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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: d961b5f53ffe7b8⋯.pdf (2.47 MB, Morphosephram_ebook.pdf)


I downloaded this book from an old /fringe/ thread on the subject of shapeshifting. Unfortunately I forgot what content was posted in the thread and could not find an archive of the thread. Is this book any good and is there any other material on shapeshifting?

inb4 rule 2: This is a shapeshiting general thread ;^)



So far the information i've got on making changes to the physical body are:

Open third eye so that thoughtforms can be created easier.

Create thoughtform of desired physical body/desired physical changes.

Merge with thoughtform to get desired effects.

This all seems too simple for such a thing to occur, hence why i'm asking for more source material and for someone to confirm whether the morphosephram is any good or not.


Magical Use of Thoughtforms and Initiation Into Hermetics both briefly cover shapeshifting. And if you get good enough to accomplish it, you'd probably be more than good enough to figure it out for yourself.

What would everyone like to become? I think it would be pretty neat to become a cat or a bird, personally. Shapeshifting solely for the experiences could be done much more easily (and with more powerful sensations) in a lucid dream or on the astral plane, so I probably wouldn't bother trying to become a female or anything. As a cat or a bird I could travel quickly and spy. I've also heard about shapeshifting for permanent features, and it'd be pretty nice to shapeshift my cavities away right now.



I pretty much have the same goal as your last one. Although I don't have any serious health problems it would still be useful to have information on shapeshifting to heal the problem (transform into a healthier version of yourself).

Thanks for the books and I would have to agree with you, It would be pretty neat to become a cat or a bird.


File: abe93f53b9023fe⋯.png (63.79 KB, 1787x522, 1787:522, Shapeshift 1.PNG)

File: bad5a6e62692786⋯.png (113.26 KB, 1777x675, 1777:675, Shapeshift 2.PNG)


from fringechan


There's also this book from Question thread #29



so far seems that its all about meditating(not thinking) and breathing(maybe like full depth) and not doing drugs and excersize maybe and good eating maybe just vegetals? :)


File: 6f6afc0ad68f951⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, in9.jpg)

Can I look like an anime character if I do this?



No, you're 3D and anime is 2D. You can do a lot with magic, but nothing outside the Law because this universe is the All's mind and not yours, you do not exist outside of it. You can, however, create your own universe and bend its reality to your will since you would be its Creator existing outside of it. The easiest way to do this is by lucid dreaming.



Though now that I think about it, it would be possible to make people see you as an anime character without actually looking like one, and since perception and belief create reality it wouldn't matter very much that you weren't. But this is mind control, not shapeshifting.



>Make people see you as someone else.

That is ineteresting. If you know what you would live to be perceived as and know what people you want to affect, how do you go about pulling that off?



The Hermetic Principles, thoughtforms, and sigils might be your best bet. I'm sure there are many ways you can do it so it really depends on the individual. I was in a lunch line and focused on the Principles of Polarity and Vibration to lower my presence (wanted to be perceived as invisible without being truly invisible) and after a few seconds the guy behind me bumped into me. That's a lot simpler to do than making yourself into a detailed anime character and holding it for hours, though.



Gonna clear this up. I am not the anime guy (shouldn't have to clear that up, but I'm just that concerned of others perception of me). But that's interesting: Partial invisibility. I suppose this smae techinique could be used to "fit right in" and appear like you belong in place when you might really not.



It's okay I do it too sometimes, even on this anonymous board. I think that would for sure work and for sure be relatively easy. There are some more basic and mundane behaviors you can learn from places like /r/ActLikeYouBelong to do this better in a general way, but I bet with the Hermetic Principles and a knack for telepathic emotional projection, it would work incredibly well.



>…and a knack for telepathic emotional projection, it would work incredibly well.

It just gets more interesting. This sentence in particular, would you just recommend I read IIH or is there something that's not in that book to get good at "telepathic emotional projection". That sounds useful outside of disguise.



I'm currently reading Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by William Walker Atkinson and he covers it pretty well. What's worked best for me is strong visualization of a connection between myself and another, then "sending" the thoughts with strong emotions and will. So far this works pretty well on animals, but I'm not very accomplished with humans. For influencing a group, I imagine you could visualize some sort of aura around yourself. And of course the Hermetic Principles always help.


Here is that book, you can get from this site on a kindle if you have one. Atkinson considers telepathy to be one of the seven basic senses, and one that isn't used a great deal by modern humans. He explains the physical and astral versions of each sense, and for telepathy the physical receives basic glimpses of emotion and intent, while the astral allows for clear and complex viewing of thoughts. With even a rudimentary understanding of magical practices, I think this sense is fairly easily reversed in such a way that one can influence others. Practice makes perfect of course!



>Anything by William Walker Atkinson

If that is written in the same style as Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It and Memory Culture then this is going to be a chore to get through.


I was once read a question in the question thread that said that though transmuting ideas and emotions to animals was possible, because of their intelligence it would be more empathetic than transferring pure ideas. More about influencing the animals' mood or their feelings about you.



He takes a long time to get at what he's saying, but he's honestly a very good teacher and this book in particular is short enough to get through in a few days. The first few chapters alone will clear up most questions about telepathy.

When I influence animals, very specific thoughts/commands don't work. Specific words or phrases can be repeated strongly in your mind to solidify the emotional intention, but it is the abstract idea rather than the sentence itself that will affect them. Getting an animal's attention is pretty easy, they are incredibly receptive and will make eye contact with you more or less the moment you connect and begin moving your thoughts to them, and will hold it for the duration of your practice. After that, it's just a matter of simplifying your expressions/requests/commands into forms the animal can interpret. Visualizing the animal doing what you want it to in detail helps tremendously. This is a very fun thing to do and always encouraging for its consistency. You will come to a greater understanding of how they go about their days and view humans.



>He takes a long time to get at what he's saying, but he's honestly a very good teacher and this book in particular is short enough to get through in a few days. The first few chapters alone will clear up most questions about telepathy.

his memory books dedicate entire chapters to quotes about people saying "how important memory is" and "how great it is" and the practical advice in both book can be boiled down to "Practice remembering stuff".



Hahahahaha. Clairvoyance and Occult Powers is better, I promise.





What Pranayama practices would be recommended for shapeshifting?


File: 2ffd78b2d7ea2c8⋯.jpg (145.21 KB, 723x900, 241:300, moon.jpg)


The purpose of pranayama is clearing your nadis, particularly ida, pingala and sushumna. There are no particular pranayama techniques for shapeshifting. You might experience bodily transformations brought about by this and by subsequent mastering vayu tattva, which is connected to the practice, and it can make other transformations occur easier but by itself it won't make you a shapeshifter. You might combine it with visualization and one-pointed awareness though.

So yeah, nadi shuddhi basically.

Here is the technique from Goraksasataka

Suddhim eti yada sarvam nadicakram maldkulam

Tadaiva jayate yogi prana samgrahane ksamah.

95. When the whole group of nadis, full of secretions, is purified, then indeed the Yogi

becomes capable of restraining the prana.

Baddhapadmasano yogi pranam candrena purayet.

Dharayitva yathaiakti bhuyah suryena recayet.

96. Assuming the lotus posture, the Yogi should fill in the prana through the left nostril; then,

having held it as long as possible, he should expel it through the right nostril.

Amrtam dadhisankasam goksirarajatopamam

Dhyatva candramaso bimbam prandyami sukhibhavet.

97. Having meditated on the circular image of the moon, nectar as white as curds (and) cow's

milk, (or) of the colour of purest silver, one practising pranayama should find peace.

Daksino svasamikrsya purayet udaram sanaih.

Kumbhayitva vidhanena praicandrena recayet

98. Having filled in the breath through the right nostril, one should fill the abdomen slowly;

having held it according to the rules he should expel (it slowly) through the left nostril.


Dhyatva njbhisthitam yogi prandytimi sukhibhavet.

99. Having meditated on the circle of the sun, full of a mass of flame of fire burning very

brightly in the navel, the Yogi who practices pranayama should find peace.

Pranam codidayd pibet parimitam bhuyo nyayarecayet.

Pitva pingalaya samiranamatho badhva tyajet vamaya.

Suryacandramasoranena vidhina bimbadvayam dhyayatah.

Suddha nadiganabhavanti yamino masatrayadurdhvatah.

100. Meditating in turn on the two images, moon and sun, (Yogi) should draw in the

breath through the left nostril; he should expel it again through the other, according to the

limit (of the times already explained): then having drawn in the breath through the right

nostril, and having held it, he should expel it through the left nostril. After three months

the group of nadis of the practicer becomes pure.

Yathiestham dharanam vayoranalasya pradipanam

Nadabhivyaktirarogyam jayate nadisodhanat.

101. By cleansing the nadis the prana (is) restrained as desired, the digestive fire (is)

kindled, internal sound is heard (becomes manifest), (and) one becomes diseaseless.

This is connected to the Tantrik symbolism that equals Moon with ida and Sun with pingala. Also, moon is connected with amrita -

the so called "nectar of immortality". Here is a similar technique from a different tradition, but without the visualization:




File: 8efc7ae2740d8f7⋯.png (347.69 KB, 386x585, 386:585, page 1.PNG)

File: ced337837ebc39a⋯.png (352.37 KB, 378x583, 378:583, page 2.PNG)

File: 4720154ffbf9c5e⋯.png (312.58 KB, 372x582, 62:97, page 3.PNG)

File: f2e0a2f5afc69b7⋯.png (198.73 KB, 377x369, 377:369, page 4.PNG)


Isn't this the meditation that Charlie Bronson (The prisoner, not the actor) used to psyche himself up to knock out a cow? It's claimed it can also be used to perform feats of strength by psyching yourself up to know that you can do it.

He definitely gives a more washed down version of some sort of meditation but the only ones I can find on the internet are articles of that more commercialized yoga practices



Archive of old thread. Learn to use the wayback machine.

Tho I consider this topic complete BS, here you are.


File: efb9044b4c72f77⋯.pdf (7.11 MB, 53835690-Tattwa-Shuddhi.pdf)


Ah, that is something different, although to some extent - yes it is nadi shuddhi, as much as everything that is clearing the nadis is nadi shuddhi (nadi shuddhi meaning basically "purification of nadis"). This is a somewhat confused attempt at tattva shuddhi (purification of elements). I say confused because it is based on tattva shuddhi as taught in Devi Bhagavatam but there are certain elements that are quite different - nevertheless there are core elements which are unmistakeably part of tattva shuddhi - but still, this would work. Anyway, the point of doing things traditionally is that traditional methods were practised and perfected over the course of hundreds or thousands of years, modern teachers rarely have expertise that can rival that of ancient sages.

Moreover, it would be more correct to call this bhuta shuddhi, as you purify only the 5 lowest elements (mahabhutas - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akasha) and not any higher tattvas in the practice.

Posting a book on that ancient technique. Sadly, the only modern and "practitioner friendly" book on the subject that I have is that of Bihar yoga school. I say sadly, because the gurus of this school were involved in rape and paedophilia in their ashrams and I reluctantly use the knowledge they put out in their books - if one can't even control their base urges what does it say about their level of attainment? Nevertheless, I don't know if this particular guru was involved in this scandal.

This practice will go hand-in-hand with pranayama posted before and with any attempts of self-transformation and purification and even with working towards elemental siddhis.


We also had a shapeshifting thread at fringechan.

>Tho I consider this topic complete BS




Take the theory section with a grain of salt though, the thing that matters is the technique. They were trying to pose as Tantrikas but they were Vedantis through and through, there are far better sources on theory behind Tantra, this can put some wrong ideas in your head.



Also, the meditation you posted lacks the two most important elements of tattva shuddhi - dissolving lower tattvas in the higher ones and the purification and transformation of your lower self, so yeah, I'd call it nadi shuddhi with some elements of tattva shuddhi thrown in to the mix.



Thanks for the info. Is "nadi shuddhi" the same thing/practice as "nadi shodhana"?

I think you're the guy from the Kundalini thread… I read "Prana and Pranayama". At what point would I know i'm ready for Prana Vidya?


Thanks for the thread. Is there an archive or a way to find an archive of the fringechan shapeshifting thread?



Yes, these are the same things.

Sorry, I deleted my post and reposted it, as I replied to the wrong post and it might have been confusing - the book I posted contains these elements, the med from Bronson do not.

Yeah, I'm the guy. I don't know, I'm not much into forceful breathing practices, which "Prana and pranayama" is all about. Lately all I'm doing when it comes to breathing is anapanasati and hamsa - which is basically breath awareness, and also some nadi shuddhi from time to time.

If you are into Hindu methods of cultivation then check out Vijnanabhairava thread, I posted some info there too that might be of interest.




Type in the URL of the main site and click the links, only some threads are archived because wayback machine is kinda random unless you manually save a page. You're lucky, this one was archived.



It can't be done, and it would be useless anyway. There are people who would have mastered this if it existed and they haven't so that means it doesn't real. I mean I know the people who'd have this skill if it existed. If you had endless time to study magic and the universe, you'll find out what is real and what is not, as well as what is worth doing. Whatever you'd want to use this for, it can be done better with another method. You're wasting your efforts. End of story.

This topic is like AP (exception is that is real), it's not good for anything, the theories behind it are not based on reality.

To put it simply, when learning a skill

>what is its purpose

>what is the most effective way to achieve this

Shapeshifting is not needed for anything, it's just an amusing idea.

Start by breaking out of the cycle of reincarnation, then we can talk.




I appear as a little girl with an orange dress and boots to other people when observed with non physical senses. I have no idea why, it doesn't match my appearance in any way.



>Partial invisibility. I suppose this smae techinique could be used to "fit right in" and appear like you belong in place when you might really not.

This is a legit thing. I've seen people use it to hide their face in plain sight. It becomes impossible to make out their facial characteristics even when looking directly at them.



>If you had endless time to study magic and the universe, you'll find out what is real and what is not

I assume you do have endless time to study magic and the universe?

>Whatever you'd want to use this for, it can be done better with another method

What if someone wants to use it to… y'know… shapeshift?

>You're wasting your efforts

I never said I want to be a shapeshifter. What kind of a half-assed strawman is this.

Anyway, I never asked what is the purpose of shapeshifting and whether it is needed or not, nor about your advice on learning skills, so you are kind of going off on a tangent.


>it's not good for anything

Agreed, but it sure is fun.

>Start by breaking out of the cycle of reincarnation, then we can talk.

Did you achieve nirvana, since you are talking about it? You can have siddhis and not achieve it. Arhats can pop their bodies in and out of existence at will, yet they still haven't reached nirvana. Breaking out of the cycle of reincarnation is not in any way a start to this kind of stuff.

To sum up your arguments as to why it can't be done:

>it can't be done

>end of story

>I know people who can't do it

>it's useless

Hope I haven't omitted anything :^)

I know people who modified their body through magic and meditation. That is, technically, shapeshifting.



>I know people who modified their body through magic and meditation. That is, technically, shapeshifting.

With that definition bodybuilding is shapeshifting. Watering down the concept until it means something else than you ("you" as in people in general, not you personally) originally meant to make it true is not what I'm talking about. The old threads (and other places where this is discussed)used to have people talking about turning into werewolves and all sorts of fantasy stuff. Why? As long as you are stuck here as a human, you're in the karma sphere and can't escape your suffering, so even wanting to do something like that is just an attachment you need to let go to even develop any basic skills. It's just an idea, " for fun", but fun shouldn't be your goal unless you have everything sorted out first. Fun like that is just hedonism and you'll end up a tranny and mutilating yourself like other confused armchair occultists.

But I guess that is also "shapeshifting".



>The old threads (and other places where this is discussed)used to have people talking about turning into werewolves and all sorts of fantasy stuff

They also had people talking about changing hair color and modifying their bodies. Yeah sure, turning into a werewolf doesn't seem as likely as body modification and most of it is just obulshitism.

>As long as you are stuck here as a human, you're in the karma sphere and can't escape your suffering

Well of course.

>you need to let go to even develop any basic skills

Not true, you can develop plenty of basic skills without it and also plenty of not-so-basic skills. Would that bring you closer to the end of suffering? Of course not, but no one claims it will. If you really think that you have to attain nirvana to have even the basic skills, not even talking about real siddhis, then you are greatly confused. You use Buddhist (or Hindu, can go both ways) terminology, but even the sutras contradict you, not even talking about tantras. They explain a great many skills that are available. Before nirvana/moksha of course.

>fun shouldn't be your goal unless you have everything sorted out first

Don't presume you know what my goals are. And yes I know, you are not talking personally about me, maybe, but still - get down from your high horse. You seem to think you are the only person here that knows about the mechanics of karma, the end of suffering, stages of enlightenment, reincarnation, nibbana and all that. You are not. This just isn't the place for this talk, go and create a separate thread about it if you wish to do so.

>you'll end up a tranny

There is nothing wrong with being trans-gendered.

>like other confused armchair occultists

You seem to think you know me, but you do not. I'm neither confused, nor armchair.


>having fun makes you a tranny



>You seem to think you know me, but you do not


>"you" as in people in general, not you personally

I find it interesting you seem to identify with the tranny part tho, just confirms what I've seen recently. It was a reference to JTS "johnny the savage" BO of a bunker /fringe/ who just came out on youtube.

When I consider something as dumb I can bash it all I want, maybe it will save someone from falling for it.

…and "karma" is not just used in buddhism.


The story told in this vid illustrates the seriousness of the issue pretty good. I'm not saying I share his worldview, but he does manage to describe some of the consequences of living mindlessly in today's world.

If you have the chance to actually escape suffering, why not take it?

Maybe you'll get ill or end up a cripple in hospital and then you'll realize you wasted your time on useless things like "shapteshifting" and silly tricks.



I'll throw in an anecdote, maybe that will illustrate what I mean. I used to follow a blog of an american who went to japan to do karate. At first he found no real challange anywhere, everyone was worse than him, until he met an overweight truckdriver

>Yoshigai The Destroyer

>he showed up at the dojo after this american had beaten everyone there and asked him to spar

>first exchange of blows he breaks the guy's ribs

>second time hits him full force in the jaw

>the jap almost didn't move, just backed off enough for the blows to miss by an inch and then countered

>american is humiliated in front of the class and accepts defeat, has to recover for 3 months for ribs to heal

>Yoshigai then shows up again and offers private training sessions with him and another black belt

>his first lesson is: always fight with your left hand front until you mastered everything

>when I beat you, you kept changing sides, you will never get good that way

This was an eye-opener for me because what I've come across in the west is that you're told to train both stances equally, left hand front and right hand front. But I can definitely see why the one sided approach is better for kumite - your right hand is the main puncher if you're right handed, so you should use it that way and block with your left. Going beyond this before you've mastered it will be a hindrance to your development if competitive kumite is what you want to do.

The similarity to occult practices is how a lot of people learn want to learn fancy stuff but and they miss the fundamentals and they'll end up like that american. If everyone is doing it with the same newb approach it seems you're good at it, but you'll eventually get your ass kicked when you encounter a real practitioner.



Saying "other confused armchair occultists" implies that you consider me as one, so in that case you either worded it poorly or it was directed to me personally, despite your previous statement.

>I find it interesting you seem to identify with the tranny part tho

I don't have to identify as trans-gendered in order to say that there is nothing wrong with being one.

>maybe it will save someone from falling for it.

>hmm… I've had gender dysphoria my whole life but now that I've seen some anon bashing it on /fringe/ I'm all good

Yep, sounds about right.

>…and "karma" is not just used in buddhism.

Of course it's not. I said Buddhism or Hinduism. No other systems come even close to understanding the mechanics of it. Anyway, if you are not speaking from the perspective of these two systems then why are you using foreign words connotations of which you are clueless about?


And to think I actually treated you seriously.


cool story



>to think I actually treated you seriously

If getting burned in an oven forever doesn't sound bad to you, I don't think there is any point in me talking to you anymore.


File: a8a926ea9ba8166⋯.jpg (4.92 MB, 2111x1600, 2111:1600, the-transfiguration-of-chr….jpg)

5 For Moses writes about the righteousness that is based on the law, that the person who does the commandments shall live by them.

6 But the righteousness based on faith says, “Do not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’” (that is, to bring Christ down)

7 “or ‘Who will descend into the abyss?’” (that is, to bring Christ up from the dead).

8 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim);

9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.

11 For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”

12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him.

13 For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

14 How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?[c] And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

15 And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”


File: a31c71f9b6b1048⋯.jpg (131.89 KB, 627x880, 57:80, Lord-Dattatreya1.jpg)


Of course, because the knowledge in the vid is 100% legit. Yahveh revealed the ultimate truth of life to a guy who prayed for an OOBE. All mysteries are solved guys, pack it up, we go home.


>getting burned in an oven forever

>Start by breaking out of the cycle of reincarnation, then we can talk.

>in an oven forever

>cycle of reincarnation



You can't have both you know, right?

Nevertheless you're right

>I don't think there is any point in me talking to you anymore

I really don't think there is.


Venerable Lord, who is an Avadhuta? What is his condition? What is his characteristic? What is his worldly existence?

(Dattatreya then replies) The Avadhuta is so called as he has discarded worldly ties, and he is the essence of the sentence ’Thou art That’. His worldly existence consists in moving about freely, with or without clothes. For them there is nothing righteous or unrighteous, nothing holy or unholy.

For him there is no such thing as sin or virtue. The ethical system of sin and virtue is to protect the minds of the worldly, since the mind is the measure of all things and all things last only a moment.

~Candamaharosana Tantra

There, we both quoted our scriptures. What does it changes or proves, except for contributing to an off-topic?


I know this is off topic but is the book of knowledge any good in regards to shapeshifting and other areas aswell?



>You can't have both you know, right?

Plato didn't have a problem explaining this in the last chapter of the Republic. It's short, read it if you want to know.


How do I start growing blonde hair?


File: 6d6f8f10c6cbce6⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 204x247, 204:247, tan.jpg)

Say I make a tulpa of my ideal self. I work to develop the tulpa until it is 'imposed'.

Then I exchange control of my body with the tulpa consciousness and affirm the replacement of my old ego.

Am I wrong to expect a change in my 'physical' appearance here? I want to exchange my ego for one that is more aligned, but I really don't want to live my whole life in this misaligned body if I can avoid it. My plan is to tie a 'form' to the replacement consciousness/ego and then switch.


File: 5e254acaa7ce5a2⋯.webm (3.52 MB, 20x12, 5:3, bane_for_ants.webm)





pic unrelated homo.



You should work on realistic and grounded goals, work on your ego one day at a time as you can't live without it. Your ego is as much a part of you as your astral, mental and physical selves are (as the ego is one of those selves).

What do you dislike about yourself that you have trouble changing anon?



It's frustrating to me when I ask for advice on technical questions and I get the kind of answer I would expect from some self-help guru. I don't know what you mean by 'realistic' and 'grounded' so those terms mean NOTHING to me. I believe that the mental precedes the physical, if you believe otherwise either submit some form of basis for discussion, motivation, reasoning or don't reply.

What do you mean by realistic??



>Say I make a tulpa of my ideal self. I work to develop the tulpa until it is 'imposed'.

You're splitting yourself up into Narrator and Tyler Durden to then switch places, you're fracturing your psyche/ego into a PERCEIVED perfection with faults that you don't recognize because of where you stand, you're going to become more hurt than you are now if you manage to actually go through with it.

>Am I wrong to expect a change in my 'physical' appearance here? I want to exchange my ego for one that is more aligned, but I really don't want to live my whole life in this misaligned body if I can avoid it. My plan is to tie a 'form' to the replacement consciousness/ego and then switch.

You are wrong to expect a change in your physical appearance, you can't change your ego to one that is more aligned, you can learn to reign your ego in and be more present in your actual life.

When I told you to be realistic I'm not telling you to get a job or do good in the community, I mean work on smaller term things, do something every day that will help you understand and deal with your ego, instead of creating an idealized version from a self you, yourself, admit is not to your liking, and then switching places with this to become better, you're just feeding more fire to an open flame and you're only going to end up burnt.


You have to walk in a person's shoes to be able to make accurate judgment about their life.



>from a self you, yourself, admit is not to your liking

That's alot of selves. The ego is doing all of this, not just the bad things. Bad ego, bad boy!

Why is the ego reigning itself in more mature than the ego constructing it's replacement?

>you can't change your ego to one that is more aligned

Many people give a different account with more extensive background.



Your ego won't reign itself in, you should learn to do that if you can tell the difference between your own self and your ego.

>Many people give a different account with more extensive background.

To be fair I worded that pretty ambiguously, you cannot CREATE a brand new ego, change your old one with that and expect to be more aligned with it because feeling "aligned" with your ego is still relying on the whims of the ego and trying to play along, your ego is a filter to your experiences, it's subservient to you.



I mean… this is the shapeshifting thread right?

I'm talking about creating a tulpa and exchanging control. At the start of the thread people were talking about creating thoughtforms and merging with them. This is what I want to discuss here, only in terms of tulpa.

I don't care about your general life-advice. Can you understand that?



I'm not the guy you are responding to but.

I guess you could. I mean, isn't a Tulpa just an advanced thoughtform? If this is the case, I guess the principles at the start of the thread would apply.



Also forgot to mention this. But, Magical use of Thoughtforms is invaluable to the pursuit of shapeshifting. Read up on the power of desire, imagination and visualization so that you can get a general idea on what to build off of. At this point, I would probably use the methods learnt in Magical use of Thoughtforms in combination with the techniques found in the Morphosephram relating to Shapeshifting.



how do you know this?



You mean you can't read other people's minds to find out what they think of you?

get out newfig ;^)



how long did you practise magick to do that? how long does it take to see any sort of magical result?



It depends on how you define "practicing magic". I started with noticing patterns for how to pick winning lottery tickets from street stands when I was around 12 or so, then went on to make my own divination table from scratch when I was in middle school, making use of the school woodwork shop. If I was to add in all the years I spend on different relating things from that time onwards, like eastern practices (qi gong/martial arts)I'd have to say 20+ years.



Btw if you look at the thread at fringechan people say the book curses you with bad karma if you tell anything about it, in case people haven't noticed


>want to create servitor that represents masculinity so that I can merge with him and boost my confidence,stature, and muscle mass

>afraid he will spiral out of control and become a tulpa that will feed off of my masculinity and turn me into a even weaker and less masculine male because I have a feminaztion fetish


What are the limits of shapeshifting?



I'm growing tits and I've only been pursuing magic for about 6 months. You can absolutely do it instantly tbh



which method?



Projection of intent as literal as can be


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

> shapeshifting thread

> ctrl+f Druid

> zero matches


Protip: Sleeping bears may be druids in disguise. If you wore a bearsuit you'd understand shapeshifting.

Because history is bogus the magical schools don't even recognize the native American shape shifting shamans as a line of Druids. The cataclysm was used to erase not just history but magic… There are some who still remember.

Drop the BS astral crap – There is no astral plane, there is only reality and IT is magic. If you want to shape reality stop being trapped in an imaginary astral plane and affect it directly. Unify those opposites, fam. This is the way of the druid.



I believe in Tha astral plain as a tool, but I agree with you. Reality is definitely the magic, especially if the astral plain is real



can you run us through the process? just meditate on a ideal appearance and imagine yourself becoming that? I'm assuming you mean visualizing changes in bone structure or fat distribution while laying down in bed or doing everyday activities.>>119617

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