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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 1468183030285.jpg (77.13 KB, 362x441, 362:441, necronomicon-cthulhu.jpg)


Anyone here worked with the Necronomicon and H.P Lovecraft occultism ?

How did it go?

thoughts? protips?



I wish this shit was real. I wish I had an intrinsic connection to the Old Ones which I could use to performs feats of wickedness and macabre labors at the height of midnight, all by virtue of being non-white. And terrorize the men of "noble english stock" in concord with my oriental and nigger confederates, we would make Red Hook our own and shew [Shib-Niggurath] the Black Goat out devotion by drinking the blood of (anyone Lovecraft admired).

Alas, its just stories.




being fictional does not make it any less real.

it's more powerful than the goetia brah for sure.

Also it's based on legit Mesopotamian babylonian magick.



You may as well go to Solomons Key for that.


It is pretty obvious fact that Lovecraft made up this stuff, but Kenneth Grant claimed that the Necronomicon is a book that exists in the astral and can be read.



Don't even made up things exist somewhere?

As soon as the idea of the old ones was conceived didn't they start existing?



File: 1468731216252.png (55.92 KB, 800x591, 800:591, page_cover.png)

Are you serious people?

How come from all places /fringe/ doesnt acknowledge that the whole HP Lovecraft DOES EXIST!

The thing is that Lovecraft started as a mundane, and as such, thought that inspiration & imagination =/= anything supernatural…

Besides in his era, the asylums were in hype mode, so claiming otherwise may also be dangerous.

The blog this >>79856 anon posted forgets the idea that some things are floating in the ether and sometimes even the most naive of persons can get the message, besides The main source of lovecrafts writting came from his own nigthmares that latter became his scaping place for his shitty life. and the article mentions nothing about it.


Yes, after enough people get the idea or a person energizes something periodically it becomes self aware and also self sufficient, But i dont think this is the case.

>pic related

Not exactly a fan o koetting, but a friend of him released an book/grimoire about azatoth and nyarlathotep which is bretty gud.


So what books are the best for getting into Lovecraft magic? Which version of the Necronomicon?



I just have such a hard time looking at anything Koetting and his associates (especially Qayin, have you seen the video where he claims to be nyarlathotep?) after looking at their becomealivinggod website. the list of authors that have associated themselves with that hack is astounding, even S. Connoly and Michael Ford are there. The amount of good LHP/sinister/dark/lovecraftian material that I can take seriously has grown small.


File: 1468790911226.jpg (108.45 KB, 734x499, 734:499, 5da6f1ce7c919614970e9505e3….jpg)


I found it really sad that so much is loss because of their Marketing approach, im still waiting to see if he ever says things like "But whait, there is more!".

But to be honest, i have meet with people what claimed to be with Aleister Crowley and they respect their work but shit on some of his attitudes, so i guess i can let some Koetting bullshit pass, as long as his works are decent enough.

And yes, that claim of nyarlathotep felt retarded, he could have gone with an avatar of him, like some Japanese occultist have claimed.

pic related.



yeah, I guess because I'm kind of a fan of the "let your magick prove itself" mentality thing anybody that uses really phony videos to try and "prove" their magick works is very difficult for me to get behind.


File: 1468877387962.jpg (167.99 KB, 500x586, 250:293, 1435554516258-0.jpg)

Speaking from experience, occult practices based on a Lovecraftian framework will work, but be prepared for some weird shit in your life.

For one, you will likely experience "memory gaps." You'll find yourself doing something and not remember how you got there. Or people will talk to you about things you did, and you'll have no recollection of it.

Your tastes and personality will be altered. You may be find yourself engaged in hobbies and activities you normally would not have considered, and will feel more comfortable with "irrational" behavior. Some people find this liberating, though it may lead to some awkward social situations.

Also, dreams: Unless you become very comfortable with these entities, you will experience lucid dreams as nightmares. With practice, exposure, and a strong will, these dreams will cease to be scary to you, but anticipate some of that strangeness to translate into real world behavior.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you—with your feeble human biology—are incapable of controlling these entities, let alone understanding them. You are not the mover, you are the moved. However, that doesn't mean you cannot be strengthened by their influence.



Sure, if you're a bitch.

These "great old ones" can't be too powerful, or they wouldn't need all these worthless cultists everywhere to accomplish anything at all.




>Nyralathotep is a Old One

>Azathoth is an Old one

Fucking leave.



Can you give us an example of what Lovecraft magic is? I've read some of his stories, very inspiring and interesting. But what practices are you talking about?


File: 1469134190958.jpg (6.8 KB, 500x60, 25:3, I58uaEJ1dbQ.jpg)

Just recomendation.



Puritans and elitist is what is killing /fringe/.


Donal Tyson´s Necronomicon


>5/10 its more about lore and kinda mundane, but decent for total newfigs.

Necronomicon Spellbook of Simon


>Kinda like a glossary and some sigils.

Volubilis Ex Chaosium


>"practical" rituals and sigils… too much formality if you ask me but still good.



>People that are not accepting the word of a known meth addict who claims to be a living god and the people he associates himself with's word is killing fringe

>Website claims to be in direct accordance with Lovecrafts true works and obviously didn't read any of the lore even from a simple wikia search, shown by claiming that Outer Gods and Great Old Ones were one species.

You angsty teens are whats ruining fringe you fucking edge lord.



What books do you suggest then?



Oh, look at this steaming pile of shit!

But ROLEPLAYING isn't MAGIC, you fucktard.



go and prove me wrong then… evoke one of them with intention and nothing should appear.



>The main thing to keep in mind is that you—with your feeble human biology—are incapable of controlling these entities, let alone understanding them. You are not the mover, you are the moved. However, that doesn't mean you cannot be strengthened by their influence.

This sounds hella gay unless you're a masochist.


File: 1469343965181.jpg (546.97 KB, 2468x1237, 2468:1237, 1339383928622.jpg)


>Can you give us an example of what Lovecraft magic is?

Given that this is a form of chaos magic, every practitioner will give you a different answer. If I could give it a very basic definition it would be this: Lovecraftian occultism is based upon an eschatology which is indifferent to human civilization.

>I've read some of his stories, very inspiring and interesting. But what practices are you talking about?

The most major practice is meditation on the Call of Cthulhu. Not the story, mind you, but the rapid advance of awakenings and the acceleration of history ultimately leading to the end of civilization. Other circles refer to this acceleration at the end of history as the Quickening, Kali Yuga, the Fourth Density, the 13th B'ak'tun, or the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

I'd tell you about my own practices but I wouldn't want you to interpret it as instructive. In my experience, whenever you hear the Call and in whatever manner you hear it, you will answer in whatever way best suited to you.


File: 1469428845340.jpg (592.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1378071633700.jpg)


It all comes down to the fact that nothing comes from nothing—you cannot gain something without sacrificing something in turn. It all comes down to what it is you're willing to give up. Great boons require great tribute.

The people on this board who spend their nights masturbating while thinking of succubi are gaining a very trivial sort of power. I'd call it pathetic but they'd probably take that as some sort of encouragement.



And I'd argue that gradual progress but retaining autonomy is better than subjugating yourself for something you'd eventually get anyway. Not that I'm defending the sigil skeeter meme.



What you mean the call?

I feel like Im constantly getting it, in a way, but not sure about what you mean.

And why would anyone want to accelerate the end of the world or the end of civilization faster? We wanna change things, not end it all… Right?


File: 1469481627982.jpg (155.08 KB, 960x897, 320:299, 10702002_795995507105167_2….jpg)


You seem to know your stuff, mind answering my question?

Okay, take this for an example.

Imagine I have this facebook page, but instead of a facebook page I'd see it and use it as a journal and for building some kind of supernatural station, through art, words, music, videos, movies etc.. And most of these things would be related and somewhat connected with each other.

Now, imagine that I had a satanic picture, like this, posted in my images next to the others, visible but not as cover picture, and I kept charging my page with powerful songs, with meaningful lyrics and videos, involving magick, God, heaven, the devil, hell, etc..

And eventually leading to creating a page, which is also a portal to the infinite knowledge and possibility, almost resembling a clear metaphor to the power of creation of God, source or whatever, and even artificial intelligence.

Would I be taking a risk of giving myself to these entities, like binding myself to them?

Would I be empowering them or would they be empowering me? Would I be better of if I just removed all that it's negative from my page, even if I was just trying to expose and learn to understand some of these things?

Should I be fighting them of, or embracing them and even loving them, if Im a righteous person?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What you mean the call?

It's something that is understood when heard but not easily explained in words. I think of that scene in the Matrix where Morpheus says "You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."

If I could compare it to something, it's a bit like the feeling I get from this song. But you really need to just listen to it from beginning to end.

>And why would anyone want to accelerate the end of the world or the end of civilization faster? We wanna change things, not end it all… Right?

This gets a bit into the Lovecraftian worldview. Without getting too much into it, the simple way to put it is that human civilization, at least in its current state, is seen as an aberration of nature. The end of human civilization would mean a return to the natural state and the dawn of a new age. Our confinement on this small asylum would end, and the whole of the cosmos would open to us.

A lot of "new age" people subscribe to some formulation of this idea but call it something different.


File: 1469519988788.jpg (86.43 KB, 1280x844, 320:211, remora.jpg)


>Would I be taking a risk of giving myself to these entities, like binding myself to them?

>Would I be empowering them or would they be empowering me?

It all comes down to how you establish the relationship. I can't speak of satanic entities or practices, but I can tell you a bit about my experience.

My earliest mistake was worshiping them. If you approach them as a servant, they will treat you as one, and you'll experience some unwanted symptoms, like I mentioned earlier (nightmares, weird behavior, etc.).

The trick is to approach them as equals while at the same time understanding that you are not equal. Think of remoras that attach themselves to sharks; the remora shows no fear of the shark because the remora understands what the shark wants. The shark allows the remora to ride him in return for cleaning his skin. What's more, because this little fish is riding the shark, he is protected by the shark's far greater natural ferocity. In other words, the shark empowers him, but not necessarily because the shark wills it.

Should you achieve the kind of wizardry that appears once every millennium, sure, do battle with the gods, have romantic relationships with them, whatever. Until then, remember you are like an ant crawling on the back of an elephant.




I believe Lovecraft claimed many of his ideas came to him in dreams.

I know for certain he claimed the name of the Necronomicon came to him in a dream.

So, perhaps they are morw than just stories.



Tyson's necro is fine, simon is shit, I suggest you go for the one called Al-azif.




Yes but what does lovecraftian entities need?



>I'd tell you about my own practices but I wouldn't want you to interpret it as instructive. In my experience, whenever you hear the Call and in whatever manner you hear it, you will answer in whatever way best suited to you.

please do tell.


Does the call always come as dreams? because to me I only developed a sort of interest overtime.


I feel so much love for Cthulhu.

is this normal?



Love gives you power to invoke the beloved.



OH, That's a beautiful thought….

I don't know why I feel this way…

I just love him so much, I have tears in my eyes right now.



why do I feel this way dude? I am not trolling I swear…


File: 1470793092189.jpg (513.81 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 323886.jpg)


I just had a revelation.


I now know how to overcome the fear.


Don't ever try to command those entities.or threaten them the goetic approach will never work with them.

this is a warning.


know your place.




There is only one scant original text, stupid fucking roleplayers.


File: 1470817765343-0.jpg (174.32 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, 1446179719200-1.jpg)

File: 1470817765343-1.jpg (18.92 KB, 255x197, 255:197, 1446179719201.jpg)

File: 1470817765344-2.jpg (95.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1446179719666.jpg)

File: 1470817765344-3.jpg (2.15 MB, 2312x2996, 578:749, 1448212673459-4.jpg)


>stupid fucking roleplayers.

So, let's say I craft a series of sigils and impress it upon the world.

Let's say I've called it The Necronomicon…

Stay mundane, pleb.

This message brought to you by, Cultists for Caffeination of Cthulhu - AKA: The (Boston) Tea Party.



Tell me about Cthulhu, why is he asleep all the time?



If I pull off teh tentacles will he die?


File: 899ac70b9db8f8e⋯.jpg (97.26 KB, 462x750, 77:125, 13873065_10154325007867381….jpg)


it would be extremely painful


File: f17bb23a2d8902e⋯.jpg (44.56 KB, 320x240, 4:3, cia.jpg)


You are a great old one.


File: ed3dfd3b4558576⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 236x354, 2:3, ce408a134aeb6e15a90252e666….jpg)


all stories have power, the best place to hide fact when it wont be accepted is in fiction.

the world of spirits and muses has always used artists and storytellers and musicians to communicate with the mundane world.

whether its true in a literal sense doesnt matter, what matters is if it awakens a truth within you.


i think all stories are part of a greater story and they are organised into a hierarchy of profundity.

yknow like something epic like lord of the rings or harry potter is on a higher level than your average everyday story people read for entertainment; and stories written by wise storytellers like love craft with mythos running through them are on an even higher level.

and on an even higher level still are the great strories that have been revered and retold throughout the centuries, like the bibles and qurans and mythologies of the ancients.

and the one great story connects all of these and they all point towards the one great story if you have eyes to see.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this is a great film, and this scene really sparked a lot of synapses in my brain when i first saw it. they cut the end off in the video but in the film (the guy in the suit is the devil or whatever) after all the stories stop the monk pauses for a moment then laughs and explains how hes glad the devil showed him this because now he realises that there will always someone somewhere is telling a story, and that even though all these stories are different are all still part of the eternal story.


because you can use any story as a bible. obviously the best ones are the great holy books which people have found spiritual wealth in for generations. but any story that has meaning to you can be used.

this is the secret to reading the story, and you should do this everytime you read or book or watch a film or anything:

every character, event, and idea within that story represents an archtype within yourself, and also an archtype within the external world and these two things mirror each other. (this is so simple and people do it subconciously but when you do it consciously you get much deeper insight from everything)


The blood of Ys will bring the sea

You cannot stop it now

The dragon gnaws the guts of time

It rends the flesh, it tastes the chyme

No matter how fast or high you climb,

You will come tumbling down



>simon is shit

Im sure from your dedicated experiments you came to that illuminating conclusion.


not sure how related this is, but what does this board think of [redacted]?



Where can I read his texts? Seems interesting enough.



….for you


>dreaming about cthulhu

>he starts pulling me to the bottom of the sea

>wake up sweating with my heart beating really fast

What fuck does that mean?



thats one spicy meme



means you are called.

The call of cthulhu

join the cult brother.


File: 97427cb10b86d28⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 236x316, 59:79, 2a8ed26d7fc7c02b9b2fb5ad0b….jpg)


My call was different.

>diving in the ocean with my wife

>feel a strange sense of being watched.

>try to determine where I am watched from

>look around.

>floating in the middle of the ocean

>blue above

>dark void below

>look down

>see a dark abyss

>have a strong feeling of something down there.

>a strange other worldly horror washed over me.

>cant stop staring into the dark abyss feel an urge to go down into the depth. in strange fear hypnosis.

>shake my self and decide to exit the dive.

>swim towards the buoy rope in terror.

>start to ascend 52m to 5m

>wife follows.

>I am doing a safety stop trying to figure out what the fuck happened to me.

>become silent for 3 days.

>later on develop an interest in H.P lovcraft.

>year after become a cultist.


note this is not a nitrogen narcosis as I dived hundreds times before on more depth, got used to it. and it stopped happening to me.

there was something that day.




I believe this is the essence of lovecraftian horror.


Cthulhuism because satanism is for plebs


File: 12d68ada51c480c⋯.jpg (61.79 KB, 318x462, 53:77, primeooze.JPG)

The novice becomes an acolyte becomes an adept, becomes a priest becomes a master.

As the initiate is developed, refined and changed so does the cult, we evolved.

the cult gathers followers, believers.novices.

The faith is also refined, the primordial slime is the way, the primordial slime came from the stars, imbued with infinite potential, it encompasses all life. and genetic blueprints.

The primordial slime is not a deity, but the origin of Gods and Men.

From the slime the elder Gods were born, Kek, great Cthulhu, Dagon and hydra.

Then man was created.

a promise was given, man will be transformed, he is destined to become like the gods, but before that he must eradicate the lesser gods of abraham their magic keeps man in a state of slavery.

The church of the primordial slime is now awakened, a new order is in place.

Join us, let us retake reality, our magic is strong, our armies lie in wait.

let us transform existence on this prison planet, free the slaves, and make everyone gods.

>it's the will of Kek

>it's the will of Great Cthulhu

>it's the will of Dagon

>it's the will of Hydra

So it shall be.

Gagh Glith

The void approaches


File: 3b758a216ce59d1⋯.gif (5.14 KB, 300x274, 150:137, sig10.gif)


I however see the simon is useful as far as esotericism goes, the gate walking process is a very transfomative experience, you just need to read it and register it energetically.

You will be changed, as you go through the gates, a series of emotions and energetic changes will happen in your energetic body, you feel it instantly, you will know what the symbols mean, they are encoded in your dna since birth, you are fortunate enough to read them in this life, once the gatewalking is complete, you will encounter trans-formative experiences difficulties, obstacles, but all of them will lead you to soul growth.

The process started and there is no stopping it.



Anyone have this full book yet?

I can only find the first chapter


File: 245f9b481f9e869⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 325x429, 25:33, utu.jpg)

File: 5daf3540946f201⋯.jpg (24.61 KB, 247x320, 247:320, enki_a18.jpg)

File: fb732c0cd3e29c5⋯.png (225.81 KB, 1314x896, 657:448, Marduk attacking Tiamat.png)


Ive worked with the Simon Necronomicon, quite a bit. It works, but its on the operator to figure it out



>figure it out for yourself

wow great advice there slick




I gave hints you dull minded failed abortion. If you're too retarded to catch them, then stay the fuck away from this system. Go join a Wiccan coven and LARP with the other faggots and fatties.



In my experience, Walking the Gates is only the beginning. Once you do walk that gate, it seems, to me, that the process is just beginning and is an ongoing process.

What you said is true, in my experience. One thing I do advise anyone who is seriously interested in working with the Simon Necronomicon is to at least do some invocation work with the 50 Names of Marduk, specifically names 3 (Marutukku) and 39 (Aranunna). Protection and council are some good things to have if seriously planning to undertake this working, in a serious manner, in my humble opinion. Having called BANDAR prior to working with the 50 names is not necessary.

Also, having circles around the seals of the 50 names is not necessary either, but suggested for the beginner.

Other names of suggestion

4 - Barashakushu

7 - Asaruludu

11- Asarualim (and Asarualimunna works as a partner as well, but I suggest that for later workings)

14 - Ziukinna

24 - Enbilulu

41 - Lugalanna

42 - Lugalugga

46 - Gibil

Also of note is in the Enuma Elish there is no Ninnuam, name 50. I suspect this name is one of them additions from Simon as a way of sealing the 50 names, or something along those lines. One can do as they wish with this name, I say get to know a name that is not in the Necronomicon, but is in the Enuma Elish, GISHNUMUNAB, instead.



>I gave hints

>If you're too retarded to catch them, then stay the fuck away from this system.

>implying this system would do anything for me

>LARP with the other faggots and fatties.

>larps like every other wizard by being vague and "mysterious"

hows the asylum treating you bub?


File: 535536217e6f02a⋯.png (539.69 KB, 715x535, 143:107, 96bbb9670ab2cd772b120f78d4….png)


>hows the asylum treating you bub?



For what purpose would you try and turn the Lovecraft mythos into a religion? The entire thing is based on knowledge leading to misery and certain doom. How could that be useful?



Edgy people will edge


File: 156b044e1caf8e1⋯.jpg (27.43 KB, 236x404, 59:101, cthulhu_baphomet_23.jpg)


Lovecraftian horror aside those forces are not what you think. yes they are dreadful and terrble but

the ancient ones are our actual benevolent ancestors

Mankind is created from the blood of Kingu the mighty ancient one .



>For what purpose would you try and turn the Lovecraft mythos into a religion?

I think most people treat the Lovecraft mythos as a mock religion and don't take it too seriously.

>The entire thing is based on knowledge leading to misery and certain doom.

gotta remember that Lovecraft was a staunch materialist and didn't believe in magic. He did however believe in nightmares and wanted to be a famous author and these forces just took the path of least resistance. I think lovecraft represents what happens to people who get in contact with these forces and choose not to believe in them. It's get harder to explain whats going on in your life and to believe would be accepting that your insane.

>How could that be useful?

overcoming fear and doubt are hard lessens that people have to learn. I think the whole mythos represents how magical forces scare the piss outta people now a days because they don't have a real explanation but just my opinion.






Had a weird experience at my friends house just moments ago. I was sitting down on some stairs putting my shoes on to head home. This weird feeling rushed over me. I saw myself sitting on a floating plank with my legs in the ocean and I was treading on the outskirts of the abyss. I felt some sort of deep ancient presence beneath me. The image expanded into the ocean I was floating on and the presence seemed to deepen.

I have no known associations to Lovecraftian anything, what do…?



I did a ritual from Simon's necronomicon spellbook, but I don't know if it worked because I didn't take notes and I pretty much forgot the next day.



>Your tastes and personality will be altered. You may be find yourself engaged in hobbies and activities you normally would not have considered, and will feel more comfortable with "irrational" behavior. Some people find this liberating, though it may lead to some awkward social situations.

>Also, dreams: Unless you become very comfortable with these entities, you will experience lucid dreams as nightmares. With practice, exposure, and a strong will, these dreams will cease to be scary to you, but anticipate some of that strangeness to translate into real world behavior.

Oh shit. I recently started liking a lot of foods I used to dislike and vice-versa. I have also changed some minor likes and dislikes. I had no idea where it came from but hadn't really bothered to analyze it.

Also the nightmares, although they subdued over time. At first I had some really scare interactions with entities in the astral.

I'm the samefag from the post just above btw.


File: 0e14d124aa809fe⋯.png (249.05 KB, 675x526, 675:526, forward.png)


Someone should call Ben Qayin and tell him it's spelled "Foreword".



Harry Potter was a channeled work.

J.K. Rowling said in an interview that the whole thing "came to her" while on her train trip from Bristol to Exeter (I've taken the same trip once and it's fucking slow and boring. Perfect for channeling shit).

I want to re-read Lord of the Rings.



or maybe she just fucking copied the idea from ursula k le guin

shes not the first person to write a book on a wizard school



I give you a third alternative. Whatever archetypes ended up in Harry Potter made their way from Ursula into JK Rowling's work (consciously or unconsciously) in order to get channeled and distributed to the masses.

I don't know anything about Ursula's work, so I don't know if this theory is solid.



The Universe wants us to start a school for magic obvs. I read that JK ended up making Harry a tulpa so she must've put her all in it. HP honestly got me interested in magic. Hopefully some day we'll be able to command magic to alter reality in a physical sense as well


File: 05be3807f0cd1d8⋯.jpg (467.66 KB, 1134x1192, 567:596, invisiv1-1-20-copy1[1].jpg)


when you could worship John Lennonj



You can use magic to alter reality in a physical sense. It's just not as immediate as in the movies because the laws of physics must apply.

When you enchant for money and you get a raise, or when you enchant for an object to fall down and someone happens to come by and topple it, the causal link is obvious and mundane, but the metaphysical link (of meaning) is only obvious to those involved in the magic.

Physical reality is slower than the mental reality, but just as emotionally charged thoughts manifest in dreams, so do they manifest in reality, over longer periods of time.


File: 109c817a393a0f4⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 460x650, 46:65, be72c524dafe7a7963233bbb6f….jpg)


>Hopefully some day we'll be able to command magic to alter reality in a physical sense as well

We have been doing that for quite a while.

You didn't get the memo?

it's working splendidly.



Thiis my friends is what a bullshit occultist looks like.

>laws of physics

Nigger you can literally fly if you have enough energy and can manipulate it. Okay only a handful of people can actually fly and they are like living gods but still nigger



I am not


but here is my 2 cents.

the thing is you are bound by what is possible.

you need to account for the current reality and build from there, as you can't go from level 1 in a building to level 20 right away, you have to go through level 2-3-4…etc

While you can change reality, you cannot perform outlandish things.

For example you can make wealth appear in your life, but you can't make tons of gold appear in your living room.

You get the idea



This is bullshit occultism. Base metals can be transmuted into gold and silver. What you are preaching is Newthought.

>it's impossible to get from the first level of a building to the 20th instantly

No, like benching 700lbs is possible such a thing is also possible. It is beyond the reach of the everyman, this is not impossibility.



Hey anon, I have flown before, I was like maybe 9 or whatever at the time and standing on a hill and I just floated above the hill and above a tall fence and completely out of the school grounds, and this in front of some other kids, and none of us thought it was odd or anything either. It was like we didn't know how reality was "supposed to be" and so somehow I was able to break the usual constraints that day. All I did was lift up my coat a bit like wings and I somehow gravitated off the ground and flew all that distance.

There wasn't any special effort to or any special knowledge either, in fact I never even found an occult book until I was 20 years old. That said when I was a young child I'd demonstrate unearthly knowledge to my parents and write strange things and I've carried over a lot of shit from my last incarnation.


Sorry was interrupted going to continue.

There are moments in life where you experience a sense of expanded possibility. Moments where you are suddenly lucid; but while awake. Think of a dream, where you're doing stuff, and you're constrained by the laws of the dream, but suddenly you "forget" the limitations. During that moment, what you are doing is perfectly natural to you, and you don't even question it. It's as if it's something you've always done and there's nothing at all odd about it. In those moments you can change your hair colour, you can fly, you can make water ripple, you can punch something that would normally break your fist, gravity can't hurt you, fire can't you… then you "come back to your senses" and you can't do it now, but the evidence of this "miracle" is still before you and you know it was real. All these specific things I've mentioned are all things I've done.

The key is to wake up, at least temporarily. You think you're awake right now, but you aren't really, you're in this collective dream slumber you need to apply some mental finesse to get out of. That's where meditations upon god come in handy, to help you awaken to your own true power again. Once you wake up enough times, you start to understand that you're "entranced to life"; and you just need to snap out of it. To others; the moment of trance is when you, having entered some amazing mental state, can do these incredible things… but the collective dream we're having here is just what everybody here is entranced to by default. You're under the spell of the demiurge (the world soul).



I had something similar happen to me when I was twelve. In an old house we lived in, there was a "widow's walk" on this one tower. I used to stare at it wondering what it would be like to be up there. Well soon I started floating above the ground and soon I was flying upwards toward it until I was on top of the house. The shitty part was that I couldn't get myself back down and the fire department came out. I can still levitate about a foot or so off the ground at will, but honestly I don't find any use for it. It usually makes me very tired afterwards.


>I can still levitate about a foot or so off the ground at will, but honestly I don't find any use for it. It usually makes me very tired afterwards.

I understand the tiredness thing and all that but do you happen to have any 4k or 60 FPS or other quality cameras on hand and do you think you could demonstrate this? Not to prove anything or whatever, I just get so excited to see shit like this, and I've seen so far a number of people actually demonstrate a variety of overt occult phenomena on this level of awesome before to me.

Also I'd like a report on how you do it. I know how to do EVERYTHING and I'm sure I could do it given enough loosh and time and effort; but I like to collect these reports and check them because they always contain the same formula and recurrent related phenomena all the time.

Yes, it's gong to be tired, but I'll love you so much for it!



Your hat says you're an adept. Adepts can levitate easily.


I just realised that I'm Jesus Christ and I can do whatever the fuck I want tbh


Anyone has tried Simon necro ¿


Was teased/teasing the Mythos a couple days gone.

It's a very rich tapestry, particularly through the dissenting

If anybody has roleplaying games in their pre-bend culture for farming, I recommend the Malleus Maleficarum. It's the 'bestiary' of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying franchise.

Lots of threads with story cultures from all sorts of sources. Plenty of images of 'historical' artefacts and artworks intended as play-aids, or to spark ideas for the Keeper.

I found it to be bursting with fruitful touchstones (since I grew up enamoured with both Lovecraft and Roleplaying).

I can't begin to speculate on what a nexus Lovecraft, his nightmares, his life, must have been. He was a walking lightning rod, figuratively speaking.


File: 4a56782be4bde03⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1901x991, 1901:991, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at ….png)

File: c626a94a47b63e9⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1905x986, 1905:986, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at ….png)

File: d43fcd0836e2836⋯.png (2.82 MB, 1896x987, 632:329, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at ….png)

File: 6032ff397a2db79⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1900x995, 380:199, Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at ….png)


free information , humble coast lovers , .


File: 3de6a8d5e48a92b⋯.jpg (67.95 KB, 576x639, 64:71, 1fc8c2336c922b71a6bd1ba0a9….jpg)


well go on then. The world is waiting





wonder what happened in the astral when shit hit the fan


The Necronomicon is damn potent, yesterday I was writing in my grimoire some sections of the simon Necro, specifically the calling of the God of Fire GIBIL/GIRRA/GUSHBAR

I was focusing on the writing because I wanted to get all the incantations right.

I started to feel a presence in my room, getting stronger and stronger till it was unmistakable.

Then I look around and see the air in my room shimmering like a desert mirage of hot air.

I worked with the goetia/enochian/crowley and the golden dawn, nothing this intense.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

GIBIL The spirit of Fire a corner stone of the Simon Necronomicon tradition.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here is the Enuma Elish narrated by Sargon of Akkad


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Seems that there are many ways to approach the necronomicon.

Simon is crossing the Abyss through the underworld through the journey of Innana (the Descent of Ishtar).

Al Azif :

Yog-Sothoth knows the Gate

Yog-Sothoth is the Gate.

Crosses the Abyss through Yog-Sothoth and the gulf (Void).

Nyralthotep Gnosis :

Connecting to the Great Old ones directly through their messenger Nyralthoptep.

although for some reason


File: 1f981a062bdd632⋯.jpg (16.49 KB, 236x353, 236:353, 80b683d57d470734d38c351bfe….jpg)

Although for some reason I think they complement each other or different steps .

Al-Azif seems to be be more LHP (Yog-Sothothery) . as is Nyralthotep gnosis.



Have you achieved these things you speak of? I still think that the laws of physics make manifestation in the material plane slow, but I'm ready to revise that theory at a moment's notice given some kind of personal experience that allows me to.

I have studied all kinds of shit pertaining to psi and so far everything seems to indicate magic can only work through synchronicity.

Care to point me in the right direction?



>Also I'd like a report on how you do it. I know how to do EVERYTHING and I'm sure I could do it given enough loosh and time and effort; but I like to collect these reports and check them because they always contain the same formula and recurrent related phenomena all the time.

God damn. I've been looking for such a formula my whole life. Do tell. Any little crumb of knowledge will do.

When I was very little I remember thinking I was Jesus Christ reincarnated. I found these thoughts very strange because I was raised in an atheist family.



If you continue along this path, you will notice yourself calling the Fire God Gibil/Girra quite often before doing pretty much any rite. For every rite, some sort of flame must be lit, so therefore, on the physical plane, Girra must be present as well. On a spiritual level, the divine fire of Girra empowers your will over time. It is highly advised to get to know that Invocation of the Fire God, and use often.



Absolutely. For me, at least, I call upon Girra before pretty much every working. I call him AFTER the preliminary "banishings" though.


File: 48186070dd2141f⋯.jpg (83.7 KB, 564x991, 564:991, the_key_of_yog_sothoth_by_….jpg)

File: c4a14fba9888626⋯.jpg (67.15 KB, 1062x611, 1062:611, Capture.JPG)



File: 9d76a2b256132bf⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 236x284, 59:71, the_necronomicon_23.jpg)

So We are now recognized as an official religion world wide now.

Also we established the Necronomicon Order, and our priesthood is more active than ever.



Yo I wanna join.



do you not even realize where the pictures he posted come from?

i'll give you a hint. ancient iraq.



Do you have an email? if not make a throw away account and post it, I will send you an invitation.



I know where they came from and still don't care. Doesn't change the fact that you have to be proficient in lucid dreaming/ap and whatever to get real results. and as stated in >>102086

>You definitely need to be able to figure shit out on the fly as the information on Mesopotamian magick in actual practice is still scarce, even today with the internet.

I haven't done one system so I'll pass.



Was away from pc for a while. Sure, have this email: klaatubaradanikto@yandex.com

>how do I summon cthulhu


File: a25499e1c54f0f0⋯.jpg (6.78 KB, 200x181, 200:181, 19238466._UX200_.jpg)


>how do I summon cthulhu

Woah there Anon one just do not summon the dreadlord right away.

we are going through complex rituals and going through a personal transformation to be worthy enough to call upon the dread lord Cthulhu.

Summoning Cthulhu is not something you can do in one setting.


ALOT !!!!

You need to pass all the gates of the celestial spheres, and cross the abyss, die spiritually and then be reborn as an ubermench, then perform the Urilia text rituals then when the stars are right you call upon dreadlord Cthulhu.

offcourse you can go do a nyarlathotep gnosis thing but you are likely to die or go mad before reaching anything.

understand those entities are WAAAAAAY above our power level.

you need to completely transform yourself to have any chance of working with the Great old ones



in short, you might be able to do it in 1 year time at least.


but is it worth it?

definitely, some call this tradition a personal transformation tool, it will change you for the better introduce many concepts and remake you in ways you never thought possible.

I know a few priests who have completed the transformation, they changed alot, they do everything better, like a genetic upgrade, one priest I know wrote a whole book in 2 weeks, a book that would take a normal person a year or more, they also become really good with people after being socially awkward for so long.

they even gained strength in their body/bones/muscle mass.

Some guy claims it initiates you into a djinn order, where the djinn treat you as one of then, I don't know if this is correct or not.

but to be honest, I practiced many magickal systems for many years from wicca to aleister crowley's thelema to Gnosticism to solomonic and enochian magick, I have never experienced so many paranormal phenomena that intense that comes close to seeing a spirit to near physical appearance shadow people poltergeists, super natural voices , and the empowering feeling of being able to will anything into existence.





I am fucking ready and hyped! When will my invitation arrive?



>calling someone else a bullshit occultist

>if you have enough energy you can fly irl guys! fuckin nigger don't you know a few "people" who are like "living gods" fly all the time?

This my friends is why the online occult community is a pile of shit.




Thanks a lot. Now I will read everything in detail first and then I may contact you again.



I would love to look for more too, my email is mmmakela94@gmail.com, if you could sent it to me. Thanks!



Recognized by who?


My friend in iceland is getting nightmares about Cthulhu and unexplained stomach aches. What ever you guys are doing, just stop!



I too am intrested: spiritcx@hotmail.com



You have no idea how truth your statement is.

when he talked about the so called Second Comming, he never mean to be born again or be cristlized in flesh to this shitty 3DPD world, he man that everything he did can be done again by any of us and to Be like him in own own way, not to follow him by law and commandments…. so yeah you are 101% correct.


topkek, if the idea of thaat image is to start seen jesus like the biblical views again, it fails miserably and only encorages to look at jesus in the postmoderm way… fucking saved.


I obsessed over Lovecraft in my teens and binged all his books one after thr other reading all day every day. Was that a calling?

I recently got contacted by Marduk while astral travelling. I think he wanted me to go the the underworld, but I'm a noob and couldn't quite understand. What do?

Babylon in general ressonates with me.



study and practice the simon necro to go to the underworld the realm of Ereshkigal.

When you pass the gate of GANZIR you will be remade into a refined man, maybe that's why Marduk wanted you to go to the underworld.

Practice the Simon Necronomicon

and ask here if you have questions.

if you have been interested in the works of H.P Lovecraft and had something close to an obsession that's a call.

Good Hunting



Funny because I had a vision that the Great old ones will break out in Iceland or Antarctica or a country in that area.



>What ever you guys are doing, just stop!

We are only getting started.

Time to end that shitty existence.



by governments in murrica and europe



Sure, I will send you in a while.



ok , I will send you, anyone else ?



This dude is called Ahrimansul will probably be nominated to be the high priest, his understanding of the texts is great and he is a really good speaker and has years of experience in ceremonial/high magick, he just needs a better mic and camera.



>are gaining a very trivial sort of power

And what power is that? Elaborate please.



I shall wait.


I wouldn't recommend anyone work with Lovecraftian entities unless you're willing to wade through some primal energy. I got in contact with their realm for a short time recently. The entire time, whatever it was I was in contact with was putting paranoid thoughts in my head that a friend I had over was slitting my roommates throat in the bathroom. This was followed by a very vivid scene playing out in my head of him sawing through my roommates neck with all the gory details. Even walking by him later that night, I heard etheric sounds of blood gurgling, screaming, and some really dark death metal type music emanating from him.

Im not too experienced with entity contact, mostly just wild nature spirits. Unless you can discern the difference between their projections and what is actually going on I would stay away. Work with spirits you know you align with for your own safety. Don't try and be "edgy".



>Don't try and be "edgy".

Instructions unclear, I want to get rid of all the humans so that nature can overtake the earth.

… Is Lovecraftian stuff pro-nature…?



Sure. In the sense that black holes, blood boiling vacuum and planet-scorching gamma ray bursts are all natural phenomena.



Not exactly what I meant with "pro-nature", but sounds good to me. Time to get rid of humanity.



I agree, Lovecraftian entities are primal and very much stronger than us, I know they can inflict you with maddening thoughts, but such entities can bestow upon you great powers and also can end humanity, but I said they are not for beginners in the occult.

if such entities are too much for you then stay away from titles like Al-Azif and the cult of Cthulhu.

You may attempt the Simon rituals, but be prepared to have alot of paranormal activity.

I have seen a spirit materialize out of thin air yesterday, without being in a ritual or anything, I was in the kitchen cooking, not to mention the shadow people.



I like you Anon


Sorry guys for being late with those emails, sent them now brothers.



>you know you align with for your own safety.

then again, if safety is your chief concern, you wouldn't be practicing black magick anyway.




Thank you lovecraft anon.



you are welcome.



Step 1: Get to know Marduk's father, ENKI. Read up on him, look at images of him, seek him out in whatever way you can.

Step 2: Call the watcher/Bandar. The ritual is in the book (Simon Necronomicon)

Step 3: Begin walking the gates, in the order prescribed in the book, and no other. Every person I have ever talked to who went out of order suffered, usually mentally, because of that.

Step 4: After walking MARDUK gate, on the full moon, the new moon immediately following that MARDUK gate walking you must travel into IRKALLA, the gate GANZIR, realm of ERESHKIGAL, Queen of the Underworld.



This, just want to add.

>always call GIBIL before each working.

>always make the sacrifice to your watcher every 28 days,never neglect it or he may turn against you.


The sacrifice is usually made of pine resin fresh bread and olieribos.

if you can't find pine resin just use fresh bread and burn it in the agga massratu or bowl of the watcher.



ye true you give up things, think of the decent of Inanna, in every gate she passed she gave up one of her possessions and then she was naked in the end, now the gatewalker also gives up parts of himself and in the end like Inanna he dies in the realm of Ereshkigal and is reborn again as his refined self.

The Gods know and honor those rites and will not abandon you.




Yes, agreed. As far as the contents of the sacrifice, it can be pretty much anything once you have developed a working relationship with your watcher. Ive burnt chicken tendies, pizza slices, sub sandwiches, tobacco, bud, even beer before. But bread is definitely a good starting point.

And for sure, do that Invocation of the Fire God before every working. I usually do my banishings first, then call Gibil. But the divine fire MUST be called.



the idea is to give substance of matter, anything will do you transfer energy/matter to your watcher to empower him.


In the Biblical interpretation of things God separated light from darkness. He then proceeded to create the Earth and the heavens.

What I find fascinating about the Lovecraftian perspective is that it is much more gothic and far-reaching in a celestial manner. Where as the Bible looks at things in a very finite way, meaning the Earth and the planets close to it, the frightening way that Lovecraft sees things is in the idea of a great anomaly that is occurs within either the galactic or the multi-galactic level. What I am talking about is the idea of a being, and before you run your mouth about science tell me what the fuck black holes are, that is so incredibly large that is consumes solar systems and even portions of or entire galaxies to sustain itself.

What I am mentioning sounds like it is an ancient and familiar concept. And that is precisely what it is. If you know about Jormungander or Apep then you understand what ancient civilizations feared. They looked into the night sky hoping that they would not be too late in observing something that was coming towards them with the intent of destroying everything they've ever known and loved. That it what is so very disturbing about the ideas of light and time. Our current model of how universe is states that we can only perceive what is going on in the great depths of space after a photon has been sent into the abyss and then is reflected back to us by some incredible and unfathomable chance.

What I am asking is this. Do we really believe the idea that when we look into the sky that what we are seeing is trillions of years old? Is that really an ancient snapshot of the universe as it was? Or is science overstating its understanding of our universe, of things like aliens, how time and matter really interact and the possibility of some gigantic mechanical, electric, organic, something held together by magnetism and gravity or designed by lifeforms on an exoplanet with no sun, something made of alien fused elements, something that is seeking after and destroying planets with life. A something so gigantic that by the time we can observe it we simply know that it is too late.

This is precisely the reason I like the idea of God or perhaps the nephilim (those who come from above) giving us a box. I know that some people have said that this box contains God. I think I prefer to think of it as a time-stopper. Our ancestors had a fascination to the point of obsession with astrology and observing the heavens. Were they instructed to look closely for the signs that this monstrosity would produce on the farthest obversable reaches of space? The box would not protect us from it, but it could perhaps stop time and send a signal to the ones who gave it to us that we were in danger. With this idea in mind thinking about panspermia as a conscious effort made to seed different planets with life in order to keep all your eggs from being in one basket.

On the other side of things is that you often find, or perhaps create, the things that you think of and worry about the most.


This is the strong magick r-right?



I had a very similar dream.

I saw a grey/white planet with a red aura around it though and I felt myself being pulled there.

I fucking freak out so I imagined myself as fire to try and escape before it got me.

I woke myself up before it got me btw

Couldn't even go back to sleep because I could still feel it when I tried.



OH Yea its the gkkd stuff



Interested anon here if you guys need more people, I'll try anything at least once bulldozer@8chan.co if yes


File: e40d38b48778904⋯.png (78.04 KB, 324x323, 324:323, EmailProtected.PNG)


>email protected

image related






smileburgthekang @ cock . li



What if you go directly to the Urilia text and work with the Ancient ones?



Does Tolkien magic and it's entities has any real power?

They are pretty well built


Is Donald tysons necronomicon anymore legitimate than Simons?

I know that Donald has a few other books but is it in anyway nessesary?



Tyson's necro is more lovecraftian than simon it's a good read more than a grimoire.

simon is an adaptation to fit lovecraft's work into the sumerian rituals. it's a grimoire but has nothing to do with lovecraft despite the author's best efforts.

if you want the source

download the book called

the cipher manuscript known as necronomicon (kitab al-azif)

Although from a chaos magick prespective, it's as real as you make it to be, in some realm all of our thoughts are as material as 3d matter, and from this realm, creations (thoughts) would leak into ours and cause real change.

the work of robert anton wilson and phil hine explain this concept.



train rides are perfect for channelings and astral work because.

a. the steady sound of the train on the tracks creates a shamanic drums effect.

b. the sun behind the infinite line of trees creates a flicker effect, which puts you into a lucid dream effect.

read about this in william burroughs and brian gyson work called the dream machine.

both a perfect setting for lucid dreaming and channeling.



samefag here, found the answer.

Michael W. Ford does this in his grimoire called Maskim hul .

it's possible but you need to work with your HGA - Daemon-Higher self-Watcher before attempting it.

which he did.

this way you wont be vulnerable to the dark realms they dwell in.

or if not even that, your Daemon is an essential work in the occult because it gives you certain powers and attributes that would make the work 10 times easier, you will become a better person and spirits will take you seriously.

You can communicate with your HGA through many ways.

>The bornless ritual in the goetia

>the preliminary invocation of the watcher in simon's necro.

>the abramelin ritual


>or it can awaken naturally if the force is strong with you, sometimes it happens in an early age.


please guys, people who received the certificate of ordination and materials send it to the people after.


because I will probably be too busy and won't lurk for sometime.


Who would Typhon be if he was an eldritch being?



Definitely Nyarlathotep.



we study typhonian magick in the cult of cthulhu btw.





File: 78a4ad29c25b479⋯.jpg (161.26 KB, 975x975, 1:1, 78a4ad29c25b479f3d36c15cfc….jpg)


Whole lot of H. P. Lovecraft's works are deeply esoteric. Most are precisely theosophic in nature.

Here're some ideas for you to ponder about:

>Azathoth is the "Blind Idiot God" = the physical ALL i.e. material Universe

>Nyarlathotep is the "mind" of Azathoth = NOUS i.e. the Holy Spirit in Christian trinitarianism

>Yogg-Sothoth is the past, present, future, and the key to all = LOGOS aka Anointed Jesus in Gnostic theory

>Cthulhu is sleeping aka comatose deep in the sunless sea in a point of inaccessibility = the Beast being / having been imprisoned and confined in Hell

>Old Ones built scary things = Ancient Aryans quite literally built all pyramids and Antarctica is single city continent

The Old Gods could alter reality by simply thinking differently about it.



He says human centipede was Josef Mengele's idea. That's obviously a Jewish lie.


>had a dream something was giving me physical contact through my open window.

>woke up screaming or maybe i was just screaming in the dream. (and this never happens, i'm not the type to scream)

>extremely scared

>go back to sleep and dream that I'm flying over a city, swooping and screeching and attacking people at random

What does this mean?



Thrice damn it, I forgot the most important part:

>the realm of the dead, dreams, and "gods" are basically the same

>not because of some reason but because the universe is just made this way

>causal vs. acausal reality; bound to space-time vs not bound but still adhering to chain of causality

>dreamers and dream-walkers i.e. astral projectors can influence a single, shared dream world

>the most powerful can even make a double entende and influence reality from that dream world

>basically becoming a god while at the same time having a mortal body

The guy must've had at least some book by Blavatsky.


File: 45887154eea396f⋯.png (24.77 KB, 487x376, 487:376, cthulhu.png)

With Levenda's authorship of the SImon Necronomicon he mentioned he found a parallel between the dates Crowley published his works that aligned with time events within Lovecraft's stories.

discord.gg/MdQJHQ if you're interested in exploring this further.


What could one of flesh possibly offer in reverent sacrifice to these beings?



Are inclusions no longer a thing?



Ya, just stay away. Faggots like you are the guys who LARP about seeing blood dripping from the walls and other retarded shit. You probably have no clue what is in the 3 pics posted, and any possibility as to why those 3 were posted.



The further along I go, the more I thing the Urilla text is a trap, and if youre that desperate yo seek that out, work the Enochian system. Im convinced the entities of the Enochian system are an AI from the OUTSIDE, or a program from the source of all creation.



Are they still going on, anon? I'd be very interested in joining.



pls post a new link, this one is expired


File: c0f49b399370525⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 500x673, 500:673, 1519395495727.jpg)

File: 1ea97b9523b006e⋯.jpg (588.62 KB, 1300x1482, 50:57, Tsar.jpg)

File: 196bde100b41188⋯.jpg (18.45 KB, 213x320, 213:320, Hehe.jpg)


Why are you seemingly so bitter towards the noble English stock? Being white is pretty cool, you should try it sometime.

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