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File: df9160a0a22ae13⋯.jpg (354.85 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, __original_drawn_by_kuruma….jpg)


Why not have a thread where we critique each other's character concepts to gauge interest?

Write about some characters you've been thinking of making, what kind of scenes you'd like to do with them (Can be just kinks or something storywise), and who you'd like to play them with (Blues, dominant pinks, femboys, etc.)

Give critique to people who are interested in the kind of characters you usually play and tell them how you feel about their character concept. Specifically, tell them what you like/dislike about their concept, any good points or red flags, and (If you have one) your opinion on what angle you'd best like to see them take on their concept. Give them the benefit of the doubt - When you picture this kind of character approaching you, assume that their profile is passable by your standards and that your only concern is your interest in the character.


I can get behind this type of thread. I was​ planning a rich blue dom who does human trafficking and noncon BDSM. His back story was a case of "she cheats he pays" and pink partners could insert as his wife. Was thinking of adding a daddy's girl daughter since I'm into playing multiple characters.



There's a lot of things there I'd be interested in but my first reaction was "Really? Another rich dom? Aren't there enough of those already?" It's kind of a stereotype. Seems sometimes like 90% of the doms out there are rich guys.

What if he were middle class or even lower just starting to get into human trafficking? Would make him more likely to kidnap women (or girls if you do ageplay) since he can't just wave money at them to tempt them. Kidnapping is likely to be something people interested in a profile like that are into.



Then the wish fulfillment would be incomplete.

Because tbh that's all always dom profiles are. Nothing but simple childish wish fulfillment.


File: be410702a4b0d8c⋯.jpg (497.37 KB, 675x987, 225:329, 1fcaec293818eaf0098f7bc1b3….jpg)

I'd never really had much interest in mature-age characters, but I've recently been toying around with a milf prostitute. Was a college student that hooked to pay bills, and now it's twenty years later and she's got more debt to the streets than she'd ever have in student loans.

Bad mother type with multiple unplanned kids; sleeps during the day, hooks at night to keep them and the welfare coming. Cares more about making strangers feel good and the cute virgins popping their cherries as cheap as possible. Takes payment in takeout, drugs, alcohol, cash, clothes and fake jewelry.

Hadn't really done anything with the concept since I thought it might too depressing and I've never really tried a mature age character before - any tips? I'd like to try and attract as many pinks as blue, or, well at least some.


File: 77eb49f66c3c722⋯.jpg (198.96 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, __original_drawn_by_kusaka….jpg)

File: bffe564180eeaea⋯.jpg (687.54 KB, 1098x1600, 549:800, scan0001.jpg)

File: 11d98387338accf⋯.jpg (205.92 KB, 740x1171, 740:1171, __original_drawn_by_cain_g….jpg)

I've got a few to put on the table. Three new profiles is obviously way too many, so I'd enjoy some input on which of the three would be the most popular. I just generally want to play with blues, though I don't like playing with shotas or feminine blues all that much.

>A "Shoujo heroine" type girl. Very sweet, tender-hearted, clumsy, hardworking, energetic, a little shy. When she falls in love with a man, she falls hard and starts to view him as her prince charming - Which will turn into a minor obsession until she either has her heart broken or gets into a comfortable relationship with him. I want to use her specifically for mushy, handhold-y, fluffy romance and I'm willing to optionally play her as a newlywed housewife.

>Her schtick is that she's been tainted by the internet. She's not just sexually aware, she's a full-blown pervert whose inner monologue isn't so different from a teenage boy's. She's self-aware and knows that this would be a disaster on her social life if anyone ever found out, so she keeps all of her thoughts about Bishonen-kun's delicious, meaty dick in her ass locked firmly inside of her head. Most lewdness begins when she initiates sex accidentally, because she can't tell "He's pushing me against the wall for a kiss" from "He's pushing me against the wall because he can't contain his desires to fuck my brains out anymore". I'd like to try out a lot of kinks with her, but I'd mostly like to place emphasis on either a kinky sex life with her boyfriend that doesn't effect their pure relationship (Much) or kinks like gentle femdom, which directly effect the plot in a sweet way.

>A kuudere royal demon loli, first heir to her mother's throne. Most of the kingdom knows of her through propaganda alone, who depict her much like they do her mother, just as powerful and sharp as she is commanding and sadistic. However, in reality she's just the average talented child. She doesn't want to become queen and she doesn't believe in the war against humans that her mother is fighting, but she loves her mother too much to go against her. She feels very appreciative for her upbringing and loves to make others happy with her talents, but she just wishes that she could live as a normal girl with normal expectations placed upon her. Tries in private to do "Commoner things" and usually fails or gravely misunderstands them. Being a demon, she often uses her sexuality to express her feelings.

>Basically, I want to set up scenes where a member of the demon army (Most likely a "Bad boy" type or some sort of monster) becomes close enough to her to see her for who she really is. They cannot betray their queen by confronting her about her daughter's true feelings, but they have enough privacy with the princess to try and help her out or make her feel better in small ways. She dreams of being treated like a more cutesy type of princess, so becoming her knight in shining armor behind closed doors is a great place to start, though optional. I'd rather improvise where they go from there, but I could easily see her coming to him often to explain commoner-related concepts and wanting to spoil him in exchange for the help. I'm also a stickler for "Fantasy monstergirl stuck in modern times" plots, so I'd be willing to entertain trying that out with certain characters.

>A young martial artist who loves to party, moving from place to place by hitching rides with fellow music fans and hoping that the next big concert/festival will be within rough proximity of tournaments and good opponents. Her personality is genki, childish, and incredibly tomboyish - Her ability to become "One of the guys" makes her mostly overlooked when it comes to sex and she doesn't seem to have enough interest in relationships to initiate flirting herself. Inexperienced in fighting, but has bravery, potential, and isn't lazy. Loves to play pranks.

>She's a metalhead. She's been in countless situations where she could have gotten endless amounts of dick without so much as lifting a finger, yet she's always somehow managed to avoid having sex or finding anyone she's attracted to. I want to put her in a situation where a guy (Who at this point thinks of her like he would a sister or a male friend) ends up showing a lot of skin around her and suddenly all of that libido that she's been missing hits her like a freight train. She finds a guy that she's actually thirsty for and now she has no idea how to go about trying to have sex with him. Most of the rest is up to my partner's character and how they'd interact with each other, but I'm fine with making her on the shyer, more awkward side, OR playing out a situation where she tries to dominate him. I'd love to do lots of standard tomboy-related plots and I love the idea of slapping her with a more strict, traditional martial artist who's her opposite.



That sounds cute. Would you be looking at the anthro thing in particular?



Anthro definitely. With fat sagging teats and a meaty canine pussy. Another fox slut on the corner… except she's been on that corner for nearly two decades.

Cute wasn't exactly the first thing coming to mind, but I guess seeing it another way is what I am looking for.


File: 2f27d0d60a343e0⋯.png (35.6 KB, 450x400, 9:8, d9bd110130d00285f487b339c3….png)

File: 39ad19e0a01acf7⋯.jpeg (163.74 KB, 960x1224, 40:51, 1a76ec9bf0e35ae01e8b570ba….jpeg)

File: 3d40bbe5c2cec65⋯.jpeg (179.9 KB, 778x1100, 389:550, 5b4e2bce91877a8c4b6ec34bf….jpeg)

File: 7e82c9738cfae73⋯.jpeg (445.79 KB, 700x1004, 175:251, 83156756835d799ba9649c1d4….jpeg)


Kind of underexplained the character I think, since there's a mix of ideas that would need him to be rich and others that would lend to him being loaded.

In any case I have him thought up as a pioneer of automated shipping. The setting is the near-future after he's become top dog in delivery because the large-scale competition had to battle with protesting workforce, while he only had robots working for him since launch.

Since he has an army of shipping robots, it's simple enough to secretly slide some women in to specially designed boxes and move them around. And for that matter to afford a fully equipped BSDM dungeon in the basement with near-future tools and toys if I bother to think of any.

Primarily he's out to punish ex-wives like his who are a fault in ending the marriage but get all the benefit from the law, and then sell them back to their husbands as "reformed" women or broken cumdumps. Training fresh young girls isn't out of the question however. Especially if I borrow from Bound Friends and make it so the future has some very different labor laws.

Admittedly the daughter might be the more interesting character. Basically the divorce happens when she's old enough to know better when mom tries to vilify dad, but young enough to have to sit through some abuse for not taking mom's side for a couple years before she can become independent.

Maybe I should run with just that, "Daddy's little dungeon mistress" sounds like a nice theme.


File: bb341a5ef23dc97⋯.jpg (91.88 KB, 519x810, 173:270, 6909701.jpg)

File: fdcddfcb94f17ea⋯.jpg (296.16 KB, 850x540, 85:54, sample_3c0896e9fed3476ea32….jpg)

I've been toying around with the idea of some sorta corporate samurai for a cyberpunk/Shadowrun styled setting. I imagine her as what's essentially the 'corp's link to the actual world out there, so she's often stuck in the middle of the shitty parts of town doing all manner of shady shit. Probably more for story stuff than sex unless you're into rape and captivity , so I'm unsure if there would be any interest in a profile like this.

What do you think, anon?



I think all the ideas sound fun, though I particularly like the last one. Seems more like you're looking for specific scenes with these though, I just hope you're not going to pigeon hole yourself into never finding a good partner.

Please post the profiles of you do end up making any of these though, I'd love to discuss a scene if I have a profile who would be compatible.


File: 30fad586c1cce3f⋯.png (39.82 KB, 551x411, 551:411, 30fad586c1cce3f68d0fedfa3e….png)



oh fugg my boner

If you do it, post it.


Little Preteen Slavewhore. She doesn't know how she was born. Or why. All she's ever know is pain, and suffering and nasty men and women and shemales coming along to use her poor, abused holes. Got a major stockholm and attachment syndrome. She's willing to perform the meanest, nastiest tasks without question, in the hopes of any of her rapists and abusers saying a nice word, any word to her that she'll gobble up like a starving nigger a discarded piece of old bread. Her days are spent being tied up, spanked, abused, fucked. fisted. Drinking piss. Getting tortured. Made to fuck dogs and horses and eat their holes for her Master's and Mistresses' pleasure.

She responds best to "Slutpig". That's her name. The only name she's ever had. And what's written on her collar. She lives in a small cage in a dungeon in a basement of a rich, wealthy mansion.

Every now and then she gets taken to rich people to serve as party entertainment. Getting fucked by presidents, congressmen, members of parliant. Billionaires. The world she lives in is a corrupt, cold, evil one. There's no hope for her. No knight in shining armor will ever rescue her. All she lives for is to serve and breed more slaves once she gets old enough.

The older slaves get, the more degrading their tasks become. They get brainwashed, what little humanity they had gets removed, until, from age 18 on, they are reprogrammed to live, serve and exist and wild pigs on farms, mating with other animals, oinking, being shameless and wallowing in their own filth.



Preteen sex slave is super trite. Taking it to it's logical extreme doesn't make it less trite.



I'd play with them, though as a concept you might want to explore how she personally feels about the shady shit she has to do.


File: e557ede4ade3046⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 604x916, 151:229, tumblr_naf6jnHjlU1r0bsjlo3….jpg)

I've got an idea that I've been meaning to turn into a profile for a little while. Essentially, a girl (pic related) who's gone through the hoops of reaching grad school, and absolutely hates the work she does. Figured it would be different, can't stand the politics, the way people conduct research, basically just jaded about the education system. She's on a Ph.D track in psych, but spends most of her time putting off thesis work, teaching undergrad students, and working with research assistants.

She takes her frustration out on the class she has to teach and the girls who either come to ask for help in class, or her research assistants. Basically exploiting her position of power for free pussy. Would probably focus on toxic relationships, ambivalence about work, stuff like that.


File: 8fc1ca3c719455b⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 394x406, 197:203, 8fc1ca3c719455b43670ca7dd3….jpg)



Her background is unncessarily complicated and I can see you getting no play at all. College students? Teaching in college? BOOOOOOOOOOORRRINGGGG

Make her a yandere high school teacher that likes to dominate her class and play practical pranks on them, and you got a winner. Like Prison School, but it's just this one psychotic teacher that's got everyone under their spell.



It's less practical pranks and more manipulation, but I see your point. Though I think I prefer the college setting. No parents, experimental time–it's easier to take advantage of people that way.


Gonna suggest a general checklist for everyone's ideas to help them clarify their intent to others (and to themselves if the idea is too unformed for crit.)

1. Character summary.

The basics, who your character is, any relevant history or goals.

2. themes wanted/intended

The better descriptions included this, but it should definitely be phased. What kind of kinks, and what kind of scenarios are you making this character to play out?

For example:


If you want do high-tech BDSM and human cargo in a robot shipping fleet, say that instead of just leaving it at your character being a rich guy.

3. partners wanted

might be obvious if it's fleshed out, but it wouldn't hurt to specify what kind of other characters you want to play your character opposite of. Especially if you're looking for different things from different kinds of characters.

Well, I think having those three in mind will help, anything else to add?



I don't do dyke shit but this sounds pretty great for those that do


File: 4045196054bb9ef⋯.jpg (223.82 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_ce7893e4241d87fe185….jpg)

I'm this close to making a 2B canon. Someone stop me.



Do you think games are silly little things?






I already have a profile for this idea, but I think it really needs to go back to the drawing board to change focus or decide whether the character actually deserves her own profile.

It started as a backstory character for a magical MILF.


If I keep the profile, I'll be re-writing it to emphasize dual character for "past" and "present" versions.

Past version is a girl who has mind control powers, but started using them aggressively before she understood how to use them.

Mainly looking for semi-accidental rape where she develops a crush on a guy and her mind-puppets go fetch him.

"Present" has an adult woman who suddenly regains memory and use of her ability to read and write thoughts. Might change her career if something different lends itself to interesting or sexy situations.

Potentials include blackmail or other sexually-charged aggression from someone aware of her past, and having her sit through and be influenced by incoming fantasies about her.


File: 93130fc4d15dc40⋯.gif (162.66 KB, 1036x772, 259:193, 1429348300718.gif)



You'll delete in less than 3 months.


File: 21f211f9cc3d694⋯.png (458.6 KB, 800x600, 4:3, rikascreenie.png)

Would any of you fuck a Rika profile? The prime name wasn't taken so I took it for now. I realize there's no canon at all but she is so fucking cute aaaaaa.



Was she one of the cut girls? I don't recognize her at all.


File: a3b139857caaac6⋯.jpg (76.68 KB, 546x800, 273:400, 177e239770ed7b01f46317d424….jpg)

I've been thinking about making a legacy superhero profile lately. One of those heroes with a long family history of heroics and good deeds, with a patriotic bent and an almost overwhelming desire to good, to campy levels. Mostly this would be the base for him, mostly so people could watch him buckle and fall under the weight of reality.

Would he stay true to his morals, or become unrecognizable from his former self? That's the question that would be answered in any possible scene with him. Personally I think it's intriguing, but maybe I have shit ideas. Lemme know if that's the case.


I've really been meaning to improve my time management, and part of that includes putting a stop to lurking F-list all day with my shitter underdeveloped characters. I would like to just hop on in the evening with one nice character.

I've been thinking about creating a woman character that works for some grey-area three letter agency. She's a bit socially awkward because she got recruited straight out of being a college bookworm and can't discuss what she does for 10 hours every day with anyone. Her work is her life, but she can never talk about her work.

I'd be looking for scenes in which she attempts to develop relationships, casual or intimate, while balancing her work life. Kink-wise, a lot of babby's first kinks are preferred. She will be referring to her trusty guidebook, A Neophyte's Guide to Seduction.

I'm thinking of making the character homosexual, or unsure at first, with orientation play being fine. Bitchbreakers need not apply, though dominant partners are fine.



She was one of the april fool's DLC girls.


I basically never have time for new play nor a relevant character to shag them with but I wholeheartedly support this idea.



I'll play her for you if you want, anon.


File: ab82985b3cc620c⋯.jpg (485.92 KB, 1223x932, 1223:932, drop_frame.jpg)

File: e42294dd7e1d6fc⋯.jpg (194.72 KB, 800x981, 800:981, Draw_the_Line_by_Inkthinke….jpg)

Some ideas that have been rolling around my head for years without much success or attention.

>The mutant/supervillan

>Albino plus bleached colourless and almost transparent human female

>Severe physical mutation. Plant-based, all biological function is dependent on photosynthesis, lack of colour assists in light absorbance

>body heat output is excessive, scalding at full charge

>Side effect of this is the ability to direct and generate light and heat as a projected energy weapon

>bulbasaur used solar beam!

>never been able to nail down a reason to do anything

>Space origin for above

>Child born on a sun orbiting space station studying for..reasons

>shit goes wrong, station goes dark

>years later bizarre shuttles begin screaming insane messages at the worth

>a few risk landing. Inside one is an arrogant, bleached young girl writhing and begging to go back to where its warm

>turns out the station drifted too close to a solar flare. Lost most of its shielding, most of the crew died. She mutated

>now revered as an avatar of the sun sent to the earth to spread the word and find new converts to replace the cancer riddled cultists in terminal orbit

>Different powerset. Unable to absorb the levels of light, heat and radiation on earth that she needs to produce beans of atomic fire

>Instead generates enough power from daylight to trigger some kind of nuclear bullshit using the hydrogen in the air

Alternatively something dnd inspired

>Air genasi hexblade duellist (3.5 or so)

>Meele warlock more or less

>Patron is her great-aunt. A distant relation and full-blown elemental power

>spells reflect this, all lightning and wind

>The cost is returning every other year to spend a few months getting used by her patron (lesdom and/or shemale breeding)

>Motivation for her career as a professional bloodsport dualist is status. Air genasi must earn or win their way into the family

>she competes against her "pureblood" elemental cousins for acclaim and status. They do poetical things ,she fights and adventures during off-seasons

>Also driven and savagely competitive. Loves the crowd and rush of fighting to draw blood or wound instead of killing

>lewd scenarios write themselves. Adoring fans, adventuring partners, whores and whatnot



Yup, cute girl idea, I'm in, please tell me about your profile.


File: 90a4e6d1113cf15⋯.jpg (121.26 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1.jpg)

File: edd5be71e65e6d1⋯.jpg (416.48 KB, 917x1300, 917:1300, 2.jpg)

File: 691148a6c33aa07⋯.jpg (620.85 KB, 1771x2501, 1771:2501, 3.jpg)

File: 520eca2b363d4f8⋯.jpg (161.44 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 4.jpg)

File: d3cb9cf6f1712e9⋯.jpg (224.49 KB, 1200x1700, 12:17, 5.jpg)

Been having ideas centered around a cougar pedo. She would be a single unmarried woman in her 30s that isn't into anyone over 12 or so max, but she has maternal instincts in her prowlings. Basically she would scope and observe places like a playground or lure unsuspecting boys and girls to her home to toy with. She might have a career or job that places her around kids, like a school teacher.

She would be very interested in shy or naive young boys; ones that are already quite developed between their legs a plus. She's not adverse to little girls, though she might be a big rougher with them. Expect exhibitionism, crossdressing or putting any sort of adorable outfit, mild bondage like handcuffs and the like, and generally pamper the kids like they were her own. Remember, she's not out to break them, she merely wants to share her love.



I really like this. As classic as it may be, you've hit the general emotional pull that makes older women so appealing to young boys. How would you want the kid to be played out? If she is into dressing and exhibitionism, is he more on the gullible and susceptible side when it comes to personality? The only thing that I feel would make your idea more tantalizing is if the tables are turned on her lascivious ways once she actually gets the boy riled up enough to respond to her.


File: d2ec96bb26d9cd5⋯.jpg (238.14 KB, 984x968, 123:121, slt06a.jpg)

File: 0df558997a42e51⋯.jpg (718.67 KB, 2274x2094, 379:349, 2035566 - Nikki.jpg)


Gullible and unassuming is a good way to put it. I figure the boys and girls would mostly see her as a little weird but nice enough, either with her acting a tad lewd in her yard or sitting on a bench smiling as she watches them play before flashing them or luring one of them to her van.

As for turning the tables on her, she'd enjoy it so long as the kid doesn't become too bratty. Take, for example, a boy or two playing cops and making her the robber or criminal to tie up, or a girl sitting or stepping on her for being a "meanie" to her or her brother. Perhaps once the kids get a taste of her lovin', they'll come back for more, almost begging for it or helping themselves to her, and she might tease or joke how they're taking advantage of her. If we try the school teacher route, it can be a case of the teacher's pet getting away with stuff in class since she doesn't want to scold her new fave boy– or maybe it serves a good enough excuse for him to see her after class if he craves a nice paddling.



What I was referring to was the kid eventually liking it and working extra hard to try and please the older woman. She would probably laugh it off as cute, but maybe her internal dialogue can be something like "Uh oh.. I'd better not drop my guard. He hit really close to my danger zone last time…

In time, maybe he does get her to feel just as amazing as she does for him? That could be something he works his little heart out for, but she would be forever outside of his reach despite her teasing and coddling. Shit, maybe he one day actually does it and makes her cum; it would be really interesting to see how she would react if the shift in power left her side for but a brief moment.

That false sense of submission is a good touch. I can see the school teacher idea work well with your second comment about her teasing as to how she is being subjugated. What if she holds after school tutoring, and good grades are rewarded with more and more risky stuff. The boy could get so wound up and confused by her messages that he begins to study unlike ever before just to keep getting more "rewards" from his dutiful teacher. The more she just continues to psychologically abuse the boy, he just snaps and serves her as a zombified sex fiend.



I'll get back to you when I make it, promise!



I'm sure she'll orgasm with any boy. It might be more how detached she is with her love 'em & leave 'em mentality. Sure, she might ride a boy off and on for a while, but she eventually moves onto new kids, since cute young boys grow up to be not as cute teens and men. If one boy is way too eager to stick around, say, one that lives in her neighborhood, it might be a twist that she isn't used to being the one seeked out, even being demanded by boy wanting to feel good. Worries of committment and all that compared to her typical "puppy love".


File: bb05c093067ee5a⋯.jpeg (472.62 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, c8799b9fad7c3cb471bd389b6….jpeg)

File: fcb9cd2afc2c02a⋯.jpeg (548.26 KB, 800x1222, 400:611, 73fd392c3f61b39aed2c74834….jpeg)

>Lowkey racist starship captain in a sci-fi world where humans have developed interstellar travel and are now looking to make contact with other species to strengthen a newly formed Federation

>Her mission is to literally seek out new worlds and civilizations to establish contact and other various diplomatic missions

>Objectively terrible person who fucked her way into the position she's in. Will often act on impulse and ignore the advice of her first officer and crew members.

>Sees most alien races as inferior as they were unable to develop FTL travel, and must rely on the Federation.

>Has a thing for exotic cocks, but considers the aliens she sleeps with to be nothing more than sex toys to dispose of once she's done taking their dicks for a test ride.

Think essentially an anti-James Kirk, but with tits and as a cute anime girl. Good idea, bad idea?


An elaboration of an idea posted in another thread,

>Bioshock infinite lady-cop

>Typical "gotta be twice as hard as the men" dyke-tier lesbian in 1912 ultra-conservative white society

>Decent rapport with her precinct born of years working together. Still has to physically dominate criminals in spite of this

>Severely short-tempered and violent with perps as a result. Takes frustrations out on ethnic criminals she has broad rights to abuse

>Beatings, outright torture and rape are common

>In spite of this she believes she's a good honest person. Born in Colombia she wholeheartedly believes that nonwhite are less then human and that raping a black or irish woman is no worse then masturbation

>Taboo beliefs and behaviours are instead her relative openness about her sexuality

>Trims her pubes down to almost nothing, wears pants when off-duty. Pays women "unseemly" amounts of attention

She thinks she's a good person and by the standards of her society she mostly is. Racism and appalling abuse of power are expected to be the norm while her working out at a gym in a man's singlet and bra or being seen holding hands with another women are the socially dangerous things. I want her to be your overworked cop trope just with a severe drinking problem supplemented with early century lesbian sex, rape and a minor drinking/plasmid problem. The kind of person who'll come home late on her girlfriend's anniversary three drinks deep because it was a hellish day and there was absolutely no getting home on time. Sympathetic, but only if you're already up to your neck in her life


File: 34a5fbd011565fd⋯.jpg (92.84 KB, 1122x1200, 187:200, C359KvEUYAAgNcU.jpg)


>Will often act on impulse and ignore the advice of her first officer and crew members.

>considers the aliens she sleeps with to be nothing more than sex toys

Are you sure this is the anti-James Kirk?


File: bf4cced84e85d7c⋯.jpg (143.55 KB, 521x800, 521:800, 7278224.jpg)


Jim often followed the advice given to him by Spock, Bones, and occasionally Scotty. When he took decisions on his own he still found a way to reconcile the more logical point of view of Spock with McCoy's more humanitarian ideals. And sure, he was a ladies man and never actually settled down, but it was mostly because his true love was the Enterprise itself. Even when he knocked up the scientist lady from the movies he fully intended to marry her and raise the child as his own, but she told him to fuck off because she didn't want to live aboard the Enterprise.

This girl is the exact opposite, she has no respect for anyone under her command, and will often ignore their advice. Unless they're inequivocably right, in which case she'll listen to them and act like everything was her idea. She has no intention of ever formalizing with any of the aliens she fucks, she just spends the night with them and gets the hell out. She doesn't even see them as equals, to her space is just a zoo of exotic dicks and cunts for her to try. She'd destroy most of them if she could get away with it.


File: 951fc8f4c4de711⋯.jpg (177.07 KB, 825x926, 825:926, boxer.jpg)


I think the overworked cop is definitely favorite archetype of hard boiled police type. Never seen it done with a racist spin, or not for RP sake anyways.

>be mick dyke in a fight club at in the middle of the night

>just finished beating the shit out of some guido fuck saying the irish shouldn't run alcohol because they keep dropping their hair in it and turning it red

>carve another broken jaw tally onto your left arm

>cops bust in, just hope they don't take a chunk out of the other ear this time



>Pigs are all the same. So proud in their blue and gold

>Babyface rookies clutching truncheons in sweaty palms and nervous eyes

>Stony vet's. Cold inside and out, hand cannons drawn. Just another day to them

>Behind them she comes. Wifebeater, dishwater blond tied back in your mother's haggard bun

>You've seen softer steel in the mills

>"Keep the paddy awake" murder and exhaustion turn her words to gravel and glass. Undercut by a nasty heat. Drunk lust, sniggering uncle-o'conners-in-your-bedroom-again rapey desire "I'll wanna question her"


File: f8a592db937edfc⋯.jpg (336.51 KB, 800x600, 4:3, __chris_northfield_princes….jpg)

File: 859caafa202de6b⋯.jpg (3.5 MB, 3213x4764, 1071:1588, __yano_erika_shirobako_dra….jpg)

Got some multi-character ideas, how should I present multiple in a single profile?

Idea 1: boyish twin girls. One messes with the other by putting her in a combination strapon/chastity belt and making her act like a femboy at swinger parties. Role reversal suggested but not mandatory.

Idea 2: nothing too fancy, Milf and her college-age daughter and optional midle-school daughter who like to share boyfriends.


File: 21d25b1a255d9c1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 165.51 KB, 470x800, 47:80, 1383109941.queblock_hiraki….png)

File: a26f44ca51cffab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.7 KB, 848x1280, 53:80, 1459986664.shinanto_dru5tb….jpg)

File: 081e72e967e85c6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.92 KB, 844x1054, 422:527, 1382931758429.jpg)

An interesting idea crept up on me while thinking about Snake Plissken. It may or may not be entirely unrelated.

I have an idea for a character - a pink, daughter of an emperor or her own. Roughly sci-fi setting, though probably flexible. She'd be a cruel and overly pompous girl with a penchant for conquer and wholesale genocide. The big bad evil girl. Stuck up, if you could look behind all the masquerade and mascara. She really just needs a dicking, even if it may end up being entirely nonconsensual due to her complete aversion towards anything sexual. Hell, she might just need some of that old fashioned chemical bullshit some people call "love". I've been leaning towards long-term stuff more and more, so that'd probably be the thing.

Twist? She's an alien menace. But not just any alien menace. Just picture a xenomorph dressed as a secretary and you'll get the gist of it. Civilized aliens, but with the traditional cultural values of xenophobic slaughter and battle-enduced grandeur. You can have a conversation with her that does not primarily involve getting rend in half - at least, it isn't a requirement. May or may not involve weird alien biology.

now just to get reference images that also don't sport huge shemale cocks. preferably something with a himecut. himecuts are my jam.


I'm convinced there is a significant percentage of people (pinks especially) who just make characters they would want to fuck.

I had an idea of a doppelganger or mirror character, who body swaps with people so they can fuck their own character. Either as another character (letting them choose who they control) or a mirror image of themselves. Flexible options, could add dicks to people where necessary.

Go fuck yourself.



I'm guilty of that. The majority of those were shemales, and that's because no-one else in the world would make such a character. Bite me.



And what would you pair them with?

What kind of character would you want to be to fuck your own characters?

I'd let people go as far as just finding another profile, which is what they'd be when they fuck me (them). And do as best as I can to match personality to an extent, to give them a genuine experience.



>check out all the new rookies who don't have swollen faces and cauliflower ears from past raids

>see some grizzled, alcoholic hawkshaw looking like the foreman and the police in the face of a group of strike workers

>'flatfoot boat-licking bull cunt'

>fucking foul mouthed Irish

>rookies get to be vets under fire, go home with faces too swollen for wives to kiss, and the adventurous come back with chunks of teeth on their tongue

>make sure to hock two men's worth of blood and spit at the woman after the raid's over, a mouthful of human slag and red hair, laced with furious, accented grumbling

>freckles like little targets pock with sweat, bet her slap won't leave half the bruise uncle o'conners did, neither will her tickle



Blues I make are usually characters I'd like to fuck. Or at least characters I'd like to type fuck with. Pinks I make are usually based on parts of my personality at their age with other things tossed in to make them less identifiablely me and add additional sex appeal as well as reasons for them to meet other characters to fuck.


File: 5b87eb9df983f3d⋯.jpg (63.39 KB, 505x1200, 101:240, 1265086316.onta_classicgay.jpg)

File: 7f4d987e89d465f⋯.jpg (54.02 KB, 605x732, 605:732, c16eb89eaccc667a7b1dad72b9….jpg)

File: d3dd934d3ba521c⋯.jpg (399.26 KB, 1280x930, 128:93, 1439091962897.jpg)

Three vague ideas I'm not quite sure what to do with:

1. A cute, mischievous boy with the magic power to alter some part of a person's appearance with a touch: height, hair color, whatever. He can also make it *retroactive*, so that to everyone but him it was always that way.

2. A beefy anthro who's a quasi-shapeshifter: he can't change the fine details of his appearance specifically, but he can change what type of anthro he is. He's generally pretty polite despite being on the huge side, but his ~deep dark secret~ is that he was originally a tiny mouse or something and he gets a huge thrill out of manhandling others.

3. A feral dragon who's actually quite amiable. Strong instincts and lots of physical power and all, but made for weird romance rather than the kind of rapemonster stuff you usually see with dragons.




Smuggle him into the White House and turn everyone into a midget. Sic Semper Tyrannis!



>not making all the girls at the local high school shortstacks instead



>not completely reversing maturity by making all the freshgirls 8 feet tall, all the seniors under 5 and all the teachers into midgets




That sort of stuff would be great!


File: 874865da8e8780b⋯.jpg (239.32 KB, 1112x719, 1112:719, riza_p03_by_baimonart-db1n….jpg)

File: bc81492e6a31734⋯.png (701.83 KB, 500x1054, 250:527, elizabeth_by_krista_dunawa….png)


>Thudding as cloth-bound iron strikes, the familiar chorus of bruised meat and aching bones. Rookies too scared to pull their blows put punch-drunk greasers down for a bloody nap

>Reedy wailing- white points of agony where a scowling officer's fed the bookkeeping kike a steel sandwich and turned his teeth to flecks of shattered pearl. Makes her bone itch and her head begin to pound

>"Get em out.." Familiar need. Thumping cold, frozen pain starts to thaw. She needs a drink- or something stronger. Doc's got morphine still, put off visiting the asylum

>Girlfriend doesn't like her going anyway, says its not right to rub one out with a brain-dead drooler

>Finally done. Just Bog-trotter to go. Full of vim and vigor daddy'd say. Might be this will take the edge off

>Fingers that tremble knot right in bloody hair, jerking up and back. Dagger sharp- cruel for the hurting's sake while cuffs give her the iron handshake

>"Hope the nuns where gentle" hot breath. Stinking of graddad's gin hisses. Near enough for the redhead alone "when I'm gone with your ginger cunt you'll beg to go back to those Catholic dykes"

Fuck me but finding proper haggard, worn out blond female cop looking types is a nightmare


File: 8219b5895bc2b06⋯.jpg (824.68 KB, 1920x2466, 320:411, alexander-gustafson-law-br….jpg)

File: 17aa1d3afe21ba1⋯.jpg (161.07 KB, 800x1188, 200:297, albena-noveva-benynn-steam….jpg)


You want to set something up? Irish aren't people anyways, no one cares if you're getting some on the side


File: f16dc8196218756⋯.jpg (630.69 KB, 862x694, 431:347, private_investigations_by_….jpg)


Irish, the blacks..anything that's not eurocentric white or pure full-blooded god-save-the-queen british.

I'd like to set something up. I'll have to draw up the bones of a profile and either deal with anime-tier images for a while or really dig deep. I honestly thought it'd be easier to find dead-eyed blonds. Male's pulling the haggard look, your five o'clock shadow, drinkers eyes and dishevelled, ground down air are everywhere.

Anyway drop me a note at https://www.f-list.net/c/nikkiel/ while I get things sorted


>stalking boy in class like any good yandere, have taken a job at the cafe he likes to frequent after school to keep tabs on him

>find out he has a girlfriend from the third year's class, obviously can't have that

>admonish boy shrine at home while reading through his e-mails and IMs from the keylogger installed from that group project you did with him a month ago

>rub self raw from the memory of being in his room while getting mystery girlfriend's contact info, shouldn't be too hard to get them to break up

>make plans for dates that never happen, leave spooky voicemails with a voice changer about how disgusting, slut pig girls shouldn't go anywhere near boys

>a couple weeks pass but she seems resilient if their conversations are anything to go by, decide to get physical

>nothing serious, just break a couple fingers while she's on her way home from her part time job, make sure to wear a mask and pads to look like boy's older brother

>still nothing, they've only gotten closer on account of the 'weird stalker' that's been harassing her, boy accompanies her home so it's hard to corner the girl a second time

>plan to just off her next time they're alone

>come home with a bucket, lots of bleach and acetone, reading through boy's chat logs for entertainment while making shitty chloroform

>turns out they had sex and disgusting slut girl is pregnant

>knee jerk reaction is double murder suicide, but this actually couldn't be more perfect

>a little version of boy is growing inside her now, that means TWO of him instead of one

>break into girl's house at night, use shitty chloroform and take her home

>keep her tied to the post in the basement for now, will start a new family in nine months and sink girl to the bottom of a river once she's finished being useful


File: 17be3317c31a66e⋯.png (22.07 KB, 500x530, 50:53, Tzimisce.png)

I've been wanting to make a Tzimisce for a while now, but I'm not quite sure yet how to do it. I want to make him/her? a vehicle for body modification, but not take it to the extreme. I do want to include sex but without overt gore and keep bloodplay to a minimum lel a vampire without bloodplay. What angle should I go for?

For those who don't know the Tzimisce, read up here: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Tzimisce



Play up the old school Tizi traditions of hospitality and perhaps only employ the fleshshaping for possible gendershifting or to enable kinks. Now you don't -need- bloodplay as you say. But you should still be fairly blind to your partner's needs or reactions. If they enjoy bondage, for example you should just smile, nod and fuse their arms together behind their back and ignore the screaming



jesus, the first idea got me hard, so i recommend that one


File: 730dbadaeabe004⋯.png (1.04 MB, 890x1000, 89:100, 5aeafeec7d9176f9f0a516e86b….png)

File: bcc1eb489f10363⋯.jpg (120.57 KB, 736x1156, 184:289, 5aab52b6c819a5c9be887c9225….jpg)

I got this idea for making a blue that works as an accountant for a criminal organization. He's at the point where he has had enough, he is at a point where the only way he is probably going to get out of "the business" is by dying, so he decides that if he is going to die, he might as well try and some good in the world. Therefore, I'm thinking of playing up the potential "chadness" aspect by having him messing with the criminal organization. Money starts getting lost, inventory is not accurate, and other ways that damages their ability for commiting the big crimes.

He is going to be a bit paranoid, thinking that at any moment either the law or one of his colleagues will get him. So he will really value any chance he can get for some calm and/or sensual stuff. I like the idea of having him quote stuff like Shakespeare. Also, I'm thinking of throwing in a little insomnia and some "Am I responsible for the deaths of the people by my colleagues hands," thinking.

I enjoy the vanilla and wholesome stuff and I'm looking to do RP with pinks. He should fit in sci-fi, fantasy, and modern settings. Maybe I could say he is a part of the "inner-circle" or something so that I can have excuses for him to go on missions/adventures. Also, nonsexual and storydriven stuff with other male characters is fine too.



Is wish fulfillment childish in the context of ERP, though? I thought the reason why most of us are here is because we can't get laid IRL. Role playing is my escape, and I don't want to make my characters go through the same misery that I experience on a daily basis.

Like, I'm a fat fuck who's bad at sex and is too autistic to make a relationship work. I have a shitty back breaking job and I'm barely able to pay my bills. I want to live vicariously through my characters, and I think this is a good thing. Granted, wealthy doms are a dime a dozen, and I have no interest in dom/sub play at all, but why does everyone have to shit on another's fantasies? Our peers are furries and pedophiles, for Christ's sake.



I like this idea, anon. Use the FC on the left.



I'm just kinda giggling that sluts can't stop thinking about the money even when it doesn't matter.


1. Pink - Conjoined twins, either two women who share the same body or one woman with two heads, depending on your perspective.

2. Blue - Dude in a wheelchair. Thinking about having him be a college professor or something.


File: b6af0d8da52cc7e⋯.jpg (49.07 KB, 624x478, 312:239, bo-dallas.jpg)


Thanks! I'm going to get to work on writing the bio and customs.

Now I'm wondering if I should bother writing an "appearance/physicals" section to compensate for my lack of images or make a simple inline. If I make an inline, it's probably going to be something like a clipboard with paper and a pen.



Those could be interesting. What are you planning on doing with both of them?


File: 23532c1691d3b54⋯.jpeg (105.57 KB, 641x534, 641:534, 4EEAEDCC-5D6B-4C0B-8D90-A….jpeg)


>rape and captivity

But who’s the rapist?





>tfw it's been two years and this guy hasn't posted his f-list yet



Like the genasi.


Sounds like fun.


You're not wrong.


Alarmingly compelling.


File: d189bfa14461103⋯.jpg (113.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, EV02A.jpg)

I've had a couple of ideas which I've played out before to an extent before my RP partner disappeared. I'm not quite sure what fetishes this one fits into specifically - voyeurism/exhibitionism maybe.

A "normal"/sexually conservative mother/father/couple with one or more young/teen kids have to move to a very kind relative's town/village for whatever reason - except that relative is known to be utterly sexually depraved, and the village/town is a kind of optional nudist community where every sexual taboo is explored - thus the mother/father/couple are very hesitant to move there. The kids don't know anything about sex or have barely even seen someone other than themselves nude. Over time, the new family gets in on the game, either by gentle persuasion or being corrupted.

I like the idea because it gives a lot of room for pretty much any fetish - the only ones it really mandates is exposure to children/children exposing themselves (this is a big fetish for me) and [eventual] incest.

Along similar lines, an alternate universe scenario in which incest and dating children is tolerated (albeit not widely accepted), and parents will (with good and kind intentions) try and find partners for their kids but putting them on dating sites.

I don't really have a species preference with this stuff, I have a preference for humans but most any species is good - including MLP variations on the idea(s), canon or not. It's hard to fit this stuff on f-list because the story matters more than the characters, and the scenarios tend to have a lot of characters anyway - and I really prefer 3 or 4 para RPs over notes/email (daily/weekly/whatever), text chat feels unreliable since either participant can cum and then just continue on unenthusiastically which isn't fun for anyone.

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