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File: bb5febb870b4b6c⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 192x192, 1:1, 1.jpg)

718fe3  No.848434

The last thread hit the limit so here's a new one. Right now, Null is laying low because he stepped over the line with the New Zealand government. The foxdicks are going bananas because Null sent a letter being an asshole to a police officer so they're going all "fuck the police". Null seems to have crashed into slumber and doesn't go to chat or post on his site.

It seems like he is losing control of the site and that the users know he is. I think that this is it for the farms.

253a72  No.848443

Good riddance

cc63c4  No.848462

People have been calling the demise of the Farms since they changed the name. I'll believe it when I see it.

0d6cb1  No.848546

>don't post for a few days

>wtf he abandoned us

How about we wait a month and then see?

0eccf5  No.848553


It's been since Wednesday. He hasn't streamed (he gets a guaranteed bump in revenue when he does) and he hasn't been on twitter either. When Sam ddos'd foxdick, it took him six hours to reboot the site - normally he does it in only a few minutes. Something weird is going on indeed.

eae847  No.848595

>The New Zealand Government

The only thing less relevant than foxdicks.

8c0759  No.848602

Wouldn't be surprised if Null soon abandoned the foxdickFarms brand to become an independent streamer. Some other retard will take over the site and continue to ruin it.

0eccf5  No.848605


Oh I doubt it. Anyone else running the site would make a thread on Josh which woulden't look good for his image.

I know people like to shit out those fake logs about him jacking it to hurtcore or whatever but there's way more incriminating shit about Josh and his sexual proclivities. As such, it's sensible for him to not abandon foxdick unless it's forced out of his hands.

253a72  No.848632


By themselves, yeah. But New Zealand is part of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance with the US, which is especially bad for Josh if he really is in the US and not Ukraine and they want him in connection with a terrorist incident

451bd7  No.848639


>there's way more incriminating shit about Josh and his sexual proclivities.

Would you mind to elaborate, for us filthy peasants who aren't up to date with the whole Josh-lore?

804c0c  No.848643


If this was the case, he's fucking it up immediately by missing a stream and going silent.

Judging from his last tweet, he's just going through one of his depressed phases.


Please tell us about this degeneracy

0eccf5  No.848648



Here, I'll talk about this because it was leaked a long time ago. If you know Ninjawarrior? Dude actually catfished Josh back in 2017. Apparently, he pretended to be a barely-legal girl and offered Josh stuff like a car, an apartment and a very good job offer or something. His inner cicle said it was too good to be true and they were right. CasualSeppeku joined foxdick when she was underage and Josh made her a mod so she'd spend more time with him. He'd constantly flirt with the eventual barely-legal in chat, allegedly traded a copy of fallout 4 for foot pics and generally act like a creep.

There's also Drunkenhobo/Framergirl. Back before Josh was told point blank that Deagledad actually was Jan, he had this ingenious trolling plan to have a girl on his forums seduce Jan. For some reason, Framer actually wants to fuck Jace and probably still pines for Jan's attention to this day or some shit. But at one point the two met up and Josh had drunken sex with her. Some say that he had sex with framergirl but coulden't cum. Others just like to ask this a lot.

There's also Katsu, it's heavily rumored that Josh wanted that dudes boypussy. Josh's desire to get in peoples pants has caused problems for the community at large

05565f  No.848651

File: 4b5e24334c67319⋯.jpg (15.65 KB, 255x199, 255:199, d033a3d9d20946bde99a22c556….jpg)

Josh will never let go of the farms. It's the only thing he has in the whole smoking ruin of his self-sabotaged life.

The day Josh loses the farms is the day he orders a fat tank of helium express delivery from Amazon.

0eccf5  No.848652


If foxdick's going down, then it's because outside forces forced his hand. A day ago, Big Man Joshie posted this on twitter

>Internet freedoms are bleeding out of us like we're in a car wreck. At this point, just focus on family and take up gardening or something and forget this shithole exists.

718fe3  No.848662

Josh is bad, but his staff is even worse. There are several trannies, furries and abdls on Josh's staff. Many of their users are trannies and furries as well. The people who use the site most are online about 16 hours a day and spend all day in chat talking about other users. They seem to just hate each other enough to turn on each other but not enough to leave the site completely.

451bd7  No.848716

File: 0037c22b2dad4f4⋯.jpg (215.64 KB, 468x895, 468:895, 1541436242955.jpg)


>traded a copy of fallout 4 for footpics

cbc885  No.848722

File: a434f78e18e3449⋯.jpg (669.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Preston_Garvey.jpg)


Another settlement needs your help!…..And your toes.

253a72  No.848761


>There's also Katsu, it's heavily rumored that Josh wanted that dudes boypussy

I believe that one.

There are like three mods on KF with cat-themed names. They're all trannies. They've all got Tumblrs. Null apparently shits on all of them but given his predilection for catboys I'm inlcined to believe he modded them because he wants to fuck

0eccf5  No.848801


Most of Josh's mods are great, got any examples of the bad ones?

718fe3  No.848805


smutley, emspex, valiant, yawning sneasel and wagglyplacebo are assholes to users.

0eccf5  No.848808


Tell us more

253a72  No.848809


Feline Darkmage. Transfaggot. Doesn't like it when you make fun of his friends

cbc885  No.848810



I remember her trying to sweetheart saga Marjan (the dude who calls guys who can score "rape apes") to get dick pics from him. Woman is thirstier than any orbiter on that site.

cbc885  No.848811

Also tried to fuck Josh when he was in Australia and even he didn't want to tap that.

0eccf5  No.848816

Josh is going to stream tonight and tell people what's going on, apparently.

Ten bucks he's going to shill his paypig

cbc885  No.848823


Can someone give me the tl;dr? As much as I'm fascinated by this, Josh's whiny voice makes me want to shove pencils in my ear.

cbc885  No.848826


I mean, give me the tl;dr when it drops?

451bd7  No.848842

File: eaec6d7b406f4af⋯.jpg (5.95 KB, 285x177, 95:59, 12314521523.jpg)


Indeed. Listening to this faggot is unbearable. His nasal tone, mixed with the high pitch, it's unironically infuriating.

0eccf5  No.848878



I'll do it when the recording hits so I can fast forward it, but I imagine it's going to be him bitching about EU laws, making a mountain out of a molehill and then telling people to DONATE NAO… which they will…

Kinda like what he did when Yaniv was pulling shit and how he was able to make that into something positive for foxdick

cfddf2  No.848880

File: 5ae1bb89204bb19⋯.jpg (11.8 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fc82f80ac1c6c0e5709a172caf….jpg)


The irony of Josh telling people to focus on family when he sold out his own mother for the Farms.

The irony of Josh telling people to step away from their computer and go out in the garden.

0eccf5  No.848885


The irony is very, very real and the reason why I initially suspected that it may be him closing up shop. I still would love this to be the case but as >>848462 pointed out

>People have been calling the demise of the Farms since they changed the name. I'll believe it when I see it.

KF is actually really close to being self-funding, and if he's really low on cash for his server cost right now then he'll open the stream up as a beg-a-thon. For some reason, people love his streams and if he rattles some cages then I'm sure he'll get the money he needs.

Now on the flipside if various forces like Google or the EU are looking to shut him down then that's it. No way he can tackle those giants. But I still think he's off their radar.

d302c0  No.848891

It’s funny how cow think Dear Leader Null is in trouble or that anything will happen to KWF.


>Now on the flipside if various forces like Google or the EU are looking to shut him down then that's it

Not how it works, you stupid faggot. When the Stormer went down, Weev helped facilitate their move to another domain running out of a different country (or from his friend’s apartment in New York, up to you).

These guys will be fine. Fuck, you people are retarded.

0eccf5  No.848894


Josh thinks he's in trouble, listening to his livestream (because I hate myself) it's clear he's not. Or maybe he does and this is a move to get his shills to shill him more. He's actually pretty close to being self-funding. Woulden't be surprised if he's taking a page from the SJW (or white-genocide) playbook and pretending to be a victim.

0eccf5  No.848904

Watched the stream until I coulden't take anymore of his 'ironic' racism. Usually don't give a shit about that type of crap (niggerniggernigger) but when it comes from someone who's so grating and hates Europeans because 'they look gross and are cucks i mean ew' then there's a point where I can't take anymore.

He's fine. He knows he's fine. He was silent because he was deleting logs from his cloud servers. They can't extradite him because they don't know where he is, especially now that he's gobbling up the evidence. Cloudflare won't do jack, because they aren't even getting the complaints - they get sent to Null first as he set himself up as his own ISP. He'll get out of this and profit some.

Apologies for the disappointment. Now I know how those people who wanted Trump impeached for Russian shit feel.

cce7e4  No.848923

File: 1a57c2a844e40ce⋯.jpg (129.46 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 5a546e0cd4b47a68f3227370e7….jpg)


Is joshie-poshie going to commit sodoku?

0eccf5  No.848928


No, despite previous indications.

eadd56  No.848978

File: 39cb19c1ffcdc92⋯.png (454.78 KB, 493x459, 29:27, bc.png)


He looks just like billy corgan atm.

He should make that his profession and become a BC impersonator!

I'd love to see him on stage singing…


ya know?

…just like that.

I wanna see it.

I wanna watch it!

Don't you?!

a5b56a  No.849060



I can see that in your image.

2b6e22  No.849230

File: 18f44564090cdd7⋯.mp4 (10.27 MB, 1152x720, 8:5, Florida Man.mp4)

Wanna know the real reason Josh is in the hiding?

253a72  No.849243

File: c929c7a1122adb7⋯.png (71.29 KB, 635x630, 127:126, Capture.PNG)


He's not talking about Josh. He's talking about the brother of this cunt

0eccf5  No.849287


as funny as it would be … that's not Josh.

2b58b1  No.849289

He just has a lot going on. He went quiet and chilled out playing vidya between managing forum issues.

0eccf5  No.849294


Likely. His silence on his forum, discord and concerning tweets didn't paint a good picture, but on reflection he's probably trying to do subtle e-begging. foxdickFARMS IS DOOMEDED THE SJW PEDOCUCK ILUMINATI IS CENSORING US DONATE NOW FOR FREE SPEECH!!1 etc

ddfd1c  No.849369


He looks like he loves sucking dicks. Just look at those baby cheeks.

714e4b  No.849478


I left a long time ago, the only I came back was the SCP thread. Even that sucked

253a72  No.849491


I know how you feel. I really wanted him to get his shit pushed in for talking smack to that police officer

dca7fd  No.849694


why didnt you quote rhinoniceros or however you spell it, why doesnt anyone quote any of his better lesser known songs like what the fuck.

dca7fd  No.849695


most good linking twinks are underage or genetically gifted while having horrible ugly horse faces and meth addictions.

4c3c7c  No.849717

File: b2cfa1105b3d55b⋯.png (76.29 KB, 454x601, 454:601, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 938c88665eeea3e⋯.png (114.77 KB, 573x600, 191:200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 713a524dbe10e2d⋯.png (36.46 KB, 800x171, 800:171, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 377d7667b1c2b93⋯.png (120.45 KB, 527x601, 527:601, ClipboardImage.png)

fucking lol

8c0759  No.849747


Jesus Christ look at this autist freely talk about his weird penis like he’s pan-pizza or something.

fa8250  No.849755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why doesn't he do forskin restoration?

2ccfdd  No.849864


This guy is a fucking joke.

>Not attracted to anyone

More like no girl want his gay baby face

0eccf5  No.849877


>Sex and relationship plays a very small part of my life

I can tell you this is false. Dudes quest for pussy has lead to some interesting decisions over the years, including his fat ass getting catfished.

2b58b1  No.849912


Wtf discord is this?

b39b1b  No.849951


It's kind of disheartening how slow it is.

49d6f9  No.849958

File: e703dacc963db87⋯.jpg (62.02 KB, 600x600, 1:1, You'll_Cowards_Don't_Even_….jpg)


>It's kind of disheartening how slow it is.

shit dont jus happen over night


b2ca78  No.849981


it's a secret :3 and will stay so if y'all want more joshie julay

02ef85  No.850059

File: 5aa11a5d92f17f5⋯.png (476.93 KB, 480x640, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


I haven't had sex in a couple of years because I'v e not been attracted to anyone

it has nothing to do with the fact i'm a fat basement dwelling faggot who hasn't seen his dick in years

7a43cd  No.850117

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>They can't extradite him because they don't know where he is

>Cloudflare won't do jack, because they aren't even getting the complaints - they get sent to Null first as he set himself up as his own ISP.

Is Null untouchable? I want to see this fat fucker get bitchslapped by karma, but it seems like there is absolutely no way for the legal system to get him.


0eccf5  No.850120


I still reckon that a lolcow who knows their way around the law *might* be able to find some technicality that could fuck over KF, specifically how it teeters with "We dont own the cocks on the site but at the same time we do". But 98% of people don't, and thusly nobody has ever successfully sued the site.

Like here. When a mod stealth-edits a post, the post suddenly becomes the property of KF. It's why you don't see them do this too often. Now things may change with recent EU internet laws and I have the feeling that Josh is offline not due to being scared about his place being taken away but due to having to pull strings

So… mostly? Look, if the shooting happened in Amerilands, he'd be right fucked, okay?

0eccf5  No.850121


It's probably the main KF discord tbh, or some coder one.

253a72  No.850130


>Is Null untouchable?

No. Anon says they don't know where he is but if they were seriously interested in him they could easily find out. It's not like he's some Muslim terrorist hiding out in the Afghan mountains. It would be a simple matter of looking at his passport information

0eccf5  No.850153

not this shit again… Fuck off, Eddie

0eccf5  No.850207


That's not him. Eddie Dyzal is a homosexual with aids, you see, unlike Straight Porn God Donny Long who is completely and 100% heterosexual and aids free.

fb1697  No.850215

Donny Long is based and redpilled. I hope he puts a hit out on Dzial. Homosexual cocksucker needs to catch a fade.

e080d5  No.850216


Didn't the pair of you DP josh once ?

0eccf5  No.850219


Oh yeah. Josh can't cum from sex with women because after sucking Donny's cock and after Eddie gave him ass to mouth, he just sorta turned gay and while he has experimented with women, it just doesn't do anything for him anymore

e080d5  No.850223


Honestly m8, I've read the conversation about josh fucking framer

Compy gave it to a fake catfish blonde account years ago

Josh couldn't blow his load, he said she was "really loose and sloppy" but he "still made her come like 3 times real easy"

Yeah, virgin josh can identify and provoke not one but 3 female orgasms !!!

And yeah josh, the only reason this shit doesn't get posted is the last respect people have for Framer, not you.

You're a fat faggot and there's unrevealed dirt just sitting fucking everywhere.

Just give up.

0eccf5  No.850228


I'm not josh?

e080d5  No.850230


No, I realise that, I had a drunk rant

Fuck you anyway

fb1697  No.850284


Fake news. I would never succumb myself to the undesirable needs of a mamzer.

0eccf5  No.850326


yo dumbass, you forgot to referesh your VPN

9bf206  No.850521

can Eddie/Donny not shit up these threads for once?

eb0d4d  No.850573


The name colours are right for the KF discord. Null wipes it semi regularly, so these screens'd have to be old.

941b51  No.850591


The failed abortion known as josh is a POS but not cucking out about the NZ IRL shitposting like the rest of the internet did is the one good thing he ever did in his entire life

Even cripplekike is sucking cianigger cock now

941b51  No.850603


TBH I dont care nearly enough about this faggot and his retard corral to be this obsessed about his autistic pedo adventures.


>having mentally unstable trannies as mods in the foxdickzone

What could go wrong…

f508dc  No.850966

He shit his pants and did nothing wrong by telling New Zealand's government to go pound sand. It's kind of ironic considering that you see tools on his site defending Faceberg censoring white nationalists.

05ae25  No.850969


He needs to shake his staff up because I can see several of his moderators and administrators defending cuckbook. If these people are making decisions about cocks, they are probably deleting “problematic cocks”.

That thread about Facebook censoring white nationalism and white separatism in Articles and Happenings is a great example of why their staff ruins the site.

f508dc  No.850971


Exactly. They're even using the "muh private property" argument the left has co-opted from Randroids. It's pathetic how these idiots actually trust the same people who consider practically anyone to the right of John McCain to be "white supremacists."

253a72  No.850982


>If these people are making decisions about cocks, they are probably deleting “problematic cocks”.

They are. Feline Darkmage deleted like a day's worth of posts in their JesuOtaku thread because some of the users criticised Marzgurl.

24eaff  No.851010



Imagine caring about normalfaggot social media sites

f508dc  No.851013


>Imagine caring about what is easily one of the biggest sites on the Internet

24eaff  No.851018


Behead those who use social media

5d711a  No.851020

Smug cunts posting in that thread are happy about Facebook restricting free speech. They’ve been deleting posts that make the mods and protected users look bad. It makes sense these overcontrolling mods do anything to restrict free speech.

I’d like to know more about these freaks and geeks anyone want to post some of their information right here?

72fcfd  No.851051


>Censoring mods like censoring Faceberg

Is anyone surprised?

714e4b  No.851055


Not me, given the amount of shit null does on daily basis. It would not surprise me his dickriders try everything to cover their's and null's asses.

330c46  No.851091


>anyone to the right of John McCain to be "white supremacists."

>to the right of John McCain

>implying the current left doesnt consider 90's liberals = alt-right

The current level of firstworld problems+"getting angry at random shit" that the left has is absurd

0eccf5  No.851165


Josh has been mostly MIA for weeks, so the mods have to run the place now. When Josh comes back, expect changes

8c0759  No.851443

Josh expects his site to be culturally important to the internet underground, however with mods censoring users such as Feline Darkmage does, that will never be achieved. How can people trust foxdickfarms with people like that in charge?

I’m not joking when I say that Sesame Street rule 34 has had a bigger impact on the internet than foxfags.com ever will.

1634f9  No.851490

File: 75248e6082a1c43⋯.jpg (1016.48 KB, 1520x2688, 95:168, IMAG0923.jpg)

ITT: Cunts who don't understand the concept of free speech.

If you want to whine about governments making laws to try to restrict your ability to express your super-important edgy opinions, that's great.

But no owner of any website or newspaper or television station or graffiti wall is obliged to publish your opinions. Any such obligation would destroy their own freeze peach rights, and they're the cunts who are actually paying the bills.

tl;dr Stop whingeing and make your own shitty website.

Just to be clear, Josh is a contemptible little waste of skin, but you cunts are almost as bad.

253a72  No.851543


>all that shit

t. Cunt who doesn't understand irony

4f6986  No.851544


If he wanted his site to be important he woulndt put furry trannies as mods

This guy and this site is a trainwreck

c68c14  No.851685

File: 74415a7daf51bd2⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 280x210, 4:3, 4d7b46afa999f2e3f4e594e258….gif)


>thinking free speech ends with the First Amendment

>unironically throwing out the old private organization chestnut while complaining about "freeze peach"

Go back to Tumblr, spaz.

7eb5cb  No.852103

How many posts/reacts/whatever do you have to get before you can access the chat and shit?

0eccf5  No.852106


figure it out

I'm more surprised that we aren't getting some 'funny' April fools message. Something like Josh announcing that KF is going to totally be shut down tomorrow.

Really shows how fucking down in the dumps the dude is. Snap out of it, psycho.

8c0759  No.852123


You can farm lots of reacts by haphazardly posting about how terrible you think Pakistanis are in random threads. Try it out.

0863d8  No.852148


Forced speech is not free speech, friendo.

0eccf5  No.852196


figures a lot of foxdicks have bought into Josh's BS of free speech meaning "Whatever the fuck you want".

KF isn't a free speech haven anyways. If it was, then like, where's the fucking Null thread? Oh wait, he doesn't have one (or at least not a serious one) because hurr durr its my forum.

Which yeah, he's right, but kinda defeats the ideal there, yeah?

6b32bb  No.852226


When you're as powerful as corporations like Facebook and Google are, you're not just some website anymore. You're a monopoly and have effectively created an online commons. Suppression of opposing views in the public sphere is just as bad when corporations do it as when da gub'ment does it.

e06925  No.852227


No one should ever have the kind of power Silicon Valley has. The whole point of libertarian ideals (yeah, fucking sue me I'm a lolbert), is that people shouldn't be dominated by any overarching oppressive power whether it's the government, religion or big corporations.

There is a place for government but it should be as a referee not acting like they're as blind as an NBA or NFL ref.

183332  No.852254



Extradited? For what? Being rude?

e06925  No.852263


If Josh is actually still in the US he would be extradited for not surrendering the video to Real K.iwi authorities. Or, considering that he's an alien illegally in the Ukraine, he can be sent back to the US and extradited from there.

Fuck Josh, I hope he gets raped by a pack of Maoris.

9880ca  No.852303


This board isn't any better, with Jews deleting any kopy thread on sight.

ea25f3  No.852460


They're only powerful because retards such as you act as if they're the only choice.

>Hurr durr people delete my shitty posts on shitty platforms government please help



Holy shit how have you not died of terminal short yet

4f6986  No.852562

File: ef9e6cd9c8f940c⋯.png (385.65 KB, 578x790, 289:395, bdf.png)


>Trollshielding and nepotism is ok when I do it

46af05  No.852586


There's the definition of insanity and at the next level from that there is Britbong trying to get people to turn on Kopy and Jews. Sageing for responding to 3/5s of a person.

253a72  No.852630


>They're only powerful because retards such as you act as if they're the only choice.

Their power has nothing to do with personal choice and everything to do with CIA funding

0eccf5  No.852725


I hope so too, but after the livestream I woulden't hold your breath. He's near his minimum self-funding goal on NP2 and all indication shows that he's taking a step back because he's down in the dumps.

Although to answer >>852254, technically? He did tell the NZ peeps to fuck off. If he was in America, he'd be screwed. The Jew-Pedo-Illuminati who hates free speech (this is what josh believes) would bring him in to ask him a few questions ….

084ac6  No.852770


>If he was in America, he'd be screwed.

You people have no imagination. He is an illegal alien in a foreign country. He isn't protected by them. He can't even claim asylum because it's another foreign government involved, not the US.

8a2a98  No.852812


You're not going to interest your average normalfag with a service nobody else is using, sped king. This is especially true with social media sites, where the whole point is that everybody else is using them.

e5e390  No.852827

File: 22406bd9ff42970⋯.png (209.35 KB, 800x542, 400:271, ClipboardImage.png)

Josh finally came back to Discord after a week or so away. He says he's been playing Space Station 13 for 30 hours straight and then sleeping for about a day, eating very little and hasn't left his apartment more than twice in the past week. Oh, and he thinks all Americans need to suffer and get invaded because he hates them.

06fca8  No.852829


>No normalfags


0eccf5  No.852836


Dude I'd love for this to be the case, but while he still isn't posting, he was just in chat for five minutes today.

He's a small fish so the law is overlooking him.

651939  No.852855

>Josh finally came back to Discord after a week or so away

>he was just in chat for five minutes today


084ac6  No.852862


You never know.

8f5420  No.852882

File: 9951a30e52aa576⋯.png (89.29 KB, 1360x306, 40:9, ClipboardImage.png)

when joshie makes you sad <3 (in reference to landslide by fleetwood mac)

8c0759  No.852884


South Park is literally for teenaged girls.

9bf206  No.852907


Nah, crying over it is though

cc63c4  No.852930


Does a message exist if no one hears it?

a8ca4b  No.852931


It's okay to cry. Le toxic masculinity meme in full force with you faggots!

0eccf5  No.853000



Well I do - the place is in a good spot right now. Yeah, he's not making enough money to make ends meet but all he has to do is shit out a few "Laughing at retards on the internet" streams and bingo bango bongo, more will shill money his way. He made like 70 bucks after his last stream ffs, from like a bunch of separate people donating 20s.

He's depressed because of EU laws and because Google was considering pulling KF. While this would mean the end of the site, I think it's all talk. I doubt Google is going to do it. Feel free to laugh at me if I'm wrong, but I think an even bigger incident has to occour before Google will pull the plug.

For fucks sake, Cloudflare at one point pulled the plug on KF but they were able to appeal it. or the ban didn't apply when Josh became his own server farm.

I know Sam thinks Josh is in New York, but that's because Sam Smith is fucking stupid.

0eccf5  No.853004


Trips, so an addendum.

In the event - in the FUCKING event - that Josh can't make ends meet for the month? All the fat pig has to fucking do is run a fundraiser stream where he talks about white genocide or how KF is what the founding fathers intended when they said free speech or other such fucking nonsense. Boom. Money in the can. I dont know why - maybe Josh's audience is stupider then he is - but that would totally work.

Basically, if you were making plans on what to do when KF moved on? Maybe you're a lolcow yourself? Well put those plans away and find other options. Unless something really catastrophic happens, KF is going nowhere, despite Josh's distancing from his site.

cc63c4  No.853016


Josh is getting the audience that knows about lolcows but doesn't know about him. I don't get it either, but the subject matter is interesting enough to draw people in despite the host's utter lack of charisma. He doesn't even have retard charisma like Chris does.

ea25f3  No.853019


The only kind of poster worse than a normalfag is the type of brainless autist cares about spreading some faggy message to normalfags

cc63c4  No.853021


Go be a blackpilled faggot somewhere else.

ea25f3  No.853023


Keep crying that normalfaggot data mining sites won't let you spread your autistic pills to clueless old people and literal children.

0eccf5  No.853024


It's kindof a shame that /cow/ is the only place that knows how much of a scumsuck Josh is. I fucking swear, next time or so he streams I'm going to drop some Joshfacts and the like to interrupt his stream. Because as a bonus, he puts the chat onscreen when he streams, meaning he won't be able to just casually ignore people saying stuff like "Josh got catfished by Ninjawarrior" or "Traded a copy of Fallout 4 for foot pics from an underage user"

253a72  No.853025


>I doubt Google is going to do it

They did it to 8chan for far less

cc63c4  No.853029

File: f99e221f047c8d0⋯.png (10.77 KB, 1223x109, 1223:109, Another Settlement Needs Y….png)


You got the Ninja Warrior and the trading for foot pics mixed together. It's still pretty sketchy.

cc63c4  No.853030


If you propose just bitching and moaning, then I will make the alternative suggestion to eat a bullet.

ea25f3  No.853032


I'm not the one bitching and moaning that daddy government won't step in and make those mean social media sites unban me, faggot.

cc63c4  No.853036


You're bitching about people bitching.to make yourself feel better about your own life. I suggest this site: www.somethingawful.com

ea25f3  No.853041


Bruh, you're really reaching if you think I call crybaby autists like you fags to make myself feel better. It's just a hobby for when I have spare time.

0eccf5  No.853045


Actually from how I heard it, Google was threatening them because back during the gamergate shit anti-GG people were uploading CP to 8chan and 8chan wasn't staffed to take it down right away. Because Google was threatening them, Jim or Hotwheels pulled the plug on having it be indexed until something like Infinity Next was done.

… And we all know how that turned out

(for those who don't - Josh's shit coding slowed 8chan to a fucking crawl, and his new imageboard solution was also slow as balls and things didn't get migrated properly before HW decided to pull the plug. As you would expect, Josh was beligerant and rude to everyone around him, treating them as underlings and pissing his pants with paranoid delusion when someone more powerful came along - namely Jim)

253a72  No.853060


From what I remember, the de-indexing was after Jewgle booted us from their search results. Basically, and I don't know much about the technical stuff, Hotwheels said that he's not going to waste server space or whatever having everything indexed by Google when they've removed 8chan from the Google search results

7a43cd  No.853123

File: e595727769d2a8c⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 164x272, 41:68, 1451847662477.jpg)


>Google was considering pulling KF

I haven't heard anything about this. Is this speculation or a proven fact?

0eccf5  No.853202


I *guess* a rumor? Either way, I think it's blown over now. Josh is still dumpy, and if he misses another stream then I'm really going to start speculating stupid shit about what has him down. You know, shit like how Little Boy Jimmie in the Ukraine isn't answering any more of his calls or shit because really, what the fuck?

5d5099  No.853261


You're moving the goalposts, niglet. The whole point is that successful social networking sites rely on normalfags to get anywhere.

34f621  No.853274


That anon wants to be a blackpilled faggot because actually trying to change things is HARD WORK. Hell, I have more respect for the guy who shot up the mosque than I do for people who OD on blackpills.

906d84  No.853869


now tell me what changed after mosque shooting. i see only more censorship.

poltards celebrate they shot themselves to foot and gave money to josh

b6fe0f  No.853975


> he would be extradited for not surrendering the video to Real K.iwi authorities

Imagine actually believing shit like this because you have a autistic hateboner for some random forum admin.

0eccf5  No.853983


You see more "Censorship" because the mods are finally more confident in being able to do their job.


catparty pls. go back to shitposting on foxdick during work hours

cc63c4  No.854013


This came from Josh himself, CuckParty. If NZ was pressuring Josh to remove a video or face legal consequences and Josh is living illegally in Ukraine like he's some local Mexican? Yeah, if they wanted Josh, they can get Josh.

0eccf5  No.854048


That's actually iffy. Discussed earlier but I'll explain again. Ukraine and Russia (where he might also be) has no extradition treaty with NZ. As such, he'd have to really step on Ukraines toes (like be an illegal alien) to make them actually take in a request.

But it's been a few weeks and honestly most of the world has already moved on from the shooting. Unless he was somehow masterminding the shooting or something bizarre then I think he's safe. NZ wont forget but the rest of the world has. And yet he's still in his hide-from-the-internet state, only coming out to check on chat every other day. He did do a quick stream on Kengle, but given the quick length of it alongside Kengle being a low hanging fruit that doesn't require much digging unlike someone such as Schmorky or Tutor, I think it was more off the cuff.

So either something is still going on that we can only speculate about blindly, or the recent events where various bodies were talking about censoring KF for a small moment put him down in the dumps.

5e4d0a  No.854176

It's strange that in his stream yesterday he talked about what he's been doing "for the last month" but he's only been gone from KF for about 2 weeks. He only missed one stream. I think something was going on even before the NZ shooting and it just all came to a head afterwards.

0eccf5  No.854195


Well, France had its eye on blocking KF. Did he say something in the Kengle stream because honestly after his "Update" stream I dont really want to watch any more

c1e8ab  No.854729


Ukraine doesn't give a shit



e49f4c  No.854809

New Zealand doesn't give a shit about Null and can't and won't extradite him from anywhere.

Null has committed no criminal offence within New Zealand jurisdiction.

He refused a request to voluntarily help police and was total edgelord jerkoff about it, but there's no law against that.

23d518  No.855251

File: 70f8b7ec175d0ea⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 540x500, 27:25, 70f8b7ec175d0ea0af6e2144c6….jpg)


just do it!

f392c3  No.855719

File: ec94c65692fb0ce⋯.jpg (35.45 KB, 600x455, 120:91, butthurt_yoba.jpg)



>everybody who doesn't share muh delusions is some foxdickfag

22b146  No.855954

File: fa406a7fe60e542⋯.jpg (154.3 KB, 995x505, 199:101, abort.jpg)

File: 7d6f364723ce905⋯.jpg (188 KB, 993x645, 331:215, abort2.jpg)

When Null was the abortion hero.

906d84  No.856129


I think Null's mother regrets she didn't abort him when she had a chance.

1e319c  No.856130


If only someone had been there to help Null's mother get an abortion.

4dd950  No.856617


I am the dude you're talking about, though that isn't my first name obviously . If you don't believe it that's not my problem).

You're mistaken. Valiant didn't try anything like that with me. I don't even remember getting a PM from her. Maybe you're mistaking Valiant with Dynastia, who did try something like that (he wanted me to talk to him on a phone and I wanted "her" to send me timestamped pics of her pussy). I also wanted him (at that moment I thought "her") on camera while saying I will certainly not appear there myself.

Some month later I gained access to a part of forum that was closed to me previously and Dynastia said he even had some girl to appear on camera but it seemed like too much work for no gain, as I would not appear on camera anyway. So he just gave up and started insulting me via PM lol. No dick pics were requested from me at any time nor would I send any.

That previously hidden thread was hilarious though. This was first half of 2015, when KF was much more leftist than now. They actually discussed how I might be reported for raping some woman after I told Dynastia THE SAME STORY I ALREADY SAID ON THE PUBLIC THREAD, cause they were dumb enough to think I said something new.

foxdickis were always extremely dumb fucks.

906d84  No.856744


>foxdickis were always extremely dumb fucks.

and you are one of them, now unfortunately migrated to /cow/

9c7dec  No.856762


go outside

a75e12  No.856826

File: 61f58e9b9acd823⋯.png (714.64 KB, 1300x1500, 13:15, homor.png)



God, he's pathetic.

0eccf5  No.856933


He is, but I wouldn't worry about the place going down. He's just moody because instead of wrapping her lips around his dick, Underage Starlet Emily looked at his dick and then giggled with her finger outstretched.

Okay, I actually don't know what has Josh so moody but the place isn't going anywhere. Make plans elsewhere.

9fc4b1  No.856960


Huh? I am certainly not one of them. I am banned from 2017 and even before my acc had usually been slowed down to being unusable. If you consider that being one of them then even people like Tooter or that train guy are "one of them". Also, I have not migrated anywhere, just telling you what happened

148afa  No.857001

File: d5bba1bd8bb3762⋯.png (581.31 KB, 568x1070, 284:535, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have Marvin's dox? That's him, allegedly.

cc63c4  No.857003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Which users &/or mods do you want to throw out of a helicopter?

0eccf5  No.857017


>acc had usually been slowed down to being unusable

They do that to people who they find annoying but believe they can squeeze out a few more giggles from, alongside putting posters on mod approval. Good job getting the outright ban, that's rare nowadays

681028  No.857246


Feline Darkmage. Meowthkip. The one feminist in there. That one fat guy. Off the top of my head.

681028  No.857247


Nice projection, foxdick.

681028  No.857250


Man, sharing these screencaps with Right Wing guys who still delude themselves into thinking the Farms and Null are their greates meme ally will be the best Birthday gift Joshua Conner Moon could ever receive.

681028  No.857251


Calling it. It's the underage Filipina he impregnated.

a3f8ca  No.857390


How left leaning is the website? I read a few forums that have threads about foxdickfarms and a lot of it revolves around trannies, gays, and proper pronouns. Is the staff really that far gone?

c47aec  No.857425


The site for the most part is anti-immigration, anti-Islam, pro-Trump, yet at the same time they are very liberal in regards to LGBT things. Most of the mocking of trans people comes from a "I'm trans and I'm better than this cow who is not a real tranny anyway" perspective. Feline Darkmage and Meowthkip are both examples of what this school of thought.

a3f8ca  No.857438


So how is Josh talking shit about SA and Lowtax when his staff is full of faggots?

0eccf5  No.857472


While he's able to make ends meet, he's envious of Lowtax's ability to actually make a profit from a dying forum as he wishes he could annex Somethingawful like he's done (or in many more cases attempted to do) with other communities.


4ff020  No.857484


Thankfully, Josh's only real talent is inexplicably staying above water. Shares that with DSP too. Both also tend to blame others for their failures. For Null, its (((them))) and for DSP its bugged mechanics.

0eccf5  No.857573


Oh no. Despite all indications that he'll be able to make KF self-sustaining, that's the most he'll be able to do with the place. Lowtax is able to make his forum semi-profitable, only hampered by some really shit business decisions.

KF would actually still be on deaths door if Josh wasn't able to hook up with Dick. As it stands, he's able to keep himself from drowning but only just. The status of the place was looking really grim back in November of last year, I hope you understand.

6b2fcc  No.857632


Imagine your typical /r/the_donald julaysop except more lukewarm on Trump. (although still more positive on him than negative) They love their BASED minorities and LGBTWTFBBQ+ persyns and something something identity politics.

The forum users on there who think Orange Man is bad try and distance themselves from the usual kind of people who think Orange Man is bad.

cc63c4  No.857646


Its funny how a couple different people see the site. You have Marjan Sickfuck who sees it as a hive of leftists because they think consent is necessary for sex and you see them as moderates.

7a43cd  No.857679

File: dac394be7e6ea70⋯.jpg (92.78 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 1894302677_51f89d2c42.jpg)


What would be the fastest way for KF to die? Dick ditches Josh?

Without Dick, would Josh be completely screwed?

4d74ed  No.857682


You are typical of people who believe that is actually me and that I'm somehow posting about wanting to fuck my daughter while my real name is known and that all the while I'm somehow dating and having a job.. No brains, no reading comprehension. I said it USED to be a hive of leftist but no longer. It was that until 2015, but then Josh changed and went from a brainless SJW to an equally brainless Trumpist/"classical liberal".

In fact, most such posters left by now and are likely ashamed they once posted on a site that attacks trannies and worships Orangeman.

As for consent, of course it's not necessary for sex. That's like saying you somehow can't run over someone by a car in real life because it's not allowed in the law. Now, I know your point was a bit different but yeah. Express it more precisely.

7dd77e  No.857687


>Not wanting to fuck your daughter


4d74ed  No.857690



Interesting posts. I think they made me articulate what I think about KF.

No, lol, Josh would never impregnate an underage Filipina. He'd think it vile because American laws told him so. He's actually extremely conventional and wants people to be cookie cutter normal as if from a 1940s movie. That's why his idiots make a thread on anybody alive with any sort of quirk. Also notice how in his videos he always praises cops. His way of thinking is actually really in the box and if it weren't for what he does he'd be the most unremarkable idiot around.

All the views his posters have are really vanilla and mild. Go tell them that the aoc should be lower than 16 and see them spit on you. His controversy is inflated, and only possible because Westerners are so autistic and degenerate. In fact there is very little interesting or controversial cocks there.

That is just depressing. I'm planning to start a forum of my own and despite the fact that it would not allow the kind of sick, cruel shit he does with doxxxxxxxing if it takes off in 12 months top I'd face as much take down attempts and hatred as he does. Why? Because it would actually have controversial views on rape and pedophilia, even while it would never torture anybody like his forum does. And all while I have much less tech skills and connections that fat cretin has. That is so disgusting.

0ec95e  No.857770

File: 021897d25b2b846⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 411.59 KB, 482x491, 482:491, ClipboardImage.png)


Think about this:

> anti-immigration

> anti-Islam

> pro-Trump

> anti-SJW

> anti-feminist

> pro-Gay (but not the annoying SJW kind!)

> pro-Tranny (but not the annoying SJW kind!)

Remind you of someone?

0eccf5  No.857791


Yes, Sam. Yes it would. No, sending him some bullshit letter about how Josh is a pedophile like yourself isn't going to work, you've already tried that.

He'd still be able to get superchats, but YouTube takes 30-40% off per donation and even then he's not getting a lot.


>I was pretending to be retarded by saying stupid shit about how consent isn't neecssary to troll KF

>Actually I believe this crap


906d84  No.858284


>I'm planning to start a forum of my own

Oh boy, Josh 2.0. This is gunna be good.

8c9306  No.858318

File: 5fd2eb42fe3c331⋯.jpg (466.38 KB, 760x969, 40:51, Milo_Hitler_Books.jpg)


Milo never had any actual beliefs like that he was 100% in it for money and attention both of which he got tons of. He also famously shilled against Trump on the Joe Rogan podcast and only came around to him when his audience started mocking him. He's a book salesman and a huckster and a good one at that.

0eccf5  No.858335


Splinter forums have been tried. Multiple times. Only Glaive's has had any level of success.

585297  No.858361


Everyone has known how he looks like for years, the only ones with his real dox are people like Cogsdev who won't release it due to Mutually Autistic Destruction.

738e7d  No.858669

Where does his dumb dog avatar come from?

And that blond Nazi boy one he used to have? That was hilarious given that.Aktion T4 would have just gassed him in the van.

Why did the update make the site so difficult to use? Why the fuck did he put a captcha on it? I lurked the farms daily for years. Now I can't be bothered going there at all.

ee6e03  No.858678


>Where does his dumb dog avatar come from?

Plebbit and Wikihow


9cd78c  No.858682


>Mutually Autistic Destruction

Goddamn I love that this phrase has caught on.


I believe that dog picture comes from a WikiHow article but I don't know which one.

As for the Nazis killing him if he actually was in that place and time, it would only be a matter of when not if. Realistically, he wouldn't have lived long enough to be gassed as I suspect he would've been killed along with Ernst Rohm and all the other faggots that supported Hitler until they were no longer useful assets.

c47aec  No.858734


Any info on these failed foxdick clones? Who are the autism’s making them?

ee6e03  No.858735


He may be trying to compensate or projecting the fact that his mother did not aborted him on time, he may not kill himself as his depression is not crippling enough, but at least he can prevent more people like him from being born.

ee6e03  No.858740


> I'm planning to start a forum of my own and despite the fact that it would not allow the kind of sick, cruel shit he does with doxxxxxxxxxxxxing if it takes off in 12 months top I'd face as much take down attempts and hatred as he does. Why? Because it would actually have controversial views on rape and pedophilia, even while it would never torture anybody like his forum does. And all while I have much less tech skills and connections that fat cretin has. That is so disgusting.

Sorry, I am not fluent enough with Retardese, what are you even trying to say?

cc63c4  No.858792


The one that is kinda successful is CWCki Club and that is the site ran by Glaive. It's a lot like how KF was before Josh took over so it's a cozy place to shittalk about Chris.

Every other splinter was created in a fit of tardrage.

cc63c4  No.858796


He's saying that he was pretending to be a rapist when he talked about how he chained up some lesbian backpacker in his basement and had his way with her.

Wouldn't shock me if he just said that to get a rise out of the Ki.wis but then that just begs the question of "Why?"

0eccf5  No.858888


It's still midly novel that he managed to fuck with some troll plans trying to fuck with him. For some reason, Dynastia loves doing this catfish shit. Really says a lot about him.

And no, his name isn't David Craig - that's just some bullshit he put out to troll people. He's given a free pass to shit because Josh finds him hilarious.

89fec9  No.859914

Rumor is going around that Yawning Sneasel fucked Emspex. They flirt in chat constantly, it's disgusting.

084ac6  No.859932


Are they fags?

89fec9  No.859937


well emspex is female so…

084ac6  No.859940


Female or female?

89fec9  No.859958


vagina female

906d84  No.860222


maybe they just pretend they had it so sneasel can brag about how he isn't lifeless virgin

963aa8  No.860256


A diapered furfag and a comic sperg had sex? If they didn't use a condom there's gonna be a pedigree lolcow popping up in about 9 months then.

963aa8  No.860262

Also, I think I figured out why Josh is making all these free range lolcows staff. He knows that one day there is going to be a raid on foxdick, and when it happens, he doesn't want to take the fall. Right now he is overseas so he won't have to take the fall when it happens anyways. Anyone with that "community administrator" banner is going to take the fall. The moderators will probably get picked up too. He knows that the posts are covered by US law, but he is also uploading cocks to the site himself. He also committed a felony or two in his time as well.

Back when that hulk tranny was banging on his door and he was hiding in his moms toilet, he came up with the idea to get into the tranny's charity's employee files and he published private files he got from their website. He was not given the key to the account he used by the tranny or any manager, so when he accessed the website he did so as an unauthorized entity. I don't remember the specific law he violated, but he did in fact violate a federal statute. Josh was very public about how he did it. The site is also hosting cp (albeit "blurred cp") and is also hosting copious amounts of bestiality in several threads.

One day the other shoe will drop on foxdick and Josh won't be the one to take the fall, it will be his stupid staff and as long as they have heads to hang and the site shut down, that will be good enough for Uncle Sam, and Josh is completely aware of this fact.

0eccf5  No.860266


Problem is as always: The people they are harassing are low hanging fruit and as such can't lawyer up.

He'd just remove threads if the lolcow actually puts up a decent chance of hurting his kingdom, and by remove the thread I mean get rid of it for 6 or so months and then put it back up on the site.

963aa8  No.860273


Not when he violated the CFAA


Just because that tranny gave him their password doesnt mean he was allowed to access the translifeline volunteer portal and definitely does not allow him the right to swipe all the cocks from the portal and post it on foxdick.

084ac6  No.860308


Lol. He is a big pussy.

0eccf5  No.860314


Yeah, and?

Tranny Deathline sure as hell don't have the resources to take him down. He'd be fucked if they did I guess, but they really don't have the fiscal resources for a legal push.


Water is wet. He's the guy who talks shit to his enemies but when one is getting his mom fired? Uh oh, time to close down the site for a bit.

963aa8  No.860317


Criminal cases dont require the resources of victims though.

0eccf5  No.860322


Then I really gotta wonder why Tranny Deathline hasn't pursued this. I'll admit incase it isn't clear though, Josh has more e-lawyer knowledge then I do but there must be a reason. Maybe they're just retarded.

7a43cd  No.860329

File: db37be5b97b93fc⋯.jpg (132.77 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, l6TI9NK.jpg)


What kind of "raid" are you talking about? An FBI raid on his servers?

If Josh has publicly admitted to a felony and KF is hosting CP, why hasn't the party van seized his servers yet?

KF is probably already on Uncle Sam's radar, especially with the NZ thing recently, so what's taking them so long?

0eccf5  No.860343


Any consolation? It took the FBI years, apparently, to take down Backpages for CP

314397  No.860540

File: b6f316b55c1e20e⋯.jpg (10.38 KB, 239x159, 239:159, 1334565909904.jpg)


Those tabs



>how to tie a noose?

>asphixation pain??

>buy bags and accessoires

Glorious. Thanks for the laugh.

738e7d  No.861177

File: 289b85041146839⋯.jpeg (20.18 KB, 300x300, 1:1, images (8).jpeg)

Null is my favourite cow. I wish Foxdicks would drop more cox. They must be capping his chat and PMs 24/7.

Drop more cocks, you girldicks.

738e7d  No.862789

File: 7fa013cb44c6d90⋯.png (519.85 KB, 441x574, 63:82, upload_2017-2-25_20-31-13.png)

Null is a tubby little spaz with the emotional development and upper-body strength of a newborn infant.

0eccf5  No.862922


>Eddie forcing Josh to deepthroat


0eccf5  No.862926

So I know what happened to Josh. My probes picked up that he's been seeing this girl called Emily, age 12. Now he was getting in close with her, and she knew he wanted to get sexual. So after months of coddling, watching cartoons and other creepy ass junk, he shows her his dick. She gets red in the face, blushes… and then points an giggles at the thing, saying if she sees that anywhere near her again that she's going to call the Ukraine authorities. So now Josh is sad.

738e7d  No.862956


This sounds like bullshit. Any proof?

0eccf5  No.862989


figure it out

c692a4  No.863807



No, you're both completely wrong. My forum would have nothing to do with foxdickis, let alone be a splinter of them. In fact, it would be against main tenants of their behavior, like doxxxxxxxing or belief that one shouldn't have sex with little girls. To say my forum would be a splinter forum of KF is like saying Protestantism was a splinter of some ancient Greek religion. My forum would be about normalization of rape of modern Western womnen (not other, non-feminist women), male sexualism, sane ages of consent and a concept I coined, called limited political pedophilia


It seems to be your native language, as you have shown yourself to be a retard by this post.


I never chained up my lesbian ex. She came to my home because she had a fight with her sick (schizo) mother and I exchanged her staying there for sex. She was never some backpacker either. I never pretended to do anything or lied to KF or anywhere else.

c692a4  No.863826


It is bullshit, as somebody already pointed out. I've been studying Josh's personality a bit and it'd disturbing how boring and ordinary he really is. He just wants to make everybody cookie-cutter normal. His entire fake "controversy" is completely artificial and based on his unsavory tactics, but the kind of world he wants is extremely monochromatic and boring. 100 years ago he'd be a parochial busybody yelling at people in his town for not attending mass.

c692a4  No.863839


Actually, I'm gonna reply to you seriously, though not so much for you personally but to clarify to a potential intelligent reader. Null's web platforms actively torture people by trolling them, misinterpreting their words, google bombing/doxxxxxxxing them etc. Yet Josh the idiot defends this as freedom of speech. My forums wouldn't torture anybody as they would not dox people or anything like that. They would instead talk of sex with young girls, sex that can't be harmful as long it is consensual. Yet my forums are bound go get a whole lot more hate than his ever did. What a sick world.

084ac6  No.863958


Why don't you date women your own age instead of trying to pervert and corrupt young girls, you sick fuck.

0eccf5  No.864118


>I'm actually not a lolcow, and I was saying stupid shit because I knew foxdicks would take it like bait

>Actually I believe all the nonsense I said on KF. Rape apes! Bitches deserve rapings!

SMH. Surprised they actually banned you - normally they keep people like you on a leash because why ban lolcow?

906d84  No.864165

File: 435498e778db260⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 300x300, 1:1, oi.jpg)




so it will be pedo forum? even better

e712c8  No.864198


He got banned because he became a threat. He doxed one of the users and that user was an idiot who would talk about some of the things he was doing behind his wife's back. The user in question used to post pix of himself and his family all over KF because he thought that no harm would come from doing that on a site which warehouses dirty laundry. Marjan can probably tell you more about it and post pix of the guy.

Marjan is weird because he will do things like respond a fuckton to any idiot who happens to say shit to him, but he doesn't seem dumb. He has beliefs that people disagree with and likely appear to be immoral to the average person. The idiots appear more unhinged than he does and really do make fools of themselves while arguing with him. You could say he also looks like a fool as well, but even if does, okay? hes supposed to. the users arent.

Oh yeah, that user that Marjan doxed? he begged null to delete a ton of his posts, but some still remain up. I don't know why some were deleted while others stayed though.

0eccf5  No.864241


Thanks, I was wondering why they banned a lolcow. Turned out that he was a mild threat. Honestly, getting Beetee-Eff-Oh'd by a lolcow (especially one as prolific as Marjen) is pretty… wow.

Marjan and Josh come from the same pod, apparently.

e6e16e  No.864889

File: f79c21ee5ef65bf⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 720x415, 144:83, IMG_20180630_213842.jpg)


>My forums would instead talk of sex with young girls, sex that can't be harmful as long it is consentual.

So it wouldn't have anything to do with cows and you're just shilling your pedo-forum on here? And you're acting like it's somehow something positive? Like in opposition to those mean places like /cow/ and kf, where dirty people fuck with poor autists, you'd have your very own clean, nice and harmless pedo-forum. Aaaaahahahahahahaha

0eccf5  No.864899


He should do it. Seeing his forum overrun with foxdick autists raiding it would be hilarious.

f8eea1  No.865011


Its funny. I hear shit for years about Josh being a pedo and while I wouldn't think he's morally above that, I've yet to see any legit evidence of that. And then in comes this faggot talking about how it should be okay to fuck kids and he thinks Josh is more vile than him.

0eccf5  No.865014


Kudos to Marjan for being a lolcow so vile they outright banned him instead of keeping in the petting zoo, but yeah no, to Josh's credit, the little antisocialite is better then someone who thinks consent is optional. Really should say how low a bar Josh is morally though.

ce379f  No.865036


don't we have chat logs from blockland forums before he even joined cwcki? nobody would have reason to fake that shit because nobody knew him at that time

0eccf5  No.865044


We do, but that one chat log about him wanting to jack off to "hurtcore" is a fake log. foxdicks like to use this as evidence that all the logs were faked by the by.

f8eea1  No.865045


I have seen those but I disregarded them because IIRC he was 16 at the time and he seemed to be more acting like a teenage edgelord than a legit pedophile. Then again, I though Nick Bate was being an edgelord too.

0eccf5  No.865050

File: c0d98d81b3aed41⋯.png (148.5 KB, 1148x712, 287:178, 1446285011911.jpg.png)

File: d00e09405a78caa⋯.png (552.21 KB, 1311x2029, 1311:2029, F7OZSc1.png)


This too. In truth, there's no lack of modern shit helping paint him as a sociopath, however. This post of his, coupled with him sperging out in chat are two favorites of mine.

FYI, Glaive would have never 'turned' on Josh (in josh's eyes anyways) if the dumb shit didn't feel the need to dump his ass and insert himself in the 'bloodletting'. Funny how this works, because Josh has since retconned all of this in his mind to be Glaive falling out of line and trying to take over his forum.

Null needs a fucking therapist.

f8eea1  No.865052

File: 44a574d6638cbd2⋯.jpg (31.48 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 621.jpg)


Also, I do remember reading through the entire thread on Blockland and there's one question that I don't think anyone has bothered asking: Stocking apparently later admitted that she made a lot (if not all) of the things Josh had allegedly said to her up. And Josh not only still talked to her after that but apparently talks to her to this day. Now, I don't know about you, but if some woman goes onto some website, tells everyone she can that you're some homicidal potential rapist and then she says "Lol, I basically made all that up!" wouldn't you at the very least tell her to fuck off forever?

I think the fact that Josh didn't tell her to fuck off says a lot more about him than any story of him tying up some woman and wanting to rape her doesn't it?

0eccf5  No.865057


Sure does, Josh.

f8eea1  No.865066


Don't get me wrong, Josh isn't some good boy who dindu nuffin (you can see how he's run KF and almost ran 8chan into the ground with his shitty code and that'll dispute that) but the worst I've heard that I can confirm is him being into Daddy Dom.

0eccf5  No.865068


First time hearing about this. Tell us more.

b6f8b8  No.865105

Hey guys, Andrew Noel Schaefer here. I just want to tell him I'm sorry for all the shit I've put him through. Truth is, I've done a lot of reflection. I realized I'm jealous of him. I would love to come back to KF and tell my truth and my insight.

f8eea1  No.865112


1/10 didn't even misspell anything

b6f8b8  No.865116


fuck off catparty

e6e16e  No.865122


>jealous of Josh

Yea, no that's a larp. I refuse to believe anyone can sink that low, not even a foxdick.

052f4d  No.865175

It looks like the foxdicks are offended that we are talking about dear leader. I wouldn't put it past Josh to be sending his IDF in to defend his honor. Remember when Josh got butthurt because Metokur wouldn't give him the time of day so he did the only thing he knows how to do, and had his users dox him when he was already doxed? Their reflex action has become so engrained into them that even if someone is doxed they will do it again. Its kind of pathetic if you ask me.

So all you faggots who came here because you don't like us talking about the fat guy you like to suck titty on, why don't you think about this: Josh is sitting in his apartment in Kiev, stewing in his own filth, probably surrounded by Ukraine coke zero while shitting his pants and doing nothing for the BASTION OF FREE SPEECH that you faggots think is so important that you will pay him thousands to keep up. But he is shitting his pants and doing nothing. He is receiving reports from cloudflare, threats from lawyers, notices from law enforcement. He is ignoring it all. Every last one. Eventually, his servers, whichare located at different locations of the US, and those locations are fully known to law enforcement, are going to get seized. Without warning. And his site will be a directory where victims of legitimate harassment that the site has helped happen can gain information from for criminal and civil action.

Keep giving your money to him and when he goes down, enjoy getting a visit from black men who glow in the dark.

0eccf5  No.865176

god people are thirsty today

f8eea1  No.865184


I'm half-expecting them to try and pretend to be some other person that hasn't been on that site in years. Oh well. Where's that cringy screencap of Dynastia saying all lolcows are theirs to fuck with whenever they want to?

b6f8b8  No.865185


you seem mad. which thread is yours

052f4d  No.865193

Another thing while I am at it. The foxdicks who are coming here should notice something about their site. You see how yoru site is becoming infected by all those political faggots? the ones who want to shit his pants and do nothing but talk about SJWs and get mad about SJWs trying to restrict their speech? Complaining about de-platforming? I hope you idiots take notice of this because those people that are coming to you don't get de-platformed, banned, shutdown everywhere else on the internet because they are dropping hard truths. They are getting shut down because they are obnoxious windbags who want to say a lot without saying nothing and get attention by being asinine, not insightful. While this has always been a common facet of your community, saying things that gain attention rather than offer an informative take on things, these people have taken it to a level where it is difficult to even skim threads to look for good cocks. The one good thing you foxdicks have done in the past is find interesting things. The shit you say is straight up retarded, but at least you were able to offer something interesting in terms of screencaps and archives. These /pol/ faggots you got running around there now have made it impossible to even read threads on cows.

If Josh being a lazy sack of shit doesn't destroy your site, these faggots will definitely send it into the grave. Its a shame too because I liked some of the threads you have over there.

b6f8b8  No.865203


inorite. i used to be that way but i changed. no more stalking trannies.

052f4d  No.865205

How about you foxdicks lay your cards on the table and tell us who you really are? I don't mean your handles on that gay ass website, I mean why don't you post your own dox and shit?

I think it should be a pre-requisite for anyone making a thread on foxdick that they verify their own social media just so we can see what big men and women you are for picking on the disabled and mentally ill. Let's see how stable you are. How well your lives are going. I bet most of you are jsut as mentally ill as the trannies, furries, diaperfags and pedophiles you attack. I bet most of you are only interedted in the trannies, furries, diaperfags and pedophiles because it makes you feel like you're one of the good ones. What did the man say? "I hate Chris because he makes people with autism like me look bad"? Well, lay the cards down, faggots.

You won't. You're too chicken shit. You will shit on /cow/ for being anonymous but you cling to your selected anonymity because you know that nothing good can come of people finding out who you are. Think about that. Making thousands of posts in a community where you break your anonymity just so you can get shiny stickers and asspats. You wont show who you are because you know what will come of it.

The people who you post with, who pat your ass, they will eat you alive if they find out who you really are, but you cant find anywhere else to talk about the toxic shit you talk about.

472964  No.865220


You're just as cringy as the foxdicks. You've written over 500 words on this shit. You're ranting about wanting to know their names while posting anonymously.

0eccf5  No.865222


its likely a copypasta

052f4d  No.865235


I just might be, anon. But if the foxdicks want to take moral highground because they out trannies, furries, pedos and the like, they can't also deny that most of what they do is aimed at attacking people they disagree with and very little involves laughing at weird people on the internet.

Can you look at the majority of threads over there and say that those made in the last few years were lolcows? They aren't, and even when they are, they want to talk about why someone is wrong and not why they're funny.

cc63c4  No.865245


You're a faggot. But you aren't wrong. If you were, they wouldn't ever come up with the idea of getting cocks by making threads on their own members.

f8eea1  No.865361

Bumping because someone is bumping months old threads about trannies no one cares about while (((conveniently))) not bumping this one.

052f4d  No.865370


Why does Josh do these things?

0eccf5  No.865381


We're past bump limit and I don't think it's a conspiracy. Josh currently doesn't care about his threads on /cow/ as he has shitty space simulator games to play.

<seriously, what the fuck has him so down?

1d0679  No.865383


Actually, you're completely wrong and going from a false premise. I do try to date women my age and even much older. The fact that I also try to date young girls doesn't mean I am not going for older women as well. I am not a pedophile per se, I am a limited political pedophile (which I have not explained yet but will if somebody asks me to). I have no exclusive desire for preteen girls. To me they are only marginally attractive. A 12 year-old is about as attractive as 40 year-old to me.

As for trying to corrupt them, I don't see how dating them would corrupt them. This would make sense if these girls had to marry very early and as virgins (all of which I'd support) but with the state of the current world they are gonna be cock sucking sluts anyway so no point in not going after them.


Yeah, here's the thing. I never said that I was baiting them or anybody. If that's you saying you'd wish it were so… what can I tell you, keep wishing? And shaking your head every once in a while. Btw, not all women deserve to be raped.

Also, you might want to read the link I left in this post. KF was just one place I posted on. I also posted a lot on Reddit and even ran a r/incels in its early days, but was booted off when I said I'd like sleeping with my daughter when she turns 12.


No, not a pedo forum. I said it would be a forum primarily for incels and male sexualists .

Please read this text to understand https://caamib.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/dissecting-the-disaster-how-the-term-incel-got-taken-over-by-the-worst-people-and-what-to-do-about-it/


I think I might know who you're talking about but won't post about him here. In any case, for now I've taken a break from trying to google rape him as blogspot and wordpress keep deleting my blogs on him but he's not going anywhere. All of his info is in cold storage with me. I am not sure this is why I was banned because I was banned almost an year after I started making blogs on him. As for my name, I can assure you that is not my name and that the only sources for it are a) some defamatory blog from 2011 which also uses a different name b) some posts from a Croatian forum made by somebody who claimed to be born 5-6 years after I was. As I already said here, it's hilarious how you think I'd still run a blog and say the kind of admittedly awful shit I do if people really had my real name. As for my views, yes, most people would see me as immoral because most people have bizarre views on ages of consent and letting sluts do as they want.


I am not shilling anything. I am much less tech savy than Josh and don't even have a forum. But what is disturbing that even here people are saying "Oh, Josh is better than somebody who wouldn't torture any people but would just post on consensual sex with young girls". Umm, who would my posts harm? Who would they dox, try to humiliate, who would they lie about? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! This world has gone fucking crazy.


See the explanation on the name above but I have nothing in common with Josh. I think of him as pathetic as one can possible be. The only thing I envy about him are his tech skills.


Umm, you seem to be naive on some things. Everybody who actually experienced me running a platform knows I use the block/ban button a lot and with good reason. Foxdick scum could never overrun my blog or that forum, just like they could never overrun the subredddit I ran. It was after I got banned that those new-generation incels came to that subreddit and turned the name into a disaster it's been associated with now. The link, again https://caamib.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/dissecting-the-disaster-how-the-term-incel-got-taken-over-by-the-worst-people-and-what-to-do-about-it/

0eccf5  No.865390


piss off, marjan

1d0679  No.865406


Another braindead.

0eccf5  No.865408


>Consent is optional

>Incel is a term that's been overrun by the worst kinds of people!


f8eea1  No.865416

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Piss off

1d0679  No.865422


You really should have read the link I gave above. But you know what? I'm gonna try to give an analogy. Let's say you have to defend one place, which is in a well fortified position but attacked by a very numerous enemy. What will happen is that enemy will attack and be slaughtered in great numbers. That's how I see my stance on raped. It's unpopular but when you see it being attacked you'll see it's attacked based on nothing but ideology, ie some bs on letting people do whatever they want.

But let's assume that you want to defend positions which stretch across hundreds and hundreds of miles, and usually consist of just a single cannon, and that the enemy is also attacking in greatly overwhelming numbers. In this case all of your positions will be overrun. Same with these cretins who took over after I got banned. Now they were able to post hundreds and hundreds of crazy "theories" (it's gracious to call them that at all) about looks, about blinding female newborns, that you can't be an incel if you had one girlfriend or sex in your life, that looks are absolutely everything etc etc…. None of this holds up to any scrutiny and in my time such idiotic nonsense would wound up in the trash can, with people writing that crap being banned immediately. After I was banned by Reddit administration such people were let to run free and wrote up all these cooky ideas I mention. To illustrate, back when I ran it only a couple of SJWs attacked our sub. When I left subreddits of over 100,000 people regularly mocked them, and for posts I'd consider crazy as well.

So to get back to your rape example, yes, this is one unpopular position I hold. But I can defend it, while hundreds of cooky ideas these idiots hold cannot be defended and are giving men and boys who are actually suffering a bad name.

That being said, is there a place on 8chan where I could open a new thread? I don't want to derail this thread.


You know, if you had any brains to speak of you'd just ignore me and I'd have nothing to reply to. Or you could help me with finding a thread somewhere on 8chan where you could talk to me. But any of this would actually require a brain.

0eccf5  No.865425


yeah, 8chan lets you make new boards altogether. Try it.



f8eea1  No.865428


If I'm the brainless one, then why are you trying to talk to me assuming you would find an equal to you?

1d0679  No.865477


"then why are you trying to talk to me assuming you would find an equal to you?"

:breaks down into laughter:

I'd have to be shot in the head and decapitated to even assume you'd be an equal to me, let alone for you to be one. I've afforded you two sentences, which is more than you deserve,

Anyway, https://sys.8ch.net/mod.php?/iamsboards/res/1.html#1

906d84  No.865515


shooting you in the head wouldn't be bad idea considering you're incel rape supporter too extreme for even fucking KF so they had to ban you

I actually wish you success with your site, you're too retarded to cover your ass so you would get busted in no time and end up being prison bitch - more lulz for us

1d0679  No.865528


I define incel as 6 months without relationships/sex (depending on which of these you want, maybe one, maybe both). Under this definition I am not an incel. I am also not an incel under the definition most of these new generation crazies use (no sex eveeeeer). I only might be incel if we use the extremely loose definition these SJWs use, which is basically anybody to the right of Lenin regardless of actual romantic/sexual experience. But that is a pretty insane definition because it even managed to cover rich celebrities like R Kelly so yeah.

As for KF, I was never a regular member but one of the people they went after. As I mentioned, I made actual blogs defaming their regular members.

"I actually wish you success with your site, you're too retarded to cover your ass so you would get busted in no time and end up being prison bitch - more lulz for us"

Actually, I'm not even that clumsy with tech as much as I'm poor. So, yes, I can't be hiding like Josh does. Josh has no real life, a lot of tech skills and regular donors. None of this applies to me.

0eccf5  No.865536


And somehow he's still more successful than you

906d84  No.865582


you should look up a definition of celibate so you don't look like an idiot, it has nothing to do with relationships

>i define

nobody give a shit about how you define it, but how most people define it and I am sure most people will think you're incel after they read your posts, deal with it

f8eea1  No.865590


You're dealing with a rape apologist. And I don't mean someone who tells women that they shouldn't get drunk alone I mean someone who advocates for traditional Islamic mating rituals.

5fe4fb  No.865634


How is KF and 8ch's /cow/ any different? The very concept of lolcow is based on harassment and doxxxxxxxing. If you think this board is any better in terms of ethics please explain why.

cc63c4  No.865646


>Lolcows are based on harassment and doxing

If you're a mentally retarded ween, then yeah. But, we prefer to just let them act like retards while we chronicle their misbehavior. Honestly? Saying that we do the same thing is like saying that Steve Irwin and a guy who goes to the zoo to look at crocodiles are the same person. On the most surface level, yeah, it's true, but we're not the ones with a stingray spine embedded in our chest because we decided that fucking with the animals was more fun than watching the animals.

1d0679  No.865672


More successful in what? If running crappy irrelevant forums dedicated to abusing people is the measure of success in life I agree. If it's anything else even Chris is vastly more successful than Josh.


Actually, the English word celibacy derives from the Latin caelibatus, "state of being unmarried", from Latin caelebs, meaning "unmarried". This word derives from two Proto-Indo-European stems, *kaiwelo- "alone" and *lib(h)s- "living". You're the one to call anybody a retard !

That being said, I can understand that words change their meaning in time, and agree that most think it's a lack of sex now but this has to do with the fact that modern "humans" are just animals in human form who are incapable of understanding relationships. That is why I'm for rape of modern Western women - they're good for nothing else.

As for most people using the word incel to mean misogynist I remain unconvinced. Even if it were so you already have misogynist. You don't need MRA, incel or 1000 other words that are in fashion this or the next year.


No, you don't know much, if anything, about Islam. Islam doesn't advocate for rape as a mating ritual.

0eccf5  No.865853


>If it's anything else even Chris is vastly more successful than Josh.

Look at this dude.

689d4b  No.866120


You're delusional, there is much more than just watching them. Jews has been friends with kopyboat, a spic who likes to write slandering ED pages about his enemies, dox included.

And fyi this board also allows using the real names of lolcow, which means a Google search from any potential employer might result in finding their autism thus preventing them to get a job and ruining their life

906d84  No.866151


people in KF have need to measure their e-penis, thus they have accounts, post ratings and other shit. if laughing at and abusing mentally ill was acceptable by society, they would link their facebook accounts to KF right away.


>I-I am not incel! It was not about sex in the past

Wow you're so desperate to find any reason to not call yourself incel, how about you just admit you're failure at life? Having sex is good indicator you have social skills good enough to attract women. Relationships are very variable, if all you managed to do was to get friendzoned by somebody, you're still incel.


>Google search

welcome newfag, 8chan is blacklisted by google so that can't happen

219ecf  No.866268


Using a cow's real name while hiding behind anonymity is still harassment

e6e16e  No.866294


What the fuck are you mouthbreather even talking about? Why are you coming to attention whore and shitting up a thread about null? Nobody cares about you or your views on pedophilia, incel. Go blogpost somwhere else. The fact, that you're moralfagging about "oh muh poor little autist cows" while suddenly advocating pedophilia completely out of the blue, strongly indicates that you have a thread on KF yourself.

0eccf5  No.866305

Christ I hope Marjan doesn't shit up the next thread

219ecf  No.866327


Learn to read ID's faggot

906d84  No.866330


>i use vpn, ooh nobody can notice

cc63c4  No.866346


OTOH, it's actually kind of entertaining seeing someone other than "Mike the Welfare Kike" hide behind 7 proxies.

0eccf5  No.866367


Ehh. I think I'd take Mike over Marjan. Calling the dude out was funny as hell

e21f99  No.866371

File: e81d775cdf244e3⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, zoe_1525292917893_5443697_….jpg)

6f58cd  No.866397

0405cf  No.866398


Who is this and why should I care?

4b1b0a  No.866399

File: 6247d218b104f56⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1074x1340, 537:670, ClipboardImage.png)

89a7e2  No.866663

Fuck Null

76217f  No.866698


I will reply to the rest of what you said in greater detail but let me note one thing for now. You're conflating being a failure at life with not being able to attract modern Western women. This conflation is faulty at best. You're also conflating having sex and having good social skills, where the connection is much stronger, I'll concede, but not always there. What you're also conflating is having social skills with being a good, useful person - the connection here is extremely weak in today's Western societies.

In other words, attracting modern Western women doesn't mean you're a good person and usually means just the opposite. You have a faulty belief that being chosen means being good. This belief is wrong. The kind of men modern Western women choose are anything but good. Many of them aren't even healthy. Let me give you an example. I once spent 5 days in a mental hospital. Many people there had very serious problems like schizophrenia, much more serious than I had, yet were married.

Or, to put it more succinctly - you're selling lies. In fact, in today's feminist culture it's much more a sign of health to rape a woman (who is a worthless slut anyway) than to have sex with a woman who actually wants you.

I'll reply to the rest later.

92f30f  No.866738

They got me tempt banned on his website after one of his users baited me into an argument on his thread about how I was Razorfist thinking I had created an account to derail the thread , the post itself was baiting me about how awesome Yahtzee was which of course caused me too raise an eyebrow. after talking with them a little they kept denying any of my arguments about how he was generally just some crazy self hating leftist which had gathered a cult following from the early days of the internet. Though after a certain point I had been temp banned while my account was spammed with messages mocking me for supposedly using a sock account

0eccf5  No.867196

Guess today we'll see if Josh has gotten out of his funk yet. Every stream guarantees him at least 100$ in saps finding a sociopath who sold out his mother giggling at retards entertainment. It's bizzare that he's been spotty at doing them.

Josh, devil's advocate because I know you're doing fine, despite what happened with Emily - if you really need money, just run an "ironic" beg-a-thon stream. Law can't touch you and for some reason people find KF/MATI a cause worth shelling out money for. Not one worth looking into bitcoins though, which has always struck me as weird.

0eccf5  No.867198


I'm retarded and spoke too soon, he's streaming about PK and the floraverse. Some tumblr cunt really.

720d47  No.867200


Dude, no one fucking cares about you. How come, in every foxdick-autism thread, there are atleast 5 different tripfags who are starving for attention?

0eccf5  No.867202


>No one cares about you!

>I'm going to reply to him anyways!

why do you do this

7dd77e  No.867205


>sold out his mother

mummy's boy detected

720d47  No.867212


To let him know that no one cares.

906d84  No.867244


jesus, only foxdickers could care about PK in current year

4b1b0a  No.867248


Nice try but no one wants to fuck you.

58a948  No.867302


Yeah, I remember her vaguely at the start of this decade (So around 1 BCW-2 ACW). What the hell has she done that they find so relevant?

0eccf5  No.867312


She's popular and low hanging fruit. That's really all it is. He probably wants someone easy to stream about after the whole Emily thing

58a948  No.867323


So when Chris dies, I should expect reverence and sincerity on the level of Seven Peso Pedro when JewWario shoahed himself?

0eccf5  No.867328


Yes, especially considering that he was trying to make Chris some kind of walled garden and totally not trying to siphon some of his earnings as a publisher (this is before getting in with the bloodsports crowd) before giving up because he refuses to play pretend - That's The Captains job!

7a43cd  No.867330

When Null streams, does anyone try to drop truth bombs in his chat?

Nekoshota, Infinity Next, hiding in bathroom while his mom deals with the tranny who tried to confront him, etc.

Does Null sperg out when these subjects are brought up?

0eccf5  No.867331


He prob will if you flood chat enough with them. Youtube makes chatban evasion a cince, and remember that all chats pop up on the side of the stream because Josh is an idiot.

f99d99  No.867346

File: 80c94a3df43ceb9⋯.png (174.98 KB, 1200x1676, 300:419, prophet of esoteric sargon….png)


We shalt consider him a martyr, a prophet and a scholar of our faith.

58a948  No.867347


IIRC, The Captain had a thread on KF but had Null purge it in exchange for his current services. Reminds me of when ED had purged any mention of Onideus after giving Zaiger a grand.

0eccf5  No.867451


You recall correctly. Because Josh just wanted to get some cunts arrested, insert himself in trolling like he always does, he was willing to pull the thread of a lolcow. A lolcow who still roleplays with Chris to this day.

Oh but then when Chris keeps doing the imaginationland crap, Josh then bails out in favor of the internet bloodsports crap. Thankfully for him he was able to find people to help bail him out but it's real facepalmy how he just gave up on Chris after trying to be his biggest white knight ever, and for very transparent reasons too.

New thread time. Hopefully Marjan doesn't follow us.

76217f  No.867497


Oh ffs. Do you have some kind of brain damage? I told you many, many times that 1) I would not write the kind of shit I do if you had my real identity 2) the sources you're getting it from are faulty at best.

If what I'm saying is so absurd why would I be saying it here, on an irrelevant chan board which can't even be Googled? I'll tell you why - to make you think once in your lifetime, while I'm humiliating you.

ab001f  No.867501


i hope you won't call Mike for help, otherwise we'll hit bump limit every week

0eccf5  No.867504


The fuck you smoking, rape ape? I wasn't talking about you

58a948  No.867505

File: 9447728050f7605⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 349:642, db0.jpg)

76217f  No.867514


:eyebrows raised:


You don't know what you're talking about. I wasn't pretending about anything. I'm saying some crazy people got the wrong dox in 2011 and can't think for themselves.

ef3fdd  No.867527

File: 011fe576d9f1be5⋯.png (101.38 KB, 894x1030, 447:515, ClipboardImage.png)

Josh suicide when?

0eccf5  No.867536


Yeah, there's some dumbfuck who roleplays with Chris called The Captain. It's not all about you, Marjan Sikfuk


The fuck when did Josh take up emo-poetry?

eb296c  No.867638

File: 1161cf874c1461e⋯.jpg (116.59 KB, 600x600, 1:1, its time to wake up.jpg)


>writting poetry that glorifies death by bullet poisoning

Sandy Hook 2.0 when?

0eccf5  No.867645


It's a NIN song, googled the lyrics.

In other news, Josh's YT channel has folded.

7f360c  No.867714

aa1dc9  No.867719


aa1dc9  No.867721

aa1dc9  No.867722


behead those who belive communism and isis and nazism will make the country


aa1dc9  No.867725


>hey guys i jack my dick off 24/7 im null teehee

0eccf5  No.867740


Apparently he got booted off of this too.

7f360c  No.867742

Josh now: "We need people to kill corporate executives"

0eccf5  No.867747


Josh now: "Boy I love Israel! I bet if I say that enough then the jew illuminati won't kick me off more platforms!"

7f360c  No.867755

File: 5e2406beb5ec8bc⋯.png (58.48 KB, 358x358, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8189c9943f161fe⋯.png (189.59 KB, 443x601, 443:601, ClipboardImage.png)


even has dumb fans drawing him fanart

a68ad5  No.867760

Why can I never find an archive of his videos? 50K+ viewers and no one knows how youtube dl? All my hard drives are full.

0eccf5  No.867762


god that is cringe

a68ad5  No.867767

What is the point in the internet and autism?

026b8f  No.867774


IIRC he archives his own on the site, he just lacks livestreaming function.

a68ad5  No.867778


No, he reposts some of his videos back on youtube and bitchute doesn't have all of them. The internet is getting more retarded.

7f360c  No.867780

Imagine being Josh and having a Discord server full of teenage autists so desperate to impress you 70 of them will gather in the VC just to hope for a chuckle from you.

All of them would let him smash.

1fd56d  No.867894


He's quoting a nine inch nails song

eb296c  No.868080

File: 48e47d0c6676143⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 400x335, 80:67, cringe.jpg)

File: 0e9bad7b8e12973⋯.jpg (124.95 KB, 700x930, 70:93, even more cringe.jpg)


His followers try to appease him with drawings, trying to neutralise his tard rage so he does not bully them on DeviantArt or remove their useless internet points they worked so hard to obtain and amass in the tumblr and in the beauty parlor boards (a.k.a. l olcow f arms hardcore).

0eccf5  No.868101


Saging because not josh. The second ones okay if a bit stupid, the fuck is with that first one?

These are still better then drawing Josh as a little boy imitating that pose he did when he was young and looking like he just took a dump and saying tee hee about it.

05ad4a  No.868431


It's a little creepy to see his fans worshiping him as a 12 year old boy.

3e004d  No.869133

File: 96e903e7eb18147⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.71 KB, 700x990, 70:99, null.jpg)


>These are still better then drawing Josh as a little boy imitating that pose he did when he was young and looking like he just took a dump and saying tee hee about it.

Dysphoric autopaedophilia perhaps?

7a43cd  No.869220

File: b3ea8866eb722c4⋯.png (86.62 KB, 500x347, 500:347, my-dick-is-diamonds-111725….png)


>Null posting emo song lyrics about suicide

>Null banned from YouTube

What else could be in store for this spergy little turd?

22b146  No.869412

File: 64a654f384ba72b⋯.png (36.59 KB, 439x381, 439:381, nullbooze.png)


well,he's well aware of how much she can drink. I guess josh literally cucked catparty then?

85a6c6  No.869414

He is b8 from Youtube, now what?

Is he going back to stream.me?

05ad4a  No.869451


dlive, but his stream was taken down there too. i think his account is still active though.

for now.

0eccf5  No.869494


>Is he going back to stream.me?

Nobodys going back to Stream.me, m8…

I'd like to think this was a suicide stream, but given how he was quick to jump to a backup service, I take it that this more has to do with his infamous inability to plan ahead and his impulsiveness as usual.

c47aec  No.870395

There’s actually quite a lot of evidence that the Christchurch shooter was a minor user on foxdick who posted about Chris a few times in 2013. It was talked about on a /pol/ thread yesterday. I bet null would love to have that info come out.

1f48b6  No.870400


Send it to the detective he sassed. I'm sure the fine detective would love to know that information

129c96  No.870533

a6792d  No.870587


bullshit, 100%. I'm no fan of the farms but am in the loop and that's not true.

85a6c6  No.870667


>I bet null would love to have that info come out.

That but unironically, Null is a dangerous narcissist who does not care about his well being or the well being of his loved beings, remember?

630794  No.870685


Josh gives mind numbing blowjobs.

cc63c4  No.870863


He has traits that are similar not just to narcissism but sociopathy too. If Josh were to get into trouble like that one creep with the lazy did for revenge porn, I could see him pursuing the same legal strategy.


Cat, nothing is going to change the fact that you are living with 5 other dudes in a Manhattan shoebox. And hard liquor ain't the way to make that go away.

0eccf5  No.870952




>Violation of the physical or emotional rights of others

>Lack of stability in job and home life

>Irritability and aggression

>Lack of remorse

>Consistent irresponsibility

>Recklessness, impulsivity


>A childhood diagnosis (or symptoms consistent with) conduct disorder (Oppositional Defiance Disorder in Josh's case)

Conclusion: Josh is antisocial.

05ad4a  No.871162


> Null is antisocial

Unlike everyone else on /cow/?

8d721f  No.871181


got triggered Josh?

719a47  No.872021

Why are inner /cow/ personalities (kopy, null..) always cringeworthy faggots ? At this point the admin of wizardchan is more respectable than them.

c7a622  No.872042


>He believes jewish gossip is accurate

Tell me goy, why do you want to fuck your mother?

0eccf5  No.872062


You seem bored, so lets go over the symptoms

>Violation of the physical or emotional rights of others

Stocking, he also blackmailed Blueberryragumuffin, Bloodletting, you could also fit allowing doxing in this too if you want

>Lack of stability in job and home life

Sold out his home life for a meme website. The whole debacle with 8chan and infinity next.

>Irritability and aggression

"Stop fucking pinging me in this thread", just try saying something mean to Josh and watch how quickly your account lasts.

>Lack of remorse

If there's one time he's actually apologized for his fuckups then please post it. The closest I can find is him going "No! It's someone elses fault that X happened!" ie "Glaive was trying to usurp me, so that's why I dumped his personal drama! He shoulden't be mad at me at all!"

>Consistent irresponsibility

We're seeing this now

>Recklessness, impulsivity

Makes his decisions on a complete whim. Thinks this is a good sign of leadership.


Likes to tell easily baited lolcows that they can totally get their thread removed if they send abuse reports or whatever, which he then publishes for people to laugh at. Doesn't actually remove threads - when he does, he just puts them back up later.

>A childhood diagnosis (or symptoms consistent with) conduct disorder

Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Shalom! I think this israeli-supporting goy is antisocial!

c7a622  No.872066


You just described pretty much every modern person on the planet retard.

0eccf5  No.872069


Here's your (You)

5cf8b4  No.872245


>Everyone is a bad person except me!

I'm sure people love you. I'm also sure you would never sell out your family for Internet authoritah.

c43ff8  No.872928

So, I have to ask, if Ninja Warrior was revealed to be a dude trying to catfish Null and groom children, who's next to fall from "grace"? Something tells me that we may see another person who was/is important get halal'd soon. So, I'm taking bets now. Who's next?

7a93d5  No.873776

Poor Candy. She shit his pants and did nothing to deserve her psycho spawn.

8c043e  No.874083


Um, you're kinda wrong. While it's true that not even them deserve such scum to be their children Josh is primarily a product of a single mom. All kids fathered by single mothers I know of are messed up in some way. Josh is just a more extreme example.

c2e0ec  No.874243


If I had to guess someone from staff, CatParty, or Dynastia.

0eccf5  No.874349


A broke clock is right twice a day - Josh never knew his dad. Thusly he never had someone to smack him in the mouth when he acted like a sociopathic prat.

You weren't raised by a single mom by any chance, were you, Rape Ape?

a74e30  No.874770

File: 0295cba88d0cba4⋯.png (66.83 KB, 1462x298, 731:149, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 576a52c8d5d3fa5⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1414x1474, 707:737, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 479f3f17b8ac4ef⋯.png (716.15 KB, 1072x1474, 8:11, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 479f3f17b8ac4ef⋯.png (716.15 KB, 1072x1474, 8:11, ClipboardImage.png)

906d84  No.875229


1000$ is quite low considering in how shitty situation he is, also KF servers aren't cheap

159458  No.875295


"You weren't raised by a single mom by any chance, were you, Rape Ape?"

No, my parents were married when I was born and never divorced either. My problems and behavior are of entirely different origin and thus are these problems and behavior different than his as well. But this isn't a thread on that and I doubt anybody here would care for an explanation anyway. Obviously not all problems/difficulties a person can have can be chalked up to single mothers.

0eccf5  No.875317


>Naw I didn't have a shitty childhood, I was just born like this

t. Sir Consent-is-optional

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