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File: e781d1dd13bcd77⋯.jpg (113.72 KB, 811x1280, 811:1280, erotic-1858205_1280.jpg)


Archive link for old thread: http://web.archive.org/web/20180212212012/https://8ch.net/fringe/res/112718.html

Post your feedback in this thread. New posters are also welcome!


File: bce2059ea2c521c⋯.png (28.42 KB, 623x466, 623:466, spell function.png)

>Reposting the OP of the first thread:

You can get the magic from the occult tradition that gave birth to the vampire myth right here, in this thread. All you need to do is contact me telepathically, or express clear intent in your mind, and the automated function I set up for this purpose will cast the spell on you. It includes a few different adapted versions of the original magic as well as a back up spell for enlightenment along the path I walked myself before making this discovery.

Historical background

A number of years ago I was contacted by a spiritual being, or so I thought. I interpreted him has the being behind the vampire myth. At the time I thought there was only this one being, and that there were no physical vampires. I got a demonstration of his strength when he helped me defeat four strong demonic beings. After this I didn't see him again.

Jumping ahead a bit I started realizing my first understanding was wrong. I noticed I was being stalked by someone and through a series of events found the real existing community of physical vampires. They are all very old and experts in their own field of occultism. By "very", I'm not talking along the lines of what is described in pop culture. After connecting with their minds through telepathy and being allowed to look into their pasts, I found them to be 1000s of years old. By their tradition anyone younger than 1000 years is considered a "hangaround" and not yet a full member. This is the result of a number of failed versions of the original magic being passed around, all resulting in the person dying at around 1000 years of age. To distinguise between the real deal and the fakes, they made this rule.

The creator of the tradition is the spiritual being I first met. He left the physical plane around 180000 years ago and lives in a library he created in the 9th physical dimension. He passed the magic onto one follower who also left the physical plane but who didn't get beyond the 3rd dimension. The current matriarch of the community is around 130000 years old and can move freely between dimensions but hasn't yet found a permanent residence in a plane beyond the human world. The same goes for all newer recruits.

The original spell used came from a line of warlocks all working to achieve this same goal of immortality. At the time the world was different from now, so the spell used at the time was adapted to that state. This lead to a restriction which wasn't visible at the time but is quite problematic today. It only works with the bloodtype dominant at the time of its creation. Because the original tradition hadn't been passed on to new followers and was forgotten in the long years passing since the original spell was cast, they relied on using the blood of the community leaders. For a long time, science was primitive in this area and blood types were unknown, so the magic failed most of the time. After identifying this problem a number of warlocks made attempts at creating a spell for all blood types, but this resulted in a diluted version which failed to lead the target person to immortality. Instead they died at a certain age, but no one lived much beyond 1000 years.

This is the issue that has now been solved. The original spell has been adapted to remove the blood type limitation and it has been created in a few different versions suited for different personality types. The bloodlust has also been removed, which is a side effect of reusing the original spell with no blood as the physical medium. Rather the activation of the spell relies on the mental capabilities of the occultist casting it.


File: 252b2418fc9b6cc⋯.jpg (1.96 KB, 61x74, 61:74, CrEZjuUWcAAJLZX.jpg)


Hey blood OP, same hermeticist flag guy from last thread reporting in here.

Haven't given you an update in a while, things have gotten interesting over the course of the past week or two, I've started work on a couple of willpower training methods and the results are great, I've also felt like over time while trying to develop in this new field I've also come to be more present even in bland everyday things, it's weird noticing details that connect things in ways you never thought of before.

For that matter I'd like to ask for your quick opinion on something, I've been working on understanding symbolism further in terms of colors, angles and shapes, do you have any knowledge that may be useful regarding these things? I feel this is something I need to grasp well if I want to start working on aeonick magick and rituals.



Colors matter more when you do a reading imo, you don't need them for rituals. Shapes on the other hand are important, but I think you need to give up the idea that there is one definite language with set symbolics that you need to follow. The chaos approach is fine, the important part is knowing your own intent and why you choose to let a certain shape or line represent the meaning you choose it to have.

For example I could draw a single line and it could be a functional sigil with a complex meaning, simply because I know 100% what that line means to me. The spirits you call on to carry it out will look at the line, then read your mind to find out what you meant by it, and that's how you create meaning.

If you use well known sigils, it's just that you know what it means, and everyone knows what it means, so it's interpreted that way. It's because everyone already thinks it means that. Shapes when formed into symbols have meaning because they are part of a culture and they only work within that context, they don't have a meaning in themselves. So if you create a context and define the meaning in that context, it means what you said it does as long as it's applied in that same context. The roman alphabet for example only has the meaning it has because we learned to use it this way. Sigils based on letters do work but it's a bulky method because it's based on phonetics instead of images. I'd recommend you use a simplified image (of an object or situation) instead, it's much more effective.



If you would be so kind as to answer another question then:

Rituals, sigils and internal magick, what mechanism do we use within ourselves to channel energy into them? I've theorized that from the importance so many cults and groups place on some "initiation" ceremony that it's just another barrier of the self, but then things like kundalini also throw me for a loop as being a possible legitimate state you need to reach before being able to direct energy more easily.



Oh and as a follow-up to any updates, I feel much more sensitive to vibration the more I seem to focus on things being connected



Fuck biotcoins complete unusable insecure fucking shit fuck niggers bitches fuck



Cult or coven members generally use an external energy source they created by a ritual at the founding of their group. It may be a "witch circle" relating to the members, to a location, to land formations or to natural phenomena. It may also be a demon or other being giving them the energy they need in exchange for something. This obviously works but could have quite unpleasant costs, depending on their awareness they may be ripped off pretty badly in the process for failing to see the full deal.

As a cabal member (when you have the effect of the spell internalized and been accepted by the matriarch) you will have both your own internal energy source as well as the collective life force of the cabal itself protecting you. It doesn't mean you can freely draw energy from them, it's more of a safety valve blocking you from using too much and protecting you from external interference. In essence you need to learn how to use the power in your own blood and your own mind. That's putting it in traditional terms. It's not certain that your power will be strongest in your blood with the new version, but that way of explaining it should still give you an idea.

If you've you seen the vampire diaries they use the method of drawing on the innate magic of vampires as if they were occult artifacts, and they later introduce a type of witch who doesn't have their own magic but still can draw the power of their own blood as it was an artifact.

Basically that is how you do it. Strengthening yourself physically and mentally will increase your potential for supporting your own spells, including weight lifting, running and anything where you develop self control, it's not limited to meditation. Every spell you use adds to your overall power, which is why vampires have a tendency to learn all sorts of "silly" spells that doesn't seem to have much use. If you treat it as a game, you could say you get 1+ stat for every learned spell, no matter what it actually does. So even if you just learn party tricks it makes you stronger overall.



I can understand game terms well, so would I just gather raw stats by doing things associated with each willpower raising attribute and then I can focus that on visualizing my intent, which would then have an effect on things or would you need anything else other than just raw stats to work that energy into what you want?



Focus on learning whatever you can, brute force is the basis of everything. Being technical helps of course, but this is just a matter of your preferences. I'm good at a certain kind of things which amounts more to the "funny" area, but after developing it further it does get very useful from the mere force of it.


Focus on improving your best area until you reach a plateau. Then move outside of your comfort zone until you see a way to continue. Rinse and repeat.


Nice to see there is a new thread. To give an update. I think I understand what you meant when you said we will be provided for specifically food, it seems that people will offer me things or an opportunity presents itself. I've also been very level headed and strong emotions are pretty much non existent, it's almost like I'm observing the emotions and not being effected by them.

I'm not exactly sure how we are supposed to tell when the process is complete so I'm wondering if there will be a sign or something along those lines, also if it's not troublesome I'd appreciate it if you did a reading on me.



Pretty sure I'm the only one to use the Ouroboros consistently from the last thread



For me personally entering the state beyond death was marked by a very clear NDE type dream, it was a standard example of everything in my life being summed up and shown to me, albeit symbolic. I also met what I understand as God. (Who is to me a female, I guess if you wanted to interpret it from a christian view it'd be Mary but that wasn't what I was thinking of when I saw her.) Then I woke up and the world felt different, like it didn't really concern me. After this I also experienced a period when worldly institutions started what felt like a war directed at me and I had to force them down. It even went to the point a public servant told me he was "following the decisions of the government" in his actions, as if the reference to authority would have power over me. It didn't. But that was all part of my own personal path and I didn't have the support of the cabal so I don't think something like that will happen on that scale.

Your image is pretty different from before, it's now dominated by the energy of the spell in a semi circle weighting to the right side. I'm not sure of the meaning of this, as I haven't seen this before. It seems there have been individually different developments since the last thread.


Thanks for your reply in the mewch thread OP. I'm back from the reiki healer guy and he didn't say much, I think he could not even see the spell. All he said was "your energy channel is very open and free flowing, even better than the last times". Then he did his energy healing work on me but I doubt it had any effect on the magic.

Btw when you said my right side is opening up the day before I jad for the first time ever in my life nosebleed after just blowing my nose, and it was only from the right nostril. Funny those little symbols and synchronicities, maybe it means sth, maybe not.

Not sure what else to report, no clear indicators yet. Will be on my way again and come back if sth happens


File: c1f36066f1b9371⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 500x548, 125:137, IMG_20180209_110515_584.jpg)

I'm just starting my path into the occult. I do want vampirism, as it will probably speed up the process to attaining a deeper understanding and developing my willpower. i can barely meditate and just have a basic understanding of magic right now.

Can i recieve this power? Can you guarantee that i'll be contacted sooner or later?

If yes, is there something you need in exchange?

How much freedom will i have regarding my practices once the transformation happens?

What about the sunlight?

Do i have to consume blood or a more subtle loosh-like energy ?



>Can i recieve this power? Can you guarantee that i'll be contacted sooner or later?

At a bare minimum you will have a temporary boost of energy as the spell carries out the initial cleansing of your body. That much is guaranteed. The rest depends on if you are compatible or not, it's up to whether or not your potential can be fulfilled through this path. If such is the case, sooner or later you will be contacted, or you will know how to make the connection yourself.

>If yes, is there something you need in exchange?

I want you to share your experiences relating to the process, in this thread.

>How much freedom will i have regarding my practices once the transformation happens?

You will be limited only by the material and spiritual limitations of yourself and your environment. The "law of the jungle" applies.

>What about the sunlight?

Some people feel a bit sensitive and may need to wear sunglasses more often, but that is all - it's only a slight difference, and it seems to wear off with time.

>Do i have to consume blood or a more subtle loosh-like energy ?

The bloodlust has been removed, as explained here


There is a need for energy but it will be naturally absorbed by your body like an insect absorbs oxygen. Don't think about it, it's a natural process. Depending on which version of the spell activates for you, there will be a difference in what type of energy you need, but this will manifest through your own feeling that you want to be in a certain environment. No one will have to tell you what you prefer, you will know yourself.



Very well then. I made up my mind

Deeply thankful in advance


If what you say is true then how come a vampire of the cabal didnt wreck havoc on society yet and got away with it?/ You said you are immortal and protected so why won't anyone of you go to sweden and singlehandedly clean up the whole place by brute force to set an example and actually help the people? You know, drive the government away and also the immigrants. How is it possible that with such powers not a single vampire just went up and beat the shit out of a liberal feminist mob? The governments are still corrupt and driving earth to shit and nobody can do anything about it. Why won't the vampires? How is it possible that every single one of you just leans back in the shadows and does nothing? When you are protected and immortal it is in my understanding that nobody can shoot you, nobody can beat you, nobody can imprison you and torture you so it is in your power to help society. Wtf, come on man, at least one of you guys must have become bored at a time and do something crazy, but even that didn't happen. We have no records or proof that a superhuman just went and kicked massive ass and walked away. Not a single vampire snapped and went crazy? Can you explain this op? How is it not the right thing to do as a vampire: to go up and kill the elite families/illuminati and drive them away?



The cabal has standing representation in the major world organizations but they only amount to 1/3 of the worldly power. There are so many humans, do you really think < 200 individuals could police them all?

The oldest of them don't care because they've seen human civilizations collapse many times, they see it as a natural process and won't do anything about it. The "younger" do try to fight back, there are some who've resisted the negative influence of modern western world religions since their creation. These religions are still there, but in the eyes of the elders, a religion only lasts 2 -3k years at most, then it dissolves and you'll face the rise of a new one. So why fight it unless it bothers you directly? There is no need, it'll be gone naturally. Whatever humans create won't last, good or bad.

>Not a single vampire snapped and went crazy?

Real cabal initiates (1k years and up) don't act outward like that, but hangarounds or those of a halfbreed line of the magic have gone crazy now and then. Why do you think reckless and sadistic violence is so common in Mexico? China? It's just "gangs" and organized crime cartels, right?

If you're a psychic or experienced occultist you should be able to sense when they're behind something, they have little self control and their energy signature is all over the place.

This is mostly a result of the inadequacies of the failed versions of the magic used in later years. It's not an issue when using the spell offered here. It will either work 100% or it will fail, it won't accept people with a predisposition for mental instability.




Care to answer more so i understand better? lets say the spell works on me and i become a vampire after 6 months or maybe one year or something, help me understand my power with these three little scenarios I made up:

1. I walk into a bar of the hells angels and just take their beer and drink it while insulting them and laughing at them.

2. i walk into a no-go zone in sweden and carry a sign with me that says " i hate niggers", while slapping immigrants in the face

3. i walk up to a police woman and grab her ass, overly flirting with her and pushing her to have sex with me in front of her colleagues.

4-bonus:I get drunk and fucked up on drugs to the point where any human being would 100% die

Those are silly but you understand what I mean I hope. What consequences will happen, how will my power protect me? Will anything happen at all?



>1. I walk into a bar of the hells angels and just take their beer and drink it while insulting them and laughing at them.

What is your motivation for doing this? I know you're asking hypothetically but this matters. If you made it through you will not want to do something silly for no reason, because internalizing the magic means reaching a kind of enlightenment, as that is what immortality is based on.

If you have an actual reason for barging in there, they will probably be scared as your mental strength is way beyond theirs and you'll control them in an instant. Vampires don't need to fight people, they control their minds.

>2. i walk into a no-go zone in sweden and carry a sign with me that says " i hate niggers", while slapping immigrants in the face

Again, if you have an actual reason for doing this, see above. I believe the most likely scenario is that someone will stop you at the gates and convince you not to do it, and you'll go home because you see the act doesn't achieve anything.

>3. i walk up to a police woman and grab her ass, overly flirting with her and pushing her to have sex with me in front of her colleagues.

You'll seduce her.

>4-bonus:I get drunk and fucked up on drugs to the point where any human being would 100% die

You get the worst hangover ever and stay in bed for a month with migraines. You learn from the experience and won't repeat it.

The protection isn't that you're bullet proof, it means situations will appear to protect you. If you attempt to do something that's harmful to you, you'll be blocked from carrying it out.



thank you. I understand better now, althought not completely. The vampires are protected, so they don't care much about pity human affairs. Who would if they don't have to? Humans are stupid and their existence is like a videogame that goes in cycles. There is nothing one can do about it. Also a vampire is wise enough to stay out of trouble, and if not he will be stopped from doing something that may harm him/her. One way or another, it will be turned so that the vampire is protected. And if he is a complete idiot then he will not be turned into a vampire in the first place. Its not easy to understand for real for a mortal however at least me understands better now.





btw It was all me, Tinfoiler. I disguised myself as anon and took on a little different style. hehe, did you recognize me? This questions came about because I was watching lot's of truthers videos, conspiracy theories and even David Icke videos and they are all whining about the world (of course they will, as humans they are affected after all) so I felt I needed to ask just to understand better how vampires are affected by this. Me personally? I don't give much fuck, there are only a handful of people I care about, but actually I don't even see myself as a human anymore. I don't want to deal with human drama and petty human things anymore. If I die, then so be it, at least I'll be free. I have never fit into this world anyway.

Yeah I wanted to be away from this place but I need to report something else, and I am actually very happy about the occuring change. I do not know if your spell is responsible for this or not but my mgtow infested mindset is finally starting to crumble and I am finding my way back to women. I didn't like women very much the last two years and more or less hated them and regarded them as stupid and lower than me, mainly because I watched lots of mgtow videos and related to them. Got some red pills that were necessary about humans but it was also harmful, now finally I feel like I am moving on. MGTOW was just another human drama and I feel now that I can see through it. I can overcome the woman-dilemma now and I see women just like any other human now, just like men. It's like a veil is lifting and confusion is falling away from my mind. I stopped watching mgtow videos quite some time ago, but I still had the anger and disgust for women. Now I feel like I finally can embrace women again into my life. I feel myself becoming more open again.


File: 727e65a1c08cec7⋯.png (258.1 KB, 1501x1629, 1501:1629, 4x2015.png)


What you placed in those posts was quite confrontational (which has its own energy) so I only looked at the message. Deepreading someone requires focus and is tiring (I really don't want to do more than 3 people in day) so I didn't try.

It may just be me, but I think the vampirism in itself, whatever the magic really is, has something female in its essence. The picture I choose for the OP had a weird energy to it, and it was a new pic added on the site I use for free pics. Just after creating the thread I connected with woman of similar qualities, I think I may have discovered something really hidden. She seems way older than the known cabal members and its founder. She may be someone even older now living entirely on the spiritual plane.

I threw together a screencapped story from /x/. I've been thinking about this one now and then wondering what those being described really are. I'm coming to the conclusion that they may be something way older. A prehistoric cabal, now completely beyond the physical place and long since forgotten.

Temple of the Vampire talks of the "undead gods" and I just can't discard it as completely fake, even if they are the reincarnating type still at a beginning step and far from immortality. I shitposted about them before but felt like it wasn't appropriate so I deleted the posts to stay safe. Maybe it's really them.



So you think the woman you connected to and the beings from this guys story are the same? Are you even sure they are cabals or vampires? The story was fun to read and it's the guys own fault, that's what happens when you think with your dick instead your head. (note to myself; never trust any spiritual being who want to whisper something in your ear lol) but what he encountered may be just plain old negative spirits trying to harass you, I see nothing really exceptional with them.

>Temple of the Vampire

Larp site or is there something to it? Looking at it right now, seems more larpy than real, but also who can know for sure.



It has to do with the setting, what the beings said and did, along with the symbolics presented. You can't make something up and get it right to such a level unless you know what you're talking about. The experience of them is very similar to my meeting with the cabal's founder, but those have no connection to the physical. I just know they don't. They express knowledge which requires immortality as a base.

Basically the meaning of the dream is that the guy's significance to the suit being, is that his soul is damned but he can escape hell by turning himself over. That will turn him into a true "battery boy" in the matrix sense of the word, but he won't suffer endlessly. Unless his owner wants him to… but it's still better than eternal damnation so he really has no choice. This is typical because the guy said he's bisexual, a male homosexual. That's the most dangerous issue someone can have, it instantly turns them into prey. The part about the knife, the symbol, all of it, it's giving this information. The suit guy basically says

>you're mine, you will give me your soul and will abuse you, but you will realize this is the best choice for you, so you will agree to it willingly

It's really evil, but at the same time not… It's this sharp realization that's presented in the dream making it something more than just a dream.

I've been trying to understand who that guy was, place them on the map, but been unable to until now. I think they are - just like the woman I connected to - ancient immortals, warlocks or vampires from a distant past, beyond this planet's known history even. They probably live in a place with no time, so they can't be perceived normally.



I admire your knowledge and wisdom (and the general style how you present yourself). I hope when the spell is finally complete in me I learn a thing or two too. I feel like vampiric abilities and the connection to the cabal will really superboost my progress and finally give me motivation to do something in this world.



damnation is inexistent. every Being can save himself.


Hi again everyone. Could you please read me at your convenience OP? I've been feeling like I should just drop the occult altogether lately. Some sort of dark night of the soul.

I'm the initiate flag from the last thread.


File: 64c7e7fa6c5e105⋯.png (33.7 KB, 623x466, 623:466, update.png)


Some seem predetermined for destruction, who knows?


I see a similar form as when >>115933

asked in the mewch thread.

I can't tell for sure that you're through, it may be lagging, but the weight of the movement is on the other side of the area where the zero particle is to be formed. This can mean that you either already formed it, (which would explain your feeling that you're "done" with the occult) or it's stretching out on the other side in a last effort to pull the last part through.

See pic.


File: 23d6abfe21cc4cd⋯.png (9.94 KB, 255x255, 1:1, c4c5e9857997f140e9cc1778a7….png)

Pleiadian from last thread here.

A lot of different things has happened. Last thread i told you that i was feelIng unbalanced both physical and mentally.

Then a day after that I crashed my car`s side mirror and damaged my door. Have been feeling anxiety and no energy too very tired.

I have been under heavy scalar and archon attack from the dark forces.

Maybe you know, but the negotiation fase is over for the chimera and the negative cabal right now. The light forces are removing all negative groups at the moment.

The dark forces are attacking every lightworker on the planet right now. Me included.

Also here is some questions for you.

Do the vampire cabal follow the galactic codex, from cobras blog?

You say some of the members are from 13000 years ago, so that means they were around when Atlantis and lemuria was still up. Can you tell what the vampires did at that time?

Lemuria and Atlantis sank 26000 years ago.

And what is the vampires relationship with the different ET groups.

You said there is still vampires with the old magic and you gave examples of voilent ones in Mexico and Japan. How would they obtain the old magic? Do they practice the old magic or do they just drink blood, no magick involved?

And do you sometimes communicate with the old vampires?

Can you do a reading on me check if everything is good.



Does the cemi-circle on the right that you mentioned in this post appear similar to this image you posted here? >>115949

I also feel like I'm entering into a new stage of my life, I feel grounded and have recently just went through some major changes in my daily routine/living situation. So all in all things seem to be on the up, whether that's related to this or not.



>You say some of the members are from 13000 years ago, so that means they were around when Atlantis and lemuria was still up. Can you tell what the vampires did at that time?

They took part in normal life in the societies of any time period. It was just daily life for everyone no matter what historical period you bring up.

>And what is the vampires relationship with the different ET groups.

They only have formal connections, from what I heard the vampires have 1/3 of the worldly power, aliens have 1/3 and humans have 1/3. That should answer your question on the galactic codex as well, they'll adapt in human society based on negotiations with the 3 factions. Most cabal members don't care about this stuff, the world system is pretty stiff and nothing ever changes.

>You said there is still vampires with the old magic and you gave examples of voilent ones in Mexico and Japan. How would they obtain the old magic? Do they practice the old magic or do they just drink blood, no magick involved?

By "old magic" you mean the versions created in the last few 1000 years? Both the real original magic and the new experimental versions are transmitted by blood only.

>And do you sometimes communicate with the old vampires?

If by "old vampires" you mean those with a bad version of the magic, the answer is "no", they're hostile and more like beasts imo, it's not worth talking to them. Some individuals may be ok but the overall energy coming from them isn't good.

The real original old ones on the other hand are mentors to the rest of the cabal.

>Can you do a reading on me check if everything is good.

You have the same form as described above, in essence, but I can see there is some kind of disturbance. It will be contained but I can see why it would lead to damage on your car, there is som violent energy there. It shouldn't lead to real problems.


>Does the cemi-circle on the right that you mentioned in this post appear similar to this image you posted here?

Yes that is what I meant to illustrate. It seems like a common development.



>galactic codex

God damnit spirits sure like LARPING and messing with naive humans


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Dice rollRolled 3, 3, 2 = 8 (3d3)


Hey OP, stopping by to give the usual update and ask you the odd thing or two.

If you have the time, could you check out the embed and tell me your opinion on it? It's a short video on sigil magick which teaches you a way to make sigils out of words, I've been practicing with this and have good pretty good results so far, though I plan to keep moving up in terms of how ambitious I want to make my requests.

In terms of personal development I've been well, but mostly internal situations of improvement than anything crazy happening in my life, I've definitely felt like I have a lot more willpower lately and have felt the push to get into some kind of physical activity on the side (despite having a pretty physical job), could you check me out when it's most opportune for you? I'm curious but I know this sort of shit can be taxing on you so I don't want to make your life more difficult either, you know?



What he talks about seems ok, but I don't personally use or recommend using roman letters for sigils. Sure they can work but the main reason I object to it is that they're phonetical and spirits don't think phonetically, they think in pictures or ideas. Sigils based on simple pictograms or logograms work better because they represent an entire concept directly and you don't need to create them by a set process. Language is a set of rules and the alphabet is this way too so it works in this context but I just have this feeling that the modern way of speaking and writing isn't well adapted to the spiritual world. The results you get would be limited by the ability of the target spirits understanding what you mean, and if they're further away from modern society, such as older spirits would be, they may not understand what you mean to the same degree. It soon gets complicated, like a programming language where you have to state everything exactly and within syntax, make one mistake and the program will crash.

If you on the other hand was to draw a traditional chinese character, like old people do in China, on the ground in some park as practice, that is sure to attract the attention of spirits. Say if someone was to write a certain message daily in the park, it may effect his life, and I think this is how chinese people also think to some degree. Despite their current atheism they have some general awareness of the meaning of writing in a ritual fashion.

I know you're not at that stage now but later when you find friendly spirits and have your own power it won't be a problem to let one possess you to get a close connection to you and let them share their knowledge. When doing this, you'll read their mind and their reactions and you'll see how their attention is instantly drawn to primitive writing and symbols. They have an obsession with it, particularly when seeing someone write in sand on the ground, this is an ancient form of communication so they all know this is meant for them, humans have done this for a long time. Just as a shaman entering an altered state of mind with the help of strong herbs, or someone meditating to reach an open mind to connect with them, it's become a standardized way of connecting with the spiritual world. You won't need that stuff though, opening up for friendly spirits will be piece of cake when you're stable enough, since there is no danger involved at that time, they will always be there on your terms.



I wasn't under the impression this would be used for spirit work so much as energy work, and I figured that stuff was mostly an internal thing, am I getting something wrong here?



Sigils are an external method, even when applied only with visualization. It works by summoning spirits to carry out your goals. If you wanted to use internal methods - learned spells functioning by your own power - you shouldn't care about sigils, they don't have any effect on that. Sigils are communication, they're a language, so they work by communicating to someone.

I suppose most people in magic start by rituals with an external aim at first and then later realize their own potential. The energy work spoken of here (on /fringe/)seems mostly to be a result of popularizing eastern methods like qi gong, internal kung fu, tai chi and diluting them into something more western in the form usually used by new age people. Maybe I just don't know enough of its history but that is my impression. Westerners traditionally have focused a lot on demon summoning or calling on god through prayer, meditation is an eastern thing. Maybe I'll get criticism for this, but what is "energy" in western tradition? Is there any support for this being a part of our culture? I think not. It's an adaptation of the chinese qi and japanese ki concepts brought here by indian gurus during the 1960s.


File: 0c5938978d82a31⋯.jpg (380.8 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, CptnXHcUIAAvCOE.jpg)


What do these spirits have to gain from carrying out these goals anyway? Are we talking about something that to an extent is automated in them, sort of like an elemental or something? I'd like to understand this better



There is always a cost. If it's left undefined how you intend to pay them, they will claim it from you in a way most suitable to them, which may not be to your favor. It's not a problem if you use it to support an agenda that benefits participants overall. Then they'll help you and they'll get the benefit directly from the act. But most people don't think this way, hence they do mindless things and get in trouble, and they end up with things like "the law of threefold return" when trying to explain why their meddling in the world had a negative feedback.

But that's an issue for non-undead to worry about. The deal will have to be included when you do something because your mind works that way after transformation and the spirits know this too, so you won't be able to do stupid things which results in a huge negative side effect for you personally. (Though there may be negative side effects for other people, but that is none of your concern, it's based on their own karmic issues and you couldn't stop it even if you wanted, like the examples given in the old thread. That's just how it is, the world is not a nice place but you learn how spirits and demons think and will see that it's normal. For example humans kill animals and eat their meat, which is a demonic act. If you feed leftover lard to the birds or wild animals in your yard, the spirits will think you're being fair and respect you more, it may give you protection. They think this way, give something and get something.)



so then let me see if I'm getting this right:

External magick is just sending out a signal like a contract asking for something and maybe detailing what you want to pay, if you don't detail it then it's up to the spirit picking it up to ask for something of equal value to the thing they're performing? What are spirits typically even interested in? I can see how this would work for smaller things but what if someone wanted to ask for something that could change their life considerably? Like for example, say I create a sigil with the intent of bringing a specific kind of person into my life, what would I offer for something of that sort? How would I go about getting in contact with spirits for this sort of purpose, or is it better to not pursue this sort of thing?


File: c85066800624740⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 219.76 KB, 870x1233, 290:411, 23.jpg)


The image contains spoilers for the manga Made in Abyss, chapter 23. Excellent story.

From my understanding, this is a good depiction of how some spirits seem to operate. Some of them seem logical to us because they value things that we value (because we're all part of the same ecosystem after all), but then there are others that will do the things you ask and seem to take nothing in return because the thing they like to take in return is either the deed itself or some side-effect that we deem irrelevant.

OP, when I read your posts, I am amazed of how much I can recognize myself in them. My own way of thinking even, and a lot of things I have learned over the years that I had not seen anyone mention anywhere until now. Little things that show experience.

But let me ask you this: what irrefutable proof do you have of your immortality? Have you stopped aging? Have you reversed in any way? I hope conditioning doesn't affect the effectiveness of this spell, because I won't make it otherwise. I admit I'm completely unable to believe this can work, for many reasons.



Oh, and some of them value things that seem evil or gruesome. That's why you either state clearly in your sigil's statement of intent that none is harmed and things like that. Otherwise you could get someone who likes to fuck your shit up. That doesn't necessarily mean they're evil. Not necessarily. Again, Made in Abyss is a great manga (and anime), but especially in how they depict the denizens of the Capital of the Unreturned I thought it was spot on. Channeled, perhaps.




Great way to put it, I do feel as though it makes a bit more sense now, especially considering the fact there must be an abundance of spirits out there, variety is bound to exist within them.

Cheers for the inspiration, I might have to check that manga/anime out sometime. If you want to look into something that also feels channeled, I've recently finished Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and it was definitely a ride if you're aware of the deeper side of the concepts they touch upon, may not be for everyone but it holds a place in my heart at least.



You are mostly correct as far as I know.

You'd have to be aware that the message you send out is going to be interpreted based on the reality around you, so unreasonable requests will be misinterpreted to fit what is actually possible. If you want a certain kind of person in your life, this is a major thing and probably better presented as a "wish", regular spirits couldn't do this unless you are already in a living condition where you have the choice of having many different people in your life. Then they can help you choose one.

Before I had much experience I unknowingly manifested things into my life, but in retrospective no of them were unreasonable. I wanted to get to know an asian, and came to the conclusion I wanted a chinese pen friend. Several years later I met a chinese girl when moving to another city. After getting seperated again we still exchange letters now and then. This was not a wish changing physical reality to some large degree, and it benefits both parties, so the cost of it is close to nothing. Maybe it's a gain, since we use the postal service, pens and papers - that would in principle mean supporting the economy. The spirit arranging it may be able to benefit from this in a multitude of ways, depending on their interests.

If you were to be too specific, like

>I want to marry this specific woman

it may simply not be possible without changing your circumstances tremendously. It may lead to any sort of negative side effect for a person if it became real. People dying, themselves getting handicapped in an accident or anything needed to bring this about. When you're protected these large side effects can't happen so the wish is then reinterpreted to mean something symbolic. I've tried it myself and ended up with an emotional realization of my relation to her, and that was it. Maximizing it within the boundaries of possibility with no harm, it lead only to insight, not a physical situational change in the external.

Lastly there are secret societies using demon worship for some pretty large things, and they pay by sacrifice rituals to feed the demon. It seems to work and may seem to work for 100s of years, but in the end that demon will also pass through reincarnation on his plane, and then they're fucked. All the people they fucked over will be waiting for them to get their payback. Even if these secret societies managed to escape for many lifetimes, when their demon dies, they have no protection and the consequences of their deeds will simply be delayed to that time.

So if you want to pay a spirit by sacrificing something external… you better not go for something innocent. For example if you kill a chicken as a sacrifice (I don't know why I think that, but it seems common in african religions) it's not a big deal but it's still a chicken and you have to pay back to the spirit of the chicken later.

Now if you instead eat the chicken and use the bones or leftovers as a treat for the ritual, that is a different thing. Nothing went to waste and no one will be able to hold that against you, since humans eat chickens anyway, Killing it only for the ritual on the other hand is wasteful.



My aging slowed down when I was around 25 and later reversed back to how I looked at around 20. People around me did react to it but I changed my hair style and they related it to that, saying

>you look so much younger with that haircut

It's now been a number of years and I got a reaction from a friend I hadn't met in a long time, who expressed

>you look like you haven't aged a day in… what? 14 years!

I decided to grow a beard to look older, because culturally people associate beards with age. It's not that it could "expose" anything, because people don't believe in it. But it may still raise some situations when they expect me to basically be a high schooler with associated inexperience.

I was also able to put on muscle and change parts of the body normally not possible beyond your teens, such as growing a longer jawbone and correcting a narrow ribcage.


I don't believe anything happened. It has probably been a couple of weeks since the spell. Mind checking and if it hasn't worked, recasting?


File: d8543ed94756817⋯.jpg (11.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, fuckingsplinterdrivingmecr….jpg)


I understand why you wouldn't like to go into too much detail, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be convinced until I met you in person and you showed me you're actually born more than 40 years ago. In any case, thank you.

I am happy, content at the worst of times, but at the same time I'm horribly dissatisfied. I feel a hunger for knowing that I know it's impossible to sate. I need to know the true nature of reality, incarnation, the universe… Everything. And I mean truly knowing, through direct irrefutable experience. With no possibility of deceit or mistake.

Is this even possible? Or am I condemned to live with this splinter in my mind forever?




Although, Maybe we're just being impatient.

Mind checking on me too OP?


I'm this anon



With a quick look it seems perfectly fine. I'd even say it's possible you're through and the spell inactivated because it's not needed. You may not feel anything because your inborn psychic abilities are very weak. Say if you were to start developing your senses from start as if you were newborn now, it may take 10 years to get any awareness. I would think it'd be faster though even if this was the case.


Too early to expect results yet. I did say average time may be around 3-6 months for activation/transformation, even longer in some cases, but /fringe/ anons may be better prepared for it as a result of increased general awareness from practice.


You'll be able to know. It's not something intangible once you can see it and manipulate it, even if you can't physically touch it. It's not something you can doubt once you've tested it and learned what you can do.

My way of trial and error may sound pretty crude, but it works just the same. It's like aiming artillery, you shoot a round and then wait for reports, then you adjust your aim and fire again, until you get your aim right. I've been trying to change things on the world stage for a long time and use modern media for feedback. I know it will be reported when I do something, because the spells do work, it's just a matter of the unpredictability of misinterpretation as I described here >>116055 I know the effect will be large enough to make world news but not the form of it. First time I attempt something it's often a major fuck up. I'm mostly working on exposing lies and leading the major media houses to report it, it's a bulky but effective way of controlling your politicians.



Could you please read me?



Please use another flag, there is already a tinfoiler in here. I don't want OP to confuse you with me, or something like that.

Originally I wanted to change flag but I think for the sake and convinience of all I just stay tinfoiler to make it easy like I was from the beginning in december.




I think we'll have to call off this constant asking for readings here, unless something extreme happens. I understand your curiousity but there is no need for this. I've seen the development of the spell in a number of anons and it seems to follow a certain pattern. I've considered it a part of my research but I have enough material now. Nothing I've seen so far has been off from expectations so more readings shouldn't be needed for now.



So is it about the internet or the actions is something I was wondering, if I killed the chicken but it was because I FELT as though it was in pain and I wanted to end that suffering, would that be considered a waste?

Also, regarding the idea of bringing someone specific to your life, I understand when it comes to these things the most you can do is ask for specific traits, though in the end any person you meet is a person of their own and won't be what you wanted, you'll still probably have to work on it a bit after you meet them, I feel like at least with expectations like that it might be more feasible, but you'd know better than me.

One question: when you said it might be better to ask for something this personal as a "wish" what did you mean exactly? Should this sort of thing instead take place after I can communicate my intent to spirits directly instead of using sigils and rituals?

Thanks for all the attention as usual anon, I hope someday I can pay you back for all this help.



First line I meant to say Intent*, came out internet by accident.



>if I killed the chicken but it was because I FELT as though it was in pain and I wanted to end that suffering, would that be considered a waste

Can you really end suffering by killing a being? I'm going to leave that rethorical question there for you. But let me say, if killing was really a way to escape the suffering of material life, why do the beings who were killed want revenge? Why are they so furious they'll come for you in your next lifetime if it ended their suffering?

It's probably better not to try and guess what someone feels, treat it as a matter of what your act is and how that effects the being. Killing means destroying its body. From a general religious view all animals were created by a god or great spirit, and you're only allowed to kill them in support of your own survival, because they belong to the creator and he allows that. Are you going to assume his role and determin who lives or not, based on your limited understanding of mercy, when this is unrelated to your own lifestyle?

Ok this got long but I felt it was needed, because what you presented was a common basic understanding people have before they actually consider these issues in depth.

>when you said it might be better to ask for something this personal as a "wish" what did you mean exactly?

I wouldn't expect a spirit you can control by a sigil to be able to arrange something like that in a good way. It would probably involve any of the issues I described, because those spirits lack the ability to balance karmic relationships properly, so you end up with disasters invalidating the benefit of the change, even if you got what you wanted technically speaking. What you need for that is a higher spirit, and those don't listen to those rituals. Imagine someone going into a temple of some sort and writing something on the ground. It would make you think of black magic and something malicious. What you do when you want major positive changes is you visit a temple or shrine and you sit down in respectful prayer, expressing your wish in an open manner, you don't demand it. I'm just using this as an example, it doesn't mean you need to visit a holy site, it's just that spirits of higher importance, those who can do this, are more likely to have places like that built for them, simply because they've helped a lot of people. You can look at the methods used and deduct the logic behind it from that. It's pretty simple.


What would you suggest a hangarounder should do for money to sustain themselves? Living for thousands of years sounds pretty costly. It seems we'd still have to retire at around the same age as a mortal to avoid suspicion related to not aging and such.



That shouldn't be necessary, the ones I know of around here live in the open as guest workers or permanent residents. There are other things protecting you, you don't need to worry about it. There will be reasons why it works out. People don't think straight, and those logical holes will be naturally taken advantage of. Who really remembers you after 50 years if you left town and come back looking the same? They'll assume you are a younger relative with the same name or similar. You won't even need to hide it.



A lot of people wouldn't choose immortality because they'd see their loved ones grow old and die, how do you view this? Also are all of the vampires able to do something similar to this in creating more? Or is it a kind of specialization?


File: 1b2149fd926b6e2⋯.jpg (79.35 KB, 900x598, 450:299, 1474484764859.jpg)

I requested the spell to be cast on me in the first thread.

Just wanted to say that so far nothing really has changed in my life. No enhanced powers, no energy resurgence, no telepathy, I'm basically the same person.



This is my project. The traditional method is done by meeting in person.

You know, even if I posted this offer in other places, people wouldn't understand it or want it. (I've tried, it doesn't work, they get angry at the idea of it even) The number of people I will be able to reach is very limited, they simply don't believe in it. So the end result my not be a lot different from what took place in the past, where a few people from each period of civilization was included. I think personally that the people in one historical period are the same group reincarnating a number of times and then their chance is over and they have to wait for the next time their civilization is allowed entry. So it could be maxed out and still only count in the 10s when it comes to how many people could escape the reincarnation cycle each time, including all the people in world religions. People die either way, it's normal, so if you were to choose death simply for this reason, you missed your chance. But this is probably why people can't do it, they can't disattach themselves from it. But lets say you make it now, then you'll be able to help them next time your group enters the world. They'll be the same in spirit even if they don't remember you, and you will be able to tell. That's just my view on it.


Thanks for your report.



Thanks for answering my questions.

I was thinking about this today and it sort of dawned on me what it would mean to be immortal, I've thought of this before but it didn't really click until now. It didnt sit well with me at first but like you said in your post it's not like you're losing anyone necessarily more like you're just going down different paths.



What I find hardest of all is that by "escaping" reincarnation, we could be rejecting something we actually want. Because none of us really know what reincarnation really is. We all have beliefs, but not one of us have direct personal experience and have experimented with the matter to the degree of being able to say we are not being deceived and we are not mistaken in our assumptions.

We might just be anthropomorphising a set of natural mechanisms, or fighting a group of enslaving entities, or fighting our own will in an amnesiac paranoia after willfully entering a 100 year VR game for all we know.

How do you rationalise your way around this? I have tried really hard, but so far all the groups that have ever written about reincarnation have offered me nothing but conjecture. It's like the opposite of throwing the baby with the bath water (does that have a name?). Proving part of the paradigm doesn't automatically mean all of it is real.



I can only go by what I've been able to confirm to myself. It started off really weak, just realizing that "magic" may be real, and that some of what I had already done and thought of as prayer or telepathy was linked to summoning. A lot of people know the concepts from playing final fantasy or other games, but no one thinks it's real, where as in the past people believed in it but didn't have the information and was oppressed and couldn't do it. It all seems to balance out this way.

Once I could test some small thing and see it worked, I had that part confirmed. This is the way in which I've worked myself up, and by testing a number of phenomena there are other things which logically would be real. After again testing if these things I predicted are real, and finding that some of them are, I've built up my understanding on a combination of confirmation and logic. At one point it's like reaching another shore, and you realize

>hey, this is the stuff people talk about, it's not that great, it's not shiny or special, but it exists

The wheel of reincarnation was just a religious concept to me for a long time. Until I realized a form I had seen is linked to it, and I saw the full form of it. It's not pretty, in fact it's a horrible thing. It is a "wheel of reincarnation" but I may as well call it "wheel of desctruction." This is still just words, it doesn't explain what it means, the intimate meaning of the destruction of a spirit. Remember those horror comics from 4/x/ the one about holes in a mountain? It's that bad. Or the worst parts of the "The Gulag Archipelago." The universe down here is a horrible place. But at my current state of mind I'm just passively observing it, there is nothing to do about it for reasons I already explained. If you tell people that something similar to the "hell" in religions is real, they'll just say you're a shill or preaching. So I assumed a pragmatic approach. If I can get 10 people out with the use of these threads, that's an ok result.



In regards to this post:

>As a cabal member (when you have the effect of the spell internalized and been accepted by the matriarch)

You make it seem like it's possible to not be accepted by the matriarch. Is it actually possible to be not accepted with your spell? If we don't get accepted, what do we do then? Are we still immortal and protected, how would not be accepted affect our vampirism and our life?

I'm pretty sure we rather want to be accepted into the cabal, but what advice can you give us if we won't?

Also how does the matriarch chose, is there anything we should know to prepare ourselves to make sure that we are accepted?



I put it that way because it isn't automatic. She has to manually add you. The requirement is that your life force develops to the 3rd stage. This terminology is meaningless to you, I understand that, but that's what it is. It's a technical requirement, your personality etc doesn't matter. Membership means linking your life force with the other members so you'll be part of the egregore. Traditionally hangarounds (I choose this modern term because it explains the idea) would have to wait around 1000 years to achieve this. They still get support as you'd expect from any organization during this time. With my version of the spell (and any of the new versions made lately) it won't take 1000 years because it develops in a different way, achieving the standard in a faster, but weaker, way. You'll have the framework but lack the power, so you still won't compare to a 1000 y/o, but you'll be able to join.



Oh that's good to read, thanks for clearing that up. I thought you meant something completely different, that she would look if we are worthy or usefull enough or something like that.

Even if it takes a thousand years to be a hangaround, it's all good as long as

>They still get support as you'd expect from any organization during this time



reincarnation is: you choose to go back in a specific time and with a specific body and form (you decide), and then you go back.

this is how it should happen.

however, (((the parasite "lord" of karma))) have hijacked the process. they start by showing you the white tunnel of light. if you go into it, you are in their trap. you can still escape (you are Divine, Sovereign and Free wherever you find yourself in), but many don't know that they can and so they are (((led))) and (((tricked))) into reincarnating because of "things that have left undone", and if that fails, to "fix bad karma" (that the (((parasites))) put on you: that's how they have gone unpunished for a long time but it's falling down on (((them))))

partially accurate info: http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/light.shtml and http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/index.html

very accurate info: http://ascensionhelp.com

and do not forget montalk and bibliotecapleyades.

peace! :D




Yeah, I've read all that too, but without personal experience you're going on faith alone. Which is fine if you don't care about being wrong.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

OP could you take a look at this please?

Within the first 20 minutes this woman says things that seem to resonate with what you have talked about. I would very much appreciate your review on this.

But please take your time to listen to it whole if you can.

Thank you dearly.



It's probably making sense from her view but it's at a very VERY technical level. She's not wrong about the things at around 21 min in but she doesn't explain the actual consequences for the individual if they fail, what she called the "fall path." But I guess it doesn't matter. The overall description of "evolution" is correct I suppose.

The specifics about the number of dimensions just sounds like random gibberish to me, I haven't seen anything of the kind. I can't connect that to anything real. My map of the world is directly in relation to time, mathematics and sexuality, it's linked into very common things like why there are 7 days in a week and as I mentioned before, why there are prime numbers. I also find it easy to use the female body and the womb as a sort of standard model for how things work. This is probably more linked to how people think in primitive religion or witchcraft, but that shouldn't be any surprise I think. The vampirism magic has its origin in a time when ritual sacrifice and cannibalism was common practice so it wasn't shocking in any way for the people of that time. Today it's considered a dark art, black magic or simply satanic, I have a hard time seeing the new age movement (like this woman) going near it.


>The word "ascension" itself makes me cringe from the associations it gives me, but the basics she's talking of are technically correct. There is something behind her, I can feel their presence. My main objection is that she's just receiving these messages and not producing them by her own research.



What about her claim that in 200 years this planet is going to crap out on us and our very consciousness is going to dissolve back to basic "star dust"?



I didn't watch all of it, but that sounds too narrow. I've seen the signature of the things ahead and it seems to be in line with the book of revelations of the new testament. We are currently experiencing the 7 disasters and the 1000 years of peace is ahead. It all makes sense with what I've seen logically. Time will switch into a more narrow field but it won't end. I believe if she said that it refers to the current larger time we are in ending. It doesn't mean humanity ends.


Are some of the real Vampires by chance larping as those clichee fantasy vampires we see in movies? Either those vampires from old goth movies like Dracula and Nosferatu or those vampires from newer movies like Blade or Underworld? It would be funny because then nobody would suspect they are actual vampires in real life.

I think it would be awesome to larp as a mythical vampire while being a real vampire, but that's only my personal taste. I have always been drawn to that dark, gothic style but did neither actually acted it out nor even dressed like that, however as a real vampire I wouldn't say no to it. I've been watching old Hammer Vampire films and realized how much I like the setting and the feeling of those movies. But then I thought of course in real life it's not like that, but maybe at some larp this way? I mean as a vampire you can pretty much dress and behave however you want, no mundane can ridicule or harass you about it. Vampires are free to do as they please.



Some of them just dress normally but you can feel they have a "coolness" over them, like their hair is perfect and their movements are just an expression of "cool", it sounds comic book tier but that's how I feel. When you see them you want to be like them. (or maybe that's just me, heh)

About half of them do dress goth or at least in style, long dark coat or a dress with leather boots. You may still not get it when meeting one. They may come to check you out. Even I don't get it at first because their energy is not radiating, it's very silent and not something you notice easily. It's more likely you notice them by their clothes and style.



>When you see them you want to be like them. (or maybe that's just me, heh)

It's not only you. But I must admit you have a certain kind of energy yourself, at least that's what I feel when I read your posts. It is a cool, confident and collected style. Humble yet powerful at the same time, one is inclined to trust you and respect you. The seductive vampire energy (hehe)? Maybe that's just how I feel. I wonder if you emit the same kind of energy when one meets you in person too, and most importantly, how can I emit this energy too?

Another thing, I'm sure we cannot expect contact from the other Vampires until we are completely through with the spell and it's 100% certain we will make it, right? It makes sense this way, otherwise why would they contact us and bother with us if we aren't even done yet and nobody even knows if we will make it or not. I know contact through telepathy will be possible, but I'm curious if it might happen that they will meet us in physical, like actually coming to us and talking to us on the streets or sth like that?



There is likely to be some "courting" after you've come through. But not for no reason. It may be something to give you a hint of the mystery hiding right there in the open, in the world. Someone checking you out from a street corner 3 days in a row but not approaching you. Strange circumstances nudging the edges of your mind. You won't be able to grasp them, because of their ability to twist time and space in inconceivable ways.



Makes sense. Does it by any chance happen that non-cabal half-breed vampires occasionally attack cabal initiates before they can get completely transformed (like we itt) and kill them to harm the cabal or for whatever other reason?



They're too worried about exposure to do anything like that, and they're probably not aware of the cabal's existence anyway. They don't count because they die before the age of even finishing the hangaround period if you were to compare them.

If you have them close (they gather in something like covens) you may experience a disturbing force interfering with your telepathic ability, because they're not harmonic. It happened to me and when I told them to fuck off they wouldn't listen, so I blocked them from using telepathy in my area. They do have it but it's based on a field like radiation, while real telepathy from my understanding is based on a single string particle connecting the two people like a phone like. So real telepathy doesn't disturb anyone, while they send it out like a radio broadcast over an area. Normally there aren't other people there to hear it, so they don't expect something like that to happen.


This night just after posting >>116154 I went to bed, but I left my PC on with Black Desert Online running and my character autofishing in the game while I was asleep so a little light on the computer was on the whole light and it shined directly onto my wardrobe. My wardrobe has patterns with wood and glass and the light shined onto those patterns and made visible a perfect christian cross in the darkness, it was pretty eery. Just a white cross of light on my wardrobe lol. But then shit got real, I started to experience this light static in your vision that we talked earlier about very heavily so soon enough I didn't see anything in my room at all, only those static and clouds of blue and green light moving around my vision. I also started to feel really weird, not sure how to describe it but I thought maybe an alien abduction is going to happen, however it didn't. I felt like I was hearing some sort of distant voices for a short period of time, but maybe that was just illusion, couldn't make em out. So while under this weird feel and light static before my eyes I closed the eyes and just tried to concentrate on the light in my vision, and then it happened. A human(?) blue eye popped into my vision clear as day and out of nowhere, it looked kinda serious. This scared the shit out of me, I immediately opened my eyes in shock and looked about my room. Sometimes I think like I am seeing eye-like shapes in my vision behind closed eye lids, but this was as real and clear as it gets. Soon after the weird feeling went away and the light static before my eyes went to normal and I could see the room in the dark again. I don't really feel like this was random or pure coincidence




>pure coincidence

No such things! However, as I said in some other thread, that doesn't mean our interpretations are always correct. But coincidences don't exist. It's just a term that's used when we don't want to look at synchronicity.

Anyway. I had this "static" with my eyes closed the other night, and I could hear a deep hum inside my head.

I also got a crystal clear image of a male face right in my face, but those things happen fairly often for me, so I didn't say anything.



>No such things!


By the way I have this static all the time, only that's it's not as bad most of the time, only this night it was really intense. It was also quite intense shortly after I received the spell from OP…and in general I only noticed the light static happening because of this thread.

>I also got a crystal clear image of a male face right in my face, but those things happen fairly often for me, so I didn't say anything.

Well maybe it's nothing worth reporting, and I don't mean to spam the thread with unrelated stuff, but for me this was quite unique and since it doesn't happen too often I thought I post such an experience at least once. If it means nothing then so be it.



I must admit that all explanations you have written about this "zero particle" flew over my head. I suppose because of my preconceptions regarding the vocabulary (such as "particle").

Do you know of any authors that have spoken about this stuff? I won't ask you to make a super detailed essay explaining this, but if you were so inclined, that would be great.


File: f6dc387045a23a3⋯.jpg (67.69 KB, 1393x617, 1393:617, electromagneticspectrum.jpg)


Thanks for reporting.

I know this whole thing could just be explained away as a dream experience when falling aslepp.

>I used to have this experience where just as I'm falling asleep I get the image of someone throwing me a basketball and I wake up because I raise my hands to catch it. For a while I had to lie on my side and lock my hands between my thighs to be able to fall asleep. It wasn't the dream but rather the reflex of trying to catch the ball that woke me up.


>My wardrobe has patterns with wood and glass and the light shined onto those patterns and made visible a perfect christian cross in the darkness, it was pretty eery

This kind of thing is something I recognize as the initial stage of receiving a vision. A normal shape in my room looks like something out of the ordinary, then I get a sense of "flickering" like an old movie projector and if I hold still there will be different images, still and moving. I'm interpreting these occurances as messages from someone more at a distance, like receiving a media package, a one way communication. I just get a feeling someone sent it but not who. It's usually symbolic and the reason for telling me seems obscure as when I decipher it, it's just some ordinary thing. I sometimes sense a giggling female presence behind it, so maybe it's not about the message itself, but more of some spirit playing a prank.

>So while under this weird feel and light static before my eyes I closed the eyes and just tried to concentrate on the light in my vision, and then it happened.

This seems to indicate the method actually works. (I was unsure if what I said made sense to other people and if they see the same thing.)


Are you placing any importance to the images you get, i.e. are you assuming they carry a meaning intended for you, or do you treat them as just random things you happen to pick up?


> for me this was quite unique and since it doesn't happen too often I thought I post such an experience at least once.

If it's a change from your normal state, that's what's interesting. If a person hearing voices all the time was to say his telepathy now started working and described the same voices, I wouldn't place any weight on that experience, if you know what I mean ;^)


No one I know has made the connections in this way. Or rather, they have, but they didn't attempt to use it in explaining occult phenomena with a hands on attitude.

All I can do is describe the links I've seen to already existing science and how it can be used.

Such as this post


I think the realization that had the most impact for me personally was realizing how the words of the Genesis book

>god said, let there be light

can be understood in a literal material way. "God" is the origin, in this case the "zero particle" having no dimensions, it's 0D. From him came light (pic related) which is a wave form particle with one dimension, 1D. You can just fit it perfectly into modern science from that point, where black holes eat up the light, and from the other side, the understanding is that 3D objects sucked into a black hole lose once dimension and turn 2D. They still exist on the "event horizon" but they're flat. This perfectly fits in black holes as the two dimensional partible between radiation (wave forms) and three dimensional reality. The whole theory when explained this way can be placed with full interaction over the "occult map" of the universe I've already laid out from my experiences.


File: 4ee3d71c27646e3⋯.png (512.25 KB, 1404x934, 702:467, reading energy signatures.png)

Here's a cap with the vision exercise if anyone else wants to try it.



Much gratitude for your reply, however I am 100% certain this was not a dream experience while falling asleep, as I was still wide awake and nowhere near sleep. I had those dream experiences before where you fade to sleep and dream of something while still awake and they can be very startling like the basketball thing, but this was completely different. I just wish I had a way of tuning more into those things and become a better receiver, but for now all I can do is to meditate more often and pay more attention. Maybe I should get off caffeine too to become calmer and tap into a natural state again. I heard caffeine can block out supernatural abilities, or at least hinder you to tune into them.



A question for you OP, do the colors in this case ever change depending on who you're trying to read? I'm also curious about if you know what the meaning behind the different colors could be if there is any.


Have been sick with stomach flu again for 8 days.

Was chanting Amituofo (name of a Buddha) in a dream last night. How badly does invoking powerful entities disturb the spell? I used to mentally recite his name very often before the spell and do miss it a bit.



No, those are the colors, they look like that at that area. The only difference is the amount of black and white energy surronding it and tones of red/orange/pink and yellow. See the chart in this post


the same colors apply for intensity. The spell and the vampirism magic itself is orange because it's high intensity while the internal energy of a person rarely turn orange, it's deep red at most.


It shouldn't disturb anything, the world religions operate on a different plane entirely within the body. (compared to vampirism) There are only conflicts in society relating to the political side of the organizations.



>It shouldn't disturb anything,

I thought you said invoking high level entities could disturb the spell? Is it okay to mentally recite mantras of Gods or Buddhas throughout the day during transition?



A mantra is just a word, it's not going to summon anyone, it's a meditation technique. If you were to really use a ritual intended for religious practice and spend time praying in a church, taking part in communion or things like that, and really really wanting contact with a deity, they may consider the spell to be conflicting (what do I know) and attempt to remove it. I don't think they can remove it, but they may cause a hindrance if they try, which wouldn't benefit its function.



To clarify what I wrote in


the religious system itself won't cause anything because it's a worldly organization and below the magic. The deity of a religion on the other hand has real power and there may be some kind of competitive attitude involved. There is a difference between the two, it's not like a member of a religion has any automatic contact with its deity, it's just a formal membership and doesn't do much in itself. It takes a pretty high level of involvement to get that kind of contact.




Alright, thanks for clearing that up.


Reporting in again, two months have passed now.

Emotional stability is still a thing. I can get sad/depressed/irritated but it doesn't stick - pretty much like water that dries quickly after taking a swim.

Other than that still nothing significant.

Been struggling with keeping a dream diary for more than a month already btw (as an exercise in order to increase dream remembrance and lucidity chance). And all I managed to achieve is having dreams about recording a dream in the diary, lol.



Thanks for reporting.

We'll see if there are any breakthroughs for those who didn't feel anything when 3 months have passed. That's the smallest period to count if the effect wasn't near instant. After that is the 6 month mark, and if it still didn't work it may be an idea to recast the spell. It did work on a second try after 12 months in a previous case. There seems to be layers of "something" around people which needs to be worn down, and for some they're thick and many in number.


It's ya boy spurdo sparde here. I just noticed this new thread so I thought I'd drop in.

It's been almost exactly 3 months now, and can't say I feel anything or have experienced anything out of the ordinary. There have been minor things here and there -I believe I've reported on them during the duration of the previous thread- but nothing particularly noteworthy.

So there you have it, for the sake of documentation. Still nothing at the 3 month mile stone.



The first thread was started in december so it's 2 months now. Thanks for checking in!



Ay fuck me man, my calculations were all messed up, could've sworn it was 3 months. I went back and checked and I first posted on 12/23/17, so that is indeed 2 months. Maybe the vampire smell is making me retarded.



Thee shall not be concerned Spurdo Spärde. I am also two months in now and there is not much happened for me either, yet OP can see the spell still developing in me. I bet it's the same with you, give it time.

I really hope I don't have to wait like 12 months, paying monthly healthcare is really annoying (it's a must in my country) and I'd rather sign off of those money leeching parasites sooner than later. I would have much more money without this shit, and the day I'll become immortal I'll sign off immediatly.



I just realized I formulated that unlucky. It's mandatory to pay so you get any service when needed, but one can still refuse to pay so they cut you off and block you from all benefits. Too risky as a mortal, yet pretty convenient as a vampire.



Don't be too hasty with this, even if you start feeling healthier, from what I heard it may take at most 7 years for latent illness to be fully cleared from the body. It's still nothing in the long run though, and if you want to save money that way you'll still be able to considering how long you'd live…

That doesn't mean your life is in danger but say you get some really annoying symptoms and you need to get better for whatever reason so you need some medicine. I don't know what the deal is where you live but I wouldn't cancel the payment until I was sure.



I see. What a bummer, I didn't know it would take up to 7 years. But on the other hand if that's true then you are right of course, I'll not cancel it too early then.



You seem pretty eager to have compatible people join the cabal on a whim, OP.

However as you mentioned, a person initiated will have a connection to the cabal's group energy, but this entails that the cabal will also have a direct link to the individual's energy, thus creating quiet the power dynamic over the individual incase they ever wanted to leave or had friction with the group.

You haven't explained the cost to the anon's here for signing up, that they could become rendered loosh batteries or prime subjects for possession from the members in the cabal, to do acts against their principals.

The passive buffs to mind and body once someone compatible has consented to the spell sound appealing, too bad that you have to actually join and stay with the cabal and can't have it has a sovereign entity, or any other "fine print" parameters you have omitted.

Is it possible to receive the benefits you speak of without having to actually join the cabal or be energetically connected to their energy? Can you still work with higher entities like God and angels once you're part of the cabal? This all sounds like a kike trick to me (and yea I know this magic predates Yids, but the mentality appears similar).

It was annoying enough having JoyOfSatan.org shill here to have people make a blood contract with Satan, now we have a vampire cabal looking for fresh "recruits."



As far is I understand that "cabal" thingy (if real) was created for communication between already transformed individuals, not for the transformation itself.

>Can you still work with higher entities like God and angels once you're part of the cabal?

OP said multiple times that abrahamic religions are considered evil by vampires because of all the things they have done.

And anyway, not to be rude, but if you're such a devout christcuck then why do you even browse this board?



It does seem all very suspect. An automatic spell, readings of unknown people based on internet posts, and a too-good-to-be-true pitch about joining some clique of immortals.

Not that the vampanon has been rude, only that this sort of thing appeals to a certain type of person who might be just a touch credulous. I suppose I'll never find out since immortality has always sounded miserable, but for those here itching to hop on the vampire train, please remember to exercise some common sense. If it's all good, more power to you, but nothing is free.



Well, 'very' might be an excessive term. In any case, I'm not here to argue, vampanon's done nothing wrong so far as I can tell. Carry on.




I do not know why other people here are up to this, but to me personally it seems like a pretty good deal. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Yeah it sounds too good to be true, but if it's bullshit then simply nothing will happen, and nobody is harmed. If this is in fact something harmful and I'm fooled and lied to, oh well, lesson will be learned. Again, not sure why other anons come into this so easily but I long for a different life and for community, I long for a perspective. If this vampirism indeed proves to be fake or it doesn't work on me, I can go back to considering suicide again or playing videogames 24/7. Cabal sounds like the best deal, it opens up for me a new path and gives me hope, something to look to. Makes me wanna surviveand actually do something in this world.


File: b84165f2a63e9f2⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 800x652, 200:163, 1486582107506.gif)


This. I have the same attitude towards the whole thing. Even if OP is larping I still like his style - he's polite and doesn't have a guru attitude. Even if what little effects we feel here are mere placebo - that is still better than nothing. So yeah, I don't see the harm in all this either. At the very least we are all having a good time itt.



Can only agree my friend.



Ahh, that does shed some light on it. Yeah, if I were in your position, it probably would seem like an appealing deal. Good luck to you, anon.



Yeah but don't jump on wrong conclusions now about the other anons and op, or even about me.



>Nothing to lose and everything to gain

Except losing your free-will and to a larger extent your soul. Perhaps permanently. I've read about some souls taken by demons that eventually flee imprisonment, however that's some.

And as much as this may be

>"something harmful and I'm fooled and lied to, lesson learned

There very well may be permanent repercussions. Drunk driving and ending up in a wheel-chair for the rest of your life is a steep cost to pay for a single foolish action, just as signing up here may have unforeseen costs and karma as well. You may not even have the comforting option of suicide if things go sour. Since you've already committed, however, I'll be interested to hear your results, Tinfoiler.

For others still pondering, what gave me pause was the question,

>Do keep in mind your astral chart, are you sure you want to be stuck with THAT make-up for centuries?


I'm disappointed you post with the Gnostic badge but refer to me as a Christcuck for asking about working with angels and God. You don't need to be one to work with them or use Solomonic, Pslam or angel magic. Hell, almost all the western ceremonial magic uses the Hebrew God names for protection and power.



By the word "christcuck" I mean someone who adheres to post-ecumenical brands of "christianity", with typical abrahamic spooks and a penchant for praising the material world and its "creator".

>You don't need to be one to work with them or use Solomonic, Pslam or angel magic.

True. But if you consciously work with those false-light demiurgic forces, then again why do you need things that OP is offering itt? It seems you already made your choices. And it's such an irony that you warn someone about losing free-will despite yourself making contracts with those entities.

Again, sorry for sounding rude, don't really mean it.



I haven't made any contracts with anyone.

>"It's not just a membership agreement, it means linking your life force to all other members" and constantly being in the telepathic chat room with them. Who knows, maybe they're cool dudes.

The degree of loss of free-will is plausibly much more severe with a group freely offering immortality, however we only have skepticism to work with, just like with Gnosticism.

I'm unaware of any removal of free-will for those who work with angelic beings besides that of the inability of suicide if they have a divine purpose, similar to what Blood anon spoke of immortality. I have psychic contacts who couldn't stand the pain of soul evolution and their "old self dying" and spoke of how it was impossible to kill themself. If they went to grab a knife it was dull, the pill bottle was empty, when she tried numerous times to serve off the road to crash, the spirits would over-power the steering wheel and pull her back onto the road. Besides that, they *always* had the opportunity to turn against God and the Angels commands. I can speak on their behalf, but it's a roll of the dice with Blood anon. For all I know, I'm missing out on centuries of shitposting, or that perhaps it's a Soul stealing Ponzi-Scheme. I 'unno. I'm surprised none of us have done a divination yet to see what the jig is yet.

What is there to even do if you live for even a few more centuries and, as Blood anon said, you lose those inherent interests in humanity like procreation and sex. Play vidyea forever?



>What is there to even do if you live for even a few more centuries

OP claims that shifting dimensions or "planewalking" is among their skills, so if true it's not like one is stuck in this world/dimension/level of perception only and not like one is plagued by typical human limitations in general.

>lose those inherent interests in humanity like procreation and sex

wat? I never (or hardly ever) had those interests to begin with. Nor have most other people frequenting this thread (and board), I'd wager.

On another note, the only way to accuse OP of something "bad" is through Guenon's writing. I'm actually surprised not a single guenonfag has surfaced here yet with quotes about "counter-initiation cults" and their "blood-transmitted teachings".

Maybe all of them are on /pol/ and religion/philosophy related boards.


If there are people showing up in the thread with confirmation that vampanon isnt lying, then consider me interested.

I tried to open up about 30 minutes ago, but I felt like it was garbled and I couldnt concentrate on one message, I have ambivalent trust with vampanon at best. If you got my message and the spell is already said and done, oh well.



First of all let me say that I don't believe you can lose your soul, and also I do not believe there can be any real permanent reprecussions. Maybe some who persist for a long time, but not permanent.

I believe in my own power and wits however, and that there is always a solution to a problem. I also love a interesting challenge.


>Play vidyea forever?

Oh boy, you know exactly what I like :^) (unfortunately I believe vidya is going downhill slowly, or maybe not so slowly)

>>lose those inherent interests in humanity like procreation and sex

>wat? I never (or hardly ever) had those interests to begin with. Nor have most other people frequenting this thread (and board), I'd wager.

Same, and I would be very happy if the annoying lust stops finally for good. I want to be a celibate, but that hornyness just keeps pulling at me, such an annoyance.


>I'm surprised none of us have done a divination yet to see what the jig is yet.

>I'm actually surprised not a single guenonfag has surfaced here yet with quotes about "counter-initiation cults" and their "blood-transmitted teachings".

This board is dead, that's why. There are like the same 10 people posting her every now and then, that's all. I myself only come for the vampire thread to fringe, cus there are no other interesting or usefull threads here. When I first came to fringe people already where flaming here that all the real wizards left and this board went to shit, but back then it was even better than now. I mean now it is completely dead. So what do you expect anything to happen here, besides from the usual imbeciles posting their degeneracy and disinformation?



Free will cannot be lost you mong. And no state is permanent.

Go back to Facebook with your new age mundane FUD.



>However as you mentioned, a person initiated will have a connection to the cabal's group energy, but this entails that the cabal will also have a direct link to the individual's energy, thus creating quiet the power dynamic over the individual incase they ever wanted to leave or had friction with the group.

As already explained, the people who can have this work and join, are probably predetermined for this possibility. There are only a few ways out of the world system, and this is one of them. If you really choose the path of a world religion you'd be in a monastery and not posting here anyway, so there is no risk of conflict. In my view you are arguing that humans are not under the control of the cabal already. But mundanes are all below the entities controlling the world, offering membership means offering a way to free will.

>You haven't explained the cost to the anon's here for signing up, that they could become rendered loosh batteries or prime subjects for possession from the members in the cabal, to do acts against their principals.

Non-members are already possible "loosh-batteries" for anyone that wants to use them, that's what unprotected human are like. You can't join unless you have the same basic standard as the other members - which means a level of equality. Attempting to include a human would result in their death, they can't sustain themselves. It's an intimate relation between members, but as you're already immortal/undead with the same power as everyone else, they won't be able to read your mind. They'll have insight, but actual mind reading can only be done by willfull connection, there won't be anyone disturbing you. At most it would be like a very open love relation, they'll talk to you, but they have no reason to be rude or intruding and there are no demands.

>Is it possible to receive the benefits you speak of without having to actually join the cabal or be energetically connected to their energy? Can you still work with higher entities like God and angels once you're part of the cabal?

This specific spell is made for speading the actual material energy (referred to simply as the "magic" in this thread) of the cabal, which connects back to the founder and to his possible spiritual teachers (such as the woman represented by likenes to the pic in the OP). There is no reason you wouldn't want to join once you have it. That would be like saying you want to keep being the delivery boy an not having any career advancements as you gain knowledge over time.

Talking to "god", Jesus or anyone like that is still possible, but they're pretty distant and you'll find it straining you quite a bit. I still have a few buddha statues and icons with Jesus and Mary in my home and I do refer to some parts of the new testament because it does correctly predict some things in the current world. It doesn't bother me, though I can understand if some people would feel uneasy, as the deities behind a religion are going to attempt to enforce their morals and you'll feel it since your awareness increased. But like it was already said in one of the replies, the religion of christianity has many bad deeds historically (and so does judaism since they've had more time to degenerate). They've tortured people and burned them alive for "heresy" so the human organization is just as evil as any other. "Angels" are just the spiritual equivalent of a religious fanatic, they're not even necessarily immortal. They just live a little longer (maybe a few 100 years) and will also reincarnate as either a spirit or human. Not working with them is no real loss.


If you really do want the immortality standard with no connection to any organization and don't want any help apart from the initial stage, this is possible, but it's not what this thread is for. It's also very narrow in its functionality and has a heavy weighting towards yin or femininity, to the point it may be difficult to make it work with someone who's physically male. You'd have to either be physically female or identify your soul as female despite your male body. That's your other alternative. I'm not here to talk about something highly experimental and personalized though, I don't even think this board with its focus on masculinity would be suitable for this.



Great arguments Blood anon, you really won me over until the God paragraph. Making a more strained relationship with higher entities and God flared up a hot red flag of being an indication of deteriorating harmony with nature/universal law or at least if they have your own best interests in mind, becoming a vampire is undermining that. This is starting to sound like some Dorian Gray situation. I'd be interested to hear you further explain the reasons for why God and Angels aren't so cool with their own creations going against their nature and becoming immortal vampires, or it's that you just feel that strain and aren't certain why.

You speak of how deities enforce their morals but if we were to shake off the Bible and distrust Christianity (Which my psychic friend was informed by Micheal that it's an incredibly rudimentary understanding of spirituality, so even the angels don't like Christian religions much) the only morals pushed I've read of from personal accounts was angels and God encouraging and guiding people to achieve their best potential and overcome their primitive drives and trauma, the same things our ancestors to even nature spirits want for us. If anything is going to enforce a different set of morals on someone it would be, most probably, the cabal. We all know the current religions are shit and have a history darker than the darkest Jigga-boon, that doesn't discredit angel and God magic since that was man realizing he could use his own free-will to enslave the free-will of others with their fear and promises of pearly gates. Higher entities do not get in the way of a sovereign beings decisions.

>"Angels" are just the spiritual equivalent of a religious fanatic, they're not even necessarily immortal.

Okay, yea no. Just the way you discredit them is an eye-brow raising red flag. To be grossly rudimentary myself, archangels especially are colossal, intelligent archtypes of the forces/energies of the meta-universe and the angels then branch off from them. Perhaps we have vastly different sources of knowledge or interaction with these beings but I'm calling bullshit on saying they live for only a few hundred years. Maybe the smaller angels live for a few hundred, but if someone's going to use angel magic, they call on the big boys.

So joining the vampire cabal sounds great from a self-empowerment angle, if you can adapt to the cabal's customs and goals, are fine with being linked to and primarily/only using their collective energy (no more or very little Sun or God magic then). Did you already mention the cabal's overarching goals?

If anyone is looking for more information on vampires, I'd hazard a guess the Temple of Set's Vampire squad is an adequate reflection. Here's an interview with one of the Grand Masters of the Order of the Vampyre of the Temple of Set.




Ahh, where is the Montalk anon when we need him so much…



I believe the god we are talking about right now is not even the highest god but some lower god like the demiurge. Of course god and his servants, the angels would not be cool about their cattle getting their power back and going against "nature" aka the matrix system designed for them. Like OP said, there are only few ways out of the system. And this is a system, and it sucks. No real, good god would mind us becoming vampires or going against the system, only a slave keeping demiurge like looshfarmer would be upset about this. I'd rather take my own power and freedom back than being friends with some "angels" or the demiurge.

You should question if nature, god, angels etc have your best interest in mind.

Btw I'm tired of reading all the time how awesome nature is and that natural is the real deal. What's natural is a lot of times shit by design.



Do you really think you're a creation of "God" and the angels? Oh boy…

It's obvious by your post that you're still stuck in dualistic thinking. And on top of that self-righteous.

I suppose it was a matter of time before someone like you dropped by, but please do everyone a favor and fuck off permanently.



Angels and archangels are completely different types of entities. You got archangels right. Angels, on the other hand, are the same type of thing as demons and any other spirit, even though they are different in temperament and motivation of course. But "angel" is a man-made label. They're just regular spirits.

Also, we don't need saving from you, so please don't patronize the rest of the thread.



If Gnosticism is right. I followed it too until my psychic friend talked smack about it. What keeps me up at night metaphorically is wondering if she's a pawn for the demiurge or not, and how could anyone even tell?


I agree with your points, the argument is if the cabal is another form of imprisonment, and for the sake of the argument lets say it isn't, Blood anon was vague on the other methods of escaping the matrix. I'm going through his older posts on it now. I would be interested if he listed more those options of achieving "enlightenment" out on the table for further consideration.

>You should question if nature, god, angels etc have your best interest in mind.

My understanding is that we reincarnate here to grow our souls to be able to experience other realms since it's my take the point of existence is to experience. As this earth is a school itself, it's also been turned to shit and some of us have a "God's Finger" in our astral chart or another form of divination where we aren't also here just for own growth, but to help bring the earth back into harmony. Our lives will be set up in such a way as to facilitate that earth's return to harmony at the same time as growing the untrained necessary skills to transcend to a higher state and experience another reality through our own unique perspective. However we always have the option to do whatever we want and experience whatever we want and that itself will be another form of education for us.

Hell is a projection of our subconscious issues and the process of facing all of your unconscious trauma and unconscious problems and painfully facing them until they "burn away." Similar to the alchemist burning away the impurities.

Becoming a vampire would be another viable "experience", so I do agree your logic. I think the question further boils down to the efficacy and success chance of following other paths to enlightenment, and which one has the most unsightly permanent strings attached.


Get bent, acknowledging god doesn't imply stuck in dualistic thinking, even the angels when channeled by people beat them over the head over the infinite nuances and complexities of the world. Even the same demon aspect is Kryptonite to one church goer and a better friend than any angel or another, no one is discussing binary duality except you. If the demiurge is such a lower god than the Real God, why doesn't he come in and fix the place up, huh?

Nothing I've said is self-righteous either, you're projecting yourself, anon. Grow up.


I agree with your definitions, it's just that cutting yourself off or weakening your ability to be provided assistance from Archangels sounds like heavy loss. I'm sure the Cabal is cool and all, but you are missing out on the Archangels. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the Cabal could help an individual out more so the options have an interesting dynamic.

I don't intend to save anyone but myself, I just want to know more about this Vampire offer because it intrigues me. Joining the Vampire fam sounds cool, but then I begin to worry about all the autistic neets Blood anon is inviting. Those telepathic chats between them would certainly be Youtube cringe compilation tier



>Joining the Vampire fam sounds cool, but then I begin to worry about all the autistic neets Blood anon is inviting. Those telepathic chats between them would certainly be Youtube cringe compilation tier

This is one aspect I have been thinking all the time about as well. OP said chans are a good place because they capture the culture of our time pretty well, but imo chans like this are filled with degenerates and idiots, if I were to recruit new vampires chans would be the very last place I'd come to. Then also being stuck with the same autists for thousands of years isn't quite appealing either.

On the other hand, where else would you find recruits who are up for this stuff and have an open enough mind for it, if not here? You can't talk about this with "normal" people in everyday life, trust me, I tried many times and failed always. Most minds are completely blocked. However, until now I didn't see any kind of real annoying autist in the threads, or any other idiot that would be a pain to deal with and all guys here seem pretty cool, my only guess(or hope in that matter) is that the degenerate idiots are skipped out of the whole thing from the start.

>it's just that cutting yourself off or weakening your ability to be provided assistance from Archangels sounds like heavy loss

No big loss for most of us who never communicated with them anyway and never saw them. The Cabal sounds much more tangible and "there" for us than some mystical arch angel who most of us will never even meet in 100 lifetimes.



I'll take the time to throw in some comments since this may be relevant so other raders as well, but I'm not getting into some scripture wielding duel here because that's all there is to it when someone starts claiming things based on not your own experience but rather mere blind faith.


> I'd be interested to hear you further explain the reasons for why God and Angels aren't so cool with their own creations going against their nature and becoming immortal vampires, or it's that you just feel that strain and aren't certain why.

I know exactly why I feel the strain, and why some of the newer people in this thread described not being able to stand religious symbols.

As a mundane human you have little awareness and may feel awe before a picture of a deity. If you realize your mistakes you may feel shame and want to correct yourself. But if you're a shameless criminal you'll look at the icon and discard the idea of a diety even existing. Just as Lao Tzu wrote

>When a foolish man hears of the Tao, he laughs out loud at the very idea.

Now the issue here is that an ordinary person can just be a fool and not care. A vampire can't, because his enlightenment makes him responsible for his actions. When looking at the image of the deity, he can't discard it, he can't deny that it's real, so he'll feel the full effect of the shame a mundane would feel when realizing their mistakes. But instead of just one mistake being pointed out, it's going to be all of them at once. It's like someone going through your whole life and actively telling you every time you could have done better. Because this is what a god does, it's just that ordinary followers are unaware and can't feel the judging eyes on them, they're in delusion. They're mostly fools and regret nothing. I had already been following religion before entering this path and I don't have a lot to be ashamed of, so the effect really isn't there. It's a mere feeling of strain. But there is also another aspect. When you're really "transformed" you'll have the immortality standard yourself, and no matter the level of influence, an immortal is a kind of god. So it'll be like meeting someone from your gym, you may not like each other but you're both strong and respect each other for that, so you give each other a stiff nod to keep the peace, as you both at least have that much in common. It'll still be strained, but not hostile.

As for your concept of there being one God who created everything, this is not my view. Isn't this idea itself a reference to Jahve, and part of judaism? This is a narrow, recent western view. Asian religions and myths do not agree, and neither does ancient greek mythology.

> If anything is going to enforce a different set of morals on someone it would be, most probably, the cabal. We all know the current religions are shit and have a history darker than the darkest Jigga-boon, that doesn't discredit angel and God magic

Doesn't it say in the new testament that occultists will be thrown in the pit of fire? It's a common view in christianity that all magic is evil. Judaism is ok with magic "as long as it comes from god" but in general, "occultism" is considered sinful in the abrahamic faiths.

>So joining the vampire cabal sounds great from a self-empowerment angle, if you can adapt to the cabal's customs and goals, are fine with being linked to and primarily/only using their collective energy (no more or very little Sun or God magic then). Did you already mention the cabal's overarching goals?

By now I feel like you're just arguing using a hodgepodge of different religous fragments and new age.

Anyone asking to join, which is the ultimate goal of interacting in this thread, would already feel inside what their own personal motivation is. The cabal is the egregore of all members. So if your goals were too far from the rest of the cabal, you couldn't join. It's not possible to add a conflicting element to such an intimately functioning entity.



>I would be interested if he listed more those options of achieving "enlightenment" out on the table for further consideration.

I already brought those up in the old 8ch thread but you'll find basically the same info on mewch.




Cool, thanks for your patience.

I'm going through it all now.



That line was always a little, err, funny, given that a Taoist sage also laughs at Tao, albeit for a different reason and more genuinely.

No doubt immortality could fit within the Taoist schema, though I'm not sure this is quite what they meant. Sounds like you basically are karma-locked. Then again, what do I know?




I never said or implied it was an oxymoron in any way, shape, or form.


File: d9efc96bf2f56d6⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5bc27fbe993c5e7fa84cc59b2e….jpg)

Whats your thoughts on this info about vampires op?




Cobra linked it in one of his articles, he stated that most vampires are actually reptilians incarnated in human bodies and that there were more than a million of them, they are part of chimera underground bases for the negative faction. (I think he is referring to beast vampires not the cabal) any thoughts on this?

Also I have been feeling better and more calmer now, the attacks are much less now. Today I also felt complete silence in my mind no negative thoughts that isn't my own, I feel like a different person somehow, im more rational and aware. I think the spell might have gone through but im not sure.


Is it possible to work directly with the vampires relatively soon after the transformation or do I need to wait 1000 years?

Im making a spiritual ancap community on 2hectares for now, would the cabal support that initiative? Im also part of a crypto called ohni.io, I dont know if I would disclose more information now that im becoming immortal.

Could I still do public videos and so on, or would I need more protection, like doing sigils?

I have also started making sigils on my dirt road like you are doing and I could see the orbs(souls) flying over to it. I can see energy mildly and also orbs.

What I have come to understand reading these threads is that the vampire cabal is mostly in grey area when it comes to the world situation they mostly observe and only does little change? correct me if I'm wrong.



Cobra often uses a concise, concrete language when describing metaphysical or spiritual phenomena. There's a literal reference to reptilians in human bodies, that should tell you that this is not related to the cabal or any of the lesser versions of the vampirism magic. The number alone is way too large anyway. The cabal has from my understanding less than 200 members, the halfbreed vampires are perhaps a few 1000 worldwide. I saw lists like how they create territories for themselves to avoid attention, supposedly there are only 10 allowed to stay in New York at the same time, and less populated areas only allow one in each city or state.

>Is it possible to work directly with the vampires relatively soon after the transformation or do I need to wait 1000 years?

It depends fully on your telepathic ability and if you realize who they are. They won't tell you, you'll have to figure this out yourself. Maybe you have already met one of them.

>Im making a spiritual ancap community on 2hectares for now, would the cabal support that initiative? Im also part of a crypto called ohni.io, I dont know if I would disclose more information now that im becoming immortal.

There is no restriction for what anyone can do. If you do something really stupid it'll come back to you alone so no one cares.

>Could I still do public videos and so on, or would I need more protection, like doing sigils?

You don't need to hide, but maintain opsec. Exposing yourself online always involves a risk.

>I have also started making sigils on my dirt road like you are doing and I could see the orbs(souls) flying over to it. I can see energy mildly and also orbs.

Thanks for reporting.

>What I have come to understand reading these threads is that the vampire cabal is mostly in grey area when it comes to the world situation they mostly observe and only does little change?

They react to personal issues, they don't care about "the world" like humans do. They care about things they like, such as culture and art.


I was going to wait until I was certain in my decision of joining the cabal or not to post again, but I thought I would provide an update on my end because I've had that fucking annoying burning and scrapping/digging feeling in my heart chakra practically all day. Near late afternoon I received and still am experiencing a much more acute and sharper "pinch" in my third eye. It started an inch above my third eye and within seconds relocated itself there and has been going strong since.

During LBRP and MP, in hopes that these symptoms would fade because I haven't consciously consented to anything, the heart annoyance would be gone for the most part and resurface a few times briefly, but the third eye only felt relaxed and "cooler" when I consciously breathed through it at the very end of it. I also found it a little unsettling I ran out of candles for my angel statue.

I did take the opportunity to attempt a telepathic message, so let me know if the image of a plate of scrumptious spaghetti was presented before you. Or a tidal wave of spaghetti.

I wrote out the unsettling dream I had last night and the irritation in the heart and third eye were absent as I wrote it until I started writing this sentence.

It's odd because it incorporates violence in Mexico, covert messaging through symbolism, rape, abduction, child rape (I've never dreamt of that before) and most importantly, Keeanu Reeves who was mentioned in the previous thread as an immortal for a joke, but I never made it to that far in that thread before the dream. I reeled right back when I saw the joke posted, that was a little too much on the nose, heck I wouldn't have even shared this unless I saw that connection.

I can blog post it if you want more details.

I'm aware of the use of children in sex and human sacrificial magic, is the Cabal fine with it's members partaking in such rituals? I feel my dream are related to such topics.

And do immortals get tired of immortality? Do they sooner or later long for their conscious existence to end? Can they even die if they want to?


What do you think about Kenneth Grant's Diary of a Vampire book, OP? Related to this stuff/worth reading?



You're welcome to write out your experience in detail, it would be interesting to see.

Even if you didn't consent to anything, it's inevitable that you're connecting with the egregore and being touched by the field of the cabal magic when reading the thread. You seemed to come in with a critical view but it may just have been a manifestation of devotion to whatever you are currently doing, which would also explain why you so easily picked up all these things.

>I did take the opportunity to attempt a telepathic message, so let me know if the image of a plate of scrumptious spaghetti was presented before you. Or a tidal wave of spaghetti.

I just woke up, and the first thing coming to my mind was an idea of spaghetti, though I didn't feel like it came from a sender.

I think what you saw in the dream is a mix of what we have been discussing here and what topics have been brought up on chans I've been visiting lately.

I had a long wild dream myself this last night, but I think most of it was a mix of current life and memories from past lifetimes. I've had recurring images and "knowledge" of living in a primitive stone age society and these were very strong this time.

>And do immortals get tired of immortality? Do they sooner or later long for their conscious existence to end? Can they even die if they want to?

The soul itself cannot die, it can only forget what it did before. That's your only difference, that your life isn't interrupted by death and rebirth. Some do get a period of "weariness", but this is related to the old version of the magic. It's been fixed up in the spell offered here, it doesn't put as much strain on the individual. Even if you saw someone talk about this at one time, it's a passing stage, and the majority of the cabal doesn't seem to have that, even with the old magic. Your way to end suffering is to leave the physical plane in body, then you're fundamentally solving the issue. Any other way is temporary and an illusion of freedom.



I haven't read it myself but the energy from it looks good. Take it for what it is, if you feel you should read it, it may have something that's useful to you. Trust your intuition when picking books. There are only 24 hours in a day, so you can only read so much, don't waste your time.


File: c23bfb0df9f6c29⋯.jpg (360.95 KB, 568x800, 71:100, 9385379532_5e44b3300c_c.jpg)

When we, the new future hangarounds, are complete vampires we need to celebrate this extraordinairy occasion and and do a pub/bar/club crawl.

We take OP and go completing the golden mile, it's 12 pubs in one night. The original plan is to drink one beer in each pub/bar, but since we are vampires we can take a little more, so I'd say we have one beer and one shot in each location. Maybe some older members of the cabal want to join to the party too.

We'll meet eachother, we'll meet OP, get to know the community, we will have a good time and we will get smashed as hell.

I mean there is not much bigger events in the lifes of people going to happen than turning into an immortal vampire, and it deserves a nice celebration. Saying goodbuy to our old lives. It's gonna be a large one.

In what town we do this I don't really care, we can discuss this later.



Did you forget Blood anon said how incredibly severe the energy drain and hangover from drinking alcohol is for vampires?

Apparently that's one thing the stereotypes got wrong about Vampires was their indulgence of wine, though that's probably just another metaphor for blood.



No I don't remember OP saying this, but you can leave the shots away if you want.

12 beer in one night should be beerable (heh), even with an intense hangover afterwards.



Is the cabal fine with using children or other humans for sex and/or sacrificial magic?



The and/or makes it hard for me to know what you are asking. It's basically 4 questions from the look of it? It also gets complicated because of the definitions of "sex."

>sacrificial magic

I don't think anyone does this.

>sex magic

Depends on how you define it, most vampires don't have sex, though the females tend to have an obsession with blowjobs. But that's technically not sex. Is it magic? This is also a matter of definitions. It depends on what your motivations are. In a sense anything a vampire does could qualify as magic.

>using humans or children

The cabal members are vampires, and they're very old. They don't have the morals of the last century, and they used to hunt people for their blood in the past. I don't think they care either way. It's not a matter of taking a stance for or against something in society. They don't get involved with what humans do unless it bothers them directly.

It's also again a matter of definitions. If they entered the dimension behind this physical reality and did something to a person from this spiritual state, do you consider that to "use" that person? All spiritual beings do this.

I feel like you have some set idea of something from conspiracy theories here, but that's just not how it is. It's not like they have opinions on all sorts of details of human life, in general they just don't care. They have their interests and may have opinions on those things, but there is no ideology keeping them together. They don't believe in certain values.


That was in reply to a question on what would happen if you take an overdose. You won't die but to use a meme phrase

>it would be extremely painful


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>it would be extremely painful

We're big guys (for you)

OP since you say that vampires don't have sex, and most men become asexual it begs the question how much time do we have to fuck a 5/10 goth chick before we lose the desire (and maybe boner?)completely? Asking for a friend obviously, he is just curious how long do you assume it takes for lust to vanish.


File: 0a3cf100f9408cb⋯.jpg (488.25 KB, 972x1383, 324:461, the-worlds-end-the-old-fam….jpg)


I'm in. In other news, I'm ill right now. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's possibly the same thing everybody is been catching (some sort of slow, persistent flu). I hoped to dodge the bullet, but I've been in contact with enough sick people, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I feel general body pain, headaches, upset stomach and am quite dehydrated, but have no fever. People say I don't look well.

In karmic terms, not a lot of news. Life treats me great and I try to treat it well too.



I'm not going to make assumptions about it but the actual will to engage in it may be gone the moment you transform. That doesn't say lust itself is gone, but it won't be directed at traditional sex. Because the purpose of sex is procreation which is an integrated part of being reincarnated, it will be gone along with death as they're two halves of the same cycle. Theoretically you could still do something like tantric exercises but the question is how you motivate it to yourself, since that is a different kind of thing. Your mind won't function in the same way, you'll criticise your own motives and thinking and rationally try to find reasons for your desires. Most of the time you may just have to give up, ending up checkmating yourself from a lack of rational reasons for carrying something out. That is probably the process everyone of the elders have gone through to reach the state they're in, where you can basically send them whatever statements telepathically and get no reaction at all. I mean sometimes I just want some emotional response but it's not even a slight movement. It's really hard to know what they're thinking.



This is too up in the clouds for me. Before reading any further i want to ask: What practical benefits does this have, that you can't achieve with other magickal systems?

The decades of deep subconscious fear of vampires will also do it's part, and it will probably end up doing more harm than good.

It really feels like rolling the dice.



>What practical benefits does this have, that you can't achieve with other magickal systems?

Specifically that you get to achieve enlightenment within this particular area, you get the support of the tradition and the community. It's not that it's better than anything of equal standards from an outside view, but for an individual with this alignment, it's ideal.

You may as well ask why it would be better to live in x country compared to y country, and for anyone who grew up in either and love their home, they'll both say it's the best, but neither may be best from the view of an onlooker. You have to know for yourself that this is the path where you'll find success. It's not for everyone. In fact it's only for a very small number.

If you came in here just now, and have the interest, I suggest checking the old thread as lots of questions were answered there already.



>Before reading any further I want to ask: What practical benefits does this have, that you can't achieve with other magickal systems?

I imagine it's annoying and tedious to answer the same questions over and over again for every new guy who arrives here because they are too lazy to do the work themselves and read the threads. I suggest reading the threads first if you are interested, lots of info there.

>The decades of deep subconscious fear of vampires will also do it's part

How come you have decades of fear of vampires stored inside you? Even before finding this thread I had no fear of Vampires. And I doubt this fear will do more harm than good, more likely the spell and interaction with real Vampires will make the fear go away.



Do you then have any idea why the female vampires are so into freely giving blowjobs? Is it to extract life force or some other energy? I'll assume the guys don't offer blowjobs like the females because they're not as ying as the the females, whereas the females are so ying after the transformation that they love directly receiving energy.


Nigga, vampires are just known culturally for being sinister and fucking people up. Even if not for the individual, the culture around you when you're a child would wash off into your unconscious programing with "le scary vampires."

And they're fucking rightfully scary to us on a folk-soul, ancestral memory, epigenetic memory or whatever deeper level you want to go with because Blood anon already discussed how the vampires 'DID' use to hunt humans down and slurp em' up.

Also Blood anon, may I please get a reading? After reading the threads and your description of everyone else's signature I'm curious of how mine compares and that perhaps the cabal may have left something, is still lurking around or has promptly left.

There's also no more burning or pinching I'm experiencing unless I directly try to recreate it. Now it's back again but fainter, especially for the third eye.

No dreams at all this night either.



I meant to use italics for DID


File: 3e38c642da33ede⋯.jpg (102.09 KB, 640x578, 320:289, Beast-of-Rev-13.jpg)

1-) Tree of life or Qlipoth/Love or hate energy

2-) If you physically die u still have your soul intact? (say before going past hangaround)

3-) Do you assimilate your soul to some kind of energy/godform/egregore? also, do u lose the Self/Id in the process if so?

I may have some other questions but rn i cant think of anything else, i did read i think 70% of the last two threads but still confused about this whole cabal idea.

Thanks in advance, mr.vampire



Thanks for the reply. I did skimmed the old thread and i did find some interesting things.

I have decided that if i am going to work with such entities, i want to do it directly, not through a medium or second hand knowledge.

"Expressing intent", as you put it, to me is an unnescesary risk.

Now, evoking them under my authority and getting to know them directly seems to be the best alternative, so sharing some form of ritual or a ceremony will be most appreciated.



>Do you then have any idea why the female vampires are so into freely giving blowjobs?

There are some very specific reasons in my view but this all relates to how the interaction between male-female works energetically as well as within a person and in the world. It's just too complicated to even begin to lay this out. There is a logic in it, and you'll see this when/if you can see these things. It's not something simple as just extracting energy or something like that, you could compare it to how opposite magnets attract in the shortest way possible and if you place it within a structure you end up with a result, like you can use magnetism to make a train hover over a rail or move along it with no physical force being used. It's not a very good comparison but I lack the means to describe this.

>may I please get a reading?

No, sorry. I have the material needed, I won't be taking requests anymore for now.


The expressing intent is just for contacting me or the entity handling the autocast spell, I set that up in case I would be gone from the thread or if someone reads this in the archives later. If you don't want the spell cast on you by me, you won't have much gain in talking directly to anyone else, since I made this spell.

There are also no rituals, you just have to attract their attention and talk to them telepathically.



>1-) Tree of life or Qlipoth/Love or hate energy

These terms are too narrow and aren't relevant here.


Your soul is you, it will be intact, it can't do anything else. It's not an assimilation in some mysterious way, you just learn something.

Being added as a member means linking your life force from your current position and down, to the cabal. That means membership only lasts while you are bound to human society. When you manage to leave completely, you'll be able to protect yourself and it will dissolve outomatically.


Since this may come up anyway, I'll add some details on what the spell includes.

>The first version.

I needed to solve two problems to make this work: the blood lust, i.e. the replacing the power source, and the blood type limitation, to make it work with anyone. I suppose it was really three issues since I didn't know the original ritual for casting it either. Instead of relying on just "blood" in an undefined way, which is what caused the blood lust in the first place, I went for the most basic and widespread thing I could think of, the circular function of the reproduction system of the female body. Instead of a physical medium, I referred to this as a principle or natural force. It's somewhat present in the cells of any human because the DNA itself includes this, so it should work for anyone. It worked really well on the material/energy passed to me, and my back pain instantly dissappeared after I connected it to the new energy source. The blood type limitation was just a matter of finding a more common form and aiming for that area instead of the original one. In a sense you could say this completely seperates the field of this spell from the old materially, except for the area of the blood type of the old magic being included in "all blood types", which technically is a different thing than one specific. For casting I just used a mental connection to the function, similarly to how the cabal members already cast their spells.

>The second version

This was not intended for humans, I made an experimental extreme yin version for use by succubus type spiritual entities. It's not based on functionality in the human body so it doesn't have an energy source, it's more like a crystal ball and to make it work you need to manually direct energy into it. It's probably not very useful here but I included it anyway.

>third version

This was made by the researchers at the temple, because my version was very female/yin based and didn't work with more male/yang aligned people. It's still using the same basic idea but leaves an opening for yang.

>4th, adapted blood version

After looking into it more I made a version of it based on blood, but using the person's own blood cells as an energy source. It doesn't use any external symbolism and is very balanced.

Depending on your own alignment, one of these will work better with you, and your personal experience may differ based on the energy source used. All of them are internalized and will use your own body or your connections to society and other people in a non-parasiting way, so it will not cause any issues.

Reaching the state of the original magic is possible but it's at a distance and you will not be lead there. If you want to achieve it for knowledge, you can do so through mediation and research.


Incarnations are parallel, not sequential. When you die you remember your personality and experiences the same way you remember your role in a dream.

Being immortal just means that at some point you will remember all those other incarnations and become the entity that everybody else becomes when they die (unless they are attached, in which case it's kamaloka and living in the afterlife some more).

This spell is pointless attachment and only makes the process slower.

Riddle me this. If reincarnations are sequential, why doesn't this spell make you remember "past lives"? You still have much to figure out and you're wasting time from your limited lifetime on pointless infantile roleplaying.


File: 3b99ded1d304382⋯.jpg (32.98 KB, 600x441, 200:147, 50e.jpg)


Who are you to tell another man how to spend his sparetime? If he likes to larp then he larps, it's his business. If you are so wise and enlightened why don't you just write out what he should do instead, since his limited lifetime is so precious? Sitting and meditating 24/7? Being a salty as fuck faggot like you who goes around imageboards pretending he is the shit and knows it all?

Riddle me this, bitch. What is life for, and what should a man do with his time? And then what should he do with all the sparetime that he has left? No fun allowed much?

by the way he said he remembers his past lifes pretty well



Time isn't chronological, this has already been touched on in the old thread. When interacting with real old vampires you won't be able to grasp them for this reason. Human logic won't explain them, you'll feel them moving outside of your concepts in "impossible" ways.

>If reincarnations are sequential, why doesn't this spell make you remember "past lives"?

This isn't a question as much as a strawman and a bunch of assumptions.

Reincarnations take place one after another from your view. But they don't take place chronologically in time. In your next lifetime you may be born in prehistory. You will remember your past lives. I do. But it will happen bit by bit, just like anything you learn in life.

I've seen these kinds thinking posted a lot on different /fringe/ related boards. Someone will always bring up the argument

>your soul is already immortal

>just reincarnate

>everything will connect the the All

What you're missing here is that you don't know where you'll be reincarnated next time. What if you do end up in stone age africa. You won't have anything to read and won't remember what you learned in this lifetime. Your actions there could make you turn into an animal or plant in your life after that, and then it's downhill from there.

With real immortality you keep your memories and won't be uncontrollably thrown around in reincarnation, it's the fastest way out.



Oh no, from your point of view reincarnations do not come one after the other. From your point of view there is just one incarnation. Then you "wake up" and remember all your incarnations as different simultaneous dreams you have had, and you move on.

Expect that by being immortal, instead you will live a long aas incarnation and get trapped incarnate until you remember those parallel incarnations and effectively become lucid and wake up. It's the long way of doing it. But if it's your choice have fun.



The issue here is that you think everyone will - no doubt - wake up. Look around you, do you see a culture of awakened people? If you don't do this now, being like them until you go down, is your future.



Down where?


File: efad4434e91b09a⋯.png (15.12 KB, 667x414, 29:18, thetruthaboutincarnationan….png)


There seems to be some misconceptions about how reincarnation works around here, so I made this handy drawing. Incarnation is not a wheel, but several simultaneous dreams.



People react negatively to this because it robs them of importance, but the truth is that when you die you will wake up as a higher being and remember this particular life as just one quirky dream where you did some quirky things. You are not on a path of ascension any more than your dream self is when you dream every night of saving the world.



File: 3b4800542dafa5a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.68 KB, 580x435, 4:3, lego ass.jpg)


I guess you'll like this then.

Protip: your mind is split, fix that shit pls.


File: aface914b58d9a3⋯.jpg (109.39 KB, 630x331, 630:331, New-Age-Peace.jpg)



>soul splits

>when you die you will awaken as a higher being

pic related, you sure you want to be here rather than on youtube watching your love and light new age channels?

Looking at the recent posts from new anons make me feel like there is some sort of "attack" going on. When even some filthy new agers suddenly arrive and decide to spread their bullshit here it feels like there is definetly something going on.



Please read this again


I'm in no way a new ager



Hey, no reading without permission!



Hey Blood anon, I'm about to get very philosophical here about immortality as I explain my attempts at understanding why anyone would want it, the real existence.

I had dreams that boiled down to following authority simply because it's a cultural phenomenon and I felt powerless. I was stuck underground some high-class corporate restaurant with people I hate being forced to watch a stupid movie (Plato's Cave theme going hard here) to keep us preoccupied until our time was done. I'm certain you understand the symbolism. I was bitter, angry and I felt helpless. But I realized that if I ever did escape, I wouldn't have any fucking clue of what to do outside.

Yesterday and the dream gave me a lot of time to consider what's the point of existence. So much of my purpose in life has been derived from self-inflicted responsibility due to the context of this incarnation, but if you simply just choose to not let that frame you, adopt the perspective of immortality and remove all limitations and responsibility, I fail to see what's there to do. Life is movement, movement is change either wanted or not. Without attachments and wants which would illicit change and movement, I truly see how that corresponds to one being undead.

The limitations/context/illusions themselves provide the propulsion for wanting change thus a goal thus something to do. They provide the illusion of meaning for your existence, the reason to move thus to live. Without that it's like you're a single point in space which has no influence upon it, forever there but aware. This rammed home deeply of how you spoke of how immortality as being the 0D particle

So being that 0D particle, what's the point at all after becoming it. Why bother ascending to other dimensions? What would anyone want to do there when they no longer a want to do anything? What's there to do with ultimate free will when there's no drive and no point to do anything at all? You could fuck around but that won't entertain you long at all. You're limitless, but simply because of that you're nothing at all and do nothing.

If being immortal implies having no more attachments, what possible goals would any vampire possibly have? Having goals implies a context of wanting change, but if you don't want anything, there is no goal thus no drive to do anything.

It honestly sounds like it's own version of hell.

What possible goal is there for an immortal vampire?

Thanks so much for your current posts so far Blood anon. I've learned a lot more from these threads than any of the dozens of occult books on my shelves.



I've thought about this a lot over the years myself. The existing paradigms for incarnation and the nature of reality don't do it for me because of this paradox: why incarnate at all knowing that we are going to spend most of our time trying to "break out" or figure out the ins and outs of this reality?

If we are supposed to live life and partake of this material existence while disregarding mystical pursuits, why have our memories blanked, thus ensuring we will end up obsessed with "enlightenment"?

I haven't been able to find an answer to this with my personal experience that doesn't rely on having faith on existing models. This means one or more of the following:

>We are not supposed to live life, but find a way out.

>There are no previous memories to begin with.

>We are supposed to live life, but mystical pursuits are an option that's there just for fun.

OP, care to shed some light on this? Do you have a complete cosmogony you could share with us?



Huh.. that's pretty amazing. You didn't request the spell but you're reaching around the topic by the power of your mind alone from reading the threads. I didn't expect that to happen.

You are close to it, but you are missing a detail. Life involves strain, it means experience gained through your own actions and achievements. Just understanding it isn't enough. You need to fully apply it.

When you reach the mental freedom and see all your motivations (you will) there will be obstacles, and you will have to start working to overcome them. They're not obstacles in the normal sense. You will find yourself lacking self control in areas no human would consider. You'll want to do things you didn't consider a possibility before, things you discarded because of human limitations. Being completely free from the physical doesn't mean being free from motivations. If you strip human life of everything related to survival and animalistic desires, you'll still have philosophy, art, experiences of all kinds, social interactions… only when you're done with every little bit will you actually want to fully leave the physical, and at that point you'll already have started building your realm "up there".



I don't know about other people but I know my story. It was all revealed to me.

>I was walking in a landscape and it was starting to wither. The trees were drying up and it was cold. Other people didn't seem to notice, they just put on thicker clothes and ignored it. I decided to find the reason and fix it. I walked up to the lake in front of me, climbed out on a tree branch hanging over the water, and let go. I let myself sink deep into the water and just relaxed as the light from the surface faded away.

>Next thing I woke up here.

After mapping my surroundings (energetically) I know the tree branch is the current history of the universe. It's gonr out on this failing branch and will soon be rotten. Those who passively wait "up there" doing nothing will have an unpleasant surprise when the whole thing falls into the water. While they stay there and ignore it out of laziness, I'll proactively solve it, in the place where they'll all end up after dodging it as long as they can. Which is right here. This is the dark bottom of the lake. The old universe was just unstable, but the people in it prefer happy ignorance and are trying to deny it.

Everyone meeting down here in the lake (earth) came here either because they saw something like this themselves and took action, or because they accidentally ended up here after their realm collapsed prematurely. Finding the problem and fixing it will ensire that the new universe will last and will not turn rotten with time, like the last one. In the process there are different entities involved, some of whom are staying in smaller realms which already are stable. They're already there on the other side of this enterprise, and they can guide us if they want. The "undead gods" mentioned in vampire books may be some of them, they may be the real patrons of the cabal, guiding by leaving hints and sneaking ideas into people's minds. Entities like them may be the reason for the vampire culture and lore existing in popular culture, it's one paths out from here, and they're showing it to those who can follow it.



Thanks. As I already said, I don't like to put much stock on existing "official" paradigms, but why is that your story has no analogues documented anywhere in world religions (that I know of)?


File: a9c3a84d09892e5⋯.jpg (32.46 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>the universe is a big puzzle only Dracula & I can solve

You may have solved the Millennium puzzle, but so you believe in the heart of the cards enough to defeat my Millennium eye?

Seriously though, put Dracula on the phone.


File: 3573dbd285f2b67⋯.jpg (205.97 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, a22.jpg)


I have another question. And I'm sorry for assaulting you like this but you're a tremendous opportunity since you are more practiced than most around here.

I read your explanation of how you make sigils in your mind and draw them on dirt, and you ultimately use spirits to carry out the deed. All magic I know of works this way (even that of those who claim to use their energy body, if there is such a thing, ultimately unknowingly have spirits carry it out).

But sometimes you speak of you "making a spell". Do you have a way of doing magic that doesn't rely on spirits to affect causality? Can you give us a hint on how this operates or how to learn to do it?

I assume this is how you made the spell for the thread. I don't expect you to walk us through the creation of that spell, but what does it entail? How can we get started with that kind of magic? Thank you again.



Yea, similar feels here. I've had the suspicion for a long time that I, and others without a service to self drive, were previously entities that saw how perilous the situation in Earth was at this time and volunteered to come down and do what it took to rectify it.

However diagnosing the fault of this universe only matters if universes don't have the endless tendency of rotting from one thing or another. Like finding the cure for "Y" here won't stop the infinite other root problems that could and will eventually manifest in the future universes. If so, why try to resist the inevitable unless you sympathize with the next (out of infinite) universe(s) and want to minimize unnecessary suffering out of sympathy, if so, I can sympathize with that.

And from what you've said, it appears the other vampires don't give a damn about it the universe's condition. Though, maybe the elder vampire does since he contacted you. Who knows, maybe the vampires ARE the objective good guys after all.

Though if you think finding the cure for this universe will improve the quality of existence for other universes to come, I can see the sympathetic logic in that. And then hopefully someone in those universes carries the torch and so on…similar to human reincarnation. Fuck, we've gone full circle with trying to escape incarnation.


>Life involves strain

Yea, once you set out into movement, you will feel the universe act back upon your movement via strain. Strain against the universe inside (old habits, unconscious elements) and the exterior. It still requires the want thus the context to make the first step. The strain will just test the conviction. Strain and acting upon desire are a packaged deal.

>Still have the arts and social interactions…

So immortality permits the individual in one life, after sublimating his lower wants, to have higher and higher goals which can only be satisfied in higher realms? So you're continuing to "check off" a list of wants and needs as you ascend. You do what you want to do there, ascend again and repeat until you're absolutely wanting nothing? Like a theme-park MMO?

But why not just practice ceasing wants here and now like a Buddhist? You can even drop the want of wanting to escape and just strive to have bliss and content here. My goal from the start was to understand what's REALLY going on, but even that could be removed with self-work. I wouldn't want to though because I want to know more than I want to be comfy.

All these acts come from wants and you'll only want if you perceive lack. If you don't perceive any lack you're not going to do anything, no realm building, socializing or art. At most you'll experience everything as is, perfect and beautiful in its own way and strain to retain harmony with all.

Even expression (art, conversation) comes from a perspective of lack-of-expression.

>Building your realm

Please explain.

I'm really starting to warm up to immortality, but considering I still haven't jumped ship probably means it's not for me :(

The only Magic deck I have is a Vampire one if that's a spooky enough coincidence I'm still viable, lol.



It's just a matter of perspective. The book of revelations in the new testament describes all that will take place as a result of people distancing themselves from God, and the creation of the new earth. It think it's perfectly in line with what I wrote just now.


It's a bit similar to the vision exercise I guess. When you face something you do not like, or something you want to change, have you considered changing it on your end directly instead of physically reaching out there? I started off with telepathy and slipping the right ideas into people's minds to change things in the world. Or rather I started off writing letters to politicians, but I realized there was a faster way to get the ideas into their heads.

When you face something else, you'll feel it in your head, physically. The information coming from the world will force my thinking into accepting that this thing happened. But do I have to accept it? What if I was to just deny that change? Would changing this information of the event "out there" in my mind, change the event itself? Most people wouldn't consider the idea, it's crazy, right? But isn't it really that what took place and the information of it reaching me, is the same entity. So if I forced a change in my head, the entire thing has to change. It amounts to an ant grabbing someone by the pinky and throwing them to the ground, but with strength and technique, it would be possible.

That's the theory of it. Identify the energy of the thing you want change and start hitting on it until it bends to your will. With time I got better at it and learned how to change small and huge things alike, the effect is the same as when using external methods. If you know the ritual for it, you can visualize it and analyze it, then do it without physical matter. That's why I said to start with sigils on the dirt and practice until you don't need to draw. By then it will be you directly manipulating the material around you. You doing what those spirits used to do for you, but you'll also effect spirits around you and inspire change in them.



I have nothing to add, you understand what I'm trying to convey.

>But why not just practice ceasing wants here and now like a Buddhist?

This path just doesn't work that way. It's the oppisite approach. Instead of removing attachment by restraint, it's removing them by exertion until they're worn down.



>>Building your realm

>Please explain.

The vampire who first contacted me lives in a library next to a road. Outside it some kind of wilderness. I get the feeling of a seaside town far off on an isolated coast. Even if you made it to the cobblestone street outside you wouldn't be able to enter the building complex, it's an inpenetrable fortress. This is the image of the dimensions up there.

You have to carve out your own space there, it will be your realm. This is far into the future but it will all be revealed bit by bit with time. I'm just letting that rest there for now.


File: ac5a55fb3f63d22⋯.jpg (81.04 KB, 404x550, 202:275, sept-23-st-thecla-virgin-m….jpg)

I just heard someone describe Saint Thecla (a martyr), as a "lesbian vampire witch". The first ever female saint.

It's a fitting coincidence I think, so have a non-rare thecla.



The next age or universe will not have suffering minimalized, and nothing done in this universe will impact that. Things can be changed but the karmic sum is always 0 when the total is observed. A universe without suffering is a universe without that dimension, i.e. it is by definition an undesirable state of affairs, as in, you are categorically incapable of directly desiring such a state of affairs.

Any impulse to fix society, the world, the universe, etc is projection. The universe is well beyond those boundaries and fixed qualities.



"Categorically" means "without exception". If you indeed knew what that word means when you wrote it, your English is shit. If you don't, your English is shit.

Sage negated btw.



This may sound kind of odd, but, are most of the vampires happy?

I'm sure there's a big difference between them, but are most happy? Do they like to exude happiness and warmth to others? They're probably very serious and mature for the most part, but they aren't like a cold, brooding old cunt as a default state, yea? If you could bend reality to your whim and don't perceive lacking, I don't see why someone wouldn't be jubilant to others.

I've always wanted to be part of a community, but I wouldn't want to be with one that would be distant and cold. It's disappointing you commune with only a handful of vampires and only on serious matters.

I'm wondering how immortality effects an individual's emotions. For all I know the meetings and engagement with any of the vampires for the most part could be as dry and cold as a corpse.


I agree. That makes more sense. Then I guess the question boils down to if Blood anon's "dive into the lake" will at least help this current universe or give him peace of knowing what caused the illness.



*engagement with any of the vampires is for the most part as dry and as cold as a corpse.



Lol, what a projecting retard.



You may get that impression, but I'm not talking about irrelevant things here. You could also say they take everything seriously, even fun. They're unable to half ass anything because they're too good at whatever they do.

If I started talking about the things they do over in the other dimension and over telepathy you'd get the wrong idea of the seriousness of this whole thing. You need to take this seriously since it's a completely life changing thing. Someone wanting this for the wrong reasons would just shit up the thread. I don't care about your motivations, as long as you know why you want this, and your own ideas of what this community is for is somewhat aligned with reality.

All I'm saying is, you can't have no idea at all of what you're looking for if you want this.

I have a warm respect for those few I interact with most of the time. It's a mutual feeling but I also understand what they get out of it can't be near what I see from my view. We obviously have a shared interest and the feeling is mutual to a large enough degree that they want to keep visiting me despite the extreme age difference.

You'd be surprised at the likeness between chan culture and the way they speak over telepathy. I wasn't joking in the least when I said what's going on around here is the essence of this society's culture. Similar to how "fag" is used here the females call each other "bitch" and make jokes at the expense of others all the time. But I also get the impression another part of the group distanced themselves a bit from it to get some peace. Those are what I refer to as the "researchers" and they speak with softer, more timid voices and don't make much of a fuss about anything.



Funny actually, but also nothing new. Everyone pretends to know and understand everything and everyone tries to force-feed you their own worldview. Especially when your worldview does not agree with theirs they will come and try to "enlighten" you with what they have been brainwashed themselves. Isn't it how it works everywhere in the world, especially on this board? For me this is only a sign of spiritual ego, even collective spiritual ego. As far as I'm concerned, a real sage knows that he knows nothing. And a honest man will think for himself and question what feels right for him, what makes sense for him and not listen to randoms trying to force feed him.

I personally would not stay in this thread if something felt off or made no sense, I am always the first one to fuck off when I don't see something as "right" imo. But half of the stuff OP wrote in the threads resonates with me and is similar to my own ideas, the other half also resonates with me and even tho it is new to me, it just makes sense. These threads explain more for me than most of the books I've read and videos I've watched and threads I have been wading through on this and other boards. It's almost like I belong here.

Do you think all those retards who come here preaching their own stuff interest me? I don't care about them. Maybe it's right for them but certainly not for me, and that's what's matters. I know that I can't know anything for sure, and they likewise, so when someone comes pretending and projecting one can easily discard this as bullshit.

Who goes around trying to convince people of their own delusion about which they never can know if it is right or wrong, at least in the big picture. Only a dilusional buffoon does this.

It is tiresome, those people do not ask questions, they do not try to understand, they are not humble, they do not try to discuss the matter. All they do is try to enforce their stuff. It's almost like they have no manners or respect



It is meant exactly as stated. Without exception, it is impossible to desire a universe which does not in some way experience suffering.

The only reason to consciously make a universe which is free from suffering is because it is desired, and desire is twinned with suffering, inherently. There is no universe which is both desirable and free of suffering of some kind. To reduce suffering is also to reduce all other desirable states.

The vampire works consciously, stating:

>While they stay there and ignore it out of laziness, I'll proactively solve it

This will not be done. The desire to fix the world is self-defeating, because the very motivation and means by which it would be fixed would make it in need of fixing all over again.

The vampire wishes for things to be stable, that is, to reduce the rate/risk of change. Change is a natural consequence of any manifestation whatsoever, and any universe which is more stable is also more stagnant, essentially a non-starter. Nothing is without its equal, opposite consequence, excepting the featureless source which is its own opposite.


File: dc71bc8118c0e16⋯.png (10.71 KB, 255x229, 255:229, not pepe.png)


I agree 100% with what you said, when i came here to this thread i felt a deep belonging. it felt like home.

some people have a difficult time taking information without being biased. They have piles of belief systems blocking a objective view on matters at hand. they have the

(I want you to believe what i believe mentality). when something rings true inside, you just know.

humbleness is hard to come by these days, also humbleness is almost and always, accompanied by wisdom.



>I agree. That makes more sense. Then I guess the question boils down to if Blood anon's "dive into the lake" will at least help this current universe or give him peace of knowing what caused the illness.

It will neither help nor hinder the current universe. As stated, the universe's total karmic sum is always 0. We only see karma one way or the other in dynamic states within the universe itself. With that said, blood anon's dive into the lake may certainly help whatever experiences it impacts, since its impacts are contextual. I make no claims about vampirism generally, but I wish him good luck in his endeavors.



Hmm, I just want to happy, healthy and free and share that with others so we can all have a better time here. Coincident with that is pursuing the understanding of meta-physics and the realer existences outside of here. It bothers me to not understand and not consciously participate with it.

Immortality is certainly the answer to the latter, but I worry about the former. The world's gone to shit and as discussed before the vampires don't care and see it as a typical passing season (unless the cabal purposefully orchestrated to have the world become shit which they co-jointly rule). I can sympathize with that perspective, then would the cabal care if one of its members tried to resist this world's descent into further, unnecessary suffering? To do the best they can for the local communities they care for for when they still do care?

It's not like we care about any of the thousands of ant colonies we pass while driving, but we all want ants to be in harmony since every element in a holistic universe will effect and reflect the rest, including ourselves.

If I'm to continue on my path of spreading wellness and learning, I don't see how being an immortal could get in the way of that, unless the cabal has a fucking truckload of rules like in the movies. Blood anon already discussed some of the regulations of different vampires in different areas and states.

What are some of the limitations and rules the cabal places on individuals? Certainly they wouldn't be cool with vampires taking out politicians or going on Youtube and showcasing their immortality. And we learned vampire baby-making was a huge deal.


You discredit that Blood anon is part of the universe that may be trying to rectify it, part of the equation that keeps the universe at the 0 sum.



>You discredit that Blood anon is part of the universe that may be trying to rectify it, part of the equation that keeps the universe at the 0 sum.

The karmic sum being 0 is a fixed property of duality and therefore manifestation itself, so it doesn't need upholding, rescue, etc. Dynamic systems from which karma arises are naturally desirable (and therefore always present the possibility of suffering), and may be undertaken as often as one wishes, but any 'need' for balance is also only contextual. That is to say, not only is the universe incapable of being 'saved,' it doesn't actually need it in the first place.

That doesn't negate any karma, though, so if blood anon's undertaking is positive, more power to him.



>the featureless source which is its own opposite.

That's what I labeled the "zero particle", 0D.

It's the source, and it's been called "god", from there came everything else. It does not have any dimensions or qualities we can perceive with our human senses, it's a point of nothing.



Yes, god/tao/brahman/what-have-you, that's it precisely.


File: 69bd1a0994bf19b⋯.jpg (212.15 KB, 1218x1015, 6:5, 69bd1a0994bf19b958bd037e35….jpg)

the zero d particle is also called tachyons, the only place where there is a true explanation of it is on cobras blog and here.

here is some links






How can you be sure these entities are real and not lower 4D beings fucking around like it happens a lot in the new age.



>I know that I can't know anything for sure, and they likewise, so when someone comes pretending and projecting one can easily discard this as bullshit.


>I agree 100% with what you said

>They have piles of belief systems blocking a objective view on matters at hand. […] when something rings true inside, you just know.

Do you realize you said you agreed with him and then proceeded to state the complete opposite opinion?

Jesus Christ anon…



I wouldn't trust anything labeled "new age", sorry.

Cobra is one thing because I personally know the person behind the movement, but in general, people channeling messages and speaking vaguely don't have any personal experience and frankly have no idea what they're talking about.



But how can you be sure the entities are real and not deceiving you, selling you a fantasy. Do you have personal experience of them? Of their claims? Outside the realm of something that could be done by a powerful but otherwise regular spirit?



how is cobra like, from your perception?



wow hmm, are the cabal actually part of the dragon groups that cobra mention?

but called cabal for a secret reason(personal safety)?

or are you not operating with cobra in that way? or do you just "know him"


File: 885a4be875c6588⋯.png (27.51 KB, 1264x520, 158:65, univeral map.png)

I made a simple chart for the outher structure, since there's been a lot of related talk recently. This should work as an illustration of what I've been describing. The number of levels drawn in are exact as I drew them on the right side, with similar sub levels on the left side for each of the smaller ones. There are also 6 sub levels on each "pipe" or pillar. These correspond to the six days of the week, where as the 7th day is represented by the top level, the "roof" connecting it to the bigger system. In total every system has 3 main level with 3 sub levels each, made up of 3 pillars connecting it to the levels below and above, each pillar with 6 levels. This is directly related to material phenomena and you can place this over the "spell function" drawing above in the thread. The same structure exists inside the human body.



Everything I have had to do with them has been based on my interest, not their. They never told me anything. I applied what I had already learned and basically they accepted me and we have had an exchange since. I personally analyzed their magic, drew my own conclusions and built on that.


I don't know how "cobra" is presented to those who visit meetings. "Cobra" is not a person, it's a project. It was openly posted on the blog that "cobra" stands for "compression breakthough". But people tend to relate the name to the person doing the speaking. I shouldn't talk about who "cobra" is.


It's a personal relation, I don't get involved with "cobra" at all apart from some support a few years ago when they were getting started. Cobra's mission is to communicate the messages to the new age community in their language, most of it doesn't mean much to me and I haven't been following it. They do their part, I do mine.




I have heard that cobra is a disinfo psyop and that he (it?) shouldn't be trusted. What do you think about this?




I can say tho that the 3 digit numbers posted now and then on the portal 2012 blog refers directly to the things I drew in this chart. The numbers generally range between 0-6 and refer to one of the 6 levels within one of the 3 main dimensions shown in the 2D area. They're coordinates.

The same goes for the well known numbers 666 and 616, which are two ways of interpreting what was written in the new testament about the "number of the beast". Those are also coordinates and refer to countries. For example china is 600 and america is 610.



No comment. It's the internet.


File: bd2fbe188f8a0a2⋯.jpg (136.25 KB, 960x1080, 8:9, whos jewing who.jpg)


Isn't what Cobra (from skimming the links and pages) trying to abdicate the nebulous despot rulers over humanity?

Wouldn't that conflict with the Cabal since, yea know, they're part of the top of the food chain ruling humanity? Are the aliens archons, or are the aliens and the cabal working against the archons?

How are the two reconciled considering you helped Cobra out?


Or the vampires and cobra are both a psyop to capture people, just as you go on about how the light workers and satanists are a ploy to use people for energy and entrapment.



>vampires, cobra are psyops just as darkness/false light duality are ploys

I think that this is true and the most appropiate outcome.



The aliens are 1/3 of the top, vampires 1/3, humans 1/3. If those humans are jews is of no importance, they're humans so they represent humans. Who's actually sitting the seat of the vampire faction isn't important either, it may be a half breed, they'll still have to obey the cabal on important issues. It's not just black and white morally here. They do maintain some sort of order in the world, mostly they all cancel out each other and achieve nothing.

The reptilians are not physical, they're spiritual entities attaching to people and following them over many reincarnations. Most aliens are like this. It's a spiritual war.



So in your opinion, on the basis of the source of the magic, whose magic is stronger?

Someone using the pslams and faith magic and calling upon God versus a Vampire using the cabal's source. Say in the context of making a lesser spirit leave a container the either one has imprisoned.

I ask this because the only person I trust in magic is a powerful empathic seer I know that's eyeballs deep into Occultism and working with spirits, angels and demons and then went full-blown follower of God and focusing on just faith magic. This is because it was revealed to her and she learned first hand that faith in God was the strongest magic. She spoke of how bloodline families she met could manifest anything but they feared God because he was the only thing in the Universe that could stop them since all their magic was asking him to make it happen.

She explained that these faith followers would go to occultists' homes and ask for them to give them an item with a spirit inside, they'd recite a psalm over it and the spirit would flee, a testament to show to the occultist whose magic is more powerful and whose really the boss in that territory.

Perhaps it's just like mafias. Blood anon joined the cabal and she joined the mafia of angels and their God, neither one is intrinsically good or bad, each just has their own agenda and perspective of how to best run things.




excellent analogy! they each do their thing, but never realizing the true power that comes with being a Divine Sovereign and Free Being, a King over his own Domains, which is the Reality that you constantly are making, second after second of infinite-present-time.



Okay, well when you go toe-to-toe against either a faith magician or a cabal vampire, you let us know how it went. Honestly, you winning would be the best plot twist and I'd buy your cooking.

Montalk anon, do you have a path for immortality? You guys go on about doing your own thing, but I've never found an article where you guys achieve immortality.



why become inmortal when an incarnation is meant to end, eventually/conceptually? for example, if you incarnated for the fulfillment of a task, eventually it would get completed and you would leave if that is your desire.

even the thousand-year old Beings eventually leave, and with their long experiences they surely are able to begin another incarnation that learns as deeply as the other one, and thus achieve another millenary life.

>do we have a path to inmortality

eventually, you achieve a vibration that is so high that, if your desire is such, you can communicate with your DNA in a deep, deep level. once this required level is achieved, you can tell your DNA to "accelerate to lightspeed". The rotating whirls of your DNA will speed up to light speed, automatically stopping your body's aging. This methodology is similar to what ORME (monoatomic gold) does, but without the "soul-erosion" that happens when you abuse ORME.


File: 34bdb4396809118⋯.png (747.87 KB, 800x610, 80:61, gaze of miracles.png)


That's a big load of shit you got fed. The deity you're referring to as 'god,' to whom millions pray every day in various forms, is a fuzzy-bordered egregore at best and at worst, the demiurge, who warrants nothing whatsoever save for your scorn. Whatever framework your friend was using was either not very strong–that is, its incentives weren't enough–or else she was setting herself up for it and borrowing Christian/monotheist language until at last she let it bag the victory she set up for it.

Those stories she told you had to be totally cherry-picked, because I don't know a single occultist who would cower in fear if some proselytizer came over.

>faith magician

That isn't a thing, that's not how magic works. Prayer is, for the most part, the weakest form of magic. It's weak on multiple levels.

First, you're asking an external figure for help. This is common, but it binds you to the idea of an external and that primes you to blindness to your own role in the power process of magic.

Second, it's unsure. God could intervene, but only if it's "according to his plan." That big question mark hobbles magic considerably. It puts you in a position wherein you are totally subordinate to this thing you're asking for help, whatever it may be.

Third, you're asking for help. You don't ask for magic to work, that's not the deal. Magic works, period, and to state less than this is to 'umm' and 'err' your way through, to cut your own product with vaguery.

>powerful empathic seer

This reeks hardcore of new agery. Was she into new age? I hate to rag on your friend whom I don't know, but the only occult group I can think of which ends up losing out to prayer 'magic' alone is the new age crowd, they tend to trip over their own shoelaces mere moments after swearing that angels from heaven swooped down to personally tie them. Did these "occultists" look something like this guy?


File: 21b108035d13fe4⋯.jpg (442.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Aldrich.jpg)


Oops! Forgot four, the very biggest weakness. If your statement of intent goes something like "I ask blah blah blah to do such-and-such," the immediate result will be that you have just fulfilled the conditions of your stated desire in the act of asking.

There are prayers which are a part of plenty of perfectly worthwhile magical rituals, I'm not knocking that a bit, but prayer alone isn't going to fulfill much at all, especially if you're getting it from some bloated egregore (pic related) who goes around yammering that he's the best.



She's not new age and she hates them too, relax, I don't know anyone who doesn't despise new agers. She can see angels and demons, auras, ghosts, people's entire histories, ect. Blood anon confessed he's never seen an angel, but he also doesn't have to regulate himself to ritual like she does.

Faith magic is a thing. You don't "ask" God to do something, you just know he'll do what you've programmed yourself to know will happen, in a sense already bending your subjective universe which will influence the objective one to follow suit. Very similar to the visualization and certainty principals of magic.

I do wonder how much of a vampire's power comes from themself and not from pulling from their egregore, because maybe even that could refuse to work for a vampire for something they wanted to do. But perhaps that's just the cost of superior, collected power.

I agree with points 1, and 2, and I, myself are uncertain if she works for the demiruge or not. I asked her about it and she says she thinks Gnosticism is stupid but didn't follow that up the last time we talked and I haven't been able to get a hold of her since… So don't worry, I'm nervous you're right about her being a pawn for the demiurge. Yea, now she sounds fishy as fuck, but it's not like she would actively know she's working for the demiurge, he'd just continue to keep the shtick up.

If the demiurge wants more power, why is he allowing faith in chrsitanity to plummet and why doesn't he have more angels come in front of people to have more believers and human agents? You'd think if he was so evil he would have already sent an angel vision before me to make me devout to his side since I've been trying to work with him and angels for over a year now.

I asked her what her thoughts on me joining the vampire cabal are and she just gave me "…….", but that isn't first time she's done that.

I just wana be spooky and make the world nicer, damn it.



Oh yea, and I think she actually publicly read that guy in your picture one time and said he actually did help people with his gaze, funnily enough.

It's just telepathy, and reaching you on a deeper level with eye contact, but also instructing the body to heal/change certain aspects of itself.


File: d759a75209bfdb0⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 720x400, 9:5, 1415338684692.jpg)


>You don't "ask" God to do something

That's prayer. What you go on to describe after you state this is just the basic definition of spellcasting. It's one thing to associate a spell with a deity or to borrow a deity's power, with full respect. It is quite another to give up all power to that deity and to claim yourself totally beneath it. Someone who works fully within that framework while still understanding and applying the principles of magic can still spellcast just by prayer, it could be any action so long as they know what they're doing. However, that's a fishy spellcasting method. The difference between that and outright lying/charlatanism is thin if you're able to spellcast at that level, that kind of spellcaster ought to know better.

>I do wonder how much of a vampire's power comes from themself and not from pulling from their egregore

In their defense, they don't seem to be imposing themselves on every aspect of their members' lives. Even if it was the case that a majority of their power comes from the egregore itself, the power is at least flowing in the right direction. Vampirism might not be my scene, but the egregore they've generated doesn't seem demanding. I see no proselytizing from vampanon. The idea of elder vampires going around treating mundanes as snacks is a big red flag (though nothing the church hasn't far outdone), but I can't remember the last time a vampire (at least of this type) came to my house to personally drain me of my energies. I can, however, remember the last time people came knocking at my door, asking me to become a battery for the demiurge.

>she says she thinks Gnosticism is stupid

I don't even have to rip this point a new one, any long-term poster here can do that themselves.

>If the demiurge wants more power, why is he allowing faith in chrsitanity to plummet

The demiurge wants more power precisely because the demiurge is not all-powerful. You only want more power when you don't feel you have enough of it. Something which is all-powerful/all-wise (one and the same) doesn't need to subjugate or drain others of power. The demiurge, while powerful from the position of its mundane followers, is not powerful enough to fool all of the people all of the time, and will never have total control over everyone and everything. It isn't nearly as powerful as it claims to be. In any case, not all christianity powers the demiurge. Whether or not something powers it has more to do with the mindset in which a person is working within a system rather than all the elements of the system itself. I know plenty of hard atheists and 'agnostics' (just as examples–these types exist in every system) who would be horrified if they were not seen as the champions of consensus reality, and work tirelessly to disempower whomever they meet. These are the demiurge's champions, and they don't necessarily need a banner proclaiming the demiurge's glory in order to work.

>You'd think if he was so evil he would have already sent an angel vision before me to make me devout to his side since I've been trying to work with him and angels for over a year now.

>I've been trying to work with the demiurge and its angels

>I've been doing this consciously and willingly for over a year

Wait, what the fuck? That's borderline psychopathic, and you just answered your own question. If you've been trying to work with the demiurge for over a year now, you've been working with the demiurge for over a year now. You don't need an angel to come down to tell you to do something you're already doing. I have to ask, did I just fall for really elaborate bait?


That guy is Mr. New Age in the flesh, he's just a human version of The Secret. She has a funny way of showing her hate for new agers.



What do you do if vampirism isn't for you, anti-flag anon?

I agree, the history of them eating people is a big red flag, honestly it's only the imagery of the group and the questionable acts and history of the group that keeps me from jumping ship. Unfortunately, every time I refer to myself as vampire I feel deep, unbearable shame and disappointment, something I perceive as so low I would only do it if I was some hurt, immature being, but I really dig the theory behind becoming one and the powers. I can't tell if that's just my previous programing from this society or genuine inner guidance from myself on what I should do.

>You don't need an angel to come down

Lol, well he better because there's not much holding me back right now. Vampire anon has put in more effort with answering my questions than any angel. Anyone could have at least approached me in a dream fucking bare minimum and tried at least. Demiurge doesn't seem eager to keep me at all.

And where's your psychic abilities? Why can't you tell me what Braco here had for breakfest? Why are you ripping on a guy that's healing people? You think he's a fake? He's cringe, but so are edge lords who think they're cool praising Satan.



>What do you do if vampirism isn't for you, anti-flag anon?

I get particular value out of logomancy, but that's personal preference. Otherwise my own beliefs probably most closely mirror taoism, the full-on ancestor-worship kind. My most important guide is close family, and most of my direct work is for them. My guide brought me very far and it's on me to do the same for others, assuming they're in close contact with me (close here meaning face-to-face and often).

>And where's your psychic abilities?

Close to me and with the restraint that comes from having spent energy like an idiot early on.

>Why are you ripping on a guy that's healing people?

Because I think the narrative he's pushing and the language he's using is fucky, and that has weight to me. Even the use of the word "miracles" in his self-appointed title raises a huge red flag for me. I've led a cult before, almost to the point of no return (as a side note, this was NOT my guide's doing, nor would he have approved, the cult was a direct result of a dark night of the soul I underwent and I disavow it in its entirety).

I know a devotional trance when I see one. Some of his followers are 100% for sure under one. I'm not worried that he's a fake or not powerful, but I know his type way too well, and I know to stay well enough away.



>my own beliefs

I'm downright ashamed of how I worded this. My own practices, I should say.


File: 61260e296dc1a43⋯.png (48.96 KB, 230x300, 23:30, dWP3Ujl.png)



Q: Was the cabal behind the romanians evolution in 1989?

A: *mostly uninteligible noises* then the cabal came and redirected the energy to strenghten the control of the central banking systems

Also, an answer from the next question,

>The cabal has no interest in lightworkers, they just want control everybody, massively without descrimination

Why would the cabal want to redirect the 'awakening energy' into enslavement of the masses?

What kind of energy emanates from the cabal egregore? does it shifts into the red spectrum or the ultraviolet?



We already went through this before.

All of what you're talking about falls under the category of prayer or wishing, it relies on an external entity and isn't under the control of the practitioner. It amounts to a pastor healing someone while preaching and asking Jesus to do it for him.


> you can tell your DNA to "accelerate to lightspeed". The rotating whirls of your DNA will speed up to light speed

You can see what you said is easily placed on the map I drew here


so the method is no different in its basic functionality. It's just that you keep an attitude of hoping it may happen in another lifetime instead of acting on it consciously right now.


Is anybody here even over 30? What a bunch of fucking larping children.

Do not waste your best years with this bullshit. Use magic to get the best out of life now or you'll regret it when you start balding, hurting and puffing, believe me.

Immortality is a children's fantasy. Death is part of life. Get over it and MOVE.



>Use magic to get the best out of life now

I see a lot of different flags pushing this on this board, yet not a single one of them dares to explain what exactly we should do then instead. What should we do in life? What is the best in life? Enlighten me, anybody please? Please tell me from your oppinion what I must do in this life, what I must do with my life instead of wasting my time being here larping. Getting a 9-5 job? Getting a wife? Or should I meditate and astral travel only, doing nothing else? I don't get it. If you guys post this shit everywhere at least give me guidance what there is so important to do while I still can in this life.



Merely another "master of the game" who is salty that people do what they want and believe in what they want instead in what he thinks is best or important, so he feels the need to "help" people out but telling them how he feels it is. The reptilian flag fits just fine.

>larping children

I think we are all immune here to immature shaming language

>Do not waste your best years with this bullshit

What are you wasting your best years with? Is posting a few times in the thread and talk with other anons considered wasting of years?

>Use magic to get the best out of life now or you'll regret it when you start balding

aka "go back into the matrix and do what I tell you"

>you'll regret

plus more shaming and fear inducing

>Immortality is a children's fantasy. Death is part of life.

Pretty close mindet, don't you think? Are you sure that your statement is true and correct?

>Get over it and MOVE.

More random faggots telling us what we must do without any explanation or reason and without being asked about their oppinion first. I tell you kindly to move out of this thread and never come back.



Get a source of income that requires almost nothing of you but provides for you amply and learn as much as you can about all kinds of things. Languages, history, skills. Fuck around and do drugs if that's your thing. Have family or friends, make their lives easier, happier. Change your community. Push the world towards enlightenment, non-dependence on Jewish banking. Set up a way of living in the woods, build a life of Independence and cooperation with nature. Clean up the world around you of parasites.

My point is, don't limit your existence to "cultivation". And contemplation. Because you will get old, and you will regret wasting your life. You will get old and I'll, your family will, the world around you requires of your participation. Don't wait before it's too late to realize individualism is an illusion. Use magic to make the world a better place for everyone.

Insult me all you want for caring for you, have a blast. You are no more mature than a teenager and by the sound of your posts and armchair magician. Again MOVE your clock is ticking.



I won't come back. I don't need to argue with you because you yourself will agree with me in 20 years time, except by then neither will find any pleasure in it.

I'm not salty, I'm horrified. Magic is a great gift and so is youth, but I come to this thread and see you squandering both because of this society where children are kept children by media induction well past their Saturn's return. You think this flags suits me? You have no idea where your ills come from kid.



>I won't come back.

I'm glad that in the end we could agree after all. Have a good day Sir.




>Because you will get old, and you will regret wasting your life.

Speaking from personal experience, Mr. Norman?

Is it really that hard for you to even suppose that someone might not have a slightest interest in human society and those mundane things like status, procreation or fighting some strawman wars?

When I start getting old (currently 28) I'll either off myself or enter a Buddhist monastery (unless, of course, the thing ITT will result in something).

So yeah, take your cheap "redpills" back to those who might need them.



>When I start getting old (currently 28) I'll either off myself or enter a Buddhist monastery (unless, of course, the thing ITT will result in something).

Good to know that I'm not the only one having exactly those ideas. And this isn't even your first post that could come straight from myself. I like you my friend.

>Is it really that hard for you to even suppose that someone might not have a slightest interest in human society and those mundane things

I guess for some it's really that hard. Reptilianfag seems like a mundane who found out about magick only recently and now get's a boner about what things he could do in mundane life with magick. He even projects his own insecurities and fantasies like a mundane. A mundane straight out of Jordan Petersons workshop or some other mundane brainwasher, maybe even alt-righter if I may be so free to take my guess.

OP you said your research is done and you don't read peoples signatures anymore, but should we still report our progress with changes happening with us? Also will you be so inclined to read our signatures at the 6th months mark? Just curious where this thread stands now.




>Take that, Dad!


File: f7e86c4363568d7⋯.png (1.12 MB, 945x928, 945:928, fl8.png)

I said earlier I got the flu, but I think it's something else. I have headaches, constipation, tiredness and dopamine deficiency (extremely low motivation).

As it turns out, last week I decided to quit caffeine without thinking. I've been three days without a drop of coffee and I used to drink two or three Monsters a week. I'm going through hell.

So I guess you can add that to my report. For some reason I felt I had to quit caffeine cold turkey and didn't even think about it, to the point that I had to really squeeze those almonds to find out why I felt like I was dying but had no other symptoms.

I thought people were exaggerating when they said this was shit.


>When I start getting old (currently 28) I'll either off myself or enter a Buddhist monastery

No offense, but if your options either becoming immortal via a spell some stranger posted on the internet, monastic seclusion or suicide, you are definitely not happy with your life.

Old age doesn't need to suck. You can be like Scooby. A hot gay retiree.



*if your options are

Fuck, my head is going to explode.



>youth is a great gift

No greater a gift than any other age. To think otherwise is ego delusion. If you spend your life constantly yearning for an age you aren't, you will not be present to appreciate the age you are. Hell, even vampanon seems more at peace with aging than you, and he claims to be facing down all kinds of difficult experiences as a result of his condition.

If you're promoting this idea and you really believe it, you can't be happy, or good at magic (you would have found a way to be youthful or at least at peace with aging by now), so you're not in a position to give anyone advice about either. Everyone else here is right to see you as a liar.




If you are serious about the buddhist monastery option, start learning thai and don't go in debt. Those are requirements if you want to make it there.


As part of the cabal, what kind of spirits would we lose the ability to work amicably with? You mentioned we'd still be able to interact with spirits, but they wouldn't influence the direction of our lives anymore, the cabal would.

People mentioned the angles GTFO, but what about more "neutral" entities that surround us like nature spirits, plant spirits and even so much as planetary intelligences? I'm assuming ancestors and ghosts are individuals and it will depend on their disposition to you being a vampire.


Why wouldn't we be able to do everything you posted as an immortal, sans having children?



>Why wouldn't we be able to do everything you posted as an immortal, sans having children?

He said he is gone so I'll answer for him. He thinks this is all a larp and we are wasting time. It's not about not being able to do stuff as an immortal, it is about the larp.


I have a question OP, is the cabal humans only or are there aliens like Nordics, etc



Well, I guess it's no wonder that since people visiting such fringe places (pun intended) obviously have similar interests, their life experiences and outlooks are also likely to be similar to at least some extent in order to have led to this point.


>you are definitely not happy with your life

Well, duh. I'm not happy with life, period. "My" or otherwise.

Doesn't mean I'm unhappy or sad or depressed (fortunately I'm past that period already), I just simply don't care anymore for those addictions and indulgences that make mundanes convince themselves of their "happiness".


Nah, there are Gelug monasteries in my country, which is bottom-line option for me. But I'm also learning Japanese because there is a better albeit harder option in Japan.

Anyway, let's wait and see what your spell does. One more certain thing has changed but I don't know for sure yet and don't wanna jinx it, so will report again in a couple of weeks if it persists.



>He said he is gone so I'll answer for him



Nordic, Grey, etc. it's all a psyop. Literally made by the CIA. It's all documented in a book I can't remember the title now, I'm sorry. The only kind of "aliens" among us are spirits (like the Reptilians OP talked about, David Icke style). The rest of it is as fake as Delonge's disclosure.


Happiness is real dude, and so is love. Don't get all worked up I'm not trying to argue with you, but those things are real. It's just that you haven't experienced them.


File: b115d6075a7d34c⋯.webm (182.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, lol.webm)


You guys are a living comedy. Thanks for illustrating exactly why holy people give off such bad vibes. They're legit, bottom of the totem pole, failed in all dimension types that absolutely need a master. Anyone trying to stop them should be stopped or trying to recruit them to some more useful system.



I didn't lose the ability to contact any of those I had contact with before. To make a (incomplete) list of those I'm still friendly with

>spirits of humans (recently dead and ancient)

>forest spirits

>shadow people (except the malevolent ones, no one can be friendly with them)



>other types I don't know the name of: upper half woman lower half snake, dark haired little girl with no eyes, different entities behind some well known spiritual books and cults like the ones from liber falxifer and the demon from JoS. I don't work with them but I've had contact with them and they're not hostile. Other types of independent female entities, there seems to be a lot of them. etc

>Deities of religions like christianity and taoism, there's that "armwrestling feeling" over the connection with them but it's not hostile, which is why I said I don't care about "angels" as those are subordinate to these deities. If the master deity isn't hostile, their minions can't be either, even if I never saw them or cared about them.

You won't easily have children, that doesn't mean it's impossible. But there's a catch: they will also be immortal from birth, and the universe doesn't like this upsetting the normal order of the human world, so only very few like this are allowed to be born.


If they have a human body they're human, that's all that matters. I've seen claims that some of them have cloned bodies that differ from normal humans in that their noses are made of bone. I don't know what the effect would be if the magic was passed to them. But those I've seen at antroposophic facilities seem to just be "greys" in perfect normal human bodies. It would probably work on them if their spirit can accept it.


Some of the aliens do roam around on the planet in spirit form, including reptilians attaching to human spirits, tall greys, and a smaller type who looks similar. Some are incarnated in human bodies and the only way to distinguise them is by looking at their spirit, although they tend to behave a little odd. They're very technical-minded and a bit of environmentalist.

I know people tend to describe the "greys" with an air of something sinister, but they're not that bad. It's just compared to weak mundanes, there are much worse spirits out there. As I'm typing this post one appeared right next to me, they seem to be attracted to people talking about them. Though I can understand the view, they have these really piercing eyes like they're analyzing your thoughts in detail, looking at you as an object. So I guess it can be scary, but they're no match for me or anyone in the cabal, and I haven't even been doing this for very long.



Sleep tight, pupper.


You've recommended ONA which is in a way associated with JoS, do you have a comment on why those groups focus so dominantly on "black" and "sinister" magic? With JoS being so focused on race, wouldn't they see their magic as not with the pejorative of "black" since it works for their racial goals and self-development?

This is tantamount to the comment you made about vampirism being the "blackest of magic." Is vampirism here referred to as such because it is so focused on the self since it's ensuring you live forever, or are there other elements involved that designate becoming a vampire as the "blackest of magic?" Wouldn't it be white if no external entity is hurt or robbed in the process?

Are the terms for black, white and grey magic accurate in this respect? Black magic is that which harms others in the pursuit of one's aim, grey is mutually beneficial for the parties involved or offends/hurts no one in the process and white is personal self-development.



>other types I don't know the name of: upper half woman lower half snake,

Something like this?



File: 49d8179fe1cd3be⋯.jpg (88.72 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, farahmsiddiq-20180220-0001.jpg)


Hey op, i'm this anon.

After talking with you i am feeling a sudden increase on my energy and focus, like a weird surge of motivation and straightforward-ness that is enveloping me. haven't even had the urge to fap, and i've been drinking lots and lots of water. Weird stuff really. But fascinating nonetheless.



op whats your thought on cobra's answers about the cabal, it doesn't really fit in the narrative you gave us that vampires work in a "gray area"



Yea, I've been trying to figure that out myself for sometime how the two reconcile.

It's either the Cabal and light-workers have similar goals at displacing another faction or lessening their influence so the vampires can better achieve their faction's goals.

Or a subset of vampires sympathizes with the light workers and wants to help them and the other vampires don't stop them since it doesn't directly effect their assets and influence or the Cabal's.

Or it's controlled opposition; I've learned you can never rule that one out.



What a shitfest of a thread. OP stated several times that they don't get involved in worldly affairs for the most part. They are not a "faction" you fucking larper.

"Light workers" are roleplayers trapped in a dualistic mindset anyway. I'm sure a vampire would see past that. "Muh forces of good and evil". That's your brain on Disney psyop.



Blood anon has posted multiple times that vampires have "about 1/3rd" of the real power on earth. Calm down.



Yeah, but not in terms of being a faction. He said it's the younger ones who are interested in meddling. The person I quoted probably heard the word "cabal" and went all David Wilcock disreputation op. Check out the language he's using:

>displacing another faction

>so the vampires can better achieve their faction's goals

>their assets and influence

Fuck it makes me mad, did you notice? He's posted dozens of posts like this so far, completely disregarding what OP has been kindly trying to explain. He's a compulsive schizo shitposter that has shown he's unable to see past his illusion of what's going on in the thread.

Tinfoil anon, I don't know why you deleted your post. You were right.



I figured it's time to stop partaking in this shitfest here and messing the thread up even more. I'm sure OP will handle this to his own desire.



I merely paraphrased what someone else called it. I don't use the terms "white" and "black" magic myself because I don't think any magic is truly "white." If there was no aspect of harm att all it couldn't exist in the human world. Intent itself is an expression of serving yourself and your own goals, at the expense of other's goals. If it's not based on intent it isn't magic, then it's completely internalized in the form of an ability and you're carrying it out with "wu wei", "non action." The initial stage leading the person onto the path will have to qualify as "magic" since it's done from the level of a mundane, what the practitioner learns over time is not magic after leaving the physical methods behind. But we still call it magic because it's easier that way. The reason it's called the blackest, may simply have to do with the lack of principle and the complete disregard for other people's goals and well being. If something furthers your own goals, it's right to do, period. If this view was applied by a human, it would be black magic because it could be harmful to everyone involved, including the practitioner, since their goals could be based on the lower desires. For an immortal or undead, their lower desires are cut off, purged in the process of seperation from human life and deat. This means "black magic" carried out by such a person isn't the same as when a human wizard uses it - the goals can't be harmful to themselves. In the greater perspective, whatever serves one being will serve everyone, because everyone is the same. The universe is an integrated system, so it's impossible to truly benefit one being and not create positive side effects for those around.

The main point here is that what is referred to as "balck magic" normally means magic that is harmful to the user as well as everyone around them.


Supporting your own animalistic desires at the expense of others = harmful to all.

Supporting your own higher spiritual goals at the expense of others = will benefit others unintentionally.

In the case of JoS/ONA, their goals are related to supporting their race, it's already beyond personal gain in the human mundane sense, it's a higher goal of some sort. They are also not doing this just for themselves while hiding away somewhere, they refer to a patron deity, it's not on par with some creep mind controlling people for personal power. Add to that the fact that there's a proper science behind it.



Yes, that seems similar.


Thanks for your feedback.


"Cabal" is just a word for a small group. Cobra uses this when talking of jewish bankers or anyone currently in top positions, it's not a reference to this cabal in particular.





Immortal vampires don't get involved unless it concerns their physical assets. The half breeds don't even know that they exist, they think their own elders rule. What other people see would be those vampires, and they're not nice people.

The usage of the term "cabal vampire" indicates a small group seperated from the main community or a group within the group. That's what the really immortal vampires are, compared to the vampires known to the mainstream of society.

It also seperates them from the rest by the quality of them being linked by life force to the current matriarch/elder which creates an intimate community with fast and easy exchange of ideas and feelings.



After 5 days of posting and rereading the threads and pondering the life of being an immortal member of the Cabal, and after a stupendously promising divination, I am finally ready to pledge my consent to having Blood anon's vampire spell cast upon me.

I want the spell cast on me.

Thank you Blood anon for forever kindly answering my questions until I was ready to reach this juncture.




Report any changes you experience for sharing and research. During the discussion I saw indications that you already formed a "zero/god particle" by your own logic, so you should already be "safe", but I don't know where you place on the "map". What's offered here is different, you had your own understanding already. What I'm trying to say is, disregarding the effectiveness of the spell, you may already have the standard formed through reasoning alone. That doesn't give the boost of the cabal's magic but it's fundamentally no different on a personal level.



I summon thee back into this thread, anti-flags.

Care to explain more on why you think this is a cult-like scenario? You think blood-anon is enthralling people and some of us are under his mindcontroll spell? The devotional trance…how do I know I am under one?

>I'm not worried that he's a fake or not powerful

What do you mean? Do you think he is fake and not powerful or do you think he is but you don't give a shit?

Do you think this is only a trance and cult-brainwashing, and there is no spell involved, aka larping?

Please feel free to explain if you are so inclined. Since you have experience in cults it might help to understand the matter at hand better and open up a new perspective.



>What do you mean? Do you think he is fake and not powerful or do you think he is but you don't give a shit?

They were talking about that Braco guy in the post up there.



Oh I missed that somehow. Shame on me. Well then there is nothing further to discuss in this matter I guess, I was only interested because I thought anti-flags had some more to say about this thread, you and vampirism.



In the early stages of falling asleep, well before I was actually drifting off, I began to feel a very acute, distracting yet pleasantly feeling "carve" into the far right side of my third eye. It first was a little too high up on my forehead, just like when the acute third eye irritation occurred it took a handful of seconds to work its way down to where the actual third eye is. I tried to telepathically guide it down and at one point just shimmied up in bed in hopes that would help. It didn't but it eventually got where it needed to be soon.

This lasted for about 3-5 minutes, it seemed to be moving around in that very small area, gliding to different spots on the right side of my third eye. It was easily the most powerful feeling out from the heart chakra burning and the third eye acute annoyance before.

I tried to telepathically communicate with whatever entity was doing it, but I'm certain I just projected back to myself smiles and affection.

The intensity dropped off after 3-5 minutes, gracefully the sensation was no longer acute yet there was a feeling of the accumulated energy put into the right side of my third eye slowly fading.

It reminded me of like a wielders torch but with the precision of a pen

I think I got a fucking eye tattoo or they had to break off some serious crud from my third eye.

I'm certain this was before you replied to me with "Done." since this happened in a few hours after my consent.

What happens if someone forms a God particle but isn't part of the Cabal? Is there any objective benefit for it outside of the Cabal?

Also during the day before this a noted but disregarded a very faint sensation my heart and third eye went through before, but they were far on the left side of their original position. So much so, the heart chakra sensation was on the right side of my heart and the third eye sensation moved about half an inch to the left.

I'm also finding it much more difficult to remember dreams as of now and the past 3 days. Before I was able to recreate the dream over and over in my head to retain it while lounging in bed, but now I catch myself rapidly losing the memory while I attempt that process. I had some dreams tonight, I remember that much.


File: def3caa5e2cb815⋯.jpg (91.8 KB, 400x507, 400:507, PIMwelder.jpg)


Forgot pic related.


File: bff1346f90aedec⋯.jpg (36.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 2ZKpboek_400x400_400w.jpg)

File: b62d6e0df584326⋯.jpg (133.04 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 9828cb853d59f963db215b34d6….jpg)


>I tried to telepathically communicate with whatever entity was doing it, but I'm certain I just projected back to myself smiles and affection.

That may have been it, because there really is an entity taking care of this actively, apart from the spell itself.

>What happens if someone forms a God particle but isn't part of the Cabal? Is there any objective benefit for it outside of the Cabal?

It's the immortality standard, it has nothing in particular to do with vampires or the cabal. The Library mages mentioned in the old thread also strive to achieve it, but they're using a very different approach. It's just that this spell guides you to a specific type of enlightenment, and the cabal consists of people with this same understanding. What you individually formed is something close to you personally, it may not work for anyone else.

>I'm certain this was before you replied to me with "Done." since this happened in a few hours after my consent.

I manually cast the spell but since you already expressed clear intent here, it may have already activated. The entity summoned for handling this would start working on it after seeing your wish.

You may experience the entity handling the spell as pic related.



So I was already going to live forever in the sense of retaining my skills and memory? Or I just checked off a box that's necessary on the path of becoming immortal?

>Pic of girl

I know it's not an exact rendition, but I see similar themes of edge in JoS material as well.

Why is there such an emphasis on being edgy, red eyes and with torn skin wings? Is this reflecting the hip culture of when the original spell was made or corresponding to the demons the Cabal works with that really like that style? I understand the importance of symbolism, but I don't understand the importance of edgy aesthetics.



>So I was already going to live forever in the sense of retaining my skills and memory? Or I just checked off a box that's necessary on the path of becoming immortal?

Both, if the state is achieved. But you have to be seperated from death before it kicks in. It'll happen sooner or later naturally.

>Why is there such an emphasis on being edgy

I just picked something with a similar feel. The real image of the entity is non-moving, like a buddha in a circle, but with the form of a girl with wings. The wings are more like the bird, but the overall idea is similar to the pic of the girl. Though the real one is flat chested and no hips. It's more of an elemental than a normal demon.




I've seen this standing behind me in the mirror in astral vision, and I can sense its presence when I look at a fogged mirror as well.

Hell, I can feel it right now after thinking about it for too long.


File: 67b8c1d26b10b08⋯.png (30.95 KB, 640x480, 4:3, factorx-title.png)


She's actually more active now, she even went as far as spontaneously possessing me (entering my body) for a moment when I was drinking water, saying she just wanted to know what that was like.


Speaking of "edgy", here's an old game to play with while you wait for the spell to take effect ;^)


It was made to be the "bloodiest game ever" back in 2001.

It's not very complicated (shoot with Ctrl and move with arrow keys) but it has that well balanced combination of extreme difficulty and perfect controls rarely seen today.



Attempt to interact with it and report back.


>The gifts from the vampire Cabal, a free 2001 violent flash game.

Those days with Newgrounds we're all about the edge, when spending all day downloading and watching poorly made flash videos was king. I remember it was a badge of courage in school if people confessed to watching all the way through a Happy Tree Friends episode I never did more than one. Back in the age of playing "Thing Thing" and "Dad n Me" all fucking day.

Back with "you found immortality early anyway, bucko"

What is the "state" you mentioned I would need to achieve along with the 0D particle to become immortal? Is it the physical state Montalk-anon described? Of being able to vibrate so high you can speak to your DNA and command it to accelerate to "light speed" to stop aging? How would you even reach that level?


File: 30871a24472ecc2⋯.jpg (246.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, night_in_forest_by_wojtar.jpg)


here is some synthwave i made to go along the immortality process XD




Whoops it's me, the noose goose, the rope of hope, the infinite strands of time.


File: 240deb5f271ac8d⋯.jpg (77.78 KB, 720x945, 16:21, 034b2f8401f2c69f14e9def513….jpg)


>she even went as far as spontaneously possessing me

I guess with your consent? Can't have some foreign spirit possess me out of nowhere without any reason or permission. "just to know what it was like" is not a valid reason. I hope this does not happen to us other anons here.

Something else, you did aknowledge the religious entities as real and you said they are not cool with people becoming vampires but what about Satan? If you aknowledged the other entities, I am sure you will aknowledge Satan and Lilith, Astaroth and the bunch too. Will they still be cool with me after I became a vampire? i wanted to become a Satanist back then before receiving the spell, and I still have not forgotten the idea until now.



CNCS232.DLL is missing cant play it??




Did it work? That download looks sketchier than usual.



yep but you need that file above



> Happy Tree Friends

I didn't know they were that well known. I never saw the point in those.

>What is the "state" you mentioned I would need to achieve along with the 0D particle to become immortal? Is it the physical state Montalk-anon described?

He's using new age-speak but it's basically right. I don't think the people talking about it knows how to do it though, it's channelled stuff retold as if it was science. Some spirit trying to help people to better their own karma probably.

When you have the 0D formed at the mainstream area it will overule death and reincarnation and you'll stay here. It doesn't mean you grow old and then stay, it means at a certain point in your life the continuation along your human life's path is in conflict with you having control of your own rebirth process within your own body. That's when you'll experience a NDE and just wake up as if nothing happened, but your destiny is changed from that point on. You are then running on your own god particle instead of on the external wheel of reincarnation, which serves the same function for regular humans.

Reaching light speed is not an issue, that's the 1D level and you'll be beyond that. It's said something traveling at light speed stops time. Well you are beyond that point alltogether, beyond time, at the point of the zero particle.





When someone gets possessed it's always consensual… it's just that people don't actively intend to be possessed, they just let the spirit in from a lack of self control.

It won't be an issue, no one can sneak in and do something harmful to a vampire or equal. Mundanes get possessed all the time, they're just unaware of it. So if someone managed to enter your head after you're transformed it means they are very highly synced with you. They can only do it if they're supportive.

>"just to know what it was like" is not a valid reason

Yeah it is. That entity is just staying immobile at a particle level but can see all sorts of things, she was curious about what drinking water felt like.

>Something else, you did aknowledge the religious entities as real and you said they are not cool with people becoming vampires but what about Satan?

I don't think I worded it that way. They're not hostile to actual immortals, but the half breeds are just meddling wizards and they don't like those, no one does. The specific names you mention doesn't necessarily refer to a single deity, some are roles or titles. "Satan" is too vague to mean anything at all, it could be any infernal demon or demon overall. Whether they are hostile or not you will find out. And if they are, you shouldn't have contact with them since they're probably of the lower kind, the only reason they'd be upset is because you now have some power over them.



I forgot about that. Yeah, it was common practice back then that you needed .DLLs from seperate sources.



>"Satan" is too vague to mean anything at all

Then what I get out of this is when satanist do the initiation ritual where they make their bond with Satan through their blood, this goes either nowhere and is therefore nonsense or it goes to any random spirit/demon who cares enough to pick up on it. Since they are pledging to "Satan" and "Satan" is too vague to mean anything. Basically they all are deluded and waste their time. Based on this I also have to uestion all the demons that for example JoS are working with, since they are only roles as you stated.

It's funny tho because I got the understanding that other religious enteties from the "light" side of religions are actual enteties and not mere roles or titles and not vague at all. If I had to make a guess who is more likely to be only a role, title or mere fiction: Jesus or Satan…I would pick Jesus over Satan any day. But this is pretty surprising.



Though there is always someone responding when you ask for "jesus", I've been told they're a large number of deities all responding to that name. One of them was the first who came down here, but anyone who followed his path later became "jesus" as that is a title and not a specific entity. This is my understanding of it.

As for the "satan" business, that would be aimed at whatever male demon the person is thinking of. JoS has a specific incubus type demon as their patron and he's only one. But he isn't THE satan, he's just "a" satan. It's just that people following his rituals will get that specific demon picking up the phone.

The same goes for Lilith and other specific named succubus, they're usually not just one. I had contact with one using a name, which was just one at first, to me. Later they "forgot" who this specific named succubus was and when I asked for her I got just about anyone with similar characteristics.

I think there is a difference between entities of individualistic or collectivistic thinking. Some names refer to one in particular, other names refer to a type, title or role, and those can't even understand the concept that you'd care which one of them responded to your request.



This certainly sheds a lot of light into the matter. I wonder why I have to learn this here, bothering a random anon on some internet board who I met by small chance instead directly from the sources, aka JoS or ONA…those people who should have an idea about this and actually educate their followers.

You have so much knowledge you definetly should write a book. What you told in your threads so far I have never learned in any video, article or book I have ever come across. And I have studied a lot.



The same goes for Baphomet I assume?



You may want to dive into the old lectures and articles by Li Hongzhi


He speaks to his own followers but there's a lot of random information coming up including Q&A sessions at the end of each transcription. He talked about the situation with Jesus.

The rest is what I've experienced and confirmed myself so it seems highly likely that he's right. I wouldn't talk about it unless I had confirmed it myself in some way, and that's probably the difference. I didn't get any good answers about who "satan" is in ONA, while the JoS shills actually managed to explain it well enough for me to make a connection with their patron and his world. This is why I think ONA is more of a reincarnation based magic system relying on the preservation of the race as a means of securing your future until you can reach above in a later lifetime. It seems inconvenient but there's a chance it may work. The ideas are reasonable and the things described on aeonic magic in relation to the time periods (dynasties) when different races appeared and ruled does correspond to real things astrally, which I was able to perceive after just skimming it.


In my understanding it's a compound image which does represent a complex concept with it's own representation energetically, but it is not an entity in the form of an independent spirit or being.

>It's more of a focal point.

This last part was added by the woman in the OP, she's reading "over my shoulder" telepathically. Which should add another detail to just how intimate this interaction is.



Hey blood anon, you said the spell has some interesting interactions with time right? Would it be possible for someone to have gone through a NDE and had that happen before you chronologically had the spell cast on them?



Did you have a NDE?

Do tell.

Since time doesn't work normally with vampires there's no need in trying to reason about it. Chronological time doesn't apply. Let's not try to logically understand this right now, it'll just lead to confusion.



OP, do you know P.M.H. Atwater? I recently read Future Memory because of some personal experiences I've been having and found it is basically a collection of all the little things I've been picking up over the years, as if she had just stolen the content for her book from my 100 sources, except in reverse, since she wrote it earlier in time. Anyway, if you know her work, what do you think about it? She focuses on NDE's and the transformation these bring.

Also, do you have an opinion on sexual orientation with regards to spirituality?



>P.M.H. Atwater

No, sorry. I mosty rushed through that topic sometime in my teens and didn't research it further after that. I had a period of questioning but for some reason it ended at around 17 years of age. My memories of it are mixed in with Plato's Republic which is a bit odd since I read it at 21. In relation to >>116837

it may be that our perception of time in retrospective is completely wrong.

> sexual orientation with regards to spirituality?

Not so much an opinion as some quite concrete observations. I can't detail it because it's too complex and would very quickly get very freudian. Let me put it in one sentence: Male homosexuality is the psychological consequence of fecal incontinence among adults.

If you want to research this all you need to do is to observe how all parts of the body are integrated. Modern science doesn't understand this because they can't see the things forming behind the physical matter but it's all laid out in the open to me.

People can make all sorts of arguments about it, but this is all there is to it. And I do not believe females have a sexual orientation.



>And I do not believe females have a sexual orientation.

This sounds very interesting. If you could elaborate on it, that would be great. Since our perception in general is so disparate, it's not like I'm going to have an opinion or judge. Please tell me more.

Also, I feel an excitement about dying, honestly. It's the only way I know I can explore whatever it is that lies beyond. Thinking about the fact that I might not die actually scares me more than thinking that I might eventually (as long as it's a painless death of course). How can someone make such a decision?



Last year around November I believe, it was just a car accident because of a green light that blinked to red (don't ask me how that happened, but a witness confirmed it), what did you want to know more about?



Sexuality is often spoken of in mysterious language and vague terms. People are afraid to talk about it because they feel ashamed of what they feel, and for all sorts of reasons. In my opinion this is all at a very low level of development. It's a mere bodily function, being attached to how it feels inside your body is at a very early stage of mental development, close to retardation. The only reason you would talk of a "sexual orientation" even existing is because of the contrasting of heterosexual and homosexual, which in themselves are modern concepts. Go back just to the 1800s and there was no such thing. It was considered a "sinful act", not an "orientation." It was not seen as some inseperable part of the person, rather it was something latent in anyone, just like sin overall.

That's the first part. Now since the concepts themselves originate in the contrast between normal behaviour and sinful behaviour among males, that's what "orientation" means in modern usage. It's a direct reference to the male sexual function misfiring during development of the individual, it's a form of severe mental retardation when it controls the person to such a degree that his life revolves around it, rather than it appearing as a random act, which was how it appeared before during more sane days of "recent" history.

A woman with this same problem will not develop this behaviour simply because of the lack of the male sexual organ, it will turn into some other more undefined mental issue, maybe the "hysteria" mentioned during the victorian era was caused by this.

So what are lesbians? That's just nothing. It's not the result of some physical or mental problem, it's just lust and desire. It doesn't revolve around anything in particular, it's just how women are. They only assume a "heterosexual" view out of convenience and convention, it gives them economic security and position in society based on their husband's position. With weak men all around them and a collapsing patriarchy, there is no longer so much gain in it for them to play along.

Maybe some people will get upset from me writing this, but to females anything is a commodity, including their love, emotions and faithfulness. Men don't think rationally about love, so they can't understand this, they give love for no logical reason and women abuse this fact and won't tell them (obviously). So when a woman gets cheated on she will ask

>what do you see in her?

and the replies will all sound like dodging the question to her, because there is no calculated gain behind it. A woman falls in love for practical reasons and can't imagine doing things "for love." If a female was seduced, it wasn't because of falling in love, she fell in love because she was promised something of practical, economic or social value. It's completely in reverse from how men function.

No woman is ever going to admit this to you, because they rely on men being ignorant for achieving their goals and for their survival.

Now please if you do not agree, say so. But I believe I'm mostly right, so far I haven't seen anything disproving what I described.


What did you experience, tell it like it was, like you would a dream?



>How can someone make such a decision?

That's probably the main and determinding issue for you here. Do you want to give up death or not.


I described feeling a clicking sensation about a month ago and it seems to have happened again but instead of feeling it physically it was mentally.

I was on the edge of sleep drifting in and out but still aware of everything and I saw the holes in the side of the a mountain like in junji ito's short story about Amigara Fault. People were walking into their holes accepting their 'fate'. I wanted nothing to do with that and started climbing up the mountain trying to reach the peak but felt my hole expanding beneath me trying to pull me in. I felt like I was about to fall in when a hand grabbed mine and pulled me the rest of the way up, it seemed to be a woman but everything was dark. There was also several people standing up there as well that I couldn't see fully. At that moment there was a click like something shifting into place. It's hard to describe the change in perspective after this but it feels significant.

I'm not sure if this means anything but it happened about a week ago now and I've been sitting on it so I thought I'd share.


File: d0309aac8f173e2⋯.jpeg (48.48 KB, 822x624, 137:104, DW4wUQtVQAEPm93.jpeg)

I have been following cobra from all the way back to 2014 but recently things have been off with him so I did some more research and I found these links doxing him and showing who he really is.

His name is ishtar and he lives in slovania, he has a site called aurora2012.net which he dosent use anymore. The real cobra died in 2013 called sulla and his partner ishtar took control of the movement from there on out.


Here you can hear him without the voice modulation.



Always use your own discerment and intuition with information like this.

Always good to look at things from different perspectives.



It was a t-bone collision, my car was declared totaled over the accident to give you an idea how bad the accident was. Anyway the moment right before it was weird, I didn't really have much time to react to it but the light blinked from green to red suddenly, I saw one car appear out of nowhere and before I could say anything (I wasn't the one driving) it hit us, I pretty much felt numb at that point and couldn't hear anything, it felt a lot like dissociating heavily, you're pretty much just seeing things go and you're not really there. When we came back to the car had moved a serious amount so I imagine the impact was enough to send us spinning into another lane, there must have been a couple of minutes between when the impact happened and when I woke up because I can't remember the car moving at all past the initial accident, when I came to it was already still.



It does sound a bit cynical, which is suspect.



A nice red pill on women, many men would do good to wake up from their ignorance about women finally. Not to make the mistake like I did and hate women and be disgusted by their nature, avoiding them at all costs while thinking of them as lowly parasites, just to be aware and to adapt to the game would be enough. They can be still of value and help to any man, just see them as business partner and not lovers



That's a great story. Very strong symbolism, thanks for sharing.


I've seen these claims before. Like I said I don't know who the person fronting as "cobra" is. I know the real organizer behind it and it's not the way people think about it. There's been these attempts from different people of taking over the movement before. Is this being shared on the fb group? I don't know if you were there but there was a split early on where the original group was taken over by some people who kicked out the other admins, so a new group had to be created.


I don't know which part you find cynical, but I should point out that my post is in no way critical of women. If anything I'm upset about men not being able to see through the illusions they have.

Let me quote a girl I met a dance course

>when you see your whole future saved, you fall in love

At the time I didn't understand the significance of this single line, but that's it, right there. She was talking about a man she had indeed fallen in love with and travelled in africa with for a few years, until she realized that his promises of a future together wasn't all backed up by reality.


Thank you for sharing. So you didn't have any specific out of body experience? It's in those parts you would find the relevant symbolism. But in this case there's the way it happened physically as well. Two forces crashing in the manner you described indicates you came out on top of this, it bears a strong resemblance to how the vertical forces collide with the horizontal forces in the universe overall. The blinking light feels like an indicator in itself. If we go back to this


there's an intersection with a lower vertical energy (red&white/black) ending at the point it faces a horizontal energy (yellow at human level). What you are describing places you as the horizontal, and the car hitting you as the vertical lower force.

This is not something uncommon, these structures to manifest in very concrete ways. It would define you position as above, and it may have been an event manifesting your transfer from "hell" to the human surface by the switching from vertical to horizontal energy movement.


> just see them as business partner and not lovers

You just need to change your view. Love is not a mysterious force, it has a definity value. While you shouldn't say it outright, you need to get the question across

>how much does your love cost?

Females of any age understands this intuitively, you just need to hint at it and be able to pick up if they accepted or not. This is where men fail to see the deal, and so they end up being reported as rapists or simply called creeps and having rumours spread about them.

You can use this in any situation to get favors or to make your life easier, don't think this is just about sex. A short interaction will tell the woman that you understand "how to do business" and they'll tell their friends. In a few short moments you can create future possibilities and build up credibility with women in your surroundings.

The simplest thing can be described with these two examples

1)you see a girl and stare at her, she notices and thinks you are a creep, she tells three friends about it

2)you see a girl and look at her, but just as she notices, you acknowledge her by meeting her gaze with a friendly smile and a "hi", giving her feedback telling her you like her looks

It's that simple. In the first example you are stealing from her, in the second you are compensating her by giving positive feedback. (You obviously need to mind your appearance, or the interaction will "cost" more on your part, but if you're super rich and everyone knows it you can get away with being a slob.)



>how much does your love cost?

Blessed are the celibates and the asexuals who have freed themselves of the need to play those silly games. Again; the less mundane attachments, the better.

>You can use this in any situation to get favors or to make your life easier, don't think this is just about sex (or love)

Obviously. This is the only reason to still give a fuck somehow and to bother getting the right connection with women. This is why I said business partners.

>If anything I'm upset about men not being able to see through the illusions they have.

Absolutely. I would say I am dissapointed in men more than in women, but then again whatever, both are just silly humans and gonna do what humans do. Observe from afar, try not to judge and care for your own business.


File: e11d33b52d780a5⋯.jpeg (27.98 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e9f3d2da5f8e9b117a71357ad….jpeg)


What do you mean? There is ishtar antares which is running the blog now and before that it was sulla which is dead now. Would you care to explain the situation more in-depth? People are claiming he is no longer in contact with the pleiadians. Last contact was 2013?

I would like if you cleared some of this deception that has been going around in the truther community. I wished the age of deception was over.



I don't know anything about the practical side of it, but I do know the woman I know is the one who made things happen back before the year 2012 and when the fb groups and the blog, i.e. the 2012 movement itself, was formed. If I told her something needed to be done, it happened the day after. She is not any of the people mentioned here, and her identity shouldn't be exposed. If she withdrew from it, it was for a reason, I'm not getting involved with her decisions.



Okay thank you, but you dont mean isis astara right its not the women you are mentioning? Cobra says she is dead others say she is in a hospital with hip infection.

That cleared some of the air haha.




Huh, that's weird. As I was reading your reply I got the impression that frog was blinking at me, twice.


File: 823cf49628e7120⋯.jpg (72.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Following your advice I am currently reading the ebook about Falun Gong from Master Li and it's teriffic stuff. I am instantly hooked. Maybe this is the stuff I have been searching for to finally get myself together and get some shit done for real.

What striked me soon after I started reading that book is the Law Wheel. It seems almost the same as your Vampire Spell, except for the Vampire spell you changed the buddhist symbol in the middle of the wheel with some loli or griffon beats or whatever you said. You practiced Falun Gong before so it makes sense that you would draw direct inspiration and techniques from Falun Gong to create your own Vampire spell…OR maybe you are just giving us the actual Law Wheel and merely sugarcoat it in edgelord larp terms to make us eat the bait?

The wheel rotates and rotates continuously inside us even if we don't do the exercises, it protects us and gives us great energy and superpowers, even going as far as giving us enlightenment and immortality. 9 times clockwise, 9 times counterclockwise.

Now it only begs the question…did you design the entity in the spell by yourself or did it formed automaticly as an intelligent living being? If it is your design, why not something more edgy like pic related?


>At a bare minimum you will have a temporary boost of energy as the spell carries out the initial cleansing of your body. That much is guaranteed.

Exactly how the Law wheel will cease to function again if the receiver/cultivator is not predestined or fails to cultivate it further…



I understand now what you mean, thanks for elaborating. And yes, that seems to be how "female psychology" works. I wonder though if it's something biological (I mean innate).

Funnily enough just today I had an interaction with a female coworker that reminded me of this. I think she genuinely cares for people, but at the same time she seems to be constantly playing a game of thrones.


I don't know how relevant this is, but telepathy has been touched on before in these threads, so I thought I'd mention it: I've been having dreams about mind reading and non verbal communication. I'll be in some kind of environment reminiscent of school -desks arranged in close proximity to each other in a single room, essentially. Then somebody catches my eye, and as I start thinking something. Then they turn towards me, giving me a look that indicates they got the message/heard my thoughts. Then we do a bit of telepathic back and forth and I wake up. I've had a couple of these dreams now.

Again, probably not massively relevant seeing as dreams are dreams and anything is possible, but telepathy was mentioned to be something very important, so I thought why not mention it.



It's inevitable that the concepts I use are similar to what Li Hongzhi used as I've read mostly all of his materials. But the vampirism is a tradition of its own, it's not linked to anything he talks of, other than in the general functions of the universe being the same, because we live in the same world. I was being particular about finishing my basic enlightenment as far as I could in falun gong before doing anything else, as that is one of the requirements set up by Li. In my own words, his practice leads to another type of god particle itself, and the "falun" or Law Wheel is his way of spreading his knowledge and guiding practitioners. The falun gong community (sometimes referred to as "falun dafa") has an understanding of it originating in chinese culture so if you only had contact with them and learned by following along with them, you'd end up with a certain streamlined understanding of what the falun is. I saw someone on fringebay talk about it, and his understanding was completely different, it surprised me to see that, after spending so much time with this other view. Westerners who didn't interact with the chinese group tend to come up with pretty interesting things.

>did you design the entity in the spell by yourself or did it formed automaticly as an intelligent living being? If it is your design, why not something more edgy like pic related?

After I formed the autocast function and saw that it worked, I decided to make it into something more solid. So I pushed the thing until it, itself became a god particle. It's just a material at that point, with no body, like an atom. But it's also a god. Since the spell drew power from it, there would be a benefit going in the other direction, until it formed into the winged loli. But if you want to look at it in a simple way, I summoned a being out of nothing, from the "place" where all non existing souls remain until called out. I refer to that area as the grey rock. It may be the same as Plato's "world of ideas." The writer Henrik Ibsen also had a line in his play Peer Gynt which refers to the "grey" as the origin of everything.


I think it's part soul and part body. It's probably hardwired in the female body, but possible to learn to work around if you want, same as how men can learn to not think like men, and actually understand women.


Thanks for sharing. You may have someone guiding you to learn it in your sleep.


File: 6e2741c763b2546⋯.png (16.25 KB, 220x219, 220:219, Falun.png)


Gotta admit the benefits/consequences of practicing Falun Gong are very similar to what you explained about this cabal vampirism, altought without the actual vampire thing of course. By now I have read the whole book and look forward to reading his other stuff, however it was impossible for me not to draw this direct connection. I almost thought you are just giving us Falun Gong disguised as vampirism except we don't have to do anything for it unlike in actual Falun Gong where you have to endure hardships, work on character and virtue and do the exercises. Not that I would have much of a problem with it but I am still glad that you provide simething different here, mainly actual vampirism.



>At a certain point you'll experience an NDE when your human life path conjuncts with you having the ability to control your own rebirth process within your body.

Would it be wise to just cast a sigil for an NDE and get it over with? I've read that most people's ESP skills become available after an NDE an intense traumatic situation.



*after a NDE or an intense traumatic situation.



The main difference, apart from it being a completely different thing, is that falun gong is made for spreading widely, it's meant to work for mostly anyone. Vampirism started out as something passed on from one person to a few others, kept hidden from the public, because it only works for a few people in every dynasty. It also doesn't work by the buddha standard, instead you have to learn by experience. Li Hongzhi mentions the existence of paths like this briefly, as the "qimen school" or "rare path", depending on which translation you read. It's described as a bulky and crude practice with slow improvement but unique results.

The main book is Zhuan Falun, so you should continue with that one next. ZF Volume 2 is meant "for future generations to learn of the degeneracy today", he said at its release, so it's not necessary to read that one at first.


That's not how it works lol. That would be convenient. No you actually have to pass all the way through with your soul temporarily disconnecting from your body and then pulled back, which will switch you off from the reincarnation cycle and onto your god particle. It's a replacement of the energy source of your life, from external to internal. Because you leave your human life behind, you are likely to experience something like a NDE, seeing angels or whatever in the process. It's an indication, not the function in itself.



>You provide something different here, mainly actual vampirism.

Is it even right to call it vampirism for us though? We wouldn't need to eat anyone, which is the hallmark of vampires. All the other cultural phenomenas attributed to vampires like charm and hypnotism can easily be cultivated via other means.

It seems more like we're simply joining a telepathic and energetic group of immortals and some of them use to eat people and continue the gothic attire.

Now that we're on the definition of the term vampirism, Blood anon, you mentioned before someone's energy was rather "vampire-like". What is it in someone that makes their energy appear as such? What traits are associated with a person with a signature of that kind?



It was a mere likeness in image to the younger vampires. The two main channels in the body very clear and open and the colors white/red with clear distinction. The older don't have that, their bodies are seethrough energy wise with no color, they have a more complex pattern telling of their long history and their achievements.

If I was to see someone with a signature like that on the street I would suspect it was a vampire tbh. But it's hard to tell if it covers the whole body when looking from a distance like this.



It still is the tradition of what is called "vampires" in our culture, the magic system hasn't been changed, so I think it should count as the same thing. I only fine tuned it and created an easy way in. The core is the same.



>I refer to that area as the grey rock. It may be the same as Plato's "world of ideas." The writer Henrik Ibsen also had a line in his play Peer Gynt which refers to the "grey" as the origin of everything.

P.M.H. Atwater, which I mentioned earlier, refers to something similar and calls it "The Void".

That book was definitely put in my way for a reason. Which begs the question: when you undergo this process, does your "higher self" keep guiding you and placing synchronicities in your way in order for you to learn? Does the Montalk model of a future self from outside time still apply?



> Does the Montalk model of a future self from outside time still apply?

Sure (though I'm no big fan of him). But I don't think it has all that great effect unless you really have a "higher" self, most people are not higher than their mundane side so their future self may be pretty low, i.e. their fate is negative and they're likely to not achieve anything. It's more likely that some external entity beyond time is seeing you have potential and is helping you, than it is your own future self doing it. You would have to already have an enlightend side for that to work, and pretending that all people have that is a little too generous I think.

For the people here specifically, it's going to be entities relating to the cabal helping you. Just as the woman in the OP pic appeared for me.


Do you know if all hangarounds who get transformed will have a NDE? Is NDE the surefire confirmation that the spell is complete? Or can the transformation sometimes be completed without having a NDE?



I can't tell for sure, but for me it was very clear. It had all parts, not the tunnel thing but I was aware that I was leaving human life and feeling that I could just accept it, that whatever happened would be ok. My life was summed up for me in a very concrete way, using symbolism I understand. From what I understand it's different based on your concepts of the world. Religious people see things they believe in, someone from an atheist country think they are at a government office, someone I read about even said she met Elvis, that's what NDEs are like. But you'll know it if it happens. I don't know that it'll certainly happen, but I do think it will based on previous experiences.



That means NDE is not 100% confirmed but still very possible. It's good you are doing research here and letting people report.

I wish that is always comes with a NDE-type thing just to have a clear idea where we are at with out transformation but if it's something else that will have to do it too. Sounds kinda exiting "you just know it if it happens", althought I do fear that one in fact might not get it when it happens. I would imagine to be that type of guy myself who just fuckes up what cannot be fucked up normally and misses his own transformation event if it's not completely in-your-face obvious



If you blow your chance, it's not meant to be.

"Expectation is the root of all suffering."

Blood anon did say we would be presented a subtle issue and depending how we tackle it will be an indicator of our potential to enter the Cabal.


File: 883ea6a3fa9d5d8⋯.pdf (1.25 MB, republic.pdf)


Part of my experience included playing a weird version of "three sister's story" on a computer and reaching a specific ending, which manifested what I had done correctly and what was lacking in my life, using the characteristics of the game characters to explain it. It may as well have been tarot cards or anything else with strong and rich symbolism. I can see that happening too.

Going back to Plato, I can recommend reading the last part of The Republic, it tells the story of someone who died on a battlefield and visited heaven and hell before coming back and waking up again. These things are not a new phenomenon.

Actually, I'll upload it here. The story starts on page 478.



OP, I come to you with a question, since you mentioned working with spirits previously I ended up finding myself looking into yidams and vajrayana concepts for meditation and practice, are the skills one would gain from their methods valuable? I have been trying to develop further towards telepathy as you suggested before, trying to be mindful not to rush things, although I can't help but wonder every once in a while if "I'm on the right path" towards this development.

I feel as though I've begun to see symbolism in things I didn't before and even when I'm overtaken by negative emotions I still understand deep down that something is going wrong and that the flow of things is just fine, my ego is the part that's overreacting, bad moods and bad times seem to go by a lot easier than they did before. The one thing that bothers me now is I feel like I'm stagnating, a lot of things are happening at the same time in my life and I feel as though I don't really have time to focus on studying and meditating like I did a while back, I also very rarely seem to have dreams ever since I decided to start a dream journal, it feels like there's a lot of resistance in every aspect life sometimes and then it all just goes away and there's a sudden peace, it's overwhelming but also predictable in a weird way, I really don't know what to make of it.

Anyway thanks for hearing me out, maybe I just needed that out of my head.



Persistance is the important thing, not the method. I learned this over the years, when you want to do something, just start in the way you can come up with. It's not going to work great but you need to start practicing somewhere. As you check off all the mistakes and wrong approaches you end up learning what works, it's what you are left with. Reading it or hearing it from someone won't do it, then you'll ask

>by why not do this instead?

So that's why you should do what you think will work at once instead of reading, questioning and then doing what you were going to do anway. Then you'll see for yourself why it doesn't work.

Warnings of danger should be taken seriously thought.

To take an example, I have some thing I need to/want to do or fix in my life but it seems I never get the time for it. I have all day but all sorts of daily small things take up the time until I need to sleep again.

My language studies are standing still, all I have to do is sit down, but then I need to focus and even when I decide to do only 10 min daily it seems I can't do it. But I'm not giving up, I'm keeping my notes lying on my desk and books open, because I know even if it takes a few weeks to get back to it, I will. I'm not quitting.

I've had books that took me 2 years to finish because I constantly lost my focus as soon as I opened it, while I finishes a number of other books in the same time.

I think these things are just part of how your personal development synchronize with your surroundings and certain parts needs to correspond to external situations which manifest very slowly.


hey op can you compile a list of the best magick in your opinion, with links.

i know you mentioned aoenick magick order of nine angels.

also could you send upload some of your most effective sigils on here for us to use :) i made a sigil of deflection with a dome and a arrow bouncing of it(dont have picture) its made by visualization.

also i feel like there is some being in the corner of my eyes and im feeling weird sounds around me also, i think it may be spirits trying to get my attention. i feel more present in a wierd way.

i can see orbs, and mild energy but not the spirits themselves, orbs appear when i draw sigils and when im meditating or relaxing. or have inner focus.


File: df3ae5732dc7952⋯.jpg (656.66 KB, 1291x2228, 1291:2228, 1441616835174.jpg)


The best magic can't be found online, and the most effective sigils are those you make yourself. All my sigils are single-use, even I have no need for them after I used them once. If you have to use it more than one time it's not effective since it didn't do the job on the first try. ;^)

The exception would be sigils for summoning well known demons, those are the same and were usually manifested to someone from the demon him/herself.

Do your own research. What did I say in the post above?


>when you want to do something, just start in the way you can come up with. It's not going to work great but you need to start practicing somewhere. As you check off all the mistakes and wrong approaches you end up learning what works, it's what you are left with.

You don't need me for this, in fact I can't help you with this stuff at all, it's your own work. But I'll add this pic I had saved of demon sigils.

Thanks for sharing your experiences though.



got any more similar pictures for collection?


File: c4f2586c706d0f2⋯.jpg (124.6 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 1463213192252.jpg)


Only this. Not sure what it accomplishes saved because it looked edgy.



do i need to make the great circle of summoning to use the sigils or is that not important, only the sigil itself is?


What would happen if you somehow did die because you get sick of immortality and decide to kys or the Earth is close to destroyed or something? Would you reincarnate as something advanced since the process had been happening in your cells or what?


is this the correct book on order of nine angels? trusted source right? or do they have a website or something?




You just don't die. You can't kill yourself either. If the earth evaporates you will be saved to a space ship (I guess…I assume you will not be floating alive in space forever).

The better question is what happens if you die when the spell is only half-complete or almost complete, but you are still not a immortal vampire. Will your soul still be impregnated and altered somehow by the spell or will it just vanish completely and all the work gets undone?



The sigil should do.


If you're immortal you won't die. If the earth really was destroyed you'd be seperaed into another dimension to preserve your life. But that's so far ahead in time you'll have learned dimension travel already, it's not a problem.


Check the old thread, I posted a list of the books I thought seemed better there. You can find them in the ONA/satanism thread on mewch/fringe/.



One of two things can happen.

If you are meant to have immortality, the spell will protect you all the way to it.

If you are not meant to have it, you may die and then you're just a human like everyone else.



Is it possible even in the slightest that I may have to kill myself to experience the NDE, trigger the completion of the spell and be reborn as a vampire?

Or else that I will get killed by something or someone just for the same reason?

In those cases I might think that it does not work and I die, while it works just as planned and I don't actually die. It would be not very bueno to kill myself…just to find out lol




I don't understand how people can revolve their magic around using demons. All the titles of these demons sound like a bad time, that they'd only be beneficial to you if your focus is on screwing someone else over. Considering the Lesser Key of Solomon, the best stuff in there that wasn't antagonistic was just to get information on certain subjects or know the future. And this in hopes they don't monkey-paw you in the deal.

Is there a reason that using demons would be more effective than a pagan deity?

And is it true for most demons, from what I've been told by sensitive people, is that when there is a demon nearby they can feel them acting like an energy vacuum? Also often accompanied by demons are the sensations of nausea among nearby sensitive humans. If so, they sound antithetical to working with humans naturally or immortals too for that instance if those symptoms persist there as well.



You don't need to act on it, it'll happen naturally.


Those sigil collections do give me an intense feeling, I don't want to look at it for too long.

But there are reasons why you would want to use them. I noticed a gum candy with a scribble on at the store and looked it up. Turns out they all had the sigil of Lucifer on them.

After looking into it, I learned that the manufacturer was controlled by a demon group from behind the scenes (the employees doesn't know) and they had to make a deal with Lucifer to be able to do business succesfully in that area, because he controls it. So for every candy sold and eaten, some little benefit is sent to him through the sigils on the candy, in return he'll let them do business.


File: 7c4f95f6f2de2f4⋯.png (210.67 KB, 869x647, 869:647, dream 1.png)

File: 7d4b0ac2dfa8df4⋯.png (242.62 KB, 867x643, 867:643, dream 2.png)

File: be583fb3eb01600⋯.png (370.54 KB, 865x643, 865:643, dream 3.png)


Patience man. NDE, besides from the soul aspect, puts you in a state of hyper-alertness and kicks into gear your sympathetic system along with your dormant ESP abilities to handle the situation.

Try focusing more on documenting and analyzing your dreams, they'll guide you on what you're supposed to be doing to facilitate your path. They've been helpful to the anons who've consented to joining the cabal.


>Necessary to put Lucifer's seal on fucking gum in order to do business.

>For every candy eaten, some little benefit is sent to him

That's fucking unsettling. I've passed from the "DnD is real" phase and now straight into the cyber-punk Shadowrun world where entities act like mafias. It makes logical sense, but it sure is a stark difference in palette.

Also Blood anon, I couldn't get the idea out of my head of sharing with you the author Bruce Lipton who focuses on using the subconscious to control epigenetics to alter physiology, phenotypes and health. His case is that all the body's cells use their antigens not just for identification but also as antenna to pick up information from the human's aura on directions of the body's health, looks, and feel.

I made the connection when I heard you say some Vampires were trying to fix their tits. He's certainly basic bitch enough and I'd be shocked if the Vampires haven't tried this already, but I just wanted to cover it and get it off my chest.

I'm really surprised out of all the things the Vampires have achieved in hundreds of thousands of years, physically altering their body is still a sticking issue for them.

Couldn't they summon an entity that would reveal to them how to do it if it were possible?



Tradition is a major obstacle in some cases. They aim to leave the physical completely and their spiritual patrons have no interest in helping them with mundane struggles such as altering the body. I think my grounding provides a different view for me. The issue here is basically aging, even if they're not going to die, they still age, very very slowly, like a yogi.

After analyzing it I drew the conclusion that to correct your body apart from fixing the "hard" constition (bones and muscle etc) which is no problem, you need to break your ties with your ancestors to fix aging. Some magic traditions uses the connection with your ancestors so they don't want to break that bond. But while you're tied to it, you're tied to your own place as one generation added in line of the previous, and then you have to age.

If I'm going to attempt to explain it. I saw the results of it and broke the connection for myself. I felt the effect instantly. (I felt significantly weaker, that says something of how much comes from outside, ancestral magic is not your own power.)

I haven't seen them in the physical after correcting the energy for some of them manually so I don't know what effect it had on them yet. But I do believe that is the key to actual shapeshifting. The woman in the OP pic doesn't seem to have the aging body issue (but she's only spiritual and has no interest in going physical aside for possessing me, so I can't definitely confirm it) from the looks of her energy signature of the body. She could be millions of years old though, I have no idea, so it may have been a natural solution for her as well, appearing over a much greater time period.



What should I read to properly understand such a big decision. It must have downsides and its lot of dangers that comes with it.



Most questions were answered in the old thread linked in the OP.

Some things were elaborated in more detail in this current thread.



Thanks a lot, I will read the threads thoroughly



Wasn't materialization and reshaping of the body into the 3d realm one of the abilities of advanced vampires and entities?

I had a symbolic dream I thought I'd share. It's not as cool as the others, but I finally got a party of my own.

1. Frantically climbing up a pine tree near my barn to escape some teal komodo dragon chasing me. (I did also have a dream the previous night of me playing a video game character as a bright green anthropomorphic lizard dashing through the traps, guards, and scaling ledges inside a vast pyramid to try to assassinate the king to see if I could do it. It was nonstop frantic.)

2. I'm at my Uncle's house and as usual he's throwing some party with old people, this time it's a birthday party for an elder woman and everyone there besides myself are old women. I'm hot and very uncomfortable in a thick sweater while carrying a lot of weight in my big back pack to travel to a course I'm anxious to cancel ASAP to get a refund (an actual real world event I decided to cancel last night). It's very crowded and busy as I sit at a dinning room size table with just me and a kind older woman as she persists that I sign the birthday card with my name. I tell her I'm worried the ink will pierce through the card and table-cloth and permanently stain the table. I sign my name regardless, the card is blank besides one other name. Later I'm talking to that same female at the far end of the party, she's keeping me company and trying to help me relax.

She informs me that there's birthday party bags for the guests and the last one is waiting for me at the bottom middle of a cubby with my name tagged on the bag. I become upset because it makes me feel guilty and irritated that the host put investment in me and I just want to leave this heat, the crowd, the weight and take care of the refund. After struggling my way through the crowd, backpack and all, I claim the small purple party bag.

3. I'm at at the first lecture for a grade 13 class, probably math. I still had the same backpack with me. I was comfortable but certain I didn't have what it took to pass this class. (Any former schooling was over half a decade ago)

Back in my house, I'm at a party that feels like there's a lot of people here. I was talking to a high-school classmate in the kitchen about continuing my education and taking Advanced Placement Math (AP Math). He was very insistent about it, and I appreciated it but I told him I'm not smart enough for it. He continued to affirm I would and encouraged me to go to the weird, 4-story tall, horseshoe style building where the math lessons are.

In the living room I'm talking to someone from grade school from a higher grade I never talked before and someone else is there with us on the couch. The former tells me he'll help me by tutoring me in math. He's very gentle, encouraging and positive in his demeanor, he smiles a lot to me. I accept his help, but I'm very doubtful that even with his help that I'll still come close to surviving AP Math. He told me his name was Michael (or Mitch) Schmidt, but that's just his nickname.

I get up to leave and he immediately locks me in his gaze and makes me promise I'll apply to AP math. I turn and say I will apply for normal math, with a smile on my face and leave.

It's funny that I prepared a sigil yesterday for me to receive telepathy training in a dream to experience something similar to what another anon posted.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hey OP, check this out.



>Wasn't materialization and reshaping of the body into the 3d realm one of the abilities of advanced vampires and entities?

Everyone says that but I believe it is mere myth. Those able to shapeshift would belong to a world in the astral plane and only show themselves temporarily on earth, at which time they can choose their form. Some supposed enlightened people were said to be able to do this, but at the time they were no longer human at all and had left the physical world, so they belong to the first category. (imo)

>I had a symbolic dream I thought I'd share. It's not as cool as the others, but I finally got a party of my own.

This seems like a rich experience, not unlike my own. The backpack usually indicates your attachments or quite literally "bagage" keeping you down as a human. I've seen this symbolism a lot.

>I become upset because it makes me feel guilty and irritated that the host put investment in me and I just want to leave this heat, the crowd, the weight and take care of the refund. After struggling my way through the crowd, backpack and all, I claim the small purple party bag.

This seems like you have an underlying feeling that you don't want to accept something made specifically for you when offered. At the same time you want to get rid of the weight, "your past karma" and cancel your participation in something. Even if this was a real event it can be symbolic for something more in the dream, something from life.

Thanks for sharing.


Any vampire would be an idiot to stay there… but it's interesting how people reacted to it, even in the government and the UN.


I have dreams of certain set categories recurring now and then. Last night I meant to do a reading of the future but got to tired and went to bed before seeing anything.

The dream I had after was about going to a maze like mall looking for something, while waiting for, or looking for, some people I knew who were close by. I decided to buy something to eat but all I could find was instant noodles and chili sauce, whatever else was on the shelves just wasn't food, but rather kitchen utensils and things you normally find at a hardware store or factory outlet. Still the layout was that of a grocery store, which was confusing and created expectations not fulfilled by the products sold.

Writing it out here, I think I know the meaning of this.

I have for a long time worked trying to break out of a world system set up; you may be aware that today most production has been outsourced to China, while the products are sold in the west. This has resulted in westerners losing control of production, including the skills and experiences earned in the process. At the same time the asians are missing out on the benefits of the production for the most part, working long days for slave pay.

Someone may just accept this or if you don't, you work politically to bring production back home. But that still means you are relying on the external system for earning these experiences. It's my view that if you want to really have control of your life, you need to understand all parts, not just the consumption, by personal experience under your control. You could do this by starting a manufacturing company in the west. Or could you? You'd still only be serving the current system by producing what can't be outsourced, truly competing with it is impossible because of the costs. This also requires quite a bit of funds, skills and connections.

in essence, controlling all parts of your life means just that, at a personal level. Using bulky external methods like that still won't change you spiritually.

The point is, I've been trying to internalize the two opposing systems of production and consumption instead of just resting on them, so that I can choose myself to apply the personal view currenly being tied up in chinese slave labour production and become independent from this system. Then I also will not contribute to that, as it surely is not to my benefit considering all the different entities currently controlling the world.

I also quite recently read about some argument made by a priest in Italy about what food they eat in heaven, and he said they only eat pasta and tomato sauce. Yeah it's a meme for some reason, the

>ketchup on pasta

I don't know why, since this is normal to me.

Anyway, the grocery story only selling ''tools for production" along with something very close to the food said to be eaten in heaven (noodles and chili sauce) would seem like an image of what it'd look like if you were to represent the correct state of controlling/internalizing the production half of this wheel of opposing halves while including the essence of the consumption part.


Do you care to forward me to those vampires that are more "classic"…meaning those who drink blood, have sex and avoid the sunlight? I am much more interested in those than in the cabal vamps you described.



It's the first dream I can remember having baggage, so on the bright side it means I'm making progress on the path of detaching from it by at least identifying it. I think it's mostly self-esteem as that would collaborate with the sense of guilt from the gift prepared for me (believing I'm not worth it) along with the presumption of the inability to complete AP Math.

I do agree with

>you want to get rid of the weight, "your past karma" and cancel your participation in something.

As I am heavily White Nationalist "RaHoWa" but now with the impending context of becoming an immortal, the perspective of what I can achieve has changed. I'll still do what I planned to do, but now it's like I have a permanent "New Game +", my life won't revolve around race in who knows how many years and I have the safety net of the Cabal going for me.

Also I sometimes get a slightly fainter and more gentle heart chakra burn when I either think about it itself (such as right now) or spend a while thinking or speaking about the Cabal. A few times it's come on it own and persisted for about half an hour to an hour.


What is the spiritual correspondence of internal production and consumption? It's certainly more than just becoming reliant on your own will power and self-validation and gratification.



Post a bait thread on 4chan/x/, that's where they hang out. You can pretty easily get them to start posting if you express the right combination of fandom and "useful idiot" attitude. The consequences of it is your own responsibility.


Did you get any closer connection with cabal members so far? Such as someone appearing before you spiritually/in dream, or a semi-goth looking person nudging at you in public?

>What is the spiritual correspondence of internal production and consumption? It's certainly more than just becoming reliant on your own will power and self-validation and gratification.

The concepts used to describe spiritual matters are often based on feeling and as Li Hongzhi put it, it's because they're coined by novelists and not by scientists.

This results in a generally vague and not very functional understanding of what these phenomeny entails.

I'll again refer back to this pic


These things are not merely of the external world, and they're not jsut a schematic. They're concrete things. The normal process of a human life is to start from the human level on the right side and during their life in different ways degenerate with age until hitting the far left side and dying. This also manifests in smaller circumstances of a lifetime, going through the same process more than one time. During the "fall to the left" there will be a sub-function within the person attaching him/her to the external system, and this will take the form of two alternating constructs, which turn periodically. The most well known is between work and rest. Those are also externalized on different levels and they also exist in micro levels, such as in bodily functions where you eat in one state(consumption) and then use up the energy (work/production) to support your life. It alternates this way in all levels.

The split between west(consumption) and east(production) is as far as you can scale it up while still only on one planet. To create a bigger system you'd have to explore space and build factory/mining planets and then ship the goods to living/housing planets. I'm sure aliens did this at one point.

That's going in the opposite direction of enlightenment if people rely too much on it and lose their internal split between concumption and production mentally. It does exist materially in your body and hardwired in your brain once developed. If lacking it you become a "consumer" who can only eat and not produce, basically a zombie. Or you become a slave existing only for production and with no personal freedom or gain.

This will be internalized and the people on the two sides will become different classes of society, never being able to understand each other. It's likely this will lead to the producers revolting and the consumers failing to defend themselves from a lack of understanding of self-supporting behaviour alone.

The last part is a bit speculative but it's common thinking when understanding history that this is what has taken place. Ancient greece was basically this way, with slaves doing all the work, and it collapsed soon after. Plato makes the same kind of argument from his view.



>or a semi-goth looking person nudging at you in public?

A few weeks ago when I was outside I felt like someone was looking at me and when I looked at that direction I saw a really pale girl who was talking with her friends but she was looking at me. Could this be related? Could be also just a coincidence I guess



>Did you get any closer connection with cabal members so far? Such as someone appearing before you spiritually/in dream

No, the last dream I've shared is as far as I've gone with interacting with anything close to what you've previously described as a vampire.

>Or a semi-goth looking person nudging at you in public?

No, but I'm a studying shut-in living in the country. I could go on regular walks with my friends in town and swivel my head like a hawk and see what happens. However, I think if the cabal wanted to reach me they'd have an easier time with that in dreams than trying to subtly catch my attention in public.

There was this kinda chunky girl in a basic bitch black dresscoat standing next to me making her order at a cafe I was at yesterday. We exchanged glances and I considered her being a vampire but it didn't feel like it. Maybe.




Coincidences can also have meaning.

I live in a really rural place and still manage to bump into people as soon as I make any connection with society. If I go outside here I won't be seeing a single person for 2km, most likely, even though I have several neighbours. But when I do go a little farther away, things happen. Not all of it has any specific hints or info in it, but it's still there. Just today I went to the store (literal one store town) and a car passed really close by me, it had JEW on the number plate, and it wasn't a custom plate. Enough to make me smile.




Okay, I'll start hanging out with pals in town after studies and I'll make a sigil to help me identify vampires.

I'll be the gothic fashion police in town and I'll report back any gothic instances.

I'll shitpost telepathically hard to them to let them know I suspect them and then focus on clearing my mind for a few minutes and see if an external thoughts creeps in to validate my accusation.




File: f83d23557855782⋯.jpg (390.82 KB, 1280x978, 640:489, armchair-1031257_1280.jpg)

I'm getting indications that sufficient information has been provided now, in this thread and the previous. The people I should reach with this effort have been reached and the offer made.

It's time to let the participants develop on their own individually. Giving further detailed guidance would impair the process by creating reliance on getting confirmations spoonfed instead of learning to confirm for yourself.


> I'll make a sigil to help me identify vampires

Good idea, that's how I started out.

I've backed up the thread here:


From now on I will take a step back and not participate too much, but feel free to use the thread for discussing your experiences.



Take a rest OP. You definetly spoonfed us way too much. Thanks for your time and effort. I am curious who of the guys will make it and I really hope they report back when they are vampires. But only time will tell of course. Personally I never had quite the feeling that I would make it but I still liked to ask all sorts of question out of curiosity. Those threads were of tremendous help for insight and introspection and they left their mark on me, definetly…in one way or another.

I wish you a pleasant night OP


File: 84d8acc3e4ecbab⋯.png (78.28 KB, 549x488, 9:8, iching.PNG)


Thanks for all you've done! It's really appreciated.


An I Ching reading or some other form of divination may boost your confidence. I've consulted I Ching multiple times asking whether the spell will work and each time has resulted in a positive reading. I use this site for anyone interested: https://www.ichingonline.net



I know my friend. I have consulted the same service on the same site after seeing your original post about this back then. My results were…quite unsettling to put it mildly.

I might also consult my own tarot cards but I have made up my mind that it would be best if it just hits me by surprise….or doesn't for that matter. Much more exiting. But enough of me, I can't wait to see what you and the other guys have to report and discuss later. Happy transforming!


OP do you mind if I share this thread on a small (only around 5 active posters and 95 topics) meditation/occult forum and with a friend of mine who is not interested in the occult?


Sorry to hear that, make sure you keep the question in your mind while throwing the coins. Surprise does sound nice. Good luck to you, things should be getting interesting in this thread in a month or so, I look forward to it.


File: 82d50bdd15c4df6⋯.png (151.39 KB, 853x567, 853:567, ddd.png)


Duh what should I do? I just typed "Will I lose my humanity?" (I haven't made up my mind yet)



I asked "Will the immortality spell work?". Keep the question in mind while throwing the coins.

Another method of divination I like is the sway test, which gets answers from the unconscious mind. To do it you stand up straight, relaxed, then make a statement. If the statement is true, your body should automatically sway forward and backwards if false.



I'll miss you Blood-anon.

Thanks for the spoonfeeding. Your autism is well appreciated.

I would ask the people who asked for the spell to continue sharing the dreams they feel are related to the Cabal. This is the funnest thread on /fringe/ and it would be heart breaking to cease sharing channers' progress.



>This is the funnest thread on /fringe/

It is certainly the most interesting thread to have appeared here in a long while. OP really put out some effort to make this so interesting.

You keep reporting too, dear Rope-guy, since OP claimed you are pretty advanced right from the beginning. Let's see how you turn out. I for my part should first work on starting to remember my dreams before I can report them. Haven't remembered a dream in quite a while, althought I am sure I dream something interesting every night. I just forget it almost instantly after waking up. From today on I shall keep a dream journal and write them down immediatly after waking from my nighty slumber.


When you have a free time can you look at Fountain of Youth book by Peter Kelder op? I want to learn your opinions about it. It's really short, something like 50 pages


File: 4386c15f2c650da⋯.png (581.6 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180303-141711.png)


Looks very positive for me too :)



That filename. Subtle but true. This thread needs less divination and more producing wisdom via action.



I got 15 which was of humility after asking if the immortality spell will be successful on me.

TL;DR It said I'd succeed if I persist. I think the most I can do is continue daily void meditation, nofap, add in some chakra and clairaudience meditations from JoS to the routine and continue to analyze my remembered dreams. Hopefully if I'm ignoring something it will find a way for it to catch my attention and reveal itself to me. Hopefully.


I wonder how Special Snowflake and Chaos Magician are faring who were there from the very beginning, much like myself. Either I missed their posts or they didn't report back in quite a while. Especially Snowflake has been posting really weird shit right from the beginning but it was still fun. I wonder if the were transformed yet



> Fountain of Youth book by Peter Kelder

This method works.

But not because the exercises and diet has any effect in itself from a western scientific view. If performed correctly, or visualized (if your visualization ability is strong enough to feel the effect of carrying out the program) it will place you in a mental state from where you'll be able to change your fundamental matter in a qualitatively equal way to what this thread is about.


File: 5e7d734c5ac3b9d⋯.jpg (18.36 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 2273110b96d7d3811091b14bff….jpg)


Op you mentioned that we are above humans in the spiritual hierarchy, could explain our relationship to other beings like ets. Are we higher up than reptilians or pleiadians? What are we lower than or higher than in the spiritual hierarchy is the question.


OP, all of this is really alluring to me, except the major catch of immortality. Im not suicidal or anything but in my current state the idea of eternal existence sounds more or less like eternal hell. Perhaps im too close minded and can only imagine life on earth or in this dimension. Im afraid of committing to eternal existence. Is this rational or will i change so much that the release of death no longer holds appeal. Im not sure i want to change that much. Its hard to imagine. I have a visceral pull to contact you and focus my intent on receiving tranformation but im very apprehensive to eternally fucc myself on a whim. Let me know what you think i would appreciate a read.



I would obviously recommend it to anyone the spell may work on since it solves the fundamental issue of life, death and reincarnation. Suffering is no less if you keep going as a human, it only leads to more problems.

No more readings, sorry.




File: 2c8cf6992c4f4ec⋯.png (2.47 MB, 1600x1215, 320:243, lilith_is_coming_back_from….png)

Though I implied I would keep an eye on the thread, I'm feeling more and more like I should just leave this place completely. I don't like the way chan culture as a whole has been developing over the last year. Just following the stuff going on over at /sudo/ and the inability of this site's administration keeping things safe and decently moderated itself is bad sign. It feels like it's going down anytime now.

Everything has been set up to function without me, my presence isn't needed. Pic related is a lot more like the entity handling this than what was posted in


they even got the circle right.

I'll see you over telepathy.



RIP bloodanon, you were the best-tempered among us. You will be missed.


>Illuminati Breakaway Complex is also connected to about 1 million native Reptilians that live on the surface especially in Africa and Latin America but also on other continents and are known as vampires:



Source: https://2012portal.blogspot.com.br/2018/01/operation-mjolnir.html

So, do you feel like this relates to this group of vampires?

also, >>117231 >lilith



He already answered this, read my posts in the thread. >>116350


Truly impressive larp. OP lasted for waaay longer than I would have expected. I hope at least some of you report in 20 or so years time about how this whole thing was complete bullshit and wishing on some anonymous poster's vampire spell didn't make you immortal. Assuming the /fringe/ community even lasts that long.





This is why I sympathize with the notion of Blood-anon leaving /fringe/ and us forever.


File: 018fd488622076d⋯.jpg (121.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jojo8vampire.jpg)


Blood anon, was dio from jojo all along :^)

Yeah take a rest from here. 8chan is probably gonna get shutdown via a raid soon anyway. Wish you answered my last question, but nevermind



>20 years from now

>still posting on 8ch

Oh god I hope not.


>Gone for only 2 days

>come back to find OP gone completely

Well he and his thread were the only reason I still came to this place for the last weeks. Guess I can leave fringe now forever too.

See you Blood Anon…



I just tried this and it took me a second but when I started seeing things it was just a gray colored eye staring at me and sometimes it would kinda "zoom" in and out in my vision I honestly dont know how long I had my eyes closed, but when I cracked my eye open a tiny bit I snapped out of it and jumped a little. I dont know what that means and maybe im a dumb mundane seeing things.


Welp, my IP has apparently been rangebanned on all 8ch for some reason. Probably shitposters from my area. I don't care though, fringe is the only board I've been visiting here anyway.

But since it appears OP has left (or is about to leave) I'll write my third report now instead of in the end of the month, as usual.

1. Mental/psychological stability still persists.

2. Finally considerable drop in libido. Two weeks of nofap already without any complications.

3. Dreams getting more vivid and colorful, although I'm still shit at remembering them despite keeping a dream diary since late January.

A couple of days ago had a weird dream about travelling to a parallel reality of sorts which was full of deserts, rocks and isolated towns full of commieblocks. Met some sort of girl under one of the mountains and was questioning her about the world. The reason I've decided to tell about this dream is because unlike others it didn't seem to exploit stuff from what I've read/watched/played during the day.

That's it, I guess.

Anyway, since I now have to enable a proxy to even simply access 8ch, I think I won't be coming back at all. Or bottom line will check in once a month or so. Although I'd rather you created a new thread on mewch or fringebay or some such place.

And in case it was indeed a LARP, thanks for some sweet placebo you provided me with. Peace.


Op is on fringebay now, http://fringebay.com/fringe/1503



I've asked this website whether or not I'll squat 500 in the future. The response was "dangerously deep".


beware of attempting to become the master of a realm to which there already belongs another master

you guys all realize that OP is microsoft and you are the computers right? you're just willingly downloading windows 10 N $4 prism spyware onto yourself just because microsoft I mean vampire op said "oh there's been an OS update, bloodlust 2.0 has been removed as per version 3.0"




doesn't make sense. besides win 10 is not that bad, and spyware is inherent in all windows by now so it doesn't even matter. you think you are somehow save just because you dont get win10 but you delude to yourself. you are in microsofts hands regardless


Will OP confirm or deny being the same person as the Succubus Collective recruiter?

You heard it here first.



you dumb fucking faggot he denied it in the first thread already when someone else brought this up



This is neither a confirmation or denial:


>It's another prong of the "keikaku" from 4chan/x/.


>If you click the "old thread" link on each OP you can trace the discussion back a bit. Though it did start way before Nex took over, he was a bit of an annoying prick and eventually got the topic banned from the board for almost a year. This was when discussion was still allowed on 4chan.

>The original troll thread here on /fringe/:




i deeply sorry

so sorry


It's ya boy spurdo sparde back at it again. I completely forgot about this thread, but I suddenly remembered so I thought I'd drop by.

It's been exactly 4 months now, and I'm not feeling shit. I reported on some stuff in this thread (and the previous) but I think that was just me grasping at straws, reporting the most mundane shit just for the sake of documentation.

I know OP said it could take 6 months for any effects to show up, but I'm gonna file this stuff away under the LARP category anyway. Postponing results like that is a massive LARP red-flag, and now after having given this stuff the benefit of the doubt for a couple of months, I can confidently say that is what this seems to be.

If half a year from now this thread is still up, and I can be bothered to remember, I'll report back in, and then I can put the final nail in the LARP coffin so to speak.


We moved to mewch if anyone was looking to continue this.



So, you died…

Young blood injected into old mice gives them vitality and long life.


Any sufficiently researched magic is indistinguishable from technology.

Keep LARPing vamp-tramps, I'm actually transforming myself with alchemy.



Good luck. If someone instinctively doesn't like it or thinks it's LARP then it's not for them.


File: 1ad9c9d2ea11330⋯.png (4.26 KB, 600x450, 4:3, alissa sigil.png)

File: b5f8cc9f159b27d⋯.png (40.5 KB, 960x608, 30:19, univeral rules of control.png)

File: 334e5fdcce14c18⋯.png (17.09 KB, 862x529, 862:529, universal levels full.png)

Additional schematics and archive link for continued discussion elsewhere.




So all I have to do is report my progress and you'll make me a vampire? I just need to meditate or something?



>the "soul-erosion" that happens when you abuse ORME

Care to elaborate?

And yes I realize the post is 4 months old.



It's nonsense. In the same post he writes something about incarnation being meant to end which shows that this guy is not very advanced yet. Nothing is "meant" in life and there is nothing like soul erosion.



>party tricks

How easily people will fix their attention on grand magic, without realizing that they must first understand the most basic mechanics first


I wonder if a vampire is a living human that measures years as moons.


This thread just ends up with a horrible curse do NOT do it!



No it doesn't. It's roleplay


Your fucked if you do this, it's driven me into the mental hospital, it's not immortality and that's really all you want to know and that guy saying it's "roleplay" will probably be the guy getting you fucked over.



I'm not that guy doing this gay roleplay. This shit only attracts the biggest shizoids. Complete metal-fuck ups that are so common to image boards. You would have ended up in the mental hospital either way sooner or later. It is all in your mind.

Btw nice necro bump faggot. If you want this crap to go away faster stop bumping those threads. Get over it


File: dcab1d7e9909ebb⋯.jpg (27.79 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 0.jpg)



It's this dude again. I noticed somebody bumped the thread, so I might as well post. It's been more or less a year now (time flies, my dudes). I can now confidently say this is 100% confirmed a LARP (who knew right). Absolutely nothing at all has happened this past year relating to any things talked about in these vampire threads. So, lesson learned I guess. If something smells like a LARP it probably is.



I can confirm. It's been well over 10 months and nothing has happened. We're all gullible and naive soccer mum wiccans, wishing for things to happen from just reading a LARP thread. One would think I'd learn from this, but I'm too desperate to decline an opportunity. Sure, it did smell like LARP, just like the succubus LARP, but I take just about anything like a whore because I'm already at the lowest in my life with no perspectives.



fringe in a nutshell

come, grab the books and leave again. if you stay for the threads it's your own fault



Thank you.



Same here. Hell, I'm devastated looking at my pictures from then and now and seeing my visible aging… This is fucking shameful.


Exactly this.


I've been lurking for a very good and long while, and now these posts have jumped out at me. I have to comment.







>. A human(?) blue eye


> vision exercise

I'm legally blind in my left eye, its like a filter of the static you described. Its like trying to look through frosted glass, but only getting that static/fuzzyness. It however looks nothing like a television screen's static. Thing is, when I focus and keep my eyes the right way, through either eye the kind of picture you'd expect from a microscope. Individual cells or cell-like dots. When I close my eyes I can see moving colored 'energy?', before you posted that 'try this' guide.

I'm personally very confident that if I took OP up on this offer that I'd pass in the potential department, because my spooky toll was paid through satanists taking once taking an interest in me and having some really special feels and seeing special things though muh christian background/upbringing. If I ask, I really hope I can make it.

I need to know, if this means anything to you:

>black and blue while without color, branches that never wilt nor live. A height that makes towers look duller, but the eye to this is but a corrupting sieve. Haunting tunes make for sanity's collar, but only if I forget to live.



>black and blue while without color, branches that never wilt nor live.

Seeing energetic signatures may be a way to see colors that don't have color since it's immaterial and only appears in your mind. Branches represent timelines and in the case of undead beings they don't live and they don't decay either.

>A height that makes towers look duller, but the eye to this is but a corrupting sieve.

Not sure, may be about the all seeing eye and the saturn cult, which is relevant once you start digging into things, you can't avoid it.

>Haunting tunes make for sanity's collar, but only if I forget to live.

Don't get stuck in commercialism and materialism, don't listen to the jingles, they don't have anything to offer as a lifestyle choice.


File: 87914541e192be1⋯.jpg (172.92 KB, 718x801, 718:801, IMG_20181216_112952.jpg)

I'd like this power op. Please tell me what I need to do.



The old thread linked in the OP and this more recent should contain what you're looking for




You're lazy and sit on your ass too much. Your circulation is shit.

Try working out and using your brain for shit like math or something else that gives you a headache.



Oddly, I just found this after a long time and many searches on immortality magicks. Is the OP still around? I followed the auto start in the opening so I guess I'll see what happens.




>the auto start in the opening

Jesus Christ what a messed up brain


Well, not sure if this is working but a day after following the auto start, I got hit with a fever, the likes of which I've never had before. The entire day felt like a cognitive dissonance that I couldn't shake. It's been about 3-4 days since that happened and I'm still recovering. Also not sure how I got this sickness in the first place considering I hadn't left my room in the past week and being indoors is pretty normal for me.



It's a purge of energies. This is one of the few confirmed things that this spell does. If I were you I would take the opportunity to get rid of any vices you want to get rid of, since the following months you will feel it's easier. Don't get your guard down, though, because it's temporary.



That's good to know, I can feel it's already almost over but man is my throat killing me.


I have posted here before and I can say without a doubt that nothing happened to me when the spell was performed on me.



Update: I also forgot to mention that some things that I liked or have had an interest in has significantly changed. My workings also seemed to be super charged, felt a stark difference performing a working earlier this week.


I may have requested to be marked but i truly don't know, its been about 12 months i think and i've been getting fucked up dreams and strange shit happening, all because of the paranoia the thought of being one and not knowing it brings



are you the same spurdo poster from before? >>126937

what do you meany by "marked"? you think it's just paranoia?



i'm not the spurdo poster, and by marked i mean to will the intent wich ativates the thing, now the paranoia stuff i'll keep to myself



This will be the next step. We are transcending physical communications altogether and will be using a telepathic meeting place instead.

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