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File: 46925e876800de6⋯.jpg (80.21 KB, 420x591, 140:197, static1.squarespace.com.jpg)


Thread to discuss canon characters, players, etc. From all fandoms and stuff.

Donut Steels not welcome.


File: 35b701a58ee546c⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 35b.jpg)

You called?


File: 384f2a18f54b477⋯.jpg (24.51 KB, 323x454, 323:454, 1465371557874.jpg)

>canon profile is just an inline without description



>canon profile just links to a wiki page



>Hold onto name

>Have shitty profile

>Never RP

Subhuman scum.


>That 1 person who has tons of female canons across multiple accounts

>1 inline for each profile

>Mostly same Custom Kinks

>Never responds to anybody



>across multiple accounts

You can report them for this, you know. Multiple accounts can't be used as an excuse since they upped the limit.


canons are a blessing and a curse

whenever I watch or play some new thing and get really into the mood to typefuck as/with some of the characters, I go look for some of the ones that interest me most but either the fandom's nearly dead on f-list with MAYBE 5 people hanging around, or they all suck major ass and make me not want to go through the effort of making a profile if that's all I'll have to play with


how old is the profile? one of the first things I do when making a character is working on an inline and then when i've got a god idea for the rest of the profile bio I'll write it up, but that can take upwards to a week

in fact I just checked and one of my characters who's 3+ months old consists soely of an inline, 3 images and maybe a couple of custom kinks that I haven't yet given a description of



What kind of canon profiles do you have?


File: e894f28a4a4cbb9⋯.jpg (674.58 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, me roleplaying Lúcio in a ….jpg)

>Dancing around with the idea of playing a canon, make one or two just to stretch the horizons

>One day, decide to play a Blunderwatch canon because even if the game is trite and I don't actualy play it, the women's designs interest my dick and I'm basic ERP trash that rides the hype wave

>Not a lot of hits since I apparently picked the wrong dude that doesn't gather much interest, aside from the ones that seem to be the 'official' fan-pairing

>On the other hand, a bunch of non-Overwatch profiles ping me, and since I'm not a bitch about those I start stuff with them

>Turns out, those led to some great roleplays and a bunch of smut action

I have a hunch that the fact the character is black helped me on a few of those, but hey beggars can't be chosers, and I'm pretty comfortable on how things are going. I learned that you gotta plunge on new territories and hope for the best, sometimes it works, I'd recommend people to try if they're interested in making a canon.


It really makes me feel about the folks who are set in roleplaying as a canon from a thing that's too obscure/lost its flavor of the month status, seems like most of those can't even afford to have a tight circle of people to RP with and have to get pinged by the rejects and losers.


File: c84efab1ce7a277⋯.png (156.83 KB, 500x581, 500:581, 1472948532306.png)

>tfw known as "Local Canonfag" by 8chan chat

I guess it's something


Is it just me, or are canons sometimes a bit more difficult to work with? And I don't just mean in ERP.



If you're a dedicated canon character, you have to make sure to play them and stick true to their character, or else you're a lame faceclaim.

Nothing turns me off more than a canon who is ooc as fuck and acts nothing like the character they play as.



I have a feeling that most canon players (the ones who play popular characters, at least) have to deal with a bunch of people who try to shoe-horn characters into their pants, so they might be a bit weary and cautious to RP with randoms.


File: 08ee01a6ad5e602⋯.png (251.5 KB, 800x917, 800:917, peach.png)

>All of my characters are canons stapled to my favorite fetishes

I guess it might be trashy, but hey, it's shoving things I like together. Cocks and femdom on Peach is too nice to pass on.


I love canon characters, but am always too nervous to approach since I don't really play 'em myself. I've always wanted to roleplay with a Peach, Zelda, Tharja, etc.



You obviously need to know the character to know what's available for you to work with.


I almost never play my canons with other canons, because it tends to go in a way I'm not interested in.

I just really want horny people who fantasize about said characters in the situations that I enjoy playing. (Of course, they are somewhat related to the kind of situations they live within the source material, sometimes extending the boundaries a bit for the sake of lewd, just making sure that you stay somewhat true to the character's personality)



Care to share your profile? I've got a few canons I could play for you if we have enough in common.



Half chin's /trash/erp threads main mode of operation is "anon fucks sum canon grill" so you may try there if you're insecure for flist.



Ah, you probably wouldn't be interested. My main profile these days is a single dad in a modern, mundane world. I'd just be playing a version of him in one capacity or another.




Just go for it anon, some canon profile makes it clear if they are or aren't open to OC, or if they are canon restricted only and even in case of canon restricted then they might still be open to OC, if the oc fits the setting.

Idols with fans.

Chun Li with a fellow Interpol agent or finding love with a single dad as the case might be.

Silvaria rewarding a brave soldier repurposed to be imperial.

Team RWBY with a monster repurposed into a grimm.

Shipgirls with dockworker.

Anyone with fat faceless old men.

The world of most settings are larger than the cast who have speaking lines.


File: aa9bdf98b979f80⋯.png (108.53 KB, 707x830, 707:830, 5835950.png)

What canon seems to be the most "popular" on f-list?

I see shitloads of:

Princess Peaches

Frisk from Undertale

Raven from TT

Various ponies, but they stick to their rooms

What about you guys?



I don't use F-List, but over the ages on the Fapbait threads here I've seen Touhou probably the most for a single series, with girls from various fighting games (Street Fighter, BlazBlue, etc.) collectively coming in second.



In addition to Peach, Raven, and Ponies (I don't see lots of Undertale personally) I see tons of Samus, Tifa, and Resident Evil and Sonic are heavily represented as franchises.


File: a13d56e838354d8⋯.jpg (173.05 KB, 850x938, 425:469, 3169551.jpg)



I see lots of Ahri.

Even if they are not canons, lots of people use Ahri for references. Lots of Pokemon "original characters" also use Hilda.


File: 211c748a7cb2fcc⋯.jpg (461.02 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, shadman.jpg)


>Resident Evil

yet there's still only two profiles in the whole site revolving around RE7 smut, one of which is me

what the fuck happened? I remember a lot of people being excited about it when launch date was coming up but now there's no talk, it's been nearly a month since it came out, some people HAVE to have finished it by now


File: 6d5984994f8e68d⋯.jpeg (170.7 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, 3686ccb28edb03466496a6980….jpeg)


Hex Maniacs

There can never be too many hexers


File: 9c2c7a1a315b414⋯.png (116.34 KB, 246x255, 82:85, 1442543656905.png)

I have a fondness for quite a few canons, and while I'd love to try and play with some, I don't play any canons of my own, and my character doesn't really fit within established canons well. It doesn't bug me personally, but it has always seemed like it's a drawback that will inhibit finding good canon partners. I should probably just stop being such a bitch and make a pass at one I like anyways, of course, but I doubt I will.



People realized that the series stopped being funny when it stopped being a B Movie.


File: 691962b42146bf4⋯.png (16.87 KB, 598x424, 299:212, 691.png)

>tfw you don't like playing canons because you worry you won't do the characters justice

>tfw you think an OC character for a franchise universe with loads of canons wouldn't go over well

I just want to have adventures and build some Supports…


File: ca1038091644577⋯.png (404.89 KB, 1198x1205, 1198:1205, 286204b32915aa72c7ae4ad72e….png)


IIRC /erp/ alone has something like 6 known Hex Maniac players. Which doesn't surprise me, as its the perfect kind of canon: plenty of art and recognition, with no established character to be unfaithful to.

Best Pokemon girl.



IMO, it's easy to do justice to most canon. The least effort to play the character with the traits and personality that they show in their source material is already much better than the loads of profiles on F-List that are just generic slut with clearly no grasp over the character's personality with 50 pictures from the booru. The kind of shitter that posts ads like "I'm x canon, fill me with dicks."


What is wrong with this profile?




Well, for starters it's a hub, so that makes it automatically shit.


File: 2a39c10f557d6d7⋯.jpg (143.34 KB, 900x857, 900:857, 1450331702106.jpg)

>favourite canon trap is Gwyndolin

>royalty and a God so can barely think of any reasons he'd have sex with someone

Mostly I just think he'd service darkmoon blade who had done a great thing


File: 62171355e4f1046⋯.jpg (80.51 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_m883wgyCPY1rpf83vo1….jpg)


One of the best Peach/Daisy roleplayers I ever met had just an inline with one quick line of description.

While the chances that the partner is shit is more likely, you really can't judge a book by its cover




Seriously, go for it and approach as if you would approach any other. Just treat it as an OC, where you both already know the character and setting before having read the character description. At worst you'll get a no and some canon character by their nature work well with certain OC.



I'm getting bunches of good para rps without even an inline. Advertisement solely through talking in channels and showing myself to not be a total autist



I guess I don't have much experience because I hardly approach people with barebones profiles.



Well it's also a problem of finding a canon I want to fuck that isn't changed into a bitchbreaker shemale or even accepts furshit to begin with


I love the idea of a Peach or Zelda for an NTR oriented scene with Ganon or Bowser. Preferably long term, where we get to explore how the girls give in slowly over time. Stockholm Syndrome or romance, whatever works. Just so long as it's not "OH GOD YOUR BIG COCK IS SO GOOD" kinda stuff.


I've got a only a few canons under my belt, as I usually prefer to make my own characters, I will go and throw them down here because why the fuck not. I have been wanting to play them a lot more, so here is the chance I guess. At least before I toss them into the true shilling thread.

https://www.f-list.net/c/The%20Kaiju%20King Only ever seen a few other Big G profiles, but he's been plenty of fun to play as. I mean, who doesn't love playing as giant, or regular sized, monster?

https://www.f-list.net/c/light%20beast%20link/ And for the more traditional canon type characters, here we have a Link pupper, for all your knotting needs. Haven't done too much with him as of yet. Though I hope that changes here soon.



Your wording makes me think of Peach cheating on Bowser with Ganon and Zelda doing the reverse.




I guess that goes back to having an OC that at least can reasonable be adapted to fit within the setting. or see if you can type-fuck the brain out of a partner and then segue into asking if they are up for portraying a canon character for the next time.



I guess. I mean, I have some partners who would be cool with portraying canons for my amusement. But I'd prefer a dedicated. And it's not like furshit isn't short on canons, but finding one who doesn't delete/abandon the profile is like finding a needle in a hay stack.


File: 24d7984e2d84b2e⋯.jpg (95.22 KB, 959x540, 959:540, n4f25bd12953a0.jpg)

It really bugs me how people expect you to play with them JUST because they're also a canon profile from the same series. Yes our particular characters may be a really popular ship, but if our interests don't match then that's pretty much that.


>Really want to play with Kindred from LoL

>Only want Lamb

>All the profiles I like always have playing both as a must



So you don't want to play with Kindred, then.



>Play characters from Guilty Gear

>Get hit up by fucking spergs who try to talk about the game with me or play characters I'm not into

>As if their character choice doesn't kill my mood, they proceed to act knowledgeable of the game, eventually outing themselves as some fucking scrub who doesn't even know basic shit and thinks 'cheap things aren't fun or fair.'

Fuck. I guess it could be worse, though. I could be playing Street Fighter characters.



>they don't even know how many frames a TK bad moon comes out in




>I guess it could be worse, though. I could be playing Street Fighter characters.

it's hell



Canons are more of a curse than a blessing IMO. I've had the worst time with canon players from my favorite fandoms or fandoms I was unsure about but made a canon after getting into it.

Most of the ones I can for sure say I'd not ever do again is Touhou, any big shonen anime/manga(Naruto, Bleach mostly), Black Butler(didn't like how players gave off a weird yaoi vibe), DC/Marvel, and maybe Pokemon. I tend to stay outta rooms about these fandoms even if I make a canon from it cause they're mostly circlejerks.



>Black Butler(didn't like how players gave off a weird yaoi vibe)

You mean what the series is entirely about?


Oversexualized canons disgust me.


File: 18829add086fed2⋯.jpg (476.61 KB, 850x1048, 425:524, sample_c1ba3071e8425741d14….jpg)

Posting the Best Sister with the Biggest Titties. Shame there's not more active FE players(going by the rooms, at least)




dude you're telling me

>futa chun-li players

>any poison player

>most ryu players just want to fuck street fighter girls, have probably never touched a street fighter game

>juri bitch breakers

truly suffering



I want to cry into your tits while you tell me it's gonna be okay



>horizontally squished icon




At least it's not right-aligned text.



Yeah I've been lax in fixing my icon. Working on it between sessions of actual work.


File: 1235574f4a858d3⋯.jpg (185.8 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, CuHNCBaVIAA3q3C[1].jpg)


I haven't made a character sheet or anything for it, mostly since the Mario princesses are more interchangable and dependent on mood, but I wonder how my takes on the trio would fare:


Pollyanna and mildly ditzy. She would be the type to talk and try to soothe Bowser, like he can change. Naturally, this leads her getting into nasty situations. A fun scenario is if Bowser is more of a paper tiger type or fronts more because he can't express his feelings well.


Obviously a tomboy, but can go from sarcastic to rowdy to more tsundere. She might have a chip on her shoulder or try to make up for a supposed inadequacy (maybe not as busty as her princess friends?) Fairly knowledgable about certain acts, very open to suggestion/easy to coerse, and probably has to take charge with Luigi since he's

either scared or clueless. Also a teaser.


Very aloof and maternal. Expect her to toy around or dominate as she feels a bit above it all when she isn't treating someone like a child. Expect some trickery afoot. Uppity play might be a plus, as while she'd protest, she'll dig being not in control.


File: c77ec7fb4bee94a⋯.jpg (281.14 KB, 819x579, 273:193, 3006058.jpg)


>Paper Tiger Bowser

I've got a profile for that laying around. Let me know if you want to give it a shot.




Juri players just aren't good overall.


File: 29c5bc516aca35b⋯.jpg (88.22 KB, 800x835, 160:167, 30c6bac88ed157a20ceab101f3….jpg)


I'll consider it, perhaps using another character profile since I'm not sure of going through the hassle of a newly made character just yet. It can be a nice test run.



Tried a scene out with this player, and am glad to report that it was fantastic! If they ever post a profile, I highly recommend them!



Tsundere Bowser sound comfy as fuck


File: 3bd2a18f7b2bfe5⋯.jpg (140.09 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 14615355_p2_master1200.jpg)


I know this is already a week old and shit but I just wanted to say that I want to fuck that spider so bad, do a freaking genocide run on her asshole and grind some EXP as I missionary position the shit out of her



File: 1aa91d54db07d35⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1426774046822.jpg)

>want to play some Zelda characters

>realize fellow canons are 90% Midnas, slut Zeldas, and shitty Links.



I have never ever gotten the appeal of Midna. I have seen a few teen/adult versions of her, but otherwise it's all incredibly unappealing shortstack. I don't get it.


>make a canon from an animu that the likes of 4chan refuse to talk about

>it's elfen lied


>already expect like zero RP cause people universally dislike the series/character


File: 390d2386d7352a4⋯.jpg (345 KB, 1165x1231, 1165:1231, 6946322.jpg)

Do you like canon dickgirls, /erp/?

None of my canons on f-list are all that rare, but I like to think that my dumb kinks and preferences set them apart from the rest. Maybe I'm just kidding myself.

Hit me up on https://www.f-list.net/c/cosmic%20queen/

Especially if you're a big, hairy man.



>male on shemale

Literally the worst.


File: e6b93de3c9483eb⋯.jpg (99.39 KB, 543x405, 181:135, 1457008131305.jpg)


Kinda hot tbh

but I only really play furfag trash.


File: 357500dca96d08f⋯.png (66.72 KB, 830x829, 830:829, 6946487.png)


I play with more than just males, friendo.


Don't be afraid to try your luck! No bully.



That's because you're shit and whine about people being "stuck up" for not wanting to interact with your characters and get mad when people don't talk to you in rooms. That doesn't make people want to play with you. You being bitter about literally everythint on a furry-fetish site doesn't make anyone want to play with you. It makes people want to avoid that.

You know, all that in addition to enjoying a shitty anime that people aren't going to want to play with :^)



I see a huge fucking focus on guys, fuckboy.

Even then, that doesn't change anything about male on shemale being the absolute worst.



Oh, it's you.

Yeah, you're nothing but a drama whore always bitching about everything. I don't know how people can stand you.


File: 56fbda1163ff449⋯.jpg (21.75 KB, 104x178, 52:89, !.jpg)




Jesus Christ. I'm pretty curious as to what's going on.



The person who was bitching about getting no play is a mod of a private room called "The Canon Character Room" which is filled with some of the most annoying people and modstaff I've ever seen.

That person loves to look at other people's profiles and call them "elitist" if they don't want to roleplay with OCs or characters from other canons. In public rooms. Where people can see them. They also enjoy calling literally every canon room a clique because they generally only interact with people from their canons. Put that together with constantly complaining about literally anything, and constantly having their statuses set to something bitchy about either rooms or people they RP with:



And you've got yourself a recipe for the most annoying person on F-List, bar none.



Oh yeah, this person right there was a total drama whore in the Danganronpa rooms until they got kicked. They loved to suddenly throw a bitchy tantrum about something completely unrelated, and jab at other users in public. Then they got all pissy when kicked and called the room a clique.


File: 636618edffbda1b⋯.jpg (253.91 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 2035850 - Bioshock Bioshoc….jpg)

So I thought this thread would be the best place to post this

I am looking for people to roleplay/chat with, I am into a lot of things, very few limits, normal ones such as scat, hard gore and animals/furries. I can be sub and dom, which ever my partner would like. I only play female characters, no males or futa.

I can do quite a few canon characters. Such as:


Resident Evil

The Witcher

Some of the Nintendo princess's

Ellie from TLoS

Elizabeth from Bioshock

I am open to suggestions but they will be limited, no anime either.

One thing I am very experienced and open with is celebrities.

If you wanna chat about celebs/canons and maybe even do a roleplay, send me a message.



File: 05055d0e9442e95⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 05055d0e9442e952c6e8fe5ae2….jpg)



Wow, I never ran into this person and won't want to now. I never go into that channel anyway.



Did something happen to you, anon? I hope you feel better soon.



Thanks for the heads up.



Loneliness, AUs, backstory stuff in cases like Pris or his family if you wanna go full haram.

Note my Priscilla if anyone is interested. I also play 2hus and the new pokemon girls.



File: edd8c7d58838467⋯.png (529.77 KB, 668x504, 167:126, EdGWawl.png)



A lot of the people who bitch about not getting play are usually not trying at all whatsoever approaching people. It's not a canon characters issue, but a personal issue IMO.


How do you know they are shit? Have you tried to RP with this person or something?



I've attempted to, but they're just super awkward and hard to plan things out with, not in a socially awkward way, but in a malicious way.



I honestly thought they'd be socially awkward. I thought this person was just the typical channel user / regular who never RP'd whatsoever.



Where are the Pokeyman girls, though?




Speaking of mods in private rooms, specifically this one… How do you guys feel about Burasu Jazushinga? She/he seems to be the only decent mod in that channel. Retsu Unohana is the absolute worst mod of the bunch. Urameshi Yusuke sometimes can be a bit meh.



What you looking for, anon?


Same here.



>reading the faves






>Suddenly, Jojo

Alright, that's a dumb kink. Now I'm curious to know what kind of rps involving stands you've had.



In the Pokemon rooms.



Pokemon rooms mostly. If you mean where are the good ones…then I have no clue.


File: 6e9058164545507⋯.jpg (29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Pokemon - 195 - JL077 - Si….jpg)


>playing a popular Pokemon character swamps you with people desparate for fucking them, no matter the canon

>playing an obscure/not as popular to stand out character makes you feel like you're in a ghost town

>afraid to make a Misty profile since there's probably 10,000 Mistys all around anyway

>can't even find any good semi-feral/non-telepathic pokemon players

Maybe I should just make an assorted non-speaking Pokemon account and hope for decent trainers to arrive



That is true, sadly.


File: fd650a738905670⋯.png (205.9 KB, 500x503, 500:503, 1470663990549.png)


Burasu is really nice, I always feel spoiled when she messages me.


Hello, /erp/

Just posting my most recent canon and my most popular one for anyone interested.



Other canon characters listed, but I don't get to play much with them/profile is lackluster.



Agreed with this anon. For an OC she is a very decent and nice person OOC. I am not sure about her RP ability, though. Either way, I suggest her 100% to go to for OOC chatter and whatnot as I can't vouch for her RP skill (though she is ESL)

https://www.f-list.net/c/burasu%20jazushinga I mean, it's not much, but at least she filled out a decent profile. I am not sure about any of the other mod staff in that channel as far as OOC behavior goes or anything as I barely pay it any mind.


You guys think Yusuke's canon character room is bad, the Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Academy room takes the cake and eats it.

The mods take the trading card game too seriously and it makes it not fun to even want to duel with them on YGOPro. I disagree with the person complaining about no RP. The room is not a clique as they've spoken to me plenty of times and I've been offered refresher help from a person who isn't a mod in PMs.

You can get kicked just for arguing over the game and giving your opinion about it, etc. It's a good room to lurk in and eat some popcorn.


What's the appeal of playing a playable character with 0 personality?

You know, like Link, Red, etc.

Literal self-inserts, they might as well just be OCs




But I don't know how I'd fit that into ERP-



Probably because people think those characters will hook them up with fresh canon puss.

Like when Blizzard revealed Tracer was gay and gave her a girlfriend in a comic, in which a small wave of profiles about her popped in. The character is literally an accessory without any sort of significance whatsoever, but the thirsty masses of F-List don't give a fuck about that because now they have an easy character to get in touch with the Tracer profiles. I thought that roleplaying as the generic harem protags was lame but those people impressed me a lot.



Nothing worse than flavor of the week characters, abandoned after a couple weeks.

I admit I do make canon characters on newly released stuff. For example, I made Pokemon Sun/Moon characters when game came out, but I still play them and use them, even 4 months later.



Flavor of the week characters annoy me like crazy. I think this is gonna happen with Persona 5



Hmm it's already happening with Zelda. Bunch of Links and BotW Zeldas popping up left and right. I'll be wary when I finish BotW and hop on my characters.



If I had to go with the Nintendo princesses and affiliates:

- Peach: Sweet and innocent in public, always looks for the best in people and tries to make Bowser less of a douche. In public she's surprisingly lewd and has a love for cute/enticing underwear and anal. A bit thick, with hefty thighs and a great ass.

- Daisy: Energetic tomboy that just keeps going all day long and is surprisingly strong for her figure. Likes to tease people in public and is surprisingly candid about sex. Is okay with taking charge in bed, but loves it when she's pinned down and fucked hard. Good all-round body with some nice muscle.

- Rosalina: Legs that start going and just don't stop. Very aloof and caring, but has little sex drive. Doesn't mind being called "mommy" in bed and outside of it, yet has no direct fetish for /ara/. Has very nice hips.

- Zelda: Very serious and dedicated to her duty. This takes quite the toll on her mentally, and as such she likes to relax by having her partner take good care of her by letting them fuck her brains out. Is into light bondage and doesn't mind being spanked, likes wrapping her arms and legs around her partner and is okay with wearing costumes. Has a fit, toned body with a firm ass.

- Samus: Doesn't take shit from anyone. Genetically engineered to be a badass warrior, subsequently had her DNA mixed with that of Metroids, Parasite X and was fucked up by Phazon. This has put her in a position where she's both aloof and distant as well as craves companionship and love. Is okay with both topping and bottoming, but be warned that she has some extreme sexual endurance. She can also stay down on a dick for much longer than is humanly possible. Has the elusive form of musclecurve: she's both very powerfully built yet at the same time has some amazing curves. Large breasts, a round ass and delicious thick thighs hat could pop your skull like a grape. But if you eat her out well she won't have to do that.

- Krystal: Has quite the temper and doesn't take no for an answer. If she does get one she'll do what she wants anyway. Is quite the, ahem, vixen in bed and can easily fuck her partners into submission. Likes to wear her tight flight suit during sex, and she's got quite the body. Don't be afraid to touch or pull fluffy tail: she likes that.

- Wii Fit Trainer: Has Yu Narukami levels of stoicism. Is obsessed with health and fitness and forces herself into a very strict training regimen to retain her perfect form. She's got a thing for muscle and both loves having her own muscles played with and touching those of others. Is rather touchy-feely at times to the point of being a serial molester, but she never actually intends to do that. Possibly. She can also perform positions that are impossible for most other people because of how flexible she is. Her training shows: she's got little fat on her body and through that only modest curves, but her abs are rock solid and has muscles like steel cables.

- Lucina: Very serious and honorable, trains herself to be the greatest swordswoman she can be. Despite being short she's quite strong and has the muscle to show for it. Is very insecure when it comes to matters of sex and is easily flustered. Has a rather flat chest but her ass is worthy of legend.

- Robin: Intelligent and skilled at combat, magic and strategy. Off the battlefield she's a massive nerd and likes being pampered. In bed however she's an absolute painslut and wants to be used hard, rough and fast. The twintails make it all the easier to serve as both handlebars for her head and for something easy to pull while having her ass pounded hard by a thick cock. Nice curves, and she's just too tall to count as a shortstack.

- Palutena: Semen demon and titty monster extraordinaire. Palutena loves sex and it shows. She's down to fuck most of the time and is willing to give just about anyone a try, but she quickly gets bored and moves on. Is easily aroused and is up for most fetishes one can think of. Because she's a goddess she's nigh indestructible (so come on with those extra large insertions) and can take just about any abuse you can throw at her; she won't mind you chocking her while forcing her to suck your dick. If anything she thinks it's hot: her favorite fetish is being manhandled, abused and degraded by mortals. Especially when she's being collared and forced into a position of servitude she's eager to call her owner "master/mistress" and loves being punished. She can be a bit lazy though and tends to not be very good at subbing like this: she's the kind of sub that demands punishment while not trying too hard to please her owner. She can also get rather attached to a mortal she likes and gets clingy. She's not one to cheat however, but the moment an owner lets her go she just shrugs and move on to the next hand that'll spank her. Is not as prone to molesting Pit as you'd think she is.



I know, I see that. I bet they all leave in a week or two anyway and i'll be the only BotW Zelda left. Annoying as shit, but I at least stay on my names.


File: 1c33fbfc7d4465d⋯.jpg (302.8 KB, 630x891, 70:99, bab6a3090c88bb967a803281b1….jpg)


Yes, that's about how I picture Zelda! Stole that bit and put on my profile


File: e314cee71e909be⋯.jpg (188.38 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __kagerou_fire_emblem_and_….jpg)

Just dropping this here since I'm new to the canon scene on F-list and was wondering if there was anyone around here who'd like to hook up at some point.

Fire Emblem preferred, but I'm far from picky.



All this talk of princesses tempts me to be enough of a degenerate to make an OC dragon specifically for princess-capturing and bestiality kink


File: 40bc146fc45ec10⋯.jpg (46.78 KB, 537x720, 179:240, ee32cf5ccdd392bd61482277be….jpg)


Please do.



Anything particular you would want to see in a dragon?



My penis.


Question for everyone in the thread. How would you feel about someone with an unrelated profile offering to play as someone from your character's canon?



if you mean Hub characters, they're trash.

Also I don't like people playing characters just so they play with me.



I would love it so long as the relevant kinks and OOC information are communicated well on the profile. For instance, if I'm looking for something rather vanilla and you come to me with a profile that's filled out for nose hooks, snuff, and scat? I'm still probably gonna turn you down.



Nah. I want my partners to play characters they enjoy playing.



I dislike HUB profiles. I do not mind HUB profiles to host a list of canon/OCs a player has made on their account though.

I also don't want people to RP characters for me because they want to/have to. I want someone to make and play a canon they enjoy playing as.


I am wondering if anybody here has actually ever played with the "Plutia" prime name holder, and if they worth approaching for RP. I don't really like the Neptunia games, because it's not really something I can stand for hours on end. I love the characters mostly, and don't want to RP or make a Nep canon due to that reason.

Her statues of "going to sleep" and wanting fucked while doing so is kinda hot I will admit


>new popular game trailer reveals character names

>names taken within minutes

Every times



I've played with that Plutia from time to time. Mostly in a pretty casual way starting the interaction through the Neptunia channel until they randomly PM me (I play a Neptunia canon as well, though. So I dunno how receptive they are with people who don't play canon.)

In my opinion, they do a good job at playing Plutia (Not like it's too difficult to get her right.)

Don't expect her to go all sadistic though, I haven't seen her going Iris Heart. At least it's not something that happens often, AFAIK.



To be fair, the Dangit Ronpaul room kind of is a clique? The one managed by Celestia at least.


They're nice but their character is a bit of a wreck, as is the obviously "hit up google translate for Japanese" name. But my opinion may be tarnished because they messaged my Rangiku name when their character is quite literally a trace & recolor/reclothe of her.



lmao no. Not even close. Hell you don't even know what a clique is.

You know which rooms are a clique? The ones run by Komaeda/Genocider Shou

Learn what a damn clique is, my god. It doesn't mean a "room where people know each other"



Shut up, Yuno.


File: 91bb55736048fa2⋯.jpg (130.74 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 1488645310187.jpg)



She's pretty rad, I roleplay Monotargri with her a lot


>GenoCider Shou

Another decent Dangit Ronpaul person, she roleplays with my Ibuki



I really like Burasu, she has been the nicest person to talk to OOC and usually responds. I don't mind the profile much, but I have noticed the increased bitching about no play from her in her statues.


I think most canon fandoms on F-List have their fair share of actual unfriendly/unwelcoming people who make it insufferable to be there.



>but I have noticed the increased bitching about no play from her in her statues.

Original characters for canon settings tend to get shit on really hard on f-list. It doesn't help when you're kinda established as a reskinned/traced version of an actual canon. But in my experience it's less that and more the cult mentality of "OCs are shit go back to deviantart hurhurhur" even if the character is well thought out, "lore" compliant and played by an actual decent player.



F-List is just a strange place in general. I honestly wish another ERP site would pop up and compete against the site. I am fine with Burasu as a person, but am unsure of her ability as a roleplayer/writer. I just know she's a good person out of character.



Litphoria exists. But it has about as many active users as this board does.


>Play minor Naruto character

>Only ever get tagged by post-canon Narutos who want to build harems via "Clan Restoration Acts"



F-List is merely a symptom of the problem, and not the problem itself. The things that happen on F-List used to happen on Tapestries, on Shangrila, on SPR, on Naughty Muffin, name it.

The plain fact of the matter is that the average stereotypical ERPer is a person who "doesn't get out much", and I mince my words. Pick a random player in the stack and the chances are high you'll get a loner who is jobless, financially dependent, and afflicted with a slew of very serious and very severe mental disorders. In fact, most people you talk to on a daily basis are just plain full-on batshit insane.

The result is that most of the people you talk to for your daily dose of typefuck have absolutely no clue on how to behave themselves in society. And among the few who do, a large portion of them willfully disregard these rules and opt to play a numbers game by messaging literally every profile they come across with "hi".

You can't police this bullshit unless you're willing to give up your mental sanity in the process. Making a new ERP environment won't change a thing. The most it will accomplish will be to either create a hostile clique, or the whole playerbase will move there but the problems will remain.

If you want to have a good time, you need to be as cold, brutal, and ruthless as the shitters. If somebody approaches you and you can't figure out why they'd message you, stay silent. If somebody's too much of an asshole, block 'em. If somebody becomes too clingy, block 'em. Don't talk to 'em, don't try to reason with them, don't do anything with them: chances are high you'll instead be on the receiving end of an emotional meltdown, and ain't nobody got time for that. Block 'em and leave 'em to go become somebody else's problem. Avoid people who do status/profile play, who vaguebook, and who mod a room catered to their fetishes (or sometimes to their worshipment as a god/goddess). These people are literally cancer and almost always complain about drama without realizing they are a drama power plant themselves.

Honestly, F-List is a remorseless jungle and you should pull no punches. Your aim is to look like a goody two-shoes and at the same time mercilessly cast away anyone who doesn't suit your fancy.



you're a bad person



>tfw never played a canon before

>Mavis is a qt

>Really wanna make a Mavis profile now



Yes, do it!



It just annoys me that people spout the word "clique" without even knowing what it means.

Canon room for x series characters where regulars know each other = not a clique

Canon room for x series for me and my friends to hang out = clique



Who hurt you, anon?



There's actually plenty of diamonds in the rough out there if you like Sonic canons. It's hell to wade through, sure, but sometimes there's good ones. I'm trying to play Tails here as a little more mature than he's portrayed, a real techy and a nerd for engineering, but not a bumbling shy idiot.

I like Bigdad and I like Bigdad's Rouge. It's pretty fucking obvious.


why are there barely any female inklings who do feet stuff on f-list

just kill me


File: edf5495841317a3⋯.png (26.67 KB, 916x174, 458:87, 1489711559546.png)

>when you make a character from a shitty game and are afraid to use it



>am jobless

>am financially dependent

>have a slew of serious mental problems

>know how to exist socially and not act like a shitter

So what's their fucking excuse?



Made chars from shitty anime series before, and used them only to really expect zero approaches or people willing to accept them.



post it anon


Why are all the people who play characters from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid such shitters?



Flavor of the month shitters.



I can garuntee you that all those profiles will be abandoned whenever the anime stops airing. It's very flavor of the month, same thing happened to New Game when it was airing.



Pretty much to what I am understanding.


Sad, but true. :/



>when you make characters from a shitty game and are afraid other people from that shitty game will use their characters on you


File: ef1cf2386429ac8⋯.png (117.13 KB, 307x258, 307:258, 1489538903908.png)


You win, that's an infinitely worse thought.


File: 486dc3dd918de4b⋯.jpg (71.48 KB, 998x1202, 499:601, VFZAFRu.jpg)


Then why make a character from that game



Because you want the one person who will make your dreams come true. Slog through the shit until you get the one godlike RP and it's all worth it.

Then that person drops off the face of the earth and you repeat the process.


Bea a cute



Is that game in question "Night in the Woods", or did you just use that picture as a reaction image?


File: dfc7128cb210153⋯.png (525.77 KB, 1354x1035, 1354:1035, 8cd1b289145f595e969748252e….png)


Take a guess.



I kinda like that game. Maybe I just have shit tastes, I don't fucking know. At any rate, I'm might be mildly interested in a roleplay



File: f2daf673e7b280b⋯.png (69.04 KB, 173x270, 173:270, What.png)



what the fuck is that shit.



A shemale Zoro


I wanted to make one of Jill from VA-11 HALL-A, and I see a few already after a quick search, but has anyone ever seen any of them active?



I have one that I play on request or when I get a note. It's been a while.


Any love for the girls of Stardew Valley? I'm sure at least a few are popular, right?


Anyone happen to know of any busty canon women that would be into straight shota scenes?

I mean the character herself, no looking for a profile or anything of one that exists. /ss/ is pretty much my favorite thing to write and I also mostly stick to canon women, but lately it's been feeling like a bit of a stretch to realistically fit them into those scenes.


File: d710437aedd2338⋯.png (219.63 KB, 426x600, 71:100, rinko.png)



Camilla of Fire Emblem: Fates fame is one for certain as well.



Oh for sure. Camilla is a character I went on a tear with the moment I played through the Nohr story in Fire Emblem.

Hit the incest kink more than any shota type scenes though. Maybe it's time to dust her off.



Had one, but deleted her. No interest from anybody whatsoever so deleted.


Never seen any on F-List, but I love Haley and Abigail the most.



There's Lucoa from the new Dragon Maid anime who's clearly thirsting over the shota dick, she's flavor of the week right now if that's a dealbreaker for you.



If you want to avoid currently-airing stuff like Lucoa I'd go with Galko.



Haley and Abigail are definitely the most popular, but I've been a sucker for Penny and Leah personally.


File: 49bebbb33e51664⋯.jpg (140.04 KB, 408x659, 408:659, 1429300131780.jpg)


File: f2733cc2422df4a⋯.png (920.77 KB, 924x1144, 21:26, __julianne_stingray_va_11_….png)



I personally don't mind playing my canons in crossovers or adapted original settings, so finding partners for me haven't really been that much of a hassle. Sure, finding other canons is always nice, but with a game as niche as VA-11 HALL-A, that's not entirely realistic.

Don't mind me if I shill my profile for bit.




I don't mind playing crossovers and OCs but haven't seen much interest in my Jill in a while. Maybe if I actually put stuff on the profile that wouldn't be the case.


File: a08c9fb4fe0597f⋯.gif (998.64 KB, 527x710, 527:710, 1487721005749.gif)


I like your Jill a lot a lot. And, the bisexual thing, along with the wonderfully written kinks is all just, well, wonderful. Ya mind if I approach with a girl that doesn't have a dick, isn't a push over, and has muscles while not being a body builder?

Incredible, I know.

I just really like girls. Fuck.



What is so shitty about Night in the Woods? I've seen a few canons from it


File: 954fa6a423f4221⋯.jpg (339.91 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_670acc1f22a7bddbc44….jpg)

The only good thing about flavor of the week canon series is that the novelty tends to wear off. I kinda wanna make one before the fad hits…

I am still totally considering making Ann, cause she's so cute, but don't wish to make her til I know her personality. She's voiced by Erika Harlacher in the English dub. I just don't wanna be the type of faggot who makes her and not know her personality and what she's like.

I know all the prime names are taken, but idgaf. Hell, it'd be cute to even make Morgana if you don't expect lewds or any serious RP at all. Some of the guys need love too, and I'd make one of them if it weren't for F-List hating blue names.



Persona is less FOTMy due to the fact that its constantly getting more spin offs and shows, so its always in the limelight somehow.

The fanbase is also huge, so to no surprise every single name was taken within moments, and a lot of the prime names are completely misinterpreting the character, or are totally blank and engaged in circlejerks. Anne is cute though.



I still see a Naoto or Rise posting ads every once in a while, I think as far as FOTM goes, Persona probably has enough staying power to justify making a profile.

I'd also love to play with a Ryuji canon. Don't know his personality either, but he seems like such an adorable doofus.


File: 9a9298cc6ac1649⋯.jpg (120.29 KB, 1280x901, 1280:901, 6461246 (1).jpg)

File: b5e1b95c4fb0da1⋯.png (325.52 KB, 1280x769, 1280:769, 4842246.png)

File: 0945df6fb33b77a⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1656, 160:207, 4548150.png)

Ever since I played Mario and Luigi Inside Bowser story I've been craving some play with a bowsette, specially because the anthro versions are just so damn FINE. Can't decide between chubby or MUSCLE Bowsette, both are just two different types of delicious that I'd love to try.



When in doubt, chubby is best.


File: f1cdc14dd90efc1⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229, 195:229, edc.gif)

>want to create a canon from a webcomic no one's heard of

>think it's so obscure no one could possibly have taken the prime

>Character creation Failed. Name already exists.



People mostly complain about the fact that it's veeeeery story heavy to the point of sacrificing gameplay/level variety (platforming is great, but not when you're running back and forth through all the same areas). More prominently is the tumblr boogeyman from its simple art, animal characters, and LGBT stuff; people thought it'd blow up like Undertale, basically, when in reality it's stayed relatively lowkey. Most haven't heard of it and those who have are scared of liking something The SJWs do, and I bet it bites for NitW profiles.



>decide to make an obscure canon that you never see in chat

>name was taken a week ago



I feel like it doesn't fall into the same trap as Undertale because NitW characters have any degree of actual depth, plus the setting is something people can empathize with a lot more readily.


File: 3c75f736b76cefc⋯.gif (939.03 KB, 255x164, 255:164, 1393707685905.gif)



>prime name is an oversexualized profile, acts ooc as fuck as well

Or my favorite

>prime name is barely a fucking profile, yet not empty, last updated 3 years ago, last online 20 minutes ago



In this case at least the prime profile looks ic and reasonably well-developed. I feel like in a movie when they say "you better take good care of her"


>make obscure canon specifically to play with another obscure canon

>have only contacted two people with this character: said obscure canon and a mod I messaged to request the prime name

>Bookmarks: 3

that's slightly odd



The only bad thing I've heard about NitW is what the last third of the game becomes, and that the art style isn't something that you can particularly sexualize.

I mean you can, but I wouldn't.



S'why I said I am gonna avoid making her, or at least stay out of Persona related channels. The big reason you see people misinterpreting the P5 canons is because it's not even out in English yet. I don't pay attention to the community of any canon fandom on f-list at all.

I have no problem making her and just GTFOing out of Persona related channels to be honest. I have no desire to approach others in the rooms due to the circlejerking and unfriendliness of some of the users.

I've always gotten a weird unwelcoming vibe from going in some of the specific fandom channels.


Yeah, I see her ads sometimes too.





Yeah, I look at profiles like yours and think I really don't NEED to make a Jill, since that's pretty much perfect right there.

The main thing I had in mind was that I was going to basically hang around in rooms or open up my PMs to people who either want to sound off or ask for advice. Like, y'know, a bartender. But I'm not so sure if that would work well, people seem to hate approaching for RPs as it is, never mind less-lewd stuff like that.

…Though I do still want to find an Alma and fuck the hetero out of her.


> find a canon character very lewdly appealing to play

> but do not really care for exact canon play because I don't actually know the canon much

> check prime name to compare with

Suddenly it's empty and now I'm not sure if I want to claim it.



Not that anon, but I love that idea. I've had something similar before with advice giving in the form of tarot reading when I used to rp in a different platform, and while the option is still there, it doesn't mesh well with the usual meet and fuck stuff that I have going, so I just randomly bring it up with friends as a semi-ic interaction when we're just talking ooc stuff.



My Jill was kinda gonna be 'that bartender chick', but then decided meh. I had a few people interested, but they never seemed to be committed to actually following through with RPing with her even if though it wasn't 'that bartender chick' play with those few.


I have seen the canons of Persona 5 on F-chat waay before the American release, so yeaaah. Not sure of the channels or how they are with RPing or if it's just OOC bantering. Ann is the only girl I seen to want to make so far, tbh.

And also

>expecting canons on f-list to ever play a canon to the letter



I have a prime who I play as close to canon as possible even though it's prevented me from ever ERPing on her.


File: 84ad0beed20dc3a⋯.png (233.69 KB, 719x878, 719:878, 0794720f57b58f1a4ba46b72e1….png)

>tfw no Morgana profiles



Ah yes, Persona 5 is now flavor of the month.



I don't even intend to play it. I just want to fuck the cat.



Morgana is a cute, so approve of Morgana profiles


Far from it, honestly. I've seen many of the prime names around way before it came to America. A lot of new ones cropped up and are the true FOTM profiles. It'll be a shame when everybody forgets about the game in a week or two.


I also suggest people go into the "Persona Series" private channel for some Persona discussion/fun/maybe RP.

The modstaff are alright and I can say I know the owner gives a fuck about the channel.

Sadly like any fandom and such on F-List there's going to be assholes and people who are a bit on the "cliquey side".



I want to fugg that kuro-chan



there's all kinds of Morgana profiles now.


File: 6ee2d9341bd98d4⋯.jpg (33.88 KB, 348x388, 87:97, dreamfaces_1028.jpg)

>canon has more than 2 rooms with different owners because bad blood between them

What's its name?





File: 61c0be5ad94dbf0⋯.jpg (21.3 KB, 343x255, 343:255, 1492287535558.jpg)


Fire Emblem rooms

Fate rooms

Persona rooms (probably?)







It's nice and all but what are you even into? Your kinks don't tell.



That's a really good point, and I should probably do that! Probably should've done that a while ago.


File: ab99f57c7d703f6⋯.jpg (91.17 KB, 600x850, 12:17, c77b7bb39e9d51c18bf035cf6d….jpg)

Brand spankin' new Rokurou profile for those with supreme taste in cute boys. Also taking constructive criticism on profile making. I need to spice it up and I have no idea how.



Are there many Persona 5 players of better than dubious quality? Think I can land some cute guys and girls with a genderswapped protagonist? I'm finally almost done with the fucking game so I can stop worrying about spoilers.



I would, but I'm still working my way through the game.


File: 382372f22f003e4⋯.png (2.41 KB, 138x49, 138:49, canon.PNG)

Is this just what it's like to play a female canon, even though my profile's just a side character?


File: 67aa512bb97a977⋯.png (128.53 KB, 342x316, 171:158, sad meow.png)


that's correct, go live the dream while you can.


File: 558146b62520a0d⋯.jpg (189.07 KB, 380x725, 76:145, 1491275843674.jpg)

>Tfw you make a profile for a character from a popular show but none of your friends care for the autistic ship you desperately want to sail.

Being a hopeless romantic in a sea of degenerates is suffering. Even if I can be pretty sordid myself.


File: 7b024ee82a632a7⋯.jpg (103.73 KB, 800x1041, 800:1041, 2bdd5f7c4b3cde35484524f45c….jpg)

I madly want to make a Tae Takemi profile but there's this hulking mass of shitters playing her and I'd never be able to breach into the desired market.

Such is life.



Please do it. We need a good one.



Do it for bestgirl.


File: 2747a8d9cebf4d3⋯.png (2.95 KB, 199x82, 199:82, awfwifm.png)


Mine just has an inline. Also, I keep myself on looking and people send me paragraphs detailing how they're raping my character and I don't even reply back.



Mine had an inline and a half-done kinklist and somehow a 20% bookmark rate.


File: fb83c3ba0773624⋯.jpg (390.49 KB, 900x1300, 9:13, ae8546a53bbd4abe814467d829….jpg)


I've not roleplayed with any of the ones I've spotted out of fear of them being subpar at roleplay.

Futaba on the other hand….I'd like having some decent ones around.


I just wanted P5 players that aren't completely egocentric.

Most seem like they're trying to make up for their lack of self-confidence by vicariously living on the net as a pretty anime girl.



There could never be enough Dr. Takemis operating back alley clinics, specializing in drugging and milking virile high school students to further her research.


File: 09669dcb6bcdb59⋯.jpg (737.25 KB, 1000x1511, 1000:1511, Niijima.Makoto.full.205112….jpg)



It does not help most RPers I have ran into are either too busy playing the game to RP, or just don't want to RP with a character til they see all their s-links, etc.


I've only seen one speak ever: https://www.f-list.net/c/Trusted%20Nurse%20Tae

Questionable as I have not RP'd with this person myself.



Does that second inline say "student countil president by day"?



Yeah gonna fix it eventually (tm)






I really need to make up a profile.



That particular Tae is pretty shit.


File: 587dbf1726f6267⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


OOC wise she seems okay, but RP wise she is err.


Footplay is always fun times.


Yes, dat Makoto.


File: 8ec153f4b0b9f4f⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1469185859094-1.jpg)


>mfw I've become a total footslut through ERP



I don't know anything about her OOC, but her RP seems pretty bad. Also, I know it's autistic and shit but I hate her name. Tae is a fucking doctor and nobody trusts her.


File: 1aa91d54db07d35⋯.jpg (32.09 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1426774046822.jpg)


>mfw love footplay

>Footplay room is cringe as fuck

>occasionally get cringe messages from complete autists

>fanart is 99% deviantart-tier shit

I need some canons into footplay. Pokemon/Nintendo preferably.


File: f0cb316fe67549e⋯.jpg (175.59 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, cherry04_E[1].jpg)

File: 502ee065682bbb1⋯.jpg (190.95 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, cherry05_E[1].jpg)

File: 65572acf0635e3f⋯.jpg (325.24 KB, 758x1053, 758:1053, 419d671513fe968057e540ce5b….jpg)


Some foot fans I've met either were into shoes/footwear or even just tapping my feet.

That said, some canon characters I have are Asuka and the like. As for Pokemon/Nintendo, I've had foot fans love Mrs. Ketchum or Officer Jenny use her feet. I could even use Bianca and some others you might enjoy.


File: 63ccdb4dfe3fb15⋯.jpg (911.55 KB, 900x1380, 15:23, 21163284_p0.jpg)

File: eda9b847f67ff31⋯.jpg (153.98 KB, 850x1336, 425:668, __niijima_makoto_persona_a….jpg)


*Hnngh,* those captions…

I generally enjoy the added perversion of footwear – the idea that I am so horny for feet that I will settle for being teased through several layers of material. Each style of footwear has its own connotation and appeal.


File: 17d14e517c5ab01⋯.jpg (327.44 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2858458[1].jpg)

File: e4b01a21aca31be⋯.jpg (67.17 KB, 605x1200, 121:240, 1770803[1].jpg)

File: 64e4bb7bb906cf6⋯.jpg (109.3 KB, 501x1000, 501:1000, 862885[1].jpg)

File: 883ff82a9e52c48⋯.jpg (143.1 KB, 664x1000, 83:125, 753a23fa3f30dfab82b0b682b1….jpg)

File: b705bfa667d21d5⋯.jpg (748.21 KB, 847x1179, 847:1179, 473529bf1332976bf470a6a865….jpg)


I should have specified that by footwear, I meant by themselves removed from the foot itself. I mean, it's easier to just use socks, leggings, stockings, hose, etc. but grinding a heel down is one way to show dominance.



I think I'm actually scared of stepping into the Persona 5 rping scene… but I really want to see more futaba love going 'round.



It's rather bad. Stay in PMs.



Sorry, gonna have to second >>135892 as well. The scene isn't as great as expected. Stick to PMs for it, and avoid the rooms.



>>135887 here- well shit. I'd rather just do an irc rp if I'm gonna do PMs instead… at well, what to do.


File: 6ca42e6164f6ad8⋯.jpg (679.47 KB, 850x955, 170:191, sample_340974f69f200b788ab….jpg)

File: daeae9039bc81fa⋯.jpg (294.81 KB, 850x637, 850:637, sample_c32c3005d73f93fd574….jpg)

File: 4c3dc6aff5c6691⋯.jpg (273.37 KB, 850x704, 425:352, sample_61b4a65ef465ecde6f1….jpg)


I enjoy that aspect too, as long as the owner of the footwear also participates in some manner, whether by purposely making me do embarrassing things with her socks, pantyhose and shoes, or by catching me doing perverted things with them.


File: be8a59cffb7ec76⋯.png (787.46 KB, 793x1119, 793:1119, f738f0ed51c1e7fc4a2ceceb1c….png)

File: 196c48deafe9be4⋯.jpg (264.17 KB, 738x1000, 369:500, 8c4b2e6242fbe98b3d7156fbf7….jpg)


Sounds like a modified take on an RP/story I did with Asuka.

Essentially, Shinji is the one who usually gets stuck doing laundry duty at Misato's apartment, but he doesn't complain since the chore has "benefits". Asuka catches him one time nose-deep into a pair of panties, and she miffed a bit not that he's perving out, but more that it's one of Misato's pairs he's enjoying. Basically, she has him cornered and forced to make it up, but Shinji has to work his way up by enjoying something lower than that since "[her] panties are too good for him". So it's Asuka pressed up behind Shinji, holding her worn socks to his nose and having him tell her how much better they smell than Misato's panties. For being a good obedient boy, she does the honor of jerking him off into one of her socks for him, since she wouldn't dare touch that prick directly.



Just avoid the Persona rooms.

F-list is fine, you can find decent roleplayers outside the room.


File: 95b8b572a912431⋯.png (619.95 KB, 785x1000, 157:200, 0623e7ef6f48b8d5b4d0dc0029….png)

If you aren't on F-list but still want to RP, I'm Hanekawa#4991 on Discord.

I play Makoto, Joker, Hanekawa, etc.

Top kinks are stockings, footplay, gentle femdom.

My F-list is over here: >>135756


File: 0022717d14f01d7⋯.jpg (10.99 KB, 344x360, 43:45, Fine.jpg)


I'm not even into feet but oh fuck my dick anon.



Alright, I'll give it a shot- I'm gguy123#7560.



Shit, anon. That's fucking hot.



Took me 10,000 hours in paint to make that inline.


File: 92923228740e889⋯.jpg (402.03 KB, 1280x1795, 256:359, 006[1].jpg)

File: 062963765607db5⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 366x435, 122:145, d62d60e4c7d13e9de131229015….jpg)

File: 2fb43c5ab31dd0a⋯.jpg (852.81 KB, 1697x1200, 1697:1200, b3c0f6d0fb146a20fa61ecdff5….jpg)

File: 83fff8833e27dd9⋯.jpg (479.35 KB, 1000x645, 200:129, 71879696d17e62e63f76bd0309….jpg)



Asuka (as I tend to RP her) doesn't do these out of malice, but out of odd affection or jealousy. After all, if she didn't care, she wouldn't bother toying or teasing the poor boy at all, nor get as pouty whenever he shows the slightest attention to any girl/competition, especially the likes of Rei and Misato (or Mari, but…). She knows the dumb boy's spineless enough to do her bidding just for a naughty reward like sucking her toes, and Shinji's so dilligent and eager to please those tootsies even through socks that there's no way her panties won't be drenched by the end. She'll treat it like training as he earns advancements to lick above the knee as she teaches him and his dick some endurance. I mean, if he can't even last a minute having his shaft rubbed under her sole, then how can she expect him to last a few seconds inside her walls?


File: c6212b0e574f83f⋯.png (305.94 KB, 954x815, 954:815, hot.png)



Jesus Christ, anon.




Who's Lyra?



Just some anon from here, I thought it might've been you because whenever I posted an ad of one of my characters here, and they had Foot Play on the fav's, the anon would always bookmark me. Sort of a joke bout how /erp/ doesn't have that many people into the fetish, despite how common it is in real life.



That's quite a few of my fetishes rolled into one bundle. Despite how spineless and undeserving of Asuka he may be, Shinji wouldn't have the slightest clue as to how lucky he is to garner that much attention from her, even if his primary crush remains Misato. There would be much half-hearted whimpering and disingenuous protests each time he is pulled or lured away from items belonging to Asuka's "competitors" – although I'd like to think that none of them is especially pleased happy to find their clothes soiled so – and forced to indulge in her delicates instead. The training would be an arduous process, and by Shinji's nature he might take one step forward and two steps back, lasting more than a minute under gentle but vigorous trampling one week, and then prematurely ejaculating just from sniffing Asuka's lace-fringed bobbysocks the next.


File: 16972daae824e53⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1649x1355, 1649:1355, 9b8e568cb8b64b902aa8dbb25b….jpg)


I don't even think Shinji would have a primary crush. He's at that age that any outlet or attractive type is equally fine. It could even be that he has a nice size on him, but he doesn't know how to use or wield it properly. Further still is how any assertion could better his chances easily; Rei would be easy to take advantage of, moreso than Misato with her drinking and teasing, and Asuka would love nothing more than Shinji taking charge and pinning her on her bed. Asuka would be territorial with Shinji, even showing off her power over him at times, like having the boy service her in front of Rei down in NERV's showers for the Pilots.

Again though, there would be a balance. As fun as being dominant over the idiot, Asuka would show a gentler side, even if still teasy or twinged with her usual tsundereness. Perhaps she might assist Shinji in sorting clothes to be washed. claiming she was bored. Asuka might sort the laundry so Shinji gets more of her underwear and socks to tend with, giving his butt a squeeze or two while intimidating his antics by sniffing and rubbing her face in his boxers or Misato's panties– not that she's curious about that sort of thing or anything! It'd proceed to her testing him, wrapping one of her nylons or satiny pairs around his dick and timing how long he lasts, even cheating with hot breath in his ear and flicks of her tongue on that lobe, making him squirt prematurely as she whispers "Fuck my ass" to him. Then after he cries how unfair that was, she'd give him a peck on the cheek and permission to grope her butt twice "so make them count~".

In the end, she might cave in first and force herself onto the dumb boy before he's "ready", unable to stay as patient as he is.


File: fd8cbd88effb8ca⋯.jpg (167.4 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 18bsn.jpg)


I like that your angle takes the other characters into consideration. If Asuka really does want Shinji to become gutsy enough to pin her – a bed might be superfluous at that point – then I imagine she would be at her domineering best after stumbling across a blind drunk Misato, having a good laugh making Shinji tell her how much more erotic her underwear is compared to Asuka's or Rei's as she pulls a pair over his head. Even the sight of a mostly apathetic Rei barely acknowledging my – I mean, Shinji's – presence as he embarrasses himself, hoping to get her to call him names might drive Asuka to pull him aside and virtually twist him into a pretzel with her own sweet, saucy barrage of dirty-talking.

Shinji wouldn't have a clue whether Asuka's curiosity toward Misato's panties or his own, less glamorous boxers is real, or if she's just being facetious at his expense, the latter case of which would likely result in his face turning a deep red. It wouldn't take Asuka to sniff many pairs before Shinji starts to crumble and beg for attention, showing the crush he's (physically) closest to at the moment how aroused he is by lowering his arms and standing still for her… inspection.

I tend to play as a "smaller" size, mostly because it gives the tsuntsun another vector of attack, so to speak. Having said that, Asuka craving Shinji's juicy boy-dick so much that she borderline rapes him sounds hot as fuck.


File: a094b16b448a3ba⋯.jpg (84.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4b-17[1].jpg)

File: f8bc8f1015a4b39⋯.jpg (331.96 KB, 898x1274, 449:637, mantou26_11[1].jpg)

File: 33ee18cef10d033⋯.jpg (383.33 KB, 888x1274, 444:637, mantou26_12[1].jpg)

File: 66801e6f1f1f92f⋯.jpg (457.5 KB, 1061x1522, 1061:1522, 07[1].jpg)


It'd be too pathetic to have Shinji a two-pump chump and below average. Sure it can be mockingly dinky when soft, but become a nice thick chub that even Misato would be eyeing it. It'd be that he has the makings of a virile lover but can't "handle his sword" properly. Fun idea making Shinji fluster with slurry lush Misato, though. Depending on your level of kink, Asuka might have Shinji wear one of her dresses (maybe even "borrowing" one of Misato's panties for him to wear, since she won't sacrifice one of her pairs) and take him shopping to see if can keep his boner at bay. He might even earn a blowjob if he passes the test like a good boy– or receive one regardless if she feels he deserves it. There's plenty of other kinks to throw in as Asuka trains Shinji to man up.



>thick and uncut

I can see why something like that would make both Misato and Asuka tolerate Shinji's antics, especially if his physiology is such that he secretes heavily even from something as relatively mild as catching one of them wriggling her toes. Nevermind the condition in which his roommates' delicates find their way into the hamper; Shinji's white briefs would be invariably encrusted and pungent with his musk by the time he peels them off at the end of the day. They would want to tease him at all hours of the day, just to see his blushing mushroom cap pop out of his foreskin when they succeed in seducing him. What would catching Misato fumbling with an even more clueless Shinji make Asuka want to do, I wonder?

Forcing Shinji to dress in her own or the clothes belonging to Misato and Rei sounds pretty kinky – and I love it. It would feel incredibly naughty for him to slide a pair of Misato's stolen panties over his crotch, knowing the insults that would come his way should she ever find out, especially with Asuka whispering the possible consequences in his ear all through their shopping trip.



>What would catching Misato fumbling with an even more clueless Shinji make Asuka want to do, I wonder?

I'd consider Misato's teasing with Shinji to be rather mild like the anime showed while sober/tipsy. Even then, something as little as Misato losing her pants and Shinji eyeing her ass in her underwear would be enough that Asuka would invariably go with just panties as her bottoms many times around the apartment, preferrably while Misato's away or asleep. Any drunken fumbling on Shinji on Misato's part would lead to displays of dominance like bite marks, hickeys, or groping Shinji's butt or more in the vicinity of another drinking Misato moment. Poor boy's going to need some pleasing to make up for the two-sided tease escalation. Lord help Shinji if they ever team up, four feet vying for control, thighjobs, globs of sperm flying, and possibly some curious girl-on-girl kissing and more keeping Shinji from softening up. That or Asuka experimenting with Rei while Shinji's on toe-sucking duty (in Asuka's defense, she needed a place to play with Shinji away from Misato and Rei is practically a blue-haired potted plant that knows not to kiss and tell).




You might as well throw Ritsuko in there and finish off what's left of Shinji, she of the skirt and pantyhose, after he's been fought over like a piece of meat by two pairs of sexy feet, each one by itself enough to set him off with just a bit of vigorous rubbing. Speaking of potted plants, I suddenly have this idea of Asuka manipulating Rei's legs and feet to smother or trample Shinji. Sandwiching Shinji's teenage erection with Rei's insteps and stroking him with them.

I also really wouldn't mind if that duo saw fit to wear strap-ons, either…



I'm now imagining Asuka with a strap-on drilling Shinji from behind as he sucks on the strap-on Rei has as the quieter girl merely sits and strokes Shinji's hair.

Also, Ritsuko would save the Pilot playing to one-on-one physicals, Shinji, Asuka, and even Rei included.


File: fc2a3d4d93402ac⋯.jpg (354.47 KB, 1280x1802, 640:901, 03.jpg)


I'm already edging pleasantly to this pretending I'm Shinji being teased by Asuka, hope you don't mind.

Misato's panties pulled to the side, perhaps, with a pair of Asuka's own socks on his feet – or legs. Forcing him to make Misato's panties, the ones he's squirting into, bulge like a balloon being stretched.

Ritsuko would want a very thorough examination to ensure that the pilots are in perfect health at all times. Certain glands inside the body need to be milked, especially in young boys like Shinji.



Ritsuko would weigh each condom load of samples she'd rub out, finding better results when her hose and heels are used. The thing is, she might use a little bit of hypnosis therapy on the Pilots so they don't recall the special testing consciously. It's even possible the Pilots have gotten farther intimately with the doctor than they'd realize.



I bet all those weekly sessions, where she takes advantage of Shinji every time, making him lie down on the ground to stimulate his sperm production with a thorough heeljob before mounting and forcing him to ejaculate inside a condom, are partly responsible for Shinji's filthy obsessions. He might not remember the sessions consciously, but beneath the surface he is in a world where he is NERV's resident boytoy.



Why do you think Asuka also shares some latent bi-curiousity?



To think, she doesn't even have to hypnotize Rei, whereas some of Asuka's control issues might be as a result of the depraved things Ritsuko makes her do sometimes, like licking the floor in her office where the soles of her heels have touched.


Take it to a fucking rp already and stop spamming the thread.




The rooms do kinda suck, and as far as I can tell there's only one active one, but there are some decent players in there lurking or otherwise. I've had a lot of luck starting things in PMs with a few good folks there, and have even done a couple of nonsexual scenes in the room itself with a surprisingly fun Morgana. It's not ALL bad, but you do have to treat a lot of it like white noise.



Who do you play? I've been looking for decent non-sexual players myself.



Girl-Joker and best girl Hifumi






Sup fam



Hiyo. It's Makoto.


File: b55161ef796a263⋯.jpg (596.11 KB, 1137x1200, 379:400, 3876790[1].jpg)



I wish there'd be more Persona themed channels besides that one. I like the rules and all, but I feel it's kind of ridiculous to enforce what people use F-List for. Some wanna chat around, game around, and/or shitpost.

Finding decent non smut play or smut play in there via PMs is fine and dandy by me. My experience with the active players in there have been positive, but never approach any of the active room goers for PM RP, or even partake in room play.

I find the modstaff of said room to be pretty decent


thanks fuckers, now I'm watching Evangelion instead of typefucking



you wouldn't get any quality partners anyway :^)


File: 5e89416a4b0dc6f⋯.jpg (91.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Shimoneta -….jpg)

I'm thinking of making a Blue Snow.

She seems a little too appropriate.


to be quite honest I've found the Persona RP community way nicer than other RP communities I have been a part of on F-List. People actually seem to care about everybody. The only thing is I've noticed when OOCing/RPing anybody from Persona 3 and/or 4 they tend to ignore that person unless they are popular within the channel already.

I feel as if it can be a bit….cliquey at times, but not to the point where it's intolerable or anything. Some people have their favorites and such, and so be it.



Understandable because P5 is the hotness right now, but tonight alone I saw at least three P3/4 characters successfully join in on the casual room play. I don't think it's quite as bad as you say.

Cliquiness is probably not something you can stop in a room of that size. It only takes a group of about eight people before people start forming subgroups, and subgroups tend to look exclusionary to the people who aren't in them. But tonight I saw a Nanako I didn't recognize get some pretty good play in, so I don't think it's so bad as you think.



And also at least SMT/Persona isn't very flavor of the month since many stick around and the game's been out for almost a month next week. I feel SMT/Persona isn't near as flavor of the month as other shit on F-List is. This is why I stopped making anime/manga, and sometimes even video game characters unless the thing has been out for a few months or so. That way it's easier to know who is gonna bail and just hop to the next FOTM.

No, you can't, sadly. Cliques are always going to be an issue, and I honestly don't really care about them. It is annoying, yes. I never said it is bad, just that it FELT that way.

>I saw a Nanako I didn't recognize get some pretty good play in, so I don't think it's so bad as you think

I'm so goddamn jealous. My Nanako never EVER got any good play be it in PMs or room play. I was considering remaking her…but I'unno.. I don't wanna deal with that same shit happening again.



>just now getting back to playing Zelda BotW

>RP scene is dead already

Ah the curse of flavor of the month.



What you thinking of doing for it, Anon?



My Zelda wasn't getting play anyway after like the first day or two so that's why I quit it.



>after like the first day or two

Duh, everyone was still playing the game, and a lot of people don't really get into playing after beating it.


File: 0927c928ccfee07⋯.jpg (278.52 KB, 850x1062, 425:531, sample_f0a277f7c4e80330b84….jpg)

If any of you anons are willing/have profiles for it, I'd love to get some play going involving that phat Dancer of the Boreal Valley butt.


File: f804a328eb6a512⋯.jpg (440.62 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, __shameimaru_aya_forbidden….jpg)



I've been wanting to do a proper ERP with you for ages and ages but I practically never see you online. Scheduling and timezones are some sort of eldritch curse..



Well, everybody just about finished Breath of the Wild at this point. And since the game's focus is on exploration going through it a second time has a return of investment that's quite a bit lower than the effort you put into going through on the first time.



Same here. I've wanted to RP with a good/decent Makoto for a loong time. This is a big problem with almost anybody who actually seems like they'd be worth a damn RP wise.

I don't even care for the ERP part, just a story-focused play without smut is fine by me. Not that I'd be against ERP or anything…



The RP was gonna be shit anyway. I don't blame them for quitting so soon.


File: d1a9044e44596ad⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 497x280, 71:40, C6FxBdqUoAA0fz3.jpg)


The problem is that I didn't want to fuck generic Links. I wanted depraved things like Urbosa x Riju or Zelda x Mipha




Note me, maybe!

I'm usually online around 18:00 to 00:00 SGT, but if time permits, I can go on a bit earlier or later.


>seeing a few new Persona channels

I am liking this a lot more now than just one being around.



>tfw wanna play with wife-who in cute ways

>tfw everyone plays her as a turbolewd slut despite her being chaste as fuck


File: da5ef5b0538653d⋯.png (582.27 KB, 600x716, 150:179, 847f4de7de27dcf87943f712fd….png)

File: 18d403b3a0c10df⋯.jpeg (343.08 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 753dd876c6480bd562df10c10….jpeg)

File: 534b527e8c6b82e⋯.jpg (497.44 KB, 850x680, 5:4, sample_ecca4969fd931cd9ba6….jpg)

I realized just how much I wanted to make a Captain Falcon profile and that there weren't too many. If you would love to show the man himself some love, feel free to drop me a line! https://www.f-list.net/c/douglas%20falcon



oh boy, fandom crumbling already?



Well, to be fair it's all different settings. It's not the Dangan Ronpa case at all to me anyway. Then again, I got the fuck out of the Dangan Ronpa fandom while I could.



I have no idea what you're talking about.



File: 466bca3caac475b⋯.jpg (249.59 KB, 869x943, 869:943, 1453126393143.jpg)


This is a feel I feel much more than I care to.



I wouldn't have a problem playing cute stuff as someone's waifu if that waifu is one of the characters I play. But I know that they wouldn't even talk to me because I'm a monster who defiles the image of their waifu.


I'm sorry the profile's disgusting. It was thrown together in like an forty minutes when I first made it.




well, what characters do you play


I see a few OCs have been in the persona rooms recently. I just warn you to have VERY low expectations for any kind of play. I have made canon specific OCs before on F-List and other offsite places, it is always a very meh experience. I have gotten more play on RP forums with SMT/Persona with an OC than F-List…and this was back when 3-4 were new.

Stick to an original character without being in a canon setting, and it usually raises the bar up for play….at least IMO.



Typical generic canon prime name profile filled with inline images and 0 substance, Not even any kinks either. You've had that name for 11 months and done nothing with it.



Get over it. People who are going to want to play with canon characters already know all they need to know about those characters. There's no point in writing anything out.



What a lazy half assed excuse. Whatever helps you sleep at night with shitty profiles.



That doesn't let them know what kind of shit you're into though.

Not like it matters to me, though. From looks all you really just want to play is romance with whoever still plays a Mio in 2017.


File: a4a3b2d9719feb2⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 367x390, 367:390, 5810769 _a40d7e5b1e8e75ee5….jpg)


I thought I've seen a Mio or two.


I've been wanting to do an RP with Farah from LOQO for fucking ages. All I want is a simple RP including breeding, romance and maybe some plot with sci-fi. It's surprisingly difficult to find either of those.

Though that may be because I want to play a human male…



It's definitely the breeding + romance stuff.



I'd imagine it's more the sci-fi and human male. Breeding would probably work fine and maybe a bit of romance.



It's actually kind of a perfect storm of all of them coming together (minus breeding, which is pretty hit or miss either way). Straight human males are *immensely* unpopular. Like, to the point it's kind of insane. Then romance, which is already really unpopular, is even *less* popular than normal when a straight human male is involved. Then beyond that, sci-fi is kinda niche. Put all of that together and you've got a cocktail for "Good Fucking Luck".



Weirdly enough, the times that I do manage to blend all three together, the results tend to be fucking fantastic. I found one of my favourite (now sadly dead) RPs as a result!

That being said, I've never had a problem playing in fantasy. I like to try to be flexible. But my luck isn't as bad as you'd think.


File: 1de6e4244d92376⋯.jpg (91.75 KB, 378x381, 126:127, autism36.jpg)


Actually doing up your profile is a great way to demonstrate your skill level as a writer, and your general grasp of Ritsus character.

I've played with a lot of Canons with similar profiles like yours, and most of the time they're pretty fucking bad. They either couldn't play the character well, or they just delivered piss poor parts.

A big part of your profiles purpose is to sell yourself to other people, and right now you're doing a piss poor job. Just sit down for a good 10 minutes and flesh out the profile a bit, describe Ritsu as a character and fill out those kinks. You'll end up getting more bites, I guarantee it.


The owner of the "Akiyama Mio" name recently changed, so you may have just seen the same profile twice. The "Mio Akiyama" profile hasn't been active in some time.



I'm actually the one who posted the Ritsu profile, and I understand your frustration! I'm well aware the profile's pretty horrible I just like posting things for attention because I'm garbage

I have a not very good reason, though! I was sitting on the name thinking of how to do up something not horrible, and a Mio messaged my empty profile. One who wasn't complete and total garbage, too. RIP her, I don't know where she's gone. It was the owner of Akiyama Mio from until a couple months ago when she let the profile go. So I threw the trashfire together in like, thirty or forty minutes to seem presentable to respond to said note.

You're absolutely right about the profile, though. >>137056 While I understand that sentiment, it's not a good excuse to have a shit profile, and I think it's the opposite. If you're playing something from a relatively popular canon, you NEED to have a good looking profile to set yourself apart from all the other people in your canon. If your profile's nice enough, you can get people making profiles for you.



I didn't mean to be mean anon, I'm glad you understand at least. I'm just tired of all of these names not being used for anything, because its a canvas for you to demonstrate your writing ability to interested parties. An inline image and a title doesn't really tell anyone anything, and I don't know about anyone else, but I use how a profile reads as a demonstration of their ability, and considering how many characters there are of certain canons, its how you sift through the blank profiles and wiki pasted shitters to the people who are both good writers, and passionate for their canon to make good play.



I understand, and I'm sorry I put you through that trauma!


Been kicking around the idea for a shemale Urbosa for a while now, among a few other canons, but for some reason I feel as if I won't be true enough to the characters and that makes me hesitate on making them.

And I'm sure shemale Urbosa is overdone as hell but I want to stick it in Gerudo Link's boypussy and maybe impregnate Zelda or Riju.



Aside from the fact I actually have RP'd with good wiki pasters, I agree.


File: 1a7f05a1d0d5ce3⋯.jpg (108.59 KB, 787x720, 787:720, autism19.jpg)


Shit anon, I thought that you and >>137056 were the same person. Sorry for sounding rough on ya, but the other dudes attitude is one that bugs me a lot. You seem like a pretty nice guy.


I don't think anyone would deny that there's a few good players that happen to wiki paste their profiles, but you really do have to take a chance with them. It's either going to be a complete waste of time, or it'll be fun.


File: 3f57c42a70972d2⋯.png (493.79 KB, 628x508, 157:127, 3f5.png)


I dunno, I never understood the stigma against wiki pasta profiles. The best play I've had has always been from people like that, or even ones who wrote their own shit in their own words.

A few people who have posted profiles on /erp/ who are wiki pasters get shit on, and I am sure they aren't bad if you give them a fair chance at RPing.



It's okay. I understand your frustration with canons like that. It's a shame when you see a canon you really like, and someone's just shit up the profile.



The stigma exists because it seems lazy, and as many people in the thread have said it gives no indication to the players literacy, or their ability to play the character correctly. You might get a bit of that through their customs, but it's not guaranteed.

Sure, I've had fun with a few people who paste their profile from a wiki, but I've also had an absolute awful time with a lot of others. Meanwhile I've always enjoyed my time with canons who actually took the time to do the profile out properly.

IF your writing ability is up to scratch, then there's literally no downsides to just writing the profile yourself.




It's frustrating when people won't give others a fair chance before yelling "SHIT RPER!!!" be it an OC or canon player on this board. I have seen many fantastic canon players and just OCs on here in general who get shit on.



You have you understand that RP is a pretty large time investment on a day to day basis. A really meaty smut scene can go from three to five hours. If you're doing some long term story stuff, that's at least two hours, which is short. I'm using my own experience as measurement, but RP isn't something you can do effectively in short chunks. If I'm spending all that time, I don't want to be wasting it on giving people shots, since juggling more than one RP can be a real chore.


File: c95a34a336e9840⋯.png (59.76 KB, 294x449, 294:449, E38034f5b58928d43d45a9c758….png)


Fuckin' Dragonball fanbase on F-list is a cesspool of drama.



As someone going back to college this summer and fall, I will have even less time to invest in a play. Yes, it's a biiig time consuming process. when I first was enrolled in college I've had RPs go on for HOURs when I shoulda been studying, or doing homework, etc. I have been considering putting a note on my profile, or just being mum about it so no one tries to say it's attention seeking.


Lord have mercy on your soul, Anon. It's nothing but a bunch of drama and OOC all the time. I've left that fandom a loong time ago.


File: 16c72d63921529c⋯.png (717.03 KB, 799x1117, 799:1117, 440ff2fe4b7da7bfd55c624603….png)

>tfw i wanna play Saya Otonashi but not sure how well liked Blood+ is nowadays

She was my first canon character I created for a panfandom site…..so bias a lil bit.



Hi Pomelo


File: 82d2c522ca5ba4d⋯.jpg (381.3 KB, 700x700, 1:1, a508f7ad353754e5b7cf162bb6….jpg)

Red Flag Profiles (Canons who generally used by shitters)

>FOTM Anime (Dragon Maid, Jojo, etc)

>DC/Marvel (Esp Raven or other well known ones)

>Korra: Goddamn so many bad Korras and Asamis

>Anything "Nintendo" related (I Feel like I so many shitty animeguy.jpg Links/Ganons/Midnas)



Agreed with FOTM anime for sure. DC/Marvel always has dramafagging, so agreed there again. Korras…yeah…I agree. Sucks I can't even wanna make an anime canon from a good anime cause it'll be taken/ruined by shit RPers.

I've never seen Nintendo canons enough, so can't speak there.


I would say go for it. I don't recall the anime being THAT bad any.



The worst part about FOTM anime is that people who would genuinely love to have a (for example) dragon maid profile are cucked out of a proper name because some shitter nabbed it and forgot about the show the moment it finished airing.



Dragon Maid is the definition of a FOTM show. Already seeing a massive drop off of characters from it.


File: c707f6401d95b02⋯.png (112.24 KB, 616x482, 308:241, tumblr_nnt8fnwPIb1u5arjfo1….png)

that one guy from that one thing





Dragon Maid was an okay anime, but not like the best thing ever.


File: dae2c9e3b62f7ab⋯.png (152.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 60707147_p20.png)

Well crap, looks like it's my turn to plop down a Kirby character, then.



File: af2eaf0ad188230⋯.jpg (272.41 KB, 500x750, 2:3, neptune and purple heart3.jpg)


You pervs want to do naughty things to cute little nep-nep, don't you?? ;)

Don't be shy because I'm waiting to hear about how you want to take me~



File: a524fdf47d8c511⋯.png (515.09 KB, 555x492, 185:164, not_noire.png)


What the heck, Neptune? Don't you know that the use of emoticons is discouraged around here?


File: ac2b830b3af0358⋯.png (3.95 MB, 3300x5100, 11:17, 542bfbaf289b3eee6743e336e4….png)

I've never tried playing a canon character before, but it's something I've wanted to do for a while, so I wanna try starting out with, say, this one.

Any advice? Looking for tips on setting up the profile, how to handle scenes, the best ways to bring out the established character during roleplay, etc.

Normally I just write a paragraph of description, I fill out a few custom kinks, and I pick a picture or two and that's it. My profiles tend to be pretty minimalist and not very flashy.

I guess I just wanna do this the "right" way so I get the most out of the experience.



Try to imagine yourself in the character's shoes. Think about how they'd react to situations and respond to them.

Take Rosalina as an example. In comparison to the other Mario princesses, her manner of speaking might be a bit more sophisticated and lower-key as she is generally more graceful and introverted than Peach or Daisy. There is a maternal side to her as well, tending to baby Luma stars. With her power and influence, she would have an air of status but not on the haughty arrogant side. If someone came up to her and try to hit on her while not meeting her (potentially higher) standards, she would most likely calmly turn the person down as politely as possible. Otherwise she would either be flirtatious while keeping a step or two ahead to keep the chase going or take charge and nuture the person.



Your idea for a profile is perfect. Almost anything is better than an inline and no kinks for you to show your potential partners how you portray the character. The profile is just the window for them, the important part is to find the balance between being as true to the character as possible while remaining open for the ways to get into the smut.


Thanks. How would I get around the whole profile name thing? I mean, there's probably like five hundred people named various variations of Rosalina. Like, what's a good example of something appropriate that doesn't veer into being corny?



I don't know.

Galactic Rosalina or something



[adjective] [character's name] usually works. Bonus points for alliteration.



Whatever you do just make sure it's obvious that it's Rosalina from a glance. If you get too clever with your character name people may not realise it's a Rosalina profile at all and not bother checking it out.


Thanks, everyone. How's this?


It's still a bit bare, and the custom kinks are copied over from another character of mine, but I hope I wasn't too cheeky with the name. Also, I guess the idea I have going on here is that she's basically a more promiscuous, visibly curvy Rosalina.



Might want to add some color to it just to spice it up. There's no shame in cannibalizing parts of profile templates.



Sorry to ask so many questions, but any suggestions? I've always kept my profiles pretty minimalistic before, but I can change that.



Simply using some BBCode and a site like 'tell dot wtf' will do wonders to spice up simple profiles. I made a quick profile as an example, as it's easier than explaining it. Experiment around and you'll find something good!




Thanks! :3

I'll copy over that formatting for now, and when I get some more ideas in the future I'll play with it.



Playing a canon on f-list is kind of tricky, tbh.


>implying people ever roleplay canons right on f-list or to the T

Come on, I've never seen that at all on f-list.



Why the fuck are you so pessimistic?



That's like, your opinion, anon. I play many canons but I'm aware that very few would gladly fuck disgusting old bald men, so you can't play them to a T. But I genuinely try to do a good job and not be a generic turboslut. If I don't know a canon or I don't think I have a good grasp on their personality, I don't play them.


File: f2af0aa0b299e12⋯.jpg (685.44 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 14.jpg)


>Peach, Raven, Samus, Tifa, RE girls

I know what you mean. I actually have two or three of those you listed listed. My area is really just 100% smut, so they're the characters in name and appearance alone. cater to people who jerked it to those ladies and come on F-List wanting to fuck them. (I get a waterfall of shitters, but thankfully I'm kinky as fuck and most are scared away at the start. There are some diamonds in there sometimes that helps me to keep going, too, which helps.)

Even though tons of people make those canon characters, there are an awful lot of them that shit at it. Either they can't write (play the characters as doormat subs and just give your post back to you from their perspective) or they're far too stuck-up and never actually get any action because of all the hoops they expect you to jump through. The point here is that if anyone wants to make any of these characters, they definitely should because there's space for people who do it well.

Have a Samus being obscene.



Wanna post your profiles? I'm always looking for people who can do some smut like that.



>tfw shy. Sorry.



Then what if I ask you to note me instead? I'm pretty shy too. That's why I have a throw away profile for just this sort of occasion.



File: 4405b6a5f3543a9⋯.png (780.65 KB, 647x1000, 647:1000, 7598699.png)

I'm the Rosalina profile. So far, yeah, it's been nothing but shitters. :(

Just posted a few ads yesterday and the day before on the Sex-Driven LFRP channel and it's been nothing but a flood of Generic Anime Guys or empty profiles or guys who can barely even type. The worst was someone who actually had his birth year in his name, like it was an AOL screenname, and he was just like "hey cutie are you wearing anything nice for me"

Maybe I'm just not posting in the right places? Or should I just expect an eternal tide of shitters no matter where I go? Probably the second one, I'm guessing.

Like the Samus poster a few replies up, I'm also really only looking for sex scenes, with the canon sprinkled on to provide flavor. I think I'd be bored really quick if I had to roleplay for several hours of story posts as a Nintendo character with comparatively little dialog in the games she's in. Like, nobody is playing Super Mario Galaxy for the deep, riveting plot.


File: b5d3929c5ff31f5⋯.jpg (168.45 KB, 648x906, 108:151, 44.jpg)


>>137958 here. You have good taste. Of all the Mario ladies, Rosalina is the best.



Thank you, Samus boob lady.


File: 571ec76d27dcda0⋯.jpg (35.98 KB, 486x698, 243:349, 1480621575844.jpg)


>expecting to get anything but shitter with those buff male-centric kinks

You either lower your standards like everyone else or hope to God lightning strikes in the same damn place five times in a row and creates the perfect Adam Dudebro for ya.



No matter what, you're going to get people who are shit. This will always happen no matter what you play or where you look, and the solution is always the same; just ell them you're not interested and move on.

With that said, there are several things you can do to improve your situation. The first of which is to add some more kinks. Do not fill out the whole list; that would actually be counter-intuitive. Instead just punch out some kinky, out-there things you really care about in your favorites or your nos. Next, stop advertising in LFRP. It's too large a channel for your current scope, and I only recommend using it if you have something stupidly specific. You should visit a variety of the public channels and make some casual RP / conversation. There, you can scout out and lightly flirt with people who actually interest you. With a babe like Rosalina, you'll have people drooling over you in no time, trust me.



If you fuck girldicks I can probably hook you up.


Maybe I'm just too picky and I need to be less picky like what that other poster suggested. I've changed things to reflect that.

When I can think of more kinks to add to the profile, I'll do that too.


I do.


File: ed47e97d4031204⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 540x341, 540:341, 18403211_638100799726708_2….jpg)


For shame. :(



You have to lower your standards on F-List in general to get any RP, period.




>Maybe I'm just too picky

>You have to lower your standards on F-List

Wrong. Absolutely do not lower your standards, because you will be miserable if you lower yourself. The problem is not that you're picky, the problem is that you're giving up. If you want good play, you have to put the effort in for it. If you want to attract a specific subset, you have to design your profile for it. You're going to have to do more than just post advertisments every once in a while if you want more than the dirt players. Make an effort, put yourself out there, talk to people, improve your profile, and don't be scared to say no to things you don't like.


This is amusing, I got a random friend request from a shitter right after I updated Rose:


Really loving that guy's two custom "no" kinks. Or just everything about that mess of a profile. What the fuck.


File: 99aa4c0ce208113⋯.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6a2.png)


>I hate liers

>No blocking me without a reason



>"i find it joyful people want to be friends"

my sides



That faggot keeps sending requests to my canons too.


Oh shit. Did he just delete himself?




Some sperg from here probably linked the thread to him. Happens pretty often.



I was the C. Falcon. Don't give up, anon!

And unfortunately, as one of the most popular nintendo girls, the shitters will forever be attracted to you.


I'd like to RP as Peach but honestly I'm not overly familiar with the character to do an anon justice, I think.

I've RPed as Samus before and might be willing to do so again.



Peach is the bimbo with the least personality out of the bunch though.


Am I just blind or are there no decent street fighter canons anywhere? Besides all the Poisons



How would you suggest she be portrayed?

What would you want if you were my Mario?



There are a couple decent ones running around. I can't speak for Ken Masters, but he seems alright. Hong Kong Super Cop is decent enough, and most of the Ibukis are passable. Never seen a good Ryu or Juri, though.



Some-a-blowjobs. The princess looks like she loves good salami.


File: e09f18134e91c2b⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1378x1800, 689:900, r.jpg)

Shilling for my latest canon, please tell me if you like it!

Would love to meet other ARMS fighters if you guys have any.


Also infinite thanks to Lina Muerte for the name, it used to be Top Ramen but then she generously offered to give me the canon name. I shall cherish it forever now.



I'd rather see you as a Peach giving in to my Bowser's advances.



Peach is kind and forgiving to the point of naïveté. The only reason she puts up with Bowser's shit is because she thinks she can redeem him, or at least not have him be as much of an ass. It's how they can get along with the karting and other sports games; she makes some headway into helping him out only for Bowser to regress and kidnap her once again. Mario plays along with this because he's got a good gig going on, and he gets to see the world and get a workout. We have seen a few times that Peach isn't a pushover: she can hold her own if she needs to like her fight with Mimi in Super Paper Mario and when she goes Empress Peach in Mario Strikers Charged. Another thing is that in the earlier Mario Party games she frequently uses items that screw other players over, just for the fun of it. Oh, and people tend to forget that she's 6'1", which is just a bit shorter than the amazon queen herself, Samus.

When it comes to sex Peach is willing to let her partner take charge. She loves to dress up in rather enticing underwear, even wearing this under her dress throughout the day to psyche herself up. While Peach has a decent chest the main event is her large and firm ass. She loves to have it played with: touch it, caress it, kiss it, tease it, please it, give it a friendly slap; you name it. Being taken from the front or back is fine by her as long as you spoil her by making her feel good. And if you lube up properly she's down for anal as well. Peach does enjoy being held and kissed during sex while you're sweettalking her. As for the more low-key things, she's perfectly willing to suck a dick or rub her tits all over it, but she also enjoys parking her portly posterior onto a willing face and get licked to completion. In any case aftercare is paramount though: hug her, kiss her and tell her it felt good and you had fun.

As for non-hetero things… well, if you're a good friend Peach is willing to experiment with some girl/girl stuff, but if you want more than second base you need to take the initiative. And if the ladyfriend turns out to have something extra down there… well, Peach won't be too fussy about that. As for threesomes/moresomes; if it's all in good fun for everyone involved it's fine by her, and she especially enjoys it if she's the center of attention, getting spoiled by the rest.

So as long as you're sweet, gentle and considerate spending the night with Peach is a fun time. She's completely unlike Daisy; that girl is freaky.



ramen is chinese, bruh



Um, excuse you, it's obviously "lāmiàn", not "ramen".



This anon nailed it.



Now do Rosalina.


File: abba4974e42e5bf⋯.png (34.61 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1486143194380.png)



Ramen first appeared in Japan in 1910, when Chinese cooks at Tokyo's Rairaiken restaurant created a signature dish comprising broth and Chinese noodles, which were yellower and more elastic than Japanese noodles because – then as now – their dough was kneaded with kansui, a sodium-carbonate-infused alkaline mineral water.

It's technically half Japanese, half Chinese.


File: a39d4cfe827ef04⋯.jpg (91.76 KB, 623x414, 623:414, 1468525740094.jpg)



Something that people tend to forget about Rosalina is that she's old. And not just a few centuries or even millenia; she's old. She is the mother of galaxies, the midwife of reality. She nurtures the Lumas and raises them as their own, so that one day they might become galaxies. Now think about that: these sapient creatures are all destined to one day become anything from Power Stars to small planets to even entire galaxies. They do this by ingesting enough Star Bits, which seem to exist as some kind of phsyical manifestation of base matter that would-be things need to become what they can be. If Mario collects enough he gains an extra life, so just imagine the backlog of Star Bits that someone as ancient as Rosalina has. That would explain her age. But the most terrifying thing is that Rosalina once dropped thefact that she has widnessed the death and rebirth of the universe several times, with each iteration being just a bit different. The universe right now is about 13.8 billion years old. Multiply that by "several times", and you get, in the most conservative of estimations, at least 100 BILLION YEARS. Rosalina is of an age of at least twelve digits, if not more. Now, combine this eternal existence paired with the fact that through her action the base physics of the universe take place, pair it with the fact that it's nigh impossible for her to do everything exactly how she did it the first time and thus creating different universes because of this, and you come to the conclusion that Rosalina might be the embodiment of quantum physics.

That's right. I hereby postulate that Rosalina is the Mario universe's equivalent of Azathoth.

Yes yes I know; just like Nyarlathotep Azathoth is an Outer God, not your waifu. She's not a madness inducing horror from beyond the stars attended by malevolent servitors (though some of the galaxies she creates might suggest otherwise); she is of human origin. I believe that this has kept her from going off the handle and go full Outer God. She was born human(ish) to human parents. It is possible that Rosalina even engineered her own birth and posed as her own mother for a while until the time was right, but I digress. Rosalina has quietly submitted to her duty as the nuclear chaos that births galaxies, and she does her job well. And when everything dies at the end of existence and it's only her who remains she uses the incomprehensible amount of Star Bits she gathered over the billions of years to kickstart a new Big Bang and do it all again. A malevolent Daemon Sultan she ain't. So how does one live for billions, perhaps even trillions of years? By the day. She cares for her Lumas and lets them grow into what they should be; she teaches them, reads to them has fun with them and then they die as they ascend. The incomprehensible amount of death that Rosalina has witnessed has made her rather reserved and introverted. Few entities in existence come even close to comprehending her, and she has created and outlived just about all of them. Rosalina is the lonely goddess of existence who choses not to interact with the mortal races on her own accord, because she's seen it all and what difference does it make?

It becomes a different case when the mortal races find her. The whole kerfuffle that was Super Mario Galaxy and onwards was new and interesting. Sure, she could've stopped Bowser more or less immediately by weaponizing the Lumas (I believe that the Grand Stars are born from Lumas eating a truly massive amount of Star Bits), but she was more interested in figuring out what Mario and the gang were going to do. After it all worked out she felt an excitement she hadn't felt in ages. So she joined the Mario gang on their adventures: helped save the Sprixies in the same way Mario and co did, joined the Mario Party, went out karting with them and even went to fight the most powerful warriors this universe had to offer. Something that people tend to forget is that Rosalina has built her observatory herself, including a garage for her vehicles. This allows her to engage in something she has done since she was a little girl; tinkering with vehicles (she repaired a broken spaceship when she was a preteen). And Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Daisy, Yoshi and all the others were from the same planet that she was born on as well. Rosalina made friends and was truly happy for a while. But she will outlive them, as she always has. When not even a mote of dust of their galaxy remains and the only evidence of their existence is in Rosalina's head (and maybe her library as well), she will endure. But she will look forward to the next time. Like she has so many times, and will keep doing.



When it comes to sex, if you look at the sheer numbers Rosalina is the biggest slut to ever exist. She has taken more dick, grinded against more pussy and has eaten more ass than anyone to ever exist. Because of her grasp on how reality works she can figure out exactly what gets a person going and act accordingly. Because of her human(ish) origins she has a matching sexual drive and sometimes engages in it for the sake of emotional fulfillment. The Lumas can't provide this (and she considers this wrong since she's their mother), but those few people who manage to find her can. These rare visitors often fall in love with this enigmatic goddess, and if she approves Rossalina sometimes invites them into her bed. Rosalina derives pleasure from the pleasure she brings her partners and lets them use her body as they see fit. Given how these visitors see Rosalina this is only rarely very violent or kinky, but if someone's willing to do so she'd let them if they like it that way. She can act as anything from a nervous and inexperienced girl to a mischievous and naughty vixen to a woman of class who knows her stuff to a full-on slutbucket or strict dominatrix; whatever gets her partner off. Rosalina is also really tall; her seven and a half feet has her tower over most of her lovers. Most of that length is in her amazing legs, which keep going and going until they end in soft fleshy thighs, wide hips and a nice ass. Combined with a pair of large breasts she seems to be the ultimate figure for giving birth to many babies, but this is something that Rosalina will never do. She doesn't know what those children would be like, and she does not want to condemn them to the same endless existence that she lives. Rosalina isn't particularly picky with her partners either: if she can somehow bring pleasure to it, she'll have sex with it if she likes it. Male, female, both, neither, single, couple, group; she can fuck it all (and she has). She keeps some of these lovers on for quite a while but denies them the same endless existence that she lives, eventually staying with them until they die. When she's alone again she writes down her memories of this lover and moves on, just like she always has.


File: d8d3bc4efc8f8b8⋯.jpg (460.61 KB, 2527x1900, 133:100, PRAISIN' THE SUN DAILY.jpg)



Great pasta. Subpar transmillennial space goddess.


File: 4354c4f16eb20ab⋯.png (302.42 KB, 520x356, 130:89, me hoy minoy.png)






File: 7165f57d162ea1b⋯.jpg (267.88 KB, 850x1266, 425:633, sample_991d7ecc75b9db1285a….jpg)



I think he's trying to say futa rosalina is best rosalina


>Getting FOTM prime canon names and setting gender to meme gender, sexuality to pansexual and putting males in no

What else to achieve prime meme?



Fill the profile with info copypasted from a wikipedia article.

No custom kinks.

Palcomix-tier pictures, or Shadman art.




anon, you are a national treasure



Lemme guess.Twintelle? MSOB?



I'd probably let Rosalina facefuck me. Apparently she's tall as fuck or something? That's kinda hot.


File: b56279293615510⋯.jpg (415.8 KB, 1500x1129, 1500:1129, twist_and_the_other_girls_….jpg)


Copy paste wiki articles, several customs about "not ignoring me" or "not wasting my time", a custom or two about some tumblr/drama bullshit and finally, "WOW" and "FUCK!" in cock size and cock length respectively.





She's tall indeed. Going by how tall she is in Super Mario Galaxy in comparison to Mario (can't find a proper screenshot) she's huge even going by the tall women that are littered all over Nintendo's games.



I fucking laughed when I've actually just now saw that in the cock and length section on someone's profile. Wow…


Have a 12 inch cock, big tits, and be a bitchbreaker dom.




>Not 17"



That's my fetish.



Oh, right. :^)




>not a 24" horsecock



>measurable sizes




>not "It won't fit" and "It'll make you scream"

>not Weight: Wow Rude





Aw shucks, thanks anons. Let's round out the Mario princess trio, shall we?

Princess Daisy is by far the most tomboyish of the princesses. She loves sports and exercising, making her the most physically fit of the whole cast. This makes her toned, but not as outwardly muscled like Samus or the Wii Fit Trainer. Aside from a nice pair of breasts she's got thighs that are a perfect mix of muscle and fluff, and her ass is firm and thick. She's also pretty tall: while her 5'11" makes her the shortest of the trio, her muscular frame make her stand out in her own way. Daisy knows that she's got a rockin' bod and isn't afraid to show it off in non-formal settings. Belly-revealing tops and short shorts are favorites when she's being active, paired with a tight ponytail to keep her hair out of her face. Daisy also loves the sun, meaning that you can frequently find her sunbathing while wearing as little as possible to work on her nice tan. Don't mess with her though: Daisy is comically strong and can turn you into a twinkle in the sky with a single punch just like she did to Bowser in Mario Party 3.

In everyday life Daisy is both active and proactive; a bundle of boundless energy that's not afraid to take things into her own hands. Combined with her excitable and loud nature she can be quite the handful to deal with. She considers herself hot stuff and demands frequent (but not too frequent) praise and admiration. When it comes to sex Daisy has quite the appertite: she's almost always eager for a bit of fun. Even outside of the privacy of the bedroom like in the outdoors she's up for a tussle, and if she's particularly horny might even do it just out of sight. She's a willing switch as well: while she has no qualms about taking the lead and fucking her partner senseless a particularly assertive one will be able to pin her down and find a very eager and energetic sub. The thing with Daisy is that when fucking someone's gonna be in charge, and if you're not forceful enough she'll take over. Kissing is quite the struggle as well: it's intense, powerful and can involve quite a bit of tongue from her end. She has the energy to keep riding a dick straight through a roaring orgasm and will quickly recover for a second (or even third) round if her partner is willing. Daisy's up for most of the more mundane kinks, has a taste for anal and likes both giving and receiving head. If you bring someone cute she'll be up for a threesome as well, but you better give her plenty of attention during it. When it comes to non-straight sex Daisy's up for it as well: she's a bit of a bisexual and won't mind sucking dick or eating pussy if the attached person is fun. And if asked she's more than willing to tie on the strapon to give her partner some fun.



Now do Pauline.



>inb4 now do Donkey Kong




Hard mode, eh? Not a problem.

Pauline has a surprising level of depth to her. Looking like an understudy of Jessica Rabbit with the large, round breasts and the wide, thick ass she often wears long dresses that cover her, but make no attempt at hiding her figure. She's also quite tall, being more or less around Peach's height. Pauline is a friendly, kind and cheerful person with a surprising amount of brains to her, which helped quite a lot with her initial career as an animal trainer. When she started out she had some trouble when she got carried off by her charge, the original Donkey Kong, and Mario had to come rescue her. Mario even helped her out with keeping Donkey Kong in line, only for DK's son to rescue his dad. After this Mario started getting involved with the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach, causing the duo to drift apart. They're still on good terms though.

Something that Mario doesn't know however, something that she keeps hidden from him on purpose, is that Pauline loves animals. Like, love love. She quickly discovered that the easiest way for her to subdue a wild animal is to give herself to it and let the animal use her as it sees fit. Plus, the idea that she is used by an animal gets her off in ways no human can. This makes her animals care a great deal for her, but they often get jealous if somebody gets too close to them. This, paired with the fact that he's got a bit of temper, often gets her hauled off by the current Donkey Kong for some private time while Mario comes to rescue her (like the plots of half the Mario VS Donkey Kong games). Pauline has been involved with the original Donkey Kong (who is now known as Cranky Kong), his son Donkey Kong Jr. (whom she helped raise) and his son as well, who is the current Donkey Kong. However, with the changing times she now no longer trains the Donkey Kongs per se and she's now more of a friend with benefits to them. After her animal training career came to an end she managed to find work as the Chief Quality Officer of a toy company (thanks to some nepotism on Mario's end). Interestingly according to Miyamoto she "probably" lives in New Donk City.

When it comes to sex as a human you don't have a chance. Because of her preferences she only likes to do it with animals, especially primates. To her it's more about the fact that they're fucking her rather than their size. This means that she sticks to the more simple of positions and giving head, as well as letting her partners suckle her breasts. If she were to engage in sex with a human she'd be accustomed to their large size and be left squealing and moaning as she's being taken by a large human dick. The downside is that fucking her is a bad idea since you might end up being snapped in half by a jealous Donkey Kong.


File: 07ce9d39b2671b0⋯.png (214.58 KB, 487x700, 487:700, df1e510aa7505c05df22d76cce….png)

File: 63d547bd980cc7f⋯.jpg (777.47 KB, 1000x1050, 20:21, c598df6637cc21f67bf42bccca….jpg)

For some reason I've been wanting to make a Kagome Higurashi. All the ones I have seen around F-List are questionable at best. If not Kagome, perhaps a Sango.

I'm moreso worried about all the InuYasha canon being full of shitters, along with the fact I am all for KagxInu or anything really. It doesn't help most names are taken as well, sadly. Any good name suggestions?

I get the anime and manga was shit, but I have a nostalgic feel for it.


File: 947083a10579f68⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_20170507_203635.jpg)

Isn't that basically what this thread is all about? >>129150



That one's more for actually play than discussion


File: 5bf3d6932b5f32a⋯.swf (724.58 KB, Carol_of_the_Old_Ones - Hi….swf)


I see Higurashi, and all I can think of is >pic related



Just one way to find out.



…Yeah, I am half tempted to give it a shot now even more.


Shit, I just started playing Persona 5 (Weeks behind, I know) and I'm thirsting hard for Kawakami. Any desperate maids out there?


File: 68142168e8ced1d⋯.png (32.32 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 00168862_1_.png)




Months by now Anon, that came out last September



Well shit. Months behind it is then I guess. Still, Kawakami though. Beyond hot.


I've had a heavy hankering for Peach and Daisy from Mario. I doubt i'll get any soon though.

None of them seem to be into pegging femboys



Play a character that's actually good.



jokes on you i'm not a super slut or a s-su-s-su-stutterboi so I actually have a chance when it comes to femboys.



Drop a profile. I love playing Peach and would be happy to peg a femboy.




If I were Peach I'd shove a huge dildo down his tight little ass and masturbate him while I mention how much of a pathetic faggot he is.



Make one. Or a Daisy. Those are more rare.


File: 696fc43bb2212ac⋯.png (143.85 KB, 280x273, 40:39, 1495907480942.png)

>tfw would pay money for people to request Prime canon names for me because I am on cooldown so much


File: 958b43426670249⋯.jpg (3.75 KB, 240x240, 1:1, dril.jpg)


So would I, but I'd be wasting money because Eden just says no every time.



"No you can't have this blank no kink profile because" :^)



I know that it's par for the course for F-List staff to be dysfunctional, but goddamn Eden is another brand of retarded entirely. She's just so unstable.



>profile completely blank

>Views: 7

>"This name is not eligible for release. With profiles with this amount of views, it is necessary that we wait for a year of inactivity…"



My friend once requested a specific name and got denied by Eden. I then see said name pop up in one of the canon rooms. Check the friends list… guess who's her only friend? ofc it's the sperglord mod herself.



They should revamp the rules on getting canon names.

It's absolutely retarded that you can have someone hoarding multiple names and get to keep it because they slapped a pretty inline on the profile or some text from a wiki.

I will forever be salty at that one Iron Man player. Damn.





Noah and Elizabeth are pretty great. If you can, try to ask them to handle your case.


File: b5557a356e7a057⋯.png (384.33 KB, 850x478, 425:239, Dark Sakura ss.png)


>are there no decent street fighter canons anywhere?

Gonna go ahead and toss my hat in the ring here.




Is your friend a lolfag?



File: b7827d0fb948ff3⋯.jpg (248.82 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 1445684870625.jpg)

>Shitters like this can keep their names


Fuck you f-list.


File: 08a16015aae91ad⋯.jpg (12.31 KB, 403x395, 403:395, Anger.jpg)





>5 years without having any semblance of a profile

>not even a single image

There's a special place in hell for people like that.



Meant 3 years.

Though it's just because I was approached by someone with a 5 year old WIP profile.



If you want it, you can request it. It's empty and last updated years ago. Doesn't matter if the guy still logs in



Do as >>140051 says. File a ticket and request the name, you'll probably get it and I've managed to get a name whos owner was doing the exact same bullshit a while back.



I got a prime this way.



Who are you on F-List, anon? I'm curious.



Now I'm curious. I went through something similar with Sandra, one of the protags from Sandra & Woo.




Aw, too bad. I'd have had my inkling ready otherwise.



If it was Luigi you'd probably be in business



What about Waluigi?


File: 2b06504149efdb6⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 142241169202.jpg)



>when they say "we have to contact the user"

>nervous that the guy will just sit on it and say "I don't want to" and start making empty updates out of pure assholery



the fuck, what is there to contact the user for?

It's a fucking empty profile. It should be available for grab right away



From what I was told, the user had not been notified about the policy before. I suppose it's just protocol.

I hope they don't respond or are kind enough to give it away. Seriously, if you've had a completely empty profile for years. No icon, no images, no description, no kinks since its creation. Why would you suddenly want to use it?

Anyway, just gotta wait on it and see what they tell me. At least I haven't had any bad experiences with the helpdesk staff when I've sent them tickets before.



if they don't respond a week after the staff tells you they notified, you get the name.

So you gotta pray the asshole doesn't log in for another 6 days, I guess.


File: 2acbeec76ce274b⋯.jpg (68.3 KB, 800x870, 80:87, 1486577868441.jpg)

>own popular FOTM prime name

>ZERO intentions of ever playing with the character

>I'll still keep it and update the profile because fuck canon players



You're what's wrong with this universe.



>awful clique of people that refuse to rp with non-canons

>despite playing their own characters as completely fucking different to the originals

No, my friend. You are all cancer.



>implying that there is anything wrong with canons rping with only canons or people in general having preferences

>instead of trying to fix that you're going to purposely hoard a name and bitch about how mean canons are boo-hoo

You are the physical form of cancer. Kill yourself.



Maybe if you make an donut steel that doesn't suck monkey balls that has an obvious way to interact with those canons aside from "a robot appears from a portal"



>BAAAWWW if people don't play with my shitty OC they're le clique!!



I've been on the receiving end of this. When the F-list staff contacted me they said that if I didn't give up the profile name that they'll take it into consideration if I ever asked for other prime names. So if that's the route they're going to go down then they'll suffer for it.


I owned a prime name, created a profile for it and just kinda… forgot about it. All of my roleplaying with said character was done on Skype at the time and so I forgot to bring the profile on F-list past its "WIP" phase.

F-list staff contact me asking if I was still using the profile since it got request and obviously wasn't used in forever. I guess they just wanted to ask in case I intended to come back to it at some point. I gave it up though, I felt pretty embarrassed about the whole ordeal.


File: 9ba2bbc8763a831⋯.png (247.49 KB, 455x411, 455:411, 2r2owab.png)


Didn't know anyone who had been in that situation to tell me how they handle it, so that's good to know.



Best of luck, anon!


Sometimes I make canons, but to my tastes and hope someone shares them. I notice that a lot of canons often like their characters to remain as they are from their source material, or close to it.

But I have an incurable desire to slap a fat ass and huge tits on anything if the art can make it work, canon be damned. I do this a lot and still try to approach things as the character would. I have a Gaz profile, but she's a cold neurotic bitch that hates everyone, granted everyone loves Gaz with huge tits. She's fapbait.

But I gave Orisa a fat ass, huge tits, etc. and the majority of the Overwatch fandom and/or people who enjoy the game do not show much interest despite my accuracy in playing the character despite their purely physical differences.

Another gripe that I have is that I love to play canons, but sometimes feel that I'm creatively stunting myself by not playing as something "original". It also feels like I'm excluding people who might not fit into the "world" that canon is from, despite my desire to try and please everyone that might potentially be worth it if not for that one crucial detail.



That's because Orisa a shit.



You take that back, she has the best sit emote in the whole game. Fight me.



I wouldn't feel too bad about it Anon, by default most people will be playing their canon "Out of character" considering very few of them would do have of the sex acts or fetishes that people typically like to play out. Just stick with it and eventually you'll find people with related interests.

Seeing a canon you like is nice, but there's nothing better than seeing a canon you like with a bunch of kinks that you enjoy!

>It also feels like I'm excluding people who might not fit into the "world" that canon is from

This is probably the biggest drawback to playing a canon. Depending on the canon though you could get away with making a few adjustments to make them fit the scene.


Been playing around in a rather small fandom in the past few days. I find it funny that all three partners I've had so far were the same character. What are the chances that they're the same person? (Am I just paranoid)



Why would they be the same person?

Who the fuck has more than 1 profile for a canon? Unless they're like, AUs or something.


File: f244363cd863147⋯.png (374.53 KB, 763x960, 763:960, lord tachanka.png)


>I don't play/care about the Street Fighter games

I wasn't expecting that from a character like this.



Same canon with similar kinks? Probably are the same person.

Same character? Unlikely.







Wrote those, felt like writing some more.

Even before the whole business with Hyrule, Midna has always known what she wanted and was not afraid to grab it. This made her a rather effective ruler, an intense but just monarch. Midna's family was rather depraved though, and the queen herself was no stranger to this. She frequently shared her bed with male and female partners, sometimes both. At times she took the dominant role, at others she had multiple men pull a train on her. Whispers of even more depraved acts involving animals were sometimes heard, but such rumors were quickly dispelled by one of the royal family's most faithful servants. He sought to curb the more depraved acts of his queen, but her constant ignoring of him paired with the fact that his love for her always went ignored drove him to the edge. When he one day came into her chambers bearing urgent news and found her in the company of a pair of hounds he snapped. Despair and hate filled him, crying to the heavens that he should lead his people to greatness instead of this depraved woman.

And at that moment, Ganondorf found Zant and gave him the power he wanted, all in return for his servitude.

With his new powers he stormed into his queen's chambers. She was now alone and just washed, and laughed when Zant made his demands known. In his rage he turned his magic against her, restraining her while he forced himself onto his queen. Midna mocked him during his attack, claiming that because of his limited size he could never pleasure her (in truth there was nothing wrong with his girth, she was just trying to get to him). Even more furious, Zant invoked his magic and shrank Midna down while she was still impaled on his shaft. The sudden and sharp decrease in her size, paired with how far she was stretched by Zant's dick made her have the most intense orgasm she would ever experience. And this made her furious. The now impish Midna was cast from the palace and Zant fully took over as the King of Twilight.

During her travels in Hyrule she found Link and enlisted him in her quest to get back at Zant. On top of being a loyal retainer and capable knight he also proved to be a skilled sexual partner. Everything that Midna had gone through had rendered her to be supremely sexually frustrated and she needed an outlet, which proved to be Link. At first she always took charge, using the strength of her hair-arm to either forcefully jerk him off or hold him in place while she got her frustration out by jerking or sucking him off. Another favorite was for her to park her wide, jiggly impish ass on top of Link's face and force him to eat her out while jerking him off, with the threat that he'd regret it if he came first. He never did; while scared of Midna in her frisky moods he knew better than to antagonize her. This began to change when Zelda made her sacrifice and the duo searched for the Master Sword. The sheer shock from being brought back and being glad to be alive made her extremely turned on. Link wanted to put off acting on this because he was stuck in wolf form, but this was no objection for Midna. What was originally going to be just him licking her until she got off, Link's wolf instincts took over and he took charge. Midna turned out to be more than willing to accommodate out of horniness and she ended up face down, ass up and an ass full of wolf cock. And because she is a good girl, she took the knot eagerly.



After Link obtained the Master Sword he saw a change in Midna's demeanor. The frequent molestations stopped and she would just lean against him or sit in his lap, enjoying his company. Link had initially expected/hoped that the knotting incident would put some distance between them just to combat the awkwardness, Midna wanted to get even closer to him. Sure, she might have experienced many forms of depraved sex but with Link she had felt something new and different. What they did started to quickly move from cuddling to kissing to consensual sex. Because of her diminutive statue Midna had a problem with vaginally receiving a dick on account of her being too tight for anything thicker than a thumb. Fortunately for Midna her ass was a bit more accommodating, causing her to become a buttslut by necessity rather than choice. But she didn't complain: Midna was no stranger to anal and Link was quite good, meaning that they frequently ended the day with some intense, passionate buttfucking. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and after Midna obliterated Zant (but not before describing to him, in detail, how good Link is at sex) and the duo freed Zelda and destroyed Ganondorf the twilight princess had to go home. Before she went they had a night of passionate sex; vaginal for their first and last time. After a tearful goodbye she urged Link to move on and went home, leaving him behind. While she knows better than to expect a miracle she does hope to soon receive an interdimensional booty call.

And that's that. Any requests like princess Zelda? The bisexual adventures of the various Links? More girls from The Legend of Zelda? Maybe some Samus instead, or another Nintendo girl?



Do Palutena



Palutena is the goddess of light, ruler of heaven, protector of humanity and the prime force of good. She's benevolent, caring, loving and quite the force to be reckoned with then forced into battle. Because of her divine powers few people can stand up to her, causing Palutena to frequently mess with people because she thinks it's funny or is too lazy to do something and let others do the work for her. Despite this attitude she is beloved by both her people and her servants.

This might also have to do that Palutena has taken up the mantle of the goddess of love, especially the physical kind. Looking like woman in her early 20s (though in reality she's much older) she's got a killer body: thick curves and legs that just keep going, paired with a dress that only attempts to hide her figure Palutena is quite the sexy appearance. And she knows it: quite often is she willing to show off what she's got to tease people. But she's more than just a tease: Palutena frequently and enthusiastically puts out if she meets someone she likes. This has earned her sobriquets such as the Divine Whore, the Slut Goddess and Heaven's Bedwarmer. While she's not quite as slutty as her enemies make her out to be in order to discredit her (she doesn't sleep with another person every single day), she doesn't really care about the name-calling. In fact, it kinda turns her on. Palutena is omnisexual and willing to fuck just about anything that catches her eye (and she's also able to do so: with the more "exotic" people out there it's not always easy to figure out how to sexually pleasure them). While normally this only covers sapient life, if she's really frisky she'll be willing to entertain animals. Palutena possesses the ability to figure out the favorite fetishes and most powerful turn-ons of any individual just by focusing on them for a few seconds, greatly aiding her in her sexual conquests. She's not one to actively brag about them either, but sometimes lets it slip if she had a fun time with someone. And while most of the time she has sex just for the fun of it Palutena is more than capable of weaponizing her sexuality, fucking someone into submission so hard that they become her willing slaves for the rest of their lives. She rarely uses this ability and never without good reason, but if push comes to shove she'll do it.

Palutena's list of fetishes is vast and covers just about anything. From vanilla to all forms of bondage, a single individual or an entire group, internal and external cumshots, from naked to fully dressed and uniforms, tentacles and other exotic appendages, the more extreme fetishes and beyond: pretty much all is good by her. She can also change her partners so that they are more sexually adapt: bigger dicks, larger breasts, firmer asses, more endurance and larger cumshots are all options. While she can grow a dick herself upon request she rarely is asked to do so because of her already perfect body. Her favorite fetishes by far cover being dominated and used by weak (compared to her) mortals: getting tied up, fucked roughly and be berated and called names for being a nasty slut are always a good time in her eyes. Quite a few heroes from her world have been rewarded in sexual ways by their goddess, but they often don't go as hard at it as Palutena would like. Another fun perk of her divine status is that her body is an avatar of her divine power. If the avatar is damaged or destroyed she can easily remake it. On top of that it's quite tough indeed, so her partners don't have to go easy on her and can bite, scratch, pull her hair, beat and choke her as much as they want, and her body can take some very large insertions. In the rare cases where she feels like more extreme things this means that they can get carried out without any lasting damage.



Her lewdness has limits though. While she's perfectly willing to walk around without wearing any underwear she's not the kind of person to seduce people into infidelity (after all, a threesome is far more fun). While she'll tease endlessly she won't fuck minors, finding it more fun to tease them for a few years until they are adults, after which the several years of frustration will release into a bout of intense fucking (or if she teases them for too long they'll try to force themselves onto her, causing Palutena to just not resist hard enough so that she'll get raped by a minor). Pit is a special project of hers based on this premise: the slowly aging angel boy (whose real age is closer to 300 than you'd actually think) currently does not have a sexual interest in people yet, but once that starts Palutena will tease him for decades, if not longer. What Pit does not know yet is that she infused him with all of her knowledge of sex, making him an unrealized master of the bedroom. After more than a century or something of endless teasing and cockblocking so that he can do nothing but jerk off to relieve tension she's going to invite him into her bedroom and have Pit fuck her like she's never been fucked before. Dark Pit proves to be an interesting element here: he is tsundere towards Palutena and sometimes calls her bad names, which makes Pit stand up for his goddess. Palutena in turn is amused by this and can't wait until she teased him to the point where he either tries to rape her or she turns him into her own good little boy who waits patiently until his goddess fucks him through a wall.

Another turnoff is that while she's okay with being called just about any sexually degrading name out there it's unwise to call her old, which is an immense turnoff for her because of her fear of growing old and obsolete (which she won't given her status as a goddess unless her worship changes significantly). Paired with this is her fear of becoming pregnant. Palutena has supreme control over her body and has changed it so that she can't get knocked up, so breeding is also a no-go for her (instead ask to do cum inflation). On top of that, minds that were not meant to be peered into will cause her fetish detection powers to go haywire and scare her off, meaning that Palutena is utterly terrified of Rosalina (and with reason).

The goddess' laziness can be something of a problem for her. While she enjoys the occasional bit of domming she's more of a sub, willing to get fucked hard and fast by just about any givers. The downside is that she's something of a lazy sub, being of the "oh yes master please fuck my pussy and call me a nasty slut until you pump all your delicious jizz into me" kind that only wants to receive but rarely gives. This has caused the end of quite a few liaisons that had turned into a semi-regular thing, like her affair with Samus. On top of that her reactive nature means that things will often have to go quite badly for her before she takes action, meaning that she's easily overcome by an attack. But still, she stands strong as the chief goddess for a reason and once (a)roused can take on any challenge.



That happened to me. Requested a blank profile that due to the person logging in often, the mod's contacted them. Immediately the profile went from blank to having paragraphs copy/pasted from the wiki page, and a image or two. Then sat unused for another year and a half.



That's bullshit. I was thinking about an alternative name already. Luckily, they remained inactive for the week and I got the name I wanted.





What is with blondes in body suits/girls in bodysuits with long ponytails being mind meltingly, balls bustingly hot?


File: a115ac3dbcfcb2e⋯.jpeg (276.19 KB, 1035x1200, 69:80, Return of Samus.jpeg)


Speaking of Samus, guess who's getting a remake of her second game in three months? And has a fourth game in her most beloved series coming?






No, Sonic gets a game of his own where you can finally play as Coldsteel the Hedgeheg.



Welcome to canon roleplayers, most of them just pick whatever will guarantee them easy RP, that's why there's such a boom in profiles whenever a new shiny character is introduced.



Clearly anon, it's because I mentioned her here saying how balls bustingly hot she is


Someone literally offered me money for a canon prime name once. I didn't reply, but it was hilarious.



Which prime and how much?


>there will never be any lewd RPers of your favorite canon, even one that's just passable

Kill me.



I probably don't have anything from your favorite canon but I like to think I'm at least passable.



>doesn't even list his favorite canons




My favorite canon is an unpopular FF, and the character that I most want to do lewds with is unpopular even within that fandom. Life is suffering sometimes.

It's not so much that I can't find any canons and characters that are passable, just…not what I'm looking for.



What, you want a Squall or something? Quit leaving us in suspense and just say it Anon. There are worse things to do than to risk being called out for shit taste by a bunch of anons on a message board when you're anon yourself.



Is it the black mage?



Pretty much this.


Welcome to canon roleplay on F-List! Enjoy your stay. I have ran into so many people who are like this for Street Fighter, Tekken, etc. This happens with anime, video games, and all sorts of shit too.





Idunno, it says they know characters and only tell off the autistic game mechanics discussion to fuck off. Sounds perfectly reasonable.



I agree here. I don't give a fuck about the game mechanics in SF or any fighting game. I still won't make a canon character from it though.


File: 0a58b3a8cfb26fb⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0a58b3a8cfb26fb45e676304fd….jpg)

I have a strange craving to roleplay South park



My favorite FF is XII anon, I'm used to getting accused of having shit taste on the internet. There's just no point in stating it on a split-off of a taiwanese basket-weaving forum, as I've looked everywhere and for my particular tastes here isn't going to be more productive.

Then again, with what I've seen so far in the erp community, even finding a decently in-character Cloud or Tidus is difficult, even considering that the majority of typefucking is fucking, and not character-heavy exposition or some shit. Is it really so hard to find canons who are fully or mostly in-character, or do I just have a particularly unfortunate set of favorite canons?


which black mage anon? you're going to have to be more specific than that in this set of canons.


File: 150b1090b10fb2e⋯.jpeg (238.8 KB, 514x654, 257:327, ce19f66b515a24375a235a024….jpeg)


That's just canons, in general, I'm afraid.

The only semi-exception I've seen to this is MHA at the moment. Not the general population of females and shit like that, but one of the rooms is no lewds so it curbs the whole massive thirst to fuck froppy aspect. But it's mostly dudes so it's like…pick a poison?

Overall I think you will have more success playing with a face claim. But even then, if it's super popular face claim your still fucked because it's so obvious it's probably a shitter.

Case in point I've only played with the Amazon from dc because well generic amazon, and a 2B because well sexbot.

Wish there were more Albedos around, as a start, and while ahri is the generic fox of flist, where the kongikus at?




Fuck, and here I thought you were gonna say XIII or something. At least XII has Fran. I could think of worse FF canons to enjoy.


File: 0275717f728fb7f⋯.jpg (46.75 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, 1452408336501.jpg)


>More Albedos


File: ccf73e8aa706c39⋯.png (463.84 KB, 900x506, 450:253, kirito-900x506.png)

>been waiting for months to request a prime name

>it's close to become inactive enough

>find that the prime name for another canon I own is held by someone who has been keeping it for more than 6 months with a completely empty profile


As much as I want to send a ticket for it, I play as the other one much more often. We'll see if it's still there in a month.



Go with the one you want. Chances are that the guy hoarding the name will still keep it empty


File: bd5dc41ffc57604⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 312.61 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 11.jpg)

File: 33d8180b8798da2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.24 KB, 1050x1492, 525:746, 12.jpg)

Considering how many Boku no Hero doujins have focused on Tysu prolapsing, it's only a matter of time before someone makes a profile centred around it.



Dark Sakura/Sunburnt Sakura only appeared in two games and they aren't exactly widely available anymore. I just find it to be an odd choice to RP when you don't really give a shit about Street Fighter.


I want to play a canon profile but the problem is that I have a tendency of picking things that are already in mass quantities or or ones that are incredibly niche or at least not many people know the source material for. Anything else I end up getting bored and deleting a few weeks later. Do I just gun it for the lesser known things?


What happened to the Fate room? I was in there a bit last year and suddenly there's two channels for the same thing



She's a cute tanned chick.


If its anything like my experience with nasu RPs in other places: massive spergout powerwanks about OPness of their characters and trying to godmode left and right.



The fate rooms are full of autists and they split off from the Typemoon room into endless other rooms because no one can fucking get along with each other and has to make their own personal clique.

I love Typemoon RP, but I've all but given up on attempting it on F-list. Let me know if you ever find someone who's good at it.



>tfw you return a year or two after being part of the clique and realise what a shithole it is

Fate attracts both the people who completely ignore canon and the ones that are super autistic about how everything is played. Part of me wants to go back but after a whole bunch of uncomfortable OOC advances I think I'm better off staying away



>tfw playing completely in character gets you less RP than being essentially a slutty faceclaim profile with a prime name

At least no-one ever wants to take Non-Zero Drakengard 3 names



>Female Canon

Gets away with it

>Male Canon

Gets posted on this board as a shitter if he does it.



>male canon

do they even exist?



Well there happen to be a lot of canon rooms with male canons in them.



Without really trying, I can name 10 that I've seen in the past 2 days in particular. Sora, Ash Ketchum, Garrus, Bugs Bunny, Ratchet, Tails, Sonic, Jumba Jookiba, and a Deku just go go back full fucking weebshit circle.

For every female canon, there's likely 5 male ones.


File: ba6be9cc543c3a1⋯.png (115.32 KB, 426x479, 426:479, Squigly_serious.png)

>tfw you want to do some cross-canon stuff with another character but don't know how to approach them

>tfw you want to fug an Izuku but don't want to approach any in fear of them just being self inserts

Goddamn it, why does my husband have to be from such a popular series? It's not fair.


>Play a lot of Granblue Fantasy

>Want to get into the canon

>Very few versions of either MC that aren't eternal WIPs or have no descriptions/kinks, contrary to how many names have been taken

>There's someone that makes it their mission to get a name for every slightly relevant character

I get having multiple characters but bordering on 60+ is pushing it a bit in my eyes, not to mention an influx of characters that aren't even finished despite being made 3-8 months ago



I'm feeling mad-jelly for any Dekus out there.



>tfw 99% of all dekus are hot fucking garbage

I'd love to play with one too, but they're all overly stuttery trash



They’re just as susceptible to flavor of the month/nostalgia bullshittery as female characters are, and I’m pretty sure I exist and I prefer to play as them.


File: af5a4434a389369⋯.png (344.98 KB, 498x568, 249:284, 1473725043406.png)


>tfw just want to fuck a Deku with my cute zombo

Goddamn it, I think Squigly and Deku would work pretty well together too, but no; half of them are hot fucking garbage who use an actually well written shounen protagonist as a self insert, or stutter with him way too much to the point where it's annoying.

Can a nigga just get Virginia smashed? Jesus Christ.



>deku will never fuck your frog pussy so hard his dick breaks

>deku will never shatter your zombo pussy

why live tbh


File: 06a5f5c59b1a850⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 415x476, 415:476, 06a5f5c59b1a85051ae83e079f….jpg)


Bring it in, anon, bring it in. We'll hug it out and make everything daijoubu



What name/character, faggot?


File: 1edb9e9b9c93349⋯.png (213.91 KB, 477x848, 9:16, 1508265380860.png)

Are you a god?


File: aac6f40f5e18832⋯.gif (3.96 MB, 650x533, 50:41, lewd hipbump.gif)


Yes, what do I get for being son of Odin?


File: 26ffc41d8579758⋯.jpg (244.22 KB, 900x1829, 900:1829, 26ffc41d85797581e04887956b….jpg)


I want to breed with a god to have strong children~


File: 7588903d7b0172d⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 336x167, 336:167, thor levitates the second ….gif)


Do you, now? Because I've got the biggest abortion rod in all of Asgard.


I just want a good 2B to play with. Is that too much to ask for?


File: b8a1485a1bc8fa4⋯.png (340.1 KB, 540x491, 540:491, tumblr_olv2ab3tm51w13v6no1….png)


I have this problem, and honestly it makes my day when someone playing another canon from the same game tells me I'm playing it right (with a few liberties, come on).

Know your source, know the character archetype (every canon has tropes you can connect the dots to) and then fill in the gaps with good, old fashioned leg work and smut. You'll get there.




At least you're around. KoF canons are hard to find. Even worse are finding good ones.



I hate to be the barer of bad news…but uhhhh, yeah you are. That would imply someone would have to put in effort to either play the game, or watch a playthrough, and who has time for that? I mean come on, why put effort into something when you could just make a personality void slut and slap a canon's face on them?


File: 343443e720cef12⋯.png (233.75 KB, 600x790, 60:79, Juri (53).png)


>tfw I really want to play Juri since she's one of my favorite street fighter characters design wise at least

>tfw I don't much care for foot play but I really like bullying and forcing someone into sex, and or being forced into sex myself

I-I'll be your perfectly normal Juri, anon-kun………..

I say as I reply to a 10 month old post like a retard.



Better Nate than lever.


If you play a high-popularity canon (Samus, Tifa, etc.) then you're an attention whore.

If you play a low-popularity canon, you're never going to get RP, except from a few freakazoids who know the series, and who lack both social skills to interact with you and writing skills to play with you.

If you're an OC who wants to play with a canon, you might as well jerk off with razor wire.

If you play a canon and want to fuck another canon, you're never going to be satisfied, because anyone playing the canon character you want will be into weird stupid shit that makes no sense with the characters you play.

If you're a canon and you're okay with OCs, you're going to get barraged by a thousand shitty half-assed OCs until you delete your canon.

If you're an OC using a canon character's art, no one will take you seriously and think you're stealing art from a legit character.

Point being, canons, which should be a ton of fun, are just cancer, because people suck.



>If you play a low-popularity canon

Or you get play like OCs do, without relying on canontism.



>If you're an OC using a canon character's art, no one will take you seriously and think you're stealing art from a legit character.

Nah, face-claims are pretty cool for most people as long as, ya' know, you aren't using Tifa or Samus as the face



>If you're an OC who wants to play with a canon, you might as well jerk off with razor wire.

Either this or create a nigger and be another "Imma black all your canons"



>If you play a low-popularity canon, you're never going to get RP, except from a few freakazoids who know the series

I don't think that's a thing, anon. if you adequately describe their backstory and setting in the profile without lazily copying from the wiki, then why would anyone give a shit? I'm like 90% sure no one even knows that my character is from dragon's dogma and I don't have any trouble finding partners.



post your profile so you can bully me


File: 1ec3054789cbe0f⋯.gif (706.68 KB, 500x281, 500:281, laughing_classy.gif)



>If you're an OC who wants to play with a canon, you might as well jerk off with razor wire.

>Not being able to make OC who can get play with canon.



File: 6561897ac52906d⋯.png (161.69 KB, 358x470, 179:235, The Assnswer lies in heart….png)


Ok deal


licherally just created it so it isn't super huge, and it probably never will be.


File: 02f24ee08067b1b⋯.jpg (29.28 KB, 320x240, 4:3, group2[1].jpg)


>If you play a canon and want to fuck another canon, you're never going to be satisfied, because anyone playing the canon character you want will be into weird stupid shit that makes no sense with the characters you play.

Fucking this. Why bother posting characterization if the default is 99% "pornstar canon"? It's not really the crazy kinks, but more how majority of the canon are just overly sex-crazed. Which fits the character more: Misty sucking every trainer's dick she bumps into, or Misty tied up by Team Rocket bad guys and pissing herself while they torture her with bug pokemon? The former's more vanilla, but isn't really Misty outside of looks and more generic slut that happens to cosplay the character.



Doesn't have to even be rape, can have regular dating like normal people. That fits into literally any canon character.

"Has a kink for X" also fits because obviously that'll be something personal and secret.

Making uberslut is extreme end tho, yes.


File: 52ac722f6e81be0⋯.gif (333.47 KB, 500x800, 5:8, 03187c1230ba1e2a86df5cdd91….gif)


And to throw a random example: literally nothing stopping from saying "these two are in a relationship and they have sex out of the public eye in the forests" to this or any other pairing.


File: db0e67bc3b2a0da⋯.jpg (568.69 KB, 1280x1876, 320:469, m24_09.jpg)



Setup and theme isn't the main issue. What it is is that many of these canon players don't mesh the personality of the character they're being or make a reasonable dynamic among the couple+ in an RP. Empty slates like Pokemon Trainers are one thing, but if you're playing a more established character, I would assume more than a stock "I wanna fuck" situation. Are they standoffish? Quiet? Ditzy? Too pigheaded? Would they act all like a casanova with sweet talk then might be overwhelmed when the passion starts? Would the couple push each other's buttons? Who would most likely be the top? Would the character approach the sex or chance of sex differently with another person? It's the little quirks that make them memorable. Take into account that many canon of tsundere types rarely even use the "tsun-tsun" part, not even to set up a slap-slap-kiss moment.


File: f4990e0aa99a2e7⋯.png (549.31 KB, 657x645, 219:215, 56567191_p0.png)


>If you play a low-popularity canon, you're never going to get RP, except from a few freakazoids who know the series, and who lack both social skills to interact with you and writing skills to play with you.

Nigga Taroverse RPers are generally fucking top notch aside from the ocean of 2Bs and the shemale Kaines.


2B is a shitter magnet, much like Samus, Tifa, etc. You're gonna have to dig, hombre. Dig deep.



>Canonically accurate Kaine

The only thing wrong with 50% of them is that they don't let her hate having a cock.


File: 11f662649b9a5f1⋯.jpeg (70.05 KB, 687x800, 687:800, 853cb37a8843df5c5b9bcb116….jpeg)


I tweak it where needed, but fall in the line of "it feels good, but I fucking hate it. It's nice to use, but it makes me sick that it exists." It's really a case by case basis for RP, and we have shit like Witch's Sabbath (There's no way in hell that was 100% Tyrann's influence) so it's really up in the air. I just play off their pitch and see where it goes from there. ( I'd kill for a Bro!Nier who isn't ESL or an autist, honestly. )

But she's sure as fuck not some 'alpha she-bull breeder bitch' like these inbred retards pull. Worse yet is everyone is just afraid to even acknowledge the pussy, let alone use it. Even when it's listed in the kinks.





My autism will never end.


File: 3f77fb4d8bf6ecd⋯.jpg (465.59 KB, 779x957, 779:957, __armisael_octa_and_three_….jpg)


>Had an aces as fuck romp of hatefucking and incest with a Four earlier.

Can confirm. Most Taroverses are pretty good, even the Kaines


File: 11fada6f5869f4b⋯.png (726.76 KB, 942x750, 157:125, cd48f21c01fcd196ee3bbd96ae….png)





2B was a perfect storm of stars aligning for thirsty fuccbois in an age of "UHHHHHH THICCER." I guarantee the next NieR project will probably draw little attention or have minimal staying power as far as this shit is regarded since it's bound to be a return to form for Taro now that he got the 'good end' out of his system. Zero doesn't seem to draw people half as much as 2B, and the only reason shitty Kaines exist is because of the fact she has a dick, giving them an easy in to play a canon dickgirl and pat themselves on the back for it. I guess it kind of helps that 2B is literally bland, boring, and a "robot subservient to humans" so it's easier for shitters to jump into playing her.


File: 96337d05fa5cc56⋯.jpg (257.62 KB, 450x600, 3:4, b489d8a5f1e15dc7ca3f8314e7….jpg)


Terror. I don't know you. Stranger danger.

Also I agree with everything you said. Most of the 2Bs you'll find (even in the chats when she's mentioned) are about her ass, nothing else. It's the basic old problem of "waifu insert" where they can just project anything they want onto it because it's blank slate. Tabula Rasa of sex, and that means it's just easy fapbait. You'll get a lot of shitters

Which honestly makes me try harder on mine because I'd rather not be a black mark on the Taro canon scene in the first place after all that.


>Sudden Taroverse discussion

>Makes me wish I didn't pussy out on making one of the android twins everyone neglects

Life is suffering


Are Samus players the worst canons?


File: ad8c3735402ce6f⋯.jpg (37.63 KB, 640x581, 640:581, Literally me (2).jpg)


>tfw I made a Samus profile and actually put effort into it, mainly using the manga as a base for her personality

>Get less bites then I would if I just made her a blonde bimbo like everyone else.

Yeah, they're the worst



Samus has 0 personality, so they're all pretty much OCs who play her however they want.



I'd like to check her out, if you've still got her around. I've wanted to do a bit of a story RP with a Samus, but holy fuck are they hard to find those that exist generally aren't interested.


File: ed366417420516b⋯.jpg (104.52 KB, 800x730, 80:73, 1503126568369.jpg)





File: d6cfc18a43c9288⋯.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 125:133, 1440699321909.gif)


>Pink Haired Smartass

Help I shouldn't message people from /erp/ but I want it.


File: 83aefc03e6c259b⋯.png (151.75 KB, 267x307, 267:307, screenshot-r5---sn-a5mlrn7….png)


Do it, I fucking DARE you


File: 61ee6d499cdaece⋯.png (692.73 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1510360863220.png)




File: e2af2b84d7fbf85⋯.png (301.02 KB, 466x313, 466:313, screenshot-kissmanga.com-2….png)




File: 31e13c81f50c610⋯.png (4.19 MB, 2396x2922, 1198:1461, ClipboardImage.png)







File: 265774d6f4749bc⋯.png (181.39 KB, 595x184, 595:184, screenshot-kissmanga.com-2….png)




File: 52b9233ba7601bb⋯.png (783.83 KB, 777x1000, 777:1000, ClipboardImage.png)





File: 30a2243e09d0891⋯.png (274.18 KB, 372x402, 62:67, screenshot-r4---sn-a5mekne….png)




File: 4c19d3412da7f1f⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, ClipboardImage.png)



Being banned is suffering.


File: 0f0f659445bdd0a⋯.png (357.24 KB, 501x476, 501:476, screenshot-r4---sn-a5mekne….png)


Eat it nerd. You'll never get the TRUE CANON EXPERIENCE! If you go that route.

Check mate, Faiman.



getting banned is suffering

How did you get banned to begin with? lmao


File: 7a4fbbe08dc44f9⋯.png (13.67 MB, 3387x2400, 1129:800, ClipboardImage.png)


You know damn well there's only one true canon experience, and it needs another three bodies for that, PINK BITCH.



Being a cunt is a bad idea in certain situations.

I disagree.


File: c623bb4aed4c0d8⋯.png (388.36 KB, 851x462, 851:462, screenshot-r14---sn-a5m7ln….png)


Don't you fucking tempt me. I'll have you know I am a certified RP professional, I will play all of the girls FLAWLESSLY! Because I am totally RP Jesus, totally.


File: c969cfc2d5ba1d8⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1200x935, 240:187, ClipboardImage.png)


Totally! I believe you 110%. I bet you have the personalities between the other living wank fu– I mean 'characters' down pat to such an extreme that just the dialogue alone would be enough to ascertain which girl you were talking as from the wit within alone! You are a God amongst us.


File: 2a8814859db62c6⋯.png (406.28 KB, 583x482, 583:482, screenshot-r5---sn-a5mlrn7….png)


Exactly, each paragraph would feel natural, like it was written from the Mangakas corpse itself! I will write each of them with a fineness that has never been seen before! I have watched, and read High School of the dead thousands of time, so I have pinned these characters down perfectly, I have turned it into an ART! Totally, ' Cuz I'm obviously that hard and obviously don't want boogeyman dick.


File: dbb4755f7052803⋯.png (487.17 KB, 540x793, 540:793, ClipboardImage.png)


My God! You make me tremble in the loins and not from the meaty breasts of your pink-haired sow! Truly, a master of the craft has graced us with their presence /erp/, and all should be inspired by their ability to rise up and reach for the heavens with their writing capability! Or, I'm just thinking of those lips wrapped around bogeyman dick so tight without her throatslime soaking the shaft it would be a difficult task to slam it down her throat.

Nah, it's clearly you're just the heaven's gift to RP.


File: 07302446bb8d7d4⋯.png (678.65 KB, 752x476, 188:119, screenshot-r4---sn-a5mekne….png)


Thank you, Thank you! You're too kind! I'm sure some day that massive log of meat that's swinging between your legs will grave my lips some day, for I have made it my mission to bed every Boogeyman known to history! It's my life's goal.


File: c161b1cb8966819⋯.png (1.17 MB, 962x1200, 481:600, ClipboardImage.png)


Such unkempt degeneracy truthfully is a blemish upon such a wondrous RPer such as yourself. I recommend you keep your twisted and sickening desires for Meme-posters to a minimum, else you catch the disease yourself one day!


File: de0016ab2e8aabe⋯.jpg (398.95 KB, 850x716, 425:358, sample_6f7e5ee86ae876c1f55….jpg)


My lust for meme-man dick will never subside! For you see, I am also a meme-man, thus nothing has been, or will be lost! So I can continue my pligramedge to suck every Boogeyman dick I can! Because chances are they aren't nearly as bad as everyone says!Or maybe they are? BUT THAT'S MY BAD DECISION TO MAKE!


File: 6f84f653ab7aae7⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1442x1200, 721:600, ClipboardImage.png)


I see, I understand clearly now! You are touched within both mind and body with an illness that not even the bogiest of posters can satiate by their mere presence! Terrifying, and I pray to the cosmic entities that fester on the edges of the universe above our heads that one day you are freed from your torment and can leave better left alone! Lest you start to defend such fiendish beings for not being completely terrible! What will become of you then? Little more than a meme-sucking addict! A cruel fate, none worse in fact!


File: b2a61b1548821ad⋯.png (387.35 KB, 555x461, 555:461, screenshot-r4---sn-a5mekne….png)


Ah but you see! I shall never defend those that prove their horribleness! I myself am a cosmic judge of character! I AM the judger, the one that proves! I AM the Alpha and the Omega! And I just happen to take the shape of some loser who posts on a shitty website while pretending to be cute anime girls, so I can get a mouth full'a dick, because I fucking love oral, oh my god.


File: 5b355af205c29fc⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1406x949, 1406:949, ClipboardImage.png)


You can simply peruse the log thread to know of my foul and disgraceful ability to RP you fool! You may be from the far flung edges of human perception and space, but I see through you! You may dance and prance as a shitty poster on an imageboard, wistfully hoping that your dreams of anime-girldom may one day be afflicted upon your incorporeal frame - but now I know! I see plainly now!

You just want dicks thrust into the depths of your midriff before being pulled back the moment prior to when they cum, plastering your face and sore jaw with long lines of sticky semen clinging to your skin for your own depraved delights! I see through your ways! Barbaric.

You're supposed to kiss it and make certain every inch of veined meat is slathered in individual tongue licks before doing that! Oversized cock won't lube itself, even if it's using your throat!


File: 0d5ee43544017ea⋯.png (455.64 KB, 540x476, 135:119, screenshot-r4---sn-a5mekne….png)


I will admit, you've seen right through me! I just want a massive over sized dick pushed down my throat! I want to feel every inch of it as it makes itself at home in my throat, and I swear to those that rule above me, if I wasn't mobile posting I'd describe it in detail! Because holy shit, I love dick.


File: 42bda4c6973678f⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1101x909, 367:303, ClipboardImage.png)


Curses, you've seen through my ruse of being licentious to milk you for salacious words and phrases expounding upon the majesty of having some bestial length of fuck meat dominating your tastebuds and straining your ability to think from the lack of oxygen reaching your brain! The only time you're able to inhale with that meaty fuck pillar stabbing into the confines of your body, is when it's being wrenched back, your ribcage deflating considerably as the thickened log allows your expanded, strained chest to return back to where it was with thirty-pounds of cock wasn't filling it, and the rest of you from the waist up!

Damned be mobile posting! Damn it all to the depths of hell and further still! I am glad to know I have pierced through your haughty illusion of grandeur and pomp, however!


File: 9fd7feab8fe6bec⋯.png (544.57 KB, 550x478, 275:239, screenshot-r14---sn-a5m7ln….png)


Truly it's a shame that your banned. I'd give out my discord If I felt comfortable posting it here…alas, I guess it was not meant to be.


File: 80057c7b2e5218e⋯.png (1.03 MB, 849x1600, 849:1600, ClipboardImage.png)


My, I feel as if you simply say such things to taunt me in my state! Or maybe you're a horrendous new fag who has never looked at the awful discord thread that has been dragged through the muck of hilarious e-drama or not. Should I? Shall I? Alas, alas. I shall, and be told with a devilish grin that you wished for nothing more than to taunt me! Ah, truly my soul aches at this concession on my end; Fai#4759

Quake! Quiver! Know the bogeyfai has dared to post their discord! Time to get spammed by half of /erp/ again. Kill me.


File: 10466e5dffd7bed⋯.png (81.3 KB, 263x179, 263:179, screenshot-kissmanga.com-2….png)

File: 648022e14d2e5f3⋯.png (342.4 KB, 435x356, 435:356, screenshot-kissmanga.com-2….png)


I truly appreciate the sacrifice you have made! It will not be in vain, I promise you!


File: 675d2446746bc8f⋯.png (567.06 KB, 566x799, 566:799, ClipboardImage.png)


I am head over heels with joy at such a response. My body, is the one that quivers in delight now.


That was pretty autistic, but entertaining.

I hope you two fuck relentlessly or reading your shitty banter would have been in vain.


Only canons I have are from video games, mostly Nintendo games.

I wish my fandom was bigger. We're only a small handful… I should just do crossovers and I'll be a much happier person, I'd say.


Do people even play Senran Kagura anymore? It seems like the number of profiles since last I checked has dropped off a lot, which is a shame because I wanted to get into it



Most are just picture using fapbait, but there are a few around that mostly use alts. It's the canon curse though, you have it, see a random one, hop on yours, and suddenly they come out the woodwork.


It starts with a canon character you have a bad crush on/hard-on for. You look and look and look, and you approach dozens of players, and all either turn you down or totally suck, or don't understand that they're playing a canon character, despite having copied the profile directly from a Wikia.

Eventually, you say screw it, I'll make one; I understand him/her! I'll be great!

So you do, and you are. You play your canon the way you want to play with your canon, and everybody loves you for it. You get better at it and become a jewel of the community. You have partners on their hands and knees, crawling up your ass to play with your fantastic rendition (sometimes literally).

But you still can't find your character to play with, rather than as. It all feels empty. Sorta pointless. Why bother? You still aren't satisfied.

Eventually, you start to resent the people who play with you, because they won't return the favor. You're satisfying everyone else, but no one is even trying to satisfy you. You get bitter, and sooner or later you realize you aren't having any fun anymore.

You stop signing in, and, after a while, your character disappears.



But you still have that character, and once you see another of the same canon in the room that's actively engaged and actually -good- at being said canon you hop on yours. They're like mushrooms. Once you find one the others will show up to be found quickly.



I had a profile from it before, but I just got a bunch of shitty people. i love Naraku the most. I may have to remake her now and try to get into the groove again of Senran Kagura. It doesn't help most likely never really played the games.



f-list canon character play in a nutshell, my anon.



I play some. Not with other girls, though.


>Want to try some interesting things with some canon characters

>They happen to be FoTM or too niche for anyone to care

>Worried all people's interest will just fizzle out eventually

>End up not making the character

At this rate I'll never get into a character properly


Is it just me or the wrestling RP rooms are dead or shit? I just want to flesh out my Randy damnit.



I didn't even know there were wrestler rp until you fags started posting them all over the place here.

I know, I'm inexperienced.


File: 2224a4d2c46b1bd⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 446x375, 446:375, sasha horse banks.gif)


It's p shit but I think it's bearable if you actually try and talk to people, maybe don't rock the boat too… There was this wrestling room I was invited to where the Owner (or mod, don't remember/care) was some bitch who was fucking OBSESSED with Botcha Banks, she was the type of smark who actually buys into the "wymin can b just as good as resslers as those silly bois teehee" bullcrap and would often start arguments with anyone who even remotely disagreed with the notion that Banks is the greatest thing to come into pro-wrestling since Ric Flair. She also wanted there to be a Royal Rumble PPV where the Rumble match would have women competitors and wanted one to win so she could go to WrestleMania and become the first female WWE champion. She bolieved is this, 100% without sarcasm.




Good man.



I'll probably end up making my own or hang out in a few rooms. I don't want to deal with typical private room drama lmao.


File: da98f01faefc5d3⋯.png (285.67 KB, 357x357, 1:1, tfw people bolieve.png)


Bo Wyatt soon, borother.




That's kind of disheartening but I still have the increasing urge to make a Yagyuu or Yozakura


Anyone here plays wrestlers? Asking for a friend.





I don't know why but rping with "characters" that people play in real life just feels really off.

I'm more on the side of fiction, I guess



But it's literally no different from Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow. So I don't understand this post.


File: 8961bfe394ee74e⋯.png (50.69 KB, 909x587, 909:587, canon bingo.PNG)

Was bored and made this.

Canon players, gather up. Are you a shitter among shitters?



you look butthurt, friendo


File: 99b8e12982ea6d9⋯.jpg (206.82 KB, 424x606, 212:303, 1517616491381.jpg)


It's garbage. You can save time by looking at the quality of the profile's avatar 90% of the time.



>implying I'm not a canon player myself


That only means that they know how to make their avatar look alright


File: 0d4ba28bc86988b⋯.png (53.43 KB, 909x587, 909:587, 8961bfe394ee74e8be8f3f72b5….png)


what do I win?


File: 8a8de2c421bd7f8⋯.jpg (32.24 KB, 425x396, 425:396, 8a8de2c421bd7f83d685072de7….jpg)


A star. Here.



I don't like it, it's too fat. gimmie another star or I'll beat your ass


File: 52961c7c471d82e⋯.png (59.49 KB, 353x308, 353:308, __houraisan_kaguya_touhou_….png)


Sorry, it's the only star I had. It's for the first anon who doesn't believe that shit bingo is some sort of waifu compatibility measurement tool.



actually had the exact same lmao


File: aad39fb5df10f2a⋯.png (69.35 KB, 909x587, 909:587, bet you can't guess who.png)


You'll have to try harder.



>Only hit the freespace



File: f62368d7592aabb⋯.png (192.74 KB, 648x678, 108:113, QNE0LG3.png)


Post it nerd.



>profile created the moment character was announced

Prime name hoarding sucks, but there's nothing to be done about it.

You either snipe the name, or see as someone else does.

Personally I've taken a couple primes the moment they were announced, because if I didn't, then someone else was going to get them.

Again, there isn't a solution about it. That's just how f-list is.



I'd hoard the names, then declare an auction on them. The one who submits the best profile gets the name.

Then steal the profile and play as it yourself.


File: 51cd98bfb254334⋯.png (89.74 KB, 405x542, 405:542, screenshot-kissmanga.com-2….png)

Quick question: Would you consider a minor character who's heavily modified to make them actually enjoyable still a canon character, oh and given an actual name? Or does that go into faceclaim territory?


File: 1224f5de189ff2b⋯.png (374.37 KB, 777x607, 777:607, 1413495531541.png)


Thanks to headcanon, this blank slate protagonist is now a womanizing lesbian complete with harem.


File: d21e67c86bed690⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 373x500, 373:500, honorabu.jpg)


Fine, but only because you asked so nicely. I just hope you're prepared to be severely disappointed




Does the have a personality? Are you going to stick to it? Then yes, it's canon.


File: 921351e233fb6af⋯.png (50.45 KB, 909x587, 909:587, eret.png)



>always IC

Like, even in PMs? Why though?


File: 29c983f1d049762⋯.png (250.61 KB, 796x481, 796:481, 1470179084627.png)


You're the most awkward fuck in chat and sometimes it's painful to see the shit you come up with.



Wide interpretation of "always IC".

I normally only log on the canons I have for when I'm in the mood for public interaction in the relevant IC room, with any ooc explicitly so. I also rarely get PM and when I do get ooc pm on them, then I tend to have the characters IC personality bleed through, even while being ooc.

I just find it fun.







Thirded. For fuck's sake, no matter how many links you post and tag "loli", nobody is going to click them or give enough of a shit about them to talk about it.


File: ad01c9c9551e633⋯.jpeg (280.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1714992-dmc4_dante_rose.jpeg)

I'm kind of glad I've yet to encounter uncle Dante on flist. Witnessing a shitter playing as him would make me die inside


Friendly reminder that there's nothing wrong with canons only playing with other canons.



Like everything else. It depends on how reasonable you are with it. Fuck ups. Will always fuck up stuff.



Most of them get flagged for being underage, because Dante looks edgy as fuck.



While I initially found this well amusing since it is. DM4 came out a decade ago, I imagine anybody who'd bother is either a retro hipster, or actually of age by now.






I'm sorry you feel that way, and I recognize that I'm awkward but sadly there's no quick and easy way to fix that. Regardless I'm open to advice so if there's any more specific advice I'm willing to listen and hopefully improve. As to what the third poster said, I'll try to cool it on the links, but to be fair I do get the occasional comment on the stuff I post. I figured that maybe someone would get some enjoyment out of them. Regardless I'll take it easy. If anyone wants to talk to me on f-list directly to offer advice I promise not to bite your head off or anything. I really do want to improve, it's just a little difficult without knowing what specifically I should work on.



I've seen a few around like Devil in Red and shit, same with a Nero or two I know.

They're pretty chill if you chat them up.


File: 2bc2d0f8bd0471b⋯.jpg (353.15 KB, 1104x1104, 1:1, indeed.jpg)


>please give away your character names so I can report you to F-List mods for harassment guys :^)

Yeah, no. Fuck off.



>offsite harassment




Seconding what this anon said, I've seen some other Uncle Dantes and they're generally pretty laid back and fun to shoot the shit with.



I can understand why you would be worried about that, but I wouldn't do that. I just would like to talk in a more personal environment and not clutter the thread with off-topic stuff.


File: 17f39bd2d2a803a⋯.png (48.16 KB, 656x734, 328:367, 1489770826039.png)



>having your character name posted on /erp/ is definitive proof that you're harassing people offsite


File: 1fcb73abf816b8f⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 09e.gif)



Is this your first week on F-List? Mods are incredibly wishy washy and trigger happy. Things that are against the rules are ignored while things that technically should be allowed are suddenly banworthy.



I've never been in trouble so I guess I'm lucky.


File: 086307c80c07be5⋯.png (50.64 KB, 909x587, 909:587, tfw your a shitter.png)


File: 4d41bc64d0accd5⋯.png (513.63 KB, 622x507, 622:507, 1518575285919.png)

>CC IC is garbage

>CC OOC is Tumblr-lite

Fuck this site.



>not creating your own clique and slowly take over the room




I think they're one of those people who don't roleplay on F-List. They aren't doing anything wrong with just image/link posting, but it's more of a turnoff than anything IMO.

I've ignored advice posted on here about shitters in the Persona rooms and other canon rooms. I'd say that most of the anons are right about them.



I took about a year off from doing any scenes because my health problems left me without much of an interest in sex or lewd roleplay. Recently I've gotten a bit better so I've started actually roleplaying again, hence why I started posting my profile(s) again. And yeah, I decided to post links less often.



A hundred years to respond to this post but so much this. You can make your canon really slutty and still keep traits of their personality around. Sure you'll be bastardizing them to some degree, but it makes the sex a hundred thousand times better. Like if you're trying to play some slutty Misty, it stands to reason she and your generic male self-insert could fuck in the water–she could even femdom you in the water if she wanted to, as long as you and she are out of sight of other trainers. She's not just going to get down on her knees and choke on every trainer's dick just yours.



If I'm being completely honest, I see profiles like yours and I'm fucking horrified to approach. Not because it's bad, it's just intimidating.


File: 7a0de01744c3a5c⋯.jpg (131.03 KB, 400x409, 400:409, mpgs4di.jpg)


…Yeah, I get what you're saying. I'll be the first to admit I went a little (a lot) overboard with the ~aesthetics~ and maybe that was a mistake… and then dig in my heels and not change anything ever even if it's a severe detriment

Or maybe you're not even talking about the overcooked layout at all. I don't know. What I do know is that this is the part where I stop self-reflecting on a public imageboard and try to convince you that I'm not scary and the worst I can do is say no, embellishing it with [color] tags and broken unicode. Or something.



Well yeah, but. What if you don't like me?



Then I'll politely and courteously tell you

▬▬█░█░█░█ ▰ 【 《 N O 》】▰ █░█░█░█▬▬

✖ ⤷ THANKS !

Give or take a few blocks. Duh.



imagine being this afraid of rejection


So I just finished Little Witch Academia and I'm thirsting for some of DEM WITCHES. Anybody got a profile for it? I also kind of want to make a profile for one of the male characters in the show, but the only one who gets a reasonable amount of screen time is Andrew who I'd be willing to be is left out of the lewds the vast majority of the time.


Having been on F-List for 4.5 years now, the *one* canon I've always wanted to play with is Kinomoto Sakura.

…Played by someone who's into mind control stuff.

Magical girls in general are tragically rare.


File: 10aa5d50b965a73⋯.png (457.72 KB, 450x680, 45:68, I hate my life.png)


>magical girls into mind control stuff


File: 5a78fd7a1827e92⋯.jpg (22.04 KB, 300x460, 15:23, frank-little-witch-academi….jpg)


There is Frank, Andrew's dopey buddy, whom had feelings for Lotte. That could make for cute tender tales.



There was one on F-List.

Unless this same person is you.


File: d2356481e078dca⋯.png (67.69 KB, 909x600, 303:200, not a bingo.png)


I ride the line of canon degenerate, but no alignments.



tfw my canon only has one of these spaces



>anal kink

>references the doujin

You have excellent taste anon. Excellent. Best shithole remodelling and also dat bad end was fucking sooooooo goooooooood.


File: a376365e323f2d8⋯.jpg (412.38 KB, 850x1090, 85:109, sample_e2c855e6365cefa799a….jpg)


It's everyone's favorite Metroid Doujin, how could I possibly resist referencing it?

Also Butcha-U is a fucking god among men.



It really is the best, the mindbreak is so good. The tentacles too; easily his best besides the dark elf one. I've always wanted to do scenes like it or just ideas of cloning super badass men/women that were built solely to be broken into fucktoys is WEEEEEEEW.



>a literal fucktoy factory

Identity crisis is some of the best shit, homie.


File: d3cf0d15570161d⋯.png (178.2 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ba5e5166a0eed83da607da40f1….png)


Personally I think his best is Sex Sweepers, that shit is fucking god tier. Also you are a man of culture and fine taste, and I appreciate you for existing.



tfw you're a badass bitch who realises she was made only to become a fucking cumdump, will be replaced at a moment's notice and will spend all of her life amusing others.

tfw you're a badass bitch and you find out someone's been making clones of you to rape and defile endlessly.


I like bad ends too much along with tentacles, anal and monsters to not adore Samus fucking Aran being bitch broken but seeing ayylmaos take dark elves, experiment on them and make demons from their retarded rape babies is one of the funniest, most amusing and coolest concepts for a fantasy setting ever.

Also, you're p.gewd yourself Sammy. I hope you get full nelson analed until your brain short circuits.


File: 167b484a063f38c⋯.jpg (444.52 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, bdbce1764f308cbb1f348110a2….jpg)


I know? it's a great thought and I always wanted to do a session like that! I mean c'mon it'd be fun as all hell to just be tossed around a breeding nest and constantly be filled up on eggs and shit as the whole planet uses you as their own personal baby making machine

Same. I hope that happens soon too, especially since getting full nelsoned is my fucking FAVORITE THING



brb sending note



Well, going by the recent reveal you and yours will be a lot more popular in the coming days, especially when it comes to playing with something big.


File: d13d215be0e8620⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1045x519, 1045:519, 1497385109950.png)


I sure HOPE so! Goddamn, I still can't believe Ridley is in smash now, he looks SO FUN TOO GODDAMN!



>When your once ignored canon character nets you approaches when the thirsty masses come in for the fresh hotness

That's a rare feeling, now to hope you don't get swarmed in shitters, anon!


File: 0c2b52d0bed8da4⋯.jpg (141.48 KB, 600x900, 2:3, samitametrsip_104.jpg)


I know I'm gonna get swarmed by them, but hey! You know what? Ridley in smash, and Prime 4 on the horizon has made me really wanna play Samus again, so fuuuuck it!


File: 95cf2a85ea21cde⋯.jpg (49.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Samus Returns Artwork.jpg)


That's the spirit! Here, have a Samus.


File: f6f3b2ec6b4e5a7⋯.jpg (228.09 KB, 850x1822, 425:911, 1497389367076.jpg)


Thank 'ya, I'll put it right in the folder. ily very much and I'm gonna have the time of my life.


File: c16bf1e9f702883⋯.png (227.73 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Ridley Lemme Smash.png)


Behold, your future.


File: f68aa68520111c7⋯.gif (384.98 KB, 425x240, 85:48, 1528023408825.gif)


I'm prepared. My anus is ready for that remodeling.


File: b96127319147b58⋯.png (383.7 KB, 530x1280, 53:128, Samus and Peach.png)

File: 1687b97bcf0f5a1⋯.jpg (120.61 KB, 500x706, 250:353, Sammy and Trainer.jpg)

File: 56c22fc5b6809f0⋯.png (517.18 KB, 800x1500, 8:15, Muscle Samus.png)

File: d1704516f5a46be⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 384x216, 16:9, Thumbs Up.gif)


Well, have some of the last of my Samus lewds in preparation.


File: 7bc5e267039468c⋯.jpg (114.88 KB, 463x411, 463:411, 1499387980599.jpg)

>All the new Samus profiles that'll pop in trying to get space dragon dick, all ready to get smashed by anyone else that comes their way



File: ee9a4acb16694b8⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 464x445, 464:445, Samus.jpg)


Heck yeah m'dude, thanks a bunch.


Don't forget the old ones dude, we ALSO want Space Dragon Dick, as well as any other dick that's thrown our way.


File: f6e4cf61191decb⋯.png (106.77 KB, 315x449, 315:449, ERECTION M A X.png)


Seems like a job for thirsty anon to solve, what's your F-List so I can mail some dick(s) to your general direction?


File: 20ed3b67d536c71⋯.png (883 KB, 800x1213, 800:1213, 1497382248629.png)


Riiight up here >>156193

I for one welcome all thirst

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