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“Your existence is a momentary lapse of reason.”

File: 1419117104816.jpg (411.27 KB, 1280x1256, 160:157, Cbp.jpg)


>tfw I cannot raid Monsanto HQ
>tfw I cannot raid Google HQ
>tfw I cannot raid facebook HQ
>the year 2014
>still cannot implant a led flashlight in my finger
>world is not facist enought
my only satisfaction is that soon there will be cyberpunk drones flying everywhere


I was feeling these feels today while driving home from Christmas shopping. Life is so terribly dull.


File: 1419119500981.png (773.78 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, tfw no augmentations.png)

>90% of the problems we have now are ones we had last century, they don't even have a new technological spin on them or anything it's the same shit like healthcare and taxes.
>soft, boring tyranny instead of an awesome dystopia.
>no large space stations, let alone colonies.
>no legitimate anarchist or independence movements
>lawless areas are still just slums where you'll get killed, not find extremely advanced but illegal technology being practiced
>warfare is still solidly 20th century despite computers

Yeah it sucks. It will be 2020 in a few years and according to the 90s we should be having existential dilemmas with machine augmentations or some shit.



Coming soon:

>Big business slaying Big Labor

>Artificial Limbs
>People keeping pet robots
>People becoming robosex
>Online war
>Computer literate online Cops
>Spooks for hire
>VR Glasses
>Celebetries puked out form the same places becoming fucking irrelevant.

Yup, Total Biscuit is just a sample of that the last point. The only thing the 90s where wrong about is space. I can't blame them in this regard since the west has simply had given up on that one, China and India have only sent some dudes into the orbit just recently and no Corp is nuts enough to piss away brouzouf with Space projects.

>no legitimate anarchist or independence movements

The serious anarchists who are also legitimate are on the right and say WORMS. :^)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
forgot the vid. Some fucking bug had lost it.


>tfw not /cyber/


File: 1419127776469.png (62.18 KB, 328x316, 82:79, contemplation.png)

>TFW it is nearly time to have this arm, and I can't.


>Even if we manage to get reasonably good robo-limbs in the next 50 years, none of us will be able to afford one in our lifetime


The world is plenty fascist already, you just need to put away the toys provided to distract you.


It's not cyberpunk until the advantages of a prosthetic arm outweigh the advantages of a real one.


File: 1419150910107.jpg (365.13 KB, 1686x1314, 281:219, schway.jpg)

It's here already, we just don't notice it.

>virtual reality very soon

>NSA spying
>foreign nations conducting cyber attacks on western corporations
>social justice firing squads roaming the internet indoctrinating people and ruining lives through doxxing and/or swatting
>social justice newspeak beginning to saturate the english language
>handheld devices that can go online almost anywhere
>drones killing people
>law enforcement driving armored vehicles and carrying assault weapons

The reasons it doesn't feel like a cyberpunk dystopia:
>the current state of things has crept up on us, it just seems normal
>no cool cyberpunk fashions
>it's actually daylight sometimes



But you *could* raid the Monsanto/Google/Facebook HQ; you just don't have the balls to do it. The problem is not that the world is not cyberpunk enough, if anything it's the opposite! Cyberpunk is real, too real for you to handle.

Why are you not designing your own next-gen prosthetics? Why are you not experimenting with biohacking? Why aren't you fighting the surveillance state? Because those things would take time and effort, and there could be serious consequences for your actions… yeah, that's life for you. You'd rather sit back in front of a computer and listen to Perturbator, while looking at pretty pictures of futuristic Asian cities and wondering if cargo pants can be considered cyberpunk.


This and is there really a reason to raid Google HQ?



File: 1419178817191.jpg (29.55 KB, 620x414, 310:207, 547953561acfe.image.jpg)

>no legitimate anarchist or independence movements
Closest relevant thing to this I can recall are the oathkeepers from ferguson.



Dunno about you anon, but if I could I'd pay a hefty sum of bitcoin to a team of shadowrunners if they got some intel out of Google X.


File: 1419198446061.jpg (158.39 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 1417765986200.jpg)

this also, even small things like starting a anarchist movement, or a cracker group, or hacking small businesses… hell even small things like qr code street art, or in general cyber street art.. art in general can be cyberpunk, write, draw, make music that's anti government/fascist/whatever, build a botnet, or super computer out of fragging xboxes. There are a lot of cyberpunk things to do but even simple one's we're too lazy to do.


File: 1419209233716.png (466.91 KB, 1151x577, 1151:577, 1416539024674.png)

So are we just sheeps and cyber posers?
How cyberpunk are you?


File: 1419213725736.png (1.92 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1417621585256.png)

A cyber poseur too, I'm trying to organize a few of my friends into a cyber militia for when the happening happens, but they'er all too ignorant to realize how royally fucked up the bill is or how the NSA spying is bad. I've done street art on my own, and I'm creating qr codes to put up, but I'm unmotivated do to the lack of a group. Pic related, I found it on the qr code thread before cyber was kill.


"Since 1990 or so, popular culture has included a movement or fashion trend that calls itself ‘cyberpunk’, associated especially with the rave/techno subculture. Hackers have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, self-described cyberpunks too often seem to be shallow trendoids in black leather who have substituted enthusiastic blathering about technology for actually learning and doing it. Attitude is no substitute for competence. On the other hand, at least cyberpunks are excited about the right things and properly respectful of hacking talent in those who have it. The general consensus is to tolerate them politely in hopes that they'll attract people who grow into being true hackers."

"Don't call yourself a 'cyberpunk', and don't waste your time on anybody who does."

Both quotes from ESR.


I wouldn't go to this link.
Web of Trust says it has malware.
>cointelpro this bad


>doesn't realize that the link is opposite of cointelpro because doesn't click it

If I recall that link was actually made by someone on /cyber/ but I'm too lazy to go back to qr code thread.

>in hopes that they'll attract people who grow into being true hackers.

Shouldn't we take this as advice and learn to to develop our 1337 haxor skills?


Wrong type of hacker, m9.


joke, chummer


>I've done street art on my own

Just so you know, graffiti is not art.



Strongly depends. If every shazbot can do it its not. If it so well done that it step one on the path to master varnisher it is.


File: 1419278681805.png (266.26 KB, 630x340, 63:34, 4i5lTQOV1.png)

Graffiti is literally "forbidden writing" - if it's done with ostentation to catch the attention and admiration of passers-by then I think it can be considered art.


I think you're looking at this the wrong way, OP. Sure, the world isn't quite as cyberpunk as a lot of cyberpunk portrayals of the future, but just the fact that it's still headed in that direction is surprising by itself. The future is sprouting into being all around us, all the time. You just have to look for it.


It gets hard to tell around here sometimes, bruv.


>Why are you not experimenting with biohacking?
actually I want to give LSD to old people with Alzheimer and see what happen but bad gov don't allow me to


Because thats not how science works.


>no legitimate anarchist or independence movements
Freetown Christiania


the server doesn't respond anyway.


This.. it may not LOOK like the future, but it surely is. Its a shame that design hasn't kept up with technology, which is why cyberpunk fashion is a good thing. It will give us permission to feel like we're in the future.


File: 1419357093699.jpeg (55.42 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, B5MK4GYCUAATXIs.jpg:large.jpeg)



its basically the lack of flying car and fashion.

to be fair, in the recent years we have seen new taxi alternatives(car2go and google car that drives itself or masdar self driven taxi). car became more round and some smaller. New indi fgt on kickstarter tries to promote new bikes and cars that are quite weird(I would buy it)

but yeah, for fashion, todday alot of clothes are becoming really thigh. leggings are becoming to common. but roughly the clothing industry hasnt change for the last 100 years.

another thing is urban architecture. but its fixing itself naturally. in my city all the new bulding looks modern and the place in which people wait for the bus as now touch screen and shit.

so yeah give it 7 - 10 years and you will see the change. from 2010 - 2019 were living in a age of communication, not new urban planning and new natural resources. Id say these are going to happen in 2020-2027. the neuro technology cyber arm probably gonna start in the 30s…just fucking wait. its the communication era, so VR is the final drop on this decade .


oh and forgot to add:
SSD are becoming less expensive than HDD.
by 2016 Id say they will have the same price and HDD will start becoming obsolete.

So faster shit for faster computing.

theres also ddr4 which is going to be in the average home in 2020 just like 4k screen.


>The only thing the 90s where wrong about is space.
Why did we have to be wrong about that? I realize I'm getting way too romantic for /cyber/ or real life but goddamn, I just wanted to know that we as a species weren't going to die stuck on the same shitty planet.


No, anon. The world is cyberpunk alright. Thing is, politics are what became cyberpunk, not the aesthetic.

Well, not really that cyberpunk, as the technology isn't there yet, but the oppression is just as "punk" as it gets.

Thing is, our leaders learned more from Huxley than from Orwell, so you can't complain because "hey, we gave you those toys".


No, because they shit they pull on you is a tradeoff, and they make it seem it's a benefit for you, but in the end it isn't.

If someone were to raid their HQ, they'd be seen as terrorists, not freedom fighters.


Depends on whose POV.

To farmers, people raiding Monsanto would be seen as heroes.
To plebs watching the Mainstream Propaganda channels, they would be seen as freedom-hating turrorists.



Yahoo has a good reason to sent in industrial spais or Shadowrunners. They are still asshurt about not hiring Larry Page.

Lycos and Fireball could have reasons to do so. Even Microsoft has reasons to make it happen.

The only barrier are a not irrelevant state and business morality, or better whats left of it.


>business morality
The only thing stopping it is a non-irrelevant state compared to corporate brouzouf and power in the Anglosphere and Europe. If those parts of the world turned a blind eye to things companies did in the rest of it, you bet your ass Jakarta would become the new Seattle.



I also said

>whats left of it

Its as primal as you can go in this regard. If you really think everyone in business is Bankunin reading Rothbardian Christfag you are fucking mistaken. They just freeze like non aggressive reptiles freeze when they are confronted with the choice of hurting or not hurting a fellow non aggressive reptile.


File: 1419599847150.jpg (77.2 KB, 704x526, 352:263, sso-windstop.jpg)

The world is plenty cyberpunk, you just need to recognize it.

> “I need to charge my laptop,” I said. “I need to charge my leg,” he said, rolling up his pants to show me his robotic prosthesis. I surrendered the plug.




That's the gayest quote I've read in a while


>I need to charge my leg,

surely there are better solutions than battery power.


It's kinda cheesy but I like it.

Body heat, maybe?


Yeah… No. Until something comes along to replace the vaporware Oculus Rift. And that something must absolutely, positively, not be gimmicky shit but instead be the real deal.


Woops, meant, "Unless something comes along to replace the vaporware Oculus Rift."


Woops again, forgot to add to the beginning of the post:

>virtual reality very soon


>Lazerhawk or Perturbator
>not Skinny Puppy



Instead we have existential dilemmas after we found out our biological bodies are massive clusterfuck.

Maybe it's becoming a biopunk.


File: 1419664682541.jpg (164.77 KB, 640x639, 640:639, tumblr_n0chziKp0Z1s5qhggo2….jpg)

I want gene mods so bad. The worst part is we have the technology now, but because of bullshit 'ethical' dilemmas by people who don't understand how DNA works we have to settle for modifying animals then trying to replicate the same effects in humans using drugs.

The fact that we have to use such a primitive and imprecise method on ourselves when self-regulating gene mods have been proven to work (and cheaply, too) is depressing as fuck.

Of course med corps don't want to shut down all their factories, get more profit from supplying pills for a lifetime than supplying a syringe once.


>SSD are becoming less expensive than HDD.
>no awesome sound of HDD starting anymore

Digital audio/video killed all the cool analog glitches too.



>virtual reality very soon

I've been hearing this for at least 20 years.


>tfw I cannot raid Monsanto HQ
>tfw I cannot raid Google HQ
>tfw I cannot raid facebook HQ

if i learned one thing from the lego movie it's that you have to act like a normie and follow "instructions" so they will never detect you


But we have the Oculus Rift now; and Zuckerberg is funding its development



Its theoretically possible with 70s technology given people can recreate and don't degenerate into lumping morons. The problem is no one wants to do that let alone stuff brouzouf into it. Even Gundam looks like bullshit because there is no reason or resource left to blast a large part of the populace into space.

There are many interesting thoughts about Aliens out there. For example: If aliens are god like in comparison to us, why would they talk to us? We don't kneel over Anthills to to talk with the Ants about metaphysics or how Math is faith based because you can't prove math qua math.


Aliens may turn out to be smarter and more technologically advanced than us, but the gap in intelligence is not going to be that big. We can think about abstract concepts like chaos and order, we have discovered the laws of the universe, etc; it doesn't get much more god-like than that.




The CIA sure as hell thinks it is.


File: 1419795754173.jpg (341.68 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1400403630701.jpg)

We're already cyberpunk.

We have a network of information that gives us unprecedented freedom to do anything.

I've conversed with serial killers and cheese pizza movers and people who have worked in snuff films. And none of these people will ever meet police.

We're well past cyberpunk, you just have to dig.


It's exactly this kind of woefully egocentric humanistic belief system (along with naming horror movies 'Alien') that will get us killed.


>next gen prosthetics
To be able to even assist people researching these fields, there's miles of red tape and degrees to even become eligible. Good thing I'm going to college to get past those certifications.
>fighting the surveillance state
I do what little I can, but the technological disparity is so immense that it's just a drop in the ocean involving quantum computing, graphene, and immense amounts of cloud storage. The govnt. alphabet soup makes 7 proxies seem like a child's peg/hole toy.


Biohacking basically boils down to sticking a magnet in your finger (not good if you're ever going to need an MRI) or replacing your eyeball at the moment. I've got two perfectly functional eyes and a rather less societally-approved functioning brain, these are fairly useless endeavours for me.

However, if you live in 2015 and you think that we aren't currently in the midst of a cyberpunk dystopia, you're mad and have no understanding of the world around you.


The whole idea of a DYStopia anyway is that it isn't fun, it isn't cool, it's crap. It's a crapsack world. So you happened to think that the aesthetics of 1980's futurism look awesome? The fictional characters living in those world's didn't care that they looked awesome—they cared that everything had gone to shit. Guess what! Everything has gone to shit. Congratulations, you are living your dream, it's just that instead of hovercars you have Facebook. It's even more dystopian than anyone could have ever imagined!


I conceded that aliens may exist and may be smarter than us. How is that "woefully egocentric humanistic"? I'm just saying that any difference in intelligence is likely to be quantitative, not qualitative, and so the ant analogy doesn't work.


More like Masturbator, am I right?




I'll be content when relatively smart robots, exosuits, and prosthetic limbs superior (even slightly) to flesh become viable enough for widespread use. Thankfully, both the latter seem well on their way (I think S korea and France have working models ready for release in a year or so) although admittedly robots are further away.

On a more "wishful thinking" note, transfer of consciousness to a computer or artificial body for kinda-sorta immortality ( I know there's a lot of ifs between having the tech and being able to maintain ones conscience for the foreseeable through it)

The biohacking and genetic engineering stuff is hazier, the red tape and ethics restrictions are out of this fucking world… EG: in some euro countries, buying lab rats to expefiment on requires a majority vote on a 12 person monthly ethics council…

I'm learning biochemistry so I know loads of crazy advances in genetics, but ironically the more I learn the less I believe that stuff will get us anywhere (with the system as it is now anyway).


>virtual reality very soon
It's already here, chummer. You're living in it.


This is kind of circular logic
>I'm thinking of an alien so smart that you can't even imagine it.
>because you can't imagine it, it must be unimaginably smart.
I understand that if such a thing did exist we'd be fucked, but 'till then it's shit.


File: 1419810393285.png (380.21 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, this culter is trained to ….png)

>tfw can't earn brouzouf
>tfw my legs aren't okay


There are certainly no legitimate anarchist movements in the US, because everyone in the US is a bunch of fat, soft, placid first-world Christians or femboy metrosexual Liberal douchebags - neither of which gives a shit about FREEDOMZ as long as they have access to constant entertainment and instant gratification.

The Informal Anarchist Federation in (gasp) Europe legitimately could be considered terrorists, and are fucking awesome. Unfortunately, I don't think they have a grasp on the fact that technology is and always will be humanity's future; being Insurrectionists, they seem to be a bit of a primitivist bent.

Same with the Order of the Nine Angles. They could be considered a weird sort of Satanic, Darwinist anarchism, and if they're still even active anymore they allegedly practice human sacrifice. But they also aren't cyberpunk and can't really into tech.

The techno-anarchists and crypto-anarchists really need to step the fuck up and start attacking Facebook and Google HQ with death rays.


File: 1419844417193.jpeg (30.48 KB, 539x685, 539:685, 1385975585556.jpeg)

As other anons in the thread have pointed out, we kind of are living in a cyberpunk dystopia - or at least the embryonic stages of it.

>Cybernetic technology is still quite primitive, but it's only getting better and better and more accessible to the public

>governments in the first-world increasingly becoming oppressive as fuck
>corporations have the governments in their back pockets
>fucking everyone has a device on them at all times with access to the World Wide Web and are being tracked on them by the gubmint
>technology is being abused by the public - albeit still in an extremely childish fashion (watching le funny maymays on teh faecfaecbok and playan mobile gaems)
>violent and unstable SJW gestapo gaining more influence
>cyber warfare becoming more prevalent

The problem is that there aren't enough groups of anarchists out there who are tech geeks; same with criminals and poorfags. The public will never be 1337h4x0r5 because historically technology has always been subsumed into society and relegated to specialists rather than being something that everyone is expected to know on a deep level, but as consumer technology becomes more and more advanced, I think it's only a matter of time until people are getting augmented and being skiddies.

But that's not to say we can't be cyberpunk IRL today. A lot of us are into cyberpunk fashion, music, and computer shit; cybernetic augmentations and prosthetics are still expensive and a disadvantage to have, but wearable technology is becoming more viable. I personally am going to be working on wrist-mounted/Power Glove sort of Beaglebone project with a 3D printed monocular screen, going to run Kali ARM with an Alfa wifi card and get into software-defined radio to monitor the police and other stuff. I mean, that's as stereotypically cyberpunk as you can get without actually getting augmented.

You've got to make your dreams a reality, /cyber/.


>people who have worked in snuff films

[citation neeed]


Except, isn't one of the key points of cyberpunk that not everyone is a walking tech manual? Sure, you have the innovators who do what they love, and the black hats who are willing to pay for a piece of that action, but most of the public is just… there. Living, doing their own thing, and either struggling to get by or drowning themselves in entertainment.


Farmers nowadays are a-ok with GMOs. They increase production.

Maybe ecological greenpeace-loving neo-hippies would see the raiders as heroes.

But public opinion doesn't matter if it's not popular, so you'd still seem a terrorist for most of the USA.


Dane here, christania is not anarchist or independenc, it's a bunch of old hippies who smoke weed, and a load of criminals who sell it.


How many years before we have Recall / chips. I say 10.


Go tell that to those farmers who were sued by Monsanto because its genetically modified sterile seeds invaded their crops. Didn't India also tell Monsanto to fuck off?


File: 1419894621627.jpg (424.07 KB, 1600x1065, 320:213, Dronepilots.jpg)

>warfare is still solidly 20th century despite computers
Unconventional warfare, yes.
Conventional, big scale warfare relies almost entirely on missiles, radars and other electronic systems. Almost every bomb dropped today is a guided bomb, armed drones are used intensively, entry robots have been already in use since several years and rifles have holographic sights.


Right, I guess that's kind of what I was getting at. We don't have any stereotypically cyberpunk technology like augmentations and cybernetics (or wearable computing, to much of a relevant degree) available as consumer tech yet, but the public normalfags are already starting to embody a society of downtrodden, decadent cyberpunk people.

What consumer tech is available is starting to consume people. By having constant access to the Web, we're not far away from people actually losing themselves in virtual reality to escape the real, dystopian world.

I'm telling you, cyberpunk in real life isn't too far off; it's already in motion.


I hate what war has become. There's no honour left in it anymore.



There was never any honor in war.


I knew someone would say that, but I disagree.


It's not really a question of agreeing or disagreeing it's a question of whether your historical sense comes from reading history books, or watching hollywood movies.


Being blown up by a drone that you can't even see is not the same as dying by the sword of your enemy. Stop projecting your ignorance on others.


Most of you are from the first world. Even if shit is happening, you will be protected and isolated from the ugly stuff. The worst that will happen to you is being told what media to consume and what to spout so that you can enjoy that lifestyle.

What you see in media is vastly exaggerated. There won't be uniformed men with shields and batons patrolling the streets looking for free people to beat up. No, there are better and subtler ways to control you.

Why beat people who misbehave when you can just tell them they're going to hell if they sin?


>There won't be uniformed men with shields and batons patrolling the streets looking for free people to beat up.
But there are already.


you still die either way.
>you will be protected and isolated from the ugly stuff
The west is on the decline. In a few decades, places like India and China will be ruling the roost.
>Why beat people who misbehave when you can just tell them they're going to hell if they sin
Religion is on the decline too. There are still people that take that stuff seriously, but their numbers are dwindling. If you want to see how they really control society at large, go read brave new world.


Enjoy being pulled off your horse without being able to see shit out of your helmet, then getting five or six shit-stained swords stuck through you by peasants as you flail about on the ground with no chance of fighting back.


File: 1419935436538.jpg (35.47 KB, 270x320, 27:32, Faux hawk.jpg)

>tfw Lazerhawk blasting on max as I sit in a dingy winter-cooled downtown loft apartment and shitposting on the closest thing reality has to Shadowlands BBS


File: 1419974870895.jpg (809.63 KB, 873x1161, 97:129, wakwak.jpg)

>The west is on the decline. In a few decades, places like India and China will be ruling the roost.

India, maybe. China is a ticking time-bomb. It's an economic, social, and environmental disaster waiting to happen. The politburo has everything balanced on a pin head, but that's only working because it's still dominated by disciples of Mao. Once the last of them are gone and the "young princes" start rising to the head of CP leadership–the kids that grew up rich and spoiled beyond commoners' wildest dreams and that have never left the wealthy East and dealt with the 90% of China that so far hasn't been touched by this economic revolution–things are going to start getting ugly. The current government at least makes the pretense of developing and helping out the rest of China if only because it wasn't all that long ago that they themselves or their parents were shitfarming peasants that had been doing the same thing generation after generation since China was created. They're at least aware of the existence of Chinese people outside of the urban centers.

So, yeah, these kids are going to inherit a well-oiled oppression machine, but even the PLA can't be everywhere at once. You've got Uigurs in the West and Tibetans abutting India (who still has territorial beefs with China), heavily democraticly-inclined factions in the south, Hong Kong which is its own kettle of fish, Taiwan which could go either way really, and while not a part of China itself North Korea's ultimate fate is going to have tremendous repercussions one way or another for the peninsula and Manchuria. That isn't even considering the labor related issues that are currently simmering beneath the surface. And of course, all these cogs are only kept rolling because of the steady flow of cyclopean proportions of capital into the country. But, with the rich sucking up more and more of that wealth, and the strong likelihood that China is cooking its books creating another economic bubble like the previous credit-crisis, that whole scheme is on borrowed time.

Considering these and other social, political, and economic issues, I'll be astonished if the China we know even exists in fifty years, much less becomes a super power.


File: 1419975480896.jpg (72.9 KB, 500x285, 100:57, 1275750260610.jpg)

China is to current day what Japan was to our beloved '80s.

Debate me.


Can we stop this arm chair global affairs analysis from every pleb with an ass hole. Why not just pick one thing to be knowledgeable about instead of being wrong on every thing


I hope you don't mean here


I'm very sympathetic to the view that >>8984 is not only wrong but is wrong in even the way that it is wrong, but as a board we're definitely dealing with the kind of stuff that deserves to be recognised in its international context, and that will inspire debate. Which isn't to say that I disagree with you. I agree with you so hard.


>To farmers, people raiding Monsanto would be seen as heroes.
depends on whether or not they're big time farm(er)s.

>when self-regulating gene mods have been proven to work (and cheaply, too)
you mind providing a legit source for this?

>there is no reason or resource left to blast a large part of the populace into space.
>no resource left
didn't they send small amounts of people into space first? And then they got resources from asteroids and shit.
Shit all the metals and water out in the asteroids is reason enough.


>China is to current day what Japan was to our beloved '80s.

>people in US worried about how Japanese industry was passing USA's, especially auto industry

>Japan with leading consumer entertainment/tech industries
Not even close dude, but Im sure you've done research on this shit.

What Chinese companies actually make AND design their own shit to sell overseas? Sure you can find "Made in China" on all kinds of shit, but how many of those things are from Chinese companies/corporations?
It's just non-Chinese companies sending their factories over there for the cheap labor and lack of worker's rights (lol communist party of china).


Are you expecting future HQ's to be easier to raid?


File: 1420025782261.jpg (35.23 KB, 448x375, 448:375, 1378912432545.jpg)

I live 45 minutes from the Silicon Valley; who the fuck is down to actually raid an HQ?

I'm asking this as a serious question. How many of you, who live near the Silicon Valley (which is probably the most /cyber/ place in the US), would be down to actually raid a corporate HQ? How many of us are fuckin' /cyber/, and how many of us are posers?

How would the raid go down? We haven't reached a point where corporations have personal armies at their disposal to stop us, so right now we'd only have to contend with a bunch of nerds and suits. What would we be looking to accomplish?

Come on /cyber/, indulge me a little here.


File: 1420026904063.jpg (157.52 KB, 584x549, 584:549, LIVING ON THE EDGE.jpg)

Obviously I have no idea how anyone would realistically pull this off, but then again how many people out there give a shit to raid Google or Facebook? Most people can't imagine life without either.

But who the hell needs a plan? Cyberpunks don't sit around making elaborate strategies, calculating the risks and shit; cyberpunks fucking do it. Corporations have the governments in their back pockets, surveillance is being pushed more and more on law abiding citizens, wars are being waged with drones - the dark future that has been prophesied is coming, but it'll never be a true cyberpunk future if there aren't cyberpunks. We need to complete the other half of this cyberpunk future, the cool half; we need to live ON THE EDGE.

Let's raid Facebook with magnets. Let's wipe their databases and set free millions of virtual identities. Let's do something. Why the fuck shouldn't we make the cyberpunk future a reality?




Do you idiots actually think that any of these corporate HQs don't have intensely strict and highly-trained professional security teams? Not because they're worried about a couple fat nerds on 8chan planning to RAID with fridge magnets, but because of corporate espionage? They will have ID and security checks, and they will not let your trench coat asses in.



Underrated post. Orwell thought we would be controlled by fear, Huxley thought we would be controlled by pleasure. The world of today looks lovely because it is, that's what's scary.


File: 1420038096985.png (1.21 MB, 1282x722, 641:361, url.png)

This, you can't even fight back anymore, there will never be a successful violent revolt ever again.


Show me one single case of that happening. Protip: Monsanto aren't retards, they make their seeds sterile so they can't spread.



File: 1420041466173.jpg (10.47 KB, 468x255, 156:85, china-factory-pollution.jpg)

A lot of speculation here. Honestly I don't even begin to speculate about China because their culture is so different than the west.

The things I can say for certain about China: there will never be a strong middle class because communism/capitalism. Pollution will kill off a lot of people, this combined with far fewer women, & their one child policy will bring a large population decline. Lastly China will never start a world war because 1. they are to reliant on foreign markets & 2. the military is more focused on oppressing their people.

Here's OP's /cyber/punk fantasy IRL by the way.



Well fuck me, thank you public opinion.

Schmeiser knowingly specifically reused Monsanto seeds that had fallen on his land. A large area of his fields contained 90+ % Monsanto GMOs. It was "accidental" in the same way that finding a copyrighted music CD in your yard, ripping and burning copies and selling them would be.


I want to watch this from the sidelines. You could get together with your friends and laugh at the spergs that were dumb enough to actually try it, make bets on how far they'd get, who'd die first, that sort of thing. Just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.


If I didn't live thousands of kilometres away from Silicon Valley, and I didn't care about losing my freedom over a single act of rebellion, I might have joined you.

Then again they probably don't expect a bunch of turbonerds to raid their HQ.

"Are those Daft Punk helmets?! I wasn't trained for this!"

Imagine their surprise when you take out your tactical self-defence pen and it's actually a laser!


I honestly hope some of you shazbots are actually crazy enough to do something like that, even if it's a catastrophic failure it would be entertaining as shit
Either way, the fallout would be fucking amazing
Though it is kind of retarded to do anything without any goal other than destruction


being killed by disease because your enemy catapulted a few hundred severed heads of your friends and they infected the place is honorable, though



>there will never be a successful revolt again
>in other news, America freed Fallujah from insurgent grasp and they never ever came back


Jesus fucking Christ you people are so damned serious. I'm just entertaining the notion of actually attempting to raid an HQ - you don't have to all get buttmad and "lel im just gunna watch u all die hur durr im so superior to u :^)"


Hey don't lump me in with them, I think it's a great idea, even if it doesn't end up as some three stooges-esque endeavor where everyone dies trying to climb the barbed wire fence to get in


The point of asymmetrical warfare is not to win, it's to make war too expensive/inconvenient for the enemy to keep fighting. A state that was fighting its own citizens wouldn't have to worry about that.


That's not backed up by any armed resistance in history. Regardless of era you look at, armed revolt is just not an easy thing to deal with. The only places where populaces are held in check by force are the ones where the populaces aren't even fighting back.


Well forgive me for not seriously planning out something that could be considered an act of 8chan. All you shazbots in this thread are sitting around complaining about it the world not being cyberpunk enough, or complaining that the world is too cyberpunk and everything is so shitty and hopeless, but with every cyberpunk dystopia there's the cyberpunks themselves fighting against the system. Yet everyone here just seems to be assuming there's nothing we can do about anything other than continue to indulge in the fantasy and maybe use Tor.

I'm just putting the idea out there for discussion. Shit can't get done if people aren't willing to speak openly and at least entertain the notion of actually doing something cyberpunk in their lives.


File: 1420070661495.jpg (267.1 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, 'special' forces.jpg)

well, I dunno about anyone else, but I'm too bust working for the government to bother raiding any HQs, but it sounds like a fun project. Just don't be dumb enough to get caught…


someone upthread mentioned raiding facebook and wiping the servers with magnets.


Really, data these days is too widely distributed across servers to be wiped like that. You'd need to do something far more complete to wipe it out, and that would be more like a war than a raid.


I'm in sort of the situation. Once I'm finished with my college degree, I won't have anything to live for unless I feel like going to get a career and be a boring well-adjusted complacent normie. But knowledge is valuable and worth pursuing.

How was it not apparent that I was joking when I said to wipe them with magnets? That obviously wouldn't work. Again, you people are being too serious. It's like you want to believe that we are all completely powerless against corporations and the government which ain't fuckin' cyberpunk


Well realistically, I have a relatively good life right now, even if I hate it
I wouldn't want to risk that just to misbehave

And theoretically, unless we could somehow get hired by a competing organization with lots of emone and a bone to pick, there wouldn't be much reason at this point in time to do that sort of shit anyway other than muh anarchy




File: 1420072469413.gif (2.31 MB, 502x756, 251:378, SCIENCE TIME.gif)

Did you seriously cite a perfect example of my point to try to refute it? ISIS started as an armed revolt and turned into a relatively competent military force.

And dude, lighten up a bit. Just because you aren't busy starting fires doesn't mean you need to be a normie. Hell, I've never broken any major laws in my life, and I still spend most of my spare time nearly setting rooms on fire with attempts at making railguns, and I spent half of today concealing a bayonet in my pants like the worlds least healthy boner because of a few miscommunications. Life can be a fucking blast, it's all just how you make it happen.


>I spent half of today concealing a bayonet in my pants like the worlds least healthy boner because of a few miscommunications
You can't just say something like that and not elaborate on it
It sounds like the B plot to a sitcom


So, we're turning in our vehicles to the lot so we can deploy, and we have to leave them there with nothing in them. The bayonet is question was for a mosin, so it's a 20-inch spike bayonet, made of matte-black steel. It had rolled under the edge of the trunk when we were pulling all my stuff out earlier, so when they popped the trunk to inspect I had to ninja it into my pocket. It just hid it under my shirt until we got back, but that required me to sit through two briefings and a long bus ride with this thing stabbed in my armpit.


That mentality of settling for a life you don't enjoy just because you're comfortable is a mindset that is condemning millions of people to serving an economical system increasingly being ruled by corporations with total autonomy.

I think you people need to be provoked a little bit to at least be open to the idea of making some sort of difference and being fucking cyberpunk IRL. I personally think we're at a sort of transition point, on the threshold of entering a real cyberpunk dystopia, and the cyberpunk shit that is happening under the surface in society right now is going to become increasingly obvious. Things are going to get a lot worse before there's enough everyday chaos for average people to take advantage of and actually make differences in the world, but what's to say you or I or anyone in the thread will start to take action once the situation gets like that?

We may be comfortable right now and it may not seem like there's much reward in risking it by sewing a little anarchy and taking risks to be cyberpunk NAO!, but why then would we ever risk comfort later on if it becomes easier to make a difference? It's just the "I'll take care of it tomorrow" excuse manifesting itself. Material comforts more than anything else right now are how the State and Capitalists keep people in line, and the more you let yourself fall into these material comforts, the more you're letting them do as they please.

See above. While I agree that it would be stupid to risk one's well-being and freedom (and therefore ability to continue to fight the State and Capitalists in the future) for the sake of carrying out foolhardy attempts at sewing anarchy, we need to be cautious of letting ourselves fall into being comfortable.

The reason I say I'll have less to live for after I have my education, and therefore will be more willing to devote my daily life to being as fucking cyberpunk as possible, is not because I think my life would be miserable otherwise. I simply wouldn't settle for the life of a nine to five normie; I'd sooner become voluntarily homeless. But if I'm not doing something "cyberpunk" with my life while also living a relatively comfortable and normal life - writing philosophy and subversive literature or being a pentester in preparation for when I can become a Netrunner and practice corporate espionage - that life is not worth living. Better to become some sort of anarchist insurrectionist or a career criminal, within reasonable means of course so that I'd still be able to last long enough for technology to catch up with the cyberpunk dystopia we're entering.


File: 1420074034989.gif (29.85 KB, 399x408, 133:136, William Tecumseh Sherman.gif)

I feel like you're seeing things in a bit too black and white. You have options beyond what you're talking about. You just need to find a job that interests you more than an office job, there's shit other than anarchy for the sake of it.

and bear in mind, this is coming from a guy who has buried caches with gear and the do/k/ument across two states


Still though, the one universal constant in most cyberpunk universes is that you can't just take down a megacorp, raids are nearly always either a dick-measuring contest between corps and/or just a way for the people doing it to make a living and not die on the streets
Doing shit like that to companies like google or whatever in the name of some half-baked revolution wouldn't work at worst, and would serve little purpose at best
The most you could honestly hope for on that front would be to take on smaller companies you don't like, which itself gets harder by the day as technology advances


>there's shit other than anarchy for the sake of it
Hence my point that I would only, at this point in time, go full anarchy if I wasn't able to do what interested me - i.e., working with philosophy and writing creatively, or working with something like pentesting or something otherwise related to network security.

Indeed, and I'm *still* not saying that, at this point in time, it'd be advisable to try to outright take down a corporation. There needs to be more social instability, like in most cyberpunk dystopias, before that would be realistic.

Nevertheless, there's always more we could be doing to be cyberpunk - even if, currently, we would get diminishing returns the more we sacrifice comfort for being revolutionaries.


Well whatever you do, don't actually plan it out on 8chan.


Last time I checked, Assad is still in power. The revolt failed, despite the fact that the rebels were backed by foreign powers and their enemy was Syria (it would have been even worse had it happened in a country like Russia or the USA). The gap in power between the civilians and the state just keeps getting wider, we just don't notice it as much in the West because we've pretty much stopped revolting.


File: 1420074888083.jpg (260.21 KB, 1298x854, 649:427, zeta.jpg)

Yes, in gundam it says many times that criminals and political dissidents were sent to asteroids and made colonies in them/out from them at first.

We also know the Helium 3 comes from space too in that universe, but they never said the actual time mass amounts of people went to space iirc.


File: 1420075438979.png (1.77 MB, 1592x882, 796:441, soISIS.png)

>The gap in power keeps growing wider
>in a country where a non-governmental militia stormed thousands of kilometers basically overnight
I feel like you missed an entire army.


Or we could just wait for virtual reality and then be pretend real cyberpunks living in one of those hip cool dystopias you see on television, rather than the shitty one we actually got


I… grudgingly agree. I want to say, "HURR NO WE GOTTA CHANGE THE REAL WORLD NOT LIVE IN A SIMULATION LIKE TEH MATRIX", but really on the philosophical level, there's no way of knowing that this is even the "real" world. The concept of what is "real" itself is problematic. The question of whether or not this world is "real" is just not addressed in serious philosophy, because it isn't really a relevant issue ever and is basically impossible to address in any event without all sorts of contradictions arising.

I guess we would still know about the "real" world though, right? Is it okay to live complacently in the virtual world indulging in our fantasies if we know that in the "real" world there are governments and megacorps with unlimited power? What if we were able to permanently hook into the virtual world and for all intents and purposes forget that the "real" world even exists?

However, I feel like in the distant future, these would somewhat be moot points. Eventually, the task of leading human civilization will probably fall onto AI decision-making programs that will effectively replace the entire government and corporations. In such a case, who fucking cares? The machine will continue to advance, so we may as well check out of the "real" world.

I don't know. That's one of the interesting questions cyberpunk shit raises.


File: 1420083376291.jpg (37.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

OP I would have no problem raiding the HQ of Blizzard or any other micor-transaction, waste of time, digital crack pushing studio.

They make billions of brouzoufs using physiology to hack peoples brains & contribute nothing to society.

You want more /cyber/punks? Take down these guys first & stop the zombiefication of society.


File: 1420083663038.gif (509.25 KB, 172x129, 4:3, 1407324338245.gif)

>The concept of what is "real" itself is problematic.


>I guess we would still know about the "real" world though, right? Is it okay to live complacently in the virtual world indulging in our fantasies if we know that in the "real" world there are governments and megacorps with unlimited power?
Well, in the hypothetical event that VR tech could competently simulate a universe to an acceptable degree of accuracy, I would look at it kinda like if the many worlds theory was proven true
Sure, you would know there are an infinite number of parallel universes where everything is made of shit and everyone is a pile of dicks, but the universe you're in now isn't one of them so who the fuck cares


>>The concept of what is "real" itself is problematic.

Only to tired Post-Modernists.


Like I said, it isn't usually addressed in serious philosophy because there's no point in talking about it.

That's another thought that came to mind but that I apparently forgot to put in my post. If a world were simulated with such detail that it was completely indistinguishable from a "real" world, what the hell is the difference, then? It's the same question with AI: If an intelligence could be simulated convincingly enough to be indistinguishable from a "real" intelligence, how to we determine a difference between the two?

That's… actually not a bad idea. The only problem is that pretty much no one other than neckbeards on 8chan would think that the people raiding Blizzard or a similar company were doing something good for society.


Well actually, I take that back a little bit. Jean Baudrillard's book Simulacra and Simulation deals extensively with the question of what is real and what isn't. It was also the inspiration for The Matrix


File: 1420084596692.jpg (169.26 KB, 2000x1312, 125:82, oil_war1.jpg)

Okay let me reword my previous post >>9076

There will never be successful violent revolt in a post industrial western country that isn't caught in constant power struggles due to rich resources & religious zealotry. Better?


A revolt in a first-world country would be even easier, as we would have better access to technology to nullify military gear which is easier than you think


File: 1420085433276-0.gif (70.05 KB, 545x333, 545:333, fae.gif)

File: 1420085433276-1.jpg (62.43 KB, 460x324, 115:81, thermobaric.jpg)

Okay you first. Short of an high atmosphere EMP I can't think of anything that could nullify military tech. Keep in mind you still have to compete with tanks, fighters, advanced sniper systems, automatic weapons, & all sorts of long distance explosive ordinance.


You have a very limited understanding of the full scope of military operations. There's plenty of ways to paralyze a military that don't involve shooting down planes.


File: 1420086783645-0.png (135.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sardonic.png)

I never even mentioned shooting down planes, but please sir elaborate.


Well, you have the crypto-lesbians from:


You're saying you have to compete against jets, when the real truth is that the smart combatant will never even be found by his enemy. You know those guys in shithole countries that stay on most wanted lists for years and years? They know how to hide. You fight the intel, not the soldier.


The power of government lies with cities, which CAN be seized in rebellion.
Modern military equipment don't work in urban environments. Jets can't hit a fire hydrant without causing massive collateral economic damage, tanks can't go up elevators and will get hit with IEDs around every street corner, drones and other spy equipment aren't nearly as effective in buildings with dense populations.


Syria is in ruins. Even if the rebels didn't succeed in revolution, there's nothing left for Assad to govern.


File: 1420090131131.jpg (739.72 KB, 1181x790, 1181:790, holocaust in dresden 1945.jpg)

>Modern military equipment don't work in urban environments.



Interesting, but it seems like these people aren't really active.


Yeah, as if a government would annihilate it's most productive cities, crippling itself economically, because of rebels.

If Berlin fell under the control of revolutionaries, do you think the German government would wipe out the city?




Well they won't.
There are a hundred other strategies they could pursue to regain control over a very valuable city (including trying to take it back or brokering a deal with the rebels) instead of calling it quits, wrecking everything, then declaring themselves king of a trash heap.


Due to the concentration of power around a few cities, it's easier and more effective than ever to force change through armed rebellion.



>last-ditch bid to stay in power
Key point.

Funny you bring up an example of a successful armed revolution.


well, isn't it handy that you don't live there, then?
The point I've been making is the response of a western dystopian government like you'd be talking about fighting, and how they fight. If you want to live in a middle eastern dictatorship, nothing about your life will be cyberpunk. Just like how America has a track record of not shelling its own people on a daily basis…


which is why, after extensively studying bloody critical theory in the late 90s I watched about… no sure, maybe an hour of Matrix and walked out of it. NEVER EVER done that to a film previously and I studied cinema. I was that disgusted with it I walked out.


Baudrillard himself said that he thought the film completely misinterpreted his work. Lol. To their credit: At least they tried to make a film with some kind of substance, rather than making an utterly shallow summer blockbuster action film.

It's a babby's first exposure to philosophy kind of film.


>Funny you bring up an example of a successful armed revolution.

Are you trying to imply that he was overthrown by his people?



What makes you think our enlightened leaders wouldn't do something like that?

>Just like how America has a track record of not shelling its own people on a daily basis…

Yeah, they just use them as guinea pigs for their secret experiments…


Oh wait…

>20,000 no-knock raids a year in america


By the way, when's the last time American people tried to overthrow their government?


none of that refers to an overwhelming, undefeatable military force, though.


File: 1420166245175.jpg (1.01 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, NSA.jpg)

You've got to admire these /k/ommando types, they just don't give up.

I notice that you keep referencing the middle east which has very little surveillance opportunities & tech compared to the west. If you have a cell phone, computer, or live in a house connected to the grid you can be tracked, there is no fighting the intel here.

That is unless OP wants to raid the NSA servers?


>there is no fighting the intel here
that's just because you aren't trying, man. No intel service is perfect.



You forgot the most important reason of all:

>We all have the fancy gadgets, but we don't actually have any real purpose aside from reading things and shitposting to use them for.


File: 1420174886326.png (945.22 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1*Pg6um-fxniBC6p3hWK70fw.png)


File: 1420221721308.gif (778 KB, 264x200, 33:25, 6538-eye-bleed.gif)

>tfw there are plans RIGHT NOW to build a massive arcology on the Tokyo waterfront, but the project is shelved awaiting the invention of a stronger, lighter material


File: 1420237382214.jpg (78.01 KB, 680x452, 170:113, 6270673_G-680x452.jpg)

It's a dystopia, but a lame one.



You can infiltrate any of those companies as an employee and raid them freely undetected until such time as you declare malicious intent. This is exactly what happened to Sony. You need only educate yourself.

You can also implant electronics in your body, this has been a thing for a while, check out RFID chip implanting. The point is, however, that you undermine the dexterity of a fully functional finger by putting a hard, unfeeling piece of silicon in it. Not to mention the difficulties you'd have in constantly having to replace sources of power for it. You'd be far better served by an LED headlamp, which is highly portable and can be worn or removed as necessary.

Arguably, when you're working with your hands the light from a finger will not be pointing where you're working, whereas the light from a headlamp will be aimed where you're looking.

Anon, you lack imagination. You'll make a fine test-subject one day.



It's shelved because it's a stupid idea. There's just no reason to build shit like this when it's cheaper to just make another shinkansen line to connect more suburbs to central tokyo and lower commute times. Japan actually has quite a bit of empty space, it's just land thats not worth developing.


You've missed the point. The seeds didn't take over the farmers fields, a couple found their way there and the farmers got sued to oblivion for not having a license.


>tfw British
>all political parties are unspeakably boring
>there will never be an evil neo-fascist corporate dictatorship to riss up against
>even in London, buildings are short and bereft of neon because we can't obscure muh national architectural heritage
>I will never live in a land of skyscrapers and glowing lights
>tfw living in the least cyberpunk country on the planet

Is anywhere in Europe any better? I don't want to have to learn Japanese.


What the fuck man, you live in a fucking police state


What >>9964 said. you're literally living under a fascist dictatorship ruled by a sociopath who was never democratically elected, in a state that monitors your every move on a 24/7 basis. Not to mention the fact that GCHQ is, by all measurements, at least as bad as the NSA - if not worse.


Just come to the 'merica
It's arguably shittier here but at least the cities are cool


File: 1420491314158.jpg (191.23 KB, 640x971, 640:971, 640px-SonyCenterAtNight.jpg)

>Is anywhere in Europe any better?
Berlin's pretty /cyber/
pic related


I can attest to this, Berlin mad cyber. Top tier modern city.


File: 1420492406928.jpg (28.8 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 963ffc7c31ba0b33660f19cfa0….jpg)

You'd think Brussels would be pretty cyber what with being the capital of a continent spanning conglomerate of dozens of independant countries, but you're be wrong… No neon, no billboards, not many skyscrapers… At least there's a kinda cool chinatown type neighbourhood.

I just realised the new police HQ for my town (pictured) looks hella foreboding and cyberpunk, though.


File: 1420492822644.jpg (66.36 KB, 371x300, 371:300, atomium.jpg)

>Not cyberpunk


Have you even been inside that thing it's a glorified museum they sell sandwiches on the top floor for chrissakes


Disappointing lack of nearby rooftops to launch raids from, though.


File: 1420497586850.png (12.43 KB, 612x523, 612:523, img_cropped_1.png)

Yes, the gap is growing. Elites are getting richer and expanding their methods of control [see: Internet of Things] while poor areas are turning into war-torn wastelands. And as the gap widens and automation gathers pace, expect to see more and more regions of the planet turned into run-down abandoned gangland. Just look at Detroit - a city deemed surplus to requirements post-automation. It's got to the stage where corporations are cutting off the drokking water supply, while big media tells everybody else it's not their problem.


I've been living in brussels for the past year. It's really not that modern of a city. The "chinatown neigborhood" >>9971 mentioned is kinda nice for a visit though.


File: 1420933373284.jpg (54.89 KB, 450x337, 450:337, 32.jpg)

>you were born too late to explore the Earth
>you were born too early to explore the galaxy
>you were born at just the right time to witness the birth of dank augs

I can die happy.


You'd be an old man when cybernetics become mainstream though.

>Maybe if you were born 30 years later…


Oh yes, the classic Bavarian Fire Drill


File: 1421517420315.png (881.16 KB, 1488x724, 372:181, internet fight.png)

Raiding HQs isn't big because the right groups lack access to the heavy weaponry and specialized equipment required for a physical raid.

Cyber raids, on the other hand, are drekking everywhere.

Check this shit out:


File: 1421526179927.jpg (203.2 KB, 725x1286, 725:1286, 38 - FF1xKYK.jpg)

>implying it matters when you can augment yourself to live forever


What's in St. Louis that warrants all that activity?


Wondering the same things, china looks like it's angry at someone in St. Louis.
Miami is taking a beating too, attacks directed at america from china all over the place.


File: 1421536468429.png (759.4 KB, 1363x663, 1363:663, le china 1.png)

i mean, damn, check this shit


File: 1421536530577.png (809.28 KB, 1381x655, 1381:655, le china.png)

and this


Did you see the wave of 500 attacks from "Unknown, Mil/Gov" on St.Louis too? That was pretty strange.


I didn't see the wave itself but i saw the number rising from 1 or 2 rising to over 500 when i looked back at the screen. Pretty odd indeed.
What does mil/gov targets and sources even mean?


Well when it's an unknown Chinese source it says "Unknown, China" and pings from a location in China, so I assume "Mil/Gov" is specifically U.S military/government.

But why would they attack St.Louis? I've been browsing notable companies located in St.Louis but nothing really stands out as warranting this.


shieeeet this one made my framerate drop to 1


File: 1421537507430.png (1020.02 KB, 1361x667, 1361:667, le burgerland.png)


File: 1421537621925.gif (1.74 MB, 386x250, 193:125, 1418986911729-2.gif)

The Military Personnel Records Center (NPRC-MPR) located at 9700 Page Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is a branch of the National Personnel Records Center and is the repository of over 56 million military personnel records and medical records pertaining to retired, discharged, and deceased veterans of the U.S. armed forces.[83]


did some digging, found out chinese sourced targeted st. Louis before in order to attack Facebook.
If facebook goes down within the next couple of days by chinese again we'd have officially predicted the attack


File: 1421538578402.gif (878.26 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 1419551986520.gif)

Damn nigga, u da bess


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
did some more digging, found out other people have noticed this shit too

Hope we see something about it in the news soon.

And you're right, IM DA BESS


File: 1421550121166-0.jpg (38.72 KB, 640x512, 5:4, 027.jpg)


It's already begun, the check the link again!


Gltich please. In Sweden we barely even have neon anywhere but clubs. Our cities are gray and boring af and almost everyone dressed like hitlers wet dream. Sweden is probably the most unschway country in Europe.


>tfw you only want one robolimb to function as an armcanon and to touch really hot surfaces like it's nothing and one cyber eye to be able to read e-books instantly by scanning them.

I guess a bit of a cyberbrain just to translate the stuff I'm reading but really I just want to be able to learn a lot and do a little bit more. Is that so much to ask for?


>Why are you not designing your own next-gen prosthetics?

I WANT TO BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CODE! I don't even know what a good language would be to help in programming prosthetics, I guess C++ but I think that's just generalized recommendation rather than specific to what I want to do.


>Farmers nowadays are a-ok with GMOs. They increase production.
It's true that it increases production, but they still are evil. They are a monopoly, and they want to keep it that way, so when someone comes with a better tecnology they just buy it and throw it away. That way they can keep selling their "top notch" technology at a high price.

Besides that, big corps are inherently evil.


Let's just raid blizzard


File: 1421603787013.jpg (75.7 KB, 800x430, 80:43, 800px-A-10_Thunderbolt_II_….jpg)

It does not matter. I would argue about the world not being fascist enough (it is) but that is not important.

The beholder is the problem. What are we going to do in that crapsack world? I am not JC Denton. Nor am I Adam Jensen (not even the pre-augmented version; remind yourself lads that he was ex-SWAT). Nor any other lad from /cyber/ games and books. And you? Maybe, but I doubt that.

This means our role would not be so glorious had we found ourselves amidst the events of that crapsack world we imagine. Say, similar to the role of that poor sod from Deus Ex whom I tased when he was obstructing my way. Or that of another nameless punk who got blasted apart by a stray rocket. Is that what you want? I'll have the insolence to project that no, you don't.

The world is unlikely to go apart—why would it? The so-called elites can probably have whatever they want, consumers have a constant torrent of entertainment and shite to keep them docile and occupied. Have you seen a massive outrage after Snowden? That's it.

Some of you want an anarchist movement. You could have it but it's going to be infiltrated since the very beginning.

It is every fool for himself. And we are the only people to help ourselves and our families (fuck the saving-da-world fantasies—no one is going to thank you for it). What can we do for that? How can we do it? How can we do that and not bend over to various offenders from public and private sector? How can we retain ourselves?


File: 1421608032939.jpg (398.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1407713590487.jpg)

Sadly, I have to agree. We're not going to save the world. At best, we could save ourselves.

Best path of action I can see is to make yourself as useful as possible:

>get a degree/learn a trade

>speak multiple languages
>knowledge of software & hardware
>follow global politics
>be physically fit
>reading philosophy and literature wouldn't hurt

Then you've got a better chance of making it into one of the bastions of civilization that will increasingly emerge as the gulf between rich and poor widens. Uruguay, Switzerland, et cetera. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.


File: 1421608522958.jpg (53.5 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, black-lagoon-rock-wallpape….jpg)

>mfw people think ordinary salarymen can't run the shadows


You have to be very careful with politics though—it's not unlike to walking through the moors, one wrong step and you're sucked into the mire.
Ordinary salarymen are usually completely untrained for that kind of trade, and being conditioned to be fearful and [to an extent] obedient to authority hinders the ability to break out.


Correct. Otherwise they wouldn't be a nobody in the first place.

(Unless they get some schway designer implant/nootropic, in which case go for it, heroic ordinary salaryman)


Nah nigga all these people need is a little bit of a push and maybe a qt waifu to motivate them.
Napoleon and Hitler were nobodies once y'know. Life aint as simple as you want it to be.


When I first watched Black Lagoon, I couldn't get over how unlikely Rock's predicament was and how he managed to stay alive. But thinking about it, so long as you don't stick your nose is some place stupid and have some form of muscle protecting you, it wouldn't be THAT farfetched.


>Napoleon and Hitler were nobodies once y'know. Life ain't as simple as you want it to be.

Touche. I guess there really is a non-zero chance, however vanishingly small.


Rock's predicament is pretty believable, he gets fucked over by his boss and decides through a mix of "fuck my life" mentality and stockholm syndrome to put his talents in business management and as an arbitrator to use working for some criminals. Remember, through the vast majority of the show, Rock doesn't do ANYTHING except handle the numbers and work liaison.



Shit is THAT what he was? I thought they just picked him as a liaison for plot's sake and he was just an accountant or some random cubicle worker at his company. That makes a little more sense now.


Monsanto ≠ GMO.


File: 1421629713751.gif (458.15 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1417039040878.gif)

>Commander X
Words cannot describe how full of shit that shazbot is. Look him up on ED. And I highly doubt that site is anything close to legit judging from the absolute horseshit it says in the description.
Also, I think this might be relative to your interests pastebin.com/7b81YPF4


i never asked for this


What a shaem.


>bluetooth programming the hand with Iphone.

I can already see 30 years in the future a cop hacked to draw and fire at civilians.


>I'm sure it's only a glitch, a temporary setback.


File: 1421813289691.png (317 B, 200x200, 1:1, qrcode.27129812.png)

I disagree. There are certainly ways to fight the "intel" so long as you engage in the proper application of communication and encryption technology. There are more ways to connect to the internet than DSL anon. Onion routing, proxies, a deferred feed-forward communication network, etc.


I downloaded a QR reader for that. Somehow I was expecting more of a payoff.


I made no promises ;o


>90% of the problems we have now are ones we had last century, they don't even have a new technological spin on them or anything it's the same shit like healthcare and taxes.

Race riots.
Government spying.
Small rebel groups taking over parts of yurop.

I don't remember any problems about taxes, and healthcare is this century as fuck.


>western country that isn't caught in constant power struggles due to rich resources & religious zealotry
Wait, which one is that?

>on your own urban landscapes
I'm sure.


I hope you don't seriously believe that Monsanto is evil, most storys told about them are bs, they don't have secret agents searching through fields and they don't even have the technology to produce terminator seeds, all that bs is produced by anti science conservatives and /pol/ tier conspiracy theorists


They are still copyright trolls which is bad by itself, but they also playing in a dangerous field, because copyright on genetic code is fucking scary, and they have both incentive and means to lobby it further instead of getting rid of it.


there have been storys of Monsanto agents seaking out farmers that had cross polinatedcrops from monsanto and sueing them, the only case where this ever occured was a farmer, clever as he thought he was, stealing seeds from his neighbour and planting them without permission, his field was 90% Monsanto and he was sued, he then went on to invent a myth that any cross polination would cause monsanto agents to appear, wich is bullshit because
>implying Monsanto has the resources and time to seek out random farmers, take samples of all of their crops and find out how many carry a hint of Monsanto genes
But I guess having copyright on certain genes si still bad, although it could be hard to waork with them without it, imagine some chineese company buying a bunch of Monsanto seeds and later claiming that they themselves developed them, if there is no copyright on the genes they work withm their work goes down the gutter


>if you hate Monsanto, you are anti-science!
Spotted the Monsanto shill, mates!

Seriously tho, not even GMO advocates like Monsanto.


Of course Monsanto's current business model won't work without copyright, but it's not like business is completely impossible without it. They'll figure something out, it's their job after all.

Simplest idea would be getting brouzouf for R&D before doing any actual work via crowdfunding or whatever. Those farmers who chipped in would get first batch of seeds and get a competitive advantage over those who wait for cheaper cnock-offs.


good idea, I just wonder if a crowdfunding model would work with large industry if it already constantly fails with small stuff on kickstarter, I think the model is flawed in the sense that it's hard to predict how much brouzouf you will need for a project, you can't anticipate al price chages, changes in staff, inflation, law and tax changes of multiple years to make a good prediction, either you will have a bunch of brouzouf left at the end, which is rare and will piss fans off unless you do it like the FTL devs and release free DLC which won't work with most products or you will need to beg for brouzouf again some time in the future, which can fail because fans will be pissed off either way.
Until you can solve the issues with crouwdfunding, you can't solve the Monsanto issue with your idea, but it's still good to think about it.


actually the seeds they sell to farmers are based specifically on the weather/conditions that crop will experience that cycle. It's pointless to reuse the seeds the next cycle since the crop conditions will be different and the farmer will not get as big of a yield.

Thats why farmers want to buy new seeds every year so they can get the specific kind of seed for that cycles conditions.


File: 1422641871874.jpg (5.9 KB, 340x231, 340:231, thermal-image-vulture-Arno….jpg)

>ruining lives
fucking w/ racists is fun though


Sometimes it is equal though. Where I live you can't buy transgenic soy from anyone else but Monsanto, so you can imagine the prices for the seeds.
There simply isn't anyone else to buy it from because of >>10979.
>when someone comes with a better tecnology they just buy it and throw it away.
I really ain't talking about silly conspiracy teories I read on the net here.


you've posted about this on /k/ before. Greetings, Fellow /cyber/k/ommando


> tfw work for multi-national corporation
> tfw it's probably the only corporation that's kinda honest, stays clear of shady business and just tries to do what it does
> no privacy breaches, no cheap workers in third world, no oil spills, no bribes

> tfw I always wanted to be a /cyber/guerilla but I landed in the most honest and truthful corporation known to man


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>posting shit-tier augs




Haha have you ever been to that shithole? seriously, panama has a bigger chance at being the next financial hub, when argentina or brazil sneezes u-r-gay has an aneurysm



>be me

>watch this "generation like" tv special from murrica at the insistence of a friend

>WTF is this shit?

>fucking tweens saying its good to have sponsors

>don't know what "being a sellout" means

>all this YT personalities they adore are created by talent agencies

>its all fake, all cross-promotion bullshit

>fucking kids are A-OK with it

So basically we have to kill everyone under the age of 20 to prevent the next stage of police state corpocracy



>implying most sjws aren't racist fucks

>implying they even care about the less fortunate

Check this bitch shanley: http://bit.ly/1IP9WSm


I've been envious of the Hong Kong protests. They're the most cyberpunk happening right now.

>there is a clear and insurmountable power oppressing them

>public use of technology associated with governments (camera drones)
>savvy organizers trying not to get spied on by China



You left out mesh networks, they were deploying some pretty cool solutions using Bt for communication outside government-controlled networks and channels


No way you seriously believe that. You probably just aren't important enough to know about the dirty things.


I guess so. But on the other hand, we got shit on by so many competitors, I'd think by doing dirty tricks we would perform better. Meanwhile we are making brouzouf on a shitty level while having actually superior and innovative products that get ripped off by everyone else.

So I either believe that we are doing some bastardly stuff and we suck in it BIG TIME, or we are honest and it's just not worth it in this world.


>implying we're not going to see schway digitization glitches
>implying that Black Mirror isn't coming true


>Police State Corpocracy
>Not a good thing

just make sure you're working for Horizon Group att


File: 1422901484411.jpg (7.3 KB, 465x200, 93:40, humpydumper.jpg)

>basing your outlook on a whole group with one member


>also thinking sjws would stand for that shit once it came to light


Hadn't seen this video before. That moment when he's looking at the hand go up, then flexes the fingers…

If I was an amputee I'd be all over this shit.


>AI decision-making programs replacing government and corps
>implying the government and corps want to be replaced in their position of power

I get a giggle out of imagining them becoming obsolete though.


>no overlapped hammer



Say I did want to break into shit. Any users got some schway guides on urbex in construction sites and the like?


Is it cyberpunk to try to fight against and prevent the upcoming cyberpunk dystopia?

I'm actively working to prevent the happening when the pervasive technology used in our daily lives becomes so complicated it starts to kill people regularly. I'm working on applying computer program hardening and verification techniques to a real world desktop application to work out the bugs in the still academic tools available and hope to make it easy and trivial to apply these tools to software everywhere. I fear I am too late to save the massive amounts of never updated embedded software out in the real world already though and have no ability to promote these tools to the people and megacorporations that should use them anyways.



>Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) will be awarded $2.5 million separately by DARPA as part of the project to develop an implantable neural device with the abilities mentioned above - to record and stimulate neurons within the brain to help restore memory.

Brain implants soon.



not that I have seen, but it would be a good thread to get going in here. A lot of it is covered in survival and prepper stuff, you can find some tips from the photo guys, but mostly the real deal doesn't get a walkthrough posted because it B&E.

Longboarders, parkour bros, and urban climbers all have some over lap with urbex. On the B&E side you have actual burglary stuff and scrappers.

My general tips are be careful about the places you select and case them out as much as you can. Make sure you have an exit plan. Make sure you have gloves and lights. Don't carry anything that could be considered a weapon or is illegal for you to have on you. Don't do it solo if you can help it. If you can have an excuse in case you get caught, but it has to work for the place.


>2 guys need haznat suits
>one is looking away
>the other is shielding his eyes
>sherman is looking directly at it with BINOCULARS




File: 1425449538898.png (184.96 KB, 646x624, 323:312, cyberfow.png)

>tfw I am alone in liking cyberpunk



World's no. 1 terrorist organization uses twitter for recruitment, how much more cyberpunk do you want to be?


If i were ISIS, a great way to fuck with the west would be to simply state that for every hundred retweets, we would kill another hostage, and then see what happens. The blame game and media circus would be absolutely amazing. Media would have to either stop reporting (which is impossible) or demonize anyone that retweeted.


File: 1425480438847.jpg (157.19 KB, 1977x1504, 1977:1504, 142229.jpg)


>not knowing feminazis are steering the conversation away from corporations by pretending all oppression its race/gender-based

>implying it wont explode in their faces when millions of ex-middle class normies have to deal with the fact they have to live in a shantytown now

>implying racism as a political movement wont make a comeback under this scenario


File: 1425484876596.jpeg (72.27 KB, 960x639, 320:213, news.jpeg)

This guy gets it. Third-wave feminism is one giant misdirection. Look at what they focus on:

>sex, when women achieved equal rights a while ago

>race, when we've solved 99% of the inequalities of the past
>special-snowflake imaginary identities; they're literally making up new ways to be oppressed

But class? The one inequality that, by definition, represents the true balance of power? The one inequality that is growing stronger over time? While the rich become richer, the poor become poorer and the middle class is being squeezed out of existence, the modern social justice warrior stays silent, preferring to steer conversation away from the real threat.


that's fucked up even for a chan.


"retweet if you are a proud muslim and think enemys should die!"
10/10 would pay brouzouf for this


Heh. That's my QR code. I've gone through a bunch of different layouts for it. I had rants, then I had a chan, then I had some other shit.. Still lost on what do do with it now. I think I should go back to my original plan, but I have to retype all of the info out.

It's currently down, as I'm in the midst of a move and the computer I was hosting it on has no internet access. I'm getting on here with a biquad pointed at some WEP secured AP.

I'm happy someone took notice and thought it was cool. I get discouraged. I have no group to do this shit with either, anon.


We need a racist robin-hood.
Adolf Marx, if you will.


Everything in that image gives me a boner.


you should go back to /pol/


>mfw I'll never experience the joy of uploading my brain into the Matrix and becoming effectively immortal.


>falling for diversions
>dividing the people
>not recognizing the true threat

Enjoy sterilization, chummer.


File: 1426692471230.jpg (880.37 KB, 1200x1189, 1200:1189, IAMTHENIGHT.jpg)

I really want to visit Berlin again,one of the best moments of my life


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
>implying you can't already raid bank HQs

Video related. Today, frankfurt. Whole day of anarchy.

another one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKJ3b-deJJk


literally shit-tier primitives try


>shit tier b8
Oh boy, you thought we'd actually believe you were a liberal? Try harder next time. Thanks for the bump.


I am genuinely bothered by burning out cars. That was some beautiful engineering you just destroyed.


shazbot, the world is cyberpunk if you make it.

You can do all of those things, you just don't want to.



Tfw no cute little super AI bot to assist me in taking down the gubbermint



>>warfare is still solidly 20th century despite computers

Warfare is waged with spec ops teams and hashtags, what you talkin about



>Last I checked, Assad is still in power

the SAA has been getting it's ass kicked this whole year, if it keeps up Assad will end up like Ghadafi


File: 1434421205407.jpg (5.79 KB, 202x250, 101:125, buttered poppycorn.jpg)

>world is not facist enough

Sure it is, you just don't realize it

You can always fert bomb Equifax HQ or VISA CC servers if you want

just saiyin



Loved that book. Really opened my eyes.


How does one design their own robotic prosthesis without an engineering background/degree? We're not Tony Stark.

Personally I'm already experimenting with biohacking. I've had a decent amount of issues but I am actively doing it.


It's safe, I went to it.


If I lived in America I'd fucking join you m8



>an excuse for me to wear my gas mask

And your issue is?


File: 1434444477155.jpg (368.42 KB, 2500x1536, 625:384, 1431220800562-1.jpg)

>world is not Fascist enough

The West has more restrictions on freedom and huge amounts of survaillence that far exceeds Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

At least in Nazi Germany they gave you something to believe in and have pride in. In this future there's nothing but consumerism and cultural degeneration.


>The West has more restrictions on freedom and huge amounts of survaillence that far exceeds Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

I don't think we currently have restrictions that exceed what they had.

we do have technological systems in place that if one of those shit systems should return they can take over completely.




Australia literally got attacked by some country in the middle of the ocean lol.


File: 1434449572676.png (449 B, 400x400, 1:1, qrcode.png)

The world is plenty cyber.


QR for a QR



well maybe you shouldn't have ridden into a huge pack of peasants. Drone attacks don't give you the chance to make a decision, someone clicks and you just die.


File: 1434503651064.jpg (44.59 KB, 610x857, 610:857, wareWolf_aBrR8bN_700b.jpg)


>But you *could* raid the Monsanto/Google/Facebook HQ; you just don't have the balls to do it. The problem is not that the world is not cyberpunk enough, if anything it's the opposite! Cyberpunk is real, too real for you to handle.

It's not that I lack balls, I just lack competence and resources.

I could probably locate Google HQ. I could storm in. And I would get dog-piled by a dozen over-caffeinated geeks before I could wreck their shit.

It's not a lack of courage. It's a lack of combat ability.

As for raiding Monsanto HQ - they are much more evil than Google. They would taser me before I could storm in. And even if they were raided, they would have ten backup HQs ready to come online and continue their evil.

As for raiding Facebook … seriously, why? If there's anyone more pathetic than I am, it's Cluster-Zuck.



>starting a anarchist movement

Not specifically cyberpunk. Also, remarkably useless for political change. Great way to get laid, though.

>, or a cracker group,

That would be cyberpunk if they were competent. Many hackers are posers.

> or hacking small businesses

Credit card theft is just boring, not cool.

>qr code street art,

That's more cyber-preppy.

> build a botnet,

A Trojan or virus-based botnet would be a pretty serious dick move … and also illegal.

Also, I don't have a good use for a botnet.

> or super computer out of fragging xboxes.

So … spend thousands of dollars on Xboxes … install Beowulf cluster … profit?


File: 1434504091572.png (339.22 KB, 344x295, 344:295, 1432733338242.png)


>and also illegal.


File: 1434504675332.jpg (356.35 KB, 638x991, 638:991, viraemia.jpg)


A serious raid would involve serious transportation. I would favor military helicopters, filled with ex-USA mercenaries. The guys who used to be Blackwater/Academi/Xe would be ideal troops.

Park the helos on the front lawn. Surround the HQ with several platoons of gas-mask infantry.

The troops pop lethal gas bombs and the targets inside mostly choke to death - but some of them try to escape, so the infantry use their guns.

There would be a tight time limit on how long you could raid before cops showed up and started shooting at your helos.

Thus after the initial shock, the infantry would plant incendiaries, fall back to the helos, and set the whole place on fire.

Then the helos would find out whether the cops had fighter jet interceptors.


File: 1434505018606.jpg (125.27 KB, 655x370, 131:74, charles_whitman_clocktower….jpg)


Corporate security is merely a deterrent to petty thieves. There are very few corporate facilities guarded by serious killers.

Most of the civilized world is highly vulnerable to one-man shoot-em-up raids, mostly perpetrated by Eliot Rodger-tier "supreme gentlemen."

There are a few corp security guards who think they are ready for violence. These are mall ninjas.

There are a few corp security guards who are genuinely ready for violence. These are mostly latter-day Charles Whitman-types.

Some are latter-day Lon Horiuchi-types.


>Cyberpunks don't sit around making elaborate strategies, calculating the risks and shit; cyberpunks fucking do it.

Actually, no, I've read a lot of Gibson, Sterling, WJW, Jeter, etc. Cyberpunk action heroes do spend a lot of time planning, and they don't take stupid risks.


File: 1434505041616.gif (1.62 MB, 290x201, 290:201, Wtf-crazy-arms.gif)


Did you bust one off to that thought?


File: 1434547423942-0.jpg (43.05 KB, 720x480, 3:2, kamikaze4.jpg)

File: 1434547423942-1.png (202.35 KB, 559x457, 559:457, undersideOftheKittyPawScre….png)


China has nuclear weapons.

Japan did not.

China is a land power.

Japan is an archipelago.

There are various points of contrast between China and Japan.

Broadly, however, I agree with your recognition of similarities between 1980s Japan and 2010s China.

I don't think the analogy is exact enough to be pushed very far.


File: 1434557640073.png (696.95 KB, 736x490, 368:245, 01 - hUkfj9N.png)


>Rather get shot for having deviant thoughts in Nazi Germany than live nowadays

>m-muh culture shit

Typical /pol/fag



Have you ever fucking lived in Germany you little shit? You're fucking retarded if you think this has anything to do iwth /pol/.



I doubt wether if current Germany has the same (or even more) limits on freedom as when it was either nazi or (for a part) part of the ussr

I also strongly doubt you lived in nazi germany (or even the ussr part during the ussr, although this is still possible)

I don't really understand why you say you need to have lived in Germany to understand when you were talking about a time that was roughly 75-85 years ago.

sage because this will undoubtedly result in another flame war





>likes cyberpunk

>complains about something like muh cultural degeneration

I seriously don't understand why people like you come here.



>replying to a 6 month old post.




>implying I was complaining about cultural degeneration

>implying I ever said I lived in nazi Germany

That said, I misinterpreted your post. I thought you were saying present-day Germany wasn't so bad when it came to censorship.



yes, on a board where necro bumping is encouraged, months old containment threads are linked in the sticky, and duplicate threads are frowned upon. What kind of monster replies to an old post?


>>8075 I know this is an old comment but this really pisses me off. I'm into urbexing and I have seen some straight up beautiful graffiti. Not just everyone can do it, these people practice it all the time and some of the stuff I've seen is fucking awesome



Why do people keep ant-farms?


>>25626 in case they ever want to make a funny YouTube video that ends in the ants crawling everywhere




The answer is power and control.


File: 1434639870797.jpg (27.86 KB, 560x403, 560:403, Sohardcore.jpg)


>What kind of monster replies to an old post?

I am the monster this board deserves.

Pic related: it's me.





Agreed, some of the work is just beautiful.


To be edgy/2dark4me and compare society to ants, then squish them to prove their psychopathy.



Anarchist movements in Europe are the worst type of feminist/SJW ideologues.

Anyone who doesn't accept left-wing Anarchism is a reactionary and needs to be smashed.

Anyone who is a left-wing Anarchist but disagrees with part of their specific political views is a counter revolutionary who also needs to be smashed.

Anyone who attempts to compromise on anything in order to actually do something IRL is a traitor who needs to be smashed.

And due to their 'no leadership' views these groups are rife with cults of personality and witch hunts with the most charismatic or manipulative people rising to the top (and then using their positions as unofficial leaders to attack their personal enemies, sexually harass members and financial gain).

European Anarchists are genuinely less tolerant and accepting than actual neo-Nazi groups.


File: 1435130135561.jpg (3.02 MB, 2540x1460, 127:73, 1432338308606.jpg)


>being interested in Cyberpunk means you're pro-corporatism

Yeah nah suck my dick faglord



nice strawman



both sides don't budge when it comes to their ideology.

big surprise.

same can be said about neo-nazi groups

>And due to their 'no leadership' views these groups are rife with cults of personality and witch hunts with the most charismatic or manipulative people rising to the top (and then using their positions as unofficial leaders to attack their personal enemies, sexually harass members and financial gain).

nice generalisation. any more bullshit theories to discredit entire political views?



>with the most charismatic or manipulative people rising to the top (and then using their positions as unofficial leaders to attack their personal enemies, sexually harass members and financial gain).

wait, are you describing anarchism or the current political system?

or maybe every political system because that's how humans work: the charismatic and manipulative get power and most abuse it.



>or maybe every political system because that's how humans work: the charismatic and manipulative get power and most abuse it.

Sure, but other political systems have formal leadership positions which limit the abuse those leaders can do, those formal positions also secure the leaders and allow them to actually do productive work.

Anarchist groups have no formal positions which means the cult of personality is stronger because it is the only form of leadership. It encourages infighting because those informal leaders must constantly maintain their positions and defend it from threats.

Anarchist is a good idea but literally the worst ideology when people try and implement it.

Every real life and online Anarchist group I have experienced has suffered from these problems. Look at Reddits anarchist board. It is the most hilariously dictatorial and pro censorship board on their entire site.



>political systems have formal leadership positions which limit the abuse those leaders can do

have you been living under a rock?

every system knows corruption, every system has leaders that fuck underage hookers at sex parties, they all exchange bribe brouzouf, they all get their dick sucked by lobbyists in exchange for shit legislation. they all spy on each other and upcoming people.

plus their authority is anchored (yeah yeah we have democracy, which means voting for a prick whose not going to keep his promises anyway)

those formal positions mean that they can do even more shitty stuff because they are 'the leader'

>It encourages infighting because those informal leaders must constantly maintain their positions and defend it from threats.

at that point you are not discussing anarchy anymore (although I personally agree that that is inevitable)


File: 1435162925624.jpg (113.49 KB, 540x649, 540:649, tumblr_nh5z381LNt1u4uke0o1….jpg)


>have you been living under a rock?

No I have been involved in many local political groups including many anarchists groups and two anarchist communes.

I am saying straight up that the Anarchist groups have been the least tolerant and most power crazed petty dictators I have ever met and that this is consistent across anarchist groups.

Flat out I know extremist Muslims and Neo_Nazi's who are more tolerant to other opinions and less authoritarian than the anarchists.



you say ALL the anarchists are less tolerant to other opinions because you know SOME individual neo-nazi's and extremist muslims who aren't as intolerant

I know anarchists who are more tolerant to other opinions and less authoritarian than neo-nazi's and extremist muslims.

what does that say? nothing because they're both empty statements.

and where the fuck do you hang out if you know anarchists, neo-nazi's and extremist muslims well enough to make such broad statements?



>and where the fuck do you hang out if you know anarchists, neo-nazi's and extremist muslims well enough to make such broad statements?









He's right though. I've been hanging out with some anarchist groups in my life as well and I can safely say that most anarchists are egoist fuckwits. But that should be pretty obvious since they literally associate themselves with the concept of anarchy and think it's something positive.


File: 1435251321314.gif (934.61 KB, 200x154, 100:77, 1387066374321.gif)



THIS, with idiots like antifa the average anarchist today its some edgetard rich white kid with sociopathic and totalitarian tendencies



Antifa are nothing but dishonest blackshirts.



>farmer liek gmo



Damn this thread is old.



>self-regulating gene mods have been proven to work (and cheaply, too)

Got a link?


File: 1447237647138.jpg (108.73 KB, 434x461, 434:461, 1418934999502-3.jpg)


>I responded to a more than year-old post


>3D print robo-arms

>attach to backpack

>become schway as fuck hindu god man



Stop posting pictures of women riding cocks!



>This thread will live to see 2016

>tfw you remember when this thread was new

>why are we here

>why are we


File: 1447476376898.jpg (23.91 KB, 277x400, 277:400, gay_punk_males_13709337067….jpg)


Nice triples.

Does anyone here remember Kadrey's classic story _Metrophage_?

Because it just got closer to reality.







You forgot about the thought police, and feminism causing oppressive laws on men to be passed


like if posting in 2015



99% of graffiti is trash.

1% looks good but is still vandalism. period.


File: 1449163845310.jpg (5.5 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Feels bad man.jpg)

>The world isn't fascist enough



>Shit all the metals and water out in the asteroids is reason enough.



File: 1449460860905.jpg (137.9 KB, 590x590, 1:1, executioner.jpg)



>>there is no reason or resource left to blast a large part of the populace into space.

>>no resource left

>didn't they send small amounts of people into space first? And then they got resources from asteroids and shit.

>Shit all the metals and water out in the asteroids is reason enough.

The economics of asteroid mining depend on the economics of recycling.

For example, how hard is it to recover usable metals from garbage?

If the recovery is cheap, there's no need to mine asteroids.

If the recovery is slightly expensive, we start faffing about with carbon tubes that substitute for metals.

If the recovery is very expensive, and metals are needed … asteroids are ripe for the plucking.



After all, we do owe everything we are to others. This is simply true. The language we speak and even think in, our habits and opinions, the kind of food we like to eat, the knowledge that makes our lights switch on and toilets flush, even the style in which we carry out our gestures of defiance and rebellion against social conventions—all of this, we learned from other people, most of them long dead. If we were to imagine what we owe them as a debt, it could only be infinite. The question is: Does it really make sense to think of this as a debt? After all, a debt is by definition something that we could at least imagine paying back. It is strange enough to wish to be square with one’s parents—it rather implies that one does not wish to think of them as parents any more. Would we really want to be square with all humanity? What would that even mean? And is this desire really a fundamental feature of all human thought?

-Graeber, _Debt_


They got rid of Sydney's monorail.

God damn it, that was my only chance to internally LARP Blade Runner in my hometown. For a while we even had a blimp and a video billboard, shit was so brouzouf.

Now all my favourite abandoned inner-city construction sites have been bought and completed and turned into antiseptic shopping malls GOD DAMN IT I WANTED BLADE RUNNER NOT LOGAN'S RUN FUCK YOU THIS IS NOT MY FUTURE I WANT MY TAX brouzouf BACK



>bullshit 'ethical' dilemmas

This is why the word "ethics" is such a berserk button for me.



>This thread is practically 2 years old

>I remember it being new

>That fucking phone thread is still up

why must our board be dead?



>Big business slaying Big Labor

>People keeping pet robots

That happened in the 90s, with clinton and shit, and the aibo, tamagotchi and other crap



>very end of 2014

>very beginning of 2016

>>almost 2 years old

derez yourself



No don't things like this are cool. Slow moving boards are the best.

I feel as though the world will become very cyberpunk by ~2025.

Due to the influx of large corporations and government spying a cyberpunk sub-group will be born. But i'll be 51. So that sucks.

>I just responded to a 2 year old post.


File: b4bd0b74f97669b⋯.png (552.57 KB, 3508x2303, 3508:2303, InternetTube_v2-01.png)


>It's a dystopia, but a lame one.

Truer words have never been spoken. This is the cyberpunk reality of today.

Most of the predictions of cyberpunk have come true, at least the near-future predictions (e.g. totalitarian government control, cyber crime, unaccountable megacorporations, commodification of pretty much everything, massive pollution and overpopulation, social unrest, etc.) but the aesthetic is weak and our dystopian overlords are sleepy politically-correct Jews and feminists.

This is the lamest but also probably the most cyberpunk timeline.


File: c6ccc8ed1a9ee3d⋯.png (467.99 KB, 879x528, 293:176, WhatthefuckEU.png)


Actually, the post you repleid to was at /16 as in 2016.

If you really want to become the guy replying to old-ass posts then you can go to 4-ch.net/ or something. But in the meanwhile, you're not really replying to anything decrepit.



>world is not facist enought

Nearly ALL parts of the world are tightening up their power. There are few nations without a "National Bank" which is a funny Building for Globalist millionaires with a monopoly on printing money. Those riches on the top are teaming up at incredible rate and imposing their will upon the world.

Of course people have started rejecting them in some areas like Iceland(Or was it greenland) but they're a direct democracy and why would they care about that?

Also, nothing is stopping any raids to those rich buildings. They probably won't even expect it though certainly police would be there soon.



>This is the lamest (…) cyberpunk timeline.

Then it's up to us to make it interesting.



>by 2016 Id say they will have the same price and HDD

Are you sore



This is lacking a lot of surveillance markers.





>Closest relevant thing to this I can recall are the oathkeepers from ferguson.


>Closest relevant thing to this I can recall are the oathkeepers from ferguson.

These "oathkeeper" people are nothing more than pussies with guns, they in no way have anything to do with anarchism or indepedence movements, quite the opposite actually. Anarchists wouldnt have bullshit like amendments, neither would they follow them.

Idk what youre tying to say but youre definitely wrong



>I don't want to have to learn Japanese.







File: d3c9045a7c541a4⋯.jpg (112.96 KB, 600x450, 4:3, fireplacesplash600x_gray_a….jpg)


>>This is the lamest (…) cyberpunk timeline.

>Then it's up to us to make it interesting.

Well, in 2017, the Pentagon admitted that it believes UFOs are real. So that's a change from their decades-long policy of public sneering and private threats.


File: 21f30b0bb83755f⋯.jpg (127.36 KB, 450x355, 90:71, anime_christmas_date.jpg)


>I was feeling these feels today while driving home from Christmas shopping. Life is so terribly dull.

You can't be bored by Christmas shopping if you refuse to celebrate Christmas. It's much more entertaining to hang out on the Internet and post in slow-moving threads that pop up at Christmastime each year for FOUR years. (Although actually I gave one person a Christmas present, but it was cheaper than the meal I bought for her, so it was a token gesture.)

You can also treat Christmas as a day for romantic dates. It's an anime trope that works in real life (so long as you have enough brouzouf to date someone).


File: a726a8cd65159f9⋯.jpg (210.23 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 14819310124340.jpg)


>mooommy why wont cyberpunk life live itself for me moooom

literally nothing prevents you from making bombs, distributing bombs, distributing info to create bombs, spying on a google employee, attempting to hijack his devices, try and add as much estrogen as you can to your political opponent or rival's diet, hijack cameras, setup data gathering spots, social engineer, dress cool or dress like a total normie to blend in or masquerade as a fucking sanitation worker or some other layman or maybe an official and infiltrate places, or maybe starting up a fucking food delivery place and putting your rivals out of business by ddosing their fucking delivery making site or flooding it, or fucking with their paths and deliveries by making fake orders that look like real and will trap them in traffic jams, and that's only hijacking your opponents - there's plenty of room to play in terms of optimizing your own delivery

and then when you have your autonomously operating small business generating profit you can indulge into cyberpunk lyfe even further and now you have a fucking alibi you're a simple businessman pizza cook.

you can create a bomb and attach it to drone and fly it into a politician or official's child's classroom and detonate it

you can do 1000000s of things RIGHT NOW, and you can do 10000000s more with some preparation and decisiveness.cheers

you know i am right and you are wrong


i know that feel



>we just don't notice it.

that's the thing, it's too creepy and stealth for my taste



don't forget that guy that held thousands hostage and collapsed the British hospital/emergency system with zero-day ransomware


It's sad that I have no purpose in life, I don't fight for any greater cause. I'll just pretend my political opinions make a difference, consume a lot, going to live a fucking hedonist life and die, won't be remembered.



File: 9ddfc758056feef⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 250x400, 5:8, Mirror'sEdge.jpg)


This post is the most stable thing in my life.



Looks more like a bunch of cunts with serious daddy issues rather than actual cypher skills


Also this


Yeah but the irony here is that these guys base their entire ideology and reason-to-be on being against that and yet they beat corporate shills at being megalomaniacs

Just like communists leaders were 10 times worst than the kings they replaced



TBH pcp was created by the same edgetards that flocked into cyber without even knowing how to use a computer. And now that they got too old to be rebels and got their way into the system and brouzouf they want to defend the system

>Postcyberpunk characters tend to seek ways to live in, or even strengthen, an existing social order

Same shit mr.robot is shilling now: "prez cheeto won because of computers so computers are bad now and megacorps are good m'kay?"

The problem with pcp is that they dont realize thats what happening right now dwarfs even the most edgy cyberpunk stories of the past. Its even in that article:

>Additionally, it is far more difficult (bordering on impossibility) to operate anonymously or in the shadows outside of the system (the "Punk" aspect of Cyberpunk) or under dual/false identities. The increase of security profiling, monitoring, hidden surveillance and current forensics technology is making it less and less possible to move around without leaving fingerprints or footprints of some type, digital or otherwise.

Consider for a second that right now billions of people are willingly carrying tracking devices that log their entire lives and they not only hand over that information to governments and megacorps but they even paid for the benefit of doing so



Hong Kong full fash 2047.



File: ae3487093939692⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 1153x562, 1153:562, Sensation.JPG)


start learning nigga



Cowboy bebop is post cyberpunk, right ?


File: 8f08520ad100ad8⋯.gif (5.23 MB, 680x382, 340:191, 1415997921871.gif)


It is a space-western.

Outside of one or two episodes, only things in common with cyberpunk Cowboy Bebop has is 20-minutes-into-the-future setting and somewhat downer tone.



>Consider for a second that right now billions of people are willingly carrying tracking devices that log their entire lives and they not only hand over that information to governments and megacorps but they even paid for the benefit of doing so

Everyone always looks at me weird when I bring this up as an issue.



>Everyone always looks at me weird when I bring this up as an issue.

Just reframe it as a financial issue. I find I get a lot more traction when I mention that they have to subscribe to a 'service' to play music on their phone. They point out that it'll play MP3 files …sure, but fewer and fewer phones have an SD card slot where you could store your own music. It gets just a tiny bit harder to play your own MP3 on your phone, and just a little easier to subscribe to a music service.

Then you ask if they know where you can buy just an MP3 player, that won't tell Google or Apple what you're playing, for when they finally decide to put DRM checking software and proprietary players on their phones.

It's not just the spying, it's the software ecosystem. It's harder to find a good stand alone GPS because Google does it for free … once they're impossible to find, will Google stay free? It's harder to find stand alone, offline, devices to do a lot of stuff we used to take for granted.

We're being boxed in to NEEDING their closed device just to do stuff we used to do in the 90s without an internet connection. Everything we bought a (cheeper) device for, and did offline for free is turning into a service you rent a 1,000 dollar device to be able to access.

Very soon, you'll be renting your phone for $50/month, and paying another $50/month for access, then $15/month for music, and another $10/month for google services, etc, etc …

You won't own anything, you'll just rent.

Explain that, and people sit up straight. They don't care about privacy, but no one likes it when you fuck with their money.



>>cannot raid Monsanto HQ

>>cannot raid Google HQ

>>cannot raid facebook HQ

Says whom? Be the change you want to see in the world, Mr 2014 oldfag poster, that goes for everyone that can read this.



damn time flies



Wtf I thought it was made the last year




>muh property rights

>muh property value



The end goal is some sort of a financial matrix: rather than being living batteries, humans will be living ATM (which they already are) with a reduced consumer choice. Everyone born will be renting services, and will eventually work to pay for them. The point would be to lock them in a producing state (can't stop working if you have a mortgage for every little thing you consume). The only freedom in there would be in tweaking the terms of the service, while corporations will compete for a way to convince you to switch to their services.

We're already there, but the illusion of freedom is getting more and more narrow. Try living without a phone or the internet.



Do you know where you are, bucko? This is a /leftypol/ board.



4 year retrospective on this guy's post:

>virtual reality very soon

Virtual reality is now a thing. My normie friend has an oculus rift.

>NSA spying

Every major website is shadowbanning too. 0

>foreign nations conducting cyber attacks on western corporations

It's no longer considered a nutty conspiracy theory to claim a foreign country picked the president of the US last election.

>social justice firing squads roaming the internet indoctrinating people and ruining lives through doxxing and/or swatting

Now it's coming from both sides, and they don't even believe it's hypocritical.

>social justice newspeak beginning to saturate the english language

Now it's coming from both sides, and they don't even believe it's hypocritical.

>The reasons it doesn't feel like a cyberpunk dystopia:

It does now.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>This is a /leftypol/ board.


even proudcucks can knock you faggots out



File: 25b0f9f2ce1cc9b⋯.jpg (40.01 KB, 720x720, 1:1, antifa NWO idiots.jpg)


>It's no longer considered a nutty conspiracy theory to claim a foreign country picked the president of the US last election.

a shekel for a good goy




It's getting there, tbh, unfortunately. That's what you get when you make something like "low life" your moto - commies are flowing there like flies to shit, turning everything into a safe space to virtue-signal, play a victim and circlejerk. Normalfags with matrix and shit are definitely not helping even more than they usually do too.




its an absolutely retarded and ill defined idea. What are you expecting to accomplish and how do you expect to do it ? There will not be a master "Facebook/Google" control panel in the building with a big "delete everything" button. There will be a bunch of offices, some amenties like gyms and cafes, and people on personal machines. There is like no property you could destroy that would cause permanent or noticeable damage and likely no information of stategic value that you could gather - partially because you will be caught and jailed before you even understand the building layout.

Your not a super hero, and google isn't a super villian.


>Well forgive me for not seriously planning out something that could be considered an act of 8chan.

>inviting others to participate in an unthought out criminal conspiracy

< Hey guys, want to commit a unknown crime against an unknown company because osomehow thats cyber?


>ISIS started as an armed revolt and turned into a relatively competent military force.

>I've never broken any major laws in my life

Sounds like a compelling revolution! People are so lazy its crazy, you don't even have an ideology. Fuck ISIS, but ISIS would have zero chance of any success without a detailed ideology that people where willing to accept. Not only do you not have an ideology, you don't even a defined target, or goal.


>much no one other than neckbeards on 8chan would think that the people raiding Blizzard or a similar company were doing something good for society

B/c destroying random corporations isn't good for society. Literally what would people gain from destroying Blizzard?


>A revolt in a first-world country would be even easier, as we would have better access to technology to nullify military gear which is easier than you think

top wtf. Its exactly that opposite. Modern Military equipment has made holding ground impossible, and lead to rise in "insurgency" where the enemy is unable to hold ground, or fight conventionally. Its a huge war of attrition, that destroys the economy, and everything worth having until one side gives up. Pistols and rifles will not be suitable equipment to fight a mechanized military with. You will never hold ground.


>Modern military equipment don't work in urban environments. Jets can't hit a fire hydrant without causing massive collateral economic damage, tanks can't go up elevators and will get hit with IEDs around every street corner, drones and other spy equipment aren't nearly as effective in buildings with dense populations.

There is no chance that an ad hoc resistance composed to rifles, pistols, and improvised explosives will fend off an assault on a city by a mechanized army with air support. You will have to pull an ISIS and force the population to act as human shields, which will alienate the population, and destroy your rebellion over time. Also tactics like blockade and seige would drive a first world city to submission in a time frame of a 2 weeks or so. There are no farms, no power infrastructure that could be operated independently. No expertise. You would just have a population of retail workers not going to their job, trying to flee your city.


Never happens. If it did, cops don't respond, national guard does. Resulting shit storm is huge. You can't anonymously fly a helicopter away and hide it, your army doesn't escape. Torching the headquarters did absolutely nothing to google.


All true, but the premise of our society is that a corporation doesn't have to defend itself. The US Gov will defend it, and will use violence.



No it isn't, go back to lainchan with your anarcho LARP bullshit


File: a7d7badb12f9a04⋯.jpg (271.32 KB, 600x471, 200:157, youre_wrong_dot_jpeg.jpg)


just so you know, your claim is invalid

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