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"A future is not given to you. It is something you must take for yourself. "

File: 8436093a8e02e20⋯.jpg (65.99 KB, 524x480, 131:120, courier.jpg)


Couriers are /cyber/. They move everything from corporate bullshit and government documents to illegal drugs. I'm not going to post people I know so please, lets see what you've got.


>listen to /cyber/ advice

>get a courier job for a month

>drop my phone on the asphalt on first day, shattering the screen

>use paper maps

>use pen and paper for notes

>fill out paper forms

>carry bags of paper around the bedroom town whole day

>half of those bags are paper forms filled by other couriers

>get home too late and tired to even turn a PC on.

>my feet hurt

It was the most analog and non-cyber month of my life since I got my first computer.

Well, at least I was losing excess weight like crazy, needed whole new set of clothes by the end of it.


File: 7f83ce885356c72⋯.jpg (182.48 KB, 1024x677, 1024:677, 5011706247_d41d79ff3e_o.jpg)

File: cff74632cfa01df⋯.jpg (167.16 KB, 1024x670, 512:335, 5021427796_89356255ac_o.jpg)

File: 18f2310b79b57a7⋯.jpg (141.49 KB, 1024x677, 1024:677, 5042173765_20c0bbc0be_o.jpg)

File: 95c96ed4335c367⋯.jpg (502.89 KB, 676x1024, 169:256, 5677782076_0480ea88c4_o.jpg)

File: 5101fa94b370442⋯.jpg (471.88 KB, 673x1024, 673:1024, 5865796429_8246a550b6_o.jpg)

More so in the early 90s when they could be taking home the equivalent of $2000 per week. Now it's poverty tier and done by Indians on scooters and lifestyle tourist hipsters.


File: 819137b4554b75b⋯.jpg (172.35 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 5009313621_a4d08af0e5_o.jpg)

File: 8c3bd55d4a3d711⋯.jpg (145.27 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 5083945007_528a906836_o.jpg)

File: e2f8bf30cccebd4⋯.jpg (142.68 KB, 678x1024, 339:512, 5019239622_b2a91f432f_o.jpg)

File: 8a417196b33a4a5⋯.jpg (497.45 KB, 674x1024, 337:512, 5625258745_16b3f700ac_o.jpg)

File: d5c4d6acbc1c613⋯.jpg (464.11 KB, 1024x674, 512:337, 11010487033_31e92020a4_o.jpg)









File: b40890f6f2922c8⋯.jpg (158.99 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 5009918590_ebf9fd777c_o.jpg)

File: df3172beb8a6c61⋯.jpg (133.11 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 5071720352_2ebfda020d_o.jpg)

File: 851e6b03509b53d⋯.jpg (149.14 KB, 674x1024, 337:512, 5196279450_4cd33ce037_o.jpg)

File: 5e652d5bbe22b02⋯.jpg (481.42 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, 5443009446_b7cb69a042_o.jpg)

File: 5e826fd27739af1⋯.jpg (457.54 KB, 1024x675, 1024:675, 8330859016_ea5685bdbd_o.jpg)


I know, right? Have a few more





The walkie talkie (just realized what a retarded name that is) really sells the "high tech, low life"



>just realized what a retarded name that is

Well in the 2way radio biz they are called "portables". A radio in your car is called a "mobile". And a radio in the office is called a "control station" or "base station" depending on the system.

Those portables would have talked back to high powered "repeater" up on one of the tall buildings. The repeater would have taken the little signal from the portable and repeated it across the whole city.

In the pre-cellphone days this was a powerful setup.

The only problem with it back then there was no practical encryption. So in high competition industries people would start speaking in code. Tow truck drivers where notorious for sniping each others calls this way.

Bootlegging or "booting" also happened back then in big cities. Unauthorized people would use a businesses repeater after hours or take over abandoned repeaters to talk to each other around town.

All you needed to know was the input/output freq and PL code to access the repeater.



You don't sound like you knew much about riding bike and you also don't sound like you were in a community where couriers were heavily utilized.

You should try again sometime.


File: 8044f62daf122aa⋯.jpg (169.08 KB, 1024x669, 1024:669, 5015351013_a9eeb0ab98_o.jpg)

File: 9b714efe2a555cd⋯.jpg (286.68 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, 5612036964_bd71478019_b.jpg)

File: 28d73a989306a87⋯.jpg (501.38 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, 6411817273_846631e85d_o.jpg)

File: df1f57849796803⋯.jpg (531.4 KB, 669x1024, 669:1024, 5636263382_b074ecaf9f_o.jpg)

File: 5f641a8b19e7a94⋯.jpg (532.65 KB, 672x1024, 21:32, 5310580952_1aae99f3f3_o.jpg)


Interesting, thanks



Walkie-talkies are like retarded little brothers of portables. They have limited power, only few pre-selected channels and only work on "toy"-frequences.

So, ham-enthusiasts distinguish them into separate category, at least in my area.



So a trucker CB would be like a high power walkie talkie since theres no base station or relays involved?



Yep. except that legal cb's are limted in power.

Not that anyone runs legal power on cb.

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