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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: d4a6e17f0841cd0⋯.jpg (89.77 KB, 700x525, 4:3, Hacking_correctly.jpg)


Hey /cyber/, I used to go on here a lot back in 2014-2016, and I met a couple people from that zeemaps post a long time ago and we'd really like to interact with some people from here, especially the OGs. Play some games, talk about cyber shit, do some dev projects if anyone's apt with that, etc.

I know Discord isn't a popular medium here but all my old Tox friends haven't been on in years.


Here it is, let's relive some old memories and do some fun cyber shit together.


File: c2cc5264b60c621⋯.jpg (129.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1424803879788.jpg)

where the glitches at?


>"I know Discord isn't popular around here"

>"but I'll shitpost anyways"


>cyber discord

I barely use Tox because:

>normies don't use it

>anons are rarely extroverted enough to "break the ice" [me included]

>groupchats nearly always end up becoming a weird mix between /pol/ loudmouths+their daily life

Not that I completely disagree with many of /pol/'s claims, but having their whole conversations revolve around the same issues (sticking to complaining and not even doing anything about it) gets a bit tiresome. That and the US-focus ;^)

Should have at least tried open-source discord/slack alternatives like Riot.im, Rocket.chat or Mattermost.


I wrote and host my own invite only chat program. That's what people are doing now.



That's pretty cool. I wouldn't really know how to go about doing that myself though, so Discord it is, unless you want to host something for us



I can host something from my server: 99.97% uptime, 20Mbps upload. It's mostly idle so I would be more than happy to use it for something. Invite only chat like >>48643 would be nice to have. Maybe I'll hack something together over this weekend… Does anyone have any ideas what would be the best way to implement invites? Are one-time use links for registration a good idea?



That would be awesome. Should probably belong in another thread though when you do end up making it, for more visibility.

I could even host a media FTP server or something in addition.

Maybe users can post throwaway emails here and you can send one-time invites to those?



I implemented a websocket in JavaEE, then have it check a keycloak server that doesn't have any interface for creating users open to the public. I create a user, set the password so it needs to be changed upon login, and send the user/pass to my friend.

You can host it on a 3$/month VPS, and get yourself a domain and SSL Cert from lets encrypt.

Buy everything through BTC.


flint#8647 here

i am not sure how the speed of the discord is/was so i left because i did not want it to be another discord i join then i get 300+missed messages because it went too fast for me.

i like slow discords but i might come stop by every while.


File: 66e6328032e0d90⋯.jpg (29.35 KB, 720x517, 720:517, beating-meat-and-family.jpg)


Invite expired, send it so I may post




Total botnet. Use riot.

When you sign on for it, use matrix.org for authentication server, but for the actual matrix server, use banter.city. Join #general:banter.city for fun and shitposting.


Banter City is hosted by one of us. Not me, but I've met the guy irl and advised him on buying the server it's now running on.



too many people in it already. i deleted invite>>48668



We knew someone would end up saying that lmao



Yeah so cyberpunk to willingly give all your data to large corporation to sell & do whatever they want with






Don't blame the wageslave trying to look 133t while at it.



Dude had it right. It's dead simple to implement your own chat system, and run it on a free cloud account. If you can't even do that, what the fuck are you talking about anyway?


I don't get why so many people are making discord servers and shilling them all over the place (often spamming every imageboard they find), and they're often about dumb shit or whatever random thought they come across. Hey let's make a discord about bananas! And go publicizing them all around. I used to think discord had ads and people made brouzouf from this insane proliferation of servers, but there aren't, does it have a bitcoin miner or what?




If you start out with ads, you won't grow as much.


File: 505297d3ff55d0e⋯.jpg (48.62 KB, 600x800, 3:4, jazz for your soul.jpg)


> I don't get why so many people are making discord servers and shilling them all over the place

Low entry level. Before discord you had to know how to set up an actual server, but now it's just few clicks away. Because of that there's a shitheap of rooms about everything that die after a couple of months because admins aren't dedicated to their community. With IRC and other real servers admins invest much more time and effort into shaping the community, and they won't abandon it so easily.



> invest much more time and effort into shaping the community

That sounds heavy handed. Consider the light touch that let 4chan flourish. In fact the people on /cyber/ trying to "shape" it by REEing over how something is not cyber unless it fits their criteria, are the worst part of the board. A subculture needs enthusiasm, not pruning.


bumping for invite



>A subculture needs enthusiasm, not pruning.

Definitely needs pruning too.


So is it dead or what?



If it's not, it needs to be. Discord is a datamining application. Stay away from it.


File: 39ec6339ff1209e⋯.jpg (76.82 KB, 960x904, 120:113, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)

File: edf76cc00842a0b⋯.png (92.89 KB, 1127x408, 1127:408, 1469910774030.png)

File: a753a511e0d413f⋯.webm (5.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7535110413472201846114688….webm)


>and fucking Discord

This must be a fucking LARPer's board.



They cancelled the invite. Apparently aside from all the complaints in this thread about Discord being a spy platform there were too many people interested.




Come the fuck on. IRC is objectively more schway and has the same damn features.



Any decent channels? They all seem to dry up over time.



When I visited it was kinda dead that was why I wanted to have another look.




it's not cyber though


SO where's the IRC at


Good thing text on this board is already glow in the dark.




>not cyber

You can use the CLI client or even just join with IRC you dummy.



I know that now after playing with it, don't have to call me a dummy, faggot.




You goddamn newfags will never learn. There is -not- a cyberpunk way to use discord. It is everything a cyberpunk chat isn't: capitalist, data mining, un end-to-end encrypted.

It's facebook for autism.


kill yourself you fucking underage larpers spamming your channels everywhere



>kill yourself you fucking underage larpers spamming your channels everywhere

God forbid anyone try to do anything. Let's be hostile instead of making useful suggests.

Discord is a bad idea, but that's your cue to offer a better one, not be a cunt.



If people are being retarded it makes sense to degrade them for it. That's far more effective at changing behavior than politely requesting they stop using discord.



>If people are being retarded it makes sense to degrade them for it. That's far more effective at changing behavior than politely requesting they stop using discord.

Is it? Is that … working out for you?

It seems to me that from beginning to end, OP has admitted that discord is basically all he knows and can get people on. So, instead of telling him to kill himself, you could offer an alternative?

Also, screaming 'LARP' at everyone who does anything IRL just serves to suggest that you yourself never do anything, and feel superior for it.

It like being proud of your ignorance, but instead you're proud of your ignorance AND inaction.

At least these kids are trying, instead of running around the internet screaming 'I don't know anything, and I don't do anything!'.



Fuck you for endorsing a non free platform like Discord which uses fucking electron!

You cun't go learn to use IRC if you aren't to retarded to.



whats next, a facebook group?


hello my fellow cyberfriends

let's chat it up and share our data

it's gonna be fun



>Stallman links to a crappy neocities page started by an 8channer




(sigh) OP sorry everyone's being such a fucknut. I'm not a huge fan of discord but I do enjoy socializing there on occasion. I too don't know anyone who still uses Tox but if that can be a thing again I'll gladly reinstall. in the meantime if that discord link is still active I'll happily join




I'm so sorry about the size of your dicks. you two should totally kiss.



thats right, give in to botnet fellow /cyber/ user



>the size of your penis is 3 inch loooooosseerrrrr

whats your point?


File: ce9fcf38d338628⋯.gif (718.79 KB, 500x384, 125:96, spooky-gendo.gif)



Oh we fully expected the wave of fucknuts. Some people still do use discord because of other friends. It's here for people who want it. We were in talks of making a Matrix/Riot server to switch over to, but here's the new invite: https://discord.gg/KNjbzJN



Why would you use a spyware software like Discord? Why not an IRC?




Use riot you fucktard.


expired link



IRC is so fucking ugly



we might post more invites in the future, stay tuned




its aesthetic, discord is fucking stupid



there's a million different clients, which one is ugly?



IRC looks the way you make it look; if your clients ugly it's because you're dumb and your taste is shit



>If a singular message doesn't take at least 100x600 pixels of screen space its trash and looks ugly



Riot is shit and buggy as fuck. I'll gladly switch to Riot+matrix when it's a usable program



There is a new matrix frontend in development, it looks decent.

Also please stop bumping this fucking awful thread.



There are many matrix frontends in development. Not a single one besides Riot have even achieved true functionality or even completed basic functionality yet.


>Using proprietary software


Come on in instead.

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