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File: 64f5767d31d2d3d⋯.jpeg (17.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 47B6E1AB-F378-4450-8A04-0….jpeg)

2f06a2  No.914465


>Amazing banana


>Mumkey Jones

>Atheism is wife beating

>Kevin soy Smith

Why is the youtube ((Skeptic)) full of backstabbing cunts that act no different from the SJWs and Thin skin snow flake male feminists they make fun of? They are like the biggest collection of lulzcows and faggots on YouTube. Is there a community on YouTube that comes even close to the faggoty of the ((Skeptics))?


ae0cdb  No.914474

A thread died for this

2f06a2  No.914475

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I posted Kevin Smith because of the long history of backstabbing friends and stealing credit for projects. He even recently backstabs his longtime friends in name of the clerks'c reboot. Also has a very creepy relationship with his daughter he named after Harley Quinn. He encourages her to act like a slut online for attention. There a video online where Harley Quinn Smith doesn’t look uncomfortable.

2f06a2  No.914476

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>A thread died for this

There no many skeptic lulzcows on YouTube for their own threads. Also if any Hollywood celebrity can be classified as a lulzcow. It’s Kevin Smith. This is the guy who said you don’t religion to have faith or be spiritual and he needs having faith and being spiritual to be a better atheist and vegan.

b6939a  No.914508

Skeptics are all "lol I am so smart" types and think they're undiscovered geniuses while they pick low hanging fruit all day. They're all attention seekers searching for validation and will curb stomp each other if someone else steals their cummies.

Kevin Smith is just some comic loser. Likely a jew who no one cares about. He's Will Weaton tier.

2f06a2  No.914553


>He's Will Weaton tier.

Kevin Smith probably get exposed as male feminist abuser himself.

4ffef5  No.914667

Intellectualism - the conviction necessary to actually break new ground in wisdom, science or technology = skepticism.

2f06a2  No.914677

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Intellectualism - the conviction necessary to actually break new ground in wisdom, science or technology = skepticism.

Unless it’s race or biological gender. Especially when Richard Dawkins trying to come up with a politically correct reason for the existence of homosexuality and transgenderism that ignores the fact majority of people in the lgbt community suffered childhood sexual abuse and mental illness because he can’t up with biological scientific reasons for ether to exist by sticking it to conservatives and Christians.

635416  No.915655

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Look it this dude. Take a good look at this individual.


Here he is defending Sargoy of Akkad being a telepathic rapist:


Jesus fucking Christ

2f06a2  No.915817


He looks familiar. Did he white knight the amazing atheist when he shoved a banana up his ass back in the day?

1ad08a  No.915841

Isn't there a cyclical for this shit?

ce820b  No.915843

eef611  No.915911

File: 7e5cc2bba04e3f0⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 532x559, 532:559, 7e5cc2bba04e3f041430d64a2d….jpg)


because they are Godless

0f75b6  No.916030

We already have a general that is stickied.

5cdf8f  No.916040




He's Catholic. Kevin Smith was never funny. It seems to be the path of every formerly fat celebrity to go vegan and then make a huge spectacle out of the whole affair. Penn Jillette is doing the same thing.

My favorite copypasta related to Kevin Smith:

>I'd rather drink a glass of five-month-old curdled julay with a donkey urine chaser than sit through another Kevin Smith movie. I think he's the most untalented, most irritating "film personality" working today. I knew a Jew-paranoid indie film producer who had a theory about successful directors: he said that every five years the Jews in Hollywood randomly select one talentless Gentile director to elevate to "superstar director" status. The Hollywood Jews do this in order to create the false impression that Jews do NOT control Hollywood. According to the producer, Jews intentionally choose untalented directors so as not to create any real threat to their stranglehold on the entertainment industry. More often than not I thought that this bitter former exploitation film producer was stark-raving mad. (The guy also believed that aliens were infecting our produce with mind control drugs.) But when he cited "Kevin Smith" as an example of the aforementioned "Jew" trend, I took his zany conspiracy theories far more seriously.

>It's not like I didn't give Smith a chance early on. I succumbed to the hype surrounding his first feature "Clerks" and ended up seeing the film in a theater. I sat through the film completely stone-faced. I wasn't amused, offended, enlightened, or impressed…and I worked a shitty retail clerk job at the time! I still resent the $5 I paid to see "Clerks." I thought that the film's popularity was a modern example of mass hysteria. I had the (accidental) misfortune of meeting Smith while "Mallrats" was being filmed. My gut reaction? "This guy's even dumber than his first movie." A group of (former) friends forced me to watch "Mallrats" when it was finally released. The film was pure, hard suck. "Mallrats," like his subsequent celluloid abortions, proved to me that Smith's movies were destined to look like they cost $4 regardless of their budgets.

>"Chasing Amy" was the movie that solidified my unbridled, unrepentant hatred for all things Kevin Smith. Again, I succumbed to rave reviews from friends and I caught the film at a screening. I thought I was watching a "My Mother The Car" marathon. That's how stupid and utterly fucking useless the film was in my eyes. Bad acting; bad writing; bad cinematography. A former friend of mine once bored me to tears trying to "enlighten" me about "Chasing Amy." It was like trying to convince me that chewing glass was a cure-all for bleeding gums. The more he insisted that Smith was brilliant, the more I suspected that my "friend" was mentally retarded.

5cdf8f  No.916042

>That was around the time when I found myself trapped in a room with Kevin Smith…again! My second real-life Kevin Smith experience was even worse than my first. The guy was a complete fucking tool; he launched into an unsolicited stand-up routine that could have been swiped from "Highlights for Children." Utterly inane. I've received phone bills that were more entertaining than Kevin Smith in the flesh. Never before or since have I seen a man try so hard to be funny in public…and fail in every possible way. Had I not met him before, I might have thought that his "routine" was some form of Andy Kaufman performance art. But no: he was just a dope. I'll cut "Dogma" a little slack; I ended up watching that at a party and it wasn't as worthless as everything else Kevin Smith has touched. Nothing great, but it wasn't as fuckwitted as his usual fare. (Though the fact that the best gag in the movie was swiped from a GREETING CARD did not escape me unnoticed.) I walked out of a friend's house when he tried to prove to me that "Clerks: The Animated Series" was "edgy genius." I withstood an hour of the DVD…then I wept bitter tears as I mourned the hour of my life I had just lost.

>My last Kevin Smith experience occurred in a seedy motel room in Kentucky. The motel had a closed-circuit station that showed two movies 'round-the-clock: a horrible 80's porn video called "Maxine Headroom" … and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." An appropriate double-bill, but the cheap-ass porn flick was more inspired than "Jay/Bob." I really don't know why Smith's strung together pop culture references (peppered with unoriginal fart jokes) have been embraced by so many people. I honestly think Kevin Smith is the biggest chunk of vomit spewed by the film industry in the past ten years. Every interview with him I've seen made me want to shoot my TV. And I don't think it's a coincidence that the comic book industry suffered its worst retail year of the 90's when Smith shifted his output from film to sequential art. Oh, OK: the sinking comic book ship really wasn't his doing, but Smith's output was surely a sign of the (hard) times. The only thing worse than Kevin Smith is the uber-devoted ViewAskew fanbase of geeks who cling to Smith's every word. Sometimes I think that if the diehard Kevin Smith zealots were forced to tattoo their IQs upon their foreheads, they'd all look like Hindus who forgot to fill in their dots.

80d3dd  No.916100


>Isn't there a cyclical for this shit?


Why do we need this thread?

a3b7ab  No.916302

Kevin Smith is honestly a one-note guy who got really lucky on his first try at making a movie.

Clerks is a decent early 90's comedy but everything he's made since sucks.

f1b720  No.916531


>He's catholic

Nigger do you even know what a Jew is? There is no Jewish religion, it's entirely a meme to trick you. It's the same trick feminists use where they want a cover story for how they act. Jews as an ethnic group claim there's no race and you shouldn't have racial preferences. So when during WW2 it became obvious Jews did have racial preferences they go "oh no no goy, Jews are a religion, just like christians goy. We're acting for our religious interests not our ethnic one". But the ethnicity and religion are exactly the same group, so acting in the interest of one is the interest of the other. Either you're a jew or you aren't, there's no religious memery going on.

820d8a  No.916636


I thought some of his other stuff was okay from what I remember, but this is basically true. I don't get why there are people out there who think anything more of his movies than "it was good enough, I guess." He's basically the cinematic equivalent of a forced meme.


Maybe, but where's the evidence that Kev is a Red Sea pedestrian?

24d7de  No.917152

>Mumkey Jones



394ca1  No.917333


Kevin Smith is frankly too stupid to be one of the chosen.

9ab4ae  No.918069


When morality is seen as relative there is no morality

2f06a2  No.918325

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Sucks up to the anti-SJW and feminist crowd during Gamergate

>One of the first person celebrates Steven Crowder being de-platform because he called a vox journalist calling for political mean names

Should Mundanematt be the poster child of the skeptic community or does Sargon have the honor?

f1b720  No.918533


Sargons a more successful Matt. He managed to bullshit his way into mainstream media mockin.

da3ffb  No.918579


Soygoy. They all bow to the Stepfather – Mundanefat is no exception.

2f06a2  No.918641



Soygon Eliot Rodger and Matt Jarbo Randy stair?

0a2099  No.918695


>did anyone even know about either until GG

>both cling to GG long after it's dead and a joke

>both suffer from unwarranted self importance

>both have publicly humiliated themselves because of their own unwarranted self importance

>both are fat neckbeard losers

>both are raising another man's child

>both's bread and butter was just reading news articles

>both are liberal shit stains that "fight" the SJWs but act exactly like SJWs

If we're being honest here other then soygon's accent making dumb people think he's smarter then he is, there's not a whole lot of difference between them.

937653  No.918713

File: 7cdfc15c5bd6fe2⋯.jpg (9.48 KB, 331x285, 331:285, mikethinking.jpg)


Same as what I was thinking.

02af51  No.918716


Just seems like a typical millennial though. 'I was forever scarred because my dad talked about sex on a panel once'

5cdf8f  No.918883


She's a Zoomer

8f36ca  No.918884


I would have been scarred for life too if my father was Kevin Smith.

038c50  No.919380


It is not truth though. Traps are not gay. An average (western) woman is 60% feminine, typical western bimbo or girly girl is 80% feminine, a very rare feminine but not slutty woman (usually non-western) is 95% feminine. Traps are 100% feminine, except for penis which makes 0.2% of their body. Therefore, traps are more feminine than any women, 99.98%

708999  No.920199

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I stumbled upon this video yesterday. I don't know if this is known, but around 5 minutes it says that he used to have a writing blog or something called "Into the Æther", but I can't find it.


>Dawkins says that fags were left behind with the women to guard children which carries on the genes in a non-specific way

Brilliant deduction, right there.

708999  No.920203


>it says that he used to have a writing blog

Sargon, that is.

8ef401  No.920226

An amazing piece of shit if i ever did see one. The amount of bs that comes out of his mouth is staggering. How did one such as he ever get the backing to have shows, podcasts, and other booming mediums is beyond my understanding.

f1b720  No.920289


Dawkins is fucking stupid. But he can't say homos abuse people and their mental health breaks down

730b31  No.920332

File: 54235cf67ae3db1⋯.png (616.06 KB, 834x435, 278:145, let's.PNG)


Mumkey Jones is part of the Septic Community? Since when?

708999  No.920836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I found a new Skeptic

His Jewtube name is Dean Truelove. He is:







The video I attached is of him talking shit to Anita Sarkeesian. When do you think it was uploaded? 2014? 2015? Even 2016? No! It was uploaded mid 2017. In it, he cites MundaneFat as a source.

708999  No.920838

File: 1fe07ef3da23a84⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-Jun-9_11:07:10.112548….png)

File: 12de3c1aa507eb7⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-Jun-9_11:07:10.944685….png)

File: 9b41062045ba321⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-Jun-9_11:07:11.912918….png)


Unfortunately, he hasn't uploaded any videos for over a year, which is why I don't think he merits his own thread.

His latest four videos consist of a play through of a porn mod of the game Rimworld (called Rimjobworld). In the first two parts he's got a shirt on, in the second two, he's (as far as I can tell) naked. The screenshots are from around 1:07:12 of the first part (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-4MvpoJzpc).

708999  No.920844

File: 2d0006ace7b720f⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-Jun-9_11:26:26.588797….png)


I just realised that all three screenshots are almost identical. A bit retarded of me to upload more than one.

I found one from around 0:41:15 of part 3 as well.

708999  No.922015

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>His Jewtube name is Dean Truelove

Actually, looking more closely it's "Deane Truelove". Searching that name gives several further accounts of his (often under the name "deanec64"):


He's still active here, meaning he might have lolcow potential.


Here he has two projects – both porn game related:





His favorite movie is "The Red Pill", his favorite game "Gary's Mod" and he likes "The Rubin Report". He also lists the following tags under "other":

>List Posts

>Harry Potter Fans

>Abena UK


<Anti-SJW, Pro-SJ

<Armoured Skeptic

<Sargon of Akkad


>Donald J. Trump

>Dave Rubin

>Ann Coulter

<Inkontinence and adult diapers fan


>Land Group US LLC



Here he has several image collections, like:

>Adult stuff



<Videos of corruption


I can't access this, but according to duckduckgo it's talking about a "Deane Truelove" who is 44 years old, which would be his approximate age if he was born 1964 (as his username "deane64" suggests).

708999  No.922031


Some stuff I get searching for "deanec64":


This used to be his paypig account for his Minecraft Let's Plays. Unfortunately, he has removed it.


His Reddit. The first three posts I see on his account are

<[44 years old] living in [Richmond va] want [M4A] Friend with benefits. Friends being Emphasized

<44 [M4A] looking for Friend with benefits in Richmond VA


<[45] [M4A] looking for fuck buddies in the Richmond VA area.


Apparently he's got a fanfiction.net account.


He has an account on the porn game site "tfgames.site" and commented that this game "looks promising". The tags for the game include

>Mythical Creatures

>Male To Female



and several more.


This site appears to have porn mods for Sims 3. It includes a link to

>Loli Posters for Sims 3

where deanec64 is cited as the responsible. I'd actually rather not click that link.


He also has a (((premium))) nexusmods.com account.

Misc accounts:








Holy fucking shit this guy's a gold mine!

dbe19c  No.922387

Good find 708999, I lurked his reddit account for a bit and found some interesting shit about that fatass:

>while he is inactive in youtube, his last Reddit post is only 1 month ago

>moderator of a NSFW subreddit about rape fantasies

>browses gay subs and ask about how to safely bareback, aka, fuck without a condom

>more futa/shota vidya shit

>pretends he is a baby to get free diapers (look at this shit: https://archive.fo/O6ADV)

>harry potter fanfic enthusiast

>gender dysphoria, wants to be pregnant and wanks to the thought of birthing: https://archive.is/Hcvqm whiling to paypig for more of it

>yet more age play shit, asking for discount disposable diapers

>wants to be breed, literally: https://archive.is/fCkNf https://archive.is/383FC

>buttcoiner, cryptojew and wants to be a NEET rentier

>minecraft and Guild Wars in fucking 2017

>involved into some kind of Path of Exile petty drama: https://old.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/3hpl0l/did_qarl_ggg_help_ventor_manipulate_the_market/cu9nhft/

>has cronic pain, disabled

>hates cops

>roguelikes and Rimworld nerd

da3ffb  No.922699



According to this he was also moderator of /r/Pozzing. He isn't anymore, but checking the subreddit:


Every single r/Pozzing post apart from two was made by him!

He's also posted to places like r/ABDL and r/TrapQuest.

708999  No.923002

File: 748345ba768773a⋯.png (338.35 KB, 816x787, 816:787, Exquisite Molymeme.png)

File: 5c0b3b8d148ab96⋯.png (40.38 KB, 640x358, 320:179, No AIDS yet.png)



<[–]deanec64[S] -1 points 4 years ago

>nope no aids yet. and thanks.

>no aids yet



1114f2  No.923231


>there's not a whole lot of difference between them

Drawn to internet movements like flies on shit, to take the lead, leech from it and muddy the intent and natural power, and to then be taken down with their counter part, the weaponized snark master himself, a Metokur type. Get in, wreck the place, take a disgraceful exit and all the juice of a natural internet swelling with it. Then have anons shit on the entire thing, and the final act is to astroturf that the original movement had no power, success, or good intent to begin with. Subversion is a dance, they are all players of that game. Lauren Southern unfolding currently to be of most interest of a league way higher up than GG players.

2f06a2  No.923574


He looks like dan Harmon.

fda711  No.923699

I fucking hate this thread and its redditor inhabitants. Take that gay shit to your cyclical, mouthbreathers.

91ac48  No.926907

Don't we literally have a containment general for you retards?

7fcc1b  No.927747


>Penn Jillette is doing the same thing.

didn't have a choice, he had a 97% blockage in his heart.

7fcc1b  No.927748


Clerks 2 is only sequel of that length of time or greater inbetween that was any good at all.

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