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“Your existance is a momentary lapse of reason.”

File: 07b9106b6ca02aa⋯.png (122.65 KB, 583x244, 583:244, blade.png)



Skeptically optimistic.


File: 42e9eb95ba45550⋯.jpg (79.7 KB, 292x302, 146:151, 1250538354706.jpg)

>ryan fucking gosling in an action role.



Did you not like Drive!?



Not really, no. The soundtrack was good, the story was okay, but the overall film was at best mediocre.



Drive was shit. I will never understand the obsession with it. Gosling plays a literal autist who barely speaks.


Another entry into the long list of films that absolutely did not need a sequel.



So, just like Rick Deckard then…



At least Deckard got laid.



from an evolutionary standpoint killing people is almost as good as having children.

and getting laid doesn't even cause children in most cases.



>from an evolutionary standpoint killing people is almost as good as having children.

This can't be correct, unless you genocide massive amounts of the population or something.


I trust Denis



I've been fairly cynical about it from the start, but they just might pull it off. It'll certainly be better than the new GitS.


I went and saw it last night, and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. I especially enjoyed the shift from being solely within a city environment, to being able to see outside of LA. I was put off by the casting of Ryan Gosling before I saw the movie, but I have to admit I grew attached to his character as the movie moved on, and I think he was a good choice after all.


I have a hard time comparing this one to the original. Visually stunning, weak plot (not like the first one had a good plot though), and wonderful world building and exposition. There is so much detail and thought put into the setting. I thought the soundtrack was disappointing though, but everything is disappointing when compared to Vangelis…

If Blade Runner was a 8/10, I'd give this one a 7.5/10. Enjoy it for the scenery porn and fun Film Noir plot.



"from an evolutionary standpoint" killing people is just being a fucking problem. Choosing who to kill in the name of evolutionary superiority and actually managing to do it are two glaring issues so large that they ALMOST overshadow how fucking ridiculous the whole thing is.


How are so few Users talking about this? This is the best thing to happen to /cyber/ in years. A Blade Runner sequel that actually lives up to the name



I'll be seeing bladerunner this week. I've been re-reading some 90's cyberpunk to get in the mood.


Saw it for the second time today. It grew on me immensely in the second viewing. The first time was odd because I left thinking i'd need to see it again to decide if I liked it or not.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here are the three shorts that describe the events that took place between 2019 and 2049. The first one is an anime short taking place in 2022. The next two take place in 2036 and 2048.


This movie was shit. As dissapointing as the ghost in the shell plot wise.


It was nice to look at though I must admit.



Saw it. Came out pretty happy. Aside from the great audiovisuals, I think it's the best movie of 2017. The last 1/3rd went into sort of hollywood mode, probably as a need to tie up the plot, but the first 2/3rds was great.



>british teefs

>looks even more autistic than gosling

>speaks awkwardly like an announcer from scammy crowdfunding campaign video

>that guy is an actual director

Having a glimpse of few flashes from the actual film, did they unironically pick 90's sci-fi aesthetics for it? Also, first anime short gave me Animatrix flashbacks.



This is the impression I got. I was really surprised at how not shit the movie was. The last third or so had shit pacing but the rest of the movie was great. Really hit all the right notes, had the right vibes. Atmosphere was spot on. Can't remember the last time I legitimately enjoyed a movie like this.




I think it lived up to the first one and it even expanded its world. They even left some plot holes to make sequels to milk brouzouf from. Kinda like what they're doing with star wars: make a fuckton of sequels, prequels, and spin offs from a cult classic so they can milk the brouzouf but honestly, if this is gonna bring a new wave of cyberpunk enthusiasts, i don't see the problem, as long as they do things right




The dude literally played one in the film.


I loved BR2049. I recall /tv/ shat on it because doing mostly monochromatic shots was cheap (???), but it's the same board that obsesses over ugly celebrities' feet we are talking about, so their opinion is irrelevant.

The movie is well crafted enough that it allows for different interpretations of some scenes, which makes discussing it very fun. For example, full blown ending spoilers ahead, what do you think of the scene where the giant magenta Joi tells K he's "a good Joe", while he stares at her, completely broken? I personally think that scene is there to show K finally coming to terms that he is not special, and that he's yet another replicant, which would explain why he then decides to just go against his programming and help Deckard, because being unique (being human, having a soul, etc) is about what you do, not what you are born as. I also think it may be showing how he realizes his Joi is not coming back, and that, despite being yet another instance of the same AI as the one in the hologram (just like K is yet another Nexus-9), she was special to him. I have seen some triggered feminists on the Internet argue that this scene just shows K realizing Joi is just a sexual object made for his pleasure, which seems to be the only fucking thing they learned from the movie, mostly based on what the Replicant prostitute says to her after the sex scene, but whatever.


All in all I have to say, it wasn't NEARLY as good as the original and it lacked the subtlety and noir aesthetics that make for GOOD CYBERPUNK, but it had plenty of philosophy and questioning of the self and kept me guessing till near the end, which I didn't expect. It was a good film, but it didn't come CLOSE to living up to the original. It was the best we could hope for from current year Hollywood.

I can honestly think of only a handful of Hollywood films I have truly enjoyed and wanted to keep rewatching in the last several years…Dredd, GiTS, Blade Runner 2049, Aquaman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Hollywood is for the most part creatively bankrupt at this point because they can't get over progressive politics and trying to out-woke each other, and when they aren't doing that they're doing remakes and hoping to bank on nostalgia. It's fucking sad.

If you want to find good movies, hollywood just isn't where to look. You're better off looking at England(action, drama, narrative driven horror and sci fi), France(sci fi and horror), Germany(sci fi and action), Japan(drama, scifi, low budget body horror), and South Korea(horror thrillers and action). Russia has been coming out with some pretty good films as well.




Drive has subtle visual storytelling that's sometimes hard to spot if you're not aware of it, and not everyone likes it because you have to pay attention to see how a scene tells something interesting by visually arranging the content in a specific way.

'Every frame a painting' made a video about that some time ago.




Have you got any recommendations for non-Hollywood cyber? Pref no anime either.



>It was a good film, but it didn't come CLOSE to living up to the original.

wrong anon. it was so bad you just don't have the heart to admit it. tell me the worth of the elvis dancing scene. the replicant non uprising. the long and slow walking in LV scenes. the "memory girl" subplot who was Deckard. name me one of the villains equal to Roy Batty. don't even try to tell me the "psychological" testing of a replicant was in anyway innovative story telling. don't even try to pretend the feminist themes of women in the film (which were nonexistent in the original) we're relevant or needed for the narrative at all. sure I get it you like "action" films but the "action" of the LV fight scene was so gay and hamfisted it might as well of never happened. the same is true for the opening fight scene. oh cool Harrison Ford and Gosling drink in a post apoc desert, SNOOZE FEST. and lets not forget Harrison Ford's wardrobe consisting of a zuckerberg style grey shirt. yeah they thought about that one really well.



Drive is nothing more than 100 minutes of watching Gosling play a cripplingly autistic man with a speaking disorder. Stop projecting meaning where there is none. Refn is a hack.



it's halfway, i think E;R's review is pretty spot on.

The film is pure eyecandy



Lots of foreign stuff.

Excluding anime…lets see.

Some of these might be hollywood stuff but without major studios backing them and/or without big promotional campaigns.


french sci-fi film about a society on the brink of collapse where the main form of entertainment is bloodsports involving drugs and modifications


Small independantly produced film starring of all people Antonio Bandaras. depicts a near-apocalyptic society in which humanity is kept alive in climate controlled cities with a largely robotic workforce, and deals with the emergence of true AI.


German/russian film about a VR battlefield where people can actually die, more or less.

>Black Road(2016)

Netflix film about a former corporate military man turned PI who has a combat AI in his head who also acts as something of a constant companion for him and kind of a voice of reason.


French film about a police officer investigating a medical company that's doing research on reprogramming the human mind via traumatic dreams and shit like that. Lots of great action and very middling budget.


French film again. Amnesiac is brought aboard a prison station with no record. Weird shit starts happening and it turns out he might be some kind of bioengineered being or something.

>Eden Log(2007)

Guy wakes up in a pool of corpses, spends next couple hours making his way through a mostly destroyed corporate military complex dealing with everything from commandoes to cyber-engineered monsters. All kinds of mindfuckery going on in this one. One of my favorite science fiction films.


A genius is employed to develop robot software, which he bases off of the brain of a little girl.


Futuristic military dealing with teleportation travel to an offworld mining facility where it seems everyone has killed each other. Weird shit ensues.

>kill command(2016)

Machines and humans fight for supremacy.

>Mind and Machine(2017)

A runaway android tries to convince a guy that she's human.

The acting is awful, but the story is pretty well done for a played out concept. Watch it stoned.


Netflix film in which A corporate auditor investigates a partially synthetic child that has been displaying agressive and erratic behavior. Has some surprisingly big names in it such as Kate Mara, Toby Jones, and Paul Giamatti.

>Natural City(2003)

A man searches for a new body for his android girlfriend while working for a paramilitary force that is sent after rogue androids. It's a korean film with lots of great action scenes and surprisingly high production values. Also for some reason people and robots can be magically fused together or something.


All of the cheese. So much cheese. just spread all over the rubble of a post-apocalyptic world populated by cyborgs and androids with bad accents.

>Paranoia one point o(2008)

A genius programmer keeps receiving empty packages delivered to his doorstep and starts suspecting something is going on with reality.


Mercenary group is hired to retrieve data on soviet experiments with techno-organic lifeforms. Acting is atrocious, film is mildly entertaining.


Has John Cusack and Carmen Argenziano in it. An android who doesn't know he's an android wakes up in a world conquered by an AI that was designed to end all wars but instead created giant pissed off robots who killed everyone. He travels with a survivor and tries to piece together his memories, watched from afar by the digitized consciousnesses of the AI's creators.

>Sleep Dealer(2009)

A mexican farmboy/hacker moves to the big city looking for work, which requires implants all over the body that allow a person to virtually interface with machines. Pretty cool shit.

>Technotise - Edit I ja(2009)

From some eastern european country. Girl takes a smart drug and ends up with an AI slowly taking over her body. the two try to figure out how to separate themselves without killing her while an evil megacorp tries to capture them to terminate them.

It's animated and very reminiscent of 80s and 90s comic books which makes me happy inside.

>The Machine(2013)

A slightly dystopian story depicting a research project attempting to create AI, leading to a battle of wills between the lead researcher and the military backers to control the development of AI.

>The Zero Theorem(2013)

A quirky and misanthropic programmer is given an impossible task by his company in a dystopian world, to develop the math of the universe. Weird things happen and he begins questioning reality.


A company owns a small district of a city, where for a large fee people can indulge in their darkest fantasies because the people in that city are androids whose memories are wiped every day. After being "murdered" an android escapes the facility and the history of the company starts to unravel. Also Bruce Willis is in it.



Calm your tits, shazbot. I didn't say it was a great film. I even specified that it didn't come close to the original. It was just as good as we can expect from a hollywood mired in identitarian politics and devoid of artistic talent. Fucking hell.

If you were expecting anything better from fucking Hollywood you're delusional.



You messed up a lot of dates and facts here. Did you ever took a glance of wikipedia or imdb pages on films you listed?


File: 3a602f1faebca30⋯.png (736.01 KB, 853x480, 853:480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 842abb2eee82ac5⋯.png (43.44 KB, 327x251, 327:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5f402037253f5d7⋯.png (958.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e48a9c43de6f752⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



>German/russian film about a VR battlefield where people can actually die, more or less.

It's not German or Russian. Avalon is a Polish movie that was written by Kazunori Ito and directed by Mamoru Oshii, who were also the writer and director for the Ghost in the Shell films.

It's worth noting that this movie had a huge influence on the aesthetic of EYE: Divine Cybermancy.



>EYE: Divine Cybermancy

I would really like to get into this more but I can't get into the dated look and feel.



EYE isn't even that old of a game. If you can't handle EYE because it seems "dated", then you're going to be missing out on most of the other worthwhile cyberpunk games too, like Deus Ex or Uplink.



I went through the list of films I have on my external hard drive. I made the descriptions from memory. If some are not entirely accurate, whoops.

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