>To spite Kopy, she starts hanging out with and being nice to Britbong

>Britbong, savagely starved for any positive female attention, begins to tell everyone they're dating/fucking and that he "cucked" Kopy

>In realtiy, Caroline never fucked Dominic because she didn't have the money to buy a stepladder a pair of tons to fish him out of her vagina

>Caroline fucked a completely different guy, and Britbong was left heartbroken and distraught, despite the fact that Caroline never dated him and had no interest in him

Basically, Tiny's a raging incel and he's having love pains again. His Love Quest is neverending.

9446bb  No.854040

File: 290fda5e6f511ff⋯.jpg (56.21 KB, 480x640, 3:4, hardcases.jpg)


Yeah she just paid a thousand dollars to fly out to him to play scrabble.

9446bb  No.854041

File: 2c078d27ede1530⋯.jpg (116.06 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1554216987804.jpg)

File: 548a9310178f877⋯.png (624.61 KB, 520x692, 130:173, 3rsdafsdf.png)

>jews troll shields caroline, kopy and any other troll victim in these threads by deleting any mention of them on /cow/

>allows the same three people to samefag these threads for over two years

>stickies them with no cocks

>openly friends with two of the regulars


985c95  No.854051


your threads get deleted because kopy hasn't been funny for the past 8 years and caroline vanished from the internet.

threads about you aren't getting old since you sperg out here constantly

2243c0  No.854072

>when JMAA would rather hang out in Empty's discord rather than with TinyTaterTot

e31032  No.854086

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

380ca4  No.854188

File: 446fc49c037eeda⋯.png (26.05 KB, 140x152, 35:38, 1550271085806.png)



Aww, sorry Dominic, did I touch a raw nerve?

Look, I'm sorry you were too much of a beta to make a move on her while she was sleeping on your parents couch. But she was never going to fuck you anyway. You were just enough of a beta to give a girl a free bed during her vacation to England. As long as you could LARP as a chad, you didn't care.

Just like the time you banged that chick who wanted to get back at her boyfriend and she was so disgusted she had to touch all four inches of your body she took a six-hour shower and drove your parents crazy.

6f4143  No.854207


Why does Britbong complain about Upraksi or Caroline or both on nearly every single stream?

Hasn't it been like five years?

9e27ad  No.854209



Seems I asked the right question LMAO.

380ca4  No.854235


Because he's an incel and the fact that his own pseudo-relationships have been complete disasters causes him untold megatons of pain, due to his strong sense of entitlement.

0401dc  No.854742

File: 75ef6f52019c99d⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, vlcsnap-2019-03-25-00h21m1….png)


Oh my god Dominic just stop already. This thread isn't even stickied. I haven't given a shit about you in awhile but apparently I'm still sharing a rent-free room in your head with Boyd. These threads actually started to die out for a bit but you just couldn't leave well enough alone.

9446bb  No.854768

File: 773f9d79ae17bf3⋯.png (165.71 KB, 413x628, 413:628, dasd2ds.png)


>everyone i dont like is britbong



9e27ad  No.854840


It takes much less than that to prove Kopy is retarded even though that's old now, how busy are your streams now BTW? You keep moving the numbers lower like 350 usual watchers on okcupid, 300 on here, 200 on here…

Speaking of okcupid why do you lie about your age and height?

1fb632  No.854841


It's the only significant thing aside from streaming to happen to him in the last 15 years.

380ca4  No.854865


Dominic, your skill at subterfuge is dismal. You lie about as well as Mundane Matt, your spiritual double.

3d1965  No.854872


Why do you larp as a nazi when you're a fat spic ? It seems to be common amongst autistic spics, jmaa does it too.

380ca4  No.854873

File: 9b563b7e88cef5c⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 30 Years of Smug.jpg)


Such a nasty little midget, isn't he? Britbong gets called out on his obvious lying and immediately starts taking cheapshots at Kopy. But I guess when your life is a huge trainwreck of failure you can't help but be a nasty, tiny little man.

Your life isn't going well for you, is it Dominic?

f1add7  No.854930


Yeah, not much you can do for near literally 15 years in your room only at 2 different houses, fuck that's pathetic.

168033  No.854931


britbong still has a thread on /cow/

seriously how old is this guy now? his claim to fame is being disruptive in video games. like fuck, at least a humble janitor contributes to his immediate area. it's not even like with chris-chan, who has a mental disability.

380ca4  No.854933


>his claim to fame is being disruptive in video games

and he can't even do that anymore because everyone immediately knows who he is and laughs at him for being short. He doesn't even go on SL or VR Chat anymore because he knows those big scary bullies are gonna come in and troll him.

bf1a8a  No.855338

File: 525ea1c2c516387⋯.jpg (137.6 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, smh tbh fam.jpg)

>never played Second Life in my entire life

>never had to seduce two Second Life lolcows' girlfriends

>accused of conspiring with Krapple seven times in this thread alone for allowing funny threads on a lolcow board



>NY shirt

If he so desired, he could move out of his parents' house on a shitty island and enjoy children's entertainment in an autism home with /v/'s board owner on a less shitty island.

380ca4  No.855357


Q for Britbong:

Is there any reason Caroline would have explicitly told me on Discord that she never slept with you? And that you had to beg her to let you take that one picture?

9e27ad  No.855573


Can you remove the worldfilter so we can index his name properly?

9e27ad  No.855578


According to him she said she never slept with Kopy too so maybe she is a liar just like both of them?

325792  No.855766


There's nothing funny about those threads, there's no cocks and no cocks and the same butthurt posters.

If an outsider were to come on this board and go on Dobson thread, he would laugh his ass off at all the cocks and the autism Dobson emanates.

If he went on a britbong thread, he woulndt understand what is going on, why the thread is there and he woulnt find anything funny. He would read the same sissy fights between anti and pro britbong, butthurt from both sides. That's how you spot a personal army thread.

Please keep sucking krapple cock though

380ca4  No.855923


There's nothing funny about Dominic's threads because they're slide threads. They exist for him to keep posting the same five things over and over again so he can keep them on the front page and tell everyone "look! look! this person I don't like is a lolcow! look at how many posts their thread has!"

f1add7  No.855953


He's just hoping no new cocks gets posted, this isn't some 4D chess shit, he's bad at everything.

9446bb  No.855956

File: 3cc91bc76fab14d⋯.jpeg (88.12 KB, 960x960, 1:1, D3FuufXW0AAOl5p.jpg large.jpeg)

Just a reminder, it's a discord full of trannies, second lifers, old men who got trolled and a cuck keeping these threads going.

3d1965  No.855961

File: 84650af6dd4a47e⋯.jpg (165.8 KB, 963x933, 321:311, Respect.jpg)


cocks like this?

380ca4  No.855962



Tiny man is upset Caroline let the secret out that Britbong was too much of a little homo to bang her so now him and his ever-shrinking circle of Discord chums are on damage control.


9e27ad  No.855995


You do understand if you replaced old men with children you basically described your own, right?

3d1965  No.856022


Bring material proof to what you're saying otherwise it's just talking shit

380ca4  No.856032

File: 1b216e35105e22e⋯.jpg (32.27 KB, 225x351, 25:39, de8a46b224a427ae30e2686753….jpg)



Just like ol' Robert Wayne Stiles, the turd throwing tranny of Philly.

Protip for the next time you lie, Britbong: "Prove it" is not a denial of an accusation, in fact, it's a subtle admittance. Anyone with basic deductive reasoning can tell you just outed yourself.





3d1965  No.856036


Deflecting again, nice

It feels like middle school in here

380ca4  No.856038


and you would be the student who brags about his hot Canadian girlfriend, right? And tries to take a dump on a girl's lawn for telling him you're "just friends" only to get mauled by her dog.

3d1965  No.856055

File: dea577f278155da⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 479x720, 479:720, alexandre-bissonnette-face….jpg)


Yes yes that's me

926550  No.856109


Its not really any surprise. The body language in that one picture 5'4 keeps posting of them together is so cringy he's on his knees on the floor leaning in like a total incel meanwhile she's grimacing looking as if she wished she was somewhere else. My money is on he is still a virgin I doubt either of his too obsessions gave it up.

9e27ad  No.856116


He's probably standing.

9446bb  No.856117

File: 11a1c337b383bbd⋯.png (221.82 KB, 348x356, 87:89, sexyboy.png)

No cocks continues.

0acf70  No.856123

His recent vr stream was pretty funny, why do you guys hate him again? He chatted up some girl or whatever and someone has a pic of his dick? Who cares.

380ca4  No.856139



More like four-foot-nothing. I've seen his pictures.

380ca4  No.856145

File: 95371b19252d4fe⋯.gif (31.52 KB, 220x220, 1:1, ReallyMakes.gif)


Now that you mention it, it *does* seem a bit strange that two people supposedly in a physical, intimate relationship who are only going to spend a few days together wouldn't be making any physical contact of any kind.

They're not putting their arms around each other, they're not leaning against each other, they aren't even holding hands. There's like half a foot of negative space between them, about as much physical intimacy as a hover hand.

Look at that huge gap between them. It's the physical manifestation of the friend zone.

9e27ad  No.856147


lol yeah, that's all it is.

You got us with that one dude.

27301b  No.856203


Feel free to expand on what makes britbong such an epic cow, but you haven't been able to since 2 threads and keep deflecting like a child

"Le 30yo living at his parent house" argument doesn't work too, as it has to be genuinely funny to be considered a cow

380ca4  No.856350


Britbong, it isn't working. If you had any skill with subterfuge we wouldn't all be laughing at you and your streaming career wouldn't have crashed and burned.

We all know it's you, and you aren't smart enough to trick us into thinking otherwise.

bf1a8a  No.856810


Every time I open this thread, I find something that puts a smile on my face, even when it's not my troll dick getting jerked. This time, it's >>855357, which confirms my long-held suspicion that Britbong is probably a virgin.

You have to dig through a lot of him and his Second Life furfag fans pretending to be channers in order to find these nuggets, but for me, he's like a pre-transition Rika Stiles. With Robb, I laughed at how hard he fails to be a woman; and with Mr. Vanner, I laugh at how hard he fails to be a man.

6d25cd  No.856879


>His recent vr stream was pretty funny

didn't see the stream, but if the video he made of it was all the "funny bits" then it's pretty obvious why his career is in a tail spin

fbe953  No.856988


he got cucked by applechild, one of his mods.


>dominic upset he can't make threads on people he doesn't like, noone else cares about them.


it took jmaa a little while to realize who the cool kids were and where the actual cocks was coming from.


Because he was cucked to death.


He can't play anything multiplayer and hasn't in at least a year or two, maybe I'm wrong I stopped watching forever ago.


>someone has an image of niggers sucking toes on their computer

>someone took the time to edit text over the picture



now you're denying your audience is children?

Bro, you're 30-60% older than everyone else in there, I know because I was in there and remember.


you have no idea what you're talking about, it's cute in a retarded small animal kind of way.

Like how dominic got exposed jacking off to furry cub porn by the girl he sent the dickpic to.

wew, now to come back in a few weeks and see the next dumpster fire.

aa4d8b  No.857334

File: a7ba837e7c93353⋯.jpg (35.01 KB, 453x576, 151:192, 0b4.jpg)




>Britbong is a crossdresser !!

>Britbong did not have physical contact with a girl who paid 1000 dollars to fly to him!!

>Britbong is a babyfur!!





926550  No.857489


Britbong how is it possible even with your lack of intelligence that you could so hugely miss the point of that meme. It’s called sarcasm it’s not supposed to be used literally. Fuck dude.

380ca4  No.857523

File: 2a42ae950eed821⋯.jpg (42.22 KB, 467x485, 467:485, Doubt reptile.jpg)


>She paid $1000 to fly to me!!!

She paid $1000 to fly to England, Dominic. That's the standard rate. You were just the dummy who let her sleep on your couch for free so she didn't have to pay for a hotel.

231455  No.857526


$1000 probably sounds like a small fortune to Dominic since he probably makes that much a year streaming nowadays

3d1965  No.857528


And she would go discover the uk in the isle of wight instead of London ? God you're retarded. Face it, she at least sucked his dick. She isn't the fair pure maiden you want to believe she is.

Your need to cope is pathetic. Next you'll be saying she never even came to the UK in the first place.

380ca4  No.857538


>isle of wight instead of London ?

Hell yeah, man. The Isle of Wight is beautiful and London is a crowded, smoggy, rainy shithole filled with durkas.

Plus, Wight is where the idiot who will give you free room and board in exchange for acting like his beard is.

380ca4  No.857543

File: 5d88146e78d79d0⋯.png (41.66 KB, 646x762, 323:381, Isle of Wight Flights.png)

File: 170343e50426140⋯.jpg (105.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 170343e504261404c53321177b….jpg)



I should also point out while we're on this subject:

I did a little researcher, and flights from America to Wight go for as low as 400. It's notoriously known as a budget vacation spot.

>Caroline paid $450 to go on a budget vacation and crashed with Britbong so she didn't have to pay for a hotel, and Britbong was still too much of a pussy to make a move.

3d1965  No.857550



It's okay, she will be a pure virgin in your heart, as long as you believe it hard enough :)

380ca4  No.857563

File: 8f6845d44c7142c⋯.png (95.61 KB, 366x196, 183:98, 1553477684932.png)


Well no, Dominic, we know she isn't a virgin because she fucked one of your own discord mods.

Post last edited at

3d1965  No.857580


How do you know ? Did you check her pussy ?

380ca4  No.857586


No, but applechild sure did.


f1add7  No.857647


Midget cuck

How did you let Zoom surpass you in views and EH became one of the pedos mods?

This is where we are currently at.

fbe953  No.857673



are you both retarded? He got exposed by mildred or whatever the catfishes name was, there's discord logs. He jacked it to baby fur incest porn.

aa4d8b  No.857699


It's time to post the logs then

ef47dc  No.857762



Dominic, you need to go to a doctor, that's not normal.

aa4d8b  No.857768


How is sending a dick pic to a girl mental illness ?

9e27ad  No.857799


You know that's not what he means rudolf, quit strawmanning every time you think you can and maybe people won't make fun of you so much.

9e27ad  No.857800


They were a few threads back and you've already seen them, quit reaching.

380ca4  No.857809


No, he's talking about Britbong's dick, it looks mishapen and sickly.

fbe953  No.858246


i havent seen the video before. gross.

6d25cd  No.858301

this thread will exist forever because:

britbong will do fucked up shit forever

people will make fun of him for it forever

he will freak out when people make fun of him and post here "defending" himself forever

3be2ac  No.858331


I haven't seen them, surely you can post them again to prove your point

31a794  No.858413

File: 7b8f40159bf3bde⋯.webm (550.89 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1554809094364.webm)


You mean mentaly deranged people will be obsessed with him forever ?

926550  No.858470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So my dad was watching this movie last night. Does this remind you of anyone?

380ca4  No.858548


and by the way, does anyone else find it creepy and sad that Dominic is constantly talking about himself in the third person?

ef47dc  No.858586


I'm talking about your dick head, it looks inflamed.

f1add7  No.858590


Down to the damn music.

9e27ad  No.858749

He's streaming Roblox again and botting subs again, he's really trying but then says his audience isn't children.

Coincidentally this also means his big defender who isn't him won't be here for about 3-4 hours but isn't him.

6d25cd  No.858930


>botting subs again

all those new subs but the same number of stream viewers. hmmmmmmm.

d3b5e7  No.861989

wow, the new JMAA podcast REALLY picks up around the 51:30 mark when THE BIG DAWG BRITBONG shows up! https://jmaa.tv/podcast/2019/4/13/jmaa-live-episode-3-starfckers-coffee

9e27ad  No.862181


Weird how he came in randomly in a show of not being timid and really switched the convo that wasn't even going on!

68da5f  No.862507


Fake and gay.

JMAA troll video games and you'll get a following.

If you don't troll vidya you won't get fuckall dawg.

926550  No.862605


A following? You mean like those botted subs you bought the other day little Chihuahua?

3d1965  No.863319

It's quite funny to see the thread has been slower ever since boyd has been too busy getting bullied on dreams.


JMAA, you're so ridiculous. How do you want to make a game without programming knowledge? you're the ideas guy?

9e27ad  No.863550


What the fuck is "on dreams" and why do you think Boyd has a lot to do with these threads?

926550  No.864032


That is genuinely funny. Dude really does sound like him.

d3b5e7  No.865397

File: 4819dca76bec07f⋯.jpg (57.92 KB, 779x730, 779:730, onion butt.jpg)

d3b5e7  No.866518

File: e73c9bc930b0468⋯.webm (6.34 MB, 1276x720, 319:180, butthole_sun.webm)

3d1965  No.866631



Why does Lispyzero gets the need to attack other streamers in order to build himself an audience? Can't produce quality cocks by yourself?

Also, facereveal when? I want to see the scrawny white nerd larping as a black man

78ddd0  No.866639


If he is actually a "whispy nerd" then he's smart not to do a face reveal. Ain't exactly a career benefit to show your face unless you're physically attractive.

de7b16  No.866660



d3b5e7  No.866775

File: a55d4926529028a⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 354x767, 6:13, I've been called sexy.jpg)


>when britbong does it, it's banter

>when people do it to britbong it's an attack

3d1965  No.866776


britbong trolls random people, he doesn't do targeted harassment, we already talked about this

d3b5e7  No.866815

File: 53f5b02479844dd⋯.png (118.47 KB, 1157x640, 1157:640, 3603a5a587f37840a4c460c63b….png)

File: 3195748daa13416⋯.png (170.01 KB, 594x618, 99:103, banner.png)

File: cfd59cd84e56f3e⋯.png (174.57 KB, 602x628, 301:314, banner2.png)


>he doesn't do targeted harassment

380ca4  No.867020



He doesn't troll anyone, he tattle-tales to the mods of whatever platform he's on to get people to stop picking on him and if they don't do anything he has a tantrum at them.

2bfbc4  No.867060


Zoom flagged his shit down and so has Boyd, so your point utterly deflated, also whos the guy larping as britbong?

3d1965  No.867204

So, who's superhound? The guy seems completely mentally ill, pretty sure he owned the trustedfaggot account before it got taken down. An old fan, from what I've gathered ?

9e27ad  No.867217



2bfbc4  No.867278

File: c6034902806181f⋯.png (240.11 KB, 959x838, 959:838, uhwhat.png)


Hey Alexander why did you delete your ageplaying pedo account on twitter? you realize we archived before we posted it on discord right?


Probably alexander or his brother, either way the net is closing.

3d1965  No.867300


Am I gonna get in trouble if I kiss your earlobe?

3d1965  No.867350

File: 37e4549d0689646⋯.jpg (77.89 KB, 750x676, 375:338, dicks.JPG)

It seems JMAA has fully embraced his love for cocks now.

926550  No.867596


Probably why he ghosted you Dominic after your red doggy dick embarrassment. That's a dick no one could love.

3d1965  No.867658


seems the opposite to me

64b2ee  No.867786


>It seems JMAA has fully embraced his love for cocks no

didn't he always?

64b2ee  No.867823

why did britbong take down almost all his videos?

3d1965  No.867841


because emptyhound was mass flagging them during one of his numerous obsessive schizoid attacks

6d25cd  No.867862


>because emptyhound was mass flagging them during one of his numerous obsessive schizoid attacks


380ca4  No.868291


>Wahhhh emptyhero bullied me so I had to run away!

What a mater troll you are, Dominic.

64aac8  No.868353

File: 971655066310f4e⋯.png (784.69 KB, 597x463, 597:463, 4e8c7a837562ec281d8a50dcd4….png)

Uh oh

Someone's nephews gonna get kekk'd

9e27ad  No.869295

What's with all the thumbs downs?

133505  No.869384


If you were like 3 feet tall you'd run and hide like a little bitch if a man bullied you too.

6d25cd  No.869425


the six year old seems to be having a much better time.

You can tell by Britbong's face that he knows his parents like his nephew more and his nephew will soon be taller than he is.

9e27ad  No.869455


I know that was a joke but looking at both their sizes it actually is true.

64aac8  No.869533

Hey guys remember when Dominic thought it would be a good idea to flood an image board with child porn but ended up getting.kek’d?

59d1e6  No.869766

I can smell the butthurt in this thread, delicious

6d25cd  No.869831


>I can smell the butthurt in this thread

britbong's buttheart reaction to the thread is what's kept it alive for so long

59d1e6  No.869848


It doesnt matter if it's kept alive, it only shows how mad and ass ravaged you really are

380ca4  No.869865


Oh no, that wasn't child porn, he just posted nudes after shaving.

64aac8  No.869901


thanks for bumping this thread up nigger 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

59d1e6  No.869916

File: 7b8f40159bf3bde⋯.webm (550.89 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 1554809094364.webm)


You're welcome

380ca4  No.869919


Britbong, you're the least funny person who has ever lived when you're trying to be on purpose. You should stick to trying to be taken seriously, because that's hilarious.

3d1965  No.869931

File: 3d56f30f7b58a75⋯.gif (98.83 KB, 360x240, 3:2, butthurt.gif)

f1add7  No.869960


He posted that one girl when she was underaged in the pics.

That girl would be a good match for him, breaks down, bans people for calling her out, accepts no responsibility for her actions, is short.

We got you one you can get off Tinder now.

3d1965  No.869969


you seem upset

f1add7  No.869974


Would I be upset about you trying to steal an old meme or you embarrassing yourself daily?

380ca4  No.869976

File: 9b5aebc73ad1da7⋯.png (247.33 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, Fellow Kids.png)

>Britbong trying to use memes

6d25cd  No.869977


>it only shows how mad and ass ravaged you really are

do we seem mad? or you?

3d1965  No.869979

File: 06920b13ff3020a⋯.png (174.13 KB, 526x386, 263:193, steemit.png)




Yes, you seem very mad, which is why you post here everyday. Keep seething lads.

T. not britbong

6d25cd  No.869980


>Yes, you seem very mad, which is why you post here everyday. Keep seething lads.

might our posts be bait for angry little guys like you?

3d1965  No.869982


lol do you seriously believe that? Everytime i post here it's like kicking an ant hill because the spergs think i'm britbong

6d25cd  No.869983


>do you seriously believe that?

absolutely, so does everyone else

6d25cd  No.869985


to this thread alone, you've posted 45 times so far.

you're mad

you're very very very mad

380ca4  No.869992

File: 07c7a8d9d42e9a1⋯.jpg (22.07 KB, 480x407, 480:407, dog uprising.jpg)



>This is not damage control

3d1965  No.870000



i'm only doing this to get free (you) and trigger your schizophrenia, i'm having fun

6d25cd  No.870009


> i'm having fun

Keep saying that. one day, someone will believe you


c83402  No.870058

File: 8e01121b0abeeef⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 300x300, 1:1, yeehaw.gif)

>one guy larping as britbong

>everyone replies to it

>meanwhile real britbong hasn't given a fuck about these threads in over a year

6d25cd  No.870069


>meanwhile real britbong hasn't given a fuck about these threads in over a year

from what I hear, he mentions them in just about every stream though

3d1965  No.870085


literally anyone defending britbong here is accused to be him even when posting during his stream, mental illness is showing

6d25cd  No.870092


47 posts defending britbong in this thread alone>>870085

3d1965  No.870098


Problem ?

6d25cd  No.870106


>Problem ?


3d1965  No.870115

File: 0a8e9af057c34d3⋯.jpg (348.89 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, TrollFace.jpg)

380ca4  No.870118

File: 7cd43271d1d14f9⋯.jpg (125.42 KB, 1275x715, 255:143, d8d69c4eb079e10d7e8cfb54c8….jpg)



d3b5e7  No.870294

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

holy SHIT


926550  No.870579

File: 2a48655cd838dd6⋯.png (128.37 KB, 603x638, 603:638, Not bong.png)


Seriously. Give up bong.

9e27ad  No.870581


You never post during your streams little man, why do you make shit up? Because I pointed out you never post during your stream?

cedc00  No.870949

File: 15e3910b4140999⋯.jpg (96.53 KB, 490x970, 49:97, c7719eed11429163fbf5a18601….jpg)



Were all britbongs here

9e27ad  No.871003


Dominic, you forgot to read that before posting it, didn't you? Especially read the part about obsessive behavior you kind of fucked up on that post worse than usual.

11071b  No.871019

File: 9358d52926b567f⋯.jpg (82.43 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 480px-Butthurt-ad-de.jpg)

68da5f  No.871196

It's not really based and not really redpilled to be talking shit about rando youtubers.

Today he was dissin' Boogie's fake teeth. If you wanna be an epic redpilled alpha male mega-gamer troll, you troll in the vidya. It's super blue / beta to attack others real lives.

I don't fuckin' support Boogie in the slightest. How the FUCK did Boogie recover so fast from denture surgery when it takes 6-8 months to even be able to bite through a tortilla?

d3b5e7  No.871312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

holy shit his mom went on jmaa's podcast too

64aac8  No.871709

File: c5cb229ee468a58⋯.png (12.86 KB, 634x115, 634:115, e9d12d861ea898567028e28d39….png)

Might want to report this to discord trust and safety in-case they take interest int he manlet. I don't think discord would appreciate you making vague threats lad. :]

4c6e70  No.871831

File: 36db416b7b40b1d⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, capture20190420232148945.png)

I'm just here to cause a shitstorm. I don't really care either way lmfao. What is this?

180338  No.872015


The guy has been dislike boting and flagging all his streams, it's only fair he gets what he deserves. What did britbong do for him to he so obsessed anyway?

9e27ad  No.872057


You say that's what is going on but your viewers are back to normal so I'm not sure why you don't understand what is most likely going on is an exodus after they realize you suck.

64aac8  No.872058


But making threats against another person isn't against the discord TOS? OK buddy your'e a braidead retard. Just another britmong fanboy trying to defend the pedo tranny's actions

9e27ad  No.872060


No, it's just him, he VPN posts daily hence all the new ID's each time.

64aac8  No.872067

File: fa9bb23a5ad25db⋯.png (58.27 KB, 844x647, 844:647, 8e0c5e50a86391c8b70e9cae85….png)

Hey Dom,

Why'd you delete your threatening post buddy? Scared the discord police are going to take away another account? Doesn't since you're clearly ban evading anyway.


c6c200  No.872306


Fuck the TOS, streaming is basically britbong's way of making money, someone so dedicated to deny him that should expect consequences

64aac8  No.872321


Ok Dominic

926550  No.872330


What consequences would those be? You repeatedly calling them a pedo to no audience whatsoever. The hollow threats you always make just make you look even more ridiculous than you already do. Dont you get that Bong?.

"Expect the consequences" Fuck dude.

64aac8  No.872344

c6c200  No.872457

File: bf716add4c7e2ca⋯.jpg (93.22 KB, 749x767, 749:767, 1555702269130.jpg)




You keep using britbong's real name like it gave you an advantage over him, how about you start by giving us your real name, coward?

0f0a65  No.872483


>The guy has been dislike boting and flagging all his streams

that's pretty funny. which 14 year old did britbong hire to hack him

64aac8  No.872538

File: b4ac11d2a911229⋯.jpg (51.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


You keep coming back here for some strange reason Dominic…. Your point?

9e27ad  No.872594


You constantly switch names, Dominic, they have to do that at this point as you've switched so many times.

342eb0  No.872621

File: c9a8646e47c5c01⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 625x415, 125:83, yikes.jpg)

>one person pretends to be britbong

>two retards pretend it's him for countless threads

>rinse and repeat every thread


64aac8  No.872638


Nice VPN dommy vanner

4c6e70  No.872654

File: 4042a2c3898304a⋯.gif (962.79 KB, 200x133, 200:133, 1537983922486.gif)

Look at all these pathetic cowards trying to take down MRPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD's YouTube channels and post yet ANOTHER thread on this board about him. It's honestly pathetic at this point. Who cares if he "ALLEGEDLY" put on a dress or sent a dickpic. You losers are just grasping at straws, he makes a lot of money each stream from loyal fans. Did you see he got a 15 dollar donation? His viewers keep increasing and no matter if you pathetic speds dislike-bot or mass-flag his livestreams he's still here. You know how?? Because BRITBONG ALWAYS RETURNS. Now go back to your little incel basements and cry yourselves to sleep because you'll never be MRPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD, and go ahead, use his real name like some sperg to try to get the upper hand. Fucking pathetic.

926550  No.872658


> he makes a lot of money each stream from loyal fans. Did you see he got a 15 dollar donation?

Wow just wow.

0f0a65  No.872661


>Who cares if he "ALLEGEDLY" put on a dress or sent a dickpic


926550  No.872662

File: 2a48655cd838dd6⋯.png (128.37 KB, 603x638, 603:638, Not bong.png)


>one person pretends to be britbong

Sure they do little guy.

e1f381  No.872809


It's just that they suck at making /cow/ threads. They basically copy pasted the previous OP and didn't update shit. And when I ask for material proofs that he's a pedo or a tranny, they aren't even able to provide them, which should be the first thing to do.

9e27ad  No.872856


Wow, you called $15 a lot, did you just say alleged to stuff you already admitted like Dominic does?

64aac8  No.872860


Gong off by the fact he shared and jacked off to Mildred's nudes when she was underage, I'd say that a perfectly formidable reason to call him a pedo

e1f381  No.872872


Proof? And what about the tranny thing ?

64aac8  No.872875

File: 805a8966b6b4fa7⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 311x162, 311:162, download.jpg)


Its' been documented ever since he decided to flood the boards with kiddy porn . Everyone renembers,

342eb0  No.872884

File: 7898fdd4a832274⋯.png (91.38 KB, 231x250, 231:250, 1ezts8ku6hc01.png)




So no actual proof then, alright thanks I'll just hide these threads.

64aac8  No.872892


Ok manlet.. The proof is right there but you continually refute it so I'm just gonna go on a limb here and assume you're mentally deficient . That you're you're illiterate,

64aac8  No.872895

File: 1c142e5040c18d1⋯.png (71.13 KB, 592x746, 296:373, 9394da7e3c2634ce218fbcbb99….png)

You know you gottem when they delete the chat history and act all timid and passive aggressive,

Epic. BTW dommy… I still got that screenshot of you threatening superhound.. By know everyone is mass reporting your server for that comment you made,,, Don't think by deleting your history it goes away forever…. It's still there in screencap form.

Good one midget.

e1f381  No.872899


Why are you so obsessed with him ? You realize how pathetic you sound?


I can't even read your image.

64aac8  No.872902


Can't be as pathetic as you coming here every day changing your ID hiding behind a VPN mongbong lol

17c9b9  No.872908

File: 571af6c6d70e5d5⋯.jpg (55.72 KB, 360x450, 4:5, 1555800774195.jpg)


You mad ? Where did britbong hurt you ?

926550  No.872962

File: 2a48655cd838dd6⋯.png (128.37 KB, 603x638, 603:638, Not bong.png)

File: 3bce80ad98c238a⋯.png (58.07 KB, 538x320, 269:160, not bong again.png)


So this was someone "pretending" to be you huh Dominic? Pretty damning evidence of your massive stupidity. Like anyone needed any more.

17c9b9  No.873022


Lol feels good to trigger your little paranoid brain. Now tell me, where did big meany britbong hurt you?

342eb0  No.873122


Wow people use the same meme gif, I guess he made this video also?


LMAO! seeeeeething.

64aac8  No.873148


He's not very good at pretending to have DPD. lol

926550  No.873196


You really hate it when a mirror is held up to your stupidity and you have to see yourself don't you Britbong?

But then again it happens so often it must be crushing to have your delusions shattered so regularly.

926550  No.873198


The only thing big about you Britbong is the gap between your eyebrows and your hairline.

9e27ad  No.873200


Literally only 11k views from everyone online, in a forum that's a small space on the internet with a meme nobody else here would find funny.

Yeah dude, it is kind of proof enough.

0f0a65  No.873282

team britbong has been really agitated lately. Did something happen?

926550  No.873299


Team? There is no team only Bong.

He bans his cronies from coming here in case they realize the truth

64aac8  No.873342

File: ec88839de947322⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (1).jpg)

hey mongbong, nice stream today.. LOL besides being called a pedo all you did was bitch complain and make empty threats towards people… Good one telling your fanbase full of kids to "attempt to dox someone" lmao salty as fuck Dominc Vanner is a pedophile

64aac8  No.873349

File: cd2eefcc128d7a2⋯.png (17.23 KB, 818x127, 818:127, 2ec117a5702960dfa78493e5c0….png)

Midgets angry

64aac8  No.873351

0e9a78  No.873352



He literally admitted to trying to swat someone, you could easily take down his discord for this.

64aac8  No.873356

File: c5cb229ee468a58⋯.png (12.86 KB, 634x115, 634:115, e9d12d861ea898567028e28d39….png)


Already reported it lad for threatening to swat someone.. My other report was never answered when he threatened to place a hit on superhound kek

342eb0  No.873365


You ok Konstaincuck?

64aac8  No.873381

File: a256d2810c21408⋯.png (12.68 KB, 679x170, 679:170, beeef69f5566bc297b16ffcaa6….png)

Surprise surprise midget cleared the history again

https://www.hampshire.police.uk/ might be able to report his open threats on the internet to his local cops.. 100% sure that kind of behaviour isn't allowed <3

64aac8  No.873383


Noice projecting by calling my Konstantine mongbong lol

9e27ad  No.873414


True that, was his stream that bad today?

64aac8  No.873430

File: c0a6797dd8ad35f⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 105438841-1536335912777rts….jpg)


>Empty threats


>Whining about women

The same old schtick he pulls during all his streams… Surprised his fan-base hasn't gotten sick of it yet lol

64aac8  No.873435

Mind you, if you check his discord it's turning into abit of a soviet Stalinist like regime

9e27ad  No.873538


It has been and will continue to be like that for years but it gets worse sometimes, just expect it, he's making the thread quit bumping like he wanted so we need a new thread.

342eb0  No.873539


If they are empty threats drop your info here buddy.

9e27ad  No.873543


but you aren't Dominic so until he shows his face he isn't the one making the threats and it doesn't matter… Right?

342eb0  No.873549


Cuckstantine got bullied, anonymous online and still getting beaten up lol


Also everyone who posts in these threads does deserve to be doxed since it's good for the goose and all that jazz.

342eb0  No.873554


Nah they get sick of hearing Cuckstantine voice trembling

64aac8  No.873563


Britbong none of your chromies will do that.

2ea8a4  No.873622


Wouldn't you already have the info though if you're making a threat? That just makes you a whiny bitch on the internet.

64aac8  No.873630

File: 698221cabccba7b⋯.png (11.08 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 61IwNTw0fCL._SY355_.png)


LOL he gets his best friends to at-least try to do it or imply he already has their "information" sad mad lad

1de106  No.873765


Why are you so obsessed with britbong ? What's your beef with him ?

64aac8  No.873773


I could ask him the same thing about his obsession over these image boards mongbong

1de106  No.873777


Just answer the question.

64aac8  No.873778


I’d rather not Trannytears on the basis that your in no position to make demands nice try tho midget

1de106  No.873793


You don't want to reveal why you're butthurt ? Weird. Have you been cucked or publicly mocked on his streams ?

342eb0  No.873810

File: d106c76dcd53d83⋯.jpg (6.45 KB, 255x170, 3:2, eb448419c195181422ba657758….jpg)


You've called 3 seperate people britbong, you're seething.


That's the real reason, butthurt.

64aac8  No.873866



You’ve entered a thread that publicly and openly mocks a 30 year old Manlet who still lives with his mom. What do you think was gonna happen tho? Also pretty sure Dominic names a lot of the same people.. didn’t realise his fan base was this autistic.. guess that happens when you sit there glued to your computer monitor watching the same virgin drone on again

again lol

1de106  No.873879


You're not answering, faggot.

64aac8  No.873932


Why so aggressive? Not fun when your idol is outed as a peado and a psychopath is it?

1de106  No.873952



Where? I don't see it. You got any pics ?

64aac8  No.873978


If you were lazy enough to scroll up I'm sure you'd see the condeming proof that proves Dominic Vanner is infacr a peado.

0e9a78  No.873997




Imagine defending a 30 year old autistic neet pedo manlet

Do you donate mommys money to mongbong too?

1de106  No.874045


The image you posted is all fucked up, can't read it. It's a /cow/ thread, post proof of what you're accusing people of or gtfo.

64aac8  No.874057


Stop using VPN's you're using up mommies bandwidth Dommy

9e27ad  No.874063


VPN, Phone, Computer

1de106  No.874100


Thanks, saved

64aac8  No.874104

File: 3d506ff76f0adcc⋯.jpg (614.37 KB, 1487x861, 1487:861, 07825b72a40abd2c5f0e8f2741….jpg)


When you try to dox but fail so hard.. TPG headquarters office lmao someone doesn't know how to dox

1de106  No.874108

Btw lol check the tweet frequency, the guy literally spends his entire life obsessing over britbong.


We got a future mental asylum patient right there lmao

64aac8  No.874111


You come here to defend mongbong doesn't make you any different cuck

1de106  No.874118



LOL going down the rabbit hole you find even more mentally ill weirdos

This seriously needs to be documented, dozens of creeps uniting for years to deplatform some dude who trolled them

1de106  No.874123


Lmao he deleted his account

9e27ad  No.874160


Who are you mass reporting and "doxing" now Dominic?

dab3fe  No.874169


He had tweets celebrating the shootings and all sorts of weird shit (got them archived if you want to see them)

64aac8  No.874174


Whos obsessed now?

926550  No.874239


Britbong no one under the age of 30 has used LMAO for about 5 years. Every time you use it you give yourself away and you use it all the time.

doxxxxxxxing reporting flagging. When are you going to realize the people you surround yourself with are HALF your age and by the time you reach 31 youre supposed to have worked out that that kind of behavior for an adult is just straight up sad.

0831d8  No.874326


You're broken mate, you keep saying the same shit for years on now. I think britbong broke you like a clock.

9e27ad  No.874344


Be real, is that account you're so upset about another alt of yours so you can false flag and have someone to blame for your ineptitude?

0831d8  No.874356


Yes, surely it's the case, definitely not another butthurt freak.

926550  No.874407


You surround yourself with 15 year old children youre 31 thats why it keeps getting said you out of date creepy old man.

0831d8  No.874409


Lol dumbest shit I ever heard today.. I'm sure more will come soon tho

926550  No.874412


What's not true about it? Youre a creepy 31 year old man that surrounds himself with underage teen boys and youre always supporting Michael Jackson. Youre a menace.

8a2571  No.874437


Give me proof of existence of those underage boys. Also MJ shit his pants and did nothing wrong

dab3fe  No.874449

File: 92af4865a434070⋯.png (197.66 KB, 646x424, 323:212, alexanderpedo.png)


So by your low I.Q logic, pewdiepie is a pedo?

Also pic related Alexander getting tied up and bullied, another troll who disabled all his social media, keep running.

926550  No.874458


No Pewdiepie has an audience of young kids he doest hang out with them and spend all his time with them in a discord. And you arent seriously trying to compare yourself to Pewdiepie are you? You creepy little boy stalking weirdo.

8a2571  No.874482

File: 247879ab4e465c6⋯.jpeg (7.96 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (1).jpeg)










926550  No.874490


No just pointing out what a pedo you really are.

64aac8  No.874496


Gee Dominic you seem to be obsessed with your ex-fans there…Maybe all that aggression towards him cause he did't like you like you thought could be the reason why?

8a2571  No.874507


Why are you orbiting bonnie lmao this is frankly pathetic

64aac8  No.874512

File: ac536a240de665f⋯.jpeg (173.19 KB, 822x904, 411:452, 03847DE5-0DB4-44B7-B407-F….jpeg)

Since were talking so much about doxing and obsessing over people..

8a2571  No.874549


Mmmmhh i love the smell of butthurt :)

64aac8  No.874569

Would be a shame if someone reported Dom for threatening to swat…

8a2571  No.874587


Lol you ain't gonna do shit faggot

You're scared aren't you?

64aac8  No.874617


Nobodies scared of you Dominic.. LOl

380ca4  No.874657

Is this thread still bumping?

ab9d57  No.874747


Seems like so since you deleted your Twitter alt when I linked it here lol

0f0a65  No.874766


>Also pic related Alexander getting tied up and bullied, another troll who disabled all his social media, keep running.

who THE FUCK is alexander?

64aac8  No.874779

9e27ad  No.874822


Old, it's:

12 Bartletts Cl

f1add7  No.875403

Can we get a new thread on fits in overhead?

926550  No.875661


Nah you just love the smell of butt…Creepy pervert.

9e27ad  No.876001


New thread

d93b8d  No.901141

File: 66ae063145cfcfb⋯.jpg (61.83 KB, 769x499, 769:499, mision.jpg)

d93b8d  No.901143

File: dd5f4658739e639⋯.jpg (126.54 KB, 802x540, 401:270, Specialisterne.jpg)

d93b8d  No.901144

File: a21c86cbe484759⋯.jpg (29.97 KB, 258x614, 129:307, 20190508_100643.jpg)

d93b8d  No.901145

File: c68500d8fd3a5ee⋯.jpg (88.16 KB, 617x348, 617:348, gureak_28639_1.jpg)

d93b8d  No.901146

File: 30ed7a2a4e3e0f5⋯.png (858.08 KB, 663x706, 663:706, JMAAgameover.PNG)

d93b8d  No.901149

Liquid JMAA says hello.

d93b8d  No.901150

The real JMAA army is here!

e5786e  No.901474

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