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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: 1442619545110.jpg (805.47 KB, 1564x822, 782:411, untitiled_final(2) revised….jpg)


Since theres a lot of doom and gloom about the low PPH on /cyber/, I'll contribute stuff about my videogame. (This is the hacking sim/strategy game, not the point and click adventure, which is >>26172)

Theres two modes to it, one being the command line hacking aspect, and the other being a city view where you direct your agents to different locations to perform different actions. Thats one thing I liked about Hacker Evolution, it gave a distinct sense of 'place', where your level was rooted clearly in some physical part of the world, like an office building or intersection, or more broadly a city.

>Why start this thread?

I'm hoping to harvest some of the passion /cyber/ has for this kind of thing. Story-wise, I lean towards a lot of the themes present in cyberpunk, such as corruption, haves vs. have-nots, and tech knowledge opening up doors that most people don't know about. But its more like this game brushes up against a lot of /cyber/ themes, rather than this being Cyberpunk: The Game.

Currently I'm focusing on programming the world views, systems, and content creation tools. There isn't really any content yet. Halfchan agdg has a demo day on Nov 8th, so I'm trying to have something for that. Until then, anon has made some schway music for the game, only one of them is on their soundcloud though:


As for playable versions, I dont want to put up something boring and give a bad first impression, but when I do it'll go on vestigial.itch.io


sounds cool! I'm interested in seeing where this goes. it would be cool if you posted periodical updates to this thread, I would love to see how you are doing things.


OP i started a /cyber/ vidya project myself, tho its in limbo because of school and recently, my new job. I'm still honing my prrogramming skills tho and learning about vidya conceptual design so i can retake the project in a more apropiate professional way. Good luck chummer, you're not alone.


nice. you should post the link to your git repo, even if there is no usable code yet. that way we can look for updates occasionally when your thread 404s.


oh and please in the name of all that is good, don't put binary assets on the repo.



But then where will you get all dem textures from?


File: 1442707597402.jpg (365.08 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Hydrangeas.jpg)

sounds awesome. I was thinking about making something in the style of the first GTA, but with future .

you know, after I finish the one I'm already working on




The hack/sim mode is similar to "mu complex" or like "tailored tests for certain jobs"?



Thanks anon, Ill try and post whenever I make progress. If you have any specific questions just ask


Pushing myself to learn new things was one reason for doing this, I know the syntax-level stuff fine, so the architecture is what I wanted to learn next. Whats your project about?



Maybe someday. Im mostly self taught so I'm sure my spaghetti is painful to look at


>I was thinking about making something in the style of the first GTA, but with future

GOURANGA! The Zaibatsu seemed a little cyberpunk, in the Japanese megacorporation sense. GTA seems like it'd facilitate cruising around with a cool soundtrack and aesthetic. To me though, cyberpunk takes place on a much more human level (ironic, considering how dehumanizing technology is) than the birds eye view of GTA, just my opinion though.


I played a little of mu complex to see what you meant, and I guess I'd phrase it like, you're given generic tools that do individual pieces of the solution, and the challenge is deciding what tools are right for the job. Versus instead "use the smtp crack to take over the computer running a mailserver". I dont want to over-promise though, so when I get some hacking implemented I'll just show you what I mean. But broadly speaking it'll be generic rather than tightly coupled


File: 1442743402028.webm (1.61 MB, 956x594, 478:297, progress.2015.09.20.webm)


So heres what I just made some progress on, its the graphical browser for in-game websites. The graphics library I use, DFGUI, has a nice control called a RichTextLabel which can render a subset of HTML, which I hacked fake <form> and <input> tags into. So you can write sites in html and have the browser render them, to a limited extent. Or you can change the sites of webservers you hack, etc. In this case the input field sends its data to a (fake) php script on the server, which sends out an email to the account I listed.

I know it doesnt look like much, but the system behind it visible to the player, so like when trying to go to test.com it first queries the DNS server to get what IP address is registered for that domain. So some mission will probably be to break into the dns logs and see who all has been visiting a certain site. Also the webserver that hosts the site can be connected to, so you can see who else registered by looking their their access logs, or their sent email folder. Or you can work from the opposite direction, reading in someones email a registration email from baddragon.com, and decide to open it up in your browser to investigate what it is.


File: 1442744077269.webm (3.63 MB, 956x594, 478:297, progress.2015.9.20.2.webm)


tl;dr: here is some command line stuff for connecting to a server and traversing its directories and running some commands

long boring version:

Heres a version of interacting with a site without using the front end. So the programs that are running on a given server are listening for certain commands, in the case of a web store which lets you buy things, its listening for an "order" signal with some parameters. So when you do things on the front end using the browser, it is really just gathering up parameters to send to a server script that then runs the commands locally on the machine. Here I'm just connecting to the machine and running the command directly via the command line. The text doesn't look good right now, I know it needs to be formatted better with less redundant information. I'm also thinking each computer you connect to should have its own color scheme to differentiate when you connect to one computer or another.

I didn't show it but I have a BankingTransfer.exe app running locally, which listens for "setCredentials" and "transfer", so I set my credentials using what I was given in the email that was waiting for me when I started. Then I connect to the microsoft store server, see whats for sale, decide I want to buy a local network mapping program, and order it. I have to transfer the brouzouf to them before they send me the product as an attachment to an email. But that all works and the program is dumped in my c:\, which I can then run, and see other computers on my network. Actually I ripped out the Routers from the project yesterday, so it shows ALL the computers in the game as being on the same network, so thats a flaw. But otherwise thats in general how doing things in the command line works.


File: 1442745387251.webm (1.54 MB, 956x594, 478:297, progress.2015.9.20 (03).webm)


Lastly, here is the dialogue system, and how agents move around in the world, at least for now. Its pretty inelegant, but once at a location they move from area to area inside it. Some areas will have blockers on them that must be defeated to get past, like a locked door or a guard. Also I have security cameras working, so if you hack into the airport security system you can get physical descriptions of anyone thats moved through an area with a security camera. From a code perspective, unless the designer specifically gives an NPC a certain hair color, they don't actually have one until asked about it. In this case the security guard that works in the area was "asked" about his hair color by the security camera, so it could note in the footage what color his hair was. Originally the game was based much more around making connections from incriminating evidence to suspects, but its more towards a world sim now.

I think there is a lot of room for cyberpunk content, imagine trying to track down someone smuggling data to a megacorp, you find out they met at a coffee shop so you hack their security camera archives to get a picture of the person, break into the police database and run his picture through facial recognition, search for him in the DMV records, enter his license plate into police license plate scanner networks, find out where he lives, etc. Or instead dumpster dive the megacorp and see if any financial records match what the smuggler was paid, and try and track him down through his bank account. These are just ideas. But every day more functionality gets added that supports that kind of gameplay, even though the art/design/UI is lacking for now. I hope the underlying systems have good potential for storytelling and exploration.


What are you making it in?



>imagine trying to track down someone smuggling data to a megacorp, you find out they met at a coffee shop so you hack their security camera archives to get a picture of the person, break into the police database and run his picture through facial recognition, search for him in the DMV records, enter his license plate into police license plate scanner networks, find out where he lives, etc. Or instead dumpster dive the megacorp and see if any financial records match what the smuggler was paid, and try and track him down through his bank account.

you don't need to do that, just look for his facebook.



>What are you making it in?

Unity, though I've tried it with Allegro, DirectX, XNA, and HTML5 before. I'm diving into the walled garden of Unity services, because I realize as a single developer I can't roll my own analytics or key generation or whatever. Unity even announced they were going to start helping with marketing.


>you don't need to do that, just look for his facebook.

Yeah, true. One of the messages in the game is about how the average person is completely oblivious to even the basics of opsec, so it'll be easy to harvest their data with the right tools and knowhow (or to simply buy their info from a broker). But the challenges will hopefully revolve around more advanced users who have false profiles/proxies, tradecraft, etc.

As an update on the game:

>mission contracts that you can accept and complete, in the future maybe commission them

>an SQL server/client that reacts to basic commands

>basic tutorial of the gui

>programs that capture user input so you dont have stupidly long argument lists on the command line

Most of the mechanics work via the command line, but I'm leaning towards giving the player GUI tools first, then rewarding them later with cmd stuff that is faster to do. I think this will keep new players from getting intimidated, and reward players by letting them automate/go quickly through stuff they've mastered conceptually through the gui. The downside to this is it means I have to make a lot of gui screens, for example the SQL client, and GUI design is the most time consuming part of making this. Not to mention the placeholder art makes everything look like crap anyway </blog>

Does anyone want to write come /cyber/ style articles for the game? It'd show up as a headline that scrolls across the screen, which if the user clicks on it would bring up a few paragraphs of text and a picture of two. If the user doesn't read it at first it'd go into a 'latest news' section of a homepage when they open the in-game browser, or something like that.


File: 1445592953958.jpg (43.81 KB, 500x499, 500:499, tumblr_npkcx9W1Do1rlwymdo1….jpg)

Bumping for a couple reasons:

I made a thread on TIGSource


And I might be getting character art from this person (pic related)


and is /cyber/ movie night dedd or what?


When looking at hacking and alike, i recommend you read Ghost In The Wires by Kevin Mitnick



You can just start it whenever you like. We can grab viewers from various board and show the the glory of cyberpunk.


If anyone wants to know how its going, theres a windows version


There's only two missions, though



GNU/Linux version pls.

Also, why the hell are those ingame hackers Windows users?



I like this a lot.



Because not everyone wants to be obvious that they're hackers? Hackers blend in not stand out.



>Also, why the hell are those ingame hackers Windows users?

Windows users are the target audience :^)

A command prompt, even in windows, is plenty hackery for most people I think. I want people to take skills they learn in the game and try them out on their PC, and maybe have the "computers are magic" curtain pulled away just a bit.

But the real reason is I don't know Linux and don't want a bunch of autists to yell at me for being a poser.


Thanks anon


File: 1448107604725.webm (993.86 KB, 960x600, 8:5, progress.2015.11.21.webm)

Progress from the last few days, made a GUIProgram class that can either spawn a front end with shitty programmer graphics, or run from the command line. If you run it from the command line it handholds you through walking through entering which variables it needs, or if you're super elite you can run it all in one go. Also added are environment path variables, so when you boot up your vulnerability scanner will tell the OS to point "scan" to the vulnerability scanner exe.

The vulnscan works with .vul modules, so during the game you can buy (or find) new modules that let you scan for new ways to attack a target. Or if you get really ambitious you can try and hack into the security researchers emails and get access to their vulnerability detection modules that they're developing but aren't ready for distribution yet.

The idea behind the GUI though is to give novice players an easy thing to do, but as they get more advanced (using the command line) they unlock more features. For example using the command line you can specify which vuln you want to scan for, whereas with the front end you might have to wait through 2-3 before you get to the scan you're interested in (no use scanning for brute force susceptibility if the server has no user authentication, for example).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hey man! Good luck with the project. Please take some inspiration from the Lego Spybot games. Those were awesome.


File: 1448141033349.jpg (60.98 KB, 625x475, 25:19, 7cb31f1ebf18fe591c5c0b0d09….jpg)

am i the owly one that doesn't trust games about hacking? (sleeping dogs, hackOS?) seems to obvious since a game needs a lot of accesses and these people have reached that shit… paranoid? i hear u can easily make system calls as an external entity on g-mod or any game based on cryengine3…

any thoughts?



I like the foreign voices that greet you when you log into a system, definitely stealing it


dude you can trust me, we knoe eachother through 8chan


I like the idea. I think it has some potential. In comparison to other titles, such as Watchdogs, what I feel they are missing are multi-step models to hacking. In example, the mission for is as follows – find target, hack target, mission complete. Most valuable targets should be behind their own 'social' fire-walls– deploying a virus at the school where the mark's child attends; which, of course, makes its way back to the marks HomePC in some fashion or another. Since you want to use the map as a main gameplay device, use geo-location puzzles, such as above, and I think you'll have something golden!



>mutli-step models to hacking

Agreed user. I find it hilarious how GTAV was more accurate in gathering intel for Lester to do his thing then "leejun" watchDogs


Anybody ever played "Else Heart.Break()"? I felt like that did the concept really well, with the 'meta story' about getting even more access in ways that you would think are bugs in the engine. Cyberpunk version when?


File: 1448740299417.jpg (232.95 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, inte.jpg)


Any progress OP?

I really like its atmosphere so far.

Post more webms.

Webms with sound. I loke that music in >>33752





File: 1450695199211.webm (2.86 MB, 960x598, 480:299, progress.2015.12.21.webm)


I just made a SHODAN type thing in the game, so for an area you can look for IoT devices like traffic cams. I like the idea of deploying something against someones kid as a vector to get to the parents home computer. Actually, also today I made just such a multi-step hacking approach.. first hacking the web interface of a traffic cam, which allows you to set the remote login password so you can connect to the device (and delete incriminating redlight running evidence).

Ultimately I'd like the user to be able to download the traffic cam program locally, to send spoofed traffic infractions to the city database to harass characters the player didn't like.


>Any progress OP?

Kind of, I did some heavy refactoring and broke some things, and also removed a lot. So now there are no agents anymore. I passed on your comments about the music to the musicbro. They're not working on it anymore but Im sure they appreciated it.

Oh one new thing I could show is the Instant Messenger, it works like what you would expect. It caused some of the big refactoring because I had to figure out how an NPC could start a conversation at home, then switch to their mobile and leave the house and keep chatting on there. So it became this big project with changing how identities and credentials and accounts worked, but its unified now. On the other hand, a lot of things don't work anymore. But I'm still working on it.


Have you played any of the ancient hacking games, like Neuromancer, Max Headroom, or Hacker?







Very interested in playing this once a playable build is released, keep up the good work


File: 1454123866678.jpg (96.24 KB, 1157x684, 1157:684, Capture.JPG)

Theres nothing /cyber/ about it right now, but I swear there will be eventually.

But can anyone give me some feedback? Like, does it run, is everything in the right position for your resolution, can you figure out what you're supposed to do?




I play Decker and Uplink now and then. Decker is far more oldschool tbh fam~



Are those houses or transistors on a board?



It was a Google Earth screenshot of Seoul that anon ran through some filters to show how easy it was to generate something cool-looking. That was back when the was more about moving agents to different locations in a city. Now since its more about running programs on your desktop, a city view will be rarer, like when running Shodan or something.



>Enter Site

>It's Javascript

Omae pls. If you want people to download the game it'd be best to set up a few mirrors or post it on a file sharing site. Just give me a DDL from some other site and ill give it a shot.


File: 1455884945046.png (307.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1377830206942.png)


>that autist that always whines about JS is still here




But its only Windows for the moment while I suspect you run Linux :^)



Why use all those superfluous icons? Why not just ~roberts, ~birke, ~fawcett in a list?


File: 1456099932742.gif (5.96 MB, 800x333, 800:333, 1-UHl7u_aQruVZpAPcmyQ41w.gif)


>making a "hacker" game

>threatened by linux

Kek. Have a sage




File: 1456474910630.webm (3.84 MB, 1192x636, 298:159, progress.2016.2.26.webm)


>Why use all those superfluous icons?

I paid moderate brouzouf for them so they're getting shoehorned in somewhere :^)

Actually thats not true, Agents gameplay has already been taken out.


Linux version Soon™

This progress was fun, you can create text files and batch files which run like you're entering commands into the shell. So you could have a cleanup script to log into InterNIC and wipe its logs, and just run that script after every attack. And if you put it in /systemdirectory/shortcuts directory, it shows up in the start menu!

Otherwise Ive been looking more towards a procedural design, rather than a fixed campaign, and trying to come up with a consolidated hollywood-style hacking experience with neon geometric/vector graphics.


File: 1457444476001-0.jpg (143.6 KB, 1592x895, 1592:895, desktop.JPG)

File: 1457444476040-1.jpg (70.68 KB, 928x587, 928:587, email.JPG)

File: 1457444476040-2.jpg (201.21 KB, 1591x895, 1591:895, bootup.JPG)

File: 1457444476067-3.jpg (226.55 KB, 1599x876, 533:292, website.JPG)


I put a little demo out for /agdg/'s demo day, theres not much hacking or cyberpunk but it'll get there.



File: 1460428337562.png (64.91 KB, 387x195, 129:65, Untitled - Copy.png)

In the middle of Hispachan ads and CP spam seems like a good time to bump my thread.

Progress on the game is, I've got saving and loading over the web working, with quicksave and quickload. I originally went with a paid solution from the Unity Asset Store, but it turned out to suck for a couple reasons, mostly that it couldn't save references, and its save code didn't do inheritance, so the DogSaver class would have duplicated all the fields in MammalSaver, and if you wanted to add or remove a field to AnimalSaver, every inheriting class would have to be touched. Really lame. So I went with a reflection based approach which also has the benefit of saving event listener hookups. I also got into Linux, but /blog

The game is at an awkward spot right now, I need to start marketing but I haven't settled on a name (Deep Links?) or company (Vestigial Development?) or logo or colorscheme.. its frustrating to be tripped up by something so trivial, yet paralyzing.

The demo/prototype is still up from AGDG's demo day, no one has reached the end yet, which is probably a balance issue.

So for lack of an actual social media campaign I'm forcing myself to post daily updates from now on, and aside from the quicksave/quickload working, I'm designing a mission based on the FBI's seizure of the Playpen CP TOR server. If anyone wants to help I'm at vestigialdev+8ch@gmail.com


File: 1464884480737.webm (2.89 MB, 1276x710, 638:355, Desktop 06.02.2016 - 01.1….webm)

Multiple people pointed out using other games logos/fonts would probably be copyright infringement, so Im changing it to just a plain font, but I'm throwing a greenlight concept page video up, I need to get some Yes votes for motivation (webm related)

If /cyber/ would come up with a storyline/characters I'd gladly turn it into a gameplay scenario



Nice to see this is still a project that's getting worked on. As for fonts, just go pick out some public domain font off of dafont, otherwise you could try to design your own which definitely isn't recommended but possible


it would be cool to see a hacking game about a computer terminal that communicates with the year 1997.

the entire game uses real copies of software '97 and earlier running on virtual machines, and you need to use real exploits to get anywhere. old apple macs, vax, dos, NT 4.0, a combination of internet and late modem/phreaking shit

or maybe set it in 99 and give it a y2k "end of the world" twist like strange days

the world would be populated partly procedurally, partly through archives of old content, and partly through story-driven network hosts and content

think telehack but more autistically real



Hacking into VM Windows would be cool, way beyond my scope though

In case anyone is interested, I posted an updated demo at https://itch.io/jam/agdg-demo-day-9/rate/75222


Would anyone be interested in doing art for this? Corp logos, application interfaces, things like that?

I could also use some scenario ideas, its surprisingly hard to find a writer that wants to work on this



Nobody gives a fuck about your game



I'm too tired to read the entire thread, pitch it to me and I'll do some writefaggotry when I get a chance.



OP please make a 64 bit linux version of this that "just werks" like available in official repos like debian or available as download and just click to play, no compile, for fucking retards like me.


File: 0ad32bc38667c24⋯.png (659.5 KB, 900x600, 3:2, recap.png)

For anyone that was watching this, its pretty different now, but it just got greenlit. Sorry to shill.


File: b5dc54ee7e06aaf⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 6000x4000, 3:2, wallpaper.jpg)

Honestly, it just looks like you're shilling a relatively shitty and unoriginal game to me. Is it going to have the source released? Are you going to change the shell from "C:\>" to "~/>" or even just ">"? Do you have any plans on making it aesthetically interesting? Currently, it looks like one of those windows parody flash games for the most part.

I'm a sourpuss, so don't take my words too much to heart. I'd actually like to see this game end up looking and playing well. It has plenty of potential.



Got a git repo?



You're clearly retarded. He was wining about the fact that it doesn't let you download it without JS.



What would you do differently?


File: 01cbea7f73291f8⋯.png (191.04 KB, 616x353, 616:353, 616x353.png)

For anyone that was following this, the Steam page is public. It became less cyberpunk (it was set aboard a spaceship briefly) and is now more like a linear adventure



looks cool man I'll check that out



Give me a free key and I'll review it.


File: 6cf769ee185e0d3⋯.png (358.85 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Untitled.png)


I have to wait on Steam to approve keys, and even then its not ready to play, but you'll at least have it in your library, check back tomorrow if you would


Nice. Those games look like they're coming along pretty well.



Thanks friendo

Here are some more keys if anyone wants, they won't let you override the release date, but they're still free for my /cyber/ chummers





Please don't sell them, even though it'd be the cyberpunk thing to do.



Based, took 49FNY(-)0PJJ0(-)24PP2



Didn't want to use a trip wtf




Got this key. Thanks anon!



Wow, I didn't realize ransomware was working in may. Im such a slow developer. If anyone wants to play a demo, theres a version here:



Onlink is still getting updates if anyone gives a shit about that.




File: ebe7d4b3eb8b933⋯.jpg (347.36 KB, 1617x907, 1617:907, Capture.jpg)


Thanks friend, the current version is


but its pretty buggy. I changed how conversations work, and towards the end of the demo the smug character just calls you a fag over and over, because a previous conversation gets stuck on it's last node.

I had a lot of trouble adding saving and loading, but obviously its a crucial thing so I couldn't give up. F5 to quicksave, F9 to quickload. The other thing I added was metrics :^) to get some idea of how far players were going through the demo.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about cryptojacking, where you insert a javascript cryptocurrency miner into a webpage and it mines while the user is there. A few big companies got caught doing it, like Showtime and UFC (?) but the most interesting thing was someone hacked the DNS entry that points to where the cryptominer file is hosted, so when clients would pull the miner, they'd pull a poisoned version with a hardcoded wallet address. All the mining would be sent to the hackers wallet, pretty genius.

Thinking of doing a 'leet h4x0r' stock model thing for a marketing campaign, like pic related. There hasn't been any media interest, one youtuber messaged me but since the game isn't ready to be played they couldn't help me. Its painful to see PC Gamer etc do entire articles on "release date set for CoD:WW2 specs" but its my own fault for not reaching out to them.


File: 4cdcf9a6a793103⋯.png (51.68 KB, 272x153, 16:9, recap.png)

Latest version of the demo


It says its over a little prematurely, you can run the bruteforcer successfully, but there's no SSH client to use the credentials you find.

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