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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 27c753307aa5691⋯.jpg (178.24 KB, 640x360, 16:9, creation-16_9-640x360.jpg)


Reality Creation 101

I'm writing this thread because I see a lot of confusion and even worse, disempowerment floating about here. Thus, It might be time for a refresher on reality creation. Now, there are an infinite amount of models on how the universe works. We're going to leave that out of this because I have mine, and I'm assuming you have yours. What this inevitably boils down to is one question; How good are you at getting what you want? Magick can be thought of as "The applied science of manifesting your will into reality." So let's get real here. How good are you at it?

If you can shoot fireballs out of your dongus, but can't find a loving girlfriend… Then you have failed as a mage.

If you can levitate your balls off the floor with the power of your mind, but need to wipe your ass with a crusty rag because you can't afford toilet paper…Then you have failed as a mage.

If I were to ask you "Do you have limits?" and you were to answer with anything other than an immediate and empathetic "Hell NO" then…eeyup. You have failed as a mage.

We live in a universe where you really -do- get to have everything. You can think of the universe a …cosmic chef. When it asks you "How would you like your desert" you're more than able (and entitled to) say "On the sweet side please!" the trouble is that most mundanes (and even some of the neophytes here) say "Just deep fry some pig shit for me thanks." and then endure eating it with all of the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain. Is this you? Well no more. I know you. I know you are better than that. So we're going to set out to changing your order.

Heres a sample of what we're going to learn in this thread.

A. Why the law of attraction sucks donkey balls.

B. How to use emotional resonace to create the reality you want, along with two simple tools and a discussion of how to select the right one for the job.

C. A brief discussion of the energy source we're working with and how to go about amping your signal so you're playing with more of it.

Sound good? Lets get started.


File: fc5479e091ae1a4⋯.jpg (3.45 MB, 3651x2191, 3651:2191, lawofattraction.jpg)

Sigils, Thoughtforms and Rituals, Oh my!!

Great tools, but a little too complicated for my liking. I prefer my magecraft to be instant and hands free. Entirely in my head and wherever I happen to be. I also like to keep things simple as possible. So we're not going to be discussing Sigils, Invocation, Evocation or any of the more 'heavy duty' shit. We're going to be using pure old, simple emotional resonance here. Complicate to profit from others, but simplify to grow for yourself.

The Law of Attraction sucks Donkey Balls

Fuck the law of attraction. No seriously. Fuck it with the buisness end of a rusty shovel. The law of attraction sucks. The word "Attraction" imples a level of passivity I can't really stomach. Attraction implies an inactive, entirely passive process. Law of ATTRACTION? More like Law of INACTION amIrite? Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk.

Language is a powerful but clumsy tool. It can make you, but break you just as easily. So for the purposes of this article we're going to be referring to this concept as the Law of CREATION instead. Hopefully this already feels a little nicer to you. Creation is an active process we participate in. If you buy into the Hermetic way of thinking, the universe is mental. Everything started off as an idea. The computer or phone you are browsing this from likely started as a fuzzy picture in some chinks head. We have the power to create. With your hands, with your mind and straight from the ether. Leave attraction for the shmucks. Step into your own power and become a creator instead.


File: 9980920d87a5ee0⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 600x329, 600:329, curiositywpfin.jpg)

Presence; Mental penicillin

Be. Here. Now.

Excuse the warmed over Eckhart Tolle but we need to get this concept working up front. This is the foundational skill from which all magick flows. Presence. Awareness within the present moment. Where are you? Hopefully the answer is right here, right now. Where else could you be right? As an example, go for a walk. Look into peoples eyes. Where are they? Time traveling. Off somewhere, vacant and glassy. Dwelling on yesterdays sorrows. Anticipating tomorrows stressors. Anywhere but the here and now. The walking dead.

Take a slow and deep breath. Feel the air on your skin. Be here now. It's a skillset. A skillset you will be learning, developing and working with for the rest of your life. But learn how to anchor yourself in the now, and watch what your mind is doing in real time. Learning how to quiet your mental chatter is key, because all creation happens in the present moment. Learn how to be at peace with it.

Another reason to learn how to be present and aware is the fact it is literally mental penicillin. Stress, Pain, Overwhelm, Sadness, Suffering. A great deal of a persons sorrow comes from being 'here' and struggling against the present moment because they want to be 'there' instead. If something is causing you a great deal of pain heres a little trick. Watch it. Become present and just observe it without judgement. Why no judgement? ANY type of engagement with it or pushing against it will feed it more energy. Just observing it without attachment or judgement will suck the chi right out of it. Hold it within the magnifying glass of your consciousness and watch as it disintegrates away into nothing. Life's too short for that shit.


File: ac885a657362fc2⋯.jpg (84.8 KB, 1100x400, 11:4, 7002254_orig.jpg)

The Process of Creation

Creation happens through the process of holding emotional resonance with what you desire. Provided of course you do it the right way. First things first, Take a moment to define what you want. Something physical like a home or a girlfriend? A different state of being like more courage or wisdom? Keep going until you've figured it out.

What if you don't know what you =actually even do= want?! …Well. That's okay too. The same process can be used to help you figure it out.

It's actually hilariously simple. So simple infact, you might want to reject it because it's -too- simple. All I can tell you is don't knock it till you've tried it. But here goes; Ground into the present moment, and hold emotional resonance with your desire. That's it. That's all there is to it. We can all go home now. Heh. Well, No. It's actually a -tiny- bit more complicated than that. Let's break it down a little bit more.

Eliminate the Timeframe

When I first started playing with this, I made a huge mistake and fell into an insidious trap. I was cultivating and amplifying the feelings of my most powerful and idealized self…and yet… Not changing. I remained exactly the same. Then one day it hit me. Sure, I was imagining my ideal self… but…My ideal self in six months! How stupid!! I felt like such a muppet.

You see, By envisioning my idealized self in 6 months, I had created a 6 month buffer zone which guaranteed nothing changed. When six months had passed, Nothing changed because the idealized me was -still- a new six months away. Learn from my weaponized stupid. Eliminate the timeframe. Feel the gratitude, joy and appreciation for having what you desire. But feel them right now. In this moment. The process of creation happens in the now. In the world of Magick there are no clocks.


File: 71e7f7807a3b7dd⋯.jpg (115.69 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, detachment.jpg)


This might be the hardest part of the process, and a subtly nuanced art all unto itself but along with emotional resonance, the other master key to the process of creation is detachment. You always get exactly what you are asking for, so actively *wanting* something will only ever bring you more *wanting*! This is why there are so many fringe no-gf'ers. You need to learn how to level yourself out to neutral. A detached zero-fucks-given attitude where although you feel joy, gratitude and appreciation for having your desire, you also maintain total detachment from the outcome so it can actually show up.

After all. If you -had- what you wanted, you wouldn't feel -wanting- it now would you?

This is key to grasp, because it can really poison your creation process. In the universal language of magick there are no words for "Want", "Need" or even "Hope"!

Wanting a girlfriend will only bring you more WANTING a girlfriend.

Needing money will only ever bring you more NEEDING money.

and hoping for the best will only bring you more HOPING for the best. That one is insidious isn't it?

It need not be a secular thing either. For example wanting a kundalini rising will bring you more wanting a kundalini rising. Hopefully that points out a big potential spiritual pratfall for you to see and avoid.

You need to know that you have it. And KNOW that you have it right now in this moment. It can be thought of as having something before you actually have it. We live in a universe where the hungry do not get fed. Study on this.

So now that we know how to create exactly what you desire, I'm going to further divide it up into two tools for different results. Will you be taking a Shotgun or a Sniper rifle?


File: 2423fd4bc741a74⋯.png (140.06 KB, 1004x353, 1004:353, condor-supreme-shotgun.png)

Shotgun Approach

This one is useful when you have a vague fuzzy idea of what you want, but no specifics. More spread gives you a greater chance of hitting your target, and sometimes can be superior to actively defining exactly what you would like to experience. Allow me to attempt to explain what I mean through an example; Finding a home.

Let's say we were trying to create a place to live for ourselves. You are absolutely certain you want a place where eagles fly overhead. You imagine it, hold resonance with it. You really want those eagles. The universe, our cosmic chef looks at what you're broadcasting and says "Ah, What a shame! I had a house over here for you. It's twice as large and cheaper too… but there aren't eagles that fly overhead, there are Hawks. Oh well. We've got eagles too. Over -here- instead."

Sometimes holding a more generalized and less specific resonance is a better option because it allows for more avenues for your desire to manifest itself. Don't let yourself become so rigid you jew yourself out of a better outcome! The universe is not stupid. If you let it, It will surprise you. Holding the emotional resonance of amazement can bring some fun effects here.


File: e45a556a76a4dd1⋯.jpg (79.72 KB, 680x247, 680:247, Barrett-82A1-Manganes-Rifl….jpg)

Sniper Rifle Approach

Nerai Utsu Ze!! The sniper rifle approach is what you should use when you know EXACTLY what you want and will accept no substitutes. The difference is in that this time, we are going to really plan it out. Grab a big sheet of A3 paper and mindmap exactly what you want down to the smallest detail. Get really specific. Visualize it. Spare no expense. The law of Inaction gurus will tell you that the visualization is the important part.

Not so. The visualization is a secondary tool and a means to an ends. What we're after here is the emotion. The planning that you do on the front end is to get very very clear on the emotional 'frequency' that you're going to be broadcasting on.

An example of using the sniper approach would be the process of finding a mate. I know we here on /fringe/ are an exacting bunch with very high standards, so make sure you know exactly what you want. Is she a blonde or a brunette? Is she already greenpilled or will you be the one who administers it? What are her interests and why in the unholy name of Yaweh would be be interested in a sad sack of crap like you?!

Figure it out, and define all the details before you broadcast it. Snipe it.

Lastly, we're going to be taking a brief and shallow dip into Taoist energetic anatomy, Chi, and Emotional alchemy. This is where rubber hits the road as you can use the knowledge of these concepts to power up your manifestation process.


File: 50cc31f62b24246⋯.png (29.92 KB, 346x562, 173:281, 49be668d27.png)

Chi, Electric Currency

Every culture (amusingly enough except western) has a word that describes a concept. A sort of air in the air. The Chinese call it Chi. The Nips call it Ki. For Indians it's Prana. In a certain African tribes the word is Num. Their word for boiling point. What it is specifically, is irrelevant to our discussion. For our purposes it's simply bioelectricity. How does this tie into reality creation? Well.

Taoists believe that humans have three for want of a better word, energetic storage batteries. The lower dan tien (located about 2-3 fingers below the navel and a little deeper) The middle dan tien (Around where you would traditionally associate the heart chakra) and the upper dan tien (Third eye, or pineal gland). Each of these reservoirs deals with a different and specific type of chi, but you can think of them as cooking pots where you can mix different types of energy for specific effect.

According to the Taoists, the middle dan tien deals with emotional energy chi. That's right. Your emotional energy is a FINITE RESOURCE. If you've ever felt yourself emotionally drained, depressed or demotivated you could potentially be experiencing acute lack of energy in your middle dan tien centre. It's also why religious dipshit "all encompassing love for everybody" can be dangerous. According to the Taoists you are wasting a precious and finite energetic resource on starving niggers in Africa. This is why if you were to look at hieroglyphs in Egypt, their pantheon are often depicted with arms crossed over their chest. Your energy should be guarded!! Save the saint shtik for Mahatma Ghandi. Save, guard and conserve your emotional energy and use it for your own workings.


I bring this up because you're going to be doing the bulk of your emotional resonance through the middle dan tien. Now we understand that emotional energy is a finite resource, We also understand that it is possible to have a surplus or deficiency of it. It's also worth noting that more bioelectricity gives you a stronger 'signal' and greater manifestation abilities. That's why a kundalini rising is something to strive for down the line. It greatly enhances your bioelectricity, and thus, ability to create.


File: 29dcb5884ce15ca⋯.jpg (105.69 KB, 500x379, 500:379, goku-kaio-ken.jpg)

Feel for, and try to locate your lower dan tien (around the navel, remember?) and breathe into it. You may or may not be familiar with the Yogic complete breath, but the goal here is to be breathing deeply and slowly as low into your abdomen as you are able. Slowly exhale and try to feel the energy condense into your lower dan tien. It can be part visualization, and part tactile. This is the Buddha breath. A breathing exercise that actively cultivates your bioelectricity.

There are many different types of breathing with the end goal of increased chi cultivation, but they go beyond the scope of this guide. For more info, Look into the work of Mantak Chia, The Wim Hof breathing method (excellent!!) or the threads made by muh boi Kh*n. (Shoutouts to muh boi Kh*n!)

Now, this is a technique I use personally. I haven't seen it advocated anywhere, it just came to me intuitively and I use it on a regular basis. Your milage may vary.

But what I do, is ground into the present moment. We create in the present. Breathe into my lower dan tien. Inhale, gather, Exhale, Condense until I feel I'm starting to gather energy. This is to get a bit of a kick start going. Next I move it up into my middle dan tien (Bonus points if you feel a small electrical shock as it happens.) Visualize and feel it growing bright white-gold. Breathe into it. Expand it. Expand the sensation, empower it. Grow into it. Next, we're going to add the emotional resonance to this energy. The dan tiens are like cooking pots remember? Refine it. Refine. Refine. Refine. More energy and emotional intensity the better. When you feel like you're done, Move the energy back into the lower dan tien and store it. You're done. Detatch from the outcome, Don't expect see anything. Just know that you've got what you wanted. You can recycle the stored chi in later 'broadcast sessions' to continually refine it and amplify the 'frequency'.


Well, Hope you got something out of that. If you didn't I've been sitting here writing this for the past two hours like a goddamned shmuk for nothing. I'll provide some examples later for clarification but for now. Hopefully I've given you something to think about.

You are a creator. Act like it.



>It's also why religious dipshit "all encompassing love for everybody" can be dangerous.

It depends. The Christian idea of extreme attachment and affixation on the state of others is harmful. The idea state is detached benevolence, love for all things without any attachment or loss from this benevolence.


Appendix: Questions to prompt self enquiry into designing your ideal life

1. What makes me very very happy?

2. What makes me deeply, truly laugh?

3. What qualities do I not currently possess, that I would like to?

4. What makes me feel good, strong and positive emotions when I think about it?

5. What strengths do I not currently possess that I would like to?

6. What would I like to do for my family?

7. What would I like my family to do for me?

8. What would I like to do for others?

9. What would I like others to do for me?

10. What have I not done in a long time that I would like to do again?

11. In 6 to 12 months, What do I dream of HAVING, BEING and DOING?


File: c71a20ace68088f⋯.jpg (173.08 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)

Good stuff, man. If I may ask, how successful have you been at getting your desires, and what were they?


File: 258fafa0e7300d4⋯.png (2.16 KB, 106x161, 106:161, Sigil.png)

Sigil coming through to manifest my dream. Focus welcome, dick strokes even more welcome. Give me your energie to realise my change in the world. I'm like a voluntary vampire who asks for blood rather than suck it vilontly out you.


File: 8a03854bdcc90a1⋯.jpg (66.42 KB, 800x914, 400:457, Screenshot_2017-08-15-16-2….jpg)

>mfw I'm awake I'm an all powerful creator

>mfw I often keenly aware of my fear of getting most of the stuff I really want, so I instead choose to "desire nothing"

Top tier thread btw



师傅-senpai, could you share how to do the Wim Hof breathing properly? I've pieced together what I could from videos and interviews, but if you have a detailed how-to, that would be great. Thanks!



I too had this timeframe problem. Could this be overcome by picturing that wanted thing happened yesterday? Now is little diffucult concept


I love you man, this thread is going in my archive


File: 6283ec90a6dcdb7⋯.pdf (920.98 KB, Reality Creation 101.pdf)

Here's this entire thread in PDF format for those of you who like to archive.


Two questions

>When do you know you are finished and to stop?

>Should you do this on just one occasion for each thing that you want, or should you repeat the process multiple times?


Really great thread.

i know you explained how to do the technique but could you write out an example specifically for seducing someone you already know for clarity?

Just trying to make sure i dont make any mistakes, thank you


File: a59cea9e7c06ccf⋯.jpg (87.18 KB, 680x962, 340:481, 6e9.jpg)


> If I may ask, how successful have you been at getting your desires, and what were they?

Good question, Let's talk about my qualifications then! The answer is, Surprisingly! and getting better at it each day. I've haphazardly used this process to completely turn my life around within the span of about 6 months. Coming into 2017, I was in a very bad place. My car had broken down, My computer (and thus livelihood) was also badly busted. I was convinced I was going to die alone.

I kid you not, Both the car and my computer spontaneously repaired themselves, (to this day I'm baffled as to how, but I"m not going to be looking the gift horse in the mouth by trying to explain it)

I have a supportive and loving girlfriend who while not interested herself, is willing to tolerate and entertain my ramblings about all kinds of crazy shit. My biggest problem now is getting her to leave me alone sometimes so I can get some bloody work done! (Babe. If you're reading this, It's a joke and I love you.)

My ongoing workings are to achieve a passive automated source of income per month (Up to about 80 dollars per month!) And ongoing creative opportunities that will create me more passive revenue streams down the line. They don't yet. But part of the process is -knowing- they will. I regret not mentioning this during the body of my post but there is a …potential drawback to the law of creation (if you choose to view it as a drawback.)

Creation implies RESPONSIBILITY AND ACTION. If you would like passive automated income, you will need to take steps to create it. When your hot-a-what-babbihat shows up, You will actually need to go talk to her if you want to charm her pants off. The process can also be gradual and iterative. If you want a million dollars in your bank account per month with no effort, You might need to set your intention lower (100 dollars automated per month) and gradually work up. Small successes become the foundation for greater successes down the line.


>mfw I often keenly aware of my fear of getting most of the stuff I really want, so I instead choose to "desire nothing"

You, My friend… Might not be as all powerful as you think. By definition an all powerful creator afraid to create is not an all powerful creator are they?

I'd advise you to do some digging as to the source of your fear. Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of *trying?* Don't judge them when they rise to the surface. Observe them and watch them dissolve. Additionally I'd recommend using the questions included in the appendix to really define what it is you would like to experience. Even if your end goal is to ditch this shithole and merge with the demiurge, nothing says you can't enjoy the ride until you get there.

I'd advise you to spend some time mulling over the questions I've left for you in the appendix to get some clarity.




Please, Call me Daddy. But here's a write up in my own words.

1. INHALE. Take a deep full breath starting as low as you can in your abdomen, as high as you can get. So a deep, full breath of air.

EXHALE. When you exhale, It's a softer, gentler exhale. Think of it like letting go of pressure and letting air leak out.

So what you're trying to do here is INHALE MORE air than you're EXHALING. Depending on your tolerance, repeat this 30 to 40 times. Strange shit will start to happen. Your body will start to tingle. You'll feel funny, dizzy or a slight sense of vertigo. This is all totally normal and actually even sort of fun.

2. After 30 to 40 of these breaths. EXHALE COMPLETELY so that no air remains in your lungs. Stay this way (with no air in your lungs) for as long as you can manage. But don't force it. Just wait until your body asks you to breathe again.

3. When it's time to breathe again, Take a COMPLETE DEEP BREATH, and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. Release. That is ONE SET of the WH method. 3 to 4 sets are ideal, But you can keep going and take it as far as you like, for deeper and deeper access into your nervous system. (It's also worth mentioning the entire course is up on the pirate bay. Not that I'd ever suggest such a thing. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.)


>When do you know you are finished and to stop?

Short answer, When what you want shows up ;). Long answer, It's intuitive.

>Should you do this on just one occasion for each thing that you want, or should you repeat the process multiple times?

It's intuitive and depends on the size of your desire. That being said, As mentioned a large part of the process is the detachment for 'allowing' the desire to show up. This is why sigils can work so well. The fire and forget aspect of Sigil work means once you're done you automatically detach and allow your workings to come to pass. It's nuanced so you'll have to play with it and learn for yourself. The best advice I can offer you is to know when to get out of your own way. We're talking about daydreaming about our ideal life here, So it should be a pleasurable thing rather than something painful, unpleasant or something that feels like work. I'd say drop them when you're ready to move onto greater workings or would like to experience other things. Does that make sense?

Case study examples coming soon.



>I too had this timeframe problem. Could this be overcome by picturing that wanted thing happened yesterday? Now is little diffucult concept

I freely admit to you, I do not know. This can be more art than science, But why roll the dice on something like that? I'd advise to completely sidestep the issue by imagining having what you want as if you were experiencing it right now, in this present moment.

If you really want, Play with the concept a little and get back to me?


So what good do these techniques do someone who doesn't really want anything.



Nothing. Go sit in the corner and eat your tasteless porridge, you desireless, egoless stud, you.

Case Study Examples

I do not know what I want!

Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Emotional Resonance: Clarity of knowing your desire, Peace of mind, Bliss that you know exactly what you want, and how you are going to go about getting it.

I want to create my ideal home

Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Emotional Resonance: Joy that your home fits your needs better than you imagined, Relaxation that it is in a safe, nignog free neighbourhood, Smug self satisfaction it turned out cheaper than you were expecting ;)

I want to create my ideal partner

Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle

Method: Using your method of choice (I like large A3 sheets of paper) gain clarity on the type of partner you would like to meet. What is her personality like? Is she loving, kind and nurturing? What does she look like physically? What is her past relationship history? Assuming you want to really go the distance with this person, What will your relationship with her parents be like? Clarity is key. The more you define things, the better.

Emotional Resonance: The joy of recieving love, The feeling of giving love, The safety your partner brings you, The irrational self confidence and self love that will make her attracted to you in the first place. (Nobody said this would be easy. Worst case scenario you will need to do some work on yourself to be the alpha stud your ideal partner deserves)

I want to attract a specific partner

This one is a little more complicated depending on your belief systems, since worst case scenario you will be creating a tug of war between her energy and yours. Remember, infringing on somebody elses freewill is by definition A CURSE. I will add that in my own (personal and subjective experience) that there are no consequences for such an action unless you BELIEVE in the concept of karma and expect a swift cosmic kick in the ass for your vice. Manipulating or infringing on somebody elses freewill is possible, acheivable and the stronger spirit wins. Caveat: This technique was not designed for such a working and better methods exist

Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Emotional Resonance: Joy of being together with your desired person and having your needs met. See yourself and this specific person happy together. OPTIONALLY open yourself up to the possibility of a greater manifestation and imagine somebody who meets your needs even better!

I want more money!!

Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle

Method: Spend some time defining how this money is going to be coming to you, and make sure it is in an easy, positive way. The shotgun approach is inferior here because we want to limit the scope of manifestation to a degree. It'd be very unfortunate if you wanted more money and your mother suddenly died leaving you an inheritance. Intend that the money will reach you in the most easy and positive way to cover your arse.

Emotional Resonance: The feeling of freedom more money will bring you. Joy in being able to easily indulge in your desires, no matter how expensive. The satisfaction of being able to look into a shop window and empathetically declare "Yes! I can afford that!!"

Specific Spiritual or Personality goal

Weapon of Choice: Either, depending on goal and outcome.

Method: Realize that "wanting" will only bring you more WANTING and keep you ever chasing the tail of your desired goal.

Emotional Resonance: How will having this goal impact your life? Feel it right here in the now. If you want to be more coreagous for example, feel yourself being so, Right here, In the present moment.


Health Goal or Reversing illnesses

Weapon of Choice:Shotgun

Method: Realize that the hooknose pharmaceutical industry is based upon lying to and deceiving people. They do their best to convince you that you are powerless, and will be wounded forever so they can sell you a way to MANAGE your condition as opposed to CURING your condition so they can continuously profit off your suffering. Recognize the body is a living organism and designed to heal itself.

Emotional Resonance: The indescribable joy and freedom a healthy, pain free body will give you. See yourself being free of your condition in the right now. Allow yourself to remain open to solutions to your condition to reach you through any means. I have used this method to find solutions to my chronic insomnia and to reverse male pattern baldness (For that one google "Detumescence therapy")


File: a6929a1f2208e66⋯.jpg (76.84 KB, 1280x896, 10:7, c81cc5542f40884438c8a5374d….jpg)

A+ bread sir






A friend of his. I intend for this work to compliment his.



You posted on fringechan before, right? I mean your writing is similar to his to some degree.



>I mean your writing is similar to his to some degree.

You think so?

His writing style is yin, information dense and cerebral.

Mine is yang, arrogant and confrontational.

Still. To be held in the same esteem as someone so gifted is the highest compliment you could have given me. Thank you so very much :)



Being yang heavy is the ideal. A lot of westerners get confused and think an equilibrium of yin and yang means they're in equal amounts, actually yang should vastly outweigh yin. Also any writing style is yin though khan's is obviously ver much so. I would be hesitant to describe arrogance as yang unless you mean it in a different way than normal usage, arrogance and pride are very much yin.


Much enjoyed content. I think you brought up a great general tutorial while keeping it entertaining and cunning. Time to do what I do and share some quantized dataas well as experience.

Within the world we see structure and objects. Overlaying upon this world is a great sea, many in fact. The ocean mirrors the sky as they both have currents, rhythms and flows. Even beyond this there is an ocean of warmth or fire and electricity. For simplicity keep these in mind as one single force or form.

Each thought you think travels in the ocean of mind. It pushes against other thoughts of similar nature either aiding or crashing. The ancients used the word spirit - hot air. Any thought in your head is a spirit. Each spirit cycles the body and communicates to you when its time is right. These were personified as elemental, planetary or astrological figures/ archetypes. Think Elfish Venusian figure that gives musical inspiration or a saturnian grandpa which shares his wisdom in times of need.

Through magic we use the mental seas as our playing field and spirits or thoughts (words, spells, sigils, dances or anything which puts intention into action) as our player pieces. The thought is powered by time, effort, desire (emotion) and the strength of your body. Thoughts start to take form within a spiritual realm and influence the mind of others (even rocks, animals and vegetable life has potential of mind as well). You could see it as if the ripple you've created from thought in the astral plane has become a great wave which rushes over someone. At that point they receive a thought. This has potential to come down from the mind into the heart as desire. If desire proves strong enough it will trigger action and force from the lower body, grounding our thought.

I'll share my own basic method for those who cultivate body and breath. Simply walk in a circle (I believe clockwise is + and counter is -) and focus on reverse naval breathing. Centre around the core/inner naval while keeping the posture straight (feel a line through the body for a guide). Slowly refine and increase tension as you either think about your desire through repeating words, visualizing or using intention. Allow for a cooldown or rest period after this.

Some sidenotes; Check your imbalances through the chakra system. See which ones are weak and which are strong. If the heavenly ones are weak then your mental/ lingual capabilities will suffer, earthly ones will make monetary, housing and family matters difficult. Manifestation potential grows as your mind, body, breath and self do.

Last note is on water. Negative thoughts or "demons" form within cold water and bacteria. Make sure your space is fit for what kind of work you're doing. An open window at night will bring unwanted energy for life rituals. Though don't get scared or turned of by this as darkness is just a mirror into the unconscious mind.



Hahahaha. Fascinating observation. I think I've taken the role of fringes cold analytic.

You can think of this writeup as icecream to your warm dinner.


Thank you so much for this advice. It was really helpfull.

One thing though that has been bothering me when trying to create what I want is that sometimes I know exactly what I need to do and yet at the same time, I have absolutely no clue what to do. I have been struggling with reality creation for some time, mostly being fear of nothing happening. I am not sure how to handle his because what I am trying to do is basicly on par of trying to alter my life in such a way that if it happens, anyone that had knew me before it happens would never recognize me.



Do it gradually



How? I have no idea how to go about doing that. Just as an analogy, how would one turn a pencil into a pen; them being fundamentally two different things.



Really hard to form an analogy without knowing the details, but if you resonate with your goal, changes will be gradual anyway, so I don't think you need to worry about that anyway.



I just noticed something. When I try picture/ feel/ be in a certain state in the now, I always slip a bit to future or to past. It's like trying to fit together two magnets of same polarity.

Perhaps there is something entirely in my way of being in the now. I just become 100% passive/reactive, unable to do anything, but to be.





we're live!



Could this be applied to manifesting other physical changes besides just curing health problems?

In my case i want to be tall



this sounds like something that would use the sniper method



Thats true, i was mainly referring to the whole health aspect of that particular example



Well, nothing wrong in trying I suppose, but I think that even OP doesn't have the answer

I honestly believe that making such a big change would need a lot of energy and determination, I'm short too (5'4) but I would rather use my energy in other things to get more proficient before committing to that. If I was you I would practice for a while with smaller things that are similar, maybe fixing your teeth, growing more/less hair, getting fitter, etc… If those work reasonably well, then you should try.

Also, I would think that setting realistic goals would be better, like growing 20 cm in a day is going to be too much obviously.

Maybe shapeshifting helps, but I don't know much about that stuff (someone could help you with that I hope).



>Could this be applied to manifesting other physical changes besides just curing health problems?

In my travels, I've found that we are capable of a hundred times more than they'd ever let us know and almost everything about your body can be changed. Poor vision can be corrected by using the opposite lenses you are prescribed in a process called Hormesis. Baldness can be reversed with Detumescence therapy. Just about every health related issue can be reversed by undoing chronic inflammation in the body… But…

Alas. I did say *almost* everything. The two things I haven't figured out yet are how regrow amputated limbs, and how to alter ones height. I'm sorry bro. Granted, I'm not saying it can't be done. Just that I don't know how. I've heard urban legends of a man well past his growth period gaining quite a bit of height through hypnotic programming, But It's just something I've heard. Perhaps you can go further beyond and succeed where I haven't yet been able?



Thanks for you input, im the same size as you so im sure you could understand my frustration lol. But that is some good advice, theres other things i want to change about my self so i guess i could try with those first



No need to apologize! you've done a great service to many people with this thread already, i will continue my search and hopefully figure it out one day.



If the day comes you have some success, let us know. We'll write reality creation 103 together. The advanced master class for people who really want to push the boat out! ;)



If i ever figure it out this is the first place i'm coming to lmao, height gains for all my fringe brothers !



Best I can offer is a half-baked suggestion on where to start digging. I've heard about people changing their hair and eye color through hypnotic trances in the alpha/theta state. So you'd need to take it even further. Down into delta or even further into Epsilon and that's… tricky to get to.

Who knows what's down there. Might be what you're after.


Ehh you can gain 2-3 inches or more with a yang diet and calesthenic exercises. Maintaining proper posture is more important than height though.

I'm 5'5" and I've never had anyone call me short tbh.



Nice to see the thread is back!

Could you address this please: >>104582

Either here or there. Thank you very much. Also, if you have done this therapy successfully I'd appreciate very much details on how the massaging needs to be done. The translated Chinese article was a bit vague.

>In my travels, I've found that we are capable of a hundred times more than they'd ever let us know

Fuck, now I want to hear about your travels so much.


This. I'm 5,54 and the only time I've felt short was by myself, because I was making out with a girl that was 5,6 and I pointed it out.

My dad once complained that my mom's genes made me shorter than him, but other than that, not even the bullies at school ever said anything about my height (and I was bullied a lot).



how do you manifest bigger genitals? i want to have a slightly bigger dong,i know this is immature but this a reality i want to create


Has anyone had any success with manifestation since this thread has come out?

Maybe its too soon to ask but im just curious.



On attracting a specific person, what methods would you recommend?



Are you people legitimately retarded. Just understand the person and their flaws and weaknesses and then use those to manipulate them.



>Everything positive is yang

C'mon. Arrogance and pride are the less yang of the Wood element, unless it's one of those bitter vices of an aging old man, gripped by his miserliness, then it's in the middle. If it's the desirous, confrontational and bold arrogance and pride, it's definitely yang.


>elfish venusian

Just had a dream with those… hehehe. It also had first person high definition ranged combat, pretty good. Got my dodge skills up in the astral. Surprisingly fuckin' crystal clear, like it was a physical experience. Must be the elf spirit personality I seem to channel/invoke at times and whatever world it generated.


Wood element types are generally taller. They're all action, initiative and key word "birth". Maybe stand under the sun and try to birth a taller you from within you like you've been trapped in a mini you for years. Consciously absorb the sun energy, feeling every tiny part of you crack and something expand and grow in the space the crack formed, down to the cellular level, until it's like you are a trillion pieces and a new unknown self is growing in the spaces between.



Arrogance and pride are yin since they are directly caused by the mind which is of a yin nature.



Ah bullshit. It's physical. Pride of one's own mind is another kind of arrogance and pride, but even then it's much more physical and visceral than yin. Pride and arrogance in social, physical, and business situations is on the yang scale.



The more of a creator you are, the more it's about what you MAKE yin or yang than its inherent disposition.

My pride and arrogance will attract higher pressure, more vigorous and confrontational situations by drawing out that sort of behavior from others. Good fun, challenging…. YANG.



Word salad



>Vigorous, high pressure, confrontational qualities are yin


Can this be used to physical change the body along the lines of sex or just changing the body in general. Or would that be more along the lines of shapeshifting.



Asking that question takes balls. No pun intended.

If you're willing to work at it for about a year, you can get 1-2 extra inches.

-You didn't get this from me-




So if I'm 7" I can get to 9"?

It seems like there's no practical point though.


So, how exactly do I actually manifest this stuff? Wanting something doesn't mean you'll get it.


Holy fuck this thread is full of schizophrenics. Get on some meds.





So does this shit actually work or something? Or is it just saying "Get off your ass and do thing" while pretending it's magical?



Why don't you try it and find out for yourself? Read The Kybalion, start Step I of Initiation Into Hermetics, and test out OP's advice.



The lightning bolt is a symbol for satan. Luke 10:18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. The lightning bolt in the Harry Potter logo tells us what that series is really about, Harry potter is satanic, presented as a good character, when in reality, God tells us there is no good or bad, black or white magic, it is all from the pit of hell. 2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Lady Gaga also shows where her inspiration comes from with the lightning bolt logo. The Pokemon lightning bolt tells us about the inspiration for the anime series. Much Japanese anime is demonic.

If you have objects with these marks in your house, workplace, or car, remove them and your life should gain peace that you didn’t have before. We might bring things into our homes out of ignorance, or possibly demonic influence, but once we know what to avoid, steps should be taken to remove them in order to please the Lord. If they are allowed to remain, the demonic will gain more and more influence and control over you and your family, wreaking havoc in your lives. These items should not be put away in a closet, they need to be destroyed or put in the trash, not passed on to another person or they be will be cursed as well. When shopping, an easy way to spot who or what spirit is behind a certain product is to look for the presence of these symbols. Try to support products and brands that don't have these elements in them.



All "magicians" are of Satan and must be burned at the stake. Praise Jesus!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>no more David Bowie posters

Yeah, right!


I think you all need to stop playing childish games and go to a professional. Professionals are the only people who know how to fix you at this point. Why would SOCIETY grant somebody the right to analyze people and give them treatments unless they knew what they were doing? Just admit you have a problem. That is the first step! I believe in you!



I dont understand how one person can be so retarded



meditate on your energy and their energy, realise what you're missing that makes them attractive to you, fill that gap within yourself. Realise also what aspects of yourself can attract them and attain those. Realise also what energies they need/desire, and attain those. That's how I'd do it if I wanted someone specific. I don't and possibly never will tho.


File: c7bfde304adbcfa⋯.jpg (32.23 KB, 236x315, 236:315, IMG_0524.JPG)



What the fuck did you just say to me you vulgar mundane? Go fuck yourself, basic bitch faggot. Nobody in their right mind would take advice from a retard of your likeness that uses such analogies. Low class scum.



It's shit, tbh, but his suggested thought patterns do defeat some common games and will change your life if you're still passive. Abandoning the passive, trusting, stupid, naive mindset will change everything. Always look at results and bodies of work, they're usually shit. They make me want to strangle most everyone I meet since I took the offensive. Retards shouldn't be allowed to make so much noise, or they should be segregated or something, no matter their credentials.



File: 938c837ad66cf91⋯.jpg (682.66 KB, 691x1037, 691:1037, scan0044.jpg)


Yeah, but you don't need to "scientify" it. The universe is mental, not physical. Never will those waves he talks of actually be detected to do any magic or any healing.

He took the basic principles of magic and monetized them, in a very patronizing way. The principles, the practical principles–not the philosophical or ontological underpinning of these principles–are so simple, you could never make a living "teaching" them, yet so few people actually seem to know them or how to apply them correctly.

Why? Because they are so simple you don't believe them, or because they seem to conflict with your emotionally-invested paradigm and can't accept them. And most importantly, because the teacher can't do the work. The student must to all the heavy lifting.

How can the Christian accept that God and all his entourage are nothing but models? How can the energy worker still do his thing after accepting all the energy is nothing but a model in his mind, as well as the physical sensations and effects he experiences? Not to mention the egoless Buddhist. How can he accept the figures in his pantheon have no intrinsic names and do not in any way constitute the base of reality any more than he does?

I could explain it to you, or draw the diagram I've been naively wanting to draw for quite a while now. But it would be useless. Every aspiring magician has come across the answer a thousand times before even moving past Neophyte. The real issue here is not knowing, but comprehending.

We like reading tomes of knowledge and spending hours upon hours "studying the arts" (how are you liking this wall of text?), but just as the armchair occultists, when it comes to affecting the outside world for your benefit, you're just using all that reading as an excuse not to do the work.

Studying the nature of reality, learning the deeper mysteries of life and the universe, well, that's a different story. I personally think it's foolish and beyond hour ability to comprehend as long as we are in this plane of existence, but that's another story.

Manifesting, or Reality Creation as the OP put it, is very simple. What's not simple is applying it. Not because it is complicated. but because it involves doing work on yourself and your deeply rooted beliefs as well as your emotional stuff. So I'm not going to explain it, because you have come across the method a thousand times, and if you have refused to understand it or are still resorting to dressed up substitutes like the video >>106671 posted (or even OP's great write-up, sorry) it means you are not ready to do the work needed to make it work.

It's explained in pic related, by the way. But not most other decks. Somehow the symbolism that was channeled here got screwed up (even in the Thoth deck), which tells me the Rider-Waite touched on something very special indeed when it was made.

I am such an insufferable, pompous douche-bag sometimes.



Yeah fuck off you arrogant cunt. You are not the only one who has been learning about the true nature of reality, there are plenty of people who know the world was created from thoughts.

I have been doing work on myself, introspecting , learning philosophy and theology for a long time now and I can say with certainty I became a better person. It doesn't matter if I learned how to do this properly from YouTube video, what matters is that I finally found It.


OP is It normal to feel as if your very brain is tired after doing this?

After I created the feeling of already having that I want i started feeling as if my brain is constantly sending "waves" to the universe and Its very exhausting.



Yeah, sometimes visualization can even cause you headaches. The brain uses up a lot of sugar and water when you "think intensely", especially if you are not used to using it in certain ways, but it gets better.


I know how I sounded, I'm sorry I guess. But case in point if all you got from that post was an insulted ego (which is understandable at any rate).



Sorry I overreacted, but if it's so simple (whatever It is you are talking about) can you just spell It out to me. I might have overlooked or not noticed It because I thought It was too "simple" and "easy" and honestly I don't see anything important in lovers card.



Any tips on detachment OP?



Ok 2 more questions:

1. How to feel as if you have what you want? I can imagine just fine but my emotions don't always feel genuine.

2. Can this method affect the minds of other people?


"You're a wizard, Merlin." - Gay British Dude



"How do get control brain?"

Wow. Are you in bullshit psychosis or something? Go eat a shit ton of drugs you fucking faggot. Nobody let this dude know anything. They just admitted they have no control over their own thoughts, so why the fuck would somebody give this dude a magic spell that lets his thoughts alter reality?



Did you even read that I wrote?

I can control my emotions just fine, they just don't feel genuine



>I can control my emotions just fine

Then make them feel genuine.


>No namefaggers rule broken.

Meeeow we're talking.


My name is Mr. Jay Falcon.

Now we've gotten that out of the way. Questions?


Three questions today..

1. Perhaps loss/deprivation is sometimes useful in realizing value/need. There is some talk about how doing x before y is reckless and unsafe, but what is occult danger? How can a person get into trouble relating to occult practice? Specifically we would ask for the kind of trouble that has atleast some aspect that's interesting or spectacular.

2. Consider a person that is suicidal.. Isn't it more accurate to say that his/her ego, or some other component depending on which "psychospiritual" model we use, is suicidal. Can we consider the concept of ego-suicide? If the ego is creating pain and is aware of that situation, the ego might be willing die so that the remaining creature might be free of pain, perhaps substituting another ego. Is it possible then for the current ego to enter non-existance in a form of ego-suicide that is apart from physical suicide?

3. Another thought..

If we suspect that the consequences of a deliberate physical suicide are undesirable and do not solve the issues that brought it forth: Can we consider manifesting accidental death? In other words can we intend to die accidentally and manifest it like we might conventionally manifest good fortune, wealth, love, e.t.c.? What would be the consequences of such a death, would they differ from those of a deliberate suicide?

Sincere thanks for those who read, consider, and/or offer input.



wrong thread, apologies







How much time do you think one should remain detached before attempting to try again?

I feel like i'm making a mistake by doing regular sessions of reality creation for this one specific desire of mine.




I need to know this too



I understood everything up until here. Is this bit important? If so how can i learn this stuff?


I find this topic rather interesting.

I have been able to obtain material goods and different types of jobs, but I fail to achieve anything else that I set myself to "create".

I guess I'm just a lazy fuck when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

I should be focusing on that now.



thanks for taking the time to write out this thread.



Have you tried self-development and creating the feeling you want to feel inside of you, then going and finding someone?

I've found people at retreat centers, gatherings, school, work.

Maybe you can also get an akashic reading from someone if you need some guidance on what to do. I was told in a reading (from someone who told me names/descriptions of other people I met in time) I'm gonna meet someone in a library so I'll be hanging out there to meet someone.


>magic spell that lets his thoughts alter reality

as if they don't already?


So, for example, if i hold emotional resonance with being physically attractive, i will look better?



>It's shit, tbh, but his suggested thought patterns do defeat some common games and will change your life if you're still passive

This, it's a good attitude to analyze and incorporate into yourself. Not so sure about the method itself, but whatever works. A major point of magick is to develop your own methods imho.



Sounds like me, I've gradually come to the conclusion that consciousness was a mistake and total annihilation is the final enlightenment. Basically, I'm a stone throw away from becoming a fucking B*ddhist. That gives me the creeps. Anything but that. I'll obtain desire I swear.



Been there too my friend. I think you will get past that just like I did

when you realize buddhism is shit and just another trap

You don't need to become a buddhist to reach final enlightenment and eradicate your own consciouness



So It doesn't work!? Can someone just tell me how to do magick already



>It's shit, tbh,

Give reasons. Why is it shit?



stop demanding and begin thinking, researching, learning and experiencing.




there are other threads and these tips are real



false light slave




Thanks for the confirmation that this does indeed work. That's all I needed



False enlightenment.



Finally some good advice. Thank you.



hm? you are calling falsely enlightened for calling out a false light construct?

carry on then.


File: 3498a0d91f58e7a⋯.jpg (32.29 KB, 427x300, 427:300, 1440785837874-4.jpg)


>I want to create my ideal partner

I decided I wouldn't be lazy for once and went through with this about 3 months ago, although quickly forgot about that piece of paper (the desire was still there).

Last month I started having encounters with a girl, but what genuinely surprised me was when I found that paper I had written on and discovered that she was exactly as I had described her.

Since there is mutual interest, I was wondering if it would be safe if I started focusing on her specifically during my meditations in order to bring us closer or should I just stick to the first method?



Interesting thread, OP. Answer me this: Would it be wrong the assume that the more improbable an outcome is, the more time and energy it would take to create it?




I've known all of this stuff for a while and used it and received successful results several times, but whenever I feel I could be using RC for particular goals I might have, I can't help but feel that maybe I shouldn't. I keep hearing all these stories of people who manifested tons of money and it made them feel like shit, people who manifested popularity and it turned them into shitty people (there's one anon who posted about it in another thread recently), etc. I don't want either of those things but even if I want smaller things I always feel like it might be wrong. I can usually get clear or unclear signals from my higher self about whether something's right or not, but for some things I can't get any signs at all. Then I think maybe I need to manifest a clearer connection to my higher self, but maybe I'm meant to earn that some other way. Even then, if I think I'm meant to do a particular thing, I'll want to make it happen with control over the finer details, but then I think if it's meant to happen it'll be fine if I just leave it to happen. In the end I just don't really do much unless I know for sure that it's fine.

How do you guys get over this kind of thing?



My guess is they don't feel like they've earned the money, and cheated instead of gaining it through hard work.

You know that saying that money doesn't buy happiness, and hear the stories where people win the lottery and feel depressed after? I guess people have unrealistic expectations about what money can do for them and live their whole lives thinking about how great life would be if they were rich. Only to find out that once they have money that it really isn't all that great, and now they have nothing else to hope for and dream about.




For direct influence it should go about the same creative process. Visualize yourself cuddling/touching her or whatever as if you were really doing it. Try to incorporate all five senses with especial focus on the physical sensations. The more vivid the image you manage to churn out is the more likely it is to strike her mind. You should see changes in behavior if you do this diligently. It bears mentioning those changes are not only limited to increased affection. For example, if she's generally uncomfortable/shy with sexuality, she may try to keep some distance at first. This shall pass if you work on gaining her trust and/or you visualize her being more open to more "lewd" affairs. If you can imagine it, it is possible.



So with this you can attract a specific girl or at least make it easier to "reconnect" with her again (using the sniper method)? Wouldn't that manipulate the destiny of the other person (in this case, a specific woman)?



All right, thanks lad.

I'm feeling very confident about this.



Checked, also, if it works to attract her, in what way is that more manipulative than all the other mundane techniques used to attract a mate? Hell, even going to the gym could be thought of as manipulating your romantic outcomes, and nobody thinks of that as wrong. It's not like you're forcing her to like you against her will, just setting up events in your favor.


I'm seeing reflections of "my girl" everywhere since I tried to bring her into reality. She's on the TV, on the internet, I even saw a horse that looked like her. This is certainly interesting.



What if you're just creating a tupla? That was my first thought when reading about this.



I mean, if you have a thing for a tulpa, sure. There's a difference between having an ideal in mind and breathing life into that ideal until it starts conversing with you. Seeing her everywhere is either a synchronicity thing or else an indication that the sublimation process involved here needs work. It's not necessarily an indicator that you're going to create a tulpa accidentally. If you're putting a lot of energy into it with the belief that it *could* create a tulpa, then maybe, but this is why it's important to know when to focus attentions elsewhere. The likelier scenario is that you haven't created a tulpa and you're going to be just fine.



It's a nod from the Universe.



Yeah, that's how it feels. So what now? Can I turn this to my favour, or would the universe rather play games with me?



Be grateful for the experience and keep doing your thing. If you were having trouble with faith before, now you have a good reason quell those feelings.

>would the universe rather play games with me?

It certainly loves to catch you off guard haha.


>>114888 (czechd)


So you're saying that I am a creator, yet I cannot change my apperance? Idon'tbeleiveit. Rest of the stuff sounds good.



Did you have good success with this? How long did it take?



Well, for whatever reason, things seem to have gone in the opposite direction despite the good start.

Now I'm not sure what to do. I could either persist or try to attract a new one with all the desired traits.


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File: 1e81cb51137c6ca⋯.png (12.42 KB, 238x394, 119:197, aaaaaaa.png)

You think you get money through hard work? You think scientists own football teams? Fucking idiot. A team full of cheaters that will make 50 million cavemen golems go AMERICA FUCK YEAH, or a backup quarterback and two mediocre runningbacks.



>Manifesting, or Reality Creation as the OP put it, is very simple. What's not simple is applying it. Not because it is complicated. but because it involves doing work on yourself and your deeply rooted beliefs as well as your emotional stuff. So I'm not going to explain it, because you have come across the method a thousand times, and if you have refused to understand it or are still resorting to dressed up substitutes like the video >>106671 posted (or even OP's great write-up, sorry) it means you are not ready to do the work needed to make it work.

can you tell us more? what is significant in the lovers card?

what did OP say that is wrong? is it about healing one's flaws and thus attracting the desires that are attracted thereby?



fuck right off, I can feel the fear radiating from this post.

You're the demon.



it's fine just take it easy with it.

clear your energy before doing it, keep it lighthearted, channel your soul energy into your heart and higher will into your heart and connect with her heart, and do it for a minute or few, just making sure the energy connection stays positive and non-desiring. Also make sure you stay in your own energy as you do this.



Depending on the situation I'd go with trying a new one, but maybe being friends with this one in case it's aight.

The thing about working with other people is that "since worst case scenario you will be creating a tug of war between her energy and yours" and that can easily happen.

I've had a nice connection go wrong for that reason before, and it was because my desire got into the method I'm sharing.



This sounds like bad advice to be honest, having been in a situation where what's said in this post happened to me.




>make sure the energy is positive and non-desiring

Can you elaborate? Positive and non-desiring? What does that mean?



>The thing about working with other people is that "since worst case scenario you will be creating a tug of war between her energy and yours" and that can easily happen

Can you shed some more insight into this? Or in general about everything that you just said.

Because it seems I made a terrible mistake while working and that's why everything felt like I suddenly flipped a switch I should not have.

It may or may not be possible to salvage things, but I'd at least like to learn something useful from all of this, namely what I should and shouldn't do.



if you desire anything, make it mutual happiness, regardless of what form that takes, which may be no form at all in the present. (no interaction with the person) Make sure that if you get twinges of negative feeling while doing it, you stop.

So the desire I use if any is "relationship that is best for both of us, for the highest good" and not being attached to that person/acknowledging I'm not trying to make anything come as a result of the connection other than sharing light/love.

Don't lie to yourself about it, that will bleed through. Spend time with the part of you that wants the connection.

If it's a non-specific person it is easier to have a desire come into it, but once you meet that person you should let it come about naturally rather than psychically unless it's the non-desiring kind.



check out the posts I wrote about my twin flame experience here, and if you have questions after that I can answer them.

the quoted bit is from above.

long answer short the way I see it is you can make a "you-shaped hole in them" which makes them want/need your energy but know you did that and dislike you for it.

There's a technique you can practice of looking at yourself in your mind's eye, which helps keep your energy inside. I use that while working with people on higher levels so my energy doesn't mesh with theirs too much.



I meant the energy tug of war is from this very thread not the one I linked to on mewch




Manifesting "I want $500" means you'll continue to "want $500", meaning you'll want it but not have it. Manifesting "I have $500" means you'll have $500. That's what that anon meant by non-desiring.



that's part of what I meant, but I sorta expanded 2 posts before yours.

definitely not being needy is good.

fill the void in the self rather than leeching from another.

but also not enforcing one's will upon another, which can happen with desire.



I just thought I'd be completely specific. Your advice is vitally important though. It's always important to manifest what you actually should rather than what greed, lust and power make you think you want that actually causes negativity and goes against the will of other people.



indeed, good to have a fuller picture.



I'll keep that in mind.




You're welcome. Good luck, I hope you get something nice (:



If I answered nothing to every question, what does that mean exactly?






Then use reality creation to find something you truly want



Thank you for your attention, if someone constantly bullies me and I try to get him to kill himself will this have negative consequences for me? I just don't want to get bullied anymore and there is no way of separating myself from him.

Didn't see a QTDDTOT


File: 42f3652fb8ee137⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 1242x1652, 621:826, 1514458680831.jpg)


>Didn't see a QTDDTOT

>literally the first fucking thread that's pinned

You deserve to be bullied and banned for this.


File: 4c8d1a2c99326d1⋯.webm (188.69 KB, 640x360, 16:9, anti bully ranger.webm)



BTW I though wizards were magnanimous beings not bullies. Why is everybody a bully.



If you can't get him to kill himself independent of magical means, it's unlikely that you'll be able to do so by trying to intend that specific act right away. You have to be able to think creatively about a solution here that you can match energetically, for example, asking for information before you make the jump to tipping the scales so fantastically. Remember that you're asking about how to commit magical murder. If you want it to succeed, you ought to treat it as no less serious than planning an actual murder, and if you're unwilling to pay the price for that and face the consequences of your actions, then you need to ask for something more sensible. For example, asking for a change in their or your living situation so that it's a non-issue. That has a far smaller price tag and it's far less likely to come back to bite you in the ass.

If it's online, you need to get over it. Ask for that first.



>I though wizards were magnanimous beings not bullies

maguses (1/million) probably are.

adepts (1/10thousand) sometimes (often?) are.

numbers based on my guess and genpopulation

but most people who are pretty good don't need to come here and ask or answer stuff tbh



>For example, asking for a change in their or your living situation so that it's a non-issue.

Just let him move and never bother us again and just forget about us! Genius I will try this.



>does not realize that wanting for somebody to suddenly end his physical existence in this density for his sake and with no great reason to do it is terribly egotistical

in the end, this is a learning experience that is temporarily corrupted by the corrupt demiurge parasite: if you do this, you will have consequences. *very long lasting consequences*. this could help you learn that a consciousness's presence in a vessel in a particular part of the One-Infinite-Time can be greatly valued.

why not try Inconditional Love? use this, anon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wma7XWjcHdI



Bump for this wonderful thread



so basically, think like a jedi


Isnt this kind of dangerous? I mean, what if someone in bad shape holds emotional resonance with being in a good one, making himself believe for the rest of his that it is true, not putting in any effort to actually be in good physical shape?


File: 8412dcbba18ddae⋯.png (151.88 KB, 446x442, 223:221, 8412dcbba18ddaef5c811a47d3….png)


I've never heard of anyone getting into a ripped shape just by willing it into reality while eating like a slob. It's almost as if action and will needs to be applied by eating well and going to the gym or something.



If so, whats the use of feeling like you already have what you wish for?

Is it really necessary to hold emotional resonance with what you want? Or is just doing the work necessary to have it enough, without taking into account any sort of ritual?




it's not dangerous. what happens is that when you hold resonance with an idea, you subconsciously travel toward it. if you hold resonance with being fit but you eat a ton, your body will stay healthy even if you eat a lot: processing things better, refining metabolism, and many other things. it works better if your food is not poison (most processed sweets etc)

AND, you will start going to the gym (or other example), because the idea can also work as a goal.

it's actually a good way to start using prana as physical sustentance.

if you feel like you already have what you desire, you can attract and/or get a lot of things that are normally "left to chance", for example, the "perfect" girlfriend.



this might be a silly question, but is it possible (with years of training) to do what mundanes think about when they think of magic (emitting light from your hands for instance) or is that just an idiotic goal?


File: dd1cff4d149adc0⋯.jpg (123.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1381185093324.jpg)


That's a relatively easy trick to learn but mundanes won't be able to see it, if that's what you're asking. You can pretty easily develop abilities such that from your hands, or wherever else you want, you can emit an aetheric light that can help you see in darkness and also be a psychovisual indicator to you personally where your energy is flowing and what's up with it. Eventually you will get to the point where to you it will be like you're a vidya-style wizard. Manifesting it for other magic users is a bit trickier, but not much.

To make it manifest for mundanes is a different question entirely and involves factors which compound its difficulty considerably. Performing raw magic in front of mundanes is next to impossible in the way you're likely thinking of, as a sort of 'proof' to them. Their psychic censors are almost certainly going to make it so that they either don't see it, or they interpret it in such a way that it's perfectly mundane, such as "big deal, I saw this trick in vegas once, it's all LEDs." No joke, mundanes' inherent ability to maintain their worldviews is, in its own right, an extremely powerful magical act, and it is within the realm of possibility that when you attempt to show them that it's real, they will so disbelieve you that they'll will those LEDs into existence, at least in their own minds. They'll see the strings where none exist, and with the full weight of their socially-reinforced belief behind them, their unconscious magic is probably more powerful than yours, if yours is attempting to push directly against it.

Getting mundanes to believe in the 'supernatural' (a supremely stupid term, but that's how they see it) depends upon speaking to them in their mental language in a way that can use their own desires and their own beliefs about the way the world works to lead them to a magical conclusion. Only then will their psychic censors loosen up sufficiently. Otherwise, if you force it too hard, you'll come across as mentally unhinged, or worse, you'll succeed. This will immediately be followed by their mental unhinging because you've just blown out their mental filters. Nobody on this earth goes nuts in as nasty a way as hard materialists, and you're more likely to produce a drooling nutcase than you are a true believer.



hmm, so it's a kind of anti-magic, well, from what i've learned here so far, technically everybody is casting "magic" all the time, it's just with a "non-magical" explanation so it's digestible for them.



In a sense. It's a spectrum, like light, or autism. There isn't a hard limit where raw magic is 100% distinct from the material world, and for all the talk of planes, they intersect in ways that pretty much everyone agrees is impossible to describe without higher-order geometry and topology.

Mundane people's belief in the mundane world is often rock-solid, it takes zero conscious attention for them to uphold, and therein lies the mark of an act of deep will. Plenty of them have essentially no conception of magic as anything other than pure fantasy, and you would be amazed just how deep someone can get into magic without believing in it. Someone can swear up and down to no end that when he was high as a kite on DMT, aliens came down and told him a secret of the universe that he could use if only he just remembered what it was, but if you tell him about a magical technique the aliens taught you, he'll tell you spellcasting is ridiculous and that neurochemistry holds all the answers (spoiler alert, no it doesn't and it won't for a very long time, if ever).

I know this is the case because I was that guy before I really got into magic. Come to find out I was definitely practicing magic, I was just doing it in a totally inefficient and sloppy manner, without guiding principles or any idea of how to actualize what I was learning, or to manifest much of anything. Cue the dark night of the soul, etc etc. I have since found that more often than not, magicians may be practicing in their own way for years without knowing it as magic, and it generally takes a period of things sucking ass to get them to the point where their psychic censor will give up the ghost and let the magic back in. Once they take that one extra step to just accept that yeah, they're weird enough to call it magic, things start to click a lot more. Consciously-directed magic, though it may be far more difficult to pull off than the kind of unconscious world-sustaining magic that everyone practices just by existing, opens up whatever doors you want it to, if you're willing to go the distance.



come to think of it, i may have been casting magic without knowing previously during workout sessions, sometimes i couldn't explain to myself how i suddenly went so far past my previous limit other than believing i could.


I’ve already decided im going to have a beautiful head of hair (starting to lose it, have been for a while.) anyone got any tips?




anon,there are times when violence is appropriate, this is not one of them.

A good person should strive to remove evil from the world, not add it. "with great power comes great responsibility" and that sort of thing, there's a reason why this information was occulted and it's not just because of power.


Most are, yes.

But the responses you are getting are a result of your blatant disregard for the life of others,you want to kill someone for bullying you. I understand this thought process very well, and yes it does make sense, every single serial killer, every school shooter, etc. did it because they were in pain and wanted to make others feel that pain too. Fact of the matter is it won't help you. You may manage to kill this bully, but what of the next? What you are doing is participating in a feedback loop of sickness. The bully has some bad energy in his life, as a result he tries to pass it off onto you this actually just creates more bad energy, like a virus you take it and pass it on to someone else. You will only get more and more miserable as time goes on until you break the cycle.


All this talk of 'magic' isn't really magic, it's psychological programming of the subconscious. If someone 'memes' fitness, tries to 'magic' it into being, they will plant a small seed in their subconscious. Think of our subconscious like a random number generator on a computer, if left on its' own, generally it will produce some pretty good psuedo-random numbers that we can be fairly certain have not been manipulated. However, our subconscious is not left on its' own. Every day we are bombarded with information from our environment, from the people we meet, etc. This information is mixed into our random number generator, not unlike how modern computers rely on processor input to help 'randomize' the data. However, this does not always work to 'randomize'. What it does is opens up a vulnerability in our subconscious frame work actually it's probably by design of evolution but i digress, when we continually receive the same or similar information coming into our subconscious, it will start to effect the outcome of our 'random number generator'.

We don't need to know the exact details of how it works, which chemicals are used, or how many times you need to think of something before the brain starts to literally rewire itself. All you need to know is the more times something occurs, the more times you experience something, the more times you think something, the more times you will think of it in the future, the more likely your actions are to be influenced by that thought.

This is all basic stuff, a lot of it was occulted for centuries, but it's all knowable, provable by science, and the most effective psychological treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy are based on it.

What you are doing is brainwashing yourself, and you do need to be careful, but not because you might just skimp on the necessary work. You need to be careful because if you focus on something negative, you are opening yourself up to enter a negative feedback loop where bad things happen, causes your subconscious to move towards more bad things, and it can quickly spiral out of control. I've had this happen myself. A couple times actually, you learn how to recognize it and force yourself out of that state of mind.

Now, this whole 'feel like you already have it' is a different thing to what I've been doing lately essentially using propaganda on myself, but they both work pretty much the same way. You use the propaganda method when you need to change something specific about your personality quickly. I needed to change my vengefulness as I was very severely wronged, nearly died, and had become obsessed with Machiavellian-tier destruction against those who harmed me. In 1 month I was able to calm myself, now I'm at the point where I'm going even further than that and towards almost Buddhist-tier. The human mind is malleable. If you can shape it, you can achieve nearly anything.


File: bd86aa3a551545d⋯.png (261.91 KB, 724x1200, 181:300, ClipboardImage.png)


>I want to attract a specific partner

>Weapon of Choice: Shotgun

Why isn't this one Sniper Rifle? Opening up to any possible opportunity of meeting her?

>Caveat: This technique was not designed for such a working and better methods exist

Where might I find these other methods?


Kind of a dick move to plant the seed of doubt and then offer such a vague replacement. Yet I found your post enthralling.

Did the symbolism carry into this BOTA card? This is the one I (roughly) learned from.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i don't care, i'm going to keep practicing until i can throw balls of fire out of my hands



That's a good attitude. keep at it bro


Honestly the more I read this, the more I appreciate OP's style. Magic gets its head caught up its own ass so often, it's nice to take a break once in a while.



agreed, much clearer without trying to sound like gandalf



>be in the present

>eliminate the timeframe

All around good shit. Its hilarious that so many christians know the lords prayer and yet so few of them ever wonder "lead us not into temptation" What is temptation? …temptation… temp….tation? Temp - time tation - state of being? Lead us not into the state of being defined by time?

Nah… couldn't be…. The world is a puzzle and it is so sad that so few can see the riddles within, let alone answer them.


File: 87b65053a353865⋯.jpg (48.5 KB, 640x436, 160:109, existential nightmare.jpg)


Of course, I've failed as a mage- but that's nothing much. I've failed as a man, a writer, an artist, and a human being. I knew when I started reading occult books at like 12 years old, and tried to visualize and clear my mind… I tried and tried and tried… but I couldn't do it. And like everything I do, I fail. Everything in my life, I fail. Am I creating this reality by my own self-doubt and self-loathing? Maybe, but it doesn't matter, because what the fuck else am I going to do???


File: de225becf8e5f23⋯.png (269.62 KB, 853x480, 853:480, shinji.png)


you and i are in the same boat, except you shouldn't give up, i'm personally just working on improving self confidence and eradicating doubt in myself




I have some advice for you that I hope you take. You will most likely interpret my words as being mean spirited, most do (and there is a reason for this), they are not.. keep that in mind.

The reason that you fail is because you want to fail. You have created (the kikes have gaslighted you into creating) a reality for yourself where failure is the only option. You focus on the negative and thus that is what you shall receive. Being blackpilled, 'all is lost, all the time', makes your your own worst enemy. You tried and tried and tried but you never tried.

The majority of the secrets of magic (read: all of the secrets of magic) lie in perspective. Activate your almond on an impossible shape, figure out how an impossible shape could possibly work (not on paper, but in your head and in your head alone). Approach every day as if you live inside a symphony played to the tune of a poem which is spoken in riddle. Seek phrases to turn. What is love? What is possible?

Well, what most people call love they mean to use the word joy. Love is a guarantee, a sworn oath, of protection. What you love you value more than yourself, what you love you would do anything to protect. You would walk through fire to see to it that what you love is not harmed. Love is vengeance.

What is possible is all of existence. If all of existence is possible, and what exists today was impossible yesterday, then what is possible is impossible and the impossible is possible.

Stop dwelling on the negative. Curse it. Tell it to go fuck itself. Banish it from your heart and your mind. This society is one giant net negative. Remove yourself from its material desires. Go walk in the woods. Seek the tree and obtain its fruit. Take the seed within and find fertile soil in which to plant it and care for it. Everything is metaphor, nothing is coincidence. The tree of wisdom, the tree of life (when I bring these trees up I am often met with 'get out of here with that jewish shit, but both of those trees predate anything the kikes wrote by a long, long time and are very much european in origin.) Both of them exist, they are real, and they are on Earth, but you can not see them with your two eyes and you can not be aware of their presence until you see them. They have a gift, just for you, no one else, it has been lost, go save it. You can be a hero, but heroes do not mope and dwell on negative thoughts of how awful they have it. Heroes get back up off the ground and say "if I fall, I fall swinging"

And OP is right. It is all about creation. Activate your almond, what does it feel like? It feels almost like something else doesn't it? That's right, it is a mind erection. And you can create with it as much as you can with your dick. The world is a pussy and its waiting to be fucked. Go CREATE something more.



More on perspective: Magic. What is magic? Magic is 'the impossible'. referring to any of this as magic is most likely a hinderance to you. I often say it in jest but I am no wizard. What I am is ABLE. I am ABLE to do these things. I found that I was ABLE when I was homeless with a mountain of debt. I decided "fuck this I am ABLE to find a good wife and have a strong son and own a house". 18 months later I had a wife a son and a house. The more complicated the thing the more difficult it is to manifest it. And the difficulty comes in the form of tests. Reality will test you to see if you are worthy, it will try to break your will. When you find yourself cut down at the knees instead of dwelling on failure you need to see it for the test that it is, get back up off the floor and re-approach that test like a champion who has already won. Because you have already won. The test that reality gave you shows you exactly what you need to do. It tested you because what you wanted and the actions you were taking did not align. Learn to read it. Learn to interpret it. Hell, learn to thank reality for giving you that struggle, for it made you better.



"the world is a pussy, and it's waiting to be fucked."

i'll remember those words, that also needs to be a banner



agree 100%. the best thing to come out of this board full of schizoposters, shills and larpers in months. now only to apply this and get the energy and courage to live like this, it's a whole other story. Comfort zone and self-made prison in the mind will hinder anyone



I don't come here often, spending too much time on chans works against you, it removes you from the proper perspective.. But one thing I have noticed is that the abundance of garbage posters on here all have one thing in common: They are all pushing left hand path bullshit. Stay away from that fucking garbage it works against you. For instance, communism and left hand path go hand in hand. And when we look at communism, they seek to make property, material possessions, illegal. Now what would that do? That removes the possibility of people giving up material desires. And without the possibility of giving up material desires no one would ever pass the first seal.



submitted to early

left hand path does the same shit in ever form of it. It is all about being in opposition to material, morals, tradition, etc. And it explains exactly how to do rituals and all that. All of those approaches guarantee that its adherents will never be able to do more than create tulpas and illusion. And, funnily enough, them casting illusions makes it easier for seekers of the path of light to find the stumbling blocks and turn them into stepping stones.



that's exactly what i'm trying to break down, because i've built up a huge mental cage for myself over the years.



Even calling communism LHP is way too flattering. In a supremely ironic twist, materialist ideology is a sad parody of anything substantial. I wouldn't insult practitioners of any esoteric path by lumping them in with such a disgusting crowd.

With that said, almost all attempts to become some sort of manipulative, charismatic magus via a LHP method all fall totally flat, and it is probably a smart idea to assume that anyone declaring progress in it is full of shit.



i'm just curious, what is the "left hand path"? forgive me but i'm a newfig.



As a general rule, the left-hand path is a series of means of magical attainment that are the opposite complements to a more traditional right-handed path. I'm really painting with a broad brush here, but if you became an ascetic who only performed good or traditional works, and really submitted to an arduous method of self-denial or otherwise orthodox attainment, exoteric or otherwise, that would be RHP. It's ego destruction by removing all possibility for the ego to express itself negatively, more or less. Eventually, starved of expression, the ego finds nowhere to go and is resolved. The upfront costs are very high, but the early risks are minimal. The payoff later is high, but so is the later risk.

LHP would be working for self-attainment, rejecting societal norms and ethical precepts and limitations on the self. This sounds easier only because the upfront costs are low, but the early risks are high. The later risks are lower but the later payoffs tend to be lower as well. This method does in the end produce the same results but by the opposite route, inflating and molding the ego and the self to such a degree that eventually it bursts, unable to sustain itself. The ego's identity inverts such that the self is not distinct from anything else.



neither of them seem very enticing to be honest, but that may be because i don't understand all of it yet



The world receives (receive=feminine) your will (masculine=will)



i know that, you fuck the universe with your masculine energy, the feminine universe then cultivates that energy (your baby)


>…You have failed as a mage.

Right from the start this thread sounds like a cheap marketing gag. Some random faggot telling me that I am a failure, but hey, if I only follow his advice/buy his product I will be the king of the world right away. Yes, it's actually that easy right?

More pushing of this meme that we are divine creators and can have it all if we only "realize" it. Shunning other methods in favor of his own stuff (Sigils, Rituals, LoA) again only reeks like conartist. What reasons/aims/goals does he bring up? Girlfriends and money…wow… Now I really know I shouldn't waste my time with this thread…

But I did. I read through all of OPs initial posts. They are as empty and vague as it can be. I'm sorry but the LoA material from Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor is far higher in quality, but you will get there. Every salesman/conartist needs to start out small, and it is good that you at least practice here.



tell me exactly how it sounds vague?



>Girlfriends and money…wow… Now I really know I shouldn't waste my time with this thread…

Psssh…Nothin personnel…kid…

Fuck off, mundane queer.



File: ad97ec83e72b862⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 665x385, 19:11, existential nightmare 5.jpg)


It's probably good advise, and you didn't really come off as mean imo. I wish I could. I can't. I can't do anything. I'm a NEET and the only wizardry I'm capable of is being a 30+ y/o male who is repellent to the opposite sex. I know in my heart of hearts that base sense indulgence is not the meaning of life; I know it is a pointless and decadent pursuit better left to mundanes. That doesn't stop me from being hyper-aware that nature has rejected me; she has said: "You are not good enough to propagate and enter into the future." And from a logical perspective, it would be unfair to pass my schizoid manlet DNA onto another unfortunate generation, even if the opportunity arose.

The world is a pussy waiting to be fucked? More like I'm a pussy and the world has fucked me. That's it man.



>homeless with a mountain of debt. I decided "fuck this I am ABLE to find a good wife and have a strong son and own a house". 18 months later I had a wife a son and a house

give details plix.

I'd love to know how to make monay and get inspired.



>I'm a NEET and the only wizardry I'm capable of is being a 30+ y/o male who is repellent to the opposite sex.

I started to turn my life around at 26. It's possible.

Yes you've been there longer, but the lack of ego you have can be molded into a strength if you find a place/ideology you can immerse yourself in and allow it to overwrite your lesser programming.

You can start with something like a vipassana retreat. 10 days of silent meditation. Purify.

Reprogram your mind. Reprogram your cells, your DNA. Change your fate.


File: 6c26d385c1c317f⋯.jpg (79.92 KB, 500x386, 250:193, shinji2.jpg)


>in my heart of hearts

just don't man please, you can do it, i know it, i used to think the same as you, sometimes still do, but life only wants you dead if YOU think that, do not feed whatever keeps giving you these negative thoughts, try to be observant whenever you have a shitty thought about yourself, no matter how common.

i can't see another anon do this to himself, i fixed it, you can too.


File: 8c50b8012effbfe⋯.jpg (120.56 KB, 788x576, 197:144, existential nightmare 17.jpg)


Respect. I'm glad you were able to turn it around, that's awesome. 10 days of meditation you say? I go insane trying to meditate for 10 minutes before bed… I did it every morning and every evening for a month; but there is never any quiet. My mind will not stop; the inner voice is always speaking, it's always talking. Not schizo, I'm not hearing it; I "AM IT'' if such a thing as me can even really exist beyond Maya- the great illusion, the Matrix, or the cave of Plato. Call it what you will.


Shinji, an avatar of self-doubt, abandonment and grief. You do seem to understand, insofar as anyone can understand anyone else.

I sometimes call that inner persona "Loki" or "Satan"- the deceiver, the enemy, the trickster. I want to believe it is a lie, but all my experience tells me the opposite. I am trying to counter this, but when I look in the mirror and say "I HATE MYSELF" it feels like the purest truth I could speak. When I try to say "i love myself…" it sticks to the tongue like a saccharine lie. Good on you for fighting back. Never give up.

Thank you both for the encouragment, either way. I am not giving up yet, even if I have very little hope or faith left. I've already been flirting with nihilism. Even my once strong faith in unseen powers has been waning of late. If God is not dead, he is surely not listening.


File: 7c6bf87d8451910⋯.png (34.73 KB, 1308x833, 1308:833, Untitld.png)


That pic reminds me of one the vivid 'other reality' experiences that I have had.

I was putting fuel in a semi truck when something in the trailer slapped hard against it to get my attention.

It was only a momentary thing or flash. But in that instance everything was different. The world was grotesque with a thin veil laid over it for a few of us to keep us from the horror of reality.

My tractor trailer was full of people. One of them angrily tried to get my attention, while the rest didn't even bother to care.

Around me were normal people and grotesque being in disguise. Sort of like "They Live" only as a Clive Barker story.

Horrible sick looking buildings and things occupied what looked normal. It was pretty freaky and kind of fucked me up for a while, even though it was only an instant.

I imagine that it was what hard core schizophrenia must be like all the time.

Later I would have a dream about bizarre apartment buildings that were incubators for giant demonic things. People living oblivious to the fact that their energy was being used to incubate/feed these horrific things waiting to be born.

I think it is important to guard what we think and what kind of feelings and emotions we entertain lest we find ourselves slipping from better worlds into much darker ones.



it feels real because you've been telling yourself so long, your brain is very moldable, i had the same thing, saying i was worthless and that nobody would ever care about me. even when there was clear evidence that wasn't true, my brain would fight against it like a trained machine

>i'm actually quite attractive, i have a good body shape and my face looks good too

>"nobody will ever get into a relationship with you because you're a manlet"

>i managed to get a job

>"you'll probably get fired on the first day because you're trash"

also, the more you keep telling yourself that you can't do something, the more impossible it will become for you. i managed to accomplish some things merely because i changed my perception from "i don't know if i can do this/i can't do this" to "i will do this".

also, if you're still fapping, stop it, it leads to more anxiety, just remove yourself from any source of porn. you may fail the first few times and relapse, but it's worth it. my confidence with others has increased tenfold and i notice women now actually

acknowledge my existance.

you can do it, i know so, it's never too late to turn it around.



I like this take. Calling it "magic" or "magick" whatever could be detrimental thanks to years of being indocrinated "magic is not real", "magic is nonsense", etc. Instead I should see my practice and something that just WORKS because that is the way it SHOULD be! That is the reality of this "game". I'm playing by the rules, I've obtained an important knowledge and now I can SHAPE my PATH through life the way it has been intended but obscured by those who wish to keep all power to themselves while I WORK(ED), WORK(ED), WORK(ED). Thank you for this post! Thus far my practice has lead to tangible results bur after reading your input I can feel a brand new source of "energy" (creativity and confidence) flowing through my body.



>energy being harvested to incubate parasites

this is real. the (((""archon""))) parasites (and others of the lower line of "brainwashing") feed on this energy directly. of these: no more are being born; new (((""archons""))) (and counting the first ones, too) are "coronated" instead, in a sort of this way:

>"congratulations. you know about the corrupt demiurge! you shouldn't give away this secret! (if you do, i will be toast!) because you are "in", would you like to serve under me? you would receive great power and respect!"

>if it is signed, slavery

while other, maybe somewhat unrelated parasitic Beings use the energy to incubate themselves. once, for example, i recall having read a case of a baby reptilian having attached itself to a boy's chakras.


it's never late to page through this >>112478 and help yourself! :D

the akasha anon is a good guy, from what i have seen of him.

i recommend quieting down. if you move a lot, even inconsciously (like i do sometimes), or walk while brushing your teeth (i do that sometimes) stop and contemplate. i noticed that it's easier to have a still mind when your body is also very still.

ask "to whom does this thought arise?" and "who am i?" they are power thoughts that make you ponder. the first one also has the tendency of making yourself instantly explain the thought's origin, and in this, let it dissolve away.

>let the things that are means to an end, be ends in themselves.

peace! :D



>but aren't all thoughts, as is Everything, pure energy? and energy has power, Intention, frequency, vibration and will behind it?

yes, the reason i said "power thoughts" is because these two grant some great results, all by themselves.


File: 9cff834218a930e⋯.jpg (75.21 KB, 850x400, 17:8, existential nightmare 11.jpg)


Man, that's heavy. After a fashion I'm convinced that certain bodies are hosts for spectral parasites; entities that implant themselves in the psyche of mortals and attempt to drag our reality to the lowest frequency possible. If what you're saying is true they must love feeding on my corrupted, bitter energy.

The only such experience I had was a short period of time when right around 9/11. I dreamed about it happening the night before ( quite common I hear ) and started to descend into this weird alternate reality. Every thing had hidden meanings… I didn't actually SEE anything otherworldly; but I would watch an anime, say Cowboy Bebop, and feel like it was communicating all these secret meanings to me. A lot of weird stuff happened around then, and I ended up getting shipped off to a psych ward for several weeks.


I am trying to do that recently… It's hard. I don't know why everything is always such a struggle for me. Nothing ever comes naturally, nothing is ever easy. Everyone else just breezes by, I fight and fight and still keep failing. It's always been like for as long as I remember. Maybe it's because I was raised by a mentally ill single mother, maybe it's lack of a father figure; maybe I'm just looking for excuses for my own ineptitude.

Also I did nofap last year for nearly 6 months. I even posted weekly updates on /nofap/ and everything. All that changed was my level of irritability went through the roof; and I felt more motivated to engage in physical activity like exercise. I would also feel a predatory hunger 10x stronger than normal on seeing attractive females. At any rate, thank you again for the vote of confidence. It really means a lot to me.


The demiurge. I really need to read more gnostic texts; this has always had the ring of truth to it, whenever I hear about it. I vaguely remember an episode of Aeon Flux that had a story VERY similar to what you describe. These small animal avatars of the demiurge would appear very harmless, even beautiful and cute… they would attach themselves to people after a fashion… It was a good show, if very degenerate.

I'll have to try that. I had some success questioning myself about "the watcher" or the "the observer" to not mix up terms. Recently I've been thinking more of consciousness as a spectral tapeworm, something that exists within the physical organisms intellectual strata and dies along side it. The slow boil towards nihilism is real, but I still have strong /fringe/ inclinations… I'll check out the thread you linked more later.


Thanks for the thread! I did a spell according to the guidelines and my time feels like it sped up 2x



It is absolutely true, 100%, that psychoviruses are real. Call them spiritual or psychological, but they are undeniable. This is hard to convey to someone who has not been through the process of attempting to undo them to a more grounded state, especially because the very worst of them (total cynicism, total ideology, total save-the-world or save-only-me duality) present as though you are above it all and have escaped into some sort of "true" but nightmarish world.

To call them alive is semi-correct. They exist on a subliminal level and will emerge into the conscious level like icebergs, not showing their roots but demanding all manner of obedience. Any voice in your head saying "I must do this or the world will be ruined forever," that's extortion by a memetic prion, the thoughtform version of mad cow disease.

The bad news is that they are ubiquitous and most people are under some form of them to such an extent that they have tied their entire outlook and language around them. Some of the largest boards on this site are dedicated to their wholesale spread and worship (small wonder ebola-chan was so popular!). The good news is that when confronted, they wither. They try to hang onto the ego (after which They are patterned), but lack the ego's natural talent for self-preservation under scrutiny. They dissolve under direct observation and a slight tweaking of your mental environment will extinguish them.

The first step of actually wanting them gone is the hardest, since they hijack your desires and outlook. Once you want them out, the rest will follow relatively easily.



A thread listing some useful power thoughts would be good. They're all going to be variations on boundary-killers like you listed, but spreading a mental toolkit around would probably do a neophyte or two some good, given how often the very phrasing of their questions precludes a useful answer.



how long have you been doing magic?



but what would be the ideal state, i know i have bound myself to ideology, but it don't let it define me as a person.

what of, for instance, a political stance, is it okay to have a political stance or is that a psychovirus?



It depends on the severity. As a general rule, if it produces an unwanted and seemingly unstoppable series of thoughts, it's a psychovirus. If It demands your undying support, especially without a clear goal which can be attained in your lifetime, it is also a psychovirus. If It tells you to behave and believe what it says no matter what, especially in ways that drain you, it is not only a psychovirus, but it's in a dangerous phase.

I am wary of subscription to any named ideology unless you are trained in the subtle and excellent art of uncoupling your sense of self from provisional behaviors. If it promotes your creative endeavors and strengthens social bonds which are truly desirable (new friends made on the basis of ideology do NOT count), then it may well be healthy, but certain thought patterns are healthier than others. If It turns you into a helpless NEET who cannot utter a sentence without revolting every normie around you, and who considers suicide on the regular, whatever it is, I don't care how great it says it is, I don't care how closely it tries to align itself with lofty ideals, it's full of shit, kill it!

Above all else, if an ideology tells you you must save or destroy the whole world with it, it is masochism itself. There is no faster way to be miserable than to buy into that ridiculous lie.

As for the base self, either it does not exist or else it is featureless. You will never be free of any thought pattern except in deep meditation, and the only ones always in that state are either dead or too nondistinct to count as persons at all. Don't strive for any fixed state, you will fail. Don't strive for any fluid state, you will fail. Instead, relax. Panic and tension are the very mechanisms which are exploited and even corrupted by psychoviral thoughts. Let go of the neurotic burden and they won't find anywhere to latch onto you.


PS, please note that I am not suggesting that the approval of normies or an attachment to life are necessarily indicators of ultimate health or success, only that a set of thoughts which forces involuntary and unwanted conclusions and then tries to hammer them home is quite certainly your enemy. No ultimate truth is going to turn you into a self-loathing sack of shit, and what good would it be to you if it did?

Consider bokononism a healthy model: believe those "lies" which make you healthy and capable, reject those "truths" which do you nothing but harm.



my ideology and genuine way i go about life don't fit any of those discriptions, they used to when i was an atheist NEET, but i have long since grown out of that. my ideology does not really affect my social life much as i keep it to myself.

i will say that there is a "mind virus" in me that i already know of, i started learning about magic and the general fringe stuff halfway through 2016, in 2017 i finally identified the reason for my brains tendency to twist everything into a negative, and i notice whenever a thought i have comes from it now, it has slowly been withering away since.



>demands allegiance

>demands support

>acts "alive" and "conscious"

they may be entities if this happens.

you are Sovereign and Divine and Free. if a thought tries to wrest control, you are perfectly free to dissolve it. normal thoughts have zero autonomy. psychoviruses, as i see them, are patterned thoughtforms, and so have little autonomy beside memetic spreading.

>let go of the neurotic burden

excellent advice.


Good advice, but applicable after you do some intensive shadow work first. Some people have very hard-set foundational beliefs about reality that need to be resolved.

I had a brutal breakup a few months back that basically viscerally revealed to me that I suffer from codependency (in part due to a traumatic childhood) which has affected the way I relate to the world and people my entire life. I'm thankful for the experience but it nearly drove me to suicide. Now I'm reconstructing my life and returning to the principles of RC (I've had success in the past) with a renewed perspective.

Seriously, don't discount the possibility that the things you think you want you really shouldn't have. Or that you're wanting them from a deeply insecure place. Magick can turn your life into a nightmare.



I don't know if they're alive as entities in their basic sense, but may develop into personal demons given enough time and thought energy. They excel at sapping focus and creative energy, though, and an ideology could easily be said to be a kind of egregore patterned after the (corrupt) demiurge, feeding off of the loosh of its followers.

I think the fastest route to destroying this is to emphasise the total immediacy of the 'ascending' moment. For example, a communist who cannot stop loathing everyone who isn't a communist (and is therefore a self-made sack of shit) is a one-man loosh factory for the egregore of communism. He will never be happy so long as he lives in a world with people who think differently, so his only hope is some ridiculous future in which his goofy ideas are impossibly perfected. He discounts the idea of any fulfillment whatsoever by rejecting and hating the present.

By contrast, someone immersed in the immediacy and the presence of totality now, right now in this moment, right in front of you! is by necessity fulfilled by things in themselves. The false ideals of some future paradise are mental slums compared to what is experienced by someone engaged in direct experience, and further, someone engaged in direct experience is necessarily better at magic through their simple and strong relationship with their own will.



what about accepting and being happy in the present, but still trying to work towards something better? that is pretty much where i stand most of the time.


What's the best way to put myself in a money making mindset? Sometimes I'm so lazy and know I can be making more.



I just get distracted and procrastinate. I just need to focus.



You are free to improve whatever you wish, but the conception of that as a need is delusion. I got a degree in biochemistry, did I need it? No. The world would not have ended if I went into underwater basket-weaving instead. Did I want it? Yes, and I suffered quite a bit to satisfy that want, under the delusion that it was the measure of my character, my self, my worth as a person. Nonsense! I had drunk from the septic tank of academic ideology.

You are freed by immediacy to do whatever you desire, knowing full well that so far as mystic attainment goes, the highest is immediate and intrinsic. Therefore, in this instant give up the neurotic lie of need. Do things you want to do because they fulfill a creative, positive outlet. Avoid doing things which you wish to do less or not at all, knowing that you may also give up whatever desires are unfit, without cost.

Morality now becomes a question of how best to enjoy. For example, I would physically, momentarily enjoy getting a blowjob from a beautiful escort instead of my wife, but would I enjoy getting the clap as a result, and would I enjoy the sheer hassle of having to lie about it forever? Doubtful, and those are more painful than a temporary blowjob is pleasurable. Therefore, I would enjoy staying faithful and just getting my wife into tantra or something. Things proceed from a place of fulfillment. Anything whatsoever can be spun in your favor if you can spin it to your own mind properly.



>ask "to whom does this thought arise?" and "who am i?"

I started doing this sort of thinking before learning about esoterics really. I was 'familiar' with basic esoteric topics but all my knowledge really came after I accidentally into the heros journey and found myself in a mental/spiritual labyrinth was brutal.

Who am I? Is a good question to boost your perception up a couple notches. It's late and I have been slacking on my 'works' today so Im going to just list some of the questions I commonly ponder to keep my perception high.

>who am I?

>what am I?

>If I stare into a mirror long enough will I forget which me is me?

>What if the veil of deception before us is a confusion of light and there is a specific prism shape that will allow us to see the real reality, what would that shape look like?

>there exists a 3 dimensional object that moves in 4 dimensions and exists in a plane of 8 dimensions, how does it work? put some really, really fucking autistic active thought into this one and you will get results, I promise you that

Another thing I like to do if you arent mentally stable dont fuck with this one, kek is when ever I hear an out of place noise.. something falls.. anything like that I examine the room like a detective, because "there is something here that someone wants me to see, some sort of arrangement of items that spells out a message, what is that message and who is the messenger?"



I stared into a mirror. It was at my 'bottom of the rope' moment, and I looked at myself and realized if I didnt fix my shit I probably wouldnt have long for the world. So I started to get pissed, really pissed. Its a bit gay but some music helped also, the song dig by incubus came on and I realized that the song isnt about "hey friend help me out" it's about saving your own spirit when it has been lost, buried. I adopted a stubborn mindset of 'nothing will stop me, I know that as long as I believe I will fix everything'. The next day I went to a bar with enough cash for one beer and some random guy came up to me for no fucking reason at all 'hey I told my buddy I'd help him hire someone he needs someone dependable to work in his warehouse starting immediately'. It was a $15/hour job. Same day I started talking to a girl, met her at the same bar. Waited a month to start dating her because I promised myself the next girl I fucked I would marry so I better vet the shit out of her. 4 months after I started dating her I had $3k saved up and asked her to move with me out of new york and head down south. Blew what was left of my money on security and all that for an apartment. Got a job digging fuckign ditches for some landscape company for $9/hr, lived on raman and peanut butter, shit got rough so I forgot myself and stopped believing for a bit but then I realized how I was fucking up so I started believing I would finish the task at hand again.. Found a job paying 16/hr. Saved up $5k for a downpayment on a house. Bought a house.

Dont ever let anyone tell you there is a limit to what you can do. All that bullshit with commie fuckers saying "this isnt a living wage, you cant have a house with this pay" horse shit. I could have done it with the ditch digging job but it would have taken a couple months more. Maintain your awareness, your perception and your spirit and you will get everything that you believe you should.

But if you believe that you are a neet. If you identify as a forever alone. Thats what you will get.

Here, try this.. this is the easiest thing you can will into existence to prove that it works, once you prove to yourself that it works you will understand just how important it is.. Take the following and tell it to yourself repeatedly, think it as often as possible, believe it.

"My body grows stronger, and it grows stronger without exercise. My metabolism is constantly improving and my body is building muscle while reducing fat."

I lost 100lbs in 4 months doing that with no exercise.

>inb4 6million threads about anons increasing their dick size with this



Now this is some magick right here.



Damn bro. Seriously inspirational and I appreciate it.

I've been aiming small and you've convinced me to aim higher. I'd been focusing on growing my hair out quicker and making it more lustrous. Definitely going to integrate your advice.



What are you supposed to do if you don't want anything?



Not wanting anything changed or unchanged is the same as wanting everything and anything, all for its own sake. That's the point at which burdens are not burdens and obstacles are not obstacles. You are free to enjoy the show as much or as little as you please. To be honest, very little can actually be said about such a state of total fulfillment, and if I said more, it may be to the detriment of experiencing it. All I can say is, enjoy.




Or it could signify depression, or some other psychological illness that inhibits a sense of self. The question itself reveals a want. You want to know what to do. Start with that.



This is probably more likely.

>You want to know what to do. Start with that.

How do I do that?



Well, what would it feel like if you knew what you wanted in life? When you saw my post, maybe something clicked in you. That feeling of "Aha, now I'm more on track." Sit with that feeling. Bring it into the present as often as you can and let it grow in intensity.

Imagine the feeling you'd have if you knew what kind of partner you wanted. Imagine if you knew what kind of home you'd like. Imagine if you knew what kind of life you'd like. It should be fun and playful and exciting.



The thing is, I can imagine things about my life being different but I never feel strongly enough to do anything to make it a reality. It always seems easier to just while away my time doing nothing. I feel like I've given up on my life and myself and I don't see any way around it, it just feels like meaningless suffering to me. I don't really know what to do about any of that, so I don't really do anything. Sorry if I'm being a downer, I'm just not sure where to go with myself.



> it may be to the detriment of experiencing it.

Everyone who sees that, even a glimpse of it, comes to the same conclusion. Telling someone exactly what to expect ensures they will never find it, or even be set back from where they once were.



Literally just start with the affirmation "I have direction in my life", preferably said as often as it occurs to you to say it. Mentally or out loud.

You can alter the phrasing if you like, the important part is the present tense. The subconscious mind only thinks in the present tense, and the point is that you're bypassing the conscious mind to tell the unconscious what you want. The unconscious then provides the conscious mind with what it needs.

Saying you have direction in life will program your unconscious to order and serve up something concrete for you to act on. Then you move from there.

Now's a good time to learn astrology btw (Neptune in Pisces). You'll get mixed opinions on astrology (some think it limits free will, nobody worth their salt disagrees with its predictive power though), but if you entirely lack direction, basic astrology will narrow down your options for focus on a weekly/monthly basis and help clarify your goals.



Sounds interesting, I'll try doing that. What are some good books on astrology?



Honestly, maybe you need to see a therapist. This sounds symptomatic of clinical depression.



start by asking yourself 'what am I supposed to do?'. Then expand upon it "I know that I am supposed to do something, or I wouldn't be here, so what is it that I am supposed to do?". Dont you have a job to do? Dont you have someone to kill? kek just kidding. But that is kind of my point… If you are having a hard time grasping this from a 'metaphysical' perspective.. maybe instead start with it as a 'subliminal' perspective. As long as you approach it with wisdom and do not allow yourself to go nuts for all intents and purposes you could think of this as brainwashing yourself into becoming better than you are now.

But the most important thing, as I have said before, is perspective. Never ever allow yourself to believe that you have attained 'the top perspective' there is always more, there is always something that you do not yet know.. Find it. And when you find it, find the next one, to infinity and beyond.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


babby steps. start by looking at what ever music you listen to, replace it with nothing but feel good stuff. Almost all classical music is good for this but some people have a hard time not listening to something more recent. If you need something recent, go for the most feel good music you can think of. No true wizard would ever be ashamed to admit that embed related is a pretty dank, and esoteric as fuck, song.

Listen to shit like that. Pick your spirit back up. Get yourself a haircut. Replace junk food and soda with fruit and water. And one really fucking good bit of advice for this is.. take a shower, as cold as you can bear.. If you cant deal with a cold shower just make it as far away from hot water as you can. And then at the end when you are ready to get out put your head under the showerhead so the water is hitting the crown of your head, close your eyes and breath and ever so slowly turn the knob to full on cold. You will feel an invigorating rush that will give you a burst of what almost feels like an out of body experience.

And.. vitamin D is huge, it is essential for higher brain function and one of the worst symptoms of low vitamin D is depression. The shit they put in our food soaks up vitamin D like a sponge. And most multivitamins do not have adequate amounts of it. If I feel symptoms coming on I dose 10,000 IU for a week and then reduce to 5,000 IU for 2 weeks.

Give it a shot.




that explains the downward state i was in not too long ago, good thing i have vitamin D supplements in my house.


well, i finally managed to do some magic for the second time. i got my hyperactive cat to fall asleep while there were constructionworkers busy outside.



update, he was waking up and i put him back to sleep again. i'm feeling quite sleepy myself now too though. but i also feel very accomplished.




Beings have Free Will too. Even though 2nd density Beings have not learnt about their Free Wills, they still are afforded that protection. You can ask your cat's Higher Self if it's okay with being made to sleep (rest-state).



i guess that's what i did, i was only able to do it while making eye contact with him. i figured that if i projected a feeling of relaxation with the visual of him falling asleep, he would accept it.

i tried doing this a few days ago without the emotion and he did not respond.



>I've heard about people changing their hair and eye color through hypnotic trances in the alpha/theta state

Has anyone here attempted this?

Where would I start?


really underrated thread I hope it keeps going. lots of unanswered questions.


bumping good thread. please teach us more about the hair and eye color upgrades. maybe more?


changing your apperance is literally just masturbation

have fun kids



Even though it's essentially pointless it can still be a good exercise as long as you don't let it make you an ego monster. Please teach us how to do it?



Depends on what your goals on but generally what you eat and your environment are the most important things. Proper breathing can change your jaw/cheekbones. Proper posture, stretching, etc. improve your body proportions and condition.



what are the right ways to do these?



Just listen to your body.



how does masturbation work into that?



this, intuition is often underrated in the world of magic, in the end you have to find your own path and see exactly what works for you, no amount of studying books will make you a wizard, you have to get a feel for it yourself



the way I see it is as such,

If all of this takes the energy you cultivate in order to be realized, why would you waste that energy on a 10-minute build up and maybe 15-20 seconds of an orgasm?

The question you should be asking yourself is, is it worth it? Could that energy be put to more productive work for a larger pay off later on?



Larping is disgusting. You should be embarrassed for thinking any of this insane bullshit rambling has any use.



embarrased? use?

If you break your life down into a series of actions based on beliefs on things that have no basis in reality (borders, political ideology etc), then you're also larping.

therefore, by your own logic, you should be embarrassed. Your thoughts and actions are just as arbitrary as anyone's. Get off your high horse and open your mind a bit.



I don't think they were talking about actual sexual masturbation but since we're on the topic here are some important thoughts to consider-

I am not a doctor but I have some interesting theories on nofap.

I seriously believe that the SJW's that invented nofap brainwashing are trying to get men to store up their fluids so that they lose their minds and fuck a normalfag woman and she gets all that stored up magic shot into her vagoo and steals all the energy for herself. maybe this is where the succubus and siren myths and legends come from? succubi steal your energy usually in a sexual way, while sirens are loud and annoying women who lure men in with their songs or whining and complaining and then they "GET THEM" sounds spooky right? succubi and sirens sound exactly like the ancient myths and legends and folklore version of feminists, sjw's, and gold diggers who try to pretend they are nice and then marry and divorce a man and take everything he owns. these types of predatory women are just as equally guilty of being "pump and dumpers" as some of the shitty kinds guys are. I'm not being biased here because of course there are good guys, and there are good women.

what about blood tests? nofappers are so afraid to lose their special energy but you never hear them talking about blood tests. If it's so bad to fap and "lose" your energy then do nofappers also never take blood tests to see if they might have cancer or something?

some mothers who give birth actually dry and encapsulate their placenta and swallow the pills to gain back their lost hormones/energy. this is actually a real thing.

would the same apply if people who are afraid to lose their energy from fapping just reabsorbed their own fluids? like, drank those fluids?

many nofappers talk about how you store large amounts of energy inside your fluids and that fapping makes you lose that energy. It's important for people to train themselves to store large amounts of energy everywhere else first as a priority and then allow it to fill the fluid energy store as a last priority after everything else is fully charged.

nofappers are always talking about how you lose nutrients when you fap, but we should actually analyze and study what those nutrients are that are lost and then create a meal plan that gives the body back more nutrients than what are being lost. good nutrition, possibly combined with "not wasting" what you make, fapping much less often, and training yourself to store energy in safer and more efficient ways with better prioritization might be more than enough to prevent most if not all the drawbacks of fapping. most people (not assuming any of us are "most people") are going to go get blood tests at some point or another, and as a result your body has to make up that lost blood, and for that your body needs nutrients.

>clench your pc muscle as you orgasm and you won't ejaculate, and this will make you stronger, you might need to practice a bit

that's a really great way to hurt yourself really bad. all that pressure is really high when it's concentrated into the prostate. why do you think men shoot fluids out like a squirt gun? you trap that pressure and your going to fuck up your prostate and damage your internal tubing. it's way safer to just let it out. I make sure to eat in such a way that I replace all the vitamins and minerals I would lose and fap rarely, but I know I'm getting more intake of every vitamin and mineral I need than what I'm losing. you have to do the very same thing when taking a blood test. sometimes I eat my own fluides to regain what's lost.


What are the limits to what I can do with this, OP? Could I cure a cancer? Nothing life threatening, just something minor; I would just like to avoid having my dog castrated.

Or if I'm understanding this right, since it's not confirmed, just very likely, perhaps it would be easier to make the hard lump in his testicle turn out to not be cancer.



>what are the limits with this

The limit is only as high as you allow it to be. Not OP, btw.. But, here is a rundown of what I have come to understand on all of this. It comes down to faith, will, strength and wisdom. Faith is not just what you believe but how you believe it. Will is your drive, how long will you stand against the obstacles before faltering, strength is your ability to climb over those obstacles, it is also a bit of a misconception as you are only as strength is only ever as strong as your will to succeed. And your wisdom is your ability to recognize those obstacles, without wisdom you would keep walking into walls and never realize there is a door.

Every hardship you come across plays out in this reality, the one that we see with our eyes, just as well as it plays out in our head. Ever played a real animated game of catch? The ball is fucking flying through the air, well out of your reach, but you have committed yourself to catching it and there is no doubt in your mind about your ability to do so? As long as you are thinking "I got this" You always wind up catching the fucking thing. There is also a bit of a mirror effect that is hard to see. While it plays out in your mind, and in the reality that we see with our eyes, it is also taking place in another sort of reality. This is the reality of abstraction. This is where our colloquialisms and metaphors are literal. This is where the problems that we face are not just proverbial demons but literal demons. This is the psychic reality. I like to think of this psychic reality in the terms of a video game.. A larp where our daily mundane struggles amount to grinding through metaphysical dungeons.

Which brings us back to faith and "how you believe".. We are constantly being attacked and these attacks are aimed at causing us to fall into doubt. The more doubt that exists about something being possible the less likely it is that it will be reality. Which brings us back to the ball catch analogy. You caught the ball that should have been out of your reach as long as you believed that you absolutely would catch it. But, conversely, now you are just standing there and the ball is thrown nice and gently to you but for some reason you have a pang of doubt "eh I might not catch it" and you drop it right out of your stupid hands. This concept of belief vs doubt can be tested in real time as well as anecdotally, if you consider all the various stories about shit like a small woman being able to lift up a car because her child was stuck under it. If you have ever been in a situation like that, think back to what was going on in your mind at the time.. I bet ya it was something along the lines of "this impossible feat will be performed because it must and there are no other possibilities" In other words, pure faith without the slightest hint of doubt.

Now, consider what I have said thus far and take note of one of the most obvious psychic attacks.. the black pill. If you can rid yourself of the negative thoughts that come with black pilled thinking.. pessimism, hopelessness, being downtrodden in general. You will be very powerful. Take the troubles of the world and cast them aside, focus on you.. You are a good person who leads a life of righteousness and justness, and therefore the universe, your ancestors and God favor you. And the more that you remember who you are, who you really are, and why you are here, the more others will follow suit and the more that remember the meaning of life the more that the evil fucks pulling all this bullshit we see in the world around us will lose.

There is another fundamental law that is hard to acknowledge as being real but I can anecdotally attest that I have witnessed it occur in real time. And that law is, "I think, therefor I am (not the only one to think it)". The mere act of me believing what I have come to know to be true inadvertently and indirectly causes others who I have never seen or communicated with to come to the same realizations. You reading my words and considering them as being plausible will, too, cause others to indirectly start waking up as well.

As for your dogs balls, try to incorporate what I have said, it will be profoundly difficult because you have been told that he already has such a disease, but if you can remove every last scrap of doubt about him being perfectly healthy I bet you will be surprised. Conversely and paradoxically, go with the flow.. everything happens for a reason.



>you are only as strength is only ever as strong as your will to succeed.

fucking retardo

Your strength is only ever as strong as your will to succeed*



I guess what you're trying to say is changing your appearance for short lived happiness is not something worth striving for? If so, why do you think that happiness would be short lived? People would do anything to look better.



What is the essence of happiness? Is it really an end worth pursuing?

I think happiness is a false ideal. It will always be fleeting. Happiness is an incomplete view of reality.

Don't avoid happiness, but don't search for it exclusively, is what i'm trying to say. If by realizing your potential you find happiness, consider it the icing on the cake.

Looking better won't make you happy. It will only mean that you look better. In that case, pursue the way of looking better in order to look better.

If you wish to be at peace with yourself, then pursue the way of being at peace with yourself.

If you wish to be at peace with yourself while looking good, then pursue both.

Train yourself to be precise with where you aim your energy, is what i'm trying to say. This is a journey in itself and won't be so easily accomplished by hiding what and who you are.

If changing your appearance is your goal, be sure that it is your path to realizing your highest self. Don't hold yourself back with insecurities. You'll end up being your worst enemy, constantly running from your own shadow.



Get a haircut.. dress well.. Do practical things to affect your appearance. As you become more happy with yourself, focus on that, concentrate on positive vibes. I have met plenty of people who had appearances that were not "classically beautiful" but they were such good and bright souls that they were indeed beautiful in appearance. If a beautiful container has nothing but shit inside it it is still just a box of shit. Groom your container and polish what is inside to a shine to be happy about, the container will follow suit.


File: 558ee8a5bb00ff2⋯.png (71.64 KB, 1148x2244, 287:561, assistance.png)

made this for someone


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


accompanying soundtrack for emotional impact


Senpais, question:

Isn't it better to gather energy, transform energy to spirit then transforming spirit to "wuji", sending the spiritual "thought" to the upper realm because "as above, so below; as below, so above"? Wouldn't this get better results on reality creation?

Amazing thread btw.


File: 87377a751d9056e⋯.jpeg (6.41 KB, 200x200, 1:1, images (8).jpeg)


I'm not sure, OP.

I feel like I began a journey not too long ago, reading the kybalion and other texts on zen and hermeticism.

There's a lot of very distinct parallels to this

This seems to embody the core essence of all of these with rather crass wording.

I am going to try this, but I feel my goal may be out of reach.

I want to achieve godhood or at least something of that nature, the ability to shape reality to my will as easy as thought.

It's a step up from getting a gf.

I hope it's still doable

Thank you for providing so much info


File: 9df0bdd5c0dfe0c⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 728x546, 4:3, being-becoming-narrative-8….jpg)

OP is promoting slavery to the will, a.k.a. "the will to power" which is a very common theme in the Kybalion, hermetics, and fundamentalist bullshit occultist. I will show the source of the fundamental error, an alternative process of creativity, and it's direct application to improve your relationship with reality.

The creator-creation dialectic is the projection of the master-slave dialectic onto the whole of metaphysical reality, used to justify hierarchical power systems. The core of this is the philosophy of substance, that chance is merely accidental, and that unchanging substance (be it mind, matter, or both as with substance dualism) is the essential reality. This view places substance as a thing-in-itself that requires nothing other than itself to exist, divorced from all other particulars. This manifested in the view of human creativity having acausal originality derived from God's acausal creativity. God's death and the failure of secularism to find a tenable metaphysical foundation to replace God is because it hasn't transcended the creator-creation dialectic, but instead created an orphaned existence and an orphaned subject perpetually alienated from itself. This purified two strains of nihilism: passive, the recession of the power of the spirit with the perception of one's self as an eternal victim to causal circumstance, and active, the replacement of the creator with one's self as a dominator of reality, imposing one's will onto a passive, meaningless existence. The reaction to postmodern nihilism is a desire to resurrect the mystical creator-creation dialectic, but this offers no escape from nihilism: it merely objectifies the politics of domination as absolute.

The route to truly transcend the creator-creation dialectic is to synthesize it into a universal co-creating, that one is as much created by as contributing to the creation of the categorical other, with a vision of the universe as co-authorship between all the creative process in it, human or non. Just as hylozoism and panpsychism attribute the quality of life or consciousness to matter, this pancreativism proposes that creativity is immanent to all things, that in both a factual and subjective sense the universe is self-creating art. Biological evolution is a creative process that needs no consciousness, which catalyzed the original God crisis, rendering him unnecessary, while cosmology and geology did the same for the heavens and the Earth itself. Modern science thinks in terms of systems, emergence, and process, reductive materialism has been displaced by holistic physicalism. Yet still the old reductionism and the creator-creation dialectic persists wherever it relates to humans and human experience, because it is the lie upon which the hierarchical power structures that monopolize social discourse rely upon; pancreativism is egalitarianism applied to the metaphysical sphere.


File: 0f84161da90248b⋯.jpg (136.21 KB, 839x466, 839:466, process_vs_essence.jpg)

An alternative metaphysics is process metaphysics, which replaces the idea of objects as having essential substances with them being events, and unifies the creator-creation, master-slave, and most especially the being-becoming relationships into mutualistic wholes. "The Metaphysics of Experience" (https://imgur.com/a/ZtLDYJT) by Elizabeth Kraus illustrates Whitehead's process metaphysics succinctly:

>What is permanent in the Whiteheadian scheme is not, therefore, some underlying stage upon which accidental change is played, but rather the value achieved, the world-unification effected by and in an entity whose self-creative process is the growing together of the public world in the privacy of a perspective. It is important to note that this permanence is not to be construed as the endurance of "is" or "that-which-is." To exist in the Whiteheadian scheme is to self-actuate, to create a moment of "for-one's-self-ness," to be now. The product of the self-creative act, being, is immortal and permanent; the activity, becoming, is not. The activity perishes as it achieves the goal of determinateness aimed at in the process. An actual entity "never really is" (PR 85). It is a drop of the process, a pulse, a throb of existence, an event, a happening of value which sacrifices its immediacy in the instant it is gained, in the same manner as any "now" loses its nowness to a subsequent "now." Just as permanence cannot be attributed to the nowness of "now," so also the actual entity cannot endure in its subjective immediacy. By the same token, just as the content of any "now" becomes an historical "then" to be taken into account by all future "nows," so the structure of the subjectivity achieved by an actual entity in its process is transformed into objectively functioning, stubborn, past fact. The final causality operative in self-creative process becomes efficient causality transcending the process. "For-one's-self-ness becomes "for-the-others-and-the-totality." "Everything that exists has two sides, namely, its individual self and its signification in the universe" (MT 151). These two poles cannot be torn apart. Each finds its fulfillment in the other via their dialectical relation. Thus, becoming is for the purpose of being (signification in the universe), and being is for the purpose of novel becoming (the emergent individual self.)

>Objectivity, facticity, is the permanent aspect of reality - immortal achievement immortally realized; subjectivity, immediacy, process, is its changeable aspect - its advance towards novelty. But subjectivity is not the result of an underlying subject's activity of relating objects to itself, of a one weaving a many into the pre-existent unity of its oneness. It is, rather, the "growing together" (con-crescence) of objects to create a novel subject which enriches the many from which it springs. "The many become one, and are increased by one" (PR 21). The entire world finds its place in the internal constitution of the new creature, and the creature lays an obligation upon the future: that it take into account the value achieved by the new creature. Thus every creature both houses and pervated the world.

Note how this is the exact opposite of hermeticism, which is "a one weaving a many into the pre-existent unity of its oneness" represented by the right diagram in the attached picture, while the metaphysical principle of "The many become one, and are increased by one" is represented by the left, the holonic tree of life that is simultaneously a whole and a part; it is a *pluralistic* metaphysics, characterized by not a contraction onto a singular absolute, but a continual advancement towards novelty, a fractionalization of experiences, meanings, and purposes. "As above, so below" is the principle of existential incest, characterized by the self-perpetuation of existent being as itself in the passive categorical other.


File: a3aa9f5f79baec6⋯.png (73.57 KB, 491x749, 491:749, questology2.png)

Will-slavery views the creative process as the imposition of the will onto passive reality, seeking to satisfy existant, pre-ordained desires. This is the common view of "free will," that our freedom lies in our ability to *select from* a range of options to satisfy desire. What is absent is the generative aspect of potentiality, which is deemed as mere passivity instead of an activity, when it is considered at all. When analogized to the process of natural selection, of [variation -> selection -> reproduction], will-slavery seeks to eliminate all variation to select for itself and reproduce itself endlessly. This is reflected materialistically as the central doctrine of memetics, which considers humans as being merely the passive flower pots of memetic propagation, and more abstractly desiring machines, "a pleasurable force of appropriation of what is outside oneself, incorporating into oneself what is other than oneself, characterizes the essential process of all life."

The process of conscious creativity or quest selection is [question -> reason/choice -> action,] and our creative freedom lies not in our ability to select from a variety of choices, but in our ability to generate potentials. This is an extention of the process of natural selection into the sphere of consciousness. Desires can be changed only by questioning them, which compels the creation of alternatives to challenge these existing desires; we can question our selection mechanisms to formulate new choice-criterion. We can question our questions, which gives birth to endless potentials. Doubt and questioning isn't "a lack," but is the process of life itself; propositions are dead as soon as they are written. Questions aren't merely passive requests but the act of questing and searching itself, with questions being the bridge between language and direct experience as awareness itself is a request for information. Self-awareness is the act of questioning questioning itself, "the self" as an object is merely a representation created to facilitate self-questioning. Any true process of spiritual alchemy must start with questions in all respects, with "enlightenment" and "self-actualization" not a state of being but a continual process of self-inquiry that must be maintained. Conscious creative freedom isn't an absolute, but is a skill that is entirely dependent on your ability to successfully question all things, starting with yourself. There is no such thing as an absolute answer, all questions are always alive and only ever provisionally satisfied; when answers impose themselves on questions, and answer to nobody, even their original question, potentiality is destroyed in favor of endless self-propagation of unanswerable lies.

The process of conscious creativity can be implemented as a recursively self-improving self-help methodology. To perform this, ideally use a notebook and hand write it out, as it is much more physical and tangible than typing, but if typing or using a cell phone is easier for you to initiate this, then do that instead. This process is tailored for those who lack will-power and experience depression, especially because such a state provides needed contrast, but those who have will-power but not the will to question their will need it just as much.

When one lacks will-power, they are confronted with a paradox: they desire to do things, or fail to achieve them, yet they do not do this. How does this make sense? The problem is that there's competing unquestioned desires all fighting for your attention, and those that win are those with the least resistance. You haven't fully convinced yourself to do what you desire to do. Written language is the most powerful intelligence-enhancing tool ever created, and you will be applying it to yourself to manifest and analyze all of these desires concretely.


File: a66ba9faa4180e5⋯.gif (100.89 KB, 761x800, 761:800, herosjourney.gif)

Start out by writing an immediate and tangible desire, such as "I desire to clean my room" or "I desire to exercise." Write down questions relating to this problem, such as "is this actually a problem?," "why is it a problem?," "what are some options to satisfy this problem?" etc. If you don't know what questions to ask, then ask "what questions should I ask regarding this question to satisfy it?" Address these questions as best you can, forming pros and cons for each potential generated from them, and being honest with yourself with alternative desires (It would be less painful and more immediately pleasurable to just avoid the problem.) Argue yourself until you reach a singular task to perform, you'll know when you are finished because you will put your pen away and immediately perform the task with no resistance. When the task is completed, go back to your notebook and record your results. Regardless of outcome, you acted completely according to your *consciously determined* will, and so you must feel good about your accomplishment. You have completed the hardest part of this process with this first task, and it only gets easier.

The recursively self-improving aspect of this self-improvement process occurs when you plug your emotional momentum back in to initiate a new process of question -> reason -> action, and then again in an unbroken chain spanning weeks. If you cannot perform a task immediately, set a cell phone timer; if you "fail" to complete a task simply go back to your notebook as soon as you can, which turns your failure into a victory as you can question what went wrong and learn from it, giving valuable insight that can only be gained by such failures. Be sure to schedule free time to avoid burn-out and to allow intuition room to exist.

This process shouldn't be just applied to practical problems, but also emotional and perceptual ones such as self-defeating thoughts, phobias, and persistent negative emotions. Negative emotions have the purpose of telling us that there's a problem, but if they are unaddressed it is a sign that the underlying problem isn't being addressed, and needs to be exposed and resolved by conscious inquiry. After engaging in this process of self-inquiry, you will find it increasingly easier to act according to your consciously created will, as opposed to being driven by your will. You will naturally begin to schedule out your day, and give more coherence to your life instead of being guided by whatever compulsions impose themselves the most strongly at a given moment. Eventually this process will be burned into your mind as a mental habit, and you won't need to rely on it for everyday tasks, and can instead focus on more general problems and questions, such as "What kind of relationships with the world do I desire?" ultimately leading to philosophical questions. At this point you should undertake serious personal philosophical investigation, guided by your fundamental questions, a process that has no end - you will desire this as you do water, as you have been liberated from your self-imposing desires in the form of a desire to constantly grow, change, and become.

If you are successful in this evolutionary process of spiritual alchemy, what is the result? For me it is a spirituality of creativity in itself, mediated by nothing other than itself, a pancreativism that perceives the whole of existence of art-poetry. It is total liberation from the hells of nihilisms. While some concepts of God are compatible with this (see process theology and pantheism) I prefer to interpret it as "the tao" in a physicalist sense, "the process of reality itself, the way things come together while still transforming." My thesis is that we are existential artists who co-create with the self-creating tapestry of existence, the process of creativity that has found a way through its biologically creative processes to fold on itself and self-create. The meaning of life is to creative, which leads to the question "what to create and why?" which is forever unanswered, as there is always more to create and be created by. Meaning and purpose are infinite and inexhaustible, an ever-changing becoming without end.


File: cefebaea620ef0a⋯.gif (10.43 KB, 700x300, 7:3, referenceframes2.gif)

Just as essentialism has its foundation in the axiom of identity (x=x, "I think, therefore I am") the being-becoming synthesis of process metaphysics has a mathematical correlation in the fundamental theorems of calculus. Calculus is the mathematical study of change, and so it should come as no surprise that the nature of change is reflected in it. Calculus includes derivative and integrals, which in a physical sense is instantaneous change and cumulative change respectively. The fundamental theorems of calculus shows that integration and derivation and inverse operations of the same process, which is reflected in our perception of change as two reference frames.

The becoming mode of change-perception is that of present awareness, when one's inner narrative is silenced, or at least minimized. Past and future are not experienced, only a singular ever-present moment, and instantaneous change in this moment in all things. Because language requires cumlative change, this mode is alinguistic and experiential, and the self as a narrative construct is not experienced: instead the self as awareness is experienced. What exists is vectors of movement and relationships between them, with the eternal present being the fixed point of reference.

The being mode of change-perception is of cumulative change over time, and is temporal, sequential, and linguistic. Past, present, and future are equally experienced, with what exists being persistence through time, of which instantaneous change is only accidental or secondary to. This is the mode of language and narrative, and placing it as an ontological foundation leads to the opposite conclusion of presentism: that the self isn't an illusion but the foundation of all reality, "I think, therefore I am." It is the linear structure of time itself that is the fixed point of reference, with the present being just another moment, as gone as soon as it arrives. This mode of change-perception is described by Parmenides:

>Permanence is basic. No things come to be or, slipping into the past, cease to be. Past, present, and future are distinctions not marked in the static Is. Time and becoming are at best secondary, at worst illusory, as our understanding of the world confirms.

Process philosophy proclaims that both perspectives are correct, as they are two different reference frames of the totality of change, and their relationship to the fundamental theorem of calculus affirms this. The conclusion is that it isn't substance but process that is the true metaphysical nature of all things. The being-becoming problematic is the foundational metaphysical error that has resulted in our complete alienation from reality, manifested in the creator-creation master-slave dialectics, involving either a detachment of one understanding of change or another, a division in human experience itself. To transcend postmodern nihilism and the dominative, paternalistic narratives of the past requires a revolution of process thought that starts with one's individual experience and their relationship with change.



You are mistaking religious God with “The All”…


>… some underlying stage upon which accidental change is played

There is no chance occurrence on Hermetics, chance is law not recognized.

>… to create a moment of "for-one's-self-ness," to be now.

Yes, this is what the Op was talking about…

>… An actual entity "never really is" (PR 85).

Now this is a confusion, “The ALL” is not on this reality you see, but at the same time is present everywhere because reality is in fact just pure information from “The All”

>"Everything that exists has two sides, … These two poles cannot be torn apart. Each finds its fulfillment in the other via their dialectical relation.

Yes, this is the principle of polarity…

>Note how this is the exact opposite of hermeticism

No, as shown above, hermetics agree with some of the facts proposed so it can’t be the exact opposite.


>… but in our ability to generate potentials

Yes, this is magick

>The process of conscious creativity can be implemented as a recursively self-improving self-help methodology.

Yes, it can, It’s one process NOT the only one.


This is an interesting method for solving problems


File: 72957a8c700c1f8⋯.png (334.79 KB, 479x381, 479:381, Syzygy_meds.png)


Hey i've started to realize that all the luck i've been having recently is basically my higher self carrying my thoughts into the future and then guiding them back to me when I need them the most.

Been learning a lot of lessons, recently. I've been on a huge journey lately with so much enlightenment and joy and depression and color and whatnot. It's been a blast. It all started after reading this thread a month or two ago.

Thank for starting this, OP. I've realized my higher self is a Bro. Embrace your higher self. You've got a bro up there just waiting to help you out as well.



These posts have "containment" written all over them. Syzygy is a good word though.

But seriously post a picture of what goes on in this discord that is so worth shilling for.


>hold emotional resonance

Does this mean that we have to feel like we already have what we wish? English is not my first language and the translation isn't good


File: bc9b96f8bef12ed⋯.jpg (46.37 KB, 320x240, 4:3, ya.jpg)



Thanks jesus



Np son ;)



I am reading this now to get a better grasp how to harness energy, I will put this here for anyone interested.



I need a job but I don't want a job. Anyone know how to work with this conflicting energy when manifesting?



Either manifest a job you enjoy (no matter how unlikely that sounds, you're dealing with infinite possibility, and you don't have to know the specific job for this anyway) or, long term, financial independence.



hmm yes, so just broadly manifest 'a job i like' and let nature take care of the details? That sounds like a nice appraoch, I will try, thanks anon.



this is great advice for neophytes, magic is very intuitive, but you have to actually start doing it to learn it properly, all the knowledge in all the books contained in the /fringe/ library (and the OP as well) should merely function as guidlines, you'll be learning the most when you actually get away from your computer and start doing shit.

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