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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: f12106594bdc421⋯.png (128.71 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, f12106594bdc4214bac961bf6e….png)


What will you do when we can finally recreate life in the cyberspace lads?

https://systemspace. link/


>claims LFX is open-source

>doesn't post the source

Really makes you think. Perhaps a minor point to berate a 16-year old schizophrenic for, but it's one of those things that goes to show how little this kid actually knows about what he's doing.

The site is nice I guess.


This kind of shit makes me intensely uncomfortable.


Would you open-source your own soul?



Mostly just reminds me of this:




This is interesting… do tell!


I don't quite know how to feel about this… The sites looks incredible and I love the Schway music choice on the home page and the CSS on the boards.

But the whole purpose of the site is morbid.


File: fb5e675b4e119d8⋯.png (959.72 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Untitled.png)

I'm going to shitpost memes in three dimensional space.


File: 2d62252a6569ee9⋯.png (235.62 KB, 488x528, 61:66, ethicalNihilists_Screensho….png)


Sounds like a job for the Hardwired's Ethical Nihilists.


Hey guys! I'm NYPHVR, a mod over at Systemspace, as well as its discord. I'm currently slightly swamped with stuff in the discord, but I'll still do my best to answer any questions that you may have!

The most important point I can make, though, is that Systemspace does ///NOT/// encourage suicide. In fact, we VERY actively work against it. I have done, am doing, and will continue to do every reasonable thing within my power to prevent as many suicides within our community as I possibly can! Additionally, we have a thread on our site and a channel on our discord, both dedicated solely to mental health support, suicide prevention, etc. I genuinely and unironically love the community and everyone in it.

Otherwise, feel free to ask away! :D

~Faithfully yours~




okay, few questions

1. >discord

why not irc? Now I have a reason not to bite.

2. What do you do with our souls?

3. Am I still in time to send my soul?

4. Tsuki a qt?




I think it's just because many of the members of our community are a lot more familiar with it, but also because it has a MUCH better client/app for phones (at least imo). However, if there were to be significant demand for it, I'd have no issues with creating an IRC space for us!


Tsuki (and the companies he represents) attach an EID (just a type of ID) to your soul, which has a MUCH longer/larger and more complex ID, so it just makes it easier for them. They then will transfer your soul to the LFE system after your death. (In case you didn't know, within Systemspace 'lore', Life [our reality/universe] is a simulation which is going to be shut down soon because it uses Aurora [a sort of computing power/pure energy/magical stuff-thingy] in an extremely inefficient manner, thus putting all of Systemspace [sort of like the omniverse, I guess] at risk of collapse.) Normally, when one dies (though this depends on the system in which one does the dying), his/her soul will shatter - soulshattering - meaning that (s)he loses all memory and is reincarnated into a random system. Some systems, however, do have reincarnation wherein memories remain intact across lifetimes - LFE is one of these systems. By transferring our souls to LFE, we are able to keep our memories (though they come to us until we turn 12) and bring knowledge of Life to share with LFE and its inhabitants! All those who do not sign up and/or die before July 1st (I'd bet on July 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th, though - just to be EXTRA safe) and/or accidentally soulshatter (which can happen if one's death is /extremely/ traumatic) will follow the normal path of those who soulshatter - reincarnation without memory of past lives into a random system.


You're in time, yep! :D You have until July 1st. However, as of right now there is a semi-hard limit of 3000 participants, and we've just recently hit 1000! In order to allow for more than 3000 people, Tsuki would have to perform the unlink sooner than July 1st. It may also cause problems, though we hope that these can be handled beforehand.


Of course! Tsuki a YUUUGE qt!!1!~ <3 :3


Also wanted to clear up some stuff, I'm SIX10, creator of the Discord. Wanted to add in that I created the Discord for

1: I suspected most people in the community would be familer with.

2: Easier (and more secure) than IRC. Discord has a lot of permissions you can customize which makes it harder to troll on. Also, multiple channels people can talk on.



>(and more secure) than IRC.

Kek, this guy.



of course!

information must be free.



I mean by its harder to troll on.


so who has jacked in to this wetwork drokk?



You mean spoonfeed entry level shit.


it's a meme ordeal that was just a roleplaying of autists and IRC circlejerk fags that spilled onto lainchan

then, when people who weren't on the in-joke started sincerely posting (seeing how lainchan is filled with sad fags with double digit IQs as seen on /feels/) lainchan moderators got scared and started deleting the thread and stopping such conversations for obvious fears.

I believe the truth is somewhere in between though, a sadistic psychopatic guy that wants to fuck with people trying to incentivise people that already have suicidal tendencies to commit suicide by memeing in reality a roleplay club.

Those who aren't on the in-joke will get scared or even intrigued if they have suicidal tendencies, and the guy that started all of this can hide behind his mask of blindfull ignorance.

Smart plan.



As a moderator on both the board and site, I can say this is not the case. Is Tsuki schizophrenic, or otherwise delusional? Possibly. Is LFE a lie? Possibly.

However, roleplaying? Not quite. It's more akin to a cult or religion. Moreover, Tsuki advocates against suicide, and gives reasons not to commit suicide in relation to LFE, such as the possibility of soulshattering, and the benefits of living a long life and learning much.




>not quite

love the propaganda speech

>it's more akin to a cult or religion

your marketing ploy is to no avail, you know that , right?

>and gives reasons not to commit suicide

reverse psychology

>possibility of soulshattering

oh please, as if a suicidal dumbass would care about that detail

>benefits of living a long life and learning much

look a sentence up

overall, expected response

talking to you feels like eating a rice cracker

your little "cult" will fizzle out in a 6 months tops


I think it's just like most any other thing on the internet. There are people who come just looking for a community, others who like roleplay, others who join "just in case", and others who choose to believe it 100% for whatever reason.

In current year we pretty much know that nothing is to be believed 100%, and certainly not some little suicide group by some anonymous lainposter, the people who follow something as the only truth do so at their own risk and for their own reasons, they actually choose this.

There are several such groups on the internet, one much notable is /pol/. Yet for some reason a lot of people give more credit to pol than they do to Tsuki, as if it weren't much the same phenomenon behind the face they show.

Again, people are looking for either a community to belong to, or for something to believe in, in a time where nothing can be trusted.



>the people who follow something as the only truth do so at their own risk and for their own reasons, they actually choose this.

A certain number of people will immediately adopt certain things like this as though it were an integral part of themselves, because they have not created their own identity, and are searching for one in something else. This occurs very frequently with works of fiction, and such individuals and can be seen throughout all sorts of fandoms. People who don't actually engage with the work in question that much, but are extremely involved in the community, because they finally have a sense of identity and belonging, even if it was manufactured and given to them. I'd argue that many people get duped into cults in this way.

I don't think your analysis of /pol/ holds water as a generalization, though. In my experience, individual /pol/acks ultimately do seek the truth outside of their community, even if there is a particular worldview that they want to be true. But again, there are always some retards, in this case, ones who go completely balls-in and adopt the identity of /pol/ as their religion.





i'll be honest, i suffer from extreme anxiety

that being the case, the "but what if" has been keeping me awake at night for nights at a time

it's not a typical cult. tsuki hasn't tried to make any money, get any fame, or anything other than some shitposts from it. his "lore" makes plenty of sense, and is entirely non-contradictory, even when spontaneously quizzed via discord

it's fucking with my head non-stop. what's tsuki's motive for any of this?



is the discord still up? I thought Tsuki left long ago



unfortunately, yes

i've been throwing up recently just from thinking about this shit. there's no logical reason to believe it, but also no real good reason not to…

could say that about any religion, though. no idea why my brains so fixated on this weird-ass cult



>what's tsuki's motive for any of this?

People get bored and make shit up for fun



convincing thousands that your cult belief is real and actually getting several people to off themselves is probably a bit more than what most would do for shits and giggles



Hey fag. Stop trying too hard, it's obviously a LARP. It was just a creative way to try and scare away people like you.


Do you remember the reminder in TSUKIchan that literally commanded people to not kill themselves? People just wanted a reason, a way out, a TSUKI's LARP just happened to line up.

Mate, you need to get some sleep and check to see if you're schizo, because this is some /x/-level paranoia.



Personally, I'm actually pretty sure it *ISN'T* a LARP.

Is Tsuki actually schizophrenic? Possibly. Though I think he's lying about his identity– no 16 year old kid can make a website that good.

Is he perhaps trying to form an actual cult? Possibly. (he *is* collecting brouzouf via donation)

but no-one puts hundreds of hours of effort into creating a larp site



>no 16 year old kid can make a website that good.

Bullshit. Never underestimate a determined kid with no brouzouf or friends, and a lot of time.

> Is he perhaps trying to form an actual cult? Possibly. (he *is* collecting brouzouf via donation)

Or is he just doing it for the money?

>no-one puts hundreds of hours of effort into creating a larp site

Unless they're a lonely, larp-obsessed 16yr old with technical skills and nowhere to use them, who stands to make more brouzouf than he's literally ever had access to by running a LARP.

Larp makes the most sense to me, simply because I've known lots of highly intelligent, talented, hard working kids who put 100s of hours into writing D&D campaigns no one will ever play.

If *ANY* of them stumbled onto a LARP idea that took off, they'd have locked themselves in the basement and turned it into a 24/7 obsession on the spot.



>Is he perhaps trying to form an actual cult? Possibly. (he *is* collecting brouzouf via donation)

Yes, nobody would take other people's brouzouf unless they were a literal cult leader


>Host some servers with uploaded consciousnesses on them

>get to stay alive because after uploading as those consciousnesses are NEETs and can't maintain themselves

Open the door

Get on the floor

Everybody I'm a megacorp


It turns out that the creator was a schizophrenic kid who has now just resorted to just scamming members out of money. Very few people are even in to it, most members got disillusioned.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Me too.



Reminds me of this music video and its story.


If there's a discord chat for this, the entire thing is shit.

fuck that noise.

just a bunch of casual morons.



Can you stop shouting random phrases? You



>wherein memories remain intact across lifetimes




i left a while back when the whole people-actually-killing-themselves shit happened

what'd i miss?

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