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“Your existence is a momentary lapse of reason.”

File: 1424291784684.jpg (29.54 KB, 447x334, 447:334, n270.jpg)


I never use my smartphone's features and I don't like the idea of having accounts and spyware in my phones software (yes i know about custom roms, my phone currently runs cyanogen, and if i could it would run replicant). So what are some cool old (or maybe new) phones that can be used on today's networks for about $50?


You can just buy pre-paid dumbphones with cash and be maximum paranoid.


I am fully aware of that. My issue with that is the durability and esthetics of modern flip/bar phones.


To be fair, they aren't meant to be durable.


I`m using same dumbphone for 6 years now, battery still last a week, extremely durable, can hold memory cards, camera is drek of course.
It is an early model from Nokia`s XpressMusic series.
Battery life is the main reason why i don`t use NSA phones.


I miss horizontal clamshell flip phones with full physical keyboards. I miss when I didn't have to charge my phone every single day. It's pretty crazy how quickly mobile technology exploded.

My sister fell in love with Palm's later proto-smartphones but that's probably already more advanced than you're looking for.

A lot of deprecated phones run on Java-based OS right? After all these years I can't imagine them being any more secure than today's smartphones honestly. IIRC mobile security was becoming a big concern even before the iPhone came out.

I remember the Motorola Razr being really popular for a time, and the last time I was in Singapore you could still buy a variety of second-hand dumbphones pretty much anywhere you went.

The problem is if you're in America networks like Sprint and Verizon dominated the market for a long time with phones that can't use SIM cards, so I'd wager most older phones on those networks probably don't work anymore, but don't take my word for it.


Doing my research on networks atm.
AT&T looks like the best choice for older phones because they still offer sims and their network is GSM.


Its also really hard to find nice dumbphones that are also CDMA. I am an amerifag, btw.


File: 1424302069274.jpg (104.22 KB, 448x573, 448:573, 3639077_0.jpg)

I've had this phone since 2001 and it still works. Bar phones are indestructible. Tbh, i'd rather have a flip phone because smartphones literally a tool for distraction for when youre sitting in class with nothing to do. When im walking around in the hallways at my uni, all I see are people with their heads down looking at facebook on their dumb smartphones. Reminds me of 1984 everytime im looking at these people.


As a westerner part of me is deeply regretful that I will never get to experience keitai culture as portrayed in anime.

>comfortable, stylish and portable form factor with long battery life

>screen large enough to read cell phone novels on but still unwieldy for proper web browsing, so you can tear yourself away
>people use email because there are no good rates for SMS
>technology such as NFC, e-brouzouf and QR codes are actually useful due to widespread adoption
>there is no such thing as Angry Birds

There's something appealing about a phone that doesn't do everything.


File: 1424307137794.jpg (91.2 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Sonim-XP3300-Force-Yellow-….jpg)

Pic related.


keitai culture has been dead since 2011. The Iphone killed it.

It wasnt really that great anyways.

t. jap


File: 1424327249198.jpg (27.32 KB, 580x431, 580:431, 140410-metalgearsolidv-idr….jpg)

not much fan of MGS, but this case is real fucking schway


File: 1424328498656.jpg (47.6 KB, 1024x796, 256:199, idroidcase03.jpg)

I wish it was 15% smaller.


Looks dope, but way too clunky and that pricetag though…


>doesn't actually do anything other that look cool
>good luck putting that in your pocket
>probably worth more brouzouf then the phone


File: 1424481779783.jpg (36.74 KB, 770x433, 770:433, 35547819-6361.jpg)

I have a samsung rugby 3 flipphone.
>LOUD and CLEAR phone calls.
>Does BT
>Has SD slot
>Water proof (if the plug covers are in!)
>Drop proof
>Can deal with MMS messages.

Ive had this phone so long that the black paint has worn off the metal parts. Battery lasts for days.


IMO an Android Smartphone with all the spyware removed would make the perfect cyberpunk phone, it's essentially a portable Linux computer that fits in your pocket and you can use your hacking skills on the go
Plus, they make Solar USB chargers, so when the system tries to control the power to your PC you could use a smartphone as a substitute, they also have IRC and usenet clients for Android


NSA hacked all sim cards and the baseband processor is 100% proprietary.


Do they make any kind of portable computer that can be charged via USB and has decent hardware with FOSS drivers?


>Dell axim 51v
>2006ish mobile
>Was stronger than original Android phones
>Wifi, bluetooth, touchscreen, chargeable via usb, SD card slot, and 16 pin express slot
>had accessory to make it a 'modern' mobile via supporting mms/sim/data
>Originally built with windows mobile 5.0, people have been able to change the OS inside


Looks promising. If i cant find anything else, I will buy this one.


I'm sorry anon, but tablets killed the umpc market. And no open source phone exists that is actually functional. I saw someone talk about the board >>>/electronics/ where they are starting an open source phone/umpc project with end to end encyption. I would buy that in a heartbeat.


We will try our best.


If he wants to go cheaper, there are plenty of GSM networks in USA that aren't at&t drokk. You didn't do much much research


push it push it


Not java based os, but OS that is capable of running java. Many feature phones support java MIDP's which ware nice. But stuff like S40/S60 nokia, while barphones ware really smartphones as you could dev native software for them.
I read a shit ton of stuff on my 6120c nokia barpone.
Thing supported all cellular technologies then deployed here (even 3.5G WCDMA), had microSD port and earphone jack, but no GPS without external bluetooth dongle.
I lurked so much on IRC and cyberpunkreview with that thing.

But yeah, most phones only ran java apps. I had a third browser (stock nokia, opera mini and some weird java thing that rendered most pages better than the two) on the nokia that was a J2SE thing.

BUt I'd love my self some reasonable flip-featurephone.


My smartphone just tried to commit suicide and screen is now fucked so bad.

Any ideas that should i try to fix it or just get a new phone?


Moto Atrix was the shit. I'd have rocked a Droid 4 had I been on Verizon.

>First dual-core phone

>microHDMI out to TV

>LapDock gave you a Linux interface with Firefox, in HD

>Hack it to work on TV without dock

>Hack that to throw a full Debian, Ubuntu, or BackTrack install on it

>Literally any display with HDMI or DVI converter was your phone display.

Story time!

>Be me in a bar, 2011

>Band guy wants to show his new video on youtube

>Can't pull it up on QT-11 (it's one louder) rocker chick's iSuck because cannot into Flash.

>Pull out cable and plug into large bar TV (no one cares as I am DJ there)

>Pull up Firefox and YouTube

>Play video for group

>Shame her iDevice

Now we can do that wirelessly, but it just mirrors the phone's screen large.



File: 1432044827674.jpg (117.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The big LT.jpg)

>buy your first android phone

>get all exciteed that you're gonna install replicant

>get home, start clicking around

>yfw you can't even root it

>yfw you're stuck with a google botnet device


File: 1432051355358.png (395.34 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot-20140511-202108.png)

I fucking love my N900.

Pic related is my home screen, hasn't changed a bit.



Homofag from dutchland detected


You can literally jailbreak every phone in existence.



Unless someone hasn't written the root for it. If you don't know how to escalate privilege in Android to gain root and your phone isn't popular enough that someone has done it and released it, you're stuck.

That's why I plan around my technical incompetence by buying something I know a root has been written for.



Easy to fix, man, but waste your brouzouf if you want. SQUANDER IT



While I agree everything CAN be rooted, not everything has been rooted. There are bounties for root that are unclaimed. One I can think of off the top of my head is the Verizon galaxy s4 business model. I think its model sch45-something cant remember at the moment.



I got no skills to fix it and single smartphone, the fixing is prob gonna cost some brouzouf



Now's your chance to wean yourself off smart phones. Get yourself a burner and a single-board computer.


File: 1432070911178.jpg (19.08 KB, 500x367, 500:367, CARLOS,GODVERDOMME.jpg)


Nederflikker aub.


anyone know a pre-paid phone that isn't a smartphone and doesn't have bloatware? I just want a call/texting machine.



Literally any featureless "feature phone" / dumb phone. They all spy on you though.




imo, this is as /cyber/ as it goes

The specs aren't great, so i wouldn't exactly call them hi tech tho…

You can't buy them yet

Opinion lads?



Looks nice



Yeah, I've been waiting on the neo900 for a while now. They've been talking about it for a couple years.

I'll be too broke for it regardless.



Looks cool, hardware is hopelessly outdated though.



>1100$ for the motherboard

>166$ for the rest




Using any mobile phone allows you to be tracked. If you want cyberpunk, reality isn't very glamorous. Stick to stationary home phones.


Smartfones would be /cyb/ if they didn't spy on you (the only exception is when you use Replicant, but we all know it's not perfect). Moreover, Android is in fact based on GNU/Linux, but you can't really do shit on it, can you? (The most /cyb/ thing I did was using an RTL-SDR)

So, a cyberpunk config is to use an old dumbphone so as not to be tracked and a PC (preferably with a custom BIOS as well), an older smartphone (Nokia N900, Nokia 9300i Communicator, Palm Treo something) or a smartphone made for people like us (Neo900, the CHIP project… but they often end up being failures)

tfw if it weren't for iPhone PDAs would still be expensive as fuuuuarkkk and limited to the business class, but they could probably be as sturdy as they used to be (Palm III/V anyone?)




Stationary phones are easy to be tampered with. The communication boxes often aren't properly maintained. Imagine these rusty locks…



It is all logged anyway, but mobile phones give your current location away as well.



Can't argue with that



Do mobile operators keep logs of people connecting to various BTSes?







All you guys acting like the state wants to take you in, jesus. South Park made an episode about this.



What episode?




not him but the TSA episode did a much better job at showing why the NSA is wrong imho.



Yes, but anon was talking about an episode ridiculing people who think the government is out to get them.


File: 1432229543958.jpg (90.45 KB, 750x514, 375:257, LMVGeBJ.jpg)


Well they're not not out to get us either. It's more of an "if the system gets wind of you you're fucked" thing. It can happen to anyone who is poor/middle class and preferably a minority.

So it's like Schrodinger's box. The government is both out to get you and not out to get you at the same time. Might as well prepare for the worst since on a long enough timeline the gears of the system will wrought your flesh from your bones.



>buying before doing your research

That's not schway at all.


File: 1432233497055.jpg (85.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, e1200.jpg)

If you're interested in a phone that literally only does basic phone shit, not even a camera and has some ruggedness to it and epic battery life you can't go wrong with this. It costs next to nothing and it even looks pretty schway. It doesn't come with a data transfer cable (if you want to change the wallpaper or have a custom ringtone you have to buy it separately) and make sure you don't get the E1200R, which has fucking 8MB of onboard memory compared to the 32MB of the E1200.



This anon guessed right: >>23268

Eric totally goes apeshit when he finds out the government isn't interested in his meaningless existence at all.



I have a rugby 2, have actually thrown it at brick walls before and dropped it in the bath and it has only one scratch to show for it. Fucker has been dropped innumerable times, so fucking strong. Looks cyber enough though



I got a very similar model. Battery lasts for 1½ week with 1-2 calls, 20 messages, a day.

Cheaper than a meal at a resturant or cafe.

8/10 would buy again.



+looks cool


-adds bulk

-adds weight

-does nothing


File: 1432801030234.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2014-09-16-19-3….png)


And these people claim wanting to help mankind get rid of closed source crap.

The only thing they do is reinforce the idea that

unless you're rich, you should just shut up and accept the corporate dick.

Fuck those shazbots, I'll hurt them when I get the chance; after which I'll force them to sell it for one tenth of the original price.



Phone cases are meant as protection for those shazbots that keep dropping their phone. That's another +.



ow the edge

Though yes, open source is best.



That's the phone that morpheus used, right? It looks very familiar


I use rootable android phones. It opens up the underbelly, so to speak, so that I can do cool things with it.

Mainly use it with Serval Mesh, or I can put something like Backtrack on it.

If you really want to be cyb about it, bring a raspi along with you that can run asterisk and deploy a tunnel to a VPS/Home Server and have your friends use SIP to call you.


File: 1433239204100-0.jpg (44.44 KB, 500x356, 125:89, nokia-n900.jpg)

File: 1433239204101-1.jpg (40.35 KB, 470x382, 235:191, nokia-N900_2.jpg)


Nokia N900 for me. It's an old smartphone, and I have't riced it out that much yet.


File: 1433245790269.png (383.83 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot-20131102-164228.png)



My nigga. What's your home screen?

Here's mine from a few years ago, hasn't changed much, only changed "Powered by Wittgenstein" to "Powered by MRT36-606/2"


File: 1433321436900-0.png (405.94 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot-20150603-054233.png)

File: 1433321436901-1.png (254.2 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot-20150603-054732.png)


>My nigga. What's your home screen?

Here ya go! My two screens :D

What ya think?








File: 1433369455767.jpg (77.95 KB, 650x426, 325:213, 7110.jpg)

Nokia 7110. Neo had one


File: 1433375621839.jpg (109.36 KB, 204x400, 51:100, 177.jpg)

I plan on getting a Galaxy Nexus and installing Replicant soon. Anything I need to know?



nokia 8110 was used by neo




GNex is notorious for poop battery. If you can deal with that though, You should love it.




Here´s a recent screenshot.

Background pic is from Fawfulthegreat64 on Deviantart, it´s Wittgenstein the TLW-728 Supercomputer.


File: 1433460783315.png (186.29 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Screenshot-20150605-012959.png)


Forgot pic+didn't intend to namefag wtf.



Looks a bit cluttered for my taste, but I like it.

I see you're using the Deus Ex font… noice - I was using it until not so long ago too!



I use it this way because I can easily control it with my right thumb, which is a relief when cycling and I quickly want to start Rockbox for example.

Yep, font's Dento(n) fron DXHR.



Not my style, sorry. Liking the black theme tho.



oi kusse got any neat TBs lately



The complete Neo900 device "just" costs 480 EUR right now: https://my.neo900.org/



Oh… disregard that: http://neo900.org/estimate


File: 1433531414217.jpg (192.33 KB, 1384x1424, 173:178, jolla-white-rendering[1].jpg)

Currently using a Jolla after I stopped using Google's services, I'm quite happy with it.

It's a GNU/Linux smartphone with a proprietary ui (supposed to be freed at some point) made by ex Nokia employees that worked on Meego.


Not sure if this is the best thread for this, but it is pretty damn cyber and phone related.

The USB port on my phone shorted, so I have been “stuck” using wireless charges. The problem? All of them seem to be around ~$50. Do you guys have any cheap ones, or guides to inexpensive DIY ones?

Also, I have the Radioshack and Samsug ones if you guys are curious about them. Ask away.



>tfw burgers can't get the Jolla



>tfw not available in Australia


File: 1433561915958.jpg (91.31 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, CFCoxPJWAAAVKjs (1).jpg)

Get any phone with cyanogenmod source, or regular android source (a jewgle branded phone like Nexus)

If your system isn't 100% drok then repo clone the android source and build your own roms. If it is drok, do it on AWS, takes only 3mins to download entire source, then run a script that nukes all the shitty stuff you don't want out of the makefiles so they aren't built. Add your own programs to get built and signed with the Rom. You learn how to do this in any Android Oreilly book or Android Hacker's Handbook.

You can prevent anything getting installed by simply ripping out all the installers. Prevent camera being accessed by ripping out all the cam drivers, or GPS, or NFC ect. You have full control over the device (well except one major exception… the fucking radio proprietary RTOS running unchecked).



Linux not GNU/Linux. Theres no gnu in android.



>tfw can't get a firefox OS phone either

What's a boy to do



>an old dumbphone so as not to be tracked

old dumbphones contain baseband chips too, but i guess you're right and they're not quite as bad.

was planning to get a smartphone and put a proper gnu+linux distro on it but decided to keep using my dumbphone until the neo900 or a similar phone comes out.



I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called Linux, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called Linux distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux!



Dress up like a cute girl of course!



very informative, post here more please.



Is it possible to make the phone entirely a gnu/linux system or are you going to have to run it in a chroot? That's cool and all as well, but not nealy as exciting as running x on my old SII.



Jokes aside, just for any users who might be unclear:

Android isn't a GNU system. The GNU/Linux moniker is only applicable if the Linux distro in question uses the gnu userland or c standard library, which Android does not. If I used just the linux kernel for some embedded device, that wouldnt be GNU/Linux either. You can have Linux without GNU and you can have GNU without linux. Theyre just pieces of an operating system that are commonly used together.


File: 1438297478134.jpg (774.72 KB, 718x1278, 359:639, 1.jpg)

Heavy modded first-gen One, loaded with all upgrades possible. Pic related is my boot/splashscreen.

I have a MultiROM setup with Sense7 (everyday use) & Exodus AOSP (for special ops). Custom kernel with wake gestures, extreme battery saving, OC/UV, aux amplifier OC, thermal throttling control, fastcharge, usb/cd drive emulation and much more that I cant remember.

Once I took down a pub's monitoring & network with it after they kicked us out for not ordering anything for some time.


File: 1438301957219.jpg (15.58 KB, 640x267, 640:267, megahurts.jpg)


1984 or Brave New World?


File: 1438309870765.jpg (495.22 KB, 1280x664, 160:83, google-project-ara-hands-o….jpg)

Project Ara






android is made by google. people are stupid to think they are safe using a different operating system or software on the same bad compromised hardware






I'm really surprised no one has mentioned yet that Neo900 is finally available for pre-order/"down payments". Phones are inherently invasive of your privacy, but Neo900 is probably going to be among the least of evils, and it'll have a FUCKING ANALOG KEYBOARD THANK GOD I FUCKING HATE TOUCHSCREENS.

Still, I don't get what else there is going to be to it other than it being a modernized N900 running a Linux distro. You still can't upgrade any of the hardware.

>there will never be a phone that you can upgrade all the hardware on with the same level of control as a desktop



Also Ara is Google and you need to buy those proprietary block things to upgrade it. It's a nice idea but it doesn't count, and also muh botnet >>29523



Around €1000,- for a smartphone with 2012 mid range hardware and an abysmal screen with 800x480 resolution. Of course nobody is going to mention it because it's downright laughable holy shit.


Anything I could do with a verizon sch-740u? It's dual flip.



not sure if you're just pretending to be retarded but you forgot to take into account the price of privacy and security and production in small numbers.

lurk moar and maybe read a book.



related: healthy food costs more


File: 1438536078716.jpg (40.49 KB, 500x540, 25:27, 1438005225542.jpg)


Nigga, it's still made by a company, you don't know shit about the device. You're buying an outdated piece of shit with the promise that it's safe to do so. You are nothing better than a mainstream consumer, just more gullible because of the obsessive focus on the intangible; 'privacy'. Picture related, it's me right now.


The cost to get the ISS into orbit was over $150 billion in total, though this should be split up between the 16 countries participating in the project.



your post made so absolutely no sense i must assume you're trolling. you just can't be this stupid.



You're nothing different than any mainstream consumer. You will buy something just because it is advertised as secure. Open Source or not, you're not certain of anything unless you build the damn thing from the ground up yourself. Most people, let alone corporations or governments, can trace you down just fine if they need to.



green is bluer than red.



Skype $3 a month





how to have all your conversations recorded in 2 easy steps!


we need free wifi throughout everywhere. if we don't have to access the phone network anymore we can use laptops and build smartphones without baseband chips on entirely open hard- and software.

free wifi for an entire country and all visitors is still cheaper than what everyone in that country pays for mobile phone contracts.

but ofc socialism can't work and the market will fix it.



I'm using Nokia N900 as my phone. I'll definitely switch to Neo900. The specs are fine. Try harder.


File: 1439066985220.jpg (499.26 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 65460646.jpg)


I'm not telling you not to buy it, I'm telling you that you're a retard for buying it. The specs were alright. Three years ago. On a €200,- budget.




They still are fine. I have bunch of presumably more modern devices, but I always reverted to Nokia N900 - and now the only annoyances of N900 are being fixed with Neo900. Pure win.



Pants on head retarded. It would literally be more economical to invest in a project to modernize your current N900 with replacement hardware yourself.

Unless you like having a screen that is only one step up from the original Gameboy LCD display and paying a number that could get you at least two 4k monitors.



>267 dpi transflective screen with superior resistive touch

>one step up from the original Gameboy LCD

wow, you're tripping hard. N900's screen was a few years ahead its time when it was released. Even now it's pretty competitive - it's just tad small. However, given that I keep using N900, I know I can live with that.

Also, no, it wouldn't be more economical. I evaluated the options, plus I know some of the people behind Neo900 project personally. I know what they're doing and how much this stuff costs (and why).



>>tfw burgers can't get the Jolla

What is ebay? What is GSM?


The trade off between a PHONE and a SMART "PHONE" is one isn't a phone but a portable computer. It does everything you need it to, and these days hardly makes phone calls at all. For everything important, I use my phone. For everything else, there is my smart phone. The extra line costs me like $15 extra a month–probably less.

I used to have a "work phone" but it was a smart phone and I ended up (because of my profession) getting paranoid about people tapping it and hacking it etc. The legal world is a bitch. The real world is an even bigger one.





what about blackberry smarthphones? Like z30?






What is google.

I found it on my first try.



wait for the kiddies to start crying because you use google not some clownish shit like duckgogo.



i'm behind 17 proxies 1 vpn and 1337 layer encryption.

Come get me google.


>wait for the kiddies to start crying because you use google not some clownish shit like duckgogo.

how fucking retarded are you?

of course >>30727 isn't literally using google, google is just a synonym for non-botnet search engines.


very funny except that proxies barely confuse google.



…and VPNs are mostly pwned by the NSA or were honeypots to begin with.




>what are 94 year old memes

>taking shit serious even if you wouldn't know the meme and it's overly obnoxious

Holy shit I hate this place. Nothing but Linux nazis and other basement dwelling tinfoil goobers that genuinely believe they are living the cyberpunk life because muh corporations and gentoo.



corp shill cuck muh white degenerecy instal gentoo lunex schway! brouzouf botnet for pleb shazzbots.

– /cyber/!

– no its not!


I have spoken. Summed up last 2 month of this board. Such huge potential, but too many idiots.



That is a Samsung SPH-N270 for anyone wondering. Goes on ebay for like $800 min so good luck.



Are you the same guy making these posts on the board or are there actually multiple people dissatisfied with the state of /cyber/?



Saw two or three others, so I guess I'm not the only one dissatisfied. Though I still think there is only one idiot from pol who posts all those buzzwords.

Question: when it gets dirty in your room, do you clean your mess or just cover it with paper sheets so that you don't see it?


File: 1440883688868.jpg (38.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, V9x.jpg)



I fucking hated Motorolas back in the day. Nokia was where it was at.



I've broken so many RAZRs it's not even funny.



Well, depends how dirty it gets. If my room starts to have explosive diarrhea stains all over the walls because of all the retards hanging out in my room trying to tell me over and over again that x y and z belong in my room because it vaguely has a relation to it, and the police are nowhere to be found, and I have no means of getting them to leave other than trying to reason with them or yell at them, I probably would move out.



File: 1440979960076.jpg (30.09 KB, 720x300, 12:5, centipedes-in-my-vagina.jpg)



>just take my word for it



File: 1442167552831.jpg (227.25 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Caterpillar-CAT-B15.jpg)

Seen this little fucker in the mall last week, looks sturdy and cool.

Become an android poweruser and the world is yours



>those proprietary block things

Those aren't proprietary, that's the point. Anyone who wants to can manufacture and sell new modules. The only thing I'm really worried about is the metal part that everything plugs into, since as far as I know people can't just make those for themselves.



>Become an android poweruser and the world is yours

>Ok Google, search for cyberpunk books and comics

>Y e s, M a s t e r

Pretty schway


>tfw nokia in mid 00's was more /cyber/ than everything modern combined

>tfw they don't make those unique styles anymore

>tfw everything is touchscreen piece of soap



As an Android user, it is damn schway, but everything you do is being tracked and logged.


File: 1443567385939.jpg (11.17 KB, 294x523, 294:523, 0.jpg)

I used to have this phone before I got my smartphone and kept it as a backup in case I lost said smartphone. I'm considering switching my number to this phone as an experiment to try and stop using my smartphone so much. Wish my luck, chummers.



I've got a somewhat decent system in place to partially protect my privacy on android. I say partially because android itself will always be proprietary google no matter what you do. Anyway, here's what I do:

- Use XPrivacy to limit exactly what each app does and does not have access to (internet, app data, clipboard, you name it). I can't find a single flaw with the software it works reliable and it's easy enough to figure out.

- Use orbot and orweb to reroute all internet access on my phone through the TOR network. Yes I am aware orbot/orweb are a bit leaky, but they're the best android has.





File: 1444388301145.png (195.85 KB, 870x400, 87:40, considersuicide6.png)

I've got this old nokia because rooting my phone with Cyanogen flipped and I hard bricked my phone. I regret it furiously. No web connectivity so I can't check muh chans, won't accept my micro SD card so no music, every time I have nothing to do at work I just end up sitting there awkwardly doing nothing, literally. Smartphones made me get through my day well. I used to read ebooks on my smartphone and now I can't read shit because I stopped using meatspace books and switched to cyber versions I just pull off my site.

Also I broke the screen on the dumbphone yesterday from sitting on it (I only weigh 58kg what the hell). I must be the first person to ever break a Nokia dumbphone.

Fuck this gay earth.




hi tumblr



first dual core phone was the LG Optimus 2x



I still use my old Atrix, but it's on its last legs. I need to replace it. Once I don't depend on it, I think I'll get more adventurous and start playing around with it.

Is there a more recent equivalent to the Atrix?



You just gave me plenty of argumentation to not do anything mentioned about your post. Good luck, pal.


not bad



police have disappeared thousands of people in chicago.

the state is corrupt and influenced heavily by lobbyists, and then theres the problem of what individuals in power like to do. if the state wants to figure out lots about you? it can, unless you have never used a phone, never used credit/debit, never used a bank, never had a job, never applied for a job, never owned land, never filed taxes, and never used the internet insecurely.

having a nearly omniscient government is asking for bad things to happen


I have my dad's old work phone, a Cat B25. It's really durable. It has a loop on top, I'm considering adding a cord there so it can double as a self-defence weapon.




>I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as GNU/Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU/Linux. GNU/Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU/Linux system made useful by the GNU/Linux corelibs, GNU/Linux shell utilities and vital GNU/Linux system components comprising a full GNU/Linux OS as defined by GNU/Linux.


File: e2c5f26d1c1ef9c⋯.jpg (94.44 KB, 564x814, 282:407, Telecomm.jpg)


This was the best solution I could come up with. Would get a new number every month, as well.

Although I can imagine it pestering my employer. But if that's the primary concern, does it really matter?

I have a feeling this scenario will be the ultimate outcome.



changing the sim doesn't fool anyone unless you also change the IMEI of your handset somehow. every combination of SIM and IMEI that has connected to the network is logged.

buy prepaid sims and use only data. mexican sim cards and prepaid plans are cheaper and work all over north america with no roaming fees

if you need a phone number for people to call you, use a VOIP service.



It got downgrade to bullshit modules for hipsters, then canned because nobody cared anymore



dumbphones are way more durable than shitty smartphones


Don't be a shazbot


The only reason I'm not using a dumb phone right now is because of google authenticator. Any alternative to this? I don't want to stop using two-factor authentication.


File: 64064262793cac1⋯.jpg (152.1 KB, 1280x576, 20:9, shinjuku_wide_rain.jpg)

Nexus 5x running Copperhead OS. FOSS software only (except for drivers). Hope to get a Pyra when it comes out.


File: bbe475f9bbd19b7⋯.jpg (463.75 KB, 1920x1010, 192:101, NOVA by Roy Ren.jpg)


>changing the sim doesn't fool anyone unless you also change the IMEI of your handset somehow

Honestly, I was just going to buy a new one every month ($12) with the prepaid/activation card ($15). It'd be cheaper than the previous data plan I used ($45).

But using VoIP is a good angle too, will look more into it. Thanks!



Check out FreeOTP.


File: bff152677340f49⋯.png (408.03 KB, 456x513, 8:9, interjecting intensifies.png)

Still waiting for Replicant to switch to Android 6.0 and support more than 10 phones.



En een jaar later ben ik nog altijd eens dat een XP3300 een briljante /cyber/foon is.

Of gewoon een N900.



Got a 19 Mk6 since May this year and loving it!


File: f4d4b7767166a81⋯.jpg (507.52 KB, 1092x1944, 91:162, 6275i.jpg)


Atrix was a beautiful device. And it had a fingerprint sensor in an actual usable location for one handed use.


No. You're better off just buying one used. They weren't that durable of phones, I went through 3 warranty replacements because they kept dying on me.


I've never had a smartphone and always just stuck to burners that I'd switch every other month. I figured it's pointless to have a smartphone since I carry my X60 everywhere I go anyway. But fuck, these look so convenient and fun.

What smartphone is the most flexible and open and which phone service provider in the United States is the least fucked when it comes to data collection and retention?




> But fuck, these look so convenient and fun.

What was that saying? Something something road something something paved with good intentions?



You're right, but considering I've lasted this long without those abhorrent tracking devices and already feel an inclination to get one, it's only a matter of time until we all have one. I mean, fuck- there are already plans that give out smart phones and service for free.


File: e7b8ca500a92797⋯.jpg (869.01 KB, 2592x1944, 4:3, Motorolaradiobeeper.jpg)

What about…stay with me on this one…what about using pagers?

You can get pagers that do not have the battery power to transmit, they can only receive. So you could leave your phone off, use a pager, and remain relatively trackless that way. Then, when you want to have an actually private conversation, you move to encrypted chat.



Too conspicuous, aren't they?



That's a picture of the very first model.

They make one-way pagers that look like a norm digital watch.



What do you guys think about getting something like this and cramming some sort of single board computer in there to handle the front end ui and the like, while still using the cheap ass hardware for everything else? You could have the gpio directly wired the buttons of the phone. It would be trivial to make a script that goes controls the chinaware headlessly.

Essentially, you control the single board computer, then the single board computer controls the phone for you.



If you're still around to read this, the galaxy nexus has horrid performance and battery life is absolute crap. Literally 4 hours or so. My 3ds has longer battery life


Why is everyone here posting low-tech garbage?

Buy a phone with decent looks, decent hardware. Then just install cyanogenmod and be forever free.



>he doesn't know about binary blob drivers that spies on him

Enjoy being drone striked by Obama.



>forever free

hahah nice one chumma'



I wish that there were pagers where instead of having to pay monthly/annual service fee you could just pay an activation fee and then pay-per-message. Pagers would be great to have in an emergency


File: 033a0f9f7cebca6⋯.jpg (70.8 KB, 775x369, 775:369, articlen95withkeyboard.jpg)



pirate the signal from a satellite pager and "borrow" a random number that operates in your area. encrypt all messages with a preshared salsa20 key.

the activation fee is buying hardware that can intercept pager messages


File: 92051b8f5cc4b5a⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, 20170116_173502.jpg)

Here is my next project to go at least a bit more underground (no more google botnet).

E75,E52 and N95 which I got for 100€. N95 is not operational so I need to fix it. probably a shitty deal but I got previous owner's contacts and other private stuff

N8 and Xcover 3 supports usb-otg, so they will be great when writing code or so.



Off topic, but what model of laptop is it that you have the phones resting on?


File: 18975b104950fdd⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, 20170108_221629.jpg)


Getac S400(G1) first generation

My main daily driver.


I'd been using a Palm Treo 650 for years now, until a couple of weeks ago when AT&T decided to finally kill off 2G in my area.



The iPhone 4S not very /cyber/, I know is the first and only smartphone I have owned. Its gotten pretty dinged up over the years, but I plan on using it until such time as it is no longer capable of sending and receiving texts and instant messages. After >>45406 happens to 3G, I think I'll be done with cell phones for good.


File: beba2d2e90c653e⋯.jpg (155.57 KB, 1364x615, 1364:615, 2001space037.jpg)


honestly it's the only good iphone. it's the ideal shape and size in my opinion and the thing looks the monolith from 2001: a space odyssey



Hopefully it won't happen to 3G for a long, long time. You'll probably be able to find parts for your 4S for a decade or so too, I imagine.

I'm still looking for a 3G compatible phone I like, though.


Compile your AOSP ROM and kill camera and microphone drivers. no sim card and code your own messaging app


>live in Germany

>have to register ANY number with full name and address

>no anonymous phone calls








I'm sure if you had criminal connections you could get a real burner. Funny how that works.



Go fuck yourself shazbot


File: 02e185d1846bdc8⋯.jpg (648.2 KB, 2040x1351, 2040:1351, nokia8110.jpg)

Not in the $50 range, but nokia is bringing back the 8110 in 4g. Looks schway as fuck.



Just go in one of these russian/turkish internet cafes in a bigger city and get a SIM thats already unlocked.


File: 43fd12b2287ed50⋯.jpg (88.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Newmind-F3-Arabic-Quad-ban….jpg)

File: 839647558dcab3f⋯.mp4 (1.94 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, bar-small-size-idealy-spor….mp4)

The newmind f3 looks like a toy car.

It also is about the same size. (6.5cm long)


The newmind Y918 also looks like a toy car.

It also has a cigarette lighter built in.


Both cost about about 25$.


File: eeae9a88f96471c⋯.jpg (349.29 KB, 1248x1928, 156:241, dozendp_1.jpg)


Go to https://download.lineageos.org/

Check the models. If your current device supports the OS, install it. You might need to install the TWRP recovery image first.

Avoid installing Google packets, install F-Droid and OSS.


File: 3ad5f67003d58cc⋯.jpg (6.53 KB, 225x169, 225:169, s-l225.jpg)

If Osmocom ever finishes a complete standalone firmware for Calypso-based motorolas, they'll be the only 100% libre phones. Many things already work, but they need a host computer. It works with a RasPi, though, so it might be good enough for some use cases.

The downside is that those phones are VERY old, and that means no data connection (unless they somehow implement CSD, and even then it'll be 9600 baud at best).



>grab Osmocom phone

>set it up

>jack into oldschool BBS to sell stolen low-size paydata

I can see no problem with 9600b.


Palm OS phones were pretty awesome for what they were.



had one like that for a corporate application.

didnt want to spend the time to hack it but I tried the standard interface tricks and nothing was working.

couldnt even cold boot and reset from default.


The retro-cyber appeal of many of these dumb phones is not interesting to me. They were not considered cyberpunk then, why would they be cyberpunk now? They're gadgets, that's it. And besides, is there anything more cyberpunk than everyone operating identical looking glass cubes with some vague meaningless corporate logo?

When it comes to cyberpunk, you want the coolest technology in your device and part of that comes from the technology. You're running pocket sized Turing machine that has more power than NSA supercomputer in the 80s. The question is, who's doing the computation. Are you going to allow corporate control over that device. Are you going to talk through compromised base-band CPU and SS7?

Dumb phones have inferior call quality, the calls are not encrypted in any meaningful way. The device can hot-mic you just like a smart phone can, and the government can triangulate your position anyway. So why opt out of free, end-to-end encrypted, crystal clear, p2p calls with Signal? The assumption is after all you use your cyber phone with your cyber friends. Otherwise you'd just play snake with it when there's no browser.

You can customize the smartphone interface any way you like, even re-program the device how you like it. Your flip phone does not have unconditional patching. Cyberpunk means "low-life, high tech" it does not become better with "low-life low-tech".


File: 653a9c3ac0e7933⋯.jpg (72.23 KB, 497x706, 497:706, samsung alias 2.jpg)


been looking at these since i never got own a flip with a full keyboard. dig its looks and its more resilient looking than a smartphone. wonder what kind of things you can make it do…



Hahaha signal was backdoored by the NSA/CIA and was proven to be able to get hacked.. now time to ship off to another app I guess.



>signal was backdoored

link for this?


Relax, >>51568 . >>51567 is getting ahead of himself. If they've already got an in on your system, signal's encryption won't help is all.





> If they've already got an in on your system, signal's encryption won't help is all.

I know, I was calling >>51567 on the

>signal was backdoored

claim. Could've been true, even though they have hw backdoors into your hardware, it's not mutually exclusive and it would be worse had they weakened the encrypt of signal's as it would be another in for other bad actors. But yeah, it's all a turd sandwich.



I'm legitimately considering this. Almost all use cases for my smartphone would be covered by an old laptop, and I'm at a point in my life where anyone that calls can wait for me to come home or bum a call off someone else.


What about just building your own phone from off the shelf parts?

It doesn't look like a terribly difficult project, and you could make your own cool case for it.

It looks like you can get dev boards that use SIM cards you could buy anywhere. Just stick with 2G, no frills, and have a basic phone you know isn't backdoored.


They switched-off the G2 network.

My Sony/Ericsson brick phone stopped being useful.

I had the sad that day



>proto phone

>edges already peeling




It would look like shit, better buying the cheapest dumbphone you can buy.


Buy the linux smartphone by Purism. It has a physical off switch for camera and microphone and it runs on Pure OS, their own privacy focused linux distro. Plus, the brouzouf you pay will go into developing linux hardware and linux alternatives to other components which do not exists and thus computers are dependent on intel for that.


File: 4fccc9c6462f4b9⋯.jpg (319.04 KB, 1020x1149, 340:383, Timex_Datalink_Beepwear_Pr….jpg)


It's not a bad idea, but are there any cool looking pagers?


File: a8587725f236429⋯.jpg (72.69 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2027045932.jpg)

File: e192edff5a0385d⋯.jpg (118.56 KB, 800x532, 200:133, 13899042443470.jpg)


Tons of.



I would buy the Librem 5 if they had it out NOW. As it is, it well be severely outdated when/if it manages to come out.



Out of academic interest, how would one go about doing this?


File: 9318f7b4923cae9⋯.jpg (62.02 KB, 974x709, 974:709, The monday pill.jpg)

Anyone in 2018 still using an N900 as their daily drive?



>electronic components


Nigger what the fucking fuck, what kind of virgin fairy dust components are they ordering?





>for a single motherboard

>based on an already functional and tested platform



Yeah, here. Only because of the awesome keyboard and Rockbox('s headset integration) though.



Would you recommend getting one?

How practical are they as a daily driver, is it easy to use even if I don't into linux all that much?

I've been looking to get a new phone and the n900 seems very appealing to me, especially since the neo900 is maybe coming out


File: b2152c65e5b6890⋯.jpg (26.51 KB, 360x306, 20:17, Motorola Advisor.jpg)


Alright, I'm sold.



If you're a maximum autismo like I am, get one. If this N900 dies however, i'll just get a MP3 player and something ridiculously rugged like a Toughpad or Sonim dumbphone.



To be honest though, it's slow. And unsupported by Nokia. The web browser is outdated as fuck. Maemo5 can be rather buggy at times, and my N900 needs a reboot every 4 days because of how slow as shit it becomes.



>he doesn't have cargo pants

>he doesn't have a fanny pack utility belt

Where do you put your Fultons?



What are all you fuckers doing that you need super rugged phones?

Smartphones are botnet, and cheap burner phones can be bought so cheaply you could literally go through a hundred of them before you'd be spending more brouzouf than you would on a single Apple flagship phone.




Ach fuck me, I thought you wanted a super rugged phone.

That said, I wouldn't call the N900 rugged, it's just a smartphone.



Ruggedized is fine if you're using it during manual labor/working outside, but for most here the most punishment their phones will get is when they fall from the bed anons have spent hours jerking to hentai onto the floor.


File: 81c42db6783131b⋯.jpg (17.09 KB, 511x468, 511:468, hitler stare.jpg)


>anons have spent hours jerking to hentai onto the floor.

your grammar is horrid. fix your shit nigger. do not waste sacred dubs like that again.



Oh god I had this phone and I miss it so fucking much. I would love to have a fresh one, I have no idea what kinda of wonderful things could come from this….



>"sacred" dubs

>Hitler posting

>ur grammer fuckin suuuks!!!

Maybe use capital letters before you start correcting people's grammar. Now get back to your containment board, you underage larping faggot.






How do you sign up to get such phones? I thought you had to register and stuff. So you lie on the forms, and that's good enough?

There remains a problem. Cellular chips are in command of whatever device they may be on (which means they are the ever-ready backdoor of the CIA/NSA).

The government (NSA) automatically matches movements and deanonymizes you. So if you drive with your phone, or walk with it, or even use it during predictable hours (like when you're off work), from some position (detected by which cell towers you use, even if you have no gps), you're fukked.

This can pretty much be solved this way: Tether through your phone. The tethering device is Android, locked down, secured. You will need to cap your data usage, from this device, then set it to continuously utilize that level of data. You also need quality of service (so the fake/dummy data usage falls away when you actually have need of data). Obviously, this is expensive. It's the only solution. So, again, continuous data, from a tethering Android tablet, such that there is no way to correlate with an endpoint.

Obviously, from this tethering Android device, you make Tox over Tor (ToT) calls.


Phones can have their security increased in various ways.

The greatest risk is the microphone, which is very sensitive. Test it out yourself, recording yourself, then playing back the audio through bud headphones. You'll be astounded at what an exceptional eavesdropping device every phone is. You can wrap your phone in a blanket, then put it, wrapped, in a sealed container. Think it can't hear you? Wrong. Everything you say in the room is quite audible.

eh, ffs. I'm working on a solution for this. Maybe I'll post my solution here. Why the fuck not?

The basic design:

1. a desk fan (you know, for blowing air on your face)

2. a microphone, miking the fan (as opposed to playing a wav file of white noise. purpose: effectively a random source, can't be attacked through cancellation, not well, anyway (dull hum can, tho))

3. an amplifier for the microphone. The easiest would be a small mixing board, but that's overkill. So you see how I haven't made this cheap

4. a headphone amp, that provides multiple headphone outputs. Your mixing board may have enough outputs, but we're trying to eliminate the mixing board, to make this cheap

5. cheap speakers.

6. A pegboard. You create a frame for your phones and other devices, so they are positioned perfectly

7. … then you glue the speakers into position directly over your mics

Result: The NSA/CIA can't hear a damn thing, when it's in use, and you have a perfectly normal phone-using life out and about. Nobody knows you're /cyber/, you man in black.


In the process of eliminating sensors, I was wondering if there's a way to fuck up the g sensors. Motion sensors. Those can be used to identify you. I think GPS is pointless to disable, because cellular use alone will probably eventually be higher in precision locators than GPS. Magnets are all you need to fuck up the magnetometer and the compass: just glue a magnet near each of these. You just put tape over the light sensor (or remove it). The same with cameras.

And, to avoid the fan-mic-amp-speakers thing above, you can just remove the mic from your phone, force yourself to use handsfree.

Also, it's advisable to remove the speaker - that can be used in certain circumstances to enlist the aid of nearby CIA/NSA devices. Basically, "help help I'm being used by a sneaky fuck" (they can detect the absence of a microphone pretty easily, by playing any brief sound, noticing it's not audible).



>calling someone a larper on /cyber/

i think the soycaf is gettng to your head


File: 644846d1169173c⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 600x683, 600:683, spedepasanen.jpg)


>being this autistic


File: 26938f12b768450⋯.png (215.5 KB, 411x629, 411:629, librem.png)



> Hardware radio kill switch

> Runs Linux

> Still a phone, and subject to surveillance anyway.



>hardware killswitch

Haha, i'll believe it when I see it. You bet that phone is going to be backdoored to hell and back.



>that phone is going to be backdoored to hell and back

1. The CPU-Modem communication is over a protocol (USB I think), so none of the insecure memory sharing between CPU and baseband to worry about.

2. The only blob mentioned is proprietary code loaded into the DRAM PHY.

This is not ideal, but it's a hell of a lot better than anything else on the market. Look at the ReplicantOS site if you want to see how broken your closest alternatives are.

And don't say "I'll use a dumb phone"; SS7 and Diameter are broken, you should be using an IP based system so you can properly encrypt (double ratchet, ZRTP) your communications.

>>44356 That's actually a really good idea

>>50991 yeah, Osmocombb is always worth watching


>manually removed google and stock apps with root

>only use f-droid/apkmirror

>added google, amazon and microsoft IPs to my adaway hosts file

>afwall+ to block the few proprietary apps i use from connecting to the internet and for routing all my social apps through tor with orbot (clover, mastodon, telegram, etc)

>everything else connecting through an off-the-shelf VPN service

>full disk encryption on both SD card and internal storage

On a scale from 1/Cyber how good is this, anything else i should add? i'm aware that the baseband is probably backdoored to hell and back but i'm not ready to give up my pocket computer.



Good enough, the research and effort to take things farther is something that people won't do for free. The research into the baseband is something that is beyond me, I tried to figure it out. Went through lots of phones and borrowed a high end scope, easily spent a year on reverse engineering. The possibility of hacking the radio to create a new p2p network was what I was going for. Plus the ability to detect backdoors as a free bonus. I didn't get very far but I did get some shells(not on any phones worth mentioning). Either way without a team of researchers and lots of brouzouf we are both in the same plece. Don't trust it further than you can throw it.



52521 is right, I just checked out their current specs and they are using proprietary stuff all over lol.



I personally prefer to flash LineageOS without gapps rather than manually remove google stuff manually.



Citation needed.



>Nokia E75, E52 and N95

If it has a front-facing camera, we own it.






is that Chinese?



Hitler dood


File: 4a15ad3e9715a12⋯.jpg (244.38 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, components2.jpg)


It only has WiFi connectivity (VOIP) although a daughter board using the expansion port on the back is planned if there's enough interest.



This is hella schway




Kickstarter is about to go live too, they emailed everyone on their list yesterday, but then… lost their video?

Should be funding in the next few days I guess, if that's your thing. I like that they've proposed a LoRaWAN module for it. I'd love to see low-bitrate, long-range, P2P mesh networks on that thing. Fuck yeah.






It'd be nice if it'd have better battery life but you can do wifi talk on most phones and all you'll need is just make or find the app and the right antenna for the AP.

>smartphone botnet

Hope they release the schematics of the device otherwise it'd be suspiciously glowing.



Does anybody recommend a cheap android phone to get?

I want to go on metasploit adventures without looking like I'm carrying a raspberry pi bomb.



Nigguh! Just shell into your pi from your phone. J



There's already a stretch goal of a secondary battery on the back, but there's also nothing stopping you putting a higher capacity one in yourself.


I have an old Nexus 5 with Nethunter installed, put a nice standing case on it, tempered glass screen proctector, an OTG cable and a TP-LINK TL-WN727N attached to the back. Its a fun device and idk it looks pretty /cyb/. Ill post a pic later if anyone cares.



What do you use Nethunter for?


File: 826c71f36a63bf5⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1124x748, 281:187, 1520879192374.png)

I would like to exchange smartphone into normal phone. I'm just sick of listening, spying and making personal adverts on every page after i was talking about this thing with someone. I really wonder which phone would be the best one for me - something like nokia 3310 but with better battery. I concider carring normal map of my city, mp4 player and digital camera. I think that's good choice. We give freedom in exchange for comfort. We have access to unbelivable amount of information but become more stupid than ever. We do not learn anything because of having access to every information in every second of our live. Something must be change. Nothing destroyd relation between people like smartphone does.


Here are some pretty good phones which are indestructable and waterproof. I had one of them and it was unbeliavbly great especially camera at night was awansome. I really recommend if you are looking for some /cyber/ and practical.

Don't look at the brand name on the phone that's polish company so name can be silly (my homeland so smart and creative in tech).

https://www.myphone.pl/product/hammer/ - no smartphone

https://www.myphone.pl/product/hammer-iron-2/ - smartphone


File: e86fce836f7c170⋯.png (895.28 KB, 1024x809, 1024:809, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8879da750f1cdfb⋯.png (605.8 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



>trusting a phone designed rebranded by pollocks



Bad things you're talking about are caused by nonfree software.

Definition of free software:


Having another proprietary brickphone, won't fix the problem. You should use only a phone that runs 100% free software, but such a phone doesn't exist yet. There are close ones though:




I hope in the future, there will be more free hardware devices thanks to Libre Risc-V and EOMA68.



Stay away from the botnet.



Forgot my arrows


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