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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: 1437342761800-0.png (333.05 KB, 620x520, 31:26, toptechtransparent.png)

File: 1437342761802-1.jpg (69.93 KB, 620x465, 4:3, cyberdeck1.jpg)

File: 1437342761802-2.jpg (47.57 KB, 620x349, 620:349, cyberdeck2.jpg)

File: 1437342761802-3.png (15.99 KB, 462x466, 231:233, behold.png)


Lets talk about mobile hacker gear.



>that fourth pic

Fucking schway.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 1437431215284-0.jpg (743.74 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 5 - Just opened.jpg)

File: 1437431215285-1.jpg (656.45 KB, 2676x2007, 4:3, 6 - ytVYu.jpg)

File: 1437431215285-2.jpg (614.38 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 7 - Windows 7.jpg)

File: 1437431215286-3.jpg (599.74 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 8 - Mac OS X 1082.jpg)

Not mine, but pretty schway.

What's the point of those "cyberdecks"? They look cool, but I don't get the purpose.



They just resemble Gibson's vision of the future. They dont have the purpose to be of practical use.






This is pretty schway. Seems like an ideal way to carry a gaming set up to a lan party.


That 3rd pic sort of calls to me.

>tfw you'll never be able to punch deck like Case.



Why are they so schway?

maybe i have been reading too much Gibsons works.



you too can make one of these user. Its literally regular computer components in a gutted musical keyboard with a typing keyboard glued on and a strap attached. Make it nfc enabled and you can use it with a vr headset for maximum cyberpunk.



Source on pics #2 and #3?


The goal here is to find a balance between utility and inconspicuousness. Here's my idea for the ultimate mobile wizard:

It's all in the backpack: a fanless low power PC, camelbak for hydration, some high density snacks; change of clothes; UPS attached to an umbrella with a solar sheet top (sit down to use for "shade" to not look like a madman). Ultimate schway if the umbrella can deploy/retract by lever, similar to a recliner couch. Backup power using an arbitrary number of AA batteries.

The PC - sound via bone conducting headphones; monitor via (doesn't exist yet but) VR/AR headset (probably Oculus Rift CV2); custom keyboard that fits inside front pockets, works like the Datahand; CLI only as AR overlay on a FLOSS OS.

The clothes - cargo pants and a techy t-shirt that "explains" the setup (a shirt promoting VR or whatever). If it could be pulled off, wear whatever looks least conspicuous.

Everything else - keep work online; do not own anything that you cannot carry on you; do not have a permanent place of residence; keep a taser; use only prepaid debit cards or bitcoin; and finally use something small or quick for long distances, like a skateboard, skate shoes, or just a taxi.





You could already probably pull off a cli-only headset that's inside a pair of sunglasses.

>use something small or quick for long distances

>skateboard or skate shoes

just buy a fucking bike, you can knock off 100 miles in a day with a good bike no problem, and you can go really fast too. The only problem is if it gets stolen, which shouldn't be much of a problem if you lock it properly.



for maxiumum schway you can lock your bike with a rfid implant detecting ignition switch.



looks like a great way to scratch your mobo.


File: 1437521083942-0.jpg (75.13 KB, 622x440, 311:220, XroZ1.jpg)

File: 1437521083944-1.jpg (340.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d74919f1d2458b2575a077a1b6….jpg)

File: 1437521083945-2.jpg (341.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 948e0a1bdde003031633495872….jpg)


Thanks, I'm seriously contemplating making this my winter project.

What would you put into deck for this incoming first generation of VR HMDs? According to Oculus, here are the minimum specs required to run things in vr without getting simsick: https://www.oculus.com/en-us/blog/powering-the-rift/

Intel's been making a big push for integrated graphics support for VR; AMD has been getting there in the same vein with their APUs as well. I'll probably go with an intel mini-itx board with something like an i5-4590 to keep the wattage low as well eight gigs of whatever memory sticks I have lying around. I wanna avoid any off-the-shelf case because that just wouldn't be schway. But for storage the case would probably have a couple ssd storage slots for easy swapping and 60-75% mechanical keyboard soldered on.

Discrete graphics seem to be the only viable solution in the immediate future. I fear any GPU that is more than six or seven inches in length would be just as cumbersome as the deck shown in the instructable. A mini GTX 970 is capable of playing games at 1080p, 60-70fps and that's without having it display an image to each eye; I'd love to have something that averaged at 90fps but that would end up being costly as shit. Speaking of which, I hear that AMD's R9 Nano will have great price-to-performance ratio thanks to its HBM, too; so I'm not sure what I could go with.

This is something that I'd want to use while on the go so it needs to be capable of running without wall power. The only way I can do this would be to probably find a picoPSU with 500w output and connect it to one or two 12v external rechargeable batteries. Do you users think that would work?



GPUS typically come with a very cumbersome case. You can try carefully shaving off some of the case to reduce it in size. Alternatively, consider getting 2 small gpus instead of one big one.


File: 1437545844541-0.png (170.8 KB, 500x428, 125:107, Small-Form-Factor1_500.png)

File: 1437545844545-1.jpg (43.59 KB, 800x551, 800:551, nano.jpg)


>GPUS typically come with a very cumbersome case.

Both mini GTX 970s and the upcoming R9 Nano brush over six inches in length; I'd end up installing either of them horizontally to save space. I don't think I'll have to swap out any of their heatsinks for the sake of reducing size.

>Alternatively, consider getting 2 small gpus instead of one big one.

Then I'd have to get a micro-ATX board which would only increase the size of the deck; having a single gpu to render each eye would be great but that just wouldn't be feasible in terms of portability.

I'm more worried about the power supply. Computer PSUs that are designed to take 12v DC power as input exist; they're typically used by people who are in the market for setting up a computer in their cars, boats or solar-powered shacks. You could easily give power to the components of a mini-itx board for as long as the battery lasts. The only problem with this is finding a way to monitor the state of the battery itself; 12v external batteries aren't very cumbersome, don't you think? I can't find much information on mini-itx machines running on these kinds of PSUs so I can't really say that it's worth it, but I can say that it is possible to make it portable while still keeping it somewhat lightweight.



>The only problem with this is finding a way to monitor the state of the battery itself

Not really. The real problem is supplying the required current, because a 12V battery is not anywhere near 12V, necessarily. Monitoring the batteries can be done the same as anything else with batteries.

But you're right, the PSU is the problem. There's a lot of information on mini-ITX machines and picoPSUs but very few have massive GPUs and high end power requirements. This project is largely in it's own class as far as power goes.

Most laptops use low-power processors and few of them have AC adapters over maybe 150W. Most picoPSUs are smaller than that.


File: 1437551441780.jpg (494.69 KB, 1280x923, 1280:923, Acer_Aspire_8920_Gemstone_….JPG)



File: 1437557870487.jpg (424.77 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, jp6hK7u.jpg)


i posted a badly drawn design some time ago in either /tech/ or /g/.

It had a wearable keyboard, a googleglass-like peripheral and the computer itself was in a backpack. Sadly i dont have the pic anymore


File: 1437564131529.jpg (33.03 KB, 645x418, 645:418, Cicret-1.jpg)



cannot wait for cicret


File: 1437585752141.jpg (99.79 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, post-1-0-01387700-14081442….jpg)

waiting for this thing to come out

and I might keep shilling for it as long it didn't



>implying the company is not just scamming everybody




what if you have hairy arms?



>the future

>being some stoneage monkey




like this anon pointed out >>28748 , its the future, replace your skin with enduretaniumum exoskeleton.


File: 1437654313903.jpg (264.92 KB, 595x950, 119:190, 1413469450141-0.jpg)

I've been wanting to make a helmet like this.

Played around with a few designs and ideas.

The problem is finding something to use as the shell. I was thinking one of those disco lights, but I can't find one big enough anywhere.



Just make the shell yourself.

Alternatively create a 3d model and find someone to print it for you.


File: 1437656606767.jpg (680.07 KB, 1198x1406, 599:703, proxy2.jpg)


this thing looks like a planetarium device. Have fun spending some million dollars on it. You better make it by yourself.



all the tech aside, isn't it just a helmet on his face?


File: 1437669506730.jpg (88.63 KB, 534x800, 267:400, 1133.jpg)

Fucking awesome potential for this, I want to see modded Thync receivers that can do more intense feelings.


(pic unrelated)



What would this thing even do.


File: 1437679210873.jpg (61.48 KB, 400x300, 4:3, absolutely disgusting.jpg)


>all that trouble just to run Windows or OSX



>$299 for a tDCS device

>$20 for ten-piece electrode packs

lol no, it'll be doa; I bet most of the funding they received went into that shitty-looking app they're shipping with it because doing tdcs is as simple as two sponges coupled with a 9v battery.



It's amazing how fucking close that it is "theync."

They really need to choose a different domain name.



not to mention that its ugly as fuck


File: 1441139793518.jpg (521.95 KB, 2816x2112, 4:3, 1437665532212.jpg)



What is that?



I think it is raspery pi. They turn into this a game console with lunix.



Nothing schway about running non-free software.


File: 1441159906379.jpg (20.17 KB, 500x343, 500:343, 376856.jpg)




I know what those words mean individually but when you say them in a sentence like that it just doesn't make any sense



>not using windows 10 with botnet disabled

wew lad



head on over to https://fsf.org and discover what it's all about



But that's free software

I'm pretty sure free software isn't non-free software

Sorry if that puts a damper on your whole "have you heard the good news" shtick, I know you've probably been waiting all day to pull that out



Some drugs weren't meant to be taken but some children were born to die in the womb.



>not understanding opposites

did you pass the third grade? Because I have yet to see evidence of it.



>implying it actually disables


File: 1441232481761.gif (2 MB, 248x215, 248:215, Pet-washing-machine.gif)





>Literally arguing that opposites are not opposites

>And calling other people retarded for thinking opposites are opposites



If you look very carefully, I mean squint like jack sparrow having a fist in his asshole, you can see in your outgoing connections that nothing is going to microsoft.



Yes but how do you know that they aren't disguising it as other outgoing traffic. How do you know they aren't downloading when you aren't looking. Don't trust software you can't modify buddy.


Google glass a corpcuck, any other AR tech available? I know there's a how-to for making a RasPi into a wearable eye-projection computer.



Microsoft hololens


File: 1441551676940.jpg (64.6 KB, 253x600, 253:600, that's illegal.jpg)


But user, that's even more corptastic




Looks to me it's a full computer he's wearing. The things over the back of his head look like drives of some sort, and I'm sure there are plenty of displays under the dome. I imagine it's got a camera(s) in it. Either he uses voice to operate, or there are controls in a pocket somewhere or something.



Nothing is stopping me from modifying windows files at all. I can edit them by take ownership, then text editor. What you're talking about is full tinfoil hat shit.



open pandora is my guess



Gee I wonder if I can edit the source code of the Windows Kernel. Oh that's right the source code is CLOSED SOURCE which means that I CAN NOT EVEN LOOK AT IT. Also you post makes little sense, I suggest you git gud at English before posting retarded shit.



post proof and I'll install Windows 10 on all of my computers.



If the goal wasn't to jack in to a VR gaming headset, and just have a deck-style computer for average use and ricing, what do you chummers think would be the best way to build it? Go with separate parts and build a desktop in a deck or go with something like a Banana Pi and have room to embed a screen, keyboard, and mouse pad?

Also, what are all the alternatives to the Raspberry Pi? I remember seeing a chart once but I can't find it.


File: 1442510324577-0.jpg (46.67 KB, 600x409, 600:409, keyer.jpg)

File: 1442510324579-1.jpg (25.44 KB, 500x455, 100:91, glove.jpg)

I've been looking at the Pandora and it's successor the Pyra and I was wondering why their performance lags so far behind say, modern smartphones, which also contain shit like cameras and accelerometers?

And on a related note, wouldn't the best starting point for a cyberdeck be a tablet PC? I don't know how easy that would be to modify, but the specs of, say, the Jolla are pretty damn good and an open project like that shouldn't be too hard to work with.

Also, I came across this board which I think has potential.


Another issue is input. The obvious choice would be a physical qwerty keyboard, but these are fairly bulky and really require a flat surface to type on, which isn't ideal. Another option would be a touchscreen interface, which is very space efficient but not very schway these days. Voice input is cool but you will look like an idiot.

Some sort of chorded keyboard similar to pic related could be suitable, and would also allow fast one handed typing, although assuming one key is used per finger only 31 characters could be represented (no 00000). This could be easily integrated into a glove, and when typing with both hands up to 1023 characters would be possible, which could mean superfast typing in eastern languages.

My idea is to have a glove (fingerless, obviously) with sensors to detect movement of the fingers, which should be very simple. If it could detect both downwards and upwards movements, 242 characters could be typed with one hand which is more than enough for coding and leaves options for window management and other shortcuts. Something a bit more solid like the second pic could provide delicious clicky tactile feedback and make typing much faster and easier, since one would only have to make very small movements.


File: 1442870986076.jpeg (232.54 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, cyberpunk.ru.jpeg)

Anyone recommending a high end PC as a cyberdeck misses the point. Something like a smartphone with a VR headset would be pretty damn close to the classic Gibson Ono-Sendai - a "toy" computer with a huge portion of its limited compute power dedicated to fancy outputs and network connectivity, with the real magic happening in the Matrix/Cloud. In the Matrix/Cloud you can build your own little fiefdom with one or more systems, be they physical hardware or (less secure) VMs/VPSes on somebody else's hardware.

Keep in mind the original system that inspired the concept of portable cyberdecks was an Apple IIc.



>I've been looking at the Pandora and it's successor the Pyra and I was wondering why their performance lags so far behind say, modern smartphones, which also contain shit like cameras and accelerometers?

It turns out that a megacorp's economies of scale and willingness to use proprietary tech give it a leg up on a bunch of amateur free software nuts in enhancing a system's performance/price ratio.

>And on a related note, wouldn't the best starting point for a cyberdeck be a tablet PC?

Sure, as long as you go with something hacker friendly (read: x86 or something with 100% upstream kernel support on Linux). Those cheap $50 tablets with locked bootloaders won't do you a bit of good.



So set up a pi to basically be a mobile terminal for a server back home? Go somewhere with wifi and work like you're on your own computer.

Hell, I did this with my smartphone for a while. Used an SSH app to do stuff on a ~club.

Too bad my phone's a piece of shit, I woulda done more otherwise. Maybe when I get one that isn't terrible.



Very usefull when you fapping at bathroom.



Yeah, a ~6" phablet with USB OTG Host support docked into a keyboard+batterypack cyberdeck would be pretty schway if you can't do the goggles yet. VX Connectbot is the best of the Android SSH clients for using full sized USB keyboards if you go that route.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm thinking that something like embed, but in 3D w/ head tracking could mean that the deck could be less keyboard-focused and more focused on more space for protection/ventilation/power.



this is spam. someone with javascript enabled please report.



Smelly dumb newfag scum.





No no. Look at it. It's literally a helmet worn on the front of his face.

You can find old kevlar helmets from milsurp shops online for like 100bucks.

Figure out a way to rig a vr phone into it and you could make that pretty schway.






Raspberry Pi deck.

You could make these pretty tiny if you combined it with a one-hand keyboard, Rift or a >9000 monocle for a display, and put most of the RAM on the cloud…






I don't think that's supposed to be an old kevlar helmet. It's covered in what are presumably sensors.



>put most of the RAM on the cloud…

u wot m8. That's now how RAM works. It's a cache for virtual memory. Tying it to the network would make it slow as balls.



wait, is that a notebook keyboard?

How do you connect it to rpi?



Ah, I remember this guy. He made a 2nd version with directions on /diy/



I just realized that photo is recursive.


If you have the brouzouf you can work something easily off the ODroid UX4. Makes the Raspberry Pi look like an 87 Honda.



I still want one of those chinese monocle displays.


File: fe665548e6e25f9⋯.gif (35.23 KB, 323x480, 323:480, phone.gif)


I had a phone like that back in 2000.

>pic related



Oh shit, I had that too.


File: 318dc220b967ba0⋯.jpg (49.37 KB, 462x400, 231:200, no5510_00.jpg)


I never grokked predictive text on candybar or clam phones. Still can't. Though I use swiftkey on my Android these days. ALWAYS went for full QWERTY phones. I had a 5510 too once.

Hell, I had a Sharp Zaurus with custom rom for wardriving back in 2003-2004. THAT was cool.


File: 1c31bee1ba64a67⋯.jpg (48.91 KB, 400x425, 16:17, mutts nuts.jpg)


>pic related

Dead tech now though.


File: 7cf13c07fab8503⋯.png (233.59 KB, 433x620, 433:620, dubbelsbevestigt.png)






pretty sure we're talking bicycle here. low cost, quiet, easier to stash, no license/tax.


Can we have some tech that is 2000+ and NOT a disaster waiting to happen?

Then again that might be a troublesome category…


File: 99e40b5423ed6c8⋯.jpg (959.67 KB, 1202x1346, 601:673, 04937c8c-74c8-40e9-b9d4-cc….jpg)

DIY Punk Cyber-headphones


zsfvf Fszv fSD faFa F



>>46350 didn't listen



Schway as fuck. Do those things really don't exist no more?



He's listening … to the future!



just shave or wax your arms then lol




You don't have to know much about technology to like/be cyberpunk. There was a poll on the r/Cyberpunk subreddit asking users how good they were with computers and the majority of fans were there for the aesthetic and mood of cyberpunk, not the in-depth technological aspect. Even William Gibson is actually pretty poor with computers, he writes his books on a typewriter.



But in-universe his characters were all technically apt.

Similarly, in-universe, we should be technically apt. Go learn.



Oh, well if /r/Cyberpunk, the biggest shithole on the internet, says so …


Imagine turning the old powerglove into a portable computer, That'll look nice and I suppose it'll hold some function to it.

Most likely already been done though.



I don't think anyone has made it into an actual portable computer … yet. There have been several projects to turn it into different, much better, controllers.

If you wanted to make it into a computer, I imagine a Pi-zero, or similar SBC for around $10 could be used. it wouldn't be very hard.

Where would you mount the screen? Maybe it should run up a cable to a pair of glasses and use a micro-display, like old Cyberpunk drawings.



Yeah that isn't a bad idea actually, When I find some time I'll give something of the sort a shot, Will create a thread if I succeed.



Create a thread with drawings, and update it as you make progress. This place could use someone actually doing something.


I've been wondering about tablets. While they have little in the way of attachments, they seem powerful enough by themselves. Wifi scanner, onboard battery, outlet rechargable. It's basically wearable tech, or can be carried in a binder. But what I'm wondering is about "what ELSE can it do?" If the Power Pwn can fit on a Power Pwn, then it's software set should be able to bit on a tablet. When there's nobody to ask, then it's up to yourself to see what on the other side of someone's system. Just harmlessly, mind you.


File: 3385e25ed094eec⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1536x2310, 256:385, MxbHAOU.jpg)


I just went there to see what's new, and they had a thread about a female android concept made for Hyundai, and all 140 comments were just jokes and nervous laughter about sex robots.



Making a tablet into a useful computer would be huge just on its own. Slashdot for example is always losing its shit over them being content delivery devices instead of tools. Provide a new means of input that can actually compete with a physical keyboard and you just invented the new age of computing.



You don't need better input devices, you need better utilization of existing ones.

The problem with tablets is entirely in programming.

But both major players on the market are more interested in selling you shovelware through their app stores than making usable devices, and everyone else is trying to ape their business model without thinking.



I thought someone might say something like this. Android and iOS suck, but even if you installed a Linux-like OS on a phone, there's nothing that makes it worth using vs. a laptop. Lugging around a portable keyboard and propping your phone up against your leg to program doesn't strike me as easier or better than just bringing a laptop.



I believe it is possible to make touch screen interfaces work, we just need a paradigm shift or something.

Installing linux is just a first step on a long path towards it.



link on how ?



I think the issue with your statement isn't that you're wrong, but rather that you assume people would want to use a wearable computer for the same things they use a laptop for.

In practice, I set my wearable up with things that I don't want to pull a laptop out. SDR, WiFi monitoring, quick message scroll, etc. If I want to type more than a few commands, the laptop needs to come out.



it's literally a helmet you geek

get a plastic one from varusteleka


Hi looking for a hacker to hire


File: 0b2345897badece⋯.jpg (261.48 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Universarium_in_Planetariu….jpg)


Google Universarium for reference pictures. Building something that looks like this on a flipped stahlhelm shouldn't be too hard.

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