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“Your existence is a momentary lapse of reason.”

File: 0ca95028922e77b⋯.jpeg (55.32 KB, 620x413, 620:413, mendax.jpeg)


Back in the 80's there was a little known aussie hacker by the name of Mendax. We know him as Julian Assange today.

What does /cyber/ think of him? His been in the game and a lot deeper than most of people. His rap sheet is impressive and he's contributed to open source in his more legit programmer days.

Now he seems like a fallen man child, unable to take care of his cat. Though that's the media we're getting. I'm afraid for him, he has every right to be paranoid considering the shit he's caused for the authority.

But doesn't that in a weird way make him a perfect caricature of all things cyberpunk? A hacker who went to far, like Icarus flying to close to the sun?


I think wikileaks were really important and could have evolved into something great if not the (((media))) and Dumbsheit Berg or what's his name had sabotaged it.

Though Mendax certainly is a man child. There were some really funny stuff in the police report concerning that swedish woman he "raped". I remember something about him not showering and always smelling like shit or something and in general behaving like a pig.


What is right and what is wrong ?

Julian is already in a jail not a physical jail but basically a jail.

It’s odd how everyone likes the idea but is in fear to say it publicly.

Totalitarianism Governments parties don’t matter.

The dystopian future is here and who does the world have to blame ?

No one. But the leaders

A scapegoat for the problems is what JA is now.

Each government of the world is totalitarian.

Media is propaganda

Police are in forcing fear to the public, ordered to arrest everyone because their told everyone is a criminal.

Corporations are structured by the government funded by the government

Government credit scores gives the people rights, privilege and a sense of belonging to the totalitarian government ideology.

Government watching everything you do privately and publicly.

What is right and what is wrong the global governments will not tell the people

Censorship,blackout of media, no investigation.

Does this sound familiar ?

Like the terror Group ISIS

No it’s not ISIS it your governments using the same playbook as terrorist.

Like Joan of Arch

In my opinion I think the United States of America has never recovered from The collapse in the 30s and looks for scapegoats.

At this time I think JA is a scapegoat


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We need more organizations like WikiLeaks out there. Project Veritas recently started a new platform for leaks. Julian Assange definitely is teetering on the fallen hero trope but I can't really blame him with all the political/legal bullshit he's dealing with on multiple sides. Wikileaks has exposed so much. That's my opinion.

I've recently come across another opinion: He is controlled opposition. He's a disinfo agent set out to distract the public with juicy details of some public figures while ignoring others. Chiefly Israel (and Russia, I think?) It's in interesting premise and worth some digging into, imo. Although it's probably bunk. You never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>vid related


File: df08ffdd8038c22⋯.jpg (23.61 KB, 223x400, 223:400, the-smiler.jpg)


Mendax I don't think would be "willingly" a tool of anyone and especially (((them))).

It just doesn't fit his mentality, but I think now or recently he is highly manipulatable.

I know a lot of sheep that think their radicals felt betrayed cause he leaked that DNC email shit. But honestly what folks forget is the Neo-liberal world globalist are the actual enemies. They're the ones supporting the global banks, they're they ones that push the surveillance every where.

Some say he's a Russian tool, but he believes trying to weaken the current Neo-Liberal Global Order is more important.


File: bb196847b23b811⋯.gif (185.1 KB, 855x776, 855:776, Untitled-2.gif)

>Julian Assange has accused his Ecuadorean hosts of spying and feeding information to US authorities, and slammed attempts to block his journalistic work as a more subtle way of silencing than the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

>The comparison elicited a harsh reaction from Ecuadorean Prosecutor General Inigo Salvador, who accused Assange of biting the hand that feeds him.



File: 4a0e3f28bf9979b⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 720x404, 180:101, dak huh.gif)

Has he signed his PGP yet?



>I remember something about him not showering and always smelling like shit or something and in general behaving like a pig

Character assassination


He was physically threatened by the Russian govt, then had a gentleman's agreement to focus on the US that has always been his main opponent.


He has demonstrated how much control the democrats have of the United States media. As soon as he began to release information contrary to their aims he was suddenly the bad guy.

If you are willing to allow corruption to be hidden so it does not benefit Trump, you are scum.


>He was physically threatened by the Russian govt, then had a gentleman's agreement to focus on the US that has always been his main opponent.

it's not a gentleman's agreement if i do something because you threaten to kill me, it's just thuggery



>assange is dead

Change my mind



Whats funny about wikileaks is how the left reacted to it. When julian here leaked shit on bush he was the people's hero but when he began leaking the shit liberals had (specially shillary) then he became public enemy #1, fuck the truth and fuck justice he messed with the designated neolib of the year? he gets fucked by the media and all the NPCs depending on it.

The irony is that wikileaks is as close as we've ever been to the absolute truth, and yet nobody gives a shit. Never before in history has so much dirt on the powerful been exposed and yet NPCs can't be bothered to think outside their little box, and normalfags as usual don't care. As such there were no real consequences, nobody went to jail, nobody got toppled, at most some low level smucks got "suicided" or "disappeared" if you catch my drift.

Nowadays I truly believe the world will never change, because if all those terabytes of classified info didn't do it then nothing will.


File: e4869e9668e8567⋯.jpg (35.57 KB, 680x578, 20:17, 6c29b9bd7c41ca6002481de72f….jpg)


A real fucking shame, i really mean it, why are we all so apathetic?



Too much entertainment and only a bunch of people in the Appalachians are starving so nobody gives a shit.



The unemployed are either too dumb or too depressed, hooked on social media and freemium shit

People with jobs are too fucking busy and or scared to deal with this, they stay quiet or just go full-NPC and repeat whatever is trendy

Thats basically it


He's being expelled you double niggers



>funny stuff in the police report concerning that swedish woman he "raped".

IIRC he got in trouble for not declaring his STD status or getting tested at the request of a sexual partner (which is a crime in Sweden)



The problem is selective leaking is just as much propaganda as trusting the media 100% and because people are to assume it as "truth" they are naive enough to not grasp the full situation. Imagine if Russia "leaked" information that was beneficial to the government but detrimental to opponents? people would eat it up and think Russia good, opponents bad.

The public reaction is just a good example of people wanting confirmation biases and demonstrating the power of only telling a half truth.



He feels so irrelevant now.



I feel bad for him and the others like him.

People that went out and did shit but at the end it was for nothing. At this point the blackpill is unavoidable.


File: a1e93dde35bdd85⋯.jpeg (69.42 KB, 791x648, 791:648, image.jpeg)

File: 1d7c1955ea0620c⋯.jpeg (344.43 KB, 1920x1059, 640:353, image.jpeg)


This is the closest thing to a declaration of war we're going to get, isn't it? I always knew it would come down to something like this. Time to close the bunker door. They want a fight, they'll get one.

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