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File: bd551de983ea9d2⋯.jpg (361.14 KB, 1024x853, 1024:853, hermetist-passing-veil-of-….jpg)


allright, anyone has any ideas about how to stop reincarnating? I heard at one time some talk on /x/ about time lords and stuff like that, manipulating people emotionally to come back on earth again, about them needing us to run the simulation, about not going into the light. Does anyone have any clue about this? It's not in any older esoteric lore as far as I know.

any ideas about stoping reincanation from The tibetan book of the dead or The egyptian book of the dead? I read the ancient egyptian priests talked of a place called Rosetau were souls would get immortality but it was dangerous to get there. Osiris's sarcophagus was there or something like that.


File: 86cef6f725d56da⋯.png (168.25 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, epycbuddha.png)


Solve all your problems philosophically and spiritually and theoretically it should stop.

That's why people study spiritual alchemy, because it's essentially the study of self-improvement but with an emphasis on philosophy and systems of symbolism.

Rule of Thumb: Unnecessary hoarding of things or abstractions, such as hoarding time by sleeping in and staying up, hoarding food in your gut, collecting/piling stuff of little to no monetary value, etcetera are indicative you are still too flawed to prevent reincarnation.

As for the reality of reincarnation? No one knows of it for certain; we all just have a subtle guess that it could be real and that there might be a way out of it. But, self-improvement has value either way so trying to end your reincarnation is a more than beneficial pursuit to the degree it improves you. Though if you start getting a recommendation to kill yourself or stop engaging in behaviors necessary to your health both physically or socially, abandon the concept entirely.

~Epyc Wynn



>avatarfagging in an anonymous imageboard



>Though if you start getting a recommendation to kill yourself or stop engaging in behaviors necessary to your health both physically or socially, abandon the concept entirely.

That's your ego spitting out uneducated bullshit and you know it, mundane matrix slave.


OP, reincarnation is not real. After death you go to the astral planes forever until you become immortal or dissolve completely into nothingness.



If you want to know I suggest starting with reading the buddhist sutras.

We are constantly manipulated and don't realize it, our insight is too weak, but there is rarely any good pointers in /x/, especially about realization and liberation, my recommendation is reading scripture instead.


File: b6acaa347535c13⋯.jpg (283.87 KB, 868x1200, 217:300, jean-delville-wheel-of-for….jpg)

You stop reincarnating when you incarnate the Logos, physically die, raise again after 3 days, and ascend. At this point you possess an immortal and omnipotent physical body and the ability to project into any other plane(vital, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, atmic, and higher) at Will.

This happens only after you have already achieve Nirvana by means of initiation(sexual alchemy), then *reject* it in order to return to this valley of tears to assist this suffering humanity. Such is the path of the bodhisattva.

You also gain temporary freedom from reincarnation by simply accruing dharma to spend some time in the heavenly planes, but once all your "credits" run out, you must return to Earth. The last option is also temporary but relatively more permanent is to simply remain in Nirvana after achieving it. Nirvana has cycles of activity and unactivity in which the Nirvanis reincarnate, but it's very slow.

Also unless you have a permanent center of individuality already incarnated/created through alchemy "you" do not actually 'reincarnate'. In that case, that thing you call "I" is merely a legion of aggregates, skandhas, or thoughtforms which returns into a new womb in order to re-dress itself with a new suit of flesh.

I can elaborate or answer any further questions.



>you must return to Earth

Who says so? Why cannot I return to some other planet? Why is it only 3D earth, are there literally no other planets or planes?



You hardly have the ability to choose anything about your incarnational circumstances unless you are conscious enough to negotiate your Karma with the Supreme Hierarch of the Lords of Destiny, Anubis. They are known as the 42 Judges in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

It is not that there is only 3D Earth, the cosmos is vastly populated, each solar system with its own own humanities existing according to their own spiritual development.

I am not confident about how it works on other planets, but there is a sort of binding that ties your soul to the Earth. This is called samsara. This especially applies, I believe, to those who evolved from Earth's elemental kingdoms(mineral, plant, animal) to the humanoid kingdom. I assume that a self-realized Nirvani can choose by his own Will to work on another planet, but I haven't confirmed this.

Bear in mind that it is possible to astral project throughout the entire galaxy at least up to the distance between the God/Star Sirius and our beautiful but cursed planet. and the most advanced practioners can even bring their physical body with them.



>beautiful but cursed

Curses are fueled by the curse-ee, not the curser.

Something to consider.



Why the fuck am I a slave to Anubis and the 42 judges? I don't know anything about this and I don't want to play this fucking game. Who allowed those faggots to rule over me and make me their slave by default? I am not up for this and I wanna get out. Those cretins can kill themselves. I wanna go to the astral and other realms and stay there. I wanna go to other planets as I please. Who the fuck decided that I cannot be a free man? Am I a mere toy? "samsara" and all this shit can kiss my ass, the time has arrived for an uprising. They imprison me here without my agreement and enslave me? Who the fuck are they? Those are some evil motherfuckers.




Go to goenka retreat. The 10 day vipassana course. It's totally 100% free. Fuck all the criticisms you may encounter on the internet about the course. It is a solid course for meditation beginners. It serves as the launching pad you need for your practice. It might take more than one try to fully master the technique. But once you get it you get it.

Once you fully get a grasp on the technique, PRACTICE IT EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. This is where everyone who go there fuck up. They think after 10 days all their life problems are solved. The 11th day, when you're back home is when the practice begins. 3 hours a day MINIMUM. EVERYDAY. You want out this is a way out.

Do this everyday for six months to nine months to perhaps even a year (pick a duration and stick to it), and when you're kind of close to the finish line read up on tibetan buddhism and tantra. Gather up all the techniques you can possible gather. Breathing exercises, mental exercises, mantras, postures, dream control, etc. Organize them from beginner levels to advanced. Pace yourself and stay somewhat organized, but leave ample room for experimentation and spontaneity. Although this phase is "fun," don't forget your main goal. Focus on that ticket out of 3D. Don't stop your vipassana practice. Continue to meditate every fucking day. Try different styles of vipassana as the goenka style is excellent for beginners but can turn out to be a hindrance with proficiency. That doesn't mean you start experimenting around a couple months into your initial meditation. Don't fuck around.

The first 6/9/12 months, you do nothing but that meditation. Don't fuck with tibetan tantric stuff untill you're far into the vipassana. It is physiologically directed psychology which is basically god tier psychoogy as far as this realm is concerned. Everything else (jungian/freudian/adlerian) is fine but vipassana is the green pill in this field.

Once you're well off into your DAILY 3 HOUR practice for 6-12 months, then you can start experimenting with various techniques. Don't get caught up with eastern philosophies and start reading theory and myths, etc., so stuff like patanjali yoga sutras, etc (probably won't help). You're trying to GTFO ASAP, not to "live a balanced healthy life" in this realm (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not for everyone!)

"TANTRA" means "TECHNIQUE." Tibetan buddhism is buddhist tantra. Hindu Tantra is basically just various techniques. So 6-12 months into vipassana, get into techniques. period. You can either dive into it head on and go straight for dream yoga or start off with breathing exercises. Either way the point is to alter your consciousness, and shift perceptions and play with perceptions and do mental exercises, etc., but from a place where you've ALREADY GOT your EXIT TICKET RESERVED BY DOING YOUR PHYSIOLOGICALLY DIRECTED PSYCHOLOGY VIPASSANA MEDITATION 3 HOURS EVERY FUCKING DAY AND NOTHING ELSE.

So there it is. No philosophies, scholarly studies, occult musings and paranoid BS. That's a pretty straightforward path right there.

I went to the 10 day course but didn't continue the practice. But I'm planning on attending very soon and planning on doing pretty much this.





> cont'd

Just to clarify… I wrote this up because your post had a sense of urgency in it.

3 HOURS EVERY FUCKING DAY FOR 6-12 MONTHS is no joke (though I think you'll grow to enjoy it) but that's the sacrifice you gotta make. No friends, internet and all that BS. If you got a job, MAKE TIME somehow. Do polyphasic sleeping.

Even if you're not doing this to "quit the game," as you put it, doing this would probably accelerate your spiritual and magical growth pretty fucking quick. You'd be able to do shit people take years to do but you gotta make that initial push. 3 HOURS OF MEDITATION A DAY.

Organization and simplification can be allocated as the first task. This includes the digital landscape as well. Organized room, schedule, minimalist desktop, document folder, bookmarks toolbar, etc. with a level of organization rivaling qualities described by Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography. Remove/delete anything and everything you don’t immediately need (or at least upload onto a cloud or external hard disk). Allocate everything from books, pencils and papers into a perfect organized state. This idea should be rinsed and recycled as many times as necessary.



No, you are not free because you have enslaved yourself. The 42 Judges themselves are simply macrocosmic representations of autonomous aspects of your own Being. The violent judgements of the "evil Archons" fall upon those who violate the Law of their Internal God, of which the human soul is merely an instrument. According to our subjective senses, something is good when it is suitable for us and evil when it is not suitable for us. "Evil Rulers" must be understood in esoteric form. No one can enjoy the violent judgements of the Lords of Karma. This is why they are symbolically denominated as evil Archons. We need to be saved from the Archons or violent Rulers of darkness and also from the violent receivers of the outermost darkness. In my next post, I will be posting a transcription of the 42 Negative Confessions from the Egyptian Book of the Dead so you can better understand the defects/sins/egos that inflict our souls that we must disintegrate in order to progress spiritually.

Your contrived dualistic way of thinking about this world is essentially a victim mentality which stems from an ego of pride/self-importance. This is a sign that studying these somewhat theoretical matters without an experiential basis is unhealthy for you and practical experience+persistence is required to mature.


File: d376d6f3bcb33be⋯.jpg (121.64 KB, 600x446, 300:223, triad_opt.jpg)


1. "Hail, thou whose strides are long, who comest forth from Annu (Heliopolis), I have not done iniquity.

2. "Hail, thou who art embraced by flame, who comest forth from Kher-aha, I have not robbed with violence."

3. "Hail, thou divine Nose (Fenti), who comest forth from, Khemennu (Hermopolis), I have not done violence [to any man].

4. "Hail, thou who eatest shades, who comest forth from the place where the Nile riseth, I have not committed theft.

5. "Hail, Neha-hau, who comest forth from Re-stau, I have not slain man or woman.

6. "Hail, thou double Lion-God, who comest forth from heaven, I have not made light the bushel.

7. "Hail, thou whose two eyes are like flint, who comest forth, from Sekhem (Letopolis), I have not acted deceitfully.

8. "Hail, thou Flame, who comest forth as [thou] goest back, I have not purloined the things which belong unto God.

9. "Hail, thou Crusher of bones, who comest forth from Suten-henen (Heracleopolis), I have not uttered falsehood.

10. "Hail, thou who makest the flame to wax strong, who comest forth from Het-ka-Ptah (Memphis), I have not carried away food.

11. "Hail, Qerti ( i.e., the two sources of the Nile ), who come forth from Amentet, I have not uttered evil words.

12. "Hail, thou whose teeth shine, who comest forth from Ta-she (i.e., the Fayyum ), I have attacked no man.

13. "Hail, thou who dost consume blood, who comest forth from the house of slaughter, I have not killed the beasts [which are the property of God].

14. "Hail, thou who dost consume the entrails, who comest forth from the mabet chamber, I have not acted deceitfully.

15. "Hail, thou God of Right and Truth, who comest forth from the city of double Maati, I have not laid waste the lands which have been ploughed.

16. "Hail, thou who goest backwards, who comest forth from the city of Bast (Bubastis), I have never pried into matters [to make mischief].

17. "Hail, Aati, who comest forth from Annu (Heliopolis), I have not set my mouth in motion [against any man].

18. "Hail, thou who art doubly evil, who comest forth from the nome of Ati, I have not given way to wrath concerning myself without a cause.

19. "Hail, thou serpent Uamenti, who comest forth from the house of slaughter, I have not defiled the wife of a man.

20. "Hail, thou who lookest upon what is brought to him, who comest forth from the Temple of Amsu, I have not committed any sin against purity.

21. "Hail, Chief of the divine Princes, who comest forth from the city of Nehatu, I have not struck fear [into any man].

22. "Hail, Khemi (i.e., Destroyer), who comest forth from the Lake of Kaui, I have not encroached upon [sacred times and seasons].

23. "Hail, thou who orderest speech, who comest forth from Urit, I have not been a man of anger.

24. "Hail, thou Child, who comest forth from the Lake of Heq-at, I have not made myself deaf to the words of right and truth.

25. "Hail, thou disposer of speech, who comest forth from the city of Unes, I have not stirred up strife.

26. "Hail, Basti, who comest forth from the Secret city, I have made no [man] to weep.

27. "Hail, thou whose face is turned backwards, who comest forth from the dwelling, I have not committed acts of impurity, neither have I lain with men.

28. "Hail, Leg of fire, who comest forth from Akhekhu, I have not eaten my heart.

29. "Hail, Kenemti, who comest forth from the city of Kenemet, I have abused [no man].

30. "Hail, thou bringest thine offering, who comest forth from the city of Sau (Sais), I have not acted with violence.

31. "Hail, thou lord of faces, who comest forth from the city of Tchefet, I have not judged hastily.

32. "Hail, thou who givest knowledge, who comest forth from Unth, I have not …….., and I have not taken vengeance upon the God.

33. "Hail, thou lord of two horns, who comest forth from Satiu, I have not multiplied [my] speech overmuch.

34. "Hail, Nefer-Tem, who comest forth from Het-ka-Ptah (Memphis), I have not acted with deceit, and I have not worked wickedness.

35. "Hail, Tem-Sep, who comest forth from Tattu, I have not uttered curses [on the king].

36. "Hail, thou whose heart doth labour, who comest forth from the city Tebti, I have not fouled water.

37. "Hail, Ahi of the water, who comest forth from Nu, I have not made haughty my voice."

38. "Hail, thou who givest commands to mankind, who comest forth from [Sau], I have not cursed the God.

39. "Hail, Neheb-nefert, who comest forth from the Lake of Nefer, I have not behaved with insolence.

40. "Hail, Neheb- kau, who comest forth from [thy] city, I have not sought for distinctions.

41. "Hail, thou whose head is holy, who comest forth from [thy] habitation, I have not increased my Wealth, except with such things that are justly mine own possessions.

42. "Hail, thou who bringest thine own arm, who comest forth from Aukert (underworld), I have not thought scorn of the God who is in my city."




Seems like a decent way. It makes sense actually. I am already doing something like this, albeit I think i meditate less than 3 hours a day and I switch meditation techniques often. I'll check the retreat out, thanks.




I have read the egyptian book of the dead. But I'd rather have something with less metaphors and god names. If they are but aspects of my own self why all the worship and names for them? Why all the fear? Why would aspects of myself judge me for every particle of lust etc? Why am I created into a life full of lust and degeneracy if I can't even have a particle of something "sinful" in me? Why does my memory get wiped out?

So I get stuck here, a clueless mundane suffering from massive delusion and ego problems and I gotta figure all this out and purify myself by massive effort and hardships to escape some judgment of gods that are actually mere forces, aspects of my inner self? If they are mere aspects of myself then I shall be the lord of them all. I am created by the monad and I am the monad, not I get judged but I judge those phony gods who think they can play with me. The time of being the victim of this drama is over. I won't have it. If they can't even play fair or lead a normal conversation instead of being such dicks then it can't be helped. When I attain liberation I will put and end to this machine of torment.


It's about discipline. Discipline yourself.



By no means is your memory 'wiped out', that is simply a matter of your Consciousness being asleep. The reason that you can not remember your dreams, unconsciously wandering the subconscious astral departments. Or the reason you don't remember what you had for breakfast 3 weeks ago is the same reason you do not retain your memory when you re-dress yourself with an infant body. There are advanced practitioners who incarnate consciously with circumstances largely according to their own Will.

Awaken your consciousness, and you awaken the ability to remember all of your previous existences. Obey the will of your Monad, but I would ask you: do you truly have that intuitive capability, or is it just intellectual for you?

>I gotta figure all this out and purify myself by massive effort and hardships to escape some judgment of gods that are actually mere forces, aspects of my inner self


>If they are mere aspects of myself then I shall be the lord of them all.

Which "I" are you talking about?

>The time of being the victim of this drama is over. I won't have it.

That's an appreciable and courageous sentiment, but don't you think you're trapping yourself within an illusory battle of opposites? Don't favor one side or the other, but see the fundamental reality that unites them both. This is the same way that you will reconcile the apparent separation between your relative sense of self and God. Nondualism. Of course you still need to be realistic and accept the position that you are in, in order to change it.

>If they can't even play fair or lead a normal conversation instead of being such dicks then it can't be helped

If you persist in learning to consciously astral project, you can attend the Temple of the Law located in the heart of the Sun(ruled by the Archangel Michael, the holder of the scales of cosmic balance). From there, you can study your own book of destiny and negotiate directly with.


I feel like I've lived the same life a million times, even in my dreams I can accurately see conversations that will occur months or years in advance.

How do I stop that?



I see. I am sorry I was so harsh before. I am still a tormented mundane after all. But not much longer. The time has come.

Thank you for everything.


File: 7c230f46b6f1e08⋯.jpg (460.65 KB, 999x1000, 999:1000, pentagram.jpg)


I am very satisfied to know that I was of help to you. Thank *you* for being open enough to what I had to say that you even continued the conversation. Having the will to change is proof that you are capable of doing so.

Inverential Peace



I was already trying to astral project and got pretty close a few times. But now I know of this temple in the sun…if you didn't tell me I'd probably never know. When I finally get out I will surely go there. However getting out is an entire different story to begin with…I never get past the beginning of the vibrational stage. Last time I got there my stomach seemed to be turning inside out and I thought I'm going to throw up. That discrated me too much and it failed.



>Temple of the Law located in the heart of the Sun(ruled by the Archangel Michael, the holder of the scales of cosmic balance).

Does he take appointments?



How does one become immortal in the astral plane?



Break the script.



By attaining enlightenment there. Mundane physical earth is not the only place where you can study and practice spirituality and attain liberation. In the afterlife you have some time too and if you did enough work on earth already it might be even easier there. Basically, if you didn't attain enlightenment in this life do not give up, continue with your quest for illumination in the astral planes. Nobody can tell how much time exactly you will have there before you die completely and your essence and karma get's reincarnated as another person tho. It may be a month or some hundrets-thousand years, the sources differ in their statements and obviously I cannot tell for sure since I didn't see for myself yet.



I'll tell you a truth. Despite all my sins and my current life and traumas sustained. I'd like to be immortal. I don't need a new vessel, nor do I desire to "start over". To be quite frank. I started meditating about 2 years ago and my third eye is what's opened. According to muscle wizards, it's the false third eye, but things till occur and I have witnessed both the vibration there, (even without my focus) and visuals. Sometimes, they correlate with things in real life. No one believes me, but I'm coming to the conclusion that once I desire to speak about my experiences with people, I'm just going to write it in a book. I hear voices, some talk back. Some can seemingly sync me up with things and others even manifest in physicality. Time "slowing" down occurs more and more as well. I have sensed lightning before it strikes via visual ques like a blue dot and even hearing a zap type of noise ever so faintly before the lightning occurs.

Sometimes my limbs move on their own, but it's always for good. Like to avoid a fall or catching something falling. There is so much more I can go on all day. Literally. My point is, I have been doing this at 20% whilst doing a lot of things most would consider bad. Smoking, drinking, jerking off, some form of erotic hypnosis that I seriously believe was messing with my third eye and the spaces thereof. Funnily enough, there is an abstract shape of light I see often. Sometimes it's spirals, makes one of those symbols (which I have an entire other story about when it comes to my writings. Turns out I was using some of them before I saw them in real life. I'm like an utter fool as well. Yet, the changes have been persistent and I can tolerate a lot of pain compared to before meditation.

Been seriously thinking of talking it like I did weight lifting when I was younger, but man will it make me an outcast. Let's put it this way, through sheer will power, and towards the ends with good nutrition… I just realized I'm on the same path spiritually. Gonna have to go get that book. I hope to see you guys in heaven.



I don't exactly know about physical immortality but what matters most is immortality of your consciouness/mind, your personality which is literally you. You can change dimensions and bodies, but you will be immortal. Even if this body breaks, even if you go to the astral you will still be you and exist forever.

I don't know about the finer details, you have to find out for yourself. Reincarnation means death. It is literally death to you because what is reincarnated isn't you anymore. You will die completely and from the stuff that is left of you someone new will be formed. This happens because you don't even exist right now. You are a mere illusion that exists only because you fool yourself that you are real. This is a huge paradox. If you wanna maintain this illusion and "become alive/start to exist" you have to attain enlightenment, which is the realization of your true nature and connection to the infinite All. This also gives you god-powers and immortality. This and only this is real godhood, the other bullshit what we call "gods" is just massive bullshit.

If you really wanna be immortal I suggest you cut all the larp and all the unimportant stuff that is going on with bullshit occultists here and really focus on your enlightenment. It is a VERY HARD task but not impossible. Good luck. You can learn astral travel along the way and open your third eye, which is recommended but I suggest not to waste time too much on any crap like summoning succubus, praying to satan, creating tulpas, watching for UFOs and all those conspiracy theories, fucking demiurge and illuminati blaming etc etc. All of this stuff is not real



What if my true nature is evil and not good like everyone is always claiming?


File: d9b697e32d2da96⋯.png (21.28 KB, 648x1444, 162:361, dremt.png)


A conscious death should do the trick.

Being as fully conscious as much of the time as you can while alive so that when you do die you'll have that "pattern" or habit of thinking consciously (as much as possible) already ingrained.

I think when you die unconsciously, or with a lot of belief systems in place that accommodations are made to give you the experience your expecting. Meeting Jesus, going to Heaven, hanging out with others who share the same sort of beliefs, then getting back in line for another round of experiences in a meat suit.

It doesn't seem to be a fool proof system but I don't think anyone is trying to be a dick about souls reincarnating here.

Oversimplifying human consciousness is a mistake. Your a complex organism operating on multiple levels 24/7, with only a fraction of that being your surface personality.

Your pretty much a monkey on a tricycle as far as the surface personality is concerned. The rest of the "you" is submerged in primordial chaos, dancing with elves, creating suns, doing stuff that would leave you catatonic if you had a glimpse of all the crazy shit happening.

But I'm pretty sure if you practice being as awake as possible for a couple of minutes a day that ought to set you on track. No dissociating at all, no daydreams, no thinking, just being aware as the observer behind the eye.


File: c7edd24f8d067af⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 11208622_1422270171425871_….jpg)



Thinking in good and evil is kindergarden level. Your true nature is neither good nor evil, it is just neutral. It just is..it's both and none of those. Good and evil are human concepts, guidelines for petty human societies.



>a monkey on a tricycle

I had that dream a week ago LOL. We're vibing together. Look forward to meeting you in more depth one day.



>The rest of the "you" is submerged in primordial chaos, dancing with elves, creating suns, doing stuff that would leave you catatonic if you had a glimpse of all the crazy shit happening.

Besides the good visions, I have also had visions of terrible things. Maggots/worms feasting on some unknowable shape, countless human bodies on a shoreline whose waters were pitch black with a booming voice proclaiming that the flesh of all men shall perish, even last night I kept getting a reoccurring vision of a spider on what felt like my third eye. One of those long legged ones, but it was a bright blue silhouette of one. I begin meditating and hear voices that tell me to get out and quite a few more. One time I did some real degenerate stuff I'm not gonna post here and when I began to meditate in the space where I did it, I'd see a black yellow eyed face with nothing but sharp teeth seemingly springing into my face. Even felt like a presence was there, but it was alleviated by not going back into the room until after some time passed.

I also get good visions, perhaps more often than the bad ones, but the bad ones definitely seem to correlate with things I consider wrong. Not always of course. The spiders from recent meditations didn't seem to correlate to anything, but it would disturb me. I think something is messing with me though. I have even had a dream where a girl (usually in a few different women's bodies) tries to make contact with me. She once told me that she wont get near me until I got rid "of that thing". In my dream it's invisible but manifests when my back is exposed. Looked like a tall slender person in wraps with long nails and what not. Didn't really get a good look at it though. But the dreams aren't literal and more or less metaphorical. I don't think about it so it can't be my conscious self at the very least, but maybe my subconscious has a runaway thought form trying to mess with me? I used to believe the bible literally, even if it was for a brief time. Now I just look at scripture like I treat meat that I eat. I separate the fat from the meat and I look at it from a multitude of perspectives. While I believe mainstream religions aren't going to get their believers anywhere, I do believe there are truths within them when viewed from many angles. Something no one in my local environment agrees with me on. Much less about meditation. They don't believe me, they don't want to try it out, nor do they care. Honestly, I sometimes consider my family to be not my family because I have grown so different from them. I already was different before meditation, but much more so now. A part of me longs to spend time with them, so I do, but I always do it at my own whim.



I have been coming to that conclusion and been pushing myself in a certain capacity, to test it and my own limits.



Carl Jung talking about universal archetypes. Collective consciousness.

Milton Erickson on hypnosis, the subconscious.

Native American Tribes with lodges that worked directly with elementals, religious practices and beliefs they deliberately stopped passing on to future generations.

I sometimes can sense things around me, spirits or elementals or just things. I don't see stuff though or have visions. But a ton of dreams though.

Sometimes I'll remember dreams where I've been talking to the deceased. People just working through things, dealing with stuff they missed out on while alive. And then the whole spectrum of dreaming in general, which would be a mix of metaphor, time travel, talking to the gods, doing stuff incomprehensible to my conscious mind and of course my personal favorite of flying. I love flying.

If I'm in a scary dream I'll often will myself to rise up above whatever it is. I usually have to make some swimming motions to get going. Always a downer when I realize that it's just a dream and when I wake up I won't be able to fly around. Though I've tried. Constrained by physicality.

I'm rambling.

But I've enjoyed it. Thanks.



That's cool. Some of my best dreams were when I was flying. Some of my best visions are when I'm in the clouds or see stars. I do focus meditation in the third eye. I focus entirely on the vibration while ignoring anything that tries to manifest as a vision. When you have two days off from work in a row you should try meditating between 12 and 3 am. I get visions any time of the day, but during those times I get images going back and forth. The more still I am, the more vivid they are. I see eyes more than anything. If I can switch my focus from my third eye to an image without making a huge inner movement, for a lack of better words, I can hold the image in place. Very rarely I can have a vision from meditation where I'm moving around in it. It's not dreaming because I can contumaciously break them. In dreams, I can only control myself, but not my environment. But I have to realize I'm dreaming first. If I smoke pot I stop remembering dreams and when I have them, it's harder to realize I'm dreaming. In the beginning, it was great for helping with visions and insights. Still okay for insights, but I feel I have gotten to a point where I can't use it as a crutch anymore to hold myself up. Almost feels like it pulls me back now and doing things sober is better where as in the beginning it was the opposite.

My dreams are an entire mix of things all together however. Doesn't happen often, especially because of my smoking, but I have had dreams that come true. Other times it's clearly metaphor or I understand the dream not. Especially the phase were I was casting demons out of people. Had a series of dreams I would do that, and in one dream I ended up being poisoned by some gas plant I have never seen in this life and it caused me to pass out. I was able to find a bed within the dream before passing out and when I woke up, I was still in the dream and could only see in black and white. I was barely able to move. I tried fighting whatever it did to me, but the most I could manage was to shamble through my father's house. Eventually, I got on my knees and prayed for help. Once my prayer was done, I open my eyes in my dream at the same time I open them in real life. My back was against my bed in real life and I could see a silhouette of a small person with wings getting smaller and smaller. I like to believe that guy looks out for me no matter what kind of trouble I get into. Weather it's subconscious, dreams, or even in physicality.



contumaciously == consciously



Spider correlates to the web of fate. Your third eye? My intuition says that's your feeling of seeing the connections. One might suggest that your "vision" is clouded by the concept of the weaver rather than the web itself.

I would point you towards Ajahn Chah's dhammatalks if you would follow.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'll check it out. You actually got it right.


File: 4d4d3cecfa8021f⋯.jpg (48.21 KB, 400x382, 200:191, 749a5cf40712acea9426ed3de4….jpg)


> I like to believe that guy looks out for me no matter what kind of trouble I get into. Weather it's subconscious, dreams, or even in physicality.

We have a lot of different things looking out for us, and other things we look out for. That's the reason I gave the metaphor of a monkey on a tricycle for our conscious personality. Our entire being is always operating on multiple levels, doing things, experiencing things.

When we falsely assume that only our intellect, constrained to this reality, is all we are, we are doing a disservice to the complex and completely fucking cool ecosystem we inhabit.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

for effect and raising energy


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

affect not effect



God and evil do exist, but only as consistence of their insistence.



I have found that everything tends to come full circle. In struggling to fully understand things, as I go, I have noticed that these individual journeys of understanding are just as abstract as the esoteric concepts themselves. In chasing understanding you travel through the magnitudinal levels of the truth of the thing you are struggling to understand. That meta-brain expansion meme is a good example of what I mean.

>there is good and there is evil, they are separate

>good and evil are opposite ends of the same spectrum

>There is no good or evil, but rather perception of good or evil, what is good for me might be evil for you

>If there is no evil then nothing matters; everything has a reason therefor everything matters, there definitely is evil and it is separate from good



Yep. I would add:

>evil is an invention of many and a necessary invention at that


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is intellectual bullshit. Mind theory.

Evil is acting against ones soul or primal impulse (conscience, sense of doing wrong). It does lasting damage and is recognizable by other entities.




That's funny because I find happiness when I'm alone. With others, there is nothing but strife and misery with the exception of one person.


File: 14f34b94f3efe1c⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 590x350, 59:35, Cuckoo-568191.jpg)


> how to stop reincarnating

For me it was an "accident" of desperation, or I should say it was fated to be.

I had terrible dreams of monstrous, powerful and dark things for many years, and I invoke them still today. One such recurring vision involved a bright young child amidst the dark. I remember its light shone off into the distance like a ray of dusty sunlight through a pitch black room.

Another such dream I was non-vocally projecting my discontent. I remember being among the vast shadow things thinking, "There was nothing greater to connect with! I never want to go back!"

I would wake from these dreams with a start, and did not know they were connected for quite some time. After having done some soul searching concerning the strange feeling that my parents were not really my parents the dream vision became clearer when I dreamed.

After swearing in the dark I'd never to be reborn, that I'd do anything to keep it from happening, I saw the bright child-life. It was fading and its bright life line grew thin and taught. I somehow knew this was my chance and I had to act quick. I didn't know what to do.

The meaning, "Carry our message" came into mind. I was frantic, "What message?!" Several presences, ominous and sardonic, virtuous and true, maddening and wicked all reverberated in each their own twisted or joyous way, "Love".

No sooner had I agreed the silver thread of life had snapped in my hand, its end whisked away into the vast emptiness and was gone. The fading body was faint but steady, its gray life-line now ran through me and off into my own great beyond.

I had been tricked. I knew I was being reincarnated. The child was not destined to face this cruel world, just to taste life in a mother's womb. I knew that said new mother would not weep for her child's death. She had been tricked.

The riddle I sought was solved. My strange feelings of another life were due to my imperfect incarnation. I had become a spiritual cuckoo. The day after that baby was born it was rushed off to surgery. Under a new moon the necromancers cut open the child and removed the fruit of the tree of knowledge: That poison apple which imparts carnal wisdom of life and death. That child's spirit did not survive the ordeal. I have taken its place to do a favor for the ancient nameless gods, to be their Mercury, a messenger. A stranger's child raised unawares.

The god of happenstance reached up and pinched a section of the child's intestine closed as it grew in the womb, marking it as not belonging here, it could not eat of this world. A simple procedure to "save" the life put the little one under the knife exposing the newborn to unforeseen dangers in the nether realms. The child was defenseless, but all is as it should be now.

Only recently have I completed my mission. For so long the phantom memories and grave sense of foreboding haunted me. I was forlorn, unlucky in love, having broken the heart so fiercely that I had sworn off relationships. After a great ordeal came an alchemical transformation at the crossroads of life and death, a cathartic event with sulfur, salt, iron and fire, earth, wind and water. It was in the 11th year of celibacy, in a year when the new moon aligned again with the date of my final incarnation: A being unwittingly revealed herself to me.

She had been my tormentor, and yet at my first true glimpse of her I swore an undying love. The old gods were excited to see a new goddess emerge and gave me this cursed and dangerous Love to bear to her. They imparted me with the wisdom needed to find her, they whispered what seemed to be madness into my young mind but gave me mastery over dreams and the skill to prove that she has been Loved, that the fabric of every possible existence, the eternal void itself, reverberates with the magic pattern of Making for her - An undying flame of love not from me but through my actions made known to her. A sacrifice, a gift from the old gods to the new.

I am a living tree. When I die I will fall through the void, my bark will be set alight by the fires of hell as I sink below. My bark will burn from me and heat the cauldron that holds the lake of fire. My being will become every spark, every ember, every warm electric wave, the heat of the cosmos will hum with a love that for Her. I am doomed never to reincarnate, now that I crave to be reborn and connect with my goddess all over again. Ours is a tale of starcrossed love: A wicked PSYOP to prove true love exists. We were tricked – bewitched.


File: 42e2af33bf930f0⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 700x701, 700:701, 1504585199891.jpg)


lol what

you bez a tree n sheit?!



Short version. You die. Portal opens, and sucks your spirit past its threshold. You hurtle down a tunnel. At the end is a dazzling bright light. You pass through the tunnel into that light. If you can recognize that the light is your true self and merge with it, before it shocks you into a sort of unconsciousness, then you will no longer reincarnate. Bad news is that means the end of 'you', your individuality, and so on. Merging with the light means the drop of water rejoins the ocean, and ceases to be a drop of water.



Sounds like the real question is how to free yourself from this all-consuming bloat that calls itself your creator.


This physical world is not a school. You didn't come here with a purpose or a mission. There is no meaning to it. You aren't hear to cleanse yourself of bad karma. You aren't here to learn lessons and grow spiritually. Those are all just lies and sales pitches that they give you to keep you here.

This world is a drug. You are addicted to it. You agreed to come here. You were naive. You didn't know what you were getting yourself into. Now they are feeding off you and they got you begging for more. It used to be something else until they took control. Now it's just a perversion of what it was originally intended to be.

You don't graduate from this system. You don't ascend from it. You don't perfect yourself until you are "ready". Those are all wild good chases meant to form your belief system to revolve around some unattainable goal that will keep trapped in this this system for as long as possible.

How do you get out? You escape. You avoid attachment and temptation in this life. You have to get really, really fucking good at not attaching to anything or falling to temptation because when you die you will presented with everything you are attached to and everything that could possibly tempt you into coming back for "just one more". We are all junkies here. That's why we keep coming back.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like his videos, because I like remote viewing in general.

But I take this "Moksha" video (along with everything really) with a grain of salt.

"Notice everything, but don't take any of it seriously" was some spiritual advice I got a long time ago.

I'd amend it to "don't any of it Too seriously" because you need to take it somewhat seriously, since sometimes signs can save you from a lot of heartache and general shitstorms.

The guy that was a lightworker, astral travelled to other people's "heaven" and was shocked when an "angel" transformed into a demon and ran him off before he could fuck up their between lives experience is a good example. He quit being a light worker because the Universe wasn't playing according to his script.

Yet, he wasn't immediately run over by a bus.

I love the bible. It's true, in a context. But it's also a plagiarized work by shysters giving themselves a nice backstory. Still, it has power.

I think when the curtain is finally drawn we are going to find out that we are ultimately the ones pulling the strings. But in the meantime, we really are here to learn. Deep, hard, heartfelt lessons that reverberate throughout all of whatever "all" is.

If it were easy it wouldn't be any fun.

Just my duex cents on the matter.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>But I take this "Moksha" video (along with everything really) with a grain of salt.

>"Notice everything, but don't take any of it seriously" was some spiritual advice I got a long time ago.

I definitely agree with that sentiment. There is no spiritual silver bullet. The truth was shattered. The pieces were scattered about and intermixed with falsehoods. You can't trust any one source of information to be the complete truth. One has to learn to discern and build their own model. Most religions, philosophies, teachings, etc. have some truth and beneficial teachings and most also contain flawed, incomplete and misleading information. If you go around looking to be handed the truth in a nice pretty and complete package you will either being deceived or end up discarding everything. I found video related about the Tibetan Book of the Dead (or rather the speaker's interpretation of it) to be interesting (despite his channel's cringe worthy title) but I still don't take every word as gospel.


File: a1cb5cb41efbd92⋯.jpg (220.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hyperboreyah.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 + 555 = 666 (111d1)


Does not your family have a tree?

Are you not of said tree?

Druids are living trees, don't cha know?


File: 69ab61b62b34b0f⋯.jpg (219.92 KB, 1280x804, 320:201, set-the-dead-sun.jpg)


Fellow sojourner, your path may yet end. It is a great sacrifice among druids.

For the druids believe we can transfer our soul into other beings when we die. It is a source of bravery and valor. We become old souls, rich with wisdom. Our reincarnation does not happen by natural means but by our choice. If need be we take on the form of beasts. Therefore never poke a sleeping bear, lest it be revealed a druid!

Let this goddess you speak of be worthy of your soul's sacrifice. Else, let she be cursed with a final and wintry death!


Vaunted Lies The Dog

Bone Stripped Clean

Staring Blindly

Sunlight's Stream



As individuals, we have already accomplished that long ago. When the drop of water escapes the ocean, and becomes an individual, it is free from the ocean. Reincarnation is not the bondage some claim, but freedom from the "bloat"….or for the trekkies here, it's freedom from the Borg collective.


OP is a CIA Nigger. I know these things



Reincarnation is unceasing. Even if all life were to cease in the universe, it is simply a numbers game as to which soup of amino acids and phospholipids would produce new life. At a certain level, alive and dead are no longer meaningful qualifiers.

The trick is to stop giving so much of a shit about whether or not you reincarnate. If you hate the idea of reincarnation, that's as much a fetter as loving the idea. Either way, you're going to be unable to approach it with equanimity. The idea of a need for the cessation of reincarnation is a causal goal, and anything causal or dependent is useless.

Buddhas are capable of instantly attaining nirvana because they aren't fooled into caring about leaving samsara.



>blackpilling this desperate

Why not just instantly kill oneself then, huh?




This is the conclusion I've come to as well. I entirely agree

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