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“Your existence is a momentary lapse of reason.”

File: 4f77e1cdb95717a⋯.jpg (89.3 KB, 1119x791, 1119:791, wizard hat for the brain.jpg)


Has anybody here been keeping keeping up with the development of Neuralink? It seems like one of the most /cyber/ technologies.

For those not familiar Neuralink is a company owned by Elon Musk (which may or may not be a good thing) that aims to develop a brain implant enabling people to connect with machines, with the short term goal of treating disease and long term goal of transhumanism.

Actual information about their developments is scarce but they're currently performing animal testing.

Also feel free to bring up any other similar technologies that you know of.


Somehow everything that Elon does is obvious and boring, like he took all his ideas from a bunch of cheap sci-fi books.

Really new things are unexpected and insightful. Look at cryptocurrencies, for example, it's just crazy.


File: 9fb9b6d0c184225⋯.jpg (47.47 KB, 319x320, 319:320, 4.jpg)

I actually wonder if neural linking tech could be used to transmit data by massive mycelium mats that blanket entire continents…

Or maybe I've dosed too many shrooms.

Food for speculation.



Just because something is obvious doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile, it doesn't matter if it's a really new idea or not.

Also he admitted he got the idea to sell the flamethrowers from spaceballs, so make of that what you will.


The guy is kinda retarded, but at least i'm glad there's someone financing all this sci-fi stuff instead of using the brouzouf on whores and satanic rituals like most other billioners.



Or when you run out of ideas of what to spend it on


Are there any scientific papers published by them?

All I can find are regular articles like this https://cml.harvard.edu/assets/5-Neuroscience-Experts-Weigh-in-on-Elon-Musks-Mysterious-_Neural-Lace_-Company-IEEE-Spectrum.pdf



Gee sure can't wait to have all my thoughts in the cloud like some shazbot


It is a terrible idea, robbing us of the last true sanctuary we have.


File: 7855bf246a00ebc⋯.jpeg (107.82 KB, 620x465, 4:3, notBattleFieldReady.jpeg)


>Has anybody here been keeping keeping up with the development of Neuralink?

Various military cliques within the USA military-industrial complex would LOVE to have something like this in a battlefield-ready form. The current tech is NOT battlefield ready. It is suitable for hospitalized cripples who can depend on a mostly-sterile environment and 24/7 medical support.


Putting an implant across your skin is like sending out engraved invitations to every microbe that can cause serious infections.



Will we ever invent a "plastic skin" capable of cicatrizing with our own? That would help covering the gaps.



Maybe people would actually start taking their privacy and security seriously




Autonomous cars already scare the shit out of me. And now they want to connect to the body? The fuck they think they are. How many fucking data breeches do we need to know we can't trust these companies to have proper security.

Also elon lol


File: cd0645224ebd94a⋯.jpg (73.95 KB, 640x480, 4:3, deus-ex-checkpoint-640x480.jpg)


anti-aug terrorists will not be tolerated on this board



>It seems like one of the most /cyber/ technologies.

I got lasiq done recently and I felt pretty cyb.



>Dissing a guy who has taken proven, established and decades old technology and has reliably improved it by orders of magnitude time and time again.

>"muh blockchain is better because it's NEW"

Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla are all examples of order-of-magnitude improvements in decades old business branches. And that's just the stuff I know out of the top of my head. You don't have to agree with the guy's business practices to see his effectiveness at making money.

Before you rail my ass on Tesla cars not being better than regular EVs or EVs being worse than regular cars? I agree wholeheartedly. Until Gen IV nuclear hits, EVs (and Tesla) are mostly marketing. But the improvements I'm talking about is financial. He's got Plebbit and these grown up man children Gen Xers with loads of brouzouf from comfy desk jobs wrapped right around his finger, ready to spend even more on new cars, flamethrowers and 'Teslaquila' because of a basic lack of reasonable financing. The guy knows how to speak to these people. The guy speaks marketing.

If this guy goes on the record to say he's gonna make some kind of lasting neural electrodes or BCI? I know that he truly believes he's got a reasonable chance at financially succeeding one way or another. Otherwise he wouldn't put his personal brand on the line.

<but muh blockchain

God, you crypto guys are absolutely insufferable, you know that?





<with a fucking parallel printer port-sized plug sticking out your head

<the last place they have any feel anymore

There truly are fates worst than death


Mofo got ev cars going and a fucking rocket that can land vertically. Just saying I thought he was full of shit in the 2000s but now? not really, he might make it


Also blockchains are going to shit, who woulda thought that an untraceable anonymous financial asset would be gamed by the same shitty bankers who fuck the economy all the time?

As for tesla tbh ev cars were really shit before the model s, even the roadster was meh



>Also blockchains are going to shit


there's nothing wrong with blockchain tech, at least not in the way you mean there.


File: 8a3e856678e88a8⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2213x1699, 2213:1699, Alto_RAMCd1_top-1.jpg)




Two things Bitcoin (and by extension almost all other cryptocurrencies) are not.

Pseudonymous, not anonymous.

>gamed by the same shitty bankers who fuck the economy all the time

You don't understand macroeconomics. tl;dr Bankers don't fuck the economy to make money, they fuck specific markets to make brouzouf which causes market instability and people freak out and sell shit. A good example are CDOs and rating organizations not giving a fuck because the sun is shining and the economy is booming. Literally can't go tits up like some dumb retard on /r/WallStreetBets said


This guy's right. It isn't a doesn't know how cryptocurrencies work.

Cash is inherently better because it's only opaquely traceable and globally pseudonymous for every transaction. Not so much local pseudonymity since merchants and fellow shoppers remember familiar faces, but that's where it ends.

Current-gen blockchain crap is worse than brouzouf due to transactions being permanently recorded in a public ledger, just waiting to be datamined by corps and governments.

>muh mixers

Research has shown that mixers aren't infallible. Same with Tor nodes, they logarithmically approach practical anonymity but never theoretically reach it.


>criticizing current technology we have now and not seeing all the ways Musky Man can improve it

It's almost as if everything I said with regards to Musk continually improving established/proven technology by orders of magnitude just didn't stick with you at all.

Improve your reading comprehension modules, shazbot…


File: a21ea7a1195236a⋯.jpg (367.88 KB, 1042x555, 1042:555, binnenalster-dids2shadowru….jpg)

you wouldnt even need an implant or surgery, they have these ancient brainwave helmets you can use to use thoughts or brain patterns to use some sort of macro or input

difficulty would be to actually input/output "data" like pictures and developing a UI that anyone could use and not limited to tibetan monks


File: e20000c7a88f739⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 361x250, 361:250, e20000c7a88f73976e4bfa2cd4….jpg)

Also look into these lads


For a similar idea


IIRC the neuralink is inserted via an injection, a bit like a stent for your heart I think

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