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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: f7ea02727a1d1e0⋯.png (80.39 KB, 669x446, 3:2, 1539817256064111.png)


So I ended up here, /fringe/.

From /pol/, through /fit/, to abandoning halfchan altogether, and finding this board while looking for books.

I am looking for knowledge. I want to reach my highest potential, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I've stopped using social media, playing videogames, masturbating, eating anything outside of my strict diet. I started exercising, reading a lot (theory), sleeping on the floor, I use a fluoride filter for water, stopped drinking caffeine, alcohol, any other drugs. And I've ran out of ideas. Currently I'm beginning to meditate and trying out the exercises I found in "Forbidden Parapsychology", which was recommended in one of the threads here.

So, I'm here to ask for book recommendations, practices I can add to my routine, anything that can improve my physical, mental and spiritual health. I just begun my quest for knowledge.

My current booklist is:

>Prometheus Rising

>Quantum Psychology

>Works of Evola and Guenon

>The Will by Atkinson

>Liber Null

>How to Know Higher Worlds by Steiner

>The Kybalion

>Angel Tech by Antero Alli

>The Art of True Healing by Israel Regardie

>Lazy Man's Guide to Relaxation

>The Secret Teachings of All Ages

>works of Gurdjieff, Collin and Ouspensky

>Kali Kaula by Jan Fries

>Science of Breath

>Futhark, A Handbook of Rune Magic

>The Gnostic Bible

>Works of Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano

Anything worth adding/removing from the list? It's obviously chaotic, as I'm just a beginner.


File: fc29af6f38ea555⋯.jpg (13.4 KB, 474x266, 237:133, saitama.jpg)

You seem way too obsessed, just chasing something silly like a brainwashed drone from the modern /pol/-shitmeme and self-help industry. But all this time you have forgotten to stop and think, to use you spirit for once.

All this stuff and yet you seem to arrive nowhere at all. Should have just done 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups and run 10km every single day for 2 years instead. Of course you can start with it right now.



Yes, and kill everything in one punch, right?

The reason I'm so obsessed is because I just managed to beat alcoholism and moved to a new place. So while I'm learning a new language and meeting people, I've got loads of free time. It's also the first time in my life I live on my own (I'm quite young).



Well then you could add Initiation into Hermetics to your book list. Work out 4 times a week in the gym, completely leave out alcohol and porn/masturbation. Try to open your third eye and master astral traveling. Don't overdo it, keep it chill. A candle that burns too bright burns down too quickly…or sth like that. You don't need to sleep on floors and cut out videogames completely. The most important thing is to start thinking and feeling and realizing what really matters. Don't fall for everything and anything and there are a lot of traps. Teachers, gurus and people on the internet will make you believe some things are very important, good or worthwile while in reality those things suck and will drag you down to hell faster than you can say "ONE PUNCH!"

>Prometheus Rising

1%good, 99%cucked and bluepilled

>The Secret Teachings of All Ages

50%good info, 50%disinfo

>The Gnostic Bible

Watch out with gnosticism. A lot of degeneration there

>Futhark, A Handbook of Rune Magic

based, just like IIH and Evolas books probably one of the most practical and useful books you can work with.

Also fringe is a very bad place to be in.



Thanks anon. The sleeping on the floor thing I got from a good friend of mine who is very well read and physically fit. He told me it's better for the lower back, and another alternative is balancing your body with a pillow put under some part (don't remember which one) of the body.

>fringe is a very bad place to be in.

I don't browse imageboards anymore, but I'm curious. Why? It seems much better than 90% of halfchan.



I will try sleeping on the floor too. Do you have any tips? I have never pulled it off before because I work out at the gym a lot and therefore I need high quality sleep. Tried it out for a few weeks but it was very uncomfortable, could not get good rest at all and everything hurt after a sleepless night.

>It seems much better than 90% of halfchan.

It's shit on a complete other level. Halfchan is obvious degenerate crap but here it is much more dangerous. Grab the books from the libraries and run like hell, this place kills your very soul and will lead you astray forever.



In my experience, it gets much more comfortable after a week or two. I recommend beginning with a mat/carpet to make the floor less hard.



You should read The Master Key by Robert Peng. I think that's the author at least. His SIFU made him do grueling horse stance until he entered a meditative state spontaneously and remained there for 4 hours – then his SIFUUUU slammed a sledgehammer into his low navel and it bounced off ("SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!"). There's more to the story, like sleeping on a rope, but it's more about the qi gong exercises since he became a healer after all that.

I sleep on a mat on the ground that I roll up and out every morning and night – it's not super thin but it's nothing like a mattress either. It's good. Your body will become stronger. Stiff tendons and fascia tend to be strong, and stretching them gives an opportunity to stiffen again and become even stronger (cycles).



/fringe/ seems to be a lot of misdirection and shitposting rather than genuine fringe discussion nowadays. In my meditations and studying of the library I've come to find that the board holds very little actual useful information. I feel as though once a particular level of practice is obtained then a typical initiate will ditch this place. A shift in values from obtained wisdom means that they see no point in spreading their discoveries, or perhaps it becomes ill advised to do so. But that is all conjecture.



I'd recommend 'Magic Simplified' by Draja Mickaharic. Teaches some fundamental skills. Very straight forward and practical. I'd attach the PDF but it won't let me for whatever reason, but I'm sure you can find it.


Your book list contains an overkill amount of knowledge, but read it all, no problem. As long as you PRACTICE. Most of those books contain practical exercises. Do them.

Also check out fringebay.com (check out the archive and the link to the freedomboard archives hidden in the bug list) and meguca.org/fringe for the hardcore stuff.

Welcome, brother. And good luck.



/fringe/ is a nexus. Its contents as an imageboard are mostly irrelevant. The real meat is within each one of us. Only those who do the work get to see it.



The idea is to sleep on a solid flat surface, not necessarily a hard one. The problem with soft mattresses is they hold you like a sack of potatoes, and your spine gets maligned by its own weight. Kind of like how astronauts get back problems.

You can just use a mattress topper and you'll be cushioned but still firmly supported horizontally. Or a rug and a sleeping mat, etc.


File: 885ebc233249dd9⋯.jpg (58.47 KB, 716x960, 179:240, 47684002_727156034332275_6….jpg)


If there's anything I've learned, it's to ease slowly into this sorta stuff. A lot of the books you'll find here are esoteric, full of disinfo, metaphor & occulted information. You'll find that reading them without the urge to finish them will help you understand what truly speaks to you.

Some of the humans who wrote these books may have been masters, but they were all human, just like you, with unique talents, urges, and flaws. Some of them may have experienced glimpses of the transcendent and struggled to put it into words… which brings me to my next point.

I do not believe that /fringe/ is an inherently toxic place to be, but the content here consists primarily of text. These words are just placeholders which only stand for the true reality. These words seem to gain strength in somewhat of a collective sense, as thoughtforms, which over time can eclipse the brain's perception of true reality. Through the experience of this premise, I have come to love and grasp a deeper understanding of Language, of authors like James Joyce, William S. Burroughs & Alan Moore, & especially, of Magick. To keep from rambling, I will wrap this up, and try my best to attend to any further questions or discussions.

Every thought is a prayer, every word is a spell.

If your goal is to glimpse the transcendent, know that it will only be temporary, but that you must go within. You must sit until your legs are asleep and your ass hurts. You must wait. You must be diligent. You must acknowledge the effect that technology has had on your mind, and you must atone for it.

Do not fret, be thankful that this experience is available, and that people have glimpsed it. I hesitate to mention psychedelics, but if a glimpse is your intention, they may be worth attaining and being used in an extremely educated and well-suited setting, but while thinking about psychedelics and my own personal experiences, I always come back to Carl Jung's phrase "beware of unearned wisdom".

Push the boundaries of your practice, try a 10-day silent vipassana retreat, it'll blow your mind.



Learn the GOODS LBRP, do that every day. Start doing ritual at least a few times a week, evocation, sigils or something like Inner Guide Meditation (strongly recommend that book/method). Even New Avatar Power would be a good place to start learning basic evocation structure. Learn Tarot. Reading without practice is pointless.



Thank you anon. I'm not the kind of person who speedreads through books thinking that the earliest I finish them the better, I also often stop reading through a book knowing that's not what I'm looking for or seeing that I'm reading something that I've read before.

I am not planning to stay around here long, currently I visit only this thread. I too like James Joyce, although haven't read the other authors you mentioned.

I've already tried psychedelics a couple of times, and I can say they were an interesting experience and widened my outlook on things. I'll definitely try them again after attaining more knowledge, fortunately I have friends interested in similar topics.

I'll try the silent retreat when I have an occasion to, currently being silent for 10 days straight is impossible for me.

Thanks for your post anon, very informative.


Thanks anon, I'm screenshotting everything in the thread to look into it later.



People who watch one paunch man and enjoy it are very first density.




Especially wrt Prometheus Rising (in general anything by that simpering moron RAW), gnosticism, and fringe being terrible.

Everyone should look into Bruce Frantzis and his stuff on breathing techniques and meditation/dissolving. Tldr the Water tradition of Daoism is most of what's good about traditional eastern thought with the horseshit removed. also stay away from any "Buddhist" westerners like Jack Kornfield and Pema Chodron.


File: e2237f5ea6167c4⋯.png (181.73 KB, 794x1123, 794:1123, bitmap.png)

File: ed71a2943add61a⋯.pdf (825.45 KB, Khan_posts.pdf)


This PDF of posts from Khan (a fringe magus who wished to share his knowledge) should be useful to you. I must warn you though, for all his words leading for betterment, he has a startlingly negative view towards sex- which is not only a useful tool in the occult but it's part of our biological being, using sex with love is a good addition to both leisure, encouragement, and sacred experiences.

I've also included a remade diagram of the Qabbalah from his posts. this should contain the proper sigils for the planets/sephira as posted in his drawing, as well as the tattvas (which he neglected to include in his threads for reasons).




Sturgeon's law happens. The only way a community becomes toxic is when its leaders alienate people and throw bans for really petty reasons. Besides, sifting through the shitposts is far worth those gold nuggets you find from the quality posts.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

OP read Light on the Path and then find all the audiobook versions of it and play it to yourself listening to various narrators, once every day, for about 2 weeks.

The whole thing takes about a half hour to read btw.






If you want, go ahead and create your own audio recording version of it too.

With this ingrained in your mind, you will know the path to mastery.


Yeah, no. I've read these books and a whole lot more.

You'll get spiritually lost and become a bullshit occultist with all that garbage. The 'Occult Mafia' installs blockages and parasites within you that hinder genuine progress. Just give you pointers, W. W. Atkinson was a conman and his "Science of Breath" gives false techniques. "Rune Magic", like all "magic" systems, is completely arbitrary/artificial and any "results" from it can be replicated without baggage. Did you even look into Miguel Serrano, for example, before you put him into you reading list? You won't even understand him because his works rely on other works (Jung, Pound, Evola, etc) and that's just one example.

You read books and then you read more books, then years pass and all you have is junk that you've mistaken for knowledge and wisdom. It's a trap and /fringe/ is part of the conspiracy with its hardcore shilling for works with mere grains of truth.



>Also fringe is a very bad place to be in.

How so?


Wasn't there some anon who went over most if not all of the books in the library and posted the ones that were actually useful.

I'm surprised I can't find the cap.



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File: d759fbe7d3d2c62⋯.jpg (491.67 KB, 1219x1564, 53:68, SeatedBuddhaGandhara2ndCen….jpg)


This. Most of those books there are just noise that will further obscure the perception of any true knowledge. Avoid Atkinson, tarot, Theosophy, Qabbalah, astrology and neopaganism of all sorts.

Evola's spiritual books are nice, but ultimately are the workings of a scholar and neophyte rather than practitioner. With that said though, his book The Doctrine of Awakening is the best introductory text to Buddhism I've encountered. If you're into the dry path you should next check out the works of Nan Huai-Chin, a contemporary master who was certified as enlightened by multiple schools.

Kali Kaula is a nice book on your list as well. Great starting place for an introduction to the wet path. Mark Dyczkowski is a highly commended author who has been studying and practicing in this field for decades now, and his work on Kashmir Shaivism would be a nice place to venture next if you liked Kali Kaula.

You should probably ignore 99% of the stuff you read on this board as well. The stuff here tends to produce schizo recluses, not enlightened ubermensch.


File: 6ee82699d6cd640⋯.jpg (51.68 KB, 456x246, 76:41, natural evola.JPG)


>Evola's spiritual books are nice, but ultimately are the workings of a scholar and neophyte rather than practitioner

lol no



By "dry" and "wet" paths I imagine you're referring to right and left hand. I'm more interested in the former. Can you recommend more books?


I've read Jung and Evola is on the list for a reason, I'd touch Serrano only after going through Evola, Guenon and Devi.



>Yoga Sutras with the commentary of Swami Satchitananda

>Working Toward Enlightenment, To Realize Enlightenment, Tao and Longevity- all by Nan Huai-Chin

>The Sixth Patriarch's Platform Sutra

Master Nan also taught a westerner by the name of Bill Bodri who runs the website meditationexpert.com and there's a lot of good resources there as well. All of these should easily give you a good idea of where to continue with your studies and practice once you encounter something you like and that works.

You might be attracted to the ideas of Advaita Vedanta as well, as that's another right hand and very very dry school. Presently I'm reading my third translation of the Ashtavakra Gita, though honestly the more I learn of it, the less it seems to appeal to me.


Fair enough. I haven't read his material on Hermeticism at all, nor his autobiography, so it's unfair of me to be calling him a non-practitioner. With Shakta at least though it would have been damn near impossible for him to have access to much useful information, given the era he lived in, even with his correspondence with Sir John Woodroffe.


Sometimes I ponder if the best form of self-improvement is to keep an active journal or log on one's life, of one's ambitions, and most importantly, of one's spiritual process. Everyone wants to boast about what esoteric readings they have done, no one wants to boast of what they have made.


I'm sure you got some good books lined up but in my opinion the first two books you should read are Liber Null and Psychonaut (just get the copy with both in one book) and then Liber Kaos. A complete slap in the face to all dogmatism, those two books acted essentially as my bible for quite some time. I probably flick through them at least once a month still.



The demographics of 8chan are primarily young men in their 20s. Not many of us have accomplishments of note that are worth writing a book about yet.


File: 8d5bfcd918b5835⋯.png (159.02 KB, 764x744, 191:186, 1.png)



>calls everything trash

>immediately proceeds to recommend Atkinson

Yikes, my dude.



That's the one, thanks.


Is he that terrible?

Mind you, I'm mostly looking for whatever overlap there is between things posted here or in other books in order to piece together some kind of a foolproof method that works for myself.

I've had some success, but it either didn't go far enough or I dropped it because I felt the method simply didn't suit me.



>Is he that terrible?

Bardon is worse. Big words and fake intellectualism to overcomplexify simple practices. Both were egocentric, pretentious, fat mundanes who made cash selling shitty books, like every other "occultist"=snake oil salesman.




At least name someone better.



>Is he that terrible?

He's the equivalent of those people on Amazon who sell dozens of shitty books for your Kindle at $2 a pop.

Pumping out these books was an easy paycheck; he literally wrote a hundred of them, under several pseudonyms. That's why they're all overly verbose and padded out, people got payed per word back in those days. Sometimes he gets some things right by virtue of borrowing from more sophisticated traditions, but that's about it.

He was cashing in on New Age thought which was really popular around that time, nothing more nothing less.

He himself was also incredibly mundane and had no attainments to speak of.

Bardon is also trash for that matter, like that other fellow mentioned. Overweight and couldn't kick his smoking addiction but pretended to have Jesus-tier powers, that's all you need to know about that LARPer.


All 'occult workbooks' are relatively poor and I'd recommend everyone stay away from them. The ones that approach being half decent are basically meditation manuals with astral projection instructions but with a bunch of nonsense added to them. At that point you're just better of reading a book specifically dedicated to meditation and a book specifically dedicated to astral projection.

The thing with magic is that any successful practice is contingent on your mental faculties being developed (primarily the faculties of concentration and willpower).

If you can't concentrate for a prolonged period of time -and I mean genuine concentration- or get into trance (i.e. a meditative state) then you're precluded from pretty much doing anything that's worthwhile (doing it consistently and at will, at least).

And if you are at that intermediate state where you DO posses these qualities, then there's little value a book can provide you with.

Because of this fact, occult books are almost entirely written by LARPers because real magicians know there's nothing to write about. If there's on thing that poster from the image got right it's that '95% of the journey is practice'.

Also, let us remind ourselves of the meaning of the word 'occult'; it's 'hidden'. It's foolish to think you can find the juicy things in some flimsy book somewhere, or on some stupid internet forum.



I don't see how that interferes. Sometimes the most straight forward answers come from young mouths. Isn't it nice to reflect upon youthful thoughts and see how they've changed over time? How do you think books like the Kybalion are actually written? Once over the course of a person's life or rewritten hundreds of times and refined each go.



what about Robert Bruce? His book "astral dynamics" and his obe course are pretty legit right? he also has some seemingly advanced insights on kundalini. In fact what he has written about negative spirits, obe and kundalini and all that stuff is the least larpy and has the most concrete information I have ever encountered in a book. It appears to me that his book is basically all you need because with his techniques you can attain all psychic powers and self control you ever need, and of course the most important is astral projection. There are basically only 2 things you must do: 1.quiet the mind and 2. get your energy going. That's basically the recepy for everything worthwile in the occult and he does a good job explaining this and giving techniques.

Or what, will you redpill me on how he is shit too?


Atkinson isn't bad. Neither is Bardon.

Atkinson books contain hermetic knowledge concerning the power of consciousness, subtle energies, self-improvement, and self-mastery. Classic and foundational texts on this subject, back when formerly secret society knowledge was given the green light to be presented to the public.

Bardon was experienced in occult pathologies and useful advice for treating them can be gleaned from his book.



The things contained in his material are legit insofar they teach the fundamental skills (relaxation, concentration, good framework for astral projection, etc.) but I don't know about the man himself.

First of, he charges exorbitant prices for his courses, and he has several of them. This indicates that he hasn't managed to leverage any of his powers into financial gain. You'd think an accomplished occult practitioner would be able to solve the financial issue through other means, and then disseminate his knowledge rather cheaply, because he wants to help as many people as possible (and if not, why are you writing all these books and creating all these courses in the first place?).

Secondly, he has a large focus on the aspects of the occult that are ripe for self delusion. Astral projection is a very important tool, but it can also be a way for you to go off into fantasy land every night. Energy work can be useful, but it can also be a way for you to delude yourself into thinking that you're a master wizard just because you can feel some funny stuff inside your body. Not to speak of the other stuff Robert Bruce dabbles in like 'psychic defense' and 'higher self' shenanigans. Does Robert Bruce live in fantasy land where he pretends to be a wizard, or is he the real deal? I don't know.

And the last thing: he's bald and he looks his age. That means he's not leveraging his abilities into longevity/immortality. I won't hold that against him, because that's some next level shit and you can still be an accomplished magician without being immortal of course, but it nevertheless goes to show that his system doesn't take you to that level (but I'm almost certain not a single system accessible to the public takes you that far, so again, I won't hold it against him).

AP'ing every night and feeling funky energy sensations is nice and all, but at the end of the day magic is about effecting tangible change in the physical world; can Robert Bruce do that to an appreciable level? I don't know.



In regards to the physical form I'm going to quote Evola-

<At the level of pure yoga, the acquisition of powers is concomitant with the natural loss of all the instincts and passions that would induce a pashu (animal) to employ them. The yogin has no interest in such activities, apart from specific circumstances

An enlightened being wouldn't care about rejuvenating the flesh because he is not the flesh. A master would not display power carelessly because he's no longer an ensnared animal bound by the opinions and recognition of others.



Ah yes, the battle cry of every bullshit occultist since the dawn of man 'I'm powerless because I'm a level 7 ascended master so I'm beyond using my powers, trust me bro!!!'.

I don't care about religious superstitions, I care about magic, and magic is causing tangible, effective change according to your will in the physical world. If you can't do that, I don't care; you can go be an enlightened being somewhere else.



Robert Bruce didn't care about semen retention so it's no surprise he went bald. He claimed masturbation can be benefitial and also he has a wife and kids.

However I cannot blame him if he doesn't care for immortality. Where did this stupid ass crap came from on fringe lately? Do you think being immortal is so awesome? have fun stuck in this shithole longer than necessary. This is real stockholm syndrome when people try to achieve immortality or at least superior health to be imprisoned in the flesh even longer and to dwell amongs filthy braindead retards even longer. I don't blame Bardon and Bruce for not being "lvl 9999 immortal godmasters" because tbh I'd rather fuck off into the astral myself asap. Immortality of the flesh is bullshit



Being imprisoned by flesh implies you're powerless or otherwise subjugated. Suppose for a moment you were immortal and could not be killed by anyone or anything, your need for sustenance ceased, and you were free from all physical ills; at what point are you imprisoned in this equation? It is the people that are subject to all these things that are the ones imprisoned. Moreover, at that level of attainment, you can decide to come and go at your leisure anyway. It is the exact opposite of being imprisoned.

You also seem to have a naive idea of life after death and the astral. You think once you're dead, that's it? It's all fun and games from then on? If you're not careful you might end up in a place even worse than this. Also, the idea that it's the flesh that's some how the problem is again misguided. There are non-physical entities (i.e. 'free from flesh') that are subject to a large amount of suffering all the same.

The whole flesh/spirit, physical/non-physical dichotomy is misguided anyway. It's all one and the same thing, we just differentiate for semantic convenience. Your 'physical' here and now body, is about as real as the body you experienced having while dreaming tonight.

And finally:

>and to dwell amongs filthy braindead retards

I wouldn't be so judgemental. You're not too dissimilar from the people you seem to decry.



>Ah yes, the battle cry of every bullshit occultist since the dawn of man 'I'm powerless because I'm a level 7 ascended master so I'm beyond using my powers, trust me bro!!!'

I wasn't claiming Robert Bruce, Atkinson, Bardon or myself to be an ascended master at all. That quote from Evola was merely expressing the sentiment that human beings who are controlled by their desires are still operating on a low level, and that on the road to the acquisition of power these base desires tend to be lost before any true power is attained.

>I don't care about religious superstitions, I care about magic, and magic is causing tangible, effective change according to your will in the physical world

You'll probably achieve far greater results in the physical world using your right and left hands rather than jacking off onto a sigil tbqh



>I wasn't claiming Robert Bruce, Atkinson, Bardon or myself to be an ascended master at all.

Neither was I.

>That quote from Evola was merely expressing the sentiment that [….]

Yes, and I'm precisely saying that this sentiment is bullshit occultism that has been around for thousands of years. It's a nice bit of religious superstition, but has little to do with actual magic. (Evola is also a primo bullshit occulist, for that matter -whatever he has to say is of little value).

>You'll probably achieve far greater results in the physical world using your right and left hands rather than jacking off onto a sigil tbqh

What's next? You're going to tell me that magic has to operate according to the laws of physics -or better yet that it's all psychological? You'd think we'd be beyond these mundane assertions in a place like this. Sigil magick is nonsense as well, while we're at it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

There is a difference between bullshit occultism and real, actual 'magic'.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

But does /fringe/ now?



You think you're not coming back with all your memories wiped? That's confident.

If anyone legit ever seeks immortality is because they understand it's much easier to transcend this hellhole if you're allowed to work on it for more than 50 years straight.


File: 4c1bfa74d0d8416⋯.jpg (95.25 KB, 954x1300, 477:650, mediteshuneveryday.jpg)



It seems Evola didn't know about the Taoist masters who killed entire villages out of spite.

That's a very Platonic view, thinking that skill and virtue go hand in hand. But outside of the Greco-Roman sphere of influence, it's a fantasy.


Another European fantasy (this time thanks to the influence of the Church) is that the flesh is something to be cast off and to liberate from. Nothing furthest from the truth: in order to get out of here, you're going to have to INTEGRATE body, mind and spirit. Until you do so, you're going to keep coming back.



>Yes, and I'm precisely saying that this sentiment is bullshit occultism that has been around for thousands of years. It's a nice bit of religious superstition, but has little to do with actual magic

Calling common ideas shared by multiple religious traditions going back millenia "bullshit occultism" is ridiculous. You yourself said that the development of the mental faculties, in particular concentration is the primary means to using magic. Concentrative meditation is called "Shamatha" in Sanskrit and means literally "[the] cooling [or slowing] of the mind". In other words as one develops concentration they're also simultaneously ridding the mind of all irrelevant content, including desire. Even the Corpus Hermeticum says it directly and without any coyness- desire is the cause of death.

>What's next? You're going to tell me that magic has to operate according to the laws of physics -or better yet that it's all psychological? You'd think we'd be beyond these mundane assertions in a place like this. Sigil magick is nonsense as well, while we're at it.

What I'm saying is that my physical form is a direct avatar of my will in the physical realm, and for performing physical actions it's the best tool I have at my disposal. To try and use magical means for mundane pursuits is misguided, like trying to hammer a nail with a phillips screwriver. It's possible, but there are better options.



>To try and use magical means for mundane pursuits is misguided




>You think you're not coming back with all your memories wiped?

Nope, that's just false belief. It makes sense this religious bullshit gets spread to brainwash and scare the common people.

>transcend this hellhole

Same false belief. There is nothing here to transcend, you just walk away.


>you're going to keep coming back.

Same crap. I see the jews have done great work on the common sheeple.



>Calling common ideas shared by multiple religious traditions going back millenia "bullshit occultism" is ridiculous

There's nothing ridiculous about it. Stop appealing to authority, and start thinking for your self. I'm sure you've heard this from your mom before: 'if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?'.

More than that, if it's a commonly held belief by multiple religions that's all the more reason to not believe it.

>as one develops concentration they're also simultaneously ridding the mind of all irrelevant content, including desire

Seeing as you're so religiously minded, you'd think you'd notice that religions prescribe a host of other regulations as well in their path to enlightenment, exactly because concentration alone is supposedly not enough. If concentration alone eradicated desire the Noble Eightfold path would have been 'Onefold', and there'd be only one rung of yoga, etc. If you've practiced yourself, and/or have associated with practitioners of meditation, you'd know that you can reach high levels of concentration/meditation without regard for morality or tempering desires and the likes. This is especially evident in the last couple of years when jhana practice saw a rise in popularity on internet forums and the likes. It is perfectly possible to have the mental faculties honed enough for magical practice without meeting some arbitrary moral standard -the Montalk fellow above me mentioned it as well.

>[…]and for performing physical actions it's the best tool I have at my disposal.

Hardly. Do we really need to go through all the psychic abilities that could grant you power far surpassing what you could do with the body alone, and how extremely convenient that would be? You also seem to be operating under the religiously indoctrinated idea that there's something 'bad' or 'unnatural' about these abilities. 'What's the point of deadlifting 3x times your own bodyweight? Just stay weak and atrophied, it's fine'.

There's nothing misguided about claiming your innate power. In fact, it's the only thing that's sensible.



I went for the easy model of reincarnation because I didn’t want to have to explain to you even another concept that is involved in your mistaken view of the usefulness of immortality. However I welcome the opportunity to put my gnosis into words.

If you are lucky enough or have worked enough on it, the “energies” that conform “you” will be cohesive enough for something that can remotely be called your spirit to reincarnate with no memory, only karma, as a starting point for your next attempt at growth. If not, as is the case with the majority of souls, you will essentially cease to exist in any meaningful way because “you” (your mind) will dissolve into its component energies (emotions, traits, customs, traumas, habits, impulses), which will reassemble again according to karmic law to form one or more newly reincarnated souls, or attach to already incarnate ones.

I’m well aware that if you had troble accepting reincarnation before, I’ve amped the cognitive dissonance to eleven with what I’ve tried to explain. In any event, I’m sorry (really am), but you don’t simply “walk away”. The universe is wuite the brutal evolution machine, not some kind of game.



I reject your reality and substitute my own.






It’s a working theory built up over years of reading and practice. It fits all available evidence so far, but it’s entirely possible there are details that need revising. A good starting point would be Novak’s Lost Secret of Death I think, but you’re going to have to do your own research.



After that you can go straight in and research ancient Egyptian knowledge about the nature of the soul and Tibetan afterlife to a lesser extent. Keep as close as possible to the primary texts to avoid modern interpretations.


File: 4dd2be79535fb66⋯.jpg (294.69 KB, 1280x1836, 320:459, tumblr_nqfhgxMVEd1u6yscvo1….jpg)




>To try and use magical means for mundane pursuits is misguided

But everything IS magick you silly mundane.


File: 2600c191b306dc7⋯.jpg (66.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2017-01-19 17.26.31.jpg)

In my studies I would advise everyone to completely avoid anything related to the Golden Dawn or Miguel Serrano- as they ruin logic itself and hinder any actual progress.

Secondly I would be carefull with anything related to Chaos Magick or Thelema, but they are still awesome as a whole.



>I would advise everyone to completely avoid… the Golden Dawn

>Thelema… [is] awesome as a whole.

Thelema is literally a Golden Dawn expansion pack


File: d9d70c866a1c87f⋯.jpg (37.31 KB, 337x376, 337:376, kotia in love.jpg)


Is that you, Kotia?



He's a roleplayer, what do you expect?



Can you suggest a follow-up to this? It was excellent but kind of bare-bones.


File: 0d8f9e8f407d69e⋯.pdf (696.79 KB, Draja Mickaharic - A Magic….pdf)


A follow up in what sense? Anything specific you're looking for?



Posted too quickly; forgot to mention that the book attached (same author), has some miscellaneous things in it. Doll magic, candle magic, bit of divination, etc. But I don't know if that's what you're looking for.



>Secondly, he has a large focus on the aspects of the occult that are ripe for self delusion

which aspects aren't?


File: b385658aa472b15⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1992x4240, 249:530, flowerfillup.jpg)


Yes, you make a good point. In fact, the reason this board is still up and no actual elites care about it is this:

They want you to dabble around with the occult, work with entities long before you're ready to do so, and spend your time on useless stuff like manifestation.

None of this actually impacts the grip they have on the world, nor does it lead to much in the way of spiritual progress. So, their grasp on you is also secure.

Being focused on studying the occult is literally the intelligent, non-mundane equivalent of watching football. It's literally designed to leverage your delusions against you.

Energy Blockages, Implants, Energy Connections - how to manage and remove these, that's what you should really be focused on. Getting rid of your delusions.

Using Meditation, Energy Work, and Creative Visualization to heal yourself of lifetimes-old wounds and develop your subtle bodies. That's what's important. The techniques are actually quite simple but need to be utilized over and over again with great persistence. And any time you spend on "gaining knowledge" is time you're not spending doing that.


This post is basically correct.

Thread coming.

Long story short, though, you can either spend tens if not hundreds of hours digging through books and these forums for things that work (because I do see occasionally such things posted), or you can just read and/or do a course from a living Master which has already been synthesized from everything that works.

That's what Energy Enhancement is.



File: 2eb3e00c7931e80⋯.jpg (296.38 KB, 2500x1547, 2500:1547, EELevelOneInitiations.jpg)

File: a13c803e53dfb41⋯.pdf (9.38 MB, Energy-Energy-Enhancement-….pdf)



PDF attached is a good start but the website has literally hundreds of articles on all sorts of topics. You should be able to feel the energy and will note that the information is correct as well.

I'll drop the rest of the books in a more appropriate place, unless requested here.

Proper link - apologies for the auto-playing video, that is being sorted out:



File: 1d1c78525bfe483⋯.png (233.74 KB, 1660x1113, 1660:1113, ohmygawd.png)


At first I was like

>ok let's check this out

But then I saw a whole new level of schizoposting



I can't even find any teachings and meditations in this pdf?



I mean I get it. There is bits and pieces of esoteric knowledge, but there are techniques?


File: dcf92dcf250b665⋯.jpg (295.39 KB, 1992x3768, 83:157, NewSamadhiconnected.jpg)


>thinking everything is free

Yes, there are techniques.

It's a Video Course, that PDF is the handbook for Level 1 to show you what you can learn. If you don't see the value in the techniques (Kundalini Kriyas alone are something I seeked so desperately at one point) then no need to bother. But surely you would have comprehended that from reading?

I mean it's literally in the screenshot you made, even if you skimmed the rest.


What exactly are you taking issue with in that screenshot?

Traditional Meditations have all the important bits taken out. There are Infinite Chakras above the head - one of the aforementioned important bits - and I'm willing to bet nobody has taught you how to connect with them. You can come learn in person if you prefer that.

You're lucky, though. There is a transcription of Level 1 that I'll be able to release here soon (for free). Then you can judge for yourself.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

make a separate thread. i'm reading his reddit posts and movie reviews and it's crazy.



>Brush teeth with dr bronner or some other fluoride free toothpaste

>Don't eat or drink anything from a microwave

>Stay away from microwaves no matter what anyone says

>Don't eat from non-stick or teflon pans

>Only eat food you cooked in the oven or on the stove

>Cast Iron or Stainless Steel or Copper pots and pans only (don't make acidic foods in the copper) or use pyrex glass cookware (be careful you use correctly or explodes)

>Eat spirulina for the iodine and other good nutrients


File: 4bccff000b7e4a0⋯.jpg (305.67 KB, 1920x1344, 10:7, Frodo Precious 2.jpg)


Coming soon, I had already said I would on another thread.

Wanted to post the two compiled movie review books here, but they're too big for me to drop, so here's a link to where you can get them, and other EE torrents:


Better yet go to the Energy Enhancement website and sign up for the mailing list. It's not spammy (emails sent a few times a week) and you'll get links to all the books.



File: de4f7ee5f53fdc7⋯.jpg (52.9 KB, 450x449, 450:449, 4a7a511ce8dbdb1700d34d1cfa….jpg)



Hey, now I remember this website from the old /fringe/. I don't recall the discussion itself though.

Are you Satchidanand?



Fuck off


I've slept on concrete floor for over 6 years


File: da6fca22011f5e6⋯.jpg (121.72 KB, 1119x871, 1119:871, BlockageFilledMind.jpg)


Aha! I'm very grateful you said that. I was pretty sure that I found Energy Enhancement through old /fringe/ and you have confirmed it.

I'm a student of his since about 4 years ago. Whoever posted that link years ago changed my life (and several others) so, so much for the better because it finally gave me spiritual techniques that work.

That is exactly what I had been looking for, and I imagine the same is true for some of you reading this.

Once I started EE, I stopped posting or even lurking on any of the /fringe/ sites because it was a pointless waste of time in comparison to just practicing more.

I'm not particularly interested in the occult anymore, was always more leaning towards meditation and energy work (read: real spiritual progress) anyway. But I'll gladly pop in from time to time to point out some pitfalls, share some knowledge, to fill in the gaps that nobody talks about here, and especially expose the complete scam that is Satanism/LHP.

Anyway, just got what I needed from Satchidanand to make my thread, so I'll get to putting it together.



>No Greeks

>No Neoplatonists

>No Egyptian Book of the Dead

>No Hindus

>No Buddhist sutras

>No Taoists

>No Sufis


Your list contains zero primary texts. These are foundations and central texts of all esoteric work. How are you going to know if those authors aren't bullshitting you if you haven't read those. Seriously not meming here, start with the Greeks!



>spiritual techniques that work

What have you experienced that you consider "working"? I don't care about the techniques as much as what they have done for you.



>What exactly are you taking issue with in that screenshot?

Do you seriously find nothing wrong with the following?


"Traditional forms of meditation are designed to fail!!"



From the cheap clickbait form, to the all-caps, red text with yellow background. It's a complete assault of the senses. "Infinite samadhi energy" what teh fuck?

At least share some meditations. I'm genuinely interested.


>Against Homo Occult Fascism - Satanic Nazi Hitler - Satchidanand

>EE Meditation L4 - Satchidanand - Yoga Chi Tantra Psychic Sex




This is the only thing on this messy website that I found where he is actually teaching something, and the quality is atrocious. http://www.energyenhancement.org/PaypalEEVideoAllBroadbandReturn.htm



You know what? I think I get it. I've been in retreats and ceremonies before and I understand how absolutely live-changing some of these experiences can be. And it looks like some people with very little spiritual experience take that and run with it, forming a life philosophy and more on top of that.

I think that's what's going on here.

That or they're scammers, but they look sincere enough to me.

Skimming through the schizophrenically long home page reminded me of the time I was in a ceremony with hallucinogens, and the effect the drug had was to put you in a resolution-enhanced but totally uncontrolled visionary meditation. Unlike the sort of astral or mental voyages an occultist might be accustomed to, this was completely chaotic at the mercy of the shaman and whatever beings were around.

But to the run of the mill soccer mom that attended, this was a life-changing, once in a lifetime experience, and they kept coming back to the shaman for more. Not moving an inch in their personal or spiritual growth after literally hundreds of ceremonies. Totally hooked and dependent.

It sucks, but to each their own. You can't fix everyone.



>I've been in retreats and ceremonies before and I understand how absolutely live-changing some of these experiences can be.

I've had my fair share of experiences with psychics, healers, courses and meditation sessions. They didn't know what I was even talking about or were obviously just trying to fit it into their dogma by either praising or demonizing it. "Good feels" beginner stuff for the average fool. I am honestly digusted by the occult practitioners and teachers I've ever met.



Anon, I've read the Greeks already. Hermes Trismegistus as well, although in the form of the Kybalion.

Can you recommend some books from the stuff you mentioned? I'm compiling a new reading list, now that I've spent some time researching the topic.



>I am honestly digusted by the occult practitioners and teachers I've ever met

Disgusted? What is your problem?



Read my post again. I strongly urge you to read the Hermetica by Brain Copenhaver. His is ia scholarly translation of the Corpus Hermetica and Asclepius which are considered to be the best today. Also, a kind anon has upload an ebook of the Hermetica 2 by DAvid Litwa, which is also a scholarly translation of Hermetic fragments that also contain the Oxford and Vienna fragments, which were never previously translated until now.


Heraclitus Fragments

Parmenides' On the Order of Nature fragment

Pythagoras - The Pythagorean Sourcebook by Guthrie and Fideller is pretty good and contains commentary from Neoplatonists




Plotinus, Porphyry, Iamblichus, Proclus, Dionysius, Boethius, etc. There is a good list of recs on /phil/ here >>>/philosophy/6046 I would also add the Chaldean Oracles to that list. De Mysteriis is required reading if you are thinking about practicing magic or theurgy.


Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata. Standard fair stuff. Bibek Debrory has made unabridged translations of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata (which are very long, might I add). As for schools of thought and commentary, I don't know much about them, but I find Advaita Vedanta to be intriguing. There is a great list of recs here https://warosu.org/lit/thread/11473113#p11473119 and here https://warosu.org/lit/thread/11473113#p11473127


Bhikku Bodhi has translated a lot of Theravada sutras in English. I hear Lotus, Heart, and the Diamond Sutras get shilled a lot, but I don't know much about them for translations. I also know nothing about Vajrayana.





There are three main texts in Taoism roughly, Tao Te Ching, Zhuangzhi, and Lieh-Tzu.

Tao Te Ching - Here, you have to do some research to find a translation you like. Hall & Ames is good, but can come off as Whiteheadian at times. I also enjoy Ellen Chen's commentary.

Zhuangzhi - Burton Watson's is considered to be the best

Lieh-Tzu - Not as important as the other two, and not discussed as much either. I don't know which translation is good, but I went with Graham.

There are many more Taoist texts besides these three. Fabrizio Pregadio's translations and scholarship are very good. His main focus was on Taoist alchemy (Neidan), but he also wrote an encyclopedia on Taoism. For him, I would start with The Seal of the Unity of the Three, and Cultivating the Tao. Harold Roth translated the Nei-yeh and argues in his book, Original Tao that it predates the Tao Teh Ching, and that Taoism was originally a mystical and meditative tradition. He also translated the Huananzi, which is a collection of texts discussing Confusianism, Tao, cosmology, astrology, and chinese legalism. His unabridged translation is so far the only that exists in English.


Rumi, al-Ghazali, and Ibn-Arabi are the big three Sufi writers.

Ibn al-Arabi - he wrote the Ringstones of Wisdom (Fusus al-hikam) as a concise explanation of Sufi thought

Rumi - William Chittick's scholarship is great. Avoid Coleman Barks translations like the plague.

Al-Ghazali - Also a mystic who wrote extensively. He also wrote an autobiography describing his spiritual journey called Deliverance from Error (al-Munqidh min al-Dalal).


File: d6cef959435b5c8⋯.png (455.03 KB, 792x617, 792:617, Savotri Devi 1.PNG)


For you I would recommend Mythic Christianity by Atkinson. I myself am trying to read through Srila Prabhupada's English translations of Sanskrit classics. (https://mega.nz/fm/dEomEKKK) As for the your studies in the Futhark this books was rather interesting ( https://www.othroerirkindred.com/resources/Teutonic%20Magic.pdf ) this last book I recommend to any of my friends who display an interest about metaphysics since it reads like a novel ( https://www.scribd.com/document/336764559/The-Magus-of-Java-pdf )

Srila Prabhupada, Lecture on Bhagavad-Gita 6.6-12 – Los Angeles, February 15, 1969: Even one is illiterate. Even he does not know what is ABCD, he can realize God provided he engages himself in this submissive transcendental loving service. And one may be very learned, high scholar, but he cannot realize God. God is not subjected to any material condition. He is Supreme Spirit. Similarly, the process of realizing God is also not subjected to any material condition. It is not that because you are poor man you cannot realize God. Or because you are very rich man, therefore you shall realize God. No. Because you are uneducated, therefore you cannot realize God, no, that is not. Because you are highly educated, therefore you can realize God. No, that is not. He's unconditional.

Bhāgavata does not mention that this Hindu religion is first-class or Christian religion is first-class or Mohammedan religion is first-class or any other religion. We have created so much, so many religions. But Bhāgavata says, that religious principle is first-class. Which one? Sa vai puṁsāṁ paro dharmo yato bhaktir adhokṣaje (SB 1.2.6). That religion which helps you to advance your devotional service and love of God. That's all. That is the definition of first-class religion. We do not analyze that this religion is first-class, that religion is last-class. Of course, according to, as I have told you, that there are three qualities in the material world. So according to the quality, the religious conception is also created. But the purpose of religion is to understand God. And to learn how to love God. That is the purpose. Any religious system. If it teaches you how to love God, then it is first-class. Otherwise it is useless. You may prosecute your religious principles very rigidly and very nicely, but your love of God is nil. Your love of matter is simply enhancing, that is no religion. According to Bhāgavata verdict: sa vai puṁsāṁ paro dharmo yato bhaktir adhokṣaje (SB 1.2.6). Apratihatā. Ahaituky apratihatā. That religious system has no cause. And without any impediment. If you can reach such system of religious principle, then we'll find that you are happy in all respect. Otherwise there is no possibility.

Srila Prabhupada, Excerpts from the book The Laws of Nature: Whether one accepts or rejects Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's philosophy that every living entity is eternally the servant of Krishna (God) one remains His servant. The only difference is that the atheist is being forced to accept Krishna as his master and the devotee is voluntarily offering Him service. This Krishna consciousness movement is teaching people that they are eternal servants of God and should voluntarily offer Him service. "Don't falsely claim that you are God. Oh, you don't care for God? You have to care". The great demon Hiranyakashipu also didnot care for God and so God came and killed him. God is seen by the atheist as death, but by the theist as lover. That is the difference.

If you are a devotee and understand this philosophy of spiritual life, you can live for a moment or you can live for a hundred years - it doesn't matter. Otherwise what is the use of living? Some trees live for five hundred or five thousand years, but what is the use of such a life, devoid of higher consciousness?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



a shining beacon in a sea of bullshit occultist nonsense


Body is the mind and the mind is the body.

IF someone thinks they are a escaped mk ultra canidate and even been through some top notch hallucinogenics as they helped them focus and divide up there mind.

That would be just crazy right?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

On Being Lazy



Sinister Forces trilogy by Levenda, Psychedelic Shamanism by DeKorne, The Master Game by DeRopp, The Occult: a history and Beyond The Occult by Colin Wilson, Ecology Of Freedom by Bookchin, Abolishing Freedom by Ruda, The Ego And The Flesh by Rogozinski, Science and Sanity by Korzybski and Aztec Philosophy by Maffie




Ah, Dynamo Jack, that is what the old vids called him. An american saught him ou, became his student, and wrote a few books. Here are the first two:



File: 50877a26ae7ba04⋯.jpeg (128.67 KB, 569x845, 569:845, 81471422-8501-45FF-BC13-3….jpeg)


Sadly they don’t give more than a couple of vague clues. But you can piece together the secret of Nei Kung with time. It took me just 3 to 4 years. It’s actually quite simpler than I thought.

If anybody wants my take on it, contact me on Discord.



This -is- an anonymous imageboard, you're free to post it here. please?


File: b6e126871c42784⋯.png (107.48 KB, 1407x440, 1407:440, 1471060832060.png)


>Sadly they [only] a couple of vague clues

I call BS. I read both of those books, they contained more than 20 different tiers of practices, and even to reach 10 levels may easily take one years upon years. However it is very straight forward, and was one of my first handful of serious greenpills back in the freedomboard era.

>But you can piece together the secret of Nei Kung with time. It took me just 3 to 4 years.

>it took me 3-4 years to understand what I was reading

Sounds about right.

>If anybody wants my take on it, contact me on Discord.

Faggot, you are sequestering and hyping knowledge, a very jewish thing to do. Share it or shut it but don't try to egofag about it.


File: e95f85d1443e6f3⋯.png (471.46 KB, 1081x1012, 47:44, magick books.png)

So how many sources are legitimate and not snake oil or insanity.



I'm interested in Taoism and energy practices. What discord are you talking about, the fringe one? I don't have a lot of time to be online, can you maybe give me a disposable email address or Skype name that I can use to contact you? If you're into faggot Facebook (I live in Vietnam so it's a must to communicate with employers) search for "thebestcamilo", I would love to chat with you



The problem is not what sources are reputable (in that pic there are a few you shouldn't waste your time on), but which ones will work for you at your current level of development.

It took me some time to get into a state where synchronicity brought me what I needed at each step, and I would be making the same mistake everyone else does if I recommended you whatever I deem relevant to myself at the moment.

However, someone recommended Sane Occultism by Dion Fortune, which I hadn't read, and I think it's a good foundational text.

If you come back asking for more concrete recommendations (are you interested in chaos magick, ceremonial magic, LHP, RHP, Qabbalah…?) then it might make sense to recommend you something. But don't try to accumulate knowledge aimlessly. Find something that calls to you first.



I don't even really know where to begin, I sort of already know a bit of reality shaping through willpower and "Lainism" back on old /pol/, and unarticulated spirit/ghost babble (which is what I'm assuming is the left-hand path or insane occultism). I need a good introduction or unspecialized start because I really don't know what I want or what any of this truly means.



First of all let go of the notion that you need anyone to give you anything.

Then interrogate yourself: what kind of magic would you like to learn? Then dig in that direction. Stop asking to be spoonfed or you will never amount to anything.


File: 589829dabef0505⋯.jpg (29.2 KB, 300x400, 3:4, magick-aleister-crowley-li….jpg)

Liber ABA might offer you a whole new rabbit hole altogether. You sound ready.




Honestly, though. It's a lot of brick for very little return. Most of the text is way over the head of most people.

Unless you have a teacher, build your knowledge from the ground up through practice. Don't get a doorstop like that book and get lost in it.


heh I've already read most of the books on your list



Honestly, most people don't read that thing back-to-back, but it's great to have for reference.

Personally though, I'd definitely recommend reading it back-to-back at some point, even if it's heavy at times. Part 1 is written in layman's terms and easy to understand. The later parts are written in a way that expects the reader to already be somewhat familiar with the Western esoteric tradition, but like I said, keep it for looking up things long enough, and one day you suddenly find yourself getting more out of it than ever expected. At least that has been my experience.



What if I want to read it because it resonates with me?


>sleeping on the floor,

oh thats great

buy buckwheat pillow too



is sleeping on the floor without a pillow not possible?




i like both with pillow and without it just feels different for the neck mostly

also solid pillow is way superior to "soft" pillow



meant "totally possible"



I'm sleeping without a pillow on a hard mattress quite some time now. A pillow is arguably more comfortable for the neck. What irks me however, is that it's impossible for me to lay straight on my back on this mattress and actually relax. It's actually quite exhausting if I am not sleepy and I sometimes I would force myself to lie for hours and experience pain on ankles and elbows.

I wonder what it's like to sleep on the floor and how one would do that properly. I'm kind of deterred by arguably breathing in more dust particles when the room isn't squeaky clean. I did not research on that yet. (Of course one could have something akin to a stone 'bed.) What about sheets? Do you literally sleep on hard ground or do you have a very thin matt? I've only slept on my carpet occasionally.



it depends

i never slept on a floor in a private house for example (only on beds with wooden boards)

but at my flat where i live normally i slept on the floor for more than a decade already

i have normal bed but i just never use it, its comfier to sleep on the floor

i don't really have anything other than old wooden parquet at the corner of the room, i don't use anything to make it softer (at first time it maybe feel too rigid but after a few weeks it feels like like average bed, it doesn't feel rigid at all more like a grass or something)

never had any problems with dust or anything it just don't accumulate where you sleep constantly for some reason

also i use this hard buckwheat pillow for sleeping or sitting, it works magically compared to "normal" pillow because it can hold its shape, never warm, you can form it like you want etc

but i think its all individual, like nobody in my family thinks sleeping on the floor is normal they in fact constantly butthurt about it



Yeah, I understand relatives thinking you're weird. Mine are thankfully very open-minded.

I'll replace my mattress with wood once I experiment and get comfortable with sleeping on the floor.

Do you sleep straight on your back? If so, is it your only sleeping position?

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